Payback - Chapter 06 - The Intermission \ Three Scenes And A Show

Started: July 15, 2003

Current Revision: Nov 26, 2003

A Story By WarpWizard

A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfiction

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

* * *


* * *

Washu's Lab

* * *

Washu awoke with a start. Wiping the sleep out of her eyes, she turned to a nearby monitor and checked on how her four test subjects were doing.

Kasumi and Mihoshi seemed fine, cuddling in their sleep like usual. Asuka had a cute little scowl on her face as she clung to Shinji, who slept the sleep of the dead. Washu smiled. The feisty redhead was grumbling as she slept, muttering to herself under her breath.

"Damn girls…after my Shinji…dick-sucking little strumpet…"

Washu let out a brain-clearing cackle and lounged back onto her sleeping couch to think over the results of her recent experiment.

`My dream machine works great! That was as realistic as anything I've ever experienced.'

Her revolutionary dream-field projector had meshed their upper astral envelopes superbly, allowing all five participants to share a collaboratively generated collective world of unsurpassed immersion quality.

The miniature genius smiled in satisfaction. `Got some great psychograph readings too…'

Linking her small hands behind her head, Washu mused aloud, "Good thing I ended it there, though…that wouldn't have ended happily, if my projections were accurate…and of course they were, because…"

She stopped in mid-rant, finger upraised. Her beautiful face fell into a rather un-Washu-like pout. Alone in her lab, Washu displayed a side rarely witnessed, even by her daughter Ryoko.

"It's no fun to proclaim my genius all alone…"

Standing up, Washu twirled around and as she spun, grew. Her petite body gained many inches in height, morphing into a vision of voluptuous perfection that would make lesser women kneel in awe. Clothed only in her vast mane of red hair, Washu grinned and hefted her spectacular boobs. `These puppies make *men* sit up and beg!'

Without another word, the scientist-turned-supermodel stalked off in search of Tenchi, food, and fun.

* * *

Ikari Household

* * *

Shinji slowly awakened, his mind replaying dream images over and over, as the mind is wont to do in the hypnopompic interval between sleep and waking awareness.

`Three young girls…what…no…*my* three girls…a dream?'

Though his mind was temporarily disturbed by the content of his dream, physically, he felt great. Shinji lay on his side on a firm mattress, under a crisp linen sheet, comfortably sandwiched between two female bodies. Every inch of both women was molded to him, front and back. The bodily contact provided a feeling of great warmth and total relaxation. Combined with that "awake, completely relaxed and sleepy, but don't have to get out of bed" feeling, it was truly a heavenly way to wake up.

Given that the two women were rather tall, equal in height to Shinji, his body was completely overlapped by theirs as they spooned to him, and he to them. They formed a marvelous blanket of living female flesh, encasing him in their warmth and softness. Combined with the thin sheet to hold in bodily warmth, the four members of the Ikari household were as snug as bugs in a rug.

Asuka was in his arms, her back against his chest, her head resting snugly under his chin. His body was spooned against the entire length of her slender, yet firmly muscled form without a centimeter of clearance. He noted that his wife's succulent bottom pressing against his groin had induced a raging erection, which was resting comfortably in the crevice between the two shapely cheeks. It throbbed pleasantly, making Shinji let out a quiet sigh as he enjoyed the feel of her velvety skin resting against it.

The sensations coming from his back were equally pleasant. He knew it was Kasumi spooning onto him by the soft mass of her enormous boobs pressing against his back. Her arms were gripping him gently about the chest, just as he gently held Asuka. He could feel her warm breath on the back of his neck, and the pleasant warmth of the rest of her silky skin pressed to his own, long legs and all.

Mihoshi was, no doubt, cuddled up to Kasumi's back. He could hear the distinctive noise of her cute whistling snores from behind him, the sound interweaving with Kasumi's soft respiration.

Shinji smiled to himself. `God, do I ever love waking up this way. It just doesn't get any better than this.'

But all good things must come to an end. After another few minutes of delicious languor, Shinji felt Kasumi stir against his back. He silently enjoyed the feeling of her spectacular chest rubbing against his back as she stretched in place, still holding gently on to him. He suppressed his smile, feigning sleep, as she gave him a little kiss on the back of the neck, whispering in a voice not meant to be heard, "Good morning, Anata. Enjoy sleeping in with your Asuka-chan."

Shinji allowed himself to roll onto his back when Kasumi unspooned herself, the voluptuous woman also rolling onto her back and scooting over a bit, away from him. Asuka rolled with her husband, lying half on top of him and murmuring in her sleep. Shinji held her to him with his left arm and listened intently to what was happening a few feet to his right, keeping his eyes carefully shut.

Kasumi (warmly): "Please let go, Mihoshi-chan, I must get up to make breakfast."

Mihoshi (sleepy murmur) : "Bre'fast…mmm…Kasumi-chan…" *kiss*

At the sound of the kiss, Shinji couldn't resist opening his eyes very slightly. Looking out through his eyelashes, he could see a semi-conscious Mihoshi giving her friend an enthusiastic kiss on the mouth. Kasumi was still on her back under the sheet, and Mihoshi was lying half on top of her, her full right boob pressed against Kasumi's even fuller left as the just woken blonde probed her friend's mouth with her tongue. After a few moments of enjoyable contact, Mihoshi broke the kiss and panted for air.

Shinji waited with bated breath for Kasumi's reaction. Mihoshi often woke up with her own equivalent of "morning wood", and it seemed that this morning was one of the those times.

Shinji's erection throbbed harder as Kasumi hesitated, and then returned the kiss, pressing her lips to Mihoshi's. She kissed her for a long moment and then pulled back, teasingly sucking at the blonde's full lower lip before releasing it. Over the next minute the kissing heated up, progressing from soft, affectionate kisses to long intervals of passionate tongue-battling. Somewhere during the exchange, Mihoshi crawled fully on top of her big-boobed friend so that she could more easily attack Kasumi's mouth with her own.

Shinji lay back and enjoyed the show. He could feel little whooshes of warm, body-heated air against his side as the two girls moved together under the sheet. The stimulating display of unfeigned Sapphic affection, combined with the state of utterly relaxed bodily comfort he was currently enjoying, produced a timeless state of bliss that would have brought envy to the Olympian gods, who had only their paltry nectar and ambrosia to make them happy.

As well, there was the delicious feeling of seeing something secret, something he wouldn't otherwise be able to see. He knew that the two hot-blooded bisexuals would happily give him a heartstopping lesbian show without needing a second to think about it, if he asked, but there was something fun about pretending to sleep and "catching them in the act".

The warm weight of his lovely redheaded wife, breathing softly as she lay atop him was another bonus. He could feel his erection stiffening further against her soft skin with every moment he watched his two bedmates kiss. A deep, thrilling moan from Kasumi, quickly stifled, made it jump against Asuka's bottom. Absentmindedly, Shinji used the hand on the arm wrapped around his wife to reach up and fondle her perky right tit.

`Okay, maybe it does get better…'

He knew that the two girls had somehow become close friends in a very short period of time. Shinji suspected that if he and Asuka somehow disappeared, the two would probably stay together, certainly as friends, quite possibly as lovers.

Kasumi appreciated Mihoshi's sunny good nature, and Mihoshi loved her friends warm, non-judgmental serenity. Kasumi never laughed at Mihoshi when she did something ridiculously clumsy, nor did she ever treat her like an idiot or talk down to her. Kasumi liked to cook, and Mihoshi liked to eat. These things were an oversimplification, of course, but the essential fact was that they were very compatible.

The fact that they were both borderline nymphomaniacs with a taste for female flesh didn't hurt either.

* * *

Several minutes later, Shinji gritted his teeth, struggling for self-control. His penis was so stiff it was on the edge of being painful. The sight and sound of the two gorgeous women exchanging deep, passionate kisses was incredibly arousing. There was a mesmerizing rhythm of muffled moans as the two beauties locked mouths, the moist noise of them briefly disengaging, followed by a mutual gasps for breath and then more muffled moaning as they dived back in.

Combined with the mixture of love, lust and affection on their beautiful faces, it was enough to drive a man mad. Not to mention that it was happening close enough that he could distinctly feel their body heat and smell the mixed scents of their lust.

Mihoshi smelled, as usual, like ripe peaches. He knew from experience that she tasted even better than she smelled. Kasumi's scent was more conventional, the raw, earthy smell of a human woman in heat. The combination of scents made him want to crawl over there, grab one of the girls and fuck her until either he or they lost consciousness from too much pleasure.

When Mihoshi hooked her chin over Kasumi's shoulder and began grinding her swollen pussy against the larger girl's, Shinji knew he had to do something soon or lose control of himself. At that very second, Asuka squirmed against him, disturbed by her husband's hard rod pressing against her backside.

A slightly crazed grin appeared on Shinji's face. He gently pulled his sexy wife fully on top of him, hooked his arms under hers and filled both hands with her full, firm breasts. Asuka moaned softly in her sleep as he gave her boobs a gentle massage. Shinji's grin grew bigger as he felt her nipples harden, rubbing against his martial-arts hardened palms. Her soft, warm body felt great on top of him. The rub of his inflamed penis against her backside made the countdown to Berzerker even shorter.

Shifting slightly, he caressed the entrance to his wife's sex with the aching head of his cock. Asuka's outer petals were hot against him, pulsing with blood and slick with her sexual dew. Gritting his teeth for control, he rubbed again, pushing against them a little harder. He let out an unmanly whimper at the delightful sensation, the wet warmth of her cunt begging for penetration.

He murmured into Asuka's ear, very softly, "You like that, honey?" Her continued moaning and now rock-hard nipples seemed to indicate a yes. Shinji's grin grew strained as he heard the faint, but distinct noise of two juicy, swollen female sexes squelching against one another. Over the rising tide of moans from his right, he gritted out, "Then you'll like this even more," and with a deft motion of his hips, slid his erection into its One True Home.

The world faded away as Shinji sank the full length of his iron-hard rod into the moist heat of his wife's pussy. A long, shuddering, "Ahhhhhh…." came from his mouth as he buried himself to the base. Asuka's slick inner walls gave slightly as he slid deep inside her, wrapping snugly around his manhood. Given that he still had that just-woken-up sensitivity, it was the sexual equivalent of feeling tired and achy and sliding your whole body into the hot water of a bath. Utter bliss.

Shinji's moan of happiness was lost under Kasumi and Mihoshi's cries of heartfelt pleasure. "Ohhhhh, *fuck* yeah…"

Shinji luxuriated in his situation. The increasingly passionate moans and soft sounds of flesh sliding on flesh from the right were now a pleasure instead of a torment. Asuka's body lay on top of him like a blanket, warming and relaxing his entire body, while the intense heat of her insides soaked into his stiff penis, generating a constant flow of mind-numbing pleasure.

He relaxed further, enjoying the warm weight of his wife pressing him into the mattress, listening detachedly to the arousing sounds of his other two girlfriends cumming their brains out. The soft pillow under his head, the firm mattress and soft linen undersheet supporting his body, Asuka's full breasts in his hands as he gently kneaded their warm, springy flesh…it was all great.

It was a struggle to hold all the enjoyable stimuli in his head at once. His mind kept flipping from one to another, unable to hold more than three or four without losing one. He listened to his girls' moaning, and began minutely bucking his hips, sliding himself inside Asuka's sheath, very gently.

"God, that's nice…"

Despite having been penetrated by him many, many times in the past few months, due to her regular Kegel exercises Asuka's sex was still pleasingly snug. He groaned softly into her ear as the hot, slick inner surface of her copiously lubricated fucktunnel stretched elastically around his invading member, providing ample friction to the sensitive head of his cock. Asuka seemed to acknowledge her husband's happiness by beginning a gentle, rhythmic squeezing with her inner muscles.

Shinji groaned again, his thrusts beginning to lose their gentleness as the need to climax built. "I - love - you - so - MUCH!" he panted into her ear. Asuka moaned a response, somehow still managing to sleep through her husband's eagerly welcomed penetration.

Still enjoying Asuka's warm weight and soft skin sliding against his own, Shinji kept her on top of him and used his powerful stomach and butt muscles to violently buck his hips, driving his cock deep into the hot, wet core of her body, again and again. "Unh! So good, Asuka-chan…unnhh…"

He was having trouble keeping the various euphoric sensations in his head again. The pleasure of Asuka's soft skin rubbing against his front, her full boobs bouncing in his grip, the tight, yet well-greased grip of her pussy around his about-to-explode penis…he noticed that the moans from the right had ceased.

`Probably watching us…'

Far from turning him off, the thought of his other two sexy bedmates watching him fuck Asuka right there in front of them made the feeling of impending eruption in his lower body grow more intense. He slammed another two thrusts into her, groaning at the pleasure as his penis rubbed against the hot velvet of her inner folds.

"UNH! Gonna fill you up with my cum, `Suka-chan! *UNHH!*"

Asuka let out a distinctly excited moan as he said this, followed by an ecstatic, trembling cry as he bellowed his release and buried himself to the hilt, spraying her insides with hot, thick semen.

Filled with an animal passion and need to stretch his body, Shinji wrapped his muscular legs around the long, toned ones of his wife and flexed slightly, pressing her legs down and spreading her wide open, at the same time thrusting upwards with his pelvis, forcing himself as deep inside her as it was possible to go. He groaned harshly into her delicate ear, almost a growl, as he continued to pump Asuka full of his seed.

Asuka didn't protest this treatment, letting out another excited moan as her inflamed husband gave another few short, hard thrusts into her arched, spread-eagled body, roughly kneading her breasts and continuing his epic ejaculation. She was very flexible and strong, and the position caused her no great discomfort. In her current state of orgasmic bliss, it was likely that she wouldn't have noticed even, say, a hungry Mihoshi gnawing on her ankle.

At last, Shinji relaxed and then untwined his legs, allowing Asuka's body to resume resting on top of his own. Immediately, she twisted into a face-to-face position and glommed onto him, causing his deflating member to slip out of her goo-filled crack. Making a cute little sound of contentment, she snuggled her face into the hollow of his neck and shoulder. Filled with post-orgasmic bliss, the couple rested.

Momentarily, at least. For shortly afterward, while floating in the comfortable black void behind his eyelids, aware only of Asuka's chest rising and falling on his own, Shinji felt the familiar sensation of a warm face, or rather faces, push between his legs. The sheet rustled on top of him as bodies moving in the warm cavern it delineated disturbed it.

Asuka stiffened in his arms and let out a little squeak, followed by a shuddering moan. He felt a female someone begin to use their tongue to wash his penis and testicles clean of the mingled sexual fluids coating them with unhurried, efficient strokes, leading Shinji to suspect a fluffy blonde head was burrowing between his wife's legs in a remorseless hunt for cum to eat.

The payoff seemed to make it worth suffering through the invasion, if Asuka's rising and falling moans of pleasure were any indication. He knew from experience that Mihoshi had practically developed the act of giving pleasure with her mouth into an artform.

`Maybe it's an Olympic event where she comes from or something…' He smiled at the absurd notion, enjoying the warm, wet sensation of Kasumi licking a last trace of sperm from his lower belly.

He let out a groan as the unseen fellatrice moved her head back and used her plush lips to surround the head of his stiffening penis. Slowly, she took it deeper and deeper into her mouth and began to swallow it down. `Not like Kasumi's a slow learner either…'

Indeed, from an inexperienced, if enthusiastic virgin, Kasumi had rapidly progressed in the art of giving her man pleasure. After weeks of (constant) practice, she had almost followed up on her expressed desire to become as good a "sword swallower" as Asuka. Shinji bit back a cry of pleasure as the unseen woman - he was almost certain it was Kasumi - took him deep into her throat and swallowed repeatedly around his member, massaging it with her epiglottis.

Mind filled with the pleasure of Kasumi's hot mouth and the constant, sexy moaning of his redheaded wife in his ear as Mihoshi feasted on her genitals, he muttered aloud without noticing, "God Kasumi! What do you want, a second helping?"

Apparently so. Shinji let out a guttural groan as Kasumi let his erection slide from her throat's snug grip, slowly, ever so slowly, and then pulled her mouth from the base to the tip, licking all the way. Pulses of almost painful pleasure emanated from his groin as she held the head in her mouth and tenderly washed it with her tongue.

"Oh *fuck* that's good…"

Shinji clutched Asuka's shuddering body to his chest as he felt an elegant hand give a loving caress to his testicles. He struggled to hold the many pleasing aspects of his situation in his head as Kasumi gently cupped and rolled his balls in her long-fingered hand and began administering gentle kisses to the head of his penis with her lush mouth.

…the sensual press of Asuka's athletically curvy body atop his own, legs overlapping, belly resting on his, her hard-nippled C-cup breasts squashed against his chest, her warm breath caressing the side of his face as her voice moaned sexily in his ear.

…the delicious sensations of he and his wife being given oral attention by the unseen forms of his two sex-kitten paramours in the warm tent formed by the bed's oversheet. The fact that the two girls could be felt, but not seen or heard, somehow added to the act's enjoyability.

…the sheer pleasure of all this happening while in a state of total relaxed comfort. It was times like these that he felt like the Universe itself was giving him some sort of compensation for the hellish suffering of his early years of life.

He muttered aloud again as his need for relief peaked and he began spurting into Kasumi's gently sucking mouth. "Eat it…eat my cum, Kasumi…swallow it all."

As he discharged, Shinji focused on a newly developed instinct that he had noticed over the last few months. It caused a sensation roughly analogous to a tingle, though not really, in the vicinity of his heart, but a bit below. He thought of it as a tingle because it was the closest thing he could think of to the feeling of "using" it, whatever it was. If you grew a third arm, how would you describe the sensation of using your will to move it, to move something which you never had before? That was the situation Shinji was in.

He had noticed "it" when he was in the throes of extremely frenzied sex with his three loves, which happened more frequently than Shinji would have ever dreamed possible three months ago, before all this happened. He had especially detailed sensations from the unknown organ, which was what he suspected it was, when he was in his "Berzerker" mode. At first he had had trouble remembering what happened when he was driven to the point of sexual overload, but ever since he had gained some control over the bizarre ability he was remembering more and more.

Now, Shinji attempted to use his newfound ability to play a trick on Kasumi, or give her a bonus, depending on how you look at it.

He focused on what he wanted to happen, without thinking too much about it, and flexed his will, channeling it via the new organ. He felt something happening and held onto the feeling, even as he concentrated on the euphoric pleasure of spurting into Kasumi's warm mouth. The sensation of her plush, saliva-slick lips sliding around his cockhead as she sucked and swallowed was intensely pleasant. He gasped out, "Eat it…have some more, Kasumi…"

Between gasps of pleasure at the lengthy ejaculation, Shinji smirked in triumph, looking rather like his Sensei, Ranma, for a moment. He could almost see Kasumi's astonishment as a hot river of never-thinning semen continued to pour into her mouth and down her throat. The caressing lips faltered for a moment and then sucked with renewed enthusiasm. Shinji relaxed his head onto the pillow and muttered, "God, my girls just love swallowing my cream…"

Shinji almost lost focus for a moment when his attention was split by Asuka murmuring smokily into his ear, "Do we ever, lover," at the same time as a new pair of soft lips slid around his cockhead and took a turn drinking from his faucet. He managed to regain his control by concentrating on the "tingle", his efforts not helped by Asuka giving him little kisses on the side of his face.

He turned his head and engaged in a deep, hungry kiss with his one truest love, even as he absently made a definite identification of the new mouth as belonging to Mihoshi. He could tell it was her from the sheer enthusiasm with which she sucked at the source of heavenly jizm. He had to break off the kiss with Asuka to chuckle as the image came to him of Mihoshi as a big-eyed calf, sucking at her bovine mother's teat.

Asuka resumed giving him hot, wet little kisses.

"What's so funny, Shin-chan?" she asked placidly. *kiss* *kiss* *kiss*

He turned back to face her and delivered a probing kiss to her soft mouth. After a long, pleasant, tongue-battling interval, he pulled back and looked into her happy, sparkling blue eyes. It was very nice, Shinji mused idly, lying here face to face with his Asuka-chan while Mihoshi drank furiously from his still-spurting cock. The constant flow of euphoria from ejaculating was still there, and so was the tingle. His "organ", or whatever the hell it was, was showing no signs of strain, seemingly able to create an endless flow of reproductive fluid for the blonde to guzzle.

"Miho-chan. She's just such an incredible cum-slut. It's like she's a cheap drunk and my dick is a value-sized bottle of Denshu sake. She just can't resist swallowing as much as she can get."

Shinji would have never used a term like "cum-slut" to describe *anyone*, let alone someone he loved, like Mihoshi, but he had learned that the bouncy blonde space-detective had a rather different definition for the word "slut" than most people. To Mihoshi, "slut" meant a cross between "sexual athlete" and "person who is healthily enthusiastic about sex". It was a compliment, rather than an insult.

Thus, calling her a cum-slut was the equivalent of calling her a wine fancier or gourmand, someone who is a connoisseur of a certain form of food or drink. Considering that his sperm was practically one of the four food groups to her, it was a richly-deserved title.

The day he had learned this, she had taken him off-guard by describing her and Kasumi as acting like a couple of real "sluts". This had been after taking his cock into every hole in her body, sixty-nining with Kasumi in front of him until he was about to blow his load, finally compounding her lustful behavior by pulling her head from between the shuddering-in-orgasm Kasumi's legs and begging him to shoot his cream onto her face, which at the time was literally dripping with Kasumi's juices.

He hadn't been able to refuse her, and had coated her beautiful face with a huge load of semen. She had then shared her face-load of fresh sperm with her serenely smiling, equally-sexually-depraved friend, who had recovered enough to sit up and daintily lick the blonde's jizz-covered face clean, all the while giving him looks of unrestrained lust with her warm brown eyes.

He had ended up bending Kasumi over the bed and fucking her with a Berzerker-mode penis that was almost, but not quite, big enough to make her beg for mercy. Instead, once she finished shuddering in satisfaction around the impaling weapon, she had begged to have it thrust into her bottom, but he had refused, not wanting to hurt her. Kasumi had pouted, something she rarely did. It made her look unbelievably cute. He'd had to turn away and not look at her, or he would have been unable to refuse her anything she asked, even that.

Shinji's thoughts were brought back to the moment by the pleasant means of Asuka giving him another kiss on the mouth. He became aware that his cock had hardened back to full strength from the arousing recollection, at the same time that the flow of energy from his mysterious organ had ceased. Mihoshi was mouthing the malfunctioning "nozzle" inquiringly, sucking at it and whimpering in plea for more white delight to swallow.

He couldn't actually hear the cutely pathetic noise, but knew she was doing it from the pleasant vibration. The combination of it, and the caress of her hot, wet mouth as she attempted to coax forth more sperm, was very, very nice.

Shinji returned his wife's affectionate kiss, smiled at her and whispered, "I'm making Mihoshi work for it."

Asuka giggled, caressing Shinji's face idly with her free hand. After a moment she gave him a very heated look and murmured, "I could go for some of that myself."

Shinji felt his heart speed up at the hunger in his wanton wife's eyes. "You'll have to fight Mihoshi for it, you know."

Asuka licked her lips, slowly, maintaining her lustful stare. She purred in a low, smoky tone, "I think we'll be able to come to a compromise."

With that, the horny redhead retreated under the covers and Shinji was treated to the sensation of her luscious body sliding across his own, as she twisted around and moved herself into position to launch an oral assault on his cock. He helped her climb atop him when her feet poked out from under the sheet, grabbing her slim ankles and pulling her up so that he could reach her pussy with his mouth. The feeling of her boobs sliding across his stomach as he did so was a nice bonus.

Shinji groaned into his wife's sex as he felt one, then two, then three soft female mouths begin to worship his cock and balls. With shaking hands he grabbed hold of Asuka's butt, sleek flesh over iron-hard muscle, pulled her cunt onto his face and blindly began to lick. He was immediately rewarded by a pleasant vibration as his victim moaned deep in her throat, all the while mouthing at his shaft.

Shinji lapped at the hot, sex-drenched flesh of his wife's dripping mound. It tasted pleasantly of Asuka's strong womanly flavor, with a delicious overtaste of fresh fruit from Mihoshi's saliva. He ate with a will, driving his tongue deep into Asuka's tunnel and lipping gently at her swollen clit. The bursts of vibration coming from between his legs, between wet licks to his shaft, told him he was doing a good job.

One of the many bonuses of having two resident cum-addicts in the household was that there was no such thing as "sloppy seconds" for Shinji, nor did he have to anticipate encountering his own semen when eating out his wife after fucking her. With Mihoshi and Kasumi on the job, within minutes of ejaculating into any one of the three women's bodies the lucky girl was both thoroughly and voraciously vacuumed clean of the tiniest trace of sperm. Mihoshi in particular seemed to have an almost supernatural ability to detect even the slightest residue of Shinji's sexual byproduct, and would relentlessly lick and suck until it was consumed.

Another plus was the fact that while Mihoshi's alien biochemistry made Shinji's cum irresistible to her, her bodily secretions tasted delicious to him as well. Her twat tasted like a ripe, juicy peach, while her saliva was like a blend of tropical fruits, reminiscent of mango and kiwi. As he was currently experiencing, this had a nice side effect of making his other paramours' bodies even tastier where the bouncy blonde sex maniac had been noshing on them, and also the converse, for example, kissing a peach-flavored Kasumi after she pulled her juice-glazed face out from between her friend's legs.

Shinji flexed his hands on his wife's butt, enjoying the feel of her delightfully soft, smooth skin on his palms, the sleek flesh that covered the twin hills of her incredible ass, even as he used it to press her cunt hard against his face. He was eating pussy like a convict downing his last meal, and he was loving it.

He loved the way Asuka's entire body would shiver on top of him as she was wracked by mini-orgasms, making her belly and breasts slide minutely against him. He could distinctly feel her nipples poking into his lower stomach, like two warm little rocks. If this was some sort of contest of oral skills, he thought he was winning.

That may have been true, but Asuka had allies. In a maneuver that couldn't have been smoother if they had practiced it, Asuka gave up on licking at her husband's shaft, used her hands to place the head against her soft lips and began to swallow it down, as her two friends switched to licking at his ballsack. Shinji's attempts to please his wife faltered as she easily slid his dick past her tonsils and deep into her throat, seemingly taking it halfway to her stomach. He could feel her soft lips wrapped around its base as she put her nose right up against his scrotum.

Using the same technique she had evidently taught Kasumi, she began swallowing around the hard shaft, massaging it with her trained throat muscles. Mihoshi and Kasumi licked, sucked and nibbled on his scrotum, one of them licking the front and top, towards the base of his penis, and the other sliding her face under his sack and licking at the underside, as well as the thin strip of flesh between it and his anus. The sensation of hot, wet flesh caressing every inch of his equipment was absolutely mindblowing.

Admitting defeat, Shinji concentrated on enjoying the triple-team he was experiencing. He relaxed his head into the pillow, and his body into the firm mattress, just lying there and enjoying the attentions of the three women who were determined to make him happy. He squeezed Asuka's bottom gently and groaned into the junction of her legs, loving the warmth and softness of her body resting atop him, though most of his attention was occupied by the heavenly sensations flowing from his groin.

Determined to give her a little bit of reciprocation, he settled Asuka's pussy onto his face, took her clit into his mouth, and sucked on it gently. Now, each groan of pleasure at the exquisite feeling of the hot, slippery membrane of Asuka's throat contracting around his penis sent a maddening vibration directly into the hypersensitive bundle of nerves, making her athletic body twitch as she lay atop him.

Finally, Shinji could stand it no more and mumbled into his beloved's red-furred twat, "Coming…" His balls felt heavy and bloated with semen as they bounced gently from Kasumi and Mihoshi's affectionate licks. He sucked on Asuka's clit and groaned long and loud, feeling a responding shudder as a spike of pleasure made her tremble. The familiar, yet always intense feeling of discharge made him release Asuka's clit and grit his teeth.

"UNNNGHH…ahhh, ah, *UNNH!*"

With that, long spurts of semen began firing down Asuka's throat, reaching her stomach after an abbreviated trip. She hastily pulled back her head and took the tip of the discharging organ into her mouth so that she enjoy tasting what she had worked so hard for.

Giving a few affectionate licks to his love's slick pussy, Shinji enjoyed the pleasant euphoria that accompanied emptying his balls. "Oh, yeah, that's nice…"

As Asuka enthusiastically swallowed mouthful after mouthful of cum, Shinji shifted his attention to repeating his new trick. It was growing easier and easier. He immediately steadied the flow of jizz to a comfortable level for his cum-addicted concubines to swallow and then grabbed the sheet and flipped it back, abruptly feeling too warm.

Tilting his head to see past Asuka's bum, he could see the three girls, blonde, brunette and redhead, gathered around his dick like worshippers at a pagan idol. He saw, and felt, Asuka allow Kasumi to be the next to guzzle, the brunette swiftly taking the spurting cockhead into her mouth as soon as the redhead relinquished it. He was momentarily mesmerized by the sight of the lovely domestic's throat working as she eagerly drank cum, caressing his balls as she did so, with her characteristic gentle affection.

Asuka rolled off of him and flopped to one side, licking her lips clean and sighing contentedly. Enjoying the soft caress of Kasumi's lips as she sucked his cock, Shinji whimsically picked up the nearer of Asuka's outstretched legs and began kissing her ankle and foot. She giggled and slowly rotated her body's orientation on the bed, ending up parallel to him just as Kasumi allowed Mihoshi her turn.

The warm, wet oral embrace of Mihoshi's mouth provided a constant buzz of euphoria as she bathed the head of his cock in her warm saliva and gratefully sucked at generous flow of tasty semen. Knowing her appetite, Shinji doubled the flow of ejaculate he was producing, his mysterious organ effortlessly supplying the needed energy. Mihoshi accommodated the increased flow without difficulty, humming in delight around her mouthful of man-meat.

Satisfied that she would be ok, and in a rather light-hearted mood for him, Shinji kept kissing at Asuka's foot. He did so until he was forced to release it due to her position, then replaced it by kissing her face once she lay next to him and snuggled into his side. "Morning again, Asuka-chan."

She returned the kiss, eagerly. "Morning, lover."

Kasumi arrived from her trip down south, lying on her side next to him and caressing his chest. He turned his head and gave her a warm kiss on the mouth. "Morning, Kasumi-chan."

Her warm brown eyes made contact with his. She gave him that luminous smile that only she could give and returned his kiss. "Good morning, Shin-chan."

The three's attention was attracted by an odd noise from the foot of the bed.


Mihoshi had finished drinking her fill. Looking not a bit sheepish, she smacked her lips with enjoyment and rubbed happily at her belly, which appeared to be just the slightest bit pooched outward as if she'd swallowed a tremendous volume of liquid, which in fact she had. Sloshing faintly before the astonished eyes of the other three occupants of the bed, she clambered drunkenly forward and collapsed onto Shinji's chest for her first nap of the day, less than half an hour after she'd first woken up.

Shinji tried manfully, but just couldn't suppress a quiet belly-laugh. Between jags of laughter that shook Mihoshi's body, but somehow failed to wake her up, he gasped out, "Oh - Mihoshi…you're - one of a - kind!" He stroked her springy blonde curls affectionately even as he laughed.

Shinji laughed until his stomach started to hurt a bit. "Oh god make it stop…Mihoshi-chan, I *love* you. Ah-ha-ha-ha!"

Kasumi giggled a bit as well, stroking her friend's sleek chocolate-skinned side. She loved Mihoshi as well, more than she thought she could love another woman. Though her hunger for sex, the torment that had started in adolescence, made no discrimination between genders, Kasumi had had a normal Japanese upbringing. She therefore hadn't considered the possibility of *loving* a woman, in a romantic sense, before her current happy arrangement. Though she had certainly considered having sex with one…or two, or perhaps a large group…

`Oh my! I'm getting carried away again.' Kasumi's long, delicate fingers stroked Mihoshi's torso automatically, her eyes going vague and misty as she recalled the group photos Shinji had showed them, of the many beautiful women that made up the majority of the members of the two neighboring households. `Anata promised to introduce us once they get back from business…'

Shinji had wanted to introduce Kasumi and Mihoshi to the families of his two friends, Ranma and Tenchi, but both groups had been away from their houses for most of the past month. The pair of married ex-Eva pilots had lived next to the two unusual families for only nine months, but all three groups had grown close, somehow finding themselves compatible, despite the wide and unusual variety of personalities and cultures they contained.

Ranma and his girls were often involved in some sort of activity that made them have to take trips around the city, at any time of the day or night. Shinji and Asuka had been over to their place several times, visiting, when their socializing was cut short by what sounded like the sound of a cell-phone or pager coming from Ranma's pocket and those of his wives.

During these times, one of Ranma's wives, a cute, short-blue-haired girl named Ami, would whip out her laptop and fiddle with it before remembering that they had guests. She would then blush, look innocent and snap it shut again, which only served to make Shinji and his wife more curious.

With characteristic bluntness Ranma would say something like, "Gotta go!" and he and his whole group of rainbow-haired women would dash out the door and bound away across the rooftops. It always amazed Shinji how he could do that, and apparently his wives either had the native ability to do so as well or he'd trained them to that point. Knowing his Sensei's skill and training abilities first-hand, Shinji could believe it. Asuka and he would let themselves out, locking the door behind them.

Tenchi and his girls didn't run off in the middle of a conversation, but the entire group often disappeared from their house for days or even weeks at a time, sometimes at night and sometimes in the day. On nights where this happened, the Ikaris were sometimes woken by odd noises and lights in the sky, before coming down to breakfast and a message from Tenchi on their answering machine. It was all rather mysterious. He and Asuka had been meaning to ask them about it, but Shinji couldn't bring himself to and Asuka just hadn't gotten around to it.

They had filled Kasumi in on these little mysteries and she had been intrigued, but wasn't one for gossip or being too nosy. That was more her sister Nabiki's forte. And, Kasumi couldn't help but think, before she banished the disloyal thought, look where *that* habit had gotten her.

Mihoshi had looked a bit frazzled when he talked about the Masaki family's disappearing act. She'd hopped from foot to foot and eventually excused herself, running off to watch TV. It was easy to tell, for Asuka anyway, that she had a hard time keeping a secret. Neither Ikari had pushed her, wanting to respect the Masaki's privacy.

Asuka smiled and stroked the slumbering Mihoshi as well.

`She's so cute when she's sleeping…'

And she was sleeping an awful lot. Sleeping, eating and screwing: they were Mihoshi's three passions. She also liked TV. It was no wonder Mihoshi enjoyed life here so much, reflected Asuka. She had a nice big bed to sleep in and three attractive playmates to make love to, one of which was a voluptuous nymphomaniac who just happened to be a five-star chef. Asuka smiled softly to herself and ran her fingers through her friend's springy golden locks. No doubt Mihoshi occasionally thought she'd died and gone to heaven.

She glanced at her husband, who was lying back and relaxing with Mihoshi's soft weight on his lap. Shinji still had a smile on his face, and the occasional chuckle escaped his lips when he looked at Mihoshi's sleeping form. It made Asuka glad that she'd brought the sometimes ditzy girl deeper into her and Shinji's personal lives. Mihoshi had a knack for lightening her often somber husband's mood and bringing a smile to his face. Asuka knew that Shinji loved her redheaded imperious self deeply, more deeply than she thought she deserved, but even she didn't have the ability to make him laugh and grin that Mihoshi did.

Kasumi's presence had had a beneficent effect as well. She lay on Shinji's other side, opposite Asuka, stroking Mihoshi's side with a broad smile on her face and a distant look in her eyes. Even as Asuka watched, Kasumi's tongue moistened her lips and her smile took on a serenely lascivious tone, if there was such a thing. `She's thinking about sex again', thought Asuka amusedly.

Though her nymphomania was gradually subsiding, Kasumi was still far more hot-blooded than your average Japanese woman. To Asuka's keen perceptions, the serenity and warmth that she brought to their home were far more important than the frequent savage use Shinji made of her plush body. Though both participants enjoyed their energetic couplings, Asuka could see the change in both Shinji and the house's atmosphere that Kasumi's presence had made.

While Asuka was his dear one, and Mihoshi a beloved friend and cuddle-toy, Kasumi was an anchor, or perhaps a better comparison would be a hearth fire. One felt more secure simply by being in her presence, and security was something that Shinji could badly use. One's picture of the world was created in the early, formative years of life, and Shinji's picture of the world was that of a harsh, cold place.

With Kasumi's warmth beaming out of her realm, the house's kitchen, Asuka had observed that he seemed to lose an unseen tension that was so constant she hadn't even known it was there. Perhaps because she carried the same or equivalent stress deep in her body and soul. Asuka admitted to herself that she appreciated Kasumi's soothing aura more than she liked to contemplate. Her life had been at least as rough as that of her husband, though she had chosen a diametrically opposite strategy to deal with it.

Asuka shook her head slightly and came back to the present. She smiled again, seeing Kasumi asking Shinji what he would like for breakfast. His response was lost as Asuka returned to her thoughts.

With her as their captain, the three girls kept her husband constantly bathed in love and affection. Since her mental sea-change, this was Asuka's highest priority, so her regrets in allowing other women in Shinji's life were few and far between. He had more than proven his loyalty to her, becoming not a whit less affectionate since Mihoshi and Kasumi had joined his "harem", as she sometimes teasingly called the female group. If anything, his increased self-confidence had allowed him to demonstrate his love with more open displays.

The thoughts of Shinji's loyalty to her, and that of adding women to his harem, triggered the memory of Asuka's recent dream. Her beautiful face darkened as it popped back into her mind in the same slippery fashion that it had left, that being the way of dreams. The sequence of events was remarkably clear, more like a memory than a dream…

* * *

Asuka remembered. She had been sliding in and out of awareness as visions passed through her mind, not really conscious, just dreaming. A long, vivid, at times almost lucid dream, a mixture of the real events of the past few weeks since Kasumi had joined the family, combined with an outlandish, yet, considering recent events, realistic course of events about her setting her husband up with a bunch of schoolgirls, the best and prettiest amongst his "fan-club". Adding to the realism was the fact that the Pearl of the Orient was a real love-hotel, and the three girls depicted in the dream were really members of the club.

She had checked out the hotel as a possible rendezvous site, and had found it to be most impressive. She had even spoken with that lovely green-eyed brunette who had been so respectful (properly so, in her opinion) to Shinji in the dream.

The three girls she knew from being introduced to them, by Shinji, outside the concert hall after one of his musical engagements. All three had struck her as fine young specimens. Their girlish adulation for her hunky spouse had amused and pleased her. This was before her mental change, but even then, in the most insecure mood she was capable of, she had known that they were no threat to her marriage. She had been in a rare good mood that day and had complimented them, jokingly, on their taste in men, which induced a flurry of giggles.

By and large, she had found the dream both amusing and arousing, though as it had gone on and she had grown more and more awake, she found the implications of her actions troubling. By the time her husband had finished boffing all three girls senseless, and her dream-self had received the news that the household would be receiving another member, Asuka was fully awake, lucid, and fuming. Somehow, though, she was still dreaming. It was a neat feeling, to be both awake and asleep at the same time, one she would have appreciated more if she wasn't so pissed off.

"Fuck it." Asuka tried to wake up to her warm, comfortable bed, but found that she couldn't.

Deciding that there was something unnatural about this situation, she flexed her will and concentrated on the feeling of having a body. Abruptly, her senses reawakened - but she was still in the dream!

"Goddamn it!" The feisty redhead was now suspended in nothingness, a decidedly odd sensation, with the dream floating in front of her like a vast video screen. At the same time as the dream-scene was externalized, Asuka found that she could still somehow receive the audio and other sensory inputs as if she were in the scene, if she concentrated on it hard enough.

"Alright, fine…if I'm gonna be stuck here, I'm not going to take it standing up." With another flex of her will, she conjured a comfortably overstuffed armchair and bowl of popcorn. Sitting down and taking a handful, (buttered, she decided), Asuka settled in to watch. Captivated nonetheless by the events occurring "in front" of her, she began to heckle her own dream in the finest MST3K style.

* * *

Shinji awoke to a familiar feeling, a wonderful familiar feeling. He groaned in pleasure as a soft pair of female lips caressed his swollen penis. The unknown someone used a tiny, moist tongue to lick at the sensitive head, following that up by giving him the delightful sensation of fully engulfing it in a warm, wet mouth. Shinji had become used to having his ravenous wife devour his penis each morning without fail, so he wasn't freaked out by waking up with a woman's mouth on his cock. On the contrary, he sighed happily and relaxed, enjoying his pleasurer's enthusiastic ministrations.

* * *

Asuka munched popcorn and stared jealously at where *her* mouth was supposed to be. "What is it with girls and sucking my Shinji's cock?"

* * *

He became aware that he was lying on his back in a large, comfortable bed. He felt pleasantly sore, another familiar feeling, one of having engaged in recent, strenuous sensual exertion. Slowly, bits and pieces of where he was and why he was sore filtered back to him. The rate at which he recovered the information could be forgiven, as he was more than a little distracted by the female attempting to deep-throat his cock.

* * *

Asuka sniffed. "She'll never get it all the way down. Takes practice."

* * *

Something about the cute, high-pitched "mmph, mmhph!"s coming from the girl struggling to swallow her overlarge mouthful of meat finally triggered a rush of recollection.

Shinji's upper body snapped upright, powerful stomach muscles effortlessly allowing him a hands-free sit-up.


The tiny bare body of his recent paramour was crouched between Shinji's thighs, attending to her intended Master's penis with great enthusiasm. Shinji's thoughts were temporarily frozen as he took in the erotic sight before him.

* * *

`She *is* a little cutie…' The redhead shook herself and chanted under her breath, "Only a little bit bisexual, only a little bit bisexual…" She didn't look away though.

* * *

Yuki's head bobbed slowly and rhythmically, several thick inches of cockmeat constantly disappearing into her mouth and then reappearing, shiny with her saliva. Her short bangs hid her eyes as she lovingly sucked on Shinji's member, hoping to please him. He let out an involuntary moan as her soft little tongue probed at the slit at the tip of his penis. The intrusion sent a pulse of burning urgency through his lower belly, speeding the onset of the urgent need to discharge.

The sight of such a small, beautiful young girl attending to a large, fully-erect male member was both obscene, and arousing in its obscenity. Yuki could barely fit her small mouth around Shinji's rather thick penis, the difference in sizes making her pale pink lips stretch tightly around it, adding to the depravity of the scene. As well, the delicate beauty of her face contrasted powerfully with the blunt, crude design of the male organ disappearing into it. For a moment, Shinji was held motionless by the sight, a surge of raw lust making him dig his fingers into the bed in a effort to retain his self-control.

* * *

Asuka licked her lips, finding the sight arousing against her will. "Mmmm….if I was there he could use that on me…"

* * *

Noticing his awakening, Yuki allowed Shinji's member to slip from between her lips. Her entire face lit up as her eyes met his.

"Good morning, Master!" she chirped, smiling brightly.

Shinji responded reflexively.

"Good morning, Yuki-chan."

Yuki gazed lovingly at him and resumed her task, maintaining eye-contact as she slurped on the pulsing head of his cock. "Mmm, mmmhhh…"

Shinji let out another heart-felt groan as he came inevitably closer to exploding in his little slavegirl's mouth. "Yuki…"

Her gaze never wavered as she replied between wet, sloppy mouthfuls of cock. "Yes, Master? Mhmh, mmh, mmmph…"

Shinji groaned again, closing his eyes against the erotic sight. The kinky young girl somehow managed to still look innocent as she shamelessly blew a man 10 years her senior. The image of Yuki's eyes stayed with him in the blackness behind his eyelids, dark eyes filled with nothing but delight with what she was doing and desire for his approval.

Closing his eyes didn't help, as it only intensified the effect of the erotic little noises Yuki made as she uninhibitedly slobbered on his cock. "Mmm, mmph, mmmhhh…" Shinji tensed as she took in as much of him as possible, seemingly trying to swallow more with each try, and then let out a gasp as his cockhead slipped from between the moist silkiness of her lips. Warm saliva oozed down his shaft, aiding the movement of Yuki's small hand as she used it to caress him.

Shinji grimaced and desperately tried to think. `I've *got* to cum, and then maybe I'll be able to think of what to do about her…oh god that's nice!'

Another harsh male groan resonated in Yuki's ears, making her smile at the success of her efforts. She began to concentrate her efforts of the sensitive bit of skin on the underside of Shinji's cockhead, licking it rapidly, not being afraid to let warm drool pour from her mouth and coat his member. She stroked the steely saliva-slickened shaft with one small hand, barely able to close her fingers around it.

* * *

Asuka's face was a bit flushed now, as she watched intently. "She's got decent technique, I'll grant you that…for a beginner."

* * *

The other she used to gently fondle Shinji's swollen testicles, as if to urge the cum out of them and into her mouth. Each big ball fit in her hand like an egg would to a larger person. Yuki enjoyed the warm, living feel of Shinji's testes, marveling at their size and potency. The thought of the thick, tasty white cream churning in them even as she touched them made her feel a little crazy with desire.

She begged cutely, hoping it would increase his pleasure. "Please, Master, your slave wants your cum…please…" She made an "O" with her mouth and deftly swallowed Shinji's huge purplish cockhead, then lashed her tongue on its sensitive tip. Teasingly, she poked her tongue into the throbbing plum's tiny slit and wiggled. She smiled inwardly in triumph as she heard a desperate groan from Shinji, at the same time as his balls pulled in towards his body.

* * *

Asuka licked her lips repeatedly, panting a little and staring fixedly at where her husband's thick penis disappeared into the small girl's face.

* * *

Shinji gasped out the customary warning, "Coming!" and blew his load in Yuki's mouth.

Yuki quivered with ecstatic excitement as the pungent product of Shinji's satisfaction squirted onto her tongue. She moaned muffledly around his cock, trembling on the edge of orgasm as her Washu-altered mind responded to his climax. Waking up in his presence has been wonderful, touching him joy, sucking on his member, bliss. Bringing her Master to the height of sexual pleasure made the consuming fires of last night rage through her sex, threatening to hurl Yuki into a sweet abyss.

She clung to consciousness with all the strength of her adamantine will, riding the wave of pleasure and concentrating on the sounds of her Master's satisfaction as he spewed his life-seed into her mouth. She couldn't control the whimpers of pleasure as the exquisite taste of Shinji's semen filled her senses. There was so *much* of it and it was so warm and alive. It stilled any hint of hunger in her belly and produced a feeling of relaxed energy in her limbs.

* * *

A silvery thread of drool slipped from the corner of Asuka's mouth and into her popcorn. "Mmmm…Shin-chan…cum…"

* * *

As Yuki moaned happily around her Master's mighty phallus, between swallows of warm cream, she knew that she couldn't allow herself to be separated from him, even if it meant living in the ditch outside his house. She would die first.

* * *

Asuka came out of her cum-induced trance, slurped back some saliva, and smiled like a shark. "That can be arranged…"

* * *

Through a haze of bodily satisfaction, Shinji read the message in his little slavegirl's dark eyes. They shone with passion, following his every move as if magnetized, breaking only when Yuki would moan and squeeze her eyes shut in happiness.

Despite the euphoric rush of orgasm and the erotic sight of the stunning young girl attached to his penis, and the even more erotic sounds of her swallowing his cum, Shinji's stomach dropped when he saw the way she looked at him. He had a brief vision of trying to leave the love-hotel with Yuki clinging to one leg, refusing to be shaken off.

* * *

Asuka barked a laugh at the image passing though her husband's mind. "Ha! I'd like to see that!"

* * *

With a final grunt, he squeezed the last few drops of cum out of his body and into Yuki's sucking mouth. She received them with the look of a schoolgirl savoring the last spoonful of an ice-cream sundae.


With unpracticed, awkward seductiveness, she looked up at him through her eyelashes and licked her lips. "So good…"

* * *


* * *

Despite the volatility of the situation, Shinji couldn't help it: he cracked a smile. Seeing her efforts were wasted, Yuki pouted and crossed her arms, intensifying her already amazing cuteness. "Hmph!"

Even as he smiled as widely as he had ever done (which wasn't very wide), Shinji was struck by how *young* Yuki was. `She isn't even out of high-school, for God's sake!'

* * *

Asuka scoffed. "And already a dick-sucking little tart. Hmph!"

* * *

Despite her lack of inhibitions during sex with him, not to mention her well-trained pussy, certain things about Yuki made Shinji realize that he should make an effort not to misjudge her. Much like when he first made love to Kasumi, it was easy to think she was more sexually experienced than she really was. Yuki was an innocent young girl, with a few unusual kinks and a mishap-produced obsession with him. He would have to remember to keep that in mind in future dealings with her.

* * *

Asuka gritted her teeth, her hands unconsciously strangling an unseen throat. "Which will be *brief*. Brief and *final*."

* * *

Yuki only held her "offended" pose for a moment, unable to keep her eyes of her object of obsession. Shinji couldn't help but smile back as her smile burst into brilliant life once more. It was an effort to keep from falling into her gaze, which seemed depthless in their admiration.

`She looks at me like I'm a great work of art or something…'

* * *

Asuka smiled and cooed to the screen. "You are, my Shinji-chan, you are…"

* * *

She dropped to her hands and knees and padded over to him, caressing his male equipment with her tiny, soft hands. Looking up at him, she began stroking his weapon back to life. "I can suck on you some more, Master, if you want." She kissed the head of his swiftly rising cock lovingly. "I would enjoy it."

* * *

Asuka licked her lips again, staring hungrily. "So would I, little girl, so would I…"

* * *

The soft touch of her moist little lips was tempting, but Shinji was determined to resist. "No, Yuki-chan, we should shower and then it's time for you to go home."

She looked up at him forlornly. She knew very well what he meant by those words.

* * *


* * *

"No…please, no, I need to stay with you…I *need* to!"

Shinji avoided her eyes, his gut churning. He had the feeling his effort was doomed to failure, but for the sake of his domestic tranquility, he had to try.

* * *

Asuka crooned, "I love you…"

* * *

"Yuki -"

She accurately read the refusal in his voice. The little girl burst into tears and flung herself onto his chest. She pleaded with him between sobs. "Please…please…"

* * *

Asuka threw popcorn (which vanished when she stopped paying attention to it) at the screen.


* * *

Shinji's resistance lasted all of a quarter-second. `Goddamnit…' He was as resistant to the pleas of a crying, genuinely upset female as his friend Ranma, which is to say, not at all. Though he'd gained inner strength and willpower since he was fourteen, he still had to fight sometimes to not run away from a problem. Since he couldn't exactly run away from Yuki, he forced himself to do what he could for her.

Hesitantly, Shinji cradled the hysterical girl in his arms and did his best to soothe her. He rubbed her back and murmured comfortingly into her ear.

"I'll take you home with me, honey…hush now, Yuki…I'm not going away…"

* * *


* * *

Now that he was in his right mind, he was struck by the absurdity of being called anyone's "master". He was not that sort of person. He frowned pensively and rocked Yuki in his arms. He could imagine his father enjoying the title and was disturbed by the thought. He would have to get Yuki to adopt a different name to call him, or perhaps just endure her calling him Shinji-sama.

* * *

Asuka pouted. "Only I get to call you Shinji-sama! Only me! …and Kasumi and Mihoshi…maybe."

* * *

After five minutes of tears, Yuki gradually calmed down. Hiccupping cutely from her dying sobs, she fell into a semi-doze, content to bask in the warmth of Shinji's body.

Shinji realized that he was going to have to accept Yuki in his home, at least as a short-term visitor, or have a scene with a hysterical teenager in the lobby of a love-hotel, or in his car when she realized he was driving to her house as opposed to his. Not a good thing for the reputation of a prominent citizen of Tokyo-three.

`Not that I really give a damn about that…' He was more worried about Asuka's reaction when he brought a teenage concubine home.

* * *

"Damn straight!"

* * *

Shinji's face was a blank mask as he chewed over recent events, something he did when distressed and needing to think. It was a habit he had picked up from spending time with Rei, long ago. `Of course, it's technically her fault…her and Washu's…that perfume…and…' his eyes widened fractionally as a horrifying thought occurred to him, `That…PILL!'

* * *

Asuka gave a genuine frown and spoke softly to herself, popcorn forgotten. "How I hate it when he makes that face…pill?…oh right…"

* * *

He glanced down at the petite package of loveliness in his arms. `She's waaaay more obsessed with me than she was before the pill…of course I *did* take her virginity…and flipped out while doing it…'

Shinji felt the familiar bite of guilt as he recalled the savage way he had used his cock to plumb her depths for more than 30 minutes straight, conveniently forgetting that it had been Yuki's shameless begging that had set him off, that and taking him by surprise with her surprisingly well-trained inner muscles. `God, I fucked her in every position known to man…at least I didn't try to put it in her little bottom…'

* * *

"It wasn't your fault, Shin-chan! The little whore was begging for it!"

* * *

`Still, she shrieked like a banshee all the while, and I'm sure it wasn't from pain. The pill definitely did something to her, she was so tight I couldn't even get myself inside her before she took it…'

Shinji shrugged minutely to himself, gazing fondly at Yuki's drowsing face. `It doesn't matter, she's definitely stuck on me, at least for now.'

Yuki yawned like a kitten and rubbed her face with a tiny fist. Shinji smiled. `Damn she's cute…where were all the Shinji-obsessed girls when I was your age, hm?'

* * *

Asuka grinned savagely. "There were more than you knew, darling…I beat them up and took their lunch money."

* * *

He quickly struck that thought from his mind, disliking the implied disloyalty. Asuka had been his girlfriend at that age, though she had treated him as a substance one degree above common dirt. It was better than how she treated other boys, so he had been happy enough to take what affection he could get.

* * *

Asuka's mood did an instant one-eighty. She winced and looked *really* guilty. She whispered, "Oh god…I'm so sorry, Shin-chan…I've changed…I'm sooooo sorry I treated you that way…"

* * *

Shinji stroked his tiny paramour's face with a gentle hand. "Wake up, sweetheart, time to shower and go home."

After another devastatingly cute yawn, Yuki smiled up at him, and Shinji found he had no choice but to smile back.

* * *

Asuka smiled too. `You don't see it much, but when you do, it really lights up the world…'

* * *

Shinji shivered as he walked out of the lobby under the admiring eyes of Yumi, the lobby receptionist. He felt as if her green-eyed gaze were effortlessly penetrating through his clothes, rendering him naked and defenseless. His butt tingled as her lustful eyes openly fondled it.

* * *

"Hey! That's *my* property, lady! Hands off!"

* * *

Yumi's vibrant voice sent another, more pleasant shiver through Shinji as he beat as hasty a retreat as could be managed in a dignified way. "Please come again, Ikari-sama. I am available for your pleasure at *any* time of the night or day."

* * *

Asuka muttered darkly, "Oh, I'll just *bet* you are…"

She conjured a pen and notepad and wrote briefly, still muttering under her breath, "Add…one…to…kill…list…"

* * *

Shinji turned, smiled at her and gave a little bow before bolting through the door.

`Shouldn't that be "we" are available for your pleasure?'

He gave a little sigh, somehow knowing that the lovely brunette had meant *exactly* what she had said.

Her jade-green eyes had been filled with a bottomless invitation, an invitation that any man would find very attractive. Any man that wasn't constantly having a gang of horny women dragging him off and boffing him to the point of exhaustion, anyway.

* * *

"Hey! We're not *that* horny…ok, maybe we are."

* * *

`Women. When I was going to high school at Tokyo-3, I never would have dreamed they were all such sex maniacs. It's a strange world…'

* * *

"We're not *all* sex maniacs!"


"…just most of us."

* * *

Shinji sighted the coffee shop where he had sent Yuki to wait for him. He figured that it was wise to leave separately, just in case. During their (thankfully chaste) shower, Yuki informed that Yuri and Jun had had to leave and he was sleeping so deeply that they didn't want to wake him.

She had blushed and giggled as she informed him that they had "kissed him goodbye". Shinji paled. He knew that the girls were romantic enough to give him a goodbye kiss on the lips, but from the way Yuki was blushing, were her friends bold enough to also do what he was thinking?

* * *

"They wouldn't..."

* * *

Shinji remembered having erotic dreams last night, that had melded into waking up with Yuki sucking him off, and had an uneasy feeling he knew what the girls' "goodbye" had involved. He could imagine the three little vixens urging one another on as they-

* * *


* * *

He broke off the thought barely in time to avoid displaying a monstrous bulge as he went into the coffee shop. As he answered Yuki's happy greeting, it occurred to him that he often had similar dreams at home before he woke up. Were his girls…?

`Surely they're not *that* insatiable!'



`Alright, I refuse to think about this any longer, for the sake of my continued sanity.'

* * *

Asuka just blushed.

* * *

Taking Yuki by the hand, he paid for her hot chocolate and they left for his car.

Shinji's expression brightened as he walked. `Home…'

Yuki's face became a porcelain mask. `Asuka-sama…'

* * *

"That's right bitch, when you get to my house, it's *payback time*!"

* * *


* * *

Asuka stared at the big block letters filling her mental viewscreen. "What the hell is with these captions? Does my mind think this is Star Wars or something?"

* * *

Asuka heard a knock at the door. Her heart beat fast. A familiar voice called, "Tadaima!"

`For Kami's sake, it's just your husband! Get a grip, Asuka!'

She glanced at Kasumi and Mihoshi, seeing their brightening mood and feeling how it contrasted with her own uneasiness.

* * *

Asuka shivered and wrapped her arms around herself as she slumped back into the armchair's comforting embrace. "I've got a bad feeling about this…"

* * *

"Let's go greet Shin-chan!" burbled Mihoshi. Kasumi said nothing, nodding in calm agreement and moving swiftly towards the door.

Asuka smirked. `Enthusiasm, thy name is Mihoshi…'

* * *

Asuka smirked in synch with her counterpart. "Yep."

* * *

She heard the click-clack of the door opening and the rise and fall of excited voices. "Okerai-nasai!"

`Get up Asuka! Move your ass!'

* * *

"And what a nice ass it is…" Asuka admired her own fundament narcissistically.

* * *

With an effort, the flame-haired woman lurched to her feet and moved slowly toward the house's entryway.

Kasumi and Mihoshi were chatting alternately with Shinji as he removed his shoes, Mihoshi's voice bubbling with good-natured excitement and Kasumi sounding warm and welcoming.

After a long, hungry look at her husband, Asuka's eyes became riveted to the small form which stayed close by his side.


* * *

Asuka just watched.

* * *

Seeming to sense her gaze, the petite black-haired girl turned her head from talking with Mihoshi and met Asuka's eyes. Time stood still for them both. Asuka gave her a penetrating stare, approaching slowly, while nameless, powerful emotions churned in Yuki's dark orbs. The conversation went still as Asuka came near. She broke off her intimidating look when Shinji called her name.


Asuka couldn't help the smile that burst onto her face when she looked into Shinji's blue eyes. In a blurred instant she was in his arms and they were kissing. She did her best to suck the life from him and he seemed happy to return the favor. Heat rushed through her body, igniting all of her erogenous zones like white phosphorus on tinder.

* * *

Asuka pumped her fist in the air. "You go girl!"

* * *

Shinji broke from the clinch and gasped, "I missed you."

Asuka gave him a look filled with deep regret. "I missed you too."

"You didn't have to do that, Asuka. I'm happy with you and Kasumi and Miho-chan."

Asuka looked down. "I know. I got carried away."

"I appreciate the thought, but I just want to be at home with those I love."

Asuka looked at him with shimmering eyes and pressed herself against him, kissing him deeply.

* * *

Asuka's eyes shimmered a bit as well as she berated herself under her breath. "Remember that, bitch, remember it well…"

* * *

It was only when it finally penetrated that Kasumi was gently shaking her shoulder and saying her name that she realized that she had her hunky husband pressed against the door and was half-climbing onto his body. He didn't seem to mind. Asuka let out a little moan as Shinji's strong hands gave her bottom a firm squeeze.

* * *

Asuka let out a little moan of her own as phantom hands gave her own backside a pleasant grope.

"Oh yeah!"

* * *

She panted out, "What- Kasumi?"

Asuka could hear the mild reproach in Kasumi's voice when she said, "Asuka-chan, Shinji-san is probably hungry. Lunch is almost ready. As well, we have a guest."

Asuka found her body automatically releasing her hubby and stepping back to assume a more decorous position. `Damn, why is it so *hard* to disobey Kasumi?'

* * *

"Yeah, *why*!? Don't be such a damn prude, Kas-chan! Asuka needs some! Both of us!"

* * *

With slitted eyes, she glanced down at the bowed head of Yuki. "A guest, yes."

Imperiously, she turned and said without looking, "Come along, Yuki-chan."

Asuka heard a murmured assent behind her, but she didn't bother to listen. A moment's travel brought her to the low dinner table, just off the den. The places were already set. Asuka noticed that Kasumi needed to set one more place. This made her realize that Kasumi was being clever in not blowing the secret that they had anticipated Yuki's arrival.

* * *

Asuka shivered again. "Secrets…not good…"

* * *

`Oh god…the way I acted when that *girl* showed up. I've already blown it.'

A rush of guilt went through Asuka as she recalled her recent misdeeds. Tricking her husband, spying on her husband, *drugging* her husband… It had all seemed so innocent, such a harmless prank when she was setting it up.

`I just got carried away. Where the hell did my judgment go?'

* * *

Asuka chewed her bottom lip, keeping her eyes fixed on the screen. "Never…never…"

* * *

She was jarred out her introspection by Kasumi announcing and bringing in a sumptuous lunch. It was a fine array of foods that showed the extra care she had taken, wanting to give her loved one a nice meal at home after his strenuous adventure. Spicy vegetables of many sorts, pickled dikon, small oven-roasted squabs with some sort of stuffing, and much more.

Mihoshi's eyes were filled with big cartoon hearts. She held her chopsticks like a praying mantis about to devour a hapless mayfly. "Looks yummy! Over here please!"

"There's plenty for everyone, Mihoshi-chan," chided Kasumi gently, smiling at her ravenous friend. Mihoshi's appetite for food was second only to her appetites for sleep and sex.

* * *

Asuka smiled a tiny smile. "Thank goodness for you, Mihoshi…you can always cheer us two gloomy gusses up… "

* * *

The meal was quiet. The small clicking sounds of chopsticks predominated. The only person unaffected by the uneasy atmosphere was, of course, Mihoshi. Her "mm"s and "ah"s of delight in the tasty food served to amuse the others and gradually allow things to get rolling.

The question of Yuki's presence was delicately broached by Kasumi. Shinji wasn't sure what to say. How do you tell your wife that someone has offered to be your personal sex-slave and that you've accepted? Fortunately, Yuki took the ball and ran with it.

* * *

Asuka muttered darkly, "Yeah, she's got a bad habit of running off with things…LIKE MY HUSBAND!!!"

* * *

Dabbing her mouth delicately with a fine linen napkin, she explained, "I offered Shinji-sama my services as his slave."

Kasumi betrayed no sign of shock at this "revelation".

Mihoshi giggled. "Kinky!"

Asuka simply watched, expressionless.

* * *

Asuka mirrored her dream self.

* * *

Shinji blushed and avoided his wife's gaze.

Yuki continued, "I have some training as a Geisha. I can sing and dance and play several instruments with fair skill. I am-"

Asuka couldn't take it anymore and interrupted. She was actively deceiving her husband and she hated it.

* * *

Asuka's stomach roiled.

* * *

"We were watching you, Shin-chan."

Shinji blinked at her. "Pardon me?"

"When you were with Yuri, Yuki and Jun. We were watching."

Shinji's face began to lose expression. "You mean…"

Asuka felt like a bottle of carbonated beverage that had been shaken. The words of confession poured out of her like foam.

* * *

More lip chewing. "Fuck fuck fuck-"

* * *

"Washu…she set up some sort of high-tech TV in the living room…it's still there…" She gestured vaguely towards it.

Shinji didn't move his eyes from her face. "Go on."

Asuka had to strain to maintain eye-contact with her husband. It felt like her plate was pulling on her eyes with the gravity well of a planet. She tasted bile rising in the back of her throat.

* * *

"Hell. Damn. Shit."

* * *

"We…it was like a slumber party…" Asuka swallowed. Her face felt hot. She hated that Rei-mask Shinji's face had become. He only used it when he was very, very upset.

* * *

"Oh, how I *hate* that fucking face! Wondercunt…when did you find time to hang around with my Shin-chan, you ivory fuck-doll, *when*!"

* * *

"The perfume?"

Asuka babbled. "Washu made it, it's a disinhibitor, it makes you drunk without the side-effects."

Shinji's voice was very quiet. "The pill. What did it do to Yuki?"

Asuka floated. Her body felt numb and cold. There was only her husband, his sad blue eyes and his toneless voice. She heard her voice say, "It did what it was supposed to do, but it also made her extra-sensitive." She swallowed again against the lump in her throat. "When she made you, ah, -"

Shinji interjected in a near-whisper. "When I snapped."

* * *

Asuka was near tears. "No, no, it wasn't you, it was *her*!"

* * *

Asuka listened to her voice go on. "You made her cum so hard, so many times, that Washu thinks that it combined with her crush on you, and…bonded her to you, somehow."

Shinji gave a little nod, his eyes distant.

There was a crushing silence.

* * *

Asuka's heart pounded in her throat.

* * *

Mihoshi was looking from Asuka to Shinji, back and forth, her face distressed and her big blue eyes wide and moist. She looked like she was going to blubber at any moment.

Kasumi watched as well, looking very concerned.

Yuki was hiding behind her customary inscrutability, but if you looked closely you could see the tremble in her lower lip and the rapid pulse in her throat. Her Master was very unhappy and it was *her fault*.

* * *

Asuka coughed and then spat, "Fucking right!"

* * *

Shinji stood up, pushing his chair back. The sound of the wooden chair legs on the floor made everyone jump.

His face was expressionless. "I'm going out for a walk."

He turned and bowed to Kasumi. "Lunch was excellent, Kasumi-chan. Domo arigato."

Kasumi nodded in acknowledgement, her brown eyes troubled. "Please don't stay out too long, Shinji-chan. We'll miss you."

Shinji showed no sign that he'd heard either Kasumi's request or the feeling behind it. He turned and left without another word.

When the front door quietly clicked shut, Asuka began to sob.

The other girls immediately crowded around to try and give her comfort as she cried into her hands, sobbing, "Fucked up, I fucked up…" over and over.

* * *

Asuka wasn't sobbing, but slow tears were sliding down her face. She murmured to herself through a thickened throat, "Not real, just a dream, not real, just a dream…"

* * *

Shinji didn't return that night. He called to stay that he was staying over at Ranma's and would be back tomorrow. He didn't explain himself and Kasumi didn't ask.

Asuka had retreated to the master bedroom to cry. Mihoshi was so upset she left to cry on Kiyone's shoulder, knowing that Asuka wanted privacy.

That left Kasumi to hold down the fort, though she was as upset as anyone. The Wa of the household had been seriously disturbed, and she was at fault as much as anyone.

Kasumi frowned to herself as she polished part of the already immaculate kitchen, aided by Yuki, who was valiantly hiding her own intense distress.

`Why didn't I say something when Washu and Asuka told me what they were planning? It's as much my fault as anyone's. Poor Asuka. Poor Shin-chan. He has a right to be upset, but it's so hard on Asuka-chan…'

* * *

Asuka just watched the screen and tried to hold on to her composure. "God, let it be over soon…"

* * *

That evening…

* * *

Asuka wiped away her tears and sniffed. "More fucking captions."

The vivid, life-like dream became a text crawl, much to Asuka's relief. She didn't know how much more of this she could take.

* * *

Asuka thinks about how ever since she altered her mind with therapy and self-hypnosis, shattering the barriers that restrained both her love for her husband as well as most of her inhibitions, she has been testing Shinji by giving him things, trusting him. She gave him oral sex, trusting him that he wouldn't take advantage of her seeming submission. She gave him anal sex, trusting him to not hurt her. She gave him constant sex, trusting him to not think of her as a slut, or take her for granted. Then, she began giving him the opportunity to make love to other women, incredibly beautiful other women, each time trusting him to not take off with them and abandon her, or switch his love from her to them.

Each time, he has come through with flying colors and proven how foolish she was to not trust him in the past, causing the intensity of her love and remorse to reach new heights. Now, she realizes that she thought that she was just giving him things, but really she was testing him. The depths of her own self-serving logic disgusts and appalls her. Even with being "changed", she is still making Shinji run through hoops to prove himself. It literally nauseates her, to the point of becoming ill.

* * *

The real Asuka found her own stomach churning as she considered the logic expressed in the dream. Seeing herself from an outside perspective allowed her psychological training to analyze what she was reading, and she found it to be more plausible than she liked. She hung her head in remorse for a moment and then forced herself to continue reading.

* * *

Asuka suffers a three day stomach illness, where she spends most of her time either throwing up or flat on her back in bed. At least that's what the others think. Shinji returns immediately after Kasumi calls him and tells him that Asuka is ill. Over the next three days, Kasumi cooks her most delicious healing recipes constantly, while Shinji and Mihoshi stay constantly at Asuka's bedside.

The depth of their selfless caring makes Asuka so remorseful when she compares it to her own selfishness that it actually makes her psychosomatic illness worse. She only pulls out of it when she realizes that they really do love her and that her being sick or dead would make them unhappy, the result of another selfish act, that of wallowing in her own misery.

An extra cross for her to bear is Shinji's self-castigation for his blowing up and leaving, after finding out about the truth of her drugging and spying on him after setting him up with the three teenage girls.

* * *

Asuka muttered, staring at the screen, blurry through her unshed tears, "I deserved it…I wish you'd have just hit me…it would have hurt less…" She could afford to say such a thing, as she knew that Shinji would literally rather cut off his own arm before he would be able to bring himself to strike her.

* * *

After she gets over this, she is purified. Before, her barriers had been broken, but the flame of her love was still tainted. Now she has attained some self-knowledge and a bit of enlightenment. Asuka becomes a more cheerful, light of spirit person. After one more spasm of darkness, inflicted on Yuki.

* * *

Asuka perked up a bit. "Oh?" she said, hopefully. "I could get into that! Bring on the IMAX version!"

* * *

After her illness, Asuka realizes while thinking to herself, alone, the depth of her mistakes. After her change, she had started out with doing things for her husband, which was fine. But it progressed to her *making* him do things that she *thought* he would like to do. Once again she was running roughshod over his life and feelings.

* * *

Asuka winced and put her hands over her ears. "Shut up!"

`Too damn possible…'

* * *

Asuka thinks bitterly to herself, "Having a threesome with Mihoshi. Sure. We both liked her a lot, it was an impulse thing. Plus it was a sure deal, I knew we'd all have fun. But then…I practically recruited Kasumi, as if she were a shipload of dry goods that was useful for my purpose. Then, I procured those little girls and *drugged* my sweet Shin-chan. God, what if that hadn't worked out? What if he'd felt guilty about it? I'm so *fucking* stupid!"

* * *

Despite her metaphorical "hands" being over her metaphysical "ears" Asuka was still receiving every bit of information that relentlessly continued to play on her mental videoscreen.

"La la LAAAA! Didn't happen, didn't HAAAPPEN, I'm not liiiistening…fucking *stop* already!"

* * *

Asuka puts a hand on her face and rubs away tears. `Would it have hurt to ask him about it? To say, "Hey, Shinji-lover, have you ever had any fantasies you'd like to fulfill? Tell your Asuka all about it." We could have had a nice time confessing our crazy daydreams to each other.' Asuka scowled. `But nooooo…Asuka the genius, who graduated from college at the age of fourteen, majoring in *psychology* for Christ's sake, simply assumes that she know it all and puts her husband in situations which might make him very very unhappy."

She dug strong fingers into her sides, eyes staring blankly and teeth worrying her lower lip. `Stupid bitch. Stupid *cunt*. Stupid stupid *stupid*!"

* * *

"No NO *NO*! I didn't! I wouldn't!" Asuka's trembling lip and wounded eyes belied her rejection of the thoughts of her other self.

* * *

Realizing with a start that if she bruised or cut herself, Shinji would notice and almost certainly get upset, Asuka forced herself to relax.

Huddling with her arms held tightly around herself, she thought, `And now…a little pigeon has come home to roost. Yuki Amakari. Due to my fuck-up, plus one of Washu's, Shinji has a little "slavegirl" and we have a new houseguest. She seemed so innocent when I first talked to her…more of my "brilliant" perceptiveness…who knows what other shit she's hiding…'

Asuka makes the decision to make *damn* sure that Yuki has no more hidden agendas. Driven by love for Shinji, rage at her own stupidity in setting up the "three maidens" situation in the first place, as well as fury at Yuki for deceiving her and a bit of jealousy for this little bit of fluff that got to have her husband when Asuka was feeling needy, Asuka sets in motion her plan to break Yuki…

* * *

The scene on screen faded out, and the mental "film" appeared to be between reels. Asuka took the opportunity to conjure a hankie. She wiped her eyes and scrubbed her face briefly, then blew her nose with a loud "honk!", and tossed the hankie to the side, the piece of fabric fading into non-existence before it hit the blackness of the immaterial floor.

As our redheaded heroine settled in for more viewing, another set of large caption-style letters filled the screen.

"The Breaking of Yuki"

* * *

As the scene began, Asuka eyed the screen without trust. Though still wary of further hurtful revelations, she looked a bit intrigued as sinister, yet sensual music began to waft through the air.

Over the next, indeterminate period of time, colors and lights played over Asuka's fascinated visage as she gazed fixedly at the screen. Sounds filled the metaphorical air, squeals, cries, the smack of leather and velvet on flesh. Pleadings, sobbings and curt replies that carried no relieving tincture of mercy.

Eventually, the noises took on a more ecstatic air, as the primal noises of lusts being satisfied washed over the transfixed redhead. Asuka unconsciously rubbed her thighs together and gently fondled the swollen tips of her sensitive boobs, as the perverse sexuality on display stirred deeply buried aspects of her psyche.

Finally, the scene came to a close.

"The End"

* * *

Asuka sat back in her chair, eyes wide.



"Ho-LY *shit*!"


She shook her head like someone waking from a trance.

"What the hell part of my mind did *that* come from!?"

* * *

Recovering from her shock, Asuka watched alertly as the screen began to show a rapid montage of events.

She suspected this was the efforts of her own sleeping mind to play out the course of one possible timeline, one stemming from the traumatic events she had so recently witnessed.

Her expression gradually lightened as the more upbeat tone of what she witnessed sank in. She smirked as Shinji repeatedly stumbled across his three girls making use of the household's newest member.

* * *

We see Yuki's happy face, her neck adorned with the elegant choker that marks her as Asuka's property. This is a short while after Yuki has become part of the household and a shorter while since Yuki's "breaking". She seems happy and well adjusted, as are the other girls, especially Asuka, who is full of vim and vigor.

While the other girls are Shinji's occasional "Pets", Yuki is declared by Asuka to be a full-time "Toy". Her body is to be used for the others' pleasure anytime, anywhere. Mihoshi reacts to the news by leaning over and kissing Yuki forcefully, surprising the others.

"Do you mind being my Toy, Yuki-chan?" says Mihoshi, caressing her face.

"No, Mihoshi-dono." Yuki replies, eyes closed, blushing and trembling a bit.

Mihoshi nods silently and takes Yuki by the shoulders and turns her towards Kasumi, who rapes Yuki's mouth with her own and asks the same question in her lovely dulcet tones.

Yuki blushes and trembles more, responding in the negative. Kasumi's sex-drenched aura overpowers her senses.

Kasumi smiles serenely and turns Yuki towards Asuka.

Asuka pushes Yuki gently to her knees and takes up a horse stance. "Eat your Mistress, Yuki-chan."

Yuki's blush is nuclear, but she instantly complies, scooting a little closer and fumbling with the button to Asuka's slacks. "Yes, Mistress."

* * *

Asuka grinned evilly and adjusted her blouse, watching intently as her onscreen self is inexpertly, but gamely eaten out by the blushing Yuki. The other two girls stand by and comment, making sure that Yuki is constantly aware that she is eating another girl's pussy, not only that, but eating it while effectively in public. The onscreen Asuka just strokes her slavegirl's head affectionately and occasionally lets out a low moan when Yuki's tongue hits a particularly sensitive spot.

Her psychological training kicking in again, Asuka noted that Yuki, while having her own perverse inclination and fetishes, as well as some self-taught sexual training, chiefly in the form of her Kegel expertise, seems to be sexually inexperienced. Therefore, she naturally finds being made to participate in lesbian sex, submissive lesbian sex, in front of other females to be extremely embarrassing and humiliating. And arousing.

During her first few weeks in the household, dream-Asuka is constantly doing such things to her, making her turn red in the face and wet between the legs.

Asuka cackled and scribbled a few more things on her imaginary notepad. "Maybe Shin-chan could make me do a few of those things…oh how I love it when he acts commanding!"

Her eyes turned dreamy. "He doesn't do it very often…but when he does, God, does it ever make me *wet*!"

* * *

Smiling wickedly, Asuka turned her attention back to the screen. She chuckled as she watched Shinji stumble across his three girls using Yuki for their selfish pleasure in one of the spare bedrooms.

Dialogue is heard, slowly fading as Shinji walks away from the scene, wide-eyed and shaking his head.

* * *

Asuka: "Can you handle any more, Yuki-chan?"

Yuki: "Y-Yes Mistress!"

Mihoshi: "That's 42 orgasms, lets see if she can stay awake for number 43!"

Kasumi (throaty sensual voice): "Yummy…"

Fainter still, we hear Yuki's yelps and cries of helpless pleasure as the other three girls molest her cute little body.

* * *

Raptly, Asuka watched another scene of Yuki being used by her owners.

* * *

Mihoshi: "I'm bored, Kasumi. Let's find Yuki and play with her!"

Kasumi: "Good idea, Mihoshi-chan."

They hunt down Yuki, who is doing some laundry, capture her, take her to a spare room and pump various objects in and out of her orifices. From the easy availability and speed at which the two hot-blooded females garner sex toys from handy nooks in the room, this seems to be a fairly common occurrence.

After a short period of this, the two leave Yuki quivering in exhaustion, lying in a wet spot of her own making in a nest of bed sheets, and retire to the master bedroom to engage in more recreational sex. After another minute of rest, the young sex-slave crawls wearily to her feet and staggers off to finish doing the laundry, smiling all the while.

* * *

Asuka noted that it seems to be a theme with these scenes, in that Yuki showed signs of physical fatigue much of the time, but still had a glow of radiant vitality coming from her face and eyes. She smiled a lot as well.

Asuka shook her head minutely and clucked her tongue. "The girl is getting *off* on this! My my my…" She squirmed slightly in her chair, hypocritically ignoring the moist heat the scenes were creating between her legs.

Despite the occasional hardship, dream-Yuki seems to live in a state of remarkable bliss. She's still going to school, but spends her free time at the house, doing household tasks for her Owners and frequently cumming her brains out when the girls and/or Shinji "capture" her and do terrible, terrible things to her innocent young body.

Asuka scoffed at her own dreaming mind's thought. "Heh, `innocent', riiiight…she's a pint-size nympho, and a pervert to boot!"

Her good mood was reinforced as she saw how her dream-self was effortlessly dominating the small interloper.

Asuka's eyes were hot as she saw her onscreen avatar using Yuki as a footrest, a drink holder and an end table. She saw how when Yuki lay at the feet of Shinji and her avatar in the big bed at night, she would kiss his feet and furtively suck on her avatar's toes. Dream-Asuka would wiggle her toes with approval at such times, making Yuki happy that her worship is being accepted.

Retreating into mockery in an attempt to ignore her racing heart at the thought of having such a devoted little sex-slave, Asuka propped her head on her fist, muttering aloud, "I guess she likes being my Toy…"

Being a closet Star Trek otaku, while still in that position she said in a Mr. Chekov voice, "Perversion confirmed Kep-tain!"

* * *

Next was a brief flash of a scene that was apparently taking place during Shinji's birthday celebration. Asuka's eyes widened. "Oh shit! Shin-chan's birthday! I've got to get ready…I'll have to tell Kas-chan and Miho-chan too…"

* * *

Yuki is wheeled in on a low table, padded with red velvet. She acts a living tray for the family to eat off of. They consume various foods from her breasts, belly and cunt. Her twat is stuffed full of cherries.

She is supposed to stay silent, but can't help squeaking in pleasure and shame when one after another of her owners pull a small round fruit from her pussy, and then eat it slowly, grinning at her and commenting on the unusual flavor. She practically self-combusts with embarrassment when Shinji, after eating a juicy cherry, smiles down at her and compliments her on her tastiness.

* * *

Her mental film's grand finale was a long scene that was apparently the tail end of an orgy. Asuka watched in silence, finally succumbing to temptation and slipping a caressing hand between her legs as the action onscreen reached a fever pitch.

* * *

Shinji is thinking, after having gone Berserk and fucking all four of his girls into limp exhaustion. He admits to himself: `I like having a harem. I like having orgies. I like having all the girls kissing, licking and sucking me all at once.'

Shinji slumped in mortal shame. `I'm a…I'm a…man-whore.'

`I like seeing my wives and my concubine, lying there, with big smiles on their faces and sperm, my sperm, trickling out of their pussies.'

Shinji felt his dick harden anew as he observed the lewd sight of his own man-goo oozing slowly from the cum-loaded cracks of his four lovers.

Movement attracted his attention. Mihoshi was weakly attempting to gather some cum from her twat with her fingers and bring it to her mouth, but her arm kept losing strength halfway there and would fall limply to her torso, smearing the cum across her belly and breasts. She would then go back and try again, only to fail, over and over.

Shinji found her pathetic, frustrated whimpering very, very cute.

He moved easily over to her, and squatted over her lovely face.

"There, there, Mihoshi-chan…I'll make it all better…"

Mihoshi looked up at him hopefully and whimpered some more, immediately forming a perfect "O" with her lips.

Shinji began to lightly stroke his dick, concentrating on Mihoshi's incredible sexiness and the bottomless desire for his sperm that he saw in her big blue eyes.

Dipping his cock to hover above her mouth like an applicator about to deliver some medicine, Shinji grunted, and thick, pearly-white cum began to pulse out of the tip of his dick and into Mihoshi's hungry maw.

"Unhh…" A huge clot of jizm plopped into Mihoshi's mouth. She didn't waste time squealing in happiness, just gulped it down and immediately gaped her mouth open for more.

"Oh fuck yeah…unh, Unh, UNH…" Three thick strings of sperm-laden white dripped into the blonde cream-slut's hungry orifice, one after the other. Her eyes shining with happiness and cum-lust, Mihoshi eagerly swallowed the ejaculate, her pink tongue flipping about as she did so, making sure none escaped.

Mihoshi whined deep in her throat as Shinji began to rise from his squat. She strained to follow the retreating penis by raising her head, but even that was currently beyond her strength. Having risen halfway up, Shinji satisfied her by grunting harshly and ejecting the equivalent of perhaps 3 dozen normal ejaculations onto her pleading face.

Mihoshi's eyes sparkled in happiness as she used the tiny bit of her remaining energy to move her head and capture the trailing end of the enormous strand of semen with her mouth as it poured from Shinji's dick. Most of the gooey mass of cum pooled in her oral cavity, filling it to capacity and a bit more. The rest of it splattered onto her beautiful face, the pearly-white cream contrasting erotically with her chocolate-brown skin.

Acting like a girl from a depraved bukkake porno, she gaped her mouth at Shinji, showing that it was filled with his jism, and then closed it while keeping her lips slightly open, forcing some of the stupendous mass of semen to overflow onto her already messy face.

Shinji felt something give inside him at the sight of Mihoshi acting like such a complete and utter slut.

With another harsh grunt and pained grimace of pleasure, he aimed his dick at the smiling, lip-smacking cum addict below him, and deluged her face with another enormous squirt of jizz. Mihoshi's smile remained, and even gained intensity, as her face was evenly coated with warm white goo. She continued to stare up at Shinji as she slowly consumed her mouthful of ejaculate, savoring each swallow. Shinji finally had to force himself to turn away from her sperm-coated face and the look in her eyes, the look that said,

Please do that again, Shinji-kun. I love it when you come on my face. Please do it again, oh *please*…

'She's so goddamn uninhibited…it's like there's a bottomless well of lust in her…I can feel it pulling at me…'

Leaving the contentedly eating Mihoshi behind, Shinji walked over to where the next maiden lay, the lovely Kasumi. She too was whimpering cutely in distress. Unselfconsciously, Shinji squatted over her face.

"What's the problem, Kasumi-chan?"

Kasumi looked up at Shinji and spied his half-hard penis, the head of it still coated with some of the jizm he had ejected onto Mihoshi. She opened her own mouth as wide as she could and poked out her tongue, her gaze focused on a drop of cum dangling from the male organ. There was something so…*cute* about Kasumi as she lay there, her warm brown eyes begging for the gift of his semen, that Shinji couldn't resist her. He pulled power from his S2 organ as he looked down at Kasumi, using it to recharge his balls in order to fulfill her wishes.

"Here it…CoMes!…Kasumi-chan…"

Shinji groaned as he felt the sperm boil out of his sack and then gave a pleased, relieved grunt as it spurted out of his penis, creating a thick white ribbon that slowly descended until Kasumi could close her lush mouth around it. Through the euphoria filling his body, Shinji could hear Kasumi humming in pleasure as her mouth worked at gathering in the sperm. She used her lips and tongue to dexterously gather in the huge gob of cum until it filled her mouth completely. The pit of Shinji's stomach burned with lust as he heard her noisily swallow her mouthful of man-goo a bit at a time, "mmm"ing with pleasure after each morsel.

Finished with her meal, Kasumi smiled up at him. She opened her mouth and stuck out the flat of her cute pink tongue, showing him that all of the sperm was gone. Kasumi's big brown eyes beamed warmth at him as she licked her lips, indicating how much she had enjoyed eating his emission. Shinji breathed unevenly as her innocent sexiness struck him like a hammer.

"God…she's every bit as much a slut as Mihoshi…but they're so different…'

Both girls had an innocence to their sexuality, but with Mihoshi it was somehow a *knowing* innocence. She was unashamed about sex, matter of fact in a way that most Earth girls simply were not. For her, wanting to have her asshole pleasurably stretched by a huge cock or having her lover to spray her face with cum was simply a matter of pleasure given and received, no big deal about it. Though by typical earth standards she was a jizz-guzzling super-slut, by her own cultural standards she was perfectly normal. Thus, while she was sexually experienced, her fundamentally innocent nature remained. Shinji found the combination almost painfully sexy.

Kasumi too, had an aura of innocence about her. What made her innocence so arousing was the fact that it was completely unaffected by any depraved sexual acts she committed, participated in, or even begged to have inflicted upon her voluptuous body. Even as he mused upon this fact, Kasumi opened her mouth again and extended her tongue.

Shinji's heart pounded as he saw the pleading look in her big brown eyes. Kasumi was asking for more sperm to eat, but somehow her eyes conveyed the impression of a little girl naughtily asking for one more cookie, a cookie she knew that she didn't deserve.

Shinji groaned loudly, his heart feeling like it was going to burst from his chest as Kasumi looked into his eyes and gave a little wiggle of her head. He somehow knew that she was indicating that she wanted him to come directly onto her face. She smiled warmly up at him and slowly blinked her eyes, seeming to read his mind and confirm his interpretation of her request. With a groan of helpless arousal Shinji felt a flood of energy rush from his S2 organ and refill his balls. Kasumi's lovely face, smiling up at him, somehow rendered him powerless to resist her.

He gasped out his feelings as an enormous spurt of creamy white semen poured from his throbbing dick and slowly slid and folded itself onto Kasumi's face. "God…<pant>…you are…<puff>…so sexy<grunt>Kasumi-chan…"

Kasumi smiled happily as her face was thickly coated with white goo. A great deal of it went directly into her mouth as she opened it wide in apparent hunger. More cheerful humming came from her throat between noisy swallows of Shinji's cream. Grunting and gasping as he sprayed her face with a seemingly endless torrent of jizz, Shinji squatted lower and moved the head of his cock toward her mouth.

Kasumi gazed intently at him and lolled out her cute pink tongue receptively. Shinji grimaced as he placed his cockhead directly over her mouth, his belly muscles flexing as he squirted a river of cum onto her extended tongue. Kasumi's eyes sparkled with innocent delight as she rapidly swallowed sperm and then pleadingly extended her tongue for more.

Shinji finally had to break away by sheer force of will, as the look in Kasumi's eyes was somehow pulling more and more energy from his S2, giving him the feeling that she would happily down his ejaculate until her belly was completely full. He avoided looking at her face as he rose from his squat, seeing her tongue lashing out of the corner of his eye as she used it to gather more cum from her sperm-sodden visage.

He gave one last grunt and shot a big wad onto each of her two mountainous breasts before he left her, just because he felt like it. The sight of his cum slowly rolling down the slopes of Kasumi's unparalleled endowment lingered pleasantly in his mind as he approached the recumbent body of his wife, serving to keep him half-hard.

An odd scuffling noise made him glance back over his shoulder as he reached Asuka. After a minute, he turned back to examine his wife's beautiful face, shaking his head slightly and smiling at what he had seen.

Mihoshi, her eyes glued to her big-bosomed friend's jizz-coated breasts, had been wiggling her way across the floor towards her as fast as possible in her current state, which was about as fast as an arthritic snail. He had no doubt she would persist until she got there, however. When it came to eating cum - and Kasumi - Mihoshi knew no rational limits.

Another cause for his smile was the way that Kasumi, while daintily licking her face, had been periodically casting hot-eyed, smoky "come hither" looks to Mihoshi, indulging in good natured teasing of her sperm-crazed friend. The sensual heat in Kasumi's gaze served to make Mihoshi wiggle more furiously, causing her to let out cute little grunts of exertion and raising her speed to that of a very lethargic inchworm.

Chuckling at their antics, Shinji turned his attention to his beautiful redheaded wife. She too was smiling up at him. He smiled back, beaming love at her with his gaze. Her smile deepened as she registered the open affection he displayed for her. Shinji squatted next to her head, reached down and caressed her cheek affectionately. She blinked her eyes lazily back at him, somehow conveying "I love you too" without needing words.

"Do you want some cum too, Honey?" said Shinji, wiggling his eyebrows at her and smiling mischievously.

Asuka responded by giving him a stare filled with lust and slowly opening her red-lipped mouth wide. As Shinji's pulse accelerated, she gave a slow, wet lick of her lips, smiling wickedly to indicate that yes, she wanted some of his man-cream as well.

Shinji's penis hardened and lengthened as he reacted to the purely knowing evil in his wife's eyes. Asuka flicked her gaze to his dangling scrotum and gave a little jerk of her chin. Again, via some sort of relationship telepathy, Shinji understood that she desired to use her mouth on his ballsack. Breathing accelerating with excitement, he shuffled forward on his heels and lowered the tender pouch of flesh to her red, red mouth. Unable to squat deeply enough, Shinji ended up kneeling astride his wife's face, for their mutual convenience allowing his scrotum to rest its full weight on Asuka's lips. His penis lay on her face, partially covering one eye.

Shinji was a little worried that Asuka would find the position degrading or uncomfortable. "Is this OK Honey? I can-"

He needn't have worried. Asuka made a little "mmm" noise, as if she had found something particularly tasty and partially engulfed the sack with her mouth. Shinji drew a shaky breath at the warm, relaxing sensation. Over the next few minutes, Asuka orally caressed her husband's testicles with great gentleness and thoroughness, sucking in one ball at a time and massaging it with her mouth and tongue. At times she simply licked the sack with slow, strong swipes of her tongue.

Shinji enjoyed the unusual treatment greatly. It was very arousing, yet soothing at the time. As she worked on him with her mouth, he affectionately caressed his wife's face with his hand, stroking her soft cheek and gently running his fingernails though her silky red-gold hair. Asuka seemed to enjoy this almost as much as he was enjoying her oral worship, sighing and pushing her face against his hand between gentle sucks and licks.

Shinji's eyes popped open from his pleasant trance of relaxation, as he felt Asuka's tongue tickle his shaft. Looking down, he could see the fiery redhead craning her neck and straining to reach it with her tongue. Seeing that she had attracted his attention, Asuka gave another lick to her husband's stiff erection and jerked her chin upwards. Without having to think about it, Shinji responded to her desire and slid his body back a bit, allowing him to bring his pre-cum oozing cockhead to her lips.

"Is this what you want, Hon- Unnhhhhhh…"

It was most definitely what Asuka wanted. She cut her husband off by wrapping her soft lips around the slippery head of his penis and sucking on it like a lollipop. Shinji moaned ecstatically as the most sensitive part of his body was treated to a warm, wet tongue bath.

His excitement doubled when he took in the look on Asuka's face. She locked eyes with him and slowly bobbed her head, sliding his stiff meat in and out of her red-lipped mouth, emphasizing the fact that she had a cock in her mouth and that she was *loving* it.

Shinji couldn't look away as she noisily slurped on his penis, constantly giving him that stare of unashamed lust. His heart pounded as he felt sperm boiling in his balls, preparing to rush up, blast out of his cock and spurt onto his super-slut of a wife's beautiful face.

Shinji panted, "You want it on your face, don't you, Asuka-chan?"

The flame-haired wanton sucked hungrily on his cockhead and then released it, pushing her face against the tip so that shiny pre-cum smeared on her upper lip and cheek. Her piercing sea-blue eyes bored into Shinji's sky-blue, carrying an unmistakable message. On my face.

She recaptured the piece of hard man-meat, and slowly took it deep into her throat. The couple's eyes remained locked as Asuka allowed Shinji's cock to leave her throat's snug grip. Shinji's heart beat fast as Asuka sent another transmission with her eyes. Down my throat.

She resumed washing the tip of his cock with her tongue, sending pulses of unbearable pleasure down its length. Shinji groaned as his balls signaled that they had reached capacity and needed to discharge.

Asuka gave him another slow blink as she teased his cock to the brink of explosion. Love you.

Shinji's belly muscles contracted involuntarily. "Unnngghhhhh…I love you…unnnnhhhh, too Honey…oh God! You know how to suck my cock so good! UNNGH!"

A thick streamer of semen fired forth, directly into Asuka's mouth. Her eyes blazed with pleasure as her husband's forceful ejaculations rapidly filled it with hot, fresh cum. Shinji's grunts of satisfaction and relief made her gratified that she had pleased him, as always. As her mouth began to overflow with Shinji's sperm, she swallowed a tasty mouthful, then began putting on a little show. She had observed her harem-sisters' uninhibited displays of sexual debauchery with keen interest. Crazy as it may have seemed, Asuka was competitive in all things, even this: if there was to be a contest to determine who was the most jizz-crazed super-slut in the household, she was determined to come out on top.

As Shinji watched in arousal and amazement, Asuka closed her eyes and "mmm"ed with enjoyment, tilting her head slightly from side as if she were taking a shower, with his spurting cock serving as the showerhead. Thick ropes of pearly-white goo shot from the tip of Shinji's member and splattered on her forehead, across her nose, on both cheeks. A froth of mixed saliva and semen drooled from her full-lipped mouth, combined with the fresh deposit of gelatinous cream, the obscene mixture slowly sliding down the delicate point of her chin, oozing down her slim neck and finally pooling in the hollow of her throat.

Shinji was deaf to everything but the thunderous beating of his heart. His vision tunneled until all he could see was his depraved wife's beautiful face as she reveled in being drenched with his sperm.


He felt an electrical pulse shoot through his body as he approached the limit of his self-control. A desperate moan ripped itself from his throat as he involuntarily discharged another enormous shot of cum onto Asuka's face. She smiled serenely, eyes closed, as the gigantic wad of goo landed on her forehead with an audible "splat!".

As she raised her head to look at him, the increased angle made it slide down her face, coating it even more thickly. She looked up at Shinji, even her eyelashes dipped with white, a wicked smile on her face as semen flowed off of it in rivers. Shinji's breath caught as he received another unspoken transmission from her expressive eyes.

I love being a slut. *Your* slut.

Feeling like he was going to have a heart attack any second, Shinji opened his mouth to say…something, he wasn't sure what. All that came out was another helpless groan of lust, as Asuka made a show of licking sperm from her lips as she stared up at him. Another shot of cum fired from his penis, without his conscious desire, splattering onto Asuka's upper lip. She radiated delight as she slowly used her tongue to gather it in, all the time staring into her husband's awestruck eyes.

Her pink tongue, its color almost invisible under its coating of creamy white ejaculate, was all that Shinji could see, as it slowly, teasingly, circled Asuka's red-painted mouth. He reached a shaking hand down to grasp his penis and directed three more convulsively ejected loads onto his wife's wanton face. Asuka just smiled and slowly consumed the offering, slowly opening and closing her mouth unnecessarily as if chewing, drawing attention to the strands of gooey semen stretching between her red-painted lips.

Shinji's breath wheezed in and out of his lungs as Asuka sent another message with her eyes.

I love eating cum. * Your* cum.

"Oh god…unnhhhh…." Shinji shuffled forward, grunted and squeezed out a last few drops of semen, dripping them into Asuka's leisurely working mouth. She graciously caught them on her lips, sucked them in with a slurp and "mmm"ed with pleasure, all the while staring lovingly at her husband.

Shinji muttered a last, "Love you, Honey…" and forced himself to rise, turn and stagger away from his oversexed wife. He could feel her eyes on his back, warm like the sun, as he stumbled over to where Yuki's tiny form lay. He bit back another groan of lust as he heard Asuka swallow noisily and give a soft sigh of satisfaction.

Shinji's eyes were blind, his gaze turned inward, as he sank into seiza next to Yuki.

`…All four of my girls are sexy enough to kill a man, just by teasing him to death!'

He placed a hand on his chest, feeling the rapid beat of his heart. "…I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack back there…'

He glanced at Asuka over his shoulder, taking in the lines of her spectacular body as she lay there, humming to herself and licking her face contentedly. Shinji turned back to Yuki and resumed his inward stare. `If my wife got any hotter she'd spontaneously combust!'

`I wonder if Ranma and Tenchi have this problem?'

* * *

At this very moment…

* * *

We see Ranma, currently balls-deep in a tall, curvy green-haired woman who is half-dressed in a sexy parody of a Japanese schoolgirl's uniform.

It covers very little of her beautiful body, and what it does cover serves only to tease. She is half-dressed because her micro-skirt has been pulled off, giving Ranma access to her pussy.

Ranma has hold of her hips and is fucking her hard and fast, each powerful thrust wrenching shrieks of pleasure from her slender throat. Sprawled around them on a vast bed, numerous beautiful women writhe in pairs and trios, kissing, licking and sucking indiscriminately.

He groans with pleasure and pumps his current lover full of hot sperm for the eighth time in two hours and then pants in near-exhaustion, thinking, `I'm gonna die. I'm gonna *die*!'

* * *

`Nahhhhh…Tenchi and Ranma are much tougher than me, they could handle this kind of thing easily…'

Despite his confidence, he had a brief vision of finding the dried husk one of his two best friends in bed, the smile on his face indicating how he died.

* * *

At the same instant as the events occurring in the other two households…

* * *

We see Tenchi, who has three gorgeous women with hair as multicolored as a flowerbed attacking his cock.

The one with a shock of wild cyan hair and the one with elegant purple tresses share the head and shaft, using their mouths on it with a mixture of hunger and tenderness, while a stunning lady with hair of a pale blue seems content to gently use her tongue on his ballsack.

Tenchi groans and shudders, spraying the three women with sperm. As they kiss and lick the jizz from each other, causing the exhausted male's cock to reinflate from the eroticism of the sight, he lies flat on his back and pants, thinking, `I love them dearly, but they're going to suck me to death one of these days, I just know it …'

Abruptly, Tenchi's vision is filled with two huge creamy-skinned mounds, as adult-form Washu appears and presses her boobs into his face. "Mmmph!"

Tenchi opens his mouth wide and takes in as much succulent breast as he can, hearing the grin in Washu's voice as she says, "Can anyone play this game?"

He sucked on a springy nipple, groaning as he felt the soft weight of Tsunami- no, Ryoko, mount his hips and impale herself on his renewed erection. Tenchi's attention was consumed by Ryoko's sheath, sliding hot and slippery around his cock as she bounced vigorously atop him, the mind-numbing pleasure this produced causing the girls' happy chatter to fade into the background.

Tenchi groaned into Washu's firm tits as she used them to massage his face, even as he felt the exquisite sensation of Ryoko's muscular tunnel gently squeezing around his abused cock. His thoughts took on a tone of resigned despair as a pair of warm tongues began to lick at his sack. `…or maybe fuck me to death…'

* * *

Shinji shook his head in disbelief a second time. `Nahhhh…never happen…'

Shrugging off thoughts of his inevitable death-by-pleasure, Shinji turned his attention to his smallest paramour.

Yuki showed no signs of impatience, apparently having waited placidly for him to come out of his trance. Knowing her, Shinji had no doubt that she had efficiently used the time to worship him with her eyes.

The petite, stunning brunette smiled up at him, eyes ablaze with her usual adoration. Shinji affectionately caressed her cheek, appreciating her delicate beauty for the nth time.

Unceremoniously, he plopped the head of his cock against her rosebud mouth. "Suck, Yuki."

Before he had spoken the second syllable, Yuki had wrapped her petal-soft lips around his cock and begun to do just that. Her expression didn't change one iota as she used her mouth to worship him.

Shinji shoved his cock deeper into Yuki's face, grunting in relieved lust. Again, the tiny submissive didn't bat an eye, accommodating the meat being pushed against the back of her throat without question. The feeling of her soft little tongue on his shaft was utterly delightful. Shinji grunted and thrust into her mouth for a few strokes, until he achieved full hardness. "Enough!" he gasped, pulling himself free from her surprisingly powerful suction. Yuki gave a sexy little pout at being denied her Master's cock, which changed to a squeak of surprise when Shinji seized her hips and effortlessly lifted her into the air.

Shinji was desperate for some serious friction on his aching penis. He'd shot load after load into, and onto, his cum-hungry concubines, using the power of his S2 organ. While this produced a pleasant euphoria, he was craving some full-out thrusting into a woman's body. As he pushed his cockhead against the moist entrance to Yuki's tiny pussy, he mused that the one thing she could provide, more than any of his other girls, was friction.

Yuki gave a cute high-pitched moan of happiness as her Master's huge (to her) penis distended her outer petals and drove deep inside her body. The hard thrust forced out a small gush of girl-juice, the clear, slippery fluid squirting out around the barrel of Shinji's cock. Having learned from experience what Yuki could handle without being harmed, Shinji wasted no time and within three thrusts he was groaning with pleasure as he rammed his full length in and out of her body.

"Hhah, fuck... Yuki-chan, you are so *tight*! Oh God that's nice!"

Shinji's face twisted with pleasure as he buried himself to the balls inside the hot, slippery cunt of his willing slave, again and again. The velvety walls of her more-than-virginally-tight channel gripped him more snugly than a fist, swiftly arousing him to the point of frenzy. Yuki squealed happily as the increasing speed of his thrusts threatened to overload her with pleasure.

The couple were in an unusual position: Shinji sat on his heels and used Yuki as a sheath for his cock, holding her suspended in the air by the hips and forcefully pulling her against him, burying his meat into her tiny body. Yuki demonstrated her flexibility and strength by easily arching her back so that she could support herself on her hands.

The other girls, having recovered some of their strength, crept close. They watched interestedly as Yuki's belly muscles began to visibly ripple under her silken skin, indicating that she was using her well-trained sex to massage her Master's cock. Shinji's reaction was instant and vocal.

"OH GOD! Unnnnnhhhh…"

Shinji gritted his teeth and began to pump his hips forward at the same time as he pulled Yuki towards himself, penetrating the tiny submissive's body with tremendous force. The head of his cock felt like it was going to burst, almost numb with sensation as it rubbed against the wet velvet of her inner folds. At the same time, Yuki's entire sheath was squeezing and relaxing, squeezing and relaxing, endlessly caressing his entire length. Combined with the absurd snugness of the undersized orifice, it was rapidly driving Shinji into a state of uncontrolled bestial lust.

"Yuki - chan - so - good -"

Asuka saw Yuki smile at her Master's praise, never ceasing the cycle of contracting and relaxing her inner muscles. Asuka smiled warmly at her upside-down face and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips, pleased that her slave was making her husband happy. Yuki kissed back happily, reveling in pleasing both her Master and her Mistress at the time. Their lips slid against one another as Yuki's body was shaken by Shinji's powerful thrusts. Asuka was impressed that she could concentrate at all while having her pussy so forcefully filled in such a strenuous position.

Yuki gasped into Asuka's mouth as the intense pleasure radiating from her pussy began to peak. Asuka smiled again and moved closer, leaning down and molesting Yuki's perky breasts with her mouth to increase her slave's pleasure. Yuki moaned against the belly of her Mistress, loving the touch of her soft, yet demanding lips. She sensed that her Master was close to climaxing and turned her internal contractions up a notch.

Mihoshi and Kasumi were observing as well. Wide-eyed, Mihoshi touched Yuki's stomach as the strong muscles moving under the skin changed their pattern and began rolling in smooth waves. Another cry burst from Shinji.

"AAHHHHH! Can't - take it - any - MORE!"

Almost snarling in his passion, he made a half-dozen rapid, maximum-depth strokes into Yuki's hot, relentlessly squeezing core, the brutal penetration making her shriek into Asuka's stomach. Groaning as if his life was being torn from him, Shinji imbedded his full length into Yuki and began to come. Panting as she responded to her Master's ecstasy with her own intense excitement, Yuki orgasmed at the same time. Her spasming sheath squeezed his member like a velvet vise, milking it for his life-giving semen.

"Unh! Unhhhh! UNNNNNHHHhhhhhhh…."

Shinji's intense arousal triggered a continuous feed of power from his S2, much as it had done when he had taken Yuki's virginity. This allowed him to eject an enormous amount of cum from his continuously replenishing testes. As had happened in the suite of the "Pearl of the Orient", there was no room inside Yuki's overstuffed sex for any more material, so warm white goo began pouring from where her outer vaginal lips were stretched tightly around the thick base of Shinji's penis. Both slave and master cried out their pleasure as the warm, wet tongues of the family's two resident cum addicts washed the joining place of their sex organs clean of Shinji's sperm.

"Mm, mmmm…" Mihoshi and Kasumi pressed their faces into Shinji's lap and licked frantically at the source of the tasty white cream, incidentally treating Shinji's scrotum to a two-slut tongue bath. The satisfaction of finally being able to sink his cock into a woman's body combined nicely with the oral attentions of the two busty sex machines, weakening Shinji's entire body and making Yuki's hips slip from his grasp. Since Yuki had her legs wrapped loosely around his waist, all this did was allow his spurting cock to slide from her juicy, goo-filled crack.

Without missing a beat, Mihoshi and Kasumi had the cream-coated male organ pressed between their faces, stabilizing it between them and licking its still-hard length clean. Asuka had taken her little slavegirl's upper body into her lap, so the end result was to aim Shinji's cock at Yuki and began coating her face and front with semen. Asuka murmured with amusement and stroked Yuki's torso affectionately, the cum that was rapidly accumulating there making her fingers slide as though greased. She periodically sucked her fingers clean with relish.

Shinji grunted and gasped with satisfaction as he discharged, the sexy antics of his harem as always adding a certain spice to the event. The desperate spasms of semen being pumped out of his body gradually ebbed, replaced by increasingly intense euphoria, the warm floating pleasure granted by having fulfilled one's reproductive duty. Sighing contentedly, he slid his hands along the voluptuous bodies of Kasumi and Mihoshi, enjoying their smooth skin and generous curves even as they nuzzled his cock. The feeling of their soft, full lips and warm, wet tongues was heavenly as they gently used them on his sensitive post-orgasm member.

He let out an occasional "unh!" as a final few wads of ejaculate flew onto Yuki. He noticed the flaming red tresses of his wife as she joined the other two girls at his groin.


Asuka turned up her face, mouth open and tongue extended cutely, begging, her eyes smiling at him, glinting with a touch of wickedness. The other three girls joined her, smiling at him with upturned faces, all of them extending their tongues and blatantly begging for one last mouthful of sperm. Yuki's delicate face was glazed with ejaculate, white-smeared and shiny.

The other girls noticed this immediately, causing a brief melee as Yuki's face was kissed and licked from three angles. Her cry of surprise and pleasure warmed Shinji's heart at the same time as it pushed him over the edge of giving his girls what they wanted, for the umpteenth time that evening. His groan alerted the girls to his aroused state, and they resumed looking up at him while absently licking their lips clean of Yuki's face-load of cream. Yuki's cheeks were flushed as she poked out her cute little tongue and begged with her eyes along with the bigger girls.

Shinji's head swam at the vision of his four lovers, heads together, looking up at him, eager to have their faces coated with his jizz.

Their beautiful faces, their shining eyes…they were like a bouquet of flowers. Red hair, golden hair, shiny black hair…the bright beauty of his girls overwhelmed him.

"I love you," he said hoarsely, putting every scrap of feeling into it that he could, at the same time barely able to control his raging desire for them.

There was a soft chorus of replies, echoing his sentiment. The warm, loving looks in their eyes…it was too much.

Shinji groaned in agonized pleasure and thick white goo began to pulse slowly out of his penis, dripping onto the upturned faces of his harem. The open pleasure they took in this made his blood boil with lust.

He slowly moved his aim, giving each some nectar, groaning their names as they eagerly slurped up the heaven-sent sperm. More and more cum poured from his dick, his groans becoming increasingly desperate as the girls began "snowballing", swapping huge wads of cum with wet, sloppy, open-mouthed kisses. They knew the sheer sluttiness of their behavior drove him crazy and were always willing to ruthlessly use this weakness against him.

Eyes squeezed almost shut, he allowed more cum to splatter onto their lovely faces and ground out, between pants and groans, "You're - all - such - incredible - *sluts*!"

Asuka gave him a wicked smile, followed by a mock-innocent, "Who? Me?" look. The effect was somewhat spoiled by the semen literally dripping from her face, as well as the three beautiful cum-crazed girls frantically licking at it.

It was shortly after this that the three other girls discovered that Yuki's front was coated with cum and performed a tag-team molestation of her tender little body. The sight of the tiny girl squealing as her three horny harem-sisters attached themselves to her with their mouths and began to relentlessly lick, suck and nibble blew some sort of internal circuit breaker in Shinji's mind.

He remembered bellowing his lust and the sight of his wife's superb ass as he mounted her from behind, at the same time that she held Yuki down and raped her mouth with her own, but everything after that was a pink-tinged blur. He could recall female squeals and cries of ecstasy as well as scattered sentences, such as a female voice saying with a mixture of real and pretend fear, "It's too big! I'll never be able to fit that inside my- ahhhhhhhh!" The rest was just mixed-up memory fragments of a sea of succulent, heaving female body parts until he woke up in his own bed, comfortably enmeshed in a tangle of smooth limbs.

Looking around, he could see contentment on every sweet feminine face. Filled with a sense of well-earned fatigue, he snuggled his face into a plush bosom and went back to sleep.

* * *

The mental viewscreen went black, and seemed disinclined to show anything further.

Sweating and breathing like a fire engine, Asuka slumped deeper into her chair, the index and pointer fingers of her right hand still buried to the second knuckle in her twat.

"Hwoo! That was *hot*!"

Absentmindedly lifting her fingers to her lips to taste herself, a nervous jolt went through her as phantom hands gave a skillful caress to her currently very sensitive boobs.

"Ohhhh, Shin-chan, you're getting frisky…"

Asuka's frazzled mind lost its hold on her furniture creations, and shortly she was floating in a black space, writhing as her husband grew more and more bold with his use of her sleeping body.

"Unh!" Asuka's body jerked, as her pussy was invaded by a familiar long, hard object.

"Oh *fuck* yeah! Slam it into me, lover! Ohhhhhh…"

She moaned delightedly as her boobs were expertly squeezed, kneaded and gently pulled, at the same time as the phantom shape of her husband's hard cock thrust gently inside her. "Oh gawdddd…that's niiiice…"

Asuka concentrated on the feeling of "Kegeling", using her inner muscles to massage her husband's member. She thought she could dimly feel her real body responding and concentrated harder.

"I love you."

She moaned, lost in a sea of pleasure. `I love you too, Shin-chan.'

"UNH! Gonna fill you up with my cum, `Suka-chan! *UNHH!*"

Asuka's heart pounded with familiar, but always wonderful excitement at Shinji's pronouncement. She could almost feel his hard body against her back. She moaned loud and long, concentrating on squeezing him harder inside herself. `Give it to me!'


Abruptly, she was back in her body and her husband was spraying her insides with a huge load of hot semen. The intensity of the resultant orgasm made Asuka quite literally cum her brains, or rather her mind out. She completely lost mental coherency, shuddering helplessly atop him as he bellowed his release and stretched her body with his own.

After a long, brain-rattling interval, she relaxed in synch with her beloved, turning to snuggle with him.

`Oh thank *God*. That was *fabulous*, but if I came any longer and harder I think I might have burned something out. Why do I have the feeling I'm forgetting some-`

Another moan burst from her throat as she felt Mihoshi's soft but relentless mouth attach itself to her oh-so-desirable cream-filled crack.

Bursts of pleasure once more began to scramble Asuka's thoughts. `Oh -ah!- hell - AH! - I forgot about - Oh GOD - MihooOooOooo….'

Eventually, the sun bursting between Asuka's legs went away, as the merciless mouth and its deftly probing tongue finally retreated, presumably to lick a pair of cum-smeared lips.

Asuka struggled to think with any sort of coherency. `Ohhh…gotta stop *coming*…running out of energy…'

Thankfully, no further stimuli pressed themselves upon her, and she was allowed to regain some semblance of composure.

She began to kiss her husband -

And that




of the memory.

* * *

Asuka came back to herself with a start. `God, that was a loooong dream! And weird too…so vivid.'


She blinked and looked up to see her husband smiling at her. "Yen for your thoughts?"

Asuka did her best to look innocent. "Oh, just remembering a dream…"

Shinji looked thoughtful. "I had a weird dream too…" He looked a bit uncomfortable but maintained eye-contact with her, saying, "You set me up with three teenage girls at a love-hotel…"

Asuka chewed her lip. "How did it end?"

Shinji blinked at her, puzzled by the fearful note in her voice. "I fell asleep in the hotel's bed," `after screwing all the girls, repeatedly', "And once I did, I woke up in our bed."

Asuka smiled brightly. "Oh…that's nice."

Shinji raised an eyebrow. "Sure…if you say so, honey." More than willing to let the subject drop, he continued, "You want some breakfast? Kasumi's making European-style."

She flashed another smile. "Sounds great, Shinji-chan. I'll be there in a minute."

"Sure, Asuka-chan." Shinji smiled at his lovely redheaded wife, caressed her face affectionately and headed out the bedroom door.

Asuka dropped the smile once he was out of the room and returned to her thoughts. `Thank Kami, I'm the only one who had the rest of the dream…maybe. I'll have to ask Miho-chan and Kas-chan later.'

She rolled onto her back and stared at the warm tones of the bedroom's ceiling. `We both had the same dream. That's *definitely* unnatural. Plus, I want to ask some questions about Shin-chan's strange abilities. Washu…we're coming to see you today. I hope you're ready.'

With that, Asuka got up and went to see her family.

* * *

End - Payback - Chapter 06 - The Intermission

* * *


* * *

We see Shinji, Tenchi and Ranma, in a small, cramped room. It looks like a secondary storage closet or something similar. A hidden, out-of-the-way place to talk. All of them have big bags under their eyes and are looking very fit, but rather exhausted.

Ranma seems to be the one setting the agenda and acting as moderator.

"All right then. There's no point in beating around the bush."

He looks around with a raised eyebrow and the other two nod.

"We're here to discuss getting away on a sex-free vacation before our wives manage to screw us to death."

Shinji and Tenchi wince, but reluctantly nod their agreement.

Ranma immediately softens his statement, "Not that I think that's what they're tryin' to do, but that's what's happenin'. I know the limits of the human body, and all three of us are pushin' it."

Once again, the other two men nod, looking a little grim.

Ranma continues, "Even with me bein' augmented by Chi, you by the Light-Hawk Wings and you by whatever the hell kinda energy you use, Shinji, it just ain't enough. The girls are fucking us right into the ground!"

Shinji, being the keeper of the minutes, gives an attention-getting cough and looks at a small scrap of paper pulled from his pocket. "Last time, we brought up the idea of having a couple of football teams come by to keep them occupied while we're away-"

Ranma slowly shakes his head in negation. "I thought about that, after we got grabbed last time." He gestures with his hands. "C'mon guys! Think about it. A football team would maybe keep them happy for a few days, but how many of those guys would *die* in the process? Any one of our girls can fuck a normal man to death in a matter of hours! I don't want some poor dead guy's limp-dicked body on my conscience."

Tenchi speaks up, hesitantly, "Well…"

Ranma and Shinji raise their eyebrows inquiringly. Ranma says, "C'mon, speak up! No reasonable suggestion will be ignored."

Tenchi continues. "Ah, they say that women have greater sexual endurance than men, and we *know* that's true…" Ranma and Shinji nod vigorously, grimacing in heartfelt agreement.

"And, pretty much all of our girls are more than willing to nosh on women as well as men…" Shinji nods solemnly, while Ranma rolls his eyes and says, "Ohhhhh yeah, no doubt about that!"

Tenchi clears his throat and continues. "Sooooo… maybe we could hire a big gang of lesbians to keep them occupied for a week."

Shinji's eyes light up. "Hard-core lesbians!"

Ranma's face brightens as well. "Nympho lesbians!"

Tenchi seems pleased that his suggestion is being well-received. Face shining with enthusiasm, he gestures with his hands and throws in one more idea. "Plus, maybe we could have the football teams come in for a couple of hours a day, y'know, to provide some variety!"

Shinji says, "I'm sure they could survive a couple of hours a day." He turns to the most physiologically knowledgeable of them. "Right, Ranma?"

Ranma nods, his eyes calculating. "As long as they drink plenty of water and have a lot of anti-soreness stuff on hand, they should be able to survive without too many injuries."

He slaps Tenchi on the back. "Good plan, my man! Now, let's get to the details…"

Before they can come to a conclusion, the girls burst in on their hiding place, clad in scandalous outfits.

Asuka points and barks, "There they are! Quick girls, titty-stun!" Responding to their leader's cry with alacrity, the most well endowed of each of the three groups comes forth and plants her man's face into her cleavage.

"MMmph!" protested Shinji as his face was abruptly smothered in Kasumi's enormous melons. She smiles in serene apology, but nonetheless ruthlessly squeezes her man's head between her big jugs.

"Hhelphp!" cries Ranma as Morrigan, her shapechanging body allowing her to sport two sweetly curved spheres of remarkable size, seizes his head and inundates it in boob-flesh. She smiles wickedly as her supernatural strength is enough to hold the powerful martial artist in cleavage heaven just long enough for her magical pheromones to critically weaken his resistance.

"Ryo-ghko!" is all Tenchi has the chance to get out before his curvy space pirate lover has his face planted in acres of warm tit. She smirks at the fuming Ayeka, reveling in her boob-upsmanship. Her face falls and it's Ayeka's turn to smirk, as Tenchi is taken from her and his face pressed gently between the spectacularly big, soft breasts of the serenely smiling Tsunami. Tenchi's muffled protests turn into a content mumble as the plushly-fronted Goddess' charms do their sinister work.

Nodding acknowledgement to each and smiling in triumph, the women disperse, separating into three large groups and ferrying the subdued bodies of their men back to their respective domiciles for…therapy.

As Tenchi, Shinji and Ranma are carried to their doom, they shared a single, desperate thought.


* * *

End - Payback Omake