Maya Snaps
By Ammadeau
You can hurt me.
I can hurt you.

	A quiet night settled gently upon Tokyo-3 after a typically 
busy day.  No Angel attacks, whether finished or in progress, and 
the damage from the last one was already little more than a 
	In the Geo-Front, most of the high ranking personnel had 
already gone home a few hours ago.  Maya had been one of the last 
of those to leave, once again staying much later than her job 
required.  However, she just couldn't leave until the experiment 
was complete, especially when her sempai was counting on her.
	Both Ritsuko and Maya breathed a sigh of relief once the 
experiment was finally complete.
	"With these new findings, we should be able to raise the 
synchronization of the EVA Units up a few points.  It's not much, 
but every little bit helps I suppose," Ritsuko said as she took a sip 
from her coffee and checked over the final results.
	Maya smiled in the dim light.  Her sempai could be so 
humble sometimes.  Maintaining and improving the EVAs was 
essential to the future of all humankind, but Ritsuko passed it off 
as another day at the office.  She still regularly pulled all-nighters 
like this, using up all of her free time to get the EVAs into the best 
possible shape.  Maya admired her dedication.
	The two of them were all alone in the darkened lab.  The 
experiment was mainly automated and what needed to be done 
could be handled easily by the two of them, so Ritsuko had already 
sent all the other techs home.  She had tried to convince Maya to 
leave as well, but the younger woman had explained that she 
wanted to see the results of this experiment as badly as the doctor 
did, and Ritsuko had reluctantly let her stay.  Maya was happy that 
her sempai was so concerned for her welfare, but she much rather 
be with her than have her concern.  
	Things were almost intimate in the darkened lab, sitting 
close together, their voices just above whispers.  Maya shivered 
when her sempai's hair accidentally brushed against her face, her 
scent a light perfume that reminded the younger girl of sakura 
petals in springtime.  Maya wanted to... well, she wanted to do a 
lot of things, but she was afraid how her sempai would react.  She 
didn't think she could take a rejection, no matter how nice it would 
be given.
	"You can go now, Maya.  I can clean everything up here 
myself," Ritsuko said as she stood and began to gather up the 
various reports that lay scattered before her.
	Maya tried and failed to think of an excuse that would let 
her stay for just a few minutes more.  Instead, she nodded a bit 
sadly.  "Hai, sempai."
	As she exited the subway, Maya remembered Ritsuko 
waving vaguely as she had left, not even looking up.  One of the 
reasons she liked her sempai so much was her absolute focus on 
her work, but Maya felt just a little sad that she hadn't glanced at 
her, just a simple acknowledgment to warm her on this cold night.
	Maya was so preoccupied with thoughts of her mentor that 
she only realized that she had forgotten her coat when her teeth 
started to chatter.  She stared down the street to where her 
apartment building stood, a place of warmth and rest.  She could 
brave a little cold to make it there, but the coat she had foolishly 
forgotten was her most prized possession, her first gift from a 
special friend.
	Besides, she had an excuse to spend a little more time with 
her sempai now.  She knew that Ritsuko would still be at the Geo-
Front, sometimes Maya found her fast asleep on one of the lab 
tables, her clothes all rumpled, when she came in for work in the 
morning.  They could discuss their findings, and hopefully other 
things, over coffee until the sun came up.

	It was a bit eerie moving though the brightly lit, but 
completely deserted halls of the Geofront, the only signs of life 
being the occasional security officer that passed her by.  It 
reminded her of...  Maya shook her head.  She knew better than to 
dwell on that anymore, it was all in her past.
	She had left her coat in the lab where they had just been 
working.  She could even see it in her mind's eye, resting on the 
back of a chair pushed out of the way.  She had put it there so she 
could just grab it and leave when the tests were over, and not have 
to navigate her way back to their office.  Something she had to do 
now anyway because of her forgetfulness, her mind addled with 
thoughts of her sempai.
	Maya felt a small chill creep up her back as she inched her 
way along the long, empty corridors.  She couldn't shake the 
feeling of... foreboding.  She hadn't seen a security guard for some 
time now and she of all people knew that Geofront security wasn't 
as tight as they would like people to believe...
	The sudden sound of a low moan caused her to jump.  What 
was that?  A ghost?  Maya normally didn't believe in spirits, but 
after the things she had seen since joining NERV, the supernatural 
wasn't as unlikely anymore.  It seemed to be coming from the lab.  
It had sounded a bit like her sempai.  She could be hurt and in the 
need of help.
	Maya hurried to the door as the moans grew in volume, 
quicker now, and seemed to echo with a sort of grunting like 
someone making a great effort.  Feeling a little scared by what she 
was hearing, Maya knelt down by the door and opened it just a 
crack so she could peer inside.
	Maya was too shocked by what she saw to even make a 
sound.  Ritsuko was lying mostly naked on the end of one of the 
lab tables, her skirt a black pool of cloth on the floor while her shirt 
had been pulled up to reveal her full breasts.  Her head was arched 
to face the ceiling, her eyes firmly shut, mouth open with her cries 
and gasps for air as her body writhed and shuddered.  
	The reason for this was Commander Ikari -- who looked 
much the same as he always had, the same neutral expression and 
his eyes hidden behind dark glasses.  One of his gloved hands had 
Rituko's arms pinned above her head, while the other roughly 
kneaded her breasts.  He had the same black uniform, though his 
pants were now down around his ankles, exposing more of him 
than Maya had ever wanted to see.  His expression occasionally 
flickered with his grunts as he mechanically thrust into Ritsuko 
over and over again.  It was a small mercy to Maya that this actual 
connection was hidden to her by Ritsuko's long and slender legs.
	After a few minutes of watching them, some sense returned 
to Maya.  How could the Commander do such a thing?  She knew 
that he treated his own son like garbage and would probably do 
anything to stop the Angels, but she had at least thought he had 
remained devoted to his departed wife.
	And how could Ritsuko submit to his touch like that?  She 
had always thought her sempai to be a strong woman, but to allow 
	That was when Maya saw clearly what they were using as a 
blanket.  Her coat.  The coat a very special friend had given to her 
after the personal hell she had been put through.  Seeing the 
Commander ejaculating all over her fondest possession, something 
snapped deep inside of Maya, and she walked away from the scene 
without a word, her face slack, a plan starting to form in the depths 
of her mind.

	"Is something wrong, Maya?" Ritsuko asked.  Her assistant 
had acting a bit oddly the past couple of days, but nothing she 
could really put her finger on.  On the surface Maya seemed as 
cheerful and dutiful as ever, but there was occasionally this look in 
her eyes that made Ritsuko feel uncomfortable.  It was almost as if 
her assistant was angry with her over something.
	"What do you mean, sempai?" Maya replied, her eyes wide 
and innocent.
	"No, it's nothing."  Ritusko shook her head.  Overwork 
must be making her see things, but at least she had something to 
look forward to tonight after all her hard work.  Her reward, she 
supposed.  That's probably what he thought of it as.
	"Here's a cup of coffee before I go," Maya told her all 
smiles.  "I just made a fresh pot because I know how much you 
hate old coffee, sempai."
	Ritsuko took the cup gratefully.  She might have been less 
that grateful if she had seen the liquid that Maya had added to it 
just before giving to her, or Maya's smirk as Ritsuko took her first 
sip.  She didn't have much time to think though as she was out cold 
in seconds.
	Maya continued to grin as she quickly changed into a 
nurse's uniform and loaded the limp Ritsuko onto a gurney which 
she had hidden in their lab when she had arrived extra early that 
day.  Both had been easy to steal from their medical wing with her 
security clearance.
	Covering Ritsuko with a sheet and keeping her own head 
down, no one even paid Maya a second glance as she wheeled her 
down to the car she had rented for just this purpose.  Gently lying 
Ritsuko down on the back seat, and securing her with seat belts to 
avoid injury, Maya made her way back to her apartment where 
everything was already set for the night's festivities.

	Maya's mother had remarried just as Maya had graduated 
middle school, and so mostly on the insistence of her new step-
father, Maya was sent to a boarding school far away from home.
	It was an all-girl's school, but Maya with a boyish haircut 
and not being particularly well-endowed, was frequently accused 
of being a boy.  A lot of her fellow students teased her about it, but 
it was this one group of upperclasswomen, mostly composed of 
rich and snobbish girls, that were particularly harsh about it.  They 
never missed a chance to threaten or push her down, mocking her 
with their harsh tones and superior expressions.
	Then suddenly they started treating Maya nicely, 
apologizing for their past crimes against her, but there was 
something about their words and smiles that seemed less than 
authentic to the younger girl.  Still, having no friends, she couldn't 
refuse when they invited her over to a big sleep over to make 
everything up to her.
	Maya awoke the next morning in an empty lot, shivering 
from the cold ground against her nakedness, but at least that 
numbed her to some of the pain of all the bruises that covered her 
body, especially in sensitive areas.  As she began to remember the 
horrible humiliation she suffered last night, she started to cry.
	"Don't cry," said a voice next to her, kind yet stern at the 
same time.
	Maya blinked away her tears as she looked up into the blue 
eyes of one of her upperclasswomen.  She had noticed her before, 
partly because of the way her blonde hair stood out in a crowd, but 
also that she was one of the few girls who hadn't teased her.
	The girl offered her hand, helping Maya to stand.  Maya 
wrapped her other hand around her own waist in an effort to stop 
her shaking from the cold.  Seeing this, the girl took off her own 
heavy coat and put it on Maya.  "Here, take it."
	"No, I couldn't possibly," Maya tried to give the coat back, 
but it was hard for her to do when she could barely stand.  "You'll 
be cold."
	The girl smiled and shook her head, gently but forcefully 
putting the jacket on Maya, slipping her arms in the sleeves and 
tying it tight around her waist.  She stepped back from Maya and 
smiled as if she were dressing up a doll.
	Without her support gone, Maya felt her legs give out and 
would have nearly tumbled to the ground if the other girl hadn't 
caught her in her arms.
	"Are you all right?" the girl asked with concern in her eyes.
	Maya nodded slowly.  "I'm fine... sempai."
	The other girl smiled.  "I'm glad.  My name is Narumi.  
What's yours?"
	"Maya.  Pleased to meet you."
	"Maya," Narumi practically purred.  "What a beautiful 
	With a gentle breeze blowing through her short blonde hair, 
the other girl leaned over and firmly kissed Maya on the lips.

	Ritsuko awoke from what felt like a long nap.  Had she 
fallen asleep at work again?  Her head was swimming so she was 
have trouble thinking clearly.  She tried to sit up, but found that 
she couldn't.  Her ankles and wrists were bound with some smooth 
material like silk.  She struggled to break her bonds, but was too 
weak from whatever had happened to her, and finally gave up as 
	All of her struggling had made it clear  to even her still 
groggy mind that she was completely naked, lying on sheets made 
from the same material as her bonds.  Was this another one of 
Gendo's little games?  Domination was his style, but he had never 
bothered with the kinky stuff before.  Too much trouble for him.
	Ritsuko slowly opened her eyes.  At first she couldn't make 
out much of the dimly lit room she found herself in, but then her 
eyes adjusted.  It was a small, but neatly kept bedroom with only 
one window to her right, her single source of light, though the 
shade was drawn.  A closet and desk were the only other furniture 
beside the bed.  Pictures hung on the wall, but it was too dark to 
make any of them out.  It all looked vaguely familiar.
	That was when the door to the room slowly opened.  Even 
in the dim light, Ritsuko had no trouble recognizing her assistant.  
Maya was dressed in a bathrobe and held her hands behind her 
back.  There was a slight smile on her face, as if they were just 
beginning another day of work.  She closed the door softly behind 
	"What the hell is going on here, Maya?" Ritsuko demanded 
in the sternest tone she could manage at the moment.  Not easy to 
do with the embarrassing predicament she had found herself in.
	Maya continued to smile as she set a box down on the desk 
and then sat on the side of the bed next to Ritsuko.  The doctor 
shivered and tried to pull away as Maya started to run her fingers 
through the older woman's blonde hair.
	"You're ill, sempai," Maya told her softly, not seeming to 
notice Ritsuko's futile struggles.  "And I care too much about you 
to let you continue like this, so I'm going to help you get better."
	"What are you talking about?!" Ritsuko shouted, feeling a 
tinge of fear enter her voice.  It was starting to look like her 
assistant had gone insane.
	Maya giggled a bit, as if Ritsuko had just said something 
amusing.  "Poor sempai, you've been sick for so long now that you 
don't even realize it.  You're a strong, independent woman, but you 
just let those filthy men just have your way with you.  How can 
you stand even the touch of the Commander?  He treats you lower 
than a dog.  Do you really enjoy being his bitch?  Does he make 
you bark for him?"
	Ritsuko's face contorted in rage.  "Shut the fuck up, Maya!"
	Maya immediately slapped her hard across the face.  As 
Ritsuko stared back in shock, Maya waved her finger in front of 
her face as if scolding a naughty child.  "Now is that any way to 
talk to your dedicated assistant?  After all, I'm here to help you."
	Ritsuko started to panic.  Obviously, she hadn't known 
Maya as well as she had thought.  Catching herself and Gendo in 
the act must have loosened her assistant's already tentative grip on 
sanity.  "What are you going to do to me?"
	"I'm going to teach you how worthless men are," Maya said 
as she lightly dragged her finger down Ritsuko's now bruised 
cheek.  "And how much better pleasure between two women can 
	Maya stood again and undid the sash around her waist, 
letting the bathrobe fall from her shoulders to reveal that she was 
completely nude underneath.
	"I'm not a goddamn lesbian, Maya!  Don't you dare touch 
	Maya shook her head sadly.  "That's just the illness talking.  
Don't worry, you'll learn to like it.  Just like I did."

	The blonde upperclasswoman had brought Maya to her 
small apartment just off of the campus.  Maya couldn't help 
noticing, even in her bruised and battered condition, how neat and 
clean everything was.  A far cry from her own room.
	Her sempai carefully removed the coat, a little too carefully 
for Maya since her hands seemed to linger much more on her 
exposed body than was necessary.  She still hadn't forgotten about 
the kiss, but was trying to pass it off as either an accident or 
Narumi's version of a friendly greeting.  It couldn't be what it 
looked like.  They were both girls!
	"Lie down," Narumi ordered, and with a small nod Maya 
complied, stretching herself out on the other girl's bed, the silk 
sheets feeling smooth against her skin.  It was so pleasant that she 
didn't even notice when her sempai left the room as she drifted off 
into a daze between sleep and awakening.
	It was a light touch against her thigh that snapped Maya 
back awake.  She opened her eyes to see Narumi had returned.  She 
had a small box open before her and was rubbing some sort of 
salve over Maya's thighs.  While the pain was fading, Maya was a 
bit nervous at how focused her sempai was in rubbing, and how 
close she was getting to certain areas that Maya didn't like touching 
herself, much less being touched by another woman.  She was 
happy that she had seemed to have finally made a friend at school, 
but thought that Narumi was being a little too friendly.
	The older girl stopped the rubbing and leaned back to stare 
at what she had done, noticing Maya's now open eyes at the corner 
of her own.  "Oh, you're awake."  She sounded oddly disappointed.
	Maya nodded slowly, not knowing what else to do.
	Narumi grinned suddenly.  "I guess it'll be more fun this 
way anyway."  She took out another dollop of salve and began to 
rub it hard all over Maya's bare stomach, starting at her belly 
button and making increasingly larger circles from there.
	"What are you doing?" Maya asked her in a shaky voice.
	Narumi smiled coyly.  "I'm tending your injuries, Maya-
chan.  Those girls were so very naughty to do this to you.  I think 
that I may have to teach them a lesson later."
	"But do you have to rub so hard?"
	"Oh, am I hurting you?"
	"No, but..." Maya trailed off as Narumi's hands 
'accidentally' brushed against her pubic hair.  The blonde girl's grin 
showed how much she was enjoying this.  Maya tried to squirm 
away from her hands, but that only made Narumi sit on her legs to 
keep her still.
	Maya was as helpless as she had been last night, but there 
was something strangely pleasant about this helplessness, yet 
disgusting her at the same time.  She was sure that Narumi didn't 
mean her any harm, but she definitely didn't like another girl 
touching her body like this.  It was so... wrong.
	That was when Narumi's hands moved up to cup her 
breasts, gently massaging them, her hands still cold and wet with 
the salve.  Maya could feel goose-bumps starting to form all over 
her skin and she wasn't sure if it was just from the cold.
	"Sempai, I... I don't think I'm bruised there," Maya 
managed to stutter out as new sensations began to wash over her.
	"But it makes you feel better, doesn't it?" Narumi asked 
with a toothy grin as she laid down on top of Maya, who could 
now feel her sempai's hard nipples against her stomach through the 
flimsy shirt Narumi was wearing.
	The older girl lowered her head down to one of Maya's own 
nipples and suckled on it like a newborn, her left hand still 
massaging the other breast, while her right was running up and 
down Maya's left side, her touch feather light.
	"S-sempai...," Maya breathed.
	Narumi looked up at Maya, resting her chin on the space 
between the younger girl's breasts.  There was an amused twinkle 
in her eye as she reached out with one hand to run it through 
Maya's short, dark hair.  "Hush, Maya.  This won't hurt at all."
	"But I like boys,"  Maya insisted, having a hard time 
believing that this was actually happening.
	Her sempai laughed lightly.  "Boys.  You're such a child, 
Maya.  Now just relaaaax."
	"Sempai, I can't," Maya told her firmly, trying to push 
Narumi off of her, but she was too weak from the beating and lack 
of sleep to even budge the larger girl.
	"Well, if you're sure.  I can send you back to your dorm, 
and let those others continue with what they started.  They know 
you're weak now, though.  I doubt you'll get much peace."
	Maya looked haunted.  "I don't want...  I can't..."
	Narumi slid her body up against Maya's, so that her head 
was right above the younger girl's, looking directly into her eyes.  
Maya tried to look away, but there was something almost hypnotic 
about her sempai's clear blue eyes.  They were filled with concern, 
but hard at the same time, like her mother's eyes.
	"I'll take good care of you, Maya.  If you let me," Narumi 
told her softly as she firmly took hold of Maya's head in her hands 
and kissed her deeply, pushing her tongue past Maya's lips.  Maya 
was too shocked to do anything as her sempai's tongue continued 
to explore her mouth while her hard nipples were rubbing against 
Maya's own breasts.
	Maya gasped for breath when Narumi finally ended their 
liplock and leaned back to stare down at her with a wide grin, her 
short blonde hair all in disarray, the sunlight behind her causing 
her locks to glow with a golden light.  "Was that so bad, Maya-
	"It... it wasn't," Maya admitted after a few moments.   In the 
end she had been kissing back almost against her will.  Once she 
had stopping thinking about it and just let it happen, the whole 
thing changed from something creepy and strange, to pleasurable.
	Narumi grinned in triumph as she undid her shirt and threw 
it aside, exposing her full breasts.  Maya could only stare at them, 
automatically comparing them to her own small, imperfect ones.  
Narumi really was beautiful, so why was she fooling around with a 
tomboy when she could easily have a handsome boyfriend?
	Narumi sat off of Maya for a moment, undoing her belt to 
allow her pants and panties to slide to the floor.  Maya realized that 
this was the moment of truth.  She could grab the coat and run out 
the door and Narumi wouldn't be able to stop her.  After this there 
might not be another chance.
	"The door isn't locked," Narumi said suddenly, still looking 
away from her.
	"What?" Maya asked in surprise.
	"You were thinking of running away from me, weren't 
you?" Narumi asked as she turned to face Maya, a small amused 
smile on her lips, as if guessing what the younger girl was thinking 
was all a game to her.  "I'm not about to keep you here against your 
will, Maya-chan.  I want you to want to stay with me.  So if you 
want to leave, leave, and if you want to stay, stay.  It's your 
	Maya sat up and wrapped her arms around her waist.  She 
was strangely more conscious and uncomfortable with her own 
nakedness now that Narumi was also nude beside her.  She stared 
at the coat hung over the chair for a long time, her arms shaking 
with her own deep breathing.
	She finally glanced back up after a few minutes and was 
startled to find that Narumi had moved closer to her, so that their 
faces were only inches apart and their bodies nearly touching.  
Narumi might have said that she was free to leave, but her eyes 
pleaded for Maya to stay.
	Maya stared back into her eyes before she finally broke 
contact and muttered, "I don't want to go."  But she wasn't exactly 
sure that she wanted to stay either.
	Narumi slowly wrapped her arms around Maya, giving the 
younger girl ample time to pull away, but the she just let her.  
Maya didn't know what was going on, her mind and her feelings 
were all mixed up, so she had decided to just stop resisting and let 
whatever happen happen.  Held closely against Narumi, her naked 
flesh pressed against hers, head resting on the older girl's breasts as 
Narumi ran her fingers through her hair, Maya's initial feelings of 
wrongness and disgust faded away, to be replaced by feelings or 
warmth and safety.  It was something new and wonderful to a girl 
who had spent most of her life alone in one way or another.
	"I trust you, sempai," Maya whispered, something she had 
never felt for anyone ever before.
	Narumi kissed her lightly on the cheek and whispered into 
her ear, "I love you, Maya."

	Maya walked over to the foot of the bed, her eyes on 
Ritsuko's naked flesh which seemed to have a pale glow under the 
moonlight.  "Sempai, I can teach you the truth the way I learned 
the truth.  You just need to cooperate."
	Ritsuko was frightened about how vulnerable she felt under 
her assistant's scrutiny, like a specimen on the examining table.  
"Maya, stop this!  You're not making any sense!"
	The doctor struggled with her bonds to get a better look as 
Maya reached into the box she had brought and pulled something 
out.  She was relieved, but at the same time oddly disappointed, 
that it was only a small glass jar filled with some milky-looking 
	"This is a special salve that my friend used to make," Maya 
told her as she knelt down at the foot of the bed, setting the jar 
down and unscrewing its lid.  "I only have a little of this left, so 
you should feel privileged that I'm using it on you.  It can cure any 
kind of sickness or pain, and it feels _so_ good on your skin."
	Ritsuko only felt ill as she watched her assistant lick her 
lips as she fondled her own breasts.  She was obviously trying to 
act seductive, but it was only making the doctor sick.  The older 
woman was almost relieved when she stopped so she could smear 
that salve of hers over Ritsuko's calves.  Maya did have a point 
though, the salve was cool and pleasant against her skin.  The 
doctor could almost enjoy it if she wasn't being tended by a naked 
Maya while she was strapped down nude to her assistant's bed.
	Ritsuko laid her head back down and closed her eyes to 
enjoy the sensations since escape looked impossible, at least at the 
moment.  She tried to imagine she was someone else's prisoner, to 
change the creepy to sensual.  Gendo?  He had nice, strong hands, 
but it was too much a fantasy for Ritsuko to indulge in it for very 
long.  He would never wait on her like this, no matter what she was 
willing to do for him.  Kaji?  Well, there had been a few times 
when they were still in college and once recently for nostalgia's 
sake as anything else.  She wished that she hadn't.  Despite his 
reputation, Kaji was terrible in bed, and his... well, she thought 
even Shinji's was bigger.  Misato?  Where the hell did that come 
from?  Well, there had been that one time when the both of them 
had gotten really, really drunk, and...
	Ritsuko blinked open her eyes to realize that Maya had 
already worked her way up to her thighs, but it didn't feel like her 
hands anymore.  She looked up and nearly choked to see Maya 
straddling her leg, pressing her whole body against it as she rubbed 
back and forth, massaging Ritsuko's thigh with her cleavage.
	"Stop this, Maya!" Ritsuko shouted, but her assistant didn't 
seem to hear her.  She had her eyes firmly shut as she emitted low 
	Ritsuko suddenly found that all of Maya's rubbing had 
somehow loosened the silk rope that bound her left leg and had just 
enough give to knee Maya right in the stomach.  She felt a small 
surge of triumph as Maya gasped for breath, a pained look crossing 
her face as she sat up and stared back at her.
	"That wasn't very nice," Maya said coldly as she stood and 
roughly tightened the rope the bound Ritsuko's left leg, cutting off 
circulation to her foot.  "I'm only trying to help you."
	"I don't want anymore of your fucking help, Maya!" 
Ritsuko yelled as she struggled violently against her bonds, starting 
to feel desperate.  "Just let me go, you twisted dyke!"
	Maya's smile flickered for a moment as Ritsuko's last 
remark hit home, but the smile had a more menacing quality to it 
when it returned.  The doctor was starting to feel that insulting the 
deranged woman who held her captive wasn't such a good idea.
	Maya sauntered over to the head of the bed, lightly 
dragging her nails against Ritsuko's naked flesh, causing goose 
pimples to appear in their wake.  The doctor's breathing was 
shallow, not knowing what to expect, but afraid of it nonetheless.  
This was not the meek, sweet-natured Maya that she had known 
	Her assistant sat on the bed next to her.  Ritsuko expected 
to be groped or fondled any second now, but Maya only leaned 
forward so that their faces were very close.  The doctor could feel 
her hot breath on her face, but what surprised her was the single 
tear that rolled down one of her assistant's cheeks.  She was sure 
she hadn't been able to kick the younger woman that hard, even if 
she did deserve it.
	"I know that was just the illness talking, but that hurt, 
sempai," Maya told her with a sob.
	"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said it," Ritsuko said in the 
most sincere tone should could muster, hoping that if her assistant 
really thought she was repentant, she'd let her go.  "Why don't you 
just untie me now and we'll both forget this happened.  Okay?"
	Maya wiped away her tear and said, "If you kiss me once, a 
real kiss to show me how much you care..."
	"...then you'll let me go?" Ritsuko finished, feeling excited 
that this nightmare seemed to be nearly over.  She even started to 
plan on how to find a new assistant once she had her old one safely 
locked away in the asylum.
	Maya nodded slowly, a sad frown on her face.
	"All right," Ritsuko finally agreed.  For her freedom, 
kissing another girl was a small price to play.  "But no tongues."
	Maya nodded again and slowly brought her lips down to 
meet her sempai's, acting strangely afraid considering all that she 
had just done.  The doctor closed her eyes and tried to pretend that 
it was Gendo she was about to kiss, but that became impossible 
when she felt Maya's breasts pressing against her own, her 
assistant's hard nipples digging into her own soft flesh.  As she 
finally felt Maya's lips, she thought the hell with pretending, it was 
only a kiss after all.  All she had to do was endure.
	Ritsuko had no idea how long they stayed kissing like that, 
it felt like minutes to her though she doubted it could have been 
more then a few seconds, when she just got used to it.  It wasn't a 
bad kiss, and she didn't really see anything wrong with two girls 
kissing, though she wasn't personally into that sort of thing.  The 
situation under which it was happening could have also been better 
though.  It was a surprisingly innocent kiss, something she might 
have expected from Maya before she had gone insane, that is if she 
had known about her preferences.
	It was obvious now to Ritsuko that Maya had had a major 
crush on her for some time now, and finding out the truth had 
shattered whatever fantasy she held of them being together, and 
this whole thing was her form of revenge.  She wasn't actually 
insane, just... impulsive.  She was probably reenacting something 
she had seen in a movie.  Maya might be just as scared as she had 
	Ritsuko started to kiss back.  She was beginning to feel 
guilty about working Maya so hard all the time, and this was 
probably partially her own fault for not seeing her assistant's 
devotion to her as what it truly was.  In fact, she had encouraged it 
in the past in order to make her assistant work harder, so couldn't 
help but feel a little responsible for all this.  If a kiss was all that 
Maya wanted, she could at least try and give it to her.
	*This will end up just like that time with Misato,* Ritsuko 
thought with humor, *We'll be laughing about this over coffee 
tomorrow morning.*
	That was when Maya's body began to writhe against her 
own, flesh smoothly sliding against flesh.  Her right hand encircled 
the doctor's neck as she pressed her lips tighter.  Her left gently 
massaged the the doctor's right breast, her thumb playfully flicking 
her nipple, which quickly hardened under her touch.
	Ritsuko didn't want to think about how... good Maya's 
touch felt.  Her assistant had obviously done this sort of thing 
before because the sensations she was receiving was starting to 
cloud the horror in her mind.  Gendo's touch had never felt this 
good, not that he ever really tried.  She involuntarily gasped aloud 
and then felt Maya's tongue worm her way into her mouth.
	That snapped Ritsuko out of the daze she was surrendering 
to and she immediately bit down on her assistant's tongue hard.  
Maya screamed as her head snapped back, a single drop of blood 
spilling from her open mouth only to land on the spot between the 
older woman's breasts.
	Maya was frowning now and her whole body seemed to 
shake with a repressed anger.  She suddenly spat out a wad of 
blood, hitting Ritsuko in the face, just under her right eye.  The 
doctor's stomach churned with disgust to feel it clinging to her 
cheek, slowly sliding slowly down, and being unable to wipe it off.
	Maya held herself tight as she sat on the doctor's stomach 
and took a few deep breaths.  "I shouldn't be angry at you for 
acting like this, sempai," she finally said in a voice that was trying 
to stay calm.  "I know that you're only acting this way because of 
the illness, and once I free you from it, you won't even think about 
resisting me, but I just... can't... help... myself."
	With that, Maya grabbed hold of Ritsuko's breasts and 
squeezed them tightly, digging in her sharp nails deep enough to 
draw little spots of blood.  The older woman screamed in pain, but 
her assistant seemed deaf to her cries as she forced her grip tighter 
by leaning all of her weight on her hands and then twisted, drawing 
fresh shrieks from the doctor.
	Ritsuko took a deep breath of relief when Maya finally 
stopped torturing her, though she didn't like her assistant's 
expression as she idly wiped her bloody nails off on the doctor's 
chest.  Her eyes were... distant, unfocused, as if she were miles 
away at the moment, lost in a memory.

	Narumi leant Maya some clothes to wear, including her 
heavy coat that she had first wrapped up the younger girl in.  Maya 
was shaking in fear with the idea of going back to her dorm after 
what had happened, but her sempai with her gave her some 
courage.  At least she wouldn't have to stay there.
	"We'll just get some of your things so you can stay the 
night at my place," Narumi told her.
	"I don't want to be a... burden to you," Maya muttered, 
though that wasn't the entire reason for her reluctance.  She trusted 
her sempai, but she didn't know how to feel about her sudden 
declaration of love either.
	Narumi chuckled.  "Maya-chan, I want you to move in with 
me.  I love you, but I won't pressure you into loving me.  If you 
just want to be friends, then that's what we'll be.  I'd much rather 
have that than have you afraid of me.  But that still doesn't mean 
I'll let you slip away because you're too afraid to try something 
new.  Give me a chance and I'll show you pleasure beyond 
anything you could ever get from a man."
	Maya couldn't help but feeling nervous under Narumi's 
seductive glance.  "I'll... think about it."
	For all her worrying, Maya's return to the dorm was 
somewhat anticlimactic.  People glanced at her as she passed, but 
no one spoke to or otherwise bothered her.  Not one remarked on 
the bruises that were visible on her legs and arms either.  She 
couldn't help but wonder if it was her sempai's presence that was 
stopping everyone from lobbing their usual insults.
	The girls who had abused her the night before didn't even 
glance in Maya's direction.  She, however, missed the look the 
Narumi gave the group, something half-way between anger and 
	Maya found that she had surprisingly few things she needed 
to bring with her.  Toiletries, a few changes of clothes, her school 
supplies, and a few books to read.  Then again she hadn't had much 
to start with.  No momentoes from friends, no family gifts too 
precious to not leave behind.  There wasn't really anything that 
couldn't be replaced, but then Maya didn't have much money to 
spend.  Besides, as much as she hated it, she had to go back to the 
dorms again, probably for the last time, if just to close the door on 
that part of her life.  Because even if things with Narumi didn't 
work out, she would not be coming back there.
	When they were out of sight of everyone, having left the 
dorms some distance behind, Narumi slipped her arm around 
Maya's waist and brought her close to her.  Maya didn't protest, she 
just let it happen as she could feel the shaking that she hadn't been 
previously aware of fade away.  She still wasn't sure about the 
other stuff, but a friendly hug was okay.  It made her feel safe.
	Narumi did her best to make Maya feel at home.  The 
younger girl got her own space in the closet and bookshelf, along 
with a spot in the bathroom for her things there.  There was only 
one desk, but they could just do all their homework on the kitchen 
table.  Narumi came up with a plan that had them sharing the 
chores pretty evenly.  Maya admitted that she had no idea how to 
cook, but her sempai promised to teach her.
	Maya noted that that wasn't the only thing that they would 
have to share.  She couldn't help noticing that there was only one 
bed, and no couch or futon to make a convenient substitute.  
Narumi made no mention of it, however, and Maya couldn't find a 
way to casually bring it up without the risk of offending her new 
host.  Having no where else to go made her overly concerned about 
such things.  If worst came to worst, sleeping on the floor wouldn't 
be too bad.
	Maya was finally settled in, and changed into some of her 
own clothes, when Narumi announced, "I'm going to make 
something very special tonight, in honor of my new roommate."
	"You don't have to do through any trouble for me," Maya 
said uncomfortably.  She already felt as if she was using her 
sempai's feelings for her to get a free room.  An expensive meal 
would only add to her guilt.
	Maya nearly jumped when Narumi leaned across the 
kitchen table and took her hand.  "It's no trouble.  I only want the 
best for my Maya-chan," she said with a big smile.
	Maya laughed nervously as she slowly pulled her hands 
away.  She liked the fact that someone was so nice to her, but 
wasn't exactly comfortable with being referred to as 'hers'.
	The meal was delicious and full of flavor.  A little too full 
for Maya who wasn't used to such spicy foods.  Her mother had 
never been much of a cook and the food at school was always 
bland.  She frantically looked around for something to drink, but 
strangely Narumi hadn't put anything out.
	"Is something wrong with your food, Maya-chan?" her 
sempai asked with some concern.
	"No, it's very good, but it is a bit spicy for me.  I was just 
looking for something to drink."
	"Well, I was going to save it until after dinner, but I guess 
it'll be okay if we start on it now," Narumi said as she pulled out a 
bottle of wine from the refrigerator and presented it to Maya.  "It 
was a gift from my parents.  I've been saving it for a special 
occasion, but nothing had come along, that is until I met you."
	"But I'm too young to drink," Maya told her nervously, 
again wondering why her sempai was going through all this for a 
plain, nondescript girl like herself.  She was painfully aware of the 
fact that she was nothing special, so why all the fuss?
	Narumi grinned as she took out a corkscrew and popped 
out the cork.  "So am I, but this is a special occasion.  Besides, 
you're not in the dorms anymore.  There's no one here to turn you 
in if you disobey the rules."
	That wasn't what Maya was worried about.  She knew that 
she was a bit naive about some things, but she did know the sort of 
effect alcohol had on people.  Despite her promise to let Maya 
have control of their relationship, Narumi was still pushing for 
something beyond friendship.  Things were happening too fast for 
Maya.  Even if a deeper relation with her sempai turned out to be 
what she wanted, it still wasn't something she was prepared for.
	While Maya was deep in thought, Narumi had already 
poured each of them a glass of wine.  "A toast," she said suddenly, 
snapping the younger girl out of her thoughts.  Narumi held her 
glass up and continued, "A toast to the beginning of a beautiful... 
	Maya felt that she had no choice but to raise her glass as 
well and tap it against Narumi's.  She watched older girl drink from 
the glass, expecting something, though exactly what she wasn't 
sure; some sudden change to show the alcohol taking effect.  
Instead, Narumi sipped at her wine as if it were no different than 
tea and went back to her meal.
	Maya stared down at the red liquid as she swirled it around 
in her glass.  It looked perfectly harmless, like grape juice, though 
it's scent tickled at the back of her nose in a way no juice would.  
She was even more thirsty now than before, and Narumi had 
opened this bottle just for her.  It would be an insult if she didn't 
drink at least one glass.
	As Maya brought the glass up to her lips, she could feel 
Narumi's eyes on her, glancing up from her meal, and expectant 
look in her glance.  Maya smiled and shook her head a bit.  One sip 
had had no effect on Narumi, so she was worried over nothing.   
Besides, denying the wine because it was something she wasn't 
supposed to have was acting like a child.  Did she want to be a 
child forever?
	*I have to drink this,* Maya braced herself with that 
thought and swallowed.
	Maya coughed a bit, nearly spitting the wine back up.  
Narumi looked at her with concern.  "Are you all right?"
	Maya attempted to smile as her coughing subsided.  What 
kind of adult would she be if she couldn't take a little wine?  She 
would have to try and be as strong as her sempai.  "Yes, I was 
just... surprised by how it tasted, that's all."
	"You get used to it," Narumi explained, "My parents have 
been giving me wine since I was a little girl.  Just drink some more 
and you'll be fine.  You'll even develop a taste for it once you get 
used to it.  Once you really get into it, you'll learn to love it, Maya-
	Maya was a bit intimidated by her sempai's intense stare, 
those blue eyes that had paralyzed her before.  She retreated from 
those eyes by looking back down in her glass.  It had been an 
unexpected taste, but not unpleasant.  It certainly didn't match with 
the evils of alcohol her mother had preached to her.  She didn't feel 
any different.
	Maya took another sip, somewhat ashamed that she 
coughed again, though this time it was only a little bit.  Narumi 
seemed pleased by this though.  "See?  You're getting used to it 
already, but you better finish your meal before it gets cold."
	Maya nodded and went back to her food, though the rich 
spices made her often reach for the wine glass without even 
thinking about it.  She coughed again the third time, but that was 
more because of surprise to find wine in her glass, having nearly 
forgotten all about it.
	She had no problems after that, finding the wine went down 
smoother the more she drank.  In fact, it started to make her feel 
rather good, warm and somewhat light-headed, but in a pleasant 
way.  It wasn't long before she was reaching for the glass just for 
the sake of drinking it, which seemed to be bottomless.  Maya 
failed to notice Narumi occasionally refilling Maya's glass with a 
smile as her own went mostly untouched.
	It wasn't long before dinner was finally over, Narumi 
having finished some time before Maya, but seemed content to sit 
and watch the younger girl eat.  Maya had been too caught up in 
the food, and especially the wine, to notice.
	Maya stood to bring her plate to the sink, only a little 
puzzled to find her wine glass half empty.  She was pretty sure she 
had drank more than that.  She quickly finished it off and placed 
the glass on top of her plate, stumbling when her sense of balance 
seemed to go all at once.  Narumi was instantly at her side to 
steady her with an arm around her waist, pulling her close.
	"Are you okay, Maya-chan?" she whispered in her ear.
	Maya shivered to feel her sempai's breath, seeming almost 
cold compared to her hot skin.  Was there something wrong with 
the heating in there?  Maya was almost sweating.
	"Fine," Maya finally replied after collecting her thoughts, 
which seemed to be running off on random tangents and were hard 
for her to get under control.
	Narumi smiled and guided Maya to the sink, helping her 
dispose of the dishes.
	"Shouldn't we wash 'em now?" Maya asked, not noticing 
her speech was slightly slurred.
	Narumi gave Maya a little squeeze and explained.  "No, 
this is a special night.  We can just let them soak for now and take 
care of them in the morning.  Besides, dinner isn't over yet.  I hope 
you saved room for desert."
	"Desert?" Maya asked curiously.
	Narumi nodded, and with arm still firmly around Maya's 
waist, guided them both to the refrigerator, taking out a plate filled 
with assorted pastries.  "I rushed to get these while you were busy 
packing up your things from a little pastry shop right near your old 
dorm.  I've had them before so their very tasty, and they go pretty 
well with wine."
	Maya thought about the wine and realized that it was 
probably the reason why she was feeling strange all of the sudden.  
"I think I've had enough wine... for tonight."
	"Nonsense," Narumi gibed her lightly as she gave Maya the 
plate of pastries to carry, while she collected the half-empty bottle 
of wine and their two glasses in one hand.  "We just can't let this 
wine go to waste."
	Maya was thinking over this, trying and failing to come up 
with some argument, her mind still swimming with the effects of 
the wine and her sempai's close touch, her scent, when Narumi lead 
her past the kitchen table and into her bedroom.
	"Sempai?" Maya asked with a note of panic in her voice.
	"I just thought we'd have our desert on the bed where we'd 
both be more comfortable.  We can even watch a little TV to help 
us relax.  You need to loosen up, Maya-chan, you're still so tense," 
Narumi told her as she gave the younger girl another squeeze.
	Maya thought that if she were any looser, she'd be on the 
floor right now, but somehow the words of protest never quite 
reached her lips as her sempai set the bottle and wine glasses on a 
table beside the bed, and switched on the TV.  Some old American 
black and white movie was playing that Maya had never seen 
before, and the volume was turned low so the voices of the actors 
were like playful whispers, filling up the room just enough to take 
the edge off of the silence.
	Narumi let go of Maya long enough to guide her to the bed, 
the same bed where something had sort of happened between them 
earlier.  Maya wasn't exactly sure what it had been, but the thought 
made her nervous.  She even tried to stand back up, but her 
sempai's gentle push was enough to kill her resistance.
	Narumi soon joined her in bed, sitting behind Maya so that 
her legs encircled the younger girls, her arms around her waist.  
The older girl gently but firmly guided Maya to lean back, resting 
her head on Narumi's breasts.
	"Comfortable?" Narumi asked in a voice that was all 
	"Yeah," Maya slurred a bit, feeling a wave of lethargy hit 
her.  She closed her eyes about half way and sighed.  Not being 
able to see what she was leaning on somehow impaired her ability 
to worry about it.  She was comfortable, that was all that mattered.
	Seeing the pasty that Narumi was now holding up to 
Maya's lips, the younger girl opened her mouth to let her pop it in.  
She giggled a bit and ate the sweet.  "You don't have to feed me."
	"Oh, but I want to," Narumi whispered as one hand started 
to massage her shoulders.  "I want to cater to your each and every 
desire, Maya-chan.  I want you to crave the pleasure that I alone 
can give you."
	Maya had a feeling that her sempai was talking about much 
more than pastries, but she was too content to care.  Narumi 
offered her a full glass of wine to wash the pastry down, which 
Maya accepted with a small nod of thanks and finished the glass in 
one swallow.  She barely even noticed the taste, but could feel a 
warmth spreading through her body, making her numb to Narumi's 
hand which had reached under her shirt to rub lightly on her 
stomach, working upwards to her breasts.
	Maya's world became a haze of pastries and wine that her 
sempai plied her with.  With each new glass of wine, her skin grew 
hotter, so that when Narumi suggested she take her shirt off, it 
seemed like a pretty good idea at the time.  Of course, the wine had 
made her a bit clumsy and she felt a bit embarrassed that she 
needed her sempai's help just to take off her shirt.  She wasn't sure 
how her bra had come off in the process, but it had started to feel 
too constricting anyway.
	The plate of pastries was empty.  The bottle of wine dry.  
Narumi turned Maya around so they were face to face, Maya 
sitting in the older girl's lap.  Maya felt a trace of panic to feel her 
sempai's bare breasts rub against her own, but firm arms held her 
still, drawing her in for a deep kiss.

	"I'm sorry," Maya finally said in a choked whisper.
	Ritsuko thought that almost ten minutes had passed in 
silence between them, the only sounds the blowing of wind on the 
drapes and the distant tick of a clock from another room.  Maya has 
simply sat on Ritsuko's stomach with her head down, not moving, 
hardly breathing.
	Ritsuko had managed to get the bloody spittle off of her 
face by shaking her head violently, half hoping that this would also 
snap Maya out of whatever daze she was in.  The pain from her 
recent ordeal had mostly faded, but she couldn't help staring at the 
blood that was smeared on her chest.  This wasn't over yet.
	"It's... okay," the doctor told her, even though it wasn't.  
She had thought that out of everyone at NERV, her assistant was 
the most sane, but it seemed that Maya could be more messed up 
than any of them.  "If you just let me go we'll--"
	"No, it's not okay," Maya said firmly, cutting her sempai 
off.  "I'm here to help you, but all I've done is hurt you.  I shouldn't 
let things like that get to me."
	Maya slowly laid herself down on top of Ritsuko, so that 
that their breasts squashed against each other and their lips were 
only inches apart.  The older woman prepared herself for another 
deep kiss, but her assistant only whispered, "But you forgive me, 
don't you, sempai?"
	Ritsuko didn't like the way Maya kept running her hand 
through her blonde hair, didn't like the way she could feel her 
breath on her face, her body pressed so closely to hers, but 
especially didn't like the look in her assistant's eyes.  Concern, 
worry, but a hardness underneath, a coldness that reminded her of 
the Commander's eyes.
	"Of course," Ritsuko told her, nearly having to force the 
words out.  "Of course I forgive you."
	Maya smiled and gave her a playful peck on the lips, then 
slipped off the bed and nearly dashed for the small box that she had 
brought in at the beginning of all this.  Ritsuko watched her 
assistant's bare bottom sway back and forth as she dug around in 
the box.
	"I just realized that I've been doing things all wrong, 
sempai.  I need to get you in the proper mood before you'll be 
receptive to my cure."
	"It's a little late for that," Ritsuko muttered under her 
breath, but Maya didn't hear or pretended that she didn't.  Instead, 
she pulled out what looked to be a length of black ribbon and a 
squat wine bottle.
	"I guess I was so eager to get right to the fun," Maya told 
her with a small giggle as she walked back to the bed.  "That I 
forgot that getting you ready could be fun too."
	"What are you going to do now?" Ritsuko asked a bit 
nervously, trying not to let her panic show.
	Maya just leaned forward and gently but firmly tied the 
ribbon around her sempai's head, completely covering her eyes.  "I 
could just pull the shade and find your body by touch alone, but I 
think its more fun for the both of us this way."
	Ritsuko nearly had anxiety attack.  It was bad enough to be 
tied down like this, nearly helpless, but not even able to see what 
her assistant was doing before it happened, no way to prepare 
herself for...  "Maya, take off this blindfold this minute!"
	"You're much too tense, sempai," Maya whispered in her 
ear as she caressed her cheek.  "You need to relax and let go of all 
the silly notions that society has filled your head up with.  Once 
you do that, this will feel so very good.  Here, this will help you."
	With her sight blocked, Ritsuko found that her other senses 
had been heightened, particularly her senses of touch and smell.  
The feel of Maya's skin once again encircling her lower waist was 
enticing and nauseating at the same time, but it wasn't nearly as 
bad as the sudden whiff of alcohol somewhere close to her nose.
	The doctor tried to lock her jaw shut, but Maya simply 
pinched her nose closed and waited for her sempai to run out of air.  
Ritsuko held out for as long as she could, but the second she 
gasped for breath, Maya poured the harsh-smelling liquid right 
down her throat.  She managed to spit some of it back up, but the 
rest burned as if went down.  It wasn't wine but some hard liquor, 
and not the doctor's favorite thing to drink under the best of 
	"Oh, look what you've done now," Maya cooed as if talking 
to a baby who had just spat up her formula.  "This stuff is too 
precious to waste a drop."
	Ritsuko could feel Maya's tongue as it licked playfully at 
her neck, making her way over her chin to methodical clean her 
face like a cat caring for her kitten.  When Ritsuko tried to pull her 
face away, she felt Maya's hands take a firm hold at the base of her 
neck, digging into her blonde hair, bodies once again pressed 
tightly together.
	Maya licked closer and closer to her sempai's mouth, 
slowly caressing her lips in small circles until she finally slipped 
her tongue inside and explored her mouth once again.  There was 
nothing stopping the doctor from biting that tongue again, other 
than the thought of what Maya might do to her this time.
	Ritsuko gave up resisting and decided to simply wait for it 
to be over.  Maya's affection disgusted her -- she did not want to be 
touched by another woman this way -- but it was preferable to 
being tortured.  All she had to do was endure for now, pretend to 
become whatever her deranged assistant dreamed her to be, and get 
in touch with NERV security as soon as possible.
	The older woman gasped a bit as one of Maya's hands 
moved away from her neck to encircle her nipple, tugging at it 
playfully, all the while her assistant's hot breath lightly bathed her 
face, breaking off the French kiss while planting small kisses on 
her lips.  Her mind might have been disgusted, but her body was 
definitely aroused.  
	Maya was right, it did feel good once she stopped thinking 
about it, but she didn't want her assistant to be right.  Even if she 
had been interested in other women, she definitely didn't want to 
be tied down helpless as she was raped by one.
	"Maya, please untie me," Ritsuko asked in a pleading tone.  
"I'll do anything you want, just please untie me."
	"Okay," the younger woman said after a few minutes.  "I'll 
untie you, but only if you finish the rest of this bottle."
	The doctor felt a sudden surge of joy.  The alcohol was 
powerful stuff -- she was already feeling the effects of her first 
drink -- but she had been drunk before, she could handle it.  It 
wouldn't be like that time...
	"I could drink it faster if you'd untie me," Ritsuko told her 
assistant in her most reasonable tone.  "At least untie me hands."
	Hands lightly caressed her face and neck, reaching down to 
the top of her breasts.  A voice whispered, the breath hot against 
her neck, the tickle of alcohol in the older woman's sensitive 
	"I'm sorry, but I just can't trust you, sempai, at least not yet.  
I'm afraid you might do something bad again and I'll be forced to 
hurt you.  Please don't make me hurt you again, sempai."
	"I won't do anything like that again, I promise.  I've learned 
my lesson."
	Maya's hair brushed against Ritsuko's bare shoulder, 
causing the doctor to shiver.  She could feel her assistant's head 
now nuzzling against her neck, and was surprised at the sudden 
urge to wrap her arms around the girl.  Maybe the alcohol really 
was effecting her thinking like Maya wished it to, but she hadn't 
even drunk that much.
	"Please drink the rest of the bottle, sempai," Maya pleaded, 
laying against her side as her hand lightly kneaded Ritsuko's 
	Ritsuko was feeling more reluctant now, thinking that there 
was something else in that bottle disguised by the bitter taste of 
liquor.  Some sort of drug that...  That what?  Could turn her gay?  
Ritsuko was a woman of science, she knew there wasn't any such 
thing.  She was just letting her fears get to her.  All she had to do 
was be nice to her assistant for a little bit longer and finish off the 
nasty stuff.  Then she would be free.
	"I will, Maya.  At least take off this blindfold.  I won't 
waste any if I can see what I'm drinking."
	"Don't worry," Maya told her as she shifted her weight, 
sliding her body against her sempai's, "I'll help you.  Now open 
	Ritsuko reluctantly opened her mouth and nearly choked on 
the liquor that was poured into it.  It was easier this time, knowing 
it was coming, but whatever the booze was it was powerful stuff 
and the doctor never drank hard liquor straight unless she was 
already far gone.  She was more of a social drinker, choosing 
coffee as her usual beverage of choice.  And this was definitely not 
a social occasion.
	Maya eagerly sought to taste the booze from Ritsuko's 
mouth, probing with her tongue into every crevice, sucking on the 
doctor's own tongue as if it were a straw.  Ritsuko found herself 
leaning forward to deepen the kiss before she realized what she 
was doing.  By the time she pulled back, it was already over.
	Ritsuko heard the chug of the liquid again and braced 
herself for another dose of her 'medicine,' but none was 
forthcoming.  Maybe Maya had liked the second-hand taste so 
much that she decided to take a swing herself, though she doubted 
it.  Even Misato would have to be pretty far gone already before 
she'd like the taste of this harsh liquid.
	As Maya took another firm, but surprisingly gentle, hold of 
her head, Ritsuko braced herself for another deep kiss.  Even she 
had to admit that there wasn't a lot actual bracing needed.  Forced 
French kisses were pleasant compared to what Maya could be 
doing to her.  She almost felt... expectant, eager.
	Their lips met once again and Ritsuko nearly choked in 
surprise as the alcohol filled up her mouth.  As she swallowed it 
down so quick that she barely noticed the taste, Maya's tongue 
replaced it, carefully licking her mouth clean.
	As Maya began to pull away, Ritsuko blinked as a plan 
suddenly formed in her mind.  She sucked on her assistant's tongue 
before it could slip out of her mouth, encircling and tugging at it 
with her lips.  She nearly smiled as she could feel Maya freeze, 
probably surprised and uncertain of what to do next.  Then she felt 
her shiver as Ritsuko lightly dragged her teeth across her tongue 
while licking all around it with her own.
	Maya moaned as she leaned forward again and returned the 
kiss, squashing her lips against her sempai's to press her tongue as 
deeply as possible into her mouth.  Ritsuko's tongue battled hers 
for space, their breath hot and sharp with the scent of the alcohol 
they had just shared.  One of Maya's arms was wrapped around her 
neck, while the other expertly kneaded her breasts, massaging 
Ritsuko's now sensitive skin.
	Ritsuko gasped aloud, breaking off the kiss, when Maya's 
leg began to rub against her sex. She strained her bonds to pull her 
whole body away.  She was just trying to convince her assistant 
that her 'cure' was working.  She didn't mean to get so into it 
herself, but her mind seemed clouded now, that in the middle of 
the moment she simply forgot everything but pleasure, and the 
desire for more pleasure.
	The doctor shook her head in an effort to clear it.  If this 
was going to work she had to remain in complete control, of her 
mind and body.
	"Mmm, that was wonderful, sempai," Maya purred into her 
ear, the younger woman once again lying against her side, head 
resting in the crook of her neck, her fingers lightly roaming up and 
down Ritsuko's body.
	Ritsuko said nothing, trying to ignore the comfort she was 
beginning to feel in Maya's warmth, her touch.  No matter how 
much she might want to escape from this, her body was enjoying 
it.  And now her mind was beginning to give in as well.
	She kept thinking that it wouldn't be so bad to just give in 
to what Maya wanted just for one night and have her assistant back 
to her usual self in the morning.  Maya was too valuable to replace; 
she was sure she'd never find another assistant as dedicated and 
capable as her, especially at this stage.  Retraining would be a 
nightmare.  And if Maya wanted a little nookie now and again in 
return for her devotion, what was the harm?
	*Isn't that exactly what Gendo is doing with you?* she 
couldn't stop herself from thinking.  She knew he was just using 
her, but she still gave in anyway.  Why?  There were a lot of 
reasons but basically what it boiled down to was she was a lonely 
woman and the sex was good.
	"I think it's time for another drink," Maya said suddenly, 
interrupting the doctor's thoughts.
	Ritsuko realized that she would have plenty of time to think 
of the consequences of all this later, she still had to get though 
	Maya supplied her with alcohol-fueled French kisses until 
she had finally drained the bottle dry.  Ritsuko did her best to 
convince her assistant that the treatment was working, while still 
holding herself back, trying to avoid fully giving in and falling 
under Maya's spell like she had before.  There were times when she 
came close, but managed to bring herself under control in time.  
She didn't relish the idea of becoming her assistant's love slave.
	But now the ordeal was nearly over.  Maya would untie her 
and she'd be able to convince her assistant to let her go, applying 
force if needed.  Only Maya made no move to untie her.  Her 
assistant finally got off of her and after a few moments she heard 
the door open.
	"Wait!  Where are you going?" Ritsuko asked, feeling her 
earlier panic return.  "You said you'd untie me!"
	Maya's hands took hold of her face and she placed a small 
kiss on her sempai's lips.  "Don't worry, I'll be back soon.  My 
special medicine needs time to take effect, and I've got a few more 
preparations to make."
	"Untie me now, you fucking dyke!" Ritsuko shouted, far 
beyond angry to having been tricked again.
	The only response was the sound of the door closing.

	"No," Maya whispered, breaking off the kiss and struggling 
to push her sempai's hands away, but her strength was as feeble as 
her protests.  Though Narumi's touch was warm and soft, but her 
grip was like iron, encircling Maya like a cage.
	Maya looked up into her sempai's eyes, searching for some 
way to end this.  It wasn't as if she was against this entirely, but it 
was all too fast for her, all too soon after what those other girls had 
done, her bruises not yet faded completely.
	The usual caring look was gone from Narumi's eyes now, 
they only burned with lust.  It was an animal look, almost 
completely devoid of intelligence.  Maya tried to shrink away from 
it, but the arms still held her fast, not permitting escape.  "Please, 
	Narumi grinned, licking her lips.  And suddenly forced 
Maya down onto the bed, pressing her lips against hers, her tongue 
pushing past her lips, knocking the breath right out of the younger 
girl.  Maya tried to squirm away, but Narumi's weight pinned her 
down, one arm wrapped around to hold her arms to her sides while 
the older girl's free hand roughly grouped her right breast, painfully 
squeezing at her nipple.
	Maya bit her lip to stop herself from crying out, whether in 
pleasure or pain she wasn't entirely sure.  The pain was sharp, but 
quick, leaving behind a wave of pleasure in its wake.  Narumi had 
moved on to planting small kisses down her neck, occasionally 
nipping at her with her teeth, though not hard enough to break the 
skin.  Maya felt a small shiver with each contact, each one adding 
to the intensity until she couldn't help gasping aloud.
	"No, no more," Maya murmured dreamily, her eyes half 
shut, baring her neck for her sempai without even realizing it.
	Narumi continued to work her way down, licking at Maya's 
collarbone, her arm no longer restraining the younger girls, though 
the weight of her body still kept her pinned, straddling her 
stomach.  Her newly freed hand massaged Maya's left breast, 
alternating between rough and the gentleness of before.  When she 
squeezed her nipple this time, Maya couldn't help moaning aloud.
	The other hand slid down to take a firm hold of the younger 
girl's behind, pulling their bodies closer together.  Maya could feel 
her sempai's soft pubic hair rubbing against her stomach as 
Narumi's kisses trailed down to her right breast, licking, sucking, 
and nipping at it, making her way in tighter and tighter circles until 
she finally reached the nipple.
	Narumi grinned as she gently kissed it, her amusement that 
of a little girl.  Then her smile grew up, and she dragged her teeth 
along the nub of the nipple while caressing it with her tongue.  
Maya's whole body quivered with delight as she released a low, 
lust-filled moan.  She reached out to run her fingers through her 
sempai's short blonde hair, pushing the older girl's head back down 
to her breast.  Narumi suckled at it eagerly as her left hand worked 
around from her bottom to inner thigh, massaging the softer skin it 
found there, inching closer and closer to the younger girl's sex.
	Maya gasped and immediately pulled away as Narumi's 
fingers gently brushed against the soft petals of her sex.  This 
couldn't, shouldn't, be happening.  "No, please stop."
	Narumi didn't respond.  She turned around so that her legs 
pinned Maya's arms to the bed while her arms firmly held her legs 
open.  Maya had never felt so vulnerable and defenseless in her 
life.  Tears of frustration began to well up in her eyes as she 
struggled to free herself, but she couldn't even budge the older girl.
	Narumi slowly lowered her body down.  Maya could only 
stare as her sempai's sex came closer.  A pleasantly musky scent 
filled seemed to fill the room all at once, which combined with the 
wine and the warmth of her sempai's body against hers, caused her 
to relax.  The sight of her sempai's sex was almost hypnotic as it 
glistened wetly only inches from her eyes, moving up and down to 
the motions of Narumi's body rubbing against her own, their flesh 
hot and slick with sweat.  Maya felt the sudden urge to reach out 
and touch it, but her arms were still pinned.
	Maya gasped sharply when something wet touched her own 
sex, but this time she didn't attempt to pull away.  Narumi's tongue 
licked around the edges of her clitoris, but never touching, closer 
and closer only to pull away again, contact light as a feather.  Maya 
waiting for something more to happen, but Narumi seemed content 
to continue this subtle caress.
	"Please... don't tease me, sempai," Maya begged, using 
what little give she had to rub her body against the older girl's, 
trying to do anything to increase this feeling welling up inside her, 
this pressure.  Something she had felt before, but never at this 
intensity.  The idea of letting it slowly fade away without release 
this time was almost painful to her.
	Narumi's hands firmly pulled Maya's legs further and 
further apart as she tickled the younger girl's pubic hair with her 
chin.  Maya whimpered, arching her body in an effort to bring her 
sempai closer to her most sensitive spot, which demanded 
attention.  "Please," she begged.
	Maya's body writhed when Narumi finally reached out and 
caressed her clitoris with her tongue, bathing and massaging that 
delicate nub.  No longer teasing, Maya could feel the older girl's 
lips kissing her soft petals as her tongue began to probe deeply 
inside her.  Maya was so focused on this that she barely felt 
Narumi's hands kneading her thighs.
	Maya thrust her pelvis forward in an effort to drive her 
sempai's tongue deeper and deeper inside of herself, her whole 
body shaking as the waves of pleasure grew stronger and stronger, 
moaning and gasping in time with her sempai's movements.
	Maya felt Narumi's whole body shudder as her nose 
accidentally rubbed against the older girl's clitoris.  The earlier 
scent was much stronger now, but it still wasn't enough.  Maya 
wanted to breath it in deep.  Finding he arms free now, she grabbed 
hold of her sempai's waist, bringing Narumi's sex in for a kiss.
	The older girl gasped as her whole body shook once again 
when Maya was finally able to bring her lips in contact with 
Narumi's petals.  Maya breathed in the wonderful odor as she 
licked the cloying wetness of her sempai from her lips.  It was a 
taste like she had never experienced before, and she wanted more 
of it.
	Maya released a long moan as she felt one of her sempai's 
fingers thrust deep inside her, sliding in and out.  Maya moved her 
body to the rhythm of those thrusts, feeling an increase of the 
pleasure that threatened to overwhelm her.  Somehow though it 
still wasn't enough.  Maya hugged Narumi's waist tight with both 
arms, while she pressed her lips against her sempai's sex, suckling 
at her clitoris.
	Maya felt like she was going to explode when Narumi 
began to thrust two fingers inside her sex, deeper and faster than 
before, filling her up tight.  She had to occasionally break away 
from her suckling just to gasp for air, and her sempai's low moans 
were getting louder and louder.
	But it still wasn't enough.  Maya was right on the edge, but 
what her sempai was doing now was only keeping her there.  She 
wanted, needed, something else to push her over.
	Maya broke away from her sempai's sex and licked her own 
index finger, making sure that it was nice and wet.  With her other 
hand spreading the petals of her sempai as much as possible, she 
plunged her finger deep inside of Narumi.
	Narumi screamed, arching her back as her hands dug 
painfully into Maya's flesh.
	Maya immediately pulled her finger out with a slurp, 
staring it in shock, still wet with her sempai's lubrication. "I'm 
sorry," she started to apologize, feeling tears began to form.  She 
had finally realized what pleasure Narumi could give her and in 
return she had hurt her.  "I didn't mean to--"
	"Don't... stop," Narumi told her with an undertone of anger, 
gasping for air.  "Don't you dare stop."
	Maya blinked away half-formed tears, more confused than 
ever, but feeling her own building pressure starting to fade now 
that Narumi had also stopped.  She couldn't let it end like this, she 
would do as her sempai commanded her.
	"Yes!" Narumi shouted in joy as Maya's finger was thrust 
inside her again.  "Keep going," she instructed, though sounded as 
if she was having difficulty speaking.  "Use two... two fingers."
	Narumi's sex held her one finger so tightly that Maya didn't 
even know if two would actually fit, but any protests immediately 
died as she felt her sempai's two fingers slide back inside her once 
	Maya brought her hand back into her mouth, licking off 
Narumi's juices, before gently sliding two fingers inside her 
sempai, doing to her best to avoid hurting her this time.  Narumi's 
breathing abruptly grew heavier as her moans increased in volume.  
Maya was so focused on her sempai's cries that she failed to notice 
that hers were just as loud.
	With it still faintly lingering in her mouth, Maya craved the 
taste of her sempai's juices.  She didn't know why, but she had the 
urge to lick her fingers clean.  But she couldn't stop and risk 
Narumi's fingers to stop filling her up.  Maya licked around the 
edges then as she continued to thrust her fingers deeper and deeper, 
faster and faster, inside of her sempai, no longer even considering 
that she might hurt the older girl.  Pleasure was all, there was no 
room for anything else.
	Narumi wriggled with each lick, and the wriggling itself 
became another source of pleasure, something that brought a smile 
to her lips as leaned closer to plant more intimate kisses.  For once 
Narumi was copying her and soon Maya herself was writhing as 
she once again felt her sempai's tongue caress her petals, while her 
fingers drove in deeper and deeper.
	"Almost... there," Maya gasped, nearly unable to speak 
over the pleasure, which seemed to both surround and fill her at the 
same time.  She brought wrapped her legs around her sempai's 
head in the effort, the hope, that it would bring those fingers in 
deeper still, to reach that small thing that was keeping her from 
going completely over the edge.
	"Me... too," Narumi replied, her voice low and sensuous.  
"Please don't stop."
	Maya's free hand kneaded her sempai's behind, gripping it 
in an effort to make her fingers go in deeper while she slurped all 
around Narumi's sex.
	Narumi suddenly stopped her ministrations for a moment, 
nearly causing Maya to whimper.  Before she could, however, she 
felt her sempai's fingers driven even deeper inside while she lightly 
massaged the younger girl's clitoris with her teeth.
	Maya's world suddenly exploded with pleasure as her body 
buckled, arching her back as the total ecstasy of her orgasm 
completely overwhelmed her.  She was literally conscious of 
nothing else.
	"Don't... stop," Narumi whimpered, bringing Maya out of 
her sudden daze.
	Maya grinned, her whole body still echoing and resounding 
with the pleasure she felt.  The initial high of the orgasm had only 
lasted for a moment, but its effects still lingered, an all-
encompassing warmth rather than a instantaneous rush.  Maya 
mimicked her sempai, thrusting her fingers in as deeply as she 
could while biting down very gently on the older girl's clitoris.
	Narumi screamed again, even louder than before, with her 
whole body rigid and taunt, shaking slightly with the strain.  Her 
head was raised to stare at the ceiling, the light from the television 
strangely illuminating her golden hair.
	And then she turned her head, looking Maya right in the 
eyes.  Her blue eyes sparkled and there was a wide grin on her lips.  
Maya had never in her life seen someone who looked so happy.
	Without a word, she turned around and brought their faces 
in close.  For a while they only stared at each other.  Maya had the 
urge to speak, but had completely no idea what to say.  Narumi 
cupped her cheek and gently kissed her on the lips.  Maya was 
surprised, and pleased, to taste her own juices there.
	Narumi settled the bed sheets over the both of them, and 
then slowly wrapped Maya in a hug, their legs intertwining.  She 
rested the younger girl's head on the crook of her neck and began 
to run her fingers through her hair.
	Maya sighed in contentment, snuggling closer to her 
sempai's warm body.  Closing her eyes, she could feel herself 
starting to drift off to sleep.
	"That was wonderful," Narumi whispered suddenly.
	"Yes," Maya agreed in a voice just barely audible, "It was."

	"Get back in here, you bitch!  Whore!  Tramp!  Slut!  
Dyke!" Ritsuko shouted until her voice grew hoarse as she 
struggled against her silken bonds, but they still held her fast, and 
only received silence in response for all of her cries.
	She could feel the light breeze from an open window brush 
against her naked flesh, but her skin was too hot to notice the cold.  
It burned like she had a fever, she could feel her skin dot with 
small droplets of sweat.  She frowned to feel it slowly making its 
way from her forehead down.  She wanted to wipe it off, cleanse 
herself, do something; but she was still trapped, unable to move, 
unable to see.
	Ritsuko sighed as she finally gave up again, coughing a bit, 
her throat sore from all of her shouting.  Her breath burned with the 
alcohol Maya had forced her to drink.  It stank too, she hated the 
taste in her mouth, but there wasn't anything she could do about 
that either.  She was helpless.
	No longer focused on escape, her mind became lucid, 
drifting off on odd tangents.  She felt relaxed, despite her current 
situation.  Results of the booze, she knew.  Ritsuko was normally a 
tense and nervous sort of person, so it was no real surprise to that 
she was a mellow drunk.  All of her troubles started to seem small 
and distant, not worth bothering with.
	She tried to struggle against this feeling, but it was hard 
with nothing to focus her rage on.  There was no longer any of 
Maya's sick attempts at seduction, only the soft bed with the silk 
sheets lying gently against her skin.  She couldn't shake off her 
bonds, but they weren't uncomfortable; even the one that Maya had 
tied tight enough to cut of her circulation before had loosened 
enough to no longer bother her.
	Ritsuko began to slide her body slowly up and down, 
rubbing it against the sheets as they caressed her skin, like the feel 
of an attentive lover's hand.  A familiar feel, but not gentle like this 
was, like she always wanted him to be.  She moaned a bit in 
frustration and she struggled against her bonds again, even though 
she knew it was hopeless.  She really wanted to dig her breasts, her 
erect nipples, into those sheets, deeper and deeper, lubricated with 
her own sweat.  She wanted her hands free so her she could press 
them against her sensitive sex, to drive their softness inside herself.
	Ritsuko howled in frustration, the normally gentle touch of 
her restraints biting into her wrists and ankles as she strained with 
fury against them.  It was still not enough to free her, however.
	She didn't want to admit it, she didn't even want to think 
about it, but there was no use in denying it anymore:  Ritsuko was 
definitely turned on.  She wasn't a lesbian like Maya wanted her to 
be, she had never looked at another woman that way in her life, but 
the combination of the silken sheets, the caresses and kisses, and 
the liquor she had drank from Maya's own mouth had made her 
hornier than she had ever been in her life.  And the frustration of 
just lying there, unable to even satisfy herself, was driving her 
	"Get in here and fuck me, Maya!" She shouted suddenly, 
her voice still raspy from her earlier yelling.  "Come on and fuck 
me now, you fucking bitch!"
	Ritsuko no longer cared if her assistant was a screwed-up 
dyke from hell.  Her body begged for attention and she couldn't 
deny it any longer.  Maya was naturally missing what she really 
craved, but under the circumstances she would just to make do.  
Besides, she knew from prior experience that the touch of a woman 
could be very... satisfactory.
	She nearly sighed with relief when the door finally opened.
	"You're all sweaty now, sempai," Maya purred as Ritsuko 
listened to her soft footfalls draw closer.  "Your body gleams under 
the moonlight like a fallen angel."
	The doctor felt a delightful shiver as Maya's hand lightly 
ran across her side.  It made her want more.  Her nipples were 
painfully hard now and her skin was so hot she half-thought she'd 
set the sheets on fire.  She squirmed against the silk, half in 
frustration, half in anticipation.
	"Can you take the blind-fold off now?" Ritsuko begged.
	"Of course," her assistant replied.
	Ritsuko savored the touch of Maya's arms around her neck, 
her breath against her face.  It still reeked by the alcohol they had 
shared, but the doctor was no longer bothered by it's odor.  She 
almost felt disappointed when those hands pulled away as the 
blindfold was finally removed.
	For a few moments, it was almost as if she still had it on,  
then Ritsuko's eyes adjusted to the dim light.  She saw her assistant 
standing beside her, nearly laughing to realize it was the same pose 
Maya normally had when waiting on her, only this time her 
assistant was completely naked.
	"My bonds?" Ritsuko begged, practically panting.
	Maya nodded and carefully made her way around the bed, 
freeing the doctor's hands and legs.  Then she stood there, as if 
uncertain what to do next.
	Ritsuko sat on the bed in silence, rubbing her wrists and 
ankles a bit, though she'd much rather be rubbing other places.  As 
she looked up at her assistant, whose expression was lost, 
confused, and plan began to form.  She smiled as she gestured for 
her assistant to come closer.
	Maya nodded and slowly drew closer to Ritsuko, sitting 
next to her on the bed.  She seemed timid now, almost fearful, 
more like her normal self.  The doctor realized that their short time 
apart might have given her assistant time to think about this and 
the whole scheme might not have been such a good idea now as it 
had seemed at first.
	"Sempai, I--" Maya started to say, her tone apologetic, but 
Ritsuko put a finger to her lips to silence her.  The doctor idly 
wrapped her arms around the younger woman, running her fingers 
through her short, dark hair as she leaned close to her.
	"You've been a naughty girl, Maya-chan," Ritsuko 
whispered throatily into her assistant's ear, her lips nearly touching.  
She could feel the girl shiver with every word.  "I'm afraid that I 
must... teach you a lesson."
	"Yes, you must," Maya whispered back eagerly, her eyes 
gleaming in the moonlight.
	Ritsuko grinned as she drew the younger woman closer to 
her, arms just brushing the bottoms of Maya's breasts as her own 
nipples dug into her back.  The feel of flesh against flesh was too 
delightful to Ritsuko to care that it was another woman.  She 
moaned as she wondered idly what else was in that little box of 
Maya's that she hadn't seen yet.
	"You must do everything I say to the letter, or I will not 
permit you to be in my sight again," Ritsuko told her sternly, 
letting her arms fall as she leaned away from her assistant's body, 
removing all contact.
	"Please, not that!  I'll do anything, sempai!  Anything!"  
Maya pleaded, her body quivering.
	Ritsuko suddenly wrapped her arms around Maya again, 
squeezing her tight enough to give her assistant difficulty 
breathing.  She couldn't believe how badly she had come to want to 
hold her like this, and more, but the older woman refused to be that 
easy, not after what Maya had just put her through.
	"Oh, I think you're going to like what I have in mind," 
Ritsuko said with a grin before slipping her tongue into her 
assitant's ear.  Maya leaned into it eagerly, squirming her back 
against the doctor's sensitive breasts, her arms lightly running up 
and down the her legs, lingering close to the doctor's pubic hair.
	Ritsuko bit down on Maya's ear, hard but not enough to 
break the skin, one hand rubbing at her assistant's stomach while 
the other cupped a breast.  Her touch was forceful, not gentle at all, 
but not painful either.  Maya wriggled around in her grip, her 
breathing low and shallow, her rear end rubbing up against the 
doctor's lower stomach.
	"Stay still, stay quiet," Ritsuko whispered, though her tone 
was stern.  Instantly, all of Maya's movements ceased.  She stared 
straight ahead, hardly even breathing.  The doctor was surprised 
and pleased by her quick response.  The situation was quite 
attractive now that she was the one in charge.  Those inhibitions 
not stripped away by lust dissolved under this feeling of complete 
power over the person who had up until recently held complete 
power over her.
	Ritsuko lightly punched Maya's stomach while her other 
hand squeezed the breast it held, digging her dull nails into the soft 
flesh.  Her assistant remained mostly still, though she quivered 
very slightly as her breathing grew heavier.  Her eyes stayed firmly 
planted on a distant spot on the wall.
	The doctor's right hand encircled the nipple while her left 
slipped down through soft pubic hair, making small pinches along 
the way, tugging at the hairs by the roots, but playfully, careful not 
to tug too hard. Maya remained still.  The older woman wrapped 
her legs around the smaller girl, drawing her in even closer, 
arching her back to force her assistant to do the same.
	Ritsuko hand slipped down to Maya's sex, blindly 
exploring her nether regions with the tips of her fingers while the 
other hand rubbed her right breast, flicking at her nipple with her 
thumb.  Maya's mouth was clamped shut and she seemed to be 
biting her own tongue to keep from crying out.  Ritsuko grinned as 
she ground Maya's delicate petals between forefinger and thumb 
while her other hand took a firm hold of the nipple and twisted it 
sharply.  Maya gasped wordlessly as her eyes went wide, her hands 
tightly gripping the older woman's thighs.
	The doctor turned and dumped her assistant onto the bed as 
if she were a toy she was done playing with.  With a slow grace, 
Ritsuko stood up and towered over the young woman lying there 
on the bed all astray, a marionette whose strings had been cut.  She 
crossed her arms under her breasts, her legs closed tightly together, 
trying her best to appear stern and commanding.  An effect she 
knew that was all but ruined by her current nakedness.
	Maya sat up quickly and looked at her with pleading in her 
eyes.  Her mouth was opened, but she seemed to fear saying the 
wrong thing.
	"You moved," Ritsuko explained, her voice a mixture of 
anger and disappointment.  "Now I have to punish you for it."  She 
was trying to for a cold glare, something to hide the nearly 
overwhelming lust and desire she felt, but couldn't quite manage it.  
Her body shook with the urge to have Maya's warm flesh pressed 
up against her again, but she resisted.  She had to remain in 
	Maya looked convinced, however.  Her lower lip quivered, 
her eyes nearly spilling tears.  It was enough to soften the doctor, 
though only a bit.
	Ritsuko sat down on then bed next to her, leaving about a 
foot of distance between them.  Maya stared at her with longing in 
her eyes, but made no move to bridge the gap between them.
	"I want you to lie across my lap," she told her assistant, her 
tone still devoid of warmth.  "And this time don't move!"
	"Hai, sempai!" Maya answered immediately and very 
gently laid down like someone trying to get a suntan, her stomach 
on her sempai's legs, while the doctor gathered up the discarded 
silken bonds which had once held her fast.
	"Hands behind your back," Ritsuko told her.
	"Hai," Maya replied, doing as she was told.
	Ritsuko tied Maya's hands together as tightly as she could 
without cutting off circulation, then doing the same for the girl's 
legs, pausing only for a bit to run her hand down one leg.  A third 
one was balled up and crammed into her assistant's mouth.  This 
brought a look of surprise to Maya's face, which the doctor met 
with an evil smile.
	"Now no quivering this time," Ritsuko instructed her 
assistant as she raised her open palm up and brought it sharply 
down on her rear.  Maya shivered slightly with the contact as her 
eyes widened, but in no other way reacted.  The doctor found the 
sound of the slap pleasingly loud in the silence of the room.  Her 
assistant tried to say something, but it was muffled by the silk that 
filled her mouth.
	"Quiet! Ritsuko shouted, bringing her hand down twice in 
rapid succession, her assistant's bottom quivering with each blow, 
drawing an amused giggle from the doctor.  Maya had buried her 
face in the sheets to further muffle the small sounds she was 
obviously trying her best not to make.
	"This one is for drugging my coffee!" Ritsuko declared, 
bringing her hand down even harder than before, resisting the 
urged to fondle her assistant's reddening bottom.
	"This one is for kidnapping me!"  Again the hand came 
down.  Ritsuko liked the way the air felt as it whistled faintly 
between her fingers, though not as much as when those fingers 
made contact with Maya's soft flesh.  She could feel her nipples 
becoming painfully hard again.  She tried caressing them with her 
free hand to reduce her budding lust, but it only seemed to make 
things worse.
	"These are for tying me up and making me helpless!"  
Ritsuko nearly screeched as she quickly spanked Maya three times, 
pausing only for a moment in-between.  She gasped for breath 
while her free hand violently fondled her breasts as if it had a mind 
of it's own.  She absent-mindedly rubbed her legs against Maya's 
stomach draped over them, opening her legs to allow contact with 
the more sensitive flesh of her inner thighs.
	Maya arched her back slightly, presenting her behind to 
Ritsuko, looking nearly as red as an apple even in the pale 
moonlight.  The sound of muffled whining reached the doctor's 
ears, a wordless plea for attention.
	"Don't move!!" Ritsuko shouted, bringing her hand down 
so hard that it knocked Maya's body back down flat on the bed, 
causing her assistant to whimper loudly, even muffled by the silk.
	A moment of stillness followed as Ritsuko listened to the 
faint sound of wind rustling the curtains and Maya's muffed 
breathing.  The younger woman was shaking very slightly, rubbing 
her stomach against the doctor's legs in a way that she found 
strangely soothing.
	Ritsuko then gently ran her palm on Maya's now almost 
painfully sensitive rear, rubbing each cheek as if carefully 
polishing them.  Maya shivered with each caress, but otherwise did 
her best to remain still and silent.  The doctor was especially 
careful to make her touch feather light, as if treating a burn victim.  
She continued to do this until Maya began to squirm in impatience, 
arching her back again to make Ritsuko's touch more tangible.
	Then the doctor's hand slid from her assistant's firm 
bottom, up her back, to wrap around her neck, titling up Maya's 
chin.  With a small grin, Ritsuko reached into the younger woman's 
mouth and plunked out the damp cloth.  Maya looked up at her in 
surprise as the doctor studied the wet silk with interest.
	Ritsuko especial noted the eager gleam as she brought the 
item close, as if she were about to rub it onto her own breasts.  
Tempting though this was in a way the doctor herself didn't quite 
understand, she instead brought the cloth to Maya's swollen 
behind.  She was again surprised by the trace of guilt she felt when 
she saw that look change to disappointment.
	Maya squirmed as Ritsuko rubbed hard on her assistant's 
behind with the damp cloth.  Her breathing was low, punctuated by 
short gasps, especially when the trailing edge of the cloth touched 
the younger woman's sex.  The look of disappointment had 
vanished in an instant, only to be replaced by something 
approaching joy.
	"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Ritsuko accused, tone 
tinged with amusement.
	"Hai, sempai," Maya replied, her voice low.
	Ritsuko grinned, deciding that these sort of games could be 
fun as long as she was in control.  She wrapped her arms around 
the smaller woman, lifting her up from under her armpits and 
gently setting her reddened behind on the doctor's half-opened 
legs.  Maya faced her now, hands still tied behind her back, her 
eyes filled with uncertainty, but there was an eager gleam to them.
	"I'm afraid I'll have to find another way of punishing you 
then, you sick pervert," Ritsuko told her, licking her lips.  The 
doctor leaned forward, her arms around her assistant's neck, their 
nipples lightly rubbing against each other.  "Now what can I do 
that will really teach my assistant a lesson?"
	Maya leaned forward, burying her head in the crook of 
Ritsuko's neck.  "I'll do anything you want, sempai," she 
whispered.  "Anything."
	"Anything? Hmm..." Ritsuko thought out loud as she idly 
ran her hand though Maya's hair, the other arm holding her 
assistant close to her, fingers tracing patterns on her back.  The 
comfort of skin against skin felt like heaven to the aroused doctor, 
but their combined body heat was making her all sweaty.  She 
could take a shower, but then she thought of something better.
	"You're behind must be very hot from the spanking I gave 
you," Ritsuko told her, her hand slipped down to caress Maya's 
rear, cupping a bruised cheek in her palm.
	"It's fine, sempai."
	"It's not nice to lie to me, Maya-chan," Ritsuko said in a 
gentle tone as she roughly pinched her assistant's overly-sensitive 
	Maya cried out in pain and surprise, and then told her 
mentor, "It's burning, sempai."
	"That's much better," Ritsuko told her sweetly, kissing the 
younger woman on the forehead, then impulsively following up 
with a deep French kiss that left both of them surprised and 
	Ritsuko was starting to wonder what was happening to her.  
She was enjoying that far too much.  Her body's craving for 
attention drowned out such thoughts, not to mention that her desire 
for revenge had yet to be completely sated.
	"Do you have a bathtub?" the doctor asked.
	"Yes, a small one," Maya replied conversationally.  "I was 
lucky to get it at all.  The person who owned this apartment before 
me had to move out suddenly so I got it at a discount."
	"All this exertion has made us all hot and sweaty," Ritsuko 
explained.  "We both need a good washing up, don't you think?"
	"Oh, yes!" Maya replied eagerly, grinning.  "Definitely."
	Ritsuko found her assistant surprisingly light as she slung 
the still-bound girl over her shoulder and stood, then nearly 
staggered from the sudden unexpected weight.  Her head was 
cloudy with the alcohol she had drunk before and she was feeling a 
bit dizzy, but what she had planned could help both of them sober 
up in a hurry.
	She finally left the room which she had once thought to be 
her prison for the night and felt absolutely none of her previous 
urge to escape.  The only thing that waited her at home was a cold 
and empty bed.  Things were much more interesting where she 
	The main room of the apartment was all one open space, 
combining living room, dining room, and kitchen.  Even in the dim 
light, it was all familiar to Ritsuko who had been an infrequent 
visitor to her assistant's home.  It was sparse and neat, half empty 
bookcase in one corner, computer and desk next to it.  Small sofa 
and TV.  Low dining table with just barely room enough for four.  
Waist-height wall separating the kitchen from the rest.  Much 
better looking than her own apartment, though it seemed to lack a 
personal touch.  As if this was to show prospective tenants rather 
than to actually live in.
	Ritsuko paid this all scant attention as she padded her way 
over to the refrigerator, digging around in the freezer section before 
pulling out what she had been looking for with a joyful smile.
	Maya, still slung over her mentor's back, and who could 
only tell where they were by looking down at the tiled floor, asked, 
"What are you getting?"  Her voice sounded uncertain, and a touch 
	The doctor chuckled but didn't answer.
	The bathroom was easy to find even though Ritsuko had 
never had the need to use it before.  She liked the dominance of 
blue -- from the tiles on the floor and lower half of the walls to the 
fixtures -- it reminded the doctor of the sea.  A place which held 
fond memories for her.
	Dropping the bag of ice in the sink, Ritsuko used both 
hands to set her assistant down in the shower stall.  She was a bit 
surprised to see the nervous look that Maya was giving her, so with 
a grin she leaned forward and drew the younger woman into a deep 
kiss while her hand fondled the younger woman's left breast.  
When she pulled away, Maya was grinning back at her.  It was an 
expectant sort of grin.
	Ritsuko nodded with a smile of her own to her assistant, 
and then closed the shower curtain.  She turned her attention to the 
small tub which lay in the middle of the bathroom, up against one 
wall.  Even a small one was too large for such a small bathroom, it 
crowded everything in, but the doctor wasn't about to question her 
good fortune.  With another chuckle, she began to fill up the tub, 
dumping in the ice as almost an afterthought.  It didn't take too 
long to fill up near to the top, the ice cubes floating around like 
miniature icebergs.
	Pulling back the shower curtain, Ritsuko asked, "Ready?"
	Maya looked up at her and nodded eagerly.
	Ritsuko bent down and picked up her assistant in both 
arms, having to balance her on one knee for a bit as she got used to 
the weight.  It wasn't easy for her to carry someone like this 
normally and she was still quite drunk, though she could barely 
feel it now.  Arms outstretched over the tub like offering Maya up 
for sacrifice, she suddenly pulled her arms back and let her 
assistant fall to the icy water below.
	The resulting splash filled the room, making Ritsuko shiver 
from the cold.  She hadn't counted on getting wet herself, at least 
not yet.  A second later, Maya's head broke the surface, gasping for 
air and shouting something unintelligible.
	"Hold your breath this time," Ritsuko told her as if 
instructing a child before forcing the younger woman's head under 
the water again.  She also had to pin her feet that were sticking out 
to keep Maya from thrashing around like a fish caught in the net.  
The doctor waited a few minutes before releasing her grip on the 
woman's head.
	Maya's head popped up and gasped for breath again, her 
struggles violent and futile.  Ritsuko had always been good with 
knots and those silken bonds stayed tied even in the water.
	"Cold?" Ritsuko asked her with a smile.
	"Freezing," Maya admitted as her teeth began to chatter.
	"But I bet you rear feels better now?"
	"Barely feel it all now," the younger girl said, a trace of 
anger creeping into her voice as her expression began to approach a 
glare.  "Whole body is numb."
	Ritsuko began to feel a little ashamed of herself.  After all, 
her assistant had completely trusted her and Maya really hadn't 
treated her this badly.  Besides, she didn't want the girl catching 
pneumonia or anything like that.  Ritsuko was only trying to teach 
her a lesson, but she still needed Maya for her work at NERV.
	The only problem was getting her out of the tub without 
getting wet herself.  While she might have liked a nice bath about 
then, the water was far too cold for her liking.  Even the small 
splash that had hit her had been enough to make her shiver.
	With an apologetic expression, Ritsuko untied Maya's legs, 
who spread them to the corners of the tub with a grateful sigh.  Her 
look of anger had already softened to almost a smile, though her 
teeth still chattered.  She leaned forward and raised up her still-
bound arms.  With a smile, the doctor leaned forward and untied 
them as well.
	The next second Maya sprang half-way out of the tub, 
grabbed Ritsuko roughly around the waist, and shoved her under 
the ice cold water, a firm grip on her blonde hair to keep her head 

	A chill wind rustled Maya's short hair, but she only 
instinctively pulled the coat tighter, her mind too focused on the 
simple gravestone before her, its only decoration the small bundle 
of flowers she had laid before it.  The grave of her lover, Narumi.
	Narumi had been diagnosed with a terminal illness long 
before they had met, something that would leave her more or less 
healthy for a while, and then a relatively swift and painless decline.  
Living with something like that for a few years helped to explain 
her sempai's aggressive personality.  She had to take in everything 
as quickly as she could; she didn't have time for anything else.
	Maya only found out all this in the hospital room.  They 
had known each other for about three months and had grown very 
close, but there Maya felt that there was always one last step, one 
remaining emotional line that Narumi refused to cross that kept 
them as something more than friends than true lovers.  Maya had 
thought that it was somehow her fault, that one of her many flaws 
made her unworthy of Nurami's love.  She had been too afraid to 
say anything, however, and lose what she already had.
	They had been making lunch when Narumi had collapsed 
without warning.  Frantic with worry, Maya had called for an 
ambulance.  She remembered the ride to the hospital as a single 
still image, Narumi lying there unconscious, her face screwed up in 
the same way it did wherever she had a bad dream.  And Maya's 
helplessness of being unable to comfort her this time.
	Maya couldn't say how long they had kept her waiting in 
the waiting room.  Time had seemed to stop as she stared at the 
landscape painting on the far wall while hugging herself and 
repeating over and over, "Everything is all right, everything is all 
	The doctor's face was so neutral that it was hardly an 
expression at all, and it seemed to Maya to radiate a faint sense of 
disapproval, that her existence was the very reason for the patient's 
illness.  Maya knew that this was only her imagination, caused by 
the stress of her worry and the in some eyes perverted relationship 
she shared with her sempai, but not one she could easily shake.  
She sometimes felt the whole world looked down on her in disgust 
over the fact that she had come to prefer another woman's embrace 
over a man's.
	Information was quickly obtained.  Is the patient all right?  
No, she is not.  She is seriously ill, though she's currently not in 
pain.  When will she be able to come home?  Never, the illness is 
terminal.  The best we can do is make her comfortable.  May I see 
her?  Yes, of course.
	The hospital was huge to Maya as she walked down it's 
brightly lit, though mostly vacant halls.  It created the illusion to 
her of a dead place where she was the only living thing to be 
found.  She felt cold, and was pretty sure that it wasn't just the air 
conditioning, and each step she took echoed like thunder in her 
	Narumi looked pale and faded like an old photograph, lying 
on the hospital bed as she stared up at the ceiling.  So unlike her 
normal energetic self that Maya almost didn't recognize her.
	"Sempai," the younger girl whispered very softly in 
	Narumi turned and smiled at her.  It was a warm, 
welcoming smile and Maya drew all the comfort that she could 
from it.  "Come closer, Maya-chan."
	Maya nodded and approached her sempai slowly, as if 
moving any faster could somehow make Narumi more ill.  She sat 
down in the seat beside the bed and very tentatively reached out 
her hand.  Narumi immediately grabbed hold of it with a strength 
that she didn't seem currently capable of.
	"I know I should have told you before," Narumi said, 
looking back up at the ceiling and away from Maya now.  "But I 
was just so afraid that when you found out that I didn't have much 
longer to live you'd leave me."
	"I wouldn't have, sempai," Maya told her, taking her lover's 
hand into both of hers, doing her best to warm her cold fingers.  
For some reason she seemed to being having difficulty speaking, 
like something was caught her throat.
	Narumi didn't seem to hear her.  "When I was a little girl, I 
found a bird with a broken wing.  My parents never let me had pets 
before, but when they saw how determined I was to nurse that bird 
back to health, they relented.
	"I spent every moment I possibly could with that little bird, 
feeding, tending it's wound, playing, even reading it stories though 
I knew even at the time that it couldn't understand me.  I had 
thought that we had formed a inseparable bond somehow between 
us, a friendship that went beyond species.
	"And finally that little bird was all healed up and I let her 
free, expecting that she would fly right back to me because of our 
bond.  But she didn't, and I waited and waited, but that bird never 
returned to me."
	Narumi turned to look at Maya again.  Though she was 
smiling, her eyes seemed sad.  "You were just like that bird when I 
found you, Maya-chan, so broken and lost.  I fell in love with you 
then, but I was so afraid that you would leave me the moment you 
were healed and whole again that I was desperate to gain a strong 
connection with you, so that you would never leave me."
	"And you did," Maya replied with a small smile, thinking 
of her initial fears and misgivings with amusement now.  Her 
sempai had taken very good care of her.
	Narumi's smile was radiant now, so that see almost seemed 
back to her normal self, but the hospital room dispelled that 
illusion.  "I think I should rest now," she said softly, her eyes 
already closing.
	Maya leaned close to her, very softly kissing her forehead 
and whispering, "I love you, sempai."
	Narumi died in her sleep a week later.

	Her body forced under the icy cold water, Ritsuko's 
thoughts had become surprisingly clear.  It was if the moment had 
become suspended in time, drifting idly along like the ice cube that 
was slowing floating right before her eyes.
	Maya was insane, there was no doubt in her mind about 
that, but was she really one to call her names after spanking the 
woman's bottom red -- and she couldn't help admitting to herself -- 
enjoying every minute of it?  But why was she the feeling so 
turned on when normally she'd rather die then to touch another 
woman like that?
	The answer was immediate and crystal clear.  Gendo had 
never really satisfied her because she could never get over her 
frustration at never being unable to get to him.  He was a wall that 
she couldn't breach, a block of ice that she struggled to chip away 
at but left no mark, while she would melt from his glance alone.  
She wanted that feeling of helplessness that he gave her, that he 
could easily pierce her cool facade, get to her the way the world 
couldn't, but she also wanted to get to him too.
	Ritsuko yearned for it, dreamed of it, but no matter what 
she tried, in her heart she knew that it would never happen.  Gendo 
was a closed book to her, but Maya let herself wide open even after 
the doctor had already hurt her before at the slightest opportunity.  
Why?  Her assistant wasn't stupid, she knew that, and if she had 
really trusted Ritsuko she wouldn't have drugged her and tied her 
up in the first place.  The only reason the doctor could find is that 
for whatever reason Maya yearned to be hurt by her, wanted her 
pleasure mixed with pain, joy mingled with betrayal.  In the next 
instant, she realized that that was what she wanted too.
	Ritsuko gasped for air as her head was gently pulled up out 
of the water, Maya's arms slick with the cold water sliding around 
her neck, her pale lips so close that she could feel her assistant's 
hot breath on her face, but her eyes were downcast, her expression 
mournful like a puppy who knows she's been bad and is expecting 
punishment.  "I'm sorry.  I've hurt you again, semapi."
	"Don't apologize, bitch," Ritsuko told her with a sudden 
flare of anger as her arms coiled around the younger woman's back, 
pulling their wet bodies together with a loud smack as she brought 
her head in to meet her pale lips.
	Maya's eyes were filled with confusion, but that melted 
under the older woman's kiss.  Their tongues battled hungrily while 
their hands roamed all over each other's bodies, leaving trails of 
warmth.  Ritsuko grabbed at her assistant's breasts hard, digging 
her nails in, feeling the echo of the younger girl's loud moan in her 
own mouth.
	"You liked that, didn't you?" Ritsuko accused lightly as she 
brought her own body down hard on Maya's, squashing their 
breasts together, her hard nipples digging into her assistant's soft, 
wet flesh, causing more of the icy water to cascade out of the tub.
	"Yes," Maya gasped, sucking at the doctor's neck like a 
vampire while her hands eagerly explored her back, feeling out the 
contours of her spine.  The older woman's hands weren't idle as one 
rubbed the back of Maya's neck while the other reached down to 
caress her flat stomach.  She ran her hand though her assistant's 
pubic hair, pulling them up between her fingers and causing Maya 
to shudder.
	"Do you want me to hurt you, Maya-chan?" Ritsuko 
whispered in her ear, licking at her earlobe.
	"I want you, sempai... so badly," Maya replied, her 
breathing low and heavy as Ritsuko continued to massage her 
breasts with her own.  The doctor tried thinking over what her 
assistant had just said, only to have all thoughts driven out by a 
flare of unwelcome pain in her knees.  She still wasn't exactly sure 
what Maya wanted from her, but she knew that this bathtub was 
definitely too small to find out.
	Ritsuko slowly stood up in the tub, careful not to slip on it's 
wet surface as she felt the water dripping off her naked form.  She 
rubbed her knees with a small frown, though thankfully the pain 
had mostly faded.  She looked up from them to find Maya looking 
up at her in concern from the other end of the tub.
	"Are you all right, sempai?" she asked in a worried tone.
	Ritsuko sighed a bit, giving up on figuring her assistant out.  
She had been alternating between some sort of lesbian nazi and her 
normal, meek self the entire night.  "Just what do want from me, 
Maya?" she asked in total exasperation.
	This question seemed to take Maya by surprise.  She looked 
down at her own naked body half-submerged in the cool water and 
whispered, "I want... you, sempai."
	With a smile, Ritsuko leaned over and planted a kiss on 
Maya's still damp forehead.  "Let's finish this in bedroom, okay?  I 
think we'll both be a whole lot more comfortable there."
	"Hai!" Maya replied, her eyes sparkling.
	Ritsuko slowly raised up her leg and stepped out of the tub, 
enjoying the odd feeling of doing this before an audience, 
wondering if Maya really was staring at her as intently as she was 
imagining, but not daring to look.
	Her feet finally back on the tiles, Ritsuko turned and 
offered her hand to help her assistant up.  Maya took her hand 
gently and attempted to stand, but the tub was slippery and she 
slipped and fell.  The doctor was there to catch her however, 
slipping her harm around her waist, her head somehow ending up 
in the younger girl's cleavage as she sat on the edge of the tub.
	"Sorry again, sempai," Maya said, sounding embarrassed.
	Ritsuko didn't know if it was the sheer strangeness of the 
situation or hearing her assistant apologize with the same words 
she usually used when she did something like mess up her morning 
coffee, but the doctor suddenly found the whole situation 
extremely hilarious.  She couldn't help laughing loudly, 
automatically clutching the younger girl closer to her.
	"Um, sempai?" Maya asked after a moment, sounding 
	Ritsuko grinned up at her assistant from the space between 
the younger girl's breasts.  "I am certainly lucky to have found such 
a dedicated assistant as you, Maya," she told her in a light tone.
	"Thank you, sempai.  I'm glad I haven't disappointed you."
	Ritsuko laughed again as she helped Maya out of the tub.  
Staring back at the short girl as they both stood in the bathroom, 
water dripping from them to land in small, icy pools at their feet, 
the doctor realized that she had already become so used to seeing 
her assistant naked now that it no longer even struck her as 
unusual.  She had the oddest feeling that if Maya showed up to 
work the next day wearing nothing but a smile, Ritsuko wouldn't 
so much as bat an eye.
	"Well?" the doctor said pointedly in the same tone she 
normally reserved when Maya was late with her coffee, while at 
the same time doing her best to hide a smile.
	"Sempai?" Maya asked her in confusion.
	"It seems my dedicated assistant is perfectly content to let 
her boss stand here soaking wet."
	"Gomen," Maya apologized quickly as she scrambled for a 
towel and began to pat the doctor down.
	"No, no, no," Ritsuko purred as she picked up one of the 
white, fluffy towels and let it unfold with a snap.  "It'll take forever 
for me to get dry that way.  You have to be much rougher, like 
	Ritsuko roughly rubbed the towel against her assistant's 
body, starting on her back and then coming around to her breasts, 
working downwards to her stomach, encircling her thighs and legs 
as she brought the towel up and down, up and down.  She could 
hear Maya's heavy breathing as she raised the towel up to between 
the younger girl's legs and somewhat more gently dried off her 
assistant's most sensitive area.  The sudden gasp and the moans 
that followed were music to the doctor's ears, proof that she could 
give pleasure as well as receive it.
	Maya mimicked her as she began to dry the doctor off, but 
she was still too gentle for the older woman's tastes.  "Harder, 
Maya, faster!" Ritsuko commanded, and then blushed when she 
thought of another context for those words, one that would be 
coming up quite soon.  Maya failed to notice as her head was 
down, busily toweling off her sempai's long legs.  She was taking 
far longer than was really needed, but for some reason Ritsuko 
didn't feel like pointing that out.
	The both of them now dry, more or less, Maya looked up at 
Ritsuko, her expression clearly wondering what her sempai wanted 
her to do next.  The doctor told her pointedly, though with a smile, 
"I carried you in here, it's only fair that you carry me back."
	Maya nodded and gently -- still too gently -- picked up 
Ritsuko and held her in her arms.  As the doctor wrapped her arms 
around the younger woman's neck and leaned her head against her 
chest, she idly wondered what she could do to bring out that 
darkness that seemed to lurk within her normally calm and cheerful 
assistant, the one that wasn't so concerned with treating her like a 
china doll.
	Ritsuko had only a moment to think about however, 
because before she knew it she was lying on the wet tiles of the 
bathroom, with Maya on top of her, face down in a puddle.  The 
doctor sighed, realizing too late that there was no way her 
diminutive assistant would have been able to carry her.  Staring at 
the younger woman's bottom -- still somewhat reddened by the 
spanking she had given it earlier -- Ritsuko realized that this was 
an opportunity.
	"Get off me, Maya!" she shouted, shoving the other woman 
off of her, landing in a puddle with a small splash.  Her assistant's 
body was wet again, the droplets shining like small stars under the 
bright bathroom lights as they slowly rolled down from her breasts.
	Maya slowly pulled herself up, her eyes downcast as if 
unable to bare to look at Ritsuko.  "I'm sorry, sempai."
	Seeing her mournful expression and hearing the sadness in 
her voice, the doctor felt a bit guilty in yelling at her, however, she 
steeled herself, sitting up and crossing her arms as a visible show 
of her displeasure.  "You're always apologizing, but it doesn't 
change the fact that I'm soaking wet again.  Aren't you concerned 
with my health?  I could catch a cold!"
	Maya wilted a bit under each remark, sagging back down to 
the wet floor.  Her eyes seemed like she wanted to apologize again, 
but knew what sort of response it would bring.
	Ritsuko stood so she could look down on her assistant, her 
expression cold and distant.  "Any man could have carried me.  
What good are you?"
	The doctor smiled a bit when she saw her last remark strike 
home.  Maya reeled as if struck, and when she looked up there was 
a defiant gleam in her eye.  "Men are worthless," she said in a low 
tone as she slowly stood.  "I'm better than any man."
	Ritsuko smirked at her.  "Well, prove it then.  If I've been 
cruel to you, then punish me for it."
	The fire in Maya's eyes diminished.  "I... don't want to hurt 
you, sempai," she said in a small voice.
	The doctor immediately backhanded Maya across her face, 
echoing with a loud slap.  As the younger woman stared back at 
her in surprise, Ritsuko grinned toothily and told her, "Weak, 
coward, childish little girl; you disgust me.  Why don't you go play 
with dolls and stay out of my sight?"
	No fire burned in Maya's eyes now, they were cold as she 
brought her hand up slowly and returned the slap to Ritsuko.
	"Come on," she said in a determined voice as she grabbed 
the doctor's hand and lead her out of the bathroom.  "If you want 
me to punish you, that's what I'll do."
	Ritsuko's grin faded in surprise as they stopped in the 
kitchen, expecting to return to the bedroom.  She wondered what 
her assistant had in mind, hoping that it would be interesting.
	There was a tiled counter that separated the kitchen area 
from the living room.  Maya stopped before it and without a word 
shoved Ritsuko hard so that her breasts were squashed against the 
tiled surface.  She then grabbed both of her hands and held her 
down against the counter with surprising strength.
	Ritsuko tried looking back in an effort to figure out what 
was going to happen, only to have Maya lean all of her weight on 
her, almost forcing the breath right out of the doctor.  When the 
older woman stopped trying to look, she removed the pressure, 
though still kept her pinned.
	When she heard the sound of a drawer being slammed shut, 
Ritsuko licked her lips in anticipation.  Whatever was going to 
happen, it was going to happen soon.  It was a delicious situation 
for her.  On the one hand, she was utterly powerless, subject to the 
whims of her insane assistant, but on the other she could easily 
reverse the situation and become the one in power any moment she 
wished to.  It was everything that she wanted.
	Ritsuko's whole body shook when something small and 
hard struck her rear end.  Maya was getting revenge for her 
previous spanking, but it didn't feel like her hand.  The doctor 
didn't have much time to think as the next hit followed 
immediately after, then a third, forth, and fifth.  Maya didn't pause 
once as she continued to strike her sempai's behind over and over 
again, while Ritsuko writhed against the countertop, her breathing 
heavy as her erect nipples rubbed against the tiles.
	The doctor struggled to free her hands, overcome with the 
sudden urge to touch herself, but Maya's grip remained firm as she 
continued to swat her bottom.  Ritsuko moaned -- half in 
frustration, half in lust -- while her assistant continued on with her 
punishment like a machine, always striking at the same intervals, 
	And then as suddenly as it had begun, it was over.  Ritsuko 
felt something lightly being rubbed over her now painfully 
sensitive behind.  Finding the grip on her hands loose, the doctor 
freed herself and stared down at Maya, who was holding a wooden 
spoon out before her almost defensively.  She had the look of a girl 
having just been caught by her parents after doing something bad.
	Ritsuko's expression was neutral as she took a firm hold of 
Maya's shoulders, then leaned forward and kissed her deeply, still 
glowing with the desire that the paddling had returned to her.  
After a moment, Maya kissed her back and their tongues caressed 
each other as their hands sought out the softest places on each 
other's bodies.
	"That was hard for me, sempai," Maya admitted when the 
doctor finally broke off the kiss.
	Ritsuko smiled back at her, planting small kisses all over 
her face as she whispered, "I know, but you did so very well.  
Though I think it's time that we returned to the bedroom.  Your silk 
sheets are the only things either of us will be comfortable sitting 
	"Hai," Maya whispered back excitedly, as with an arm 
around the other, the two of them went back to the place where the 
whole night had really started.
	Curiosity overwhelming her, Ritsuko went right to the little 
box that Maya had brought in and was quite pleased with what she 
found there.  "You _are_ a naughty girl, Maya-chan," she said with 
a grin as she turned back to her assistant.
	Maya blushed in embarrassment.  "Most of them belonged 
to a friend of mine."
	"She must have been a very close friend," the doctor said 
with a smirk as she fingered one of the items in question.  A long 
shaft whose shape was familiar to her, though the one she knew 
didn't come with an on/off switch.
	"She was," Maya replied, nearly choking on the words as 
she stared down at the ground.
	Ritsuko spun around to face her after hearing that tone.  
Realizing that she had accidentally hit upon a tender subject, she 
walked over to her assistant and very gently held her close to her.  
After a moment, Maya melted into her embrace.
	Holding the younger woman's head to her chest while 
absently running her fingers through her hair, Ritsuko told her, "I 
want to fuck you, Maya.  You've made me so horny tonight that 
my whole body is tingling.  I normally don't... like other women 
like this, but tonight I want your body pressed against mine, your 
hands touching my most sensitive spots, your tongue in my mouth, 
in my sex.  Touch me, suck me, fuck me, Maya."
	Maya looked back up at her, tears forming in her eyes.  
"Sempai," she said, her voice a mix of awe, surprise, and utter 
	Ritsuko wiped away those half-formed tears and told her, 
"Don't keep me waiting any longer, Maya-chan."
	"Hai," Maya whispered as she brought her head up and 
kissed the older woman very softly, not eager or passionate like 
their kisses before, but one that was instead filled with caring and 
	Setting the box within easy reach, Ritsuko guided Maya to 
the bed, laying the younger girl down while taking the place right 
by her side.  For a while they only stared back at each other, 
studying every inch of exposed flesh, and then by some unspoken 
signal, they both reached out to each other, their eyes filled with 
	Maya leaned in for a deep kiss and Ritsuko drew her 
assistant's tongue into her mouth, while her hands roamed down 
the woman's back, feeling along her curves like a blind man, all the 
way down to take a firm hold of her bottom, pressing their bodies 
together, their breasts rubbing up and down against each other in 
slow motions.  Maya eeped in surprise, breaking off the kiss.
	Remembering the earlier spanking, Ritsuko whispered to 
her tenderly, "Does it hurt?"
	Maya shook her head, kissing along her sempai's neck, 
making her way up to the ear, all the while using her hands to keep 
their bodies caressing each other, up and down, slowly going faster 
and faster.  She moaned aloud when her nipples brushed against 
the older woman's, causing the latter to shiver.
	"No... it feels good," Maya breathed into the doctor's ear.  
She was finding it hard to speak over the pressure she felt starting 
to build up inside her, something she hadn't felt for a long time.  
"Please don't stop."
	Ritsuko tilted her head so they were cheek to cheek, her hot 
breath on the younger girl's neck as she whispered, "Then why 
don't you hold me there too?"
	"Hai," Maya agreed, her hands trailing down to her 
sempai's behind, holding it gently at first, remembering of the 
paddling she had given it recently.  That was when the doctor slid 
her leg up so it could rub up against the soft petals of Maya's sex, 
just barely touching, the contact light and teasing.  The younger 
woman gasped, instinctively grabbing a firm hold of the other's 
rear as a wave of pleasure stuck her like a sudden summer gale.
	Ritsuko moaned loudly in response, her eyes shut as she 
arched her head back, coincidentally bringing her leg up further, 
causing Maya to shudder with delight as it slowly slid along the 
length of her sex, a silken touch.  The doctor was smiling widely 
when she turned back to face her assistant, and without a word 
brought all of her attention on the young woman's breasts, suckling 
at them with lips, teeth, and tongue while her hands roughly 
massaged those two mounds.
	Maya's whole body began to tingle as her sempai diligently 
stimulated her breasts, never concentrating on a single area for 
more than a few moments, though her almost-painfully erect 
nipples received the most attention from the doctor's mouth.  The 
younger woman was in such bliss that she almost forgot everything 
but allowing this pleasure to fill her, then realized with a guilty 
feeling that she wasn't the only one who wanted to be touched.
	Her hands sought out the doctor's breasts, gently caressing 
them at first, but turning rough her sempai failed to react.  She dug 
her hands in, kneading the soft flesh like dough, and causing 
Ritsuko to occasionally break off her tongue bathing to emit low 
moans.  The delight Maya was receiving from her sempai's 
attention mixed with the joy she felt giving such pleasure, only to 
raise her to new heights of ecstasy.  But that only made her want 
	The younger woman whined a bit in frustration to find her 
sempai's sex currently just out of reach, but instead brought her 
knee up, first rubbing against Ritsuko's pubic hair in slow circles.  
This made Maya ticklish and she tried her best not to giggle, 
causing her smile to widen even further.  Then she slipped her knee 
in-between her sempai's legs, liking the sudden warmth that she 
found there, an odd sense of comfort and security.  Then ever so 
slowly and carefully, she brought her knee to rub up against the 
doctor's delicate sex.
	Ritsuko gasped, and when she brought up her head to be 
level with the other woman's, her eyes were half-closed and filled 
with lust.  With a gentle hold, she tilted Maya's head and kissed 
her, sliding her tongue between warm lips.  It had none of the 
frenzy of her earlier kisses, but rather was tender as well as 
passionate, a lover's kiss.  Maya did her best to return it, for a while 
forgetting everything but her mouth and that moment.
	When the doctor finally broke off the kiss, she was grinning 
wickedly.  She gently but firmly laid Maya face up on the bed and 
then reached up to the younger woman's feet, slowly running her 
hands down them, as if trying not to leave an inch of skin 
untouched.  Her assistant shivered with this caress, her shivering 
increasing as the hands drew nearer and nearer to her sex.
	Ritsuko was on her side, leaning up against Maya so that 
her left breast rested on the other woman's stomach while the right 
was squashed against her side.  She turned back and smiled as her 
hands finally reached the innermost of her assistant's thighs.  Maya 
stared back, her face flushed, overcome with anticipation.
	With a small smile, the doctor leaned forward and planted a 
kiss right on top of Maya's small tuft of pubic hair.  She rained 
down kisses as she drew closer and closer to the younger woman's 
most sensitive place, all the while running her hands over her 
	Maya's whole body convulsed when instead of a simple 
kiss, her sempai licked at her sex like a cat testing her milk.  She 
shook again when she felt Ritsuko's tongue enter her, sliding in 
wetly; drawing out, only to plunge back deeper insider her.
	The younger woman turned and sought out the doctor's 
own sex, bringing it close to her face, licking at the petals in slow 
circles, clockwise then counter-clockwise, though she was finding 
a bit hard to concentrate on this task as her sempai continued to 
explore her sex, her tongue just as skilled and eager as it had been 
in their earlier kisses.
	Maya forced herself to simply stop thinking about it and 
just act, naturally returning the pleasure that Ritsuko was giving to 
her.  Trying to take the older woman's sex into her mouth, she 
drove her tongue inside her, arching it to lick all around.  The 
younger woman was so focused on her task that she only vaguely 
heard the doctor's gasps and moans as Maya continued to delve 
into her sex, eager for her taste, her scent.
	Ritsuko could do nothing but gasp for breath as Maya gave 
her sex a thorough tongue bathing, occasionally having to bite her 
lip to keep from screaming out as the pleasure suddenly intensified, 
nearly more than she could take.  Sex between two women was far 
better than she had imagined it to be, that time with Misato having 
faded in her mind once she had finally had 'real sex' with a man.
	She had forgotten that sex didn't just have to be about lust 
and biological urges, but could also be the expression of a partner's 
feelings, coming through their caring and attention.  Gendo was 
only using her, that showed in their sex, but Maya... Maya really 
loved her, and Ritsuko could feel that love in every single lick and 
caress.  She didn't think that she could return those feelings as fully 
as they were given, but for that night she would do her best to be 
Maya's partner in every way possible.
	When Ritsuko drew away from her assistant, the other 
woman looked up in her in surprise.  The doctor smiled and 
brought her in for another deep kiss, tasting her own juices on the 
mouth of her lover as she suddenly slipped her finger into the other 
woman's sex with a soft slurp.  Maya's moan echoed in her mouth 
as she slid her finger in and out, slowly at first while her assistant 
rocked her hips in time with her thrusts, never breaking off their 
	Ritsuko shut her eyes to fully enjoy the sensations as 
Maya's finger penetrated her, not currently minding the gentle 
nature of her touch.  Her whole body ached with pleasure as all of 
her most sensitive areas were stimulated at once.  Their tongues 
danced in each other's mouths, breaking off only to gasp for air.  
Their breasts were pressed together, hard nipples blanketed by soft 
flesh.  Her rear slid back and forth against the silk sheets, nearly as 
smooth and erotic as her lover's skin.  And her sex was slick with 
her juices as Maya's finger plunged deeper and deeper inside of 
her, not as filled as it could have been, as she wanted it to be, but it 
was still so very good.
	Even that wasn't all, for there was the joy she felt in 
stimulating her partner, the pride she felt in every shiver, every 
moan of delight.  Most thought of her as a frigid woman who was 
only good for science, but here Maya was buckling and writing in 
her arms all because of her, because of the pleasure that she alone 
was giving her.
	Ritsuko broke finally broke off their extended kiss and 
whispered throatily, "Are you enjoying this, Maya-chan?"
	"Oh, yes," Maya replied, her voice filled with lust as her 
eyes sparkled.  She looked so overcome with emotion that Ritsuko 
half-expected her to start to cry again.
	The doctor leaned close to her ear as if to impart a dire 
secret, whispering very softly, "Then you're going to love this."
	Ritsuko very slowly slipped her finger out of her assistant's 
sex, savoring Maya's expression as the young woman let out a low 
moan.  For a few moments she only stared at her finger, glistening 
with her assistant's juices as it reflected the dim moonlight.  Seeing 
Maya's eyes now staring back up at her from where she lay on the 
bed, the doctor shook her head very slightly, patted the younger 
woman lightly on the stomach, and reached for the box.
	She groped around blindly in the box Ritsuko assumed that 
had once belonged to Maya's old lover, feeling around and coming 
across a few things that weren't quite what she was looking for.  
One would leave her out of most of the fun and the other... 
something for another time, it just didn't fit the present mood.  As 
her hand finally wrapped around what she had been looking for, 
she idly reflected that Maya's old lover had certainly liked her toys.  
The doctor would have to ask about her sometime.
	It was a long shaft, rounded off at either end, vaguely 
shaped to resemble a man's penis, or rather two of them.  Ritsuko 
used the head on one end to trace small circles on the younger 
woman's stomach.  "Did you and your friend even use this 
	"Yes," Maya gasped as she stared at the dildo in rapt 
fascination.  "A few times."
	Ritsuko slid the head down through Maya's pubic hair, only 
to brush it teasingly against her sex.  "And did you like it?" she 
asked with a smile.
	"It was... tight, but I liked it," Maya admitted with a 
whimper.  "Please don't tease me, sempai."
	The doctor's smile widened as she laid down on her 
stomach so that he chin rested on her assistant's right thigh, still 
teasing her with the dildo.  "And just how badly do to you want 
	"Really badly," Maya replied with some difficulty, 
sounding desperate.  He hands were clenched into fists at her sides.
	"Tell me that you want me to ram this dildo deep inside 
you and fuck you with it until you scream, and I might just stop 
teasing you," Ritsuko told her with a toothy grin, finding herself 
incredibly turned on by the game they were playing.
	Maya blushed a deep crimson.  "You're so... cruel, sempai," 
she just barely managed to stutter out as she felt the head of the 
dildo almost penetrate her, only to return to its teasing.
	"Say it, Maya," the older woman commanded in a stern 
tone while her entire body shivered in delight.
	Still blushing deeply, Maya swallowed and whispered in a 
shaky voice, "Sempai, please ram that..."
	"Louder!" Ritsuko ordered, increasing her level of teasing 
and making her assistant even more uncomfortable.
	The younger girl said hesitantly, "Please ram that... dildo 
deep inside me..."
	Ritsuko took the dildo up to her lips, and then brought it as 
far into her mouth as she could, licking her tongue all along the 
smooth shaft as she made little 'mmm' sounds of pleasure, mostly 
for the benefit of her audience.  She slipped it in and out, licking it 
all around like a ice cream cone while noting Maya's reaction out 
of the corner of her eye.  The doctor had to wonder if she had ever 
looked that sexually frustrated.
	After a few moments longer, making sure the dildo was 
nice and wet, she brought the head back down to her assistant's 
stomach, her path now leaving a shiny trail of her saliva.  She 
smiled a bit as she made a smiley face on her stomach, trying to 
project the sense that she was perfectly content to keep doing this 
forever, though in reality she couldn't hold out much longer.
	"Fuck me with that dildo, sempai, fuck me until I scream!" 
Maya suddenly howled in ultimate frustration while a fire raged 
just behind her eyes.
	"Okay," Ritsuko said simply, quickly plunging the smooth 
shaft as deeply inside of the younger woman as it would go, though 
at the same time being careful not to hurt her.
	Maya's reaction was immediate.  A moan rose in volume, to 
become a scream as her whole body writhed, arching her back up 
as she tugged at the sheets until her knuckles turned white.  She 
stayed like that for moments, her body shaking with tension, until 
finally with a sound halfway between a sigh and a moan, she 
settled back down on the bed, her body dotted with droplets of 
	"God," Maya breathed, her voice full of awe.
	Ritsuko could only stare back at her assistant in surprise, 
raising up the didlo before her, glancing back and forth between 
the two of them.  She owned a similar toy for her own lonely 
nights, though she was pretty sure she had never had a reaction 
nearly as strong as the younger woman's.  *Did I do this?*
	Maya's eyes smoldered with lust as she sat up, a lazy sort of 
smile on her lips.  She looked like a cat who had just awoken from 
a pleasant time laying under the sun.  One hand wrapped around 
the doctor's that still held the dildo, while the other encircled her 
waist, bringing their bodies close to each other again.
	"That was... incredible," Maya whispered throatily, her lips 
so close that they brushed against the older woman's as she spoke. 
"And now it's your turn, sempai."
	In the same moment their lips and bodies met, tongues and 
breasts caressing each other slowly, gradually increasing in 
intensity as their free hands roamed each other's bodies.  Then 
Maya pulled the dildo from Ritsuko's unprotesting fingers and 
gently laid the doctor down on her bed, her hand lingering for a 
moment on the doctor's stomach.
	Ritsuko could feel the heat rising from her skin as she 
cupped her own breasts and rubbed them gently, squeezing at her 
nipples, unable to tilt her head forward enough to see what her 
assistant was doing down near her legs, only feeling her touch as if 
she was wearing the blindfold again.
	Maya's hands were all over the doctor's legs, touching and 
exploring, as she gently spread them wide, drawing closer and 
closer to the doctor's sex.  She didn't bother teasing, instead 
brought the dildo to gently penetrate her sempai, sliding it in and 
out, already lubricated with the older woman's juices, as she began 
to moan.
	Ritsuko thrust her hips in time with the dildo's gentle 
probings, fondling her own breasts, finding her touch not as 
satisfying as her assistant's.  Her eyes were shut tight as she gasped 
for air, the pressure building inside her almost making it hard to 
breath, but it was still too slow.  She wanted to feel the pleasure 
that Maya's orgasm had given, she wanted it now.
	"Faster... harder... please," Ritsuko begged between breaths, 
feeling a small tinge of worry that her assistant might deny her 
now as revenge for the mean things the doctor had done to her that 
night.  More than ever before on that night, she was completely at 
the younger woman's mercy.
	Thankfully Maya didn't have revenge on her mind.  The 
only thing she was conscious of was her sempai's warm body as it 
writhed and shook in time with the dildo as she thrust it deeper and 
deeper inside of the older woman.  As the pressure was beginning 
to build up in her own body again, she smiled as she thought of 
getting full use out of the toy that her sempai had so wisely chosen.
	Ritsuko whined a bit in frustration as the thrusting stopped, 
the dildo still filling her, but lying there unmoving wasn't nearly as 
stimulating enough.  She even more frantically groped herself, but 
she could feel the pressure slowly fading like water spilling from 
cupped hands.  "Maya, please," she begged.
	Maya, with a trace of uncertainty, took the other end of the 
dildo and slipped it inside of herself, licking her lips as it filled her 
so completely, almost too much for her.  Grabbing a fist-full of silk 
sheet in either hand, she arched her back and thrust her hips 
forward in an effort to drive the other end as deeply into her 
sempai as she could, her efforts fueled by her desire to return the 
pleasure that the older woman had given her.
	Ritsuko moaned long and loud as she felt the dildo 
penetrate deeper inside her that it had ever done before, filling her 
so wonderfully and completely that she thought she would burst.  It 
was almost enough to send her right over the edge, but not quite.  
She still needed more.
	Finding Maya's legs now within easy reach, Ritsuko 
grasped her knees, rocked her hips back, and suddenly thrust 
herself forward with everything she had, rewarded by a sudden 
gasp of her assistant, whose own hands she could feel around her 
legs as the younger woman pumped her hips in an effort to drive 
the dildo deeper inside.
	The two woman writhed and panted for air as they both 
rocked their hips back and forward while holding onto each other 
tightly, wordlessly falling into a rhythm that maximized their 
pleasure, the didlo hot and slick with their lubrication.
	Ritsuko couldn't breathe and hardly think she felt the dildo 
smoothly slide inside her, it's thrusting now quick and steady, and 
everything she could possibly want.  She was so very close to the 
edge now that kept her from being overwhelmed now, and knew 
that one final push could send her over.
	Before the doctor could even speak, Maya suddenly 
stopped for a moment, and then with a grunt of effort, shoved her 
body forward with surprising force, ramming the dildo even further 
inside her sempai.
	Ritsuko screamed as it felt as if her whole body was 
exploding, the sudden increase in pressure too much for it to take.  
Her mind was in a place she glimpsed at far too little, bathed in the 
ecstasy of her orgasm, a white light that was at the same time 
intense and soothing.  It felt like minutes that she was suspended in 
this light, floating in a sea of bliss, until she was dropped back into 
the meat of her body again, panting for breath as tears of joy 
spilled from her eyes.
	Maya was at her side now, cuddling her close, warm flesh 
pressed against warm flesh.  Ritsuko murmured wordlessly as she 
wrapped an arm around her assistant, bringing her even closer to 
her, not yet even having the words to express what she was 
currently feeling, the culmination of everything she had felt and 
experienced that night.
	The younger woman wormed her head to rest in the crook 
of the doctor's shoulder, sighing with contentment, her own arms 
encircling the older woman's neck.  Filled with a sense of comfort, 
security, and still radiating with the afterglow of her orgasm, Maya 
gently slipped into slumber.
	Ritsuko stared down with an amused smile on her lips as 
her assistant's breathing grew slow and steady, a warm and gentle 
breeze that caressed her upper chest.  "You tried so hard all night, 
but when you finally have me where you want me, you fall asleep."
	Chuckling softly, the doctor leaned forward and planted a 
small kiss on the younger woman's forehead.  "Good night, Maya-
	A moment later, Ritsuko herself surrendered to sleep.

	Once again Ritsuko and Maya were working late in the lab, 
far past the time when all but the graveyard shift had already gone 
home.  Maya was currently feeling a bit on edge.  It had been three 
days since she had awoke alone in bed after the night of passion 
that she and the doctor had shared.  Ritsuko hadn't said a word 
about that night, treating Maya exactly as she had before.  The 
younger woman had expected some change in their relationship, 
either good or bad, and wasn't sure how to deal with this return of 
the status quo.
	Ritsuko yawned a bit as she stretched her arms above her 
head, seemingly oblivious to the current mental discomfort of her 
assistant.  "Looks like it's going to be another all-nighter for me," 
she commented idly as she stared at the scattered reports before 
	Maya took this as her que and began to gather up her things 
as she stood, unable to look at the older woman as she felt a 
welling up of sadness in her at this unspoken rejection.  As she 
moved to leave though, an arm now encircling her waist stopped 
her.  Maya looked down in surprise to find Ritsuko grinning up at 
her, her other hand linking with the other, drawing her assistant 
closer to her.
	"Why don't you join me, Maya... chan?" the doctor as in a 
throaty whisper, her hand moving down to caress her assistant's 
behind, and leaving no doubt to the sort of 'work' she had in mind.
	Maya smiled, fighting back tears.  "I'd love to, sempai."


	Maya and Ritsuko lay cuddling on the hospital cot which 
they had procured for their late-night use.  They could have gone to 
one of their apartments for their love making, but having it in the 
lab made it all that much more exciting for the both of them.  
Besides, it helped to replace certain memories which they had both 
decided were better left forgotten.
	Ritsuko ran her fingers through the younger woman's hair 
and told her idly, "It might come as shock to you, but you're not 
the first woman I've slept with."
	"Really, sempai?"  Maya asked in a sleepy voice as her 
hand lightly felt along the older woman's side.  "I thought that you 
only liked men before..."
	"Well, I was still a virgin at the time.  It was my college 
years and I was... very different back then.  My roommate and I 
came home one night after getting thoroughly drunk, one thing 
lead to another, and before we knew it I was getting to know her 
better than I ever imagined I would.  She initiated it, but I won't 
say that I didn't enjoy it.  She claimed to not remember anything 
the next morning, but some times she gives me this look..."
	"What was she like?" Maya asked eagerly, looking up into 
her sempai's eyes.
	Ritsuko laughed lightly.  "Actually, you already know her.  
My roommate in college was Misato."
	Maya blinked as she sat up, the sheet slowly falling from 
her body to expose her full breasts.  "You mean you and Major 
	Ritsuko nodded with a grin, perversely enjoying the 
surprised look on her lover's face.  "Pretty shocking, huh?  You'd 
never think that Misato of all people would sleep with another 
woman, but she was a little too experienced then for it to be her 
first time."
	"Do you think...?" Maya began to ask, but then trailed off.
	Ritsuko reached up with her hand to lightly run it down the 
surface of her assistant's body, cupping her right breast in her palm.  
"Do I think what, Maya-chan?"
	Maya blushed and asked hesitantly, "Do you think the 
Major might like to pull an all-nighter with us sometime?"
	Ritsuko smiled lecherously as she sat up and wrapped her 
arms around the smaller woman.  "I think the two of us could 
convince her."
	Some distance away, a purple-haired woman felt a sudden 
shiver as she rolled over in her sleep.

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