NERV Cosmetics: Rest Period 4 - A Womans Touch



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These are thoughts, I think.

This is a word with stress put on it.

"Now I'm speaking", I told the readers, "And I'm stressing a word here."

Hello, this is an Eva speaking. Yes, i can stress a word!

Author's Notes, part 1:

I'm beginning the writing process now, with four of my (male) classmates gathered around me… Okay, playing Risk 2210 in the same room. The title is an invention of Martiska, the most perverted one of them, but reaches nowhere near the level of perversity he lives his nights at.

Update. I'm beginning this for the second time now, with all of the sex wiped out; it sucked (no pun intended). I hope the second attempt goes better. And I abandoned the idea of giving Shinji a vagina due to some reviewers disliking it. Besides, it wouldn't have fit in this chapter's sequence.

Rest Period 4 - A Woman's Touch

Shinji was sitting in the waiting room. He had not gone home yet, because the argument with Rei haunted in his mind, and he was resolved to think it through. How could Rei trust the famous Cold Bastard Ikari? Shinji knew his father would throw away his son if he believed he would not profit from supporting him. As a matter of fact, he had done just that before. There was no question about it: The only thing Gendo cared for, if it could be called caring, was his business. This pet project of his. Nothing could get between him and the profits he would possibly reap from his illegal research.

So why did Rei trust Gendo? Shinji knew she was wrong, and for some reason could not let the girl condemn herself in a deal with the Devil Ikari. He got nowhere by himself, and gave up. He wearily rose to his feet and began to drag them towards the exit. After exiting the elevator on his floor, he was halted by a now familiar voice.

"Shinji-kun! Please wait!" It was Yuuko, the pretty nurse with the pink hair. "I think your friend forgot something. Can you take it to her?" She held out a security card with the name and picture of Rei Ayanami on it.

Shinji looked at it for a moment and shook his head. "I don't think I'm in the mood to meet her right now. Sorry."

Yuuko cocked her head to the side. "What's the matter?" Her eyes sparked as she assessed the probable situation. "Did you have a fight?"

Shinji hesitated, then nodded. "There was a disagreement. But it doesn't matter, I'm all right."

"No you're not." Yuuko frowned. "I can tell it's not healthy to bottle up your feelings. You should go talk to her and clear things up between the two of you." She smiled. "Surely everything will be okay."

"Whatever. Okay, I'll go." Shinji accepted the card. "See you."

He ignored Yuuko's cheery salutation and walked away, feeling slightly better as he knew there was going to be at least some sort of a solution. Yet he kept a slow pace, hanging his head, and looked generally miserable. How can one little argument smash me like this? I must be weaker than I thought. Or just tired. Yeah, that's it. Tired.

Yuuko saw that with that speed, it would take half an hour for Shinji to get to Rei's apartment. "Shinji! I'm coming with you to keep you company. It's a long walk, after all."

Shinji nodded and stopped, so that Yuuko could catch up to him. She took a few running steps and latched onto his arm. "Hold my hand."

Shinji complied, and as he felt Yuuko's warm palm against his, her slender fingers entwining with his, his heartbeat quickened, his forehead began to sweat, and he felt warm inside. Is it fever? No, it's too sudden to be.

Yuuko saw that the need to cheer up Shinji was great, and began to talk. "You know, I'm studying to be a real doctor. My teacher says that I am ready to take the tests now, but I don't think so. And I like being a nurse. The uniform is cute, don't you think?"

Shinji looked to the side. The uniform was more than cute; it was the embodiment of one of the best known secret perversions encoded in the Japanese population's Y-chromosome. The skirt was cut high, and although the neckline was high, the white fabric clung tightly to Yuuko's bust. And of course, there was the adorable little hat. Shinji blushed and swallowed. Keep your cool. Don't stare. Look anywhere else. He turned his head to the opposite side.

Yuuko noticed his reactions, but showed no mercy as she proceeded to nudge Shinji towards diving deeper into carefree conversation, although it was more like a monologue at the moment. "Why do you look away, Shinji-kun? Do you hate the way I look?" This is surely the trigger to a strong reaction, Yuuko thought.

Shinji turned back. She couldn't have been more mistaken. "It's not like that. I do like you, and you look nice… It's just that…" I'm not too good at expressing myself, was what he wanted to say. "…I don't have the words to describe my feelings for you." Oops.

Yuuko was overjoyed. "Oh, Shinji-kun, I had no idea! I like you too!" She paused, blushed, and looked away. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to… force myself on you."

"It's okay. By the way, you're kinda cute when you're embarrassed." I didn't say that! No way I'd say that.

I said it. Vincent was thinking smug.

This is my body! Shinji looked at Yuuko, who was still blushing. "I… I…" They arrived to Ayanami's door. I've never felt like this before. I need to know… "Can I see you again, later?"

Yuuko nearly sparkled. "You're asking me out on a date? Of course!" She spun around, holding her hands to her chest. "Oh, my heart is racing. I am so happy!" She calmed down a bit. "I've got work tonight…"

A date? That's not how I meant it, but I can't say it now. Women are troublesome creatures. "So how about tomorrow? Three o' clock, at the main doors?" I'm not backing out.

"Sure! I'll be there. See you tomorrow, then!" Yuuko skipped merrily down the corridor. Finally, a date with my Shinji-kun! I've been dreaming about this ever since we met. She hummed happily until she got to her home, thirteen floors above Shinji's. After tossing her clothes into the laundry basket, she went to the shower. The warm water flowed soothingly over her young, smooth skin, as Yuuko began to rub shower gel onto her body. Her hands caressed her soft, small breasts, then slid down her abdomen, where one reached between her legs to clean her well-groomed triangle of fur. Shinji-kun is so cute. He seems like an introverted person, but his shyness makes him even more adorable. I'll surely be able to bring him out of his shell! All he needs is a woman's touch.

Rei was eating a cup of Moriyoshi's E-Z Ramen, when her doorbell rang. She got up and went to open it, hiding half behind the door. It was Shinji. "Uh, hey, I brought you something you forgot. Your ID card."

Why does he use his voice? It takes far less time and effort to communicate mentally, Rei thought to her Eva. To Shinji, he barely nodded. If he insists on mental privacy, I will not intrude.

When Shinji handed the card to Rei, his attention was drawn to a little detail. Only Rei's right shoulder was visible, and it was bare; there was no shirt sleeve, not even a bra strap. He watched with a sense of impending doom as she opened the door and reached out for the card. The door swung to the side, revealing Rei's naked body. Shinji suddenly realised he had actually never seen it before; when they had had sex, she had worn her plug suit. The white latex body glove left little to be guessed, but technically Shinji had not even seen Rei's navel before. He reacted as expected: His facial blood vessels expanded, allowing more vitae to flow through the area of his face and turn it a deeper shade of red, and the increased flow and quickened pulse threatened to rupture his nasal veins.

Rei opened her mouth. "I need to talk with you."

Shinji swallowed hard. Calm down. You've seen this half a dozen times before, he thought to himself. "Okay." He stepped in through the doorway into Rei's apartment, looking at everything except the naked girl. "What was it that you needed to talk about?"

Rei closed her eyes for a moment. Shinji felt the familiar tingle of data transfer, and for a fleeting moment he could feel Rei through their connection. In mere milliseconds it was gone, and Rei opened her eyes. She cocked her head and looked Shinji in the eyes, as if studying him. Then she stepped forward, boldly putting her hand on Shinji's crotch. "R-Rei… What are you doing?"

The Eva hostess decided that she owed Shinji an explanation for her actions. "I am drawing you out of your shell." After this time he will have reached the necessary synchronisation. She moved her hand up to the waist of Shinji's pants and slipped it in, wrapping her delicate digits around his slowly hardening length of meat. Her colleague's stuttered protests were silenced, as she pressed her lips onto his, locking the young man into a deep kiss.

Rei knew her plan to quicken her Master's research was risky, but very useful if properly executed. I need to act swiftly, lest he find an escape. His reaction would delay the program and make Ikari-sama most displeased. Rei lifted her free hand to open the topmost button of Shinji's shirt, moving down the row at an amazing pace. It took barely half a second to undo a button, and in three point five seconds Shinji's chest was bared. She slid the shirt down his arms, letting it fall to the floor. From there, her hand moved to Shinji's belt, the tight buckle however proving too difficult a task even for her deft fingers, as only one hand was involved. She reluctantly removed her other hand from Shinji's member and used it to help in unbuckling his belt, then kneeled as she unzipped his fly.

Now, when Shinji's mouth was free, he had the chance to protest. Unfortunately he no longer felt the need to do so, as his freed erection ached to dive into the young woman who was apparently determined to pull it in, regardless of his opinion. It was as Rei had predicted; Shinji was close to the edge of conversion, and a good shove - or blowjob - might push him over. Rei took a steady hold on Shinji's expectant manhood and placed a light kiss on its tip.

Shinji groaned in pleasure, forgetting his lame excuses to turn down his co-worker's advances. He put his hand on top of Rei's head, and as her tongue darted out to tease the tip of his cock, his fingers curled to take a steady hold on her hair, and he forced her head down.

Eagerly, Rei opened her mouth to its widest to accommodate Shinji's manhood. Moaning as the flared tip of the boy's tool hit the back of her mouth, Rei adjusted her neck to let Shinji slide even deeper. She slid him past her throat, and her swallowing motions made it seem as if a hundred wet hands were caressing Shinji's cock.

Shinji gaped for air as Rei deepthroated him, and asked: "Oh God, it feels so good… where did you learn to do that?" Shinji had a vague memory of being the only male involved in the orgies disguised as experiments.

Rei moved further down on Shinji's rod until her nose nuzzled his pubic hair, and began to bob her head up and down, first slowly, then increasing the pace as Shinji's animal moans encouraged her. She answered Shinji's question by thought transfer, as her mouth was full of his pulsating meat. I have had extensive training with a man.

Between heavy breaths, Shinji forced out a word in a voice wavering with pleasure: "Who?"

Rei remembered how Shinji had been touchy about things concerning the man in question earlier, and decided to turn his mind elsewhere. Putting all of her abilities into the effort, she sucked hard on Shinji's cock, as her tongue moved along the veins bulging in his shaft. Her throat contracted around his member, and she could feel the increase in its girth as sperm gathered at the tip.

Shinji threw his head back, turning his face to the roof and an animal roar of ecstasy and adrenaline rose from deep within him. Every muscle on his body tensed and his arms were pulled to his sides as dark red electricity coursed over his twitching limbs. His spine contracted and pulled his upper body back, and his legs bent back as if to meet it. For a moment he levitated off the floor, supported by the heavy-duty energies that his body sucked into itself from the very core of all that is. Thick jets of sticky goo flew out of the point of his cock, painting the inside of Rei's gullet white, flowing directly to her belly. After what seemed like half a minute, his orgasm ended and he took a few steps back, pulling himself out of her mouth, and collapsed into a sitting position against the wall. Rei quickly checked Shinji's situation through her Eva and confirmed her success. His synchronisation has gone over 300 percent. It should be visible now. "Shinji-kun… look at me." Shinji lifted his head off her chest and aimed a wavering gaze at her face. Rei smiled as she saw the proof of Shinji reaching the same level as her.

Shinji's irises were a deep red. Albeit slightly deeper than Rei's, the colour of his eyes clearly displayed his status. At this level, Shinji was no longer himself, nor was he completely gone from his body. Rather his mind was now supposed to be mixed with Vincent's enough to make it troublesome to separate them.

Not that Shinji wanted to be separated; he felt like he had just awoken from a dream. All was so much more clear. The scents, the details told by his eyes, the sensations in his own body. He could feel the amounts of hormones and nutritives in his blood, if he concentrated. He could even control some of these amounts himself. Just to test his new-found abilities, like one would flex and move a mechanical hand installed upon the stump of an amputated limb, he increased his sexual hormone levels and lowered the concentration of transmitters in his brain, relaxing his consciousness.

A smile found its way onto Shinji's lips. This was where power began; you could not control others, if you could not control yourself. With this power, he could…

Shinji snapped out of this state. What was I thinking? The colour of his eyes faded to normal.

Vincent shook his head. You, boy, are one troublesome kid. Just as we reach the next stage of evolution, you get cold feet. And bang, the synch ratio drops instantly below three hundred. I got to admit, boy, You've got some serious morality there. Vincent scoffed. Fine then, resist the power. You'll come back to me as soon as you get a woman to help you over the threshold. Vincent went silent and retreated into a corner of Shinji's mind, as if to watch over him and wait for him to slip from the path that he had chosen, which would probably happen the next time he felt a woman's touch.

You're not going to get me, Vincent. I appreciate all the help you've given, but I'd like to remain myself. He was snapped back to reality as Rei's fingertips began to tease his member again. "Rei… stop that." He grabbed Rei's wrists and moved her hands away from his body. "Rei, why did you do this to me?"

Rei looked at Shinji with an emotionless expression. If I tell him the truth, he will probably become angry at his father, and leave the project. Ikari-sama would not like that, so I will have to distract Shinji-kun with false information. She turned her head to the side. "I… I want you." This will give me a second chance to attempt converting him. "I'm still very aroused, and I need your penis inside me." She looked him in the eyes. "Fuck me, Shinji-kun."

Shinji shook his head. "No way! I won't be manipulated. Whatever you're trying to do, I won't fall for it. I'll stop having sex entirely if I need to."

"Shinji-kun, this is for your best. Ever since the same thing happened to me, I have been very happy."

Shinji got up and zipped up his pants. While he was nervously trying to close his belt, he muttered: "You're in league with my father, and you're trying to make me something I'm not."

Rei stepped closer. "You are. You have an EVA."

Shinji walked towards the door, but spun around to shout in Rei's face. "I never asked that bastard to put a machine in my brain! I never asked to be forced to do some crazy tests with little girls who don't know what they're doing! I never asked to be a FREAK!" As Shinji spat out the last word, his second pair of arms burst out to enhance the effect of his words. He stood there for a moment, breathing heavily.

"Am I a freak too?" asked Rei.

Shinji's eyes flew open. "I… I didn't mean to…"

Rei turned away and walked to her bedroom, leaving Shinji standing alone in the hall. He reached a hand after the girl, trying to say that he was sorry, trying to stop her and make her understand what he felt. But his mouth could not form the words, and it was as if there was something stuck in his throat. He let his hand drop to his side and turned. "Fuck this all. I'm leaving this place." Shinji stormed out into the corridor, noticing that the door had been open all the time. In his frustration, he slammed it shut behind him, and rushed in the direction that he thought was home.

Rei finished eating her quick ramen, which had already gotten cold. I have failed. It might mean the end of the project, and an end to my work. More importantly, it might make Ikari-sama mad at me. She picked up the phone and dialled her master.


"Ikari-sama, can I talk to you?"

"You know you can. What is it?"

"Can I see you in private? This is very important. It concerns Shinji-kun's conversion."

"I am in the vicinity of your apartment. I will be there in a couple of minutes."

"Thank you, Ikari-sama."

Indeed, in two and a half minutes, Gendo Ikari rang Rei's doorbell. Still naked, Rei opened the door and let her master inside. She offered him a seat and explained the situation.

Gendo took off his reflective sunglasses and buried his face in his hands. "You have no idea what you have done, Rei."

The young girl walked up behind Gendo and put her hand on his shoulder. "I am deeply sorry. I wish there was some way I could make it up to you."

Gendo stood up and held Rei in his arms, pressing her young but nubile figure against him. "You can. Just do what I taught you, my dear Rei…" A cruel smile appeared on his face as Rei knelt down and busied her hands with his belt.

Shinji tossed the last of his most important possessions into his rucksack and let his gaze wander around the room he had been living in for the past five days. He would have to leave some important stuff behind, but speed was of the essence when running from a literally underground organisation. He turned off the lights and left the apartment, suddenly remembering that in his hurry he hadn't even written a farewell note for Misato. What the heck, he thought, it's not like I care about her anyway. The sharp tingle of pain in Shinji's heart disagreed, but he paid it no heed as he began to wander around the huge complex of corridors and passages connecting halls and elevator rooms, hoping to stumble into one of the latter by luck. Vincent had made it clear that he was against escaping, and would notify NERV authorities immediately, so Shinji had shut him into a corner of his mind and denied the artificial personality access to his built-in transmitter. This also effectively blocked the only way he had to navigate these tunnels.

After what felt like hours of wandering, Shinji came to a stairwell. He leaned across the railing to look up between the flights of stairs, and the chasm seemed to just fade into the distance somewhere above ground. As far as he could guess, it might have reached to the very roof of the not insignificantly high and equally deep skyscraper that acted as NERV Cosmetics' main office and secret lab. Preparing himself mentally, Shinji began his ascent.

Maybe five minutes later, a panting and heaving Shinji reached the ground floor. He had been wrong after all; the illusion of height was created by a mirror strategically placed at the end of the stairs, but a second stairwell led past the mirror and up the last flight of stairs to where he now stood. Leaning against a wall, he realised he hadn't drank since earlier that day at school. His throat felt as dry as Sahara, so he looked around for a vending machine. Only then did he notice something odd about his surroundings. The walls weren't the shining metal or white plastic alloys of the underground facility, nor the mahogany panels of the main foyer. They were a patchwork of red and reddish-brown bricks, some chipped or cracked, and illuminated by thin rays of light filtering through holes in the corrugated metal roof. The sole door was little more than a thick metal plate suspended on hinges, but it did have a double-sided lock. Shinji walked to the door and tried the handle, but the door wouldn't budge. Cursing his bad luck, he punched the door in frustration. To his surprise, the door moved, even if just a bit. Curious, Shinji slammed his both hands on the cold metal surface. This time the door definitely moved, but not swinging on its hinges as it was supposed to. He saw the bricks in the wall beginning to give way, as the door leaned outwards. In a final rumble of bricks and metal, the entire short wall fell outwards, revealing Shinji to an empty back alley lit by weak lamps on the walls of high buildings, rising to meet the sky all around the little shack. The sky between the buildings was dark; Shinji presumed it was nearly midnight.

Closing his mouth, that had opened to gape at the unexpected destruction of the wall between him and freedom, Shinji readjusted the position of his backpack and set out to find transport out of the city. After buying a soft drink from a nearby vending machine - they were everywhere, really - he boarded a random bus, that stopped at the edge of the city, as the driver declared the line closed until morning. Shinji stepped off, and walking to a dark field nearby, set out across the high grass. If I hide in the countryside, they'll never find me. He didn't get far before he spotted a campfire in the distance. He thought of circling it, but the combined effect of his empty stomach's complaints and the delicious smell of food brought to him by a breeze rustling the tall grass forced him to approach the faint red gleam.

His hunger caused him to forget his alertness, and he was completely taken by surprise when the end of a cold metal pipe was pressed onto his neck. "We're here to take you back", said a young man's voice, "and make sure you don't leave again."

Shinji swallowed. "Don't shoot! Did Misato send you? How did she find out where I was going?" There was no answer; the cold muzzle of the gun held steady against the back of his neck. "Why aren't you saying anything?" Shinji was getting nervous. Then he noticed that the gun held against his neck was quivering. After a short moment, the man behind him burst into uncontrolled laughter and took the gun away from his neck. Shinji turned cautiously to see a man in camouflage-patterned clothes and a helmet, holding a rifle, doubled over and trying to regain control of himself. The darkness concealed the man's face. "Who the hell are you?"

Finally, the man's laughter ceased, and he straightened himself. "Don't you recognise me? I'm your classmate, Kensuke." Now Shinji could discern the outlines of his face drawn out by the campfire near by, and indeed, it was the weapons maniac from his class.

"Shit, man. Don't scare me like that." Shinji shook his head. "What are you doing out here?"

Kensuke held up his rifle replica. "Isn't it obvious? I'm on a field mission, of course."

"Playing war games, you mean. So, is that camp yours? I'm really hungry-" He was interrupted by the sounds of somebody moving behind him, and another gun nudged the back of his neck. A man behind Shinji spoke the same words as Kensuke had just a moment ago. "We're here to take you back."

"Come on, it's getting old already. I'm not in the mood for games."

Kensuke paled visibly even in the dim lighting. "Shinji… I'm out here alone… and the guy behind you is apparently a real special ops guy."

Shinji tensed. "Tell me you're joking."

A woman's voice marked clearly with a foreign streak spoke from one side. "Good job, Yoshio. This is our guy."

Yoshio's thick male voice replied from behind Shinji. "What shall we do with him, lieutenant? And what about the other kid?"

A woman walked into Shinji's field of view. She was wearing a black outfit with a flak jacket on top of it, a helmet with flip-down night vision goggles, which were currently turned up, and carrying a silenced pistol in a thigh holster. Her face was young and beautiful, but the cold and professional expression made it seem distant. She looked at Kensuke. "I see you are interested in military equipment, boy. I am ready to buy your silence - you will remember nothing regarding this incident - with, say, a combat knife?" She bent over, presenting Shinji with a nice view of her tight ass stretching the material of her outfit, and pulled a knife from her boot.

Kensuke swallowed. He was staring at the woman's body, but it was unclear if he was staring at her bodily or military equipment. Both were equally impressive. "A knife and a kiss." Shinji admired him for having the guts to bargain with armed soldiers. "And a sheath for the knife."

The lieutenant laughed. It was a cold and heartless sound that chilled the blood in Shinji's veins. "I should just shoot you there." The lieutenant lowered a hand to the back of her gun.

Kensuke closed his eyes, as if expecting the shot to come any moment. He said in an unwavering voice: "If you kill me, the ensuing police investigation might uncover the existence of the rumoured SEELE independent military task force."

The woman laughed again. "I like you, boy. You have the guts and perceptiveness necessary to make it to our ranks one day." She leaned in closer to Kensuke and placed a devouring, smashing kiss on his lips. He tensed completely, but slowly relaxed and answered with the same measure. As they drew apart, Shinji could see the lieutenant's tongue leaving the boy's mouth. Then the woman kneeled to remove her knife's boot-sheath. Finally, she stood up to hand the boy the bribes. "I hope to see you in my team in a couple of years."

Then the woman turned to look at Shinji. Her grey eyes met his, and she smiled seductively. "Will you come with me, Shinji-kun?"

Shinji shook his head. "I'm not going back. I don't want to work for my father anymore."

The lieutenant pulled her silenced pistol from its holster and pressed it to Shinji's right shoulder. "We have instructions to bring you in alive, but nobody told me you had to be unharmed."

Shinji swallowed hard and closed his eyes. Now he knew what Kensuke must have felt like. "No. My father would not let any harm come to me, because my body is important to his research. I believe he told you that, and you're bluffing." He managed to keep his voice steady.

The lieutenant smiled in a predatory manner. "Are you in need of a kiss, too?"

Shinji would have thought it funny, if the situation hadn't been nearly life-threatening. He was running away from women, and one tried to lure him back with kisses. "No. I don't think anything you would offer is enough."

The woman stepped closer and raised a hand to caress Shinji's cheek. "I'm ready to offer a lot. You see, since Yoshio here is gay, the others are afraid of me, and I really don't know that much men, I have an itch that needs scratching, badly." The last word dripped lust and animal need. "So how about you and me have some fun under the stars before I take you back?"

Shinji shook his head vigorously. "No way! That's what I've been running away from!"

"Hm? Interesting. But I really need release, and you look okay, anyway. Yoshio, keep the gun pointed at him, but step away. Shinji… undress." She holstered her pistol and flicked out another combat knife from her belt. "Or I will show you that your father doesn't demand you back in perfect condition." The look in her eyes finally convinced Shinji.

I just have to keep myself under control. He quickly removed his clothes, and his nipples hardened in the cool air. His cock threatened to shrink back into his pelvis to hide from the cold, but the lieutenant kneeled and warmed it up with her hands. Her fingers and palms were cold and her touches rough, but Shinji felt his arousal rising nonetheless. With every inch his inflating manhood gained in length, the wall keeping Vincent away from his mind seemed to grow thinner. Finally, the artificial personality broke through, and Shinji lost control. The woman threw aside her helmet and took Shinji's prick into her mouth, and there was nothing he could do. He was one with Vincent again, although he could still somehow feel himself. He tried to take control, but now it was as if he was separate from the body instead of Vincent.

Relax, boy. You have to ride the wave to be able to do anyhting.

Shinji tried to comply, as his current actions proved fruitless. He tried something small first: his right hand moved to stroke the woman's blazing-red hair, that reached to her buttocks, shimmering in the firelight. Now, feeling the pleasure of having a woman's lips wrapped around his cock one again, Shinji melted together with Vincent again. The new Shinji was still himself, but had no qualms about having random sex. Since the previous Shinji had been diluted with a lot of Vincent, he didn't feel the need to return to his former self. Instead, he happily concentrated on the woman sucking him. "I thought you wanted to be pleased, not to please," Shinji said.

The woman took Shinji's tool out of her mouth and looked up. "Would you…?" Shinji nodded, and the woman let go of his stiff member "Thank you. My callsign is Rouge, by the way." Isn't that just a bit too obvious, Shinji thought. She began to hastily remove her equipment and clothing, piling them off to the side. In the cold air, the red nubs adorning her large, firm breasts hardened. Her well-trained muscles rippled sensuously as she leisurely lay down in the grass. Without a moment of hesitation, the visibly needy woman spread her thighs, treating Shinji to an unhindered view of her already overflowing honey pot.

The new Shinji shared none of the old one's inhibitions concerning dialogue during copulation. He - it? - kneeled down in the grass next to Rouge and demonstrated his liberal views by saying: "You dirty distributing box, you probably show this to every man - and woman - you catch, and if they don't co-operate, you make them lick you at the point of a gun." The lieutenant tried to object, but her words melted together into a long moan as Shinji grasped her breasts, kneading them roughly. "These boobs would get you any man at a bar - or a side job at a brothel, if you need a cock inside you so bad. But for now, I can help you survive through the night." He slid his hands down her sides and across her stomach, passing tantalisingly near her moist pussy, and continued the sweeping motion to the insides of her thighs and pressed them further apart. He moved his face close to her lubricating lips and blew air out of his mouth.

Rouge thrust her hips up at his face, not being able to withstand the embers of lust in her loins anymore. Shinji cruelly denied her this contact, chastising her: "What kind of training have you had? You wouldn't last two minutes under torture. Hold still." He blew gusts of air on and around her pussy, sometimes in sharp near-whistles, sometimes in open-mouthed, warm breaths, altering aim between her clitoris and different parts of her folds, never falling into a rhythm. His teasing elicited nearly constant moans from Rouge, who had to busy her hands by grabbing the grass around her in order to keep them away from her breasts. She wanted to touch herself, to climax quickly and end the sweet suffering, that brought her close to the edge but did not let her pass over it.

Shinji saw that this was fun, but even he needed something more, so he moved in for a mercy shot. He launched one needle-sharp column of air directly at her clit, and slowly increased its force. Before his lungs were half empty, Rouge began to thrash on the ground, attempting to muffle her moans by biting her teeth together as she finally reached her orgasm. Shinji watched in fascination as her clenching and unclenching pussy squirted out her juices in a female imitation of an ejaculation. He put his hand under the leak and caught some on his fingers, which he licked, savouring the taste of his victory.

"You must have been without for a really long time, `cause you came so quick. That being set aside, let's get to the part that we will both enjoy the most." He moved forward, sitting on his heels, and placed his cock at Rouge's nether lips, wasting no time in gentle caresses. With a single thrust, he embedded his meat into her, still forcing her thighs apart with his hands.

Rouge, dazzled by the magnitude of her orgasm, slowly returned to reality as she felt Shinji pistoning in and out of her. She had grown tight during her long years of involuntary celibacy, and his thick manhood stretched her, not entirely painlessly, but the military woman endured it, knowing that it would soon feel better. She encouraged Shinji: "Ah! Faster! Fuck me faster! I need you deeper and harder inside me!" Her hands autonomously crept up her sides, cupping her breasts from below.

Shinji grinned. Whilw haooily filling Rouge's request to increase the pace, he said: "You need something for your breasts, too? You're insatiable!" He extracted his second pair of arms, slapping his hands onto the ripe globes. Rouge yelped in surprise, and grabbed Shinji's wrists as his fingers dug nearly painfully into her succulent mounds. "I bet these get in the way in the heat of combat," Shinji mused, "but in the heat of the night they come in pretty handy." The cold breeze blew around them, sending shivers up their spines and making Rouge's nipples jut out nearly an inch from her breasts.

After taking a moment to adjust to the increased level of stimuli, Rouge found herself still unable to feel content with what she was getting. She slid one hand down to her crotch while her lower body was repeatedly and heavily slammed against the grassy ground with every thrust of Shinji's cock, and took her clit between two fingers, pinching it lightly. The intensity of the waves of pleasure washing over her surprised her to the extent she let out another yelp.

Rouge was in bliss. There was a thick cock in her tight pussy, a hand on her clit, two on her breasts, and two holding her thighs… She suddenly realised something was very wrong. Taking a god look at Shinji, it still took her a moment to pierce the mist of pleasure and realise he had four arms. Despite her training, she screamed in surprise.

Shinji guessed the source of her shock. "Don't worry." He reinforced each word with a harder thrust of his pelvis. The slick flesh of Rouge's pussy now parted easily as he penetrated as deep as possible, and her juices oozed out, coating their crotches in a glistening layer of stickiness. The sharp blades of grass tickled her back and buttocks, and her red hair contrasted with the lush green.

Rouge felt her second orgasm approaching, and her moans overcame the various slapping noises formed at the intersection of the two bodies. "Oh! That's right, I'm gonna cum again! Make me cum!"

Shinji, still far from his own release, was slightly annoyed by the horny woman's pleas. He said: "We need something to gag that dirty mouth of yours…" He looked around, and saw Kensuke. The poor boy was sitting in the grass, staring open-eyed at the lustful copulation taking place not ten feet from him. His manhood strained the front of his pants. "…And I think I know just the thing", Shinji finished. "Hey, Kensuke, wanna come over here and stick your dick in her mouth?"

Kensuke started, as if awakening from a dream, and looked at Shinji incredulously. "Me?" Shinji nodded an affirmative, and the military fanboy seized the chance, knowing that the next one might take years to present itself. He took off his shoes and pulled his pants down and off his legs entirely, then removed his long-hemmed coat and approached the prone woman. He used one hand to pull Rouge's head back and the other to place his cockhead at the woman's lips.

Rouge did not bother checking who had approached her, but eagerly wrapped her lips around the proffered shaft. She began to move back and forth on the ground, alternating between impaling herself on Shinji's cock and swallowing the one in her mouth past her throat. Feeling finally full, she toppled over the edge to an ocean of orgasmic ecstasy, wilfully drowning herself in the flood of heat emanating from her crotch. She lost all contact with the world again and moaned her bliss around the thick shaft of Kensuke's rod.

Shinji took notice of her nearly unconscious state and used the moment to pull out of the woman. Now, for the grand finale, I'll plug her up good. "Hey, Kensuke! Look at this!" He popped out his second dong, which immediately snapped into attention above the other, juice-coated one.

Kensuke's jaw fell as he saw something that had not been there a moment before, something that he had presumed impossible. Shinji had two schlongs? "Whoa, dude. I didn't know they come double-barrelled."

Shinji grinned briefly at Kensuke's reaction, then positioned his twin cannons at Rouge's entrances. As luck would have it, the one that had been generously lubricated by the woman's pussy was now at the entrance to her ass, while the dry one prepared to slip between her sopping wet lips. Shinji began to push, and both cocks slowly penetrated their intended targets. He groaned once again at the incredible feeling of tightness as well as the sensation of both of his shafts being caressed by the touch of a woman's holes.

By the time Shinji was in all the way, Rouge was returning from cloud number nine. She felt the double entry stretching her, but forgot about the inherent discord as her virgin anus sent hot flashes of pain into her mind. She tried to object, but her mouth was still filled by Kensuke's cock. Next, she tried to push Shinji away, but he easily ignored her.

Shinji took a tight hold on Rouge's nipples and tugged on them, pulling them first apart, up, then together and apart again. So what if she doesn't like it. No mercy given in either war or love. Besides, she'll be enjoying it soon. He pulled halfway out of the still struggling woman, and slammed forth again. The thick coating of juices on the penis in the woman's ass made sliding in really easy, and the tightness was subsiding.

Rouge steeled her mind and relaxed her butt, allowing Shinji to penetrate deeper. When she concentrated on the pleasure, she could find immense contentment in being triple-penetrated, and her fingers found their way back to her clit, as her other hand controlled Kensuke's dick to prevent her from suffocating. Soon, she was lustily rocking her body back and forth between the young and virile men again, happily accepting their love and affection towards her body.

Kensuke came first. This being his first time, he did not have the sense to warn Rouge. She realised what was happening only after the first shots from his gun had hit the back of her mouth, and coughed as it blocked her breath. She pulled Kensuke's cock out of her mouth and received the rest of his salvo on her face. Kensuke backed off, took a napkin from his pocket and polished his weapon clean of the traces of firing.

Rouge brought her free hand to her face, wiping away the thick strands of cum and licking them off her fingers. Further invigorated by the erotic sight, Shinji doubled the speed at which he pumped the woman for juices and pleasure.

Now, as Rouge's mouth was free, she exclaimed: "Oh, Shinji, you're amazing! I'm cumming agai~" Her speech turned to a wail, and Shinji felt her openings clamping down upon his twin rods. He followed her into an intense orgasm, as his cockheads sprayed their high-pressure load deep into her rapidly clenching and unclenching ass and pussy.

Totally spent, Shinji lay down on top of Rouge, his shafts softening inside her body. He heard her whisper: "The stars are beautiful…" and turned his head to the side. Indeed, it was as if some mystical prophet had lit up thousands of little candles in the sky in preparation for a service to God - or perhaps as a warning for the Apocalypse. The moon stared down on the embracing couple like an envious, half-closed eye. In the eastern horizon, the sky was paling over the ragged skyline of Tokyo-3. Morning would come in half an hour.

A cool breeze rustled the tall grass around them, slashing at them with its cold blade. Shinji shivered, and whispered: "Wrap your limbs around me." When Rouge had complied, Shinji got up and carried her in his four arms to Kensuke's tent. The boy was sitting next to the remnants of the campfire, trying to warm up by leaning very close to the smouldering coals. Shinji nudged him with his foot and spoke in that soft tone men tend to use just before morning: "Can we sleep in your tent for a couple of hours?" The military fanboy simply nodded, too tired and embarrassed by his previous actions to speak.

Still carrying Rouge, Shinji kneeled and slipped under the small tent's door flap, discovering that Yoshio, the man who was supposed to keep a gun pointed at him at all times, was snoring loudly on the earth floor. He only took half of the tent, and there was an open sleeping bag next to him. Shinji lay Rouge down on it, and they slipped inside. Shinji closed the bag's zipper and pressed his naked body tightly against Rouge's. Resting his head on her shapely bosom, he fell asleep in seconds, with her following soon. Under his eyelids, his pupils reverted from red to their normal colour as his second pair of arms melted into his sides.

Outside, Kensuke lit a new fire and began to make coffee and cook breakfast. He kept sighing, envious of Shinji. He knew how the NERV boy was sleeping, even as some people - such as himself - would have to sleep their nights without feeling a woman's touch.

Author's notes, part 2:

Finally. I made an important discovery: Screwing with the plan of what I'm supposed to write in a chapter increases my inspiration drastically. The escape and the introduction of Rouge and Yoshio was a major difference between my plan and the final result. This huge alteration has forced me to fix the script for the next chapter as well, so it shouldn't take long for it to appear.

I feel like the beginning of this chapter is still slightly inferior to my usual level, and the sex is getting repetitive… It's tough to make up new forms of copulating after the fifth chapter, and I still have two or three more to write. Don't worry, I'm determined to see this through.