Payback - Chapter 08 - Visit to the Neighbors, Part Two

Started: June 17, 2004

Finished: July 19, 2004

Current Revision: July 19, 2004

A Story By Warpwizard

A Neon Genesis Evangelion/Tenchi Muyo/Ranma ½ Fanfiction

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* * *


[Washu's laboratory, testing area]

Shinji gulped. He was strapped to a large metal table of extremely sturdy construction.

The lab was dim but not dark, the near-area illuminated primarily by a cone of light focused on him, generated from somewhere on the unseeable ceiling. Outside this lit zone, the lab trailed off into darkness, a wilderness of tall, intimidating installations of machinery of unknown purpose. His fiancées stood nearby, bunched near the child-like form of Washu at her workstation.

Said workstation was different from that of most labs, consisting of a floating cushion and an equally unsupported transparent keyboard that seemed to only exist where the redheaded scientist's fingers tapped it. He could see the faces of Asuka, Kasumi and Mihoshi, their features patterned with the glow coming from the holographic display floating in front of her.

They'd visited briefly with the Masaki family, promising to stay and chat longer after they were through with their "doctor's appointment". Shinji wouldn't have minded putting the trip to Washu's lab off for another week, but he could tell Asuka in particular was anxious to have him examined and given a clean bill of health.

The table wasn't too uncomfortable, having an adequate level of padding over the brushed steel or whatever it was made of, except for one thing…

"Washu, er, Washu-chan…why do I have to be naked?"

"Because it's more interest- I mean scientific that way."

While Shinji was trying to sort out how his nudity aided the cause of science, the pint-sized genius with the towering torrent of spiky red hair happily flailed her transparent keyboard with her agile fingers, causing an array of threatening scanners and probes to assemble themselves around the body of her helpless male neighbor.

Shinji eyed the devices nervously. He flexed his arms and legs against the thick metal bands holding them down. "And why do I have to be restrained?"

Washu inputted commands rapidly, setting up a full-spectrum scanning program. 'I really wish Asuka-chan had given me a bit more notice…'

She spoke out of the side of her mouth as she typed. "Oh, that's just in case."

Shinji looked plaintively at her. "Just in case of what?"

Washu entered the "go" command and turned to look at her guinea pig. She smirked at him in a friendly mad-scientist sort of way.

"Well, you *are* getting checked out because you have a habit of, to put it bluntly, going a bit crazy, shapechanging and boinking your three playmates," she waved at Asuka, Kasumi and Mihoshi, who blink-blinked, "into insensibility. Dealing with living organisms is always messy, but I'd like to try to preserve a little bit of control over the situation. Understand?"

Shinji nodded and sighed. "I understand, Washu-chan." With that, he lay back and did his best to relax.

As his three paramours watched in mixed anxiety and interest, a large boxy implement on the end of a metal arm began passing over Shinji's body, back and forth. This continued for several minutes.

"Hm, hm…interesting."

Washu stared at a floating array of data that appeared in the air above her keyboard.

Asuka leaned over her shoulder, trying to make sense of the densely packed holographic readout. "What is it Washu-chan?"

Washu tapped a key, making a larger floating display appear. On it was a human outline with a flashing circle in the area of its abdomen, indicating something about the size of a clenched fist.

"Your husband has an anomalous organ right there, where his appendix would normally go." She tapped a few more keys and dozens of sub-tables burst into appearance on the display, each scrolling data faster than it should be possible to view. Judging from the red-haired genius' fascinated murmurs, she had no problem with it, however.

Washu had her face scrunched up in an intent look which was rather cute on her young-seeming body. She let out a low, happy, maniacal…not exactly a giggle, but not a chuckle either. The only thing Asuka could think of it as was a cackle. It was not unpleasant on the ears, but was slightly deranged sounding all the same, making her seem every bit the teenaged mad scientist.

"Mwahhhahah! Hmm….it's generating continuous distortions in the physical, sub-physical, high astral, pan-dimensional and who knows how many other reality-aspects, all simultaneously."

Kasumi made a moue of distress, holding her hands up to her mouth. "Is it bad, Washu-sama?"

Asuka scowled, then reluctantly smiled. 'Damn, only Kasumi gets to call Washu whatever she likes. She gets away with everything!'

Washu pursed her lips, reluctant to pull her eyes away from the fascinating data. "I don't think so. Shinji-kun's physical and astral bodies are at peace with it, as if it's been part of his system for a long time. The unknown organ has replaced his third energy center in the center of the body, and is doing a fine job of regulating his energies."

The three girls sighed in relief. Mihoshi said, "So he's going to be okay?"

"Yes, yes." Washu spoke out of the corner of her mouth, her fingers flying across the keyboard. "Hm, hm!"

"What is it *now*?" Asuka spat, hands on hips.

Washu didn't seem to be bothered by her tone, perhaps understanding the underlying anxiety that was its cause. "Hmmmmm…the organ is in a rest state. From what you girls told me, I hypothesize that it can be raised to the active level by extreme stress, either positive or negative."

Kasumi blinked and ventured a question, her sweet voice uncertain. "Positive stress?"

Washu reluctantly turned from her readout to face her questioner. She leaned back onto nothingness, transparent shapes instantly forming to support her hands. "Yes, Kasumi-chan. Positive stress." The pint-sized supergenius grinned naughtily. "Seeing you naked, for instance."

Kasumi's cheeks became a delicate shade of pink. "Oh my!"

Washu continued to smile broadly, her eyes sparkling at the thought of experiments to come. "Yes…let's test my hypothesis."

Mihoshi said hesitantly, "Test?"

Washu smiled at her. "Yes, I think we should find out all we can about Shinji-kun's anomaly as soon as possible." She clapped her hands briskly. "Come on girls, time to get naked!"

Reactions varied. Kasumi and Asuka blinked at her, looking a bit taken aback. Mihoshi on the other hand…


Washu glanced at her master readout on Shinji's vital statistics as the flump of clothes hitting the floor was heard. They could all hear him take a sharp breath as Mihoshi's luscious chocolate-skinned body was revealed to the world. "Hm, that's definitely doing something…"

Mihoshi smiled her bright, carefree smile and cast a glance at Shinji. He was looking appreciatively at her naked body. The golden-haired space detective giggled and ran her hands teasingly over her lush curves. Her fiancée stared as her perky C-cup boobies were gently lifted and their cute pink tips fondled. "Mmm, that's nice…Washu-chan, do you know where my cube is? I can never seem to find it when I need it!"

Washu nodded and tossed a semi-translucent, featureless cube to Mihoshi. It was the size of a Rubix cube and appeared to be made of some sort of plastic. "Here ya go. A while ago I took the liberty of programming it to send my computers a constant tracing signal. Just in case."


Mihoshi fiddled with the blank sides of the cube for a minute, making a constant stream of oddments appear from thin air with a quiet popping noise, until at last she found the setting she was looking for. Her audience (minus Washu of course) watched with amazement as she was suddenly clad in an odd costume. It was form-fitting and resembled some sort of high-tech uniform. It had black arm and leg coverings, with a golden breastplate covering Mihoshi's formerly bare torso. It also had modest shoulder plates as well as golden knee and elbow protectors.

Asuka shook her head slightly, impressed as always by Washu's technology. Her primary advance over conventional science seemed to be her mastery of what she called "sub-space folding".

The big-haired genius scientist had used it to create Asuka's Red Room, among other things, and, she assumed, used it to provide Mihoshi with this cube to store her things, probably as a method of holding the blonde's mess down to a minimum. Asuka had seen the typical state of Mihoshi's room, which was more than enough to make her judge it a wise decision.

It was fortunate for Washu that Asuka had no idea that the ability to warp space at will was only scraping the tip of the iceberg of her technological arsenal. Especially fortunate that she didn't know about, say, the transdimensional, phase-cloaked omnirecorders housed in every corner of the Red Room. An "undocumented feature" that Washu had been kind enough to provide.

Mihoshi snapped to attention and saluted, facing Shinji. "Officer Mihoshi reporting for duty! All criminals will be caught and punished!"

Her face grim, Detective First Class Mihoshi Kuramitsu (hopefully Ikari, soon) advanced on the captive "criminal".

'Ohhhh, I wish Kiyone was here! It's so hard to be the Bad Cop and the Good Cop at the same time…'

Mihoshi stopped next to Shinji's immobilized body and reached down, expertly fondling his half-hard member. "I see you have a Class One inseminating instrument on you, Mr. Ikari! In contradiction of multiple articles of Galactic Law, I might add!"

Shinji, confused and aroused, could only groan as Mihoshi stripped off her tight black gloves and continued to caress him. 'What the hell was that cube? And where did she get that outfit? Ahhh, she does that so well…'

Mihoshi licked her lips hungrily, eying her fiancée's now fully erect penis. "I'm authorized to use all means at my disposal to search for contraband, Mr. Ikari." She gently rolled Shinji's balls with her delicate fingers. "I'll bet you've even got a load of unauthorized semen in here! The nerve of some criminals…"

She knelt, taking the fat cockhead between her lips and licking wetly at it. "If you - *suck* - wish to complain - *slurp* - at how you have been - *lick lick lick* - treated - *laplaplap* - you may do so - *licklicklick* - at the nearest Galaxy Police station to you."

Kasumi, her face beginning to flush with arousal, murmured to Asuka, "Somehow, I don't think Shinji-chan is going to complain."

Asuka wanly smiled her agreement, still worried about her husband having a mysterious organ in his body. Having a big chunk of foreign tissue inside you - that was too much like cancer for her comfort. Medical science had made big strides against cancer as well as other diseases in the last 20 years, but with 2nd Impact a lot of things went on the back burner, even medical research. Cancer was still a frightening word to a 21st century Earther.

Washu chimed in from her workstation without moving her eyes from the fascinating data. "Doing good Mihoshi! Keep it up!"

Mihoshi pulled her mouth off of Shinji's cock for a moment, a thin strand of saliva connecting her lips to its glistening length. "Thanks Washu-chan! Mm, yummy…" *slurpslurpslurp*

Washu pulled a small object from a pocket of her lab coat and tossed it over to Mihoshi. "Here, use this to restrain his, ah, "inseminating device". For this to work, we need Shinji-kun hot and bothered, not drained and satisfied."

"Okay!" Mihoshi caught the small metallic ring-shape and fitted it over Shinji's extremely stiff erection. It slid easily to the base with room to spare. Once it came to rest, it hummed and whirred, emitting a slight glow. Shinji grunted as a mild pressure came into existence, squeezing the root of his cock and retarding his urge to come.

Mihoshi slid her hand up and down the soft-skinned organ familiarly, seeming to enjoy the contact while at the same time assessing how hard he was. "Mr. Ikari, your weapon is now cuffed. Please, make things easy on yourself and cease resisting arrest."

Shinji breathed hard through his mouth. The pressure in his groin was growing uncomfortable. At the same time, there was a certain kinky excitement to being unable to touch Mihoshi while she so expertly gave him pleasure. He found himself futilely flexing his arms against their confinement as Mihoshi released him and stood straight, her eyes sparkling with her usual cheerfulness and a hint of sexual heat. Her big blue eyes held his own as she slid her hands down the front of her high-tech outfit. He sucked in a deeper breath as she undid some hidden fastening, causing a large triangle of material to come free from between her legs, revealing her golden-furred pussy, then groaned as she mounted the table and rubbed the slick surface of its outer petals against his cockhead.

Asuka and Kasumi watched raptly as Mihoshi rubbed herself teasingly against their mutual paramour's "instrument". "Mr. Ikari, since you - ah! - refuse to cooperate, I am - oh! - forced to use - ohhh… - harsher measures." The chocolate-skinned woman rubbed her pussy against Shinji for a moment, moaning softly under her breath, then slid the head of the newly lubricated rod to threaten her nether entrance. Shinji's groans took on a desperate tone as Mihoshi slowly brought her weight down, forcing his penis into the tightest orifice on her entire body. Mihoshi cried out in innocent pleasure as her ass was pleasantly filled by the first few thick inches of her fiancée's cock.

"Ahhhh…that's so nice…You're so big and hard inside me, Mr. Ikari. That could get you a suspended sentence…ah, ah, AH! With time off for good behavior…"

She slowly rose from her squat, releasing poor Shinji's stone-hard erection from the tightly-gripping walls of her velvety anus. As his slim but very muscular limbs strained uselessly against the cold metal embrace of Washu's restraining table, Mihoshi dropped her pelvis again, taking fully half his cock into her needy vagina and coating it with more of her juices. She rose again, adjusted her position and then lowered herself, slowly, allowing his pulsing organ to push itself into the hot depths of her excruciatingly tight ass.

"You're killing me Mihoshi-chan! Unnnhhh….oh god….have mercy!"

Mihoshi began tirelessly bobbing up and down, forcing Shinji's cock deep into her ass for several strokes, then her pussy for one, keeping him nicely lubed. "Unh…no mercy for - oh! - criminals…ah, that's good…"

Washu rubbed her hands together gleefully, eyes constantly taking in data. "Hoo boy! He's really lighting up now, but I think we still need more stimulus."

"That ring won't hurt my husband, will it, Washu-chan? I remember reading somewhere that cock-rings weren't a good idea."

Washu shook her head without looking at Asuka. "No, no. It's medically safe and thoroughly tested. You're right, a crude physical ring could be potentially dangerous, especially if the size were wrong. My force-field based and remote AI enabled version is much, much better." She glanced at her read-out and let out another of her happy cackles. "When he finally comes, it'll be a gusher, though!"

Both Kasumi and Asuka automatically licked their lips at the thought of a geyser of Shinji's tasty cum. Kasumi spoke up, her voice demure as usual, but with a barely detectable undertone of lust. "How can we help, Washu-sama?"

"Well…Mihoshi's doing a good job…" All three women glanced over to where Shinji's "interrogation" was taking place. Mihoshi was facing away from Shinji, sitting directly on top of his hips, having somehow managed to fit his entire enormous shaft into her tiny bottom hole. She'd removed more of her uniform and they could see her belly muscles clench under the skin of her flat stomach as she bucked on top of him, milking his cock with her ass. His cries of pleasure and distress were verging on the pitiful as the blonde sex-maniac riding him chanted with each flex, "Talk! Talk! Talk!"

Kasumi stared, a phantom sweatdrop sliding down the back of her hair. "My…she certainly gets into her role."

Asuka gazed concernedly at her husband's clenched face for a moment, then at the enthusiastically yelling Mihoshi. "Almost makes you think she's used that interrogation technique in her actual job…"

Washu placed her small fist in front of her mouth and coughed to regather their attention. "Ahem…as I was saying, Mihoshi-chan is doing a good job, but it's still not enough. In order for his organ to reach an active state, I hypothesize that he needs to be in a state of *over*stimulation. Closer to a frenzy, if you catch my meaning." She quirked a scarlet eyebrow. "Asuka-chan, when was the first time you observed Shinji-kun's "berserk" state? What seemed to set him off?"

Asuka's cheeks pinked. "Umm…I think it was when…"

Washu smiled reassuringly. "Go on." Kasumi smiled as well, curious to hear more about her fiancée. "Yes, please tell us, Asuka-chan."

Asuka nibbled her lower lip and spoke quickly and quietly, looking down in thought. "It was when I invited Mihoshi over a month ago. I wanted to give him a present, a threesome, you know? It was going well, Shin-chan was really worked up after seeing us on his bed." The beautiful redhead brought her head up and smiled broadly at the memory, seeing Washu and Kasumi listening with both ears. "He gave me *such* a fucking, my God, I'd never come so hard in my life!"

Washu cocked her eyebrow again. "And then?"

The pink deepened in Asuka's cheeks. The arousing memory was combining with the erotic sounds coming from nearby, making her body heat up. She licked dry lips and continued. "I woke up lying on my back next to Shinji, with Mihoshi…"

Kasumi and Washu leaned closer. "Yes? Mihoshi was…?"

"…she was eating Shinji's cum out of my pussy."

Kasumi was breathing a little fast. She glanced over at Mihoshi, who was doing her best to evoke a geyser of sperm, seemingly forgetful that her victim's "inseminating device" had its safety engaged. "She does seem to love eating it."

Washu nodded. "According to the research I did, she's chemically addicted to it. For good reason, the sample I analyzed was designed to stimulate the ingester's pleasure center, similar to a mild narcotic. Among other things."

'That reminds me, I should scan Mihoshi to see what kind of effects it's having on her, if any...'

Kasumi's eyes widened. "Addicted?"

"Nothing too bad, more like nicotine addiction then heroin. Anyway, we can discuss Mihoshi's need to guzzle your hubby's jizz later. Please continue, Asuka."

Asuka nibbled her lower lip, her eyes distant with recall. "Um, well, Miho-chan ate me out for a while. She was really good…er, anyway, while she was doing that, every so often I'd notice her stop and gasp or groan, just for a second. Near the end, it was like she was having an epileptic fit, she was kinda drooling and twitching and everything. Then…"

Washu looked up from checking her recorders for the umpteenth time, making sure every one of Asuka's words was going into her vast databanks. "Then?"

"I looked up and saw Shin-chan. He was…different. Just a little. Darker. More muscular. Bigger." Asuka's mouth curved into a wicked smile. "In some ways, *much* bigger."

Washu tapped her chin thoughtfully, her emerald eyes dancing with the pleasure of discovery. "Physical transformation…fascinating. His semen has certainly become different from the human norm. I wonder if his traits have always been there, dormant, or if they were implanted at some point…"

Asuka wasn't listening. She kept talking, lost in her tale. "His cock…it was enormous. He put the entire thing in Miho-chan, and she just barely managed to handle it. He made her come again and again until she couldn't even scream any more." She shivered. "God, I came about a hundred times too, just from watching."

"So Shinji-kun didn't have intercourse with you at that time? In his "berserker" state?"

Asuka shook her head, making her red-gold mane swish softly about her face. "Unh-unh. He made Miho-chan just about go insane and then pumped her full of cum. After he finished doing that, he seemed to calm down a bit and was back to the Shinji Ikari I've known all my life."

Washu's eyes flicked back and forth in thought. "Hmm…so you think it was seeing Mihoshi eating the semen out of your vagina that made him go berserk? There's no real hard evidence for that, since you didn't actually *see* him transform…"

Asuka's breathing was starting to match Kasumi's deep breaths as her erotic recall continued. "I'm pretty sure it was because of that because of what happened next. Shin-chan and I woke up and heard Mihoshi whining. She called me over me over and…" Her pink cheeks became a rosy red. "…to make a long story short, um, I ended up…" Her voice got very quiet. "…eating Shinji's cum out of her pussy."

Washu quirked her eyebrow again, her green eyes sparkling with amusement. She'd seen and practiced many sexual variations down through the millennia, so Asuka's little revelation was nothing new to her. She gave no sign of this, not wanting to spoil the fun. "Oh really? Anything else? Anything Shinji-kun found particularly arousing?"

Asuka spoke with her head down, her shoulder-length hair concealing most of her face. Her voice sounded more like her 14-year-old self than the woman she had become, as she confessed. "Mihoshi and I kissed. It was the first time I've ever kissed a girl. Her mouth was really soft. I really liked it - ah, um, then we, um, swapped cum with our mouths. It tasted great. So did Mihoshi." She raised her head and looked at Washu in amazement. "Miho-chan tastes like some kind of tropical fruit when you kiss her! It's so weird, but it's kinda cool. Do you know why she's like that, Washu-chan?"

"Another peculiarity of her biochemistry. Her saliva, vaginal lubricant and other fluids have an unusually high sugar content as well as natural flavorings that are remarkably like various types of fruit. I'm currently doing research to discover exactly why that is."

This happened to be the complete truth, except for the fact that Washu knew very well why Mihoshi's non-terrestrial biochemistry made her taste the way she did. After all, all members of her race tasted that way.

Kasumi smiled. "Mihoshi-chan is very tasty, I can vouch for that."

Washu laughed merrily in response to Kasumi's jibe. "Ha! I'll bet you can, Kasumi-chan." She turned back to Asuka. "So, you saw Shinji-kun transform for a second time in response to your cum-play with Mihoshi?"

Asuka nibbled her lip. "Not exactly, but I saw that he'd changed again right after I finished, um, giving Mihoshi a deep, wet kiss." She turned an even brighter shade of red. "…after I showed him that I had a big gob of his cum on my tongue."

Washu chuckled again before becoming intent. She tapped on her keyboard, fingers blurring, entering notes in Shinji's file. "So…as I theorized, intense arousal is the key, and two of his kinks (very common by the way) happen to be girl/girl interaction and having said girls consume his semen while he watches."


Washu turned from her labors to see Mihoshi, standing hesitantly in the remains of her uniform. She'd gotten rid of everything but her boots by this point, leaving the rest of her body bare. "Yes, Mihoshi?"

"Can you take the cuffs off of Shin-chan? I think it's starting to make him really uncomfortable."

Asuka felt a surge of guilt. She should have been thinking about her husband's welfare, not spending time idly filling Washu in on their past sexual hijinks. She'd given him "blue balls" several times in the old "Asuka the Bitch" days and she remembered him once saying how unpleasant it was. From the corner of her eye, she noticed Kasumi looking chagrined as well.

Washu flicked a glance at one of her readouts. "Hm, yes, good idea. It's not necessary any longer anyway." She tapped a button.


"Yes, Asuka-chan?"

Asuka had her arms folded and was glaring at the pint-sized supergenius. "We're aborting this experiment. Now."

Washu sputtered and flapped her arms. "But, but - the data -"

Kasumi nodded, her sweet face sorrowful. "Asuka-chan is right. In our eagerness to make sure Shinji was all right, we've forgotten his comfort is as important as his safety. Please release his restraints, Washu-sama."

When Washu saw Mihoshi nodding in agreement, her face determined, she knew her fun was over. At least for today.

As her genuine scientific excitement calmed down, she realized that they were probably right, anyway. 'Have I hurt Tenchi in the past this way? …I probably have. Damnit.'

She sighed. "Maybe you're right, girls. I'm…" She grimaced and forced the unfamiliar words out. "I'm sorry. Sometimes I get carried away…"

Shinji's family smiled forgivingly at her. Kasumi said, "We know you mean well, Washu-sama. Asuka-chan has told us about all the things you've done for her and Shinji."

Asuka indicated that Kasumi and Mihoshi should go attend Shinji and then stepped forward, placing a comforting hand on the shoulder of the downcast scientist.

"I appreciate your giving us free medical advice, Washu. It's not like we could take Shinji's problem to a regular doctor. It's just that I've taken Shinji's feelings for granted in the past and I'll be *damned* if I'll do it again."

Washu face lightened a bit and she nodded. "I know what you mean. I sometimes do the same thing with Tenchi." She grinned. "Must be a redhead thing."

Asuka laughed. "Maybe. We can be bitches, that's for sure."

Washu's answering smile had a bitter twist to it. "True." She looked away thoughtfully into the darkness of her lab, then glanced up at her holographic readout. After perusing it for a moment, she pressed the release button for Shinji's restraining table, let out a little grunt and said, "Why don't you go check on your hubby? I'll keep an eye out here, see if anything worth noting shows up before you leave."

"Ok, Washu-chan. Thanks."

"Not a problem, Asuka-chan."

* * *

"Unh!" A small spurt of semen came from the tip of Shinji's dick as the pressure at the base of his cock disappeared. His balls felt like they were the size of oranges, and they *hurt*. He breathed hard as he lay back in the table's metal embrace. He could feel his mysterious new organ buzzing inside his abdomen, vibrating in a non-physical way with his unexpended lust.

He'd been teased hard by his three lovers in the past, but he'd never come so close to going completely insane as the past few minutes. The smooth, tightly gripping tube of Mihoshi's anus had been wrapped snugly around his aching penis, squeezing and pulling, squeezing and pulling until he'd have willingly chopped off his own arm to earn the privilege of shooting his load. He'd gasped in relief when the sexy blonde "space detective" had finally released him and wandered off. He hadn't seen where she went, he was too busy whimpering in relief at the slight abatement in his arousal.

Now, his penis stood at a ninety-degree angle to his body, hard as an iron bar and oozing precum. Shinji grimaced as he realized that his erection wasn't going to abate until he'd fully emptied himself, preferably into the warm body of his wife or one of his two fiancées. The ache of unexpended semen filled his entire lower abdomen. He pulled again, futilely, at the thick metal restraints immobilizing his arms and legs.

'Goddamnit! Strapped to this table like a hog about to be slaughtered. What have I done to deserve this? …medical examination my ass.'

* * *

'Oh my. His poor penis…'

With that, Kasumi knelt and began sucking.

* * *

At that moment, just when Shinji's building anger and discomfort was about to spill over, his restraints abruptly snapped open and slid away into the table, even as his aching cock was plunged into a mouth filled with warm saliva.

He groaned in relief as he felt Kasumi's soft lips slide gently around the tip of his super-sensitive member. She was being extra careful and he deeply appreciated it. His groans continued as he was blown with the loving tenderness only the buxom raven-haired woman could provide.


Kasumi said nothing, instead sloooowly bobbing her head up and down, sucking wetly and caressing his penis with her tongue with extraordinary gentleness and lack of hurry. The soft brush of her hair against his thighs was very soothing, the long tresses swishing slowly back and forth as she worked his cock with her mouth.

He moaned gratefully as her elegant, long-fingered hand gently fondled his aching balls. The discomfort magically disappeared, changing into the tingling of pre-release upon the swollen orbs being brushed by her smooth fingers.

"Gonna CUM…Kasumi-chan…ah…"

Kasumi's pace never varied, the extraordinary softness of her technique somehow transmuting his pain into pleasure. The ache in his lower body and groin was now an intense pressure, almost like the need to urinate if you'd been drinking tall glasses of water for hours without using the bathroom. Shinji could feel a burning filling up his urethra as the cum made it known that it was going to exit his body, *soon*. He tried to warn the woman who was slowly tonguing the head of his cock.

"U-UNNhhhhh…gonna cum *big*, Kas-chan…oh god!"

Each slow drag of Kasumi's warm, wet tongue across his numb-with-sensation cockhead brought him closer to eruption. Shinji's legs jerked convulsively and rose off the table for a second as she poked the tip of it into the tiny slit at the tip of his cock and gently wiggled. This made the burning sensation fill his entire penis from the root to the tip.


* * *

As his entire body locked up, Shinji instinctively used his recently-acquired shapeshifting abilities and doubled the width of his urethra, allowing him to more than double the amount of semen he could get rid of in a single spurt. Kasumi barely avoided choking as her mouth was completely filled with hot, super-thick cum in only a few seconds.


Kasumi moaned around her fiancée's discharging penis as the exquisitely sweet and creamy flavor of his semen permeated her taste buds, it being not only super-thick, but super-tasty as well. She swallowed frantically, wishing she could pause to savor it, but unable to in light of the danger of drowning on the superhuman flood of man-goo pouring into her mouth.


Kasumi swallowed and swallowed, loving the taste, but not wanting to die. Finally, in desperation, she deep-throated Shinji's cock with practiced skill, forcing the continually discharging head past her epiglottis and letting the endless river of hot sperm flow directly into her stomach.

'My, Mihoshi-chan certainly got him all worked up. It's almost lunchtime anyway.'


Another minute went by. Kasumi blink-blinked around her throatful of hard penis. 'Oh my. I'm feeling rather full.'

Not wanting to slosh when she walked, with a gasp Kasumi smoothly disgorged her fiancées still-stiff erection. She squinted as it shot a big wad of hot, pearly-white jizz onto her face. 'Goodness gracious.'

She rather liked the warm feeling of it rolling down her cheeks, but tasty as it was, Shinji's cum still burned when it got in your eye. Humming happily and licking her lips free of the fresh semen, the voluptuous quasi-nymphomaniac and all-round cum enthusiast aimed her lover's loaded weapon at her two big breasts and let it squirt. She stroked it gently with one hand as it coated her boobs, and used the other to gather and bring palmfuls of warm sperm to her mouth.

'Mm, mm…I hope Shinji-kun is feeling better now…hmm, mmm…'

Kasumi hummed to herself as she ate, hoping that Mihoshi had things under control at her end of their mutual fiancée.

* * *

Shinji lay on his back, groaning softly under his breath as he discharged onto Kasumi. Her warm hand felt nice, sliding gently along the sensitive skin of his cock as he finished emptying himself. He'd gone from total irritation and near-agony to total mellowness and a floating feeling of profound bodily satisfaction and pleasure. Each of these last squirts of semen, now coming about 10 seconds apart, required a mild effort due to fatigued muscles, but produced a pulse of pleasant euphoria.



He blinked as he received a big, wet kiss to the side of the face.




*kisskisskiss* "I'msorryI'msorryI'msorry!"

He smiled involuntarily from the pleasing impact of Mihoshi's lips on his face, this combining with her incongruously tearful voice and his drunken après-orgasm state of mind. She was darting her head forward and kissing him like it was an attack and she was afraid he was going to fend her off.

"Heh. C'mere."

Shinji easily looped his arms around the blonde's bare shoulders and pulled her face to him. "MMmmm…" They both sighed as their lips met and opened against each other in a long, deep, wet kiss. He pulled her down until her bountiful chest was resting on his and sucked on her soft tongue. "Mmmmm…"

Both lovers set out a startled yelp as the big metal table Shinji was lying on changed into an even bigger bed, complete with comfortable quilt and nice poofy pillows. He didn't let the strange occurrence stop him, feeling a renewed pulsing from his mysterious internal organ that made him want to fully sate himself upon Mihoshi.

"Kasumi-chan," he said from under Mihoshi's face, where she was still kissing him and murmuring apologies.

"Yes, Shin-chan?"

"You can stop stroking me now, I'm going to use this bed to make Mihoshi very happy."

He smiled as Kasumi's angelic giggle rang out in response to the joking tone of his request, then rolled over, pinning Mihoshi to the nicely springy mattress. He muffled her voice with a passionate kiss, using plenty of tongue. The feel of her warm, soft flesh under him was making his lust rise. Her perky C-cup boobs squashed against his chest, warming two circular areas of his flesh and making his pulse accelerate.

*kiss kiss* "I'm sorry for playing Bad Cop on you so much. I'm usually the *Good* Cop! I got carried away. I'm sorry." *kiss*

Between kisses, he replied, "Looks like the big bad criminal has you at his mercy now, Miho-chan."

She giggled and looked up at him, deliberately widening her big blue eyes in mock-fright. "Oh no! Please don't ravage my body, Mr. Pirate!"

Shinji raised his weight off of the lithe blonde and sat back on his heels. His chest heaved as he took in the sight of his fiancée's mouth-watering sexiness. He reached out and fondled her chocolate-skinned breasts, rubbing his martial-arts callused thumbs across her hard nipples, evoking a gasp of pleasure.

"Why not? To the victor goes the spoils."

He reached down and grabbed her legs, indulging his urge to play with her body. Curious as to the extent of Mihoshi's flexibility, he pushed them outwards, finding he could make her do the splits without encountering the slightest resistance. When he released her, she curled her legs inwards and peeked through them, easily resting her shins on her shoulders. Shinji found it to be a very cute and sexy sight.

He probed at her pussy with one finger, finding it to be moist and ready. "You're very flexible, wench! Not to mention already wet for my plundering cock."

Mihoshi pretended to hide behind her legs. "I'm just an innocent cabin-girl, Mr. Pirate! Please spare my virginity! Oh please!" The last plea was somewhat out of synch with her roleplaying as she cried out lustfully, reacting to Shinji expertly fingering her.

"Keep those legs up!" barked Shinji, sliding two fingers in and out of his blonde fiancée's juicy pink slit. Mihoshi whined in desire and obeyed, holding herself in the folded-up position. He smiled, enjoying being on the giving end of some teasing for a change.

The very hot and wet silken interior of Mihoshi's pussy rubbing against his fingers was tantalizing, making him recall all the past times he'd pushed himself inside it with his primary sex organ. It always amazed him that he could have sex with Mihoshi or his other girls dozens and dozens of times without ever growing weary of the act.

'One of the features of the male mind, I guess.'

He continued to tease both her and himself, wanting them both to be at the peak of desire before reaching satisfaction. Mihoshi's uninhibited cries sped the arc of his arousal, her cute face twisting in pleasure as he stroked her inner tissues, occasionally rubbing her now-unhooded clit with his thumb.

"Oh! OH! Ohhhhhhh… You're so mean Mr. Pirate! Teasing me this way! *OH!* Do it some more! Oh, YES!"

Shinji gritted his teeth, a low growl of desire coming from his throat as his devastatingly sexy fiancée writhed in front of him, her pussy erotically exposed by her legs-to-chest position and gushing-wet with her juices. His cock was once again hard as a piece of steel pipe, needing the relief of thrusting inside a warm female crevice.

He grunted in surprise as warm breasts pressed against both sides of his chest, a nice full set from the right and an extremely voluptuous pair from the left. The grunt became a groan as soft female hands caressed his cock and balls, one gently sliding back and forth along the achingly stiff shaft, while the other cupped and fondled the ballsack tenderly.

Asuka's wet tongue gently tickled his ear. Her voice was a low, sultry purr, dripping with carnality. "Put it into Mihoshi, Shin-chan. We want to see your big, hard cock moving inside that wet pink pussy." She pulled her small fist along the shaft in question, squeezing him with just the right level of pressure and making him groan with desire.

Kasumi's plush lips made warm contact with his cheekbone. Her soothing, musical voice had a vibrant undertone of pure sinful lust. "Miho-chan needs your cum, Shinji-chan." He gasped as she rolled his balls in her long, elegant fingers. "Put your cum inside of Miho-chan so I can lick it out. Wouldn't you like to see that?"

Shinji felt he would go mad as the two vixens rubbed their breasts against his sides and fondled his equipment with their smooth, soft hands, all the while kissing and licking his face and whispering offers, pleas and suggestions, all shamelessly carnal in nature. There was no way he could handle three women this horny all at once. He needed more strength, more power.

With that thought ringing in his mind, for the first time, Shinji Ikari deliberately



* * *

Washu sat at her console, foot tapping, listening to the Ikari family interact with one ear and musing on the twisted set of relationships that made up her emotional life these days. Ryoko and Tenchi mostly, with a bit of Sasami/Tsunami thrown in. She knew there was a connection between her and the blue-haired Goddess but something in her resisted thinking about it, under normal circumstances anyway.


She shook that thought away, and decided to review the last few minutes of her current experimental subjects' activity instead. Fortunately, every inch of her lab was automatically monitored with her best recording devices, making such review a snap.

She observed Kasumi's relief of her fiancée with a smile. 'Kasumi-chan certainly knows her way around a cock. Hm…what's this now?' Washu sped up the recording, watching intently as Kasumi swallowed…and swallowed…and swallowed, gulping down Shinji's cum with a fine disregard for table manners.

The redheaded supergenius tapped a few keys, thickening the displayed information's density, her eyes quickly lighting on the critical details. 'Interesting. Minor matter generation. That would require prodigious energy reserves. As expected, Shinji-kun's special organ shows mild activity.'

She moved the focus of the playback. 'Kasumi also shows effects…I'll have to scan her later. Asuka-chan too, from that little story she told, she's been eating the stuff too.' She watched pearly-white spunk rapidly coat Kasumi's big breasts. '…in quantity too, I'll bet.'

The way Kasumi continued to eat palmfuls of white goo with a look of pleasure on her face told Washu that the raven-haired woman wasn't doing it out of obligation either. 'I really need more samples of that stuff.' She smiled evilly. Sample gathering was such fun!

Seeing that the action at that end of Shinji was largely over, she switched her viewpoint up to his face, and set it to realtime. Her smile became sad as she watched him and Mihoshi kiss tenderly. 'Such wonderful interaction. I wish Tenchi and I…'

With an effort, she forced her mind back into scientific channels. 'Looks like things might continue for a while. Lets make things a bit more comfortable for them.' She entered a quick command sequence and smiled at their look of surprise as they were suddenly lying on a big comfy bed.

She settled herself comfortably on her floating cushion, face propped on her hands, and watched the next few minutes of sex-play, appreciating the effort they put into keeping their bedroom time interesting. Washu knew that one of her most prominent kinks was voyeurism, and it was times like these that she blessed the fates for bringing the Ikari family to her neighbourhood. Spying on Tenchi and his girls was fun, but supergeniuses like their variety.

'Looks like they roleplay a fair bit. Heh, Mihoshi's damn cute like that. When she isn't making one of my experiments explode, that is.'

Her eyes dipped to Shinji's cock. Over the course of teasing Mihoshi it had grown huge and hard. Washu found herself getting a bit warm and slippery south of the border. She pulled at the neck of her blouse with one finger without moving her eyes from the pillar of hard manly flesh.

'Is it hot in here or what? I think Tenchi's overdue for a checkup…' She watched as Asuka's delicate hand slid along her hubby's hard cock, stroking and pulling the loose outer skin gently back and forth. Washu breathed hard, almost panting. '…definitely overdue.'

She sat up straight as her console beeped an urgent, though unnecessary alarm. Unnecessary because Washu could see what was happening with her own eyes.


* * *

The rush of power was intoxicating. Unlike his previous "episodes", this time, Shinji was fully conscious and aware, though still extremely aroused. He could feel power flowing from the center of his body and out to each limb. He felt like he could wrestle a rhino and win, like he could hurl cars without breaking a sweat.

What did it feel like exactly… He decided that the sensation was a lot like the rush he got in high-intensity sparring with Ranma, but effortless and sustained. There was a definite sexual element as well. He felt…potent. Shinji grinned, an aggressive sort of smile that normally would have looked out of place on his solemn face.

Asuka and Kasumi were mesmerized by it. The redhead's hand could barely fit around her husband's enormous pulsing shaft, while Kasumi's hand overflowed with her fiancée's newly enlarged testes. They unconsciously pressed closer to him as he loomed over Mihoshi's slim brown body, their bodies reacting to his increased aura of virility with intense arousal.

He smiled down at Mihoshi's awed face. The last time he'd been like this had been over a month ago, and Mihoshi had been in her own kind of sexual frenzy at the time. She licked her lips and stared, her gaze caught by his gigantic phallus. "Is that all for me?"

"All for you, Mihoshi-chan."

He shuffled forwards a bit and dipped the enormous cockhead to her mouth. She eagerly lipped at it, wetting it with her saliva. Shinji let her suck for a few moments, then took his shaft in hand and slid his cockhead down her chin and then down the center of her body, leaving a shiny trail of saliva and precum between her breasts and down the middle of her tummy. Mihoshi whimpered with desire but held her position obediently.

When the tip of his penis encountered the warm swamp of Mihoshi's pussy, Shinji abruptly realized he'd had his fill of teasing. He dropped his body onto her, enjoying her softness, then raised himself on his hands, assuming the classic missionary position.

A long kiss followed, then a whispered question about her comfort. "Mm hm!" was her smiling reply.

With a wet squish, Shinji's inhumanly big erection slid into Mihoshi's puffy-lipped vagina. The swollen outer labia parted easily around him, swallowing inch after inch of hard cock. The shaft was so thick that her inner petals were forced to wrap around it in a tightly stretched ring, much the way her mouth did when she was sucking on his regular-sized member. Fortunately, her extreme juiciness allowed him to push himself deep inside her with minimum difficulty.

"Ahhhh…so warm and tight…"

* * *

Washu could hear the bed creaking from where she sat 10 meters away as the couple vigorously rutted. She ignored it with an effort, going over the data gathered during the moment of Shinji's transformation. 'Hmm…the output spikes as transformation occurs…this looks familiar somehow…'

Following the half-decayed thread of memory, she let her hands tap in a data retrieval command for an incomplete file dump she'd acquired during a long-ago invasive survey of Earth's datanet. The bisected red leaf on the digitized reports had no special significance for her.

'S2 organ…super-solenoid theory…a source of near-infinite energy…'

She brought up a series of graphs and charts from the dump concerning trial runs of some sort of mobile weapons system utilizing this unconventional power source, comparing the stolen data to the fresh readings from a minute ago. 'Smaller scale, but the same, definitely the same.'

Her eyes widened as she took in the notes attached to the field tests. Absorbing the written data in an instant, she leaned back, face serene but eyes intense as she contemplated its meaning for her guinea pig, er, patient.

'My my my…generation of a virtually impenetrable force field, regeneration, morphological transformation, theoretically even offensive energy projection…quite a set of capabilities, if he can duplicate the output of the larger-scale system. Mr. Ikari, you'll be making many more trips to my lab, if I have anything to say about it. Now, how to duplicate it non-organically, organic systems are so messy-'

"OH! Oh-oh-oh-oh-"

Washu's eyebrow twitched. 'Don't they know science is taking place over here?! Sheesh!'

She turned and watched the action for a moment. Shinji was savagely plumbing the depths of Mihoshi's juicy hole, pumping his oversized erection smoothly in and out of the slender blonde's comparatively tiny orifice. Her incredible flexibility allowed her to hold her folded-up position without apparent difficulty, facilitating extremely deep penetration. Her cries were periodically muffled as the couple kissed hungrily, their hips dancing without cease as their tongues entwined.

Washu watched, held by the powerful feelings they were radiating, feeling her blood pump harder through her veins despite her attempts to remain detached. Shinji allowed his partner to let down her legs and wrap them around his waist. Chest heaving with passion, he effortlessly lifted her into the air, sitting back on his heels and holding her by the hips, using them as handles to impale her again and again.

"Ah! Ahhhhh! Yes, Shin-chan! Oh YES!"

Mihoshi's breasts bounced merrily as her body was rocked up and down. Asuka and Kasumi watched, transfixed, from either side of Shinji. Their eyes clung to her as the chocolate-skinned blonde's face twisted in ecstasy.

To Mihoshi, the whole world consisted of the enormous shaft sliding inside her body. She squeezed at it with her inner muscles, weakly due to how thoroughly her tunnel was being filled. Hot pleasure radiated from her pussy and filled every nerve, making her feel incredibly alive. This was what she loved about sex, especially when it was with someone you really liked, or better yet loved.

She enjoyed another deep, hungry kiss with her fiancée. 'Oh Shinji-chan…I love you so much…' She squeezed her legs around his waist, squeezed his cock with her pussy. Her pleasure was nearing its peak.

"Oh *god*! Shinji-chan, gonna…hunh…come!"

Shinji continued thrusting, tireless as a machine. As Mihoshi's moans and squeals became more and more disjointed and frantic, he held her closer to his chest as she bounced, increasing the friction on her clit.

"Come in meeeeee!"

With roar of triumph, Shinji did so, blasting Mihoshi's insides with hot semen. She shook in his arms as she climaxed, muscles contracting and relaxing at random as her nervous system overloaded. He groaned his answering pleasure into her ear as her pussy rhythmically pulled at him, milking his cock for his seed.

Spent, they slumped to the sheets, snuggling contentedly. Shinji rolled onto his back, Mihoshi lying directly on top of him, a cuddly, soft-skinned blanket that was practically purring with contentment.

But their bliss was soon to be interrupted…

Shinji grunted in surprise as Mihoshi was gently rolled off of him. He opened his eyes and looked to the right, seeing her cutely asleep face land between a pair of long legs. They weren't as slender as Asuka's, so they had to belong to…


His only response was a soft slurping noise, answered by a quiet moan from the napping Mihoshi. Before he could process the perverted meaning behind the noises, he was distracted by a smooth-skinned weight mounting his thighs.

Shinji groaned as an eager pair of hands took hold of his cock and began to stroke.

"You don't think you're getting off that easy, do you?"

He looked up and gulped as his redheaded wife locked gazes with him. Her blue eyes were blazing with lust and her nipples looked like they could easily serve double duty as diamond cutters.

Shinji's hard-used member swiftly rose from its slumber as his horny spouse indiscriminately used mouth, hand and breasts to awaken it.

"You can't fuck Mihoshi-chan right in front of us like that and not expect this kind of reaction, Shin-chan. *laplaplap* Mm, tasty…you're just lucky Kasumi has the patience of a saint, or you'd have to do us both at once."


* * *

Washu sighed as her lab was once again filled with the joyous cries of someone (not her) getting some. Asuka was bouncing on her husband's recumbent body like a madwoman and she wasn't shy about letting the world know she was enjoying it.

"Ah-ah-ah-ah-AH! Oh *yeah*!"

The diminutive genius closed her eyes and rubbed both temples fiercely. 'Must-kidnap-Tenchi-SOON!'

* * *

End - Payback Chapter 08

* * *

Next chapter: A Visit to the Neighbors, Part Three…Dinner and conversations.

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