Payback - Chapter 03 - Kasumi Cums Onto The Scene

Started: March 31, 2003

Current Revision: April 20, 2003

A Story By WarpWizard

A Neon Genesis Evangelion\Ranma\Tenchi Muyo Crossover Fanfiction

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

This fic is kind of a response to all those Eva fanfics, even good ones, where Shinji and Asuka get together but she still acts rather like a controlling bitch to him, sometimes even after years of time as a couple. I know this is quite in character for Asuka and all, but it just pisses me off. Thus this lemon.

* * *


It was a warm Friday evening when Asuka brought Mihoshi and Kasumi Tendo, a friend of the Saotome family, over for dinner. Kasumi wore very plain clothing, consisting of a well made but unflattering housedress, but the plainness of her clothes couldn't conceal the fact that she was very beautiful, with long lustrous black hair and warm dark-brown eyes.

Shinji was impressed by how she radiated an aura of innocence and serenity. He liked her immediately and the house was soon filled with the sounds of a pleasant evening with good friends. It was also filled with wonderful smells, as Kasumi, even though she was a guest, insisted on taking charge of preparing dinner.

Mihoshi, who had become a regular visitor to the Ikari household since the incident two weeks ago when Asuka had brought her over to "play", also liked Kasumi, especially since she was a great cook and Mihoshi loved to eat, though fortunately her hyperactive nature prevented her from gaining undue weight.

Asuka went into the kitchen to chat with her guest, while Shinji and Mihoshi watched TV on the couch. Shinji wasn't a big TV watcher, unlike Mihoshi. However, Mihoshi liked company when she watched her shows and Shinji, as usual, was content to do what made other people happy, so he watched the inane programming with her without complaint.

Asuka had noticed that they were sitting rather close together, and even as she watched, Mihoshi leaned into Shinji's side. Without looking, Shinji wrapped his right arm around Mihoshi's shoulders and rested his hand on her far hip, causing the blonde airhead to sigh in contentment.

Far from being mad, Asuka was actually pleased at this display of closeness. She turned over the events of the last two weeks in her mind as she strode towards the kitchen.

* * *

The day after their bedroom romp with Mihoshi, Shinji had confessed over dinner to having tender feelings in his heart for her, feelings he felt were inappropriate for a happily married man. Asuka had listened attentively, letting her sometimes too-sensitive husband express the load of guilt he was carrying and then countered with her own assertion that she was perfectly alright with it.

Shinji was taken aback. "Whaaaaaaaat?! You're OK with me feeling…LOVE for Miho-chan? I'm married to you, for Kami's sake!"

Asuka riposted. "That's right you're married to ME. And *I'm* the one who brought Miho-chan into the picture."

Asuka crossed her arms and assumed a haughty expression that was right out of her old behavior. "And if I'm OK with it, then how do we have a problem? You love her, I love her, you love me, she loves me, and we both love you. We can both use all the love we can get, I should think."

Shinji jaw dropped. "You love her too? And she loves you? I know that you are good friends, but-"

Asuka smiled pensively and her eyes were thoughtful as she replied, "There are all kinds of love, and a fuzzy line between love and friendship."

Asuka continued in a soft, reflective voice, after a pregnant pause. "Miho-chan is full of love. I think that's one of the things we both adore about her. If all of our mutual feelings have deepened to the point of us wanting to be closer to each other on a regular basis and to make love when we feel like it, I have no problem with it."

She locked eyes with her still slightly stunned, clearly thoughtful husband. "Do you love me any less, because you've made love to Mihoshi?"

"NO!" Shinji said emphatically, almost shouting. He seemed both startled and a bit angry at Asuka's softly voiced query.

Instantly, though, his face softened. "I'm sorry Asuka-chan, I didn't mean to snap. It's just that I love you so much, the thought of you questioning it scares me."

He looked down at the table for a moment in thought. Slowly, he mused aloud, "I feel new, warm feelings in my heart for Mihoshi-chan, but I can also feel my love for you, blazing as brightly as ever."

He looked up into Asuka's shimmering eyes and she felt a pang of emotion jag through her heart and make her throat tighten, as she could unmistakably see his tender feelings for her written on his face.

The charged atmosphere of the room took on a different tone, as the arguing couple seemingly read each other's minds and made the mutual decision to end their spat on a good note with a long passionate kiss. The kiss quickly led to an hour of tender lovemaking, where Shinji attempted to prove his unbreakable devotion to his wife with his body and voice.

* * *

Asuka felt a little misty-eyed as she remembered how her Shin-chan had made sweet love to her that night, at one point holding her close as he gently thrust into her body while whispering, "I love you," over and over into her ear.

She had started to cry softly but uncontrollably, even as she climaxed. It had been a powerful, but not violent orgasm, filling her with melting euphoria and making her feel like she was flying on the wings of her husband's love for her.

She had sobbed quietly but somehow contentedly into the crook of his neck and shoulder for a few minutes while he held her close and rubbed her back soothingly, until she had fallen into the deepest, most restful sleep she had ever experienced.

Her final thoughts before entering the kitchen were the certainty that such a tender moment would have been impossible before her therapy, and a feeling of gratitude to the fates that she had gone through with it.

* * *

In the kitchen, Kasumi has cooking up a storm. Pots bubbled and steamed, while Kasumi kept an eye on some sort of stir-fry dish that was apparently the main course. The aromas of the multiple dishes being cooked formed an appetizing cloud in the air of the room.

Asuka sniffed appreciatively as she approached her new friend.

"Smells great, Kasumi-chan. Dinner in a half-hour?"

"It should be ready by then, Asuka-chan," Kasumi agreed in her sweet, tranquil voice.

Asuka approached Kasumi until they were quite close together. Making as if she were looking over Kasumi's shoulder at the stir-fry, Asuka said, very softly, "Still up for tonight, Kasumi-chan?"

Kasumi smiled warmly and gave a glance to Asuka and then looked back to the stir-fry she was minding. In an equally soft voice, she replied, "I'm looking forward to it, Asuka-chan. Very much." Kasumi's voice took on a vibrant undertone on the last two words, an undertone of an emotion that would have surprised anyone who knew her.

Kasumi spoke again, in her usual tranquil tones, as she used a wooden implement on the stir-fry to keep it cooking evenly. "I like your husband very much, Asuka-chan. He has a warm and kind nature. You're very lucky to be married to him."

Asuka smiled broadly, gazing at the stir-fry, her face full of affection for her husband.

"Yeah, I am, aren't I? I sure am."

Kasumi turned to look Asuka in the face, apparently satisfied with the food's progress for now. "And Mihoshi-san is very sweet as well. You are also lucky to have such a happy, loving soul for a friend."

Once again, Asuka agreed with Kasumi's assessment, still smiling warmly. "Miho-chan is one in million. I'm really glad I met her at that supermodel expo."

Matching Asuka smile for smile, Kasumi turned back to her cooking, giving one last statement before turning her full attention to the food. "I'm sure we'll all have fun tonight."

Asuka's smile became wicked as she turned to go. "I'm sure we will, Kasumi-chan. Especially Shin-chan!" She gave a short, unladylike guffaw. "If he thinks I've blown his mind with the things I've been setting up for him, he hasn't seen anything yet!"

Kasumi only smiled, as Asuka briskly left her kitchen-realm…

* * *

Dinner was fabulous.

Shinji couldn't believe the quality of the food, as he shoveled it into his mouth with uncharacteristic speed. "…Mfhfhdhfhh, *gulp*, this is great Kasumi-san!"

Asuka and Mihoshi both nodded their agreement without interrupting their demolition of the tasty fare. Shinji suppressed a smile at the voracious appetite of his two girls, as he had come to think of them.

"Are you a professional chef?" Shinji joked.

"Why yes, I am," Kasumi responded serenely, daintily consuming her own portion. "I run my own restaurant, called `A Home Away From Home'."

"That's so cool!" burbled Mihoshi, between enthusiastic consumption from her heavily laden plate. "We'll have to visit your place sometime, Kasumi-chan!"

"Indeed we shall," agreed Asuka. "We need to go on a shopping trip to the city center anyway, right Miho-chan?"

"Mm-mm," the gluttonous blonde agreed, nodding vigorously while chewing.

Shinji concentrated on the savory taste of the food in an attempt to ignore the impending maiming of his bank account balance. `Of course, knowing those two, they'll spend at least half of it on clothes.' The thought of the girls buying clothes became the thought of them buying sexy underwear, which led to thermal expansion.

`Down boy!' Shinji thought sternly. It seemed somehow criminal to sport an erection in the presence of Kasumi, who radiated a presence both maternal and serene.

He managed to conquer his unrepentant flesh within a few more bites of dinner, via the thought of Mrs. Arbogast, the most elderly of his "fan-club", a group of females both young and old that seemed to find the First Cello of the Tokyo-3 Symphony a worthy object of fanatical devotion.

Mrs. Arbogast was probably a nice person, but she was rather toothless and sometimes seemed to forget that she wasn't a teenager any more. The thought of her yelling, "Woo-hoo! Over here, big boy! Mama's got a present for you!" and wiggling her bony old butt in his direction was enough to deflate the most persistent hard-on, a trick that he sometimes found useful.

Shinji pulled his attention back to the conversation, which he found consisted of the details of where and what to shop for, on the trip that apparently was going to take place tomorrow afternoon.

He interrupted the female chatter with a question. "So, are you going to bring us human luggage racks along, or can I go over and hang out with Tenchi and Ranma?"

The girls stopped talking and looked in his direction, Mihoshi smiling sunnily, Kasumi warmly, and Asuka somewhat evilly.

Asuka patted his hand and cooed, "That's OK, Shin-chan, we can handle it. You go play with the boys." Her sinister smile broadened as she said, "Don't play too hard though. You'll need your strength when evening rolls around."

Shinji's eyes widened a little bit and he felt his stomach fill with a not-unpleasant mixture of anticipation and anxiousness. `Oh Kami, another "surprise". What kind of kink is she going to pull out of her thigh-high red boot this time?'

A thought crossed his mind, and he flicked his gaze to the other two females at the table. To his relief, they weren't smiling wickedly at him. Instead they were chatting animatedly about the upcoming trip, the details of which he quickly tuned out.

Shinji mentally wiped sweat from his metaphorical brow. `Whew, at least they're not involved.' Not that he minded making love to Mihoshi, but he chided himself for even daring to consider the possibility that the innocent Kasumi would participate in one of his wife's perverted scenarios. She would probably be scandalized at even the possibility.

With that thought, Shinji settled in to enjoying the 5-star meal and listening with half an ear to the comforting rise and fall of female voices that filled the dining room. Shinji's home and heart were full and he counted his blessings for that.

* * *


Shinji returned from hanging out with his two buddies at 5 PM sharp, as his wife had requested.

She had indicated that she would have dinner ready for him as well, and he was looking forward to eating, as a visit to Ranma's house always meant at least a *little* training, no matter what. Shinji felt the pleasant after-exercise looseness in his body, but wasn't substantially tired, having remembered his wife's warning about him "needing his energy".

He entered his home via the back entrance, as he usually did after visiting his neighbors, and walked into the kitchen, where he was greeted with a sight that his subconscious had been half-expecting, though it had mostly slipped his conscious mind.

Shinji felt his post-exercise mellowness replaced by immediate, intense excitement, as he drank in the sight of his wife's long legs and shapely posterior, it's every curve highlighted by being covered or rather *coated* in the tight shiny red material of her Devilgirl outfit.

Asuka was bent over, apparently picking something off the floor, the severe angle of her body causing her butt to stick out temptingly and - Shinji swallowed past the familiar dry throat this sight induced - her labia to be clearly visible from the pressure the absurdly tight costume was putting on her body.

The sight was maddeningly erotic and Shinji's heart pounded against his ribs as he felt his blood pressure rise. His breathing deepened and quickened and his hands twitched with the urge to seize her hips and grind his rapidly stiffening penis against her bottom.

As if sensing his interest, Asuka bent over further, thrusting her bottom a little higher in the air and tilting the angle of her pelvis, causing her entire mound of venus to press hard against the red fabric, making it bulge outward and outline every detail of the mound's surface, namely the two labial lips and the crevice between them. Shinji could even make out the small bump of his wife's clitoris.

Shinji groaned aloud at the obscene sight, struggling to not either cream his pants or grab his wife and commit a rude act upon her posterior.

At his groan, Asuka straightened up and turned around to face him, smiling brightly.

"Oh, Shinji-sama, I didn't notice you arrive home. Please forgive me!"

In seconds, Devilgirl Asuka had a confused-with-lust Shinji seated at the kitchen table and was feeding him tidbits from a steaming plate of food like a newlywed wife does for her husband. Any thought of resisting or asking questions was derailed by the superb taste of the morsels.

"This tastes like-" Shinji began.

"It's Kasumi-chan's," she confirmed.

Just as Shinji's mind was attempting to formulate why Kasumi would have cooked this evening's meal, he was distracted by the feeling of cool air on his lower body. He swallowed the food he was chewing and then gasped as he felt a felt a superbly pleasant, marvelously soft sensation stroke the length of his penis.

Long, even strokes of heavenly softness continued to caress his now iron-hard erection, as he shakily looked down to see what was causing it.

What Shinji saw was his wife's hand, wearing the usual bright red glove that went with her costume, gliding lovingly up and down his swollen cock. Even as his mind worked sluggishly to determine what made her touch feel so good, Asuka answered his unspoken question.

"Shinjiiii…" she crooned softly. When he looked up, she popped more food into his mouth, waited until he started chewing and then continued.

"I know they look the same, but I'm wearing velvet gloves," she explained, continuing to gently wank him, a bit more firmly now. Hurriedly swallowing the new mouthful, Shinji gave vent to another pleased moan. The sensation given by the meltingly-soft glove on the sensitive skin of his member was unreal.

Asuka winked and smiled saucily at him, saying, "I thought you'd like them." He moaned his approval, never wanting the exquisite sensation to end. After catching his breath, he used the scrap of attention left over from luxuriating in the pleasure radiating from his groin to pant out, "You're too good to me, Asuka-chan."

"No, no, I'm not," she said softly. He looked into her face for signs of distress, his attention caught by an odd intonation in her voice, but she was only smiling affectionately at him. He smiled back, lovingly, enjoying the pleasure of her velvety caress.

For the rest of the meal, Asuka continued to wank him with one hand while feeding him Kasumi's superb cooking with the other. Shinji passed the time in a warm haze of pleasure, with his attention pleasantly split between enjoying the taste of the Iron-Chef quality food and the marvelous feeling of his wife's glove-clad hand on his steely penis. He doubted there were many men in Tokyo-3 that were being as well served as he was that night.

* * *

Asuka popped the last bite of food into her husband's mouth. While he was savoring the last bite of food, she used her now free left hand to administer a velvety caress to his scrotum, cupping it in her hand and then lovingly fondling each testicle. Even he swallowed the last mouthful and moaned in approval of her touch, she increased the force and speed of the handjob she was performing with the other hand.

Dinner residing pleasantly in his belly, Shinji panted shallowly as his world narrowed to the incredibly soft, smooth friction of Asuka's glove-clad hand blurring on his now-aching penis. Asuka had brought him to climax with her hands several times since starting her "payback" campaign, but what he was now experiencing was superior to those occasions by far.

Shinji couldn't last long against the superb pleasure of Asuka's skillful handjob. Even as he began to grit out the usual warning, Shinji was treated to the even-more marvelous sensation of his wife taking the head of his penis between her soft lips. Her warm, wet tongue washed across his crown, forcing a gasp from his mouth and triggering his ejaculation.

Shinji grunted in intense pleasure and relief, as the large load of semen built up in his testicles from the dinner-long wank was discharged in a long, copious bursts into Asuka's mouth. She seemed to relish his seed, "mmmm"-ing in pleasure at each shot of jizz and continuing to lick the sensitive head of his cock, extending his pleasure and causing his ejaculate to pulse directly onto her tongue.

With a final lick, Asuka released his deflating penis and tenderly tucked it back into his pants, zipping him up as caught his breath. The usual euphoria he experienced after ejaculating made Shinji pleasantly drowsy, as he leaned over and kissed Asuka on the cheek. "Thanks, honey, that was great," he murmured into her ear.

He heard her swallow noisily, the thought of his cum sliding down her slender throat creating a flicker of heat in his stomach. Putting her mouth next to his ear, he felt her warm breath as she purred, "It was my pleasure, Shin-chan. I love to make you happy. Are you happy, lover?"

Shinji chuckled somewhat drunkenly, feeling warm euphoria still pulsing through his body and the taste of superb cooking lingering in his mouth. His mellow state was increased even more by the combination of a pleasantly full stomach and even more pleasantly empty balls. "I feel happy, alright Asuka-chan. REALLY REALLY happy. I don't think there are any men in Tokyo-3 who are happier than me right now."

Shinji again felt the pleasing sensation of Asuka's warm breath as she responded to his affirmation of happiness. Asuka's voice was laden with honey as she purred directly into his ear, "Prepare yourself lover. Because this was just an *appetizer*."

The depthless promise in her voice made Shinji feel as if the room temperature had jumped ten degrees in an instant and punched right through his sleepily satiated state, jolting both his mind and his cock awake. His heart thundered in his chest as he felt the tip of Asuka's warm, wet tongue erotically poke into his ear and give it a stimulating little lick.

Shinji thought in genuine awe, `My God, I have a sexy wife! Asuka's always been beautiful in my eyes, but when did she learn to act this way? She could melt ice with that voice!"

With complete sincerity ringing in his voice, he murmured lovingly into her ear, "Asuka, love of my life, you are truly incredible." He then emulated her erotic little tongue probe and lick to the ear, pleased with the desire in her voice when she cried out with an "Ahh!" of surprise.

Moved by passion, Shinji stood up from his chair, taking his sexy wife in his arms and carrying her with him. He followed up with a passionate kiss to her mouth, with her willingly opening her soft lips against his and allowing his tongue entry. Their tongues dueled erotically for a timeless interval, until Shinji broke the stalemate by forcing one hand down the front of Asuka's skintight pants and entering her sex with two fingers.

The lovers' sensual kiss continued, as Asuka stiffened slightly in Shinji's arms and trembled at the sensations produced by his unexpected act. He languidly flexed his fingers inside her body, finding her vagina to be pleasingly warm and copiously lubricated with her excitement. Satisfied, Shinji began to stimulate Asuka's g-spot by gently stroking the inner wall of her channel with his two fingers, while rubbing her clitoris with his thumb.

Asuka rested limp in Shinji's arms. Her legs had become jelly moments ago as the gentle touch of her husband's hand filled her lower belly with molten pleasure. His skillfully circling thumb had her clit throbbing with blood and sending a familiar ecstasy singing through her body. Each unhurried rub of his fingers was creating a new, unfamiliar and staggeringly powerful sensation building in her stomach, at the root of her spine and seemingly in her very womb itself.

Dimly, through the mind-numbing ecstasy that was replacing her blood with liquid fire, Asuka tried to recall what she had read and heard about "g-spot orgasms", something which she suspected she was about to experience. If she remembered correctly, they were supposed to provide an orgasm of unparalleled intensity for the women who were lucky enough to be capable of experiencing them, which not all women were.

`Of course', Asuka thought, quivering helplessly in her husband's embrace as the pleasure reached crippling levels, `You have to also be lucky enough to have a lover skilled enough to give you one. Like meeeeeeeee-'

Asuka's thoughts derailed as Shinji's gently stroking fingers set off a soundless detonation that instantly converted the insistent, fiery pleasure filling her body to the brim into a melting feeling of euphoria that was like the normal post climax sensation amplified a million-fold. The ecstatic sensation made her feel like her spirit was expanding past the physical limits of her body and alarmingly, it continued to increase.

A tiny part of her mind was worried and wanted this to stop, but the rest just rode the wave of pure, total ecstasy. It continued on and on, bathing her entire soul in bliss, continuously growing in intensity until she was genuinely afraid that she might die from it and not even give a damn.

Finally, when Asuka had totally lost awareness of her surroundings and was simply floating mindlessly on the surface of a sea of soul-deep contentment, she felt the sensation start to ebb. It felt distinctly like the sea she was floating on slowly draining out from under her, until, rather like the transition between being awake and asleep, she was back in her body, resting like a limp noodle in Shinji's arms.

As her hearing switched back on, she heard her beloved's voice saying worriedly, over and over, "Asuka? Asuka-chan? Are you alright honey? Can you hear me?" He was also shaking her gently, she noticed bemusedly.

Asuka popped open her eyes and stood up in Shinji's embrace, stretching her body like a cat. Also like a cat after a nap, she felt bonelessly content, her body completely free of tension, each muscle relaxed and ready for action. Though the sea of ecstasy no longer filled her, a mellow sense of well-being was present in every cell of her body.

Asuka gazed at her husband's still mildly worried face intently for a long moment. `God, Shin-chan, you still surprise me to this very day. I love you so, so much.'

She continued to stare at him and think, without making a sound, `I set up an elaborate plan to give you pleasure and make you happy, and you keep casually making me so happy I have to cry and just as easily make me come so hard that I'm afraid it's going to kill me. You are so *fucking* amazing.'

Shinji, with his trademark combination of seeming timidity and genuine concern, interrupted her thoughts with a query. "Are you OK, Asuka-chan? You let out a yell that I think the people on the other side of Tokyo-3 heard and then you fainted or something. I was really afraid I'd hurt you." Shinji's face twisted for a moment in self-loathing at the thought of hurting her.

Shinji continued to speak, as Asuka said nothing, "And now you've been staring at me without saying anything for a couple of minutes…"

Asuka broke from her silent contemplation of her husband to give him a brilliant smile. "I feel great, Shinji-chaaan. Really really great!" She gave a very uncharacteristic, Mihoshi-like giggle and wobbled her head drunkenly. "Oh how great I feel, let me count the ways…" She giggled again, eyes radiating happy contentment.

Shinji pulled her into his arms again, and gave her a gentle hug. "That's good honey. I'm so glad you're OK. You scared me when you wouldn't answer."

Asuka pulled back from his embrace and stared into his eyes intently, with a tiny smile still dancing on her lips. She responded with voice that was an odd combination of deadly serious and giddily laughing. "That's because I was feeling so SO *SO* fucking good I literally thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I'm sorry I couldn't answer you, honey, but I wasn't exactly in my body at the time."

Shinji stared back and said with a tiny smile of his own, "So you liked it, huh?"

Asuka blinked at him, incredulously. "Liked it? LIKED it?!" She shook her head in amusement. "Shin-chan, we're seriously going to have to save that for special occasions or we're never going to leave the house and your fingers are never going to leave my twat!"

Shinji, predictably, blushed at his wife's randy statement. "O-Ok Koi. I'll give you another one for an anniversary present, how's that?"

Asuka suddenly switched back to her seductive mode and stared hotly into his eyes. "I'll hold you to that, Koibito," she purred in a husky voice that went straight to Shinji's groin.

"And now," she continued, still in her most seductive voice, "We have business to conduct in your throneroom, Shinji-sama."

While Shinji was still reeling from her change of attitude, Asuka bent over and reached into a lower cupboard. Shinji's attention was grabbed by her bending over, as the action once again lewdly showcased her swollen genitals pressing against the thin fabric of her suit. As his erection began to renew itself, Asuka straightened and turned back towards him, holding a folded bundle of white fabric.

She unfolded the bundle and draped it over her arm, revealing it to be a white silk robe of the highest quality.

"Your robe of office, Shinji-sama," Asuka intoned respectfully.

She waited expectantly while Shinji stared blankly at her.

Devilgirl Asuka smirked a bit and said, still in a submissive voice, "Please remove your mortal clothes and don the robe, Shinji-sama. It wouldn't do for your court to see you in your guise of a mortal musician!"

Finally clueing in, Shinji quickly pulled off his shirt and slacks and grabbed the robe, finding it silky soft to the touch and obviously of as high quality as it appeared. As he slipped into it, leaving him clad in robe, boxers and comfortable house slippers, he speculated that Asuka must have picked it up on her shopping trip.

Shinji felt a pleasant anticipation in his stomach. `The robe, the velvet gloves, I wonder what else she picked up…' Examining the robe more closely while marveling at his wife's sexual creativity, he noticed there was an insignia on the right breast of a halo surrounding a sword, picked out in shining gold thread. `Apparently that's either my personal insignia or the insignia of my office…" he mused, fingering the apparently real gold.

His attention was attracted by a small metallic `click'. Looking up from his examination of the robe, Shinji saw his temptingly becostumed red-headed wife withdrawing her hands from the act of apparently closing a fine gold necklace…no, a fine gold *collar* around her slim neck. As he contemplated this odd fact, Asuka handed him the end of an equally fine gold chain, a chain that was connected to the collar.

"That's better, Shinji-sama," the flame-tressed temptress purred. "We're now a proper picture of Master and Pet."

Shinji felt his cock swell with blood at the submissively sexy tone in Asuka's voice. The thought of being his "Pet" seemed to turn her on as well, he noticed, his eyes locking on the contoured bulges of her nipples straining against the thin red fabric covering her torso.

Shinji's eyes stayed glued to his wife, as she sauntered past him, in the direction of the bedroom he noticed, her every movement screaming, "Fuck me! Fuck me now and fuck me hard!". The golden links of the chain jingled softly and musically as she passed him, his burning stare dropping to her luscious ass, so temptingly outlined by the shiny red plastic of her outfit.

His eyes stayed fixed on the gently undulating peach as it moved slowly away, seeing only his wife's of-so-fuckable bottom and hearing only the pleasing sound of the chain which indicated her willing submission to him. His stare only intensified as the jingling stopped, then restarted, as Asuka's hips slowly turned to face him, replacing the curvy object of his desire with the equally desirable outlined shape of her swollen pussy lips.

"Shinji-sama…" Asuka's voice came softly and a bit breathlessly, as her husband's eyes slowly traced up her body, the intensity of his stare making her feel as if he were fondling her with his gaze. When their eyes finally met, Asuka felt impaled by the fierce desire in her husband's hawk-like glare. She swallowed against the arousal induced dryness in her throat and continued in the soft, submissive voice which, for some reason, was coming out of her mouth without her even having to work at it.

"Shinji-sama, you have business in your throneroom…you have business…" Asuka was having a hard time gathering her thoughts for some reason.

Shinji's gaze bored into her mind, making her stomach flutter. Her pussy throbbed, feeling like a hot stone in her lower belly, swollen with blood and pulsing in time with her heartbeat. Her breasts, too, felt swollen with desire, even the gentle movement of her breathing causing her achingly sensitive nipples to rub pleasantly against the smooth fabric of her costume. She felt strangely weightless.

Asuka swallowed hard and tried again. "There is a soul waiting for your divine judgment, Goshujin-sama. Please…we should go…"

Shinji was enraptured by the sight of his wife, looking good enough to eat in her sexy costume, her golden collar around her neck, at the limit of the slack on the delicate golden chain. She was looking unusually vulnerable, her eyes wide and doe-like as she waited for his response.

Her calling him "Goshujin-sama" struck him suddenly. That was the term for "Master" in the most sexually commanding sense possible. It indicated that she believed that he owned her, body and soul, and could do anything he liked with her, without limits. Asuka calling him that without a single prompt from him made his blood sing with passion.

The combination of her delicious appearance, her body's obvious desire, and the new and kinky "Master and Pet" routine, complete with accoutrements, was driving Shinji mad with desire. It was unlike him, but it was literally all he could do to not seize his beloved, carry her to the floor of the kitchen and fuck her until she screamed loud enough to make the windows rattle in their frames. Gathering his self-mastery into a tight knot, he gave a slow, controlled nod.

After a timeless interval, Asuka saw her Master nod. Smiling gratefully at him, she turned to go, waiting for him to approach closely enough to give her some slack on her chain.

Without warning, she felt her husband's warm body press against her back. She could feel his rampant erection against her bottom through the thin silk robe, it's hard length sending a jolt of desire straight to her swollen cunt.

As Asuka shivered with lust and pleased surprise, she felt Shinji wrap his arms around her body and place his mouth directly against her ear.

In a husky voice, filled with desire and tight with strain, Shinji whispered, "We'd better get to the "throneroom" *soon*, Asuka-chan, or your Master is going to fuck you right here on the *floor*…" So saying, he released her and stepped backwards one pace.

Asuka's heart trip-hammered in her chest and she nearly came from sheer excitement at Shinji's passionate statement, delivered so intimately into her ear. She turned her head and gave him the most seductive smile she could muster as her heart pounded and then she shakily attempted to continue walking in the sexy strut that she affected when wearing this costume.

Shinji smiled back, lovingly, but with some amusement, as he could tell his love was attempting her usual confidently seductive smile and instead producing a very sexy but far more yielding expression than usual. `It all in the eyes," he mused, enjoying the sight of Asuka's gently swinging hips and undulating rear as they strode down the corridor leading to the bedroom.

She was attempting her usual bold and brazen walk as well, Shinji noticed. However, due to the fact that part of her mind was concerned about how much slack she had on her chain, her gait was very sexy, but also somehow more submissive, more cautious.

`In fact', he realized, the thought making his present, though not urgent, erection twitch, `Her very movements are keyed to my own.' Shinji had thought the collar and chain were only to be used as a symbol, but he was now beginning to appreciate the other subtle ways in which they could have an effect.

As Shinji marveled at the control he had over the devastingly sexy creature that was his wife, Asuka came to a graceful stop and turned to open a door. What confused Shinji was that the door was not one that led to a room and it certainly wasn't the door to the master bedroom. In fact, Asuka seemed to be opening the door to the linen closet.

His puzzlement increased sharply as she disappeared into the doorway, passing beyond his sight, leaving only her trailing golden chain visible. Shinji gawked at what should not have been possible. `What the hell! Did she get the house remodeled while I was out? Is that even possible in one afternoon?!'

After a moment, the redhead's face poked back out of the "closet" and, with a trace of her usual hauteur, smirked and beckoned him inside.

"Your throneroom awaits, Shinji-sama," she cooed. Still puzzled but willing to trust in his ever-surprising lover, Shinji entered the "not-linen-closet".

Shinji may have not been the most quick-on-the-uptake man in the world, but he did know the basic laws of physics and he also knew the layout of his own house. His mind reeled as he experienced an impossibility: he was walking down a corridor which was a least six feet long, which, in the direction they were walking, would have put him in the spare bedrooms. He thoughts slowed and finally stopped, as he followed the seductively swaying walk of his Pet, into a room that could not exist.

The room was softly and attractively illuminated by an unseen source of light. It was red. Very red. The walls, floor and ceiling were all either covered with or made of a deep red satiny material. The floor was soft and cushiony yet supportive to his feet, like a very firm mattress. It was rather like being inside a woman's jewel box, he mused distantly.

Chain softly jingling, Asuka led her Master to a large, comfortable padded loveseat of regal design. It had plush cushions of white velvet and a beautifully carved wooden frame and legs, made of some golden wood.

"Behold," said Devilgirl Asuka softly, gesturing to it with one hand. "Your throne."

Indeed, the loveseat looked like a curious blend of a ceremonial place for a ruler to survey his court and a place for two lovers to cuddle, being quite large, with a high back and just enough space to sit for two people. In inspecting it, Shinji noticed the sword and halo motif present in the carvings on the frame.

Mind numb, capable of observing but not really thinking, Shinji sank into the offered seat, finding it very comfortable. Asuka took the other spot and snuggled into his side, the fine golden chain linked to her collar jingling with her movements.

There was only enough space on Shinji's throne for two people to sit if they were *very* friendly, which suited Asuka just fine. She molded herself to her Master's body and slipped a velvet-gloved hand into his fine white robes. Shinji wrapped his right arm around her and squeezed affectionately as Asuka began to idly administer silken caresses to whatever skin she could reach. This was nice, he decided, in a brief moment of clarity, very odd, but very nice.

The two of them would have made quite a sight to an outside observer. A handsome male wearing loose, regal white robes which were complemented by his white and gold throne, and a beautiful red-headed female clad in shiny, shockingly tight PVC, her red outfit standing out sharply against the soft white background. All of this in a room colored overwhelmingly red, which in turn made the throne stand out like a beacon.

After indulging in a few minutes of cuddling, Asuka decided to get the show on the road before her husband's mind snapped out of it's current pleasantly dazed state. Not that she needed him in a daze, really, but she found that he accepted things easier when she had his mind nicely fogged with sex and strangeness.

Seizing Shinji's cock in her velvet-coated fist, she drowned out the sound of his gasp with her shout, calling, "Angelgirl-in-training Mihoshi! Bring in the damned soul - I mean the accused soul!" She turned to Shinji, giving him a saucy wink along with a tiny squeeze of his stiffening erection. "Can't let anyone think that we don't give the souls a fair hearing, now can we Shin-chan?"

Shinji mumbled an agreement, his attention captured by his wife's thrilling grip on his manhood. He just couldn't get enough of that heavenly softness caressing his penis. Sensing his wishes, Asuka obligingly gave a half-dozen firm yet gentle pulls at his root, causing her Master to slump contentedly into his comfortable seat.

"Now, now, Shin-chan," Asuka murmured teasingly into his ear, sliding only two fingers very lightly along the sensitive underside of his shaft, "Pay attention to the proceedings." She continued to stroke him very lightly as she purred, "Just think of my hand as the popcorn that goes with the movie."

Asuka turned her head to look across the room and announced, "And here's the main feature!"

It was obvious what she was referring to, as a great beam of light was pouring out of a previously unnoticed door on the opposite side of the room. As Shinji watched, a figure appeared in the doorway. It was clearly female, as it had a pleasingly curvy shape, but it was impossible to see the details when it was so strongly surrounded by light. The room the person had to be coming from wasn't visible behind them, in fact, nothing was visible, just a pearly-white glow.

`Nice effect," thought Shinji, staring intently at the familiar-seeming outline. Part of his mind was still occupied with enjoying the soft touch of his wife's hand, but for now, the events occurring were intriguing enough to pull his attention away from Asuka's constant light stimulation of his member.

Moments later, the identity of the person was proven beyond a doubt, as Mihoshi stepped out the doorway and tripped on absolutely nothing, falling ungracefully on her face. Shinji was concerned for a moment, but fortunately she didn't seem to be hurt due to the padded floor.

In response to the sheer clumsiness of the "Angelgirl-in-training", Asuka made an odd noise which was a cross between a giggle of amusement and groan of disgust, as if she couldn't decide which to make. Shinji heard her murmur under her breath, "…that's why I made sure she had plenty of slack…"

Indeed, Shinji noted that Mihoshi was carrying, or at least had been carrying before she fell over, a long, delicate silver chain, similar to the golden one worn by his Pet. The chain ran back through the mysterious doorway and into the blazing light, making it's terminus unknown.

As he watched, Mihoshi bounced to her feet, undaunted by her stumble, chain in hand, and approached Shinji's throne. As the room was fairly large, impossibly large for their house in fact, Shinji hadn't immediately been able to make out what Mihoshi was wearing. His eyes widened a bit and his cock stiffened in Asuka's hand as he drank in her erotic appearance.

Mihoshi was clad in next to nothing, wearing only a one piece diaphanous shift, rather like a very minimal version of the robe he was wearing, in a feminine cut. It had two chief features: one, it was so short that it barely passed her hips, allowing him to clearly see her golden pubic hair, and two, it was almost completely transparent, allowing him to see her spectacular body, but giving it a soft-focus look which enhanced her already great physical beauty.

Shinji hardly noticed the fact that she was also wearing a cute little silver "halo" in tiara form, since his attention was largely fixed on her bouncing chocolate breasts. Asuka noticed his interest as well, taking a firmer grip on his swelling erection and giving him another half-dozen good wanks. This caused him to groan with pleasure and slump back into the plush cushions of his throne.

"Makes a cute Angelgirl, doesn't she," Asuka cooed into his ear, softly jerking his stiff cock. He groaned again, in agreement or pleasure, neither of them knew which. Asuka couldn't resist teasing him a bit more. "Is my Master enjoying his Pet's wanking of his Heavenly Organ?" Shinji grunted an affirmative response, as he enjoyed the erotic sight of the approaching lingerie-clad sexpot and the feel of his wife's velvet gloved fist gripping and pulling his steely penis.

"Look who she's bringing, Shinji-sama," Asuka said softly, continuing to murmur into his ear. Shinji found her mode of address pleasing, as having her head so close to his meant that he could enjoy the warmth of her breath on his face when she spoke and that he could smell the familiar scent of her shampoo gently wafting from her lovely red hair.

Finally processing the import of her statement, he traced the silver chain Mihoshi was holding back to it's source, absently noting that his wife had once again decreased the speed and force of her handjob, doing a superb job of keeping him pleasantly aroused without letting him blow. He was idly contemplating the fact that his balls were beginning to feel congested and full of semen and that he would need to ejaculate pretty soon or begin feeling discomfort, when he noticed who the "accused soul" on the end of the silver chain was.

Shinji's mind reeled as he saw that it was -


* * *

It was, indeed, the lovely Kasumi Tendo.

Dressed in her usual attire of a plain house dress, with a white ribbon holding her long black hair in it's customary ponytail, Kasumi stood in front of Shinji's throne, perhaps 6 feet away, with her eyes downcast. Shinji incredulously took in the fact that Kasumi's neck was adorned with a delicate silver collar, complete with a long silver chain. The end of said chain was being held by, of course, "Angelgirl-in-training" Mihoshi.

Mihoshi smiled brightly at Asuka and Shinji, then stood at her version of "attention" which consisted of putting her hands at her sides, standing really really straight and sticking her chest out. The last part got Shinji's attention, at least. Mihoshi then chirped to Asuka, "Captive secured, Mistress Asuka!"

"Very good Mihoshi," purred Devilgirl Asuka, lounging comfortably while resting halfway on Shinji's lap, with her hand still inside his robes. "You'll make full Angelgirl yet."

"Oh goody!" squealed the blonde sexpot, clapping her hands together with glee.

"Mihoshi, place the accused in the Circle of Truth and then remove her collar," commanded Asuka, gesturing imperiously with the hand that wasn't busy wanking her Lord's phallus.

Mihoshi did as instructed, leading the passive Kasumi to a specially marked out circle on the red satin floor, and removing the silver collar from her neck without difficulty. The circle was a feature of the room that Shinji hadn't noticed, though he would have if had been paying the slightest attention, as it was traced in white lines and curves on the otherwise totally red floor.

The "Circle of Truth" was an elaborate, magical looking affair, with a host of arcane-looking symbols surrounding a perhaps 10 foot wide circle with an unmarked interior. Kasumi stood unmoving in it's center, eyes still downcast. The mysterious piece of geometry was almost immediately in front of Shinji's throne, so Kasumi stood only two arms-lengths away from him, close enough for Shinji to see the blush on her cheeks.

Feeling upset and concern rise in him at the thought of Kasumi perhaps being persuaded or, God-forbid, forced to participate in one of Asuka's perverted schemes, Shinji turned his head to look his wife in the face, intending to ask her to stop this game right now.

As her head was right next to his, this meant that he was staring into Asuka's blue eyes from about an inch away. She seemed to read his thought and placed her mouth next to his ear once more, saying softly, "Kasumi agreed to play with us of her own free will, Shin-chan, truly. I wouldn't make someone take part in something like this if they didn't want to."

She paused for a moment, then continued in a sad voice, "I'm hurt that you'd think that of me, but I suppose I really can't blame you, considering the way I used to be."

Shinji had listened intently to his wife's statement and fully believed her. He placed his mouth next to her ear and said, equally softly, "I'm sorry, Asuka-chan, really I am. I believe you. It's just that, well, Kasumi…it's hard to imagine…she's seems so…well-"

"Pure, virginal, innocent, I know, I know," she interrupted him. She muttered in a lower voice, "That's her problem actually." Raising her voice back to conversational levels, she continued, "Watch and learn, Shin-chan, watch and learn!"

The couple disengaged slightly from each other and turned their heads forward once more, in order to view the proceedings in front of the throne. Shinji noticed that Mihoshi had gotten a chair of white cushions and golden wood from somewhere and was sitting on it backwards, straddling the seat and leaning over it's back, while resting her chin on her folded arms. She was switching her gaze between watching Kasumi and the two of them and was bouncing slightly in her seat, knowing Mihoshi, probably to keep herself awake.

"Ahem," called out Asuka in her "command" voice. "Look at your Judge and his Consort, wench!"

This comment was directed at Kasumi, who raised her head shyly and met Shinji's gaze. He noticed an unknown emotion burning in her lovely dark-brown eyes, but couldn't discern it's nature. He saw that she was nervously bunching the material of her housedress in her fists and twisting it.

"To business!" called out Asuka. "Kasumi Tendo, former deceased human, now disembodied soul, you stand before this court of the Divine and Infernal today in order that your worthiness be judged! The purity of your soul will be tested and the results will determine your permanent dwelling-place."

"Your Judge," Asuka indicated Shinji with her free hand, "Is the Divine Shinji-sama himself!"

"Your Tormentor," Asuka gestured to herself, "Is myself, Devilgirl First Class Asuka!"

Asuka gestured carelessly at the wide-eyed Mihoshi, watching avidly while resting on her fine chair. "Also present as acting Bailiff, Angelgirl-in-training Mihoshi." Mihoshi smiled and gave a little wave as her name was mentioned.

It should also be noted that throughout all of her declaring and gesturing, Asuka never missed a beat in her gentle wanking of her husband.

* * *

Personnel and setting established, Asuka paused for a moment as if in thought, and then directed a hard look at the innocently nervous Kasumi. Breaking off her glare, she withdrew her hand from Shinji's robes, stood, and began to pace back and forth while furiously orating.

"Kasumi Tendo! Known far and wide as the most innocent, virginal, pure, etcetera etcetera, maiden one could ever see. Not an unclean thought could ever pass through her head, not Kasumi Tendo! Heaven forefend!" Asuka threw her hands up sarcastically, alternating between casting hard glances at the accused and assessing glances at the Divine Judge.

"But…" Asuka paused dramatically for a long moment, then spun and furiously pointed a red-gloved finger at the wide-eyed Kasumi, still looking as innocent as a new-born babe, still with her hands nervously twisting the skirt of her plain housedress.

"IT'S A despicable lie!" the Devilgirl First Class roared. "A base deception! A tawdry sham of virtue!"

Glaring with seemingly genuine fury at the mildly-distressed looking Kasumi, Asuka drew herself up and again pointed her finger like a weapon at the "accused soul" in question. "Kasumi Tendo…I accuse you of the Sin of LUST!"

* * *

Shinji, the "Divine Judge", was, needless to say, watching all of this with absolute fascination. He was also, predictably, confused as to why Kasumi was being accused of the Sin of Lust, though he can't be blamed, as pretty much anyone who knew Kasumi would have been equally confused.

"Lust? Maybe Kasumi was attracted to some guy, at some point, but doesn't that happen to all women? It's natural to be attracted to people…that doesn't mean she's guilty of a Sin or anything…"

Seeming to read her husband's mind for the Nth time that day, and sense his confusion, Devilgirl Asuka clarified her argument immediately.

Swiveling gracefully to face Shinji on her high-heeled red boots, which looked like part of her legs, Asuka declared, "I don't mean the ordinary lusty feelings that everyone has, Shinji-sama."

She placed her hands on her hips and turned so that she could view all the players at once. "Though I hesitate to use unpleasant language before your Divine self, Shinji-sama, the simplest way to say it, is that I accuse Kasumi Tendo of being…"

Asuka glared at Kasumi while giving vent to her accusations, "A tart, a trollop, a slut, an easy lay, a cum-dumpster, however you want to say it!"

As the shocking words spilled forth into the air of the "court", there were a number of simultaneous reactions. Kasumi blushed bright red and dropped her eyes to her slippers. Mihoshi's eyes both popped wide-open though not a sound escaped her mouth, which was in a cute little "O" of surprise.

The most vocal reaction was Shinji's.


His voice thundered Asuka's name reprimandingly, freezing all the players in this little play in place.

Asuka immediately dropped her eyes and then slowly raised them to Shinji's accusing glare. She gave him a soft and pleading look as she murmured, just loud enough to be heard, "Give me a chance, Shinji-sama? Please?"

Shinji said nothing, sweeping his gaze over the other two females. Mihoshi just looked back at him with wide eyes, seemingly a little bit frightened. Kasumi, on the other hand, was still looking at her feet. When his gaze focused on her, he was surprised when she flicked her gaze up at him and gave a little nod, before returning her gaze to her slippers.

The meaning of the nod penetrating his awareness, he said coolly to Asuka, "Continue."

She gave him a grateful look and then seemed to gather her thoughts, and strength.

"I make the accusations, as Tormentor," she said slowly, "But the Circle of Truth, and Kasumi Tendo herself, will be the providers of the proof!"

"There are no lies," Asuka intoned ominously, "And no deceptions possible in this court."

"Behold!" she cried. "Exhibit one: Kasumi Tendo, remove your mortal clothing!"

There was another stir of reaction from the court, but Shinji in particular restrained himself. He was running on the assumption that from the nod that she had given him, Kasumi *was* participating of her own free will, and therefore would not do anything that she was uncomfortable doing.

Kasumi's blush increased in intensity but without undue reluctance, in moments she had undone the buttons on her housedress and cast it aside with a rustle of fabric. Though not ordered to, she removed the white ribbon in her hair and cast it aside as well, perhaps considering it part of her "mortal clothing". She then shook out her long lustrous black tresses, making them fan gloriously about her now bare shoulders.

Shinji's jaw dropped, HARD.

His mind was immediately impacted by two startling facts.

The first startling fact was that Kasumi was a *babe*!

The second startling fact was that Kasumi, innocent, matronly Kasumi, was wearing sexy underwear. REALLY sexy underwear.

The "pure" Kasumi Tendo was wearing what lingerie catalogues called a "Merry Widow", consisting of a waist-hugging bustier of a virginally white lace, extending upwards into two half-cup breast supports and downwards to two straps connected to the lacy white garters adorning her thighs.

The lacy demi-cups teasingly concealed the lower part of the splendid bounty of her remarkably large breasts, while giving generous support to the enormous mass of succulent tit-flesh. The abbreviated cups were not quite large enough to conceal the pink nipples which poked inquiringly over their lacy border. The overall effect was of Kasumi's two huge golden-skinned melons being temptingly offered to the presumably awestruck observer.

Shinji was indeed struck with proper awe, as was Mihoshi and even Asuka. Shinji's awe was tempered with a sudden desire to touch and fondle, Mihoshi's mouth, currently in an "O" of surprise, watered with the urge to suckle, and Asuka felt a rare flicker of breast-envy. Neither her nor Mihoshi usually had any cause to be jealous of anyone on that particular female battlefield, but Kasumi had them both seriously outgunned.

The eyes of the three observers roamed at will over the front of the exposed maiden, Shinji stunnedly, Mihoshi appreciatively, and Asuka with the incisive gaze of a predator looking for a weakness in it's intended prey. They noted her beautiful face, currently lowered in apparent embarrassment with her cheeks blushing rosy pink, enhancing the incongruous aura of innocence which intensified her erotic appeal.

Mihoshi's hungry eyes took in how Kasumi's lowered head causing her glossy black hair to fall in disarray over her huge breasts, partially concealing them at the same time it drew attention to them.

The collective gaze of the Court of Judgment slid over Kasumi's trim waist, concealed by the lacy bustier, her long, sleek legs, appealingly highlighted by the lacy white garters encircling her firm thighs, and also the sexy bikini-cut white silk panties barely concealing the treasure between those thighs.

Shinji's erection swelled as he appreciated her womanly hips, broader than those of either Asuka or Mihoshi, but not at all unattractive. In fact they were properly proportioned to her equally big womanly bosom, giving her an classic hourglass figure. Something about that fact, combined with all the other things about Kasumi, was rapidly making his already hard penis stiffen to the point of pain.

Intentionally or unintentionally, Shinji's libido was being unmercifully stimulated by the multiple erotic contrasts inherent in Kasumi's demeanor, appearance and his initial impression of her. That initial impression, of complete virginal innocence, had been shattered by the revealing of the jawdroppingly sexy clothing she wore under her plain housedress. Seeing the apparent wantonness within such a beautiful innocent was in itself enough to make most men hard as steel.

Her lingerie continued that theme, the pure white lace of the lingerie somehow combining with the shards of the initial impression to give a feeling of innocent seductiveness. As every woman knows, this combination is exceedingly difficult to project and completely irresistible to the entire male gender. The picture of shy, virginal, and yet wanton desire that Kasumi was giving off, intentional or not, was enough to turn an already aroused man into a sex-crazed animal.

The straw that almost broke the back of Shinji's self-control was the simple fact that the fair Kasumi, the lovely domestic that seemed somehow beyond the crude touch of lustful men, had a body that was literally built for sex. His fevered gaze caressed her pillowy breasts, made for a man to sink his hands into and squeeze, her slim waist, meant for a man to encircle and hold, and her womanly hips, a comfortable saddle meant for a man to use to mount her and ride, ride her *hard* and *long*.

Yes, thought the lust-maddened Shinji, the only word that could do her justice was "plush". She was a plush ride, a beautiful woman in her prime with a body built for fucking. He ached to see her beautiful face crying out in passion beneath him as he sank his hands into her soft ass and gave her the mercilessly hard fucking that she was obviously craving.

Fine beads of sweat shimmered on Shinji's brow as feverish visions passed through his passion-fogged mind: Kasumi's huge ripe tits flattening against his chest as he pinned her to the mattress with his cock, her shrieks of pleasure and the wet slapping sound of flesh on flesh, the feel of her hips in his hands as he penetrated her agonizingly tight virgin channel over and over and over…

His imaginings were disrupted as he heard Asuka say, distantly, as if she were speaking at the other end of a long tunnel, "Turn around Kasumi Tendo! Let Shinji-sama inspect every inch of your wickedness!"

Silently, Kasumi obeyed, her long hair swinging outward in a circle as she turned in place and presented her back half for his inspection.

Through a haze of base lust, Shinji slowly ran his eyes up her long, smooth legs, instantly imagining those sleek limbs wrapping around his waist as he drove his manhood into the yielding flower of her sex. His roving eyes froze as he beheld Kasumi's perfect heart-shaped bottom, adorned by the triangle of her tiny silk panties, the string of the bikini-style underwear disappearing between the big, womanly ass cheeks.

Shinji's stared at Kasumi's flawless backside, helplessly, for what felt like a long time, his eyes fondling each large, golden-skinned buttock, seeing in his mind's eye how it balanced out her fine, full breasts and womanly hips. He swallowed through a dry throat, hearing the sound resound hollowly in his ears.

He flicked his eyes up to the top of Kasumi's head, carelessly noting her long beautiful black hair, fanned out across the soft skin of her back, both being as without blemish as the rest of her. His gaze just as quickly flicked back to her lovely bottom, and -

Just as he was about to give way to the beast in every man's soul, his clever wife saved the day, by once again seeming to read his mind. She also quite possibly saved Kasumi's virtue, temporarily at least, from her lust-maddened husband.

* * *

Asuka had been watching the effect her womanly "present" had on her beloved husband and was very impressed. She herself found Kasumi quite alluring, and as far as Asuka knew, she was only slightly bisexual. Though that amount seemed to grow a bit every time she hopped into bed with Mihoshi, Asuka wryly conceded to herself.

Kasumi's effect on Mihoshi was far stronger. The blonde airhead, who was into women the way China was into rice, was staring at the feast of femininity before her like Ranma Saotome at an all-you-can-eat special that hadn't heard about him yet. Her big blue eyes were both wide and intense as they roamed upon the acres of exposed golden flesh before her, and it seemed only a matter of time before she started to literally drool in sensual hunger.

Evidently the picture Kasumi presented was even more attractive to men, however, as Shinji looked to be on the edge of some sort of breakdown.

Asuka had watched as his eyes bulged when Kasumi doffed her dress. She had been surprised herself. As Shinji had stared incredulously at the beauty revealed beneath the plain outer shell, though, some mysterious factor in her appearance, something that either had a special appeal to Shinji or to all men, had come into play. Asuka had been impressed by the speed at which an enormous bulge had appeared in his robes and a little alarmed by the growing sexual rapacity she observed in his face.

By the time she had ordered Kasumi to turn around and present her backside to the Divine Judge, said Judge was visibly quivering with the most powerful lust Asuka had ever witnessed on his face. Asuka's legs had already started moving her towards him as she saw some essential restraint, some self-control that made a man a human being and not a beast, begin to drain from Shinji's face as he stared fixedly at Kasumi's admittedly remarkably beautiful and alluring bottom.

Fearing that she had pushed her husband too far, and in the bottom of her female heart a little jealous at the effect another woman was having on him, Asuka smoothly parted her lover's fine white robes and in one movement, used her hard-won cocksucking skills to swallow him to the root. She instantly heard a loud, lengthy groan of release directly above her head, and felt hot cum splash against the back of her throat.

Asuka would have made an erotic picture to an outside observer as she pressed her face to Shinji's groin, inhaling her husband's masculine scent through her nose and making swallowing movements with the muscles of her throat until she was sure she had drained his balls dry. He had pumped an incredible amount of cum into her belly for one ejaculation. `Evidently Shin-chan was a little worked up,' though Asuka wryly, feeling her sense of humor come back to life.

Asuka sensually pulled her soft red lips along the length of her beloved's penis as she rose from his lap, finally releasing the head with a farewell lick. Standing tall in front of him in her high-heeled devilgirl boots, she saw the face of a man returned to sanity. Shinji gazed back at her with soft eyes.

"Thank you, my love," he said, giving her a soft peck on the lips, indifferent to the fact that she had just had those lips wrapped around his member. "I was…" he looked guiltily away, "About to lose control."

"It was my fault Shin-chan," reassured his red-headed wife. "I shouldn't have teased you so much, with all…this," she gestured vaguely at the room and everything in it.

"No, it's not that, you set up a really creative scenario," Shinji said pensively, placing his chin on one fist. "I just don't have much self discipline," he said self-disparagingly.

"That's not true, Shinji-sama," disagreed Asuka firmly. "But this isn't the time or place for this discussion," she said, glancing over her shoulder. "Angelgirl-in-training Mihoshi!" she suddenly bellowed. "Come here!"

Mihoshi bounced up the throne, in two senses of the word. Her succulent brown mounds momentarily jarred Shinji from his self-castigation, as Asuka had intended.

"Our lord is suffering from a passing ill-humor," declared First Class Devilgirl Asuka. "The two of us shall dispel it. Begin!" So saying, Asuka dropped to her knees and began to fondle her Lord's phallus with her soft velvet gloves. Shinji, despite being so recently blown, reacted with a startled "unh!" of pleasure.

Mihoshi quickly got the idea and put the saliva which had been building up in her mouth while she stared at Kasumi to good use, giving Shinji a slobberingly wet blowjob. As grunts of male pleasure and the soft wet noises made by caressing female mouths filled the air of the throneroom, unbeknownst to the three figures clustered at the throne, hot brown eyes observed their play while burning with a powerful emotion. However, by the time the three were finished, the eyes were once again properly downcast, and turned to face away from the throne once more.

Within minutes Shinji had once again emptied his balls, this time all over Mihoshi's innocent face. For extra points, Asuka tenderly licked her Master's semen from her friend's face and the two girls traded it back and forth for a while, until Asuka determined that Shinji was sufficiently cheered up.

And he was, oh Lord yes. Even Shinji couldn't stay depressed with all of that going on. He was living out every man's wet dream and had the good sense to know it. He smiled at his wife and nodded when she looked inquiringly into his eyes, causing her to smile in relief and satisfaction.

Light restored to her Master's soul, Asuka's little play continued.

* * *

"Ahem," said Asuka, getting back into the swing of things and starting to pace. After a moment, she stopped, turned, and declared, "Kasumi Tendo! Turn to face the court!"

Kasumi turned as commanded, not saying a word, with her eyes still downcast. Once again, the eyes of the three roamed her body, Mihoshi staring at her tempting chest, Shinji almost fearfully letting his eyes scan at random, and Asuka with the incisive stare of the prosecutor that she was acting as.

After a moment, Asuka found what she was looking for.

"AHA!" she cried. "Behold!" So saying, Asuka gestured accusingly at Kasumi's body. "Once again the evidence presents itself for all to see!"

Shinji didn't notice anything that would cause that reaction, though Kasumi seemed to blush a little brighter. "What is it, Asuka-chan?"

Responding to her Master's desire for clarification, Asuka pointed with a red-gloved hand. Moving his gaze to the indicated area, Shinji found himself staring at the plump mound of Kasumi's sex, residing in the space between her white-gartered thighs. His eyes locked on target and held as he realized that Kasumi's pussy was drenched in shiny effluent, so drenched that her white silk panty was almost invisible.

A moan almost escaped his mouth as he stared at the arousing sight. Kasumi's wet cunt was almost better than naked, as the dew-soaked silk clung to it like a second skin, highlighting it erotically. He could see every detail of her…wait a minute, where was all the hair?

Asuka's triumphant cry cut through the fog in his mind, "Behold! Exhibit two: the shaved pussy!"

Shinji couldn't move his eyes away as Asuka moved close to the accused and gestured to her shaved sex. "Only a slut shaves her pussy! And look…" Her voice rang out in victory, "She's dripping with her lust! Showing your shamelessly shaved twat to the court and especially to the mighty Shinji-sama is making you juicy, isn't it, Kasumi Tendo!"

Kasumi was, indeed, literally dripping with arousal. Shinji was close enough to see every detail, and he was unconsciously leaning forward to see even better. Kasumi's pussy lips were swollen and red, and her clitoris was unhooded and visibly throbbing. Even as Shinji watched, his eyes glued to the lewd sight, a large drop of thick, clear fluid oozed from the oversaturated silk clinging to Kasumi's swollen cunt and dripped to the red satin floor, making a small wet mark.

A moan burst from Mihoshi's throat as the wet "plop" sound of the fat drop of sexual lubricant striking the floor resounded through the otherwise dead silent throneroom. Shinji had to bite back a groan himself, as Mihoshi's outburst made him realize he was leaning so far out of his throne that he was about to fall over. With a "whuff!" of breath, he slammed himself back into his seat and reached into his robes to adjust his once again uncomfortably swollen penis.

Asuka watched appreciatively. Once her Master was done adjusting himself, she turned back to the accused, who was still blushing, and still dripping, and gave a softly voiced command. "Remove your undergarment, Kasumi Tendo."

Kasumi did so, the eyes of both Mihoshi and Shinji glued to her every movement as she pulled the soaked piece of silk down her shapely thighs, then gracefully slid one long leg out of them, and then the other. As she did so and took her sodden panty into one hand, her swollen sex continued to slowly drip fat drops of clear lubricant, creating a growing wet spot on the satiny red floor between her legs. With a flick of her hand, Kasumi tossed her silken juice-collector into the eager hands of the acting Bailiff, Angelgirl-in-training Mihoshi.

Mihoshi shamelessly placed the sex-drenched fabric in front of her perky little nose and took a deep whiff, while Shinji watched with an aching hard-on. Shinji abruptly realized that the air of the throneroom was already deeply redolent of the odor of excited woman. He took a deep breath of the musky air, the powerfully erotic smell making his head spin, and noticed Asuka watching him with amusement.

Shaking her head, Asuka suddenly barked, "Be grateful that the Divine Judge enjoys the smell of your lust, Kasumi Tendo! Or I'd have you punished, fair trial or no fair trial!" Shinji couldn't be sure, but he though that Kasumi's body shivered for a moment at the mention of punishment. And was her pussy juicing more copiously or was it just him?

Her voice once again soft, Devilgirl Asuka reached out a red-velvet gloved hand and lifted Kasumi's chin gently, forcing her to raise her head. "Look me in the eye, Kasumi Tendo. Do you have anything to say in your defense?"

Kasumi did indeed look Asuka in the eye. From his perspective, Shinji could see that emotions were violently churning there, but couldn't tell what they were. Slowly, Kasumi shook her head, even that slight movement making her luscious melons jiggle. Shinji noticed out of the corner of his eye Mihoshi's head wobble comically in sync with Kasumi's breasts.

Maintaining eye contact with the accused, Asuka continued her questioning, her voice still soft and unthreatening. "And are you concealing any more dirty little secrets about your body and soul from this most high and holy of courts?"

Once again, Kasumi shook her head slowly. Shinji, watching intently, seemed to see the emotions contained in her soft brown eyes churn even more agitatedly, but their nature was still a mystery.

"Very well," said Asuka neutrally, releasing Kasumi's chin and stepping back one pace. "Your statements are recorded for all time. Keep in mind that it is a crime of the most serious sort to lie in front of your Judge and Tormentor."

Striding back to stand near her Master, Devilgirl Asuka spun at the last moment and grinned menacingly at the suddenly terrified looking Kasumi. "Of course, you do realize that you're standing in the most powerful truth-revealing magic circle in all of existence, don't you, YOU UNREPENTANT HARLOT!" Asuka's voice rose to a near shout on the last three words.

Seeming to be gripped by genuine fright at Asuka's aggressive shout, Kasumi dropped to a seiza position, sitting on her heels and clasped her hands together in a position of begging for mercy. Part of Shinji found her apparent subjection to be highly arousing, to judge the twinge that went through his erection.

Asuka narrowed her eyes and glared at Kasumi, in an exaggerated show of anger.

"You're concealing something, wench! Probably several things, I wager…"

Nodding her head in agreement with herself, Asuka declared, "I will now invoke the Circle of Truth!"

She crossed her arms, wiggled her nose and fondled herself in an (apparently) arcane manner, incanting, "Klatuu…Verata…Nicto!"

Silly as her "spell" may have seemed, it had a dramatic effect on the kneeling Kasumi.

The innocent, pleading expression on her face gave way to a more carnal emotion as the lush-bodied domestic cried out in a voice thick with lust and rocked back onto her heels. Kasumi writhed as she leaned back at a severe angle, supporting herself on her hands and wriggling her broad, womanly hips in some extremity of sensation.

As Shinji watched in disbelief, and the other two girls with expression ranging from cold satisfaction (Asuka) to hunger (Mihoshi), Kasumi's beautiful face screwed up in concentration. They could see her belly muscles visibly flex, as…yes, an object was making it's way out of her pussy.

Shinji's hard-on swelled as he saw the phallus-shaped end of a gigantic dildo split Kasumi's pussy lips. It was clear how big it was, by the way the petals of her flower became obscenely splayed by the dildo's huge girth. Kasumi grunted and strained, making tiny rocking motions with her hips as inch upon inch of wetly shimmering fake cock slid out of her inner reaches.

Finally, with a wet "plop", the enormous double headed sex toy was ejected from it's owner's wet cunt and lay glistening on the red satin floor of the throneroom. It was apparently made from creamy white plastic or rubber, at least 12 inches long and very thick, with a phallus-shaped head on either end.

The eyes of Mihoshi, Shinji and Asuka were glued to the dildo for long moments, before Asuka finally raised her eyes to the panting Kasumi. She was still leaning back, slowly regaining her breath and gleaming with a light sweat. The swollen lips of her shaved pussy were slowly coming back together, as the distended orifice oozed a clear, thick fluid onto the red floor.

The wet spot in Kasumi's general location was reaching epic proportions, being aided in it's growth by the juices dripping from the enormous rubber toy that she had been carrying inside herself.

"A slut you are proven to be," declared Asuka solemnly. "Only a slut would carry that monster inside her cunnie all day!" She shook her head side to side, slowly. "What a shameless harlot you are. I suspect that the true depths of your depravity still remain to be seen…"

With that, Asuka once again crossed her arms, wiggled her nose and fondled herself, giving voice to the magic words: "Klatuu…Verata…Nicto!"

Once again, the words had a remarkable effect on the recumbent Kasumi. Giving forth a high-pitched wail of arousal, she spun around on the floor, so that her butt was facing he three observers. She then bent over, sticking her rump high in the air, grabbed the cheeks of her big heart-shaped ass and pulled them apart, revealing her puckered asshole. As the three observers watched, Kasumi forced three fingers into her anus, one after another, splaying the tight orifice around her intruding digits.

Shinji's mind was on the verge of meltdown, as he observed the woman who he had thought to be so virginally pure rummage inside her own anus for…god knows what. His mind was clean of thought, his body blazing with lust as he waited to see what would happen next.

Kasumi seemed to find what she was looking for, as, with a strangled groan, she pulled what looked to be a large round marble, apparently made of black plastic, out of herself. It was sizeable, perhaps the diameter of an American quarter or a bit larger. Shinji wonder what it was, and if that was all that she had in there, when he noticed that there was a black silk string coming from the orb, connecting it to something still inside Kasumi's sweating body.

Holding the black orb in her fingers, Kasumi pulled steadily on it, moaning continually in a low voice. Shinji's cock twitched in arousal as he saw Kasumi's rosebud stretch open to allow the passage of a large bead, and then slowly shut, only to be stretched open once again, as another bead emerged. Apparently the sensations produced were pleasant in the extreme, as Kasumi would let out a loud passionate groan and her body would quiver a bit, each time she pulled another large black sphere out of her asshole.

The process was a slow one, though the time seemed to fly by for everyone involved. It was several minutes before Kasumi pulled the final bead out of herself. The string of beads was fairly long, at least 12 inches. The whole time, Shinji couldn't get over how wanton Kasumi appeared, with her face pressed to the soft floor and her rump in the air, one arm being used for support and the other awkwardly stretched over her back to pull on the string of her perverted sex toy.

Finally, the string of anal beads dropped to the floor, alongside the monstrous rubber phallus that had made it's home in Kasumi's other orifice. Slowly, her face flushed and keeping her eyes down, as if embarrassed, Kasumi rotated back around so that she once again faced her Divine Judge and Tormentor.

The expression on Devilgirl Asuka's face didn't bode well for the accused soul's final fate. Asuka shook her head in condemnation, gazing solemnly at Kasumi. "Not only a slut but an ass-slut! The worst kind. Your soul truly belongs in my realm, Kasumi-chan."

"There is but one final fact that must be known about you, Kasumi Tendo," said Asuka in a dead-serious tone. "That you are an unrepentant slut of the most remarkable perversity has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Now, the court must be absolutely certain of the uttermost depths of your wanton nature. This will determine what part of my Infernal realm you will be consigned to…" Asuka paused dramatically, "…For all eternity!"

As Kasumi looked on apprehensively, Asuka turned to her Master and said , "Shinji-sama, would you please help me with the next test?" She gave him a dazzling smile that few men would be able to resist.

"Of course, Asuka-chan. What do you need me to do?"

Asuka gestured, and Mihoshi approached the throne. "I need you to make love to Angelgirl-in-training Mihoshi. Please do it as close as possible to the Circle of Truth as you can, without touching it." She turned her head to look at Kasumi. "You must watch without closing your eyes, Kasumi Tendo. By the power of the Circle of Truth I command it!" Kasumi nodded mutely in acceptance.

By now, Shinji was beyond being surprised by anything that happened in this impossible red chamber, and he only nodded and let the smiling Mihoshi take his hand and pull him towards the Circle and it's captive. He had been teased for what felt like an eternity now and he welcomed the relief of being able to touch and fondle one of his two girl's beloved flesh.

He made the first move, wrapping Mihoshi in his arms and kissing her soft mouth fondly as they arrived at their destination. The two lovers sank to the supportive floor and entwined their bodies, mouths locked together as they kissed deeply and passionately. Shinji wasted no time on preliminaries as he rubbed his iron erection against Mihoshi's slit, finding it to be wet and ready for him. Mihoshi made no complaint, wrapping her sleek brown legs around his waist and moaning into his mouth as he sheathed his weapon in her body. Shinji began to piston his hips, penetrating Mihoshi with long, deep strokes and filling the throneroom with the soft slap of flesh on flesh.

Over the next few minutes, Asuka's sharp gaze missed nothing as she steadily observed her captive, who in turn watched the attractive couple making passionate love within arm's reach of her. Asuka noted the sweat that had begun to form on Kasumi's golden flesh, making her incredible tits gleam enticingly. She saw how Kasumi took increasingly deep heaving breaths as the sights, sounds and smells of the two healthy lovers rutting began to eat at her self-control. She didn't miss the gasp that burst from Kasumi's mouth, nearly drowned out by the sound of Mihoshi's soft cry of ecstasy as she climaxed, or the hitch in her deep breaths when Shinji's cry of masculine satisfaction came moments later.

Kasumi swayed in place, even sitting down as she was, at the sight of Shinji pulling his juice-coated length from Mihoshi's sodden pussy. Her gaze clung hotly to his male organ before moving on to the other lover. Mihoshi lay flat on her back, smiling happily and gleaming with the sweat of exertion, her large, shapely chocolate-skinned breasts bobbing up and down with her breathing. To a heterosexual male or a bisexual female she looked good enough to eat. Kasumi seemed to be seriously considering it, judging from the way she was unconsciously licking her full lips and staring.

To Asuka's assessing eye, Kasumi looked on the verge of cracking from the tremendous erotic stimulation she was being subjected to, in much the way her husband had almost lost control and become a sex-crazed animal. `Now to push her over the edge,' she thought, satisfied with how her scenario was working out.

Asuka wanted to give Mihoshi a minute to recover, but was swayed against it by the need to keep the pressure on Kasumi. "Miho-chan, are you fit to continue?"

"Mmm-hmmm," hummed Mihoshi happily, sitting up and nodding her cute face affirmatively.

"Very well. We have proven that you gain slutty satisfaction from observing and no-doubt participating in heterosexual intercourse, is this not so, Kasumi Tendo?" Asuka paused in her pacing and orating to quirk an eyebrow at Kasumi. To Shinji's surprise, Kasumi didn't deny it, instead nodding with slightly glazed eyes, her face flushed and the glossy strands of her hair lying on her golden melons damp with sweat.

Asuka's voice became sly and insinuating. "You'd love to be the one being impaled on Shinji-sama's great prick wouldn't you? To feel his hard body giving your slutty one the fucking it craves? Hmmmm? You'd probably love him to ram his Divine manhood up your asshole wouldn't you, slut! You crave his sperm in every hole in your wanton, shameless body, don't you Kasumi Tendo?"

To Shinji's continued surprise, and skyrocketing arousal, with each new accusation Kasumi simply nodded her head, a little more emphatically each time. On Asuka's final barb, Kasumi nodded her head fiercely, swung her gaze to his lap and stared at his cock so hungrily, he swore that he could feel a phantom caress on it's rapidly reinflating length.

Asuka shook her fiery-maned head in disgust, "Rarely has this Devilgirl seen a soul so filled with Sin. Well! Only one more test to administer and then it's time for Kasumi Tendo's Final Judgment."

Asuka's voice rose to a command bellow once again. "Angelgirl-in-training Mihoshi! This may be your chance for a promotion!"

"Goody!" cried Mihoshi, clapping her hands in delight.

"Mihoshi…I need you to Tempt this accused soul. I believe that not only is she content to be the plaything of men, she is also guilty of lusting after her own sex. You must Tempt her into revealing this beyond a shadow of a doubt! Are you up to the task, Mihoshi?"

Mihoshi nodded seriously, looking intently at her assigned victim.

"The Implements of Desire." Asuka handed over a large zippered case, taken from behind the throne. Mihoshi accepted the case and took a seat on the cushiony floor near the Circle, avoiding the big wet spot created by her and Shinji's recent coupling. She unzipped the large leather container and sorted through it's interior for a minute, mm-ing and ah-ing as she found items she liked. Finally, though, she set it aside without removing anything from it.

Looking up at her target, Mihoshi wriggled her bottom, enjoying the satiny feel of the floor. She looked up at Asuka and asked her for a couple of pillows. Pillows provided, she lay back, propped up comfortably on them, facing Kasumi.

Asuka and Shinji watched with interest, curious as to how Mihoshi intended to Tempt Kasumi. Kasumi seemed to be interested as well, her thighs shiny with her own juices as she observed Mihoshi with hot brown eyes. The fact that this blonde sexpot was going to attempt to drive her mad with desire seemed to be having a significant effect all by itself.

As if it were the most natural thing to do in front of three people of mixed gender, one of whom you've not even known a day, Mihoshi spread her thighs wide and began to masturbate. She languidly drew her hand along the front of her body, pausing to squeeze her voluptuous chocolate-skinned tits and emit a little sigh of pleasure. Smiling warmly at Kasumi and giving hungry looks to the not-maiden's fine body, Mihoshi caressed her mound of venus and gave another little sigh. Kasumi looked back with equally hungry eyes, eyes that were seemingly magnetized to Mihoshi's stroking hand.

Mihoshi's self-pleasuring quickly heated up and soon soft moist noises and far louder and more frequent sighs could be heard. Mihoshi's hand was wet and shiny as she alternated between stroking her love button and delving deep into her pussy with two, three and then four fingers. She eventually worked her way up to fitting the thumb in as well, and the little group was treated to the astonishing sight of the blonde sex-machine stuffing her entire small brown fist into her own pussy.

All four players were breathing hard, Kasumi and Mihoshi most of all as the blonde furiously fisted herself, making obscene squelching noises as she drove her hand as deep into her juicy cunt as she could reach. Her other hand was a blur as it stroked her pulsing clit. "Ka-<pant>su<puff>mi. Do you <unh> want some of <ohhh> this?" Mihoshi gasped out.

Tongue licking her dry lips, Kasumi nodded emphatically, eyes fixed on the blonde's vigorous self-loving.

"Sa-HAY it, Kasumi-chan!" puffed Mihoshi, squeezing her eyes shut in pleasure.

"I want you," the until now silent Kasumi murmured softly.

"Louder!" cried Mihoshi, locking gazes with Kasumi and staring into her opponent's eyes as she pulled her hand out of her pussy and sensuously sucked on her slickly coated fingers.

"I want you!" said Kasumi, breathing hard. "I want to put my face between your legs and suck on your pretty blonde pussy!"

"That's it!" encouraged Mihoshi, directing Kasumi's eyes downward as she lewdly displayed her sloppy pussy, holding her stretched out labia wide open with both hands and revealing her cunt's healthy pink interior . "You want to put your whole fist inside my tiny little cunny, don't you Kasumi-chan?"

"Yesssss," Kasumi hissed in a voice that was low, vibrant and filled to the brim with lust.

* * *

Shinji and Asuka were both staring in awe, both of Mihoshi's sexuality and her previously unknown persuasive powers. Kasumi's reticence seemed to have been broken and waves of lust were almost visibly boiling off her flushed, sweating body. As the representatives of the Divine and Infernal watched intently, Mihoshi executed her masterstroke.

Releasing the lips of her vagina, Mihoshi quickly reached into the "Implements of Desire" case and grabbed an item she had obviously planned on using. Flicking a glance at Kasumi to make sure that she was still staring at her blonde-furred groin, which she was, looking as if she were hungry and had found something good to eat, Mihoshi placed the enormous double-headed dildo she had pulled out of the case into her opponent's field of view and slid it into her pussy with a wet squish.

"Ahhhhhhh…" Mihoshi gave a long, sincere moan of pleasure as she fit three thick inches of the big rubber phallus into herself. "Feels so good…stretching my pussy…mmm…" The eyes of the three observers were glued to the sight as Mihoshi began alternately thrusting the big shaft in and out of herself and working to force it deeper into her insides. Kasumi's hands had begun to twitch as if they wanted to be doing the thrusting herself or perhaps squeezing Mihoshi's bouncing boobs.

Mihoshi's sinister plan was revealed as she fit around twelve huge inches of the 24 inch long dildo into her sopping wet channel and turned over onto her hands and knees, the gigantic sex toy sticking out of her like a tail. Shinji's erection throbbed a bit harder as he saw that the pink inner lips of Mihoshi's vagina were visible, stretched tightly around the thick barrel of the dildo.

"You want this, don't you Kasumi-chan?" taunted the chocolate-skinned sexpot from her ass-in-the-air position, wiggling her pelvis and it's protruding passenger teasingly. "You want to ram the other half of my big friend into your empty pussy, don't you?"

"YESSSSSS!" hissed Kasumi in a hungry, desperate voice.

Mihoshi looked over her shoulder at her superior, Devilgirl First Class Asuka. "Asuka-chan, since Kasumi-chan is damned anyway, it doesn't matter if she leaves the Circle of Truth, does it?"

"That's true," admitted Devilgirl Asuka. "I think we adequately know her level of sluttishness now anyway, so yeah, as long as she admits she's a wanton harlot, I think we can let her leave the Circle."

Almost before the words were out of Asuka's mouth, Kasumi was confessing loudly and sincerely.

"I *am* a slut!" she cried. Chest heaving, she blurted urgently, "My body burns constantly with lust! I hunger for the flesh of both men and women!" She slid her hands caressingly over her lush body. "My breasts ache to be touched, to be mauled by strong hands…" She looked hungrily at Shinji, making him gulp. "…to be fondled by soft hands." She looked equally hungrily at Asuka, making HER gulp.

Kasumi continued her confession, running her hands sensually over the swollen peach of her shaved, glistening sex. "My pussy feels empty all the time, so I try to satisfy it with long, thick objects." She glanced at the huge dildo she had recently ejected for inside herself. "I tried to dull the craving by filling my other hole too," here glancing at the discarded anal beads, "But it only satisfied me for a little while."

"I do the thousand rubs constantly, but it only fuels the fire," Kasumi said, sounding more desperate than sensual for a moment. She placed the palm of her hand on her love-button and demonstrated, moaning wantonly. Constantly interrupting herself with moans and cries, Kasumi said brokenly, "I - need - someone - to - make - love - to - me - all day - every DAY!" She finished her statement of need with a yell of temporary satisfaction.

Dropping her eyes to the floor, she said in a disturbingly sincere sounding voice, "My soul is eternally damned to Hell. I deserve nothing more than to be the plaything of demons and devils. I am, as Devilgirl Asuka said, nothing more than a slut, a wanton, a, a, cum-dumpster."

There was dead silence in the room as the three members of the Court stared at the downcast Kasumi in profound sympathy. Finally, Devilgirl Asuka broke the quiet.

"Kasumi-chan," she said in a remarkable soft and warm voice, "have you ever acted on these cravings in any way other than playing with yourself? Have you, for instance, ever gone to a dockside bar and allowed the sailors to have their way with you?"

"No," stated Kasumi, not moving her eyes from the floor, "but…sometimes I wanted to," she finished in a near-whisper.

She continued in a low voice, sounding almost entranced. "So many times, I would toss and turn at night, sweating with desire, unable to sleep until I had pleasured myself senseless with a dildo or my own hand. I knew it was wrong, but I…often, I would fantasize about being taken, taken hard and mercilessly in every opening in my body by a large group of men. Sometimes that fantasy would be the only thing that allowed me to…climax, and finally go to sleep."

"Kasumi-chan, have you ever even HAD sexual contact with a man? …or a woman?"

"No," Kasumi replied quietly. "No, I haven't."

Shinji was awestruck at the power of Kasumi's will. To experience such powerful cravings for years, and never once give in to temptation! Her self-control had to dwarf that of the proverbial wizened yogi sitting on a mountaintop!

"Then, Kasumi-chan," intoned Asuka warmly, "there is still hope for you. In the end, it will come down to the will of the Divine Judge. Only through his mercy can you hope to achieve salvation."

Shinji was beginning to think that everyone but him was taking all of this FAR too seriously, as with this statement of potential clemency, Kasumi raised her head and bestowed a pleading gaze upon him. Her eyes were filled with a potent combination of raw lust and renewed hope, making his heart in turn fill with confusion and desire. Did she actually believe that he could somehow redeem her "tarnished" soul?

To Shinji's relief, Mihoshi interrupted the emotionally-volatile situation with an innocent question.

"Does this mean you don't want to play with me, Kasumi-chan?" the blonde airhead asked with wide eyes, looking a bit desolate herself.

She had listened with sympathy for Kasumi's apparent distress, but couldn't really understand the problem. She herself was horny at least once a day, and she also appreciate the charms of both genders. Kasumi was certainly pretty enough to find partners willing to play with her.

Mihoshi was truly at a loss as to the cause of her distress, and so asked her question knowing that a bout of "play" always made her feel better when she herself was feeling down, so why wouldn't it work for her upset friend?

Kasumi couldn't help but smile at Mihoshi's innocent question. "Of course, I'd be happy to play with you Miho-chan."

"Yay!" cried Mihoshi, spinning around again so that her butt faced Kasumi and wiggling said posterior enticingly. Shinji was struck again by the erotic obscenity of the 12 huge inches of double-headed dildo sticking out of Mihoshi's pink cleft. Realizing that he had stood up unconsciously while listening intently to Kasumi's sad tale, he sat back down and settled himself into the comfortable throne to enjoy the about-to-occur erotic spectacle.

* * *

As Shinji watched, Kasumi, her breasts jiggling gently with her movements and her womanly hips swaying invitingly, walked out of the Circle which had "confined" her for the majority of her "trial" and dropped gracefully to all fours behind the eagerly waiting Mihoshi.

"Move closer to Shinji-sama, Miho-chan," instructed Kasumi. "We want to give him a good show, now don't we?" Mihoshi nodded, smiling happily, and shuffled sideways, stopping close enough to Shinji's knees for him to faintly feel her blazing body heat. The two girls adjusted their positions over the next minute according to Kasumi's instructions, until she was satisfied. They ended up at a 45 degree angle from Shinji with the line formed by their bodies starting at Mihoshi's face, which was directly in front of his groin, though a short distance away.

This position gave Shinji an excellent view of the acres of smooth skin on display, as well as the plump dangling fruits of the two voluptuous girls' big breasts. The real gem on view was, in Shinji's opinion, Kasumi's big womanly butt, the two pale-gold-skinned cheeks framing her glistening sexual mound.

Even as he watched, Kasumi shuffled backwards, breasts swaying, and began to impale herself on the available end of the double-dildo sticking out of Mihoshi. His pulse raced as the soft, moist noise of the dildo's large head splitting her pussy lips and pushing into her hot insides came to his straining ears. Both girls moaned thrillingly as they began to push their plush asses together, continuing the soft wet sound of the enormous shaft sliding into Kasumi's hungry cunt.

Before they could begin really getting into it, Devilgirl Asuka interrupted, appearing as if by magic in the corner of Shinji's vision. "One moment, girls!"

He reluctantly looked away from the two girls, to see his wife smiling naughtily and holding up for display an even longer string of black anal beads than the one Kasumi had recently pulled from inside herself. The sexual device seemed designed for this very situation, having a set of beads on either end with a length of black silk in the middle. Shinji noticed that they were of slightly irregular size, having 4 larger beads, one on both ends of each set.

As the two girls on the floor waited obediently, Shinji got to enjoy their moans and groans as Asuka stuffed the two connected sets of large black spheres into their puckered assholes.

Finally, Asuka was done with her perverted task. "There!" she said in satisfaction at the erotic sight of the two beauties, connected via their two nether openings by a thin black string and a thick white shaft. She bent down and gave both girls a resounding smack on the ass, causing them to yelp in surprise. "You may begin!"

Slowly at first, Mihoshi and Kasumi began to thrust with their butts. Shinji stroked his cock unconsciously as they grunted and groaned, struggling to get in rhythm while distracted by the pleasure assaulting them from the sex toys imbedded in both of their sensitive nether openings. His erection swelled as he noticed the purpose of the larger anal beads.

As the two girls began to move more synchronously, moaning their pleasure to the world, he could see the large end bead acting as a "plug", causing him to groan and stoke himself faster as he saw Kasumi's anal rosebud half-dilate from the big bead trying to escape and failing. His own groan was lost in the loud passionate groan from both Kasumi and Mihoshi as their assholes were simultaneously teased by the cleverly-designed sex toy.

For the next 20 minutes, Shinji's throneroom was the scene of a remarkable erotic display. Shinji stroked himself and breathed hard, as the two world-class beauties on the velvety red floor bumped butts as hard as they could, moaning and shrieking out their multiple climaxes as they squeezed their inner muscles around the dildo connecting their pussies.

The sight topped anything Shinji had ever witnessed, the only thing remotely comparable being the collective impact of Mihoshi and Asuka eating cum out of, and off of, each others succulent bodies.

His eye was constantly pulled from one mind-blasting detail to another. The girls' plush asses rippling slightly as they were slammed together, one chocolate-brown and one pale-golden, both big, firm and flawless. The sweat dripping off their big swinging tits, Mihoshi's ample and Kasumi's the size of small melons, nipples standing out stiffly and straining with arousal. The sight of the juices from their two overstimulated sexes literally pouring off of the wet and shiny few visible inches of the double-dildo bridging the gap between them. The wet spot they were generating was absolutely gigantic.

He also enjoyed greatly the sight of Mihoshi's face scrunching up cutely as she screamed out her ecstasy, and his marvelous view of Kasumi's entire butt and groin. In slow motion, Shinji took in the utterly perverted sight of the big anal bead forcing Kasumi's asshole open as she pulled her luscious bottom back to thrust, combined with the sound of the two girls' overlapping yell of pleasure at the anal stimulation. This was immediately followed by their feminine grunts of exertion as they powered their butts together, filling their slippery cunts with oversized shaft.

Ten minutes in, Shinji abruptly hit his limit and knew that he had to cum, *right now*. Somehow Mihoshi, even though her sexual exertion, sensed this. "Shin<UNH!>chan!" His eyes snapped to her face, currently cutely red-faced and puffing as she vigorously bumped butts with her tireless sexual partner. "Come on my<OH!>face, Shin-chan!"

Shinji eagerly complied, shooting his steaming jizz onto her face for an entire minute as he gasped in relief. Mihoshi lapped it up, enjoying the creamy dessert being added to her sexual feast.

After finished emptying his abused testicles for what felt like the Nth time that day, Shinji opened his eyes to take in the sight of Mihoshi's beautiful face, mouth open as she moaned in passion, still somehow looking completely innocent while glazed with a transparent layer of his ejaculate. The sight made him groan, almost in desperation, as he felt his body pull a scrap of energy from somewhere and begin to reinflate his equally abused penis. `If this doesn't finish soon, I'm gonna *die*! Girls may be able to have sex all day, but *I* *CAN'T*!'

Nonetheless, our hapless hero was forced to endure the awesome sight of the two sex-crazed vixens on the velvety red floor of his throneroom fucking themselves senseless for another ten endless minutes, at the end of which, his penis was swollen, inflamed and once again ready to pop. Apparently Kasumi had learned to identify her prospective Master's penultimate groan of release, as this time it was her sultry voice which called Shinji's name.

"Shinji-sama!<UNNH!>Please come here<AHHH!>Shinji-sama!"

In a trance of arousal, Shinji got up from his throne, his discarded robes sliding from his shoulders in a whisper of silk as he walked the length of the two gorgeous women copulating on the floor of his throneroom. As he reached their joining point, an intense desire to look closer made him squat onto his heels.

Shinji's prick pulsed on the brink of discharging as he brought his face close to the two moaning, yelling girls' fine asses. He placed one of his hands on each of their plush bottoms, caressing them and delighting in the warm, smooth, sweat-slick skin. A veritable fog of female musk was wafting from the huge amount of sexual fluid pouring out of them and it enveloped him as he placed his face dangerously near the two bumping butts.

Though he appreciated the more complete sight of the two girls' intercourse that was available from his throne, the current sight was arousing in it's own way, as he could more easily smell the two girls' lust and hear the squish of their pussies being violated by the oversized dildo joining them.

He couldn't resist adding a teasing tug to the string of the anal beads as the two bottoms separated in preparation to thrust, causing the girls to gasp at the out-of-rhythm sensation. They didn't let this stop them however, slamming their asses together and making the succulent flesh of their bottoms jiggle slightly with the impact. Before the sight could make him blow his load, Shinji rose from his squat and proceeded to stand in front of the red-faced, sweating and moaning Kasumi.

She wasted no time. "Come on my<UNH!>face, Shinji-sama!" Kasumi opened her mouth and extended her tongue, her soft brown eyes looking up at him pleadingly. The alluring sight of the innocent Kasumi begging for his sperm was too much for Shinji and he instantly obliged her, painting her sweet face with his sticky semen. She licked up what she could reach with her tongue, displaying every bit as much enjoyment in having Shinji cum on her face as Mihoshi had. Stream after white, creamy stream splattered onto her face as Shinji's body gave her it's final salute.

He dropped to his heels in absolute exhaustion as he finished coating Kasumi's face in ejaculate. Once again, he opened his eyes to witness an innocent maiden's beautiful face glazed with his residual semen, but though he found the sight extremely arousing, his used-up body couldn't even produce a twitch in his genitals.

Shinji rested for a while, watching the lovely Kasumi's face express her pleasure and passion, until the air was filled with a loud cry as she, Mihoshi and Asuka cried out at once in a powerful simultaneous orgasm. Turning his head, he saw where Asuka had been all this time. Apparently she had finally succumbed to desire and had spent the last twenty minutes using her red pitchfork-dildo on herself. She currently lay on her back, chest slowly heaving in post-orgasm languor with the thick red shaft of the pitchfork lewdly protruding from her pussy.

Robotically, he turned his gaze back to Kasumi. As he gazed at her lovely visage through a thick veil of fatigue, she cried out, "Miho-chan! Turn with me!" The two girls then shuffled in a half circle, so that he could see the length of their joined bodies. With his heart dully thumping in his chest, he appreciated their cries of pleasure as they slowly moved away from each on all fours, causing the double-dildo to emerge from their pussies, even as the large anal beads were pulled from their spasming bottom-holes.

After many moans and wails, the twin heads of the dildo emerged from the two pussies that had enjoyed it so vocally and long, and the enormous length of the dripping rubber shaft dropped to the wet red velvet of the floor, landing with a loud "Splat!". Shinji's fatigue-dimmed vision drank in the arousing sight of the two sexpots, breasts swinging, bodies still joined by the long black string of the string of big black spheres, the last few of which were still crammed up their asses.

Mihoshi and Kasumi cried out once…twice…three times, each time moving away from each other by a few inches and making their anal rosebuds bulge and then pop a large bead into view. Then they pulled against the "plug" beads at the ends of the string, Mihoshi making little squeaks of pleasure as they made several false starts, while Kasumi made deep, wanton moans of enjoyment. With a strangled yell, both girls jounced forward, finally pulling the big bead out of their butts.

After breathing heavily while slumped on their faces for a short while, the two female sex partners turned and crawled away from the titanic wet spot they had created, moving in the same direction and eventually into each other's arms, snuggling together for warmth and comfort. Shinji turned his leaden body to observe and was treated by the sight of two girls tenderly licking each other's semen glazed faces shiny-clean.

They apparently thought the same when it came to sex, for without any discussion, once finished with their face-cleaning, they crawled wearily into a sixty-nine position and began to languidly clean up their partner's genitals as well. The sight of the two voluptuous women paying oral attention to each other and the soft wet noises which resulted once again warmed Shinji's libido but produced nary a twitch from his overused equipment. His eyes closed and he fell onto his back and fell into the arms of slumber to the accompaniment of the two friends softly licking each other.

Unseen by the slumbering Shinji, Asuka got up from where she was lying and staggered over to him, dropping onto his body and using his chest for a pillow. Mihoshi and Kasumi finished their self-imposed oral task and reversed positions, cuddling into each other's embrace. The room filled with soft snores as everyone took a well-deserved nap.

* * *

Shinji awoke to the sweet sound of his wife's voice. "Shinjiiiii. Time to get up, lover." He mumbled an OK and opened his eyes. Asuka was smiling at him, looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. "Here lover, have a drink." She put the lip of a can to his mouth and he drank obediently. His eyes popped wide open as he felt new vitality surge into his body. "Whooo! What is that stuff?"

"Oh, just something Washu-chan whipped up for me. She calls it `Red Crab Energy Drink'."

Feeling vastly more alert after chugging the rest of the can, Shinji sat up and spied a number of tall circular cans with a distinctive red crab icon. In block letters, it did indeed say, "Red Crab Energy Drink". He noticed that there were 3 other empty cans in total. Looking around he saw Mihoshi and Kasumi, both looking as refreshed as he felt. Shinji had the sneaking suspicion that the girls weren't done with him quite yet…

Looking down at his limp manhood, he placed one hand around it in an "about to jerk off" position and with his other, reached out and grabbed onto one of his wife's full, perky tits. "Shin-chan!" Asuka gasped, not sounding displeased at all. Shinji gave his dick a tentative stroke while giving Asuka's boob a thorough fondle. Nothing. He thought of her gulping his cum out of Mihoshi's blonde twat. A vague twinge, but no motion at all.

He looked up into his wife's concerned and amused eyes and said apologetically, "I think I've expended my ammo for the day, Asuka-chan." He wiggled his limp member, drawing her attention to it. "My cannon has declared a cease-fire," he said with a smile.

Asuka giggled. "OK, Shin-chan, you can stop with the metaphors, I get the idea. Fortunately, I suspected this would happen sooner or later and I came prepared."

She held a large foil tube of medicinal cream up proudly. Shinji noticed that it was adorned with the same distinctive red crab icon as the energy drink. The label declared, "Washu-brand erecto-cream. Gets your man up and fucking in no time flat. Soothes sensitive skin and regenerates endurance and semen production. Tested on finer Juraians everywhere and anytime that I could get him."

Kasumi and Mihoshi drew near to watch as Asuka took Shinji's equipment in hand and began to rub the dense white cream into his cock and balls. Shinji closed his eyes momentarily in pleasure, as the warm hand of his wife applied the soothing balm. It felt pleasantly cool and tingled enjoyably as was smeared on his raw flesh. After enjoying the tingling sensation for a while, he felt an odd sensation which he concluded was the feeling of returning potency. Indeed, mere minutes after his Asuka-chan had given him the energy drink and applied the erecto-cream, Shinji felt refreshed and ready to copulate.

He stood up and looked around. Mihoshi was once again astride her fine white and gold chair, bouncing slightly to keep herself awake and looking like she was waiting for something to happen. Kasumi was standing a ways away, in the center of a comfy looking nest of pillows and silken cloth. As he glanced her way, she pulled off her white lace bustier and tossed it to one side, revealing her fine flat stomach and leaving her clad only in her lacy garters.

Even as he watched, she made an arousing and athletic show of removing them, demonstrating in the process her considerable flexibility. He absently noted that the renewed and pronounced stiffness in his cock proved the efficacy of Washu's erecto-cream. Asuka made a little coughing noise to attract his attention.

"Shinji-sama," said Asuka seriously, "It's time for Kasumi-chan's Final Judgment."

"Oh, okay, sure. Um, what's the procedure, Devilgirl Asuka?"

"It's very simple. In order to make a proper Final Judgment, you have to Know Kasumi," explained Devilgirl First Class Asuka. When the Divine Judge remained uncomprehending, she amplified her explanation patiently. "Know her in the carnal sense, Shinji-sama."

"Ohhhh…" said Shinji, getting it at last.

"You must pleasure yon maiden until you are satisfied that your Divine Member has penetrated unto her very soul," Devilgirl Asuka continued portentously, stabbing the air with a raised finger for emphasis.

Shinji waited for the translation.

"Just screw her senseless, Shin-chan," said Asuka finally, sounding a bit exasperated that no one around here appreciated her college education. She placed her hands on his shoulders from behind and gently pushed him towards the eagerly waiting Kasumi.

* * *

As he neared, Kasumi raised her beautiful face and looked up into Shinji's eyes. As their gazes met, Shinji could see that her eyes were filled with churning emotions but for some reason, he could now make out their nature. There was the warm, serene presence which she radiated so naturally, that could make the barest dwelling feel like a true home. There was also sparkles of excitement at the situation in which she found herself. The Lust which Asuka had accused her of harboring was there, in large amounts. All of these Shinji had expected. But why was there a strong undercurrent of…relief?

Feeling the desire suddenly drain from his body, Shinji stopped dead, just short of touching her. Kasumi continued to gaze at him expectantly, as the room itself seemed to hold it's breath.

"Kasumi…why? Why do you want this from me so much?"

As if in answer, Kasumi moved forward a half-pace and slid her arms around him, pressing her bare body against his own and squashing her soft breasts into his chest. Shinji felt her warm breath as she put her mouth next to his ear and murmured in her soft, sweet voice, "Because I need your manhood inside me, Shinji-san. I need it so, SO badly." This statement of blatant need delivered in Kasumi's refined voice abruptly reawakened his lost desire.

Kasumi continued, amplifying upon her previous, sketchy explanation, speaking softly into his ear.

"You see, ever since I became a woman," Shinji blushed, realizing that she meant since she began menstruating, "my body has been filled with…desire. Nothing I did seemed to make it go away for more than a short time. I had just started to experiment with boys, when," Kasumi voice became very sad for a moment, "Our Mother died and I became our family's surrogate one, in a way. I realized that in order to fulfill my role, I had to act like a mother as well. I could not go tearing around with boys the way the other girls my age were doing."

"In order to restrain my urges, I began to experiment with…touching myself." Here her voice grew throaty with passion, making Shinji gulp hard. "I…used my hands…ahhh…and later…mmmm….toys." Shinji heard a soft, moist noise below his head and realized, to his ever increasing excitement, that Kasumi was in fact currently touching herself. "But…ahhh…nothing…oohhhh…was ever enough…"

"AHHHHH…" Kasumi seemed to reach a small peak of satisfaction and the arousing noises ceased. Shinji was beginning to feel somewhat entranced, with the nubile maiden telling her sad, yet extremely stimulating story into his ear in her passionate, yet still somehow untouched voice.

In that innocent, yet arousing voice, Kasumi concluded with, "I feel, instinctively, that I need a man. A need a man's hard cock inside my sinful channel, thrusting deep into my womanhood and depositing his potent seed. I have the strong feeling that this may…satisfy the wanton urges I suffer from, if only a little."

A bit red-faced from her stimulating little diatribe, Shinji took a hold of Kasumi's soft, bare shoulders and moved her head a little away from him so that he could see her face. "But couldn't you have found a boyfriend or something? Or even a-a fiancée? I mean, I'm sure that plenty of guys would have been happy to be your husband!"

Kasumi looked up at him, maintaining her hold around his waist and smiled sadly. "You would think so, because you are kind and generous, Shinji-san. But it was harder then you think to find a good man. I had no time to look, few friends through which to meet men, and even when I did meet someone nice, all of them looked at me and only saw a mother, though I wasn't even 20 years old." Kasumi dropped her eyes and tightened her grip on his waist, seeming to draw comfort from the bodily contact. "I guess I had learned my part too well."

After an uncomfortable moment of silence, Kasumi added, "There was one man…a nice man who I liked. But I…blew his mind, so to speak, back when I first became a woman. He was a doctor, and I went to him with my desires, thinking that he would know what to do. He was very helpful, telling me that it was normal to feel different after reaching a certain age, and giving me good advice."

Her cheeks reddened. "I had always liked Dr. Tofu since I was a child, and I shamefully let my burgeoning desires, the same desires that he was helping me cope with, dictate my behavior. I was so grateful, that I took the poor man by surprise and gave him a very enthusiastic blowjob. After he had come in my mouth and I had tucked the poor dear back into his pants, he suffered a mental lapse and didn't seem to remember anything unusual happening. He sent me on my way with some medical literature and I thought that all was well."

"Every since that day, whenever he saw me, he went into something my family called the "Love Hysteria". In fact I think it may have been his repressed shame at his own perceived failure in taking advantage of a young girl who was his patient."

Shinji found the name of the unfortunate doctor to be vaguely familiar. `Dr. Tofu, Dr. Tofu…where have I heard that name before?"

"Sadly, I did even more damage to poor Dr. Tofu in later years."

"You see, my family finally grew up and went their separate ways. My little sister Akane discovered her true self and went off with a little friend of hers called Kodachi Kuno to form a traveling lesbian dominatrix act. I believe they took Miss Kuno's brother Tatewaki with them to be their… "gimp", I believe they called it. She still comes by and visits occasionally, and she seems much happier."

Kasumi looked up at him and said, "Did you know that she used to be engaged to your friend Ranma, Shinji-sama?"

Shinji said, "Yeah, he's told me a bit about it."

`A lesbian dominatrix act! A lot of the things Ranma told me suddenly make a lot more sense…'

"My sister Nabiki, who was so good with money, finished her college education and got an excellent, high-paying job with some sort of financial firm, I don't recall the name. Unfortunately, soon afterwards she was implicated in what the papers called "insider trading" and she went to jail. I visit her when her schedule allows."

"The fate of my two sisters finally pushed Father, who was already in a fragile state of mind, over the edge into a terminal depression. He died soon after Nabiki's sentencing."

"With my family no longer needing me, I didn't quite know what to do with myself. I had played the part of a mother for so long I didn't know how to be anything else. After thinking it over I decided to make one last try at landing a man, before leaving Nerima to make a new start."

"I had re-examined my feelings towards Ranma during all this upheaval and realized that my feelings towards him were considerably stronger than I had let myself acknowledge. I'd grown very fond of him over the course of his stay at our home, but I could now see that my fondness was much less sisterly than I'd thought. However, when I finally went to confront him with my feelings, I could see in his eyes that his image of me was the illusion of a perfect mother or big sister that I had striven to project for so long. I knew then that he and I were destined never to be a couple."

"Finally, in desperation, I approached the man that I had originally been fond of, and that I had hurt so long ago."

"I don't know what I was thinking. I told him that I needed a complete physical examination. When I came out of the changing area I was dressed in a silk robe. As poor Tofu turned to greet me, I dropped the robe, revealing that I was wearing naughty undergarments, much like I'm wearing now. You must keep in mind that Dr. Tofu had not seen me unclothed since I was a young girl. My…development must have come as a great shock to him. He immediately dropped to the ground as if he'd been shot. I had to call the paramedics. It later turned out that his mind had completely snapped under the strain and they had to commit him. Poor, poor Dr. Tofu!"

As Kasumi shed a few tears into his chest, Shinji's mind finally coughed up the elusive memory it had been looking for. `Dr. Tofu's Funhouse! That was that wacky kid's show that ran for one season back when I was 18! I'd almost forgotten about seeing it on late night TV…'

With a chill, Shinji remembered that the show had supposedly been set in a mental hospital, and that the amusingly odd "Doctor." Tofu had performed his hosting duties while wearing a straight-jacket at all times. He also remembered a recurring theme of the show was that Tofu would rave about his `lovely angel' for minutes at time, at least once per episode, until several large men in white coats would grab him while brandishing a syringe, and the screen would go to a "technical difficulties" sign. After a commercial break, Tofu would be back on camera, acting extremely mellowed out. That part of the show had always made Shinji, and probably any kids watching the show, laugh their asses off.

`Those burly guys in white coats who never seemed to smile…I always thought they were there to be the "straight men" to Dr. Tofu and the other supposed inmates. Man, those inmates were a funny bunch!' Shinji couldn't help but smile as he recalled the antics of the "mental patients" until he realized that if this was the same Dr. Tofu then those guys *were* mental patients. `I'd better not mention it to Kasumi…'

Speaking softly against his chest, Kasumi finished her tale of woe. "After that, I decided to leave Nerima and hold out against my slut nature for as long as possible until I finally succumbed, hopefully living where no one from my past knew me. To pass the time I decided to do something I loved, either cooking or becoming a nurse. I settled on cooking, due to medicine having bad associations from what I did to Dr. Tofu."

"And then," Kasumi looked up into his eyes, "Asuka visited my restaurant by chance and recognized me, from Ranma's description. We got to talking and became friends quickly. My will to resist my urges was almost beaten down and I confessed my problem to her. She was very understanding and offered me a possible solution."

"That's how I came to be here with you today."

She placed her soft mouth so that her lips touched his ear and whispered sensually, "And that's why I need you to make love to me, Shinji-sama." She cupped his balls in her soft hand and fondled them gently, "I need you very badly."

Switching her hold to grip his length lightly in her elegant fist, Kasumi stroked his erection, while pleading, "Won't you help me, Shinji-san? I know I'm an unworthy woman, but you can use my body for your pleasure as hard and as much as you want without concern for me. You can have my pussy, my bottom and my mouth, I won't resist you, Shinji-sama…I know I can't compare to your Asuka-chan, but my breasts," she made one of Shinji's hands squeeze the soft warm flesh of one of her great melons, "and my bottom," she placed his other hand on a smooth buttock, "may have some carnal appeal to you. I beg of you Shinji-sama!"

Kasumi's words, spoken in a tone of mixed entreaty and pure lust, combined with her warm fist pulling his prick and the feel of her world-class body, were quickly eroding any possible scruples Shinji might have had about giving her the no-holes-barred sex that she was bluntly asking for. He gave her one last out, saying, "You're - ungh! - not an unworthy - oh yeah! - woman, Kasumi. I haven't known you long but - that's sooo good - I can tell you're a very nice person."

Kasumi replied in a voice that was warm and vibrant with passion. "Be that as it may Shinji-sama, I still want you to ravish me and fill my body with your manly essence. Will you do this for me?"

`Hell yeah!' thought the part of Shinji controlled by the organ Kasumi was relentlessly stimulating. The more reserved part of Shinji replied, "If you truly need me, Kasumi-chan, of course I'll give the help you want."

"Arigato…" breathed Kasumi, as Shinji tilted his head and gently kissed her full-lipped mouth.

Their kiss quickly grew more passionate, and tongues became involved. Shinji found the press of Kasumi's nude form against his intoxicating. She was utterly delightful to embrace, from the way her huge breasts flattened against his hard chest, forming a pillowy cushion of soft flesh, to the way his narrower, manly pelvis fit into the broader saddle of her womanly hips.

`It's like she was made to be held in a man's arms,' he marveled, crushing her tightly against him while enjoying the intimate kiss. The feel of his iron-hard erection pressing into her soft belly was rapidly increasing his desire to the boiling point.

Suddenly Shinji noticed something through the lust and pleasure filling his mind. Kasumi was trembling in his arms. It was not a very violent tremble, but it was there. Realization blasted into his awareness. `Oh my God. Kasumi's a *virgin*! I completely forgot!'

He held her warm, smooth body in his arms for a long moment while he contemplated that startling fact. Rubbing her back soothingly with one hand while keeping the other arm wrapped around her waist, he mused, "She doesn't have a hymen anymore. Not after what she's been putting inside herself. And she fondles my cock boldly enough, but that's probably due to her admittedly off-the-scale libido. My god, this probably the first time she's been in a man's arms, the first time she's been kissed! What with the show she's been putting on, it's almost hard to believe. I can feel that she's scared now, though.'

Kasumi was in fact still trembling, though it had decreased considerably as Shinji expertly soothed her. He was used to having to calm down upset women, due to his wife's fiery nature. Thinking about that led him to reminisce about Asuka and his wedding night, which gave him a battle-plan for the current situation.

`Slow and easy at first and then, if Kasumi is as passionate as she seems to be, she'll want it just like Asuka-chan did after she got over her jitters, hard and fast. Alright, let's do this!'

"Don't worry, Kasumi-chan. I'll be very gentle," Shinji whispered into her ear.

"Arigato, Shinji-sama. I…almost forgot that this would be my real first time, in my happiness and excitement. I didn't expect to be nervous, but I guess my body never forgot," she whispered back. "I still want you very much, Shinji-sama. Please make me happy!"

"I will, Kasumi-chan," Shinji murmured, looking into her eyes and then giving her another deep open-mouthed kiss. Kasumi moaned happily into the kiss, snuggling into Shinji's arms as if for protection.

The two lovers had forgotten that the rest of the world existed, but the world hadn't forgotten them. Mihoshi and Asuka were sitting together and watching avidly, Mihoshi in her white and gold chair, and Asuka in a more sinister red and black one. They were both wearing warm smiles for the tender scene in front of them, and a word gusted softly from both their mouths at the same time. "Kawaii…."

* * *

Gently, Shinji bore Kasumi's body to the ground, propping her up against the piles of silk cushions which made up the edge of the "nest". Smiling warmly at her, and getting a dazzling smile in return, he murmured, "I want to touch you, Kasumi-chan. Can I do that?"

"Please do, Shinji-sama. I want to feel your hands on my skin," came her sultry voice in response.

`God, she can sound so seductive even when she's not trying to!" thought Shinji, placing his hands on her feet and caressing them. Getting a pleased murmur from Kasumi, he continued his gentle exploration, sliding his hands several times up and down the length of her attractive legs. `Not as slender as Asuka-chan or Miho-chan, but very nice. She's built heavier everywhere, which makes sense. Mmm, her skin is so warm and smooth. As soft as silk too!'

Shinji didn't touch the sensitive spot at the junction of Kasumi's legs on this initial pass, other than to notice that she seemed to be enjoying his touch, if the swollen state of her sex was any indicator. His next stop was something that he had been itching to touch from the time Kasumi had dropped her house-dress: her spectacular breasts.

Sliding his hands up her warm, smooth belly, Shinji slowed his advance as he came to the golden-skinned melons in question. Something primally male inside him deeply appreciated that he had the privilege to view such glorious objects at close range, and the even greater privilege to touch them. His heart beat faster and heat churned in his belly as he slowly moved his head closer to Kasumi's chest, even as his hands moved to touch.

Shinji felt his self-control slip a little as he sank his hands into the soft flesh. Kasumi's gasp was drowned by his louder groan of pleasure at the exquisite warmth and softness of her abundant tit-flesh. `Oh god, they're fantastic! I can't help myself!' Indeed, Shinji's strong, martial-arts-callused hands seemed to have a will of their own as they firmly, yet gently, squeezed, caressed and kneaded Kasumi's enormous tits.

Convulsively, Shinji dropped to the floor and slid himself under Kasumi so that he was resting against the cushions and supporting her on his chest. He closed his eyes and bit back another groan of pleasure, listening to her excited breathing as his stiff penis pressed against her soft buttocks. His reason for the position change was revealed as he reached under her arms and begin to knead her bosom once again. `So soft, so big and soft…'

Shinji was now alternating his boob-massage with gently squeezing and pulling Kasumi's hardening nipples. He enjoyed hearing her moans as her nipples achieved their remarkable large and pointy full size. He rolled the pulsing tissue in his fingers, seeming to know just how hard to squeeze to give the woman in his arms maximum pleasure, right on the point of pain. Kasumi moaned loudly and wantonly as he firmly grasped the swollen ends of her teats and pulled them out from her chest hard enough to make her breasts change to a more conical shape, then released them, to her moan of disappointment.

Having brought her to the brink of ecstasy, Shinji was temporarily satisfied with tormenting Kasumi's fine breasts. He wrapped his arms around her torso and cuddled her close, listening to her hot-and-bothered sounding breathing. She felt warm and good in his arms.

As her breathing evened out, he felt the renewed urge to investigate her body. Without warning, Shinji sat up and flipped Kasumi onto his lap, making her "oh!" in surprise. There, directly in his lap was another of her significant erotic features, her big, beautiful ass. He ran his hands over it, marveling at it's flawless skin. Each buttock was large, round and perfect. He began to stroke, knead and squeeze the golden flesh, making his palms tingle with pleasure and the maiden on his lap squirm with pleasure.

Inspired by the position they were in, Shinji couldn't resist giving her wonderful bum a little smack with his hand, producing a satisfyingly loud noise and making the flesh of her buttock jiggle attractively. Kasumi give another cute little yelp of surprise at the unexpected sting. Moved by some perverse impulse, Shinji used his right arm to help support and control his victim's position on his lap and the other to lightly spank her flawless bottom. He alternated cheeks, not striking with much force, just enough to make a pleasing noise and jiggle. After a while, the cheeks of Kasumi's golden peach were glowing a healthy pink and she was crying a little. He would have stopped if he didn't notice that she wasn't struggling at all and that her pussy was dripping hot drops of arousal onto his leg.

* * *

Mihoshi and Asuka were watching this little spanking game with great interest. In fact, it was making both of them very wet between the legs. Mihoshi thought it looked like kinky fun, while Asuka felt a touch of jealousy and a strong, puzzling desire to be spanked by her husband just like Kasumi. Both girls succumbed to desire and unconsciously began to rub their pussies without looking away from the scene.

* * *

Shinji finally relented and began rubbing Kasumi's blushing butt soothingly. Kasumi lay across his lap limply, as the mild sting from her well-spanked bottom transformed into a delicious heat that filled her entire lower body with pleasure. If she had been capable of purring, her entire body would have been vibrating. As it was, she settled for crooning "Kimocheeeee…" over and over. (A.N. Japanese for "that feels good")

With a final rub, Shinji hoisted Kasumi into his arms again. The two cuddled contentedly for a long time.

"Kasumi-chan, I want to be inside you. Are you ready for that?" Shinji murmured into her ear.

Kasumi replied in a voice made husky with passion. "I want you inside my womanhood Shin-chan, please satisfy me! I'm burning for you lover, feel…" Kasumi placed Shinji's hand on her shaven sex. His excitement increased to match hers as he felt her mound pulse hotly against his palm. It was erotically smooth and slick with the dew of female excitement. He rubbed it gently, smearing his hand with her juices and making his lover moan.

Holding tightly to his self-control, Shinji squeezed his voluptuous playmate in his arms. She responded with eagerness, and soon the lovers lay entwined on the velvety floor, mouths locked together in an endless kiss. Inflamed with passion, Shinji rolled Kasumi onto her back and covered her plush form with his own.

Kasumi whispered smolderingly into his ear, "Ride me hard, Shinji-sama. Ride me *long* and *hard*."

With his pulse pounding in his ears, Shinji began to do just that. He fiercely ravaged her mouth with his own while enjoying the feel of her huge, soft breasts under his chest. Her body was like a soft bed made for him to lie on, with a convenient opening that led to a gloriously tight, hot and slippery sheath for his manly weapon. Slowly, Shinji slid himself into Kasumi's body as she squirmed gently in passion beneath his weight. In moments, he was buried inside her delightful pussy to the hilt.

Kasumi pulled her mouth from his and gasped, "You're inside me, so deep inside me! It feels good, Shin-chan, you're so big and thick! Ohhhhhh…."

"It only gets better from here, Kasumi-chan," Shinji grunted, making slow, deep strokes into his partner's soft body. Kasumi seemed overcome with sensation, making no coherent response as she cried out softly in pleasure at each deep penetration.

Not wanting to frighten her, Shinji withheld his passion with difficulty and only slowly increased the speed and power of his thrusts. She made no protest, only crying out louder and more passionately as he drove his member into her body more and more rapidly and forcefully.

* * *

Shinji was enjoying his ride in the comfortable saddle of Kasumi's womanly hips. They had been copulating for many minutes and both partners were gleaming with healthy sweat and breathing deeply. Once Kasumi had gotten over the shock and relief of finally being able to indulge her desires with a man, she had proven to be a real wildcat in bed. She was currently egging him on as he jackhammered his hips into hers, wrapping her legs around him and begging him to give it to her "Deeper, harder, faster!"

Shinji pumped his hips furiously, penetrating that maddening tightness again and again, desperately trying to achieve satisfaction. His thoughts were made crude by passion and unleashed desire. `Her - cunt - feels - so - FUCKING - good!'

"UNNH-, OH-, SHIIIIT!" Shinji dipped his head and kissed Kasumi's mouth hungrily, thrusting deep but slow into her hot, slippery womanhood. As he enjoyed the softness of Kasumi's tongue twining with his, he felt her unwrap her legs from around his waist. Pulling away from the kiss, he was astonished to see that Kasumi had pulled her legs up against her breasts and then, with remarkable flexibility, straightened them out completely, so that her feet were right next to her ears.

Kasumi's hot gaze instantly communicated her intent and he wasted no time in assuming a dominantly mounted position atop her body, crushing her folded up body to the floor with his own and penetrating deep inside her vagina. Her passionate stare held his, as she silently mouthed, `Fuck me'. Inflamed, Shinji obliged her and began to pin her to the velvety floor with his cock, making powerful thrusts with his hips that made her breasts wobble and her mouth shriek out her pleasure.

* * *

The stroking hands of Mihoshi and Asuka were nothing more than blurs as the two girls observed their mutual love savagely fucking the yielding Kasumi, just as she was screaming out for him to do.

"Yes! Yes! YESSS!!! Fuck me hard, Shin-chan, fill my slutty pussy with your cum! I need you deep inside me, yes, yes, fuck your slut, that's good, that so gooood…" Kasumi's wanton voice trailed off into incoherent moans, shrieks and fragments of depraved commentary.

The two girls sweated and moaned in pleasure, as their half-lidded but intent gazes drank in the erotic sight of Kasumi of being ravaged by a frenzied Shinji Ikari. Kasumi was in a sexual position neither of them had seen before, flat on her back with her legs folded onto her huge breasts. Asuka marveled at the way her dainty feet were crossed behind her head. Shinji was lying on top of her, crushing her folded-up body to the floor while violating her mercilessly with vicious thrusts of his hips.

Asuka fondled herself sensually, appreciating the sight of her husband's powerfully muscled butt flexing as he drove himself into Kasumi's center. The two copulating bodies made a loud, wet slapping sound of flesh-on-flesh which made her frig herself more urgently. She listened appreciatively to Shinji's grunts of pleasure and exertion as he strove to give the wildly vocal Kasumi the ravaging of a lifetime that she was so enthusiastically pleading for. She was glad he was enjoying himself.

She could hear Mihoshi's passion-deepened breathing next to her, as well as the soft wet noises from her friend's fingers plunging into her slick honeypot. Asuka mused that Mihoshi was undoubtedly having a hard time deciding which attractive figure to observe the most: Shinji's lean, muscular form as he penetrated the helpless Kasumi, or the luscious maiden herself, as she was thoroughly screwed senseless. Such was the downside of being so thoroughly bisexual, she thought amusedly.

* * *

"Kasumi-chan…" panted Shinji, "I'm gonna cum *soon*. Do you want me to cum inside you, Kasumi-chan?"

He thrust again and again into the wet velvet of his lover's hot, slippery vagina. The entrance to Kasumi's sheath was made even tighter than normal by the way her exotic position made her swollen pussy lips protrude from between her thighs, and it was driving him crazy. He battered his hips against the backs of her thighs and against her lushly padded pelvis, groaning. Her flesh was so cushiony, so soft and smooth…

Kasumi moaned long and loud, deliberately. "Cum inside me! Fill me with your hot seed, Shin-chan!" As his sweaty face, twisted in a grimace of concentration, glanced up at her, Kasumi put every ounce of seduction she could into a burning stare of pure hungry carnality, coupled with a slow, lusty lick of her plush lips.

The effect was immediate, as Shinji's jaw tightened in determination and he began using increasing rapid and forceful strokes to finish himself off. Kasumi knew that there was no real need to tease him any further, but there was a lingering fear at the bottom of her mind that somehow, something would deny her the male essence that her body craved.

Already she had experienced the greatest relief from desire that she had experienced since her craving had begun in adolescence. Ironically, her relief was coupled with the greatest sexual pleasure she had ever experienced as well. Yes, Kasumi was thoroughly enjoying coupling with her red-headed friend's manly husband.

Every nerve in her womanly body was singing a rapturous song of sexual stimulation and approaching satisfaction. As her flesh filled with pleasure and the feeling of a mind-numbingly intense climax began to make her bones rattle, Kasumi felt an intense flash of gratitude and even…love, for the three people that had made her salvation possible. The faces of her three friends tumbled through her head like dry leaves, as the ecstasy roaring through her rendered her senseless.

Shinji felt a similarly intense pleasure as he drove his penis into his partner's squelching cunt as hard as he could. He had learned that he could fuck Kasumi as hard as they both wanted him to fuck her, as her lushly-padded form took no harm from his most powerful thrusts. The wet slap of their bodies making contact, Kasumi's angelic cries of pleasure, the hot, musky smell of her lust…it all combined to render him into nothing more than a relentless machine made to give, and take, sexual pleasure.

With a final, powerful flex of his legs, butt and hips, Shinji buried himself in Kasumi's gushing-with-lubricant sex and pressed his upper body onto hers. He captured her lips with his own and they moaned their pleasure into each other's mouths, his hips twitching spasmodically as he emptied himself into her. He spurted hotly inside her for what felt like a very long time until finally he lay there limp, his weight pressing him pleasantly against her. Through his temporary exhaustion, Shinji enjoyed the warmth and softness of Kasumi and mused once again that her body made a very pleasant bed.

Nearby, two voyeuristic females also enjoyed a satisfying climax, backs arching as female juices flowed in two mini-waterfalls of passion. They panted for a few moments in recovery, before exchanging a few words.

"Damn, that was hot!" enthused Asuka.

"Mmm hmm!" agreed Mihoshi, absently licking her girlcum covered fingers.

* * *

"It's gone!" Kasumi said wonderingly.

Shinji raised his head from where it lay comfortably pillowed on her bosom.

"Mmm?" he said drowsily.

Kasumi took his head in her hands and gently tilted his head to meet her eyes. "It's *gone*, Shinji-kun! My lust, my demon, the never-ending burning between my legs…"

"It's gone," she said softly, tremulously, looking into Shinji's confused but attentive gaze. "…you took it away." With a little flutter of alarm in his stomach, Shinji saw an extraordinarily intense emotion bursting into being like a bombshell in Kasumi's soft brown eyes. If he had to guess, he would say it was composed of equal parts relief, joy, and - his stomach fluttered harder - devotion.

"Thank you, oh THANK YOU!" Kasumi burst into tears and laughter at the same time. She impulsively pulled Shinji into a warm, deep kiss, making him close his eyes in pleasure at the touch of her soft lips and softer tongue. He felt her hot tears flow down his face as their tongues gently battled. They kissed passionately, but without urgency, a long soft comfortable kiss of two lovers who were happy and content with one another.


Devilgirl First Class Asuka's voice broke the endless moment. Kasumi and her paramour looked up to see her and Mihoshi's grinning faces.

"So, what's the verdict, Shinji-sama?" Asuka said with a huge smirk.

"The verdict? Oh…right." Shinji had to struggle for a moment to remember his role. Everything that had occurred now felt like a long dream, up until the moment he had begun making love to Kasumi.

"I think…" he said slowly, turning to look at the joyfully smiling Kasumi. "That…" He looked deeply into her shining eyes. Seeing the answer he expected to find, Shinji said what he knew he had to say, or break a wonderful person's heart. "…I'm going to have to sentence you to spend a mortal lifetime in the place known as the Ikari household, Kasumi-chan. That is…if you want to?"

"Yes, yes, YES!" Kasumi flung her arms around him in an exuberant hug. As she pressed her face to his chest and made happy little sobbing noises, Shinji saw in the smiling faces of his two other loved ones that he had made the right decision.

* * *

Imagine the above scene as viewed, at close range, on an enormous sci-fi style viewscreen. Now pull back, until you can see a mysterious figure sitting in a big, comfortable, equally sci-fi style command chair.

The figure has improbably enormous hair, in an equally improbably bright red, arranged in an odd style. It sweeps in a flaming mass to the ground behind her, seeming to mass as much as the small figure probably would herself.

Our figure is dabbing at her eye with a silk handkerchief, a handkerchief embroidered with the same distinctive red crab logo as we have already seen twice. `How sweet! I'm sure she'll fit right in.'

The figure mused to herself, `I'm so glad I included the hyper-spatial omni-recorders into Asuka's little construction project. Even the greatest scientific genius in the universe needs to unwind, and what better way than to watch the oh-so-delightful adventures of the two saviors of this primitive planet! Asuka-chan has such a delightfully twisted mind, and Shinji-kun is just sooooooo SWEET!"

A mysterious chill went down Shinji's back as he slowly dragged himself out of the throne room, hand-in-hand with his girls. "I'll be seeing you soon, my newest little guinea-pig! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

* * *


* * *


* * *

"Asuka-chan!" Shinji's voice had a ring of desperation to it. Asuka quickly walked over and put her face in intimate proximity to his. "What is it, my love?" she said softly.

Shinji looked embarrassed. "Asuka-chan…I need to *cum*!"

Asuka didn't look shocked by this, more amused actually. "Really, Shin-chan?"

"Yes!" Shinji burst out desperately. "You've been wanking my dick and showing me lewd sights for what feels like hours now, ever since we left the kitchen, and I haven't come once!" His voice took on a tone of self-pity. "My balls ache…"

Asuka still looked amused, but with an undertone of genuine loving concern. She looked over her shoulder and announced, not that there were many people to announce to, "Two minute break!" She then turned back to her distressed husband.

"Do you really think it will only take…Oh GOD YES!"

Wanting to end her husband's distress quickly, Asuka was giving him a two-fisted, velvet-glove power wank, followed up with mouth and tongue action once he was fully erect. In fact, it only took a minute and a half before Devilgirl First Class Asuka was able to enjoy a fresh, hot protein shake, straight from the manufacturer's equipment. The shake was especially large and creamy, just as the advertising had suggested.

Abandoning her husband's limp body, Asuka licked off her "milk mustache" and announced, "Break's over!"

* * *