NERV Cosmetics: Rest Period 3 - Revenge is Best Served with Whipped Cream



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These are thoughts, I think.

This is a word with stress put on it.

”Now I'm speaking”, I told the readers, ”And I'm stressing a word here.”

Hello, this is an Eva speaking/thinking. The same thing, basically. Yes, i can stress a word!

Author's Notes, part 1:

Hi. Back once again for some hot action? Beware, Shinji's not gonna wait for payback, he's getting it by force! Oh, well. Have you got nerves of steel? Do read.

Rest Period 3 - Revenge is Best Served with Whipped Cream

Shinji got out of the elevator on his way back from the experiment, heading towards his shared apartment. As he rounded a corner, he was halted by a voice from behind. ”Shinji-kun! Wait!” He turned just as Yuuko came running. She screeched to a halt only inches from him. Yuuko was wearing a pink summer dress that ended above the knee, and had a low neckline. As she leaned on her knees, catching her breath, Shinji accidentally looked down her cleavage, catching a glimpse of a white lace bra. Yuuko wheezed out ”Thank… you… I just thought I should… give you my phone… number.” Yuuko held out a small piece of paper.

”Oh. Thank you.” Shinji accepted it. He put it into his pocket, fishing out a pen, and looked for paper. ”I don't have paper with me, otherwise I'd give you mine…” Yes! I got her phone number! It's going almost too well to be true.

Yuuko's happy smile fell. Then she brightened. ”Write on my arm!” She held out her left forearm.

Shinji nodded, moving to Yuuko's side right and gently holding her arm in front of him, so that he would not have write upside down. Yuuko moved closer, leaning against his left arm. Shinji blushed slightly as he felt Yuuko's breasts pressing against him. Calm down, it's not even close to what you've been through. He finished writing his number on Yuuko's arm, and tried to move away from her.

Yuuko followed, putting an arm around his waist and rising onto her toes to give him a peck on the cheek. Suddenly Shinji lost sight of the corridor as the world around him turned all rosy and sparkling, the most sparkles originating from Yuuko. All shadowing and reflections seemed to have increased. ”Thank you, Shinji-kun. I'll be waiting for your call.” Then she ran away, leaving Shinji red in the face and more than a little bit confused.

What on earth? Call her about what? I don't understand. He shook his head to clear it and walked away.

Shinji wondered what to do that evening. His to-do list was short, with getting back at Misato for the half-rape at the very top. Shinji pondered the different choices, then decided on the one he thought would be most satisfying. If Misato would like it, too, which was debatable, it was okay; Shinji had liked the half-rape, in a way. The revenge was more of a symbolic gesture. Shinji was not a grudge-bearer by nature, but this was simply a way of preventing a certain unhappy thing from happening again. Vincent, I need your help on this. When I start, I need some extra strength, so some adrenaline and stuff might be useful.

You got it, boy. I'll mix up a real cocktail to make you as strong as a lion and as horny as a rhino.

The second part's not good. I need to be able to think clearly. Shinji was going to be uncharacteristically evil, but he had no intention of repeating the incident with Minako.

Okay, boy, whatever you say. I'll leave out the horny part, but you'll be a bit boosted on the physical aspects of sex drive. You've shot the load three… or four times today, remember? Vincent clearly did not know whether simultaneous orgasms from two cocks should be considered as one, but neither did Shinji.

Sounds good. It was supposed to; Vincent had adjusted a few details in Shinji's thought pattern and steered him through convenient hormonal bursts. The Eva was playing his own game in the shadows, hidden from his makers and host.

With new confidence in his gait, Shinji strode home. First he rang the doorbell of the foreign renovators, borrowing two lengths of rope, seven feet each. Then he checked that Misato wasn't home yet and rummaged through her room. Shinji was mildly surprised by some of the items that he found, such as several crotch-less panties, a dozen vibrating devices, and a collection of non-vibrating penetration tools. In addition, there were several items in weird shapes that he could not identify. He settled on stealing some equipment found under her bed and stashed them in his room along with an old-fashioned non-digital ruler. Then he checked that the spray can of whipped cream was still in the refrigerator.

The last part of preparations included undressing, entering the shower with the rope draped around his neck, and carefully forgetting to lock the door. In a few minutes Shinji heard Misato enter the apartment, and launched his plan. He turned on the tap and pushed down the button transferring the flow of water into the shower head above him. It was securely attached to the wall, and not directly above the tap, Shinji noted with satisfaction. He rubbed himself, imagining what fun he would have while persuading Misato to listen to him His manhood reacted positively to this, beginning to grow to its full length.

As expected, Misato had reacted immediately upon hearing the hiss of the shower. She yanked open the door and rushed in, barefooted but still wearing a black top and a short, blue skirt. Shinji stopped the water and opened the frosted shower door, and as Misato leaped at him with arms extended, he snatched her wrists and thought: Now, Vincent! In an instant new power flowed through Shinji's body, and he extended his second pair of arms. With one round motion he slammed Misato's body on the wall, positioning her hands on both sides of the shower head. Her lungs were emptied by the collision and she was unable to resist as Shinji's second hands threw the first rope above the shower head and tied each end to her wrists. Misato's feet were securely on the floor but her body was stretched so tall that she could not escape by lifting the rope loop over the shower. She was about to voice her surprise, when Shinji finished the knots. He slapped one hand over Misato's mouth as he snatched a small towel with two others and tied it across her open mouth and around her head to act as a gag. Shinji stepped back in the small shower compartment and observed the results of his work. Misato screamed into her gag, but Shinji paid no attention. Instead, he took the other length of rope from around his neck and placed it on Misato's left shoulder, so that half of it was on each side. He lifted her right thigh as high as he could, at the same time pulling one end of the rope behind her back and the other across her chest and through her cleavage, and tied a knot below her uplifted knee. With this, Misato's right thigh was secured nearly parallel to her body, bunching up her skirt at her waist. Underneath, there were no panties. Shinji withdrew his extra arms.

Shinji had expected as much. He smiled, seeing the perfect results of his work. Okay, Vincent, you can drop the StimPack effect now. Shinji dropped from his adrenaline high, and felt twinges of pain where the rope had chafed his hands and where his abrupt movement had strained a muscle. On the other hand, dull the pain. After that was in order, he started his master plan. He kneeled and made a show of sniffing around Misato's crotch. ”I smell dry cum here. You should take better care of your hygiene.” Shinji flipped Misato's top over her breasts. He took some shower gel onto his hands and rubbed them together. Then, with slow, savouring movements, he began to wash Misato's hands, arms and shoulders.

All this time, Misato was staring at Shinji with eyes wide from shock. Since when has he loved me this much? She was happier than in ages. It would never have occurred to her that somebody like Shinji, who had declared that they were friends and nothing more, would have planned in secret a wonderful and intimate surprise such as this. He's such a sweet boy.

Shinji was finished with the arms, and grabbed Misato's top. He lifted it past her head and all the way up to her hands, where he attached it with a loose end of the rope. It would not do to have clothes preventing an all-areas-cleaned surprise shower. In two seconds, Shinji found and opened the zipper that went all the way down one side of Misato's skirt and threw the bothersome piece of cloth out of the shower. Then Shinji washed her neck and her chest above the breasts. Misato made an annoyed sound as he moved to wash her sides and belly. The Shinji stepped closer, sliding his hands across Misato's back, beginning from the top and moving lower. At the same time he pressed his chest against Misato's bosom, feeling the woman's nipples already hard and erect. He could also smell the faint odour that told him how much Misato really liked this; she was lubricating, and the clear liquid ran down her thigh in little trickles.

Shinji's hands reached Misato's buttocks, and he gave them a friendly squeeze before moving on to spread the foaming shower gel over her hips. From there, he disappointed Misato by passing her crotch and soaping up her uplifted leg. He cleaned each toe individually, making Misato think: This is heaven… How can he be so sweet?

Finished with the right leg, Shinji repeated the same treatment on the left. Then he took some more shower gel into his hands, preparing to please the helpless Misato. After a moment of hesitation, he grasped Misato's breasts, kneading them like one kneads bread dough. He cleaned the globes of flesh, systematically starting from the edges and symmetrically approaching the nipples. When he reached them, he first spread a light layer of foam on them, then rolled them between his fingers. Misato moaned and screamed into her gag all the time Shinji roughly cleaned her jugs.

Without warning, the pleasure was over. Misato looked down, seeing a kneeling Shinji examining her crotch with his gaze. He saw that the widespread position of thighs was ideal for this task; Misato's pussy was open for experimenting, and her labia were red and parted. A trickle of cum flowed down on one side. ”Now, let's clean you up.” With this, Shinji soaped up the area around the wet orifice, once sliding a finger in and out of her asshole. Then he began to massage Misato's lower lips with his thumbs. He moved slowly closer, then abruptly slipped both of the digits, slippery with soap, into the awaiting pussy. Misato was moaning non-stop now, struggling against her bonds. Shinji gave no mercy, and switched to two fingers inside the pussy and the thumb circling the clitoris.

Misato came, screaming into the towel wrapped across her mouth, and rose to her toes as her body tensed in the electrical storm wracking her nervous system. She slowly relaxed and settled down as Shinji stroked her thighs and hips.

He was standing up now. Shinji looked Misato in the eye, leaning closer. He pressed his body against hers, and Misato felt the tip of Shinji's cock on her soapy thigh. Behind his back, Shinji opened the tap and hit the button, releasing a spray of water from above. He gently slid his hands all over Misato's body, washing away the foam. He held her close in the warm shower, lulling her into a false sense of security.

Shinji stepped out of the shower, leaving the water running, and said over his shoulder: ”Don't go anywhere.” Misato nodded. As if she had a choice. Well then… Shinji closed the frosted shower door and tiptoed to his room, dripping water all over the floors. He snatched the small plastic box including his tools, and tiptoed to the kitchen to fetch the spray can filled with whipped cream. He tiptoed back to the bathroom, putting the tools down on the washing machine's lid. He hid the spray can behind his back and opened the frosted door, then changed his mind and closed it again. He put the can aside and grabbed a small towel, re-entering the shower with it. He tied the towel in front of Misato's eyes, explaining: ”I want this next thing to be a total surprise.”

Then he fetched the can, removing the protective lid. He positioned it near Misato's right nipple, giving the button on the top a slight press. A blotch of white, foamy cream landed on the nipple, and Misato mumbled something. Shinji repeated the decoration with the other erect nub, explaining: ”This is spray-on whipped cream. I'm sure you know what I'm going to do with it.” This woman ought to know all there is about kinky sex, considering the stuff hidden under her bed. Shinji put the can down on the floor, and lifting up one of Misato's massive mammary glands, licked he cream off the nipple. ”Mm. Tastes good.” He kissed the other breast, suckling on the nipple. I guess this means I'm as much of a pervert a she is… Remember, Shinji, it's all for a higher goal. He was grateful to Vincent, who had aided him in devising a plan to keep him safe from Misato once and for all.

Misato was trying to tell him something, but the gag transmogrified her speech into generic wanton moaning. Shinji picked the can up again, this time coating all of Misato's breasts in whipped cream. He also sprayed a straight line down from her cleavage, across her navel, and ending at her pussy. Then he covered the lower lips in the foam.

Misato was straining not to twist around in her bondage, feeling the soft and ticklish sensation of cream on her skin. It's like being sprayed with clouds. I hope he starts to clean it up soon. It feels good, but I'd rather feel his tongue.

Shinji did just that; extending some extra length to his tongue, he began to lick around Misato's breast. He scooped up the cream into his mouth, then repeated, taking his time approaching the nipple. Once he reached it, he first licked it, then put it in his mouth, sucked on it, bit on it lightly, and teased it with his tongue. Then he moved onto the other breast. After a systematic approach, he deployed all the attacks the other nipple had been bombarded with, but his time all at once. Misato screamed into her gag, arcing her neck back.

Shinji licked Misato's cleavage clean, then began to lick down the trail of whipped cream on her belly. As he reached her pussy, he extended the full length of his tongue. He buried his head into Misato's crotch, lapping with his snaky, pink appendage, devouring the foam in seconds. In the process, he passed over Misato's labia and clitoris at least a dozen times, making the woman shudder violently. As a final trick, Shinji pressed the can on the opening to Misato's wet hole, beginning to spray whipped cream into her body. After a couple of seconds, it began to foam out, and Shinji threw the can out to the tiled floor. Then he closed his mouth over her mound, plunging his tongue inside, licking the walls of Misato's pussy clean of the cream.

Misato could not take any more. The foam inside her pussy had nearly thrown her over the edge, and Shinji's way of cleaning it away completed the task of launching her into her second orgasm. She struggled again, but Shinji held her back against the wall and continued the tongue-fuck until Misato's resistance waned.

Shinji was pleased, too. He was having enormous fun with his revenge. ”I see we both liked the spray-on whipped cream.” And as an added bonus, I might walk away from this with Misato as my obedient and willing slave. Shinji did not intend to misuse such a relationship, but it could easily be utilised as a frame for mutual pleasure. He felt as if these random thoughts were not entirely is, and was closer to the truth than he knew.

Next was the most evil part of Shinji's revenge. He did not know if either one of them would take pleasure from it, but it was worth trying. He pushed out his second pair of arms, and grabbed Misato by the wrists. With lots of heaving and lifting and use of four arms, he reversed Misato to face the wall.

Next, Shinji normalised his body and took out the next tool. It was a plastic ruler, eighteen inches long, and slightly springy. He held one end in his right hand, bending the other back with his left. The he released the left hand, allowing the end to bounce back. This will do well in the absence of a proper whip. Cocking the ruler, Shinji placed a powerful slap on Misato's buttock. It made a loud sound and left a red mark on her skin, and she grunted in pain. Shinji repeated it with the other buttock, reaching the same results. Even with the relatively small amount of pain it caused, and the way the red marks faded quickly, he felt bad. As Misato shied away from his hits, he felt the desire to cry. Because Misato could not see, he let the tears flow. Crying silently, he began to spank Misato's butt and lower back. ”Listen carefully. If you don't behave yourself, I will whip you harder. If you try to rape me again, I will spank you some more, but there won't be any pleasure like the one you've just experienced. We have sex when I want, where I want it, how I want it. Nod if you understand.” I don't like this, but it has to be done. Otherwise, I won't have a single moment of safety in a room with no lock. Misato nodded furiously, and Shinji ceased the spanking. ”Good. Now that we understand each other, I'll give you a reward.”

Wiping his tears, he gladly set away the ruler, switching it for a string of seven black beads that were an inch and a quarter in diameter, except for the first and last ones, which were one inch and a half. The beads were three inches apart, and on one end of the string, there was loop at a distance of four inches from the last sphere. In short, it was a string of anal beads. Shinji approached Misato's butt, kneeling to see the hole more clearly. He tried it with a finger, and was surprised to find some of the slippery shower gel still lubricating the hole. After slipping his index finger through the string loop, he positioned the first bead at the opening of Misato's ass. Pushing slowly, he inserted the bead. After passing the initial tightness, it plopped inside. Misato made noises, sounding grateful, if moans could be interpreted. Shinji continued, inserting the black spheres one by one. After the last one was inside, he released the loop from his finger, and went to get the next tool.

It was an interesting machine: A spherical vibrator, attached to the battery case/control unit with a cord, which was two feet long. The controller was on a strap that could be fitted around a thigh and tightened with a simple lock mechanism. Shinji attached it to Misato's left thigh - the one that was down - and inserted the vibrator into her pussy. It slipped in easily, but did not fall out after he pulled his hand away. Then he observed the controller. ”This is a handy little device. It can be set to vibrate without needing to press a button all the time. I bet you walk in public with this thing buzzing in your wet pussy all the time.” He did not speak like that usually, but he felt that it was the right kind of thing to say. I have to keep up the atmosphere. Shinji turned the vibrator on at a low power level, drawing some moans and mixed noises from the woman. Then he got up and rearranged Misato to face away from the wall again. ”Now that I've plugged your holes, what shall we do about your breasts? Oh, I believe I have just the thing here.”

Shinji walked back to the washing machine, but instead of taking anything from the box, he reached for a box of clothes pegs. When he returned to Misato, he removed the towel from her eyes, showing her the next tools. ”Do you know what I'm going to do with these?” Misato nodded. ”Good. Let's begin.” Shinji took one of the plastic pegs, snapping the jaws a couple of times. ”Strong springs on these.” Then he put the box down on a soap holder, bending and leaning forward to hold one of Misato's breasts with his free hand. He clamped the peg onto the side of her breast, where it remained pinching her skin. Misato screamed into her gag, begging with her eyes for Shinji to stop. But he did not; instead, he took the next peg, attaching it o the other breast. After there were half a dozen clothes pegs on Misato's breasts, he said: ”Now the last three.” The first two he attached to her nipples. He held the last one in front of her eyes, asking: ”Do you know where this one goes?” With tears of pain clouding her eyes, Misato nodded. Shinji kneeled again and carefully attached the last peg onto her clitoris.

Misato was screaming and crying. It hurts! It hurts! Please stop it, it hurts so much, and it feels too good! Shinji began to pull out the string of beads, each one stretching her asshole and firing a flare of pleasure. The different feedback from her breasts and clit, opposing the anal beads and vibrator, which Shinji adjusted to full power, were causing a massive build-up of sensation, and Misato was constantly wrecked by half-orgasms. Finally her brain short-circuited the sensations and labelled them as pleasure, launching her sky-high as one massive orgasmic heap of ecstasy.

Shinji finished pulling out the beads and put them aside, then turned off and removed the vibrator. He removed the pegs from Misato's clitoris and breasts, except for the two on her nipples. Then he checked Misato's condition. The woman was barely conscious. Her eyes were unfocussed and she was mumbling softly into the towel covering her mouth. Shinji was shocked. Wow. I had no idea that it would be this effective. She was crying when I put the clamps on her, but in the end the pleasure made her a vegetable. I wish I could experience something like that.

Vincent's voice echoed through his head. Yes! I've been waiting for this, boy! This was apparently the chance to make Shinji instantly grow breasts. Real, female, jiggly and pert C-cup breasts.

What the hell? What did you do?

Well you told me you wanted to feelthat, boy. Just put the pegs on yourself. Would you want to…

No! No more of your funny ideas. Shinji knew that the damage had been done. He was already facing an irresistible compulsion to fondle himself. His hands moved as if by their own accord, and began to caress his new-born boobs. It felt as good as masturbation as he knew it, but somehow different. He leaned his back against the wall and pinched her nipples. A wave of pleasure flowed through Shinji, spiked by a bit of pain. Wow. They're really sensitive. He continued to squeeze his breasts harder and harder, enjoying totally new joys. He moved his hand to grab a clothes peg, and attached it to her right nipple. It was painful, and he cringed, but lasted through the first shock. After that, it began to feel slightly better, and he put a peg on his other nipple as well. Then he sat down on the tiled floor, using one hand to stroke and caress his breasts, and the other to wank his cock. I guess there aren't many who get to masturbate like this. Vincent nodded in agreement.

The new and old style mixed well, and soon Shinji blasted his seed. It splayed on the floor and on his belly, and he turned on the tap to splash some water and clean the jizz away. Now, back to business. Shinji got up and saw Misato staring at him with a new kind of respect. ”Are you okay?” He asked.

Misato nodded, and then nudged with her head towards Shinji's breasts. Where did you get those things? was what she wanted to say.

”Don't ever tell anyone what you saw.” Shinji was dead serious; being known as a mutant was bad, but constant sex-changing would bring true problems, and if the legends were true, conjure up a bunch of martial artists and weirdoes, some of who would fall for one of your sexes, to challenge you in even weirder martial arts contests.

Misato nodded, remembering with a shudder the promised punishment.

”Now, maybe I should untie you.”

No! Think, boy, you've just been pleasing her, and you haven't even rammed your meat up a single hole yet. It ain't fair, see?

Okay. But just once. I'm getting exhausted. Shinji removed the final pegs from his and Misato's nipples, and leaned close to Misato. ”I'll just take what's rightfully mine. I'm your master now.”

Misato nodded eagerly, thinking If this is slavery, I don't want to be free.

Shinji extracted his extra dick, and spread shower gel on both shafts to make them more slippery. There had been enough pain for one evening. Then he checked Misato's crotch, which was still spread wide open. Her lower lips were covered in cum, and a wide stream was still flowing down the inside of her thigh. Shinji scooped up some in his hand and spread it over his breasts, another handful for Misato's, and a third to lick off his hand. Then he pressed his body against hers, their breasts mashing together, and Shinji used his hands to move his up and down. Lubricated by the cum between them, their boobs slid against each other, sending a jolt of pleasure each time the nipples slipped over each other. Then Shinji guided his dicks to Misato's openings and pushed them in.

Moving his body up and down against hers, Shinji penetrated Misato in both of her hot orifices. He moved his hands up along her sides to caress her breasts, then suddenly restarted the shower. Warm water flowed over their bodies, stroking every area of their skin that was not touching the other. Keeping a slow and steady pace, Shinji filled Misato from the inside and caressed her body from the outside. She tensed her nether entrances, tightening their grip on his twin cocks. For a minute they had sex at a leisurely pace, until both came at the exact same moment, Shinji shooting his sperm into the wet pussy and the soaped-up asshole. For a moment Shinji just held Misato, letting the water flow over them as his shafts rested and began to shrink inside her body. This is nearly love-making, instead of just sex, or fucking.

However, there were still things to be done. Shinji withdrew from Misato's holes and untied her right thigh, letting her stand on both feet. The he released her wrists; they were chafed, but not badly, and the rope had been loose enough to allow blood circulation. Misato removed the gag herself and threw it aside. For a moment she just stood there, looking at Shinji with a mysterious look in her eyes. She did not react when Shinji deleted his breasts, but after a moment she went down on one knee and bowed her head. ”Master, what are your commands?”

Shinji felt dizzy. He had hoped for this, but he had not planned anything in case it really happened. When in doubt, use violence… no, not that. When under pressure, retreat? Not good. Ah; when faced with a tough decision, pick the easy way out. ”Get up. We'll just act like nothing special is going on. We'll be showing a clean living-together-as-friends -front, but we'll have some fun every now and then. In daily life…” Can I really throw away what I just got? ”You can act normally. I'm only your master when it comes to sex. Okay?”

Misato bounced up, hugging Shinji, and shouted happily: ”Yes, master!”

Shinji let out a deep sigh as he detached the happy woman from himself. ”And acting normal means you can call me by name.”

Misato looked to the side, obviously pondering whether she should say what was on her mind. Then she decided it was worth the try and looked at Shinji with a textbook example of puppy eyes. ”If I'm naughty, will you punish me again with whipped cream?”

Author's notes, part 2:

Yippee, I finished this in one night! Granted, the plot proceeded only slightly, and the sex was weird, but I'm happy with the result.

After I wrote the first chapter of The Cherry Blossom Opens, also in one night (yesterday), I felt like I had betrayed you by moving to another project. So, to ease my mind, I wrote this. It's quite long, considering the relation of lemon to plot. I hope this makes up for straying from the correct path!

Oh, and if you didn't like the spanking, don't say I didn't warn you. Luckily this concludes that aspect of NERV Cosmetics, if my pre-planned plot holds. Unlikely, but possible.