Midnight Snack by psianogen

This story contains graphic sex, and as such should not be read if your under 18. Not that I can stop you or anything. It also contains a horny blood drinking vampire, and succubus. If blood makes you squick, you probably don't want to read this.

"Guys, I'd like to introduce you to the Second Child, Soryu Asuka Lang..." Misato trailed off into shocked silence as she took in the sight of the girl that had been her ward a few years before. Now her beautiful ocean blue eyes were hidden behind large black sunglasses, and she could give Rei a run for her money as 'Most Pale NERV Employee, 2015.' "My God Asuka! What happened to you? Are you getting enough iron?"

Asuka just smiled happily at everyone with a flash of perfect white teeth. "Actually I just started a new high protein diet, and I feel great!"

It was the evening before the final battle against the 7th Angel, and all was quiet in the Katsuragi household as the Children got ready for bed. Shinji was just getting off the phone with Misato. He hadn't noticed Asuka watching him from behind with a hungry gleam in her eyes. "Who was that baka?" She asked even though she already knew who it was, having heard both sides of the conversation. She just wanted to watch him jump.

"Eep!" Shinji squeaked in surprise as he finally noticed his newest roommate who was standing right behind him. It freaked him out how much she and Rei seemed to enjoy sneaking up on him. "It was Misato-san. She said she was going to be working late tonight, and not to wait up for her." He was glad that it was night and she had finally taken off her sunglasses. Her eyes were very pretty, but the weird way she kept looking at him really kinda scared him.

"That's just wonderful to hear," she purred. "How about we go watch some TV?" With that, she wrapped her right arm around his left and led him into the living room.

They had just settled into the couch to watch some game show when Shinji noticed that Asuka had reached over and started to play with his hair. Glancing at the beautiful young redhead he saw that she was smiling affectionately at him, and just slightly possessively.

Asuka loved the way his neck looked, it was just so slender and seemed to cry out for her to bite it. She could almost hear the blood pulsing in his veins tonight. He had looked so good in her spare plug suit during the fight at sea, just the thought of his slender form shrouded in all that crimson still made her wet. After the fight, when she had been flushed with the excitement of their kill, it had been all she could do not to take him right there in the plug. Fortunately for Shinji and herself, her mistress had repeatedly drilled into her head that a vampire that didn't take great care with where and how she fed wasn't going to be one for very long. It had been a week since she last fed from Kaji, and Asuka was feeling both hungry and horny. She was also hoping to trade up to something better tonight. 'After all,' she thought. "Why should I make due with someone who is lousy in bed, when I have a tender young virgin to sate both my lusts with? That and Shinji won't taste like an ashtray.'

Across town Rei was feeling agitated. She had felt out of sorts ever since she had met the new pilot. The German girl had felt both strangely familiar, and oddly threatening. It was a puzzling situation for the young woman. One thing that didn't confuse Rei was that she did not care at all for the way that Soryu looked at her Shinji. Deciding that it couldn't hurt to go check on things, she walked out of her apartment without even bothering to close the door.

Back in the Katsuragi apartment, Asuka had been slowly scooting closer to Shinji. So far, things were going very well for the horny young vampire. Shinji didn't seem to mind her increasing advances, and she was getting ready to see how he responded to something more fun than just her stroking his skin. She took his chin in her hand and turned his face towards hers. "Hey Shinji," Asuka said with a slight hint of teasing in her voice. "Have you ever kissed a girl?" At his shocked look and shaken head she just smiled while leaning closer. Looking deep into his eyes she purred, "Would you like to?" Taking his shocked silence as consent, she brought her lips to his. Bringing her tongue into play, she licked along his lips until he opened his mouth, inviting her inside of his body. 'Don't mind if I do,' she thought happily. Savoring the sweet taste of his saliva, she worked her tongue more insistently against his. She could get a faint taste of his soul, like food cooking over a fire some distance away. Not really strong enough to be certain of his flavor, all she knew was that she wanted a better taste. She pulled back for a moment and said, "Want to try something even better than kissing now?" She was pleased at his eager nod. 'He's so innocent,' she thought. 'I'm really going to enjoy taking his virginity, then I'll take him as my due.' "We're going to need to loose this to start with."

Shinji watched with barely concealed excitement as his beautiful teammate ran the nail of her index finger up his chest, then hooking it into the collar of his t-shirt. His eyes bugged out a moment later as she drew the nail down the shirt, the material splitting with almost no resistance. His concerns evaporated as she parted what was left of his shirt with her hands, and latched onto his right nipple with her mouth. She alternated between the two, then started kissing her way up his chest to his neck. Shinji turned his head away as she nuzzled under his ear. He was so wrapped up in the feeling of her kissing and licking at the throbbing vein in his neck, that he missed the brief flare of red in her eyes. He looked at her as she abruptly pulled away from her sucking, she just smiled at him toothily and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

'Almost got a little too carried away there Asuka,' she reprimanded herself. Asuka decided that it would be best if she took the edge off her hunger with her second favorite snack before she damaged him by using such a risky spot to feed. She worked her way down his chest, smiling as she hit a ticklish spot with her lips. She took a moment to lick the spot, getting a giggle from him. They shared a grin as she looked into his eyes that were cloudy with desire for her. Reaching the waistband of his pants, she took the button between her sharp teeth and bit down. She was rewarded with a startled gasp as the top of his fly popped open. Asuka looked up into Shinji's eyes as she took his zipper between her teeth so that he could see just how badly she wanted him at that moment. As she pulled the metal tag down, she let a low moan escape her throat. Once the zipper reached the end of its track, she nuzzled her way into the opening and kissed his straining length.

Shinji lifted his hips as Asuka hooked her fingers into the sides of his pants, pulling them down his legs. He was so excited about how the evening had gone so far. Like any man, he had dreamed about something like this happening to him. But, as far as he had always thought, that is all that it would ever be. The sight and feeling of her lips as she nibbled on his shaft through his boxers convinced him that this was no dream. He let out a loud moan as her tickling fingers reached into his underwear and took a firm hold on him.

Asuka was enjoying the sounds that her newest partner was making as she started to lick him. She had been tortured all week by close proximity to him. It had been hell for her to know that he was just sleeping a few feet away, and she couldn't touch him. Now he was free for the taking, and oh was she going to take her fill. She buried her nose into his brown pubic hair and took a deep sniff, virile young man was one of her favorite scents. Finally deciding that she had teased herself long enough, she started working the head of his dick more insistently with her lips and tongue. Asuka noticed a clear drop of liquid forming at the tip and immediately lapped it up. Liking the flavor, she milked him with her small fist while trying to work the tip of her pointed tongue into his slit. Her efforts were rewarded by a little more salty fluid, and a pleasure filled hiss from above her. As she took him into her mouth she thought, 'If he isn't the horniest he's ever been by now, I'll eat my panties.' Asuka was too busy savoring the feel of his cock, pumped rigid with Shinji's sweet blood, throbbing in her mouth, to enjoy the sound effects coming from just over her head.

Shinji was out of his mind with pleasure. His brain had shut down several minutes before, his eyes just kept rolling back into his head. He was totally helpless before his lovely partner's assault on his senses. All he could do was moan and twitch as she massaged his length into the roof of her mouth with her tongue. A startled gasp was torn from his throat as he felt the head of his cock tap the back of her throat. That was followed by a shiver of ecstasy as she pulled her head back slightly so she could inhale around his shaft. The sudden change from moist wet heat, to cold dampness pushed him right to the edge. What threw him off the cliff into the biggest orgasm of his life, was when she pushed her head firmly down his shaft, sliding him into her throat.

She felt him pulse into her eager mouth and missed tasting the first two spurts of semen that shot down her lovely throat. As she pulled back so she wouldn't miss anymore of him, the sensation of her tonsils dragging over his swollen head set off a huge tremor in his already thrashing body. Asuka eagerly milked his shaft taking care not to accidentally swallow any of his emission, she wanted to make sure that he knew that she loved doing this for him. She watched him with eager eyes as he finally came back to himself, and met her wanton gaze. The beautiful young redhead first opened her mouth to show him his load, then swallowed it with a satisfied moan. "Mmm, that was sooo good Shinji," she said, mischief shining in her eyes as she masturbated him back up to his full hardness. "You tasted so hot, and thick, and juicy." Asuka gave a pleasure filled shiver as she worked him back into the mood. "Would you let me do that again sometime soon?" She asked with pleading eyes, knowing that he would be totally unable to refuse her anything ever again after tonight. Not that she would ever think of doing anything to his will. After all, it was more fun if a partner could say no every once in awhile.

The Unit 02 pilot stood up from her kneeling position and regarded her latest conquest. He lay panting with desire on the couch, his proud erection pointing firmly at the sky. Asuka bit her lower lip in anticipation at what was to come next. She hiked her nightshirt up her long, toned legs until her crimson panties were visible. Looking into his deep blue eyes, she hooked her thumbs into the sides and slowly pulled them down. She savored the feeling of the thong back pulling out of the crack of her ass as her prey's eyes grew huge and his penis started to visibly throb with his desire. Stepping out of her panties, she first picked them up off the floor and then tossed them to Shinji. "Why don't you see for yourself how much I want you?" She asked with a smile as he hesitantly took a nervous sniff of the soaked cotton. Asuka was pleased to see his body flush as her amped up pheromones did their work. Normally she would have had him go down on her now, but tonight she was too eager to feel him in her. 'And, it's not like I won't have plenty of time to teach him how to please a woman later on.'

It was all Shinji could do to contain his excitement as Asuka straddled his legs and started to rub her wet slit along his shaft. She wrapped her arms around his neck, looked into his eyes, and said, "Hmm, what would you like me to do now Baka? Would you like to put this," she asked while tickling his shaft, "into me?" At his eager nod, Asuka just shook her pretty head. "No, no, no, baka-Shinji." She scolded, "You have to say what you want me to do in words." She leaned forward, pressing her breasts into his chest so she could whisper in his ear, "If you want to fuck me, all you have to do is ask. Now, what do you want to do?"

Driven nearly mad with desire he said, "I want to f-fuck you."

"I thought you would never ask." Asuka replied as she took him in her hand, lining him up with her body.

Halfway to the Katsuragi apartment, Rei was feeling no better. In fact, the feelings of something being very wrong were getting worse. Something was not right with her Ikari-kun, and she did not like that at all.

Asuka was happily bouncing up and down on her new lover's nice hard cock. She loved the way it stretched her insides, she could feel the whole length of it sliding in and out. While he wasn't the biggest or the best lover, he also wasn't the smallest or worst either. That that dubious honor was reserved for her previous guardian. She had pursued him for so long, and finally bagged him just a week after she was turned. She was so impressed with him for several weeks, he had seemed so big and experienced to her at the time. Then she had picked up a drunken college student one night who totally blew Kaji out of the water. Unfortunately, he had woken up while she was feeding and totally flipped out. It had been all she could do to subdue him in his drunken panic and get the suggestion planted that he had cut himself before his neighbors kicked in the door. After that, she had pretty much stuck with Kaji, other than the occasional pretty boy she could fuck until they passed out before she took some blood. At least he was open minded enough that she didn't have to render him unconscious, he actually seemed to get off on her sucking on one of his veins. She would still probably fuck him for old times sake though. If Shinji reacted well to how things went tonight, she might have a regular food source that, after some training, should also be pretty good in the sack.

In the mean time, Shinji was doing a pretty good job of taking care of one of her needs. For him having been a virgin anyway. Asuka gave his meat a playful squeeze with her vaginal muscles, pulling a pleased gasp out of his mouth. She would have liked to tease him some more, but from the way he was panting it wasn't going to be very long til he came. Her hip and thigh muscles were visibly flexing under her flawless skin as she struggled to bring herself off first. Not that she would have really minded if they came together, Asuka just didn't want all that nice salty protein to go to waste. Shuddering and twitching in a torrent of pleasure, she wrapped her arms around her lover as she coated his lap with her juices. As she pulled herself off of his shaft he gave her the most pitifully pleading look she had ever seen. She reached up and ran her fingers through his sweaty hair while saying, "Don't worry baka, we aren't done yet. I'd just prefer if you came in my mouth." With that, she got back on her knees between his legs and started to clean her fluids from him. It only took her a minute of eager hoovering on his knob to get him to fill her mouth again with his essence.

Shinji smiled fondly down at the woman kneeling before him as she cleaned her lips with relish. 'She looks like the cat that got the cream when she licks her fangs like that. Wait a moment,' Shinji thought. 'Fangs?'

Asuka's glowing red eyes twinkled with satisfied mirth as she smiled up at him displaying her long incisors. "So Shinji, what do you know about vampires?"

Several blocks away Rei stopped in her tracks, the feeling of dread was almost unbearable now. It felt like someone had just dumped ice water into her chest. Snarling in rage, she drew upon her innate abilities and threw herself into the air. Her Shinji was in danger, and who ever was responsible for it would spend their last few agony filled minutes begging her for mercy.

Asuka smiled fondly at the beatific dazed smile on her lovers face. As it looked like he was going to be out of it for quite awhile, she might as well enjoy her well earned meal. She had just picked up one of his slender arms and was getting ready to carefully open one of his veins with a well manicured nail when a voice colder than the void between stars spoke. "Release Ikari-kun. Now."

"It's not nice to interrupt someone having a meal Rei." Asuka said as she turned with a smile to look at the other pilot. The smile dropped from her face as she saw the blue haired girl hanging in mid air. "Oh shit, a succubus." She would have normally been fairly certain that she could take one in a fight, but fighting an enraged succubus was pretty high on her list of things she didn't want to do unless she absolutely had to. 'Why does this keep happening to me?' Asuka asked herself as she backed away from Shinji while raising her hands in a placating gesture, making sure to keep Shinji between her and the enraged demon. Succubi could be very territorial, and it looked like she had trespassed pretty badly. If she could calm the other girl down, they might be able to work something out that didn't involve a nasty fight over Shinji. Swallowing her pride, Asuka bowed her head deferentially before Rei. "I'm sorry Ayanami. I didn't know that he had been claimed by anyone."

Rei blinked her red eyes in surprise, an apology was the last thing she suspected from the woman that she had caught in the process of assaulting Shinji. Rei watched the other pilot with suspicion, vampires weren't exactly know for being trustworthy. They were how ever known for being gluttons. While she would love to dispose of Soryu, the mission tomorrow required her presence. The Commander would also be upset if she removed one third of their Eva pilots without written permission. She would just have to settle for beating the shit out of the German girl, a perfectly acceptable result among their kind given what she had caught the girl getting ready to do. Still, she should at least hear her out in the interest of avoiding infighting among the pilots, and it would let her get Soryu positioned so Shinji didn't get caught in the fight. Glaring at the redhead she asked, "How was Ikari-kun to pilot tomorrow after you gorged yourself on his blood?"

Asuka gave Rei a shocked look. "I wasn't going to drain him!" She exclaimed. "Do you think I was turned last week? Bloodless corpses start showing up and people get twitchy, next thing you know there is an angry mob of peasants after you with crosses and garlic." She pointed at a piece of paper on the coffee table, "I entered into a contract with him. In exchange for a small amount of blood once a week or so, not enough to cause him any real problems. He gets me as a girlfriend, and can have sex with me pretty much whenever he wants to." Asuka shot Rei a hard look, "He was also a virgin when I caught him, that makes my claim on him a bit stronger."

For the first time in her life, Rei was pissed at herself for working out a complex scenario. 'I should have just taken him that time in my apartment.' Mentally kicking herself, the young demon decided that it didn't matter how good the new girl's claim to him was, she wasn't going to just let the redheaded leech have him. "You used sex to manipulate him into an agreement, and since when is a human more than just a quick meal for your kind?"

Asuka just smiled, earning her a dirty look from the Unit 00 pilot. "Sorry, I just never thought I would get lectured about it being wrong to use sex to get what I want by a succubus." 'Looks like the situation is a little less tense,' she thought. 'Now, lets see if we can work out something in all our best interests.' "One thing I would like to know though, where did you get your knowledge of vampires from? Bad American horror movies?" Asuka asked.

Rei blushed, though remained silent, not wanting to admit her secret vice.

"Eh, whatever." Asuka brushed off the non existent reply. "My mistress keeps several lovers around due to the fact that it's safer to have a willing person on hand that doesn't mind parting with a little blood once in a while than to go out hunting and be seen." She locked eyes with Rei and continued, "Most vampires that have been around longer than a month come to that sort of conclusion, the rest keep self styled 'vampire hunters' amused. Several thousand years of having the stupid ones killed by scared peasants did wonders for our gene pool." Asuka smiled sadly before continuing, "I may never tan again as long as I live, but at least I can go out in the sun without needing anymore protection than a pair of sunglasses."

Rei's mouth dropped open at that. She hadn't connected the fact that Asuka was a vampire with the fact that she had seen her several times in broad daylight without any problems. 'I wonder what else is in error that I learned from those movies?'

Deciding it was time to see if they could work out a way to share Shinji, Asuka said, "Look Rei, I'm sorry I got him when you already had your eyes on him, but I'm not going to just give him up. I don't think you are willing to give up on him either, so why don't we try to share him?" At Rei's intrigued look, Asuka clarified her plan, "I enjoy sex with him and just need a little blood once a week or so to stay healthy. You want to have sex with him so you can drain off some of his energy. In the end we both want him for something similar, but different enough that we aren't in direct competition. What I suggest is this: When he wakes back up, we ask if he would be interested into entering into a contract with you as well. He gets two beautiful girls, and we get our needs taken care of."

Rei considered this, it did seem to solve a lot of their problems without the risk of alienating Ikari or damaging pilot Soryu. While she had been feeding for quite some time off the energy that couples produced during sex, Ikari-kun would have been her first to feed directly from. She was disappointed that she wouldn't get to take his virginity, but she had only herself to blame for that. "Very well Soryu, I accept your proposal."

"Since we are all going to be intimate with each other pretty soon, you might want to start using our names." Asuka turned back to Shinji, it looked like he was going to be out of it for quite awhile still. "Umm Rei, do you mind if I get back to what I was doing?" Asked Asuka as she gestured at Shinji's naked form. At the blue haired demon's nod, she sat back down next to him and gave his lips a tender kiss. 'Hopefully someday he will let me do this when he isn't in a trance.' She picked up Shinji's wrist and examined it carefully, looking for a nice vein. Finding a promising one she gently licked it, then she took her sharp fingernail and carefully opened it. She watched, savoring the moment as a trickle of purist crimson ran down his arm for just a moment until she blocked its path with her tongue. 'Ooh, he tastes even better than I thought he would.' Thought Asuka as she collected the dribble, swallowing occasionally as she worked her way up to the puncture. Fastening her lips over the wound, she began sucking.

Rei watched as her new ally's delicate throat worked. Asuka's meal was disturbing for her to think about, but she could not deny how erotic it was to watch the beautiful girl latched on Shinji's arm. Her moaning and slurping was starting to get Rei aroused. She was panting slightly as she settled on to the couch next to the couple, having become tired of standing there while her panties dampened. The redhead was putting off the most delicious feeling of arousal now. The Commander and Dr. Akagi had been filling to feed from, but nowhere near as satisfying as the doctor and her subordinate were. Her body had burned with the desire to join them, but she had been ordered to not reveal to anyone what she was. 'Sor...Asuka already knows though, and did not push me away.' Rei thought. 'Vampires are not known for being sexually prudish, and she has mentioned a mistress...' She looked up and saw the vampire looking at her with undeniable arousal.

"I can smell how wet you are Rei. Don't worry, I'm almost done here and then I'll help you out with your problem." Asuka gave the other pale girl a naughty smile. "At least until Shinji here wakes back up and can lend a hand." With that she bent back to her task of licking his wound closed and making sure the tissue was regenerating properly.

Rei decided to check something before things went any further, "Will Ik-Shinji-kun be able to function for the fight tomorrow?"

Pausing to inspect her work, Asuka replied, "Yea, he will be fine in the morning. You don't have to be a vampire to enjoy some of the benefits. If I feed on him often enough the symbionts will build up enough in his bloodstream to start making small improvements, though unless we decide to make him a vampire he can't produce them." At Rei's puzzled looks she replied, "My mistress dressed it up in a lot of semi-mystical gibberish about free will, and pretty high level scientific terms that I hadn't taken nearly enough biology to understand. In the end it boils down to I have to choose to bite him, inject special symbionts into him, and if he even subconsciously doesn't want to be a vampire his immune system will kill them before they can take root." Deciding that the wound was healing nicely, she turned all her attention to Rei. "I could no more turn him into a vampire if he didn't want to with a bite, than you could bite him and turn him into a werewolf." Asuka didn't mention that while there were ways around the problem with free will, it would leave Shinji with brain damage and probably not much more intelligence left than an animal though. It was also considered tacky in the extreme and would get her killed by any other vampire that found out about it.

Reassured for the moment that everything was fine, Rei almost didn't notice that Asuka's lips were rapidly approaching her own. She turned her head so that the vampire's red stained lips only met her cheek. "Asuka, I'm sorry but..."

Asuka interrupted her saying, "Could I go brush my teeth so you don't have to taste Shinji's blood in my mouth?" At the succubus's surprised look she said, "Vampires get that request more often than you would think. I hope Shinji will be willing someday to kiss me after wards," Said the unit 02 pilot in a wistful tone. "It's a real drag to have to wash your mouth out before your partner will give you a kiss." With that, she left Rei alone and feeling slightly ashamed of herself.

'It is not like tasting his blood on her lips would have hurt me,' thought Rei. 'I should attempt to make it up to her tonight, and at least try to kiss her after she feeds next time.' A course of action decided on, the ravishing demon started to run her fingers over the naked form of the still out of it boy. She was still exploring his body when Asuka returned.

Asuka paused in the doorway to watch the other girl examine their man. She wished she could see the look in the other pale girl's eyes as she felt the surprising muscle under his delicate skin. Asuka grinned as her teammate ran a slim fingered hand down the front of his body and tested the weight of his sleeping meat. "Find something you like Rei?" She asked in a teasing tone. Taken by surprise, Rei dropped Shinji's genitals like they were on fire. "Just kidding Rei, you should get used to that sort of thing if you start spending more time here. Misato is bad about sneaking up on people and teasing them."

Rei nodded while standing up. The Major was famous around NERV for her sense of humor, the young demon was fond of her for a different reason though. Rei respected her impressive libido, just Misato's idle sex fantasies could make a nice meal. 'Speaking of sex and fantasies...' Rei thought as she walked over to Asuka. She wrapped her arms around the other girl as she brought their lips together in a clumsy kiss. As she pulled back, Rei looked tentatively at the other pilot who was giving her a broad smile. "Is something wrong Sor..." she was silenced as Asuka put her finger over her lips.

"This is your first time isn't it Rei?" Asuka asked as she gazed fondly into the other girl's crimson eyes. She smiled tenderly at the blue haired pilot's embarrassed nod. "Just let me take care of everything then." Asuka thought, 'This is going to be so much fun! Two virgins in one night! I'll have to make it as memorable for her as Jennifer did for me.' She took the point of the Unit 00 pilot's chin between her fingers and gave her a gentle kiss. Then a firmer one, followed by taking her lower lip between hers and tugging insistently. Sucking the trapped piece of skin into her mouth, Asuka ran her delicate pink tongue over it. Finally she drug her teeth over it gently as she released it. Pleased with the eager whimpers that the other girl was making she asked, "Did you like that Rei?" She gave the nodding girl a smile and continued, "Lets get you out of all these clothes and I can show you a few more things that I think you will really like."

Rei was beginning to pull off the white school shirt when Asuka stopped her. The red haired pilot said, "I want to be the one to unwrap you. But, first I want you to look at me." Asuka slowly pulled the nightshirt up first bareing her toned legs, then the curves of her hips and the small forest of red curls nestled in the joint of her legs. Rei watched mesmerized as a small drop of fluid ran down the other girl's leg. Breathing hard she pulled her eyes back to what the retreating cloth was now uncovering. She could see the abdominal muscles of the other pilot shifting and stretching as she pulled the shirt higher and higher. The shadows of the German girl's ribs were exposed next as her breathing brought them into relief, then the gentle swells of her breasts. The two firm cones were capped with pink disks that visibly hardened and crinkled before her fascinated eyes. Next came slim, pale shoulders and her delicate neck. Finally with an almost audible pop, her head came free of the cloth. Asuka stood there, lit by the full moon, clearly proud of her body and the way it excited her partner.

"Like what you see?" Asuka asked as she slowly turned to show all of her to the other girl.

A small "Yes," came from Rei as her eyes tried to fall out of her head while a small trickle ran from the corner of her mouth.

'Oh yea, I'm going to remember this night for a long time and so will they.' Asuka stepped forward and took the other girl by the shoulders. She could feel the tension in her teammate's body through the thin school shirt. Pulling the blue haired girl into her arms she started to kiss her again with passion while she gently rubbed her back, pulling many delighted moans and sighs from Rei. Feeling Rei finally relax and mold herself against her body, Asuka knew that the other pilot was ready for the next part. Pulling back from their joined lips she kissed Rei gently on the end of her nose and breathed, "How about we get you out of all those confining clothes now?" Smiling at the eager look that suggestion got her, she began to work on the red ribbon at the other girl's throat.

Rei gasped in surprise as Asuka tenderly nibbled on her neck. She knew that the other girl wouldn't bite her, but the feel of her sharp teeth teasing the skin over her artery still caused a thin thread of worry to run through her. She sighed in pleasure as the redhead licked up to just under her ear, then gave the lobe a tiny tug to get her to tilt her head slightly. The Unit 02 pilot just barely brushed their lips together as she worked her way to the other side of Rei's neck.

Asuka could feel the blood of the young succubus pulsing under her tongue. While the urge to feed had been taken care of by Shinji allowing her some blood, she still wanted to bite the other girl. To mark her, claim her in a visible way as one of her lovers. Deciding that it would be exciting if she gave Rei the same mark she had made on Shinji just a short while before, she first pulled the shoulder straps of her jumper down to the swell of the other girl's hips. Next hooking a finger into the collar of the dress shirt, bareing more of her partner's neck and a tempting glimpse of slender shoulder. Asuka then fastened her lips onto the pure white neck and sucked hard. A scared and pained hiss came from the young demon who jumped and tried to pull away until Asuka ran her fingers through the other girl's short blue hair to calm her. "Shhhh," Asuka soothed her. Taking the scared girl's slim hand, she brought it up to the red mark on her neck. "See, your fine. I just wanted to mark your skin a little, it will bruise slightly there but nothing bad. I thought it would be a better than a love bite." Asuka tilted her head and bared her neck for the other girl. "Why don't you give me one too?" She said as she pulled Rei's mouth to her neck, remembering Jennifer doing the same thing their first time. "That way everyone can know that we all belong together."

Rei had been scared when the vampire had latched onto her neck like that, but now that she knew why she did it she felt a pleasant warmth at the knowledge that the other girl wasn't ashamed of the idea of anyone knowing about them being together. She had seen Dr. Akagi and Lieutenant Ibuki do this every once in awhile, never any where visible though. The smell of the German girl's perfumed sweat in her nose, she looked at the vulnerable skin. She could see the shadows of the muscles stretched taunt in the side of her neck, and a blue line visible under her pale, translucent skin. Her spot selected, she touched her tongue to it causing Asuka to gasp and shudder in anticipation. She could taste the salt of the vampire's skin and feel the excited beat of her heart. Latching her lips onto the bare neck before her, she sucked hard. Getting a pain filled hiss and then a pleasure filled whimper for her work so far, she teased the skin she had claimed with the pointed tip of her tongue. The vampire seemed to like that as she straddled her fellow pilot's leg and rubbed her crotch against the fabric of Rei's school uniform. Finally pulling back, a silver thread connecting her lips to the angry red spot on the redheads neck, she regraded the panting woman before her.

Asuka wanted Rei right now, and in the worst way. Her fingers shaking with desire, she reached up and hurriedly worked the buttons on the shirt. While pulling it down, the albino's arms were momentarily trapped. Taking advantage of the situation, Asuka buried her face into the valley between Rei's breasts. She licked and sucked the sweet skin while working the bra clasp hidden behind the panting pilot's back. Years of skill in removing her own allowed her to win over the catch far sooner than Shinji would have. Pulling the scrap of cloth off her friends shoulders, she could finally see the Unit 00 pilot's breasts. Large for the girl's frame, flawlessly white like the rest of her body, and capped with the cutest little pink nipples that were just slightly darker than the rest of her skin. It was all Asuka could do not to wrap her lips around one and suck for all she was worth. Kneeling in front of her latest partner, she worked the buttons that were the only thing keeping the last of the school uniform on. The last button undone, the only thing holding up the skirt was the arm Asuka had wrapped around her body. She pushed a hand into the belt she had just undone and felt Rei's belly muscles tense as tickling fingers ran over silky skin. Finding the waistband of her panties, Asuka finally allowed the skirt to drop into a pool on the floor. Asuka now found herself at about eye level with the red bow on Rei's otherwise plain white panties. Other than panties, shoes, and socks she was naked. 'I know just what item I'm going to take off of her next!' Said Asuka to herself with a gleeful smile.

Rei watched as Asuka drug out several futons and arraigned them into a large sleeping area in front of the TV. She then allowed the red head to lead her over to them and lay her down on top of them. She closed her eyes in eager anticipation of what the vampire would do next. They shot open in shock as she felt the other girl removing not her panties, but her shoes?

"Can't have you wearing these to bed Rei," said Asuka as she pulled her other shoe off, then eagerly tugged down the white socks. "Thought I was going to go right for these didn't you?" She asked teasingly as she put her hand gently over the pubic bulge in the other girl's white panties. "Jennifer, my mistress, taught me the importance of properly teasing a lover." The red headed pilot smiled in memory. "You have to balance frustration with pleasure until they are almost mad with desire." She stalked forward on hands and knees to loom over Rei, then said, "Then, and only then, can you be sure that the release they have will bond them and you forever." Asuka gave Rei a lingering kiss and then asked, "How loud do you think I can make you scream when you come Rei?" Gently pushing on Rei's chin so that she was looking right at Shinji, the hot young vampire whispered into the exposed ear, "I'm pretty sure I can get you to scream so loud it wakes Shinji." She paused to work the tip of her tongue around in the pale demon's ear, getting a moan and shudder for her effort. "I think that you would like the first thing that he sees when he wakes back up to be you thrashing around on the floor, with my head buried between your legs." Asuka pulled back slightly to examine her partner who had flushed all the way down to her belly and was trembling at the stimulation. 'Not going to take much with her this time,' Asuka decided. 'Have to take care not to set her off too early.'

As Asuka started to kiss her again, Rei did her best to return what the other girl was doing. But, unfortunately for her, she was so lost in a haze of pleasure and skin that the Commander could have come in and asked what she was doing and she wouldn't have noticed. Slowly sinking under waves of ecstasy, it was all the succubus could do to meet the other girls lips and not just moan and twitch. The vampire ran torturing lips from her own, to her neck, and from her neck to her chest. Warm lips and tongue traced ever smaller and smaller rings around her right breast. Then totally avoiding her aching nipple, treated the left one to the same, only slower. Rei met the other girl's glowing red eyes with her lust clouded ones. Beyond caring if she bit her, she noticed that the redhead's fangs were out. Rei threw her head back, eyes wide as Asuka first drug one of her fangs over her nipple, then took it into her hot, wet mouth.

Asuka watched with fascination as her teammate writhed and moaned under her tender ministrations. She had just started to experiment with using her teeth to pinch and tug at the other pilot's nipples when the object of her affections started thrashing and moaning loudly. 'Oh ho ho ho, I think our little Ayanami likes things a little rough,' thought a bemused Asuka. Deciding to test this new theory, she took the albino's left nipple between her teeth and slowly bit down. The response was immediate, the young girl whimpered and shuddered in a most fetching manner, her hands flopping as she either tried to defend herself or pull the vampire closer. Filing this away on her mental list of 'Things That Make Rei Squirm,' Asuka started to work her way down her body. Reaching the other girl's belly button, she paused to take a few catlike licks around the small depression. A startled giggle and a tensing of the muscles beneath pale skin was what she got. 'Too cute! Who would have thought that Wondergirl would be ticklish?.' Asuka resolved to see if she could find anymore spots on the succubus that were ticklish. Crawling to the foot of the futon, she picked up one of the Unit 00 pilot's delicate feet and ran her finger teasingly along the bottom. Rei clenched her toes and pulled the foot away from her with a squawk and an indignant look. Smiling an apology, she reclaimed the foot and gave it a tender kiss while resolving to start a tickle fight with Rei and Shinji as soon as she could. Finally deciding that she had tormented the poor demon enough for one night, she began to work her way up between her legs. Pausing occasionally to lick or kiss a spot on the way up to see what sort of reaction she got, she finally reached her goal. There was a large wet spot on the flimsy scrap of white fabric, the aroma wafting from it seemed to take her by the nose and pull her gently forward to see if the spot tasted as good as it smelled.

Rei watched the other girl kneeling between her legs, breath coming in fast little huffs as she waited to see what Asuka would do next. Under the red heads encouragement she first lifted her hips, then her legs so that the other pilot could pull her panties off.

'Wow,' thought the young vampire almost as surprised as when she found out that Rei was a succubus. 'Guess the carpet matches the drapes after all.' The only other succubus she had ever met had had blond hair and green eyes. All the vampires she had known had little trouble passing as just very pale humans. Given the untamed blue thatch she was now presented with, it seemed that Ayanami was more unusual than she had thought. Deciding that she liked the change, she reached out to run her fingers through the blue strands. The Unit 00 pilot's pubes felt like warm silk threads, as nice as they felt Asuka still decided to teach Rei how to take better care of her little patch. 'I see a bath together in our near future Rei, maybe we talk Shinji into helping trim it.' A sharp tug on the azure fibers also pulled a shocked gasp from the other girl, and drove home the idea that Rei liked a little rough play. Dropping the loose hairs over the side of the futon, she examined the cleft between the demon's legs. Wrapping her arms around the other pale girl's legs, she used her hands to part first the blue haze, then the outer lips, leaving Rei's inner pink parts on display. Locking eyes with the girl looking down her body at her, Asuka said, "Itadakemasu," and proceeded to bury her face into the cleft. Starting with a gentle kiss to the lips before her, she pulled a very unladylike snort from the helpless demon. Deciding to see what other interesting sounds she could get her playmate to make, she ran her tongue lightly up the valley, and stopped just short of the pink pearl that could be seen peeking out. Smacking her lips as she enjoyed Rei's unique flavor while her musical whimpers, that pleaded for Asuka to continue licking, rang in her ears. 'So many ways to enjoy Rei, so little time.' Thought Asuka as she felt Shinji slowly dragging himself back to full consciousness. Intending to have Rei coating her face by the time he was sober enough to enjoy the sight, Asuka set to her task.

Rei's world had narrowed to between her legs and the tongue that danced there. She could feel the redhead's breath cooling places that she had already licked, contrasting with the heat of her mouth as she kissed and sucked at the loose skin. Rei was unable to say anything more than just, "Ah, Ha ha ha." The vampire worked for a moment that seemed to last forever at the opening of her vagina, then the world seemed to grey slightly as she felt the other girl's tongue seem to grow impossibly long and work its way into her. The pink muscle twisted and writhed in her, seemingly in a quest to lick every square inch of her. 'It's st-still g-growing!' Rei managed to think as Asuka worked deeper and deeper into her. Any moment now she expected to feel a slippery probing at the enterence to her womb, and she had no idea what she would do when that happened. Abruptly, she felt the teasing muscle being pulled out of her. Whimpering in dismay at the feeling of loosing the sense of slippery fullness that had been building, she put her hands on Asuka's head in an attempt to convince her to put her tongue back where Rei liked it. While Asuka willingly pushed her face more firmly into her crotch, her tongue kept retreating until just the tip was left between Rei's lips. The poor succubus felt terribly disappointed that the vampire wouldn't stop teasing her and was about to burst into tears, when Asuka locked her lips over her clit and sucked. Rei locked her legs around Asuka's head, arched her body until it was just supported by her head, and screamed as her whole world went white.

Shinji had been slowly swimming his way back to reality for quite some time. He had distantly noticed Rei's arrival, the discussion between the two girls, and had felt Asuka open his arm and drink his blood. But, it had been like something happening to someone he had never met, who lived on the other side of the world. As he pulled back from what Asuka had shown him how to touch, he was taking a greater interest in what was happening in the apartment. Or rather, parts of him were letting him know that he should really be showing more of an interest in how his teammates were solving their differences. What finally snapped him out of it was watching Asuka bury her face into Rei's crotch and see if she could lick the blue haired girl's kidneys. A distant voice, full of smug self satisfaction, proclaimed, "Behold, the power of yuri!" Shinji paid it no mind as he was busy watching Rei arch her body in a very painful looking way and then flop boneless onto the futon. Her shriek of pleasure having trailed off into breathy pants as her unconscious body gave an occasional involuntary twitch.

Asuka sighed in disappointment, she hadn't meant to knock Rei out like that. She had wanted to see the dazed look in the other girl's eyes, to hold her trembling body against her own as the sweat dried on the albino. 'Guess she probably could use a little rest before she gets to try Shinji.' Deprived of her cuddle time fun, Asuka decided to see if Shinji was back with them yet. 'Mmmm,' thought Asuka as she smiled to herself, 'looks like someone enjoyed the show. Too bad Rei isn't awake to see how much he liked it.' Grinning at what she saw poking up from between his legs she said, "You were so wonderful Shinji, and it was so nice of you to share some of your yummy blood with me." Asuka locked eyes with Shinji and then continued, "Since you were such a sweet baka, I have a special signing bonus for you tonight." As she ran her hands over Rei's sleeping form she said, "A tender young virgin demon to sate your lusts with." Licking Rei's juices from her lips she corrected, "Semi-virgin anyway. Why don't you come join us over here? Rei will be very happy to see you."

Shinji said nothing as he sat there like a deer caught in the headlights.

Pouting Asuka said, "Your going to make poor Rei feel unappreciated if your still sitting all the way over there when she wakes up." The vampire gave him a sad look and continued, "You aren't going to just send her away after she came all this way to protect you from little old me are you?" She smiled as Shinji stood and worked his way over to where his teammates were laying. Giving him her best happy girl smile she said, "Thats a good baka, just lay down next to her and when she wakes back up we will have some more fun before bed."

Several miles under them, in a red litten office two men had been monitoring the situation. They had been notified that the Second Child was attempting to seduce the Third by Section 2 over an hour ago, and had been watching ever since. The younger one turned to the elder and asked, "What do you think?"

"The younger generations have no respect for tradition." The old man grunted.

An unaccustomed smile appeared on Gendo's face, "You would prefer that Rei had fought Pilot Soryu for possession of Shinji like your people did when you were young?"

The older man just snorted and asked his own question, "What about you? Are you really fine with your son sleeping with one of those?" Fuyutsuki gestured at the screen where Asuka seemed to be trying to suck Shinji's soul out through his mouth.

Gendo gave a laugh, "As you well know, I entered into a contract with a demon in exchange for power. I'm in no position to say anything if my son chooses to sleep with a vampire and a succubus. I'll leave the hypocrisy to the religious."

Kozo, clearly feeling like digging up an old argument, said, "Why did you waste a perfectly good contract on petty political power? I could have made you a god among men."

Smirking as he was now on familiar territory, Gendo replied, "You would also have demanded my soul. Yui just wanted help in creating a weapon that could strike the face of God." The Commander considered a moment and then continued, "She also had a better signing bonus." The Sub-Commander just snorted and refused to rise to the bait. Gendo said, "Call Major Katsuragi in here. She needs to know that she is going to have an extra roommate, that Asuka has some rather odd dietary needs now, and that she is not to interfere in their relationship, no matter how disturbing she may find it."


Misato had been having a very bad day and was looking forward to getting home and just forgetting everything. "Hi kids," she called as she walked into the living room and found them engaged in their usual after school activity. Rei was kneeling between Shinji's legs, her blue head bobbing in his lap. Shinji was out of it as usual once one of the girls got latched onto him. Only Asuka seemed to have noticed her as she pulled her lips from Shinji's wrist and gave her a crimson smeared smile. "Damn little hell spawn are going to suck or fuck him to death one of these days." Misato grumbled as she walked into the kitchen and pulled out a beer. Popping the top and draining half of it, she slid her back down the front of the fridge. She pressed the can to her aching forehead and sighed, "Yebisu, take me away."

Thanks to Warpwizard and bsmart for prereading this, it probably would have really sucked without their input.