Payback - Chapter 01 - Payback Begins

Started: March 09, 2003

Current Revision: March 30, 2003

A Story By Warpwizard

A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfiction

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

This fic is kind of a response to all those Eva fanfics, even good ones, where Shinji and Asuka get together but she still acts rather like a controlling bitch to him, sometimes even after years of time as a couple. I know this is quite in character for Asuka and all, but it just pisses me off. Thus this lemon.

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It all began with a blowjob.

Shinji was floating in that in-between state, on the border between asleep and awake, when his dreamscape began shifting to something more…sexual.

He felt a hot, wet pressure on his penis, a glorious repetitive suction. With each moment he became a little more awake and the sensations more distinct. It felt like…his wife's mouth, sucking, licking, slurping the tip and then descending all the way to the base. He groaned in agonized pleasure.

Their was only one problem with this scenario: Asuka almost never performed oral sex on him, despite demanding it herself. She never said why, but he had the feeling that she thought of it as degrading or submissive or something, and if there was one thing that Asuka was not, it was submissive!

Real or not, the hot, wet sensation continued. He couldn't take much more and began to moan out the customary warning, "Coming!" This seemed not to affect the person providing the blowjob at all, the suction and deliciously soft tongue-action continued, with the mouth bobbing slooooowly down and then slooooowly up.

As the mouth once again reached the crown of his penis and gently tongued it, he passed the point of no return and begin firing his seed with pleasurably agonized grunts down the welcoming throat. At least he assumed it was welcoming, as the mouth didn't pull away, in fact it slid down the slippery length of his dick and then up again, as if to pull the last few drops of semen out of him.

Opening his eyes and finally feeling fully awake, he felt the crisp sheets of his bed against his back, and saw the expected brilliant red hair of his wife in the vicinity of his groin, her soft lips still wrapped around his dick. It was an altogether arousing sight, and despite having just come, Shinji found himself hardening again.

Releasing his penis from her lips with a moist pop, Asuka giggled and looked at him with a naughty grin. "Good morning, Shin-chan!"

Shinji blinked and responded, "G-good morning, Asuka-chan." He was still feeling the pleasant post-orgasm lethargy. He stared at her, not knowing what to say.

Asuka reached down and began fondling his balls with one soft hand, while idly stroking his semi-hard penis with the other.

This wasn't helping Shinji think, no, not one bit.

Gazing downwards, Asuka said softly, while fondling him, "You're probably wondering why I woke you the way I did, right?"

There was enough concentration left in Shinji to grunt an affirmative.

"It's a little hard to explain, but you'll know by the end of the day, Ok? We've got more important things to do right now anyway, right?" said Asuka, continuing to stroke Shinji's rod, now and then applying a little kiss or lick. Her technique had him hard as steel in seemingly no time. With the last of his thinking ability he grunted another affirmation.

Asuka stared intently into his eyes, while gently holding and fingertip stroking his penis with her left hand. Using her other hand for support, she slowly moved herself from lying on her belly to where she was doing the splits, above his now throbbingly erect organ. Distantly, Shinji noticed that she seemed to be enjoying herself, if the glistening moisture on her puffy sex and inner thighs was any sign. There was NO question that he was enjoying himself.

Still making continuous eye contact with Shinji, Asuka slowly lowered herself onto his penis, letting out a muted "Ahhh" as the head of his cock split her vaginal lips and penetrated snugly into the slippery depths of her pussy.

Shinji found the eye-contact and leisurely pace very erotic, and combined with the floating post-orgasm feeling, in made for a pleasantly dreamlike experience. He could feel his boner throbbing inside Asuka's hot, wet sheath. He felt her pleasant weight and warmth on his upper thighs.

He felt very close to her all of a sudden and abruptly sat up and pulled her into an embrace, kissing her on the mouth passionately, then hugging her to him.

"I love you," he murmured into her ear.

"I love you too," she murmured back, somewhat shakily.

"Hey, what's wrong?" he said, looking at her with concern evident in his blue eyes.

Asuka began crying into his chest. She cried quietly for long minutes while he stroked her hair and rubbed her back soothingly. After she was finally resting her face silently on him, he tried again. "What's wrong honey? Why are you so upset?"

She said something muffledly against his chest.

"What was that honey?"

She said it again, louder. "I've been a bitch."

She looked up at him with a sad face. "To you. For 9 years. And it makes me SICK."

Shinji could only look into her watery eyes with a stunned expression. "Huh?"

Solemn faced, Asuka's glacial blue eyes searched his sky blue ones for a moment. "I know you're too nice to say anything about it, or lord knows, DO anything about it, but I want you to know that it stops right here. Right now."

Shinji tried to interrupt her, but she cut him off his a gentle finger on his lips. "Shhhh, no, I know what you're going to say, Shin-chan. And you're wrong. Don't try to defend me, I've been a horrible nasty person for a long time now."

Asuka looked down and to the side with a pensive look on her beautiful face. "God knows how you've put up with it. I'm sooooooo grateful that you did. I can't think of anyone else who would have…" She crossed her arms over her breasts and clutched her shoulders for a moment, shivering. "If you hadn't been there, I hate to think how I would have probably ended up…"

Shinji put his arms around her and held her fiercely to his chest. "Don't even think about that. I'll never let you be alone." Asuka didn't respond, burrowing her face into his front and holding him as tightly as he was holding her.

They stayed in a warm embrace for a timeless interval, until Shinji broke the silence. "Misato was there for you too, you know," he murmured into her hair. "She would never abandon you either. Isn't she still there for both us, to this day?"

He pulled back a little, to look at her face with a bit of a smile, but worried eyes. "What about that, huh? That's two people who can bear your of-so-unbearable self," he teased.

"I'm sure if we look a little harder we can find some more…hmm," he said, putting a finger comically to his cheek and looking up into the air. "There's Hikari, your best friend from school. She had no problem dealing with the Red Menace." He flicked a glance her way, concerned that he may have been pushing it with the "Red Menace" crack, but she was just looking up at him with an unreadable expression.

Manfully, he continued attempting to cheer up his wife. "And what about your modeling friends? Mihoshi and that bunch seem to like you just fine!"

"Mihoshi could probably be best friends with your Dad," Asuka shot back with a tiny grin.

Shinji was unfazed by this reference to the elder Ikari, showing how much he had healed from those days. He quirked an eyebrow, and smiled. "Maybe, but that's a stretch, even for Miho-chan."

Shinji's smile faded a bit as he searched her face with his eyes. "So have I made my point, Asuka-chan? You're not a bad person…not to me anyway, and not to plenty of other people."

Asuka replied solemnly, "It's not about what other people think, it's what *I* think that's important -" She paused and her eyes widened a little, then she looked downcast and mumbled, "Well, THAT was in character…"

She jerked her head up and looked into Shinji's worried eyes with her usual fiery determination. "What I meant is that I KNOW how I've acted in the past, mostly towards you, and I don't feel good about it. I don't mean I give a damn about how I treated, for example, those two stooges…" With the last two words, Asuka paused to give a look of searing contempt to thin air.

Shinji could feel the warmth from her gaze as she spoke the next words. "It's how I've been to you mostly. I mean, you've been my human scratching post for the last 9 years and what did I give you for it? Kicks, slaps and `Anta Baka?'" Asuka gave a exaggerated imitation of her practically signature phrase that was filled with self-loathing.

In different circumstances the image of Asuka as a big red cat sharpening her claws on a Shinji-shaped scratching post would have made Shinji chuckle. Now wasn't one of those times.

Meekly, he interjected, "You've really toned that down over the years. You weren't really been doing that much since we finished with the whole…you know."

Asuka knew. Their time with the Evangelions was not easily or often spoken of, even now.

Grimly she responded, "True. But living with me hasn't been all sunshine and roses, I know for a fact."

Shinji's thoughts couldn't help but flash back over the last 9 years. They had been stormy and volatile, it was true. Dealing with Asuka's moods, demands and eccentricities was not for the faint of heart. His male friends actually gave him respect for it. They gave him titles like "Lord Iron-balls" and "The Man With The Teflon Hide", the second item referring to how he could let almost anything just roll off his back. Not that he'd ever let Asuka know that, of course.

Despite all of her quirks, there had been plenty of good times too. When Asuka would let her guard down and be openly sweet, she made him the happiest man on Earth. Waking up every day with what he considered the loveliest girl in the world in his arms, was something that allowed him to go to work with a spring in his step. The occasions when she was in the mood for physical affection were something he savored as well, though she tended to almost totally control their sexual encounters.

All in all, Shinji sincerely considered himself one of the luckiest men on earth.

Asuka could clearly see this sentiment shining in his eyes as he looked down upon her fondly. Her bottom lip quivered and she got a lump in her throat from the bottomless love she saw there, and she had to look away, or burst into tears for the second time that morning. "Goddamn it, I don't deserve him and you'd have to look hard to find a girl who would!" Asuka thought to herself fiercely, fighting down the tears. "I WILL make the rest of our life together a PARADISE for him, or my name isn't Asuka Langly Ikari!"

The last thought lifted her spirits. It brought to mind how, when Shinji and her married, people were surprised that she didn't insist that Shinji take HER last name, considering how proud of it she was. At the time she hadn't been sure why she HADN'T, but she now considered it to be her deep, though well-concealed, love for her Shin-chan. Though she had sometimes treated him like crap, part of her had wanted to take his name, wanted to change herself, to bind herself to him in a fundamental and noticeable way. It now pleased her immensely that she had done so.

Smiling again, Asuka looked up at her Shin-chan, who was still staring at her lovingly, apparently lost in thought. Impulsively, she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a passionate open-mouthed kiss, crushing her ample breasts to his hard chest as she did so. He responded, after a small start of surprise, squeezing her in his strong arms, and admitting her probing tongue as he kissed her back, equally passionately.

Shinji enjoyed the warmth and intimacy of their kiss as he probed into Asuka's hot mouth with his tongue, and gently sucked on her warm tongue when she probed into his own. The hard points of her nipples felt great pressing into his chest, her soft breasts flattening against him as he squeezed her in his arms. He groaned into her mouth, as he once again became aware of the warmth and wetness of Asuka's tight vagina around his dormant penis, still inside her all the time they were talking.

Asuka also groaned with pleasure, as she felt Shinji's 9 inches of thick manhood abruptly re-inflate inside her. She begin to hump up and down with her hips, rubbing her hard-nippled breasts against her husband's chest, while squeezing his stiff member with her inner muscles.

"Ahhhhhh, Asuka-chan, that feels great," moaned Shinji, as his hot wife bucked in his lap and rubbed her whole front passionately against him. He held Asuka tight as he bucked in counter-rhythm to her motion, driving up into her when she was on the down-thrust. Asuka let out a high-pitched yelp of approval as she felt his technique drive his cock deeply into her vagina, at the same time as it stimulated her clitoris.

The passion-inflamed couple humped and ground their bodies together for many minutes, exchanging little kisses on the neck and face, until finally Shinji's endurance ran out. He was fairly sure that Asuka had come several times already, from the way her shrieks of pleasure had achieved a new height as he felt her channel spasm around his aching member. Satisfied that he had pleased her, he thrust into her tight, hot, slippery passage with more urgency, grunting, "Going…to…COME…'Suka-chan!"

Asuka began tightening and releasing her pussy around Shinji's erection to heighten his pleasure, a new sexual technique that she had been practicing, and was determined to use on him often. "Come inside me, Shin-chan," she cooed sweetly in his ear. "Come inside you wife's hot pussy!" Asuka cried, as she clenched her inner muscles once again, making her passage virginally tight for her husband's pleasure.

Sweating and breathing hard, Shinji thrust his hips powerfully one last time, groaning as the wife's new trick made her hot slippery cunt tight as she was on their wedding night. "UNGGHHHhhhhhh! Oh, fuck that's so good Asuka-chan! AHHhhhhhh!" Shinji cried out as the achingly sensitive tip of his penis being rubbed by Asuka's velvety folds made him empty his swollen testicles into her insides. "UUUGHHHhhhhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhmmmm…."

Shinji's cry of satisfaction trailed off as he slumped in temporary exhaustion, hooking his chin over his wife's shoulder and resting his head. Her warm, sweaty body felt good in his arms. He could feel, under her soft, silken skin, the firm muscles she had acquired from their regular workouts with their neighbors. He reached down and grasped onto the perfect globes of her ass cheeks, giving the firm, smooth-skinned flesh a good fondle. "Private workouts like this are good too," he thought lecherously.

Asuka was simultaneously experiencing the pleasure of pressing her soft body to her husband's own hard one. "Everything is nice…" she thought dreamily. "The confession felt good, the sex felt better, and now Shin-chan is in my arms and his warm cum is inside my pussy…only one thing left to say…" Asuka's train of thought was temporarily derailed by her husband's strong hands firmly grasping her ass and giving it a thorough grope.

After enjoying the grope, Asuka finally broke the comfortable silence. While resting her cheek against her husbands shoulder, she murmured, "I just want you to know, Koibito, that I am going to make it up to you, all of it."

"You don't have to make anything up to me, Asuka-chan," protested Shinji, softly. "You haven't done anything wrong."

Asuka raised her head and leaned back, looking into her beloved's eyes with the look that he recognized as `woman who will not be swayed'.

"I want to pay you back, and I will," she said in a tone which brooked no argument. She smiled devilishly at him, with love and mischief in her blue eyes. Softening her tone, she said, "Don't worry, we'll both enjoy it. I promise!"

The smile worried Shinji a bit. He peered at her smiling face, but couldn't divine any hint of what might be running through her perverse Germanic mind. `What is she planning?'

He was to get an example of her plans, only 24 hours later…

* * *


It had been a pleasant Sunday, visiting friends with Asuka and then lounging about the house for a bit, capped off with a vigorous spar with his neighbor and sensei, Ranma Saotome. He'd gotten beaten into the ground, usual, but Ranma was fulsome with his praise.

"For a guy who never practiced the way I did and do, you're amazing Shinji!" Ranma said in his open way. "Heck, if you'd gotten started early like I did, you might be beatin' MY ass into the ground!" Ranma paused, and then spread his hands and declared with a grin, "Nahhhhhh…that'd never happen, `cause -"

The voice of one of Ranma's wives floated out over the yard where they were practicing and cut him off. "Because you're the best, we know, we know! If you're done boasting, dinner's ready. Of course, if you want us to start without you…"

The effect on Shinji's sensei was immediate and powerful. His expression deadly serious, Ranma blurted, "Gotta go - food's ready!" With a small gust of wind, his image blurred and vanished.

Shaking his head in amusement, Shinji loped easily over to his own backyard. There was no fence or other obstruction between the two yards, making them more like one large green space. Shinji and Asuka liked this, as they were friendly with the Saotomes and members of both groups traveled back and forth frequently.

Entering into his house through the back door, Shinji called out the traditional Japanese greeting upon entering one's home. "Tadaima!" Silence greeted him. Listening intently, he could hear the faint sound of the shower, revealing where his wife was. He decided to eat a decent-sized sandwich while he waited for his turn in the shower.

15 minutes and one large meat and veggie sandwich later, a freshly-washed Asuka strode into the kitchen. She was wearing one of their matched set of purple silk robes, an indulgence that she had purchased for them only last Christmas. Shinji gazed appreciatively at the exposed cleavage that the half-open robe revealed.

He awoke from his bosom-induced trance when Asuka gently took his head in her hands and redirected his gaze to her face. Smiling, she said in a sultry voice, "I'm glad you appreciate the view, but that's nothing compared to what I have prepared for you tonight…" Idly caressing his face, she murmured, "Make your shower quick, lover." With that, she strode from the kitchen, presumably heading to the bedroom.

Shinji jolted from his contemplation of her retreating form and moved with all due haste to wash away the sweat of his workout under the shower's soothing spray. As he quickly cleansed himself, he wondered what Asuka had planned. `I didn't notice her buying anything special today, or going anywhere unusual…well, I'll find out soon enough.'

Less than 5 minutes later, Shinji, refreshed and clad in a purple silk robe identical to the one Asuka had been wearing, approached the master bedroom. As he neared the door, he sniffed the air curiously, detecting a pleasing scent of vanilla in the air. `Mm, must be incense. Smells nice…' His sense of anticipation intensifying, he slid the door aside and entered.

Shinji's senses were immediately struck by multiple strong inputs at the same time. He noticed that the bedroom was awash in a pleasingly mellow, low light, provided by numerous candles placed on the bedroom furniture, as well as in some tall, attractive holders which he had never seen before. His head also spun slightly as he inhaled a stronger, but still pleasing waft of the vanilla scent. However the bulk of his attention was seized and forcibly held by the sight of his unclad wife, whose nude form shimmered golden in the soft light of the candles.

She was recumbent on her belly, facing away from him, her flawless skin radiating health and beauty in the low light of the bedroom. Entranced, he traced the glorious lines of her long, athletically toned legs, all the way to her firm high rump, which he paused to stare at for a long moment. Shaking his head slightly to break the spell, he continued his appraisal, his eyes gliding over the smooth skin of her back, pausing to appreciate the half-hidden swells of her breasts against the bed, and finishing with her flaming red mane, which the candlelight gave golden highlights to.

Having filled up on the pure hentai eye-candy that was his love, Shinji had enough attention to spare to notice that his Asuka-chan was lying on a new coverlet that completely covered the regular blankets, and that there was a sizeable bottle of some sort resting on the coverlet next to her.

Finally seeming to notice his presence, Asuka rolled over, presenting her other side to Shinji for appreciation. And appreciate it he did. She stared up at him through slitted eyes, as he hungrily appreciated the feast before him.

Her legs were spread wantonly, and she ran a caressing hand over her mound of venus as she purred to him, "Touch me."

Shinji replied with his usual eloquence. "Huh?" He stared at her busy hand, now growing shiny and wet from it's work.

"Touch me all over. Use the oil." She flicked her gaze at the bottle beside her.

Getting the idea, Shinji moved clumsily onto the bed, grasping blindly for the bottle, his gaze staying fixed on Asuka's moistening pussy.

"Hurry up!" Asuka cried, throwing her head back in pleasure. "I'm getting all wet… See?" Shinji gasped as she shamelessly spread the lips of her pussy, revealing the glistening bright-pink interior. His erection jutted from his belly at an ever-decreasing angle as his wife's teasing tested his self-control.

Asuka resumed leisurely stroking herself, as she stared hotly at him and repeatedly and silently mouthed, `Touch me.' His hands shaking, Shinji pried open the bottle and poured a generous amount of warm oil onto them. Setting the bottle to one side, he realized that he was too far from his target. Dripping a bit of oil on the coverlet despite his efforts not to, with his hands full of oil, he shuffled on his knees over to the recumbent form of his wife.

Asuka cooperated with his efforts to straddle her and seemed content to stay silent and continue her lustful staring, now that he seemed to have gotten the idea. Shinji felt the blazing body heat of his wife against his lower regions and fought the urge to seat himself on her soft belly, until he felt her hands pulling him down to that very thing. He tensed the muscles of his legs, so as to not put too much weight on her stomach. The feel of her soft, hot skin against his butt and balls was very pleasant.

He paused to assert control over his rampant erection, which was currently dripping pre-cum onto his wife's gently heaving stomach, when he felt her soft hand gently yet firmly grasp it and began to stroke. He groaned and murmured, "If you do t-that much m-more, I'm going to-"

"Come, yes I know, Shin-chan," Asuka interrupted coolly, not pausing in jerking her husband off. She squeezed Shinji's erection, marveling at the silky texture of the outer skin over the stone hard interior and continued rhythmically pulling at it, as if she were milking a cow. She reached up with her other hand and affectionately fondled his balls, without pausing her stroking action.

Shinji could only continue to groan at the dual stimulation and concentrated on enjoying the expert handjob he was receiving. Asuka continued to pull his cock for several minutes before Shinji gave the customary warning and blew his load seconds later. He grunted in pleased relief as thick streams of cum splattered onto Asuka's breasts and belly. Shinji opened his eyes to watch in horror as his last few shots painted Asuka's face with fresh cream.

To Shinji's surprise, Asuka didn't seem disconcerted by having her face decorated with his semen. She seemed to enjoy his reaction, scooping some of the white goo up with a finger and consuming it with every sign of enjoyment. "Mmmm, yummy." This caused his half-hard penis to begin reinflating, even as it dripped with the last of his just ejected load of cum.

Asuka smiled up at him, purring, "I don't mind if you cum on my face, Shinji-sama. It turns me on, in fact." So saying, she resumed stroking her sweet spot with one hand, while consuming fingerfuls of cum with the other. She shot him one last smoldering look before become fully occupied with her activities, murmuring, "Now hurry up and touch me, lover."

Jolting back to awareness of his oil-filled hands, still frozen in a palm-upward position, Shinji looked down at his wife's full breasts, heaving attractively with her deep breaths and coated in a mixture of his cum and the oil overflow from his hands. Filled with a need to touch her, he quickly decanted the remaining oil onto Asuka's chest, causing her boobs to glisten most attractively in the flickering candlelight, and then filled his palms with the tempting flesh.

Asuka moaned appreciatively as Shinji kneaded her boob-flesh, moaning especially loud when he squeezed her nipples with just the right amount of pressure. Shinji greatly enjoyed the sight and feel of the full, glistening orbs, caressing them with relish. His erection grew ever stiffer, as his wife moaned wantonly and his palms tingled with the pleasure of molding her big beautiful tits like bread dough.

Impulsively, moved by his excitement and the pleasure of massaging Asuka's lusciously oiled flesh, Shinji slid forward and squeezed Asuka's slippery tits around his aching stiffness. He half-closed his eyes in pleasure and groaned softly at the feeling of her incredibly soft, warm, tit-flesh surrounding his member. "Asuka-chan, would you mind if I…?"

Her response was a lustful look and a husky agreement, "Fuck my tits Shin-chan…and give my face a nice warm cum-bath at the end…" Staring into his eyes, she extended her pink tongue and slowly and exaggeratedly licked her lips in an expression of lusty hunger. Shinji's felt as if his blood temperature jumped a full degree at the sight and forcefully squashed his wife's oily tits around his cock and began to thrust with a will.

The size and slippery condition of Asuka's breasts proved ideal for tit-fucking, as Shinji's constant groans and gasps of pleasure attested to. He was enjoying the novel erotic sensation of fucking his sexy wife's soft breasts very much, finding the pressure, warmth and softness comparable though different to penetrating her vagina, and his enjoyment pleased Asuka as well. Asuka continued to fondle herself, while taking the opportunity to flick her tongue across the tip of Shinji's penis when it burst from the confines of her boobs and stabbed towards her face, eliciting the aforementioned gasps of pleasure.

After several minutes of mutual pleasure, Shinji's endurance finally failed. "Coming!" he warned once again, squeezing his eyes shut at the extreme sensation coursing through his lower body as he felt the seemingly molten sperm about to come boiling out of his sack. He opened his eyes as he began to spurt, on some unknowable impulse. His eyes widened as he took the sight of his wanton wife holding her mouth open, cute pink tongue extended, with an expression of hunger on her face and her eyes slitted in anticipation of the impending cum-shower.

The force and volume of his ejaculation doubled, as he felt some inner floodgate breaking open from the overwhelming eroticism of the sight. Hoarse sounds of satisfaction escaped Shinji's mouth as his gaze remained pinned to the sight of his sex-crazed wife craning her neck to accept streams of cum directly into the hungry cavern of her red-lipped mouth.

He shot five, six, seven shots, groaning as he felt as if his entire life-force was being fired out of the tip of his penis. In slow motion, he watched as a stream of creamy white ejaculate splattered against Asuka's cheek, then groaned and fired another stream from sheer excitement, as he watched her tongue sweep around and eagerly gather the fresh cum into her busily smacking and swallowing mouth.

Shinji fought for breath, chest heaving, overwhelmed by the many sensations he was feeling at once. The humid air of the room blanketing his sweaty form, saturated with the heady smell of sex, the warm smooth flesh of his wife, slippery with sweat and oil, heaving gently beneath his buttocks.

He drank in the sight of Asuka's glowing face, smiling up at him in happiness, through the sweat and cum that covered her. He heard the sound of his own rasping breath as he gave forth another few small grunts and shot the last of his load onto her already messy, sweat and oil covered breasts. Asuka watched in what seemed to be satisfaction and reached up to sensuously massage the cum into her breasts, pausing once to grasp Shinji's half-hard and very sensitive cock at the base and pull her hand upwards while squeezing gently, wrenching a gasp from him as she milked a last few drops out of it and onto her chest.

Asuka massaged her tits for long moments, Shinji watching appreciatively, until she seemed satisfied that the cum was sufficiently absorbed. She finished up by squeezing and pulling at her nipples, the sensation causing her to moan wantonly, which caused the raptly observing Shinji to rapidly regain his erection. He wondered, distantly, how many times could a man get it up in one night.

Asuka locked eyes with Shinji and murmured, "Please continue with your massage, Shin-chan. Feel free to act on any…impulses that occur to you. I really enjoyed your last one."

Nodding wordlessly, Shinji watched for a few more moments as Asuka continued to idly play with her breasts. Finally ripping his gaze away from the arousing sight, he considered what to do next, eventually deciding to continue with Asuka's arms and follow his impulses from there.

Gently, he grasped one of his sexy wife's arms, pulling it away from it's stimulating task. Asuka's pouted comically for a moment, then relaxed, as Shinji began to tenderly caress her delicate hand.

He started with the palm, rubbing it lightly yet firmly with his thumbs, as he held Asuka's hand in both of his. Focused intently on his task, Shinji nonetheless heard Asuka sigh softly at the same time as he felt her body relax minutely. Reassured that he was doing well, he continued his massage, ending it with kissing her palm lovingly. He then caressed each individual finger with loving thoroughness. He heard Asuka sigh again, somewhat brokenly, as if she were being affected by the emotion of the moment.

Shinji continued up his wife's slim arm, firmly yet soothingly pressing the residual tension out of her muscles and joints. The firm muscles under her sleek skin would have surprised anyone who didn't know of her regular workouts with Shinji and the neighbors. Every so often, Asuka would let out another sigh, each gust of breath sounding progressively more languorous.

He paused to assess his wife's state of mind, glancing at her face. Asuka's eyes were half-closed, and she had an expression of sleepy pleasure on her face. She whispered something that Shinji didn't quite catch.

"Pardon?" he inquired politely.

Asuka repeated herself in a more audible tone. "Squeeze my nipples."


Asuka slowly turned her head to look at him. "Squeeze them, hard. Please. Or I'm going to fall asleep. Please?" She gave Shinji a mock-pleading look, with a small grin.

"O-Ok." Shinji lay down Asuka's thoroughly massaged arm across his lap and gingerly grasped the peaks of her two mountains of pleasure.

Asuka's nipples were as relaxed as their owner, having returned to their state as small pink disks. Shinji gently squeezed the resilient nubs and twiddled them between his fingers. They reacted favorably to his actions, beginning to swell with blood, changing in both color and size. He decided to treat this as part of the massage and began to alternately squeeze and fondle the rapidly stiffening flesh.

Asuka approved, loudly and vocally. Closing her eyes and throwing her head back, she cried passionately, "AAAHHHhhhhhhhh, that's the way! HARDER!"

Obligingly, Shinji began to twist and pull more aggressively at Asuka's stiff peaks, which were now twice their original size, pulsing with blood and strawberry colored.

She cried out again, "OOOHHHhhhhh GohD, you know just how to do it! H-How do you know that! Unnnnhhh….don't stop, keep going!"

Shinji abruptly stopped, removing his hands entirely from his inflamed wife's chest. Asuka snapped her head up, opening her eyes and looking up at him in cute disbelief. "You…stopped?"

Shinji gave her a look of innocence. "I thought you just wanted to be woken up?"

Asuka's expression of disbelief intensified for a split-second. Before it could change to the anger Shinji knew was right behind it, he swiftly, yet with precision, gripped both nipples and squeezed, HARD, instinctively knowing just the right amount of pressure to use. As he did so, he put his mouth right next to Asuka's shell-like ear and whispered huskily, "Just kidding, Asuka-chan," before blowing his warm breath into it.

Asuka felt like a bomb went off in her chest, as the combination of surprise, her husband's warm breath in her ear and her hyper-stimulated nipples being pinched with just enough force to be on the edge of pain slammed into her nervous system. "OOOOHHHHHHHH F-FUCKKKKKK! T-THAT'S SO FUCKING GOOD!"

Shinji expertly rode her bucking body like a surfer on God's sexiest board, as he extended her intense orgasm with deft handling of her boobs. Asuka, who normally didn't curse much, spewed incoherent obscenities like a drunken long-haul sailor as she was wracked with the unusual pleasure of a nipple-induced orgasm. "DON'T YOU DARE STOP, SHIN-CHAN! K-KEEP SQUEEZING MY TITS! MY FUCKING T-TITS…OOOHHHHH YEAH…."

She finally wound down, letting out a long sigh, as Shinji rested comfortably on her sweaty, trembling body. He murmured into her ear with some self-satisfaction evident in his tone, "I think that you just got out a lot of tension, dear."

"Ohhhhh yeah, did I ever…" Asuka breathed out softly, her whole body relaxing deeply into the soft bed.

After resting quietly for a long moment, both of them catching their breath, Asuka spoke up. "One more thing Shin-chan, and we can both get some rest," she said in a soft voice.


"I want you to fuck me up the bum," Asuka said in a firm tone.

Shinji's upper body, current resting on Asuka's upper body, popped up as if spring-propelled, as he propped himself up on his hands and stared at her face in astonishment.


Asuka looked up at him tranquilly. "You know, ass-sex, the old Hershey highway, buggering-"

Shinji interrupted her, his eyes wide. "I KNOW what it IS. I just don't know-"

Asuka interrupted him in turn, "-why I want you to do it to me?"


Asuka turned her head to the side, and rested her cheek on the bed, not meeting his eyes.

"…I thought you'd enjoy it."

She slowly turned her head back to look at him. "I want to make you happy."

A bit exasperatedly, Shinji responded, "You DO make me happy!"

He stared down at her with narrowed eyes, half amused, half exasperated. "…And I didn't need to stick my dick up your butt to get that way!"

Asuka mock-pouted. "So you don't like my ass?"

Shinji's face became comical with surprise for a moment, then resolved into an exaggerated leer. "No, no, I like your ass just fiiiiine…" he purred, as he reached down and got a good grip on her firm bottom. He flexed his hands, reveling in the wonderful feel of his wife's sleek ass.

"Good! Then you'll like it even better when you're balls-deep in it!" chirped Asuka, suddenly flexing her stomach muscles and flipping Shinji off of her body. The startled ex-Eva pilot let out a yelp as he was abruptly dislodged from his nice warm resting place. He was as stunned by his wife's incongruously delivered (and vulgar) statement as he was by the sudden ejection from his mounted position on her body.

Shinji landed face-down on the oil dotted coverlet and stared at nothing for a moment, as he regained his scattered wits. Just as he was about to get up, his attention was seized by Asuka's melodious voice.

"Oh Shin-chaaaaan…" came the honeyed tones. Shinji's instincts, as effective in the bedroom as on the battlefield, whispered to his libido of temptation being offered. His cock hardened and his heart beat louder in his chest, even as he rose on suddenly weakened limbs to see what his Asuka-chan wanted.

What he witnessed drove most deliberate thought from his mind. The air in the bedroom felt thick and heavy as he struggled to breathe calmly and swallowed past a suddenly dry throat.

What Shinji saw was his beautiful wife on her hands and knees, back arched, glorious rump pointed to the sky, as she sensuously undulated her hips, wiggling her firm bottom practically in his face. As his gaze locked on the offered delight, Asuka's slender hand snaked over her back and ran itself temptingly over the smooth cheeks, even running a finger daringly into the crease itself.

"Oooooohhhhh, my finger feels goooooood…but your big cock would feel better…" Asuka moaned shamelessly, her hand doing…something in the currently hidden space where her two proud half-moons joined. Shinji struggled for calm as his pulse hammered in his ears. He could feel his erection beginning to ache with the blood violently surging in his veins, as his vixen of a spouse writhed and moaned in front of him, tempting him mercilessly.

Even as Shinji's self-control began to crack, causing him to unconsciously shuffle a bit closer to the prize in front of him, Asuka was slowly shifting her position, rotating so that Shinji's sword and her sheathe began to line up. As she moaned and writhed, enjoying her own finger, which was indeed stimulating her tender bottom hole, Asuka coolly planned her "finishing move" in this little war of wills.

Shinji came out of his trance of attempted resistance to find that he was close enough to Asuka to feel the edge of her envelope of body heat. He noticed that his aching penis, oozing pre-cum from the tip, was less than 12 inches from it's intended target, as he gazed down upon the flawless, lightly-tanned golden skin of Asuka's proud bottom. He groaned aloud in arousal and defeat as he realized that this was a battle that he was going to lose, and therefore didn't bother to quell the impulse that led him to lay his palms on the warm skin to squeeze and caress it.

Asuka moaned loudly in approval as she felt the strong, warm hands of her husband began to squeeze and knead her ass. "MMMmmm yeah, Shin-chan, feel my ass! Isn't it nice? I love you touching me, honey…it feels so good…I want you to make me feel even better…put your sword in my bottom sheath, darling…it won't hurt, see my finger? It feels soooooo goood!"

Asuka was not lying about her finger feeling good, in fact it did feel great. In preparation for this little adventure, she had read up on anal sex, and had been practicing getting used to having her asshole penetrated. She had found that her sex manuals were correct in that there were many little known nerve-endings in the anus, which, when stimulated in the proper context, could create great pleasure. She *did* feel some apprehension about having something the size of her husband's not inconsiderable endowment up her crack, but would rather have died than admitted it.

Which brought Asuka's thoughts to another point. She had initially hit upon the idea of giving Shinji her "anal cherry" as another unusual and pleasurable (for him) way of giving him "payback". As she read further, she realized that her plan to get her bottom filled could also be a way of showing, both to him and herself, how much she trusted him.

The books had gone on about how engaging in a sexual act which required such great care and tenderness on the part of the man to prevent mishap, in order to cause both partners great pleasure, was an act of consummate trust, and Asuka agreed. Part of the reason she had been such a bitch to Shinji and everyone for years was that she didn't trust him or *anyone* not to hurt her. Therefore she did her damndest to push them away. Even her beloved Shinji, she thought, almost tearing up.

Asuka *needed* to prove to herself that she could show that trust, or she felt that there would always be a barrier, even if it was a phantom one, to her showing her complete and unconditional love for her wonderful husband.

And Asuka Langley Ikari WOULD NOT let that happen. If she had to risk discomfort and potential injury to do so, so be it. Besides, according to her sex manuals, it was universally known that anal sex was considered to be a supreme, unattainable delight for men, which, in Asuka's opinion, made it a perfect gift for her beloved Shinji. He would fuck her ass and love it, and she would take it and smile, even it was ripping her apart. Asuka's iron will determined that that was the way it was going to be.

Asuka heard the voice of her husband ring softly across the heated air of the bedroom. "Your finger is one thing, Asuka-chan. My wang (Asuka giggled at the comical word) is a lot bigger than your finger. I just don't want to hurt you Koibito." Shinji's voice became especially loving on the last part of his statement, causing a warm glow to suffuse Asuka's chest.

She struggled to hold back tears as she felt Shinji's warm lips tenderly give her a playful smooch on the butt. Part of her mind was truly amazed at his ability to retain his sense of care for her and not become a sex-crazed animal in the face of the overwhelming temptation she was constantly throwing in his face. She knew her own attractiveness and was *quite* sure that lesser men would have become slobbering animals by this point, indifferent to the comfort of their partner, even if that partner were the man's loving spouse.

She swallowed her tender feelings for the moment, putting them aside to be examined at another time. With an effort of will she put herself back in the proper frame of mind, and prepared to execute her "finishing move".

She absently noted that she was still extremely turned on, despite the mood swings of the last few moments, and a sizable part of her mind was looking forward to having her husband "pack her fudge". Of course, there was no "fudge" to pack, Asuka having followed her sex manuals' preparatory instructions to the letter. She thought to herself amusedly, `My ass is clean and ready for fucking!'

Asuka poured on the seduction in her tone as she purred, "It won't hurt Koibito…not if there is sufficient lubrication!" With that said, she swiftly and smoothly pulled her finger from her anal rosebud, allowing her asshole to gape a little, while simultaneously grabbing the bottle of warm golden oil and upending it above her bottom.

To Shinji, the scene seemed to go into slow motion. He had just succeeded partially regaining control of himself by focusing on Asuka's well-being and had made his statement and kissed her adorable bum, when Asuka had paused for a moment and then said something in a tone which hijacked his attention and went straight to his gonads.

Shinji stared, his attention riveted, as Asuka unleashed a cascade of warm golden oil onto her ass. It splashed onto her butt crease, pooling in her slightly opened anal rosebud, and rolled down the surface of her flawless ass cheeks. His pulse thundered in his ears at the erotic sight. Asuka's bottom glistened, completely coated in fragrant oil.

His attention tunneled as he heard his wife say, in an irresistible voice which was simultaneously demanding and pleading, "Fuck my ass, Koibito. I *need* it." His control snapped at the power she put into the word "need", saying it with the most arousing throaty purr imaginable. The way she said it somehow conjured visions of the most depraved carnal delights, possible and impossible. He didn't need to see her face to know that her eyes would be filled with depthless passion and love. It was a tone that only the most femininely self-confident woman could pull off.

An unearthly growl came from Shinji's throat as he took hold of Asuka's hips and assumed a mounted position atop her posterior. With the sound still rumbling in his throat, he slowly began to press his cockhead against her anal rosebud. The slippery oil covering her bum and the equally slippery pre-cum oozing from his dick made progress remarkably easy. The feeling was exquisite as he penetrated one, two, three inches into the oiled velvet of her anus.

Asuka let out a low, vibrant groan as she felt her husband's enormous tool beginning it's penetration into her forbidden nether reaches. She struggled against the urge to tense up and resist the intrusion, the intrusion which she had so ardently fought to make happen. As she succeeded, and her anus relaxed a little, she felt a wave of bone-deep relaxation wash over her. Apparently the books were right about people carrying a lot of stress down there.

"It's all right Koibito, it feels good. Please continue!" murmured Asuka huskily. She tensed her inner muscles around Shinji's intruding member for a moment and then relaxed them again, managing to relax a bit further this time. She was glad she had used so much oil, as she suspected that she had underestimated how difficult it was to get such a large object into her tiny rectum.

Once again, Asuka was not lying about her enjoyment of the experience. Her husband's member felt very good inside her, just…very different from being penetrated in the traditional way. The intensity of the experience was remarkable, causing Asuka to sweat and tremble, at the feeling of the burning spear of Shinji's penis being slowly driven into her body.

Shinji sank his stiffness another 3 inches into the incredibly tight, oiled velvet glove of Asuka's anus, groaning helplessly from the mind-blowing pleasure of it. It was hot and slippery inside his wife's ass, oh so hot and slippery. He wanted to stay inside her this way forever, at the same time that he wanted to thrust and thrust and thrust…

Another groan bursting from his throat, Shinji forced his cock a final three inches into Asuka's snug asshole. He couldn't resist a final mini-thrust, gasping and straining as he molded his groin to her buttocks, pressing his whole front to her back, feeling his thickness spreading her asscheeks apart as he forced his member as deep into her as he could possibly go.

Shinji's thoughts were incoherent with pleasure and the need to maintain some vestige of self-control as he rested atop his wife's soft body, his steel-hard penis throbbing inside her tight bottom hole. Being inside Asuka's ass filled Shinji with a pleasure so keen that it was nearly pain.

`Oh god, oh god, it's so warm and soft, and TIGHT, oh so fucking TIGHT! I love being inside your ass Asuka-chan, oh how I love it…thank you for making me do this to you, thank you so MUCH!'

Shinji felt a frisson of shame at the selfish joy in the last thought, but defended himself with the fact that the whole thing *was* her idea, after all. And he was grateful, BOY was he grateful.

At the same time that Shinji was groaning uncontrollably as he forced his length into her sensitive bottom hole, Asuka was moaning with pleasure as well. Those much vaunted "little-used nerve endings" were real, she could certainly attest to that! Each time Shinji tried to force his way deeper, Asuka had to tell herself to `relax, relax, relax,' and each time they both succeeded, Asuka felt a wave of relaxation and pleasure pulse from deep inside her body, starting from her anus and spreading out through her entire body.

Asuka felt happiness well up inside her, as she heard her husband's cries of pleasure and felt his hard athletic body press her into the soft mattress. Shinji's entire length was now sheathed inside her stretched-wide asshole. To Asuka, it felt like she had an entire tree-trunk stuffed up her butt, if a tree-trunk could be blood-warm, and throbbing with a pulse that she could distinctly feel via her rectum's sensitive inner tissue. It felt weird but very, very good.

`And he hasn't even started to thrust yet!' Asuka thought with a mixture of apprehension and anticipation. `If it feels as intense as I think it's going to, this may become a regular event…'

She immediately chided herself for the selfish thought. `This isn't about you, you self-centered bitch! It's about making Shin-chan happy!'

Switching moods abruptly, Asuka smiled to herself at the memory of Shinji's pleasurably agonized groans as he had slowly plunged himself into her bottom. `…and I think he likes it as much as I thought he would…let's find out!'

Once again, Asuka's seductive voice permeated the warm, musky air of their bedroom. "So, Shin-chan…do you like being inside my ass? Does my tight little asshole feel good around your big, manly cock? Hmmmm…?" For emphasis, she gave a tiny flex of her inner muscles, gripping her husband's deeply imbedded cock with her buttery-soft asshole and squeezing unmercifully.

Both lovers gasped, Shinji from the almost painful pleasure of his wife's anus pulling at his about-to-pop erection, and Asuka from the sensation that rippled through her when her husband's overstimulated prick twitched and pulsed inside her bottom.

When he had regained his breath, Shinji ground out between gritted teeth, "I love being inside your ass, Koibito…In fact," he said, sucking in another labored breath, "I love it so much, that I've got to cum, *right now*…please, you don't mind, do you Koibito?"

`Please, please don't mind, please please PLEASE!' went Shinji's fevered thoughts.

Unseen by Shinji, Asuka made a tiny pout. `Damn, I wanted him to give my bum a thorough fucking!' Once again, she scolded fiercely herself for the selfish thought. `His pleasure, not yours, bitch!'

So thinking, Asuka responded sweetly, "Of course, Koi. Please feel free to cum inside my sweet little bum."

`Damn, that rhymes!' she thought amusedly, before continuing, her voice once again dropping to a sexy purr, "In fact, let me help you…" As she finished her statement, she prepared to squeeze her husband's member with her inner muscles to aid him in discharging. However, before she could do so, she was taken off guard and made to moan in pleasure and surprise, as she felt him press his legs and chest against hers and slowly pull his length from her backside.

To Shinji's perspective, the entire universe faded away as soon as he heard the affirmative tone in his lover's voice. The content of her statements became reduced to the sweet hum of her voice in his ears, as he concentrated on his task.

He groaned from the exquisite pleasure he was experiencing as he pressed his entire body tightly against Asuka, with the exception of his pelvis, which he slowly raised, causing his aching prick to slide, inch by inch, out of the snug grip of her hot, slippery, oh-so-maddeningly tight anus. He pulled his entire oily length out until only his swollen cockhead was still distending his wife's rosebud.

Then, with one carefully aimed, yet convulsive movement he snapped his hips tight to her backside, pressing Asuka's body into the mattress as he drove 9 thick inches of steel-hard cock into the softness and agonizingly tight, slippery heat of his wife's velvety asshole. A yell burst from the throats of both lovers, as pleasure burst like a bombshell through both their bodies.

Asuka writhed and wailed beneath Shinji's body, pinned to the mattress by his weight and the fiery spear that had just been driven into her. Shinji's powerful thrust had not hurt her, as her nether passage was both copiously lubricated and somewhat loosened up by his previous entry. In fact, the swift, deep penetration had inflicted a crippling wave of pleasure on her that filled her entire body with a kind of painless burning, as her overloaded nervous system struggled to cope with the simultaneous firing of millions of normally dormant nerve endings.

Asuka's intense pleasure inflicted in turn a different sort of crippling pleasure upon her husband, as her neural overload caused the tight, slippery glove of her virgin asshole to uncontrollably contract and relax around his imbedded penis, massaging it and giving him unbearable ecstasy. This had the effect of completely destroying the thin scrim of self-control that he had managed to maintain throughout this entire encounter.

With a bestial roar of pent-up desire being satisfied, Shinji crushed his wife to the mattress, spreading her buttcheeks with his thickness and forcing his weapon as far into her asshole as it could possibly go. His roar muting into a rumbling growl, he threw his weight against her trembling body for long moments, his belly and butt muscles flexing as he strove, impossibly, to penetrate deeper into her soft body.

Finally, with a series of desperate noises, Shinji began firing bursts of boiling hot semen into the depths of his wife's ass. The sensation of the backed-up semen being finally released was almost painful in it's intensity. Shinji would grunt as he fired each pulse, and then gasp in relief, only to grunt as he ejaculated again, in a seemingly endless series.

The pleasure Shinji was experiencing was intense, so intense that it almost crossed the edge into pain. His penis and entire lower body were so overloaded with sensation that they were almost numb, and at the same time as sensitive as a bare nerve. Each burst of ejaculate that he discharged into Asuka's bowels drained a little of the intense sensation away, replacing it with the melting euphoria that he normally experienced after orgasm.

As Shinji continued to discharge, again and again, his grunts grew weaker and weaker as the warm, floating feeling built and built, until he felt as if he was floating in a sea of pure pleasure. It was like post-ejaculation euphoria multiplied by a factor of ten. He could still feel Asuka's soft, sexy body pressed against his front, and his still hard penis imbedded in her warm, pulsing asshole, but it merely felt very, very pleasant, without the driving urgency it had created when he was in the grip of desperate arousal.

Shinji continued to squirt warm cream into Asuka's bottom, long after he would have normally been finished, his grunts now more soft, pleased "unnnnhhhhh"s. The marvelous sensations he was experiencing had entered a new cycle. Each shot of cum was now effortless and without urgency, and seemed to double the euphoria, to the point where each ejaculation began to cause such an overwhelming pulse of warm pleasure throughout his whole body, he wondered if this was what it was like to be the user of some powerful, illegal drug, like heroin.

Everything felt good to Shinji. The sensation of his wife's warm body under him was heavenly. Even breathing felt great, each cycle of inhalation and exhalation was pure satisfaction. `I'm high,' he thought sleepily, resting his head next to Asuka's. `High as a kite!' Indeed, all stress and tension had been wiped from his mind, body and spirit. His balls were finally fully emptied into his wife's body and he felt absolutely fabulous.

His final thought before falling into a doze was, `If politicians knew how good ass-sex felt, it would be on the list of restricted drugs…ZZZZZZ'

* * *

Asuka listened to her husband's soft breathing with a warm smile, as she drifted on the hot buzz of pleasure that still resonated throughout her body.

Her initial, shockingly intense, whole-body orgasm had been extended by the bursts of hot cum being fired into her insides. She had quivered and cried out as Shinji's voice had rung in her ears and his hips had rocked against her bottom, forcing his cock, which had felt as big as a baseball bat, as deep it could go inside her. She had been able to distinctly feel each gout of hot semen as it was fired into her bowels, causing the waves of sensation and extreme excitement cascading through her nerves to go on and on.

She had lain there for what seemed like a long time, contentedly drifting inside herself, listening to her husband's increasingly less-desperate and more-pleased grunts and groans as she felt the odd sensation of her bottom filling up with his thick, warm goo. He was enjoying himself greatly, she could tell, and this fact made her feel very happy.

Soothed by Shinji's steady breathing next to her ear and the pleasant weight and warmth of his body, Asuka released her grip on awareness and joined him in slumber.

* * *

Over the next week Shinji became accustomed to waking up with his hard cock in Asuka's hungry mouth, every single morning. He would drift to awareness locked in an erotic dream of hot, wet pressure on his penis only to find that it was real. His first waking sight would be his wife's intent face, swallowing his manhood to the root, and the first sounds he would hear would be his own groan of release and the faint swallowing sounds of Asuka consuming his fresh load. She would then smile lovingly and fondle his equipment with her soft hands while asking what he would like for breakfast.

A man could get used to treatment like that.

It was a profound change from previous years, when Shinji had done literally ALL the cooking. He was also the first to get up, so as to make breakfast for Asuka before she would go to a modeling shoot. The situation was inverted now, and he couldn't help but enjoy it. Shinji's enjoyment was counterbalanced by a little weight of guilt that got a little bit heavier with every day that he was so eagerly waited upon by his loving wife. He decided that he would enjoy this week, looking at it as if it were a well-deserved vacation, and then discuss sharing the chores in the future.

The evenings were different as well. Before, chances at coitus were few and far between, while now, his lovely wife seemed to have developed a fire between her legs that constantly needed quenching. Their sexual aerobics heated up to the point where Shinji was having to quell an automatic hard-on the instant he entered the bedroom, even if it was for some mundane purpose.

* * *

It had been a pleasant week. Having his balls drained every morning, plus breakfast in bed, followed by a satisfying day at work and coming home to a hot meal and a hotter wife, Shinji had trouble believing he was not dreaming the whole situation, it was so surreal.

Little did he know that things were about to become even more bizarre…

* * *


Shinji stepped through the door of his house, kicked off his shoes and donned house slippers. "I'm home!"

He headed to the kitchen, where he could see a light. Perhaps his lovely wife was making him dinner. She had been so much nicer to him lately (not that she had ever been less than wonderful, he sternly reminded himself) that it was a distinct possibility. He sniffed the air as he walked, hoping to catch a hint of dinner. Nothing was scented other than…sort of a "new car" smell. `How odd,' mused Shinji, entering the kitchen.

"Asuka, do you -"

Shinji now had first-hand experience with the cliché of being made "breathless".

He felt the air literally whoosh out of his lungs as if he had been punched in the gut as he incredulously drank in the sight of a smiling Asuka, a vision in a beyond-skintight bright-red shiny PVC devilgirl outfit.

Her fiery hair was a natural match for the rest of her costume, as were the cute little devil horns perched on her head where her neural interface clips used to rest. Asuka was both completely covered and somehow more exposed than if she were naked. The shape of her breasts was as visible as if all she were wearing was a coat of red paint and the hard points of her nipples were clearly outlined through the shiny red material covering her torso.

Shinji continued to track his gaze down her body. Was that…he swallowed past a dry throat. Asuka stepped a little closer, still smiling like the cat who is about to get the cream. Yes, he could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips through the skin-tight material of her pants. He also noted her long, sexy legs, completely encased in shiny red fabric and ending in high heeled boots which enhanced the curve of her legs and butt.

The total effect was to make Shinji painfully hard in mere seconds.

"Why..why are you dressed up like that, Asuka-chan?" he rasped out.

She smilingly advanced on him, sliding into his arms and molding her torso to his and his lips to hers. Breaking the kiss, but staying close, she murmured into his ear as she ran a red-gloved hand caressingly over the enormous bulge in his slacks. "Just a little cosplay, Shin-chan. Do you like the outfit?"

"Do you really h-have to ask?" said Shinji breathlessly, straining to keep from creaming his pants.

"Not really, but a girl likes to be sure her efforts are being appreciated," Asuka purred, rubbing more firmly.

"Aaahhhh - Asuka-chan, if you don't stop -"

"I'd hate to have to clean cum-stains out of your good work pants," Asuka cooed, dropping to her knees and smoothly undoing his zipper in one motion, "So I'll just have to -" She broke off to swallow the entire length of his inflamed penis.

"Unnnnnngghhh, oh god, Asuka-chan, OH GOD, that's so nice, please don't stop!" Shinji plunged his hands into Asuka's soft hair as she deep-throated his cock with seeming ease. The only sounds that could be heard in the softly lit kitchen were Shinji's pleas for her to continue, wet sucking noises from Asuka's oral activities, and her soft snuffling breathing through her nose as she pleased Shinji.

The pleasure from his wife's hot mouth was so great and enveloping, Shinji had only a dim sense of his surroundings and could barely restrain himself from thrusting deeper into her throat. His face grimaced and his hips jerked in involuntary tremors as his sensitive tip bumped against the back of her throat. Raising her eyes to observe his face, Asuka made swallowing motions which rubbed her epiglottis against the head of his penis, increasing the agonizing pleasure.

Asuka pulled her mouth off the wet length of Shinji's cock, freeing the head with a moist pop. "Fuck my face, lover, use my mouth for your pleasure, I want it," she gasped passionately, hardly pausing before re-engulfing him and furiously gagging herself, thrusting his hard length against the back of her throat.

Asuka's carefully planned assault on Shinji's self-restraint was successful. Her outfit, her oral technique, and now her blatant pleading for him to use her for his pleasure were too much for Shinji.

He felt a dizzying heat in his belly, his heart pounded, and he sweated in passion, as he began, gently at first, then more vigorously as she showed no signs of distress, to thrust deeply into Asuka's mouth. His breath burst from his mouth in hot blasts as he held her head firmly and pistoned his hips, driving the head of his penis against the soft tissue of Asuka's throat.

Shinji thought, `God, unh, this feels so good, so fucking good!'

Asuka kept a tight seal with her lips and continued to wash her tongue over the length of his prick, increasing his pleasure. She had rolled her lips over her teeth so that Shinji could use her mouth without possibly hurting himself. She gloried in her husbands evident pleasure. `Just like I planned,' she thought to herself in satisfaction. `God, I'm really enjoying making him feel good, I really don't care what I have to do to make it happen.'

After several minutes of furious thrusting, Shinji's pleasure peaked and he emptied his swollen testicles into Asuka receptive orifice. "AAAAHAHHHhhhhhh, ahhh," Shinji gasped as his member fired burning gouts of cum down his lovely wife's throat. "Oh god, Asuka-chan, that feels so good, thank you," he panted, pulling his penis from her pouting lips. A gooey strand of cum extended from the tip as he pulled it away, which Asuka caught with a flick of her tongue.

Shinji stood, breathing heavily, in the kitchen and watched in awe of his wife's sexuality, as she stalked forward on her hands and knees while swaying her incredible ass and gathered in the strand of cum with deft motions of her tongue. Her hot breath tickled his ballsack pleasantly as approached his groin. Flipping her long red hair out of her eyes, she cleaned the head of his cock of excess cum with wet swipes of her tongue and swallowed with relish. Shinji observed her through eyes half-closed with pleasure and a mind half-asleep with sexual satiation.

After cleaning Shinji's member thoroughly with her tongue, Asuka inhaled it to the root one more time and then pulled her head back slowly, allowing his now clean organ to emerge from her velvety mouth, finishing with a heavy-lidded, sensual stare up at her Master…no, husband, what the hell was she thinking! `Now WHY the hell did I think THAT?' Asuka wondered, somehow not worried about the (very) uncharacteristic thought.

Shinji stared back tranquilly, half-closed eyes meeting half-closed eyes. Pulling her gently to her feet, and into his embrace, he kissed her passionately and whispered into her ear, "You are incredible, my lovely wife," causing her to shiver with delight.

* * *

Later, after Shinji had showered and the couple had eaten dinner, Shinji and Asuka rested in bed. Shinji was thinking the day over while his wife snuggled into his side and slept tranquilly. `That performance probably took a lot out of her,' he thought, `It sure took a lot out of me!' He turned over the thought that for him, lately anyway, work was predictable while his homelife was the place where anything could happen. `Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?'

Asuka seemed to be genuinely enjoying providing him with "payback" and he certainly couldn't complain. `Some things are better than dinner first thing when you get home,' Shinji reflected contentedly, and a bit amazedly. Giving up thought for the moment, Shinji sank into the embrace of slumber. `Life is good.'

* * *


* * *