NERV Cosmetics: Experiment 4 - Big Bad Tentacle Monster and Sweet Little Cyborg Girl



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These are thoughts, I think.

This is a word with stress put on it.

”Now I'm speaking”, I told the readers, ”And I'm stressing a word here.”

Hello, this is an Eva speaking. Yes, i can stress a word!

Author's Notes, part 1:

Way too tired. Way way. Snore. What? Oh, sure.

Experiment 4 - Big Bad Tentacle Monster and Sweet Little Cyborg Girl

Shinji was munching a sandwich. He had been more often and increasingly hungry since - well, since the transformations began. He wondered if the way he twisted his shape beyond that of a human had anything to do with his need of nutrition as he walked once again through the monotone corridors of the NERV Cosmetics main research building underground section. Every wall and door he passed was exactly the same white as the ones before and after. Walking without knowledge of one's location or destination could give the impression of wandering through a maze, a hell of unending journeys through sterile passages and rooms. It could induce a growing sensation of claustrophobia, since one never saw a window or exit anywhere, and sooner or later one would break down and run down the hall, trying every locked door and shouting, as the exact same scene repeated itself over and over again.

Thus, it was very fortunate that Shinji knew exactly where he was going. Or rather, Vincent knew, and Shinji just followed orders. Sometimes, though, it would seem as if they were proceeding nowhere, and Shinji could almost swear that he had passed that stain on the floor twice already. Eventually the unusual pair would arrive at their destination. This time, it was a new one for Shinji, and he thought the potted plants were maybe slightly different here. He could have been mistaken, but they seemed a little more alive. He finished his sandwich and wiped his mouth on the back of his hand.

We are here, boy. It's the door on the left after that particularly cheery plant.

The door in question differed from every other one in a deeply meaningful matter. It had a name on it. Most of the rooms were unused, and there could be a five-minute walk between neighbors. Shinji had long ago ceased wondering how widespread the underground complex was. This apartment had no neighbors within earshot, and Shinji sometimes envied the sole inhabitant for the chance to live alone. The inhabitant was Shinji's colleague, Rei Ayanami. Since the second period at school that day, he knew that she was his classmate as well. He had arrived to bring a letter from their homeroom teacher. Shinji's guess was that it had something to do with being absent on the first day of school.

After ringing the doorbell, Shinji stepped back and listened for footsteps. None could be heard, but the door opened. Behind it, was the beautiful girl that Shinji had already seen twice. She looked directly at Shinji, not saying a word.

Shinji felt somehow nervous under that stare. The red eyes are a bit scary.. ”Hello, I'm Shinji Ikari, your colleague and classmate. The teacher asked me to bring you this.” He held out the envelope. The girl did not move. What's wrong? A moment passed. Then Rei slowly reached out to take the letter and nodded, resuming the steady gaze. After a moment of this, Shinji began to feel really nervous. ”Um, I, I wanted to ask you something.” No reaction. Vincent, are we still in the same timeline as her?

Let me check… Nope. Card Captor Sakura used her time card and for some reason it efeected only her.

What the hell? Sakura isn't…

Of course the time is working, boy.

Okay, then. ”I wanted to talk to you about… work.” No answer. ”Have you got time right now?” Still no answer. What's her problem?

Rei nodded and moved away from the door. She walked deeper into the apartment, which was not particularly messy, even though there were a couple of plastic bags filled with empty milk cartons and food packages, lying in the corners or hanging from doorknobs.

Rei sat down in one of the chairs, and Shinji occupied the other. He tried to shut all of his surroundings out of his mind and concentrate on the business. ”I have just started working here last Friday.” Wow, it's only Wednesday. It feels like several weeks already. ”I was, to say the least, surprised when I found out about what kind of work I will be doing. I understand that you have worked here longer?” No answer. If she doesn't speak soon, I'm not going to be able to resist… The urge to wave my hand in front of her eyes is huge…

Shinji decided to take these silences as affirmative answers. ”I originally had a bit of a problem with it, but I guess I'm used to it now. I mean, it's always different, but I can accept having… sex with people I don't know. And I'm sort of worried, because ever since I started, I've been hearing this voice in my head, and the doctor tells me it's normal, and I'm not making much sense, am I?” Silence. ”What I mean is, does your Evangelion speak to you?” Silence. ”Good. I'm relieved. Anyway, I was kind of forced to take this job. It was when you were unconscious. I've gotten used to the experiments, but I'd like to hear what you think about all of this.” No answer. This is getting freaky. Vincent, is the time still ticking?

Tick, tock, tick, tock…

Thanks. ”Well, I'm asking because I think that now that you're back, I don't really have to work anymore, but I wouldn't want to increase your workload, and that's why I'm not going to quit. Is that okay with you? That we're partners?” No answer. ”That's good. I'm looking forward to working with you.”

Isn't that equivalent to saying that you're looking forward to fucking her?

Ouch. You're right. ”I didn't mean it like it might have sounded. I don't want to have sex with you.” What am I saying? ”I mean, it's nothing personal. I do think you're attractive, and I would enjoy…” Argh! She's not saying anything, and I'm slaughtering myself. ”Okay, I'll just drop that subject.” No sound. Just the stare. Does she even blink? ”Anyway, I guess that's all I had to say. Just came to see if you're recovered and tell you that I'm your new partner.” Nothing. ”So I'll just excuse myself now. I'm—”

Just then, Shinji's mobile phone rang. He answered it without looking who the caller was. ”Shinji Ikari.”

”This is Ritsuko Akagi. Please prepare yourself for tonight's experiment. You will be needed in twenty minutes. Can you give the telephone to Rei?”

”Yes” Shinji covered the microphone with his hand. ”Doctor Akagi wants to speak with you.” Rei took the telephone. After a moment of listening silently, she nodded twice. Then she closed the call and gave the mobile phone back to Shinji. Wondering, How on earth can she communicate by nodding over a voice-only line? he put the mobile phone back into his pocket. ”I will excuse myself now. See you at the test chamber.” Shinji turned and walked outside. He nudged Vincent. How did Ritsuko know that I was at Rei's?

Simple. I told her. Shinji remembered how his shoulder had itched at one point. Ritsuko had told him that it was the sign of data transmissions from the Evangelion.


You don't need to know that, boy.

If you say so. Shinji calmly gave a mental kick to Vincent.

Hey! That hurt.

Whatever. You know that ever since you came, I've been more aggressive. He had a blaming tone in his voice.

Maybe it's your way of venting the pressures from being both a student and a part-time sex slave.

Shut up.

Ooh, trying to act tough, slut-boy? Vincent's voice was mirthful.

I'm not a slut! Then Shinji remembered how he had acted recently. It's just work. And Misato's different.

May be, boy, but it's a slut's work.

Please stop that already.

Now that's the Shinji I remember from my dormant period.

Whatever. Shinji looked around. Which way?

Shinji had just started to read through the documentation for the mission, as Rei arrived. She went straight into the dressing room. Shinji leafed through the mission profile. This time it would be a drug that should increase the number and intensity of orgasms the subject can have and still retain the capability to continue. And the test subject: Rei Hino, 17, cyborg. What the hell? A cyborg? Like a person with one of those medical implants, or a Terminator, or what?.

You see, boy, she has a brain implant. It was invented, costructed, and inserted by another subsidiary of Seele, inc. It cured the terminal illness that took the rest of her family. She works here because of a debt of honour, and Seele is the only family she has now.

I didn't ask for her life story. Shinji got up and walked to the dressing room. He left is clothes in the locker and entered the test chamber. He was greeted by a most surprising sight.

First there was the matter of Rei Ayanami. She was wearing a tight, white, seemingly latex body suit. She was on her hands and knees, facing away from Shinji. His cock straightened instantly as he saw the way the white latex perfectly followed the crack of her ass, and he thought he could see the outline of her pussy as well. The suit showed every muscle in her thighs and shins perfectly all the way to the boots on her feet. The boots were also white latex, with high heels. And as she moved, Shinji could catch a glimpse of her breasts, which were not insignificantly proportioned. There was a metallic gray bulge on her left shoulder blade, and black stripes along the bottom of her ribcage. On both of Rei's upper arms, a round, metallic socket was attached. Each had a diameter of two inches, and there were metallic plates shutting them.

The second surprise was Rei Hino. She was naked. She had long, black hair, and was otherwise relatively beautiful, too; there were no outstandingly amazing or disgusting points about her. A true average girl. Her breast size was B-cup, by Shinji's approximation, and the nipples were a fiery red at the moment.

That last thing was probably because the other Rei was licking her pussy. Shinji could only stare in wonderment, as Ayanami moved her head between Hino's thighs. He could not see the exact happenings, but judging by the way the cyborg gritted her teeth and whined, holding her hands on back of the Eva host's head, it was good.

Shinji rook a few involuntary steps forward and dropped to all fours, approaching the pair of women. He padded directly towards Ayanami's butt, enchanted by the tightness of her body suit. It's called a plug suit. It connects to her Eva directly.

Shinji reached out with his left hand to caress Ayanami's butt cheek. It was soft and warm. He moved closer, extending his tongue, and licked up her crotch, all the way from where her clitoris probably was to her lower back. The rubber was devoid of taste, but the thought of what was hidden underneath forced him to continue. As his tongue poked at Ayanami's tightly wrapped pussy, she moaned into Hino's, finishing a task that had been going on for several minutes. The dark-haired girl came, biting on her finger to hold back a scream. Then she collapsed onto the mattress.

Ayanami turned to face Shinji. She nodded silently and turned her back on him. She nodded again, and the sockets on her upper arms opened. After a moment, two pink, slimy appendages snaked out. They looked like a cross between a tongue and a tentacle. They were about six feet long when fully stretched, and covered in a saliva-like substance. Their thickness at the end was about one inch, evenly widening to two inches at the base, where they attached to the Eva host's upper arms just below the shoulder.

Shinji's mind was in turmoil. I don't know if I should be disgusted or turned on by those… things.

Are you going to judge her, boy, like you are afraid you might be judged? Vincent was completely serious; he was not mocking, but leading Shinji to question his own prejudices.

You're right. I shouldn't. But what is she going to do with them?

The answer came shortly, as Ayanami positioned the tips of her tentacles at both of Hino's nether openings. Showing no mercy to the cyborg suffering from post-orgasmic processor instability, she began to push them in. At the same time, she rotated her body so that her pussy was over the other Rei's face, and leaned her head closer to the area where her tentacles were probing deeper between the blushed lips glistening with saliva and cum. Ayanami began to suckle on the other girl's clit. Hino finally recovered from her orgasm and began to lick and kiss the rubber-clad pussy. Shinji padded closer to the pair, thinking: Those tentacles are actually pretty cool. Vincent, can you make them? And don't do it yet if you can.

I can't do a transformation like that, boy, bcause I don't know the genetic signatures that are necessary. I had something to work from with the other add-ons. But I can ask Rei's Eva.

Okay. Ask her, just in case. Can you do it without a wire or something? The answer was a tickle around his left shoulder blade. Don't make them yet.

Shinji looked back at the girls. Ayanami lifted her head and nodded at him. At the same time, he felt the tingle in his left shoulder again. Incoming transmission.

On screen.

What the heck?

Um… Just tell me.

Here comes. It's a sketch of a plan. Shinji became aware of a second field of vision, that was in no particular relation to the normal one. This was very confusing, but after closing his eyes, he could concentrate. The plan was not a picture, nor was it words or anything else that could be shown in a material form. It was pure thought, a combination of ideas. It included the ideas of two Reis, one lying on top of another, and an idea of a Shinji, with the ideas of his double dicks penetrating the ideas of the pussies of both girls. Then there was the idea of his hips moving back and forth. What do you think?

Okay. I'm with her on this plan. How do I tell her that?

If you mean hino, you have to commuincate vocally. If you mean Ayanami, I can open a connection through me and her Eva.

Ayanami. Okay, do it. It'll be a lot easier that way. The tingle resumed. After a few moments, he could feel the presence of another mind. It was not the same way as with Vincent; he was a part of his mind. This was another person, and he could not, for example, just go rummaging around in her brain for memories. Hello? Can you hear me?

Ayanami replied with a mental nod. Come on.

Wow. That's the first thing I've heard her say. Shinji was talking to Vincent. Now that I think of it, she still hasn't actually said anything. He shut down the idea sketch from his mind and opened his eyes. Ayanami had already turned so that she was kissing Hino on the mouth. The blue-haired girl's hands were in the cyborg's raven-black hair, and her tentacles caressed the other girl's breasts, having already covered them in slime. Shinji looked at the girls' pussies. They were just close enough to each other for his planned double entry. He plopped out the second cock and approached the girls. Shinji grabbed Hino's ankles and forced her thighs to open more, and released his second pair to do the same to Ayanami. Then he positioned himself. But there was a problem: The white plug suit still covered the Eva host's crotch. Rei, what about the suit?

I'll open it now. Rei's voice sounded gentle and soft, like a slight autumn breeze. Shinji wondered why she didn't use it to speak normally.

A thin line appeared into the latex, and it separated, revealing Ayanami's pussy, clitoris, and butt-hole. Shinji directed his cocks, maneuvering his knees beneath Hino's thighs to raise her butt off the mattress. Then he thrust forward, entering both pussies on the first attempt. He began to move his hips as instructed in the mental plan, savoring the sensation of the tips of both of his cocks rubbing themselves against the insides of two wet pussies. Still there was room for more, as two holes were empty. I could as well make the most of my abilities. Get me those tentacles. I can always choose not to use them anymore, right?

Vincent immediately endowed his host with the same kind of instruments as his colleague, but his appendages were attached to his back between the shoulder blades. Shinji twisted them around, trying to get used to them as he fucked the girls.

He had already learnt how to keep a steady pace in pumping his hips while thinking of other things. Now he twisted his tentacles around his body, the other one over his shoulders and the other one between his thighs, and pointed them at the girls' asses. First he entered Hino, because her asshole was wet with the liquids surging from her nether lips with every thrust of Shinji's cock. Ayanami was a problem; her ass was dry.

Shinji thought for a moment, absent-mindedly shoving a foot of his tentacle into to the cyborg, and beginning to twist it around in her ass. Hino tensed beneath the other girl, surprised by the appearance of a third tentacle; Ayanami's were still squeezing the girls' breasts, which were pressed tightly against each other between their bodies.

Vincent came up with the obvious answer first. I can copy the slime effect from Rei.

After a nod from Shinji and the transmission tingle, he could feel and see the tentacles sweating a clear slime, but what he had not expected, was that his cocks were doing the same thing. There was no point in arguing, however, so he entered Ayanami's ass with his second tentacle. Tightening his grips on the girls' legs, he increased his pace. As his cock slid into a hot, wet pussy, his tentacle slid nearly out from a tight ass. And ass his cock withdrew, the tentacle slithered deeper, twisting in wave patterns. Both Reis came at the same time, and pushed across the edge by four holes contracting on his appendages at the same time, Shinji launched his seed. For more than ten seconds, his double cocks fired hot, white jizz into two tightening pussies. When it was over, he fell over backwards, pulling out of all holes and withdrawing all extra limbs.

His rest was cut short, however, as he heard Ayanami speak. ”Shinji! There is a problem with the test subject. She is unconscious.” Her voice was indeed as beautiful as it had been within their heads.

Shinji bounced up, moving closer to the girls. He lifted Hino's eyelid, seeing only white. Looking up, he shouted: ”Father! We need a medic, now!” Then he checked the girl for pulse and breathing. Both were okay, so he moved to the side, as a medical team appeared to take the cyborg away. Shinji looked at the remaining Rei. ”Did you see what happened to her?”

”She just collapsed.” Rei was perfectly calm. ”It sometimes happens when she is being tested. The reason is unknown.”

”You seem to be in a talkative mood. It's nice to hear you talk. You have such a beautiful voice, you know.”

Rei looked sideways at Shinji. Her face was emotionless. ”We should continue.”

”But the subject is no longer here. What can we do?”

The loudspeakers echoed their cold call once again. It was Gendo. ”Continue with each other.”

That being said, Rei moved to the center of the mattress laid on her back, and spread her thighs. Shinji approached, placing his cock at her pussy lips. He slowly entered her as he took out his tentacles again. The first one went to her ass, oozing slime, and licked around her opening for a while before entering. Rei tensed her muscles rhythmically to grip both of the invading limbs. The second tentacle slithered down the inside of Rei's right thigh, across her belly, and up through her cleavage. It left a glistening trail on the white latex in its wake. Shinji wrapped it around one of her breasts, seeing how her nipple hardened, making a small bulge in the tight plug suit. The tentacle snaked onwards, its tip shortly touching Rei's neck, and she arced her head to lick it. Then she pulled it into her mouth, giving it full oral treatment. Shinji closed his eyes, just reveling in the feeling of Rei's mouth and nether openings on his cock and tentacles. Then he felt Rei's tentacle slither around his waist and begin to pull him towards her, increasing the pace at which his cock entered her. Shinji began to pull his tentacle out and push it in with a pace exactly opposite to that of his hips. Rei moaned lightly, the vibration teasing Shinji's slimy tentacle.

Shinji felt Rei's second tentacle crawling up his chest, around his neck, and to his mouth. He licked its end with his tongue, then realised he did not know what to do. Vincent?

Just a moment.

Shinji's memories were increased by a list of things to do with an elongated tongue. He extracted its full length from his throat, wrapping it around the tentacle, and pulled it into his mouth. He sucked on the tip as his tongue twirled around it. At the same time, Rei was doing the same things to him and also making her other tentacle slither down his spine into the crack of his ass. It probed around the entry and slithered in, lubricated by the slime it exuded. Shinji screamed. Don't go in there! The tip was teasing his G-spot.

Why not? I can see it creates pleasure.

It was true; Shinji trembled with the waves of sensation originating from the area. It's not natural. I'm a man.

Is it any more natural when you do it?

No, but… The pleasure robbed Shinji of his ability to think straight. Okay. He increased he power and depth of his thrusts, twisting his powerful tentacle around inside Ayanami's ass. The other one tightened the loop it formed around her breast, with its tip still in her mouth. Shinji came, extending his second cock just in time. As the first one unloaded a massive burst inside Rei's pussy, the newcomer sprayed its seed on her belly and breasts in a flat arc. When the shower of jizz ended, her body was almost covered in his sperm. Shinji lowered his body carefully onto hers, spitting the tentacle out of his mouth. The sweet taste of slime remained. Say, why were you carried out by a medical team on the first day I was here?

I hit my head on the wall after losing my footing in a puddle of the test subject's liquids.

You slipped on cum? Shinji chuckled. Sorry I shouldn't laugh.

Why not? Rei's voice was emotionless as always, so it was hard to interpret her reasons to ask that question.

Because it might hurt your feelings, if I laughed at your misfortune. Shinji and Rei both withdrew their tentacles from each other's orifices, but left them lying around their in disarray.

Why do you care about my feelings? There was genuine disbelief in Rei's voice. Nobody cares for me except for Ikari-sama.

Shinji frowned. That cold-hearted bastard? He doesn't care for anybody. But I do. I like you. I want to be friends with you.

Ami stayed silent for a moment. What do you know about Ikari-sama? Do you not respect him?

Of course not. How could I?

Ami pushed Shinji off her body and got up. She slapped Shinji on the cheek with one of her tentacles and walked out.

A few minutes later Shinji was sitting in the dressing room. He thought about the second half of the test. Just one thing. Why do you have a memory archive on licking a tentacle?

Actually, boy, it was the archive for fellatio. Vincent laughed. You'd make a nice bisexual guy, since it seems you can take it up the ass, too.

Shut up or I'll shut you up. There's nothing wrong with doing what one likes.

Rear slave.

Be quiet! So what if I like it.

Bi guy.

I said, be quiet! I'm straight.

Ass slut.

That's it! I'm kicking your ass…

As long as you don't enter it.

Author's notes, part 2:

Rest at ease, Shinji is straight. I'm not going to have him have sex with a man. Nonetheless, he will have homosexual sex at one point of the story. How is this possible? Read the next chapter.

Blergh. After this chapter, I realised how easy it in fact was to write simple lesbian sex. But two girls with the same first name… That can get tough. I had to come up with more creative ways of writing for this chapter, but it was very tiring, so I had the other Rei removed. Lazy? No.

So what's Rei's problem? No way am I telling you yet. I'm not planning to tell you anything before a possible 2nd arc, which might never appear. Suffer.