I Musn't Run Away - Part 2: Unbreakable
By FaerieFortune

Misato giggled a little as Shinji’s face turned bright red. Misato was straddling his hips, wearing only her underwear- a perfectly matched white bra and panties made from silk, with lace along the edges, and a little bow in the centre of them. Shinji was wearing only his trousers now, and was lying there, completely under Misato’s control. There was a long silence before anything was said or done, the two just lying there, looking into each other’s eyes. Eventually, Shinji spoke

“Misato. Are you sure you want to do thi-“

He was interrupted by Misato’s lips on his, kissing him passionately. Misato let out a small moan, and began to move her hands down Shinji’s chest. Shinji was enjoying every second of this kiss, and as it got longer, it got more passionate. Misato was enjoying it almost as much as he was. She had kissed men before, but this was different. This kiss felt right, as if it was meant to happen. As if Shinji Ikari was the one she was meant to be with.
Eventually, the two drew away from the kiss, and Shinji looked up at Misato again. This time, he looked different. He was smiling. It was not a fake smile, to mask any kind of pain, or to make other people feel better, but a real smile. For the first time in his life, Shinji was truly happy, and this happiness had come from the least likely place. It had come from Misato Katsuragi. And he wasn’t going to run away this time. He was not afraid this time.
They stayed, once more, just looking at each other. Shinji’s sky blue eyes fixed onto Misato’s face. He slowly and hesitantly began to raise a hand, and move it towards her cheek. He brushed a strand of her hair away, and softly ran his fingers along her cheek, down to her neck. As he reached her chest, he stopped. Clenching his fist, he let his hand drop back down to his side.
He did not know what to do. He had never done this kind of thing before, and he had no idea what to expect. Yet, he still felt an urge to carry on. He felt a strange compulsion, as if inside, in his heart, he wanted this to happen, but inside his head, he thought that all Misato was after was a bit of fun. He didn’t realise that his heart was telling him what he really felt. He didn’t realise that, for the first time in his life, he was in love with someone.
As these thoughts were going through his head, Misato’s body was moving closer to him. He could feel her warm body against his. He put his hands on her waist and pulled her closer. The warmth of her body against his was relaxing. Misato looked at him, and smiled. Moving into him, she rubbed her chest slowly against his, making him lean his head back a little. Shinji closed his eyes as Misato’s rubbing got slightly faster.
His eyes opened as he felt her warm mouth on his collarbone. He leaned his head back further, savouring every touch. Misato’s soft lips slowly moved up Shinji’s neck, kissing softly. Each time, Shinji leaned his head back a little further. As she got further up, towards his jaw, he let out a small moan of pleasure, and he moved his hands to the base of Misato’s spine, pulling her closer towards him.
Misato arched her back a little, as a low moan escaped her lips. Shinji’s penis was pressing into her through his trousers, and as she rubbed against him, she could feel it against her. Her breathing got heavier, and with this, she started to suckle lightly on his neck. Knowing that she was enjoying this, Shinji put more pressure on her spine, pulling her even closer. Misato suckled harder, a sign that she was enjoying what the young Ikari was giving her.
Eventually, Misato drew away, and Shinji opened his eyes, letting his hands drop again. Misato raised herself up on her knees, and moved her hands around to her back. With one swift move, and a small click, the straps on the back of her bra hung down her sides. She held it onto herself still, using her arms. With an innocent smile, she slowly let the straps fall down, gradually revealing her breasts.
Shinji’s face turned a brighter shade of red, as more of Misato’s body was exposed. It was the first time he had ever seen a woman topless, and he struggled to hide his embarrassment. Misato giggled a little as she let the bra fall down to her knees, and cast it to the side.
Shinji could not help but stare as Misato’s breasts. He felt so dirty, just staring at her like this, and slowly began to avert his eyes to her face again. Misato lowered a hand to his cheek, and ran her hand down his face gently. She pushed herself into him again. The heat from her breasts creating a kind of warmth, which made him feel safe.
He had always felt like that around Misato, it was the way she had with people. Although she was a strong willed person, she had gentleness about her, not only in the way she acted, but also in the way that she touched, kissed and treated Shinji. That kind of warmth in a person was what made him feel safest. He had only ever felt that with his mother, and that was too long ago for him to remember.
As Misato pushed further into him, Shinji could feel his hard, erect penis pushing up against her. He turned an even brighter shade of red, as Misato leaned back and ran her hand down his chest, ever so slowly reaching the top of his trousers. Shinji’s breathing started to get a little heavier, as Misato’s hand came closer and closer towards him. Just before she reached him, she stopped, and looked into his eyes again and spoke in a soft, soothing voice

“Shinji…I’m not about to force you to do anything you don’t want to. You know that right?”

Shinji nodded at Misato’s words, and putting his hands on her back, drew her closer towards him. He was now lying there, Misato’s breasts in front of him. He slowly raised a trembling hand towards her right breast, and gently, his fingers touched on the soft skin. After a short pause, he drew back a little, his hand slowly forming into a fist. Smiling, Misato took his hand and gently placed it on her breast, putting a little pressure on his hand, so that his fingers wrapped around the smooth curves of her body.
With his hand on Misato’s breast, and her hand on his, Shinji looked from his hand to Misato’s eyes. He swallowed the lump in his throat, and began to massage her breast gently. Misato slowly took her hand away, as Shinji began to gain a little more confidence and massaged her a little harder.
Misato smiled, as Shinji’s hand teased her breast. Leaning down into him, she ran her lips across his, licking them playfully. As she did this, Shinji leaned in, as if to kiss her. She moved her head away, and looked down at him, smiling once more. She pushed herself into Shinji, her breasts directly above his lips.
Shinji looked at the woman’s breasts. It was the first time he had ever been this close to a woman’s breasts. His hand still massaging her softly, he moved his head closer, kissing her nipples softly. Misato leaned back, giving a little moan.
Shinji smiled slyly to himself, as he kissed her slightly harder, and as he grew more confident in this, he started to suckle softly on them, Misato moaning again. She loved the way he was so gentle with her, and that he responded to every action of hers. She closed her eyes, enjoying every second of this.
Eventually, Shinji drew away, and Misato sat back up again. She looked down at his penis, which was pressing up against her. She pushed herself into him further, causing Shinji to moan softly. She leaned down into him again, her arms crossed over his chest, her fingers teasing him through his trousers.

“Well now. Time for you to have some fun…”

Shinji’s eyes widened as Misato unbuckled his belt, and slowly began to pull his trousers down. Once they were off, Shinji turned bright red, as Misato looked down at his erection. Giggling a little, she ran her hand across it through his boxers. Shinji’s breathing got a little heavier now, jerking with every touch of Misato’s hand on him. He closed his eyes, enjoying Misato’s teasing.
Almost as suddenly as she had started, Misato stopped. She raised herself up a little on her knees, and ran her hand across the top of her panties. Smiling a little to Shinji, she took his hand and placed it on her crotch. Shinji looked up at his companion, a fear in his eyes. She smiled back at him and gave a wink, as she slowly began to pull the panties down.
Shinji took his hand away, putting it on Misato’s waist, as the full glory of her body was revealed. Casting the panties to the side, Misato took Shinji’s hand, again putting it on her now exposed vagina. As she took her hand away, she slowly put her hand down his boxers, teasing his penis a little with the tips of her fingers. Again, Shinji’s breathing jerked at every touch, and he looked into Misato’s deep brown eyes, as if asking for permission to carry on. She gave him a little nod, as he slowly and softly began to rub her, his fingers running across her clitoris every now and again, causing her to bite her lip, and rub Shinji’s penis a little faster.
This teasing went on for a while, Shinji’s breathing getting heavier all the time. Eventually, Misato stopped. Smiling down at him, she leaned down again so that her hands were on his waist. She put her hands on the top of his boxers and ran her fingers across his stomach. She grabbed hold of the sides, and pulled them down a little, Shinji raising his body to allow her more movement. She pulled them over his feet, and then cast them to the side.
Misato looked her companion up and down. Although he was young, she thought he had a great body. Just looking at him made her want to take him there and then. She resisted this temptation though, and instead moved into him, her mouth over the tip of his penis, breathing on it softly. Shinji moaned a little, he was enjoying this, and was slowly building up in confidence as Misato showed him more and more. He closed his eyes and relaxed, as Misato ran her fingers across him.
His relaxation was quickly interrupted by Misato’s warm mouth slowly moving up and down his penis. He opened his eyes quickly, and looked at her. She took her mouth away, and spoke softly to Shinji

“Don’t worry. Just relax okay?”

Shinji did not know what to say to this. For a moment, he just sat there, looking at Misato, not knowing what to do or say to her. Eventually he managed to force one word through his lips


Misato nodded, and Shinji, again lay there, his head buried in his pillow, eyes closed. Relaxing. Once more, he felt her warm breath on him, but this time, he let her carry on. Suckling lightly on the tip of his penis, Misato looked up at Shinji again, to see if he was enjoying this. Sure enough, he was moaning very softly. He loved Misato’s gentleness, and her light touches on him made him want her more.
Giggling a little, Misato got up slowly and walked over to the door. Leaning against the doorframe, completely naked, she looked at Shinji and then out the door, down the corridor

“I’ll be back in a little bit okay Shinji?”


Misato disappeared from sight, and Shinji listened closely to her movements. He could hear the sound of a door opening, and then the sound of glass bottles scraping together. Raising an eyebrow, Shinji started to get up. Just as the top half of his body was moving away from the bed, Misato appeared again in the doorway, her hand behind her back. She looked at Shinji and then winked

“Wanna know what I got behind my back, Shinji-kun?” She giggled. Shinji just stared at her, posed against the doorframe. She looked even better naked than she did topless, and he couldn’t help but marvel at the perfect curves of her body. She looked at him again and ran a hand through her hair, letting it fall over her shoulders.

“What are you staring at Shinji?” Shinji quickly shook his head, as if trying to awaken himself from a dream. He leaned back down onto the bed, and closed his eyes

“Nothing, Misato, it’s nothing” She walked over to him again, producing from behind her back a glass bottle filled with a clear liquid. It looked like water, but when she opened the bottle, a smell of mint drifted across the room. Shinji sniffed the air, it was relaxing. He closed his eyes and leaned back. The aroma almost made him fall asleep. Misato’s soft voice woke him from this daydream

“Shinji, turn around…” Shinji opened his eyes and looked at his companion. She gave him a little nod, as if she was asking him to trust her. He got onto his knees, and turned around, lying down on his stomach. He closed his eyes again, and relaxed

The next thing he felt was Misato’s warm hands on him, rubbing up his back slowly. He gave a little moan. Misato smiled and poured a little of the oil onto her hands, rubbing them together, and once again massaging his back softly and gently. Slowly, she edged towards his shoulders, rubbing her hands along his shoulders, and upwards towards his neck.

Shinji had never felt so relaxed, so peaceful in his whole life. For the first time ever, all his troubles felt as if they had disappeared completely, and all he could think of was Misato, and how happy she had made him, just by being there for him right there. She was the best friend he had ever had, and the bond they had was practically unbreakable. As he sat there, thinking, he began to realise something. As this thought went through his mind, a smile spread across his face again.

Maybe, just maybe he was falling in love with Misato Katsuragi. He was not afraid of this feeling. However, his past, which was tainted with rejection and loneliness, held him back from acting on this love. He didn’t want to get close to another person who would just hurt him again. One side of him wanted to tell her how he felt, but the other side held back, saying that he would only get hurt again. The thoughts were all swimming around in his head, until they all came together, and he reached a decision. Slowly his lips moved, as if he was trying to say something, but the words wouldn’t come out. Even so, he carried on

“Misato…I can’t let her know how I feel…I don’t want to be alone again…I don’t want to have to run away again…”