Payback - Chapter 05 - The Young Maidens Three, Part Two

Started: June 24, 2003

Current Revision: July 15, 2003

A Story By WarpWizard

A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfiction

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

* * *


* * *

Shinji rested.

He had just finished ejecting a week's worth of stored up cum all over his pretty young lover, Yuri, and he was feeling a bit fatigued. The sight of the other two girls uninhibitedly cleaning their friend's body of jizz held his interest though, as it would have held the interest of any male on the planet that wasn't taking a long dirt nap.

Either the girls were better friends than Shinji thought, or his ejaculate was having an additional disinhibitory effect. He suspected the latter, due to observing his wife and their two female friends engage in remarkably depraved sexual acts after getting a mouthful of it. In fact, once they had consumed the possibly mind-altering ejaculate, even once, ever afterward they would engage in acts just as depraved *in order* to get a mouthful of it.

For instance, his wife, Asuka, was not a shy person by any stretch of the imagination, and he knew that she'd undergone some personality changes of late, but what she had done on the last night before his weeklong sexual drought had been perverted in the extreme.

* * *

Kasumi enjoyed being butt-fucked. She enjoyed it greatly. Shinji suspected that it satisfied her lingering self-image as a shameless slut. As Shinji himself had a minor fascination with her incredible gluteus maximus, he was more than willing to indulge her in her desire to engage in the kinky sexual act.

She also liked rough sex, in general. Not that she wanted Shinji to hit, or hurt her, but she often wanted to him to use her body *hard* and mercilessly. This too, had to do with her need to be punished in some manner for her sinful desires.

She absolutely adored being violently penetrated by his oversized Berzerker-mode penis, in any one of her three orifices, or between her mammoth tits. Shinji hadn't yet dared enter her tiny anus with the gigantic organ, but he knew it was only a matter of time before he did it, either intentionally, or accidentally, while in the state of sexual frenzy that all of his girls were skillful in inducing in him. He felt guilty at the twinge of anticipation that he felt when the thought passed through his mind.

Despite this, Shinji regularly made tender love to Kasumi, because he was very fond of her, and wanted to show his appreciation for her mind, body and soul, not to mention her fabulous cooking. Kasumi had no problem with this, and he could make her purr like a kitten with his sensual skills.

On the only hand, he found that he enjoyed (almost too much, in his opinion) delivering the brutally hard fucking that Kasumi often demanded. A certain bestial aspect of his own soul reveled in the lack of restraint present when he was riding Kasumi's body savagely, either crushing her to the mattress with his weight and body-shaking thrusts, or in some cases lifting her from the bed and using her entire body as nothing more than a sheathe for his enraged cock.

Still, bestial or not, their souls seemed to sing in harmony at such moments, as Kasumi would usually go into sexual overdrive as he ruthlessly pistoned his hard meat into whatever hole he was filling, shrieking, gasping, sweating, babbling obscene nonsense, and flexing her entire body in rapture as she came like an avalanche.

On this particular occasion, the two of them had been in the kitchen. He had spotted Kasumi bending over a counter to sort some of her spices and had slipped up behind her and given her a friendly hug. He had also yielded to temptation and slid a hand beneath her skirt, finding, to his delight, only her warm, smooth, bare flesh. She had once again neglected to wear panties, something she did increasingly frequently when she didn't intend to leave the house that day.

This pleasant discovery led to a lengthy fondle and grope, which led to feverish kissing, which led to a whispered request in Kasumi's dainty ear. Which led to the setup to the event which made Shinji realize how utterly sexually uninhibited his wife had become.

He had just finished vigorously sodomizing Kasumi, to her great and extremely vocal delight, exulting in the feeling of her big, soft bottom against his groin as he drove his steel-hard prick as far as it could possibly go into her excruciatingly tight asshole.

Asuka had appearing in the kitchen just as he had slumped to the floor after firing what felt like pints of semen into Kasumi's marvelous rear-end. She had paused momentarily, looking rapidly between the two of them as if to gauge what was going on, and then stripped off her work clothes in moments and approached Kasumi as she rested, red-faced and breathing heavily, still bent over the counter.

Shinji had felt his heart accelerate alarmingly as he watched his redheaded wife unhesitatingly drop to her knees in front of Kasumi's big, beautiful bottom. Kasumi's skirt was still flipped up and resting on her back, leaving her million-dollar ass bare and luscious.

`Asuka's not going to…' was the thought that went through Shinji's mind, even as his eyes took up most of his face and his heartbeat began to sound in his ears. `She'd never -' was his final thought before Asuka did indeed, perform a most remarkably perverted act.

Asuka caressed the butter-soft skin of Kasumi's behind, slowly and reverently, making the sexually-satisfied former Tendo murmur in pleasure, and then - Shinji's eyes made a futile attempt to see through his wife's curtain of red hair - she used her hands to part the large, firm buttocks and without haste, burrowed her face into the crack, seeming to enjoy the soft skin of Kasumi's bottom rubbing against her cheeks. Shinji's heart threatened to pound out of his ribcage as he simultaneously heard a desperate-sounding moan burst from Kasumi's throat, even as his straining ears brought to him a faint noise, which could only be…suction?

His imagination filled in what he could not see, as Kasumi's lower body thrashed about and Asuka rode out the tremors, keeping her face pressed unrelentingly into the depths of Kasumi's bottom, with her lips undoubtedly forming a tight seal on the voluptuous woman's cum-packed asshole.


Asuka was eating cum out of Kasumi's ass.

It's not every day that you see your wife swilling sperm out of another woman's anus.


Part of Shinji's mind had become concerned about the possibility of him suffering a coronary event, as the only things he could hear were his own jackhammering heartbeat, Kasumi's wild moans and a faint but distinct, wet slurping, sucking and swallowing sound coming from where his depraved wife's beautiful face was jammed between the cheeks of Kasumi's bum.

The sight had inflamed him to the point of madness. Once Asuka was finished shamelessly licking, sucking and tonguing her friend's nether orifice and Kasumi's cries of pleasure at having her red-headed friend's tongue swirling deep inside her ass were still ringing in the air, he had seized his wife, pressed her face to the wall and unceremoniously plunged 14 inches of hard Berzerker cockmeat into her pussy from behind.

His wife's cunt had been like a wet velvet glove around his oversized erection, squeezing it enjoyably as he frenziedly pistoned it into her to the physical limit of her sex's capacity. Asuka had literally shrieked out her pleasure as he buried himself to the balls inside her spasming body over and over, interspersing her cries with fragments of broken German, chiefly words that he had learned meant, "so good", "more", "harder!" and the like.

Shinji felt himself rising back to attention as he mentally replayed the enjoyable encounter, his renewed stiffness peaking as he recalled how Kasumi had slid between Asuka and the wall, so that the redhead's sexy body was being wildly rubbed against her own voluptuous one by Shinji's forceful rear-entry thrusts. The lovely Kasumi had pressed her full-lipped mouth to Asuka's in a deep kiss, the two oversexed girls moaning muffledly as their tongues battled and their pussies and boobs were ground together by the violent bouncing of Asuka's entire body. He had used his more-than-willing spouse hard that day, ramming his cock into her so powerfully that she had gone onto her tiptoes with each driving thrust.

A large drop of clear pre-cum appeared at the tip of present-day Shinji's cock as he recalled the group orgasm that followed. The two girls had been glistening with a light sweat as they shivered in climax from the constant rubbing together of their slippery genitals, their satisfaction being set off by his final frenzied thrusts into his wife's pussy. She had skillfully clenched her inner muscles in the last moments, making her channel agonizingly tight. He had gasped his satisfaction into her ear as he pressed himself against her soft-skinned back, slapping his groin against her bottom as he drove his spurting prick as far inside her as humanly possible.

Kasumi had propped her chin on Asuka's slim but muscular shoulder to exchange a kiss with him as his breathing finally calmed. Then, the human "sandwich" had slowly slid down the sweat-stained wall and collapsed to the cool kitchen floor for a brief break.

Shinji began to once again focus on the three girls in front of him as the conclusion to that kitchen encounter flicked through his mind.

With impeccable timing, Mihoshi had arrived home seconds later. Seeing the tangle of resting bodies on the floor, Mihoshi hadn't wasted a moment skinning out of her clothes and making a show of sniffing for her favorite snack. Shinji smiled as he recalled the two other girls giggling as Mihoshi pressed her nose to their flesh and snuffled along, as if she were a pig looking for truffles.

The tickling sensation of Mihoshi pressing her cute little nose to their bodies and snuffling periodically became a more arousing one as she would dart out her tongue and lick sweat, girl-cum, and when she could find it, Shinji's jizz, from their recumbent forms.

Shinji had lain with his head resting on Kasumi's big rack and enjoyed Mihoshi's hot, wet mouth lovingly scouring his half-hard penis clean, chuckling as she then snuffled up his body and gave him an affectionate kiss on the mouth. Kasumi had gotten much the same treatment, though Shinji was amazed that the blonde space-detective had seemingly been able to detect the residual traces of his sexual discharge inside the voluptuous brunette's anus. This forced him to listen to the temporarily exhausted and helpless Kasumi moaning loudly as the chocolate-skinned cum addict made double sure that her friend's velvety asshole was completely vacant of all traces of tasty sperm.

Licking her lips with appreciation even as her latest victim quivered on the kitchen floor in the throes of an intense anally-induced orgasm, Mihoshi gave Asuka a friendly kiss on the mouth before licking and snuffling her way down the Teutonic sexpot's front, finishing by detecting the motherload between her friend's sleek thighs.

Shinji had been torn between laughing his guts out and ejaculating, as Asuka was racked by giggles from Mihoshi frantically snuffling her messy groin. He had heard Kasumi's angelic giggle as well, then Asuka's voice had changed to a deep throaty moan when Mihoshi quit playing around and attached her mouth, lamprey-like, to her target's cream-filled hole.

Kasumi had taken pity on his rapidly-becoming painful erection and given him a marvelous handjob, jerking his dick with her soft hand to the tune of Mihoshi's noisy eating and Asuka's excited moans. She had then taken the opportunity to claim a bellyful of Shinji's cum while Mihoshi was distracted.

Nevertheless, once the bubbly cream-slut was satisfied that Asuka had been completely tapped out, she immediately engaged her big-breasted friend in a deep, probing kiss, no doubt using her limber tongue to gather one last taste of paradise. She'd then snapped her gaze to Shinji's cock, but it had been already cleaned to a glistening wet shine. Mihoshi gave a mock-accusing look to Kasumi, who merely smiled serenely, while (unconsciously?) licking her full pouty lips in satisfaction.

They'd then eaten dinner in the nude, not an uncommon activity with all of the spontaneous sex-play that took place in the Ikari residence, largely on the weekends. They tried to lead a relatively normal life during the weekdays, lest they burn out, though kisses, hugs and friendly gropes were frequently exchanged at all times.

* * *

Shinji came back to himself, realizing that he was breathing hard and had an almost painful erection from the arousing memory. Recalling it had taken only a handful of seconds, though the encounter itself had consumed perhaps a half-hour in total.

Focusing on the forms of Yuki, Yuri and Jun, he drank in the arousing sight of tiny black-haired Yuki and her larger brown-haired friend, Jun, finishing up the business of shamelessly licking every inch of their nude, sleek-skinned friend, Yuri.

Even the formerly shy Jun seemed to have completely lost her reticence, rubbing her face against her friend's warm flank and lashing it with her warm, wet tongue. Shinji's erection jumped and gave forth another fat drop of clear pre-cum, causing him to groan at the effort of restraining himself from ejaculating, as even as he watched, Yuki hesitated momentarily and then squirmed her small head into her friend's lap. He strained his hearing to catch the faint sound, almost drowned out by Yuri's rising moan, of Yuki's tiny pink tongue lashing wetly against her friend's groin, searching for more inhibition-destroying semen.

She must have found some, for in the next moment a quiver went through her body and her slim arms snaked out and wrapped around Yuri's hips, giving her purchase to forcefully press her face into her friend's crotch and more rapidly and thoroughly feast. As she assumed what Shinji had come to think of as the "Mihoshi Position", Shinji had to exert considerable willpower to not ram his prick home into her hindquarters, squirming alluringly in front of him as Yuki seemingly attempted to return to the womb, headfirst.

Wrenching his gaze from the tantalizing flashes of skin being revealed by Yuki's short robe, he was confronted with the only mildly less arousing sight of Jun laying claim to Yuri's upper half. The cute brown-haired girl, still clad, like Yuki, in a fine silk robe, had wrapped one arm around her friend's shoulders and was lovingly tongue-cleaning Yuri's perky breasts while stroking her flat belly with the other. Shinji gritted his teeth for control as he watched the sight, which was both heart-warmingly tender and prick-stiffeningly sexy.

Shinji seriously considered immediately emptying his balls in one long shot all over the three young beauties. He had no doubt that they would enjoy it, but though his sexual endurance had become prodigious, but he needed to satisfy two more healthy young ladies tonight and it wouldn't do to chance running dry.

The chance was small, however. Ever since his first Berzerker transformation, the volume of his ejaculations had grown increasingly large. He also seemed to be able to get hard and cum a ridiculous number of times, with the amount of semen decreasing not at all. The only limit on the amount of sexual activity he could handle was sheer physical exhaustion and genital soreness. Still, he remembered losing potency at Kasumi's "coming-out-party", admittedly after ridiculous amounts of sex, but it showed his reserves were not unlimited and therefore he restrained himself.

Shinji knee-walked towards the three young beauties, his stiff penis preceding him with a glistening tip. He stopped a few feet from the three young girls, observing a change in their activities. Yuri's body had been licked clean and three girls were cuddled together closely, murmuring into each other's ears, blushing and giggling. They seemed to have formed a closer bond from their shared sexual experience. Even as he watched, they exchanged shy kisses, bursting into quiet but intense giggles from embarrassment immediately afterward.

Shinji found the sight both extremely cute and maddeningly erotic. The combination of girlish innocence and the eroticism of the three maidens' beauty as they gave each other kitten-kisses threatened to snap his self-control. He breathed in the alluring scent of fresh young female, mixed with recent sexual activity and Washu's drugged perfume and struggled mightily to restrain himself.

His desire-harshened breathing and the faint scent of male sweat and the subtle yet powerful odor wafting from the tip of his penis attracted the girls' attention. They fell quiet as they noticed his manly presence, turning their heads to face him, while neglecting to break from their tangle of intertwined limbs.

Yuki spoke softly to Yuri, yet loudly enough to be heard by Shinji. "I think Shinji-sama wants more of us."

The three girls stared at the thick shaft and visibly pulsing head of Shinji's penis, jutting stiffly up from its owner's groin.

Yuki's expression was inscrutable, but she certainly studied the mighty phallus with great intensity.

Jun's expression was cutely apprehensive, but she couldn't seem to pull her gaze from ceaselessly tracing the enormous expression of male potency, perhaps wondering what it would feel like to have it lodged in her own belly.

Yuri's face contained nothing but raw hunger. She struggled a bit, unconsciously, in her friend's arms, straining to reach her recent lover's cock and devour it, either with her mouth or her pussy.

For once, it was Jun who smiled in amusement and whispered to Yuki, "It looks like Yuri wants more of him, too!"

Yuki nodded her head and smiled sweetly, "That's true, Jun-chan, but…it's your turn now." With that, the small girl signaled Yuri to hold Jun's arm tightly, while Yuki herself scurried over to press herself against the larger brown-haired girl's side and grab her other arm.

"Whaa, what!" exclaimed Jun, panicking a bit. Yuki stroked her face and hair, soothing her and murmuring into her ear, what exactly, Shinji couldn't hear. As Yuki whispered and Yuri rubbed her back, Jun calmed noticeably. After a few minutes, the three gradually reclined onto their backs, Yuki and Yuri bracketing Jun, keeping their arms and legs entwined with hers. Shinji noticed that she didn't seem to mind the contact; in fact she seemed to find it reassuring.

Yuki spoke. "Jun-chan, it's time to show Shinji-sama your body, OK?"

Jun's apprehensive look returned, but she nodded affirmatively. Yuki and Yuri reached over and, with a slither of silk, pulled Jun's robe open and then mostly off of her body. Jun lifted her arms helpfully at the last moment so that they could finish disrobing her.

Jun blushed brightly and closed her eyes in mortification as her flesh was revealed to Shinji's gaze. Shinji's eyes, on the other hand, widened noticeably as he drank in her unexpected, voluptuous beauty.

Jun was built like a teen-age Kasumi, with flaring, curvy hips and a remarkably large, yet perky bosom. Her flawless skin was more of a pale occidental shade than the golden-skinned Yuki and Yuri, perhaps indicating a non-oriental among her ancestors, something that Shinji hadn't noticed until now.

Shinji couldn't help but linger on her enormous tits for a long moment. They were big, round, and attractively shaped, with medium-sized chocolate brown nipples that were rapidly becoming fully erect, with what he could only guess was a combination of fear and desire. Having been denied the solace of Kasumi's massive bosom for an entire week, the sight of Jun's succulent melons gave him a fierce desire to touch, hold and squeeze. Reluctantly, he pulled his eyes from the gently heaving splendor before him and continued his inventory of Jun's assets.

Jun's belly wasn't as flat as the more athletic Yuri, but had instead an attractive slight curve to it. Caressing the smooth flesh with his gaze, Shinji traced it down to her womanly hips and the furry nest that lay between them. Indeed, Jun's pussy was wild and bushy; an untamed mass of soft brown curls.

`Tsk, tsk,' thought Shinji amusedly. `We'll have to do something about that…'

Jun's face blazed as she realized where her Shinji-sama was staring and a whimper of embarrassment escaped her full-lipped mouth. "Noooo, Shinji-sama, don't look down there!" she pled softly with her examiner. She reflexively attempted to close her thighs and conceal her untrimmed pubic forest, but her friends' legs, which were entwined with her own, tightened and wouldn't allow it. Cutely red-faced, she twisted her head to the side, attempting to hide, her eyes once again tightly shut. "It's so embarrassing…" she squeaked.

From her reaction, Shinji realized that Jun had most likely been too embarrassed to attend to manicuring her bush. Mercilessly, he plunged a hand into the soft hair and stroked the warm, pulsing flesh hiding underneath. Jun's breathing jumped and became ragged, even as her tormentor enjoyed the increasing heat and moistness of her most sensitive area as it automatically responded to his skillful caress, despite it's owner's desire to pretend it didn't exist.

Yuki and Yuri giggled and stroked Jun's flanks soothingly, even as they held their friend's legs open for their Master's enjoyment. They whispered more mysterious girlish things into her reddened ears as her arousal steadily increased from Shinji's loving caresses to her inflamed hot spot. By the time Shinji pulled his now-moist hand away from her groin and moved on in his examination, Jun was breathing heavily, and either consciously or unconsciously had begun to spread her legs rather than close them.

The aforementioned legs were long and smooth-skinned, with large luscious thighs, again rather like Kasumi's in that they were solidly built yet in no way unattractive. His heart hammering with lust, Shinji had no doubt that if he flipped her over, Jun would have a big, plush bottom, made for a man to caress, smack, and under the proper circumstances, fuck savagely.

Shinji completed his survey by returning to Jun's pretty face. Her eyes were closed and she was flushed attractively, breathing heavily, almost panting, through her mouth and nose. Her helpful friends had removed her glasses and set them aside, as well as freeing her soft brown hair from it's confining ponytail, allowing it to fall in charming disarray onto her bare shoulders.

Shinji inhaled deeply through his nose, drinking in her sweet, fresh scent, at the same time as he reviewed his leisurely tour of her lush young body. He found her to be utterly mouthwatering. He decided that he definitely had a hidden weakness for a certain set of bodily features, which both Jun and Kasumi possessed in abundance. These features, when present in quantity, aroused in him an almost violent lust, a lust that he was currently struggling to control.

Shinji grimaced harshly and had to bite back a groan as his erection twitched in reaction to his desire to ravage Jun without mercy or restraint, generating another clear drop of pre-cum.

Jun opened her eyes just in time to witness Shinji's grimace of barely-controlled desire. A look of hidden fears confirmed crossed her face and she once again closed her eyes tightly shut, though this time salty tears squeezed out from under her lids.

Shinji was appalled. "What's the matter, Jun-chan?"

"Y-uh-hoo think I'm FAT!" the upset girl sobbed.


Shinji sat there, stunned, as Jun cried like her heart was breaking.

To his great relief, Jun's two friends didn't seem to blame him for her upset. They merely cooed into her ears and cuddled with her comfortingly. After an interval of a few minutes, during which Shinji cogitated, they managed to calm her down.

With a growing anger, Shinji realized what the problem was.

`Distorted body image. That has to be it.'

Someone or more likely multiple someones, had convinced the lovely, lush-bodied Jun that she was overweight. She probably thought she was plain-faced and generally unattractive as well, helped by the fact that she wore glasses, unlike her more chic friends.

It didn't take much for Shinji to put the rest of it together. `And when she saw me making an `unhappy' face when looking at her…'

Forcing down his irritation with those faceless "someones", Shinji concentrated on the important matter at hand: how to make Jun feel better about herself, both in the short term, and if possible, the long term as well.

He returned his attention to the now-quiet Jun. She was laying there, eyes closed, breathing slowly and deeply, with her friends gently caressing her arms and legs. The sight of her tear-stained face stirred the deep compassion that was perhaps Shinji's strongest trait.

It was time to be bold. Shinji lowered himself so that he was suspended above Jun's supine body by his elbows, close enough for their body heat to mingle. Jun opened her eyes, slowly, feeling the warmth of his presence, even as he enjoyed the heat radiating from her cuddly form. She gave a little gasp when she saw his face, so close to hers. "Jun-chan…"

Shinji's eyes were filled with warmth, yet they were also sternly compelling. Jun couldn't turn away. Shinji got right to the point. "Jun-chan, I wasn't making that face because I thought you were fat, or ugly."

Jun tried to interrupt, her face twisting with unhappiness, but Shinji overrode her with gentle authority. "Jun-chan, I was making that face because I was struggling not to grab you and make love to you until you wouldn't be able to walk normally tomorrow. That's the plain truth."

Yuki and Yuri were quietly giggling at the expression on Jun's face. "But…I would have wanted you to do that."

Shinji had a serious expression as he explained. "That may be, but I didn't know that for sure, and a man always has to be sure when it's comes to touching a lady. I wouldn't want to touch you without your permission, Jun-chan."

"You can touch me!" Jun blurted suddenly.

"Good…" purred Shinji. `Thank Kami-sama!'

"Excuse me, Yuki-chan," he said, causing Yuki to scuttle to the side as Shinji settled onto his side, next to Jun. He didn't object as Yuki latched happily on to his back. Shinji murmured in pleasure as was once again surrounded by warm female bodies.

Jun shivered and looked at him with big doe-eyes as he leisurely stroked her plush front. Shinji's breath came faster and more harshly as he lightly touched Jun's flesh. `Kami, her skin is like silk!' He was having a hard time taking it slowly and decide to distract himself by pumping up Jun's ego. He touched Jun a little more firmly, allowing himself to caress one ripe breast for a few moments, until he felt his control starting to slip.

"See…the…expression that I'm making…Jun-chan?" Shinji gritted out. Jun nodded solemnly. "Some men have a very powerful lust inside them, and a body and face like yours brings it out instantly. It can make a man into an animal. When I make this face when I look at you or touch you, it's because you're so beautiful you drive me crazy, literally."

Jun turned bright red with pleased shock and embarrassment, making Yuki and Yuri giggle like mad. Her look was disbelieving at the same time, until Yuri said quietly, "Look at Shinji-sama's penis, Jun-chan."

The girls' eyes widened as the witnessed the arousing sight of Shinji's member, fully erect and in fact, almost supernaturally hard. Clear pre-cum was oozing continuously from the tip, and it was periodically quivering as surges of raw lust racked Shinji's body. He had sat up very close to Jun's body, so that he could bring both hands into play and was stroking Jun's smooth flesh more and more rapidly and firmly. Jun moaned, suddenly, as Shinji began to hungrily knead and caress her succulent boobs.

In truth, Shinji was struggling not to treat Jun like Kasumi, cover her body with his own, and fuck her savagely with a 14-inch Berzerker-mode penis. Kasumi would have loved it, but he wouldn't make the mistake of treating one woman as if she was another, just because it was convenient for him.

He couldn't believe how horny a week without sex had left him. Yuri had been a delicious appetizer, but she had only whetted his appetite. As Shinji swept Jun's voluptuous young body with a hot stare, he realized that what he now saw before him was nothing less than the main course. Drinking in his fill of the lush brunette, he suddenly impaled Yuki with his gaze, making her blush and breathe hard, thinking, `And there was the small, exquisite, dessert.'

* * *

Asuka was about to burst from frustration and envy. Her cunt felt like a hollow cavern, ringing with emptiness and longing to be filled with the long, thick form of its familiar occupant.

Not realizing that she was speaking aloud, she muttered, "He's going to bang that big-titted schoolgirl until she's cross-eyed! IT SHOULDA BEEN ME!"

Ignoring the amused/concerned looks she was getting, Asuka snapped her gaze to Washu.

"You've got to pull the plug, Washu! Make the fire-alarm ring, cause an alien invasion, SOMETHING!" Asuka stared at her bare toes, saying softly, "I can't take it anymore."

Washu gave the distraught redhead a sympathetic look. Attracting Asuka's attention with a discreet "ahem", she produced a simple metal circlet, silvery in appearance, with two dangling filaments attached, one on either side.

Asuka quirked an eyebrow.

"It's my new Neuro-Synthesizer circlet. You put it on, and it gives you the experience of feeling the same neural inputs as the target. Isn't that great!"

Asuka opened her moist red mouth and said, "You mean…"

"That's right!" chirped Washu. "Virtual nookie! When Shinji-kun rides Jun-chan like a champeen rodeo-rider, you get to join in the fun via my Neuro-Synthesizer. Its science at it's best!"

`And most perverted,' thought the rest of the female crew.

Asuka wasted no time on second thoughts. "Gimme!"

She seized the metallic headgear and fitted it around her skull, noticing that it adjusted to fit as she did so. "Now what?"

"Place the two contact filaments in your ears, and it will do the rest!"

Squashing a flicker of apprehension, Asuka did as she had been instructed. The slim filaments were cool as she slid the ends of them into her auditory canals. Instantly, her eyes popped wide open.


Washu smirked as she typed away at her transparent keyboard. "The filaments have to link up to your neural net. It will feel…a little weird."

Asuka controlled her panic with an effort as she felt two slithery smooth *somethings* adjusting their shape inside her head. This was quickly followed by an odd sensation that resonated throughout her entire body, and then, in some incomprehensible way, her mind.

After a moment the sensation ceased, and Asuka relaxed.

"Neural sync complete and 100 percent successful!" Washu announced proudly. "Remote neural link commencing in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, linking…now!"

To the outside observers, Asuka appeared to go completely limp and slump into the couch as if she were sleeping.

"Is she…OK, Washu-san?" inquired Kasumi fearfully.

"Yep! Her body is effectively in a dream-state while she's linked up to the remote subject. We should see some minor reactions, movement and such, when the, ah, "action" starts to heat up on screen."

Satisfied, Kasumi turned her attention back to the scene occurring in the love-hotel, absent-mindedly fondling Mihoshi's ripe tits as she did so. The blonde sex maniac sighed happily and relaxed in Kasumi's comfortable lap, enjoying the touch of her friend's soft hands, even as she also turned back to observing Jun's impending ravaging.

* * *

Shinji pleasantly tormented Jun's melon-sized breasts until she was gasping with pleasure and his penis was aching with unsatisfied arousal.

Leaning half of his weight onto Jun, he listened to her rapid breathing and stroked her soft belly, the touch of her untamed pubic fleece reminding him of the one remaining task before he could dig into his "meal".

Rising from the bed, he instructed the two other girls to keep Jun "warmed up" while he went to gather the necessary equipment. Yuki and Yuri nodded eagerly and began to caress their friend's heated flesh with their small feminine hands. The sight of the three young sexpots kissing and caressing kept Shinji's member stiff as he went into the bathroom to get the tools he needed.

Yuki seemed fascinated with her brown-haired friend's huge endowment, so different from her own slender physique. As Shinji crawled back onto the bed, he observed the small, exquisite beauty hefting and squeezing Jun's big globes, even as Yuri and Jun exchanged soft kisses.

Taking advantage of Jun's distraction, Shinji settled between her legs, placed a bowl to catch the clippings and began to use a small pair of scissors to trim her bush. He was very gentle and careful, so she didn't even notice until he was half-done. When she *did* notice, she squeaked and attempted to close her legs again, ignoring the fact that doing so was effectively impossible with him sitting between them. In any case, her two friends took "cruel" amusement in holding her legs open, even widening them to a wanton "V". Shinji played along with their game, pausing in his clipping to dip his head and smell Jun's pungent arousal, then exhaling and blasting the sensitive flesh between her legs with his hot breath.

* * *

In the Ikari living room, Asuka shuddered and moaned simultaneously with the massively endowed schoolgirl on screen.

Washu cackled in a very…Washu-like way. "Now the fun begins!"

Mihoshi and Kasumi decided to "play" with their zoned out friend, curious to see if the link would go the other way as well. They each gathered up one of Asuka's delicate feet and began to worship her body with their mouths, kissing and licking each cute little toe, then progressing to her slim ankles and finally her sleek legs.

As they kissed and caressed their way up Asuka's supple thighs, the girl being recorded by Washu's machines, who was some miles away, seemed to be feeling their attentions as well.

Washu quirked a crimson eyebrow, eyed some esoteric data on her readout, and then typed furiously.

"Interesting, some sort of resonant feedback..."

Both entranced girls moaned loudly and spasmed, as Kasumi and Mihoshi began to alternate eating out Asuka, while Shinji fluffed the large mound of shaving cream he had sprayed onto Jun's now-closely trimmed pubes. Washu smiled at the two pairs of curling toes, as Mihoshi thrust her limber tongue deep into Asuka's crimson furred twat, even as Jun felt the cool touch of Shinji's razor.

"Hmm, the sensations seem to be overlapping…must be fun!"

The sharp spikes of mild orgasms began to display before Washu's rapidly-scanning gaze, as Kasumi hoisted Asuka's butt into the air and began to rim her tender anus, since Mihoshi refused to remove her hungry mouth from the beautiful redhead's apparently delicious pussy. Twin cries of pleasure filled the air, as two tongues lashed inside two orifices, stimulating twice the number of holes than usual.

* * *

`Hm, Jun seems to be enjoying this an awful lot…'

Shinji was a bit puzzled by the girl's passionate vocalizing, as with a quiet rasp of razor on stubble, he finished stripping the last bit of hair from her sex.

`She sounds like one of my girls when one of them has decided to go "spelunking" inside the other's `forbidden territory'…"

Wiping her vagina clean with a moist washcloth, Shinji admired his work: Jun's formerly untamed forest had been completely clear-cut, without nicking or scraping her one bit.

Even as he watched, the girl's pelvis jumped and her bare "flower" peeled open a bit more, oozing clear girl-cum. Shinji couldn't resist and plunged his face into her groin, putting hard-won cunt-lapping skills to work. Years of his imperious wife's demands for oral servicing had made him a champion rug-muncher, capable of outlasting even a professional pearl diver. He found Jun's clean, fresh taste very appealing: though she hadn't trimmed her bush, she evidently maintained good hygiene otherwise. And Shinji appreciated the taste of fresh pussy.

Several minutes of hungry lapping later, Jun let out a blood-curdling shriek as Shinji fastened his mouth onto her "pearl" and began to hum the Japanese national anthem.

In the Ikari living room, coincidently or perhaps not, Mihoshi was likewise sucking on Asuka's "little man in the boat" and humming the theme to "Space Police Policeman". Which produced an equally ear-wrecking cry in Asuka's lovely high-pitched voice.

Washu hummed her own theme to scientific might conquering all as she delightedly took in the fascinating readings from her sensors. The simultaneous stimulation of identical body-parts, in a very similar way, in two different bodies that happened to be linked, was producing quite possibly unique results.

In addition to inflicting cataclysmic orgasms on the two girls, the intense parallel stimulation was creating an escalating resonance wave between their entire biosystems. The ultimate results of which were…unknown. Washu smirked. `At least they seem to be enjoying it.'

* * *

Shinji was enjoying his stay between Jun's strong thighs. It was warm and comfortable there. Jun was gently squeezing his head between her legs in passion as he thoroughly explored her newly-shaven genitals. Shinji's face was shiny with girl-cum from carelessly pressing his face against her warm flesh, as he licked, sucked, and nibbled with abandon.

Yuki and Yuri were taking all of this in with great interest and making mental notes for use with future boyfriends. There was no doubt in their minds that their friend was enjoying Shinji-sama's attentions, as her steady stream of moans, cries and pleadings for…exactly what was hard to say, but it alternately involved more, less, stopping or never stopping, it was hard to tell.

A more distinct murmur came to Shinji's ears as he french-kissed Jun's pussy. He paused in his oral delvings for a moment to listen.

"Fuck me…Shin-chan…I need it…"

Shinji's eyebrows shot into his hairline. That didn't sound like Jun. Something about it was strangely familiar.

"I need you inside me, Shinji-sama…"

That sounded more like the shy girl he had come to know, at least superficially.

In any case, the request suited him fine. The preliminaries were over and it was time to dig into the main dish of this feast. Jun's "clam dip" had been tasty but it was time to put a sausage in her oven, so to speak.

Shinji stroked Jun's hip absently as he considered how to proceed. On our sides, he finally decided. We'll see how she likes it and we can go from there.

Raising Jun's leg into the air and ducking under it, Shinji proceeded to lie down beside her, the other two girls rearranging themselves to compensate. As she murmured disconsolately from the loss of his warmth between her legs, he clasped her in his arms and enjoyed her curvy body being pressed against his own. She murmured again, more happily, as he did so.

Shinji whispered into her delicate ear, "I'm going to penetrate you now, Jun-chan. I'm going to fill you up with my cock. Would you like me to do that?"

"Mmm-hmm…" Jun replied, nodding slightly with a dreamy smile on her face.

Taking that as a yes, Shinji probed at her entrance with his stiff member, finding her to be slick and ready for him. With a slight grunt, he slid 3 inches of cock into her welcoming warmth.

Jun's pussy was tight, though not nearly as constrictive as the more slightly built Yuri. Shinji estimated that he would be able to fit his full length into her without a problem.

With an unconscious wolfish grin on his face, he began the pleasant task of breaking in Jun's little-used sheath. Her big breasts rubbed pleasantly against his chest as he pistoned an ever-increasing amount of dick into the voluptuous young girl. He enjoyed her moaning into his ear as wet, juicy noises came from their joined crotches. Her legs came up and wrapped around his waist, pulling him to her body as if to prevent him from getting away.

* * *

"Unh! Ahhh…mmmm…."

Asuka's pelvis moved in a private dance with an unseen partner. Her pussy was swollen with desire, the outer lips fat and split open like a flower questing for the sun. Girl-juice ran freely from the inflamed slit, providing a convenient source of refreshment for the two sex-hungry sluts inhabiting the Ikari's living room. Asuka didn't seem to mind, squealing softly as either a golden or a brunette head would dip between her legs and lap up the tasty moisture.

Judging from the smile on her face, Washu mused, at least she's happy again. Washu had become quite fond of the feisty redhead over the past few months, not to mention her hunky husband. She had an indomitable spirit, which complemented her husband's gentle one. Washu thought that they made a well-matched pair, especially now that Asuka's fire had somehow been tempered with more of her deep-down love for Shinji.

The nexus of possibilities that swirled around Shinji, much as it did around Ranma and Tenchi, was another source of interest to the redheaded genius. Things had changed rapidly in the past few months in the Ikari household, and Washu knew that the changes would continue until a balancing point was reached, allowing things to stabilize.

`Hmm, we should have the Ikaris over for dinner and a long talk, sometime soon. I'll bet Shinji-kun would like to ask me some questions about his "Berzerker" transformation, among other things.'

Asuka groaned, long and loud, as on-screen Shinji and Jun graduated to full missionary position, Shinji thrusting unhurriedly into Jun's squelching vagina. Her arms and legs were wrapped loosely around him as the two lovers enjoyed their leisurely intercourse..

* * *

Shinji grunted in pleasure as Jun's sheathe effortlessly absorbed his full length. The voluptuous young girl was a pleasure to fuck, accepting his large penis without sign of discomfort or uncertainty. In fact, she moved under him as if they'd been lovers for years. He lost his train of thought as he was overwhelmed by the pleasure of copulating with her soft body.

"Ah, ah, ahhhhh…Jun-chan, you're so beautiful, I love fucking you…"

Jun wordlessly moaned her own pleasure as she counter-thrust with her hips, as well as squeezing his manhood with her inner muscles every time he withdraw.

"Oh, YEAH! Ahh, Jun-chan, any man in Tokyo 3 would commit murder to be making love to you like I am…" Shinji made a series of short, powerful thrusts into his partner's maddening softness. "They'd kill to be - unh! - fucking you, Jun-chan!"


Shinji made passionate contact with Jun's full-lipped mouth and they kissed deeply as their lovemaking grew increasingly frenzied.

To Shinji, Jun's body was like a soft cloud, supporting him comfortably as he drove his aching hard-on into her slippery sheath, over and over. Her big breasts were a wonderfully firm yet yielding cushion for his chest as he pressed down on her, the two of them making a deep indentation in the mattress as their bodies rubbed together with the motion of their copulation.

For her part, Jun was in heaven. Her entire body was ablaze with pleasure, but more wonderful still were Shinji's heart-felt compliments. He'd fondled her big boobs, rubbing his face into them and kissing them as if they were precious treasures. He'd manhandled her big butt with eager hands, telling her how men loved a nice big ass on a woman. After shaving her slit, an act that had made her burn with embarrassment and arousal, he'd feasted on her sex as if it were his final meal as a condemned prisoner.

Ever since he'd begun shaving her, she'd felt a mysterious change come over her. She felt…CONFIDENT! Strong, self-assured, and…horny. Oh, so very *horny*! Jun felt her mind and body fill with need for her Shin-chan, the alien feelings overlapping with own intense arousal, making her pussy gush with need for Shinji-sama's cock.

Jun hadn't tried to fight the strange feelings of need for Shinji coupled with fiery inner strength; rather she'd embraced them while all her heart and soul. Somewhat contradictorily, her increased confidence had allowed her to voice her need for Shinji-sama to fill her empty pussy, a demand which otherwise would have made her self-combust from embarrassment.

After Shinji had played his arpeggio on her clitoris, Jun was fully unified with the outside emanations, and consisted of one full-bodied, confident-in-her-sexuality teen who was craving as much fucking as she could handle without losing consciousness.

At the moment, Shinji was providing that very amount of fucking Jun craved, slamming 9 thick inches of manmeat into her welcoming pink hole rapidly and without pausing. Yuki and Yuri watching the two bucking bodies with awe. They had no idea their shy friend Jun was such a sex-machine under her concealing wardrobe!

Even as they watched, Jun twisted onto her front and pushed her big, flawless ass into the air, wiggling it slightly in invitation. Shinji wasted no time on hesitation, mounting Jun's bottom with relish and sinking his cock deep into her swollen vagina. He gradually sped up his thrusts, achieving a medium pace where he could enjoy deeply penetrating the willing girl while retaining enough control to lean over and knead her big breasts in his strong hands.

Shinji breathed deeply through his mouth and nose, savoring the experience of sex with the lovely brown-haired sexpot. He concentrated on the perfect fit and enjoyable heat of her sheath, loving the way he could fill her up completely without hitting bottom, the head of his member just barely missing bumping her cervix. He enjoyed her marvelous breasts at the same time. They were full, firm, soft and smooth, perfect to squeeze and fondle. When she was a little older, she'd be able to give Kasumi a run for her money, of that Shinji was sure.

He would periodically give her another sincere compliment, enjoying the reaction he could feel from her Ki as he stroked the wounded places in her psyche. "Those, <puff>, other girls were just, <pant>, jealous of your perfect body, Jun-chan," he said, meaning every word. "They were afraid that, <grunt>, once the guys got a look at your sexy body and, <groan>, pretty face you'd corner the market in men!"

Concentrating on the feeling of her cunt being enjoyably invaded by her lover's big prick, out of the corner of her eye Jun noticed her two friends nodding in agreement.

"R-Really, Shinji-samaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?" The last word was extended into nonsense as an intense orgasm wracked her body. Jun cried out in rapture and clawed at the silk sheets, feeling Shinji's penis pumping hot man-seed into her hungry body. Tears came to her eyes at the combination of emotional and physical fulfillment.

"Yes, Jun, oh yessssss!" Shinji confirmed his statement with a hoarse bellow, sealing the assessment of Jun's desirability by spraying her insides with a huge load of hot semen. "Oh FUCK that's good! You make me feel so good, honey, unhhhh…." Jun's sheath was convulsing around his imbedded penis, removing any element of choice in the timing of his climax.

Shinji's hands slid caressingly on his lover's sweat-slick skin as he pressed his groin to Jun's soft bottom and emptied a remarkable amount of ejaculate into her plush body. Jun rested comfortably on her face, murmuring happily as she felt the wonderful, and strangely familiar, sensation of being filled with an oversized load of Shinji's semen.

Like a collapsing house, Shinji fell on top of Jun's back, pressing her to the mattress. She didn't seem to mind one bit, sighing happily at the feeling of the weight of her lover's body. After a few minutes, Shinji rolled off the girl, not wanting to squash her. She protested softly and inarticulately at the loss of his weight and warmth, but was consoled a moment later as Shinji pulled her to his side, where she snuggled happily.

What followed was like a replay of the typical post-coitus events in the Ikari household. Like two hungry but cautious housecats, Yuki and Yuri crept forward, their noses sniffing, detecting the mouthwatering smell of Shinji's unique ejaculate. Wanting to eat before their "meal" got cold, they advanced on the semi-slumbering lovers, tiny Yuki making a beeline for her Shinji-sama's groin, while Yuri licked her chops as she stalked towards Jun's clean-shaven gash, currently oozing a thick dribble of white goo and glistening with the copiously dispensed fluids of her own arousal.

Shinji groaned softly as he felt a small, warm tongue licking at his sensitive equipment. It felt good though, so he didn't protest, merely allowing himself to vocalize his pleasure in a quiet voice as he enjoyed Jun's voluptuous form pressing against his side, his post-orgasm euphoria, and the keener pleasure of someone determinedly cleaning his groin with their mouth.

He heard Jun's soft voice moan beside him, making him suspect a second mouth was going to work on her messy genitals. The thought of one of the two other beautiful girls going down on the sexy girl at his side was enough to make his excitement began to bubble again, causing his prick to stiffen even as he felt a tiny mouth struggle to take in it's large, bulbous head. Only Yuki could have a mouth that small, and he stiffened further as he imagined her elegant, refined face suffused with determination as she tried to get his crude male organ past her delicate lips.

Indeed, Yuri was doing Mihoshi proud, face pressed to groin as she reached up to caress her friend's hips while shamelessly lapping thick strands of cum from Jun's cunt. In the Ikari living room, two of the occupants would have nodded approvingly if they hadn't been chin-deep in each other's twats, sixty-nining like mad on the living room carpet. As cum was not available, pussy-juice would have to do. Asuka rested happily on her back, a huge "post-hubby-sex" grin on her face, the smile being disturbed by periodic moans and twitches as she reacted to her bond-mate's innards being spelunked by Yuri's furiously lashing tongue.

Washu typed furiously, shooting quick glances at the screen as she did so, enjoying the sight of Yuki's inexperienced but enthusiastic fellation of Shinji, while the sound of her friend Yuri's lapping filled the room. Jun's voice rose to a shriek as Yuri's nose tickled her clit, Washu getting a quick close-up of Yuri french-kissing her friend's bare mound, pink tongue flashing as it retrieved tasty sperm for it's sex-crazed master. "That glow in her eyes…I've only seen it when one of Shinji's girls was enjoying the taste of his cum." A uniquely Washu thought followed: `I HAVE TO GET THAT SAMPLE!'. If Washu's keyboard could sweatdrop, it would have instantly shorted itself out then and there.

* * *

Soon, the traditional après-sex cum-feast was over, and all four of the bed's occupants cuddled together, resting contentedly. Yuri and Jun were a tangle of delicious girl-flesh, while Yuki's tiny form rested on Shinji's chest, using his much larger body as a bed.

Shinji was aroused (not that way) by a whisper from the delicate beauty resting on his chest. "Shinji-sama…"

He raised his head and opened his eyes. "Yuki-chan? What is it?"

The young beauty's eyes pleaded hotly. "Please…Shinji-sama…I have waited so long…I need you now, Goshujin-sama…"

Shinji's heart, beating slowly and powerfully as he rested, abruptly accelerated at the words of sexual submission coming from the succulent young tart lying on top of him. He could feel the heat of her small body through the silk of her short robe. As he gazed into Yuki's dark eyes, he felt his manhood rising to attention and pressing against her silk-wrapped bottom.

The staring contest continued, the room's other two occupants watching interestedly as both Yuki and Shinji flushed, he slightly and her more redly. The room grew still as all of the occupants breathed more and more slowly and deeply. Heat seemed to radiate from the forms of the tiny girl resting on her prospective lover's muscular chest.


Yuki flushed more deeply as she continued to gaze into her Master's eyes, unable to look away, even if she wanted to.

"Take off your robe, Yuki-chan." Shinji's voice was not harsh, but he wasn't asking Yuki. He was *telling* her. Just like she wanted.

All three girls were breathing hard now, as Yuki tremblingly pulled the silken robe from her slim shoulders, her gaze still locked on Shinji's.

The robe slid caressingly across Shinji's skin as it fell from Yuki's hands. Her bare shoulders quivered with her rapid breaths as she straightened up, wanting to show herself at her best to her Goshujin-sama. She almost panted as his eyes slid across her body like hands, touching and assessing her flesh as if she were a slave on the block. The accidentally summoned image of being his slave burned in her mind, increasing her arousal to fever-pitch and almost making her climax on the spot. She could feel her sex lubricating like mad as she struggled to maintain some shred of her composure.

Shinji was liking what he saw, liking it a lot. Yuki's body was the equivalent of her face: classically Japanese, delicate and flawless. She had glorious pale-golden skin, small but exquisitely shaped breasts, and a trim waist, complete with flat stomach. Between her thighs was a cute little puff of black pussy-fur.

For all her previous boldness, Yuki blushed like mad when his gaze dropped to between her legs. Her thighs trembled, as if part of her wanted to close them, but another, stronger part refused. A helpless little moan burst from her mouth as he deliberately prolonged his stare at her groin, the arousing sound making Shinji's prick stiffen further and press more firmly against her now bare buttocks.

Finally, he took mercy on her and returned his gaze to her face, taking his time as he leisurely traced the delicate lines of her slim body. She was attractively flushed and breathing hard as they stared into one another's eyes once more.

"Turn around, Yuki-chan."

Yuki did as she was told, each command from her Goshujin-sama deepening her arousal and giving her a delicious sense of submission. She rotated on Shinji's stomach, feeling her hot little sex press against her Master's hard-muscled abdomen as she did so. Yuki had never been this aroused in her life and was starting to feel like she would actually go crazy if Shinji didn't make love to her soon. She stared at the wall, not really seeing it, only feeling Shinji's eyes examining her backside and hoping, praying really, that he liked what he saw.

He did. Yuki's back was as perfect as her front, elegant shoulder blades, the back of her slim neck, nothing but silken skin overlaying delicate bones. She had a trim little bum that Shinji estimated would probably fit perfectly in his hands, if he cared to pick up her up by it. He listened to her shuddering breathing until it had deepened a notch, allowed her to be worked on by her own mind. He didn't even know how he knew how to do what he was doing; it just seemed to be instinctive.

"Face me again, Yuki-chan."

Once again, Shinji was treated to the feeling of Yuki's increasing hot, wet little vagina sliding across his flesh as she obeyed his command, maneuvering with desire-weakened limbs and trying not to fall over. His now monstrous erection was also being stimulated, bouncing gently and sliding across her silken flesh as she turned. It rested, pulsing, in the small of Yuki's back as she completed her movement and resumed facing him. With iron control, Shinji allowed his face to reveal no sign of his sky-high arousal. It was important for Yuki's pleasure that he always seemed to be in total control at all times.

A short period of locked gazes followed, ending quickly when Shinji realized that Yuki's pupils were so dilated that they threatened to swallow him whole if he didn't act while his will was strong.

"Sit on my face."

Gasps burst from the mouths of all seven girls, minus Washu and Yuki, at the crudely worded command. Washu merely quirked an eyebrow and watched her sensor logs, while Yuki was momentarily speechless.

A huge grin split Shinji's face as he stated again, "Sit on your Master's face, Yuki-chan. I want to taste your sweet little pussy."

Immediately, Yuki slid forward on Shinji's body, leaving a shiny trail of her arousal as she went. "My flower is always yours to taste, Goshujin-sama," she squeaked, a cutely determined expression on her face.

Shinji laid his head back on a pillow supplied by Jun. He smiled at her in thanks, and to his surprise, she didn't blush and turn away, but instead softly smiled back. His smile broadened at this, pleased at Jun's increased self-assurance. Feeling Yuki's hot flesh sliding onto his upper chest, he turned back to her and seized her hips with his hands, lifting her body effortlessly and positioning it so that her pussy would shortly be resting on his mouth.

* * *

(A few minutes back from the above scene…)

Meanwhile in the Ikari's living room, Asuka was leaning back against the couch and sorting through the exotic experience she had just lived through. It wasn't every day that you inhabited the body of another woman, experiencing what they experienced, as your hunky husband gave you/that other woman the dicking of a lifetime. It had been profoundly enjoyable and Asuka didn't regret having gone through with it, despite the typical Washu-surprise with the morphing headset at the start.

She was feeling far mellower after having her usual daily dose of Shinji, and so she rose to take a seat on the couch next to Mihoshi and Kasumi, who had cleaned off their shiny faces and were watching the current action taking place on-screen with rapt attention. Asuka leaned onto Mihoshi's side, and the blonde space detective wrapped a warm arm around her friend. The three friends cuddled together and watched, with mounting arousal, as their resident stud began to play a little dominance game with the petite black-haired beauty known as Yuki.

* * *

(Back to current time)

Shinji was enjoying himself as Yuki literally sat on his face. Her slight weight was no problem and her pussy was succulent, the fresh girl-taste being seasoned by the passionate whimpers and cries he could distantly hear where his ears weren't completely muffled by her thighs. He squeezed and fondled her firm little bottom as he almost literally "ate" her pussy, her entire small sexual mound being surrounded by his mouth.

He was bringing the young girl to the point of insanity as he tirelessly thrust his comparatively large tongue into her sparsely-furred cleft and left no inner crevice untouched. He alternately paid skilled attention to the small bud of her clitoris or left it alone for a short while he suspended her in the air with his strong arms and delicately teased her outer lips and mound, always returning to resting her full weight on his mouth and tongue-fucking her until she burst into ecstatic wails.

She had orgasmed onto Shinji's face so many times that he had lost count, each time giving forth a small gush of rich juice which he eagerly swallowed. As sucked on her pearl, feeling her body begin to tremble in impending orgasm for the umpteenth time, his good-natured torture was interrupted by a pleading whisper from above.

"Please, Goshujin-sama, Shinji-sama, I need…you to make me a woman. I'm sorry to interrupt your pleasure, but…my strength is almost gone. If you make me climax even once more, I fear that…I will faint."

Yuki was not exaggerating. Though every fiber of her being sang with a sensual satisfaction and rapture that she had never before experienced, she was losing her ability to remain conscious and coherent. Her current state with Shinji's face between her legs was like sitting astride a hot volcano of pleasure that periodically erupted in spectacular fireworks, though she was the one doing the erupting. While she never wanted it to end, she also wanted her idol to take her maidenhead before the night was through, and she knew that Shinji would never do so if she were anything less than fully conscious and acquiescent.

With one last affectionate rub of his face against her cute little pussy, which wrenched a gasp from Yuki, Shinji lifted her off of his face and set her to one side of him. He then sat up and turned to regard her.

"Yuki-chan…" he murmured, pulling her close. He saw that she was recovering a bit of her strength now that she was freed from his remorseless stimulation. "Shinji-sama…" she responded, snuggling into his arms.

"I will make you a woman now, Yuki-chan. How would you like to do it?"

Yuki understood what he meant and was quick to respond.

"On my back, Goshujin-sama." She blushed and tried to look away, but was once again held by his gaze. "I want to feel you above me…taking me…" Her voice dropped to a husky whisper. The observers, both in the room and without, could feel the same intense sexual charge building as when the two had first locked eyes. Asuka noticed that her Shin-chan's penis was as hard as stone and glistening with pre-cum. She unconsciously licked her lips and eagerly awaited Yuki's deflowering.

"Very well, Yuki-chan," Shinji said in a low rumble. "Get on your back."

The dominating nature of the command and the harsh way it was delivered made Yuki's entire body jerk once with excitement. She looked around to make sure there was enough space and limply collapsed on her back, unable to do much more in her arousal-weakened state.

Moving like a hungry tiger, Shinji closed the short distance between them, padding on his hands and knees unselfconsciously. It was an arousing sight to the females observing. It nearly made Yuki pass out, but she managed to control herself.

Keeping his eyes on Yuki's cute boobs, bouncing vigorously with her quickened breathing, Shinji got astride her small form. He felt her body heat as lowered himself almost on top of her. He couldn't resist giving her an affectionate kiss as their faces neared. Yuki smiled softly back at him and calmed down a bit, which was his intent. Excitement was all well and good, but giving her a heart attack from anxiety and overstimulation was certainly not.

`Nothing left but to get down to it,' thought Shinji, placing the slick head of his member at Yuki's moisture-drenched entrance. He pressed into her for a moment, softly at first, and then with increasing force.


Shinji felt his stomach give a minor twinge of anxiety. He could hear Yuki's still-accelerated breathing as she waited for him to penetrate her. He listened to her breathing absently as he examined the situation. Her flower was as open as it could be; it's outer petals red and swollen, peeled back and away from the shiny pink inner core. It was also as lubricated as it could possibly get.

With a sinking feeling, Shinji realized an unavoidable fact: his penis was simply too big to fit into the tiny girl's vagina without ripping her apart. `Oh Kami-sama, how the hell am I going to break this to her? Oh hell, she's gonna flip out! …………. No use in waiting…'


Yuki's eyes popped open and looked up at him trustingly.

Shinji reached down and caressed the tiny girl's face lovingly. "Yuki-chan…I'm sorry, but…I'm too big to fit inside you. There's just no way I can do it without hurting you, *really* hurting you, and there's no way I'm going to do that. I'm sorry. Gomen-nasai."

Shinji watched, his heart breaking, as Yuki, at first disbelieving, slowly realized that he was dead serious. Her eyes filled with tears. He felt helpless as Yuki began to cry softly, but piteously. She wasn't loudly sobbing or wailing, but he knew she was extremely distraught despite the lack of obvious signs. He did the only thing he could do which was take her in his arms and give her a comforting hug. She didn't resist and cried quietly into his chest. Even though it wasn't his fault, Shinji felt like scum, nevertheless.

As all the other girls began to feel a little moist in the oculars as well, Yuri saved the day. Bounding off the bed as a flash of memory occurred to her, she streaked over to the suite's fully equipped kitchen and ripped open the refrigerator door. Inside was a small, metallic case, about the size of a chicken egg. She grabbed it and dashed back to the bed where Yuki was still quietly crying in Shinji's arms.

Yuri crawled up beside the two and said quietly, "I may have a solution, Shinji-sama, Yuki-chan."

After a moment, the two of them turned to her, Shinji with a questioning face and Yuki with a hopeful one.

Yuri snapped open the metal "egg", revealing a large, liquid-filled pill, blue in color. It looked to Shinji rather like the blue pill from the vintage sci-fi movie, "The Matrix", which he had rather liked. While watching it, Ranma had nodded approvingly and commented on the realistic portrayal of what martial artists could do, which would have gotten him a weird look pretty much anywhere in the world other than his own house, where it only got understanding nods.

As Yuri explained, Yuki stared at the pill like it contained the answer to the mystery of life.

"Asuka-san gave me this, just in case this very situation occurred. She said a genius scientist friend of hers named Washu Hakubi had created it specifically for her. She said that you would understand the significance of this." Yuri looked at Shinji with a questioning eyebrow raised, and Shinji nodded his understanding.

"Asuka-san said that the pill will simulate the hormones released during childbirth, raising the person who takes it's pain threshold dramatically and giving their reproductive system exceptional strength and flexibility. She also said that it's fast acting."

Before any further questions or comments could be made, Yuki's hand lashed out and snatched the pill from the case. In one swift movement she jammed the pill into her mouth and swallowed it. Her bottom lip trembled as Shinji, as well as the others, stared at her in shock.

"I'm sorry Shinji-sama, but I couldn't let this chance go by."

Shinji smoothed the shock from his face and took Yuki into his arms again.

"It's OK, Yuki-chan, I understand. Don't worry, Washu-san really is a genius, so the pill should work just like Yuri-chan said."

Yuki murmured happily into his chest as he thought, `I sure hope Washu didn't screw this one up…'

* * *

"Will that pill really let Shin-chan deflower Yuki-chan without hurting her, Washu-san?" Kasumi asked worriedly.

"Of course! Am I not the number one genius scientist in the entire universe?! HA HA HA! OF COURSE I AM!!!" Washu exclaimed, breaking into a round of mad laughter. She'd been surprisingly good about the whole "mad laughter" thing, keeping it to a minimum when she wasn't alone in her lab, but hey, she can only hold it in so long, right?

Washu's laughter came to an end and the group turned back to the viewscreen, where the blessed event was beginning.

* * *

As Shinji had lost his erection due to Yuki's sadness, Yuri and Jun where working to help him get it back.

Jun was working on his penis with cocksucking skills she hadn't known she possessed, savoring this bonus round with his once-again-hard meat, sucking it in until the head bumped the back of her throat, then sliding it out and licking the sensitive underside of the head with great enjoyment. At the same time, Yuri was swapping saliva with him passionately, moaning happily at this chance to get in a little more loving before the evening was through.

Yuki wasn't feeling neglected though. She was flat on her back, sweating and trembling as Washu's magic pill had its way with her system. It was indeed doing what Yuri had described, sending chemicals and nano-machines to reinforce and stimulate her reproductive system, including the current stumbling block, her vaginal sheath. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, it was also having the effect of making her 10 times as sexually responsive.

She was currently "suffering" from the effects of running a finger along her cleft when she felt it tingling in an odd way. The backlash of sensation had put her down for the count. The pill's flexible program had noted the effects of the manual stimulation and adjusted various factors so that Yuki would be able to maintain her awareness in the throes of sexual activity, but instead of damping down the sexual stimulation, for some reason, it chose to vastly increase her ability to endure that type of stimulation while staying conscious.

Yuki's biosystem finished adjusting itself and she opened her eyes just as Shinji lowered himself to hover over her body once more.

"Yuki-chan, are you ready? I'm going to try again."

Yuki gave him a tiny smile and nod.

Smiling reassuringly, Shinji once again attempted to fit himself inside Yuki's tiny channel. Steadily increasing the pressure, he could tell that her vagina had definitely loosened up. With a grunt, and a gasp from Yuki, his enormous cockhead popped inside her body.

"You OK?" he inquired concernedly.

Yuki gave him a trembling smile and nod. It had felt like a bomb had gone off in her groin, in a good way. She didn't understand why she was still conscious. Floating on waves of euphoria, she indicated that he should continue.

Though Yuki wanted to be deflowered missionary-style, Shinji realized that it was simply impractical, in light of her incredibly tightness. He simply didn't have leverage to fit into her. When he explained the situation to her, she had just smiled and nodded unconcernedly.

Carefully, he dropped to his side and then his back, staying inside Yuki, until he was holding her weight suspended above him.

Then, he *slowly* began to allow her weight to impale her onto his stiff manhood.

* * *

Inch by agonizingly pleasurable inch, Shinji's big member forced its way into Yuki's tiny womanhood. With every inch, he asked her if she was OK, always getting the same smile and nod. For Shinji, it was both very very pleasant, as Yuki's channel was far tighter than an average sized woman's anus while being very hot and slippery inside, as well as maddening, since he was forced to move at a glacial place. Though he didn't realize it, thinking that it must be a painful trial for her to endure, for Yuki every advance felt like snorting a big fat bag of crack. She simply floated amidst the clouds of rapture and waited for Shinji's actions.

After the first couple of inches, the barrier was upon them. Shinji felt his penis press against a membrane and knew that he had encountered Yuki's hymen. Seeing her nod for him to continue, he pierced the thin sheet of skin with one sharp thrust. Yuki gasped in pain, causing Shinji to freeze, but within a minute she indicated that he should continue. Unbeknownst to him, the nano-machines in Yuki's system had almost instantly killed the spike of pain. As a small amount of blood began to ooze from out around their joined sex organs, Shinji continued to penetrate the tiny brunette.

* * *

Finally, Shinji was buried to the balls inside Yuki's body. Though he didn't realize it, his cock was all the way into her womb, her cervix having been dilated by Washu's pill. Yuki didn't realize it either other than to note that she felt very, very good. Shinji's staff was fully imbedded into her flower and she was happy. That was all the room she had left in her head to acknowledge. The rest of her neural capacity was used up by an inhuman amount of pleasure.

They stayed that way for a while, allowing Yuki's sheath to loosen up some more, while Shinji regathered his willpower to endure fucking the tiny girl without losing control and hurting her.

Shinji held Yuki's hips and made an experimental two-inch withdrawal and thrust. He grunted in agonized pleasure at the sensation, while Yuki felt like a kilo of heroin had been shot into her carotid artery. She smiled happily as she floated in clouds of bliss that would have burned out the mind of an unaugmented human. To Shinji it simply felt like his cock was inside a hot, slippery tunnel that had seemingly been custom-fitted to it by a master craftsman, a tunnel that left exactly zero clearance, maximizing the friction caused by movement within it.

Shinji prayed for strength, to who or what he didn't know, perhaps to his loving wife, and flipped them over so that they were in the missionary position. Before he could inform Yuki of his intentions, she began to speak.

"Shinji-sama, I have a confession to make."

"Oh?" Shinji quirked an eyebrow.

"When Asuka-sama offered me the chance to be with you, Shinji-sama, to have you be the one to take my virginity, it was the answer to my prayers."

Shinji listened intently, enjoying the pulse of Yuki's hot inner self wrapped oh-so-snugly around his aching erection.

"I know I am young, but every since I was a young girl, I have been fascinated by two things: the world of the Geisha and the concept of dominance and submission. I have learned as much about the ways of the Geisha as it was possible to do with my family's limited financial means. And…I want a man to dominate me. I want YOU to dominate me, Goshujin-sama."

Shinji was thunderstruck by Yuki's blatant request, almost a *demand*, for him to be her Master.

"All I can offer is my body, mind and spirit," she murmured, "Everything I am is yours. Please use me as you wish. I ask for nothing other than to be your plaything. I know you are virtuous and will treat me well. *Please* Shinji-sama."

Shinji's mouth flapped open and closed without sound as he struggled to arrange his thoughts. What was a person to say to a statement like that? And what was it with women looking for him to be their Master? Kasumi had said something similar to him when he had first made love to her on that memorable occasion in the Red Room. And Asuka sometimes liked to treat him the same way, though it was mostly in play. At least he thought it was, sometimes it was damn hard to tell. Mihoshi didn't think of him that way, though she was so willing to play along with any "games" that came up it amounted to the same thing anyway.

Yuki saw that he was confused and his resistance was weakening and turned up the pressure.

"Please, Goshujin-sama. Use me. Fuck me. Fill me." Yuki said in a voice filled with naked supplication and began to use her until now concealed self-taught sexual training, flexing her entire overstuffed sheath around her Master's member.

"AHHHH! AH, Ah, shit, damn, Kami-sama!" Shinji cried out in agonized pleasure as his penis felt like it was being expertly caressed by the hands of a hundred elf-maidens wearing gloves of wet silk over velvet.

"USE me. FUCK me. FILL me!" chanted Yuki in her cute high-pitched voice, reaching up and looping her hands around Shinji's neck. Hanging from his body, she flexed her powerful abdominal muscles and pulled her pelvis up several inches and then down, causing Shinji's member to slide in and out of her pussy, all the while massaging her Master's prick with her inner muscles.

"USE my pussy! FUCK my pussy! FILL my pussy!" she squeaked feverishly, gyrating her pelvis in a sensual dance of submission, sliding her Master's penis in and out of her body, all the while squeezing it relentlessly. Shinji groaned helplessly, his mind overloaded by the extreme pleasure coming from his groin.

The observing females stared in shock and awe at Yuki's completely unexpected sexual prowess. Shinji was shuddering with pleasure with his eyes closed, as his dick was ceaseless stimulated by the tightest thing it had ever been inside.

`May God forgive me for what I am about to do.'

Abruptly, Shinji's eyes snapped open and an unearthly growl came from his throat. Yuki froze as she felt his aura switch from uncertain to total dominance in an instant.

"I accept."

Yuki squeaked as Shinji seized her hips and without pausing, pulled his cock almost out of her body and then slammed the full nine inches in to the hilt. She clung to his neck as he flopped down on top of her and began to use her pussy mercilessly. As the other six girls stared speechlessly, Yuki started to shriek continuously, her legs wrapping tightly around her Master's waist as he jackhammered his hips into hers, seeking his satisfaction from her tiny hole.

* * *

Kasumi, Mihoshi and Asuka stared at the giant video-unit disbelievingly. The air was filled with Yuki's wailing as her tiny pussy was mercilessly stretched by Shinji's big cock. He had already shot his load into her once and was still pounding at the cream-filled crack, unwilling to take a break. As there was no real room inside Yuki for any more matter of any sort, cum was being pumped out of her as fast as it was being deposited, leading Yuri and Jun (once they got over their shock) to shamelessly maneuver their heads into position where possible and lick up the tasty substance.

Asuka noticed that Washu looked a bit chagrined, though at the same time fascinated and that she was typing away with unusual speed.

"Something's gone wrong, hasn't it Washu!"

Now all the girls were looking at the redheaded madwom- *ahem* genius.

Except for Mihoshi, who couldn't tear her eyes away from the sight of Shinji flipping Yuki to the woman-on-top position and continuing to vigorously impale his tiny sex-partner, literally bouncing her on his prick. Incredible amounts of cum were pouring from their joined organs and being consumed by the frantically licking Jun-Yuri duo.

Washu sweatdropped and tapped a few keys, causing the viewpoint on the videoscreen to change to an overhead angle. The other girls gasped, as they saw that Yuki's eyes were rolled all the way back into her head, showing nothing but white, and that her face was contorted in a frightening rictus of inhuman pleasure.

Washu tapped a few more keys and the screen split into two subscreens, one showing the love hotel's suite, and the other a diagram of the human brain.

"Ahem," said Washu, a professor's hat appearing on her head.

"A short science lesson." The girls looked on attentively, even Mihoshi.

"This," she said, indicating the diagram, "Is a simplified diagram of the human brain. Note the block in the middle. It is an abstract representation of the brain's pleasure center."

The block lit up with some flashing white squares in the otherwise dark space. "The pleasure center during sex. The flashing squares represent firing neurons."

Another mini-diagram appeared below the first. Lots of white squares which flashed for longer, clustering more densely towards the center. "During orgasm."

Another one. A solid block of white in the center, surrounded by lots of flashing squares. "Multiple orgasm."

Washu glanced at her audience and tapped a few more keys. "This…is Yuki's brain, right now."

A final diagram, at the bottom of the column of diagrams. The block was solid white, all the way to the edges. The girls waited for it to change.

"Gee, it takes some time to refresh," commented Mihoshi, "The Yagami's computer is faster than that!"

Washu gave them an indecipherable look and said flatly, "This display is real-time and refreshed every 10 nanoseconds."

The girls gasped.

"Holy shit," stated Asuka, eyes wide.

Washu nodded. "The pill she took had nanotransmitters in it. I already had some nanites in all three girls, from the time I gave them their physical examination and contraceptive implants. That's how come I could hook you up to Jun, Asuka."

Asuka nodded her understanding, staring with the other girls at the violently bouncing Yuki on-screen, her face still stretched by her ghastly frozen smile.

Washu continued, "My pill evidently had some sort of side-effect, almost certainly something to do with sensitivity. I make my nanites pretty smart, so chances are good that the pill's payload will have adjusted Yuki's system so that she can survive with her sanity mostly intact."

The girls' heads swiveled abruptly back to Washu, eyes wide. Asuka spoke for the group when she barked, "What the *hell* do you mean by that!?"

Washu sighed. "The girl is being subjected to more pleasure than a human is designed to handle. It *will* have permanent effects of some sort."

Washu tapped on her keyboard for a bit. "In fact, I think I can guess what it might be. The view on the right contains the boiled-down thoughts that are going through Yuki's mind right now."

Replacing the diagrams on the right screen-half was a rapidly changing series of images. Asuka felt her stomach lurch as she immediately detected a common theme. Her husband. Him smiling, his cock, his nude body, him playing the cello.

"I think you should prepare for another long-term guest, Asuka-chan," Washu said dryly.

Asuka snarled automatically as she stared at the cycling images of her husband. At least Yuki seemed like a nice girl, part of her said optimistically. Asuka brutally stomped that part of her mind with a spike-heeled red boot. Though she was feeling much better after her tele-fuck, she was still in no mood to think about having to share her Shin-chan with *another* woman right now.

Washu continued in her version of a pedantic lecturer's voice. "One way or another, I think this experience is bonding Yuki to Shinji-kun. It might be physically harmful to keep her away from him, at least for the time being."

* * *

Indeed, in the same way there is a lower part of the brain that activates and imprints from pain, giving a person a lifelong avoidance, fear or terror of something, there is a rarely activated pleasure mechanism that does the opposite. Due to the chemicals, nanites and natural hormones in her system, plus her own desires and thoughts, Shinji's presence, his love, his approval, were being written into Yuki's neural wetware as something she *needed*, right next to breathing and more important than eating or sleeping.

In the love hotel's suite, Shinji was roughly taking Yuki from behind while she crouched on her hands and knees, each brutal thrust causing a veritable nuclear explosion of pleasure to go off inside her body and mind, each explosion intensifying the bonding process. Shinji was continuously cumming, causing white goo to spray from the hole he was thrusting into, like water from a well being invaded by a hydraulic ram. This was much to the delight of Jun and Yuri, who were feeling rather full from the stupendous amount of semen they had consumed, but nonetheless still wanted more. The two nude young beauties lolled their tongues hungrily near Yuki's oscillating backside, catching the occasional spray of jizz and periodically licking an accumulation off her thighs.

After 30 minutes of hard-core fucking, Shinji achieved complete satisfaction, pulling out of Yuki with a roar and spurting another half-liter of seed onto her sweat-drenched buttocks. He panted harshly as Yuki's cum-crazed friends ate her clean with remarkable speed, and allowed them to lick him clean as well before collapsing to the bed. Yuki immediately scuttled over and lay directly on top of him, while the other two girls seized an arm apiece and cuddled close. Exhausted from the evening's erotic adventures, the four slept soundly.

* * *


* * *