The characters depicted in the following text don’t belong to me. Next question.
This is a ‘missing scene’, if you like, from my alternate reality fic, New Mynds. So if you
haven’t read it, and just came to this one looking for some sex, well, bite me if you
don’t get the continuity.

Right, reasons behind this...well, my goal as a writer of Eva fiction is to do at least one
type of each fiction, and that obviously includes a lemon. So after a long debate of
whether to go for full-on smut or something sensitive, I finally settled on something
sensitive. So suffice to say, there is sex contained in the following text...just fairly
normal [mf] stuff, ‘cause it’s only their first time.

That being said...on with the show...and if you get caught doing stuff that you should
be doing with this, well...I ain’t gonna explain to your mother for you.

New Mynds: Part 3.55 - Half - Derek Zischke

Shinji stared up at the ceiling, his hands behind his head, one of his legs crossed over
the other. Dim light from the bedside lamp that Rei was reading by cast shadows across
the wall. Shinji was in thought, turning over the actions of the passed day. He recalled
watching the, he recalled turning on the movie. There had been something
different, something stronger, in the embrace he and Rei had shared, perhaps caused
by being completely alone for one time in their relationship, perhaps caused by the
newfound freedom outside of the city, perhaps caused by being away from-

Shinji’s thoughts were abruptly cut off as he felt a hand, soft and feminine, pass across
his chest. He took his focus away from the ceiling, to notice that Rei now lay beside
him. The look of surprise must have shown more than he intended, as Rei giggled, her
breath flowing across his neck.

‘Why did you move?’ Shinji asked, turning his body to be able to face Rei more readily.

‘I’m cold,’ she replied, snuggling closer to Shinji. He now slipped his arm around her,
and she rested her head on his shoulder.

After a few moments spent in quiet, Rei asked playfully, ‘What’cha thinking?’

A smile crossed Shinji’s face momentarily. ‘I was just thinking how much I’d like to do
this.’ Shinji leaned over and gave Rei a sweet kiss on the cheek.

The smile that Shinji had was now transferred to Rei. ‘That’s funny.’


‘‘Cause I was just thinking how much I’d like to do this.’

Rei lifted herself up slightly to meet Shinji’s lips with her own. Her embrace around
Shinji’s waist tightened, and Shinji’s free hand brushed through Rei’s short hair. Their
lips separated, and Shinji’s eyes opened to catch Rei for a second with her eyes still
closed, her lips still slightly parted. In that second before Rei opened her eyes, the
world around Shinji had frozen, holding the one he loved in his arms and looking at the
face of an angel.

Rei saw the look on Shinji’s face, that half-smile, that glow held in his eyes when he
was close to her, and a smile crossed her face. She lay her head down on his chest,
and felt Shinji relax back into lying on the bed. Rei listened to the twin sounds of their
heartbeats that echoed in her ear, and was momentarily fascinated as they drew closer
and closer until finally becoming one and the same.

_To become one,_ she thought. _To unite..._

‘Do you love me, Shinji?’ Rei quietly asked the shadow they made on the wall.

A hand brushed through her hair, and a voice said reassuringly, ‘Of course I do, Rei.’

_One body..._

Rei shifted position slightly, kissing the crook of Shinji’s neck. His increase in heart rate
was felt by the hand that still lay on his chest.

_One mind..._

Rei’s leg now overlapped Shinji’s, as her hand traced its way up his neck, and Shinji
could feel the warmth radiating from her body.

_One soul..._

‘Make love to me,’ Rei whispered to Shinji, and the world stopped once more.

Their lips embraced again, this time strong and passionate. The world had frozen, and
nothing mattered to the pair now except each other. All that had been in their minds
before this instant had been taken away, removed, destroyed.

Shinji shifted his body away from Rei’s for a moment, and Rei lay back on the hotel
bed. Nerves and adrenaline played in the back of her mind, creating the background
beat to the lust that was playing in the forefront of her mind. Shinji gave her a short
kiss, and then moved to free a button on the short blue shirt she slept in. The button
loosed...she felt his lips on her collarbone...another button...his lips on her
breastplate...another button...his lips now in the centre of her breasts, still veiled by her
half-opened shirt...the final button...

Shinji brushed aside the material of Rei’s shirt with his hand, the smooth skin of Rei’s
breast passing beneath it. He paused at the nipple, already hardening to his touch, and
tweaked it in his grasp slightly. Rei felt a small flow of electricity pass through her from
his gentle touch.

Shinji leant his head in close to Rei’s other breast, attempting to mimic the movement
of his hand with his lips. A slightly salty taste crossed Shinji’s tongue as he played it
over Rei’s nipple, now sending a slightly stronger electric flow through her body. Shinji
bit down lightly, as his hand cupped and squeezed, and he heard Rei inhale from above
him. He felt Rei’s hands around his back, holding him tightly, clenching at experiencing
the foreign, and very enjoyable, sensation of him touching and caressing her breasts. A
fire was being kindled at the crux of her legs from his foreplay, and as Shinji’s tongue
circled her areolae again, the part of Rei’s mind that was acting only on her newfound
lust demanded Rei increase the intensity.

She pulled Shinji gently away from her, gazing into his eyes as he brought his head up
to meet hers. It was at this time that Shinji got his first clear look at the part of Rei’s
anatomy he had just been intimately involved with, naturally pulled taught by gravity
and as pale and soft as the rest of the skin on her body, her rosy nipples clearly erect
and jutting out. Rei’s hands worked at the buttons of his shirt in the same way he had
hers; the top one undone, she brought Shinji close to give him a passionate kiss, before
going to work on another button. There was something powerfully erotic about being
undressed in this manner, slowly, yet surely, and most definitely seductively.

The final button gone, Rei managed to free Shinji of his shirt, and they met for one final
kiss, the soft mounds of Rei’s breasts now pressing against him. He shifted his hand to
Rei’s chest again, but it was intercepted by Rei with her own. She took his hand,
guiding it, down along her stomach, tracing the smooth curve of her body, past the
small dip of her navel, to the band of her sleeping shorts. Shinji’s hand no longer
needed guiding, as he slid her shorts down, until all Rei was clad in were a pair of plain
white panties. Rei now took Shinji’s hand again, and pressed it against the material that
covered her sex, feeling the heat reflect from Shinji’s hand, and a soft moan escaped
her lips.

Shinji’s hand slipped inside the band of Rei’s panties, now in contact with her moist
vaginal lips. His forefinger probed for a second, and then slid between them, and then
inside of Rei. This was swiftly greeted with a tensing of Rei’s body, as a contact this
intimate she had never experienced in her life before. Another of Shinji’s fingers slid
into her, and he began thrusting with a regular motion. Rei’s hands moved to her
panties, bringing them down and parting her legs slightly to allow Shinji greater access,
and he responded with longer strokes from his hand. Moans from Rei were now
becoming more apparent to Shinji’s ears, and he increased his tempo, causing Rei’s
hips to buck against his hand in pleasure.

Shinji felt a hand at his groin, teasing his length through the fabric of the pants he
wore. Rei’s hand slid inside his pants in much the same manner his had to hers seconds
ago, and grasped lightly on his shaft. She quickly met him with the same speed he was
applying to her, sliding her hand back and forth with ease. Rei and Shinji
simultaneously uttered a moan and a sigh.

The muscles of each of the pair began to unconsciously tense, and each skipped a beat
in their rhythm when the other brought them slightly closer to their climax. Finally, Rei’s
inner walls clamped down on Shinji’s fingers, as a flow of liquid gushed around them, as
her hand similarly clenched around his penis. The shaking movements of her hand were
now enough to bring Shinji over the brink with her, his seed spreading onto her hand.

The two now withdrew from each other, and lay back onto the bed in the hotel room,
faces flushed, hearts beating, breath short, recouping their energy. After a few
moments spent listening to Rei’s audible breathing, Shinji turned to look at her, and a
not-completely-innocent smile crossed his face. Rei, after noticing he was looking at
her, retuned the smile, although puzzled as to why.

Shinji brought his hand, the one that had just pleasured Rei, to his face, and began to
lick her juices from it, savouring the bittersweet taste, while still keeping his eyes locked
with Rei’s. The smile Rei had on her face now mimicked Shinji’s devilish one, and she
began to take her own hand into her mouth, the salty substance making contact with
her tongue. Rei could already feel herself becoming wet again from this display, and
she could feel Shinji’s member hardening against her side. Now, with their hands
cleaned, they met in embrace again, kissing lips which has just tasted each other’s

Rei’s hands moved down to Shinji’s pants, lowering them as he positioned his body over
hers, still locked in a kiss. He was now nude as she was, and she placed a hand over
Shinji’s hardened member, guiding him into her. There was a second of hesitation from
Rei, but as Shinji slid inside of her, the second passed. The feeling was so much
different, so much more intense, than that of his fingers, the feeling of being filled, of
being completed, and a moan left Rei’s lips. Shinji pulled back, causing friction against
her inner walls, making her dig her fingers into the fabric of the hotel pillow. At the end
of Shinji’s thrust, his penis came up against her hymen, giving Rei a slight shock of pain
amongst the pleasure. Withdrawing and thrusting again, he broke through the barrier
of her virginity, and Rei felt tears of reflex well in her eyes, and she inhaled a sharp
breath of pain.

Instantly she felt Shinji’s lips at the corners of her eyes, kissing away the salty tears he
had just caused her. Rei opened her eyes, and although no words were spoken, Shinji
was clearly saying he was sorry to have ever hurt her. She gazed up into his eyes, her
hands encircling his neck, bringing Shinji closer to her, and gave him a kiss of
reassurance: he was the one she loved, he was the one she trusted, he was the one
she wanted.

Shinji began to resume his motion once more, slowing pushing his length into Rei,
causing her to breathe deeply into his ear. Her hips began to grind against his, both
opposing and enabling their motion. Shinji bit down gently on her neck, giving Rei a
love-bite, for which he earned a moan of pleasure as his lips touched her skin. The
speed of the slick tightness around his member increased, and he could only move his
hips faster to keep up with Rei. He felt legs move and close around his own, as Rei
clasped herself closer to him in one more sense.

Rei now had her eyes closed, knowing only what her other senses told her; the noise of
her and Shinji’s combined sounds of pleasure, the powerful and intoxicating scent of
lust, the feel of Shinji sliding in and out of her, the flow of her fluids around him. She
squeezed her hands, which had found their way onto Shinji’s shoulders, tighter as he
kissed her neck again, loving the simultaneous sensation of the soft and gentle touch
and the raw and primal one. A warming feeling began building at her centre, and her
nerves began to tingle with ecstasy.

Shinji, his lips still engaged in contact with Rei’s soft skin, inhaled deeply as her came
close to climaxing, and took in the scent of Rei: her body, her hair, her sex, her all. He
felt her legs, which had his in firm grasp, draw tighter, and her hips spasm and freeze
in movement. Rei then drew Shinji close to herself, driving him into her as far as was
possible, as she clamped down on him in orgasm, her juices flowing freely from her
thighs. The increased constricting sensation forced Shinji to jet into her, the waves
running through his penis causing both of them heightened pleasure. He became aware
of Rei whispering his name softly in his ear as the muscles in her body relaxed:

He withdrew from Rei, and spent the next few minutes simply lying still, even more
expended than their previous session. His chest rose and fell, and he became aware of
a light haze of sweat on both his skin.

Rei turned to him with a smile of nothing but satisfaction and adoration, and it was
Shinji’s natural reflex to return it. She passed a hand across his chest, much as she had
done during the beginning of the night, but now she only brought her body close to
Shinji for rest. She felt a hand encompass her shoulder, and the thin covers of the hotel
bed fall over her, and with an aura of content around her, she lay in Shinji’s arms. The
last thing she felt before being enveloped in sleep was the soft caress of Shinji’s lips on
her cheek.

Derek Zischke

Zischke In the Jar Productions (c), 2000-08-24

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