I Musn't Run Away - Part 3: Only You
By FaerieFortune

The smell of mint, and Misato’s soft hands along his back were all that Shinji could feel, it was all that he seemed to be aware of. To him, nothing else even existed in the world. All it was, were him and his Misato. Although, he knew she could never be truly his, to him it seemed as if she was waiting for someone. Shinji started to drift off again, as if into a sleep. He was barely awake when Misato's gentle voice woke him from his daydream

“Shinji, turn around. I’ll do the other side”

Shinji opened his eyes as Misato moved off him, and onto the end of the bed. He turned around, so he was lying on his back now. Misato again straddled his hips, barely inches away from his penis. Shinji went bright red. This made him feel so dirty, but seeing Misato’s face made it seem okay again, as if in his mind, her face alone was what justified all of this. Misato poured some more of the oil into her hands, and gently rubbed it into Shinji’s face. He closed his eyes and once more, relaxed, letting his thoughts take him away again.

Again, Shinji almost drifted into a sleep. Misato was always gentle with him, both in touch and in words. Ever since the day they had met, she had always tried not to hurt him. He felt like she was the only person he could be like this around. She was the only person he could be naked with. Not only physically, but mentally. She was the only person who he felt comfortable with. Just like he did with his mother, although he had barely any recollection of her, just the thought of Yui made him feel safe and loved. He opened his eyes, and for a moment, it felt like she was there.

Misato’s face looked into his, and smiled. He looked her up and down. She was beautiful. Almost too good to be true, but there she was. He looked at her again. She was rubbing herself against his penis. Shinji’s eyes widened as, slowly he began to enter her. Misato stopped suddenly and looked into Shinji’s eyes

“Shinji…I will only do this if you want it to happen. If you want, we can stop this right now. I don’t want to take you by force. If I do this, I want you to want it to happen”

Shinji sat up, slightly shocked. Nobody had ever given him a choice like this before. He had always done what people asked him to do, they had never asked him if he wanted to. He looked into Misato’s deep eyes. If he was going to lose his virginity today, he wanted Misato to be the one to take it. He nodded at Misato.

“Y…yes…I want it to happen”

“Are you sure, Shinji? Once it’s done, you can’t change your mind…”

“I…I know, but this…this is something I want”

Misato nodded at him, as if in reassurance. She brought her arms around underneath him, so that her hands were facing towards her, pressing down on Shinji’s shoulders slightly. From this position, she slowly lowered herself, so that Shinji slowly entered her. As she was doing this, Shinji started to breathe more sharply. He was slightly nervous. He didn’t know what to do, all he knew was that he wanted this. More than anything. The only thing in his mind was Misato, and what she was about to give him.

Once Shinji was fully inside her, Misato gave him a warm smile, and kissed his lips lightly. She drew away from the kiss and began to move her lower body slowly, with every rhythm, putting more pressure on Shinji’s shoulders, so that he went deeper and deeper inside her. Shinji closed his eyes, and putting his hands on Misato’s waist, began to moan softly. This feeling was like nothing he had ever felt before. It felt warm, and yet there was something else about it, something that he couldn’t describe. With every movement, he felt it more and more.

He pushed on Misato’s waist, driving himself as far into Misato as he could. At this moment, she leaned her head back, giving a short, but loud moan, followed by shorter, quieter ones with every movement. Shinji smiled a little to himself. He was glad that he could make Misato feel as he was feeling. If only a little.

Misato slowly began to raise herself, so that she was on her knees. With Shinji still deep within her, she began to push herself harder, breathing harder and deeper every time she felt him. Small beads of sweat started to fall down her face, and she moved her hand through her hair, causing it to fall over her shoulders.

Smiling a little to herself, she signalled for Shinji to sit up by holding out one of her hands. He took her hand and let her pull him into a sitting position. She moved closer to him and pushed herself further inside him. She could feel him pressing against her G spot, and with every time, she moaned louder, and went a little faster. Shinji wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer and closer to him. He started to kiss Misato’s neck, moving slowly to her lips.

Once their lips met, Misato started to kiss him passionately. She felt as if she was going to climax just from this kiss alone. She pushed herself and Shinji forward, so that once more, he was lying down, Misato riding him. She moved her hands back to his shoulders and began to suckle lightly on his neck, getting harder and harder as she started to reach her climax. Her whole body gradually let the ecstasy of Shinji take effect, and she felt as if she was going to scream with pleasure. As her breathing got sharper and heavier, her moans got louder, and she closed her eyes, leaning her head back, closing her eyes tighter as she came closer and closer to the edge.

Shinji’s whole body was shaking with excitement and although Misato couldn’t hear it, he had been moaning her name, quietly at first. He put his hands on Misato’s perfectly toned buttocks and pushed himself further, so that she let out another loud moan, almost a scream. He felt something happening, as if he was going to explode. He started to feel strange, he couldn’t describe it. His whole body started to tingle with excitement, and as Misato’s moans got louder, so did his.

Eventually, Misato came over the edge, her whole body shook, and she found herself grabbing hold of the sheets, gripping onto them, and with one, long, loud moan, she released all that had been building up since this had started. She kept going, however, knowing that it would only stop once Shinji had his fill.

Shinji gripped onto Misato harder as he began to feel himself start to orgasm. He breathed fast and hard, and began to moan a lot louder than he already had been. Pushing his hands on Misato again, he could feel it coming. He moaned louder and to Misato’s surprise, shouted out one word as he came


With that, he loosened his grasp on her, and let his arms drop by his sides, breathing heavily. He moved one hand onto his heart. He couldn’t believe how fast it was going. Misato came off him and lay down next to him, pulling the blanket over them. She rested her head in Shinji’s pillow and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

Shinji lay down with her, turning to face her as he pulled the blanket underneath his neck. The look in her face was one of relaxation, and he was happy that he had given her this. Running a hand down her cheek, he realised that she had fallen asleep. He smiled at her and kissed her cheek lightly, brushing a strand of her hair from her neck. He then laid his head in his pillow and, pressed up against his Misato, slept the most peaceful sleep he had ever had in his life

A while later, Shinji was on a boat, sitting at a table. With him were his friends, Toji and Kensuke. Misato was sitting next to him, and opposite them was the Second Child, Asuka, and a man named Kaji, who he had just found out was Misato’s college boyfriend. Kaji leaned over to Shinji and asked him casually

“So Shinji…Is Misato still so wild in bed?”

The others around the table looked at Kaji in shock, but Shinji just sat there, looking at Kaji. He said nothing but in his head, he giggled and said

“I wouldn’t know, Kaji. She’s my first. My first, and only”