NERV Cosmetics: Experiment 3 - The Cock, the Ass, and the Mouse



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These are thoughts, I think.

This is a word with stress put on it.

”Now I'm speaking”, I told the readers, ”And I'm stressing a word here.”

Hello, this is an Eva speaking/thinking. The same thing, basically. Yes, i can stress a word!

Author's Notes, part 1:

The chapter title refers to the children's story ”The Cock, the Ass, and the Lion” (sic!), and the mouse… You'll find out soon enough.

Experiment 3 - The Cock, the Ass, and the Mouse

Shinji rushed to his room, slamming the door shut as he went. He threw his school bag into a corner and flopped down on is bed, immediately inserting the ear-pieces of his old CD player into his aural orifices. He switched the CD to another one of his collection of old anime music. Soon, the cheery sounds of Otento Sama ni Kiite Miru Nyo from DiGiCharat filled his ears and he instantly started to smile. I feel better already.

Vincent did not feel better. Oh, come on, boy, what is this noise?

It cheers me up. You don't like it? Shinji could not understand that. Who doesn't like a sweet and happy song?

Vincent groaned. Would you like some tea in your sugar, boy? There are sweet songs, then there are too sweet songs, and there is this: lethally sweet. He shut his access to Shinji's hearing.

I need this kind of thing to cheer me up, Vincent. I had a crappy day, you know.

Just being punched in the face, boy, doesn't make a day so bad you'd have to resort to this. Vincent loaded that last word with every ounce of being sick of eating too much candy he could muster.

Hey, I was punched twice. I got so angry I nearly did a Spect and transformed my arms out. The anime reference was wasted on Vincent; he had not bothered to check all of Shinji's memories. And the lessons were boring. And how about that guy in my class babbling on and on about some fancy army steroids, StimPacks and all that stuff? Sure they're cool, but there's a limit to how much medical talk one can take. I get enough of applied medicine at work.

Which reminds me. We have work today, boy. Something tells me today is going to be fun. Vincent chuckled lightly. Though you might not like it.

Something tells you? Could that something by any chance be the company files you keep hacking into to guide me through the building? Shinji knew that Vincent was constantly connecting the intranet, because the skin on his left shoulder itched every time a high-frequency transmission pierced it to reach the fourth EVA component.

Vincent made a very skilled mental expression of looking up and whistling.

And what do you mean I might not like it? It's not like yesterday, is it? Shinji still felt occasional pangs of guilt for succumbing so easily to a mere smell. He also felt angry towards his father and Ritsuko, who were the ones he believed to be behind the scheme. This time, you can save me without my command. The thought was not entirely without a sting to it.

Roger that, boy. Hey, you told me to remind you about taking the garbage out. Vincent was also useful as a reminder; he had an infallible memory.

As Shinji was returning to the flat he shared with Misato, he spotted her turning to a small side corridor on their living floor. Then she backtracked to check that nobody was in sight, completely missing Shinji from only a couple dozen feet away, and entered through a small door. This behaviour seemed curious to Shinji, and he walked silently closer.

Suddenly a voice rang after him. ”Ikari-sempai, hello.” It was a female voice, clear and beautiful, and vaguely familiar.

Shinji turned and looked at the girl. Two long, pink braids. After a moment he recognised her as his ”fangirl” from the infirmary. Only this time she was wearing a school uniform. Very few schools still enforced dress code. She looked fairly attractive in it, although it did not compare to the nurse's short, tight uniform she had been wearing when they first met. The idea of lying about an injury to get treated by her had occurred to Shinji. ”Oh, hello… um… I don't know your name, do I?”

”Oh, how rude of me. I am sorry.” The girl bowed deep. ”I'm Yuuko Enchô. Pleased to meet you.”

Shinji bowed back. ”Pleased to meet you too, Enchô-san.”

”Please, call me Yuuko. I want to become close friends with you.”

”Okay, Yuuko-san. You can call me Shinji.”

Yuuko's eyes sparkled. ”Thank you, Shinji-sempai, for being so kind to me.” She giggled. ”What's your job here? The announcement on Friday didn't specify that.” She joined her hands behind her back and leaned closer to Shinji.

”Uhh…” He was a bit confused by the shortening of distance between their faces, but gathered his thoughts. ”It's classified. I'm not supposed to tell about it to anyone who hasn't got 2nd level clearance. Sorry.” He had been briefed on these matters by Misato.

”It's okay. I've only got 3rd level now, but” she took a flashy stance and the corridor changed into a backdrop of waves crashing into seashore boulders. ”I will work my way through the ranks to be by your side!” The world returned to normal, and so did the girl. ”So wait for me, Shinji-sempai.”

Shinji's forehead sported a massive sweatdrop. ”O, okay.”

Yuuko thanked him and left, bouncing happily down the corridor. Shinji frowned. Wants to know more of me? Be good friends? How is it that after I've come here girls and women are flocking onto me? I'm not special or anything.

Oh, so having me and the ability to create new limbs isn't special, boy?

Cut the sarcasm. She doesn't even know. Shinji mentally pointed at a memory of the nurse.

Oh, really? Maybe she has heard of your ”special ablities” and wants to get on for the ride, boy? Eh he he.

She's not like that.

Vincent leaned mentally closer and lowered the volume of his thoughts. Why… Are you defending her, boy?

Shinji frowned. Because she's too innocent and - and cute. That's why. The girl was attractive, and the same age, which was a definite bonus. Plus she knew nothing about his brief but intense history of sexual experience.

I believe you were about to see what Misato was doing in that Supply Closet, boy, before your ”pure maiden” came over for a chat.

Hey, how do you think citation marks? Shinji could tell their existence, somehow. It was the same thing with capital letters. Anyway… He walked to the door, putting his ear against it. At the slight touch, the door opened an inch; Misato had not closed it properly.

From within came an intriguing cocktail of sounds and voices. They were too silent to be heard from further away, but Shinji could definitively tell what some of them meant. First, there was the occasional thump of limb against wall or floor. Probably an elbow or knee, since palms and feet made a clearer, louder sound. Then there was the sound of licking. Not just any kind of licking, but wet licking. Lots of slurping in between. Some brief pauses for breathing. And finally, there was a stifled moaning and heavy breathing, apparently from one person, partially overlapping the licking noises. A female, probably. So one human female and one unidentified licker.

Shinji cautiously peered through the crack of the door. His field of view scanned over a woman's bare legs, thighs, and butt on the floor. He swallowed and scanned further. A bare upper body, with another woman's legs wrapped around the neck and back. And a flow of purple hair from that neck; it was Misato. Judging by her movement, she was the licker. A further scan proved this. The other female was lying on her back. Misato's head was snugly fitted between her thighs, moving up and down. This seemed to fit in with the moans. Oh my God. I'm peeking on lesbian sex. Does this mean Misato is bisexual? Somehow, the thought wasn't as shocking as he was expecting. But who's the other woman?

Straining to see better, Shinji leaned too close and lost his balance. He fell through the door, and alarmed by the noise, Misato lifted her head from between the other woman's thighs. ”Shinji? What are you doing here?” Her chin was dripping with female cum.

Shinji gathered his limbs and stuttered. ”I—I—I'm sorry, I didn't mean to—I won't tell anybody that you two are are—are—are—are—” Damn, what's the word?

Carpet-munchers? Vincent offered.

”Carpet-munchers. Urk! No, I meant to say… intimate, that's it. I won't tell. You have my word. And now I'll be going.” Shinji turned and fled the room. He stepped outside to catch his breath and let his racing heart calm down a bit. Misato, I can believe. But certainly the other woman can't be who I thought it was. I didn't see the glasses anywhere…

Vincent whistled. Who would have thought, boy. Hey, I wanna see some more! Get back to the door.

Are you crazy? The door was pushed shut from the inside. And they closed the door. They know we're here. So let's make a hasty retreat.

Once they had arrived back at the apartment, Shinji was frowning deeply. I want to know if it was really her.

Vincent made the impression of smiling smugly. I know a way. You see, I can hack the security cameras to transmit the data onto your computer, boy, and we'll have your mind at ease in a jiffy.

Shinji sat down in front of his computer and started it up. So now what?

Wait. A screen popped up on Shinji's screen, indicating an arriving data stream. Okay. Start it up in anything that plays DivX.

Shinji directed the stream to a program and played it in full screen. He saw that there was several minutes of material, apparently beginning approximately when Misato had walked into the room, and the end was proceeding in real time. There was only one channel, a surveillance camera attached to the roof. He instructed the program to start from the very beginning.

Ritsuko stood in the room, leaning against a wall. The cleaning supplies were shoved up against another wall. She was wearing her normal lab coat, buttoned nearly up to the neck, and light brown trousers.

It really is her! Shinji thought.

The door opened and Misato stepped in. She said something, but nothing could be heard. Shinji cursed the lack of audio, but Vincent quickly set up a program that could read their lips. The speech appeared on the bottom of the screen as text.

”Am I late, Ritsuko-san?”

Ritsuko glanced at her watch. ”Only by eight minutes. I was not expecting you for another seven.”

Misato looked down. ” I'm sorry. It's the way this place seems like a maze.”

Ritsuko rolled her eyes behind her glasses, which once again conveniently concealed it by reflecting an unknown light source. ”We should begin. I still have preparations to do concerning today's experiment.”

”Okay. Let's have some fun.” Misato giggled. ”Thanks for doing this, Ritsuko. I'm having a bit of trouble getting anything from Shinji.” She began to take off her clothes.

Ritsuko shook her head but began to undress. ”Do not confuse my reasons for doing this with anything near the search for fun. I am only helping you out as a friend. And out of scientific interest, naturally. It is a possible benefit in deciding what properties to value in future products, and therefore in the interest of the company.”

Misato was completely stripped. She had no underwear, and the process of getting rid of her clothes was honed by experience. Ritsuko followed not far behind, since she had neglected to wear a shirt under her lab coat. However, she had put on underwear. It was white and without any sort of decorative properties. As Ritsuko undressed completely Shinji found out that her body was very pale, bringing out her pink nipples, which were rapidly taking on a deeper red colour in the cool air. Her body was not unattractive, but could not be compared to Misato's or even Minako's, if Shinji's perceptions in that experiment had not been clouded by the odour. Ritsuko's breasts were small but pert, with smaller than medium nipples. Her figure was slim in a badly nourished way, but not overly so; her ribs and pelvic bones showed, but did not stick out. Shinji guessed that she fit the stereotype of the bright scientist forgetting to eat occasionally. Her limbs were slim, but not the same way as Minako's. They gave the feeling, or aura, if you desire, of shattering under the atmospheric pressure at sea-level. Ritsuko placed her glasses on top of the pile of her clothes and turned to Misato. She cracked her knuckles in a very un-feminine and even more un-sexual way and said: ”We should finish this quickly.” Then she laid down on her back. ”You have thirty-six minutes until deadline.”

Now it was Misato's turn to shake her head. ”You're not acting appropriately. You should at least try to sound like we're about to have sex, not like we're dissecting an animal.” Nonetheless she got down on her hands and knees, padding closer to Ritsuko's tuft of black pubic hair. ”Come on, open your thighs.”

Ritsuko spread her thighs to form an angle of ninety degrees in relation to each other. Misato put her hands on them, trying to force them open a bit more. As she did that, the sockets in which Ritsuko's femora rested announced their disagreement very vocally. Ritsuko bit her lip.

Misato noticed the scientist's discomfort and ceased pushing on her thighs. Instead, she dipped her head into the other woman's crotch, mumbling ”You should shave every now and then… It's a jungle down here!” The following events were obscured from Shinji's sight by Misato's mane of purple hair, but we do not have to be left in the dark. We can see that Ritsuko was already lubricating slightly, something not expected so soon from the cold science woman. Misato extended her tongue and gave a tentative lick to Ritsuko's labia. Ritsuko moaned, arcing her back, and her spine let out a series of cracks and pops.

Shinji was drooling continuously. Suddenly he realised something. Now I can understand why Misato wants to see the tests… This is so naughty, but others would have to pay for this. No way am I going to miss such a thing with people I know acting the lead parts. He unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down with his boxers, releasing his erection from its painful confine.

On screen, the door opened and Shinji fell in. After the events resulting from that intrusion of privacy, which Shinji skipped, Misato switched to the use of fingers in pleasing Ritsuko. She placed her middle and third finger at the entrance to Ritsuko's pussy, stroking the clitoris as she pushed them in. As the blonde twitched in pleasure, the purple-maned head moved up her body and latched onto one of her breasts, sucking on the nipple. Misato twirled her tongue around the hard nub, then bit on it lightly, drawing a whine of ecstasy from Ritsuko. Misato doubled her efforts, and pushed her fingers twice deeper into Ritsuko's wet nether orifice.

Due to her inexperience, the science woman orgasmed quickly, screaming like there was no tomorrow and nobody in the hall outside that room. She lay down panting, but only for a moment. In a few seconds Ritsuko had recovered her composure and pushed herself up to a sitting position with her hands, resulting in yet more gravely noise from her joints.

Ritsuko was all work again. ”Very good. I am satisfied with this test, and believe I now know better why our guinea pigs like to stay here. Now, if you excuse me, I will leave to prepare for the test.”

Misato scowled at her, ”No excuses! We still have time, and” - her voice turned to honey with lots of sugar on it - ”you haven't experimented on me yet. Don't you wanna know what a woman feels and tastes like?” She made a point of licking the liquids on her lips.

Shinji's eyes bulged. Any straight guy and a lot of women would fall for that in an instant, but Ritsuko just might last through it.

Ritsuko remained silent, with her eyes closed for a moment, then replied: ”Very well.” She positioned herself in a sitting position against the wall and tapped the floor between her spread legs. ”Locate yourself here.”

Misato padded over on all fours and sat down, leaning against Ritsuko and arcing her head to the side to give a peck to Ritsuko's ear. ”Ravish me”, she whispered.

Ritsuko brought her hands down on Misato's breasts, hard. The slap made them jiggle, and the nymphomaniac yelped due to the sudden pain. The scientist squeezed and fondled the breasts, evaluating them, lifting them to estimate their weight, then pinched the nipples. All the time Misato was moaning, with her eyes shut tightly. The cold, careless and sometimes violent touches were not far from the line between pain and pleasure, but still on the good side.

Ritsuko finished the violation of the globes of flesh, leaving them slightly red and the nipples erect. ”They feel good. Soft, but not sagging, with remarkably hard and tall nipples. Jiggly, but not rubbery. They are real, correct?” Misato nodded an affirmative. ”Also, they are heavier than I expected. Do you not have back pains?”

”No. I kinda got used to these two over the years.” Misato pulled her feet under her and bent forward, standing on all fours again with her butt upraised and pointed at Ritsuko. Her pussy was dripping cum onto the floor. ”Here's more to explore.”

Ritsuko promptly slapped the ass presented to her eliciting another yelp, and continued by giving it a treatment similar to the one that the breasts had suffered. Apparently pleased with the result, she stroked Misato's slit with her index finger and licked the clear liquid off it. She repeated it and nodded. ”It does not taste bad. One can get used to this.” Then she leaned closer, licking Misato's butt cheek. ”Your skin tastes salty. It must be sweat. However, it is not unpleasant.” She kissed the same spot, then moved to the dripping labia. Ritsuko gave them a shy, trembling lick. Misato's moan encouraged her to go for more, and she pushed her tongue deeper, gathering the transparent nectar from within the other woman's hot tunnel and bringing it to her mouth. A small droplet was forming on Misato's clitoris, and Ritsuko poked at it with her tongue. Misato's pussy tightened reflexively, oozing out cum into Ritsuko's mouth. She sucked on the nub and Misato moaned as she came, tweaking her nipples to draw yet more pleasure from the already explosive orgasm.

Shinji finished his wanking at the same time and emptied his seed into a paper tissue, which soon found itself in a recycling bin. Little did those eager sperm cells know, that their wriggling and furious swimming would die unrewarded, and in a few days they would be eaten by a giant mutant rat living on the Old Tokyo Garbage Deposit site. A particularly mean and big one, mangy and black-furred, with gleaming red eyes and yellow teeth, known for its viciousness around the entire Kanto area, respected as a Grand Tribal Master, and known as ”Jrpw”. Of course, the human languages cannot possibly convey the heart-curdling fear accompanying the uttering of that horrible name, or even describe accurately what it sounds like. ”Jrpw” is only a good approximation. Nonetheless, why did you want to hear more about the rat? We should be looking at Shinji.

In the meantime, Shinji had saved the tape onto his hard drive, and was eating with unusual fervour, rather looking at his fried bean curd and soba noodles than facing Misato. After his dirty moment of observation he felt like he could no longer turn his eyes at the woman without either blushing or getting a nosebleed.

Misato acted as if nothing had happened. She ate her food in silence, but after a minute of neither one of them uttering a word, she got bored. ”Hey, Shinji, I bet you liked what you saw. Aren't you guys always drooling at pictures of lesbians?” After some more silence, she added: ”Are you mad at me for cheating on you?”

This triggered a reaction. ”What? No! I mean, it wasn't cheating, because we're not—”

”We're both getting some fun on the side?”

”No, I… Yes, but that's not the point. You see, we” Shinji pointed at himself and Misato. ”are not together. There's nothing between us. So it's not cheating.” He leaned back and let out a deep sigh. ”Get it?”

Misato looked miserable. Her lip was trembling, and she sobbed silently. ”Are you leaving me? I thought we had something. I thought we had a beautiful relationship, one that would last.” She sniffed, drying a tear out of her eye. ”You were the first one to accept me for who I am, and not try to take advantage of what I am. You valiantly pushed aside the temptations of sex, and let me keep my self-worth intact. And now you're leaving me.” She collapsed onto the table, crying openly.

Shinji was deeply affected by her open-heartedness, and also saddened by her crushed soul that had been revealed to him. He got up, circling the table, and put a hand on Misato's shoulder. Say something, um, what does one say at a time like this? ”Misato, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. You're my friend, but that's all. I'll still live here with you.”

Misato lifted her head. Her eyes were red, but tears did not flow anymore. ”You mean that? You'll stay with me?” She bounced up and hugged Shinji. ”Thank you.”

Shinji patted her on the back, holding her lightly. ”Come on, pull yourself together, we have to go to work.”

Misato stepped away, wiping her face with the sleeve of her shirt. ”You're right. I look terrible, don't I?” Before he could answer, she had escaped to the toilet.

Shinji shook his head. I'll never understand women.

Me neither, boy. Vincent sounded solemn. Me neither.

In ten minutes they were both sitting in the waiting room on the test floor. Shinji was reading the new mission parameters given to him by Ritsuko, who showed no external signs of her previous adventures.

Tonight would be the first proper test for another variant of the lubrication amplifier. The test subject was an Usagi Tsukino, age 16. Warnings given for - What's this? - inexperienced behaviour. As Shinji read further, he found nothing important and no data on the new ”variation”. Ritsuko was on her way to the control room with a data diskette, as Shinji tugged her sleeve. ”Excuse me, but could I hear more about tonight's test?” His eyes kept wandering everywhere except the scientist's face.

Ritsuko frowned, the weight of her expression visibly shrinking Shinji. ”What do you need to know?”

”Um, I was wondering… what kind of variation is today's item really?”

”It has been modified to effect another target. You will find out everything in due time.” Ritsuko turned and marched into the control room, leaving Shinji none the wiser and twice more worried.

Shinji stepped into the test chamber naked, as instructed. Usagi had already arrived; she was kneeling in a corner poking at the wall. As she heard someone enter, she turned and said: ”Hello, Shinji-kun. What do you think this wall's made of?”

Shinji was momentarily dumb, as he took in the female beauty in front of him. The girl he had the privilege to cast his eyes upon was another blonde, but had her shining, gently waving hair done up in two extremely long ponytails, starting with two decorative buns on each side of her head. Usagi's face was pretty, but had some of the roundness of a child, that made her look like twelve years old from the neck up. From that slim and womanly neck down, she was a growing heartbreaker. Her shoulders were beautiful, her skin absolutely pure and the arcs of her collarbones shaped like they were sculpted by one of the famous artists of the renaissance. It got only better down from there. Usagi's arms were slim, like living pylons of alabaster, with every delicate curve of a muscle visible. And her body; a gently heaving bosom, two perfect, not excessively proportioned hills of youth and vigour, adorned by dark red temples of femininity, beneath them a flawless plain of marble-like skin devoid of undesirable encumbrance. Lower yet, a thin waistline flaring out to form mature hips and smooth but powerful thighs, and nesting in between them a groomed tussock of curled hair the colour of ripe wheat, concealing beneath it a cave of untold treasures. Below that perfect body were two equally beautiful legs, ending in cute, little feet.

Shinji shook his head to clear it. ”I'm sorry, what was it that you said?”

Usagi cocked her head to the side. ”You stared so long that I forgot.”

I wonder how long it was… She's just amazing. Shinji's dick was slowly rising and gaining both thickness and length as blood surged in to fill it. ”Uh, sorry about that. You are Usagi-san, right?”

”Yup! We're going to have lots of fun!”

I hope so… ”Sure. I'm glad to work with you.”

”Work is boring.” Usagi started to pout.

”Okay, then what should we do?” Come on, Ritsuko, give me a pointer. But the loudspeakers remained quiet.

”Let's play, Shin-chan!” Usagi pleaded.

Shinji had his doubts about this, but went along with the idea anyway. ”Uh, sure. What do you want to do?”

”Yay! Wanna see my mouse?” Usagi's eyes sparkled and her entire essence screamed out enthusiasm.

”Mouse? You've got a mouse with you?” Why would she bring a rodent? Shinji quickly looked around for a magazine and a lighter, and finding none, let out a sigh of relief. So it's not that sort of a perverted thing. Thank god.

”Not a real mouse. ” Usagi spread her legs, leaning back. ”This is my own mouse.” She patted her pubic hair and labia.

With Vincent's aid, Shinji's forehead secreted a single massive sweatdrop. ”Um, whatever.” The sweatdrop fell to the floor with a loud splat. Vincent, if I ever again feel the desire to ”sweatdrop” again, stop me. It's not like I'm an anime character or anything.

Usagi was getting impatient. ”Come on, Shinji-kun, touch my mouse!”

Shinji approached, but instead of dropping down to explore the mouse, stood straight, positioning his already hard manhood directly in front of Usagi's face. ”If you play with my snake first.” This is so ridiculous.

”Okay!” Without hesitation, Usagi clamped her mouth over the head of his snake. She licked at the hole, then took more of it into her mouth, caressing the shaft with her tongue.

Shinji let everything happen as it did and began to talk absent-mindedly. ”Oh, my snake loves being kissed like that. But if you” Shinji groaned ”do just that for much longer, he might react to all the” He moaned, letting his head roll to one side ”excitement by spitting to scare you. But don't worry, it's not poisonous.” Usagi pushed his cock deeper into her mouth, going well past the point where most people's gag reflex stops them. ”Are you going to swallow him? All this eating stuff is making him hungry, too.” At last the sucking and caressing by tongue proved effective, and Shinji began to empty his seed into Usagi's wet mouth.

At the last moment she pulled the spraying member out of her throat and got a few drops onto her chin and breasts. Usagi wiped her face and licked her fingers clean. ”This is really tasty. Can I have more?”

”Remember, my snake got hungry, and it hasn't eaten for a really long time. It wants a juicy little mouse or something.” Shinji looked at Usagi's pussy. ”But this one isn't juicy yet. I'll take care of that.” Shinji dropped onto all fours and playfully poked at the opening with one finger. The lips opened just a bit and a droplet of clear cum ran down the slit. Then Shinji noticed something weird. There was also a small trickle of the same liquid flowing from Usagi's ass. Shinji looked up and to the side, where he presumed the control room was located, and asked: ”What is this? I didn't think it was supposed to…”

Ritsuko's laugh interrupted him. It was the scary, evil females' ”Oh ho ho” type, the one that is performed with a hand in front of the mouth to conceal it. ”I see you have found out the new drug's effect. You should be able to deduce your mission from the location of effect.”

Shinji let out a sigh he did not know he was holding back. A butt job. It brought back memories, of which all were not pleasant, especially those that had to do with being bound. ”Okay, but I'll play with the mouse first.”

In the control room, Ritsuko turned to Misato. ”She really calls her vagina a ”mouse”. Can you believe that girl? When we brought her in, she was not the least bit afraid, because she had no concept of fearing strangers. We give her bare minimum life support, and a large supply of ice cream, and in return make her do the experiments, and she is happy with just that. I believe she thinks of the tests as some sort of game. And because she has no understanding of sexuality, she had no objections to her partners being female. That girl is so naïve.”

Misato cocked her head to the side and said: ”I don't know about that. I completely agree with her.” She looked at Ritsuko. ”I'm not naïve, am I?”

Shinji turned back to the mouse, nuzzling his nose in the curly, yellow hair as he softly kissed Usagi's lower lips. She was increasingly wet, and her labia were becoming redder and larger. Shinji placed his tongue at the entrance to Usagi's mouse, pushing it deeper as he poked at her clit with his nose to keep her mind off balance. He did not want her to notice exactly how deep his tongue was going; by now it was six inches into Usagi's tight opening.

Between deep, trembling breaths, Usagi whispered: ”How deep are you going?”

Dammit. How do I distract her? As Shinji could not do much more with the clit, he had to face the disgusting alternative. But since there was no time to lose if he wanted to hide his unusual physical attributes, he pushed a finger into Usagi's butt. It slid in easily through the hole, lubricated by the girl-cum leaking from within. It was not as tight as Shinji had expected, and he could wiggle his finger around freely.

Usagi frowned. ”Why are you doing that?”

Okay, more distraction. Shinji pulled the finger halfway out and positioned another one beside it at the opening to Usagi's ass. Then he pushed both digits in, feeling the walls of her rectum tighten against the invasion. As Usagi relaxed a bit, Shinji could twist his fingers around, and although the walls of her ass were pressed against his every move, he suspected that her rear entrance was maybe even less tight than her mouse.

Usagi was pouting through the pleasure. ”I don't want any more playing with my butt! I want my mouse to be happy.”

Shinji nodded, tapping Usagi's clit with the tip of his nose. He extracted his fingers from her wet ass and used them to spread her labia and massage them, as he pushed his tongue deeper into her mouse. When it met the cervix, he started the tested and approved slithering technique.

Usagi reacted in the expected way, releasing her first proper moans as she came, leaking cum from her pussy to Shinji's mouth. When he rubbed his nose against her clitoris, the volume of her voice doubled as she screamed herself into a prolonged orgasm. In a few minutes it was over and Shinji pulled his tongue back to conceal the evidence of his special equipment.

Usagi sat up in an instant, looking pretty unaffected by the previous deep cleansing. ”Shinji-kun, can I taste myself in your mouth? Please?” She leaned closer.

Shinji nodded. ”Okay.” He approached her, and soon their lips touched gently. Usagi moved forward, capturing Shinji's mouth in a fierce kiss, and forced her tongue in to meet his. As the two wet limbs twined together, Usagi wrapped hers around Shinji's and withdrew, pulling it into her mouth. Then she bit on it and moved her head back, pulling the foot-long snake out of his mouth.

Usagi snatched Shinji's tongue into her hand and released it from her mouth. ”Caught you! Tee hee. I knew there was something funny with this little fellow.” She seemed amazed and interested, but not afraid or disgusted. Shinji had expected a reaction more along the lines of ”eek” and ”eww”, and was relieved to find his fears wiped away.

Shinji was blinking furiously to attract the girl's attention, gesturing with one hand for Usagi to put his tongue back where it belonged, but she did not care. Instead she lay down on her back, pulling Shinji on top of her body. ”Now my mouse is juicy. You let me taste it on your lips, and I know it's really tasty, so go ahead and enjoy it. Okay?” Shinji could only nod.

Usagi released the tongue, and Shinji withdrew it. He kneeled in between Usagi's legs and pulled her but onto his lap. Then he grabbed her ankles and lifted them to the sides and pushed them forward. This stretched Usagi's crotch wide open, allowing Shinji to enter her mouse with only a slight adjustment to his position. He placed his tool at her entrance, parting her lips with a push that took him two inches deep. He fit in well, but her internal walls followed every ridge and vein on his cock; it was as if they'd been made to fit snugly like a glove. With his second push, Shinji had entered her body with nearly all of his manliness.

Usagi was not moaning in pleasure. She was not grinding her teeth in pain. She was smiling serenely. ”Mm, Shinji-kun, that feels so good.” She took hold of her legs, pulling them closer to her upper body.

Shinji followed the movement by leaning forward as he pushed the few inches of his cock still outside into her wet mouse. They rocked back and forth a few times, then with a massive heave Shinji pushed Usagi's ankles forward and down until they touched the mattress on both sides of her head. Shinji leaned closer, so that barely an inch separated his face from Usagi's, and whispered: ”Are you okay with this position?”

Usagi answered indirectly. ”Just make my mouse feel good.” She was smiling serenely, making it seem as if she paid no attention to the position and context of their conversation.

Shinji straightened his legs behind him, putting his weight on his toes and through his hands onto Usagi's ankles. He slowly pulled out of her pussy until only the head of his cock remained inside her, and let gravity pull him back in with force. Usagi seemed to be fine, so he moved back for another shove.

The loudspeakers resumed their task as the messenger for unpleasant commands. ”That is enough of the mouse, Shinji. Now, enter her rectum and copulate as you see fit. You may leave as soon as you are finished.”

Damn that Ritsuko, Shinji thought. Always interrupting. But he knew his duty and pulled out of Usagi's pussy, simultaneously pushing out his second pair of arms. With the other hand he stroked her mouse as the other positioned his cock at her anus. He put his extra hands on Usagi's breasts, caressing them softly as he slowly pushed his cock inside her.

Usagi put her hands on his back, pulling him closer and telling him: ”Go faster!”

Shinji shoved the rest of his dick into her ass, then pulled back, and pushed in again. It felt only slightly tighter than her pussy, and equally pleasing. He increased the pace, slamming his body down onto Usagi's harder with each time. I wish I could please her mouse, too.

Is that a real wish, boy?

Yeah. And what did you mean by that question? The only answer was a tingle in Shinji's lower belly, just above the base of his manhood. He looked down and noticed a second cock growing out of his pubic hair and instantly plunging into Usagi's cunt. Yeah, thanks. Another mutation.

You wished for it, boy.

Shinji let the matter rest and pulled back for another thrust. It was now slightly harder due to the increased surface area for friction, but the doubled pleasure more than compensated for it. Usagi's whines and the way she clawed at Shinji's back could be taken as a sign of agreement, or simply as a result of the stretching of her hot, slippery holes by two large staffs. She also reacted subconsciously by tensing the muscles of both of her nether openings, extracting a grunt from Shinji as he shoved his double cocks into her painfully tight holes. Not letting the lack of space slow him down, Shinji slammed forth repeatedly. Only the slight edge of pain cut his pleasure short of the limit. If only it didn't hurt. Vincent, can you do some hormone trick? The idea came into Shinji's head from seemingly nowhere.

Sure, boy, you just fill her up with your meat. And surely enough, the pain subsided.

Shinji continued ramming his twin poles deep into Usagi's delicate body, eliciting wanton screams from her. ”Harder! Faster! Oh fuck, use your big cocks to fill my ass and mouse, just like that, just a bit deeper!” The innocent and childish girl had transformed into this slut in a matter of seconds. She was being forced to forget about sex as a game, as Shinji burnt down with flames of lust the barriers of self-denial covering her growth into a young woman. A strong orgasm swept away Usagi's restrictions, and she screamed out her pain and pleasure at the top of her voice.

Shinji kept on pumping with his hips and kneading Usagi's breasts with his hands, taking her to a second, milder orgasm as he finally felt the pressure inside him beginning to vent itself through his twin dicks. He shot twice the usual load into her holes, shoving his manhood deeper even as he came.

The sweaty pair separated, each trying to catch their breath. Shinji sucked his extra appendages back under his skin and got up to leave. He felt a light touch on his shin and turned to look at Usagi.

Usagi was crying. I'm so happy. He revealed to me who I am. ”Thank you, Shinji-kun.” It doesn't matter what kind of a person I am, as long as I know it myself. ”For helping me see what a slut I am.”

Reflexively, Shinji said: ”There's no reason to thank me. I'd do it for anyone.” He turned slowly away. Inside, he was trying to figure out the motive behind Usagi's sentences. What the hell did she mean? Crying tears of joy because I made her think that she's a slut? He showered quickly and left, not wanting to stay and hear more things to mess his with his head. I still don't understand women.

In the control room, Misato extracted a diskette from a computer terminal. She took out a ball-point pen, and on the cover of the disk, she wrote the title: ”The Ass, the Cock, and the Mouse”.

Author's notes, part 2:

The Anime reference to a character called ”Spect” is wasted on you, too. Such a character does not exist, to my knowledge. I made him up and presume he existed in anime after the present day and before or during the fanfic's time.

You know, writing lesbian sex is hell. It's the pronouns; they're the same for both participants! Lots of mixed up actions and stuff.

The reference to the mouse, magazine and lighter is pointing at an urban legend that you probably haven't heard. What kind of perverted ideas did you get? If they were farther off the shores of sanity than necessary to explain the items, you might want to consider therapy.

What do you think about this time's mutation? Did it go too far? Just wait until Experiment 4. Although, before that, you'll get Rest Period 3, with a revenge long overdue…

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