Pen Pen! You fucking pimp!


Still another normal day at Nerv. As normal as Nerv is anyway. Maya was riding Ritsukos she dick like some kind of crack whore on her pimps jock. Karou is giving it to Shinji, but not in the eye. Just in the ass like a good albino fag should! Gendo is sitting at his desk with his mouth covered up to save on budget. Rei is under his desk and –NO! SWEET JESUS, NOT THE OTHER ONE!

No, we are not talking about that. I finally managed to recover my sanity. It took some therapy, but I’m not gonna even go into that again. Gendo, I hate you and want you to die like a hatey thing I hate! DIEEEE!

Okay, okay. Let’s go to Misato’s place. Yess… Normal and good. Askua has stolen Shinji’s CD player. Secretly, she likes the same music he does! That’s funny. And normal! Yessss… normal. Everything is, fine, everything is fine and dandy and the kittys aren’t going to eat my brains.

Pen Pen is with Misato and OH SWEET JESUS! I Can’t take this! I can’t! He’s fucking Misato! Why is Pen Pen fucking Misato?!?! It’s not rape judging by the look on her face! She’s all moaning and groaning! I don’t know why, he’s… well, he’s a penguin! His dick isn’t supposed to be that big!

“Oh yeah Pen Pen! Earn your beer! Earn your beer!” she screams. Why me? Why am I the one subjected to see these acts of wrong depravity? Lord Jesus, have I offended you in some way I am not yet aware of? I’m sorry! Whatever it is I’m so sorry for my sin must be grievous to incur such wrath!

Pen Pen is quaking in a way that sounds suspiciously like the dirty tones in pornos. That’s all I needed in my life. Tropical Penguin porno.

Look, he’s pulled out. I’m hoping it’s over now AH CHRIST HE SWITCHED HOLES! The worst thing is, I think he’s probably been trained to do that more then not being able to differentiate. Misato sure as hell doesn’t seem surprised. Cunting whore. I hope you catch the penguin AIDS and vomit blood for the rest of your miserable existence!

And Shinji, back from his ass-fuck fest o fun, has just walked in. Oh how cute, he’s doing his “I mustn’t run away” bit. And. AWWWW, DON’T TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF SHINJI! You keep away from that penguin fuckin slutbag!

… Mighty Christ, he listened to me. He didn’t touch Misato. Probably because he’s FUCKING PENPEN! NO! THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT YOU ALBINO’S SCROTUM LICKER! Shinji’s giving it to PenPen up the butt and Misato is getting off on the extra impact into her ass. It’s a mighty horrible assfest of nausea here folks. I am now attempting to slit my wrists with a plastic spork.

The wrist slitting hurt, so instead I’m watching this. I guess all that repression has made Shinji a pent up sex bomb, cause he’s still going even though Penpen’s ass is leaking cum like a horribly wrong fountain of ass. The three of you sick freaks can eat my shit, and my shit is smelly.

Eh? Was Karou always standing there? I’m not sure… Oh see, my retina’s have recently crawled back on my eyes more and more. See, my eyes actually rejected the part that lets them see after the Gendo incident. I was for a time mercifully blind, though my eardrums didn’t burst and I could still hear things through my bleeding ears. Now that the blind spots have finally healed, I’ve been seeing more and more clearly as the blindspots go away. For example, now I can see that Karou is, aww fuckbeans. He’s naked. And… Now he joined. Of course. Pen Pen is deepthroating him. Lovely. The Angelic fairy seems to be playing with the little red penguin balls. Well isn’t that sweet. I had a theory that I died and went to hell, and what I now perceive is my reality is in fact a damnation I’m forced to live. In some ways, that’d be a small comfort, but I fear that I’m still alive and reality actually works this way, with everybody fucking the goddamn penguin.

What is the attraction? He’s a warm water penguin for Kami’s sake! He’s not even a natural creature! This is beyond bestiality, it’s some kind of mutant bestiality!

Shinji and Karou are making out, and I’m trying to focus on that, because yaoi though it may be, it’s the most normal thing happening right now. Misato is under pen pen now, licking the blood and cum and shit dribbling out of his ass from Shinji’s spooge enema. Karou is now shoving his dick into the fowl fowl while SHINJI IS TRYING TO SHOVE HIS HEAD INTO MISATO’S… OH GOD! I THINK HE’S FINALLY SNAPPED FROM MOTHER WITHDRAWL AND IS TRYING TO RETURN TO A WOMB! AND MISATO LOVES IT!

And Pen Pen, not yet satisfied, is using his feet to push Mistato in front of him, and is… NO PEN PEN! DON’T PUT YOUR DICK THERE! NOT AGAIN! I CAN’T HANDLE THIS AGAIN! KEEP IT AWAY FROM HER E… NOOOOOOO!

*From Asylum Medical Journal: at this point, the subject is unable to describe what he saw that ended up sending us into his institution. He instead begins smacking his head into the wall, and then weeps for three hours. Then he began laughing, and talked about lima beans living in his deodorant until it was unanimously voted that he be sent off for immediate euthanasia. Sadly, he escaped before we could inject him, and hasn’t been seen since*