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-----Memories Brought Together-----

Shinji followed Rei into her apartment, the reason she brought him here, still a mystery to him. He looked around the place, and realised it was the same as he had seen it before, plain, and a bit messy. He let out a sigh and looked back towards Rei, who was looking out the window.

"Shinji... do you... remember when we tested out synchronization with each other's Evas?" She spoke, a little hesitent, for some reason.

"Well, sorta," replied Shinji, still confused. "I just remember that we did the test, but I don't remember anything that happened."

Rei's eyes seemed to fall a little, and she looked down towards the ground slightly, "Nothing at all from it?"

"Not really... Everything is just kind of a blank." replied Shinji, wondering where Rei was going with this. "I remember entering your Eva, and the next thing I knew, I was in the hospital." He heard Rei sigh slightly, an her breath seemed a little more tense, "Rei? Is everything ok?" He walked over to her, and gently placed a hand on her shoulder, trying to see is it was anything he could help with.

Rei turned around slowly when he got close, her eyes looking like they had a wetness about them, as if she was about to cry, "I remember it all. Everything from your memories." Shinji blinked and looked at her with a quizzical look on his face. Noticing this Rei continued, "When I was in the Eva... I was swarmed with all your memories. Everythng from your childhood, up to the last time you were in your Eva, even what you were thinking when you fell over on top of me right here."

Shinji pulled Rei close and hugged her, "Rei, I- "

"Shinji... I know you better than anyone else." She grabbed his shirt in her fists and she leaned on him. His shirt was also getting wet from where she was crying against him. "I know why you do everything that you do. I know everyting about how you would react to things, how you feel about situations. I even know how you will most likely react to this right now."

He sighed and held her close to him. He looked down at her, clinging to him, and showing such emotions he had never seen from her before, "I'm not going to run away from this like everything else." He heard her intake a small breath of air. Obviously it wasn't what she expected him to say. He reached down and tilted her head to look up at him, "I will try to remember what happened in your Eva. I'll try to remember everything."

"Shi-" Rei started to reply, but was cut off when he leaned over and kissed her. She widened her eyes out of surprise at first, but soon relaxed, wrapping her arms around his neck. Soon the kiss was broken, and she looked up at Shinji in the eyes.

Smiling, Rei got close to Shinji again, hugging him close as he did her. However, this time her eyes snapped wide again, and she looked right back up at him, both of them with a small blush on their faces, Shinji's a bit more obvious however, "I.. I'm sorry... I didn't mean.. I uh.. "

Rei put a finger up to his lips to silence him, "I know how you feel about me. You don't have to apologise."

"Yeah, but I uh.. really didn't..." Shinji continued to stutter.

Rei shook her head slighly and traced her finger down from hi lips, past his chest, "Don't worry... I want to feel that way with you too."

Shinji blushed even more as he felt her finger go right over the more than obvious lump in his pants. "But Ayanam- er Rei... I don't think we should."

Rei placed her hand on his cheek, "Please... You said you wouldn't run away anymore."

Shinji looked down a little, then sighed, " I know.. but.. " Rei didn't wait for him to finish before giving him another kiss, this one a deeper, more excited kiss. Shinji seemed to somewhat empty of energy, and just accpeted it. However his hands soon began to feel Rei out. Starting from her back where they were from before, he soon brought then to her sides, and began to start to roam towards her chest.

Feeling his hands moving acrossed her, Rei allowed her hands to fall from her hug around his neck, to the bottons of his white shirt, slowly unbuttoning it one at a time. However, her progress was temporarily halted as she moaned, his hands found their way to her breasts, cupping them in a seemingly perfect fit, just like when he first came to her apartment some time ago. Except this time, she allowed herself to enjoy his nervous fondling. After a while, and a few more attempts to unbutton his shirt later, she finally leads him to the bed and lies back, t let Shinji take the lead.

His confidence in the situation grew a little bit. Enough that he wasn't going to simply just up and leave. He looked at her lying the bed bed looking back up at him and smiled. He pulled off the shirt, without waiting to unbutton the rest, and slid onto the bed after her, kissing her some more. He brought his hands up to the top of her uniform, and slowly began to slide it off her shoulders. Rei just lie there and let him, enjoying the fact he was with her. Soon the pale green part of the uniform was pulled down to her waist. Shinji kissed her on the neck a couple times as he began to slide her white shirt up and eventually pulling it off, leaving her breasts exposed except for her bra.

Shinji gave Rei another kiss on the lips as he slide his hands up her midsection to cup and fondle her breasts once more, getting a few more moans from Rei, who reached behind herself, and began unclasping the bra. As soon as it was loose, he pulled it down and away, lightly tossing the garment aside, and he once again returned to kneeding her mounds.

Slowly Shinji kissed a trial down, from her lips, to her neck, and on down to her left breast, while keeping his own left hand busy with her right breast. While smothering her tit and surrounding flesh with kisses and the occasional lick, much to Rei's pleasure, he gently guided his free hand down. He manuvered it under the remaining garments and her panites, feeling the pubic hair surrounding her womanhood. Pushing his hand down a little further, felling her moistness, and his fingeres traveling long the lips of her cunt. One of his fingers brushed acrossed her clit, causing her to arch her back and gasp. Shinji continued to rub his fingers over her cunt lips a while, occasionally rubbing her clit, as well as letting a finger enter her every so often, making her get even more moist.

Shinji then pulls his hand out, and sits up, unbuckling, and sliding down his pants, which had become increasingly uncomfortable. Rei just watched him through a slightly hazed vision. She was breathing a little heavy from the treatment she recieved. She gave him one of her rare smiles as she watched him slowly pulling off the remainder of her clothes,. panties included. Now they were both nude, save for Shinji's boxers, which were not as confining as his pants. Shinji stared at Rei's pussy for a little while trying to think of what to do next, when suddenly he remembered something from the hentai video Touji forced him to watch one time.

Shinji gulped slightly, and murmered, "Here goes nothing," pushing Rei's legs apart and bringing his face close to her folds. Catching a whiff of the musty scent, he slowly extended his tongue for a quick taste. As soon as his tongue made contact, Rei's hips bucked up slightly, causing his oral digit to slide into her a little bit, sending tiny shockwaves though her body. Shinji just blinked a couple times, letting the flavor sink it, and finally deciding that he didn't mind it, he began to lick up and down her slit. Rei began moaning loudly, and started to squirm around, causing Shinji to have to hold onto her hips to keep from losing contact. As he licked around, by accident he hit her clit, causing Rei to arch up off the bed before falling back.

Rei couldn't help the feelings passing through her. This was all so wonderful and new. She couldn't help but writh in pleasure as Shinji licked around, and sometimes in, her cunt. The pleasure almost doubled when he licked her clit, causing her to lift off the bed and fall back. After noticing hre reaction, Shinji continued to play with the small node, making Rei feel something build up inside her. It didn't take long and soon her body shook with the ecstasy of her first orgasm, covering Shinji's mouth with her juices.

As she slowly fell from the peak of her pleasure, she looked down to see Shinji pulling of his boxers, which had a noticable stain on the fron from his pre-cum leaking, and he got in position, supporting himself above Rei. He looked her en the eyes and whispered to her, "You sure about this?" Rei looked him in the eyes and reached down to heli guide him, responding with a simple nod.

Taking a deep breath, he slowly starts to push in, both of them giving a small moan. However, he soon comes up against a barrier, and memories of anatomy class come rushing back. Looking back up and Rei, he leans down and gives her a kiss, pushing in suddenly, breaking right pssed the hymen. Rei let out a small scream into Shinji's mouth as he kissed her, due to the sudden loss of hre viginity. Shinji lifted his head up, holding himself still inside her while watching her face slowly relax as she gradually gets used to it.

Looking back up at Shinji, Rei smiles and says, "It's alright.. go ahead.." He nods and supports himself with his arms next to her, slowly pulling out and pushing back in, not wanting to go to fast at first. Soon, both he and Rei begin to moan as he picks up speed, his hips eventualy making a smal slaping sound as he entered her as far as he could. He couldn't hold out for very long, this being his first, but luckily Rei was also not able ot hold out long. Shinji began to groan a little as his speed suddenly increased, untill he finally just stopped fully inside her velvety walls, and his cock spasmed, sending his seed deep inside her. As soon as the first gush hit her walls Rei was sent over the edge and began to moan and writh around through her second orgasm.

They both relax, and Shinji pulls out of Rei, lying on the bed next to her and wrapping his arms around her. They just lied there for a few minutes, cuddling with one another, when Shinji finally speaks up.

"I love you, " was all Shinji said and Rei looked back into his eyes and smiled, "I know, and I love you too, Shinji."

With that they finally let themselves drift off to sleep, holding each other in their arms.