NERV Cosmetics: Experiment 1: Like Father, Like Son


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Author's notes, part 1:

Phew. My first disclaimer. Hope that covers my ass…

I write the names in Western order, i.e. first name - last name. I chose to write Shinji's father's name as Gendo instead of Gendou, as it seems to look better that way. Other names are unchanged. For buildings, the floor with the entrance is the ground floor, and the first floor is above that. Our story begins on a random Friday in year 201X. Did you really read all this? Wow, I'm impressed.

Now read the poison.

Experiment One: Like Father, Like Son

Shinji Ikari stood at the train station of the new version of Tokyo. He was waiting for someone to pick him up and give him a lift to the NERV facility. In his hand he held a photo of the woman who was supposed to come. She looked fairly young, had long, purple hair, and her shirt showed way too much cleavage. Not that Shinji didn't like women's cleavages; he just wondered why his father's employee wanted to tease him with that kind of a photo. Maybe she intended to get close with Shinji, and when they were alone, she'd… It might be fun if she was some perverted woman, like in all those manga I've read.

Shinji's thoughts were interrupted by a screeching noise; a red Lamborghini side-slid neatly into a vacant parking spot between two other cars. A woman stepped out. She was the one who was coming to take Shinji to meet his father. Shinji remembered her name was Misato Katsu-something…Katsugawa? No, Katsuragi. Duh, it said so on the photo. She was dressed in a tight black top and really short jeans. Shinji swallowed hard, trying not to look at Misato's double-Dee breasts that stretched the seams of her top. He failed miserably.

Misato started navigating among the numerous cars in the parking lot. It was the highest travelling season, and many arrived to the train station by car. Young couples, groups of children led by a couple of adults, youngsters laughing at some foolish ambiguous jokes and businessmen with their families were arriving at or leaving the station.

Families. Shinji wondered whether his father had called him there to reunite what was left of the family. His mother had died when he was still young. Shinji had found out, that when his parents had been on some expedition to the Antarctic, a meteor had fallen nearby. The expedition ship had nearly sunken, and his mother had died. His father, Gendo Ikari, had given up what ever that research had been.

What if… Shinji had been chosen to pilot a huge mecha and protect the earth from invading monsters? If the cosmetics company was just a front? He would be famous, and surrounded by lots of pretty girls… nah. That sort of thing only happened in anime.

Research. Maybe his father had called him to learn about the family business. Shinji hoped that it wasn't so; he had moved to a different city, far from his father, to be saved from the humiliation. His father was the president of NERV Cosmetics, a subsidiary company of Seele Multi-Industrial Conglomerate. He dealt with beauty care stuff or something. It was bad enough to be the son of such a man, but to be one himself… never!

Misato finally reached the busy train terminal, and Shinji waved a hand at her. She waved back and walked to him. Shinji once again had trouble looking away from the woman's sizeable bust. As she energetically strode up to him and her chest did things that defied gravity, Shinji could feel a small trickle of blood coming from his nostril.

Misato stopped near Shinji and said: ”Hi! You're Shinji, right? I'm working for your father's company, and my name is Misato Katsuragi. Just call me Misato.”

”Pleased to meet you…”

”Hey! Are you looking at my breasts?”

Shinji quickly diverted his gaze to Misato's face. ”S-sorry.”

”It's okay.” Misato smiled. ”You can oogle them all you want when we're not in public. But you don't want to get any more nosebleeds when other people are watching, right?” She giggled and turned half away from Shinji. ”Let's go. Your father is waiting.” Misato started to walk back to the car, and Shinji tagged close behind, having trouble with his two large bags. Initially Shinji was slightly annoyed by having to carry them all by himself. When they got to the car, Shinji no longer mentally complained about walking there; he had had a nice chance to look at Misato's tight buttocks in those oh-so-tight jeans. Shame on you, Shinji. She's an older woman, and works for your father. You shouldn't be staring at her like this.

Shinji stuffed his bags into the small storage space of the Lamborghini, and then sat down on the seat of the extremely low and sporty-looking vehicle. Misato slammed down the pedal, taking the car into a controlled slide as she took off from the parking spot. She weaved through the mass of people and cars at speeds exceeding the speed limit three-fold, barely missing little kids and fancy black limos. However, she seemed to know what she was doing; not once did she hit anything. This did not stop Shinji from closing his eyes and holding on tight to the seat. When they were clear from the parking lot, the speed did not slow, but the risk of hitting anything dropped as they reached a main street, where people weren't walking across the street in an unpredictable manner, as they had in the parking lot.

Shinji opened his eyes and looked out of the windows, seeing a busy city relax for once. Everybody was in a summer mood, people could wear silly flower shirts without being ridiculed, and a group of visiting gaijin were being tricked into paying overprice for everything.

Misato looked at Shinji, asking: ”Do you know why your father wants to meet you?”

”Gah! Keep your eyes on the road! No, Misato-san, I don't know.”

”Hmm. He's been awfully secretive about it. Not a word to me or Ritsuko.” Misato paused for a moment. ”Ritsuko is our head of research.” Misato paused again. ”By the way, I'm the staff manager. So I'll be in charge of your accommodation and such, if he wants you to work for the company.”

Shinji was worried. And only partly about this… interesting… woman deciding where he would live. ”Do you think he has asked me here to work, Misato-san?”

”Hmm… he hasn't been talking of a family reunion, more like he wants you here for some… thing. Maybe a test assistant.” Misato smiled to herself. ”I'm sure that isn't it. Even president Ikari wouldn't send a boy to do a man's work, so to say.”

”What kind of research is it, Misato-san?”

”Just call me Misato. It's not like you work for me or anything… And I can't tell you about the research.”

”Why not?”

”It's kind of classified. Some people might… I mean, it's a trade secret.”

Shinji swallowed loudly. ”It's not anything illegal, is it?”

Misato looked nearly innocent when she said ”No.” When Shinji tried to ask more details, Misato just told him that his father would reveal anything he needed in due time. The rest of the drive passed in silence.

Shinji stepped out of an elevator twenty-nine floors below ground level at NERV headquarters. Misato led him through the labyrinth-like facility, only stopping a couple of times to read area signs on the walls. They ended up in a corridor that was closed on one end by heavy ”blast door” type metal blocks. Misato halted and took on a worried expression. She muttered something that sounded like ”left instead of right”, and Shinji let out a sigh. ”So we are lost, Misato-san?” Misato laughed nervously.

They heard footsteps behind them, and turned to see a woman in a lab coat, carrying a thin folder. She had short, blonde hair, and her face was quite pretty despite her age. She looked several years older than Misato. She smiled as she saw the two. ”Misato, have you still not learned your way around this floor? Ikari-sama is getting impatient.” She did not wait for Misato's answer, but simply turned and walked back the way she came. Misato followed without a word, and Shinji guessed that she had to follow other people like this quite often.

Soon they arrived into a waiting room of some sort. There were two doors on the opposite wall. One was a normal-sized door with an observation window, through which Shinji could see some computer screens. The other was a large ”blast door” like the one they had seen earlier. There was a fingerprint scanner next to it, and on the door's shining surface were the words ”Test chamber 01” in large yellow letters. The door released weird sounds as it retreated into the roof with speed unexpected from a large piece of whatever metal it was. Shinji thought the ”ksh-whuit” sound reminded him of something, but he couldn't quite grasp what it was (okay, so the sound effect was the same as aboard spacecraft in ”Star Trek”). A stretcher moved by two persons in radiation suits emerged. On the stretcher lay a blue-haired girl, probably the same age as Shinji. She was breathing heavily, and there were bruises on her forehead and shoulder. Her eyes were closed.

The stretcher was pushed through a doorway on the right side of the room, and the blast door slammed down. Shinji asked: ”Misato… What kind of research does NERV do?” Maybe NERV was indeed an earth-defending organization, and the injured cutie was either some magical girl or a mecha pilot…

Then the other door opened, and Shinji's thoughts were interrupted by a voice he had not heard in years. ”Shinji. Just in time. You must go in there.” It was Gendou Ikari, Shinji's father. He had a stern expression, and his voice resembled that of a drill instructor rather than that of a father.

Shinji let his gaze fall to the floor. He ad been afraid that this might happen. ”Father… I don't want to be like you. I won't…”

”Silence.” The word cut straight to Shinji's heart. It was colder than anything he had heard since he left home all those years ago. ”You will do as you are told. NERV needs you to do this.”

Shinji was pained by his father's words. ”NERV? What about you? Aren't you my father? Don't you care?” Shinji was nearly shouting now, and his hands were clenching and unclenching. ”Father, I don't want to…”

Gendo waved his hand as if to push Shinji's resistance aside. ”What you want does not matter. If you do not go, I will have to call Rei back.” Shinji remembered the cute blue-haired girl. She was hurt, and she might be hurt even more.

”Father… If your experiments hurt people, you should stop them! It's not right…”

”Listen, Shinji. I am doing this for the good of all mankind.”

”So you are the head of an earth defending group, and I must pilot a mecha after all?” Shinji was surprised, but his mood wasn't getting higher, though everybody knew that mecha pilots always got the best girls.

”What are you talking about? This is cosmetic research. But these products will affect all of mankind. Will you go in or will I send Rei?” Shinji remained silent. Within his soul raged a battle between emotions. Part of him wanted to just run away from his father's embarrassing company, part insisted his duty was to protect Rei from whatever was beyond that door, and yet another part wanted to make up to his father the fact that Shinji had left him. And it was his duty, as an only son, to continue his father's legacy. It did not matter that his father had not even called him on the phone in several years. They were still family. Finally Shinji made his decision. ”Father… tell me what to do.” Shinji lifted his face and flames lighted his eyes. He was ready to take responsibility.

Gendo turned away from Shinji and walked towards the smaller door. ”I will monitor you from here. You will receive instructions as they are required.” He walked into the room and soon the ”blast door” opened again. Shinji stepped in, and the door slammed shut behind him. He was in a short corridor that ended in a similar door. Shinji looked left, where his father stood behind a thick glass. He turned his head back to the second door and started to walk slowly towards it. He felt like he was in some movie. The second door opened ridiculously slowly, and a bright beam of light shone from the doorway. When Shinji's eyes got used to the light, he saw something quite unexpected.

The room was a sterile white, perfectly proportioned cube. The walls, floor and roof were of an unidentifiable, cold and hard matter. It was fifteen feet across, and in the centre of the room, a soft mattress was imbedded into the floor. None of this, however, was too surprising, except maybe for the mattress. What was surprising was the girl.

She stood on the mattress. She was slightly shorter than Shinji, about the same age, and had blue hair, although of a darker shade than Rei's. The girl was pretty, in a ”girl-next-door” -way. She had a worried expression on her face. There was also the somewhat confusing situation that she was naked and partially covered in some clear liquid. Shinji immediately felt pressure rising in his nasal blood veins. He raised a finger to block the approaching flood, but too late. It was probably the worst case of nasal sanguination he had had. His shirt was practically ruined.

The girl took a few steps to get closer and then looked closely at Shinji's face. ”Are you okay?”

Shinji extracted a paper tissue from his pocket and ripped pieces of it to put in his nostrils. ”I'm okay. But what are you doing here naked?” Shinji asked, obviously shocked by this open display of skin. Despite her young age, the girl had quite a mature body.

Gendou's voice spoke from hidden loudspeakers. ”Shinji, this is the test subject. Her name is Ami.”

The girl bowed. ”Pleased to meet you. I am Ami Mizuno. And you are Shinji?”

Shinji's mind was still processing all this, but he reflexively answered: ”Pleased to meet you too. My name is Shinji Ikari.” Then his mind made some progress. ”You are the test subject?” He turned to back towards the door, which had mysteriously closed. ”Father, what is the meaning of this?”

”Calm down. She is here of—”

”What kind of experiments have you been doing? A young girl like this—”

Ami put a hand on Shinji's arm. It felt slippery of the strange liquid. She spoke gently: ”Ikari-san, please… They treat me well, and this work is not unpleasant.” She smiled. ”Will you be doing the tests today?”

Gendou spoke once again. ”She knows what to do. I leave the rest to you two.”

The girl twisted Shinji around to face her and leaned closer. ”Let us begin, Ikari-san.”

Shinji tried hard not to look at the girl's body. Get your mind working on other things. Concentrate. ”Uh, so, what are we supposed to do?” He was feeling the effects of the situation in his pants. His manhood twitched and began to fill with blood. Shinji swallowed hard.

”We are to have sex.” She reached her hands to the hem of Shinji's T-shirt and pulled it up before he could react. Shinji couldn't see anything because the shirt was in front of his face and his arms were tangled in it, but he could feel Ami's hands patting his chest. The hands were slimy, but it felt nice. She spoke with a surprised tone: ”You are quite flat-chested… Ah! You are a man! I'm so sorry! I mistook you for a girl because of your feminine face.” She pulled back, and Shinji was able to remove his shirt properly.

”It's okay, I get that a lot… but I think I heard you wrong. You said we…?”

”Are to have sex. You know what sex is, right? I'm the guinea pig for a sex aid medicine product. See?” She put her hand between her legs and showed it to Shinji. It was dripping with the odd liquid. ”See? I have accelerated organic lubricant production.” Like, she cums more than other girls? So that explained why Ami - and half the floor - was drenched in the stuff. The same stuff that covered his arm where Ami had touched it. Ami licked the cum from her fingers like it was nothing special.

Shinji's head felt light and he was dizzy, probably because his blood was rapidly flowing to his hardening manhood. He felt his mind shutting down under the mental pressure he was enduring, and his vision went blank. The last thing he heard was his father's voice over the loudspeakers, but he couldn't make out the words.

Who am I? Shinji Ikari. That's right. Where am I? Not the faintest idea. Uh, laying on my back. I'll open my eyes. Shinji was greeted by the sight of two large breasts, and he reflexively tried to bring his hand up to his nose. However, it hit something soft but firm, nicely rounded and slightly slimy. He looked down and saw it was a girl's buttock. He looked up and saw the girl was Ami. His memories came rushing back to him, and he let out an involuntary yelp. Shinji twisted himself away from his position underneath the girl and speedily crawled to the wall. There he took a better look at the situation. Ami was now sitting on the mattress next to a heap of clothes. Shinji's clothes. Shinji covered his manhood with his hands and stuttered out: ”W-w-what's going on? Why am I na-n-naked?”

Ami smiled and started to approach Shinji on all fours. ”You can not have sex with your clothes on. And we will have sex, otherwise Ikari-sama would be very disappointed.” She reached out a hand to put it on Shinji's knee. Her face was now inches from his. Ami was very cute, and she had a slight blush on her face. Her eyes were half-closed.

Shinji started to feel dizzy again as his manhood reacted. This time he was brought back to reality in time by his father's voice. ”Shinji! Get a hold of yourself! You are of no use to us unconscious.”

His eyes instantly flicked open and he heard a female voice over the loudspeakers: ”Beginning to receive data from Evangelion unit one. The link seems to be off-line.”

Gendo's voice responded. ”Ping hypothalamus on 3,28 terahertz frequency.” Shinji felt a strange tickling sensation within his head.

”Ping result eighty-four nanoseconds. Synch eighty percent.” The female voice was oddly familiar.

”That is acceptable. Commence full connection bridge”, Gendo commanded. ”And turn off that microphone.”

Shinji felt the weirdest single bundle of feelings in his life. It felt as if his brain was being expanded. There is no accurate way to describe his sensations, but it suffices to say that abusers of certain toxic substances may receive similar, but weaker sensations. In other words, it got him higher than a satellite on marijuana. However Shinji quickly recovered, and noticed his manhood was now harder than ever before in his life, and he was very horny.

Ami was looking at him expectantly. She asked: ”How are we going to do it, Ikari-san?”

Shinji's mind worked for a while. ”Oh, the sex… Well… I'm not sure if I…” I don't want to be a virgin, but this is not the way I wanted my first time to be… But I have my duties. Shinji thought about the question for some seconds. ”I don't know, Ami-san. And there is no need to be so formal.” We are going to be as close as humans can be.

”I do not know, either. It is my first time with a man… Shinji-kun.”

”I thought you had been doing this for some time…” She is still a virgin. Can I do this to her? Wait, I'm still a virgin too.

Ami blushed. ”I know this might sound weird, Shinji-kun, but I have only been with other women.” Suddenly she seemed very inexperienced and innocent, despite the fact that she was covered in her own juices and had just confessed to having had lesbian sex. She is even more cute… And getting to teach a virgin is one of my most precious fantasies. And she said she liked this job, didn't she?

Shinji leaned closer. He felt much braver now, and he decided it was time to say something appropriate. ”I will be gentle, Ami-san. You can trust me.” That sounded so cheesy.

”Thank you, Shinji-kun.” Ami leaned closer again, and planted a swift kiss on Shinji's lips. Shinji put his right hand on the nape of Ami's neck and pulled her close for a longer kiss. Oh my god, what am I doing? They stayed that way for a moment, then Ami broke the contact. She moved to the mattress, and motioned seductively for Shinji to follow. He approached on all fours, as Ami laid on her back. She hesitated for a moment, but then opened her legs to give Shinji an unrestricted view of her juice-soaked lips. Oh my god. She shaves her pubic hair.

Shinji moved so that he was over Ami's body. He leaned close and kissed Ami's lips again, and continued by planting soft kisses on her lips, cheek, neck… Shinji even licked Ami's ear, not really knowing if she would like it. Judging by the way Ami's muscles tensed at the touch, he was doing just fine. Shinji moved his head lower on Ami's body, and kissed her chest. His mouth slowly made its way towards Ami's right nipple, and she began to emit a slight purring from her throat.

Shinji flicked his tongue over Ami's nipple. It tasted sweet like honey; the hard nub was covered by her cum. Ami shivered and sighed. She ran her fingers through Shinji's hair and pulled is head closer. He took the clue and proceeded by furiously licking and sucking on Ami's right tit, sliding his hand up her side to caress the other soft mound. He took Ami's nipple between his teeth and bit on it lightly. Again Ami shuddered, breathing in sharply. Shinji released Ami's breasts and moved down again.

As his lips touched Ami's flat abdomen, Shinji felt again the sweet taste that was Ami's love juice. He dipped his tongue into her navel, which made her giggle. Shinji felt that this was not what he desired, and continued on his downward course. He finally reached Ami's dripping - okay, soaked - pussy, and felt very insecure indeed. This was as far as his knowledge went; he had only seen softporn movies. He desperately tried to figure out what to do, and the answer was found in an unlikely place. Shinji discovered a parasitic consciousness in his head, and reflexively borrowed a few ideas.

Before Shinji really knew what he was doing, his tongue moved slowly along the outer folds of Ami's pussy. Then he used two fingers to stretch her lips open, and slowly extended his tongue into her velvety depths. Shinji moved his tongue around as a worm might wiggle, and was rewarded by moans from Ami. She was apparently enjoying this, as she was kneading her breasts with both hands.

Shinji plunged his tongue deeper into Ami's pussy, and cum oozed out into his mouth. Shinji was unable to take it all, and soon his chin was dripping as well. He backed up for a moment to wipe his face with his hand, and placed two of his fingers at the entrance to Ami's pussy. He moved his head closer, but this time to tease Ami's clit with his tongue. At the same time his fingers slowly slid into her slippery cave, finding no cherry to pop. He twisted his fingers around for a moment, then curled them upwards as he took her clit in his mouth and sucked on it. Ami moaned hard, and as Shinji began to move his fingers back and forth, tickling her clit with his tongue, she came. Her moans turned to near screams as she reached her peak, squeezing her breasts furiously as her spasming body sent waves of cum from her pussy.

In the next room, Ritsuko turned to Gendo Ikari. ”The synch rate has increased to ninety-two percent. Also, the subject has requested and retrieved data from the Evangelion unit one. The progress is indeed unexpected.”

Gendo looked nonplussed. ”I expected as much. His unit is more successful than unit zero. The second child is a fine specimen.” Gendo continued watching through the one-way window, his eyes invisible behind his mirror Ray-bans. ”Are you videotaping this?”

”Yes, Ikari-sama.” Secretly she wanted to scold this man for videotaping his own son's act for ”personal reviews”, but held her silence. After all, he wasn't the only one who abused the research material. Misato was standing next to Ritsuko, openly drooling at the sight of the two youngsters.

Ami finally stopped spasming, and laid on the mattress breathing heavily. Shinji crept up to her and kissed her lightly on the cheek. He wrapped his arms around her and they stayed that way, until…

”Shinji! Continue with the research!” It was Gendo.

”Father, she already… I mean…”

”Ami can keep going. And you must be finished before you are allowed to rest.” Finished, as in had an orgasm?

Ami's breathing slowed a bit, and she turned her head to whisper into Shinji's ear: ”Please… let us continue…” Shinji's still erect member seemed to agree, and so he positioned himself above Ami one more time. Ami wrapped her legs around Shinji's waist and reached her hand between their bodies to guide Shinji in. Her slippery fingers on his rod felt good, and he moved his hips forward to rub his aching manhood against her fingertips. The head of his rod touched Ami's lower lips, and he groaned involuntarily as the touch sent shivers through his body.

Ami slowly pulled Shinji towards her with her legs. His rod easily parted her lips and slid in lubricated by the liquids of her pussy. Shinji felt her soft flesh closing in around his erect member, and pushed his tip slowly into her, until he was buried to the hilt within her body. He paused there, kissing Ami on the lips as he began to pull out. Ami lifted her head to deepen the kiss, and as her arms kept Shinji close her tongue slipped between his lips in a manner that resembled what was happening between her legs: slow and experimenting. His tongue touched hers tentatively, and soon the two were locked in a wet embrace. Shinji could taste Ami's sweet cum mixing with their saliva.

Shinji's rod was halfway out of Ami's pussy now, and he reversed the direction of his movement for a second, painfully slow thrust. Ami squeezed his hips tighter with her thighs, but he slid in easily, feeling her cum everywhere their bodies touched. Shinji moved in, sliding his body along hers, feeling her soft breasts and hard nipples press tightly against his chest.

Shinji added speed to his thrusts, extracting moans from Ami's upper lips and waves of cum from her lower lips. Ami used her legs to pull Shinji in with every thrust, raising her hips to meet his. Their bodies slid against each other, their limbs and tongues entwined in a dance of carnal pleasures.

Ami unwrapped her legs from around Shinji's body and flipped both herself and Shinji over so that he was laying on his back. She pushed herself up from his body and pulled her legs closer, so that she was straddling his hips. Ami began to use her legs to move her body up and down, lancing her pussy on Shinji's rod. Her right hand was on his chest, and her left caressed her breasts, that bounced seductively up and down in Shinji's sight.

His right hand was on her hip, but he reached out his left hand to capture her free breast. Her balance wavered and she moved her both arms behind her for support. The new angle of insertion, as Ami leaned back, felt immensely more pleasurable for Shinji.

Even now Ami had not ceased her pumping, and Shinji's rod felt as if it sent bolts of electricity right into his brain. He groaned as he felt the tip of his staff grind into the inside of Ami's pussy, and more cum oozed out onto Shinji's body. Ami, too, seemed to be effected by this new angle of insertion: She moaned continuously now, and her eyes were shut. A trickle of mixed saliva and cum flowed from the corner of her mouth. Shinji pumped his hips up and down in contrapunkt to Ami's, pistoning deep into her pussy. Ami's moans grew louder, and Shinji could feel his dick throbbing hard. Fuck, we aren't using a condom!

He lifted Ami's body off his rod, letting the tip press one last time against Ami's ”soft spot”. She collapsed, biting her lip to suppress the sounds that accompanied the rapid flexing and relaxing of almost every muscle in her body as she came again. Cum flew out of her pussy and landed on Shinji's rod, breaking his limit.

White jets of sperm surged from his rod in a high arc, landing on Ami's breasts and face. She licked it from her lips. As the spray ended, Shinji just laid back for a moment. Ami gathered the bits of her consciousness and crawled up to Shinji, laying partially on top of his body. She quietly whispered into Shinji's ear: ”Pulling out was not necessary. I am on the pill. Though I did like the taste of your sperm.”

Shinji sighed. Right now it didn't matter. He moved his body closer to Ami's and twitched as he felt the mixed liquids on Ami's chest. He decided to ignore them and happily nuzzled his cheek against Ami's hair. His thoughts moved sluggishly, but he came to think of the way he had acted. Never would he have expected such courage from himself as to have sex with a stranger. Taking into account the pleasant afterglow clouding his mind, it was understandable Shinji did not have the mental capability to ponder this trivial thing. He was far too preoccupied with basking in the warmth of their touching bodies.

As all good things, this came to an end. As with most good things in the real world, the end was rather anticlimactic. This time, it came in the shape of Gendo Ikari's voice. ”The research is finished for today. Take a shower - both of you - and be prepared to hand in your written reports by Monday. That is all.”

A previously invisible door opened in the wall next to the blast door. It made a ”ksh-whuit” sound as it retreated into the ceiling, revealing another sterile white room in the shape of a cube. This one was fitted with showers instead of a mattress, and had a doorway that apparently led to a dressing room. Sterile white. This place was kind of creepy. And as Shinji came to realise, there were no light-emitting devices whatsoever in any of the rooms, but rather an ambient light coming from nowhere in particular. Shinji presumed this to be just one of those things that he didn't need to know.

Shinji showered together with Ami. After landing from the heights of pleasure he had experienced, he found he felt slightly embarrassed in the girl's company. He could not look straight at her without nearly blushing, and felt odd when she openly measured his body with her steady gaze. It was as if he had been a completely different person just minutes ago.

Suddenly he remembered the other consciousness that he had felt when he had thought about how to orally please Ami. It was as if there had been an extension to his mind, from where he had stolen pieces of knowledge. Even now, he could feel that other mind. He carefully probed it with his thoughts, discovering the weirdest metaphysical entities. It was as if there were huge sacks of knowledge and some sort of sliders, of which most were in a downward movement. This weird sight scared him to no end, and he quickly fled from the parasite mind.

Shinji returned to his normal consciousness, and decided he would have to talk to someone about this. For now he would stay far from that corner of his mind. His thoughts were brought back to more mundane matters as Ami said: ”You were a good test partner, Shinji-kun. I wish to have a chat with you after we are dressed.”

”Uh, thank you. I… I think you were good too, Ami-cha— uh, Ami-san.”

”It is okay if you call me chan.”

”Okay. And I would love to chat with you, Ami-chan. I think I want to know more about this whole research thing.”

They finished showering, dried themselves, and Shinji went back to the test chamber to get his clothes. After they were dressed again, Ami led Shinji to a cafeteria on the same floor. There she proceeded to explain several things to him.

First, the company did research and manufacture ordinary cosmetic products. This whole thing with the sex aid products was Gendo Ikari's new pet project, although there were rumours it had been planned in secret for years. Second, nobody seemed to know where the new pills or injections came from; in fact nobody seemed to know anyone from floors B-31 to B-35, where the actual research was supposed to happen. Gendo and Ritsuko were the only ones who ever were seen going down there (most of the complex was underground; B indicates basement level, with B-1 as the one closest to the surface). And third, apparently only 30 of the company's several hundred employees knew of these tests, that were happening on floors B-28 to B-30. Ami lived on floor B-22. She was allowed to exit the complex on weekends only. Shinji asked if there were other girls being tested, but before Ami could answer, Misato stormed in.

”Finally I found you! Where did you think you were going without me?”

”Uh, what's wrong with going somewhere without you, Misato-san?”

Misato's face took on an appearance of triumph. ”I'm in charge of your accommodation, Shinji! Now you're coming home with me!”

Shinji felt that Misato's choice of words was an ill omen. ”Coming home…?”

Misato smiled widely. ”Yes! You'll live with me. Isn't that nice?” She grabbed the arm of a protesting Shinji and started to drag him to the exit. Ami waved goodbye, as if she did not hear Shinji's shouts of ”Help me” and ”Let me go”.

On the way to an elevator Misato and Shinji met Ritsuko. She guided them to the correct area, and when the elevator doors were closing, said to Shinji: ”Do not let her catch you unaware.” She seemed completely serious. Shinji swallowed hard and looked at Misato. She looked back and smiled in a friendly manner, but there was something scary in her look. Shinji swallowed again. I thought it might have been fun if she was some perverted woman and tried to do things to me, but now I'm not so sure anymore…

Author's notes, part 2:

So, how did you like that? I didn't get much process with the plot here, but I did write the best lemon scene I have written at the moment. Better than the single other one, that is… I sincerely hope at least somebody understood my odd humour. As you might have guessed, I extract the effects of the medicines from the Senshi's power area, and with water for Ami, enhanced biological lubrication ability seemed the natural choice. Well, it looks like I still have a tendency to be boring, but I like to explain. Bear with it or go be with a bear.

I would be honoured if you reviewed my story and helped me with making the next part a better one. You can just say that you've read this and it was okay, if nothing else. Please? With honey and sugar on top? (Ugh, where did I pick that up…) Well, see you next chapter.