NERV Cosmetics: Experiment 5 - The Truth About Mom and Dad



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Author's Notes Part 1 and ranting

I guess this is it. The big last one, the tenth and final dose of your poison of choice. Strangely, I feel no sadness when writing to you now. Preparing for the least leg of the trip, I only have a sense of finally going to complete a process. This story started as an idea to mess around with, but came a long way from there. Sadly, it never grew up to be a good story. At least I managed to take my readers on a ride through some of the most basic irregularities in my mind. Whether that is a good thing or bad, is for you to decide. If you think it's worth taking the time, read on…

Experiment 5 - The Truth About Mom and Dad

Shinji looked in awe at the list. It was hundreds of titles long, and he had only heard about two dozen of them before. "Um… so which movie do you wanna see?"

Yuuko returned the question: "What about you? What kind of movies do you like?" She seemed to eye Shinji almost hungrily, waiting for a chance to grab a tasty morsel of information that would let her see what kind of person Shinji was.

Shinji made himself think that Yuuko's question was completely innocent. But, he couldn't think of anything he liked, which she might also like, so he went politic. "Anything's fine, I guess. I really don't watch that many movies, I mean I don't know what's good or anything… So if you have anything you want to see…"

Yuuko nodded. "Let's see… Sparrow Love got five stars, but I'm not sure if it deserves it." She listed, tapping her chin with a finger. "Kenji's Cellar got four, and Vegetables in Love got four and a half… and then…"

Shinji could not help interrupting: "Vegetables in Love, what on Earth is that?" Some kind of sanatorium romance? He thought.

"It's a romantic comedy about a vegetable & fruit vendor who takes his cart and begins to stalk some zaibatsu boss' pretty young daughter, I think. Could be fun."

Let's watch that, boy! Vincent recommended.

Now you stay quiet… Oh, well, it's not like I have any better ideas. Shinji nodded. "Yes, it could be. Let's go see that!" He walked over to the service desk and got two tickets for the next showing, which was in forty-five minutes. He attempted to pay for both of them, but Yuuko frowned and declared:

"That is so last millennium chauvinism. I pay my half."

Shinji mentally shrugged and let her have her way. I haven't exactly been out much, so I think I'd better follow her lead.

"So, what do we do while waiting? Maybe…" He looked around. "The arcade?" Doh! She's a girl, of course not!

Yuuko nodded. "Okay! I'll challenge you to a match of Chrono Trouble 2!" An enthusiastic grin spread onto her cheeks. "Beware, I'm a wicked shot with the light pistol."

Shinji mentally shook his head. It seemed that there were at least two layers to Yuuko, the one on top being the cute and energetic young girl, and something a bit stronger and wilder waiting underneath.

Fifteen minutes and a couple hundred yen later Shinji was thoroughly humiliated. He had used two thirds of their credits and gotten half of Yuuko's number of points. She revealed her secret: "You don't lose points for misses, so I just let my aggressions go and shoot everything that moves, a lot of times, until it stops moving!"

Next Yuuko pulled Shinji to the Generic Dance Dance Revolution Clone. They tried a couple of Beginner songs, and it took all of Shinji's concentration to step on the arrows without falling down. Besides, his eyes had a tendency to turn towards Yuuko whenever he thought he could spare the second. The girl was jumping and stepping on the buttons in a relaxed manner, laughing from the adrenaline rush and the fun. Also, her pert, bouncy bosom captured Shinji's gaze long enough to make him lose his pace and combo.

Resolving to concentrate on the game, he enlisted Vincent's help, and with their superior reflexes, was soon tapping away at two hundred steps per minute. He noticed he began to like it, and was almost disappointed when a very exhausted Yuuko, her attractive chest pumping heavily for oxygen and stealing Shinji's attention again, reminded him they still hadn't bought snacks and the movie was on in five minutes.

They quickly bought a box of popcorn and a big paper cup of orange lemonade between them, and there wasn't even time for snatching two plastic straws from the counter before they walked to the correct viewing hall at a hasty pace.

When Shinji gave the tickets to the doorman, the commercials were already running on the big screen. Making their way silently to the back of the dark hall, Yuuko picked them seats in the rearmost row. "Best acoustics," she explained in a whisper, "and you can see the whole screen without turning your head."

"I see," Shinji whispered back.

No, you don't, boy. I'm telling you, she's got another reason why she picked the back row. Vincent shook his imaginary head in amused pity. You really don't get women's thoughts.

When they were seated, the commercials ended and the main feature began. At first, Shinji thought it was kind of stupid and naive, but when he loosened up, he was laughing with the rest of the audience. Yuuko was bent over with laughter a good deal of the time, and almost fell out of her seat twice. That just made her laugh more, and Shinji's heart leaped when he heard the cheerful, bubbling sound.

About three quarters into the movie they had annihilated their snacks and shared drink, and Yuuko placed them to the side.

The romantic aspect of the movie reached its climax, and Yuuko slipped her hand into Shinji's and leaned against his shoulder. Her warmth made Shinji feel good, in a way he had not known despite his experience in being close to female bodies. He leaned his head on top of hers, breathing in the gentle fragrance of her hair, and stroked her fingers in his. His heart beat harder and swelled with joy, feeling as if it might burst any moment.

Yuuko withdrew slightly from Shinji's side and looked up at him. "Shinji-kun…"

He looked at her, sitting there in the dim luminance of the screen, looking at him. Her eyes were half closed, her lips invitingly half open. Closing his eyes, Shinji leaned closer. His lips touched hers, and as he felt the softness of the girl, he felt too lowly to touch her angelic features. But Yuuko pressed closer, deepening their kiss, and opened her mouth a bit more.

Shinji did not know if she was encouraging him to venture deeper, but could not resist to probe into her mouth with his tongue. Her little pink limb met the hesitant visitor and welcomed it with a wet caress. Shinji felt as if his heart had melted into a pool of fire welling in his chest. He opened his eyes to see if Yuuko felt the same wonderful things as he.

Yuuko's eyes reflected the warm glow in his, and Shinji knew she enjoyed the kiss at least as much as he did. His gaze slipped to the side as he noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. Yuuko was quietly sliding down the shoulder straps of her top. Shinji stiffened. Here? With all the people around? He very slowly moved his hand toward Yuuko's chest… She guided it over her heart, where Shinji could feel the thumping of her desire for him…

The moment was over far too fast. After the last jokes about the zaibatsu boss, the credits rolled up and the lights faded on. Wait a minute! Shinji protested in his mind. I was just about to… do what? He looked at Yuuko.

She was blushing from head to toes. "Geez, I'm glad we were back here where nobody could see us," she muttered while straightening the straps of her pink top.

"Yeah… I… didn't want it to stop there, though…" Shinji spoke, not quite back to earth yet.

Yuuko gasped, bringing her hand to her mouth. "Oh! How brave to come out and say that…!" She looked shyly down at her shoes.

Shinji thought back. "Ah, I didn't mean it like that! I meant… being close to you… Feeling your warmth…" He took long pauses to think and make sure he said nothing wrong. "It was the most incredible feeling ever to beat in my heart."

Yuuko still kept her eyes averted from Shinji's. "I… I think… we should go now." Her mind was screaming. Aaah! I can't say it after all!

The seat rows were indeed empty. The two left the hall, unsure of what to say or how to behave. They decided to go to an ice cream bar downstairs.

When she was nibbling on her strawberry parfait, Yuuko suddenly burst out with a secret she could no longer bear to hold inside. "It was my first kiss."

"Oh, really…?" Shinji wondered if it was indeed such a big thing for a girl.

"How about you?" Yuuko asked. "Did I get your first kiss?"

"Umm, well…" Shinji didn't want to lie, but he didn't want to tell the truth, either.

That seemed to have been the wrong button to press. Yuuko sighed. "Of course a boy as handsome and friendly as you has kissed a girl before. Who was I fooling…?"

Shinji attempted to fix the situation. "But you were the best. I've never felt so… much… before."

Yuuko nodded. "Tha… thank you. But, will you tell me who you've kissed before?"

Ami, Minako, Rei, Usagi… Uh, why can't I remember ever kissing Misato…? Whatever, I can't give Yuuko a whole list of names! "Uhh, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that we're together, right now."

That hit the right button. Yuuko blushed. "Aww, that's so sweet. Here, have a taste of my ice cream! Say `aah'!"

And so the date continued for another half an hour. Since neither one could think about anything to say or do, they walked back to the NERV Cosmetics building, hand in hand.

Shinji waved goodbye to Yuuko. "See you!" He exclaimed. Phew. That went well. He had no idea dating could be so hard but so rewarding, when almost everything clicked the right way.

He went straight to his room and fell asleep, slipping into haunting dreams of strawberry-tasting vegetables and a zaibatsu boss playing the Generic Dance Dance Revolution Clone.

Shinji woke up a quarter late the next morning, and ran to make it to the upcoming test on time. It was at eight o'clock, so he was looking forward to skipping school that day as well.

I say sex beats studying any day of the week, boy. Although, with all your absences, you should ask somebody for after-hours tutoring. How about that nice girl who sits in the first row? She's got very nice-

Mind your P's and Q's, Vincent.

-Grades in math and sciences… Vincent finished, faking innocence.

At two minutes past eight, Shinji ran into the antechamber of the Test Chamber. Ritsuko was waiting there, tapping her foot angrily. "You're late! Change out of your clothes quickly and get in."

Shinji rushed into the dressing room without replying, and threw off his clothes. Leaving them in a mess on the bench, he walked through the showers and into the white chamber of unidentified material. He noticed with little interest that the roof was replaced with a huge mirror which reflected the room's contents. What waited for him under that was, unsurprisingly, a young, naked girl. She had her brown hair up in a ponytail, and also her wildly curly but small thatch of pubic hair was brown. This subject seemed maybe a year older than the previous ones. She was taller than Shinji, although only by a couple of inches. Her body was quite mature, especially her…

…busts? Shinji thought. He blinked and rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things.

The girl had her arms crossed under her topmost pair of breasts, and there were another two pairs beneath them. The top pair, where the only two tits on most human females were, were C-cup by Shinji's approximation. The bottom ones, on both sides of her navel, were B-cup, and the middle ones somewhere in between.

The girl held her defying pose as she said: "What are you staring at, kid?" Her well-developed muscles tensed and relaxed, giving Shinji a sexy warning of the explosive power contained within the beautiful female package.

Shinji was taken by surprise, and retreated a step as he muttered an apology. "Uhh… sorry, I didn't mean to be offensive…"

The girl walked closer to Shinji, and her expression spoke of dissatisfaction. "Sorry just doesn't cut it, `cause you weren't just staring. I know what you think. You think I'm a weirdo, some kind of creature. You think that because I was made to look like this-" She grabbed her middle set of breasts and squeezed them for emphasis "-you can fuck me as you please, `cause `Makoto's just another sex toy', is that what you think!?"

Shinji had backed up against the door. "No, I don't think that way at all -"

Makoto thrust her hand down at Shinji's still limp and rather timid dick, enclosing it completely in her fist. "Besides, what do you think you could do with this tiny thing?" She squeezed it hard.

"Ow! Ow! Stop that!" Shinji tried to pry Makoto's hands from his crotch, but she was stronger. His mind blinded by the excruciating pain, he reflexively made his second pair of arms materialise and with their help, managed to free his willy.

Makoto backed off slowly. She stared at Shinji's four arms with her eyes and mouth wide open. "You… too? You're a fricking mutant too?" She muttered something under her breath.

Shinji shrugged and spread his arms in a gesture of `well, what can you do', saying. "Yeah, not that I wanted to be…"

Makoto nodded. "Heh, tell me about it… Shinji. Anyway… that's gotta be easier to handle than these." She tapped each of her breasts once, making them jiggle for Shinji's viewing pleasure. "And besides, you can hide them."

Shinji pulled his extra hands back into his sides. "You can't do this?"

Makoto blew air out of her nose. "If I could, you think I wouldn't?"

Shinji had thought it was bad to have mutations to hide. He was sort of ashamed to have made such a big deal out of his weirdness before. "I see. I feel kind of sorry for you…"

"Don't." Makoto crossed her arms below her first pair of breasts again. "I don't need your pity. But hey, do you ever use those arms for anything? Outside this room, I mean."

Shinji remembered how useful the arms had been when he had tied Misato to the shower. "Yes, they have come in `handy' sometimes." He noticed the bad accidental pun too late to stop it, but whisked it aside from his mind. "But I'd rather be completely normal instead of having half a dozen weird parts hidden around my body."

Makoto cocked an eyebrow. "More of them? Show me."

"I'd rather not." Shinji was afraid Makoto would laugh at him.

"Show me." Makoto cracked her knuckles. "Or else."

Shinji sighed. "Promise not to laugh?"

"You didn't laugh at my tits, so I think I can hold it back, whatever it is you've got."

Shinji closed his eyes and released his transformations, one by one. First the arms punched out, then the tongue rolled out of his mouth. Next were the breasts, and finally came the second penis, although it was not very convincing in its dormant state, hanging above the real one. Shinji opened his eyes, when he heard a weird sound.

Makoto had clamped one hand over her mouth, and her body was shaking with contained amusement. She slowly calmed down, until she was able to speak without snickering. "Give a whole new meaning to `man-boobs', don't they?"

Shinji was dismayed by her amusement. "That's not very nice, Makoto-san." He pressed his mammaries back in. "But there's more. They're not even the worst." He let his tentacles appear from behind his back. "These are."

Makoto took a step back. "Umm… Yeah. Definitely bad. What do you do with those, anyway?"

Shinji sighed. "Maybe you don't really want to know."

Makoto jumped forward and snatched one of the slimy pink snakes into her hands. "Well, I can guess. How well do they work?"

"I don't need to show you." The tone Shinji used made it sound almost like a lame warning.

Makoto smirked, but let go of the twisting limb. "We could play `super heroine and a tentacle monster'. How about it? If I win, I get to do what I want with you, and the other way around."

"But we're supposed to be doing the test…" Shinji meekly objected.

Makoto tapped him playfully on the head. "Dummy. Of course I meant we'd have sex, but the winner gets to be the master. How about it?"

Vincent piped in: Let's do it, boy. I'll give up my right for making you fuck who I want for the rest of the week.

Shinji supposed it was a fair deal, and assumed what he supposed was a `cool' fighting pose, with his right side facing Makoto, right arm outstretched, left hand by his chest, and the lower arms' fists pressed together at waist level. His tentacles writhed about in the air behind him. "Let's do it."

Makoto came at him with a series of easy jabs. Shinji dodged them, but only barely. He countered with a right-handed punch of his own, which Makoto deflected aside with her forearm. She was a little disappointed, noticing how he had pulled back on the punch to avoid hurting her. She was used to tougher opponents on the streets, before her containment. Her right foot came at him in a sideways kick, which connected with his ribcage.

Shinji allowed himself to be bent over from the force of the kick, letting the movement absorb most of the force. It still hurt, and his anger pulsed briefly before he subdued it. He used his lower right hand for support, moving low like a spider, while his other three hands made distractions for Makoto. As she was busy blocking his hands, Shinji's tentacles lashed from the sides and wrapped around her. The left one entangled her right arm as the right one looped around her waist, like a slippery snake of flesh. The limb smeared its translucent slime onto the lowest pair of breasts.

Makoto punched with her left hand at the slimy tendril around her arm while kicking the other one aside with her right foot. She lost her balance and staggered back, dripping Shinji's organic lubricant but free from his grip.

Shinji fell over backwards with a roar. Each of his tentacles was as sensitive as his penises, which made having them hit, even in a mock battle, very painful. The pain slashed at his brain, and his reflexes kicked in with the adrenaline. His animal instincts prepared to use power, if needed, and Vincent provided that power. This also let him invade Shinji's mind through a back door, and the two became one again. Shinji's pupils were tinted red, and he grinned devilishly, letting the full twelve inches of his tongue hang out of his mouth.

Makoto looked at him, noticing not only the differences in his form, but also in the way he moved. There was no longer a trace of the skinny boy's care for her safety, or his split-second doubt before moving. He was smooth, confident and determined. That's how far she had time to think.

Shinji leaped at her, using all of his extremities in a perfect union of human and not. As Makoto reflexively protected her head, his upper hands seized her wrists. The lower hands pushed her arms to the sides, denying her the leverage necessary to free herself. His tentacles wrapped around her shins and ankles, tripping her over backwards. He leaned back, using his body as a counterweight. Thus, Makoto's butt was placed softly on the floor, and she sat down against the wall, her thighs spread wide open.

Shinji crouched over her, and his warm breath washed over her face. He licked up one side of her face, leaving a wet streak from her jaw to the corner of her left eye. "I win," he whispered, and placed a quick, devouring kiss on Makoto's lips.

When the kiss ended, Makoto sighed. She could not free her limbs, and knew fully well that right then, the boy could do anything he wanted to her. "Yes, you win," she accepted. "I'll be your slave for today, sir. How may I serve you?" She joked angrily. Losing to this wimp was not what Makoto had expected, although most of the wimpiness was gone now.

"I'll take what I need myself." With the adrenaline level in his blood dropping, Shinji was able to take some power back from Vincent, but they still shared control over the body. The possessed boy lowered his face and licked up Makoto's cleavage. Then he captured the top right tit in his mouth, sucking on it. Meanwhile, his tentacles slithered up her thighs, covering them in their colourless fluids. They stopped next to her crotch, rubbing her labia.

Makoto stared at Shinji's crotch. The twin dicks, jutting proudly up and out, were the second and third largest ones she had seen, which was in her opinion quite impressive. Seeing their erect state, she realised she was getting aroused as well. Half of it was because of his touches: the way his tongue twirled around her soft breast and his teeth clenched her tall nipple, and the way his pink tendrils massaged the reddened sides of her moistening slit. The other half was because she was overpowered and helpless against him. After having lost her first boyfriend, she had not been able to find anyone nearly as strong and handsome. This Shinji was not as good-looking in the rough way, and not as physically strong. But yet, after his transformation into this sexual beast, he had the same aura of self-confidence and ability. Makoto did not feel threatened by his supremacy, but safe and protected, and also inexplicably aroused. A trickle of her juices escaped her widening slit.

Makoto watched calmly as Shinji moved lower on her unscreened body, working over her defenceless breasts with his mouth. He let go of her immobilised arms with his lower pair of hands, using them to gently cup and knead the topmost pair of her warm breasts as he kissed the middle and lower tits. As each tender sphere was as sensitive as a normal breast, she was capable of receiving threefold the pleasure a normal woman was, when mammary stimulation was considered. Makoto stifled a moan by biting her lip. Even though she had surrendered her body to him, she would not show her weakness openly.

Shinji removed his tentacles from the vicinity of her vagina, and Makoto felt them snake up her sides, then dart for her elbows. The lubricated snakes spiralled up her arms and draped over her chest, slipping into her cleavage and brushing over her erect nipples. They poked at the dark red nubs, and wrapped around her biggest breasts, squeezing and stroking them in their slimy grip. Each of Shinji's four hands captured a springy tit and touched it in alternating manners, exerting pressure, pinches and caresses in a bombardment that left her senses no time to adjust. Now that only the tentacles restricted the movement of her arms, Makoto knew she could escape, but she wasn't sure why she would want to. All the attention Shinji lavished on her was making her disoriented, or aroused, she just could not tell which. Since she felt so incredibly hot in her crotch, and her nipples stood an inch tall from her pleasantly aching breasts, she guessed it was the latter.

Just as Makoto's mind was getting accustomed to the bombardment of enjoyment, Shinji's elbows pried her thighs wide open. The spreading made her reddened labia reveal more of what was between them. She felt the cool breeze of his breath on the inner folds of her uncovered pussy. Shinji did not rush straight in with his tongue, but directed an intense stare at her bare hole. Makoto's weak spot was open to receive his assault, and knowing it only made her more lusty. She waited, and Shinji licked his lips. Then he directed the thin tip of his tongue into her hot tunnel, digging deep and fast. Makoto exclaimed in surprise when Shinji began to twirl his tongue inside, spinning the tip clockwise and the middle part anticlockwise, then the other way.

Makoto's head lolled back with the dizzying sensations, and she happened to look up into the mirrored roof. The image on it showed her, spread out for Shinji to devour, and the boy's unusual shape bent over her. A particular thought passing across Makoto's mind caught her attention: Those tentacles look damn sexy on me… The pink slithering limbs had left traces of shiny slime criss-crossing over her pert tits, which were continuously massaged by Shinji's hands and the snake-like limbs rooted in his back. She tensed as a swirling red energy filled her cells, and tried hard not to moan. All the pressure was released and her pussy spasmed, and she felt her liquids flowing out. At the height of her orgasm, she released a single animal noise of satisfaction.

Shinji looked up from between her thighs and licked his lips again, this time to clean his chin of the translucent juices she had leaked out. "Now it's your turn, Makoto," he commanded, and let go of her with all four of his hands and both of his tentacles. He sat back and let his cocks stand proudly from between his spread thighs. "Do your best."

Makoto let her breath even out, realising belatedly that it had sped up under Shinji's skilled care. She got up and walked to him on all fours, eyeing the twin towers suspiciously.

"Don't worry," Shinji said. "They don't bite, if you won't…" He smiled at her reassuringly. "Let's see what you've got, now."

Makoto smiled back. The boy acted with the same relaxed certainty as her first boyfriend. That was why she didn't hesitate when she softly wrapped her right hand around the base of Shinji's lower cock and gave the tip a wet, open kiss. It tasted salty, when she ran her tongue around the purple bulge. She breathed in his manly odour through her nose, and was disappointed. Her first man had smelled better. Nonetheless, she began to bob her head slowly, sucking on the hard shaft in her mouth. She leaned on her elbows to free her left hand, which she used to grab Shinji's upper cock and make slow milking motions.

Shinji laid one of his hands on top of her head. "Yeah, unh, you've got the gist of it. Though, I'd appreciate a little more tongue."

Makoto did not question the suggestion, and licked around the tip of Shinji's cock, then up and down the shaft. Shinji's satisfied grunt encouraged her, and she began to use only her hand on the lower cock. Shinji opened his mouth to ask what was wrong when the sucking stopped, or maybe to tell her to get back on the job. Makoto did not want to anger him, so she quickly popped Shinji's upper penis in between her lips and gave it the same treatment she had given the other. She smiled inwards as the boy groaned his approval.

Shinji spoke to her again: "Makoto… have you ever heard of `titty-fucking'?" He reached down to fondle her tits. "Do you know how to use these?"

Makoto shook her head, spitting out Shinji's tool. "I think I might have heard of it, but I don't know how to do it."

Shinji grinned. "Well, now's a good time to start learning." He grabbed Makoto's top pair of soft breasts and pulled them down on both sides of his lower cock, and she yelped in surprise. Shinji said: "First you put them here." Then he pressed them together, hiding the middle part of his hot shaft between the springy mounds, while the tip still poked out of her cleavage. He explained further: "And then you pump with them, just like giving a hand job. Get it?"

Makoto nodded. It was simple, and if Shinji would like it… She had nor good reason to refuse. She held her big tits in her own hands, and began to squeeze them together and move them up and down. Shinji held his other penis in front of her face, and she took the clue. Still continuing her mammary motions, Makoto began to orally please Shinji's other stiff pole.

This had only continued for about ten seconds when Shinji interrupted her again. "Good, that would normally be excellent. But since we're `special', we can do a lot better. Use your second pair for that." Shinji lightly tapped Makoto's middle breasts on the sides, making them and the lower ones jiggle around under her. Makoto did not understand what the point of this was, but when she had the manly member nestled warmly between her second pair of fleshy globes, she could feel the other rod pressing hotly against her upper tits. Shinji helped in getting it into Makoto's cleavage, and began to pump it with the largest mounds himself. She followed soon with her own hands on the centre pair, pressing harder to imitate Shinji's movements.

Shinji groaned loudly, and Makoto was glad he liked this weird practice. She liked it as well; her breasts were getting quite the handling, although it was only sufficiently enjoyable to keep her mildly aroused. She was startled as two wet things touched her buttocks. Turning to look back, she saw they were Shinji's tentacles, and they were headed for her rear end.

Shinji cleared his throat to get her attention. "You can now lick the part of my penis that is still visible."

Makoto reluctantly turned her head forward, and agreed that the top of Shinji's cock, poking out of her cleavage, was barely within the reach of her mouth. She began to lick it, and place tiny kisses around the tip, but her concentration was elsewhere. The slimy tentacles were still touching her. One retreated to her waist and crossed over her back, while the other one slithered into the cleft of her butt. She was slightly scared, as she had no idea what his plan was, but a look at Shinji's face convinced her everything was going to be fine. He looked at her reassuringly while stroking her breasts with his thumbs, never ceasing his pumping motions. Makoto noticed hers had stopped when she was surprised, and grinned apologetically as she resumed the so-called `titty-fucking'.

Shinji's tentacles continued their movement. One crept around her waist to cup her lowest breasts, then circled around them, making the mounds slimy as it rubbed against them. The other one slid further down her butt, leaving her forbidden hole alone and pressing tightly over her mound of Venus. It snaked around and over her labia, coating them with its slippery excretion, and the very tip stroked her once again widening slit.

Makoto felt Shinji's cocks begin to pulsate between her sensitive tits, and clamped her lips tightly around the tip of the higher one. It released its load into her mouth, but the other penis was not secured. As soon as Makoto felt the sticky, warm eruption in her cleavage, she pulled away from Shinji. The boy directed his cocks away from his body to avoid staining himself. Instead, the white sprays hit Makoto, blotching her face and chest with the sticky substance.

Makoto looked down at the semen sliding sluggishly over her chest. For a couple of seconds, she could not find the words. Then she frowned angrily at Shinji and asked: "Why didn't you warn me?"

Shinji raised an eyebrow. "I thought you knew what was going to happen. After all, that's what is supposed to happen unless there's some problems with the gear." He pointed at his penises.

"That's not what I meant!" Makoto was not as angry as she thought she perhaps should be, but was not prepared to let Shinji get away that easily with staining her. She pointed at her now slimed racks. "What am I supposed to do now?"

"Hmm. If you push them up like this-" Shinji made a motion as if he were cupping his own breasts "-you should reach the highest ones with your mouth. The others you'll have to clean with your hands." He moved into a more comfortable sitting position, and added an afterthought: "Oh, and you'd better lie down on your back, if you don't want the stuff to flow right down to your crotch."

Makoto noticed he was right, as the wide trickle had already reached below the cleavage of her lowest pair of breasts. She quickly flopped back onto the springy floor, and stopped the stream with her left hand. She did not want to think about what she was going to do, because she suspected that it would just make it more difficult. So without considering if she was fine doing the stuff she did, she began to clean the clumps of sperm from her body. As there were no other forms of disposal nearby, she had to get rid of the sperm by licking it off her fingers and swallowing it. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Shinji looking at the roof with apparent interest. Following the direction of his gaze, she beheld her mirror image, sucking on a sticky finger and wiping her cum-covered mounds of flesh with the free hand. She lifted a large tit to her mouth and licked its top, then sucked hard on the nipple. She noticed with curiosity, that as she watched herself working with her slime-coated, beautiful body, the heat of arousal returned to her crotch. Not wanting to hurry the wonderful moment, she languidly toyed with the cooling gobs of white seed on her chest, eating a little bit now and then. If it the mirror had not been there to reflect all of her gorgeously sensuous movements, she might not have noticed her left hand slipping between her thighs and beginning to play with her clitoris. The mirror had a hypnotic effect on her, she thought, while opening her labia to be able to see inside her slippery vagina. The lubricant from Shinji's tentacles was still around, and she used it to slip two fingers into her moist pussy, one knuckle at a time until they were fully buried inside her. Just as she started to twist them around, she ran out of sperm to clean from her glistening body.

Shinji sat up suddenly and spread his thighs, tapping the floor right in front of himself. "Come, sit here," he said invitingly.

Makoto was slightly disappointed to have to end her sweet moment of self-exploration. Reminding herself that Shinji was her master for today, obediently moved over and sat down, leaning her back against his chest. Shinji wrapped his arms around her chest and laid back, pulling her gently with himself. He whispered into her ear: "Just lie there and let me take care of everything."

Makoto mumbled an affirmative. The closeness of the boy's body distracted her; her entire back was enfolded in the warmth of his chest and lap, and the hard shaft of his penis burned against her buttocks.

Makoto shivered as Shinji slid his hands down her sides and to her hips. She saw it all through the mirror again: how Shinji stroked her smooth buttocks and then lifted them forward and up, and how he used a third hand to guide his upper hot pole to the entrance of her dripping cunt. He lowered her loins back onto his, and Makoto stared in fascination through the mirror, as his wide cock slid into her snug hole. The other penis remained outside, and stuck out between her thighs. He began to rhythmically enter deep in and pull almost entirely out, and the free penis slapped against her lower belly. Makoto thought there could be no better feeling than having his thick shaft thrusting into her sopping wet pussy.

Shinji soon proved her wrong by adding a level or two to her sensual joy. He tightly gripped her lowest pair of breasts and kneaded them, pinching and pulling the dark nipples. The nubs on all the six tits quickly became engorged with blood. They grew to half an inch tall when Makoto noticed in the mirror that Shinji was preparing his tentacles for assault. They crept in from the sides and slid under her top row of perky mounds, then curled around them leaving a slimy trail. Adding her own work into the mix, Makoto began to fondle the middle breasts.

The scene in the mirror was the most lust-inciting image she had ever seen. Shinji's upper penis constantly forced open her red labia and sunk into her squelching pussy, and both his and her hands were squeezing her springy tits. The lower penis tapped her belly in time with his thrusts. Shinji's tentacles played with one pair of succulent breasts, coating her chest in their slippery lubricant. To top it off, Shinji reached out with his elongated tongue to lick the side of her throat and the underside of her chin. The position showed how she was dominated, owned by Shinji, and how she loved being the plaything of her master. As she watched, she became more aroused. The more aroused she was, the better it felt when Shinji's cock stroked the inside of her pussy. And soon it felt so good that she couldn't stop squirming on Shinji's chest, moaning and praying for release. "Ahh, Shinji-sama! Make me cum hard! Oh! Oh! Fuck me! Touch me! More! Ooh, I'm gonna cum soon!" Again, when she saw this unfold through the mirror in the roof, she felt the heat in her crotch and breasts go up by several notches.

Shinji licked her ear and said: "I'm going to fill you up any second now. Aah. I'm almost there… But not all of my sperm is going inside you. Look!"

Makoto saw the lower cock swell slightly on her lower belly and felt a drop of precum hit her skin. At the same time, the shaft inside her inflated as well, and she knew it was too late to prevent anything. She felt Shinji's upper cock thrust into her wet cunt, as deep as it would go, and it forced out a flood of her juices that streamed over his balls and pooled under his butt. The mirror showed from a perfect angle how the penis outside her body launched a spray of sperm, that landed on her belly. Shinji took his hands and slimy tentacles out of the way before the next pulse hit her large breasts. The cock inside her body spewed out its load at the same moment, filling her up in an instant.

Seeing the white goo fly out to cover her bare breasts, while more of the sticky stuff flooded her cunt and leaked out between her tightly stretched labia, was too much for Makoto. She hollered out her pleasure as her orgasm swept away all traces of her inhibitions. Bouncing her hips furiously on Shinji's, she milked out the last of his sperm and sought to prolong her own climax.

When she finally landed from her high, she noticed Shinji had already pushed her off of his body and was getting up. She tried to do so as well, but did not have the strength. Flopping down on her back, she caught an eyeful of her reflection again. Her front was entirely covered in thick, white sperm. As if in a trance, she stared at the mirrored roof as her left hand cupped one of her slimy tits and began to make small circular motions, and her right hand slipped into the wet mess between her thighs.

She barely noticed Shinji leaving into the showers. He had made such a deep impression on the young woman that with just the memory of him and a mirror in her room, she lived happily - and sexually satisfied - ever after.

Shinji hesitated in front of Maya Ibuki's home door. Vincent, what exactly is your plan? I'd sort of like to know before we go in there.

Come on, boy, it's not a dragon's lair we're stepping into. Why can't you put faith in me for once? Vincent was relaxed and joyful.

Shinji muttered under his breath. "Because you haven't been too dependable…"

Okay, I'll tell you what you need to know. The Evangelion, the artificial intelligence with a living host, cleared his synapses within Shinji's mind and explained. Essentially, I've used most of last night figuring out a way to cure her chronic frigidity. I've made a medicine within your body, and it should be able to remedy her unfortunate condition. All we need to do is take about five minutes to calibrate it according to her personal data, before you can administer the cure. I swear, it's as simple as that.

Shinji nodded, although he still felt insecure. If you say so. He still had his doubts, but thought he could keep Vincent in check long enough to get around any plots the "vigorous" parasite might think of. He had given his word, and did not want to retreat without knowing without doubt if Vincent really was only attempting to benefit himself. Shinji stepped out of his thoughts and rang the doorbell.

Maya Ibuki opened the door slightly and took a look at the visitor. "Oh, Shinji, thank you for coming. Just a second." She closed the door, and Shinji heard her disengage a safety chain. When the door opened again, Maya, still wearing her work uniform, smiled warmly and moved aside to let Shinji in. "Did it work? I mean making the cure."

Shinji nodded as he took off his shoes. "Uh, I guess… Vincent won't tell me anything specific."

Maya was visibly excited. "I know doctor Akagi did her very best when she designed Vincent. I have absolute faith in her work." She paused for half a second and her eyes flicked to the side. "Oh, I seem to be a bit distracted, and am forgetting my manners. Would you like something to drink?"

"Uh…" Shinji opened his mouth to decline, but Vincent stopped him, telling him that it would be best to take a moment to explain the process to Maya and get Shinji's liquid balance up before beginning the process. Shinji quickly changed his answer to "Yes, please. Do you have milk?"

"Yes, come right this way." She led him into a small kitchen/dining room, and poured Shinji a glass of milk.

He thanked her and took a sip. Low-fat, he noticed. "So… Vincent thinks I should explain the treatment before we start." He repeated what he already knew.

Maya asked Shinji what information he would need. He didn't know, so he said: "Just a second, I'll ask Vincent." He closed his eyes; it was not necessary, but he felt it made it easier for other people to identify when he was not focused on the outside world. So… You heard her.

DNA and strategic measurements.

Excuse me. I can somehow act as if I understood asking for weight to determine the dose, but what do we need her B/W/H measurements for? And how are we going to read her DNA here, with no equipment?

Just tell her, boy. The "three numbers" and stature are just for me and you, but the rest of the info is necessary for the calibration. I can read DNA, by the way. I like your Y-chromosome; it's almost like poetry.

Okay, weirdo… Aloud, he said: "First, he needs to know your… um… body weight, I guess. And he asked for more… information… but I think he's just playing with me."

Maya frowned ever so slightly. "I haven't stepped on the scales for a long time. I'll go check right away."

She walked out of the room, and Shinji calmly sat and waited, staring at his milk. When Maya returned, she was no longer wearing her uniform, but a sleeveless top and cut-off jeans. Shinji wondered about the reason for this, but could not figure it out.

You still have a lot to learn about women, Vincent commented.

Maya seemed uneasy. She bit her lip, looked aside, and whispered something. Shinji cocked his head in question, and she repeated it louder and blushed.

"Okay." Shinji could not understand what was so hard about saying it, but dismissed it into the folder "Things about women I don't understand". That folder was getting increasingly thick. He announced the next thing in working order. "Vincent also has to take your DNA. After that, it will take about five minutes to calibrate the remedy for your…" He coughed, too embarrassed to touch the delicate subject. "…Problem."

"Okay. Do you have a syringe or something?"

"No, Vincent said he could do it himself. I'll just ask…" He closed his eyes. Vincent?

I need you to swallow a sample, boy, so I can scan it in your stomach. It also has to be absolutely clean and from an appropriate area, so I presume it would have to be from the inside of her vagina.

"What did you say!?" Shinji blurted out loud, and nearly fell from his chair. He blinked and saw a startled Maya staring at him. "Uh, no, I mean…Vincent said…" Now quick, say another option!

Deep down in her throat, but I'm not sure if it'll work. She's a professional, boy, let her know and decide the risks herself.

Shinji sighed. "Vincent must have gone out of his mind." He realised that if he didn't say the truth, it might affect the successfulness of the treatment, or even put Maya in danger. "Just so you know, I didn't think of this. Vincent claims that we need a sample from one of two possible spots. If we take one from your throat, there might be some kind of trouble. The other place is… well… ah, I can't say it!" He turned away and held a hand to his face.

Maya put a calming hand on Shinji's. It felt really warm. "You can tell me. I'm not going to freak out; I am an adult, after all. Whatever it is, I can take it."

Shinji took a deep breath and forced himself to speak the word. "Vagina."

Maya did not make a move. "…Excuse me, I must have heard wrong. Can you repeat it for me?"

Shinji felt as if the words rushing out of his mouth were falling over each other and getting entangled with his tongue. "He needs a sample from your vagina." He was beginning to feel rather hot, so he gulped down the rest of his glass of milk. And nearly choked on it.

Maya stood up and turned away. "I… see. A sample from my… vagina." Her voice was expressionless.

Shinji was getting increasingly heated. He was constantly worried that the delicate situation would explode in his face. "If you don't want to do it, it's okay. I can just leave."

Maya shook her head slowly, then regained her confidence and straightened her back. "No. It's my only chance. I have to do this now." She opened her cut-offs and let them drop to the floor. Shinji could see her hands trembling as she slipped out of her panties. Still facing away from Shinji, Maya bent over the kitchen table and whispered in a shaky voice. "Do what you have to do."

Shinji looked around for a proper tool. Oh yeah, and maybe some lubrication…

Vincent had a suggestion. How about using your tongue, boy? your saliva will do nicely, and it's easy to swallow the sample.

But I don't think she'd approve…

Face it. You don't want to swallow anything that's long enough to bore deep into her, and any kind of lube would probably be indigestible… Vincent pointed out.

Shinji agreed he had some valid points there, and submitted without much of a fight. "Maya. Vincent will check the DNA inside me, so I'll have to use my mouth to get the sample. Is that okay?"

Maya's hands gripped the edges of the table tightly. "Yes." She spread her legs slightly, allowing Shinji a better view of the area to be operated within.

Due to the nature of Maya's problem, her labia were completely closed. The sides of the slit were shaved clean, but there was a small patch of short dark hair above it. Compared to the wet, messy affairs Shinji was used to, it looked extraordinarily clean and pure. He felt his penis reacting very healthily, and was glad Maya was looking the other way.

Shinji took a shot at steeling his mind against impure thoughts, but it worked only partially. At least he could concentrate enough to keep his most immediate desires in check. With a fair amount of hesitation showing in his movements, he kneeled and put his hands on Maya's buttocks. The woman's breathing became faster, but she did not tense up. Shinji rolled some spit around in his mouth and stuck out his bio-artificially elongated tongue, pressing the tip softly against Maya's firmly shut lips. He met moderate resistance at first, but then he slipped in as Maya's folds opened for him. It happened so fast he couldn't stop himself before he was two inches into the dry hole. Maya uttered a cry of surprise as the peace of her inner sanctum was disturbed.

Shinji twisted his tongue around, rubbing the walls of Maya's vagina to gather the DNA sample. Because the area was seldom visited, dead cells had piled up in the nooks inside, and Shinji swiped some onto his tongue and withdrew it. It made a slurping sound as it slid out between Maya's labia and returned to Shinji's mouth. He swallowed and waited for Vincent's assessment.

Got it, boy. It'll take about five minutes to read it and another five to calibrate. Then you'll administer the cure.

But how will I do that? Am I supposed to throw up something for her to…

Maya interrupted his internal dialogue. "Is it done?" She cautiously looked behind herself at Shinji.

"I've got the sample." Shinji sighed with relief. "Now Vincent will do his part, which should take about ten minutes, and then you can say goodbye to your problem, hopefully." Maya got off the table even as Shinji was speaking and put on her panties. The two took seats on opposite sides of the table. Shinji closed his eyes and repeated his earlier question to Vincent.

You see, boy, I've only got access to a very limited number of functions. I understand from what you've said before that you wouldn't want me to make you any more unusual external organs. And I just know you're not going to like this, but there's only one limb that I can safely use to distribute the cure. Boy, I'm talking about your penis.

No way! Shinji had guessed there would be more problems. Vincent had exceptional skills in getting them into this kind of situations, where the choices were all bad for Shinji, who just wanted to be a normal boy. Normal boys did not have odd mutations around their body, and normal boys his age did not have sex several times a day. At least that was what he believed. If there are any more of these surprises in store, why don't you get over with it and spring them all at once, right now? It would spare me some time and sanity.

Okay, boy. I think these are the last two. First, you're going to have to administer the cure, which is mixed in with your sperm, into either her stomach or her vagina. Shinji tired to interrupt him with an objection but Vincent went on. Second, there can be unpredictable side effects when she is returned her ability to get aroused so quickly, and after such a long time. I can't even make guesses at them, though.

Shinji was conquered. He didn't even find it in himself to get angry anymore. Whatever. It's not like I haven't messed around with women before, so I don't think I'll lose my seat reservation in heaven or anything. I'm just going to finish what you started.

Now that's a man's talk, Shinji, my boy! Vincent rejoiced.

Maya listened closely as Shinji explained the last stages of the operation. The boy blushed and stammered at key words, but made things moderately clear. She nodded and said: "There's no reason to make this any more complicated than it should be." She pointed at the glass which had previously held Shinji's milk. "Take that and go into the bathroom. Come back when you're done, and I'll drink it."

Shinji felt embarrassed at having hurried to an entirely different conclusion. He almost thanked Maya for coming up with a better solution, but chose to lie instead. It wouldn't do anyone any good if I told the truth. "That was my plan." He took the glass and walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. Vincent said it would still be some time before the mix was ready, but Shinji replied he was just going to get himself ready. Setting the glass down onto the washing machine's lid, he pulled down his trousers and sat on the toilet.

A couple of minutes after Vincent announced the drug was prepared, Shinji was still pumping with his fist. He was simply too nervous to concentrate properly.

Vincent was getting bored. Listen, boy. This ain't ever going to be over, if you don't get some sort of inspiration. How about… Take a look to your left.

Shinji's eyes scanned over the room. Sink, mirror, laundry basket, shower… Wait a minute. His eyes returned to the two pieces of clothing hanging over the edge of the laundry basket: black lace panties and bra. You can't be serious, Vincent.

Vincent's quiet laugh told Shinji he was more serious than usually, however little that was. Or, you could ask her to give you a helping hand. Or maybe some oral advice?

Shinji went for the easiest option, reasoning that Maya would never have to know. He snatched the underwear in his hands and examined them. They weren't an equally skimpy cut as Misato's usual, but still something that would look very attractive on Maya's young body. Fingering the smooth fabric, Shinji envisioned the woman wearing them and touching herself.

In less than two minutes, Shinji came out of the bathroom with a glass filled nearly to the brim with his own special `milk'. He put it on the table and sat down.

Maya's eyes widened with surprise. "That much?!" She grabbed the only existing cure for chronic frigidity induced by hazardous chemicals. "Do I have to drink all of it?"

Shinji cleared his throat. "Vincent says, yes." He wasn't sure if the parasite was lying, but would not take any risks for Maya. Too much was at stake for him to be paranoid.

Maya bit her lip and stared at the viscous white liquid. She had made her decision long ago, and was not about to go back on it. She raised the glass and drank deeply, downing all of the contents in one go, overcoming her disgust.

Shinji waited intently to see if anything on the outside would give clues to whether it really worked. Besides Maya putting down the empty glass and closing her eyes, nothing happened. Half a minute passed in silence, and he was beginning to get worried. "Maya-san… Maya san? Are you okay? Maya-san?" The woman started to fall to the side, and Shinji caught her just before she hit the floor. "Wake up, Maya-san!" As she showed no reactions, he picked her up and carried her onto the couch in the next room. Laying her down carefully, Shinji tried to think of what he was supposed to do. He lightly shook Maya's shoulder and fetched a glass of water to throw in her face, but nothing seemed to work. He was ready to panic just when something happened.

Maya muttered something. Shinji moved closer to hear better, and she repeated it. "Ritsuko-sempai… Ritsuko-sempai, umm… probe me… probe me deeper…"

Shinji swallowed hard. He did not know what sort of probing it was that Maya spoke of, but the wet stain expanding in her panties gave him enough clues. "Great… Now I can't leave her, because something bad might happen. I've got to stay and watch over her wet dreams." Wet…? That means it worked! Well done, Vincent!

Vincent smiled and took a bow on the stage of Shinji's mind.

Maya was becoming more active in her sleep. Her hands roamed over her body, stroking and rubbing her thighs and breasts. Soon, one of her hands found its way into her panties, and began a back and forth movement over her mound of Venus. She mumbled: "Mmh! I always dreamed it would be this good…"

Shinji couldn't look away. He felt guilt for staring at Maya, but some mystical power kept him nailed to the floor next to the couch.

Maya's movements grew stronger, as she flipped up her top and began to knead her smallish breast with one hand. She thrust two of her fingers of the other hand deep into her vagina. "Sempai, aah, that's too big. It's not going to fit in…"

Shinji couldn't take it anymore. His penis was aching to escape the too tight confine of his pants, and felt like it would still grow. He knew he had to make it stop or start dealing with his problem in a physical manner. Despite Vincent's opposing comments, Shinji did what he believed was right and tried once more to shake Maya awake. "Maya-san… Please, wake up already!" He grabbed her shoulder.

Maya's right hand left her breasts alone and stroked over Shinji's fingers. Her eyes opened to cracks as she turned her head to look at Shinji. "Sempai… no, you're… was it a dream…? No, I don't want to wake up!"

Shinji swallowed hard and stayed true to his decision. "Maya, you've got to wake up! The cure was a success!"

The woman opened her eyes, and there were tears hanging on the edge of running to her face. "No…" She blinked the tears away and looked directly at Shinji. Her eyes were glazed over with lust unlike anything Shinji had seen before. "You'll have to do." Before he had time to react, she pushed him onto his back on the carpet while slipping off her panties, and sat on his face.

A part of Maya's mind acknowledged that this was unusual behaviour for her, but was subdued in a fraction of a second. Rapid changes in her genitalia and brain combined with the freeing of her gathered desires had broken the dam of inhibitions, and she was ready for just about anything that would make her feel good.

Shinji tried to resist, slapping his hands onto Maya's tight butt, and mumbled into her crotch. Her fluids flowed into his mouth. Shinji felt his trousers being undone and slipped down along with his pants, and then a hot wetness slurped around the tip of his cock.

Maya sucked strongly on Shinji's rod, pumping up and down the shaft with her left hand and caressing his balls with her right. When Shinji began to earnestly lick her labia, she moaned around the stiff meat in her mouth. She received feedback a split second later as Shinji's mouth vibrated against her cunt. He began to poke his tongue into her slit, and Maya responded by licking over the bulge on top of his staff. It pulsed in her hand, and she quickly clamped her mouth over it. Shinji's sperm shot into the roof of her mouth, and she swallowed it as it came.

Maya needed her mouth free for a moment, so she got up and moved so that he faced Shinji, straddling his loins. She did not notice his eyes had turned red; a sign he was deeply integrated with Vincent. Using her hands to guide him in, she sat down on his cock. The thick pole forced open her nether lips, and she welcomed the filling sensation with a soft sigh. After making a couple of experimental bounces on the shaft, her first orgasm hit her like a bolt from the blue. It struck her pussy and crackled up her spine, flashing lights in her brain. Shinji put his hands on her hips to slow her down, but she recovered in less than a second, finally tossing away her top.

Beginning to pump again, she reached out for her mobile telephone, which sat on her living room desk. Pressing and rubbing her clitoris with fingers of her right hand, she used the left to dial Ritsuko.

The phone beeped twice, then the doctor's voice was heard: "What is it, Maya?"

The young woman moaned into the microphone. "Anhh… Ritsuko-sempai… I need your help, right now. Oohh..."

The doctor got the wrong idea. "Are you being tortured? Where are you?" She sounded very alarmed, and concerned for the safety of her underling.

Maya laughed softly. "Uh hu hu… No. I'm home, ahh, bouncing on Shinji's oohhh so manly member, but what I - uunnh - need is a woman. Not just any woman, but you. So hurry!"

Ritsuko was silent for two seconds, then calmly announced "I'll be there immediately" before hanging up.

Maya returned her attention to Shinji. She tossed the phone aside and ran her hand over his chest. "You've only got until sempai arrives, so take all the pleasure you can."

The berserking Shinji was happy to comply, and started to make powerful upward thrusts with his cock. He timed his pushes to go together with Maya's, impaling deep into her cunt, which spewed its juices over their crotches. It took him a very short time to launch his load into her, and the white flood sloshed around and began to leak slowly out of the tightly plugged hole.

Maya lifted her body and slipped her hand under her crotch, gathering sperm in her palm and on her fingers. She brought it to her mouth and licked off the delicious goo. After that, she laid her upper torso down on the couch, kneeling on the floor. Rocking herself back and forth, she rubbed her pert tits against the springy seat, and presented her rear end for Shinji to invade.

The possessed boy got up to his knees and took hold of Maya's waist. Shinji pumped his still erect cock into her slippery pussy, coating his member in their mixed juices. Then he positioned it at the other hole, not waiting for clearance to enter.

Despite the ample lubrication, Maya felt like she was going to rip something as Shinji's pole entered halfway into her virgin anus. Never, in any of the various failed treatments she had received, had anything so thick been pushed in there. However hard the pain in her rear was, it was like a stone tossed into the river of her formerly pent-up desire. The stream continued to wash over her, and soon she was rocking her body back and forth.

The stiff column of meat in Maya's ass stroked her warm insides, creating a hot tension in her loins and all the way up her spine, until she arched her back as far as she could. Her left hand played with her hard nipples, pinching and pulling. She tried lifting the perky breasts and letting them bounce back down, but they were too small to make it fun enough. Maya resumed teasing her dark-red nipples while her right hand slid down between her thighs. She stroked her wet slit with her middle finger, spreading her reddened labia with the other digits. Sexual lubricant trickled out, running down the insides of her thighs. All the time, Shinji's hard cock pistoned in her other hole.

Maya reached another peak in her continuous flood of dizzying pleasure, and gyrated her hips wildly against Shinji's. She could hear the boy groan as her anus tightened around his member, which instantly began to pulsate. Hot cum gushed into her lower intestine, painting her white from the inside.

After bumping her hips back a few extra times to milk him dry, Maya was ready for another go. She laid down on her back on the couch and pulled her thighs as far apart and up as they would go. Shinji kneeled in front of her, and brought out his second cock, which brought an expectant grin to Maya's face. That's a part of something sempai made… I know it will feel good, although not as good as sempai herself. She spread her labia with her fingers, revealing the slimy inside of her throbbing pussy.

Maya wailed in naked ecstasy as Shinji's twin cocks penetrated into her slippery holes. Her snug pussy and ass made loud squelching noises when the thick poles forced cum out of them onto her buttocks. She groaned and howled, overcome by the sweet tightness of her rapidly fucked orifices. She slammed her hips back at Shinji with such vigour that he lost his balance and fell over backwards. Maya followed, straddling his crotch, facing away from him, and bouncing energetically on his two dicks. She felt Shinji's hands pry her ass cheeks apart to give him a better view of the tight hole swallowing his thick pole. Maya's right hand played with her heaving chest as her left teased her clitoris violently. She expected her next orgasm to hit her soon.

Then, the doorbell rang. Maya jumped up, and shouted: "I'm coming!" She ran to the door and yanked it open, not minding that she was in a very inappropriate state.

Ritsuko was momentarily taken aback by the sudden sight of Maya's nude, sweaty and aroused body. She mostly recovered and asked, still a little bit stunned: "Should I come in?"

Maya leaped at Ritsuko, wrapping an arm around her waist, and pulled her in. She kicked the door shut behind them and stood on tiptoe to kiss Ritsuko passionately on the lips.

The doctor was surprised, and dropped her handbag. She tried to move away, but Maya was like possessed. The young woman held Ritsuko so tightly that she could not escape before she began to feel the effect of the kiss, and the other's tongue roaming her mouth. Maya's hands groping her skirt-covered butt also played a part in melting her resistance. When Maya finally pulled back to draw a breath, Ritsuko put a hand on her shoulder to keep her away for just a second. "What's happened, Maya? You're never this straightforward. Except for when Shinji left me tied to the chair… no, even then you were blushing all the time, and asking if I was okay with it."

Maya shamelessly slipped a hand between her thighs and shoved two fingers into her wet pussy. "Mm, just the memory of that almost makes me cum. Yeah, I think Vincent's wonder cure did something extra… but I can explain later. Right now, I need to touch you, an be touched by you, sempai!" She gazed pleadingly and lustily into Ritsuko's eyes.

"Very well." Ritsuko opened and dropped her laboratory coat onto the floor, and began to unbutton her shirt.

Maya groaned at the slowness of the process, and grabbed the doctor's shirt to rip it open. Detached buttons fell to the floor along with the piece of clothing, and Maya looked interestedly at Ritsuko's bare breasts. "No bra?" She asked. "How naughty. I love it." She bent down to cup Ritsuko's soft breasts in her hands and lick her left nipple. It was already hard and dark.

As Maya suckled on the erect nub, Ritsuko retreated until her back hit a wall. "Ah, try to be a little more careful, Maya-chan!" She stroked the younger woman's hair. "At least let me undress properly before I totally dirty my clothes!" She kicked off her shoes.

Maya knelt in front of her beloved doctor and unbuckled her belt. "I'll help you," she announced. Letting the skirt slide down under gravity's pull, she caressed her mentor's hips. Ritsuko was wearing a black garter belt to hold up her thigh-length stockings, and no panties. Maya nuzzled her nose in the triangle of blonde pubic hair above the doctor's vagina. "Smells good… Sempai, could it be that you are already aroused?" She did not wait for an answer before poking at Ritsuko's slit with two fingers of her right hand. They came back glistening with the doctor's sticky juices. "Oh, Ritsuko-sempai. Were you getting wet when you walked around without any panties, or is this for me?"

Ritsuko suddenly remembered something, and mumbled: "I've got something good for you besides that. Wait, and don't look, Maya-chan." She stepped over the crouching woman and went to her handbag, which was laying a couple of meters away. After a moment, she said: "You can look now."

Maya turned and opened her eyes, then blinked them to check they were really open. It could not have been real, this way her dreams were materialised again. Ritsuko had the same pair of light-brown cat ears sticking out of her blonde hair, and the matching tail swinging behind her, as she had worn in her office. The sight robbed Maya of words and lit a flame in her heart and a raging blaze in her crotch. She padded forward on all fours, perky tits jiggling, and looked up at the transformed doctor/cat woman.

Ritsuko dropped onto her hands and knees to be at the same level as Maya, and cocked her head. "Do you still like it?" Her bigger breasts swung under her chest.

Maya stared with mixed emotions of awe and desire. "I love it almost as much as I love you." She had an idea, and winked with her right eye. "I love you, auntie cat!"

Ritsuko considered briefly and smiled. Another role game? It was interesting the last time, so… "Maya-chan, my niece, I think I need to teach you a couple of things about what true love is like, between adults." She leaned closer to lick Maya's cheek and whisper into her ear: "Have you got a soft, cosy place where I can teach you?"

Maya nodded and padded into her bedroom. She stopped in front of her futon bed and looked back at her `aunt'.

Ritsuko nodded. "Lie down on your back, Maya-chan…" When the younger woman was spread out on the mattress, the excited doctor moved over her `niece's' prone body. "You can show your love for someone by cleaning them, for example. We cats love to stay clean, so it is a show of affection and caring to lick those parts of another cat's body that they can't reach. Like here…" Ritsuko kissed Maya's left breast and flicked her tongue across the red nipple. Then she ran her tongue up and down the younger woman's cleavage before sucking on the other pert mound. "Do you understand? It's easy."

Maya sighed in bliss. "Yes, auntie Ritsuko. Can I try to do it to you? Because I really really love you, auntie!" After receiving a nod from the doctor, she slid lower below the older woman's slim body and beheld her fine breasts hanging right in front of her face. As Ritsuko straddled her waist, Maya sucked hard on each soft melon in turn. Then she lightly bit on a dark nipple, and Ritsuko exclaimed in surprise.

Ritsuko turned around over Maya's body, so that her crotch was directly above the younger woman's face. "And there's another place that's important to keep clean…" She dipped her head between Maya's thighs and latched her mouth onto her mound of Venus. She felt Maya's soft lips brush lightly over her labia, and then the younger woman's tongue coyly tickled at her wet slit. As it poked Ritsuko's clitoris and slowly pushed into her slippery hole, the older woman retaliated by spreading Maya's sticky slit with her fingers and burying her tongue in the narrow orifice. When Ritsuko sucked and licked it, she could taste sperm mixed into Maya's sexual lubricant, and remembered Shinji was somewhere around… but where?

She received her answer as the boy kneeled in front of her. He asked: "Can I borrow Maya's hole for just three seconds?"

Ritsuko nodded and licked Maya's juices from her lips as Shinji quickly slid his cock in and out of the younger woman's pussy. Then he stood up, with his erect member dripping female cum, and walked out of Ritsuko's field of vision. She resumed performing sticky cunnilingus on Maya. For a second, she felt the young woman purr, and the vibrations tickled the cat woman's labia. She was nearing her release, and so soon. Ritsuko presumed it was because whatever Maya had caught in Shinji's sperm was rubbing off on her.

Maya eagerly devoured Ritsuko's sopping wet cunt, and swallowed all of the tasty cum she could catch in her mouth. When she probed with her tongue as deep as she could reach, the mature woman moaned and twisted on Maya's young but beautiful body, rubbing her tits against the younger one's belly. Maya knew she could make the older woman orgasm soon, but something interrupted her. Shinji kneeled at Ritsuko's rear end, and flipped her tail aside from her butt. Then he grabbed the cat woman's thin buttocks and poised the tip of his now only penis at her butthole. Maya watched as the thick, slimy shaft slowly stretched open Ritsuko's ass and pushed inside, and the woman screamed in delight. Ritsuko came, and translucent liquids poured out of her tightening cunt into Maya's waiting mouth. The stream of delicious cum filling her mouth alone was not enough for Maya, but when Ritsuko was moaning into her oversensitive pussy, the younger woman reached her orgasm immediately. It felt as if invisible strings were pulling Maya's nerves, and she convulsed on the futon. True to her role as a sweet little cat, her sounds of ecstasy came out as loud, pleased meowing which was echoed by Ritsuko's equally satisfied mewls.

The animal sounds seemed to have triggered something in Shinji, and he launched his load into Ritsuko's snug ass. Maya could hear the big, sticky gobs of sperm hit the walls of the tunnel. When Shinji pulled out of the tight hole, he released a miniature flood of cum from Ritsuko's butt. The white slime flowed over the cat woman's labia, and Maya hungrily licked it off.

Shinji staggered back and sat against the wall. He held his head in both hands and muttered something to himself. Instead of becoming flaccid, his penis seemed to stand up even higher than before.

Maya slurped noisily in between Ritsuko's thighs. The doctor exhaled sharply, and the flow of air tickled Maya's labia, making her giggle. Sixty-nine was a very pleasing position, but the younger woman thought there might be something more to do. "Auntie cat, what will we do next?" She had one specific thing in mind that she wanted to try, and apparently the other woman thought the same.

"Oh, you were so good to me, that I want to show you the way two adults can love each other…" Ritsuko crawled off of Maya and rolled onto her back. "Do you have… anything of about this length-" The cat woman held her hands eighteen inches apart "-and cylindrical in shape?"

Maya sat up and wiped cum from her cheeks. "Oh, I think I can find something." She got up and entered the kitchen.

Ritsuko got up quickly and walked over to Shinji. "Vincent, can you hear me? How far have you synchronised?"

Shinji lifted his head and leered at Ritsuko. "Three hundred and eighty-four percent. It's going to hit four hundred soon." His pupils glowed shockingly red.

"So you're already temporarily mixed… All right." She nodded. "Vincent, I am going to help you to realise your full potential. Tell me what you need."

"Sit on my cock," the possessed Shinji commanded. He slid down to the floor, so that only his head was leaning on the wall.

Ritsuko straddled Shinji's waist and held his large penis up in one hand, while the other spread her still sticky labia. She began to lower herself, but Shinji motioned her to stop, then to come closer to his head. The woman understood, and aimed the hot staff in her hand at her half-open anus. Letting gravity pull her down, Ritsuko forced herself to remain silent when her ass was again stretched to its limits. This time it felt even bigger, as if Shinji's manly size had suddenly increased. But ample lubrication from the boy's previous load lubricated Ritsuko's snug hole, and she bit her mouth shut as the thick head plowed deeper.

Maya returned, carrying a cucumber in each hand. She saw that her teacher had jumped onto the helpless boy, even though she knew Maya would be back in a moment. "Sempai! I - I mean, `auntie'. Weren't you about to show me how adults love each other?"

Ritsuko looked over her shoulder. "Yes… just a moment… Ah…" She turned herself around, rotating on Shinji's penis, so that she rested with her back against his chest. "Can I have that? The bigger one, please." She stretched out her arm. After Maya handed her the longer and thicker cucumber, she examined it closely. "Good. This will be just fine." She leaned back, spreading her thighs to show off her glistening labia. Spreading the moist lips with one hand, she held one end of the green vegetable to her slit. "Now, my `niece', you put your own pussy against the other tip, and push this way."

Maya turned her back to Ritsuko and dropped to all fours. She backed slowly, until she felt the cold tip of the cucumber poking at her wet entrance. The younger woman looked back at her teacher and made eye contact. Something was passed between them that bound their souls together, as if the green vegetable joining them had become an unbreakable bond.

Shinji looked over Ritsuko's shoulder. Maya's wet labia, which she used two fingers to pry apart, stretched enormously to admit the cucumber between them. The young woman slid her butt down along the cucumber, until it was halfway inside her sticky cunt. Then she gripped it with her fingers and continued her movement, forcing the other end in between Ritsuko's labia. The doctor took her part in stride, and soon the nether lips of the two horny women met each other. This kiss lasted several seconds, and when Maya pulled up again, threads of translucent slime hung between their separated labia. The younger woman decided on a slow, steady pace, and using the thick vegetable as a dildo, she and Ritsuko received both physical and mental pleasure from sharing a wonderfully hot moment.

Shinji noted that there was still a misbalance in the equation, as his cock only filled Ritsuko's ass. He picked up the smaller cucumber, and observed its qualities. Being the other one's junior in both length and diameter, it was ideal for the use he intended. As Maya's tight butthole was glistening with his sperm, he deemed it slippery enough to be engaged without preparations. Shinji slammed the thinner end of the small cucumber deep into Maya's tight anus while she was pushing her hips back. Simultaneously he bucked his hips to begin fucking Ritsuko's small ass again.

Maya subconsciously matched the pace of her hips with that of the cucumber invading her dark hole. Having the thicker vegetable pump her wet cunt faster made her purr, then moan in delight. Each time her labia smacked audibly against Ritsuko's, a pulse of electricity fired up the younger woman's spine. Maya hung her head down and stared between her thighs at Ritsuko's pussy, taking in the thick cucumber. The wet hole did so with apparent ease and arousal, represented by the copious liquids running out between her labia and down to her butthole.

From Ritsuko's point of view, it was not so easy at all. The large vegetable only barely fit inside her vagina, forcing out the natural lubrication with its size. This increased the friction, but seeing how the powerful tool was very physically connected to Maya's body made it pure ecstasy. Shinji's warm cock constantly stretching her snug, almost dry anus was less pleasing, but still helped her arousal. Ritsuko rubbed her clitoris and watched in awe as Maya seemed to have only fun and no trouble at all taking the cucumber deep into her slippery cunt. Furthermore, Ritsuko would have expected her apprentice to be less keen to receive anything in her anus. Seeing her usually reserved assistant let go of her inhibitions made her curious, not to mention even more horny.

Maya slammed her butt down one more time, and moved it around. The wide ends of the cucumber stirred each woman's vagina, triggering their orgasms simultaneously. Maya wailed and arched her back, forcing the two vegetables in her spasming holes even deeper. Her mind was filled with shooting stars for a second and she staggered forward, leaking great amounts of cum from her cunt onto her inner thighs and her futon.

Ritsuko opened her mouth wide but no sound came, as she writhed in Shinji's lap. She could only see a blinding white light and felt a tingling sensation spread across her body. Her sticky holes tightened, feeling hotter than the sun and wetter than the ocean. She also felt Shinji's cock pulsate and fire a load of slippery sperm into her ass.

When Ritsuko regained control of her body and senses, she noticed that Maya had fallen forward and her butt was pointing at the roof. The cucumbers had been pulled with her tight orifices, and were poking out of them, the bigger one dripping with Ritsuko's sexual lubricant. The young woman rolled onto her side and looked back at Ritsuko. "Hahh… That was… great…" she breathed loudly.

Ritsuko got up from Shinji's lap, briefly ashamed of the lascivious noise her butt made when Shinji's penis slipped out of it. "Yes, it was wonderful," she agreed, "but it is far from over…" She grabbed the end of the thick cucumber still halfway in Maya's slimy pussy and gave it a good twist.

Neither of the sexually preoccupied women noticed Shinji cleaning himself on Ritsuko's shirt, dressing up, and leaving quietly.

Shinji rushed into the corridor, not minding if anyone saw his eyes shine bright like blood fresh from an artery. He no longer felt the presence of Vincent, nor himself. There was one where there had been two.

He shook his head clear of these confusing thoughts. I know who I am. I am Shinji Ikari. No matter whose son I am, I am the me I have been, plus a little of what Vincent, the other me was. He sought to remember, but failed to distinguish which parts of his brain belonged to which consciousness. He remembered that Shinji had been less than eager to initiate corporal interaction with people, but now he couldn't see why he would want to be that way. Yet, when he thought of things like his memories of Yuuko, and of who he perceived himself as, the sensations were those of Shinji. Confused about whether he should act like himself before the moment his synchronisation had reached four hundred percent, he tried to remember how he might have thought. I can't remember… I need somebody to help me, to tell me who I should be… He did not expect to hear anything useful from Gendo. In his opinion, the man was brilliant in some things, but outright awful when it came to dealing with emotions. Then, who?


Not my first mother, he reminded himself. I suppose I am now both the son of Gendo and Yui Ikari, and of Lilith and post-cloning Yui… that is, of Lilith and Rei. He knew where Lilith was; the bottom area of the Geofront. He knew that he knew that because Vincent had known it, but now it was his brain, whole and undivided. As an aside, he could control his body completely and knew the extent of his powers. So, I'm not almighty, but that far…?

His unity presented to him a variety of superhuman powers, but teleportation was still beyond him. It will have to be the old-fashioned way. He ran around a couple of corners, unerringly sensing the route to an elevator. The ability to access NERV's surveillance data was now a part of his repertoire as well. The elevator box was on the bottom floor of the shaft, and all access was barred.

Shinji contemplated contacting his father to ask for access to the deepest, most secret laboratories, but abandoned the empty idea. As if he would want me having a chat with her.

Shinji gathered power around his left fist. The effect grew, wavered, and bent the air around his wrist in a curious way. He closed his eyes and concentrated, feeling the level that was above his physical entity. A curtain of supercharged air enveloped his forearm, and he slammed it into the elevator doors. They bent and tumbled inwards, beginning a fall of a hundred feet. Before they hit the bottom with a resounding clang that reverberated across entire floors, he had jumped into the elevator shaft. Using his favourite power - my favourite? Whose favourite is it - he modified his body. The back of his shirt was ripped apart as bones thrust out of his shoulders. They were quickly covered in muscles and tendons, and before he had fallen three yards, they began to sprout feathers. When he floated down to the roof of the elevator, his white angelic wings were fully grown, although partially withdrawn in the confine of the narrow shaft. He stomped on a panel beneath his foot, and after shrinking away his wings, was able to drop through the hole into the elevator. A swift punch later he followed the sliding metal doors into a steel corridor.

A couple dozen yards away, Gendo jumped up from his chair, startled by the deafening noise. He looked panicked, then angry. "Shinji! What is the meaning of this?"

Shinji grunted in disappointment. Why did my so called father have to be here, now? Aloud, he explained: "I came to see my mother." He waved his hand at the huge construction filling most of the chamber.

The room was round, its walls lined with various consoles. A circular walkway separated the rows of computers and screens from the dais. The floor rose in multiple levels towards the middle of the cathedral of science. Each level had various pipes entering and exiting through its steel surface, connecting with huge opaque tanks near the roof or winding pipes that disappeared between yet more devices, such as pumps and other, unidentifiable machines of varying size. Around the very middle, a battery of power lines were attached to a toroid floating seemingly in mid-air, as the cables connecting it to an upside-down array of machines in the roof were hanging limply with plenty of slack. The surface of the toroid itself was covered in gleaming red and blue lines, blinking green and yellow lights, and stickers warning of high voltage. In the middle of that ring of ultimate technology, floated the serene form of Lilith.

Shinji spread his wings again, and ignoring Gendo's loud command "Wait!" he took off, floating gracefully up to the centre of the sprawling machinery. He took the last steps on the cold steel floor, folding his wings against his back. Now he could see the body clearly.

It was a female body, leaning slightly back with its limbs hanging down, bathed in blinding white light from the machinery above. The soft arcs of the breasts and hips gave incontestable proof of that. Had Da Vinci seen the proportions of that entity, he would have used them to correct his studies of anatomy. Nothing was of the wrong size and everything was made to complement everything else. Although the alluring shapes were womanly without doubt, they did not arouse Shinji. Rather, they calmed him and warmed him from the inside. Shinji was ready to swear that anyone embraced against that shapely bosom would feel as safe as an innocent child in their mother's arms.

Lilith's skin was pure white; not like that of a person who had not seen daylight, but of the colour of untouched clouds. The only parts that were an exception to this were her nipples and lips, which were a very pale shade of pink. Even Lilith's long, wavy hair, cascading over her shoulders and down her back, was shining silvery white. As far as Shinji could see, there was not a single body hair on the smooth surface of her skin.

The face of the woman floating in the ring was beyond description. It was young in appearance, but refined as befitted an ageless angel. Shinji could praise the slightly curly strands of hair framing her face, and the flawlessness of her long neck, but anything between them was outside the scope of human understanding. The Japanese language, as every other one on Earth, was inadequate to speak of her beauty, of the reflections of serene seriousness, care, and compassion. One might speak of her small mouth, her little straight nose, her long lashes and her thin white eyebrows, but the whole was more than a sum of its parts.

The sight from only a couple of yards away took away Shinji's breath. He pressed his hands against the toroid, and a tear of unexplainable joy rolled from his eye, dropped on the toroid device, flowing into the gleaming lines on the ring and rising up as vapour. Shinji found it hard to believe that even his emotionless father could imprison such a heavenly woman. "Mother… I have come to free you!"

Lilith opened her eyes. Her irises were the most shocking red. They seemed imbued with the essence of redness, far beyond the simple definitions of the wavelength of light. They gazed at Shinji calmly, but questioningly. "Why would you want to do that, my son?" Her voice flowed through him, making the strings of his soul vibrate in unison with the world.

"But… You're a prisoner! All these tests… parts of you used to further human ends… My human father is selfishly using you! It must end here and now."

Lilith laughed. It was not as much sound as it was amused pulsation of every cell in her body. "Quite the opposite, my love. It is the humans in this installation who are the tools."

Shinji turned to look at Gendo. The annoyed man looked aside and clenched his fists. "I am doing this of my own free will and for my personal profit," he declared.

It did not convince Shinji, but the other option seemed incredible. "Mother… No, well, Lilith. Can you explain?" Shinji asked, finding his determination melting into doubt.

"I believe I can. Can you understand?" Lilith waited.

Shinji sighed. "Do I have a choice? Now that I've come this far, I might as well go all the way."

"To make things simpler, I will use terms you will recognise." Lilith spread her arms, palms outward, and lifted her head high. The light from the machinery above seemed to form a halo around her, and in her naked glory she was more regal than any earthly monarch. "We are envoys from God. We are what you call Angels. We have come to show you the way to Heaven. The path is long, but not built with toil and abstinence. There is one moment when both Man and Woman are closest to God in their lives, and that is when they become one in body. At the height of your soul's primal joy, at the moment of sexual fulfilling, you step for a moment into the Light of Heaven, before the face of God. The more a soul has seen that Light and bathed in it, the easier it will then be to walk the Straight Path when you must leave this life. Those who unerringly follow the Light are enveloped by it for the rest of Eternity.

But sadly, men of Earth have spread false beliefs across the globe, declaring that it is of Evil to enjoy this Light. The people must be taught the truth to deliver them from their Darkness upon Earth, so that they would not fall into Darkness Eternal when they leave this Earth. Those chosen among the men of Earth to carry the Word are called Evangelions, and they will be God's tool in this world. You shall praise the Light and speak the Word all your days, may they be innumerable.

And if the people of Earth will not believe you, even though they may have seen the Light, they must be allowed to see it with unclouded souls. Servants of Heaven, Angels, have been sent upon this world to distribute the gifts of Heaven, the angelic abilities to help you bathe in the brightest Light more often and longer.

But as we Angels are few, and upon this Earth imperfect, we need men of Earth, under the guidance of Angels and Evangelions, to help us complete our task. That is the secret purpose of SEELE, and its most pious order, NERV." Lilith returned to her normal self, still appearing far above any earthly beauties. "So you see, I would decay and eventually die outside this energy field. I owe my life to Gendo."

The truth of these words was unquestionable. They tied together the universe and gave it shape, they swept aside the curtains of the mind. It was all there in plain sight but humans were all blind to it. "I understand… Li- Your holiness…"

"Lilith." She smiled comfortingly. "No honorifics are necessary to identify our rank, for our power is natural and not a human illusion that has to be maintained with words."

Shinji straightened his back and attempted to look respectable. "Yes, Lilith. Thank you, for everything. For coming down to help us humans." He turned to face Gendo. "I have something to tell you, Gendo. Even though I do not see you as my father as much as before, I am willing to succeed you in the family business." He grinned and joked. "It suddenly seems a lot more rewarding." His real reason was that, to his own surprise, he could not turn down an offer made directly by a messenger of God. There were very few who could.

Lilith lifted a hand to politely interrupt. "Oh, and two more things, Shinji. First, if you ever wonder who you are supposed to be… Forget about it. Do what comes naturally. Trying to be what other people think is you, is trying to be something you are not and are not even supposed to be."

Shinji hung his head in regret. "Yes, Lilith. I was a bit stupid, wasn't I?"

"All that was to be expected because you were brought into this so fast. I told them that you should have been given a couple of years to get used to it… And then, the second thing. I can not give you exact directions, but I think you might need to prepare Yuuko for the shock of what, and who, you really are. She might be… jealous… if she found out your task is to lead into Light as many women as you are physically able to."

Shinji cringed. "That's right. What am I supposed to tell her? That I've been picked by God to have sex with every woman I can catch?"

"Worry not, for devoting yourself to a single woman is accepted, as long as you show her the Light frequently and brightly. Yet, I would be happy to see my son with a dozen beautiful and eager apostles to experience glimpses of the undying Light with."

Shinji blushed. "Lilith! What are…"

Lilith's giggle tinkled like wind chimes. "The choice is up to you." She closed her eyes and drifted back into the center of the toroid ring. "I am tired, Shinji. We will have to talk some other time, so that I can tell you everything."

Shinji felt sad that he could not spend more time with Lilith. "Don't worry, mother. Now that I know what I am working for, I have confidence in myself. And if I try, maybe Yuuko will understand, too." The celestial being suspended in the invisible force field did not answer. Shinji turned and walked down the steps, renewed in his determination. "Gendo." He spoke loudly. "I now understand part of your motives. But, with things being what they are, I don't want to think of you as my father. I think it would make it easier for me to forgive some of the inhuman things you did to me."

Gendo sighed, as if a terrible burden had been lifted off his shoulders. "I admit this is a relief to me. I was never much of a parent. I can not give you advice on how to live, but there is one thing I might be able to do." He waited until Shinji reached the bottom of the long stairs and put a hand on his shoulder. "I can give you some tips on how to please women. I am fairly experienced in that field."

Shinji shiddered and shook the gloved hand off his shoulder. Eww. I did not need to know that. "Thanks, but I'm fine. I'll work hard to gather more experience." He began to walk around the central area. His connection to the NERV surveillance system and blueprints told him there was another door on the opposite side of the room, with several unspecified rooms and another elevator.

Shinji had made his decision between risking his budding relationship with Yuuko and giving up the joys of the experiments. For the time being, he could only not give up either. "Gendo… will you please see to one thing for me? That the security clearance of one Yuuko Enchou will never get above 3rd level…"

Shinji's life had not been easy, and now he had a double life to lead.

The End

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