NERV Cosmetics: Rest Period 1 - Misato's place


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Author's notes, part 1:

This is located immediately after Experiment 1. Originally I had planned for five chapters total, with one Senshi per chapter, but I saw that the weekend was too long and interesting to be dismissed with a ”During the weekend Shinji heard lots of weird noises in his head and had lots of hot sex”. Warning for non-consensual stuff, though Shinji is the one who doesn't want to have sex, so it doesn't really count… Have fun and keep the keyboard clean, you lecher.

Thank you for choosing Guruhoro to corrode your sanity.

Rest Period 1 - Misato's Place

Shinji dropped his heavy luggage on the floor and looked around Misato's living room. It was the messiest apartment he had seen in his life; heaped clothes and empty cans of beer littered the floor, and there was some sort of plush toy under the couch. Misato walked through a doorway and beckoned for Shinji to follow. He carefully walked around the various items strewn on the carpet, and took special care to stay away from the panties hanging from the lamp. As he reached the doorway, He found yet another indication of the style of life Misato led. She was looking into a refrigerator filled apparently only with cans of beer. She picked one can and turned to face the boy. ”Do you want something to drink?”

”Do you have anything besides alcoholic drinks?”

Misato looked thoughtful. A smile spread on her face, as she said ”Nope!”

Shinji sighed. He was really thirsty, though, and he could use some beer to forget about his worries. ”Okay, I guess I'll have a beer, then.”

Misato tossed him the can and took another one out of the fridge, then slammed the door shut. She opened the can and started to drink. Shinji wondered whether Misato had any food around, either, but decided that could wait. First I'm gonna get myself into a state of mind where even her reasoning seems normal. Then I can worry about eating. Shinji opened the can and took a careful sip. It tasted okay.

Misato had already finished her beer. ”I'm going to take a shower. You just be good and don't peek… much.” She winked an eye at Shinji and walked towards a door, stripping her shirt as she went.

Shinji saw she wasn't wearing a bra, and although her back was mostly turned to him, he could see a glimpse of her breast. He quickly turned the other way, and returned to the living room. He slumped onto the couch, and the piece of furniture gave a very life-like squeak. Shinji dismissed that as something old furniture do when subjected to excessive slumping, and it was likely Misato slumped a lot. Then something bit his leg. ”Ouch! What the—” Shinji jumped off the couch and turned to look at what he had thought was a plush toy. It was apparently a bird of some sort, and had a very dismayed look on it's face as it held it's beak clamped tightly on his ankle. Shinji guessed that the squeak had been this animal's way of indicating it did not like people slumping on the couch under which it… what was it doing under the couch? Never mind.

Shinji heard a door open and reflexively turned to look. It was Misato, asking: ”What happened?” She was wearing an alarmed look on her face, and nothing else. Shinji looked at her glistening, wet body, and just stood there. He totally ignored the bird chewing on his ankle, and looked on in fascination at Misato's large mammaries, pink nipples that were erect from the cool air, her perfectly smooth skin, her slightly spread, gently rounded legs, her… She shaves her bush, too. This time Shinji did not have time to let his nose bleed. He just fainted and collapsed on the couch, with the bird still eating his foot.

Oh come on, wake up! You're not supposed to do that. Who am I? Shinji Ikari. Where am I? No idea. Heh, probably under some woman's tits again. Who the hell are you? Your friendly Evangelion unit. Oh, that. Maybe I'll open my eyes. It turned out Evangelion was right. There was, once again, a beautiful pair of breasts hanging above his face. Shinji remembered what this had led to the other time, and panicked. ”Oh, no, you won't! This time I'm gonna keep my clothes on!” He quickly checked that his clothes were still where they belonged: on his body. Shirt, check. Pants, check. Good. Next… He tried to crawl away from Misato.

That was not successful. First his hand slipped on an empty can of beer, and he fell down. Then he felt that the bird was back eating his foot. Finally Misato latched onto him from behind, her breasts pressing tightly into his back. ”Oh, Shinji, you're okay! I'm so glad. Now let's get these clothes off of you.”

Shinji tensed and attempted to crawl away again, with even less success as Misato was still laying on his back. ”No way are you going to rape me, old woman! Get off of me!” Misato's hands were clawing at the hem of his shirt.

Misato giggled. ”You expect every woman under whose breasts you wake up to immediately try to have sex with you? This isn't like the last time, and you have to undress because your clothes need to be washed.” Misato sat up and let Shinji get up from the floor, too. He checked his clothes, and indeed, there were beer stains on them, probably from when he fainted. He looked carefully away from Misato as he said: ”Okay, but you won't look when I change. Go finish your shower or something.” He heard Misato walk away and close the bathroom door behind her. Satisfied that she was gone, he walked over to his bags and extracted another T-shirt and trousers. He changed and turned towards the bathroom door. ”Misato, where do I put the dirty clothes?”

Misato's voice echoed over the hiss of the shower. ”Just throw them on the floor for now, that's what I do.”

Shinji sighed and placed the clothes near a relatively clean-looking heap of Misato's. Someone would have to do something about this mess. ”And how do you know I woke up like that earlier?” Shinji hoped desperately she had only heard rumors. It would be so embarrassing if…

The shower went silent, and Misato returned wrapped in a towel. It was barely wide enough to hide both her nipples and her crotch, leaving nearly half of her breasts unconcealed. Shinji looked everywhere else except at her. Misato dried her hair with another towel and answered: ”I was watching the test. I need to know what kind of a person you are if we're going to live together.”

Shinji forgot to blush as he deciphered the meaning of Misato's sentence. ”Why do you have to know how I have sex?” Then he thought further. Maybe it would have been better not to ask that.

Misato giggled. ”Oh, just for fun.”

Shinji did not even dare think what she meant with fun. Then a familiar voice spoke inside his head. Hey, kiddo, she just said she watched you bang that girl `cause she thought it was fun. The boy quickly reacted in an appropriate way; his face turned several shades redder. ”You were watching?” He had already forgotten the voice. ”You shouldn't do things like that.” He was shaking with embarrassment. This perverted old woman, of all the people… Did I just mumble that out loud?

Misato looked slightly annoyed. ”What are you mumbling? I'm not that much older than you. My body is still young, see?”

She ripped the towel off her body, and Shinji reflexively looked, and turned his head away as soon as his thoughts caught up with his reflexes. Then his thoughts repeatedly slapped his reflexes around a bit with a large trout, as he said: ”Misato, please put some clothes on.”

Misato conceded and dressed up. Shinji complained that he had not eaten anything in eight hours. After a short argument, Misato agreed to take him to the cafeteria. They walked approximately ten minutes on the same floor - B-21 - and reached a large hall, where half a dozen people in lab coats were eating and talking. Misato offered to pay, and Shinji had no objections. As they ate, the woman talked about general stuff, like what she had done last weekend (watched a good movie on TV and pretty much nothing else), what kind of food she liked (anything, basically) and how she spent her free time (watching TV and drinking). Shinji was rather silent. His mind dwelt on that parasitic consciousness that he had felt earlier that day. He didn't dare to ask Misato, and it was unlikely that she knew anything about mental illnesses. Maybe I'm just a loony. Maybe the mental pressure of what's happened. Yeah, probably that. I'm still mentally stable, right? Right? Yeah, you are. Okay, I did not hear that. Shinji decided he needed either to get drunk or get some sleep to recover from the day's activities, and he certainly did not intend to get drunk and helpless when Misato was anywhere close, so he asked if he could go to sleep early today. Misato said it was okay, and they headed back to Misato's flat.

When they got there, Misato yawned and said she would be going to sleep, too. She led Shinji to a bedroom, that was even more messy than the other rooms. A musky smell filled the room, and Shinji vaguely remembered smelling something similar. Misato pointed at a double bed with messed up sheets. ”This is where we'll sleep.” She turned to take off her shirt.

”Wait, Misato! Are you saying we'll sleep in the same bed? I can't do that.”

Misato threw the shirt aside, once again revealing a lack of bra. Shinji turned away, and she said: ”Well, you can sleep with PenPen - the penguin - on the couch if you like, but it'll try to eat you in it's sleep. It once ate a beer can.”

Shinji shuddered at the thought of sleeping with the animal, and suddenly his bit ankle started to hurt again. ”Okay, not on the couch. Can I sleep on the floor?”

”Sorry, no extra mattresses.” Misato crawled under the bedsheets, and Shinji turned.

”Okay, you win. I'll sleep here tonight, but tomorrow we'll buy a mattress or something.” He checked that Misato was not looking, and undressed down to his boxer shorts. He laid down on the bed and noticed a lack of something important. ”Uh, where's the other blanket?”

Misato turned and offered Shinji a place under her blanket. ”There is no other blanket. Now come here, I'll keep you warm.”

Shinji sighed, then admitted he was not going to stay up the whole night, and crawled under the blanket. He turned his back to Misato and tried to stay as far away from her as he could. He heard a shuffling noise behind him, and suddenly Misato's chest pressed against his back. She still wasn't wearing a bra, which Shinji could feel clearly, as her nipples were rock hard. I knew this was coming. ”Misato, what are you doing?”

Misato wrapped his arms around Shinji's chest and whispered into his ear: ”It's warmer this way.” She moved her other leg slowly along Shinji's, then laid it across his hip. ”And I'm so lonely. Don't you ever get lonely?”

That triggered a realization in Shinji's mind. Oh my god, she's really trying to… ”Let go, Misato!” Shinji tried to roll away from her, but his squirming only seemed to excite Misato, who let out a suppressed moan as his skin rubbed her breasts. In addition, Shinji had turned to face her, and was terrified by her expression. Her eyes were half closed, and her mouth slightly open. And the mouth was moving closer. Shinji tried to struggle again, but Misato held on with all the strength a sex-starved pervert can exert. His toils were fruitless, and Misato extended her wet tongue to lick Shinji's neck. He felt in horror, how private Parts snapped into attention for major Woody. Misato felt the salute against her belly, and her other hand slowly slid down Shinji's abdomen and into his pants to caress the rigid soldier. Her touch felt good on his skin, but he fought the urge to answer her maneuvers. Instead he concentrated on prying her other arm away from his back. He could have been trying to move a mecha for all the good it did to him; Misato was simply too strong. Her touches on his dick ceased for a moment and he nearly had time to sigh from relief, before she pulled his pants down, and with one smooth movement and creative utilization of toes, off of him entirely.

Now Shinji really started to panic. He tried to kick at Misato, but her legs held his firmly in place. He tried to hit her, but she was too close. He drew breath to scream, but as his mouth was wide open, Misato stuffed white string panties inside. Shinji could taste Misato's cum on the panties, and instinctively knew she had worn them when she had watched him and Ami. He tried to take the panties out, but Misato maneuvered his hands behind his back and tied them with a pantyhose using her toes. How agile is she, really? He found the answer in Misato's flaming eyes. Okay, I think she could do just about anything right now. But she wasn't about to do just anything.

Misato flipped Shinji over on his back, and kicking the blanket off the bed, crawled to Shinji's bared rod. She took it in one hand, and slowly, very slowly, extended her tongue. She licked once all the way from the base of his cock to the tip, and then kissed it. She opened her mouth and took in two inches of Shinji's hot staff, which caused the flames in her eyes to calm a bit. Shinji did not notice; he could only feel the wetness surrounding his tool, as Misato slowly proceeded downwards.

Shinji tried to roll to the side, but Misato's hands pinned him down steadily. She sucked hard on his dick, and he lost control as the rest of his staff was pulled into the wet embrace of Misato's mouth. Her tongue licked at the base of his shaft and she swallowed over and over again, the motions milking his cock. Shinji struggled against his bonds, again to no avail. He desperately needed to do something, anything, or he would cum in an instant. He pulled his legs from under her body and wrapped them around her neck. Misato slowly bobbed her head up and down, swallowing every time Shinji's tip was in her throat.

As it was, Shinji would not have lasted long, but Misato pulled away, leaving his cock pointing up, dripping with saliva. With one hand, she snatched the panties from Shinji's mouth and threw them aside. She held her head above his erect member, but moved her body a hundred and eighty degrees, so that her pussy was hovering above his face. Her lips were wet already, and Shinji felt his cock twitch as the musky smell invaded his nostrils. He wanted to enter her, to ease the pressure in his groin, but he was not in a position to do that.

Instead he craned his neck up and licked across Misato's pussy. She lowered her body so that he did not have to strain his neck, and he happily set about the task of exploring her cave. He licked along Misato's outer lips first, approaching the wet entrance in a tightening spiral. Misato was also ready to get back to her task, and tried to take Shinji's cock back into her mouth. However, due to her being taller than him, her head was too far between his thighs. She craned her neck and guided Shinji's dick closer with her hands, but could only get the head of his tool into her mouth.

Then the idea struck Misato. She moved yet a little lower on Shinji's body, and grabbed her tits. She held them on both sides of his hot tool, squeezing it lightly between her mounds. Then she began to move her tits up and down with a steady pace, pumping his dick through her cleavage.

Shinji found this extremely stimulating, but as the pressure built within him again, he vented it by adding speed to his licking. He darted his tongue in and out of Misato's pussy, tasting her cum in his mouth, and then slowly slid his tongue over her whole slit, covering as much area as he could. Then Shinji opened his mouth wide, clamping it over Misato's entire knoll, and randomly poked around with his tongue as he slowly pulled his lips closer to each other. His lips met around Misato's clit. The nub was hard, and damp from the cum and saliva. Shinji took it between his teeth and bit on it lightly, simultaneously teasing it with the tip of his tongue.

On the other end, Misato was experiencing how hard it was to concentrate on giving a titty-fuck while being licked. Her arms moved somewhat erratically, throwing her tits off pace, but as an experienced nymphomaniac could still hold some amount of control. Her breasts moved up and down, and she pressed them together tighter on the way up, milking Shinji's dick for cum. When Shinji bit on her clit, Misato lost control, furiously squeezing her mounds against his tool and pumping harder and faster. Shinji's attempts finally succeeded in tipping her over the edge, and she worked hard to suppress the moan rising out of her throat. To silence herself, she clamped her mouth over the tip of Shinji's tool, and her mouth vibrated with the moan. This served to heighten Shinji's pleasure, and coupled with the titty-fuck, was enough to push his mind into the spiral of ecstasy. He tensed as his dick fired one, two jets of sperm into her mouth. Then it twitched and went limp. He wasn't too surprised about this, but still thought: Damn, she must think I'm so pathetic.

Misato swallowed and extracted Shinji's dick from her mouth, then slowly got up from his body. She rolled to the side and let out a sigh. Shinji saw that now was his chance, and tried to get up. The confined state of his arms and his tiredness from the sex slowed him down just enough for Misato to catch him. He was swiftly returned to the prone position, and Misato stuffed a pair of panties into his mouth again, this time tying a sock around his head to prevent him from spitting the gag out. She was now straddling his thighs and looking at the pitiful, limp cock that rested on his belly. She looked slightly dismayed as she said: ”Look what you've done, now I have to start it up again.”

Shinji wanted to shout that no human would be able to get it up four times a day, but the gag muffled his protests down to aggressive mumbling.

Misato bent down to caress his dick, but it remained lifeless. However, as Misato licked at it a couple of times, major Woody finally got his power back, and private Parts wearily rose back to attention, wavering from side to side with battle fatigue. Satisfied for now with the result, Misato stood over Shinji on the bed. She slowly bent her knees, descending towards Shinji's hips. She spread her legs, presenting her pussy to Shinji in all its glory and wetness. As her lips touched the tip of his manhood, it got a feel of her liquids, and straightened completely. Misato reached one hand between her legs and spread her lower lips with her fingers, whispering: ”Look, Shinji, how your hot dick slides up my wet pussy.”

Then she lowered herself very slowly onto him, and Shinji stared in rapt fascination as his tip pushed open her gates and how the wet embrace sucked in every inch of him. The feel of Misato's pussy was tighter than Ami's because Ami had more lubrication, but this only served to excite him more. Dragging out the duration of every move, Misato moved her legs so that her knees were hugging Shinji's sides, and her feet touched his thighs. Then she started to push up, pressing Shinji's shaft with her internal muscles. He wanted to give pleasure to her, but in his current position he was helpless. He was not really a rape victim anymore. He wanted the pleasure, though not nearly as much as Misato, and he would have stopped after the first time.

The technicalities escaped Shinji's mind as Misato's wonderful technique of tightening her canal swept away his conscious thoughts. Misato could not resist the urge to speed up, and increased her pace. She impaled herself on his tool repeatedly, eliciting heavy moans from her victim. Shinji couldn't help raising his hips to meet hers with every thrust, hoping that this would pleasure her off quicker, and he could be free. So he pounded up, watching intently as Misato still held her lips open. Up - his tool came nearly all the way out of her pussy, drawing cum from the glistening opening to her body Misato's muscles clenched tightly around him. Down - his cock pushed into her tight pussy, and their hips slapped together.

One of Misato's free fingers moved to touch her clit, pressing the nub and twirling around it, spreading her cum across the source of erotic pleasure. Misato's other hand held one of her breasts, squeezing it as her index and middle fingers clamped on the nipple. Her other breast was bouncing freely, jiggling every time Misato engulfed Shinji's tool with her lips.

Misato's movements finally produced results, as she came again, falling down upon Shinji's body. Her pussy clamped tightly on his tool, but he was still far from the edge. Misato shuddered on Shinji's body for a moment, her breasts pressed against his face. She lay there for a moment, breathing hard, and then got up. She still sat on his dick, never having let it slip out. She threw her hair over her shoulder, and smiled down at Shinji. ”What'll I do now? You seem like something's bothering you…”

Hell yeah, Shinji wanted to say, I'm being raped by… well, having sex with an older woman, who works for my father, and being tied up and gagged…

”…and it keeps you from cumming with me. Maybe you don't like being under me?”

Or it might have something to do with me having cummed three times today.

”So I think I'll try something different.” Misato got up from Shinji's dick, which used the opportunity to relax a bit. Misato took a firm hold of Shinji's shoulders and pulled him up into a sitting position. Then she grabbed his waist and lifted him, so that he could pull his legs under him. Now that Shinji was properly kneeling, Misato turned her back to him, going down on all fours and waving her ass in the air. Shinji took one look at the wet lips and used his legs to try pushing his dick into her.

This was just what Misato had been expecting. At the same time Shinji started to move forward and up, she brought her ass swiftly down and back. Shinji felt his cock hit an opening and force its way inside. But something was wrong. The opening was tighter and dryer than what it was supposed to be. The law of inertia held its head, and with a tight squeeze, his staff pushed all the way in, and Misato's body slammed him back to the kneeling position.

Misato shouted in surprise. This was not how it was not how it was supposed to go. She pulled her body up, and Shinji's dick slowly came out of her ass. The amazing tightness had Shinji harder than before during the rape. He moved slowly up, this time carefully placing himself at the right opening. Misato reached a hand between her legs to caress his cock as it entered her hot pussy. Shinji wanted to take back all the time lost when he was helpless, and began to pound his meat into Misato with a brisk pace.

Although surprised by the anal entry, Misato was not discouraged. She countered Shinji's movements, squeezing her breasts with both hands now. She brought one mound up to her mouth and licked it, trying to reach the nipple. When she found it she took it between her teeth and suckled on it.

Now that there was no hand keeping Shinji's dick in line, and taking into account his bound and unbalanced position, it was no surprise that he slipped out of her pussy. The next thrust forced Shinji's tool to slip under the target, and it rubbed hard against Misato's clit. Shinji did not dare risk the rhythm, so he just tried to reenter through the glistening lips this time. Unfortunately he overshot his goal by a good inch or two, and went back in through the wrong hole. The tightness surrounded him again, and his dick was well covered in Misato's juices, so it slid through easier this time. Misato moaned in pain and pleasure, and one of her hands shot out from under her body to hold the trespassing cock in the place where it was. Shinji thought that this felt good too, so he pushed into her ass again.

Misato moaned, trying to force words out of her mouth. She had a hard time even thinking, because her virgin ass was being taken by his large cock. Finally she managed to breathe out the words: ”You can… cum… into my… ass…” Shinji didn't answer, he was busy groaning into his gag at the sensation of Misato's tight, constricting ass. She made it even better by grabbing his balls in one hand. The other snaked back to finger her slit, and two fingers soon found their way into her pussy. She knew she was nearing the edge, as pulses of hot, painful pleasure rippled through her body. ”I'm… gonna… cum…”

Shinji doubled his efforts, slamming into her butt again and again. He pushed in as deep as he could, and Misato came. She shuddered with her third orgasm, as cum flowed out of her pussy and into her hand. She reached the hand further back and smeared the liquids on Shinji's cock as it came out of her pussy. Shinji slammed in one more time. Misato squeezed the muscles in her ass as tight as she could, but Shinji pulled his cock nearly out of her. This last tightening had pushed him over the edge, and he released a modest amount of cum into her ass. Shinji fell down backwards and turned to the side. Exhausted from the day's toils, he fell asleep before his head hit the pillow.

Misato looked at Shinji and smiled a warm, motherly smile never seen by anyone. ”Poor boy”, she whispered. ”Did I do him too hard?” Misato curled up next to Shinji and pulled the blanket over their bodies. Soon both were sleeping deeply Shinji still bound and gagged.

Author's notes, part 2:

Okay, I've read a Discworld novel before starting on this, so that's where the weird jokes originate from. They do have some of my own influence, however. Like repeating the word ”slump” over and over again. And the fucking puns like private Parts (take note that ”fucking puns” is also a pun). Thanks to Kimmo Virkkilä for amusing me during the writing process, and giving me the ”fucking puns” pun. You're hilarious, man. And yes, I was drunk when writing this, two and a half glasses of wine before starting to write the part starting with ”Shinji tried to roll to the side, but…” and ending with ”…her lips were wet already,” that little because my younger brother and sister were in the same room, it was a quarter past midnight, and they wanted to sleep. Before starting with the actual intercourse, I had a beer. And in addition to that, I seem to have developed the unique ability to get hung over while I am still drinking. And yes, a normal 16-year-old male can get it up four times a day, if I count as normal. Now calling me normal would be stretching the meaning of ”normal” a bit… But anyway, this one time I came three times with an hour between orgasms, and one more time six hours after the last one. And I was, and still am, 16 and a virgin. And Shinji has beautiful women to keep him going, I was all alone. Well, that's it for this time.

Author's Notes, Part 3:

I am answering a review by NR, because I feel an artist has some responsibility towards his public. Not to do what the public says, but to explain why he did what he did. For reference, here's the original and unaltered review that I am answering:

“Reviewed By: NR  On: June 24, 2003 19:42 EDT 


Completely OOC. I don't understand why someone would want to write a fanfic when people are this out-of-character. Seriously, there is no point in calling a character Ami Mizuno if she's a sexual guinea pig with no magical powers. At that point, she's not Ami Mizuno anymore, she's just a character you made up and stuck a familiar name on. So why not just write your own story, with your own original characters to act out your plots? Then they won't be OOC, because they can have whatever personalities and/or attributes you decide to give them.

I'm not flaming you here. Your story was fairly well-written, if a bit on the gross side. But I do think that you might be better off writing your own stories with your own characters, since that seems to be what you really want to do anyway.”

NR, I Want you to know I am not mad at you, at least not much, I only disagree with you. However, I have seen that a public apology is in place for a part of my actions.

I am sorry for using the names of the Senshi as a publicity stunt.

Yes, you heard me, publicity stunt. To get along in this corrupt world, an Eva/Sailor Moon crossover lemon will do better than an Eva lemon. That was an evil thing to do, and I am an evil person. But as I see it, the end justifies the means. People will still read my story and - let's face it - get aroused. All the other things are justifiable, too.

My justification for I how used the Senshi: So what if I altered the characters by ridding them of their original mystical powers and giving them less mystical powers in the name of Parody? I changed very little with Mizuno. You see, she is still using the powers she has (as the original character, just different powers), using them to help mankind (debatable, but that goes with the character too), and the only thing I have done is parody her by switching her powers. Ok, I'm gonna rewrite Experiment 1 and make Ami say all those “In the name of [Whatever], I will [Censored]” things. Happy? `Cause that's all I'm gonna do.

I would have read your fanfics and given them an honest review, too, but I see you are not a member, Mr. NR. Is that because you have not written fanfics of your own?