Payback - Chapter 04 - The Young Maidens Three, Part One

Started: March 31, 2003

Current Revision: May 03, 2003

A Story By WarpWizard

A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfiction

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

This fic is kind of a response to all those Eva fanfics, even good ones, where Shinji and Asuka get together but she still acts rather like a controlling bitch to him, sometimes even after years of time as a couple. I know this is quite in character for Asuka and all, but it just pisses me off. Thus this lemon.

* * *

For the next few weeks, Asuka laid off on the perverted schemes, as the four members of the household got used to living together. This didn't mean a lack of sex, though. If fact, the three horny females worked Shinji like a slavedriver, not that he minded.

Hardly an hour passed when Shinji was at home that he wasn't buried inside one of his lover's bodies, whether it was him flipping up Kasumi's dress and taking her from behind in the kitchen, or him watching TV with Mihoshi, with her feeling a bit peckish and pulling his penis out of his pants. She would suck it until he rewarded her with a mouthful of her favorite snack, after which they would continue watching TV as if nothing unusual had happened, which in fact it hadn't.

Mihoshi had become, not to put too fine a point on it, a complete and total addict to Shinji's cum. Mihoshi had described her reaction to Shinji's sexual emission to Washu, and after a bit of research, she had confirmed the nature of the relationship between Mihoshi and Shinji's unusual body chemistry.

Mihoshi had eventually given up any resistance to her urges and it was now a regular part of bed-time play. For example, it was now unusual to not find Mihoshi's head between the legs of whoever had just been filled with fresh cream. Shinji would slump to one side, into the arms of, for example, Asuka, who could cuddle with him until he recovered, while the bedroom was filled with the noisy lapping of Mihoshi voraciously recovering every drop of his semen from the vagina of his recent sex partner.

The obscene wet noises of her feasting and erotic moans of the helpless recipient of Mihoshi's merciless oral delvings would swiftly re-arouse Shinji, who would then take Mihoshi vigorously from behind. This led to Kasumi vacuuming out Mihoshi's now cream-filled opening, making sure to share her find with the cum-hungry blonde, lest she get upset.

Finally, the once again re-aroused Shinji would satisfy his wife, and the two of them would lie flat on their backs in exhaustion as their borderline nymphomaniacal friends licked their genitals clean and shared one last cum-feast. Then, the whole group would cuddle in a big heap of sexually satisfied flesh and fall deeply asleep in under a minute.

Just a typical evening at the Ikari household.

Another of the girls' favorite tricks was to wait until he was climaxing, pull his spurting organ out of the body of whichever one of them was being plowed and use it to spray the other two girls' faces with ejaculate. Shinji's body would then defy physical law to become potent again in moments, as he would observe two beautiful faces being tenderly tongue-cleaned of tasty cum, followed by wet, open-mouthed sperm-swapping kisses. With a roar, he would seize the nearest temptress and savagely fuck her, to her great and lasting satisfaction.

This cycle, with numerous lewd variations, would continue until the girls had mercy on him and ceased their erotic torture. They had spontaneously agreed to tone it down somewhat after exhausting Shinji one Friday night, so that he slept solidly for 16 hours the next day. The three hot-blooded females had wanted to see how long they could tease their lover into boning them senseless, but had given up after numerous hours when Asuka had announced that, given that they would only have two days to heal, she wanted to be able to walk normally in public once the weekend was over.

In fact, all three would have had a suspiciously bowlegged stance on Monday if it hadn't been for another one of Washu's miracle creams.

Shinji's confidence (and sexual endurance) had also grown tremendously, to the point where he now felt comfortable being far more forward than he had in the past. The girls had made it a habit of taking him by surprise and now was returning the favor, with interest. He surprised and delighted all the girls by periodically grabbing one of them and arousing them with astonishing speed, before supporting their bodies with his strong arms and fucking them senseless, whether it be on the nearest soft surface or sometimes against the wall or even on the floor.

Asuka had also noticed that he seemed to be gaining some control over his Berzerker transformation. A noise had awoken her in the middle of the night, and she had gone out to investigate.

* * *

Asuka was astonished to find Shinji in the bedroom hallway, pressing Kasumi's back to the wall as he thrust an inhumanly gigantic erection into her sweating body. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist and she was crying out softly in a trembling voice, clearly straining to refrain from screaming the entire household awake.

Kasumi was clad in the sexy underwear she favored for sleepwear. It was still mostly on her body, Shinji evidently having evidently seized her and pulled her panties down but not off her, wasting no time in getting to what they both wanted. The flimsy scrap of silk was in disarray around Kasumi's upper thighs, inches from where Asuka's husband was driving his manhood into her mound of venus. Asuka found this powerfully erotic, a sign of her husband swiftly taking what he wanted from his willing partner.

Trying to ignore her suddenly pounding heart and awakening pussy, Asuka quickly surmised that Shinji must have encountered Kasumi in the hallway as they both got up to get a midnight snack, and one or both of them had been seized by a sudden urge. Probably Shinji, as he was "paying them back" lately for surprising him in the past. Not that they didn't love it, of course.

She stared hungrily at the point where their bodies joined, enjoying the erotic sight of Kasumi's pussy being stretched by the tremendous piece of meat filling her insides. Kasumi's pink inner labia were visible when Shinji pulled back to thrust, as they were so tightly stretched around his cock that they were being pulled along when he withdrew his monstrous erection from her dripping channel.

Even as she watched, Kasumi's body quivered violently and Shinji leaned forward, kissing her deeply and drowning her cry of supreme satisfaction in his mouth. Moments later, he gasped out his own fulfillment and rested, leaning against Kasumi's body as she once again rested her shaky legs on the floor.

Asuka was surprised to find herself swiftly advancing and squirming her way between the couple's legs. She raised her head and opened her mouth to receive the creamy drops of Kasumi and Shinji's mingled fluids. The pungent goo dripped in a steady stream out of Kasumi's over-full vagina, past her husband's still-hard penis.

`God, I'm such a *slut*!' Asuka thought to herself, as she enjoyed the rich flavor of the mingled male and female sexual essences. She deftly captured a larger gush which was released as her husband slid himself out of Kasumi's insides. With a dizzying sense of her own shamelessness, she pressed her face to Kasumi's groin and nuzzled her sex for a moment, thrusting her tongue hard into her friend's warm depths, lashing it against the inner walls and then quickly but thoroughly licking the surface.

Loving the indescribable flavor tantalizing her taste buds and the heat it brought to her belly and loins, Asuka wasted no time turning and capturing her husband enormous flavored meat-stick in her hungry mouth. With astonishing ease, gained from long hours of practice, she swiftly gulped inch after inch of pulsing cock into her mouth and down her throat, using her tongue to clean her beloved's manhood of tasty juices as she went.

Once again, the thought of her own remarkable sluttiness heated Asuka's blood as she realized that her chin was pressed against the skin of her husband's soft, warm scrotum, even as she could feel Kasumi's body heat on her back, as her female friend no doubt gazed in astonishment at the lewd act taking place right beneath her nose.

`With my Shin-chan, and only with him, I'm a slut supreme!' Asuka thought proudly, somewhat amazed at her own thought processes. She closed her eyes and pulsed her throat absently, enjoying the feelings of her husband's closeness and his manhood in her intimate grasp, even as she was pleased by his gasps of renewed pleasure from her erotic oral torture.

Not wanting to steal Kasumi's thunder, Asuka reluctantly released her husband's cock from her throat's snug grip. Shinji gasped repeatedly again as his sensitive member was lingeringly caressed by his wife's soft, wet inner tissues as she allowed him to slide out of her throat and then from her mouth. Asuka made a tight seal with her lips during the last moments, giving her beloved a final bit of pleasure as his cockhead popped out of her mouth with a wet noise.

Asuka stood and said apologetically, looking at both of their astonished faces, "I'm sorry to interrupt, I, I, just couldn't resist!" Without hesitation, Shinji and Kasumi sandwiched her warmly between them in a warm double-hug. "I didn't mind, Asuka-chan," murmured Kasumi warmly. "What you were doing made me rather…hot," she said, sounding a bit embarrassed at her enjoyment of such activities. "I can't say that I minded either, Asuka-chan," murmured Shinji, "You've become quite the sword-swallower!" he teased gently.

As Asuka blushed in mortification and Shinji chuckled, his amusement making his chest vibrate against her, Kasumi spoke up again. "Yes, Asuka-chan, you really must show me how you do that. I want to be able to swallow Shinji-kun's sword as well as you do," she said sincerely.

"O-OK Kasumi-chan," replied Asuka muffledly, hiding her red face against her husband's chest.

"Good," said Kasumi happily. "Now, lets get back to the bedroom before Mihoshi-chan wakes up." She looked at Asuka using her husband to conceal her face and couldn't resist adding a final bit of teasing. "Shinji-kun and I had a snack in the kitchen before he felt frisky in the hallway, and you just had your snack, so we should all be good until morning."

"Snack?" mumbled Asuka as the three padded quietly back to the bedroom, her fatigue-fogged brain not working as quickly as it normally did. The last words heard in the hallway that night was Asuka's voice uncharacteristically whining, "Kasumiiiii, quit teasing meeeeee!" followed by Shinji's chuckle and Kasumi's angelic giggle.

* * *

Another typical situation…

* * *

Shinji's erection pressed into Kasumi's soft belly as they kissed lingeringly.

"<kiss>I<kiss>love you<kiss>Kasumi."

"I <kiss> love <kiss> you too, Shin-chan."

The feeling of her voluptuous form in his arms was heavenly. Her big breasts pressed against him as her kissed her soft mouth, twining his arms around her and resting his hands on the warm, smooth skin of her marvelous bottom. She moaned softly into his mouth as he cupped the succulent flesh and squeezed her ass cheeks, their tongues waging playful war as they kissed deeply.

Shinji felt almost guilty at how much he enjoyed making love to Kasumi. Recently, he sometimes wondered if the old feminist stereotype of men was true, that they were simple-minded creatures who enjoyed food, sleep and sexual variety with multiple women above all things.

`I'm not that shallow, am I?' was the question that sometimes drifted through his mind as he lay in bed at night, comfortably surrounded by the soft female flesh of his multiple loves. The fact was, Asuka certainly seemed to be able to push his buttons, for good or for bad. She was able to make him feel like dirt when she wanted to, and had proven herself equally capable of satisfying his hidden desires, desires so well hidden that he hadn't even know that they were there. Whether he was typical of males in general was an unanswerable question, but he unquestionably enjoyed have sex and making love with all three women.

The question that had really haunted him of late was, would he still be satisfied if Mihoshi and Kasumi left, and he only had Asuka to share his life and warm his bed? The thought that he quite possibly wouldn't had made him feel like a complete bastard, almost approaching the unapproachable level of bastardness established by his father. What would he do then, if he wasn't satisfied? Cheat on his wife? The thought had made him shudder with self-loathing.

Such negative thoughts were far away at the moment, as Shinji and Kasumi toppled gently to the bed. He lay with his body covering Kasumi's, in the way that they had found they both liked, and easily slid his manhood into her wet and ready sheath. Still kissing and caressing each other, the happy couple made unhurried love. Shinji absolutely loved resting atop Kasumi, comfortably mounted in the saddle of her hips and vigorously thrusting into her snug vagina. Every time he lost himself in the pleasures of her body, he was amazed at how her physical form couldn't have been better designed for giving him pleasure than if he'd created it himself. He couldn't help always comparing her body to a bed made for him to lie on. At times he was faintly disturbed by the almost motherly comfort he experienced after making love to her, as he rested his head on her pillowy bosom.

Kasumi's angelic cries of satisfaction soothed Shinji's self-doubt and worry as he rode her body to repeated climaxes. Though Shinji found Kasumi easy to love and his affection for her grew with every passing day, he hadn't known her for long, and due to this, plus her slowly receding nymphomania, currently their relationship mostly consisted of sex. Lots of sex. Lots and lots and LOTS of energetic, athletic, sweaty sex.

Their current encounter was typical of their relationship. Their first bout of lovemaking would be in Shinji's usual style, loving and tender. As passions flared, the sex would grown increasingly vigorous, until, by the third bout the air of the bedroom was filled with the loud slap of flesh on flesh as Shinji penetrated his voluptuous bed-mate with ever-increasing speed and force. They often finished with Kasumi giving vent to a loud cry and twisting her body into a sexual position allowing for deeper and more powerful penetration. Many times they had ended an encounter with Shinji riding Kasumi's sweating body from behind, using her huge tits as handles to piledrive his swollen member into her wet, clutching sex, all the while listening to her yell, "MOTTO! *MOTTO*!" (Jap. for more! MORE!)

* * *

Then came a break in the routine, for no reason that Shinji could detect. For an entire week, Kasumi and Mihoshi were out of the house when he was home, visiting relatives supposedly and Asuka only seemed to want to cuddle, though at times Shinji would have been willing to swear that she was on fire with horniness.

It was during this sex-free interval that Shinji realized that he had become accustomed to, and perhaps even a bit addicted to, the constant sexual activity he had been enjoying for the last month or so. Just being in his now empty-seeming bedroom was enough to give him a painful hard-on. He masturbated more during those seven days than he had cumulatively done so before in his entire life.

So it was that when Asuka indicated that a "surprise" was due on the coming Saturday, he found himself looking forward to it with an eagerness that surprised him and for once not the least bit of apprehension. To be blunt, Shinji needed pussy and he needed it *bad*. He thought privately to himself, with unusual intensity, that he was going to fuck his red-headed temptress of a wife until she had come so many times that she was begging him to stop. He would then inflict one more climax on her and leave her as an exhausted but happy pile of mindless flesh.

Let's join Shinji now, as he heads to his promised rendezvous…

* * *


Shinji stepped into the cool of the love-hotel's lobby, finding it refreshing after the warmth of the summer night.

It was early Saturday evening and he was full of energy. It had been a pleasant Saturday thus far, spent doing the usual pleasant, idle things that both he and Asuka so appreciated about their current lifestyle. They had both experienced a surfeit of excitement in their lives, and were pleased to live a normal, mundane life.

With the recent notable exception of the sexual part of their lives, he mused. Asuka seemed deadly determined to spice that part up! Not that he really minded. He was constantly amazed by her ingenuity and drive, and her efforts to give him "payback" were no exception. Though the last week had been almost painfully free of sex. That ended tonight, Shinji thought with anticipating burning in his belly.

Which led to his current situation: standing in the tastefully furnished lobby of Tokyo-3's finest love-hotel. With no advance warning, Asuka had informed him that tonight was to feature a special rendezvous at his current location, the "Pearl of the Orient". For some reason, she had insisted on them arriving separately, with her leaving first. `She probably wanted to…prepare herself or something.' The thought did little to soothe his fevered imaginings of the delights which quite probably awaited him.

Hentai thoughts poured through Shinji's mind, as he absently scanned his surroundings. `She could be oiling herself up, right now…' He quickly dispelled that arousing image, not wanting to sport a huge bulge as he approached the attractive female at the lobby's welcoming station.

The "Pearl of the Orient" was conveniently equipped with two separate entrances and lobbies, an automated one for the shy and adulterous, and one which was almost exactly like the lobby of a high-quality regular hotel. Shinji had used the regular one, as he had never used a love-hotel before and wasn't sure of the procedure.

He admired the fine marble and wood of the building's interior as he approached the large, circular welcoming station. The station was occupied by an attractive female in the prime of young adulthood, dressed immaculately in a beautiful blue and white silk kimono. She smiled invitingly at Shinji as he arrived at her station.

He smiled back, somewhat shyly.

"Umm…I've never, ah, that is…I mean to say-"

The girl didn't seem taken aback by his babbling, smiling reassuringly at him and saying calmly, "Your name, sir?"

"Ah, Ikari."

There was the swift and near-silent tapping of a keyboard and the girl's eyes widened just a tiny bit, as she spied what was on her concealed computer screen. Her eyes, which Shinji noticed were a vivid shade of jade-green, flicked up momentarily to gaze at him with a mixture of awe and respect. She almost instantly dropped her gaze back to her hidden screen, and calmed after a moment. Shinji seemed to see a shadow of amusement pass over her face as her eyes rapidly scanned back and forth over the screen's contents.

When she finished with her reading, the receptionist plucked a credit-card sized plastic card from somewhere inside her station and stood gracefully to hand it to him. As Shinji reached to take the card from her, she seized his hand in both of hers and bowed deeply over it, pressing her forehead to it and causing her hair to cascade over his forearm like a black silk waterfall.

Shinji stood stunned by this show of respect from a beautiful young woman that he was a complete stranger to, as far as he knew. After a moment, she released him, pressing the card into his hand and gracefully straightening her back.

The odd girl flipped her long silky hair back over her shoulder as she smiled dazzlingly at Shinji. "The room number is on the card, Ikari-sama. Swipe the card through the reader on the door to enter. Your stay has been paid for 2 full days, so feel free to sleep in if you wish."

The girl paused, and then continued, sending a burning stare straight into Shinji's eyes.

"If you need anything." She paused again and said with greater emphasis, seeming to send an unspoken message with her eyes, "*Anything*, please call me at the front desk by pressing 0 on the room phone."

For some reason the girl's strange emphasis on that one word, combined with her intense green eyed stare, sent an odd heat through Shinji's stomach and made his cock stir.

He took the opportunity to break her gaze by bowing respectfully.

"Of course, Miss…?"

She blushed and said embarrassedly, "Yumi. My name is Yumi."

"Domo arigato for the kind offer, Miss Yumi," Shinji said, bowing again.

He left the attractively pink-faced receptionist staring hungrily after him, as he turned and swiftly made his escape before anything else could happen, like her pulling him behind her station and raping him. `I would put it past Asuka to ask her to "warm me up" before I meet her, what with the way she thinks nowadays," he thought, hardening slightly at the thought of the very attractive raven-haired female attacking his helpless male body.

`Now to get to Asuka-chan without anything else bizarre happening to me…' Shinji knew that this was actually much more difficult than it seemed, but he was determined to try.

* * *

Shinji strode through the immaculate corridors of the love hotel, feeling a little apprehensive despite the high-class façade on view. It was, technically, a place of sordid unions of who-knows what type, not the kind of place a respectable individual should frequent. At least, that was what he had picked up from the paltry trickle of social information that he was privy to in his formative years.

`It's not like I had a mother or a father to give me any kind of idea of right or wrong,' he thought morosely. `It's a wonder I didn't turn out to be a raving psychopath.'

Shaking off the heavy train of thought, Shinji realized that he was approaching his target. He made his way into the small private elevator, apparently the sole means of entrance or egress from the luxury room Asuka had rented for them.

`Man, this is really, *really* posh,' he mused, suddenly mortally worried for his bank balance. `Ah, it's not like we have anything much else to spend it on. Not to mention Asuka can make a salaryman's yearly paycheck in a week's work, if she really wants to.'

He absently pushed the "up" button, thinking about the fortune Asuka had once made by appearing in a single "Victoria's Secret of Japan" layout. `She never seemed comfortable with that sort of thing, though. I think it was a confidence thing, though that sounds odd when you're talking about my Asuka-chan! She's fragile under that hard shell…'

Shinji continued to think about his wonderful, spirited, full of contradictions wife for the rest of the short, silent elevator trip. The small elevator car was as luxurious as the rest of the hotel, with a thick, soft rug of royal blue on it's floor and with the interior being finished with polished wood. It moved upwards so smoothly it's sole passenger could hardly tell he was moving. `A far cry from an Eva's launch elevator…' was Shinji's final thought before the door slid open with a quiet, melodic "ding!".

He stepped out into a small antechamber. The entire left wall was a mirror, while the right consisted of a deep, doorless closet, containing many different types of clothing. The opposite wall from the elevator had a door which undoubtedly led to the main room.

Shinji spotted a note resting on a small table near the closet, atop a folded bundle of silken fabric. It read, "Change into something more comfortable, lover," and was signed with Devilgirl Asuka's pitchfork symbol. Shinji smiled in anticipation as he shook out the expensive robe and swiftly donned it, placing his discarded clothing in an elegant wicker basket provided for that purpose.

His heart beating rapidly in anticipation, Shinji opened the door and stepped into the main room. He quickly scanned the immense, elegantly appointed suite, searching for Asuka. Instead, he spied three small female forms clustered around the room's colossal bed. Feeling his stomach drop in apprehension, he headed towards them. `I should have known Asuka wouldn't make things simple,' he grumbled internally, wondering what kind of games he was in for tonight.

He felt his stomach drop all the way down to his shoes as he got close enough to see the three females clearly. He recognized them at once, with a kind of panicky horror: Yuki, Yuri and Jun. Three of the most ardent (and the most beautiful) members of his "fan club". They were staring back at him with their usual girlishly intense adulation, though he noticed a fair amount of nervousness, mostly in Yuki and Jun. Yuri was trying to put on her usual "tough girl" act, with fair success.

`WHAT THE HELL WAS ASUKA THINKING!!!' blared Shinji's mind. He wasn't sure if he was angry, amazed, scared, or some other emotion. `Not one of them can be over 18! I can't tell how young Yuki is, but if she's 16 I'd be amazed!' His shell-shocked gaze swept the three waiting girls, all of whom were wearing fine silk robes of a feminine cut.

Yuri was lounging on the bed and looking at him through half-lidded eyes, clearly trying with all her might to look nonchalant, like she visited love hotels all the time. She was the oldest looking of the three, though the age difference couldn't have been more than a year or two.

She was a beautiful young girl, with brown eyes and black hair, on the tallish side for a Japanese female. Her hair was cut short and had metallic red highlights. In Japanese culture the red highlighting of her hair indicated that Yuri was a "bad girl", a girl who was, or at least thought she was, a rebel and non-conformist.

Shinji recalled that Yuri did her best to live up to her self-chosen image, wearing daringly revealing outfits in public and conspicuously having a cigarette dangling from her lips at all times. He doubted that she smoked much in reality, as cigarettes were much too expensive for a young Japanese girl to afford. Unless her parents were rich, or she performed "schoolgirl favors" for men, thought Shinji. The thought of her prostituting herself for the sake of her silly "tough girl" image made him frown. Was it his imagination, or did Yuri shrink a bit under his disapproving frown?

His gaze flicked next to Jun. She was an equally pretty girl, with features more rounded and soft than her friend Yuri. She had big brown eyes and medium-length chestnut-brown hair, worn in a pony-tail. She wore glasses and seemed to lack self-confidence. At the moment she was looking at him with obvious apprehension as he frowned at her unconsciously in thought, trying to remember if he knew anything useful about her.

Ah yes, now he remembered. Whenever she appeared in the crowd of his admirers after a concert, he had noticed that she seemed to be very shy about her body, always wearing large, shapeless sweaters and the like, nothing that would reveal her figure. That fit with the lack of self-confidence, or perhaps it was the cause? Shinji's eyes briefly dropped to the sizeable twin bulges in the front of her silk robe, making her face redden instantly. `She doesn't seem to have any deficiencies in that area that I can see…'

Cursing his already stirring penis, Shinji dragged his gaze from the embarrassed girl and examined the tiny form of his third playmate. Little Yuki was an exquisitely formed nymphet of tender years, with glossy black hair and black eyes. Her face was beautiful, with a delicate bone structure and a cute little cupid's bow of a mouth. Her hair had been professionally swept up in the style of a geisha and was held in place by two decorative chopsticks.

Shinji was the one with the apprehensive look this time, as he saw that Yuki's eyes never moved from contemplating him and were virtually glowing with adoration. The only sign of her nervousness was the way she sat very close to the larger form of her brown-haired friend, Jun.

Having arrived at the bed and informed himself of three girl's identities, Shinji was at a loss for what to do. He'd arrived expecting to find his wife ready for a night of fun, perhaps clad in an arousing costume, and instead found three young girls who he only knew from signing their autograph books. He stood there for what felt like a long time, his gaze idly flicking from girl to nervously shifting girl.

Yuri was the one who finally broke the frozen tableau, smirking as she got up from the bed and handed him a folded piece of paper. "Asuka-san said that this is how you'd react," she commented as she returned to her place on the bed. She flopped onto her stomach and placed her chin onto her folded hands, watching with every sign of amusement as he dumbfoundedly unfolded the paper and began to read.

Dear Shin-chan,

Please don't be angry with me. I know you thought that we were going to get together and have a naughty good time, but I met your fan-club for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't resist setting up this liaison. Yuri, Yuki and Jun are all very nice girls, and I've arranged everything so that there are no possible legal repercussions, if one of them had second thoughts, not that I think we have to worry about that. They are all 16 or over, so don't worry about that either. Little Yuki recently had her sweet 16 birthday. Isn't she darling?

I talked to all the girls in the club and chose these three for their beauty, charm and sincere appreciation of you, my magnificent husband. All there of them absolutely adore you, and I thought that the four of you could have a really nice time. Please make it special for them, especially Yuki, I am pretty sure that she's a virgin. Not many men get to enjoy sharing the first time of such a sweet little innocent, you know. Enjoy deflowering her, Shin-chan!

Your loving wife,


At the end of reading the letter, Shinji was actually sweating from sheer anxiety. He immediately began to re-read the note, hoping that he had not actually read what he thought he had.

His stress-deepened breathing caused him to suck in great lungfuls of the pleasant scent emanating from the beautifully penned note. Mid-way through his second reading, he paused to appreciate the perfume which his wife had apparently soaked the paper in. It was light and flowery, pleasant to the senses, yet quite potent.

Shinji felt his head spin and his anxieties loosen for some reason, as he unconsciously put the note to his nose and took a deep sniff. Yes, things didn't seem so bad now. Why had he been worrying, exactly? He dropped the note carelessly and looked upon the three young beauties that had been given to him by his loving spouse for his enjoyment. She was OK with it, they were OK with it, why shouldn't he be OK with him making love to these three gorgeous flowers of Japan?

As Shinji advanced slowly upon the eagerly awaiting girls, he noticed that they emanated a lovely scent of the same perfume as the discarded note. The three of them made room for him on the vast expanse of the bed, and he crawled into the center of it. As he turned on his hands and knees to face them, he was intercepted by the "tough girl", Yuri.

She cast a glance at the other two, saying, "I'll go first Shinji-sama. Let's show them how it's done!" Shinji sat on his heels on the soft bed and reached for the girl, pulling her into his arms with gentle force. He could feel that she was more nervous than she let on, and he caressed her back as he held her, soothing her fears. Unthreateningly, he slowly moved his face towards hers, gazing softly into her eyes. Yuri swallowed nervously and tilted her head to be kissed. The two other girls watched raptly as their idol gave their friend Yuri a soft, yet passionate, kiss on the mouth.

* * *

"Woo-hoo!" cried Washu, munching popcorn as she gazed equally raptly at the picture of the huge hi-res vidscreen. "That's the way Shinji-kun! Go stud, go!"

Washu was sitting on the Ikari's comfortable leather couch, in the Ikari's living room, watching the giant video-screen that she had somehow replaced their TV set with. She was accompanied by Kasumi, Asuka, and Mihoshi, all of whom were glued to the scene in the love-hotel's best suite, and all of whom had their own refreshments close at hand. Washu had the end of the couch nearest the kitchen, sitting next to her was Asuka, then Mihoshi in the middle and Kasumi on the far end, nearest the house's front door.

All four girls were clad in their own unique style of pajamas. The pajamas were spun of an extremely high-quality silk and were apparently custom tailored to their wearer, leading an observer to conclude that they had no doubt been provided by Washu. Washu's featured crabs (of course), Mihoshi's were yellow with white fluffy bunnies, Asuka's had a stylish flame-pattern, and Kasumi's were white with pink Sakura petals.

In other words, the living room appeared to be the site of a girl's-night-out sleepover movie party. The only difference was that the "movie" being watched was a real-time feed of one of the quartet's husband about to engage in a mini-orgy with three innocent teenage girls, in super high resolution and 40 channel surround-sound.

Without pulling her eyes away from the action occurring onscreen, currently Yuri melting into her husband's arms as their kiss grew more passionate, Asuka asked, "That stuff you mixed up isn't an aphrodisiac, is it Washu-chan? I mean, it wouldn't make Shin-chan do anything against his will, right?"

"No, no," replied Washu, also not moving her eyes from the scene on the TV, that being Shinji kissing his way tenderly down Yuri's pulsing throat, as her face grew pink with arousal. "It just removes inhibitions. If Shinji-kun didn't want to be kissing that girl, he wouldn't be doing it, believe me. On the other hand, if you hadn't provided explicit approval, I have no doubt that he'd be beating his fists on the locked elevator door as we speak. He strikes me as very loyal to you, Asuka-chan."

"Mm-hm," replied Asuka, breathing a little faster as, on screen, her husband parted Yuri's robe and began using his skilled mouth on her pert young breasts. She had nice C-cups she absently noted, similar in size to her own. They were perky with youth, with flawless skin and capped with cute pink nipples. As she watched, Shinji took one into his mouth and began to torment Yuri with his talented tongue. Her pleasure-filled moan rang loudly in the watching girls' ears, the extraterrestrial sound system making it sound like she was right there in the room with them.

Kasumi and Mihoshi squirmed in their seats as the onscreen action continued to heat up. Mihoshi had a considerable sex drive and Kasumi was just getting used to not being a nymphomaniac, so it didn't take much to get them going. Not to mention that they hadn't been getting any for the last week, due to Asuka's insistence that Shinji's willpower needed to be weakened in order for him to be willing to boff three young girls that he barely knew.

"What about *our* willpower?" had been the thought that immediately flashed through both their minds. Asuka must have anticipated that thought, as she informed them that they should take the opportunity to visit friends and relatives that they hadn't seen in a while. Kasumi and Mihoshi grumbled a bit internally, but realized that they practically hadn't left the house except to work in the two weeks, so Asuka's suggestion (order) was actually more reasonable than it seemed on the surface.

Fortunately for the success of Asuka's latest scheme, once Washu heard of it, she offered the use of her "inhibition-neutralizer" formula, promising that it was safe, non-toxic and guaranteed to solve any issues of male reluctance. The cute red-haired genius had grinned a big, evil grin as she made her guarantee, giving Asuka a sneaking suspicion that this particular invention had been thoroughly field-tested to Washu's satisfaction, in more than one sense of the word.

As their male love interest advanced in his conquest of the girl in his arms, the two most naturally horny women in the room succumbed to temptation and began to lightly touch themselves. Kasumi made a show of fiddling with the fabric of her top, while actually squeezing her aching nipples, while Mihoshi unselfconsciously slid a hand into her pajama bottom and began rubbing her sex with a gentle circular motion.

On the huge vidscreen, Shinji and his black-haired playmate were engaged in a gaping open-mouthed kiss, raping each other's mouths with their tongues. Yuri's bare breasts heaved with her deep breathing as Shinji's right hand smoothly slid into the lower portion of her silk robe. Deep breathing from all eight people filled the Ikari's living room as Yuri cried out, "Oh! Oh, Ikari-sama, n-no, not there! AH, it feels SO GOOD! Don't, stop, DON'T STOP, Don't, AHHHH!"

* * *

Shinji smiled almost cruelly as he inflicted pleasure on the helpless girl in his arms. The slight moist noise of his finger thrusting in and out of Yuri's virginally tight pussy was music to his ears. His mind cleared of inhibitions, Shinji would not be satisfied until he had reduced all three of these delicious blossoms of womanhood to senseless heaps of sexually satiated flesh.

And what flesh it was. Yuri's mouth tasted fresh and sweet as he took his pleasure from it, again and again. As he had suspected, she wasn't really a smoker, as her pleasant flavor wasn't marred by the chemical taste of cigarettes. "MMmm, Ikari-sama…" Yuri murmured dreamily as they exchanged kisses. Shinji alternated between kissing her soft mouth and suckling from her firm young breasts as he unhurriedly fingered her to her first orgasm of the evening.

`She's not a virgin, I think…' mused Shinji as he steadily heightened Yuri's arousal. `Her maidenhead is gone…probably on some boy who didn't appreciate what he was taking. Another sacrifice to her "bad girl" image, no doubt.' The though of some rough young punk taking Yuri's virginity greatly irritated Shinji for some reason.

Shinji was finding that Yuri appreciated slow, tender love-making. His experiences of the past few weeks had taught him two things:

Firstly, that every woman was unique in her bedroom preferences. They all had their own preferred pace, hot spots, and favorite techniques and positions. Some liked it rough, like Kasumi, some soft, like Asuka, and some just liked it, like Mihoshi.

Secondly, that his instincts were a powerful ally in pleasing a woman. Shinji was now at the point where within the first minute of a sexual encounter, he seemed to know how to give her maximum pleasure. This knowledge only grew keener as the encounter progressed. The key was in total attention to her every sound and motion. An alert and caring observation of his partner's reactions to his caresses yielded infallible knowledge of how to make her come, and come hard.

He was currently using this information on the hapless Yuri, to devastating effect. Any vestige of acting out her self-designated role as a jaded sexual athlete was completely destroyed as she babbled and cried out her overwhelming pleasure in his arms. Shinji employed a practiced two-fingers-in-the-channel-and-one-thumb-circling-the-clit technique to give his pretty playmate an enjoyable climax, smothering her cry of ecstasy in his mouth as he kissed her deeply.

"Did you enjoy that, Yuri-chan?" Shinji purred into her shell-like ear.

"H-Hai Ikari-sama," said Yuri shakily, still pink-faced and trembling with climactic after-shocks.

"Call me Shinji-sama, Yuri-chan," Shinji said softly, pulling his head back to look into her eyes, simultaneously caressing her face with great tenderness.

"Hai, Shinji-sama," she murmured in response as she closed her eyes and rubbed her face against his hand.

Swallowing a swell of emotion clogging his throat, Shinji proceeded with his battleplan to totally satisfy Yuri. He hugged her slim, warm body to him for a moment, the street-hardened girl in his arms loving the comfort and safety of his strength.

"I want to be inside you, darling. Do you want me to fill you up, Yuri-chan?" he murmured.

Shinji felt her warm breath puff pleasantly against his face as she replied with girlish passion, "Take me Shinji-sama! I want to feel your cock inside me!"

Shinji found the fierce expression that animated her face when said this to be very cute. He smiled roguishly at Yuri's expectant face and intoned, "Strip for me, then, Yuri-chan. I want to feel your bare body against mine when we make love."

She nodded, dropping her eyes and blushing as she shrugged her silken robe from her shoulders. Shinji looked appreciatively and Yuki and Jun interestedly as Yuri's body was revealed.

Yuri was a tall girl with a slim, athletic build, giving her long, delicate arms and legs. Her skin was the pale gold of a healthy Japanese girl and her level of body fat was optimal, revealing the delicate lines of her collarbones and hipbones. Shinji's eyes traced her pretty face, then dropped to the full, yet perky set of C-cup breasts that he had so recently been suckling. Her slim build made them look even larger than they were, even as her erect carriage made them jut proudly from her chest. Shinji watched with interest as they bobbed and trembled slightly with Yuri's passion-deepened breathing. Her two friends smiled as she blushed harder under Shinji's admiring gaze.

Having taken his fill of looking at her attractive boobs, Shinji slid his gaze further down her body. Yuri's belly was smooth and flat, leading to the black-furred mound of her sex. It was nicely trimmed into a natural looking triangle, not overly styled, but not running wild either. Shinji playfully poked a finger into the soft curls and explored idly, making all three girls blush, especially Yuri, who breathed harder and trembled as he played with her pubic fur.

"Your turn, Shinji-sama!" piped Yuki, interrupting his teasing of Yuri.

"Hmmm?" Shinji said, turning his head to look at the tiny black-haired girl, with his finger still playing amongst Yuri's curls.

Yuki's dark eyes shone as she breathed, "Yuri showed us hers. Please…show us your body, Shinji-sama!" Shinji looked into Yuki's ardent gaze for a long moment.

Somehow, when Yuki said "Shinji-sama", it seemed different from when the other girls said it, he noticed. All of them said it with a certain degree of reverence and respect - at least Yuri did, he corrected himself. Jun hadn't said a thing thus far, he thought, casting a glance at the pretty bespectacled brown-haired girl. She blushed and cast her gaze down as he caught her looking at him. `Anyway', went Shinji's thoughts, `When Yuki says "Shinji-sama" she says it like…like…when Asuka says "Goshujin-sama"!' he realized with a rush of insight.

Experimentally, Shinji looked deep into Yuki's eyes and gave her his most masterful stare, a look chock-full of male dominance. As he had half-anticipated, her breathing rate doubled, her cheeks flushed red and she seemed to be about to climax on the spot. "Alright," murmured Shinji huskily, staring into Yuki's black-irised eyes as he shrugged out of his own robe.

The three girls in the love-hotel suite gasped, while the four women in the Ikari's living room merely murmured appreciatively at what was revealed.

Shinji's body had already been lean and fit from his regular martial-arts practice. Now, after literally weeks of non-stop strenuous sex with three horny women while still maintaining his Ranma-supervised workout schedule, he was "ripped to the bone", as a bodybuilder would say. His body fat level had dropped considerably, revealing every bulge of hard muscle. As he wasn't on the special low-fat diets that bodybuilders used, he didn't look like an anatomy model, just extremely muscular.

Due to countless repetitions from engaging in (ahem) a certain vigorous activity, Shinji's belly, hip and butt muscles were particularly powerful and chiseled, rippling like living steel before the eyes of his appreciative female audience, in both rooms. After groping his hard chest, chiseled arms and visible abdominal six-pack with hungry eyes, the female's attention was drawn and held like iron to a powerful magnet by his nine stiff inches of steely manhood, jutting proudly from between his thighs. Said thighs were flexed by his seiza position and bulged with hard muscle, resembling sculpted bars of iron more than fragile human limbs.

In the Ikari's living room, more than one female mouth was filled with drool, as the body of the hapless ex-Eva pilot was shamelessly molested by both gaze and imagination. The three members of the household who had voluntarily sexually deprived themselves of the god-like studmuffin before them for an entire *week* felt a sudden and powerful urge to kick themselves. Washu was less affected, as she had both experience to jade her libido and her own inventions to keep herself satisfied. Nonetheless, she appreciated the beefcake on display and thoughts of experiments and "samples" to be gathered danced energetically through her head.

The effect on the three young girls actually *in* the room with Shinji was even more powerful. Yuki's eyes opened so wide they looked as if they were about to crowd out the other features on her face, Jun blushed madly but couldn't pull her eyes away, and Yuki looked simply awestruck. All three girls unconsciously moved closer, crowding around the impressive male specimen before them.

Jun spoke for the first time, saying tentatively, "Shinji-sama, may we, um, touch you, please?" in a lovely musical voice. Her hand was already half-extended towards Shinji's torso. Shinji realized that all three girls had quite possibly never seen a nude male at close range before.

He nodded his acceptance, half-closing his eyes and breathing out a long, low sigh of pleasure as he felt the girls' small warm hands begin to roam his body. They were pressing so close to him now, that he could distinctly feel their bodily warmth radiating across the small gap between his and their bodies. It was a comforting feeling to be surrounded by females again, after his seemingly endless lonely week. Even then, Shinji didn't realize how used to such companionship he had become.

A small, sharp puff of breath escaped his lips as he felt - Yuri? - boldly encircle his cock with her slender hand. He hummed his pleasure, enjoying the feel of her small warm hand as she barely managed to close it around his great thickness. He opened his eyes fully, to better appreciate the cutely intent look on Yuri's face as she tentatively stroked his sensitive member, the member which hadn't been able to enter it's true home for an entire week.

Shinji's eyes narrowed as Yuri's caress grew more certain, and he began to give her the penetrating stare which had so rattled his wife's composure two weeks ago. The bottled up lust of an entire lonely lifetime, that his wife had unwittingly released long weeks ago began to boil in his veins, heating his blood as his lusty train of thought continued. Yes, thought Shinji, breathing faster and deeper, his cock had only one true home: that special place between a woman's legs, a slippery sheath designed to hold his sword in warm, snug comfort.

Yuri glanced up from her task to see if her Shinji-sama was enjoying the semi-experienced handjob she was providing and encountered his glare of volcanic lust. She froze like a baby bird before a snake. She wasn't scared exactly, but much like the more experienced Asuka, but even more intensely, most of her mind simply went blank before that dominating gaze. Shinji's blue eyes seemed to grow larger, swallowing her will. Yuri felt her heart-rate triple, her blood sing in her veins and her pussy moisten.

"Yuri-chan?" Shinji's voice came to her as if down a long tunnel.

Yuri replied through a dry throat, "Y-Yes, Shinji-sama?"

"I *need* to make love to you Yuri, right now. May I make love to you, Yuri-chan?"

Wordlessly the enraptured girl nodded her acceptance, unable to break Shinji's blue-eyed glare. Abruptly, her awareness of holding his cock in her hand returned. She could feel his heartbeat through it, racing nearly as fast as her own. She smiled, pleased that she could excite him almost as much as he excited her. Shinji smiled back, and his smile was hungry.

* * *

"God, the way he's staring at her, it's like he's going to eat her alive!" exclaimed Washu, eating some crab-shaped chips with one hand and idly rubbing her sex with the other through her silk pajama bottom. The sheer silk felt nice on her inflamed pussy, she noted.

"Shin-chan's really *really* horny, I think," chirped Mihoshi, staring at the heating up action onscreen. She had discarded her pajama bottoms entirely and was fingering herself purposefully, slowing down when the onscreen action slowed down and increasing her speed when it heated up, as it was now.

Shinji and Yuri were currently passionately kissing and fondling each other. He had pulled her into his lap and his stiff penis was pressing against her sleek stomach as they drank from each other's mouths. Asuka noticed the short-haired girl bucking her hips as she kissed Asuka's husband, clearly enjoying the sensation of her clit being rubbed against Shinji's hard rod.

Yuki and Jun were to either side of the couple, watching avidly and touching themselves. Yuki unconsciously, as she was staring intently at Shinji, Jun somewhat furtively, as if she was afraid her parents were going to burst into the room and catch her.

Asuka had her pajama bottom pulled down to her knees and was circling the first inch of her big red pitchfork-dildo inside her pussy lips, pausing every so often to give her clit special attention. Every sigh of passion and soft sucking kiss sounded as if it was in the room with her, and it was driving her crazy. She was really regretting the whole "no sex with Shinji for a week" thing now. Really *really* regretting it. In fact, she intended to ask the other girls to smack her if she ever suggested anything similar ever again.

"At least Shinji-kun gets to satisfy himself with those three little vixens," moaned out Kasumi, in a less-than-tranquil voice.

Her heightened libido had overcome her self-consciousness and she had her pajama top rolled up above her big breasts, allowing them to swing freely in the warm air of the living room. She was furiously tormenting them in her lust, alternating between roughly kneading her ample boob-flesh and squeezing, rolling and pulling the sensitive, stiff peaks of her nipples. Her pajama bottom was still on, and had a huge wet spot spreading from the crotch.

"Mmmm," agreed Mihoshi, sucking on her full bottom lip as she fingered herself, increasing the number of fingers she was thrusting into her blonde-furred pussy to two as she watched Shinji seize Yuri's hips and ask if she was ready for the next stage.

* * *

Shinji flexed his fingers, enjoying the silken feel of Yuri's firm young flesh. She had a nice little bottom as well as a great set of breasts, he reflected, watching her nod affirmatively to his question. She was attractively flushed and audibly panting with passion, her eyes bright with happiness and desire as she awaited his next move.

Shinji was glad that he had been able to take the edge off his lust by kissing and fondling the nubile young maiden in his arms. He was ashamed once again by how close he had come to losing control. Even now, his body wanted to take control and forcefully ram his prick up her pussy or between her soft young lips. His exerted his will and forced his overheated flesh to obey. He would fuck Yuri as hard as she could handle, only that and no more.

Shinji was pleased that he had managed to, overall, stick to his plan of attack for satisfying Yuri. As he had read from her reactions to his caresses, under her hard shell the street-toughened girl craved love and affection, and the "soft and tender" style he was using was proving very effective, practically melting her into a puddle.

Even as he watched, Yuri began to lean back, evidently expecting him to want her on the bottom in the classic missionary position. He stopped her gently, by holding her shoulders and pulling her once again into his arms. He felt her firm breasts press arousingly into his chest and his stiff penis press into her soft belly as he hugged her to his chest. She willingly allowed herself to be embraced, pressing her face to his chest and snuggling contentedly against him.

Shinji murmured into her delicate ear in a voice roughened by desire and thickened by tender feelings. "I thought we could try a face to face position, like we've been doing. I like having you in my lap, Yuri-chan." He felt the girl nod her face against his chest, mumbling her agreement softly.

Shinji pulled her back so that he could look her in the face and smiled. "And my lap would like to be in you, see?" He nodded exaggeratedly at his throbbing erection, making Yuri giggle at his feeble joke. She then slowly reached out and gripped it in her hand, dipping her finger in the clear pre-cum oozing from it's head and giving it a couple of firm strokes. Shinji groaned with pleasure and trembled with the effort of not ravaging the innocently tempting maiden in his lap to within an inch of her life.

"Fuck me, Shinji-sama," she breathed hotly, "Fuck me now and make me scream."

Yuri looked at him with eyes blazing with sensual desire and Shinji understood how much she trusted him to make that honestly passionate statement, with no trace of her artificially tough manner. He made the only response he could give under the circumstances, grabbing her hips and lifting her into the air, positioning her above his erection and slowly lowering her.

Yuri leaned forward and rested her arms on his shoulders, panting shallowly as Shinji's large cockhead nudged against her outer labia. Her pussy was swollen and shiny with her natural lubricant, making Shinji's target easier to see. He slowly allowed her weight to force his cock inside her, groaning with the pleasure as his thick male organ penetrated his young lover's incredibly tight vagina.

* * *

In the Ikari's living room, the three females of the household and one guest were masturbating furiously as they enjoyed the tender erotic act they were witnessing. Their hands and in the case of Asuka, a big red dildo, pumped furiously in and out of their wet channels as they watched Shinji slowly sink nine thick inches of cock into his near-virginal sex partner.

* * *

Shinji made little grunts and groans as his aching penis was slowly, agonizingly slowly, imbedded in the tightest thing he had ever experienced. He couldn't imagine Yuri could have had a penis inside her more than once or twice and maybe one or two of her slim fingers when she masturbated.

Yuki and Yuri found his noises and the way his face grimaced to be very amusing, at the same time they found the sight of their friend being slowly impaled to be very arousing. They rubbed, squeezed and thrust slim girlish fingers into themselves with great enjoyment as they avidly watched the live sex show occurring inches from them. Jun even seemed to have lost some of her hesitance as she forgot herself in her involvement with the fascinating acts she was observing.

Sweat was beginning to shimmer on the two slowly joining lovers as they strained, one to accept the enormous thing being stuffed into her tiny channel and the other to restrain himself from violently forcing the entire length of said thing into her body in one convulsive movement. At the same that it was a strain, the experience was extremely pleasant for both of them.

Shinji found Yuri's unbroken-in sheath wonderful to be inside, since it was tighter than his wife's ass, while being at the same time both boiling hot and slippery with her extreme excitement. In fact, the fascinated eyes of Yuki and Jun could see transparent fluid oozing rapidly out of the joining place of his organ with Yuri's pussy, making their idol's mighty shaft gleam wetly.

Yuri was also enjoying being impaled on Shinji's enormous manhood. For one thing, she was nearly going out of her mind with sexual excitement. The few boys she had experimented with had been reduced to the level of tiny worms in her newly broadened estimation. Her male object of adulation had already provided her with more pleasure than she had ever experienced before in her life, using only his kisses and deft use of his fingers.

Being held closely in his arms as he joined with her in the most intimate way possible was transporting her to a seventh heaven of pleasure and satisfaction. She had never known that sex could be such a marvelous thing. Her admiration for Shinji Ikari, Eva pilot, First Cello of the Tokyo-3 Symphony and in her eyes, all round hunk had made her jump at the opportunity to be a "present" for him, despite the unsatisfying sexual experiences that she had already had. Somewhere in the bottom of her mind, she had hoped that, somehow, it could be different with him. Her hopes had been fulfilled in spades, and she was happier than she had thought she was capable of being.

After long minutes of excruciating pleasure for both of them, Yuri was at last resting solidly in Shinji's lap, her virginally tight pussy having somehow managed to swallow the enormous shaft being forced into her. Both were highly pleased with the intimacy of their position, with Yuri's front plastered to Shinji's and her arms and legs wrapped tightly around him. The tall, slim body of the short-haired girl was as close to Shinji as humanly possible, as if she was an extension of him, and she was absolutely loving it.

Shinji was loving it too. Her soft skinned body wrapped him in loving warmth and the friction of her insanely tight insides sliding around his aching penis had at last stopped, allowing him to enjoy her closeness and regain some of his rapidly depleting willpower. He breathed slowly and deeply and enjoyed her breasts heaving against him and the maddening pulse of her hot tissues around his imbedded length.

Yuri breathed in synch with him and enjoyed the unique feeling his manhood was giving her. It felt as if she had a hot, pulsing bar of living steel filling her lower body, in a way that she had never been filled before. She was struck by the fact that he was literally *inside* her, closer than anyone had ever been before, literally as close as one human being could be to another and she felt her eyes well with tears.

Somehow sensing her upset, despite the fact that he couldn't see her face, Shinji said softly into her ear, "What's the matter, Yuri-chan?"

The girl sniffled a bit and murmured, "I'm just happy, Shinji-sama. Girls cry when they're happy. It's a girl thing." Yuri's two friends nodded in agreement, as did the four women in the distant living room.

"Ah," replied Shinji, wisely saying no more. Washu grinned approvingly at the vidscreen, impressed by Shinji's rare good sense at dealing with women.

* * *

After a minute, during which Shinji held her comfortingly and without complaint, Yuri had herself back under control. She was a bit mortified that she might have spoiled the mood with her silly lack of emotional stability, and decided to make up for it. Gathering her passion, she murmured hotly into Shinji's ear, "I'm ready, Shinji-sama. I love having your big prick inside me and I want you to use it to make me scream, just like you promised."

Shinji felt his pulse rate increase at her appealing offer. He didn't remember promising that, but why argue with a good thing? "Alright, Yuri-chan. I'm going to make you scream now. Let's give your friends a good show," he teased.

Yuri blinked and turned her head to see Yuki and Jun avidly observing her and Shinji's intertwined forms with wide, unblinking eyes. Though she had started out intending to demonstrate to her two friends how "experienced" she was by being the first to have sex with Shinji, she had ended up completely forgetting about them. With her defenses completely down, she blushed flusteredly, then gasped as Shinji seized her bottom and began to thrust.

Gritting his teeth, Shinji made a slow, short initial thrust, raising Yuri's ass a few inches and then pulling her back down. Both lovers gasped at the exquisite sensation.

Yuri found that her pussy had had time to stretch a bit to accommodate her lover's large member, and thus found the experience of his phallus moving inside her to be nothing but pleasant.

Shinji found that his willpower had been somewhat restored by the brief rest and chat and that he could therefore stop himself from either thrusting too hard and fast, or simply discharging inside her immediately as he had done inside his wife's ass, that being the last time he was inside something this tight.

Both found the intimate sensation of their lover's body grinding against their own to be superb. The skin on skin contact was warm and pleasant and Shinji enjoyed the hard peaks of Yuri's firm breasts digging into his chest, even as the breasts themselves were flattened against him, while Yuri equally enjoyed Shinji's hard chest rubbing against her sensitive nipples. The two of them began to peck each other's faces and upper bodies with kisses as Shinji began to rhythmically raise and lower Yuri's butt, sliding his prick in and out of her body.

* * *

"Wasn't that sweet," said Washu, dabbing another tear from her eye, even as she stimulated her loins with the other hand.

"Mmm," agreed the other girls, their hands equally busy.

By this point, Mihoshi and Kasumi had formed an alliance and were completely naked, with Mihoshi sitting in the larger girl's lap. Their hands teased and stroked themselves and one another. Mihoshi would occasionally turn and suckle on one of Kasumi's big breasts, or turn her head and lock mouths with her friend, their tongues sliding wetly together for long moments. They were sitting on a big fluffy towel, which Kasumi had insisted on getting, not wanting to ruin Asuka's couch with the juices dripping from the junctions of her and Mihoshi's legs.

Asuka had slid nearer to the two Sapphic lovers, enjoying their warmth and the erotic sounds they made, even as she slumped into the comfortable couch with six inches of her buzzing pitchfork-dildo stuffed inside her drooling pussy. She rammed it in and out of her hungry channel as she gazed almost jealously at the intimate coupling of her husband and the tasty young piece of fluff that was impaled and bouncing on his mighty prick.

The girl's passionate cries rang in her ears as she filled her pussy with fake cock, even as the girl onscreen got to enjoy the real thing. `Note to self,' thought Asuka, `Other women for Shin-chan are OK, but *never again* do I set him up to fuck them when I'm not in the room! My pussy wants my Shin-chan inside it, dammit! Oh well, it's my own damn fault. Never again.'

* * *

Shinji and Yuri had almost passed the enjoyable point of medium thrusts and were about to begin using deep, body-shaking thrusts. Yuri had gotten used to what felt like having the equivalent of a live power line connected to her pleasure center from her overstimulated sheath and was floating in a haze of ecstasy, even as her body sweated and trembled. She clung determinedly to her lover's hard body as her breasts bounced merrily from his vigorous use of her lower opening.

Over and over, Shinji gripped her bottom and drove six inches of thick manhood into her dripping pussy, grunting and gasping at the pleasure from the soft, yet vise-like grip it had on his aching penis. He needed to finish Yuri off *now* or he was seriously afraid that his balls were going to burst from unexpended semen. Without warning, he switched his grip from Yuri's bottom to her hips and used the more secure hold to begin slamming his full nine inches into her helpless young body.

Feeling the tip of Shinji's penis stimulate her deep inner folds and forcefully expand and contract the sensitive tissue of her entire channel set off a chain reaction of pleasure in Yuri's inexperienced body. Arousal is all about the mind, and to the almost hallucinatorily aroused young girl any increase in sensation, even one normally associated with pain, for instance Shinji smacking her tender bottom, would at this point have been interpreted as an increase in her overall pleasure. With a window rattling yell, Yuri passed into the blessed, rarely visited lands of the multiple orgasm.

Her two friends watched with some concern, as Yuri began to continuously shriek and wail, even as her entire body shook violently from the force of Shinji's thrusts. For a moment, they were worried that she was in pain. That is, until they both simultaneously noticed that when she ran out of breath, her face would stretch, just for a second, into an almost scarily wide grin, followed by more air-raid siren level screaming.

* * *

"Well, she did say that she wanted Shinji to make her scream," commented Washu somewhat breathlessly, having broken down and inserted a large, high-tech vibrator of her own design (of course) into her steaming pussy.

She got only the usual "Mmm-hmm", as the girls were mostly occupied with other things, namely making themselves cum.

* * *

This inhuman level of exertion couldn't be sustained for too long, and it wasn't. Within a few minutes, Shinji was about to cum and Yuri had screamed herself hoarse. She whimpered raggedly with pleasure as Shinji gave a final few desperate thrusts.

"AH!, AH!, Ahhhhh…" he groaned, passing the point of no return. Yuki and Jun pressed their faces in close, watching intently as his powerful belly muscles rippled with exertion as he began firing his oversized load of seed into his youthful lover's tight channel. Yuri slumped in his arms, a look of amazement visible on her face as she felt Shinji's member pulse inside her and create a lovely warm feeling as hot fluid coated her inner walls.

Shinji came for what felt like a full minute and then heard Yuki's bell-like voice say, "Please pull out of Yuri-chan, Shinji-sama. We want to see you cum. Please?"

Grunting his assent, Shinji effortlessly lifted Yuri off of his prick, pulling himself out of her with a wet sucking noise. He arranged her limp body in front of him in seiza and gripped his still-spurting member, using it like a hose to coat Yuri's breasts and belly with creamy white semen. Yuki and Jun stared at the discharging manly organ in awe, following with their eyes as Shinji would grunt and a thick clot of pearly white goo would arc across to splatter against Yuri's recumbent body.

Hesitantly, Yuki reached out and gathered up a palmful of semen from her friend's flank. After a moment of hesitation and with an apprehensive expression, she put her hand to her face, tilted it and slid the white goo into her mouth. Her face lit up a moment later.

"It tastes good!"

Jun whispered, "I thought it was supposed to taste nasty…"

Yuki interrupted, while gathering another palmful. "Well, Shinji-sama's doesn't. Here, try it!"

With even more hesitation than her tiny friend had displayed, and a comically scrunched up face in anticipation of something unpleasant, Jun reluctantly let Yuki slide Shinji's man-cream into her mouth. Her face displayed a similar wonder a moment later as she exclaimed, "It's delicious!"

"Mmm," replied Yuki, swiftly gathering and devouring more cum. With only a moment's hesitation, Jun joined her in gleaning their sexually exhausted friend's body for tasty ejaculate. All the while, Shinji was still grunting and spurting, spurting and grunting. A week's worth of semen was coating Yuri's front, rendering her a jizz-soaked mess, but providing an ample bounty for her two cum-hungry friends.

* * *

A mellow silence pervaded the Ikari's living room, as the inhabitants enjoyed their post-orgasmic buzz.

"Damn, that was hot!" said Kasumi uncharacteristically.

"Mmm," agreed Mihoshi, slumped comfortably against her black-tressed friend's plush front.

"Agreed," said Washu, smiling at the sight onscreen of the two girls and even Yuri, once she revived, scooping up and consuming every bit of Shinji's load available. Once Yuri experienced the new taste sensation she even dipped her head and lovingly cleaned her lover's member with her tongue, taking as much of it into her mouth as possible and then releasing it and licking the rest clean. Shinji simply rested on his heels, seemingly enjoying both Yuri's tongue and the lewd sight of the other girls consuming his recently-ejected seed.

Asuka said nothing, gazing hungrily at the swiftly disappearing cum-feast onscreen. Her mouth watered at the thought of the exquisite flavor of her husband's tasty jizz. For the umpteenth time, she cursed herself roundly for setting up such a remote rendezvous.

Her pitchfork lay discarded at her side, staining the couch cushions with her juices. She may have been physically satisfied, but in heart she longed for her husband's presence. She hadn't thought a mere week without him would be so damn hard. Right now watching him make love to anyone but her was almost physically painful. In her heart, Asuka prayed for the fire alarm at the love hotel to ring, *anything* to prevent her from having to watch her beloved husband fuck those other two girls senseless.

* * *


* * *