Payback - Chapter 02 - Enter the Blonde…Repeatedly

Started: March 09, 2003

Current Revision: March 30, 2003

A Story By Warpwizard

A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfiction

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

This fic is kind of a response to all those Eva fanfics, even good ones, where Shinji and Asuka get together but she still acts rather like a controlling bitch to him, sometimes even after years of time as a couple. I know this is quite in character for Asuka and all, but it just pisses me off. Thus this lemon.

* * *


* * *


Once again, Shinji returned to his stately domicile after a hard, yet rewarding day at the orchestra. Swinging his cello case easily, he stepped inside and stretched.


No one answered.

`Must be reading or something.' Asuka was quite the reader, not fitting the popular image of the supermodel. Yes, she was as brainy as she was beautiful, thought Shinji, smiling to himself.

Arriving at their modern kitchen, he saw a plate of food and a note. Feeling a bit of anxiety mixed with anticipation due to the events of the past few weeks, he read: "Eat up. You'll need your strength. P.S. When you're fed, come to the bedroom. I've brought you a present!" The note was signed with a smiley-face and a cute pitchfork symbol.

With an accelerated pulse, and naughty thoughts dancing in his head, Shinji consumed the delicious sukiyaki, after reheating it in the microwave.

Their house was more soundproofed than most Japanese residences, so it was that Shinji heard nothing untoward until he got within a few feet of the slightly ajar bedroom door.

Pausing in the act of reaching for the handle, he thought, `Was that a…moan?' Listening, he seemed to hear the murmur of voices. `Asuka has someone else in our bedroom?' Shinji thought incredulously.

Automatically, his hand slid the door aside and he boldly stepped into the room.

What he saw amazed him.

Still on automatic, he moved closer to the bed, to confirm what his disbelieving brain and traitorous eyes reported to him.

The illusionary scene before him, at first-glance, seemed to consist of:


Their next-door neighbor, Mihoshi Kuramitsu.

This was accurate, on the surface of it, but didn't convey the full import of the situation. Shinji's overheated brain was attempting to deal with the myriad, impossible details and failing.

His field of view narrowed to Asuka. She was wearing her shiny red devilgirl outfit, as he had anticipated. His mouth grew dry, as usual, as he drank in the way she looked in that obscenely sexy costume.

Asuka lay on her back, her hair fanning gloriously out onto their big bed. Her knees were parted, with her feet touching, sole to sole, so that her legs formed a diamond. A patch of material at the crotch of her skin-tight pants was removed, baring her swollen, puffy lipped sex to his view. To his amazement and steadily increasing arousal, she was languidly thrusting the "handle" of an enormous pitchfork shaped dildo in and out of her sopping-wet pussy. The faint squelching noises of her lewd activity were all he could hear as his heart pounded and his breathing quickened.

"Oh, hello lover," Asuka smiled at him, her hand and toy busy between her legs. "You like?" Throwing her head back, she closed her eyes and moaned throatily as she crammed at least half the sex-toy's 12 inch length into her juicy cunt.

"I c-couldn't r-resist buying it," she panted, ramming the toy in and out of her channel with increasing speed. "It goes so well with the o-o-outFIT! AhhhhhhhhHHH!" Asuka cried out unashamedly as her activities brought her to the peak of pleasure.

Smiling languidly, she pulled the glistening handle of the pitchfork out of her pussy with a wet noise and began to clean it with her mouth, while gazing hotly into Shinji's eyes. Inch after inch of the thick sex-toy disappeared into her red-lipped mouth without seeming difficulty, then was pulled out slowly, leaving a glistening strand connecting the handle to her smiling lips.

"Mmmm…I taste good," she purred.

Shinji was so hard at this point that he HAD to get some relief, at the very least he had to relieve the pressure of his slacks upon his turgid member, or he sincerely felt that he was going to damage himself.

Completely ignoring the presence of his sexy next-door neighbor, who at this point could have rightfully begun feeling somewhat neglected, in record time he shed his pants, boxers and for good measure his shirt, whose collar had somehow become uncomfortably tight.

Asuka's attention fastened on Shinji's throbbing erection with the focused glare of a predator who has found fresh meat. Her pink tongue parted her lips and wetly swiped back and forth, completing the picture of a hungry feline. "Mm, looks like someone's come out to play," she commented, throwing a look to the bed's other occupant.

* * *

The other occupant, Mihoshi Kuramitsu, was a gorgeous blonde with light chocolate-brown skin and large blue eyes. She lived in the large house next door, with her friend and partner Kiyone. She and the Ikari's had been friends for some time, since Asuka and her had met at a modeling event. Mihoshi's bubbly friendliness had proven capable of penetrating Asuka's fiery defensive persona and over the next year they had become close friends.

10 minutes ago:

Mihoshi had been lounging on the Ikari's big bed for half an hour, chatting quietly with her friend. Asuka was dressed in her shiny red outfit, while Mihoshi was clad in a silk demi-bra and silk french-cut panties, both a pale pink. The room was warm and comfortable. Mihoshi was enjoying the feel of the satin sheets. "I wish I could afford sheets like these. It's so nice of Asuka-chan to invite me over to play!" Mihoshi thought in her innocent way.

Asuka cocked her head, listening. "Shinji's home! I can hear the car."

"Ok, Miho-chan, showtime's about to begin! We'd better get warmed up…"

As Mihoshi watched in fascination, Asuka began caressing herself with the distinctly phallic end of her red plastic pitchfork. A twist of the handle and the "pitchfork" began to buzz quietly. Asuka began rubbing the vibrating tip over the center of each breast, causing the nipples to become prominent, distending the shiny red material. "Ah, that feels good," she said breathily, her face flushing pink.

Another motion and the flap at the crotch of her red suit was undone and pushed to the side and the buzzing toy was gently stimulating her mound. Asuka caressed herself up and down her moistening slit, moaning softly as her pussy swelled with blood. "Oh yeahhh…that's the way…mmmmmm…" Asuka writhed sensuously, emitting soft cries of pleasure as she began to dip the tip of her pitchfork into her rapidly moistening center and move it in a circle, stimulating every part of her pussy.

Mihoshi's large blue eyes were glued to the erotic spectacle before her. She licked her lips unconsciously, her sizable chest beginning to heave with deep breaths as the raw sexuality Asuka radiated saturated her senses.

Mihoshi was bi-sexual, as Asuka had known before she invited her to this little occasion. Asuka was hoping that Mihoshi's friendly, accepting nature, bi-sexuality and great beauty would make her an ideal "present" for Shinji.

Asuka was aware that a "threesome" with two beautiful girls was on the top-ten list of pretty much all men, and she figured that Shinji was the same.

She based this guess on the gleam she had spotted in his eye on occasion when she would tease him about being a pervert and wanting to get her and Misato or her and Rei all in bed together. The gleam would appear and disappear so quickly, that she had to trust herself that she wasn't imagining it.

Asuka was both trained in psychology and trusting of her own intuition, so she was solidly certain that she would be providing her beloved Shinji with another memorable piece of "payback".

"Don't just watch, Miho-chan," Asuka said, eyes closed, as she continued to stimulate herself. "We want you ready for Shin-chan too, hmm?"

Opening her eyes, Asuka could see Mihoshi's hands kneading her large chocolate-skinned breasts, teasing the nipples to hardness. Mihoshi then pressed two fingers into her wet pussy and began rhythmically fingering herself. The two soaked digits were soon joined by a third and then a fourth, as Mihoshi crammed nearly her entire hand into her inflamed slit, moaning sexily. Asuka felt her heart pounding harder as she realized that Mihoshi's silk panty was nearly transparent from the sexual dew that her hot neighbor was releasing.

Asuka met Mihoshi's gaze and felt her stomach jump with the heat she saw there. She nearly came from sheer excitement as Mihoshi, holding Asuka's gaze, brought her sticky hand from between her legs and sucked on the sex drenched digits, moaning softly around her hand.

It was then that Shinji strode through the bedroom door.

* * *

Following Asuka's gaze, Shinji saw that the bedroom's other occupant was their next door neighbor and good friend, Mihoshi Kuramitsu.

Mihoshi had been informed that she would have to be seductive and forward, as Shinji was still not completely comfortable with the thought of having sex with other women, even with Asuka's consent and presence.

So, she played her part to the hilt.

Mihoshi squeezed her voluptuous chocolate-skinned breasts through her fingers, tweaking the erect nipples to hardness. She smiled up at Shinji and giggled cutely.

"Hi Shinji!"

"Um, h-hi M-Mihoshi…what are you, ah, DO-ing here?"

"Asuka invited me over to play! She's such a good friend!"

Her gaze dropped to Shinji's pulsing erection.

"My…you're so big…and hard…" she breathed smokily.

Somehow managing to be embarrassed, despite the fact that the room reeked of female excitement and that he could hear his wife's panting breath and ecstatic cries as she enthusiastically violated herself with an enormous dildo, Shinji reflexively crossed his hands in front of his erection and blushed. "Um, y-yeah…"

As he dropped his eyes in embarrassment, Shinji's gaze was caught by the sight of Mihoshi's nearly transparent pink silk panty, soaked with her lubrication and bulging outward rhythmically from what looked like her entire left hand being languidly thrust in and out of her puffy sex. His penis twitched in excitement and a large drop of pre-ejaculate formed at the tip. He groaned aloud, and felt his balls ache with the effort of not shooting his entire load in the air, right then and there.

Desperately, Shinji snapped his eyes to the left, where his tormentingly sexy wife was vocally enjoying herself with her large red toy. He needed relief and he needed it NOW! Abandoning his shred of modesty, he unblocked his penis and climbed up on the bed with quick, jerky motions. He ignored Mihoshi for the moment, unsure what her role in this little play was. His wife, on the other hand, was fair game.

Blurred seconds later, Shinji was buried to the balls in his wife's steaming cunt. He thrust desperately, needing to release the huge load of backed up jizz in his balls. He fucked her hard and deep for long minutes, finally climaxing into her with a relieved groan. It felt like he was cumming forever, as he fired what felt like pints of semen into the hot depths of Asuka's vagina. He pulled out with a wet slurp and collapsed to one side of her.

* * *

Mihoshi frigged herself to multiple climaxes as she watched the sexy sight of her two friends fucking like animals in heat. Their moans and groans, along with Asuka's occasional "Fuck me harder!" were music to her ears as she played a slippery symphony on her groin, her fingers and clit being the primary instruments.

She watched avidly as Shinji's impressive length emerged from Asuka's depths and licked her lips as it dripped with the "honey glaze" from the fucking it had just inflicted on her. To Mihoshi, Shinji's cock looked nothing less than yummy! Her eyes stayed riveted to it as Shinji took a well-deserved nap beside his wife's sweaty, satisfied body. As his penis finally deflated, she turned her gaze to Asuka.

She was a sight. Asuka lay flat on her back, arms out and legs straight, her limbs as limp as a noodle. At some point in the couple's sexual frenzy, Asuka's outfit had been removed, as Mihoshi could feast her eyes on the flawless skin of Asuka's athletically firm body without restriction. Asuka's form glistened with a fine coat of sweat, making her light tan gleam like gold in the soft lighting of the bedroom.

Mihoshi started her inspection at Asuka's face. She had the uniquely satisfied look of a freshly-fucked woman. It would have taken a team of surgeons weeks to remove the wide smile that adorned her lips. Her cheeks were attractively pink with a blush and she was flushed with arousal all the way to her waist, her breasts and nipples being especially swollen. Mihoshi's gaze lingered for long moments on the fully erect, glistening nipples of Asuka's full C-cup breasts. Reluctantly she continued downwards, tracing her eyes across Asuka's flat stomach, which was gently pulsing with her breathing, finally arriving at the area between Asuka's sleek thighs.

The lips of Asuka's pussy were still as swollen as her nipples. Her entire groin glistened with her sweat and her own natural lubricant, which had run in a transparent glaze down her thighs and the crease of her beautiful ass. The area under said ass had a huge wet spot from all the sexual fluids.

The load Shinji had deposited inside her must have been particularly large, for as Mihoshi watched, pearly-white goo began to ooze from Asuka's crack and slowly slide into the crease of her ass.

Mihoshi sniffed the air softly, as a delicious scent reached her nostrils. Her eyes didn't have to search far to confirm what her nose was telling her: the enticing odor was wafting straight from Asuka's cum-laden pussy. Her mouth watered as she fought her instinctive shuffle towards the source of nourishment. `No - that's, that's NASTY! Asuka's wouldn't like it if I - if I -… Would she? I - I just don't know!'

As you probably know, Mihoshi, while human in appearance, is not an Earth-born Homo Sapiens. Among the differences in her biology is that her species reacts differently to certain tastes, smells and chemicals. It just so happened that the combination of elements in Shinji's sexual emission made it a near-irresistible substance to females of Mihoshi's kind, rather like nectar to a earth-born honeybee. One would naturally ask if she would have this reaction to any earth male's semen, but in actuality it is partly due to Shinji's genetic variance from being conceived at the time of the 2nd Impact.

Mihoshi's eyes glazed slightly as she lost her internal battle, a battle she didn't really want to win anyway. In a flash, her pretty blonde head was lodged between Asuka's spread thighs as she began to eat cum from her friend's pussy. She lapped at Asuka's genitals happily, her limber tongue cleaning the inner walls of Asuka's cunt and voraciously scooping creamy essence into her mouth.

Mihoshi first gave the entire outer surface of Asuka's groin a thorough tongue bath, pausing to suck affectionately on her friends pulsing clitoris for a moment. `MMmmmm, she tastes good. Shinji's cum is sooooo yummmmmy…mmmmm, I'm so happy!' She even traced the original dribble of cum that had attracted her attention, raising Asuka's bottom slightly with her hands and licking her crease all the way down to her friends cute little anal rosebud, which she unashamedly tongued, slurping her ass crack and then forcing her tongue in just a bit and wiggling it wetly.

* * *

Asuka groaned as she first felt someone enthusiastically licking her pussy, then sucking pleasantly on her clit and finally she felt a warm wet intrusion to her sensitive bottom hole. `Oh… Chrissst…. that feels nice! Is Shinji…?' Patting randomly with her right hand, he felt the masculine chest of her husband, indicating that he was lying beside her, where she thought he would be. `If it's not Shin-chan, it must be - Mihoshi?!'

Weakened by pleasure, she could only lie there as Mihoshi filled her ass with a gentle, squirming tongue. It was a new experience for Asuka, but she couldn't deny her enjoyment of the odd sensation, filling the air with her groans of pleasure.

* * *

Aroused (so to speak) by his wife's oddly timbered groans, Shinji came back to life, muzzily raising his head. His batteries had been somewhat recharged by his 5 minute nap, and he felt great, if a bit sticky. The memory of *how* he'd gotten sticky kept the smile on his face, however.

`Asuka sounds like she's having a good time, though she sounded a bit…surprised? at first…

He opened his eyes. Filling his vision was…Asuka's lovely legs and between them…a fluffy blonde head, bobbing now and again, as a wet lapping noise came to his ears.

Robotically, Shinji rolled off the bed and to his feet, moving to a better position for observation. He HAD to see what was happening!

Still on automatic, his heart pounding and mouth dry for some reason, he moved up the bed so that he was parallel to Mihoshi. Asuka and her bodies formed a long chain, right across the middle of the king-size bed. Shinji was close enough to Mihoshi's sleek brown body to feel her body heat, as he inched forward to…SEE.

The lapping noise grew a bit louder as inched forward on his hands and knees, his cock dangling, for some reason growing rapidly now as his excitement increased. He absently noted the dangling, gently bouncing chocolate mounds of Mihoshi's magnificent breasts as he moved into position. Yes, now he could see…Mihoshi was…was…

Shinji's jaw dropped, his eyes widened, and his penis swelled.

`She's eating - my - CUM - out of - of -` Out of Asuka's pussy, yes, indeed she was. With great enthusiasm and every sign of coming back for seconds, were that possible.

Shinji felt his cock pulse painfully with his heartbeat, as he saw Mihoshi's innocent blue eyes glow with pleasure as she ate cum, as if she were enjoying an ice-cream sundae or some other such delightful treat. He watched in seeming slow motion as the beautiful airhead pressed her mouth to Asuka's wet opening and extended her pink tongue inside.

Her mouth was pressed so tightly to Asuka's twat that he could barely see the flicker of pink as she alternately tongued and sucked thick white goo into her mouth, occasionally pausing to swallow. Shinji would then see her tongue clearly for a moment, as Mihoshi licked her lips with relish, following up by dragging her tongue down Asuka's tender flesh from her pussy to her anus.

Shinji was breathing hard now, his face flushed with excitement. His aching cock twitched as he witnessed Mihoshi playfully spearing his wife's cute little anal rosebud with her pink intruder. Asuka's groans seemed to take on a deeper, more desperate pitch when this occurred. Mihoshi would then lovingly drag her tongue back up to Asuka's vagina and begin voraciously spelunking for more cum.

A red haze descended over Shinji's vision. The sight of his innocent, beautiful, next door neighbor eating his sexual emission out of his helpless wife's cunt was somehow the most arousing thing he could possibly witness. His body went into overdrive as his rational mind shut down almost completely. His entire body broke out into a light sweat as his `second head' took over command of the operation.

At this point, more of Shinji's vestigial Angelic DNA activated. The DNA, being highly adaptive, as evidenced by the EVAs' and Angels' ability to grow wings, swap body parts, and other shapechanging feats, responded it's masters current state of extreme sexual frenzy. In seconds, Shinji's body bulged and rippled, growing slightly larger and more muscular. That change was minor, intended merely to supplement his strength and endurance. The primary change was his member. His penis increased in size from his previously impressive 9 inches to a monstrous 14, swelling in thickness to become almost as thick as his wrist.

Berzerker-Shinji, growling softly under his breath, moved into position astride the still-feasting Mihoshi. Her position, with her head down low between Asuka's legs, made her back arch, conveniently causing her succulent pussy to be readily accessible for rear-entry fucking. He positioned his enraged manhood at the entrance to Mihoshi's pink flower, which was oozing transparent girl-cum in rivers down her thighs, and pressed his monstrous cockhead against it, testing her pliability.

The hot pink flesh of Mihoshi's inner self felt great on Shinji's prick and he leaned his weight forward, forcing the well-lubricated head of his penis into her incredible tightness, grunting in his need to indulge his state of overwhelming sexual arousal Not pausing in her cum-feast, Mihoshi didn't seem to mind the impending rear entry, increasing the arch of her back to allow him easier entry.

Shinji slowly, inch by inch forced his (possibly literally) steel hard rod into the clutching depths of Mihoshi's velvety sex. It was a tribute to Shinji's kind inner nature that, even in his frenzied, mentally and physically altered state, he didn't simply ram his oversized weapon into Mihoshi's body, possibly doing her harm, or at the very least causing her severe pain.

On the other hand, considering the tremendous amount of natural lubricant that was literally squirting out around the enormous barrel of his cock as he drove it into her, she may have gotten out of such a situation with nothing more than a cry of shock at the sudden penetration.

Reflecting on this fact, an undimmed fragment of Berzerker Shinji's mind mused that, apparently, eating cum from your best friend's steaming cunt was as arousing to *do*, as it was to *watch*. The thought caused a trace of a grin to form on his otherwise intent face, as he gripped Mihoshi's hips and finished burying himself to the hilt in her incredible pussy.

Her back had continued to arch as he penetrated her, allowing him the deepest penetration possible. Incredibly, as far as Shinji had managed to notice, aside from the occasional strangled gasp during the moments she caught her breath between mouthfuls of Asuka's pussy, Mihoshi hadn't missed a beat in her lewd cum-eating activities while being so epically filled with cock.

* * *

Several minutes ago, Asuka had felt her husband's hard chest slide from underneath her limply outstretched right arm. Since then, Asuka had noticed (when she could spare a bit of attention from gasping, moaning, groaning, and sweating) that when Mihoshi would pause momentarily for breath, she would shiver just a bit, maybe let out a strangled groan or gasp, and generally indicate that something was happening to her.

When Asuka opened her eyes again, recovered from one of her friends enthusiastic anal explorations, she noticed that Mihoshi had seemingly finished her "meal".

Her head hung in space, a few inches above Asuka's groin. Her big blue eyes were unfocused. There was a sense of something momentous occurring.

Mesmerized, Asuka focused her gaze on Mihoshi's face. She saw Mihoshi's pupils suddenly contract to pinpricks, as a loud groan ripped itself from her mouth. "Oh-H-hhhHHH, G-g-ooo-h-h-HHHHOOODDDD! - ahhhhhHHHHHmmmmMMMM…"

Mihoshi's jaw tremblingly closed as her eyes focused on something that only she could see. Asuka's watched intently as a slivery trail of saliva dripped from one corner of Mihoshi's mouth. Mihoshi's head abruptly snapped up, as another wail burst from her throat. "SooOOOOOOoooo, GoooooOOOODDDDDDD! AHHHHhh-HHHHHKKKHHH!" Mihoshi stayed in that head flexed upward posture, her entire body trembling, for long moments, an incoherent mumble coming from her mouth.

Asuka watched in fascination, as, while still in that flexed posture, Mihoshi's face turned bright red. The flush descended rapidly down her torso, all the way to her waist. Asuka's focus pulled back for a moment, taking in the arch of Mihoshi's neck, a tendon standing out in relief, and traced down her flushed chest to where her attention was momentarily caught by Mihoshi's spectacularly large and firm breasts.

They were currently pumped as full of blood as they could get, causing Mihoshi's nipples to stand out, straining like little organ stops. Asuka felt her own pussy swelling with arousal as she gazed at Mihoshi's trembling breasts, vibrating in tune with their owners entire body, the normally soft pink nipples hard with desire, and visibly dripping with the sweat which she just now noticed was pouring off of Mihoshi's quivering body. It was a sight that would have aroused the most fervent ascetic.

Finally, the sweating, red-faced Mihoshi collapsed back to a head down posture, face over Asuka's groin, tickling Asuka's closely-trimmed pubes with her warm breath. She leaned down low, placing her weight on her forearms and moaning continuously in a soft voice. At that moment, Asuka saw what was causing Mihoshi`s rapture, though she has subconsciously known practically from the first, there being only one real possibility.

Asuka's wide eyes drank in the sight of her husband, Shinji Ikari, only it wasn't. It was the man she loved, but at the same time there were… differences. While Asuka considered him to be handsome (and knew that many of her model friends and other female friends did as well), Shinji had never had such almost… demonic magnificence.

It was hard for her to describe it any other way. His eyes were a darker blue and had a forceful yet compelling magnetism. His features were still identifiably his, but his skin was again, a darker gold than usual and the planes of his face were stronger, more masculine. All in all, it was a face to make a woman's heart race and her pussy lubricate, both of which it accomplished with Asuka.

Her eyes took in his body, tracing down his larger, more chiseled arms and chest. `Yummy….' Asuka unconsciously licked her lips, as her hand crept down her sleek belly to lightly caress her mound. His hands were currently gripping her friend's hips and…was that his COCK?!

Asuka's mind momentarily derailed as she stared, incredulous, at the monstrous tool that her husband had apparently almost finished imbedding inside her innocent blonde friend. `Mmyyy GOD, no wonder she's acting like she's having an epileptic seizure…' Asuka thought, unaware of the fact that she was experiencing a body-blush, just like Mihoshi, and that her rogue right hand was strumming her clit like a guitar hero.

Even as that thought went through her head, Mihoshi groaned into her bush, the rush of hot breath tickling her pleasantly. "ooohhhhhhhhhhh, yyeeahhhhhh…." Momentarily distracted by Mihoshi, Asuka snapped her gaze back to her husband. He was smiling at her. She couldn't help but smile back. Even in his enhanced state, there was no disguising the love and affection in his smile.

"Hold onto her, love. You too, Miho-chan." His voice was a bit more bass, but otherwise the same. She had always found it sexy, and now was no different. Mihoshi responded, "Mmmmmm..okayyy," warming Asuka with her breath again. Asuka nodded a bit confusedly, propping herself up on one arm. With that statement, Shinji began to thrust.

* * *

After an interminable period of holding back his cum with iron control as he sloooowly penetrated deeper into Mihoshi, with a small bump, Shinji had fit 13 huge inches of cock inside her, the maximum she could take without him actually going into her womb. The combination of his huge girth and her tight pussy made for an agonizingly pleasurable experience for both of them.

His hands caressed the soft skin of her hips as he enjoyed the warmth and wetness of Mihoshi's sheath. The heat of her insides and the tight grip of her pussy on his member was mind-blowing. He also loved the way her sheath would involuntary squeeze him when one of the little knobs and ridges on his inhuman cock would rub against a sensitive spot in her insides.

He had thought she was going to blow a gasket when a cunningly designed knob had rubbed against her g-spot when he made a two-inch advance in one thrust. Her whole body had flexed around his cock, and he'd had to forcibly restrain himself from driving the rest of his length into her. Her insides were gushing with her juices and it was making her cunt a slippery tunnel of maddening pleasure that was hard to resist.

"ooohhhhhhhhhhh, yyeeahhhhhh…." she groaned as he bottomed out.

He smiled at his Asuka-chan. She smiled back at him, her look of open love warming his insides and nearly breaking his self-control. Just another moment, he told himself sternly.

"Hold onto her, love. You too, Miho-chan." Mihoshi murmured a reply and Asuka nodded back with a look of cute confusion on her face. She'd find out soon enough. He liked having them together while he fucked Mihoshi, and they'd both need to support Mihoshi's body when he went full out in fucking her.

Shinji pulled half-way out and thrust in, deeply, wrenching another cry from Mihoshi. `Ah, Christ, she's so slippery and tight!' His control slowly failed as he drove his hardness into Mihoshi's flower with increasing depth and force. "Fuck, ungh, shit, aahhh!"

Shinji's world narrowed to Mihoshi's cunt and the satisfaction he could get from it, as he forcefully rammed his inhumanly large cock into her spasming hole. Female juices squirted around the edges of their joined organs as he drove 13 inches of meat into her pink lipped opening. He was dimly aware of Mihoshi shrieking with sufficient force to make the wood paneling of the bedroom literally vibrate, but he couldn't care less. Her pussy would periodically clench tighter on his cock as her whole body would flex in pleasure, and he would reward this with a particularly hard thrust, creating an increasing spiral of arousal.

The knobs and ridges on Berzerker Shinji's cock were a feature that was not present in ordinary human males. Created by him at the moment of transformation, they were designed to simplify the task of bringing a female to the height of sexual pleasure, by allowing a woman to achieve maximum pleasure via simple vaginal penetration. Normally, vaginal penetration almost completely ignored the clitoris, making it something which was favored by the man, but mostly tolerated by women. B-Shinji's cock stimulated both the clitoris, externally, and the g-spot, internally, allowing regular vaginal intercourse to be a thing of delight for both sexes.

At the moment, said organ was driving Mihoshi to the brink of madness. Each thrust caused a wave of soul-wrenching pleasure to rock her sanity, and as Shinji sped up, the waves overlapped, until eventually she was reduced to sobbing and whimpering out her extreme ecstasy.

She could feel every muscle in her body flexing spasmodically with neural overload. Her arousal was so extreme that her anus began to dilate open and iris shut rhythmically, looking for something to fill it. Shinji slid a large finger into it, making her whimper quietly with relief. She concentrated on simply flexing her two orifices around his invading members, as her world consisted only of overwhelming pleasure and those two long hard objects.

Driving his aching member into Mihoshi's tightness for the nth time, Shinji considered generating a second penis to more completely pleasure her bottom, but rejected the notion for now. He sensed that she was at the limit of the pleasure she could endure and didn't want to harm her in any way. He smiled to himself as he thought of how he would enjoy increasing those limits in times to come.

* * *

The dance of carnal ecstasy was coming to a close. Both Shinji and Mihoshi were dripping with sweat, and where they were joined, their bodies were drenched with Mihoshi's sexual lubricant. Mihoshi was still game, and Asuka's could see her face clench in concentration when she would contract around Shinji's penis to give him more pleasure, but she was clearly nearing exhaustion. Her vocal cords had given out minutes ago, and she now only had the energy to moan and squeak in a tiny voice.

Asuka had come multiple times from sheer excitement, from her own hand, and from Mihoshi's face being rubbed across her twat as she was forcefully fucked. She felt drunk on sexual energy. Mihoshi's face was effectively in a pool of natural lube whenever she rested it on Asuka's sex drenched mound. Asuka had lost track of Mihoshi's climaxes, and her own. Amazingly, Shinji had still not come.

Shinji loved every minute of being inside Mihoshi, but it was time to finish this encounter, for her sake. His thrusts became even harder, faster and somehow more purposeful.

Mihoshi seemed to sense this, and drew upon a final reserve of energy. She bucked her bottom back at him and would sometimes pull her hips forward while clenching her pussy, which stimulated both her channel and Shinji's prick unmercifully. Barks of exertion and harsh groans came from her throat, along with the occasional "Fuck meeeeee!"

"AAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH!!!" Shinji cried out in mortal pleasure as his fingers dug hard into Mihoshi's hipbones and he buried his cock to the balls in the blonde sex machine's sloppy pussy.

Losing control, he thrust his full 14 inches into her, causing the head of his penis to dilate Mihoshi's cervix and allowing him to ram his weapon straight into her womb. "UNHHHHHHHHHH…!" Shinji HHHHHhhhhhhhbellowed his relief as he fired what felt like liters of seed into Mihoshi's boiling-hot insides.

Asuka watched in awe as Mihoshi quivered like an impaling victim. Her mouth was stretched wide, but no sound came forth. Her pupils were almost invisible. By some instinct Asuka clapped her hands to her ears, as she saw Mihoshi's belly suck in and her chest inflate with breath.

Her instinct was correct as Mihoshi let out a cry which made even the heavy bedroom DOOR vibrate! Even with her ears tightly covered, Asuka was temporarily deafened. Her senses reeled as she felt Mihoshi's face press into her belly, as she collapsed from the aftermath of her cataclysmic orgasm.

Asuka raised her head and though she couldn't hear, she could see the form of her husband, mouth opening and closing, apparently still giving vent to the aftershocks of his cry of relief. She stared in amazement as she could *visibly* see his penis bulge and his scrotum deflate with the cum he was pumping into Mihoshi.

As she watched, he finally pulled his enormous tool from Mihoshi's body. It was glistening wet and slowly deflating to half-mast. Shinji seemed satiated and a bit sleepy. Asuka glanced down at Mihoshi. She was completely out of it, her cute face relaxed in sleep. She was smiling a bit too and murmured something softly. Asuka caught the last of it. "…sooooo gooood…" It made Asuka smile.

In the blink of an eye, Shinji was back to his usual self and snuggled up between his two charming bedmates. Asuka threw the light sheet over them, and curled up next to her husband's right. Mihoshi was pulled up to Shinji's left side, where she clung contentedly. In minutes there was only the sound of snoring.

* * *

Asuka and Shinji both drifted to wakefulness at the same time, revived by Mihoshi's soft voice, which seemed to be expressing mild distress. Both were feeling quite refreshed from their long nap. Ignoring Mihoshi for the moment, Shinji turned his head to his right and kissed his heavy-eyed wife on the mouth.

Shinji looked at her affectionately. "Morning, beautiful."

"S'not morning," said Asuka, yawning convulsively and stretching her arms above her head. Her movement caused her breasts to pop above the sheet, the tempting flesh causing Shinji to fill up on eye candy.

"Haven't you had enough?" she said with a sly look.

"Of these two beauties?" he said, fondling her mounds, and teasing the nipples with his thumbs. "Never."

"MMmm, feels good," she purred, giving him an inviting look.

"But," he said, withdrawing his hands, despite her petulant look, "Mihoshi sounds like she needs her back scratched or something, so we should probably take care of that first, rule of being a good host and all."

"All right," she agreed, propping herself up on one arm to see better. "Lets see what the situation is…oh my." She stared, openmouthed.

Shinji twisted in his comfortable tangle of bed sheets so that he could follow her gaze. What he saw was quite…unusual.

Mihoshi was demonstrating her remarkable flexibility, for starters. Her supple brown body was bent almost double, as if she were attempting a basic, though difficult Yoga posture. She had thrown the sheets off of herself and was seated, legs out, as she attempted to…place her head all the way to the sheets?

Shinji's mind, though remarkable in many ways, was sometimes obtuse when it came to people's motivations. He continued to muse about the purpose of Mihoshi's exercise. She sounded frustrated. Perhaps she couldn't stretch the way she normally could after waking up, due to their vigorous…activities, he thought with a trace of guilt. Guilt, he was good at.

Asuka on the other hand, had taken psychology in college and was keen observer of people. Not that it made much difference in this case. What allowed her to understand Mihoshi's intent was the fact that, during their earlier…activities, Asuka was the one who had been the focus of Mihoshi's actions.

Asuka's once again thunderstruck mind processed the fact that Mihoshi was, quite simply, frustrated that she wasn't flexible enough to eat Shinji's cum out of her own twat.

`She could use her fingers…but I guess that would let too much get away…she did seem quite taken with it, after all,' Asuka thought bemusedly.

Noticing her bedmates were awake, Mihoshi turned her tearful gaze to Asuka.

"Asukaaaaaa, help meeeee, Puh-leeeeeeeease!" Mihoshi whined, her big blue eyes pleading for help. Help in eating all of that yummy cum. Shinji's yummy -

Asuka cut that perverted train of thought off quick.

`What the HELL is with these weird thoughts I keep having,' the fiery redhead thought indignantly. `Maybe all this deviant sexual activity is warping my sense of what's normal? Not that my life has ever been normal, in any way…'

Asuka was distracted from her self-chastising by a delicious smell. It reminded her of fresh cream, of ice-cream, of vanilla pie. In short, it was reminiscent of many white, messy, delicious things. She also caught an underlying odor of fresh peaches.

`Mmmm, that smells so good and I'm kinda hungry…maybe Shinji got up before me and made some dessert?' she thought hopefully.

She found that while she had been berating herself for kinky thoughts, her body had slipped itself out from under the covers and had moved on it's hands and knees towards the cum-hungry airhead. By the time her awareness snapped into focus, she was virtually face to face with Mihoshi.

Mihoshi looked into Asuka's glacial blue eyes in entreaty.

"I can't reach…see?" Mihoshi straightened up and leaned back onto her hands, while scooting her bum towards Asuka. Revealed between her smooth brown thighs was nothing less than a cream-filled gash. Thick white goo was overflowing slightly from Mihoshi's honeypot, even as she kept her pelvis tilted back in order to keep from wasting the tasty sexual emission.

Shinji was watching these events with utter fascination and a rapidly growing hard-on.

Asuka opened her mouth to say something, quite possibly something scathing, but was cut off by a stronger waft of the succulent odor. Propelled by Mihoshi's bum-scooting action, the powerful chemical cocktail (no pun intended) created by the sophisticated sexual factories of Berzerker Shinji's testes, dove into Asuka's nostrils and from there into her lower, reptile brain.

-I am delicious- sang the chemical song. -I am fulfilling. I am nectar and ambrosia-

Asuka's mouth watered. `What…was I thinking?' she thought muzzily. `Something about…eating…'

The chemical message closed certain gaps and opened others. It sped production of certain neurochemicals and caused production of others to be inhibited.

It sang:

-I am love-

-I am joy-


Asuka obeyed.

* * *

Shinji watched as Asuka seemed to reel for moment, and then dove for her friends oozing gash like an Ethiopian on a banana.

Mihoshi squealed in joy as her red-haired friend's mouth formed a vacuum seal on her creamy twat. Asuka's cheeks hollowed as she sucked out a big mouthful of cum and swallowed voraciously. Gasping for air through her nose, without pausing, she sucked another mouthful and swallowed, then again. And again.

Asuka's frenzied cum feast was interrupted by Mihoshi's surprisingly strong grip on her head. Mihoshi pulled Asuka's face to her own, looking into Asuka's eyes reproachfully. "…share some with me?" she said mournfully. Feeling a pang at her selfishness, Asuka nodded quickly.

As quickly as she'd become sad, Mihoshi was all smiles again.

"Goody!" she cried with glee. Gazing into Asuka's eyes again, this time happily, she slowly bent her head towards her friends mouth.

Many thoughts went through Asuka's mind, all at once. `Is she gonna…she IS…should I…do I…do I really LIKE girls that way?"

The warm breath of each girl caressed the face of the other as slowly, sensuously, their soft lips met in a gentle, though very warm, kiss. They stayed in contact, not moving for long moments, then, at some unseen signal began to kiss deeply and with passion.

Shinji observed the goings-on with interest. In fact, on observing his wife french-kissing his sexy neighbor, after seeing her eating his own personal cum from her blonde twat, his penis inflated so fast that if he had been a normal human, he would likely have broken a blood vessel. As it was, it was a near thing. ;)

Each girl felt the warm slippery tongue of the other tracing the inside of her mouth. Mihoshi tasted the creamy sweetness of Shinji's cum in Asuka's mouth while Asuka, to her surprise, found that Mihoshi tasted like tropical fruit. Not an artificial taste like gum or some other man-made product, but as if her mouth were an actual fresh piece of fruit!

Again, seemingly in synch, both girls withdrew slowly from the kiss. They gazed at each other for long moments, their expressions pleased but otherwise inscrutable to the observing Shinji. Then, in a graceful motion, Asuka dipped her head and pulled a creamy mouthful from Mihoshi's loins. Mihoshi hummed in pleasure, her eyes half closed, as her flame-haired partner's mouth caressed her genitals.

As Shinji's arousal grew ever higher, Asuka, again gracefully, ascended to gaze at Mihoshi's face again. Still in synch, as if they could read each other's minds, Mihoshi moved her face to Asuka's, opening her mouth slightly, like a baby bird begging for a meal. Asuka slowly moved her face to Mihoshi's, also opening her mouth slightly.

The two girl's heads tilted slightly, as their faces came into intimate proximity. Asuka could feel the warm air from Mihoshi's quiet, excited breathing tickling her face as she slowly, sensuously, let a thick strand of glistening white cum drip from her mouth into Mihoshi's.

`Oh! - my! - god!' A circuit breaker popped in Shinji's psyche. He let out a low growl of arousal as he uncontrollably transformed. His penis was once again a mighty staff, throbbing angrily, with it's tip oozing a large drop of pearly white essence. The unbelievable sensuality of the two girls in his bedroom had once again shattered his fragile self-control.

Asuka let the cum drip from her mouth to Mihoshi's (who eagerly swallowed it) for long moments, until most of the load was transferred. She then eased her tongue out between her lips, catching the glistening strand and pulling it back into her mouth. Turning to lock eyes with Shinji (noticing with a skipped heartbeat that his transformation had occurred again), she slowly, sensuously extended her tongue, showing that she still possessed a large gob of his creamy essence.

Asuka then leisurely turned her face to Mihoshi's, and, tongue extended, transferred the cum to the blonde via a long, wet, open-mouthed kiss, both girls keeping their heads turned so that they could watch Shinji as they did so. Their tongues flashed visibly once again as the erotic kiss ended. The two girls made a cute picture as they stared at Shinji, cheek to cheek.

* * *

What the girls saw was a man on the edge of explosion. Shinji's tool had grown to enormous proportions and was visibly throbbing. Tendons in his neck were standing out and his nostrils were flared, as he gulped breath harshly through his nose. He grimaced fiercely as he struggled for control of his sex charged body. He was clearly one more erotic display from seizing one or both of the girls and fucking them senseless.

Both females felt a little frisson of fear mixed with desire twinge in their stomachs. In his passion, Berzerker Shinji was radiating a tremendous aura of male dominance. His every feature, posture and gesture screamed "alpha male". It was enough to make the two very feminine girls' pussies melt with desire, as they responded to the instinctual cues being broadcast.

Asuka, followed closely by Mihoshi, padded over to her agitated husband on her hands and knees. Shinji's eyes alternated between watching her beautiful face and her shapely knockers, which were swinging gently as she approached him. Asuka's bosom was full, high and very firm, capped with two medium size nipples, which were a healthy pink when she was calm and like two ripe strawberries when she was aroused.

Asuka arrived next to her husband's kneeling form and knelt as well. She took up a position that left enough space in front of Shinji for Mihoshi to sit very close to them both. She gestured an invitation, and Mihoshi knelt in the offered space, and cocked her head, waiting for Asuka's lead.

During this silent interchange, Shinji was taking the opportunity to ogle Mihoshi's supple brown form. Whenever she moved, Mihoshi's very ample, remarkably firm breasts bounced perkily in response. They had medium-sized chocolate brown nipples that were slightly darker than her soft skin. Shinji's eyes took inventory: flat smooth belly, slightly flaring hips, leading to million dollar legs…Mihoshi truly was worthy of the title "supermodel", as was his wife.

Asuka reached out and joined her hands around her husband's throbbing pole. She caressed it up and down, very gently, for a moment, getting the feel of how huge he was. Shinji's cock twitched a bit under her ministrations and a low rumble escaped his mouth. Asuka swept her hands slowly upward, until her fingertips surrounded his great cockhead. She paused, and looked at her husband coquettishly, with a mischievous smile and half-closed eyes.

"Don't worry Shin-chan," she cooed, as she coated her hands in his pre-ejaculate and began to stroke his rod vigorously. "We'll make it feel all better. Won't we Miho-chan?" Mihoshi nodded in eager agreement, as Asuka, without missing a beat gestured with her chin to Shinji's ballsack. The blonde beauty pressed her mouth tenderly to the base of his cock and began to gently lick and suck, while fondling the great orbs of his testes with her soft hands.

Shinji threw his head back and groaned with pleasure as his wife's hands tenderly yet firmly fellated his manhood. His groans intensified as Asuka stretched her soft lips around the head of his cock, and gave hot, wet tongue-action to his peehole. At the same time, could feel the pleasurable, yet relaxing sensation of Mihoshi's tongue laving his balls.

Appreciating the care the girls were lavishing one him, Shinji plunged one hand into Asuka's hair and caressed her scalp affectionately, while reaching around Mihoshi's slender torso to fondle one of her ripe breasts with the other. The girls reacted by cuddling closer and Shinji freely used his hands to gently maul their tits and caress them all over.

The girls licked and sucked at Shinji's cock until it was slick and shiny with their saliva. Pre-cum was flowing freely from the head and the girls used it as lubricant to fellate him, often stealing a taste for themselves. At one point, Mihoshi gathered a mouthful of it, and took the opportunity to return Asuka's kiss. The two of them passionately kissed and swapped cum between their mouths until Asuka noticed that Shinji was becoming over-stimulated and they had to stop, not wanting the fun to end quite yet.

After a while more of this, Mihoshi had a bright idea. She knew, from his looks and actions, that he admired her spectacular breasts, so why not, she thought, get them in on the current action? With no further ado, she touched Asuka on the shoulder, responding to her questioning look by hefting her jugs and looking pointedly at Shinji's penis. Asuka smiled brightly and gave her a thumbs-up. Shinji watched this byplay with interest.

Smiling brightly, Mihoshi chirped, "I think you'll enjoy this, Shinji-sama!". She pressed closer to him, enclosed his penis in her awesome cleavage and began to move her body up and down. Shinji moaned appreciatively at the erotic sight and the pleasant feeling of her soft tit-flesh on his inflamed member. Mihoshi added to his enjoyment by lapping and sucking at the head of his penis when it would appear at the top of her upstroke. Asuka decided to join in, adding a stroke or two with her hands and kissing and licking at his penishead along with Mihoshi.

Asuka felt like a priestess at a pagan rite, as she and Mihoshi worshipped, with mouth, hand and breast, her husband's mighty penis. He was like an ancient fertility god, and Asuka knew the symbol of a male fertility deity was the phallus.

Eventually, the sight of the two sex-crazed vixens virtually kissing with the tip of his penis in between, along with the two of them once again playing their open-mouthed kissing and cum-swapping game, finally pushed Shinji over the edge.

He ground out the first intelligible word any of them had said in some time: "Coming!" followed by a long drawn-out groan of release. "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnng-hggggggggggggggghhh!" It was the sound of long minutes of cum-buildup, about to be released in one torrential shower.

There was no pause in activity from the girls at this sign of an impending eruption. Instead they began licking and sucking in a frenzy of eroticism, Mihoshi pressing her boobs tightly around Shinji's cock and pumping furiously.

"Cum for us, Shin-chan," panted out Asuka, licking her hot tongue along his length. "Mmmm," agreed Mihoshi, slobbering onto his cockhead and poking her pink tongue daringly into his peehole. "I want it!" cried the cum-hungry airhead. "Cum on my face, Shinji-sama!" chirped Mihoshi passionately, before stretching her mouth wide and managing to take in the last few inches of Shinji's penis.

Asuka had decided to let Mihoshi have the first taste, so she was content to play the secondary role, leaving Mihoshi as the target of the first gout of cum. While still licking and kissing her husbands rigid organ, she watched in awe as his enormous testes contracted towards his body and his muscular belly flexed inwards. She could actually FEEL the temperature of his member rise as the cum traveled upwards towards Mihoshi.

Mihoshi furiously fellated Shinji's cock with her mouth and throat, what she could fit inside, anyway. She laved every bit of the hot, spongy flesh of his mighty cockhead with her tongue, paying especial attention to his urethral opening, out of which she knew would come the tasty cream that she longed for.

Her attentions bore fruit, as the blonde cumslut-in-training felt Shinji's penis pulse in her hands, and thick, hot fluid erupt from the tiny slit in his cockhead that she was passionately tonguing. She squealed muffledly in delight as Shinji's cum squirted across her tongue and filled her mouth with it's potent flavor. Gasping life-giving air through her nostrils, she gulped down cum as rapidly as possible.

Asuka watched in fascination, lounging at her ease and rubbing Shinji's balls soothingly, as her sex-crazed friend drank furiously from her husband's spurting cock. Mihoshi's nostrils flared and shrank as she gulped air through her nose, and her cheeks hollowed and puffed out as she gulped hot jizz straight from the source. Mihoshi's luminous blue eyes were blazing with delight and rolling crazily in passion as she shamelessly indulged her lust for Shinji's cum.

Finally, after many mouthfuls, Mihoshi missed a beat in sucking and swallowing, overwhelmed by the sheer volume and thickness of Shinji's emission. She was forced to relinquish his cock from her mouth, releasing it with a moist pop as she coughed and choked. Shinji continued to grunt in exertion and huge gobs of steaming cum began to swiftly coat Mihoshi's breasts and belly.

After confirming that Mihoshi would be ok, Asuka gave in to the urge to imitate Mihoshi and took her turn attaching her mouth to Shinji's still-spurting organ. `Christ, it tastes good!' she mused, as she swallowed her husbands warm cream. `From what I've read and heard, I thought a guy's cum was supposed to taste nasty. Another of Shinji's special traits?' Inside her mind, she smiled fondly at her thought, knowing that Shinji was special in many ways, even if his specialness had nothing to do with the taste of his jizz.

Asuka fondled her husband's balls gently, noting that they definitely seemed a bit smaller now. She had satisfied herself by gulping down several mouthfuls of tasty cum, and noticed that the flow seemed to finally be abating.

A very hentai thought flashed through her mind, as she thought of a use for the last few pulses of Shinji's emission. `Oooh, I'm a bad girl," Asuka thought somewhat drunkenly. `Drinking this stuff is definitely doing something to my inhibitions…'

Asuka pulled Shinji's cockhead from her mouth with a final lingering lick and aimed it at her breasts. She squeezed the base of his penis gently and pulled upwards, coaxing the last few spurts of jizz out of him. With a drawn-out "Ahhhhhhhh…" of relief from Shinji, the last of the copious sexual emission splattered onto Asuka luscious, full orbs. Asuka looked downwards at herself, admiring the appetizing sight. Time to put her naughty plan into action…

Asuka looked over to Mihoshi, who was finishing with the business of scooping up the cum that had landed on her own breasts and licking it off her hands with swipes of her cute pink tongue. Asuka felt heat stir in her belly at the erotic sight. Her breathing came somewhat faster as she said Mihoshi's name, trying to catch her attention.

Checking to make sure that Shinji was watching, Asuka purred, "Look, Mi-channnnn…strawberries and cream!" Asuka then hefted her sizeable breasts, holding them up as if in offering. Her erect nipples did indeed resemble strawberries, due to their ripe red color, and they were thickly coated in white goo, as was her entire front. Asuka felt the heat in her belly increase at her shameless offer.

Her attention caught, Mihoshi looked over with her tongue still busily lapping up man-cream from her hand. She froze as her blue eyes locked on the new source of nourishment and her mind processed the import of Asuka's lewd offer. She knew what she wanted and she wasted no time in getting it. In a flash, Mihoshi and Asuka were in an erotic embrace, Mihoshi's hands going around Asuka's shoulders for support as her head nestled between Asuka's magnificent tits.

Asuka threw back her head and shivered from the warm, wet sensation as Mihoshi's tongue scoured the area between her breasts clean. It felt warm and pleasant to be held in the brown skinned beauty's arms. Asuka could feel the comforting heat of her friend's body and the pleasing soft smoothness of Mihoshi's flawless skin on her own pale-skinned perfection.

Mihoshi finished moistly cleaning the surrounding area and began laving Asuka's flawless right breast with her tongue. She proved that she was not just using her friend as a source of tasty cum to eat when she reached Asuka's erect nipple. She licked it clean, then attached her mouth to it and began to gently suckle. She alternated sucking with gently pulling it between her teeth and releasing, then re-attaching her mouth to it and swirling her tongue over it's surface.

Asuka hugged her friends warm body close, her eyes closed in pleasure from the sensuous oral worship she was receiving. `Her mouth is so soft…mmmmm…god, she knows how to use her teeth and tongue…Shinji's good, but Miho-chan should give him lessons…aaaaahhhhh…'

Mihoshi pulled her mouth from Asuka's nipple with a final lick. Compared to the warmth of Mihoshi's mouth, the room was cold, which caused the saliva coated nipple to harden even further and swell up to a remarkable extent. Mihoshi proceeded to give Asuka's other breast and nipple the same thorough cleansing and tongue-worship that she had given the right.

Leaving Asuka breathing heavily with arousal as her nipples stood out like little rocks, Mihoshi proceeded to clean her friends ribcage and belly, licking up and swallowing all the white cream she could find. She finally finished with a happy giggle and a teasing poke of her tongue in her friend's cute little bellybutton, leaving Asuka's torso free of cum and shining wetly.

Looking up, Mihoshi saw that Shinji had moved from his previous position and was trading passionate kisses with his wife. Not wanting to interrupt her friends' intimate moment, Mihoshi snuggled her face into Asuka's soft-skinned belly and rested contentedly.

Pausing after kissing Shinji for a few minutes, Asuka looked down at the dozing Mihoshi. Her warm breath felt nice on Asuka's stomach. "One more thing before we call it a night, Shin-chan. All of us are sticky and hungry. Though..."

Asuka blushed bright red. "You're probably the one who's really hungry. Miho-chan and I…" Shinji blushed too, as the meaning of what Asuka wasn't saying flashed before his eyes in big flaming letters: Mihoshi and Asuka's bellies were full of his cum. The thought embarrassed him and made his penis stir at the same time.

Asuka glanced at the bed and grimaced. "And the bed REALLY needs changing."

Shinji laughed quietly, with a glance to Mihoshi to make sure he hadn't woken her up. "No question about that."

Asuka gestured in the direction of their bathroom. "The shower isn't quite big enough for the three of us…fun as that would be…", she purred at the end. Shinji's blush renewed itself. She looked at him imploringly, "Could you wash Miho-chan? I'll change the bed and whip up a snack for you, ok? You can tuck Miho-chan into bed when you get out and I'll have a shower while you eat. Sound like a plan?"

Shinji nodded. "Sounds good, honey."

Shinji got off the bed and lifted Mihoshi from where she rested half on top of Asuka, cradling her sleeping form in his arms. She wasn't a small woman, but Shinji supported her without difficulty, his body strengthened by his martial arts practice. Holding her so closely to himself seemed to activate protective masculine instincts and he found himself noticing the warmth and softness of her body.

He looked down at her curvaceous chocolate-skinned form, his eyes lingering on her two shapely melon-sized tits, now rising and falling in peaceful slumber. Her beautiful golden hair, normally so springy, was lank with sweat and messy with dried cum. Her face was adorned by a small happy smile, and her pubic hair was also matted with his cum, he noticed with a mild blush.

Asuka's amused voice broke his train of thought. "Try not to get carried away with her in the shower," she said wryly. She grasped his half-hard penis where it jutted out from his body. Asuka smirked and said, "I think your sword has had enough practice for one night."

Shinji tried to control his reaction to his wife's soft hand on his sensitive flesh and failed miserably. "R-right, Asuka-chan," he stuttered, backing up a bit. Asuka allowed his erection to slide from her hand, and he turned around and fled to the bathroom before anything else could happen, carrying Mihoshi without noticeable effort. Asuka admired his "buns of steel" before sighing and turning her attention to stripping and changing the stained bed sheets.

* * *

Shinji slid the door of the bathroom aside with his foot and went inside, carefully to not bump the head of his attractive female burden. Once inside, he quickly decided to make a "nest" for Mihoshi to rest in, while he had a quick shower. With her sleeping, they couldn't effectively shower at the same time, so he'd clean himself and then concentrate on getting her washed. Shinji was fairly sure that she wouldn't wake up during all this, as her ability to sleep through things, as well as sleep at the drop of a hat, was legendary among anyone who knew her in the slightest.

The Ikari's were rather well-off and could afford a large bathroom, by Japanese standards and even by Western standards. It contained a traditional Japanese furo, as well as a Western-style shower/bath unit, both large and well-appointed. This, as well as many things about the house, was Asuka's idea. "The furo for luxury and the shower for convenience," she had explained, and, as was usual in their relationship, Shinji had agreed.

Moving carefully, Shinji managed to get a hand in position to grab the spare fluffy towels from the bathroom's wooden shelving unit, which was recessed into the wall. He dumped all of them onto the floor, hopefully making a comfy spot for Mihoshi to rest while he showered. He arranged them a bit with a foot, then slowly and smoothly squatted to the floor, making the maneuver look easy, even carrying some 100+ pounds of woman.

Shinji then slowly and carefully placed Mihoshi onto the towels, shivering at the feeling of her smooth flesh sliding over his own. `Down boy!' he thought fiercely to his throbbing hard-on. `Geez, haven't you had enough!? Those two girls could sex a normal guy to death with their antics, and you want MORE?' Frankly, Shinji was amazed at his ability to still "get it up" after the bedroom marathon he'd just run. Though some of the details were a bit hazy…

Breaking from his reflections, Shinji rose from his squat and gave Mihoshi a last glance. Seeing that she was resting comfortably, he quietly got into the shower and began a quick self-cleansing.

Some minutes later, a wet and clean Shinji stepped from the shower. Once he was done with his shower, he had let the water run enough to half-fill the tub, leaving enough room for two people without causing an overflow. Moving carefully and quietly, he advanced towards Mihoshi's recumbent form. She had shifted slightly while he showered and was cutely resting her head on her hands. Smiling at her cuteness and innocence, Shinji gently picked her up and took her into the shower.

Shinji lowered himself and his charge into the warm water, positioning Mihoshi so that she was lying full-length upon him, on her back with her waist between his legs and her head resting against his chest. Mihoshi murmured in her sleep at the touch of the water, but showed no signs of waking. Nor was she apparently disturbed by Shinji's renewed erection, pressing stiffly against the soft skin of her back.

Shinji was annoyed with himself though. `God damn it, I'm just washing her! Her skin is awfully soft though…shut up! Just wash her…geez, my cock's taking over my mind…' Putting on a lufa sponge glove, and grabbing the soap with his other hand, Shinji began to wash the helpless airhead.

He started by washing her sleek belly, Mihoshi murmuring in sleepy pleasure at the slightly rough, but stimulating touch of the lufa. He then washed each ripe breast, Mihoshi arching her back as the surface of the glove pleasantly abraded her nipples. "MMmmmmmmmmm…" she sighed, an angelic smile adorning her features. Shinji's erection was steel at this point, throbbing as Mihoshi's movements rubbed it against her soft chocolate skin.

He continued washing her, determinedly ignoring his arousal. He cleansed the remainder of her torso, scrubbing her back under the water. She giggled as he washed her armpits, making him smile. He quickly sponged each slim arm and hand clean, caressing her delicate fingers. As he gently washed Mihoshi's body, Shinji was finding that he had considerable tender feelings in his heart for her.

Finished with her upper body, he absently began to shampoo her hair as he reflected on their relationship. He had always liked her, with her carefree and innocent attitude, from the time Asuka had introduced them. She seemed an antidote to the gloom and negativity that had characterized his early life. She had only been a friend though, mostly a friend of Asuka. It seemed that the sex-play they had engaged in had intensified his feelings for her. He sighed mentally, wondering what affect this would have on his relationship with Asuka.

He ran his soapy hands through her thick golden hair, Mihoshi sighing with pleasure as he firmly caressed her scalp. Shinji smiled to himself, `Asuka always said I had magic hands.' The thought of Asuka brought his mind back to the problem at hand, bringing his mood back down. `Damnit, she's the one that invited Mihoshi into our bed, not me!' He scowled and had to pause for a moment so as to not accidentally hurt Mihoshi by digging his fingers into her scalp too firmly.

`It isn't Mihoshi's fault,' he told himself sternly. `So don't go taking it out on her!' Banishing the troubling thoughts from his mind, for the moment at least, Shinji continued the pleasant task of washing her hair. After several minutes of vigorously shampooing her golden locks, bringing more sighs of sleepy pleasure for their owner, it was time to rinse.

He accomplished this by the simple expedient of abandoning his sitting position against the back of the tub and sliding deeper into the water, bringing Mihoshi's head, which was resting on his chest, with him. He carefully kept her face above water and gently ran his hands through the foamy mass of Mihoshi's hair until the shampoo residue was dispersed into the water. As her newly rinsed hair formed a glorious golden fan on the water's surface, Shinji couldn't help noticing how incredibly buoyant certain parts of her anatomy were.

Shinji stared at the two luscious chocolate brown islands bobbing gently in the tub's calm waters. `God, she'd never have to worry about drowning as long as she has those…' His palms tingled with the desire to be filled with those firm mounds. Reluctantly, he wrenched his mind back to business.

`Oh damn, I forgot to do her legs! And her…' Shinji swallowed against the dryness in his throat. `For god's sake, you were having sex with her not an hour ago! What's with the shyness?' he chided himself. `I guess I'm having a flashback to my old self,' he thought wryly.

It was true that he was a lot more confident nowadays. It had a lot to do with being in a loving, stable relationship for multiple years, which reminded him, `Anniversary coming up… Payback or not, there'd be hell to pay if I forgot about that!' Making a mental note to take Asuka to a nice restaurant and to buy her a nice present or three, Shinji continued with his train of thought.

His confidence also had to do with four other factors: 1. he loved his job, playing the Cello for the Tokyo-3 symphony orchestra, 2. he lived in a great neighborhood, and was friends with a large group of people who lived in the houses around his, chiefly Tenchi Masaki-Jurai and his wives and Ranma Saotome and HIS wives. There was a definite trend towards polygamy in this prefecture, ever since the various sex laws had been largely obliterated in the wake of the Second Impact. 3. his practice of martial arts, with his Sensei Ranma, and of course 4. the fact that he didn't spend most of his time fighting or preparing to fight huge alien monstrosities while piloting an equally huge biomechanical death machine.

Yes, his life was much more normal and more satisfying as well, compared to when he had been fourteen. Though it seemed to be taking a turn for the odd lately. Mostly in a sexually gratifying way, though, which was certainly better than any sort of violence. From what he'd heard, his two neighbors had very odd and violent pasts as well. As far as he knew, their lives were more peaceful and happy nowadays as well. Though there was still plenty of oddness about, he mused, the polygamy not being the least of it…

His thoughts returned to the task at hand as his inner time sense prodded him with a warning. `Hm, I'd better finish up before Asuka wonders what we're doing in here…the water's still nice and warm, so it hasn't been THAT long.'

Resuming his task, Shinji pulled them out of the water slightly, resuming his position with his back against the back of the tub, Mihoshi's head on his chest. He twisted at the waist and grabbed one of Mihoshi's long, sexy legs and pulled it towards him, in order to more easily clean it. Mihoshi's extraordinary flexibility was once again demonstrated, as he pulled her sleek brown limb practically parallel to her body without the slightest resistance. He quickly scrubbed her right leg, then repeated the procedure with her left, marveling at Mihoshi's ability to remain asleep throughout the entire operation.

Finally, there was only one thing left to wash. Shinji held Mihoshi against his chest with his left arm, and gingerly explored her soft pubic fleece with the right. He combed the springy strands gently, as he attempted to loosen up the remaining cum still stuck to the golden fibers. Mihoshi moaned quietly at the arousing sensation of having her pussy fur being gently pulled.

Shinji continued the necessary, yet arousing, act for long moments, trying his best to ignore Mihoshi's soft moaning and it's effect on his throbbing erection. Holding the entire length of her sexy body pressed against his own wasn't helping much, either. Finally, her nether hair seemed to be as clean as it was going to get. Wanting to finish this whole pleasantly torturous experience before he went completely mad, Shinji quickly donned the lufa glove once more and began to scrub between Mihoshi's legs.

He'd forgotten the effect of the glove on Mihoshi's nipples, as he was taken by surprise as her moaning increased in volume and intensity. She squirmed slightly in his one-armed grip, and he twisted with her movements, trying to keep hold of her without squeezing her too hard. It was awkward, scrubbing with one hand between her legs and trying to control her squirming with the other, not to mention what having her soft skin rubbing vigorously against him was doing to his oversensitized erection.

Just as he decided that her pussy was as clean as he could make it under the circumstances, Mihoshi's moaning came to a peak and subsided. Her whole body relaxed against his and a soft sigh of satisfaction came from her smiling mouth. Shinji smirked as he also relaxed for a moment. `Apparently she approves of my cleaning methods,' he thought wryly.

He noticed the gentle euphoria that filled him and that his penis was no longer erect and realized that he'd shot his load into the water during their arousing little tussle. `At least I didn't blow it inside Mihoshi,' he thought bemusedly. He also realized that he was hungry. `Time to put her to bed and get some eats!' With that thought, Shinji pulled out the tub's stopper with his foot, via the chain.

He waited until the tub was mostly drained, then levered himself into a position where he could stand up with Mihoshi cradled in his arms. Stepping out of the tub and over to the nest of fluffy towels in the corner, Shinji carefully deposited the sleeping blonde there to rest while he dried himself off. He quickly dried himself with another towel, then turned his attention to Mihoshi.

He buffed her flesh gently with a soft, fluffy white towel, admiring her contours as he did so. She smiled and giggled in all the same places as when he had scrubbed her with the lufa, but he avoided buffing between her legs, as he figured that the small patch of hair would dry quickly enough on it's own, and for the other obvious reason. ;)

Once again he hefted her sleeping form, and this time she put her arms around his neck, without opening her eyes. Feeling a surge of tenderness flood his heart, Shinji smiled affectionately at her and took her to the master bedroom, where he tucked her under the black silk sheets. Mihoshi murmured contentedly at the luxurious comfort of the bed and turned onto her side, hugging a spare pillow to her bosom.

With a last affectionate look, Shinji padded, still naked, through the warm hall of his home to his also-large, also-well-appointed kitchen. Asuka was sitting, also naked, in one of their comfortable, yet simple kitchen chairs. She was nibbling on a steaming plate of reheated chicken and vegetable stir-fry, clearly intended to be his dinner. She looked up as he entered the kitchen. "There you are! I was beginning to think that you were having your way with Miho-chan…" she teased, her blue eyes flashing with humor.

Shinji calmly walked over to her seat. "Now, Asuka-chan, you know I'd never do that," he replied placidly, lifting her out of her seat and placing her bare ass on his lap as he took her spot. Asuka squeaked in surprise at his bold action and the feeling of his flesh against her own. Shinji ate hungrily, enjoying both the tasty food, his wife's surprise and the feel of her warm body against his own. He had a fresh erection he noticed absently, as he chewed and swallowed with relish. `The damn thing just won't stay down!'

Asuka sat meekly in Shinji's lap, taken off guard by his uncharacteristic boldness and enjoying the feel of his warm flesh against her back and bottom. She could feel his iron-hard penis pressing into the crack of her ass and despite all the kinky sexual activities she had witnessed and participated in, it still made her pussy heat up. She distractedly ate a few more morsels from Shinji's plate, as she unconsciously rocked her hips just a bit, rubbing herself against his stiffness.

Shinji finished his meal, enjoying his wife's movements but not giving in to them. He then stood up, holding Asuka's body by the waist and bringing her up with him. Asuka's firm ass felt great against his cock and he pressed it hard against her, wrapping his arms around her slim waist and reaching up to blatantly fondle her perky tits. Asuka gulped air and shivered in his arms with arousal. "Have your shower quickly and come to bed, dear," he whispered in her ear. "I'll be waiting."

Shinji then pulled away and in a trice was striding through the halls of his home to the master bedroom. `Heh, she's not the only one who can tease,' Shinji thought with self-satisfaction. He slipped into the bedroom silently and slid into the big bed next to Mihoshi, who reacted by latching on to his right side and clinging contentedly.

`I'll just wait here for Asuka-chan,' thought Shinji sleepily, finally feeling the exertions of the day catching up to him. The silk sheets felt so good and Mihoshi was warm and soft at his side... `Just wait…not sleep…just…zzzzz.' Unceremoniously, Shinji fell into a deep slumber.

Minutes later, a clean and refreshed red-head strode through the bedroom door. "You'd better be prepared to follow up on your…" Asuka broke off as she spied the sweetly slumbering duo in her bed. "Aww, isn't that cute…" she murmured, smiling at the kawaii sight of her husband, flat on his back, peaceful expression on his face, clearly resting in the deep, dark realm of the truly wiped-out.

Asuka also took in the sight of her blonde friend, peacefully snoozing with her face pressed to the side of Shinji's chest. `They look as comfortable as two bugs in a rug.' Feeling her own weariness suddenly descend on her like a leaden blanket, Asuka gratefully slipped beneath the cool silk sheets and glommed onto her husband's other side. She too pressed her face to his chest and breathed in a long breath of his freshly-washed male scent before joining her bedmates in the land of Morpheus.

* * *


* * *