NERV Cosmetics: Experiment 2 - That Enticing Odour



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These are thoughts, I think.

This is a word with stress put on it.

”Now I'm speaking”, I told the readers, ”And I'm stressing a word here.”

Hello, this is an Eva speaking/thinking. The same thing, basically. Yes, i can stress a word!

Author's notes, part 1:

Hmm. Sorry about the Dis-lamer, but I like legal documents <3. You know, if you've read it once, or are going to read this `fic and nothing else, it's pretty much okay just to skip it and read the story. This doesn't mean you'd be allowed to break it =) Taking this `fic with a humorous attitude isn't compulsory but it's recommended, for your own good.

Experiment two - That Enticing Odour

Shinji woke up alone as his computer beeped. For him, it was the preferred way of waking up. He was not into the fashionable systems that woke you up in a human voice; now doubly as much as before, since he had nasty memories about the time he last slept with another person. I need to get back at her one day.

That she was, of course, Misato. Shinji did not hate her for what she had done. He had, in fact, began to feel silently grateful towards her. But that doesn't mean I want to be tied down again. The woman was dangerous, and besides, Shinji believed he could survive without sex. She might not be able to, but Shinji was. It was simply too risky to approach her. She liked anal sex. She could try anything next. Maybe even spanking me. Or if she gets the idea that I might enjoy getting something shoved up my ass… That thought sent shivers down Shinji's back, and they were not of the pleasant kind. I need to be extra careful. He stepped out of his room, and was immediately greeted by the sight of a very naked Misato walking past, dripping water from her hair.

”The shower's free” she calmly announced as she walked to her room. She slumped onto her bed, seeing from the bedside clock that she and Shinji had more than an hour before they had to leave for work. She did not feel like making breakfast. Misato pondered for a while on what to do as a pastime, and her mind quickly inclined towards the now occupied shower. She bounced up and tiptoed to the toilet and shower room door. Locked. I hate the way he learns so quick. The thought was not exactly hateful, but more like frustrated. Shinji belonged to her when he was not working.

Misato slouched back to her room, thinking about what they could have done in the shower. Last time, Shinji's tongue had felt really great. I love the way he learns so quick. She felt her lower lips moistening at the thought, and lay down on her back. Her hands wandered over her body, caressing every smooth curve and nook. She stroked with one finger across her slit, and brought the juices up to her mouth. She licked her finger, getting further aroused by her own taste.

She reached swiftly under the bed, pulling out a double-entry vibrator dildo in a rough slingshot-like Y shape and some lubricant. She smeared the gel over her breasts, then inserted the dildo between the globes of flesh, mashing her tits against it with her hands and teasing her nipples. It felt good; her breasts had been over-sensitive for what felt like forever. She thought of the feeling of Shinji's hard cock sliding between her tits as she rubbed the dildo back and forth.

When it was sufficiently coated in lubricant, Misato stretched her legs wide open, and placed the ends of the dildo on her nether openings. She began to slowly thrust it inside, savouring the sensation of rubber penetrating both of her holes. The forward one slid in smoothly, creating no problems, but the other one, although slightly thinner, faced more resistance as it stretched open her rectum.

When the mechanical lover was all the way inside her, Misato paused to think. Have I always been such a pervert? She did acknowledge that her sexual appetite was larger than normal, skirting the edges of nymphomania. And she liked the way she was now; it was certainly fun, and helped to remove the pressure of the work. But that was not how she had always been. Misato's mind drifted back to the time two years before, when the testing on the girls had begun. It had all begun very innocently.

Misato had been hired as a junior staff assistant. Her task had been mostly hanging around some girls participating in the testing of a product that was not conventional cosmetics. She had heard of the effects of this particular drug, F-G-Ph-3, and had been excited to be around. However, she had been shocked as she had witnessed one test. Apparently the experiment had consisted of two very young girls, about fourteen years of age, having sex. With each other.

Misato had known of lesbianism, but she had never before seen it live. At the same time, she had been both repulsed and intrigued by the pleasure and lust apparent in the girls' movements and voices. She had turned and rushed out of the room. That was when the accident had happened.

Ritsuko had been about to step into the room, and Misato bounded straight into her. Both had bounced back, and a vial had flown out of Ritsuko's hand due to the collision. It had turned over in the air and spilled its contents over Misato's bust. They had quickly seeped in through the fabric of her shirt and bra and invoked an odd tickling sensation. Then Misato smelled the inciting odour.

That liquid was supposed to be consumed internally, one drop per week. Misato had had two decilitres on her skin. The vapours rising to meet her nostrils had gone right past her sensory input and to her crotch. In an instant she had been aroused to the point of leaking cum into her panties, and incredibly horny. She had made the only choice possible in that mental condition: pulled up her skirt and down her panties, and masturbated right then and there, on her back on the floor of the control room, in front of Ritsuko.

Now, remembering her shameless act, Misato turned on the vibrator and began to masturbate as she thought of that day.

*Enter Flashback*

Misato lay on her back, her red skirt bundled up at her waist, and slid a hand down past the waistband of her black lace panties. She was moist, and her middle finger slipped in easily. As she slid the digit back and forth, her other hand worked frantically to lift her black sleeveless top over her breasts. She finally managed to bare her tits, and immediately grasped one tightly. The sensation nearly flooded her brain. It made her writhe on the floor as if electricity ran through her body, and she screamed at the top of her lungs. She eased up on her grip, and softer caresses proved pleasurable in the limits of staying conscious.

Misato knew that Ritsuko was still there. It would not do to be selfish. She pulled her panties to the side and resumed the fingering, this time inserting two digits up to the knuckle and pumping them in and out with an increasing pace, presenting her joy for the other woman to see. Misato tweaked her nipple between two fingers, hovering at the limit between pain and pleasure. Her back arched up from the ground as a violent orgasm shook her body. She screamed again, the sound echoing across the floor. Ritsuko was still standing there, watching calmly.

Misato was breathing heavily as she got onto all fours. She crawled towards Ritsuko and grabbed the hem of her lab coat. ”Ritsuko… Wouldn't you want to join me?” She slid her cum-dripping hand up Ritsuko's thigh, resting it on her waist.

”Of course.” Ritsuko's eyes were concealed by glasses, but her smile was warm. She took a cylinder out of her breast pocket. It was black, four inches long, and had a button at one end and a hole at the other. Misato wondered what wonderful surprise the doctor's toy would contain. Ritsuko placed the hole end against Misato's bare neck and pressed the button. A sharp, stinging sensation pierced the mist of arousal in her mind and cleared her thoughts. Suddenly Misato's world was spinning, all colour was drained from it, until everything went black.

She woke up in the infirmary the next day.

*Exit Flashback*

Misato turned off the vibrator, leaving it inside her body, and returned to her memories of the weeks following that accident.

After that, for several weeks, she had gotten aroused at the slightest thought of sex. She had masturbated several times a day and sought out the company of men. In a few months this had gotten, if not outright boring, at least not as pleasing as before. None of the men lasted for more than a couple of hours. Even the one who had lasted the longest, Kaji, had proven incapable of satisfying her desires. After he had escaped, Misato had been alone, surviving by the help of her hand and a select few of adult toys, but one day her celibacy had ended at the apartment of the young Eva hostess, Rei Ayanami.

The girl had forgotten her wallet, and Misato had come to return it. As she had walked in to Rei's apartment, the girl had just left the shower, and had been standing in the middle of the flat, in the nude. Misato had not been able to control herself, and the girl had approved of her advances. As things went, Misato had her first own experiences of a woman's body other than her own.

Thereafter she had continued to have sex as often as she could, not caring about the sexes of her victims/partners, of which there were sometimes multiple at a time. When the effect of the drug had worn out, she was incarcerated by habit and no longer knew how to break free. It lasted still, the effect of those drug-driven sins. Both mentally and physically; her breasts were more sensitive now than before the accident, although not as vulnerable as immediately after it. Recently Misato had been satisfied with the activities inside the NERV Cosmetics building, where her only partners were women. But now Shinji had come into her life.

I don't know if I even want to be normal anymore. Misato was perpetually confused by her ambivalent habit. It's so good, but other people think I'm a freak. Misato wondered if she could ever look at a good-looking person without lust. She had learnt to conceal it over time, but she always acted as if she was in a haze, because she had to restrain herself. I'm not stupid, or ignorant, but I just can't concentrate with these feelings!

Shinji knocked on Misato's door. ”Misato, breakfast will be ready in a moment!” Then he walked back to the kitchen. Yesterday, after having met Ritsuko, he had gone to the grocery store and bought food that would last the two of them for maybe four days. He knew how to cook reasonably well, due to his long years of exile from his home. He was also proficient at other household chores such as doing laundry and cleaning. The previous evening had been spent by collecting the dirty pieces of clothing from the floor and beginning to wash them. After two machine-fills the pile had only decreased to about three-fourths its original size, and the drying line in the bathroom was full. Then Shinji had taken the empty beer cans out, and the money he got from the can deposits was enough to cover their food costs. The apartment looked very much cleaner.

A few minutes later Misato came to the kitchen wearing only panties. Shinji acted embarrassed as always, and Misato waved away his protests. Vincent told him to just live with it, and after contemplating the pros and cons, he decided he could accept it. It's not as though her boobs were dangerous by themselves, and she seems too absorbed in her breakfast to be a threat. Shinji sneaked a glance at her over his chopsticks. And it's not so bad, watching her like this, as long as I keep my cool. Misato chose that moment to accidentally drop some food on one of her sizeable breasts. She used one hand to lift the breast higher and bent her neck to lick the bit of food from her skin. Oh God. Is she teasing me on purpose? If Misato was doing that, it succeeded in arousing Shinji's interest - and his manhood.

Vincent noted absently that this was good exercise in self-control, and Shinji mentally side-kicked his sidekick in the side, not getting much of a kick out of it, as he was busy controlling himself concerning the matters outside his cranium.

Soon the two were ready to go to work. Shinji had to remind Misato to put some clothes on first, and Misato, in turn, reminded Shinji to make sure he had his report for Gendo. Shinji had finished writing it late at night, having trouble in filling the 800-word quota. He ended up writing his opinion about the matter of having Vincent in his head; he wasn't too glad about having something, or someone, as Vincent insisted, put into his head. He also told that he had accepted his work for now. With Ami, at least, I was relatively comfortable. I hope I'll get another test with her today… Shinji decided it was wiser to omit the last comments from the report.

Fifteen minutes before the scheduled time, Shinji stood in the waiting room in front of Test Chamber One. He looked around, and as nobody was nearby, sat down into a chair, putting the report on the table in front of him. He went over things one more time with Vincent. Whatever I tell you to do, you comply immediately. If I tell you to shut up, you don't speak until I tell you to. And you won't do anything without me telling you to do that. Okay?

Listen, boy, I don't think you quite grasp the whole situation. I'm supposed to be your advisor.

Just shut up or I'll shut you away like I did last weekend. The Eva seemed to nod sourly and began to pace in Shinji's mind. And please stop that. The pacing faded away.

Ritsuko's voice called from the other end of the waiting room. ”Good Morning Shinji-kun. We are ready to begin the tests as soon as you are. Please proceed to the dressing room when you feel like it. The test description is in front of your locker.” With this, the woman entered the control room.

Shinji asked Vincent to refresh his mind on the location of the locker room, and walked a short distance to the door through which he had exited after dressing up after the last test. Inside the locker room he found a retinal-scan locked box with his name on it. In front of it on the bench lay a folder with a note attached to it. He read the note first.

In this folder is the test description. Memorise it and undress, then shower and proceed to the test chamber. Ritsuko. The note was hand-written, and the letters were simple and regular, every kanji stripped to its barest. The description itself was printed, and written in very complicated and scientific language. Shinji could not even begin to guess what one particularly odd combination of kanji meant, but the basic idea seemed clear: Test the progress made in Shinji's connection to the Eva, and on the side test the effectiveness of project F-G-Ph-3 on test subject 2. I wonder what that code name means. There was also a brief description of the test subject: Name Minako Aino, gender female, age… 17? Well, that's how it goes… No other significant data was relayed by the document, so Shinji proceeded according to the note.

After a brief shower Shinji stepped into the test chamber. It was nearly the same as in the previous time. Now, the abundance of fluids and odours was gone, and the room was empty. Shinji looked around and asked: ”What now?”

His father's voice answered from nowhere: ”The subject will arrive soon. Amuse yourself as you see fit.”

Shinji sighed and sat down, beginning to absently check what the material the walls were made of was. He couldn't tell it with the first glance and touch, so he decided it was a worthy pastime.

Ritsuko operated a console in the control room. ”Ikari-sama, I have received the current data on synchronisation. The rate has lifted to one hundred and twenty-eight percent. It appears that the boy is capable of at least partially using the Eva's transformational capabilities. He has already lengthened his tongue to approximately thirteen inches.”

Gendo was expressionless behind his crossed hands and mirrored Ray-Ban. ”That was expected. After what happened last weekend.”

Ritsuko nodded, despite wondering where Gendo could have found out things that she was guessing from hints dropped by Vincent in the little ”interview” on Sunday.

Shinji sat down in the traditional Japanese kneeling position opposite the door to the shower, having given up defining the wall material. It was smooth, white, and emitted light. Not plastic nor metal, and not quite anything else. At least the mattress seemed to be ordinary mixed synthetic fabric with water-resistant capabilities.

The shower door opened upwards with the oddly familiar ”ksh-whuit”. Beyond the doorway stood a stunning girl. She was tall, slim, and had flowing, straight blonde hair down to her waist. Her legs and arms were long and finely sculpted. Her face was smiling, and very beautiful, almost like the goddess Venus'. Shinji moved his eyes to check out her body.

The girl wore a summer dress. It ended very high and the neckline was low, but Shinji had expected less, maybe something along the lines of skimpy underwear. He remembered his own state of clothing and timidly placed his hands in his lap. Before the girl could notice his impending blush, he bowed deep, saying: ”I'm Shinji Ikari. I will be your partner today.”

The girl bowed too. ”My name is Minako Aino. I trust you with my safety for this test.” She skipped lightly towards the still seated Shinji. ”Should I have undressed before coming in, too?”

Shinji opened his mouth, but then thought ahead. If I say no, she might keep her clothes on. I want to see her body! But if I say yes, I'll seem like a pervert.

He was rescued by Ritsuko's voice. ”You know you should have done that, Minako-chan. And you know what to do.”

Shinji looked up. ”How many people are watching us?” he asked.

Ritsuko hesitated for a moment before answering: ”Three. Your father, Misato, and myself.” Suddenly Shinji was feeling very uneasy. He frowned as he thought of his father watching the test.

Minako let out a small puff of air through her nose, whipping a few strands of stray hair over her shoulder. ”It's all right, I only perform in front of an audience.” She turned away from Shinji to give a bow to an empty corner of the room.

This gave Shinji the opportunity to look up her skirt. No panties. Shinji breathed in sharply through his nose. He was feeling a bit dizzy, but he was not experiencing a case of nosebleed. Rather the blood was being directed towards his groin; his erection sprang to life and his hands reached involuntarily for Minako's butt. The girl turned at the exactly wrong time, and Shinji's hands lifted the hem of her skirt and put him face to groin with her. Again, he was surprised. Just when you learn to expect something… She doesn't shave. And indeed, there it was, a small thatch of blonde hair. Funny, I always thought it was dark regardless of hair colour..

Minako pushed the hem of her dress down with both hands. ”Eek! Don't be so sudden!” She retreated a few steps from Shinji.

This sent a jolt of uncharacteristic anger through his brain. ”What are we here for, then? There's no time to be playing around.” He wanted to begin now; there was no need to get to know her better. I'm not acting like me. The thought was distant, like a voice calling from the bottom of a well. As far as these new, dominant, alpha-male instincts were concerned, it could stay there as well. ”Let's start already!”

Minako retreated a few more steps. ”You're scaring me. You're not as gentle as Rei. You're cruel!” Her face was filled with rejection and repulsion.

This ticked Shinji off. ”Well guess what: This whole test is cruel! So why don't we start?” He got up and approached Minako. Is this how I am? The girl tripped and fell onto the mattress. Shinji followed instantly and flipped up the hem of the dress. He grabbed Minako by the ankles and spread her legs wide apart, licking his lips. The smell from her cunt was making him drool; even before getting aroused, this girl spread an enticing odour. Shinji extracted the full length of his tongue.

Minako seemed terrified by this. ”Don't touch me with that thing! Monster!” She clamped her hands over her pussy.

Shinji considered releasing the girl's ankles, but thought again. Her legs would be even better to keep her twat shut. At times like these, one needs an extra pair of arms.

Okay. It was Vincent again, obeying an indirect order. Not because it was an order, but because he thought it might be interesting.

Ritsuko turned to her console. ”Something is happening. Ratio up to one hundred thirty-nine… forty-two… forty-three and steady.” She glanced at the visual monitor that fed real-time three-channel data into the control and observation room. ”Well, isn't this interesting.”

Minako shut her eyes tightly. Everything's going according to plan. I hope he can follow up on his words with some rough action… Then she felt her wrists being grabbed by a pair of strong hands. However, the hands on her ankles remained steady, even tightening their grip a little. She opened her eyes. Since when did he have two pairs of arms? There was a second set of manipulation limbs extending from Shinji's sides just below the armpits. Both pairs looked a bit more muscular than the original set had been.

Shinji was wondering the very same thing. Soon his wondering ended as his bestial side took control. He forced Minako's hands away from her pussy and moved his head in closer, giving a long lick to the inside of her thigh. He made the long, muscular limb slither its way down Minako's thigh like a snake, finally reaching her labia and giving them a sideways lick. Shinji pulled the tongue into his mouth to drench it in saliva and extended it back to lick up and down along Minako's slit, covering it in drool.

Minako was frustrated. Why isn't he fucking me already? She was wet enough for that, and her abilities should be driving the boy into a frenzy by now. Yet he was acting relatively nicely, making sure that Minako was ready for his cock. She egged him on further. ”Yuck, that's disgusting!” I'll taunt him to add to his adrenaline and testosterone production, and he'll come onto me like a bull.

Shinji moved his tongue along the outer folds of Minako's pussy and poking at the entrance teasingly, saying: ”Yuu think that'f difguftinn? Uatf thif!” With one swift movement he sunk the first four inches of his tongue inside her, and Minako cried out. He began to wiggle the pink, slimy appendage deeper into her twat, poking and stroking at the sides of her hot canal as he proceeded. He pressed the tip of his tongue against her cervix and started a series of wave-like motions with the length of muscle. The manoeuvre pressed in rapid succession on Minako's Grafenberg's point and other gentle areas inside her pussy, overloading her sense of touch, and made her orgasm. Shinji did not give up his ministrations, and even as Minako's body bucked and she screamed out her pleasure, he never stopped the undulation of his tongue. Finally, as her body settled and her voice died down to a heavy panting, Shinji withdrew from her.

Minako let her body go limp, and thought: That was the best one I've had in ages. He's got some skill with that snake of his. Then she remembered her role as the non-consensual party and shouted: ”What was that? You, you, you monster!”

Shinji's eyes flashed and his irises took on a red hue, courtesy of Vincent. His voice was saturated with anger. ”I'm not a monster!” He laid down on his back, pulling Minako to straddle his waist. Not a monster, his thoughts echoed, not a monster, and who the hell does this bitch think she is, anyway? Shinji used his upper hands to place Minako's legs on his shoulders. What does she know about my pain? He grabbed her shoulders with his upper hands and butt with his lower. I'll show her pain! With a groan worthy of Hulk, Shinji pushed down with his legs, lifting his back off the ground, rising into a standing position but leaning heavily back, with Minako still sitting on his waist facing him. Shinji supported her by the shoulders, and their bodies and Shinji's legs formed a ”Y” in the middle of the room.

Minako's eyes shone with glee, but her voice seemed scared as she queried: ”What on earth are you doing?” Now I'm finally getting some real action, was what she thought. Shinji pulled on her shoulders to lift her butt ten inches away from his waist, using Minako's legs, that were still on his shoulders, as a hinge. She wondered what he was trying to do. ”Put me down, you beast!”

Shinji grinned wickedly. His mind was now completely under the command of his animal urges. ”Oh, I'll put you down.” He slammed Minako's hips down onto his own, reconnecting the ”Y” shape with such force that he could barely remain standing, which would have been impossible to a normal teenager without an Eva. As they slammed together, his cock sunk all the way into Minako's twat, the abrupt stretching wrenched a shriek out of Minako, and the sudden tightness around his member forced Shinji to let out a groan between his clenched teeth.

Minako was astounded. I didn't know this kind of a position was humanly possible, but I like it. It hurts so good. He put his hands on Shinji's shoulders to help him support the weight of her body. She looked Shinji straight in the eye, letting her eyelids slowly cover half of her eyes, head rolling to the side. Have to keep up the act. Her lower lip trembled as she whispered: ”It hurts…” She pushed out a couple of crocodile tears.

Shinji was not fazed by this. ”Yeah! Feel my pain, bitch!” He lifted Minako's butt slightly, then let gravity pull her down. The hot and wet sensation surrounding his dick felt good, but something was missing. Nevertheless he began to pump the girl's body up and down, lancing her tight hole upon his tool from an increasing height. Soon he was lifting Minako so high that only the tip of his shaft remained inside her at the top, and pulled her down so hard that the friction increased the heat within her lubricating sheath by several degrees Celsius. Shinji was not happy with the moans this extracted from Minako: they were too quiet, short and too long in between. I need to be more of a monster. I need to make her feel the same pain I feel within me. Just fucking her `til she can't walk properly isn't enough.

He extracted his tongue again, and, pulling Minako's body closer to his, licked her nipple. This produced the desired results, as Minako screamed: ”Stop it! It's horrible and slithery…” Her voice slowly quieted into sobbing as Shinji twirled his tongue over her breast, which was bouncing in pace with the piston-like movement of her body. Oh, It's so kinky, Minako thought, I'm gonna cum soon. She moaned and sobbed, acting as if she were disgusted by this abnormal position of copulation.

Shinji was beginning to feel said position taking it's toll on his legs. He took three swift steps forward, placing Minako's back against the wall, and let her legs fall from his shoulders as he used his body to tightly sandwich the girl's body between him and the white surface. Shinji continued pumping his dick into Minako's faintly struggling body. Her breasts mashed into his chest, and he could feel with unbelievable accuracy the shape of her erect nipples as they bored into his skin. He stretched his tongue to lick Minako's ear, then slither down her neck and across it to the other ear, where he repeated the slimy treatment.

Minako wrapped her legs tightly around Shinji's waist and arched her spine back, moaning in faked disgust. In truth, she found the pink, saliva-covered appendage violating her ear more arousing than any loving caress. And her arousal was reaching its peak; she could already feel the first throbs originating from her twat. Shinji resumed the pumping motions, this time holding Minako steady against the wall and pushing repeatedly up with his legs. Minako buried her fingernails into Shinji's back as she clawed it, shrieking: ”It hurts, it hurts, it hurts” over and over again, until Shinji shut her up by covering her mouth with his. He probed with his tongue between her lips, then proceeded past her teeth and explored her mouth's every corner. Minako's tongue resisted the attacker as she moaned her protest into the forced kiss, but was hopelessly outclassed by his longer and stronger member.

At the same time, Shinji's thrusts were becoming shallower and faster, as he tried to cross the elusive line and empty his seed. He pounded fiercely into the wet orifice, making a slapping noise each time. Minako crossed that border with a wordless scream, and her pussy convulsed in pace with the waves of pleasure ripping through her body. This contraction finally broke Shinji's limit and he sprayed his seed into the blonde's awaiting twat.

The long-needed release made every muscle in Shinji's body tense as his shaft pumped a stream of thick, white goo into the girl. When the pulsing of his member ended, his knees gave out and he fell backwards onto the mattress, Minako landing right next to him.

Shinji's mind slowly returned to its normal state. His thoughts grasped the full extent of his deeds, and he rolled to the side, away from Minako, clutching his head with one pair of arms, wrapping the other around his body. ”What have I done? Have I become the monster that I fear?”, He was starting to sob now. I never meant to hurt her like that. I just went crazy from lust. ”I'm sorry, I'm so sorry…” He mumbled.

Minako put a hand on his shoulder. ”It's okay. I'm—”

Shinji shook her hand off. ”It can't be okay. Not after -” He gestured with his hand ”- what I did to you.” I've become the monster that I am inside, he thought, looking at his four hands through tear-blurred vision. ”Look at what I am.”

”Shinji-san, you have to listen.” Minako's voice was gentle. ”It's not your fault. You see, before you did anything, I released a pheromone into the air. It's the treatment they're testing on me, Female - Glands - Pheromones - 3, or F-G-Ph-3. Even if you can't smell it, it makes you horny. And drops all mental barriers, too. You're clearly too gentle to act rough towards a girl, but I like it rough. That's why I did it. I've taken worse, and I enjoyed every moment of it.” She sounded genuine.

Shinji turned his head towards Minako. His expression was doubt-ridden, but hope shone through. ”But the things you sad, you told me to stop, and you told me it was disgusting. All I did was hurt you more.”

Minako smiled. ”That's exactly the point. I loved it, especially the tongue, and I knew that you'd be encouraged by resistance, because of the testosterone in your blood. Just another effect of the pheromones that I've learnt to use.” Minako got up and walked towards the door leading to the showers. ”And I like to be the submissive one.”

At this point Vincent dropped in on the conversation. Yup, it takes all kinds of people to make a society.

You don't sound too surprised. Shinji's thoughts were blaming.

Oh, I knew all along what was happening, boy. I could have stopped you from frenzying.

Now Shinji had found a target to attack instead of taking up self-loathing. Then why didn't you tell me or do so?

Vincent attempted to think to him innocently, failing, as he usually did, in the act of mental camouflage. You told me not to do anything without your command, and told me to shut up, too. Oh, I admit, boy, it was fun to follow something with a little manly spirit in it.

Manly spirit my ass. Next time I'm being controlled, tell me. Shinji wondered what to do about his extra arms, and acting on instinct, pulled them into his ribcage. No trace remained of the limbs. Just to test it out, he pushed out only the right hand to the wrist, and sucked it back in. Satisfied with the versatility of his new limbs, but still holding onto his humanity, he checked that he was again human. Vincent silently withdrew the red colouring from his pupils.

Shinji left the experiment room and showered with Minako. The girl made some advances in the shower, but Shinji told her that he was not in the mood. The pheromones had left him with a headache, and he said that. Minako teased him, noting that it was usually the woman who used headache as an excuse.

Meanwhile, back in the jungle… erm, control room.

All three persons, who had been spectators to the previous act, were pleased with what they had seen.

Gendo sat calmly in his chair, thinking to himself: Shinji has made progress. He is approaching Rei's level with astonishing speed, and is likely to be more advanced than her by the end of the week. Does that mean I have wasted these two years with an inferior Eva?

Ritsuko went over the digital recordings of the test. ”Ikari-sama, the records imply that Shinji is making a more versatile connection with Vincent than Rei with her Eva. He has independently increased the frequency and generated new nerve connections.” This boy and his Eva are truly incredible. ”It is possible that the irregularities of the Eva Unit One, including the self-developing personality, are acting in its favour.”

Gendo frowned. So I did throw away the better unit. During early tests, when Shinji was still at home, the irregularities and self-altering program, inherited from the source, had been judged as a risk and the unit had been disconnected. My son seemed like such a worthless individual, and I let him escape as a failed experiment. His character is still flawed. Hopefully he will grow up to one day to be like me.

The third individual in the room did not care for the scientific facts; Misato was happy she had been able to witness such a naturally beautiful occasion, a true dance of the instinct. I wish Shinji would treat me like that, sometimes. She stifled the flicker of jealousy within her heart and withdrew a diskette from the console. At least I got it on tape. Misato owned a cheap Video Disc player and had a collection of over a hundred tests. If Shinji doesn't accept the fact that I own him, I'll have to start watching the tapes again.

Ritsuko spotted Misato's diskette out of the corner of her eye and smiled. What would Gendo say if he knew he wasn't the only one ”reviewing” the tests?

Shinji sat in the dressing room, alone. The arms could be really useful. Let's see. Vincent? Can we… He explained his revolutionary idea.

Sure, boy, coming right up. Shinji felt a weird tickling sensation in his hands. There. Remember to take of your shirt before you get the arms out, and take off your shoes and socks, boy.

I'm not stupid, you know, Shinji thought as he stripped down to the waist and bared his feet. Then he extracted the extra arms and concentrated on his palms and the bottoms of his feet. A weird sensation covered those areas of skin, and the hands seemed flatter and the fingers wider. Shinji placed his hands - all four - on the wall, and they flattened to mach it. He then lifted the sole of one foot on the smooth surface. Slowly and carefully, he lifted his other foot, also placing it on the wall. Then he moved his hands higher, one by one, until he came to the roof. He stuck to the wall like the gecko, which was the model of his new Eva-powered mutation. Very cautiously Shinji moved one limb at a time to the roof, finally hanging upside-down in an all-limbs-spread crawling position. He gecko-crawled over to the door, finding himself well above the lintel.

He was lucky to be so high, because suddenly the door swung open only inches from his face. Misato stepped in. ”Shinji, where are you? It's time to go home. I'll cook you something good.”

That's degrading, Shinji thought, she's talking like I'm some sort of pet that can be lured by food. But now's a good time to show that I'm not exactly a dog, more like a spider. ”It's okay, I can do the cooking.”

Misato screamed and jumped to the side, looking up. ”Shinji, what are you doing up there? You'll fall and hurt yourself!” She looked from one of Shinji's limbs to another with a puzzled expression. ”Why aren't you falling?”

Shinji removed the gecko-effect from his feet first, then his lower and upper hands, dropping to the floor gracefully as a cat. The movements were becoming natural. He picked up his shirt and shoes, handing them to Misato. ”Can you carry these? I want to try out this thing on the way.”

Misato accepted the stuff without a word. She turned as Shinji walked past her and jumped onto the wall outside the room and returned to the roof. Still speechless, she followed Shinji to the elevator. After several minutes a thought pierced her silence and she said out loud: ”I wonder if he can shoot spider web out of his wrists.”

Author's Notes, part 2:

As you indubitably have seen, I am not a good plot-writer, but I promised you to give a reason for female bisexuality. The accident is Misato's excuse. If you want to hear more about the others, I might include something in my LiveJournal at if you email me or review the story, and ask nicely enough.

Well then. How did you like this time's mutations? For technical specifics, my LiveJournal will contain some data soon. I like systematic explanations, but unlike the Dis-lamer, they are not important, and would probably bore most of my readers, so I'm putting them there.