Neon genisis evangelion lemon

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Aknowledgment; i didnt create Evangelion (gendo did), the whole story, settings, characters etc were created by Gainex. Please dont sue for im skint (hides large sum of money under matress) & this is a non-profitable re... co... thing. But hey thousands have done it before & seemed to get away with it :).

Usual load of bollocks; This is a lemon (i hope, i'll probably even get that wrong) if you are underage, queer, or easily offended.. TAKE A FUCKING GUESS WHAT IM GOING TO SAY. But if you're either of those & just enjoy laughing at countless type o's then read on... !Oi stop wanking... i havent written the story yet... jesus h christ allah & a buhda.

Warning (or exepectations whatever floats you're boat);This is a lemon & im a bored teenage boy that thinks of sex way to often by the normal average of thinking of sex (6 seconds btw) this will contain swearing (extra vocabulary), graphic scenes of fetishes, violence & of course good ol dirty sex ( ((__ SLEAZE SALUTE).

Requirements before continueing reading;
1; Computer
2; locked door
3; lights out
4; any photo's or posters turned over if you believe that they can see you.
5; tissues (cleanex works well)
6; non-squeeky chair/computer desk
7; penis

& one last thing.. ENJOY, dont feel like a sad bastard.. millions of other dateless fat Wankers are doing it too. & if it werent for them.. the cleanex industry would be bankrupt by now :)

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(I hoped writing that bit would help with a story but the best my mind came up with is "Lemons contain porn")
Author; Greengo
Editers/second opinion; Chris, James & C.j
Sexual know-how/reference; Several drunken nights with women, Empties onwhich finding event holders fathers porn vids/mags, Gers porn mags (Honest it was ripeed when i got it ^_^')

*C.j twats Greengo with Metallica "damage inc skull" ornament*
Greengo; "Ow that hurt ya gimp"
C.j; "... & you're point being?"
James just laughs
Greengo; "& you can fuck up to"
James; "How about no"
Greengo; "How about aye"
James; "Even better, how about no"
This goes on for some time until Chris decides to speak
Chris; "Erm... arent we meant to be writting a lemon?"
Greengo & James stop, cough, & get ready to type/think
Greengo; "Argh this be the hardest part, planning"
James; "Yar"
C.j; "You never think ahead, you always make it up as you go along... im still amazed you passed most of you're exams"
Greengo; "I do to think things through"
C.j; "Uh huh, this coming from the person who completes computer games & THEN reads the manual to figure out how it should be played"
Greengo; "..."
Chris; "Um guys... the lemon?"

"Shinji's balls drop"

A Neon genisis evangelion fan fic/lemon by Greengo

(This will take place just before Asuka gets mind raped & after Shinji is reconstructed from Eva's LCL, say there was an extra week put in before the end became apparent(there that outta hold))

It was a normal day at the Kutsuragi house hold, Misato was getting drunk as usual as was pen-pen, Asuka was doing whatever the hell she did when not seen.

James; "I wonder if she is busy with a large pink vibrating object"
C.j; "It's japan, they have them shaped as that hello kitty character"
*The room goes silent*

Shinji was lying on his bed listening to his Sdat player as usual

Chris; "Wonder what he listens to?"
James; "Megadeth?"
C.j; "That would explain his insanity"
James; "Hello me, meet the real me"
Chris; Wouldnt that explain Rei, what with the clones & all?"

Shinji was just thinking things over (as he always does).

Shinji (thinking); "...

C.j; "Wow he sure does think about complicated stuff"
Greengo; "Fuck up, im thinking what he should be thinking"

Shinji; "Why does Asuka always have to be mean to me? It's not as if i deserve it i try & be nice but she just throws it back in my face... boy i would just love to shut her up, punch her... no hitting women is wrong... er.... Ramming my cock down her throat...!?!"

Shinji suddenly sat upright pondering if he was spending to much time with Touji & Kensuke to make him think such stuff.

James; "Nope just raging hormones"
C.j; "Nope just Greengo typing"

Shinji sat as his mind just filled with images of Asuka being "silenced", as he sat there he noticed his space within his trousers was being taken up by something growing,
he suddenly started to ponder if he liked Asuka or just her body... or just the fact that she was being silenced,
he lay back down as he counjered up Asuka in all sorts of compromising situations. Just as he was about to jack off, Misato walked in.

Misato; "Hey Shinji... !"

She quickly ran back out closing the door before replying to a Reddened Shinji.

Misato; "Um... oh yeh, dinners almost ready... so you better... finish up?"

Shinji tried to construct a sentence before hearing sniggering from the other side he put a pillow over his face & thought "yes i do spend to much time with those two"


C.j; "I thought you said you were an R/S fan?"
Greengo; "Yes but you try writting one where he thinks of deepthroating Rei"
James "I could"
Greengo; "Well go then"
James; "Ok i will... one day at nerv h.q shinji was just finishing his synch tests when he saw Rei

Shinji "Hello Rei"
Rei; "... hello pilot Ikari"
Shinji" "Hey Rei would you like to suck my cock?"
Rei; "I'd love to" "

The others just stare at the screen before...
C.j; "Interesting"
Greengo; "Out of character, shite, yep it's a lemon alright"
Chris; "You never know... Shinji never asked, so Rei never did"
Greengo; "Somehow i doubt it"


Back to "Shinji's balls drop"

There was a tenseness at the dinner table, not the usual one of Asuka waiting for Shinji to fuck up the evening by saying something dumb, but Shinji having a sneaky suspicion that Misato kept on glancing at him even though when he looked Misato was hiding behind her usual cheap brand of beer

James; "Is it just me or does the beer she drink look even worse than Skol?"
C.j; "She should try Absynth sometime"
Greengo; "No... i drank that & got alchohol poisoning"
C.j: "Wussy liver"
Greengo; "I dont think so, i have a family history of alchoholism"
James; "Jakey"
Chris; "Blacktooth then?"
Greengo; "Blacktooth isnt anywhere near as bad as Absynth"
Chris; "I guess im a light weight then?"
James; "Yar"

Shinji; "Well im finished"
Misato started to snigger, Asuka raised her eyebrow... her time had come to let the world know her ways.

Asuka; "Whats so damn funny?"

Her evil eyes screwed at Shinji, Shinji just blushed lookig at Misato with a face that told her 'please dont tell her'

Misato; "It's nothing, & please dont swear"
Asuka; "Damn isnt a swear word, Sure it's not Shinji?"
Shinji; "I dont know... it's rude though"
Asuka; "There you go again, always taking the other persons side"
shinji; "Asuka...s!"
Asuka; If you dare say 'sorry' one more time im gonna slap you"
Shinji; A... actually i was going to s...say 'shut up'"
Asuka; "WHAT???"
Shinji; "Shut up Asuka"
Misato; "HEY, dont start a fight here, & that definetly was swearing asuka, german or not"

Shinji was eyeing up Asuka whilst trying to build up the nerve to say 'Shut up asuka or i'll stick my cock down you're throat' but before he knew it Asuka had stormed off to her room followed by more german profanities & a large SLAM.

Misato; "So... you're finally becoming a man, masturbating & them standing up to Asuka... why the sudden change?"
Shinji; "I.. i dont know, it just happened, & please dont talk about what you saw"
Misato; "Oh come on, no need to be so shy with me... that was quite a good size you have, not quite the little man i expected"
Shinji; "Please Misato you're drunk, you dont know what you're saying"
Misato; "Oh really?"

A wicked grin appeared on Misato's face, Shinji froze with fear. Misato stood up & walked towards Shinji, wiggling her hips, Shinji just sat there petrified wondering what she was doing, she wrapped her arms around Shinji's shoulders from behind.

Shinji; "Erm.. M.. Misato, what are you doing?"
Misato; "SHhhhhhh... you know perfectly what im going to do, surely you've thought about it, you... me... "

Misato starts to rub Shinji's chest, un-doing the buttons on his school shirt circling his pecks.
Then moved one hand down towards his groin, she didnt have to go far for his penis was half-way there to greet her.
She smiled & purred in his ear, just as she was about to handle his cock, Shinji fell out of his chair & clambered to his bedroom in a nervous scurrying way.
Misato just smiled perfectly aware that he was going to chicken out.
Shinji was in his room leaning against the door, his heart beating a mile a minute, flustered & with a large errection.

Shinji (to himself); "What the fuck?, Why did Misato do that, does she like me that way, or is she just severally drunk?"

He soon heard Misato giggling again

Misato; "Aw come on Shinji... come out & play"
Shinji; "Sorry... im not reday for that kinda stuff"
Shinji (to himself); "Yep she is drunk... i wonder if i should go out &... no i dont want to make a bigger fool of myself than i already have"

He lay on his bed, unable to roll over, what with this large thing in the way.
he was now thinking of Misato & what iff he hadnt ran, taking her over the dinner table, her pleading for more which he was gladly to give, then letting her suck him off until he was clean...!
Unfortunatly at this point he shot his load all over the inside of his school trousers.
He let out a little moanfull sigh, then contemplated on how to getting these in the washer & clean without Misato or Asuka seeing the white stain.
Back outside his room Asuka peeped her head from her room to see Misato in a fit of laughter.

Asuka; "What's the joke Misato?"
Misato; "Oh nothing... just messing with Shinji's mind"
Asuka; "Not much of a mind to mess with"


C.j; "Erm... why did you pass up that oppertunity for a sex scene?"
Greengo; "Firstly Shinji wouldnt get that lucky, & i have a cunning plan to what to write next"
C.j; "I cringe to think what goes on in that mind of you'res"
Greengo; "This comming from someone who is writting a story about a psychopath that goes about killing in disturbing ways for no apparent reason"
C.j; "I got bored"
James; "C.j is psychotic, Greengo is sleazy... a winning combination"
Chris; "& you're an idiot"
James; "Well at least im not a light weight"

Chris lowers head in shame.

C.j; "Anyways... what do you have in store for Shinji now?"
Greengo; "That would be telling"
C.j; "Exactly so tell"
Greengo; "No"
C.j; "If you don't i'll stick the head in you... & im not talking about the one on my shoulders"
Greengo; "... Eep... erm just another funny piss taking moment for shinji then possibly a sex scene"
C.j; "There better be"


Shinji lay in bed after peeling off his sticky trousers, thinking over what happened a few hours ago he was wondering if Misato reaaly wanted his cock & then due to his teenage hormones proceeded to think yes she was gagging for it.
So the next step was what to do now?... Then he started to think that seeing as she once fell for the charms of Kaji he should seduce her the way he often did.
But the thing is that Shinji didnt know what to do first for him & Kaji were tottaly opposite, Shinji was enclosed, shy & not positive yet Kaji was open confident & not at all shy from what Shinji walked in on while Kaji was busy with Misato...
In fact Kaji did it during the most open, inapropriate times, during work when someone could quite easily walk in as Shinji often did, well Rei did to but she hardly blinked an eye lid & proceeded on passing on information as instructed.
Shinji's mind then wondered on to Rei... Would she like it too? He hardly could see her being all flutterly with him being open & fondling her in public... in private for that matter.
So his mind wandered onto female number three... Asuka, he thought that she would also like it seeing as she always tried to get into Kaji's pants.
But Shinji's first priority was to proceed with Misato, so he spent the rest of the night adjusting his character...

The next day Shinji had gotten a new conifidence & was amking his way to the bathroom, but just before he made it to the door Asuka came belting around the corner, butting in on his path.

Asuka; "Outta my way Baka"
Shinji; "Oh i dont think so"

Shinji grabbed Asuka by the waist & spun her about out of the bathroom playfully, Asuka was about to curse him every name under the sun before he slapped her ass & said.

Shinji; "Wait you're turn sweetcheeks"

Asuka was baffled outta saying what she was going to say & stood there open mouthed wondering if that was indeed Shinji that just frisked her, she walked back into her room still wide jawed whilst Misato passed by wondering what was up with Asuka, she shrugged it off & made her way towards the fridge for her morning beer, just at this time Shinji was just comming back out of the bathroom & saw Misato's shapely behind wiggling about as she searched for a beer, 'This is my chance' he thought & snuck up to the delightfull rump, he positioned himself just behind her & wrapped his hands around her waist whilst pulling her to his pelvis.

Shinji; "Goodmorning sexy"
Misato; "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... KAJI HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IN HERE???... Y...!?!"

Misato blurted out as she turned around, shocked to see a grinning Shinji in place of the usual offender.

Misato; "S... Shinji???... WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING???"
Shinji; "Isnt it obvious?"

Misato slapped Shinji with lightening speed, Shinji still not sure what hit him, fell to the ground confused.

Shinji; "What was that for? you were asking for this stuff last night & this is my reward"
Misato; "What are you talking about?... Oh that... Shit im sorry for doing that i was just messing with you're head"

Then his character reverted to normal realising that it all went to hell.

Shinji; "OH god im sorry Misato, i dont know what came over me"

Misato smiled & leaned down towards the confused, embaressed Shinji.

Misato; "No, no need to appoligize it's my fault i shouldnt have done that, i guess that this was my reward for doing that"

Shinji rubbed his face trying to get rid of the stinging pain of Misato's wrath.

Shinji; "Yeah well in the end i come off the worst... damn that hurt"
Misato; "I never knew you had that in you so of course i was confused & i guess that was the relex i had, listen to make it up to you... i'll let you smack my ass... one hit & were even... ok?"
Shinji; "You sure? this isnt another mind game?"
Misato; "Nope one free hit & i know you wouldnt hit me like you would hit a guy so my ass is you're target"

Shinji paused even more in a miff as Misato turned around to show her ass that just caused him trouble a minute ago, he came to his senses Pulled back his right hand & brought it down upon her quivering cheeks 'SMACK', misato let out a yelp of pain with also a little arousment, or so Shinji thought it sounded like.

Misato; "Ok were even now... now lets never speak of this little misunderstanding again... Oh & one more thing Shinji"
Shinji; "Yes Misato?"
Misato; "Please get you're hand off my ass now, because the direction you're hand is wondering in will result in another slap"
Shinji; "Opps.. So... Sorry... wondering hands"

& with that Misato helped Shinji up from the floor & went on there ways, Asuka quickly ran in & bellowed

Asuka; "Hey shinji-baka, what do you think you're doing smacking my ass & holding me like that?"

Shinji merely blushed & caught a smirking leer from Misato as she went back to the fridge.

Misato (thinking); 'Hmmm so even Shinji has feelings for me & who'da thunk that he would be so forward, i wonder if he feels the same with Asuka... or even Rei?'.

Chris; "Um greengo you are aware that any true... even remotly eva fan would hate you after seeing this"
Greengo; "meh"
C.j; "Fear not, most hot-headed eva fans are over in america... silly people calling Football soccer & rugby Football... & what the fuck is a soda?"
James; "Congratulations C.j, you just shifted the hate from Greengo unto you're self"
C.j; "Meh... suck my big fat boaby"
James; "I think i'll pass on that invite"


Whilst walking to school almost being deafened by Asuka's constant abuse in german form, Shinji contemplates using his new found "charm" on her but decided to wait till she was less abusive & mearly opted to stick his tongue out at her,
after climbing out of a hedge & rubbing a foot print outta his backside he decided to state that Asuka had no sense of humor, once again he found himself in the hedge.
He finally made it to school in relativly one peice & settled down with the other one of the three stooges due to Touji still being in hospital before class started.

Kensuke; "Konichiwa shinji, how is Misato this morning?"
Shinji; "Fine, bit of a misunderstanding between us but everything is fine now"
Kensuke; "You upset her again? man what an a-hole you can be"
Shinji; "It was different this time... i decided to be frisky with her & it went wrong"
Kensuke; "Yeh right, you frisked Misato... thats a good one"

Kensuke started to laugh, Shinji tried to convince him but to no prevaile.
The school bell rang, class was starting in five minutes, as Shinji made it up to class he noticed that Rei was yet again not in class, probably participating in more tests.
He bowed & sat down as Hikari istructed as usual... the teacher was late again, so everyone sat about & talked, everyone that is except Shinji who was staring at Asuka...
he was wondering what he prefered seeing her in, that skin tight plug suit that leaves very little to the imagination, or the old favourite of her school uniform...
with the suit he could see everything, her curves & contours yet not very good access to bare skin which was the plus to the uniform, just as he was thinking this Asuka raised up to say something to a friend & then quickly sat down...
much to his approval her skirt was caught on the back of the chair, he was busy stareing at her frilly cotton panties & noticed that as she squirmed about in her conversation her panties were riding up her crack, he decided to be a gentleman & tell her of it, he didnt quite dare to tell her in person so decided an e-mail was the safer option.
Asuka stopped her conversation, tapped her panel, & her face went bright red as she read the message 'you're panties are riding up you're ass & been shown to everyone behind you :P' her face was even brighter when she turned around to notice that her ass was showing for all to see, she quickly fixed her underwear & yanked down her skirt before jumping to her feet in a rage.


Several of the boys just coughed & looked elsewhere for they wouldnt dare tell her or face her wrath.

Asuka; "Well i assume all of you blushing boys did, i wouldnt blame you for seeing my perfect physic, but WHO SENT THE NOTE???"

She scanned to see the reactions of the boys, yet no-one had slipped up, she was about to persue with further anger except only to be interupted by the teacher arriving, she sat down scarlet faced as class had begun & she had no answer...
Shortly in to the lesson she received another e-mail merely replying 'If you wish to know who seen you're perfect posterior & told you go to the school roof after school' She sat & looked at it wondering who was stupid enough to confront her, she turned around to scan the boys again but to no sucess on seeing who did it so she decided to do as the note said & teach the Baka a lesson.


It was after school & Asuka made her way up to the school roof, climbing the stairs up to the door she snuck up hoping to catch the dead-man off guard.
She kicked open the door & quickly glanced a siloete of a boy, she couldnt see who it was for the sun was obstructing her veiw, she quickly tackled the boy to the ground & was about to punch him until she realised how it was...

Asuka; "SHINJI???"
Shinji; "Erm... hello Asuka"
Asuka; "So it was you who sent the note?"
Shinji; "Wel... yes... i did a kind thing & this is how you repy me?... or do you just like being on top?"

Shinji just lay there with a large grin, Asuka was trying to come to terms with what she just heard.
His hand worked it's way under her skirt & attempted to feel her panty covered pussy before Asuka realised, came to her senses & slapped Shinji. He lay there rubbing his face before replying.

Shinji; "So you like to play rough eh?"
Shinji; "Dont know, but id like to get into you"
Asuka; "... This is just to weird, just because i call you invincible Shinji doesnt mean that you have to test you're invincibility against me"

Asuka quickly got off Shinji

C.j; "Wow that was quick... you missed the foreplay"
Greengo; "Shut up i didnt mean that kind of 'get off'"

She turned around to face the banister to come to tearms, & also figure out this feeling in her stomache.
Shinji meanwhile wondered what to do next, as he saw her standing there, in the sun light he could see her faint figure through her skirt & decided to make another attempt.
He stood up & walked over to her & gently placed his arms around her waist.
Oddly enough he didnt feel himself being hit to the other side of the roof, he then moved his leg between her thighs & placed his knee on her vagina, still no reaction or pain, by this time he was wondering if she was ok & that he should continue.

Shinji; "Asuka... are you ok?"
Asuka; "..."
Shinji; "Do you want me to continue?"

Asuka nodded, but still seemed vacant, Shinji continued catiously.
He undid the top of her blouse & began kissing her neck, she seemed to be liking it yet didnt really react, she simply blushed & moved her lips, as he moved his right hand to her breasts she suddenly turned around & slapped him.
He expected she was about to throw him over the roof as her rage became apparent in her firey eyes, but she grabbed him by the shirt collar & pulled him into her silky lips, he was startled at first thinking 'what the hell will she make up her mind already' before being interupted from his thought by her tongue trying to invade his mouth...
he surrendered & as there tongues wrestled & explored each others mouths, covering the other in there own saliva Shinji felt other liquids being pumped to other area's, he became all flustered listening to Asuka's little moans, he then worked his hands down & around to her back slipping his hands into her skirt top, snaking down & finally resting on her beutifully shaped cheeks, he started to sqeeze which made her squeek before indulging in a deeper more passionate moan, she then started to dig her nails into his back which he didnt mind despite the pain they were inflicting into his sensative skin, he then rounde one hand down towards her now moist pussy, he lifted the elastic to her cotton panties with his thumb & started to play with her pubic hair & massaging her vaginal lips, she started to shiver & make little whineing moans as he rubbed her slit with his middle finger her breathing became short & panty as he inserted his finger into her sticky wet cunt.
He noticed that her eyes suddenly opened & narrowed & as suddenly as she engaged the activity she broke off the kiss, pulled his hand out of her pulsing vagina & kicked him in the balls, he fell to the ground in tremendos pain for unlike the other times his tackle received a sharp hit he was fully errect this time.

Asuka; "Hu... hu,,, BAKA, HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME?"

As she stormed away he noticed that Hikari was standing next to the door as she was waiting for Asuka & decided to see what was keeping her. Asuka turned round from her stamped, walked up to Shinji & punched him in the gut before whispering in his ear.

Asuka(whispering) ; "Maybe some other time"

She shouted before continuing her storming out with Hikari looking at Shinji & 'HMPH'ing then followed Asuka's lead.
He got up whilst dealing with the sick feeling that always comes after being kicked in the sack, as he staggered he saw a figure of a girl at the corner of his feild of vision he thought 'Oh no not again, hasnt Asuka done enough' but as he turned around he saw that it was Rei, he looked a bit bewildered as she wasnt in school for the entire day only to turn up now in her school uniform, as he thought this Rei walked up to his buckled body as he was still feeling sick.

Rei; "Hello pilot Ikari"
Shinji; "H... hello Rrr.. Rei"
Rei; "You appear to be in pain"
Shinji; "So would you if you were kicked in the testicles"
Rei; "I do not have testicles"
Shinji; "You know what i meant Rei"
Rei (after a brief pause); "Shinji, why were you doing that with the pilot of unit 2?"

Shinji gulped as he had hoped Rei had'nt seen what went on a minute ago, he stood up straight as the pain faded & replied

Shinji; "Wh... why was i doing that to Asuka... i... i ..."
Rei; "You were fondling her"
Shinji; "!... ye... yes but i never meant to upset her"
Rei; "I meant... why werent you doing it to me?"

Shinji stopped stumbling for a second to see if he heard right.

Shinji; "What did you say Ayanami?"
Rei; "I asked, instead of doing that to her why not me?"
Shinji; "... I didnt think you would like it... You always seem uninterested in talking to me never mind being sexual"

C.j;(in Rei voice) "I got bored, now drop yer skants Shinji i wanna gobble"
Greengo; "Shut it, im building up"
C.j;(in Rei voice); "But im horny now"
Greengo; "You have no idea how disturbingly accurate that voice is"
C.j; :D "Alot better than the movie dub thats for sure"

Rei; "I didnt usually, but as i watched you i got curious to how... pleasurable it is"
Shinji; "I see... I dont know what to say ayanami... to tell you the truth im shocked"
Rei; "Then dont speak..."

rei walked up to Shinji & pulled him in gently to her embrace as she began kissing him, soft little pecks on his lips the sensation was nice but got better as she then stabbed her cute little tongue into his mouth & pinned his tongue down to the bottom of his jaw, he pondered what shee was doing as he tried to free his tongue to explore her mouth, she looked at his angsious expression & sniggered a little, he was suprised to see her show emmotion such as fun , let alone lust or was he equally suprised, he didnt care as he free'd his tongue & began to fight with Rei's.
She then snuck her hand down to Shinji's scrotum & then massaged his balls, just as he was enjoying this she grabbed his balls in her hand & he yelped in pain she let go.

Rei; "It appears you're to injured to carry on with me... so disapointing"
Shinji; "I cant help it, Asuka has a strong kick"
Rei; "Then we should proceed when you are better... my place tommorow"

& with that she walked away, he then understood how confused Asuka was at first, someone you see day after day being somewhat shy & timid only to one day start trying to hump you. But as he thought about it, Rei was actually more in charge than he once thought her to be, she had no room for error, everything had to be planned exactly, he suddenly realised that without his father ordering her around she would be the domineering type. This thought brought a shiver down his spine yet also turned him on.


C.j; "Im starting to get annoyed, you have passed up three oppertunities to have sex scenes, i would like an explanation please"
Greengo; "Good things come to those who wait"
C.j; "Fuck up, write the damn porn"
Greengo; "OOooooooooOOOOOOo is c.j getting angry?"

After Greengo pulls his head out from the fish tank he starts thinking...
Greengo; "What to do next...hmmm"
C.j; "Write a lemon"
Greengo; "I am, im just fanning it out a bit till i think of how the sex is going to work"
James; "I thought you said you wernt a virgin?"
Greengo; "Im not, i mean to focus all my sleaziness into this story, leaving nothing out"
Chris; "You canny do that, if you overload it the whole thing will blow"
Greengo; "You're banned from watching star trek from now on"


Shinji was deciding what his imediate future held for him, one the one hand he had an 'appointment' with Rei tommorrow & on the other Asuka was waiting to get him alone so they could continue there activity.
He pondered what he had done to deserve such luck & started to ponder if there could be a compromise & that both Asuka & Rei would share there time with him & go for a threesome...
he highly doubt that Asuka would but then again he never thought that she would go for him & Rei...
he didnt know what to think, he was still in confussion that she even thought such things.
As he was doing so he was just walking to no specific place, he soon found himself at the hospital that Touji was in, he decided to visit seeing as technically it was him that put him in there...
but the angel & his father were still the main guilty party.
He walked up the stairs to the level that Touji was in but as he tried to open the door into Touji's ward room he noticed that he wasnt the only one that decided to visit as he saw Hikari through the small window, sitting next to Touji rubbing his hand?...
no it wasnt his hand she was rubbing!!! He then saw that Touji's hand was up Hikari's skirt & his forearm was wet from Hikari's dripping pussy, both were enjoying the visit immensly as she then crawled on top of her boyfriend facing away from him tucking his cock into her mouth & began slowly bobbing her head up & down as her hips lay on his face & his tongue started to circle about her vaginal lips, flicking at her clit, she moaned deeply & her pace picked up much to Touji's delight.
Shinji looked about & saw no-one was about much to his releif as not only were two of his friends were performing a 69 he was getting an errection & nearly knocked on the door with it.
Hikari then let out a cute little yelp & broke away from his cock as she shot her female load over Touji's face, he just licked his lips & face before telling Hikari to get on his stiffy, she gladly agree'd as she turned around & slowly sat down on his throbbing penis gasping as she slowly went down upon it for this was probably her first time, she finally let out a final gasp as her lips met with his bollocks, her face was bright red & his with a large grin ear to ear, she began bouncing on her boyfriends cock, both were near the point to exploding Touji was going to be the first to shoot his load but Hikari did something to the back of his balls that seemed to stop him as she wanted to cum first...
Shortly after that she did ejaculate all over his beating cock as he then exploded inside her she felt ther wave after wave of hot cum burst into her each time she tightened her passge causing him to cum for a bit longer, they both lay on the bed exhausted from there brilliant 'visit' & Shinji decided that he couldnt out do that visit & left them to rest.

As Shinji left the hospital his mobile went off, he was to attend NERV for more synch tests...
As he approached the swipe card access point he was restrained by two arms coming from behind him, the hands worked there way down caressing his body & settling at his crotch.

Shinji; "Rei?"
Asuka; "Oh very funny baka, as if Rei would do this, first you get manly & now you get a sense of humor, what next"

As Asuka got out her card Shinji sighed with releif as he nearly bollocked it all up, he got out his card, swiped in & smacked Asuka's bum as she waited for him near the escalater, she playfully punched him before wrapping her arm around his & off they went.
In the command center Ritsuko hovered over Maya's shoulder in disbeleif of what the scores showd her, not that Maya minded as she could smell her sweet idols scent

Ritsuko; “Hmmm… Shinji seems to be up”

Misato sniggers & everyone else just sighs.

Ritsuko; “I meant his synch ratio you foul minded woman”
Misato; “I knew that… I’ll tell you later… in the lounge after this?”
Ritsuko; “Oook, I dread to hear if you cant say it here”

They both went back to there business as Maya let out a little sigh as she wished she could talk to her idol as Misato did.
After the tests were done Misato went up to the lounge as Ritsuko finished up her notes on todays results, Maya just sat at a distance watching Ritsuko use those fast yet yielding hands & slender fingers, Makoto observed this after watching Misato wiggle her way to the lift & decided to intervene,.

Makoto; “So Maya, bet you would like Ritsuko’s ass right about now?”
Maya; “Wha… What, I didnt… I was…”
Makoto; “Don’t try & worm out of it, ive been observing you for a while, you really like her don’t you?”

Maya blushed & Makoto gasped for he wasn’t sure if it were that way.

Makoto; “My god it’s that bad huh, i.. never thought of you as a… preferer of women!”
Maya; “No.. it’s not like that… it’s just her im interested in *sigh*”
Makoto; “Well there is only one thing to do”
Maya; “I cant, what if she doesn’t share my feelings & hates me? I’ll never live it down”
Makoto; “There is only one way to find out, so you should go for it, take my advice, from one tortured soul to another… I want at least one of us to be happy”
Maya; “Maybe, I just need to be alone with her, I cant ask when there are others about”
Makoto; “Leave it to me… LOOK there she is going into the lift, nows you’re chance”
Makoto shoves Maya’s chair towards the lift, as she sppeds towards the lift her chair catches on something sending her flying into the lift, quickly sorting herself out, Ritsuko just smiles & presses a button.
As they were about to reach the lounge, Makato silenced the alarm system to the lift & stopped it between floors

Makoto; “Heh, you owe me one Maya”
Ritsuko; “That’s funny, it’s never broke down after that accident… oh well we’ll just wait for it to start up again”
Maya; “Yeah I suppose”
Maya (thinking); “Damn Makoto I’ll get him, but on the other hand…”

Meanwhile outside the facility Shinji & Asuka where walking outside.

Shinji; Well that was embaressing”
Asuka; “Oh be quiet baka, im sure it was just Misato making stuff up to get you berserk again”
Shinji; “Well she failed, for I was thinking of you”
Asuka; “Awww so sweet, unfortunately I cant reward you straight away, I have to go visit dumchoff with hikari… I kinda promised her”
Shinji; “Uh… sure, I’ll see you later Asuka, bye”

As Asuka left Shinji sighed & proceeded home, he was coming around the corner he was startled by Rei standing right in front of him with a slight smile.

Shinji; “Oh Rei, it’s you… You startled me”
Rei; “Hello Shinji… guess what?”
Shinji; “What?”
Rei; “Ive decided to advance our ‘meeting’ I hope you don’t mind?”
Shinji; “Erm… no not at all, im not doing anything & if I were I would drop it, so when do you want me over?”
Rei; “Right now, come on”

Rei grabbed Shinji’s hand & dragged him towards her apartment.
… Back in the elavater, Maya & Ritsuko were casually talking whilst waiting for the repair team.

Ritsuko; “So hows you’re life been outside of here?”
Maya; “What life, I hardly get any time now that the angels seem to be working overtime”
Ritsuko; “Tell me about it, what about a boyfriend?”
Maya; “Nope, my luck with men isn’t very good”
Ritsuko; “I know what you mean, I haven’t found the right kinda guy for a long term relationship, just casual sex ”
Maya; “We… Well maybe it… isn’t… a ggguy you should be looking for”
Ritsuko; “What do you mean by that?”

Maya realises what she said & grabs her legs up to her chest to hide her face.

Maya; “Oh, nothing… forget about it”
Ritsuko; “Oh come on, you can tell me… Wait, are you trying to tell me you’re a…”
Maya; “Uh huh”
Ritsuko; “& you like me?”
Maya; “Not like… Love… I love you Ritsuko, have done for quite some time”
Ritsuko; “I… see, I don’t know what to say… Im sorry I never knew, but now things make sense now”
Maya; “As I thought, you don’t like me, I knew it was STUPID telling you”

Maya begins to cry, Ritsuko goes over to her & hugs Maya trying to calm her down.

Ritsuko; “No I don’t don’t like you, it’s just I never thought of it before… I don’t know what my feelings are towards this”
Maya; “Well *sniff* maybe… I can help”

Maya raises her head from between her knee’s, her face all tearfull & blushing, as she puts her hand on Ritsuko’s face, gently stroking her idols sweet face & carsessing her blonde hair with the tips of her trembling fingers.
Ritsuko is frozen with disbelief as Maya then puts her tiny silky lips on Ritsuko’s ever so gently, she then feels electricity shoot up her spine to the back of her head & the feeling intensifys as Maya then slips her cute little tongue into her mouth, Ritsuko gets lost in the moment & begins to massage Maya’s lips with her own as they both explore unknown territory with there cautious tongues, then realising that Ritsuko was still hugging Maya, she moved into her embrace & warmth from her now flustered body, Maya decides to advance to the next step of her fantasies & gently puts Ritsuko against the wall & undoes her blouse, she starts to put her fingers through Maya’s short brown hair as she begins kissing her neck, the doctor then peels off maya’s little jacket & works her hands up her shirt starting to try & undo her bra as Maya as her kisses made there way down to her breasts,
surprisingly Ritsuko wasn’t wearing a bra but Maya didn’t care as she began licking her idols nipples, both started to get wet as Maya worked her way further down kissing Rtsuko’s belly & now massaging her lovers breasts, Ritsuko in a sudden boldness slid her hands down to Maya’s legs & began rubbing her silky thighs.
Then in a more bolder move, she puched Maya unto the floor & began to slide up the little desk bunnies tight mini skirt, as Maya was now the one getting lost & stroking her idols face for Ritsuko now pulled down the cute girls silk panties & stared as maya was shaven, she looked up at the blushing girl. She smiled & began licking away at her pre-cum covering her inner pussy’s tender lips, Maya made little gasping sounds as her idol seemed to be an expert at this, suddenly nearly as soon as she had started Maya had little shivers down her spine & with a flow of electricity through her body she orgasmed into the waiting mouth of Ritsuko who by this time had her mouth around the girls vagina, lips to lips as she sucked on her clitoris, drinking her girl-cum pulse by pulse of sweet necter.
As Ritsuko licked her lips from the sweet feast, Maya lay there gasping, her cheeks were reddened & accompanied by a large grin of satisfaction.
Just as Ritsuko was about to start dressing, Maya pinned her lover to the floor in an unusual act of confidence, her shock was soon replaced by pleasure as the cute little woman slipped in her small hand into the doctors ready passage.
Unfortunetly Maya noticed that her sweet doctor was somewhat slack & that only her fingers weren’t going to pleasure her, she then shaped her hand into a large penitrasion of fingers & inserted her whole hand into Ritsuko.
The Doctor went into a fit of pleasure as Maya’s hand went deep into her hungry muff, touching the sensitive nerves up at the far end of her passage.

Ritsuko; “Mmmmmmmmmmmm… Just… as… good… as Gendo…mmmmmmmmm”
Maya; “Oh is that so?. Can he do this?”

& with that Maya lowered her head to accompany her busy hand & began to suck & nibble on Ritsuko’s clitoris sending the doctor into a large orgasm, unforunatly Maya was somewhat unexperienced at this & didn’t know the tale tell signs of an approaching orgasm, Ritsuko shot her natural lubricant all over the little ladies neck & chest.
Maya fell back in surprise & sat there gasping whilst also scooping up some of her idols pussy juice & tasting it.

Maya; “Mmmmmm… tasty”
Ritsuko; “You’res was succulent also you little dark horse”

Maya blushes adding another tone to her reddened face.

Maya; “One question though… how do we get out of here smelling of an orgy?

Both sat there pondering this, unfortunately the lift started up again. Both gulped audioably.
Meanwhile at Rei’s apartment, Shinji found himself waiting nervously on Rei’s bed.

Shinji; “Um… Rei… how much longer you going to be?”
Rei; “Why, you eager for me … Good things comes to those who wait”
Shinji; “I see… im just kinda nervous”
Rei; “Well why don’t you play with you’re self whilst you wait… but don’t cum, I have plans for you’re semen”

Shinji; pinched himself to reconfirm that this wasn’t a dream, his arm was fairly red for the countless times he checked, it just seemed so unreal…
Rei… being sexy! But as Shinji was thinking this, a woman walked in wearing something like a plugsuit… Wait isn’t that… Bondage gear? ... & isn’t that… Rei!?!
Shinji sat there gapping as Rei adjusted her leather straps, especially around her crotch.

Rei; “Mmmm nice & tight, What do you think?”
Shinji; “Well.. it certainly is tight… Why are you wearing that?”
Rei; “To make it more fun… Now shall we get started?”
Shinji; “We… well what should I do, & what are you going to do for that matter?”
Rei; “Well for a start you will strip & I’ll watch, then see what happens from there”

Shinji stared at this person he thought he knew, the image of a innocent, shy, pure girl was thrown out the window as now sitting in front of him on a reversed chair with her legs open spreading across the back of the chair, each of the innocent legs covered in thigh high stockings & knee high leather boots & her ‘gear’ consisted of 3 straps, two going from her crotch to over her shoulder barely covering her nice soft breasts & the last strap heaving them up, it looked painfull but such a damn turn on that Shinji had trouble removing his trousers, Rei giggled as Shinji manovered his trousers around his ‘obstruction’ & licked her lips before replying.

Rei; “Awwww you came to attention just for me… hehe … Now, come over here”

Shinji staggered over to this dominatrix as his blood flow was being focused elsewhere, she rose from the chair & signalled him to sit, he sat & she lowered herself on his uneven lap, his cock was surrounded by her silky thighs.

Rei; “Now, I bet you’re a little surprised by this… aren’t you?”
Shinji; “Just a bit”
Rei; “Hehe… well I appreciate you telling fibs but to be truthfull, me doing this is a bit naughty isn’t it?”
Shinji; “Ye…Yeah… nnnot that I mind”
Rei; “Well, what do naughty girls get?”
Shinji; “A… tttelling off?”
Rei; “Not quite… Naughty girls get a spanking”

& with that Rei lay herself over Shinji’s lap, after budging down a bit from his errection, He sat there wondering several things, one of which was why women were obsessed on being spanked… or was it just Rei & Misato.

James; “Hold on, earlier you judged my version as to shite & unrealistic & now you have Rei wear bondage gear & gagging to be spanked…WTF?”
Greengo; “I thought it through & came to the conclusion, lemons aren’t meant to be accurate & so voila”
James; “& one more point, where exactly did Rei get the gear… you didn’t see it in the series?”
Greengo; “It could be all in the corner of the room you didn’t really see or in the bathroom or indeed the living room… if she had one”
James; “Meh, works for me”

Rei; “Well, don’t you want to spank this naughty bottom?”
Shinji; “I… I don’t know… what has gotten into you?”
Rei; “Well what got into you with Asuka?... Is it just her you like?”
Shinji; “No … I like you to…!”
Rei; “Well spank me till my ass is as red as you’re face”

& with that Shinji raised his hand & brought it down upon her latex strapped ass, she let out an abilvalence moan of pain & pleasure, that was certain than what he thought Misato let out when he smacked her ass.

C.j; “Er… Greengo, don’t use big words like ‘ambivilence’ for a lemon”
Greengo; “Oh right… sorry”

His nervousness soon shook off as he proceeded to smack her young rounded yet tight behind & he started to notice that she was getting not only turned on but moist as her pussy started to drip onto his bare thigh, as she was really getting into it she grabbed his hand that was resting on her back & sank her teeth into his index finger, he yelped out in pain & she giggled before he picked up the pace of the naughty girls ‘punishment’ the pain turned into more pleasure as she started to moan deeply & let out little noises each time his hand made contact on her now rosy skin.

Rei; “Time to move on Shinji… I think im ‘punished’ enough”

She raised up from his lap & gave him a peck on his cheek before she moved him to the bed, ‘Omph’ was the sound he made as she flung him unto her bed & then she lay on top of him, she grabbed his hands & moved them above his head as they indulged in some tongue wrestling, but he suddenly panicked as he felt his wrists being binded by… Handcuffs?!?

Shinji; “What the fuck, where… why… let me loose Rei”
Rei; “Shhhhh… I promise you will like it”

As he tried to free his hands Rei smiled & lifted off him & went into a cupboard, he found it useless to free himself as he was handcuffed to the head board of the bed.
He saw her reddened behind wiggle about trying to find whatever she was looking for.
He dreaded what she would conjure up for he had enough of suprises from her today.
Suddenly her ass stopped as she raised up with what looked like… A candle? & some strapped object.

C.j; “Greengo…”
Greengo; “Just read on, as if I would ever turn this into a Yaoi”
Chris; “Ya… wa?”
Greengo; “Never mind”

He started to plead Rei to set him free from his binding, but she put the strapped object into his mouth as he found a large red ball now in his mouth, he tried to plead with her but the ball only let out a drooling muffled sound, he saw her now lighting the candle & showing her evil little grin within the candles radiating light.

Rei; “Now you hurt me for pleasure… It’s my turn now”

& with that she tipped the candle towards his chest & a drop of hot wax splashed upon his hairless torso, he tried to cry out in pain, but that was the purpose of the ball gag, she let some more droplets of wax splash on his trembling chest…
He soon noticed that this for some reason made his errection even harder, she soon noticed as she backed up along his naked body.

Rei; “Right id say that should be enough of that, you seem fully erect now… time for more fun”

She removed his ball gag & stared into his tearfull eyes, though they were no longer tears of pain, they were tears of love, she kissed his nose & turned away from him & began to swallow his penis into her tiny little mouth, Shinji was trying to raise his head to lick her moist vagina but could only rub his tongue along her latex straps, she noticed what he was trying to do & turned around to go into her bed side cabinet pulling out a strange little plastic object that looked like a chess piece of some kind,
she removed her straps & slid them off onto his chest to reveal her blue muff to him, but before he started he watched as she inserted this strange object into her anus, with a little groan it was in & she flicked a switch on the base of it, it started to make a buzzing sound as she explained.

Rei; “I need to get my ass hole ready for later with this anal plug, hope you understand im not that experienced around the back”
Shinji; “Uh… Ok”

& with that she began to work her mouth down his shaft again & this time he had full access to her tight little pussy, as he inserted his tongue as far as he could into her passage, her vaginal walls began to constrict & relax temporarily trapping his tongue…
Not that he was planning to take it out any time soon, he could feel her teeth on his inner shaft as her lips rolled his foreskin apart & she began ever so slightly nibbling, the feeling was yet another one of pain but immense pleasure, she noticed the tale tell signs that he was about to cum & raised her pussy & mouth away, the only way she knew to stop him from cumming was to punch him in the stomache.

Shinji; “Ow what was that for, I was enjoying myself”
Rei; “Sorry, I don’t want you to shoot you’re load just yet & that way I knew worked”
Shinji; “You should take a few pages from Hikari’s book sometime”
Rei; “You slept with Hikari???”
Shinji; “What… No, I saw her doing it to Touji”
Rei; “Oh so you’re a pervert huh?”
Shinji; “Oh you have a cheek to talk watching me & Asuka”

Rei merely shrugs before stroking his penis to get it fully erect again, he saw her clitoris & decided to get his own back he quietly moved his mouth up towards it & gently squeezed it with his teeth, unfortunately he forgot that she was being deeply pleasured by the anal plug & stimulating her clitoris sent her into an orgasm & she cam all over his face, she turned around once more & giggled to see his face all screwed up & wet, faced him & licked his face from his chin up to his brow & he finished it off.

Rei; “Serves you right”
Shinji; “Mmmmm… tasty”

Rei blushed despite all that occurred & she pushed his head down, backed up towards his still erect cock & raised herself off his torso & slowly lay herself upon his shaft, gasping as every inch slided into her, she let out one final groan as she made contact with his pelvis, both were in sheer bliss as she then began to rise again & quickly come back down letting out more cute little gasps, her rhythm picked up as both were moaning each others names in between slaps of pelvis on pelvis, Rei surprisingly shot her load again & as her girl-cum seeped into his pubic hair he realised that not only was he about to cum, he wasn’t wearing a condom.

Shinji; “Rei, quick im going to cum, grab the bit behind my balls”
Rei; “Uh… ok”
Shinji; “Aaaaaaaaaaoooowwwww, don’t twist it, just grab it… oh well same effect”
Rei; “So that is what you learned from perving on them… intresting”
Shinji; “Well what should we do now, I cant cum into you, im not ready to become a father yet”
Rei; “That’s what the anal plug was for… you are going to cum into me, even if it means the backpassage”

Rei got off his shaft & reached towards him to undo his restraints, he was left with the view of her mamories, he took the advantage & began to suck on her nipple, she was surprised & let him do so for awhile as she stroked his chest.

Rei; “Ok time for the finally, you can treat me like you’re mother some other time”

& with that he stopped sucking on her nipple & watched as she turned around again, & gazed upon her rosy posterior with the anal plug still vibrating away.
He sat himself up & made his way towards her backside, he pulled out the plug which made a slurping sound whilst she made a moaning sound.
He then positioned himself behind her & began inserting his cock into her ass hole, he had some trouble getting it in as unknown to him the anus is tighter than the pussy.
Both slowly groaned & moaned as he slipped in inch by inch until he was finally in her warm tighter hole.
He began rocking back & forth slowly at first for it was apparent this time Rei was in more pain than pleasure, but gradually she began moaning more & more deeply with compassion & he picked up the pace, he felt himself ready to ejaculate & began walloping her ass with his pevis, harder & harder, she began panting & tightened her grip on the bed sheets, then suddenly a shock of electricity shot down his spine & he shot his load into the screaming blue haired girl, her anal passge tightened trying to get every last drop of his gushing semen into her ass.
They both collapsed in a heap on the bed, both exhausted & fulfilled. Then they both fell asleep....

C.j; “It’s about time... you finished the story yet?”
Greengo; “Im still typing aren’t i?”

Shinji woke up to find himself still inside Rei’s cute little ass, he steaded himself up wondering not how not to wake her up, he slipped his hand under her & began caressing her breast to see how asleep she was, she smiled & started to make a little moan which he loved, unfortuntatly this wasn’t the time & soon found himself getting erect again.
He decided to quickly pull himself out & then tip toed into the bathroom with his cloths, as he was about to leave he looked at the naked blue haired girl layed out on her bed he put the bed sheet over her, kissed her cheek & made his way out.
It was pretty dark outside so he decided to check his mobile phone to see if Misato had wrang to see where he was… Nope, she must be busy with Kaji or something.
As he smirked at the thought he saw Hikari wondering down towards her house, she noticed him & waved, as they met up he noticed that her hair was slightly amess & she had a stain on her skirt.

Hikari; “Oh hey Shinji, why are you out so late?”
Shinji; “I could ask you the same question”
Hikari; “I… Im just back from visiting Touji”
Shinji; “I thought Asuka was with you?”
Hikari; “Oh she was but she had to leave half way through the visit”
Shinji; “Ah so she left you & Touji alone to ‘visit’”
Hikari; “And what do you mean by that Shinji?”
Shinji; “Oh it just was that I came by this morning to visit him & I saw you with him”

Hikari blushed & looked away from Shinji’s sly grin.
He put his hand on her shoulder before replying.

Shinji; “Theres nothing to be shy of, you make a good couple”
Hikari; “Oh my god, I probably stink of it too”
Shinji; “Just a bit… & You’re cloths got stained a bit”
Hikari; “Damn…! Wait so have you’res”
Shinji; “Wha… Oh shit”
Hikari; “And you were coming from Rei’s place… Oh my god, did you?”

The tables were reversed as it was now Shinji who turned & blushed, Hikari put her hands on her hips & grinned… Obviously hanging around Asuka to long.

Hikari; “Well I’d say we were at a draw eh?... so what do you say we don’t speak of this again, ok Shinji?”
Shinji; “Agree’d”
Hikari; “Well I have to go now & you have to go face Asuka now… I think she may like you to… She didn’t stop talking about you today… & it wasn’t the usual slagging, well bye”

& with that she ran home whilst trying to rub off the stain & use hairspray from her bag for the smell, Shinji just walked hoping that the fresh air would get rid of the smell by the time he got home.
As he got home he opened the door quietly & tip-toed… That was until he heard the noises from Misato’s room.
He peeked in to see his earlier prediction was indeed correct, as he saw Misato lying on her side as Kaji had her leg on his shoulder grinding away at her purple pussy.
As he saw his guardian getting pumped he heard another noise coming from Asuka’s room. As he snuck round to the red heads room he could hear a familiar sound, a sound of something buzzing shortly followed by a moan.
He keeked in to see Asuka lying in her bed, caressing her breast whilst bobbing a vibrator into her red minge.
He sttod in awe as he saw happy she was, just lying there, listening to Kaji fucking Misato & getting off to it with the help of a little toy.

C.j; “Is it in the shape of hello kitty?”
Greengo; “Hold you’re wheesht… Yes”

C.j grins, James dunts Greengo to keep typing.

Shinji leans forward to get a better view & unfortunately does as the door slides open & he falls face first onto the bottom of the bed.
He raised his head from the fluffy bed to see a shocked Asuka, just lying there with her finger on her nipple & dildo vibrating away, usually she would have probably turned a shade of red & cast a look that even the devil would shit himself upon a gaze, yet this time she just licked her lips & said.

Asuka; “You’re late… I had to start without you”
Shinji; “I… Im sorry”
Asuka; “Don’t start that again, just finish what my dildo started”

& with that Shinji gladly listened to as he made his my up to her beckoning thighs, he hovered his head over her moist cunt & took in the salty vapour before doing a spot of muff diving, he pierced his tongue as deep as he could into her tight passage totally catching her by surprise as she almost screamed aloud but remembering who was not very far from them, bit into her arm instead trying to muffle the sound, he began lapping away like some happy dog as Asuka made the whimpering sounds, he noticed that the signs that happened to Rei before she came were approaching as her vagina tightened around his tongue & her body became stiff, he decided not to be caught out & put his lips around hers & awaited the oncoming flow.
For such a young girl she had a lot of girl cum coming out as he struggled to swallow the lot, but as soon as it/she came it had finished & he cleaned her passage & looked up to see a sweat drenched Asuka, he decided to get his own back for all the bad stuff she did & jumped up to her face, pinning her arms down, she was to tired to struggle & looked at him.

Asuka; “Wha… What are you smiling at,, what are you going to do?”
Shinji; “Oh… im just going to show you what this baka can do”

He free’ed one of her hands as he began rubbing her big breast, she reached her head up & began to kiss him whilst her free hand worked it’s way down to his bulging trousers, she unzipped his trousers & her hand slapped by his growing cock, she wielded it & began stroking his penis as he began squeezing her breasts with both hands, steadying himself with his elbow & tweeking her erect nipples, she moaned for more & wrapped her legs around his waist, guiding his cock into her pussy, shoving it in until he came to a stop as something was stopping his progress, he looked at her & she blushed.

Asuka; ”I… Im still a virgin baka, just keep going… but gently”

He wondered why this didn’t happen with Rei & dreaded the answer for she did tend to spend a lot of time with his father… ‘Ewwwwwwww’ was his inner reply, making sure not to ruin the moment & then proceeded to insert himself & finally the thing broke open & he went in slowly for Asuka was gasping in pain yet pleading for him to continue, he eventually went as far as his cock would go & noticed Asuka holding on to him kissing his neck as her passage got used to the new visiter, she soon told him to continue as the burning sensation died down & was replaced with pleasurable ones.
He started to pull back as she tightened, he dived into her again & she moaned deeply not giving a damn that Misato or Kaji would hear…
Mind you she wouldn’t mind if Kaji saw & joined in. Her train of thought was broken as Shinji decided to pick up the pace, her moans were broken up as he banged harder into the red headed girls burning pussy, as Shinji slowed down as not to shoot his load he noticed that there was a trickle of blood coating his shaft in between insertions, Asuka noticed the slowing & bit his shoulder making him recoil in slight pain.

Shinji; “What, I just noticed that you’re bleeding… You ok?”
Asuka; “Yeah im fine, I just drew blood from you… Look!”

He saw that she did indeed draw blood from him with that bite & he decided to pay back the pain by suddenly rotating Asuka to facing downwards whilst still kepping his cock in her, she tried to get back around but he grasped onto her thighs & proceeded to shaft her from behind walloping his pelvis off her ass making her curse at him in German but at the same time not really doing anything to stop him, he soon realised that the profanity was dirty talk yet still in a foreign tongue.

Shinji; “A…Asuka… What the hell… are you saying?”
Asuka; “Fu… Fuck me … H… Harder till I scream! Shove you’re dirty cock into my gasping Cunt Harder”

& with that ‘order’ he started to pound his cock into her as fast as he could, Asuka muffled her face into her pillow trying to hide her tears, she tightened up & cam all over his pelvis travelling along his penetrating cock she screamed into her pillow as she shot her load & fell limp on her bed…
At this point Shinji was about to cum & pulled out & cam all over her reddened ass & small of her back, he lay next to her as she tried to catch her breath & recompose herself, he merely put his arm around her & snuggled into her.
Unknown to them Misato & Kaji were at the door peeking in on them, Misato had the idea of bursting in there & telling them off but Kaji put his arm around her.

Kaji; “Ah what it is to young again”
Misato; “But there way to young… I should have seen this coming”
Kaji; “Come now, what’s done is done & the lad had the right idea pulling out, at least he knows that much, & weren’t you saying that you were young & foolish when you first had sex?”
Misato; “I suppose I do have a cheek to talk, & it looks like you’re ready again”

Misato giggled cupping his erecting cock & dragged him back to there room with it.
Shinji woke up sometime later to find that he still had Asuka by his side, but now turned away from him… Kinda stuck to the bed by the mess, he decided to go back to his room after peeling himself off the bed & washing up his salt covered body.
He lay on his bed fresh & with a new confidence now that he just shagged two women, he smiled to himself before hearing a tapping at his window… He poked his head up to see… Rei?!?
He opened the window to let the red eyed girl in. She sat on the foot of his bed signalling him next to her.

Shinji; “Rei what are you doing here?”
Rei; “Im wanting more sex, duh”
Shinji; “But if we get caught… Misato… Asuka!”
Rei; “Oh shoosh, you’re such a worry”

Rei pinned Shinji to the bed , she worked her way down to his cock & began sucking it to bring it to life.

Rei; “Hmmm… seems that I may have tired out the poor chap a bit… it’s taking it’s time”
Asuka; “No I just shagged him silly, it wasn’t you that tired him out”
Shinji; “Wha… Asuka…. I can explain”
Rei; “Oh shoosh… Hey Asuka, wanna join in?”
Asuka; “Ummm sure why the hell not”

Shinji lay there in surprise as Asuka lowered herself on his face whilst Rei was sucking his cock, suddenly the door slid open, it was… Misato, Ritsuko, Maya & Hikari!!!!

All the girls at the door; “Hey, leave some for us”
Shinji; “WHAT THE FUCK???”

Shinji shouted this out as he rose from his bed in a cold sweat & cum staining his bed sheets.
He looked around to see that all the girls were no more, he lay his head on the bed & muttered.

Shinji; “It was all a dream… I am the lowest of the low”

They all stare at Greengo’s screen.

C.j; “I should have known”
James; “Awwwww poor shinji didn’t get any after all”
Chris; “Damn, didn’t see that coming”
Greengo; “& that is todays lesson, Shinji’s a sad fuck that will quiet literally die a virgin… or did you forget the movies?”
C.j; “& you’re just a sad fuck”
Greengo; “But at least I got my hole”


THE END to the horror that is this lemon