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(This is a piece of fanfiction. Please don’t take this work too serious, just read and I hope you enjoy the work.)

Regaining conscious, the Pilot of the Production Type Evangelion, Asuka Sohryu, blinked her blue eyes as her mind tried to reforce. Taking a deep breath, her lunges taking in the fresh LCL, she looked at the figure resting against her.

Shinji Ikari, the Third Child, and currently in her spare plug-suit, was still out cold after the Angel…

She blinked, twice.

The Angel? She thought, realising that if they were still alive then that meant Misato’s wacky plan had must of worked.

Putting that thought aside, Asuka turned her full focus at the offending boy in her lap, lying against her chest with head resting on her shoulder.

But as she was about to rudely shake the teenager quite violently, the young redhead suddenly felt a shiver go up her spine as she put her hands on the boy.

Blinking in surprise at the strange, but pleasurable feeling. Asuka left her hands on Shinji’s sides, confused at the sudden feeling that had spreading throughout her body. She couldn’t understand why she was experiencing this feeling, she could easily recalled the disappointment at how weak looking her fellow pilot acted in front of her. It was one reason why she dragged him over to her Evangelion, to get a better inde on what type of person he was.

And she couldn’t help but show off her Eva to the Third Child.

But now she was feeling strange with the male sitting against her. She damn well knew she didn’t feel this when the both of them were fighting the Angel.

She then blinked in surprise as she suddenly realised her hands were now slowly rubbing Shinji’s sides.

As she stopped, the teenager on her finally started to wake up. Shaking his head, the boy blinked his eyes in the LCL as he collected his thoughts, slow to realise where he was.

“Wh-what’s going on?” Then felt someone tapping his knee. Looking down at the slim hand resting their, the Pilot finally realised who it was as he heard her voice.

“Resting nicely, I take it?” Her voice for some reason lacked that earlier vemon that it had held, but still very firm. But as he tried to move off her, both of them were surprised when that hand on Shinji’s knee quickly came around the boy’s stomach.

The two teenagers stayed like that, suddenly overcame with sensations that they hadn’t felt before. The earlier pleasurable shiver was nothing compared to this one as she couldn’t help herself but pull Shinji as tight against her as possible..

Asuka then came aware of her harden nubs. Her nipples had became quite sensitive and rubbing them against Shinji’s back felt very, very nice…

Shinji meanwhile, was having problems of his own. The reasons for Asuka’s very strange behaviour, as he was learning that having a full-on erection in a female plug-suit was a very bad thing. He was very busy right now rubbing his erect member, not knowing how to soften up and stroking it was the only thing to do, and the feelings of doing that was very, very nice…

“Mein gott…” Moaned in frustration, liking the feeling from her breasts but unable to get her other hand to her own groin.

And the fact Shinji was in her arms was the last thing she cared about currently…

“Asuka…” He breathed out, his face flushed and his voice shaky, “what’s going on, I feel so, so…”

“This has to be your fault!” The girl grunted out in reply, “I-I can’t control myself, and, and…” She stopped, growling in frustration again.

“How is it… my fault, you’re holding me!”

“Just shut-UP!” She blow bubbles in the LCL, “It fells like my pussy is on fire, and I can’t give my fingers into there!”

“Then let go so I can go behind and-“ The redden-faced boy mumbled out.

“NO!” She shouted, then shook her head, “Damn it, I don’t know what’s going on but I need to get off. And for some stupid reason YOUR body seems to be doing this to me.”

”Huh?” He blinked.

“Just be quiet and listen.” She hissed in his ear, both of now sitting still while their bodies seem to complain with the inaction, “We need to fix this before they open up the entry plug.”

“And I don’t want to go out there with my, um…” He sighed.

“Same here.” The red-haired girl grumbled, not liking what she was about to say one little bit, “So lets cut a deal. First I’ll quickly help get you off, then you help get me off.”

“Wha? Y-you mean?” He stuttered out, shocked at her implied suggestion.

“Yeah, you actually get to touch the opposite sex with real permission.” She rolled her eyes, “And the best way to do that is without the plug-suits.”

She cut him off even before he could say anything.

“Not completely off, baka. Just enough for us to, well…” She trailed off.

Shinji was quiet for a moment, he’s thoughts a jumbled with indecision until he felt his hand rub his dick again.

“Ok then…” He moaned in agreement.

“I’ll wack you off.” Asuka moved her hands to the decompression switch, and quickly helped Shinji get dressed down until Asuka could get proper access to his groin.

“Well, here we go.” She mumbled, hoping this wouldn’t take too long, and not to mention actually do this right.

Leaning back against the girl, Shinji’s upright hard cock was suddenly grasped by slender fingers. He inhaled deeply as he felt Asuka ran her fingers along the stiffen shaft.

Asuka, her gloved hands working on the slick rod, was finding herself enjoying the task more then even she was expecting. With one hand stroking the harden meat and her other massaging Shinji’s balls, she was trying to remember the few overheard girl-talk back in Germany.

She might be young, but she always was a curious child and this type of play had gain her interest not too long ago after hearing her fellow collage mates talk about their boyfriends.

She knew she was doing a nice job with her actions, as Shinji had leaned back hard against her, moaning away as her hand tried to milk the fleshy rod and her other hand exploring underneath with great curiousity.

Breath coming out faster, Shinji could feel something building up. The feeling was too hard to put into words but he had the feeling that it was a lead-up to an orgasm, his very first one.

“I-I think, I…”

Asuka felt it too. The stiffen dick suddenly started to spurt out its seed. It continued to send out a number of loads into the LCL and the redhead made sure to aim away from the pair until it gave off its last payload.

Shinji continued to lay there, breathing in and out while he felt the effects of Asuka’s ‘handywork’.

“So I gather that helped your little friend calm down a bit.” She noticed his dick was still some what hard but it was still a lot softer then before.

“T-thank you…” His red face turned to glance at Asuka, who did her best effect to shrug.

“Well I doubt you would have been able to do it yourself,” She then sighed, “but damn it, I need some relief real bad now.”

“Um, right.” He nodded, nervousness clear in his voice.

So he move forward and slowly put on his borrowed plug-suit. Once done, he was suddenly pushed back into the chair from his side. Turning his head, he found himself gazing at a near naked Asuka who wore a very inpatient look.

“Stare too long and I might rip off your balls next time.”

“Um….” He mumbled back as he turned his gaze away as he laid back into the chair. Moving in front of him, Asuka sat against his chest.

“Now its your turn to help me out here.” She grumbled, “but remember, if any of this gets out to ANYONE then…”

“I know, I know…” His hand moved shakily to Asuka groin, his fingers brushing against the girl’s lower lips.

“I really don’t know how…”

“USE your imagination, baka,” She sighed, “But not too hard at first.”

Slowly, Shinji moved his fingers around her groin, rubbing around the puffy lips and feeling the girl’s swollen clit.

“Rub that thing….” She breathed out in relief, “That and push your fingers up my cunt.”

Doing as he was told, Shinji first used his index finger to push his way pass her outer lips and farther up the girl’s vangina. He then pressed his thumb against the nob that was Asuka clit and started to gently rub away.

“Use more pressure.” She moaned out.

He increased it, and finally remembered about his finger up her cunt. Adding his middle finger, he started push more in and begin a slow pumping action.

“Push more against my front walls…”

He obeyed, starting to get use to the actions he was doing. He soon found his other hand moving up to Asuka’s breasts, which were currently being massaged by Asuka herself. Feeling his hand lay on one of hers, she removed it and pushed his onto her bare breast.

“Rub the nipple but don’t pinch it too hard…” She breathed out deeply. It was a curious experience on how she was directing the teenage boy, but she was at least glad he was doing a decent job. She could feel her orgasm building up now, and his hand playing with her tit was a bonus as well.

Shinji was concentrating hard in his action. In a way it was like rubbing your stomach and patting your head. In this case, it was fingering a girl’s pussy while groping her breast.

“Nearly there… a little more….” Her heaving chest and short of breath showing she was close to her much needed release.

Pressing harder then usual on her clit and thrusting his fingers as far up and as hard as possible, Asuka suddenly gasped out in pleasure as she finally orgasmed. Shinji felt his fingers being clinched by Asuka inner-walls as she cummed in the LCL. Holding her tight to his chest Shinji waited while Asuka rode through her wave of pleasure.

It was a good minute until the redhead spoke, her voice low and relieved-sounding.

“God that was…” She sighed in content, not caring that she was cuddled close up to Shinji, his hands both wrapped around her body, “Nevermind… But now that my mind is thinking a little clearer…”

“Um…” Shinji was just glad his dick wasn’t yet playing up again as Asuka turned around enough to stare into his face.

“That wasn’t normal for me to do something like this.” She stated, “True. I’ve tried pleasing myself before but never with another guy.”

He nodded, swallowing hard.

“So don’t think I’ll let you do this again, but…” She closed her eyes, “Now that I’m thinking about this better, I think something happened to us during the battle since when I woke up, it seems I can’t stop myself touching you.”

“I-I gathered that,” He sighed himself, “No girl my age ever showed any affection towards me.”

Asuka raised her eyebrows, but didn’t comment on that.

“We shouldn’t mention this to anyone at ALL.” She continued on, stressing her words, “If they found out, who knows what they might do.” She closed her eyes, turning back around and let Shinji hold her properly again.

“And what if this happens again…?” Shinji asked softly.

“Then we will have to deal with it ourselves.”

The pair then fell into silence, both thinking of what had just happened. Shinji let his curious hands start to roam over Asuka’s breasts without thought. The German girl seem not to mind for now, as she rested and enjoyed the atferglow of her orgasm.

It wasn’t until the feeling of the entry plug emptying the LCL that the two jerked apart, making the girl quickly pull up her plug-suit.

As the LCL drained out, the two pilots shared a look, confirming on their earlier agreement and left the confine area as light shone inside.

* * *

“Seeing that expression, I guess you like what data we got from the battle?” The Captain of Operations asked, eyebrow raised.

The Director of Project-E looked up from the printouts that she had been skimming over and shrugged, “Well seeing as that the both of them hit new highs in their synch ratios, and the interesting data I’ve got from having two pilots in one Evangelion…”

Misato shook her head in amusement.

“That’s nice to hear but I’m still wondering what inspired Asuka to drag Shinji over to the Eva in the first place.”

Ritsuke shrugged again and looked back down at the data, “You know her a lot better then anyone else…”

“Maybe,” She looked over to where the two Evangelion pilots who were just now stepping onto solid ground, minus their normal clothing. Turning back around, the Captain mused out loud.

“Maybe we should look into equipping all Evas with both male and female suits.”

“Hmmm.” The blonde briefly looked over to the embarrassed Third Child, who was currently under the teasing of his two friends.

“Perhaps it might be a good idea.”

Misato curled her lips into a smirk as she was just able to overhear some of the interchanges between the children.

“I think Shinji might agree, seeing as that suit would be giving him such a-“

“Yes, yes.” The Doctor waved her hand, giving her old friend a quick sharp look, “I’ll see what I can do.”


A brief silence fell over the pair as Ritsuke quickly glanced at the remaining datasheets.

“Mmmmm.” She narrowed her eyes slightly.


Look up at the Captain, she looked somewhat puzzled, “These last few papers are a bit confusing.”

Misato raised eyebrow again.

“Well… to be honest, the last few sheets don’t make much sense to me at all.” She frowned in thought, “There is some extra data here that I can’t really make much sense of.”

“Is it serious you think?”

The blonde shook her head, “You look at them yourself. Do they seem to be acting any bit strangely?”

“Other then Shinji wearing Asuka’s plug-suit… not really.”

“Well then, I doubt anything is wrong but I will run this through the MAGI and see if anything comes up.”

Misato nodded, then started to turn away, “Well if that’s all, I need to drop Asuka off to Headquarters to her new living quarters until something more final can be sorted out.”

The other woman nodded, turning her attention back to her work. Walking away towards the children, Misato mind wondered briefly why the two pilots took so long to get out of the Eva, but walking up to the group of teenagers that thought was moved aside.

“Come on, you four, its time to go.”

Asuka, who had moved away from the three boys, looked over to the older woman and asked, “You know if my boxes have arrived yet?”

“They have,” Misato nodded, “They should be all in your quarters down in the Geofront.”

“Good,” She sighed in relief, “After all what happened, I lost my carry-on bag.”

“Don’t worry about that, NERV will replace whatever you lost.” Misato smiled, “As soon as your settled in we can go out and replace what you lost.”

The red-haired girl seem to perk up at that, while Touji rolled his eyes.

“Anyways, lets get going kids.”

A good 20 minutes later the Captain and her two pilots stopped in front of her apartment.

“I’ll be back later tonight, Shinji.” She told the teenager, who was standing by her door, “So don’t worry about making any food for me, I’ll eat at work.”

He nodded, beginning to step back away from the car when he heard Asuka’s voice call out.

“Remember what I said, Third Child.” She said sharply, “And I hope you’re thankful for me saving our asses out there.” That said, the redhead sat back into her seat, ignoring the questioning look from her commanding officer.

“Anyways, I’ll see you later Shin-kun.” Misato waved cheerfully at her charge before driving off.

Watching the car drive around the next corner quite dangerously, Shinji stood there with a distracted look on his face before turning around and entered the apartment building.

Meanwhile, driving over the speed limit both Asuka and Misato sat in silence as they weaved through the light traffic. The older woman could sense something was on the teenager’s mind, but knew better then to poke.

“So I see your driving habits haven’t changed much from Germany.” This comment in return made the other woman smile.

“Very true,” She nodded, “And that’s one reason I enjoyed my time there, not having to deal with Japan’s silly traffic rules…”

Asuka rolled her eyes, “You haven’t changed much from what I can remember.”

“I could say the same.” Misato grinned briefly at the redhead.


“Anyways,” Misato said, changing the topic, “I was thinking about your living arrangements and thought if you wish, you could come live with me and Shinji.”

“Live with a boy?” She raised her eyebrow, “I don’t think so.”

“Don’t worry, his very house trained.” The woman chuckled lightly, “So you don’t have to deal with my cooking.”

The redhead gave off a silent sigh of relief, but said sharply, “Thanks but no thanks. I would rather live with Kaji.”

“You know that can’t happen now,” The woman reminded the younger girl, “His guardianship ended once you landed on Japanese soil.”

The redhead didn’t comment on that, but the frown on her face was enough to know what she thought of that.

Silence soon after fell over the pair as Misato drove them through a number of check-points. The NERV Captain was amused at the awe-type expression on the redhead’s face when she got her first look at the inside of the Geofront.

“I knew it was big in here, but…” She mumbled to herself.

“A big difference from the Germany base, huh?”

Asuka just nodded her head, her gaze scanning everything that she could look at. As the car was moving along the rail, Asuka started to notice that she was squirming a bit in her seat. Frowning inwardly, the girl’s distracted mind finally realised her nipples were pressing hard against the rubbery suit.

Damn, she thought, resisting the urge to rub her two erect nubs. She was grateful that Misato wouldn’t be able to tell, well she hoped anyways…

It hadn’t been no more then two hours since she and the Third Child…


Did we really do that.

She sighed, resting her chin on her palm as the car drove into a parking lot.

“Here we are.” Announced the purple-haired woman, “The First Branch of NERV and your new home for now.”

Opening the doors, the two women started to walk. Asuka following the Captain while listening to what she had to say about the base.

“I would recommend you to look around the base.” She advised, “It can get very confusing if you’re new here.”

Asuka had to smirk at that comment, “Just like the German branch, huh Misato?”

The woman didn’t comment on that jab, but did frown.

“Also,” she continued, “I want you as well to attend school with Shinji.”

That surprised the girl, but before she could shoot off a reply Misato added, “I want you to not only keep good grades, but also interact with other kids your age.”

“WHY though?”

Misato shot a sharp glance at the pilot, making Asuka look away.

“Its an order, Asuka, and that’s final.”

Grumbling to herself, Asuka walked in silence as she followed Misato. It took them quite some time to find her living quarters, it taking two trips pass the Mess Hall and a few trips to the infirmary until the Captain finally got some help and had someone direct them.

Now standing next to her room, Misato smiling stupidly at her, while she was dying to get these suit off for a number of different reasons She though did listen to her commanding officer.

“Get changed and clean up.” Misato said, “then head up to my office so we can go over some details.”

Asuka nodded impatiently, arms pressed against her breasts.

“And you do know how to get there, right?”

“Yes, yes,” She sighed in frustration, “we did go pass it once.”

“Oh right, heh.”

“Anyways,” Misato finally said after a moment of thought, “Have a little rest if you need one then come see me.” And with that, the woman strode off down the hallway, turning down the wrong corner that wouldn’t lead her to her office.

“And she’s our operations commander.”

Using the keycard that she was given, Asuka walked inside. Moving her hand around on the wall, she quickly found a light switch. Seeing all her boxes made her sigh in relief, then looked around the room to see where her bathroom was.

Some time later, the girl re-entered the main room of her quarters, now without her suit and a towel around her neck.

“God that feels much better.” She sighed in pleasure, letting her fingers rub her nipples.

Flopping onto her single bed, the redhead found herself cramming two fingers into her wet snatch. With her other hand tweaking and rubbing one of her nipples, Asuka tried to bring herself off.

Thrusting with a rapid pass, she was finding it hard finding that build up of pleasure that she had felt earlier that day with Shinji.

Moaning and squirming on her bed, the Second Child soon lost track of time as she massage her breasts, her fingers dancing over the hot flesh with great need. Her slick fingers continuing to ram into her cunt, rubbing as hard as she could on her g-spot.

After a lot of hard work, she found herself cumming into her hand. Though not as relieving and pleasurable as what Shinji’s fingers did, she had felt a lot more calmer and relaxed.

“Well…” She breathed out, “It seems me and Shinji need to have another chat.”

With that said, the German girl slowly got herself cleaned up and left her room to go find Misato’s office.

* * *

“Hey Shinji!”

Slowly walking into the classroom, the young Ikari looked over to the familiar voice. Touji cheerful voice was gritting on his nerves, but he pushed those feelings away.

“Morning Shinji.” Touji’s companion greeted the third of their group, his faithful video camera in hand.

“Hey guys.” He smiled weakly at his two friends.

Plopping down onto his seat, the teenager started to pull out his gear for the day as he listened to what he’s friends were saying.

“So, how was the rest of your weekend?” Kensuke asked, a curious expression on his face, “You didn’t have to spend anymore of it with that redhead?”

“Yeah,” Touji added in, his arms crossed, “That bratty girl really rubbed me the wrong way.”

Shinji shook his head, “I didn’t see her, but I know Misato did.” He shrugged, his mind on other things other then his friends dislike ness of the new Pilot.

He squirmed a bit in his seat after thinking of the girl, wishing the hardness in his pants would go away again.

“That’s good to hear.” Touji leaned back in his chair, “though I do feel sorry for ya since you gotta work with that little demon.”

Kensuke nodded in agreement, while Shinji only sighed.

“I’ll be fine, guys, so don’t make a big issue out of it.”

“Fine, fine, but I wouldn’t mind wiping that smirk off her smug face.”

Turning away to face the front, Shinji was about to startup his laptop when another student arrived, one with light reddish hair framing bright blue eyes.

“Wha!” Shinji blinked in surprise.

“No freak’in way!”

“Dear god!” Choked out Kensuke.

After having a few words with the Class representative, Asuka walked to the front of the class, turned and smiled as she introduced herself.

Head in hands, Shinji wondered if his life could get any more complicated as he squirmed again in his seat.

Some time later…

“…Now lets open to page 104 please.” The teacher spoke to the class.

Staring ahead with a blank look on his face, Shinji ignored the teacher’s instructions while he stared off into space. He and his other classmates had only been back in class for no more then 10 minutes. The lunch break had just finished and Shinji was beginning to think if he should have just went home.

This line of thought had been building up all day. Yesterday he had been able to distract his mind from the uncomfortable feeling in his pants. It also didn’t help that the girl he had been rather intimate with only a few days back was only sitting a few desks away.

During both the morning break and lunch, the German girl had caught the attention of many of the male gender. Of course though, Touji and Kensuke kept their distance if possible from the ‘She-Devil’ as they nicely put it.

And then, there was the meeting of First and Second Child. Shinji had a bad feeling that the two wouldn’t become ‘friends’, though he had to give Asuka credit for trying at least. After watching the odd encounter, Shinji sneaked off to an out-of-site area of the school grounds to sit alone in his own depression.

The teenager did not dare to even think of trying again to relief himself, not after doing a poor job yesterday night. He was glad the erection he had currently would only last for short time, The times it was the worse was when he thought of the fairer gender, the image of Asuka in the entry-plug didn’t help as well.

He wondered how Asuka was doing and if she was having similar troubles with her own body. He didn’t dare stare at her today, he didn’t want to spur on the very pleasant urges that at times surged through his body while looking at the opposite sex.

His thoughts continued on this line for some minutes, ignoring everything around him, a technique that he had mastered years ago.

So when he looked up when he sensed someone, he was surprised to see Asuka looming over him with an unreadable expression on her pretty features.

“We need to talk, Shinji.” She stated, her voice calm but with a slight edge to it. He was about to open his mouth when the girl held out her hand, which he soon realised had a folded piece of paper in it.

“No questions, just read it.” With that, the red-haired girl spun on her heal and strode off back towards the main grounds of the school.

Blinking down at the note, he reached down and unfolded it. His mind briefly wondered why she didn’t use Kanji, but as his eyes rolled over the text, a troubled expression soon crossed his face as his mind now pondered what Asuka had wrote.


“…Seeing as the bell is soon to ring, we will continue this work tomorrow. For tonight, please read pages 55 to 60 and think about the text you have read since we will discuss it sometime in the morning.”

As those last words left his mouth, the sound of the last bell of the day rang. After bowing to their teacher, the class soon started to depart from the class, many left in groups while others left by themselves.

Leaving the room ahead of his friends, Shinji moved quickly through the halls, heading towards the rear exit of the school.

A minute or so later, the teenager found himself standing outside. Shuffling his feet, the boy waited nervously for his fellow Pilot to appear.

He didn’t have to wait too long though, as the door he had came through soon opened again and a now familiar redhead came through and walked up to his side. Leaning against the wall besides him, Asuka glanced at the boy before she started talking.

“Seeing that your little friend been trying all day to poke out his head, you’re having some… troubles as well?” She raised her eyebrows.

“Eh.” The boy’s face flushed, but resisted the urge to move.

“Anyways,” She sighed, “I’ll get to the point Ikari. I’m beginning to realise that whatever happened to us in my Eva isn’t going away anytime soon, and I don’t like the way its effecting me.”

Shinji nodded in agreement.

“But you don’t want to tell anyone, right?” He frowned at the girl.

“Of course NOT!” She exclaimed, hands on hips, “Do you realise what KIND of place NERV is?”

“Yeah I do.” He grumbled, “My Father runs the place, so nothing is beyond him.”

“Then you should realise that if he finds out, who KNOWS what he would do.” She shook her head, “If he even THINKS this will hurt our sych ratios or training he could either get replacements.” She said those last words in disgust.

“Or he would order us to get treatment for this, whatever this is.”

“And what so bat about that?” He crossed his arms, finding himself getting annoyed somewhat.

“Use your imagination.” She shook a finger in front of his face, “They could go and completely DESTORY our ability to enjoy sex for one thing…”

Shinji had to wince at that. He had enjoyed what happened a few days back and if he’s Father ordered that there should be treatment to stop any interference in heir piloting…

Though being horny most of the day without anyway to control it…

He sighed.

Asuka nodded, “Yeah, now you’re starting to think this over more, you baka. Heck, that Doctor who’s friends with Misato’s would probably have a field day with us.”

“Fine, fine.” His shoulders slumping slightly, “What you got planned.” Oh he had a feeling what she had planned, but he needed to hear it from her own lips.

“I propose a agreement, I guess,” She sighed, not quite happy about what she was about to offer but after what her body been putting her through, she was willing to try this.

She didn’t like being permanently hot and horny as much as Shinji did…

“We both have the same problem, and we helped each other in my Unit-02.” Shinji nodded,, “But that only lasted a few hours, so what we did wasn’t enough so…”

“As if I need to spell it out,” She rolled her eyes after a moment of silence, “Sex. Pure and simple. Rubbing each other didn’t do too much, so I was thinking maybe if we take this another step then maybe we won’t have to suffer all the time.”

Once she finished, she stared at the blushing face of Shinji Ikari. She waited impatiently for an answer.

“Gee, any guy here would give a lunge for that type of offer.” She mumbled to herself, then heard Shinji sigh heavily.

“I’ll try anything if I don’t have to have a near hand-on all day.” He shook his head, “But if this doesn’t improve things…?”

“Then, we are really screwed.” She shrugged.

“But anyways,” She continued on, moving away from the wall, “We have some tests in a few hours, and I want to try this out before we have to take a dip in the LCL.”

The teenage boy nodded.

“And I damn sure don’t want to start off here with bad scores, not after all the hard work I did in German.” With that statement, she grabbed Shinji’s wrist, surprising the boy, and quickly dragged him out of the School grounds.

End of Chapter 1

Author Notes:

Man, its been years since I’ve written ANYTHING on Eva. I hope I did an ok job with this. This idea really came out of no where realy. For the last week I’ve been slowly working on another Eva fic, s sort-of warped Ranma/Eva that I was planning to make into a lemon too. But seeing as I was having a few troubles with it, and this new idea came up I thought I’ll run with it for now and see where this fic goes.

Know doubt there are probably errors in this, but that won’t surprise me. But anyways, plans for the second chapter well underway, just gotta put them together J.

Until then…