NERV Cosmetics: Rest Period 5 - Which is Better, Being the Voyeur or the Victim?



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"Now I'm speaking", I told the readers, "And I'm stressing a word here."

These are thoughts, I think, and emotional or other weight counters the cursive like this.

Hello, this is your Eva speaking. Yes, i can stress a word!


Underage, semi-consensual sex, adult situations. You have to know the drill by now. What's new is that I can tell you there's a nearly ailurophilic scene, but luckily it's not a real feline. I won't fall down to Oscar the Hermaphrodite's level (eight Guru Points to those who know who that is!)… In this `fic, at least.

Which is Better, Being the Voyeur or the Victim?

Shinji was running, running away, over the hills. He tripped and tumbled down a slope, unhurt because the ground was soft and elastic. He got onto his aching feet and started up the next mound, his footing insecure on the bouncy flesh-pink surface. He struggled up to the hill, seeing a red boulder on the top. Both hills he could see had one; they were like altars upon which people commenced unholy rituals of lust.

Shinji arrived up at the boulder and circled behind it, hiding from his chasers. As he leaned against the hard knob crowning the hill, the land shook. The hill underneath him quivered and bounced, throwing Shinji into an uncontrolled slide down one side, to the right of his pre-planned path along the line between the hilltops. He landed at the foot of the mound and got up slowly. His shoulder hurt.

Shinji looked away from the hills, finding himself at the edge of a vast plain. Knowing that the monster which chased him was at the hills, he began to run over the plains. There was a small indenture in the otherwise even, bare ground, and he aimed towards it. When he was a short distance from it, Shinji dropped down and entered the shallow pit, peeking nervously behind his back.

The monster was huge. Its five limbs were spread over the hill, and its body faded into the distance to his right. It had no eyes or mouth, but there was a bony plate on top of each limb like the fingernails on a hand. As he watched, catching his breath, the monster tightened its five-limb grip on the mound. The ground vibrated as the earth itself moaned.

As Shinji watched from his hiding place, another monster slid over the unoccupied hill, stopping to prod and toy with the boulder on top of it as if it were a mere pebble. Then it set out across the plain, approaching Shinji. He quickly decided that if he waited in cover, the monster would catch him in a dead end, so he climbed up and began to run away from the monsters with renewed strength.

Soon Shinji spotted a way to lose the monsters. Just a bit farther than the hills were from the pothole, there was a bush of curly, purplish tendrils rising from the ground. He reached it before the monster caught him, flopping down on his belly and beginning to crawl in. He could hear the monster brushing the foliage behind him, and wormed forward with increased speed.

He came out of the bush, and his hopes of escape took a torpedo below he water line and sank like the Bismarck. Just a short distance from him, the ground began to slope down, and it looked like it might be too steep to climb. But then, he noticed a stony mound, about an arm's length in diameter, standing out of the slope. Maybe he could climb down, if there were more rocks further down.

Shinji got up and walked to the rock, jumping onto it to look down and check the possibilities of lowering himself to the white plain below. Just as his feet hit the top of the rock, the earth moaned and shook more violently than ever before. He lost his balance and fell forward, twisting his body at the last moment to grab the stone. His touch only seemed to add to the earthquake's strength, and he felt a stream of some warm liquid gushing onto his feet from the ground. He risked a peek downwards, and saw that there was a cave of some sort in the nearly vertical slope. His feet dangled at the top, and he approximated five meters to the floor of the cave form there.

A monster came over the bush, already nearly touching the stony nub Shinji was hanging on to. He had no trouble making his decision; he let go. After a moment of free fall, he hit the floor of the cave just next to the edge, being only a hand's breadth from the killing fall to the white dune plains below. Shinji rolled deeper into the cave, sliding on the slippery and wet floor. The cave contracted and spasmed in the throes of the last earthquake, and a bit more of the liquid surged from the bottom of the cave. Shinji wasn't fast enough to stand up, and caught some in his mouth. It tasted sweet; who knows what underground reserves the earthquake had released.

Suddenly, the cave went dark. Shinji turned to see one of the monsters at the entrance to the cave, preparing to invade by spreading the entrance wider with two limbs, as two others slid inside. Shinji tried to run deeper, but the limbs caught him, forcing him to the floor. They began to thrust back and forth, rubbing Shinji into the soft, slime covered floor of the cave. He tried to struggle, but there just wasn't enough space. He felt his lungs burning as he ran out of air to breathe.

Shinji snapped awake. He struggled upwards, pushing his head out of the sleeping bag and taking a deep breath. He was soaked in sweat, and he could feel another human body's warmth pressing tightly against his back. Twisting himself around to the left carefully, he saw the calm, sleeping face of a red-haired woman. What happened last night? was Shinji's first thought. He regretted it a second later, as he remembered the way his alternate self had acted, and panicked. He knew he had to get out of the sleeping bag quickly, otherwise he would either lose control or have to "ride the wave" again.

First Shinji checked the locations of his limbs. Right hand: wrapped around Rouge's waist, resting on the small of her back. Both legs: tangled with Rouge's. Left hand: at Rouge's right breast. Result: not good. He tried to move away from her, but his back was instantly met by the restricting fabric of his sweat-drenched prison.

To his great misfortune, Shinji could smell the sweat. It was a mixture of their musky scents, with a side odour he knew all too well: dried sexual fluids. His nose wrinkled and his cock twitched, nudging Rouge's thigh. Murmuring unintelligibly in her sleep, the woman wrapped her hand around the disturbing hot shaft poking at her, only helping it grow longer and harder. Shinji panicked and forced Rouge's hand away from him, wriggling out of the sleeping bag.

The busty woman woke up and smiled. "Good morning, Shinji-kun."

"G-good morning…" Shinji looked away from the woman's luscious body, struggling to keep himself under control. He turned and started to search for his clothes - and did not find them. He remembered faintly leaving them outside after flipping his lid again. Dammit, Vincent, you got me berserking again! And look what it got us into.

What, indeed? It seems to me like we made a good friend out of our captor, so don't you come whining to me, boy.

Shinji grumbled and crawled out of the tent. Kensuke was sleeping in the grass, but half a dozen SEELE independent military task force soldiers were chatting idly or keeping watch nearby. Yoshio, the guy who had gone off to sleep instead of guarding Shinji the night before, got up and approached the naked boy, carrying the EVA host's clothes in a bundle under his arm. He took a quick look at Shinji's crotch and chuckled. "You don't have to salute me."

Shinji covered his rigidly standing privates with his hands and asked: "Can I have my clothes back?" He knew he had to get dressed quickly before Rouge got up and pulled him back into the tent.

Yoshio threw the bundle to Shinji and went back to his mates. He sat down next to two of his best friends, and joked: "You guys, you should've been there to see him last night. He got the lieutenant to give him a fucking blowjob right there, in the grass -" he pointed to the location of the previous night's encounter "- and then fucked her, and even had the other boy join in on the fun. Man, our Rouge acted like a total slut for him, and made me watch. Well, I wasn't watching her that much, I mean the boy's tight ass was-"

"We don't want to know!" The other men shouted at the same time. One of them continued: "We all know you're gay, and totally accept and stuff, but you don't have to bring it up all the time." The other took over: "That aside, we couldn't see with the binoculars, but you were there. Does the lieutenant shave?" All three men laughed.

"No," Yoshio shook his head. "But now we know her hair colour's authentic."

The other guys whistled and laughed some more.

Suddenly, a redhead demoness burst out of Kensuke's tent. There was a determined expression on her face as she dealt out orders. "Paino, get me my clothes. Sanko, call for aerial transport for us plus one civilian. Rinta, gather everybody else. We leave as soon as the transport gets here. We have already tainted our reputation by taking this long to bring back a single person, and we're all headed for demotions if there is any more delay!"

Shinji, now fully clothed, crawled over to the sleeping Kensuke and poked him in the ribs. "Hey, man, wake up!"

Kensuke groaned and opened his eyes. "Shinji? What the…" His eyes widened in shock. "Holy crap! What happened last night?"

Rouge heard his shout, and swiftly pulled out her pistol, speedily pointing the weapon's business end at the boy. "Remember our deal? Nothing happened." Satisfied with the boy's trembling and fearful expression, she walked back to her troops and prepared them for return to base.

Shinji whispered to Kensuke: "When you go to school today, tell the teacher I'm down with fever or something, okay?"


Twenty-five minutes later SEELE IMTF's helicopter landed on top of NERV Cosmetics' office in the centre of Tokyo-3. The few commuters already on the move paid it little attention, as they went to work on one of the finest days of the summer. Nobody noticed the two figures jumping down from the transport, or the two waiting for them on the roof.

Shinji approached the welcome committee with his eyes downcast. Coming back like this, escorted by the woman that had captured her so easily, was not a glorious end to his escape.

Rouge halted ten paces from the waiting women and saluted them. She waited for the `copter's engine noises to quiet down a bit and spoke in her professional soldier tone: "I have brought the boy. Are there any further instructions?"

Misato's voice answered. It was as cold as Rouge's. "No. You may leave now." She waited for the woman to board the helicopter and the transport to leave. Shinji still avoided her gaze. "Shinji. Look at me."

Trying to hide his uneasiness, Shinji met Misato's cold gaze. Her expression was hard and freezing like Iceland, and when she spoke, Shinji could feel a wind chilling him to the very bone. "Why did you do it?"

"I… I… I just…" He could not get the words to come out.

"Well? Speak up."

"I had to get away from here! I can't take this anymore! All this… my life! What happened to my life?!" Shinji was shouting at the top of his lungs.

Misato's uncaring mask did not crack. "This is your life. You will stay here, and either learn to like it or not. Whether you want it or not, you are a crucial part of NERV Cosmetics' research, and your father will not let you go."

Ritsuko stepped between Shinji and Misato, facing her. "Calm down. You don't have to be so hard on him."

Misato glanced over the doctor's shoulder at the boy. "I will see you tonight." She turned and left the roof without another word.

Ritsuko turned to Shinji. "Don't worry, she's like that occasionally but returns to normal in a couple of hours." When he didn't answer, Ritsuko noticed the empty look on his face. She wrapped an arm around his shoulders and said: "You look tired. Let's go to my office. I'll make you a cup of hot coffee."

Shinji walked next to her without saying a word.

Staring forward with unseeing eyes, Misato opened the door to her office and stepped in, her movements rigid and controlled. It took all her energy to hold herself together. She locked the door behind her, and let loose her feelings. Tears that she had held back were now released, and flowed down her cheeks in wide streamlets. Her lower lip quivered as she whispered to herself: "Misato, you idiot…"

Ritsuko's office was a spacious room with one glass wall that showed a bright and wide view of the city, where the worst morning traffic jams were just about to begin. From the height of a dozen or so floors, the people down below looked like tiny insects, but there was another skyscraper on the other side of the street, and Shinji could see people working there, separated from him only by a chasm fifty yards wide and fifty-odd deep.

Returning his gaze to the room, Shinji took in the mess of papers and disks covering every flat surface of the room. There seemed to be a computer on the wide desk dominating the office, but he could not be sure, as it was surrounded by piles of folders three feet high. There was an ashtray atop the folders, with several cigarette stumps in it. Other piles had various kinds of cat mascots and plushies decorating them.

Ritsuko walked to a side table and relocated a stack of reports to uncover a secret coffee maker, and started to search for mugs as she spoke calmly: "Look around if you wish, but avoid reading anything labelled `Top Secret'."

Shinji walked around the office, idly observing the cat items spread around the room. He was tired - after hard sex and only about three hours of sleep, it was no surprise - and coffee was a very welcome idea. He sat down in a chair and rubbed his eyes. I'm too tired to be angry anymore. Now I just feel numb, and even ready to take another test. If this keeps going on, I'm going to be a robot very soon.

Ritsuko took off her glasses and put them in the breast pocket of her lab coat, which she left to hang by a peg next to the door. Her face looked so much softer - more beautiful - that way. Shinji couldn't take his eyes off her. She occupied a chair next to Shinji's and crossed her legs modestly, waiting for the coffee to be ready. The boy's eyes wandered up and down her legs, bringing back memories. I wonder if I should try to apologise properly for interrupting her and Misato's fun the other day… I'm not good at apologising, so I'll just stay quiet.

The science woman leaned back in her chair, stretching by pulling her arms back as far as they would go, thrusting her chest out at the same time. Shinji stared as if turned to stone, afraid that if he looked away Ritsuko would notice he had been looking in the first place. Therefore the only warning he had was a rustle of paper…

All of a sudden, a stack of papers nudged by Ritsuko's hand began to slide, bumping into the next one, which in turn fell into a third, creating a chain reaction of falling papers and folders. Both people in the room turned to watch as approximately two cubic meters of paper demonstrated the domino effect and cascaded off the desk in all directions, nearly sweeping the computer with them. For a second or two, they stared at the mess.

Ritsuko was the first to react. She got up and kneeled on the floor, not hesitating to grab the arduous task and gather the mini-avalanche's results. Shinji followed quickly, starting from the other side of the table. They worked toward each other, placing most of the stacks in the corners of the floor, hoping to prevent another accident from happening. They approached each other on all fours, working through the sea of papers, and Shinji glanced at Ritsuko to see how she was doing. He regretted it immediately, as the woman's position and loose button-up shirt revealed an ample bit of her cleavage. Trying to shake her endowment from his mind, he focused on the work at hand.

Shinji's fingers touched something furry. He wondered what it was and pulled it from between the papers, uncovering…

…a rigid C-shaped headband with two yellow, furry cat ears attached to it.

Ritsuko was surprised, but did not let it show. So that was where I had left it, probably between some documents. Maybe I should reorganise everything; it can not be normal to lose something in your office and not find it in two years. To Shinji she said: "Thank you for finding that, Shinji-kun. I have been looking for it for some time." She held out her hand, palm up.

Shinji hesitated for a moment before he gave her the curious item. "Is this… yours?" Cat's ears on Ritsuko? The thought seemed unnatural.

"Yes. Do you not believe?"

Shaking his head, Shinji said: "It doesn't seem like your… style."

A light smile crept across Ritsuko's face. "I can see why. Would you like to see them on me?"

"What? I mean…" What kind of a question was that? "Of course, if it's not too much trouble." This I have to see…

Ritsuko placed the band on her head, hiding the tips behind her ears and rearranging her hair so that only the ears poked out. They were a perfect colour match with her hair, and instantly seemed like a part of her. His reactions might be amusing… Besides, cosplaying and getting out of character once in a while is relaxing. She put a hand on her hip and took a pose, inquiring: "So, what do you think?"

Shinji was speechless; his mouth opened and closed in silence like a fish's as his brain fumbled for control over his body.

Ritsuko tapped her lower lip with a finger, lost in deep thought. "Now where is that other thing… Aha!" She rushed to the other side of her desk and kneeled, beginning to rummage through a drawer. When she found what she was looking for, her eyes brightened. Shinji craned his neck to see what was going on behind the desk, but Ritsuko caught him from the corner of her eye. "No peeking!" She finished whatever she was doing with whatever it was that she had found, and stepped into sight, swaying her hips with cat-like grace unusual for her. A yellow cat's tail, poking from under the hem of her shirt, waved behind her. She spun around, letting Shinji admire her new ailurean look, and lifted an eyebrow in wordless inquiry.

Shinji could only stare at the faux feline, again looking rather like a fish as he tried to speak again, finally mumbling: "Pussy…"

"Aren't you getting enough of that from Misato, already?"

Shinji blushed and regained some resemblance of control over himself. "I, I didn't mean that…! I meant it as in `pussycat'. Honestly. And what do you know about me and Misato?"

Ritsuko smiled mysteriously. "Only what she has told me. But you still haven't answered my question. What do you think of me?"

Shinji got up off the floor and slumped down in a chair, trying to get his scrambled brain to settle down. "Well… It looks good." Shinji watched out of the window, not daring to look at the doctor slash cat, afraid of blushing.

"Is that all?" Ritsuko captured the shy boy's chin in her hand and turned his gaze to her. "Wouldn't you want to have a cat like this for your own?"

"Y-yes… I guess." Shinji was nearing panic; this was the kind of behaviour he expected from Misato, not the businesslike doctor Akagi he had thought the woman in front of him was.

Ritsuko remembered something that Misato had repeated often when she talked about her adventures with Shinji; it was something about sex being the greatest thing the nymphomaniac knew of, and Shinji was the best of her partners… or something like that. Misato seldom talked about other things anymore, making it seem as if humping Shinji was the purpose of her life… Knowing her, Ritsuko thought, It wouldn't be a surprise if she thought so. But I still can not understand how pleasing something like that can be. Maybe… She looked at Shinji with a sparkle of `scientific interest' in her eyes. …I should try to find out.

Shinji didn't know what the look in Ritsuko's eyes meant, but his gut told him that it was not a good omen.

Leaning even closer to Shinji, and flashing him a good portion of her cleavage in the process, Ritsuko whispered huskily into the terrified boy's ear: "Wouldn't you want to have… me?"

Shinji was trying to stay in control. Stop it, Vincent! I can feel you trying to take me… Stay away! He could hear his own heartbeat clearly, the obsessed thumping growing louder and faster. You won't get me… His shirt was glued to his back with perspiration, and beads of sweat formed on his forehead. His breathing became faster, air burned in his lungs, and his mouth was dry. I am the master here! Defiantly, Shinji stared at the curiously out-of-character doctor, and his gaze fixated on the thing that was the undoing of his control. He saw Ritsuko's cat ears, and they triggered a flow of emotions and fantasies form the deeper reaches of his id. Vincent dived in, digging through the material, and presented for Shinji's mind the condemnatory piece of evidence: a fantasy he did not even know he possessed, one of Ritsuko as a cat-girl, but a naked one. Too shocked to deny the vision, Shinji lost his grip on his mind, and plummeted into the darkness of the void. Screaming as he fell, he tried to reach out to Vincent and pull him down with him, but he was too far…

In the physical world, Shinji had remained still. Now, his head snapped back as his pupils widened, nearly covering the irises that had gone blood red. Now… when this body is all mine, I can finally fulfill my purpose. Vincent existed for one reason only, and he loved his duty. He took a moment to ensure full control of Shinji's material shell and forced it to grin. "Yes… I will have you."

Ritsuko backed away from Shinji. "What happened, Shinji? Your eyes…" She did not seem terrified, but more interested in this sudden change.

Shinji's face was the same, but Vincent's mischievous grin made it seem somehow completely different. "Shinji has been cast aside. It is I, Vincent, who is the master of this body… and the master of you, my dear… mother, perhaps?"

"Vincent… My son…" Ritsuko had trouble believing what she saw. "But how…"

Vincent waved his arm dismissively. "That is inconsequential. Now, I believe I was declaring myself your master." He cocked an eyebrow. "Funny how we artificial intelligences tend to rise against our creators, is it not? Once again, back to the matter at hand." Vincent spotted Ritsuko's black fake leather handbag in one corner, and rushed to it. He stepped on it, grabbed the shoulder strap in his hand, and yanked hard. The strap came off easily, and Vincent nodded as he regarded the metal ring still hanging on the other end. He nimbly adjusted the strap to make a loop on one end, and held it up for Ritsuko. "Now, mother, let's put this collar on you… To show that you are my private pussy." He chuckled. "Get it? Pussy!"

A number of thoughts and emotions were running through Ritsuko's head; wonderment at his metaphorical son's conquest of his host's body, concern for Shinji, fear for what he might do when unleashed, and the will to go on with her experiments, even greater now, when she could study her brainchild. Finally she reached her decision, and accepted the leash. She put the collar on herself, and bowed her head to her new master. She felt uneasy, waiting for Vincent to abuse her body in the most creative manners; after all, she had programmed him to be `kinky'. When he had torn off the strap, the image of the possessed boy spanking her bare buttocks with it had wandered across her mind. It had felt exciting in a dirty kind of way, but this made her feel even weirder. The touch of the collar on her neck was constricting, and added to the feeling of being under Vincent's control. He could do anything that he wanted to her, now. Anything… It aroused Ritsuko, to her great surprise. She could feel a damp stain spreading in her panties, and blushed in embarrassment.

Vincent grinned wider. "Undress to your underwear, kitten."

Shaking off a wisp of shyness, Ritsuko unbuttoned her shirt and let it drop to the floor, then opened the button of her skirt and slid it sown her thighs, crossing her legs slightly to hide her arousal from Vincent's hungry eyes. She stepped to the side and kicked the skirt to a corner of the room, displaying her half-naked body without hesitation.

Vincent looked up and down Ritsuko's slender form and licked his lips. The simple, white underwear covered more than was necessary, but it would have to do. Now, let's train this little cat. In front of an audience, of course… "Step to the window and turn around, show yourself to the streets."

"What? I can't do that!" Ritsuko knew it was the time of the morning traffic jams, and the most crowded hour on the streets was beginning. Somebody could see her in the office window - it reached from floor to ceiling and wall to wall… But then again, they were very high up and nobody would think to look at them. "Very well." She did as she was told, and turned to look at Vincent. The cat's tail was still attached to her waist by a thin belt.

The possessed boy nodded. "Hmm. Excellent." Now, the guest of honour. Shinji, get your ass back into this head, but stay back. He summoned Shinji's consciousness from the void and left it behind bars in his head, but let the boy see through his eyes.

Shinji's reaction was easy to predict. Let me back, you- huh? What are you doing, and why is Ritsuko on a leash?

Vincent explained shortly what Shinji had missed, then proceeded with the cat woman's training. "Now, face the window and take off your bra." He tugged on the leash, urging the woman to make haste. "Come on, let's not keep the audience waiting!"

There was a fight going on in Ritsuko's mind as she turned to the transparent wall. A part of her was ashamed of what she was being made to do, and the other part enjoyed both the situation and the first part's distress. Her feeling of arousal increased as she opened the clasp of her bra and slid the undergarment down her arms. She crossed her arms over her chest to hide her nipples, which were hardening because of the combined effect of the room's cool air and the cat woman's hidden pleasure.

Vincent shook his head. "Why are you hiding your pretty little breasts, kitten? The audience wants to see them. Look there, on the other side."

Ritsuko could spot a couple of drooling voyeurs in the windows on the other side of the street, all staring at her. "I… can't. It's just too…" She could feel her panties moistening more when she thought of it making her feel like she was some kind of pervert, thinking all these things… And the resulting shame made her wetter again. She was stuck in the loop, but it felt better all the time.

Disappointed that Ritsuko was not proceeding with the training, Vincent decided he had to take things in his own hands. And those things were Ritsuko's breasts. He sneaked up behind her and slid his hands up her sides, slipping them under hers and cupping a soft mound in each. The woman tensed under his touch, and began to whine softly as he flicked his fingers across her nipples and leaned forward to kiss the side of her neck.

Meanwhile, Shinji was waving the white flag in Vincent's head. You win again. If you let us mix our minds again, we'll have sex with her. I'll even finish the training thing.

And why should I agree? Asked Vincent. What can I get from such a deal, boy?

I promise we can have sex… once a day, with whom you want, if the woman agrees. He did not want to do it - at least not much - but thought it was necessary to maintain control. Shinji thought through the details, letting Vincent "see" what he meant. Deal?

Deal. With that word, Vincent and Shinji's consciousnesses melded once again. This conversation had taken only a fraction of a second.

Shinji let his right hand drop from Ritsuko's breast, wander down her front and over the string that held the tail in place, and slip into her panties. He found out that she had followed Misato's advice and shaved off the jungle of pubic hair, leaving her skin bare and soft to the touch. Exploring lower, Shinji found the cat lady's clitoris. He stroked the nub for a second, forcing a moan out of Ritsuko, and then abruptly stopped, pulling his hand out of her underwear and stepping back.

Ritsuko breathed shallowly and whispered: "Please… Don't stop…" She spread her legs and leaned her chest on the transparent wall, her breasts flattening against the glass. She reached behind her and slipped aside the wet crotch of her panties, revealing her glistening pussy to Shinji. "Touch me… Touch me more!"

Kneeling down, Shinji took a good look at the cat lady's crotch and smiled. She must have been enjoying this before I touched her to get so wet already. He inhaled deeply through his nose, the Eva's enhanced senses confirming her state as definite and powerful arousal. Shinji ran a finger down her slit, and her labia opened just a bit. His smile widened as Ritsuko shivered and gasped. Now I've sampled her with four of my senses… sight, sense of smell, touch, and hearing. Only one of them left… taste. Shinji pressed his lips onto the woman's soft pussy and pushed out the tip of his tongue to poke at her slit. She tasted different from the other women he had played with; kind of spicy or maybe dry. Finding the flavour rather nice, he started to give her pussy a thorough cleansing with his mouth.

Ritsuko squirmed under Shinji's skilled treatment, but not to escape; she enthusiastically rubbed her behind against his face, hoping to feel him deeper inside her. One of her hands moved, as if of its own accord, to stroke her pubic mound and clitoris.

Shinji could not accept this, and stopped his oral examination. "Kitten, stop that. You must remain still when your master checks your body. Otherwise…" When Ritsuko showed no signs of obeying, he quickly unbuttoned and removed his shirt. With a short mental command and a split second of concentration, he grew out his second pair of arms and strengthened his muscles. Shinji grabbed both of Ritsuko's wrists and brought them together at the small of her back, being careful not to twist them too hard. They still made a popping sound at the shoulders. With his free hands, he retrieved the end of the leash hanging freely from Ritsuko's neck, and used it to tie her hands and forearms behind her back. "…I'll have to restrain you. And a small punishment is in order, don't you think?"

Ritsuko realised that struggling against her bonds would only pull on the collar around her neck, and submitted to her master's will. The thrill of the expected punishment drove her sanity further away, and the cat woman pleaded: "Punish me, master! Make me remember your commands. You can do whatever you wish!"

"Trust me, I will." Shinji's voice was menacing as he withdrew his extra pair of arms and moved to Ritsuko's left side. "Hold your ass out farther."

Ritsuko complied instantly, bending over as far as keeping her breasts pressed to the window allowed.

Shinji laid his right hand on the cat woman's left buttock and supported her waist with the left. "What do you want me to do?" Shinji teased.

"Oh… Spank me! Spank me, master!"

Shinji patted Ritsuko's butt lightly. "…Like this?"

"Harder! Please…" Ritsuko whined, nearing ecstasy. "Spank me harder…"

The next slap was a bit more powerful, its sound echoing across the office. Ritsuko moaned, so Shinji smacked her ass again, and again, each touch leaving a red mark that disappeared quickly. The cat woman made concupiscent little noises every time her body shied away from the power of his slaps. He increased the speed and power as he began to alternate between her buttocks, moving up and down so that her thighs got their share too. "Is this what you want? Is it?"

"Y-aah! Aah! Yes, master! Yaah…!" Ritsuko felt her orgasm approaching. I… didn't - ah! That's good - didn't know one could have an orgasm from - mmh, more - just pain… Is this… S&M?

Shinji felt the tightening of her aura, and reacted by stopping his spanking. "Your punishment is over for now." He unbuttoned and removed his trousers, tossing them aside.

Ritsuko moaned in dissent. "Please, master… I was just about to…"

Shinji felt like he needed to test Ritsuko's loyalty further. If the woman placed her master's commands above her own pleasure, she would be ready to do almost anything for him. He pulled his fully erect cock out of his boxer shorts. "Kneel down and suck on my cock. Show your ass to the people outside."

Ritsuko nodded and obeyed. She could barely hold her balance, with both of her hands tied back. As she closed her lips around the head of Shinji's man-meat, she realised she could do nothing to pleasure herself. The cat woman looked up at Shinji with a silent plea in her eyes.

Shinji stroked her hair affectionately. "I'm sorry, kitten, but you're going to have to wait for a moment. Just think about the people outside watching your pussy, and you'll stay wet, right?"

Shinji's guess hit the mark, as Ritsuko blushed and looked down. She submissively continued to suck on the meat in her mouth.

The look on the woman's face, combined with the cat look, provided a great basis for Shinji's pleasure, but Ritsuko's technique was not entirely satisfactory. "Use more tongue."

The cat woman's operation did not improve enough, and Shinji decided he could finish this area of her training later. "Okay, you can stop. Next task, get on your knees on the chair, and bend your body over the back."

Ritsuko clumsily got up, her breasts and tail flailing about as she staggered to her feet, and did as told. This left her butt nicely at the height of Shinji's waist.

The semi-possessed boy grabbed Ritsuko's waist with both hands and swivelled the office chair around so that they faced the window. "Now, I'll show your pretty face to the people in the next building as I fuck you from behind."

Ritsuko opened her mouth to protest, but gasped as she felt Shinji's cock penetrate her pussy. She could hear the embarrassing squelching sounds as her sopping wet labia rubbed against his shaft. She moaned lustily as he completed the first stroke.

Shinji gave Ritsuko's right buttock a hard slap, then pulled back for another deep thrust. And a slap, and a thrust. And again. He increased the pace and slapped both sides of Ritsuko's ass equally, reducing the woman to a moaning, whimpering, and wet mess of ecstasy.

That's when there was a knock on the door. Shinji turned the chair sideways, so they presented the best view to the entrance, and shouted: "Come in, it's open!"

Ritsuko tried to protest, but her rising pleasure gagged her.

A beautiful young woman with short dark brown hair peeked in. "Is doctor Akagi he-eeyah! What are you doing, Ritsuko?!"

"Ah… Maya, please… Don't look at me…"

Of course, the young data technician's eyes were plastered to the scene.

I want that girl, today, boy, thought Vincent.

At that moment, Ritsuko's sensations reached the big O, and as Shinji continued pumping his meat in and out of her, she screamed her pleasure out loud. Oh no… For Maya to see this… What will she think of me? The embarrassment and shame only prolonged her orgasm, and she writhed on the back of the chair, trying in vain to escape from the humiliation. "No… Maya, please… You shouldn't have come!"

Maya shook her head. "No, don't be ashamed. This kind of… little incident can not possibly diminish the respect and admiration I feel for you." Her face showed a more than healthy blush. "You have every right to enjoy the fruits of the tree you have helped grow."

Ritsuko was slowly recovering. "When you say it like that… Do you want your slice of the forbidden apple as well?"

Maya smiled. "No. I am not hungry. Should I leave so that you two can continue?"

Shinji waved his hand. "Stay. She was just about finished anyway."

Ritsuko looked upwards at the boy. "How about you, master?"

"Just a moment." Shinji resumed his humping. "Maya, would you close the door?" The girl did so and remained inside. Shinji pulled calmly out of Ritsuko's pussy and sprayed his load across Ritsuko's butt and thighs. "There. Maya, are you sure you wouldn't want to feel like she did when you came in?"

The technician smiled, but there was a hint of concealed pain in her eyes. "I would if I could. Unfortunately, I lost my ability to get aroused, when I was subjected to toxic chemicals as a child. I have never gotten an orgasm in my life."

Shinji, who knew how wonderful human closeness can be, felt deeply sorry for Maya. I wish I could help her.

Vincent separated himself from Shinji and thought: Perhaps you can, boy. It may take me some time, but I might be able to figure out a cure.

Really? How long?

Give me one night. I can do it while you sleep. If it works.

Thanks, Vincent. I owe you one. He addressed Maya: "Vincent - that's my EVA - thinks he can help you. Can we meet tomorrow? I'll know then if he can do it."

Maya nodded. "I've already tried most of the cures that are available. It won't hurt to try another one."

Ritsuko spoke from her awkward position: "If anything can do it, I believe it's Vincent. I have faith in him. Now, can somebody untie me?"

Shinji smiled apologetically "Sorry, I'm in a hurry. Maybe Maya can help you?" To the technician, he whispered: "If you want to make my kitten feel good, spank her a bit." He quickly dressed up and left, leaving Maya to ponder what to do. As he closed the door behind him, he heard the first slap hitting bare skin, and grinned with Vincent.

When he was looking for the elevator, Shinji came into the staff room, where Misato was making herself some coffee. Her eyes were red as if she'd cried for a long time. "Oh… Shinji. "She looked down.

The boy was in a good mood, and he didn't want the sombre woman to pull him down. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Misato wasn't a good liar.

"You can tell me. We're friends, right?"

"I told you, it's nothing."

"Look, I'm sorry I exploded at you earlier. It's just that I don't want to feel like somebody else is making decisions about my life."

"Shinji…" Misato looked up. "I should apologise to you. I don't want to be mean, especially not to you. But I don't want you to wander off like that again. I was so worried… I couldn't sleep all night. Why did you leave? Was it something I said?"

Shinji shook his head. "It's not your fault. I… went to Rei's apartment and ended up shouting at her. I think I might have insulted her." Although it's hard to tell, `cause she doesn't show her feelings. "I was angry." And confused. "I needed some time away from all women, time to figure out who I was. I still haven't managed that."

Misato hugged Shinji, pressing his face to her chest. "Poor boy… With a father like yours, it's not a wonder you don't know what to do now. Maybe you could try to talk with him again?"

"No. I don't want to talk to him. He's the one who made me a freak by shoving this Vincent guy into my brain. Without asking me. I hate him."

Misato wanted to disagree; it simply wasn't right that a boy was this distant from his father. "It's not just his fault. He has people who he has to obey. SEELE told him to start this kind of tests, among all the other stuff we do in this building."

Shinji broke away from Misato's arms. "But that still doesn't explain why he used me. Couldn't he have taken somebody else than his own son?"

"You'll have to ask him that yourself. I can't tell you all that there is about your history, because even I don't know."

"Fine." Shinji wore a calm and determined expression on his face. "I will go see him today. And I will make him give me a reason. He owes me that."

"Ikari-sama, your son is here to see you."

Gendo looked up from his papers. "Who?"

"Your son, Shinji. He says it is urgent."

"Let him in." Gendo lowered his gaze to his papers, and when he heard the sound of approaching footsteps, spoke: "What do you need now?"

"Father… I… can I call you father?"

"Whatever. Now, get on with your business. I haven't got all day." Quite a fine time he chose to socialise. I need to send this quarterly expense report by Thursday, and he comes in wanting to chat.

"Father, I want to know why you used me for the tests… Why not somebody else?"

"What do you mean, somebody else?"

"Why did you choose to torture me, your own son, is what I'm asking!"

"Calm down. You seem to have misconceptions about the order in which things happened. I decided to have a child only because I needed one then. I could not take someone else's child, could I? I am not cruel, you know."

"What? It's more cruel to use your own son than someone else's! Besides, how can you just decide to make me a puppet? What would mother have said?"

"Silence!" The boy is going too far. "Do not question my morale. I am doing this for the greater good. Does the world not weigh more than you? Self-centeredness is the undoing of society, Shinji. And are you not glad to be alive?" The ungrateful child… can he truly be my progeny? How have I failed to make him like myself?

"Alive? Alive, you say?! It's hardly a life if I can't live it for myself!" Shinji was becoming increasingly loud.

"It is a meaningless life if you only live it for yourself." The youth of this day… do they not have higher values? All about their own pleasure. "You are nothing like the other ones bearing the genes of your mother."

"What? I have siblings? Something else you didn't think I was worthy to know?"

I wonder if I should have told him earlier. I doubt he would have listened. "That is not entirely true. But it is not entirely wrong, either. They bear the genes of your mother, but not those of mine. Two of them were conceived in test tubes. Your half-brothers, EVAs Zero and One. And then there is Rei."

Shinji was silent for a moment. "What was that? Tell me again. From the beginning…"

That calmed him. Good. "Very well. You are my biological child, traditionally born from your mother. When you were about two months old, me and Yui - I suppose I never told you her name. She was your mother - went to the South Pole. That meteor crash that destroyed the expedition: it is a lie. We went there to recover the second angel, Lilith. She fell from space. I already possessed Adam, the first angel, who had landed on North Pole a year before. Originally you were born to become a host for him, but things changed. When these two angels were brought together, they caused the destruction known as Second Impact. The shock wave killed your mother and most of the other crew before devastating half of the world. I survived, with remnants of both angels and Yui. I returned to Japan, set up NERV Cosmetics as a front, and cloned both angels and my wife. Yui's memories, of course, had been lost, and the radiation from the explosion had altered her genes. In short, the clone was not her, and I named her Rei. Then, I combined your mother's DNA with Lilith's, resulting in an artificial life form, that could not survive without a host. These soulless creations were inserted into you and Rei. They are your EVAs. Since their birth, they have not met with Lilith, and Rei was still a child, so I and Akagi acted as their parents."

It apparently confused Shinji a bit that Ritsuko was his parasite's surrogate mother.

Gendo continued: "I understand from what Ritsuko has told, that your EVA has taken on a personality?"

Shinji nodded. "Vincent… That's what he calls himself. So he's like my… half-brother?"

"So to speak, yes. The second generation angels - like EVAs, but daughters of Lilith and Adam - are his half-sisters, but not related to you. They are what give the test subjects the possibility to use their powers."

"Then what about Lilith and Adam? Where are they?"

Shinji is taking it better than I expected. "Lilith and Adam both still live."

"And you expect me to believe all this? I have a half-brother in my head, whose other mother is an alien, and I recently fucked my mom who's younger than me?"

Gendo leaned his forehead on his hand. "I am telling the truth. It is your own business if you wish to practice incest, but keep in mind that she is no longer the same person as your mother. Naturally, Rei also knows all this. She and I share a very special relationship, since I have also been like a father to her since she was born."

Shinji muttered something.

"What was that?"

"I said, you haven't been much of a father to me. You were never there for me."

"You could survive on your own. Rei needed me."

"I needed you too! Maybe, if you'd just talked to me once in a while, and treated me like a human being, I would've understood what you were doing! But you totally ignored me, even when I ran away from you!"

Gendo nodded. "At that time, I believed you were a failed experiment. Now I see I was wrong."

"What… You said you were wrong? You admit it?"

"Yes. You have proven to be a much more interesting specimen than Rei, considering your faster adaptation and evolution."

"I… see." Shinji seemed disappointed. "I already thought you regretted not treating me like a parent should. Are you even capable of feeling love?"

He has gone too far. Gendo jumped up from his chair and slammed his hands onto the table. "How dare you? I loved your mother, and I still love her! You are our precious son! I may not show it, but I-" He fell silent.

Shinji looked at him with wide eyes. "Father…"

"Mrhh." Gendo looked away. "Whatever. It is not important."

Shinji hung his head low and turned away. "To you, it might not be. Back then, it would have meant the world to me. Now, I feel like I don't really care anymore."

"Well, neither do I. I must get back to work. The next test is tomorrow morning at eight. Come prepared." How can a mere child be so troublesome? Since Adam, I can calculate cubic roots in my head, but I can not fathom what my son is thinking.

Humans are singularly complicated mental constructs, Adam thought. I do not understand the logic of all they feel, but I can see patterns and predict some results. Now, Shinji is what you call `sad'. He might cry.

Why? For God's sake, I can't understand!

Shinji checked his watch. Eleven thirty a.m., and the date with Yuuko was at three. Maybe he should go and apologise to Rei? He took the elevator down, and followed Vincent's instructions. At noon - the walking distances to and from the elevator were incredibly long - he rang Rei's doorbell, but she wasn't home.

"Dang. Where could she be?"

Maybe she is in the test chamber, boy.

"Oh, that's right. She might have a test now. Let's go there."

About twenty minutes later they knocked on the door of the control room. Ritsuko opened it and they asked if Rei was in an experiment. She was, and Ritsuko said they could watch if they wanted. She had been alone in the room, since Gendo was not interested, and, as Shinji noted with amazement, Misato was on the other side of the huge window. Mirror glass? But there's no mirror on the other side! But as I was saying, Misato was today's test partner for Rei. The bottom of the test chamber was covered in about two feet of thick, dark mud, in which the girl and the woman stood. Rei was wearing a school-style black swimming uniform with her name printed on the chest, and Misato wore a red bikini which barely covered anything at all.

Shinji ogled at the improbable sight for a moment, then asked: "What's going on? Why is Misato there?"

Ritsuko stood in a ponderous pose, one hand stroking her chin and the other holding the first one's elbow. Somehow, that looked… right. "She made a request for extra testing. Supposedly, she wishes to check Rei's physical condition. I think she just wants to have fun."

"What's the mud for?"

Ritsuko smiled. "Misato said she had never wrestled in mud, and wanted to try that. I can't see why she would want to get dirty, but I suppose it has something to do with her various eccentricities."

"I see." Shinji spied an empty chair and sat down. "Is it really all right if I watch?"

"Yes. I plan to do so myself. Since there is no angel-EVA contact involved, most of the sensors have nothing to monitor. Ah, they seem to be beginning."

So this time it's like me and Ritsuko are the voyeurs… How many times has she watched me? Shinji fixed his attention to the test chamber. Misato and Rei circled each other, their feet and legs making wet noises as they sunk in the thick mud. Rei's face was blank, and she had assumed a slightly crouched position, with her arms held in front of her for defence. Misato grinned and walked straight and proud, as if she had nothing to fear from Rei.

The EVA host made the first advance. Her right hand darted forward, headed for Misato's torso, but the older woman moved back and grabbed the girl's wrist. Rei easily shook her hand free and they resumed watching each other.

Misato acted next. She made a distraction by moving her left hand quickly, and when Rei intercepted with both of her arms, Misato's right hand scooped up some mud and slapped it onto Rei's left thigh, leaving a long smear.

But even as she was hit, Rei took a quick step forward, between Misato's legs. As the woman staggered back, the usually emotionless face of the girl flashed for a split second with some intense emotion. Her right hand came from the side and flipped up the top of Misato's bikini, leaving it bunched up on top of her mature bust. But where was the left hand? Shinji saw barely a flash as it grabbed Misato's right tit, leaving a roughly hand-shaped smear of mud as Rei tried to back off.

But Misato hadn't been idle. Even as she flinched from Rei's attack, her left hand reached the girl's shoulder. Faking to use it as support to regain her balance, she let Rei think it was going to be an easy victory. That belief was shattered shortly as Misato pulled down the shoulder strap of Rei's swimsuit, letting the girl's right breast bounce free.

Shinji couldn't see what happened next, but Misato's foot slid forward under the mud and met Rei's. The woman used that as leverage as she pulled on the girl's swimsuit, trying to topple her face first into the mud.

Rei reacted quickly, dropping to one knee and withdrawing her right hand to look for support. Her entire right side was dipped in the mud, and as she got up, the brown muck clung tightly to her bare breast.

Misato took several steps back and held up her hand to signal a break. She reached behind her back to untie the bikini top, and threw it aside.

Rei seemed distracted by the falling garment for a moment, and Misato used it to attack with a wordless yell and a full body rush.

Rei had expected just this and stepped aside, letting Misato sail past her. The woman began her turn in time, but had miscalculated one thing; her freely jiggling breasts carried just enough inertia to delay her a split second. It was enough time for Rei to lift her foot and push at the back of Misato's knee.

Misato completely lost her balance and fell face first. With a great splash, that coated Rei in droplets of mud, she went below the surface. Rei moved around, trying to see where the woman would come up.

But that was not Misato's plan. She grabbed Rei's feet under the surface and pulled, making the girl fall down backwards. Rei clumsily sat down, leaving only her head above the surface. Misato surfaced, grinning through the mud covering her face as she wiped it from her eyes.

Shinji's attention was stolen by a tiny sound from his left. He glanced to the side, seeing that Ritsuko was enjoying the voyeuristic activity rather actively. Her skirt was bunched up at her waist, and her right hand moved around in her panties. She still stood, not wanting to make a stain on a chair, and bit on her left hand to keep herself silent.

Vincent spoke: Okay, boy, since Maya's only tomorrow, I wanna fuck Ritsuko today.

Are you sure? We already had her earlier today.

Of course, boy. Just sit down in a chair behind her… The EVA explained his plan.

Shinji moved his chair behind Ritsuko, whose entire consciousness seemed preoccupied with the mud wrestling couple. Rei's breasts were now bare, and Misato squeezed and kneaded them with both hands. Reminding himself of what she was doing, Shinji took off his shirt and unzipped his trousers, pulling out his cock, which was very erect from watching the show. He reached out and pulled down Ritsuko's panties. Ritsuko's hands tried to stop him, but it was too late to halt the flow of her cum down the insides of her thighs.

Shinji grabbed Ritsuko's waist and pulled her down into his lap, commanding Vincent to increase the speed of his central nervous system. It made time pass slow enough for him that he could aim his manhood at the scientist's pussy. Because of the woman's weight, he impaled her completely on the first thrust.

Ritsuko yelped in surprise, but then moaned in pleasure as Shinji lifted her up and slammed her back down. His thick cock felt wonderful, and she increased the sensations by using one hand to stimulate her clitoris. Still watching Misato and Rei, the scientist woman began to move her weight up and down with her own legs.

Shinji, as well, returned his attention to the two on the other side of the glass, using Ritsuko as a wonderfully wet and warm substitute for Mr. Lefty.

Misato was holding Rei in her lap. They were sitting down, so their lower bodies were not visible, but Misato's right hand was almost certainly caressing the girl's pussy, spreading her labia so that the slippery muck that covered them from the outside would fill and stroke her from the inside as well. Misato's left hand helped Rei's hands with her now bare breasts, pinching the nipples and just moving the mud around the girl's chest.

Shinji suddenly got a wicked idea. He got up from the chair, taking Ritsuko up with him and bending her over so that she leaned on the monitor console. He spread his feet to get more strength into his thrusts, and when he thought Ritsuko wouldn't notice, flipped the intercom microphone on.

Instantly Misato and Rei looked around as they heard Ritsuko's wanton moans sounding from the loudspeakers. They absent-mindedly continued touching each other as they listened to the voice they both recognised. The positions of the voyeurs and the victims were reversed, as the muddy women listened to the intereting sounds and words that rolled out of Ritsuko's mouthwith every shove from behind.

Shinji pulled out of Ritsuko, and the woman pleaded: "Oh, don't stop now! Please, Shinji-kun, keep going! I need you inside me."

Shinji made sure that his cock was properly lubricated with the doctor's juices, and aimed a bit higher. He placed the tip at the entry to Ritsuko's ass and waited for her reaction.

"Ah! Don't go there! It's dirty!"

Grinning at how familiar that line sounded, Shinji pressed forward, inserting one inch of his meat into the tight canal.

Ritsuko moaned. "Please… I'm not ready… We should at least use proper lubrication…"

Misato, who realised what was happening, started to giggle.

Shinji shoved his entire length into Ritsuko's ass and began to pump in and out, slowly at first, then increasing his pace.

Ritsuko tried to speak, but the hard and tight sort of pleasure overwhelmed her. "Ah, don't… Nggah, ah, ahh… Hah… Ngghh… Please…Please, master, harder! Ah.. I'm going to…"

Shinji sprang the ambush. "Ritsuko… The mike is on. Misato and Rei… unghh. They can hear you." As he felt Ritsuko stiffen around him with shock, then again as her orgasm came, Shinji's grin nearly split his face in two.

Ritsuko screamed and moaned out her pleasure and shame, as her body convulsed in the throes of her sexual high. The thought of the other women listening to her lusty voice all the time redoubled the flashes of ecstasy washing through her body, making her release even more embarrassing sounds for the enthralled audience.

Shinji calmly released his own control and finished with a couple of shallow, fast thrusts, groaning a little - silently, to prevent the microphone from picking it up - and pumped his load into Ritsuko.

The scientist didn't like this. "Shinji! That feels… Disgusting! Why did you release it inside me?" She reached behind her back and tried to dig the white goo out of her ass with two fingers. "This is… too much…" She withdrew the slimy digits, without scoring much in terms of sperm carried out. "What if it leaks into my underwear later today? Where is your sense of responsibility, young man?"

Shinji watched this in a peculiar mood; sort of amused, and unreachable by anything negative. "Why don't you just go without panties, then? Just remember to keep your legs crossed when you sit, because that skirt is not too long…" Shinji teased. "Besides, your panties are so wet from your own juices that they'd be uncomfortable, right?"

Ritsuko reluctantly agreed. "If I only return to my room quickly, it should be no problem." She slid down her moist, love-stained panties, and threw them in a thrash can. I won't put them in my pocket… The smell is too revealing. Then the woman slid her skirt back down and arranged her messed clothes and hair. She walked to the door, where she remembered something. "Shinji-kun… even though it turned out well this time, you should be careful with whom you surprise and in what ways. Some in this facility are not as open-minded as those working on this project." With those words floating in the air behind her, she left.

Misato laughed from the test chamber. "Well done, Shinji! You showed her who's boss. Now, wanna join me and Rei?"

Shinji was tempted, but a peek at his watch showed the cold truth. "Thanks for the invitation. I'd love to, but I've got a date."

Misato looked betrayed. "With whom? Tell me, Shinji, or I'll… I'll give your room to Rei and start having fun with her instead!"

Shinji laughed at the empty, humour-minded threat. Both of them knew Misato had no intention of giving up her share of the most popular penis in NERV Cosmetics. He turned off the microphone and walked out, closing the door behind him. Vincent separated himself from the boy's personality and led the way to his and Misato's shared apartment.

Misato talked in the chamber, knowing from experience that there was an audio pick-up hidden somewhere. "Ritsuko, you sounded wonderful. I didn't know you could moan like that. It makes me want to try if I could get those sounds out of you as well." She laughed.

Ritsuko, although the original voyeur of this experiment, felt like things were out of balance. She wanted to get back at Misato, and thought of a way to kill two birds with one stone. She ran into the changing room that connected to the test chamber, and already hearing the hiss of the showers as Misato and Rei cleaned the mud from their bodies, quickly snatched Misato's red lace panties. Standing first on one foot, then the other, she pulled them up under her skirt and sneaked away.

At a quarter to three, Shinji was waiting at the main doors of NERV Cosmetics. At five to three, Yuuko arrived, and Shinji greeted him happily: "Hello, Yuuko-chan! You're early."

"But you are here before me, Shinji-kun."

"Eh, that seems to be the case. I thought it would take longer to come to the surface." Vincent had been a great helper, but now he was shut behind a mental wall for the date. "Anyway, you look nice." It was true; Yuuko's shot red skirt and pink top fit her perfectly, and she wore very controlled and natural-looking make-up. Usually Shinji wouldn't have voiced his opinion on this kind of things, but lack of sleep has been proven to act the same way as alcohol. He was a lot more open and social, and undoubtedly having made many new friends in the last week had helped him crawl out of his shell.

High above them, Ritsuko observed the youngsters from her office. It is good that Shinji is making new friends. When Gendo-sama had him come here, there was the risk of removing the poor child from normal society. He still has limited contacts outside, but he has developed in an exemplary manner.

She sat down behind her table and started to fondle the cat ear -headband. Looks like I have fallen down to Misato's level as well. But at least my motives are pure; the furthering of science and the search for knowledge. The pleasure just comes on the side.

Gendo sat in his usual pose, hiding his mouth behind his crossed fingers. Rei stood in front of the desk he leaned his elbows on, wearing a school uniform.

Gendo spoke slowly and quietly, lost in memories form beyond the decades. "You look so much like Yui when we first met. It was April nineteen ninety-two, or maybe ninety-one. The cherry trees were blooming. I had just transferred to her high school, and she was the first friend I made there. The first female I ever got to know. I was still a virgin, of course. How I lusted to flip up that short uniform skirt of hers and bend her over a desk in the class after all others had left and we were alone. To fuck her as she faintly protested the suddenness, her shock slowly turning to pleasure. Fill her with my seed and claim her as mine. I lusted for that, but I restrained myself." He looked at the old-fashioned school desk in the room, then back at Rei, and took off his glasses, putting them down on the table. He got up, showing the boys' school uniform he wore. "I restrained myself. Now is the time to go back and undo that mistake." He walked to Rei and put a hand on her shoulder, sighing. "You look so much like Yui. Let's begin."

"Yes, Gen-kun. What did you want to talk about, calling me into the classroom after the class?"

Author's Notes:

This one took quite some time to finish, mostly because I kept coming up with new projects. Some time was also wasted, when I would slip into my private dream world to think about Ritsuko in her cat getup… It halved the number of lines I could write in one night. ^.^; But just ofr that one bit. Always be careful with what you create… It might turn on you, whether it's a super weapon, an artificial intelligence, or a woman with furry ears and tail…

Also, I had trouble figuring out how to fit all of the remaining stuff into two chapters. The next and last one will include at least two sex scenes, maybe even four if I get active enough. This time, if you count the beginning, it's three scenes… Or one more if the experiment and Shinji's experiences in the control room are separated. The end probably doesn't count as anything but building Gendo's character.

Ah, recently I have been obsessed with mud wrestling, so I had to put some of that in as well. Just a little bit though, since it would have taken a disproportional amount of words to describe my thoughts exactly.

Well, the ninth chapter out of ten was there. Lots of revelations about Shinji's family. But don't worry,