I Musn't Run Away
By FaerieFortune

The young pilot, Shinji Ikari lay on his bed, his face buried into the pillow, deep in thought. The events of the day had deeply hurt him, more than anything ever had in his whole life. In his head, the same phrase repeated over and over

“I mustn’t run away”

He repeated it again and again, until he reached the point where he was saying it out loud, almost shouting. A door was heard, and he quickly looked in the direction of the noise. Getting up from the bed, he was on his knees now, his hands running through his hair, which was a mess from being buried in the pillow for so long. He could hear footsteps in the apartment. Slowly he got up from the bed, and began walking towards the door, when it opened.

“Shinji, are you alright?” Misato asked. Shinji sat back down on the bed, as Misato put her groceries down on the floor in the corridor and walked towards him. Shinji shook his head. Misato gave him a smile and sat down on the bed with him

“I know you don’t like to talk about these kinds of things with people, but that’s what I'm here for okay?”

“Yes…” He couldn’t think of anything else to say. He trusted Misato, but he was so used to being alone that he didn’t really know how to open up to a person and tell them his problems. His thoughts were rudely interrupted by Misato’s hand on his chin, forcing him to look at her

“Shinji Ikari, tell me what’s wrong with you!” Shinji looked Misato in the eyes. He had never realised up until now, but they were beautiful. A deep brown, you could almost get lost in. He lowered his head away from Misato’s grip and stared at the floor

“My father…he rescued Rei from the burning hot entry plug with his bare hands. But when me…his own son comes in, he doesn’t even acknowledge my existence. I am his son, and yet he cares more for Rei than me”

Misato shook her head. She knew the truth, but she didn’t want to tell Shinji. It would hurt him too much, and she didn’t want that. Wrapping an arm around him, she held him close to her, his head resting on her chest.

“That’s what’s bothering you so much? Listen, Rei was our only pilot at the time. If he didn’t save her, we wouldn’t have anyone left. He had to do it” She felt the young Ikari’s head nodding against her, and slipping another arm around him, hugged him gently. Slowly and hesitantly, Shinji’s arms held Misato against him, hugging her closer, so that their upper bodies were touching.

Pulling away from the hug, Misato looked at Shinji. Their eyes meeting, she moved her head closer to his. She slid her hand up the back of his neck, and into his hair. She pressed lightly onto the back of his head, so that he moved closer to her. Their faces were now only centimetres apart, and she could feel his breath on her face. Moving her hand down his neck and onto his cheek, she pulled him closer.

Shinji’s eyes widened as Misato’s lips met his. He didn’t know what to do except close his eyes and enjoy what his roommate was giving him. Misato’s warm tongue explored his mouth, and her hands ran through his hair, down his neck and onto his chest. Misato took Shinji’s hand and gently guided it towards her breast. Misato pressing lightly against his hand, his fingers curled around the perfect curves of her body.

Misato leaned forward a little, forcing the pilot to lay down on the bed, underneath her. She slowly pulled away from the kiss, Shinji’s hand still on her breast. She positioned her legs so that she was straddling his hips, and an innocent smile formed on her face, as her hands worked on unbuttoning Shinji’s shirt. As the last button was undone, the two halves of the shirt floated to the bed, revealing Shinji’s chest. She ran the tips of her fingers up and down his chest, and smiling, she leaned down and began to suckle lightly on his neck.

Shinji leaned his head back in pleasure. Misato’s warm mouth on his neck felt so good to him. Slowly, she began to kiss down his neck, and then onto his chest. Her brown eyes met his as she looked up to see the results of her teasing. Shinji’s eyes were closed, and his head was buried deep into the pillow. She smiled, and began to take off her red jacket. Shinji opened his eyes when he heard the rustling of the material against her skin. She leaned forward against his chest and smiled

“Shinji-kun…” Her voice trailed off as her head moved up towards Shinji’s ears, her whole body also sliding gently against him. Her lips right next to his ear, she nibbled on his earlobe a little, causing the young boy to close his eyes again, enjoying the pleasure Misato was giving him. Speaking in a low whisper, one word was uttered into his ear

“Aishteruyo…” Shinji opened his eyes wide once these words left the captain’s lips. He sat up quickly, and ran a hand through his hair, his blue eyes looking always at his companion.

“You…you love me?” He asked hesitantly. His question was answered by Misato’s lips on his once again. He was slightly taken aback by his friends’ impulsiveness, but still enjoyed every moment of it. Her hands ran through his hair once again, and he could hear Misato moaning slightly. She was enjoying the kiss more than he was.

Hesitantly, he moved his hands to her waist, pulling her closer towards him, their lower bodies were touching now, and Misato could feel his bulge pressing up against her crotch. With this new feeling, the kiss got more passionate, and Shinji’s hesitance grew less and less as his hands slowly slid towards Misato’s behind, pressing hard against her, so that she could feel him more and more.

Eventually, Misato drew away from the kiss. Looking at Shinji, she smiled and ran a hand down his chest. As he watched her hands, she brought them around to her back. He could hear the sound of something unzipping as Misato stood up, letting her dress fall from her shoulders to the floor. Shinji admired the perfection of her body, as she walked towards him again. Once again, she straddled his hips. Shinji lay there, speechless. She was everything good a woman could be. She was perfect. Inside her was everything he had ever wanted. A home, a friend, and most of all, someone who really cared. He had always wanted these things. And