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September, 2022

Maya Ibuki stood next to the guardrail, looking out over the city as the sun began to rise on a beautiful Saturday morning. The way the sunlight glittered off the lake, the large memorial park that surrounded it gave no hint at all, or the origins of the lake. It was all, quite simply, beautiful. She stayed there until the sun was clear of the horizon, and then got back into her car, and drove down into the city.

Tokyo-4 was a much different city than Tokyo-3 had been. This city had known none of the destruction and devastation of the city from which it had sprung. Not only had the evacuated residents of Tokyo-3 returned, but, even more people had immigrated here, and the city was growing by leaps and bounds.

She didn't take vacations very often; after all, she loved her work. But Sempai had told her that she needed to take a couple weeks off, or Personnel would strip her of all of the accrued vacation time she had, so here she was.

Being in this city brought up lots of memories, many bad, but most good. Her friends, her co-workers, the woman who used to live next door to her, the children.

THE children.

She hadn't thought about them in years.

She knew that, after Kaoru / Tabris had been defeated, Shinji and Asuka had booth spent time in a mental institution. Asuka had been the first to recover, barely spending two weeks there, recovering quickly from the damage that had been done by the 15th Angel, but only with the help of a very good councilor.

Shinji had taken longer. The reports that she'd remembered seeing said that Kaoru had told Shinji he loved him. Shinji couldn't remember having ever heard those words spoken by anyone else in his entire life. He'd opened up to Kaoru, and was beginning to care for the young man / Angel when the betrayal had happened. According to the councilor, Shinji had almost let Tabris go, ending mankind in what would have been the Third Impact.

Shinji had shown no response for months, and was nearly catatonic, until Misato had visited him one day to tell him that Gendo Ikari had died. Shinji had been sitting there, staring straight ahead, and suddenly he was crying. The first self directed movement he'd made in weeks.

His recovery had been slow, taking almost a year, but he'd finally recovered. Misato ever by his side. She had applied for, and been granted, permanent legal guardianship of the young Ikari, and a few months later, had adopted him as her own son.

So, she finally did have a child, despite what had happened to her during Second Impact. When NERV had been disbanded by the UN, Fuyutsuki had made sure that the pilots, more than any, were well cared for. He was taking care of Rei himself, now, seeing her as the daughter he had always hoped for, and Shinji as a sort of son. His long devotion to Shinji's mother, and the origin of Rei had been revealed, shocking some, but providing completion for the boy. Shinji looked upon Fuyutsuki as the Father he'd never been allowed to have.

The remains of the final Angels, Lilith, in Terminal Dogma, and Adam, found bonded to the hand of Gendo Ikari, had been returned to their resting places, gently encased in concrete and steel tombs, never again to be disturbed. Mankind would never again tamper with the beings called Angels.

She pulled her car into a large parking structure that bordered the area known as 'Children's Park,' and left it there. Walking out into the park, which surrounded the entire lake, she enjoyed the feel of the sun upon her face. It brought a little color to her cheeks, and, god knew, she could do with a little bit of color. She spent almost all of her time these days in Matsushiro, in the underground facility that Doctor Akagi was now running. They were continuing their work on advancing and monitoring the course of human evolution, but they were no longer going to allow mankind to be destroyed in the process. SEELE's true purpose had been discovered, and stopped, by member states not under the domination of the UN.

It turns out that Gendo and Fuyutsuki had been conducting secret meetings all along, trying to stop what SEELE had planned. When Yui had died, Gendo had realized what SEELE's plans really were, and, for her, knew he had to stop it. Unfortunately it had meant he'd had to abandon Shinji, as he focused everything within him to that task.


Maya wondered how that particular young man was these days. Ritsuko had asked her to look in on Misato while she was in the city, and she was sure his mother would know if anyone.

She pulled a small piece of paper from her left breast pocket, and read the address. '1475 Children's Park Drive,' it read, printed in Ritsuko's elegant hand. She looked up at the nearest street sign, and found that she was only a few blocks away. She'd walk it, the sun on her body really was very relaxing.


"Maya?" the retired Lieutenant Colonel said, opening the door.

"Hi Misato, how are you?" she asked.

"Great. Please come in," she said, motioning the woman inside.

Maya stepped in, and removed her shoes, placing them to the side.

"Please, have a seat," Misato said, motioning Maya to the overstuffed couch. "Would you like a beer?"

"No thanks Misato, I'm fine."

"Suit yourself," she said, pulling one out of the refrigerator, and opening it. She sipped at it as she walked back into the living room, and seated herself opposite Maya. A black and white shape crawling out of the second refrigerator caught Maya's attention.

"Pen-Pen?" she asked, stunned.

"Pen Cubed, actually," Misato said. "Pen-Pen died last year, but we introduced him to a rather friendly lady penguin a couple years ago, and he's got a bunch of chicks running around."

"Really? Do any of them still need a good home?" Maya asked, entranced by the warm water penguin's antics, as it opened the back door, and walked out, apparently heading for the lake.

"Well, Shinji's taking care of the last two chicks, so you'd have to ask him."

"How is Shinji these days?" Maya asked.

"Good. He's going to the University, studying to get his PhD in Physics and Genetics. Looks like he got his mothers brains, it just took him a while to realize how smart he was."

"Will he be home soon? I'd love to see him." Maya said.

Misato's face darkened.

"No, Maya. Shinji moved out a little over three years ago, on his 18th birthday. He still comes by to visit, and to let the chicks play together, but for the most part he stays at his place. He still calls me every couple of days, but he's got his own life now."

"What about Asuka?"

If Misato's visage had been dark before, it was covered in storm clouds now.

"Asuka doesn't live here either. She moved out with Shinji. She's got her own place now," Misato said.

"They live together? Wait, but you said she has her own place," Maya said, confused.

Misato sighed, "Do you want the whole story, or just the highlights?"

"I think just the highlights will do for now," Maya said.

Misato got another beer, and began to explain. Evidently Shinji and Asuka had become very close after he'd recovered from his coma, finding something in the other that each was lacking. It had been Asuka who had motivated Shinji in his studies, to the point that the boy had quickly caught up with his peers, and even surpassed them. He'd entered college a year ahead of everyone else, and buried himself in his schoolwork. He'd completed the four year course of study in just two and a half years.

Unfortunately, his relationship with the tempestuous red-head, never what one would call nurturing, turned sour, as he spent more and more time in the classroom and various labs. Asuka had gotten a job in research for a local bio-medical firm, working on artificial limbs, and had quickly advanced until she was head of the project, and a vice-president. There had been spectacular fights between the two young adults, always followed by passionate apologies, and making up.

Then, one day, Asuka had pushed too far, and Shinji had snapped. Even Misato didn't see it coming, but she'd suspected that it was there, within him all along, and prayed that Asuka would never touch it, but she had.

She'd screamed something to the effect of "You are just like Gendo," at him, and she had hit him. REALLY hit him. Asuka had shown up on Misato's door that night, crying, all of her things packed into her car, and refused to say anything. Misato had gone to Shinji's, and demanded to know just what the hell he'd done.

"I threw her out. She's not welcome in my home anymore," he'd said simply, his left eye swollen closed, before he shut the door in her face. Misato never had been able to get a straight answer out of either of them as to what exactly had happened. Asuka had gotten herself her own apartment by the end of the week, and moved out. She and Asuka were still speaking, but Shinji and Asuka hadn't spoken since that night seven months ago.

"And Shinji?" Maya asked.

"Shinji's okay with it, I think. He's withdrawn a bit since the break up, but I don't think he lacks for company, if you get my meaning. He's grown into quite a handsome young man, and he IS the boy who saved the world after all. Rei says that she's seen him out with a different girl every time she's run into him."

"Well, if it's alright, could I get his address? I'd like to see about getting one of the pen-pen chicks, and I'm sure Doctor Akagi would kill me if I came all this way and didn't go see him."

"Sure, let me get his address for you," she said, finishing her beer, and getting up to rummage through a drawer for some paper to write the address on.

Slip of paper in hand, Maya was driving up 'Children's Park Drive' an hour later, heading for Shinji's apartment. She'd stayed for lunch with Misato, and was regretting it. Sempai had told her the woman couldn't cook, and she now remembered that Shinji and Asuka had complained about it often enough during their time at NERV, but she'd never believed it could have been that bad.

She saw that she was approaching the address that Misato had given her, and quickly located a parking space, leaving her car behind, and walking into the modest structure. It was evidently a private boarding house for the local college students, but only those who could afford it. She knew, with his trust fund, Shinji could more than afford this. Indeed, he could live much better if he wished, but it wasn't like Shinji to flaunt things like that.

She found the correct door, and knocked. She could hear several frantic "Wark"s from inside the apartment, but didn't hear any human voices. He probably wasn't home from school yet. It was only just after One O'clock in the afternoon, and a weekday, so he was probably still at school. She decided she'd go enjoy the park a little, and walked around the building, and out onto the large greensward between the building and the lake. She found a comfortable bench, and relaxed onto it, in the shade of a large tree that had been planted there for that purpose.

She wasn't waiting there long with a small crowd of people approaching down the pathway that ran around the lake attracted her attention. There were four women surrounding a handsome young man, who was laughing.

The young man in the middle was unmistakably Shinji Ikari.

He was older now, looking a bit more like his father, minus the beard, but still unmistakably Shinji.

As the group approached, she could hear them talking and laughing, and noted the girls were each competing for attention Shinji's attention. The way they touched him, and rubbed up next to him was so... so... pathetic. It was the only word that she could think of to describe how they were literally throwing themselves at him.

Maya stood up, and stepped into the path as the group approached.

"You've certainly gown since I saw you last, Shinji," she said, when they were close enough.

Shinji turned his head from his companions, and looked at her curiously. Recognition struck him and a huge smile broke out on his face, lighting up the area.

'Be still my heart. With a smile like that he could...' she didn't finish the thought before he'd separated himself from the other girls and stepped forward, taking her hand in his own.

"It's good to see you again Miss Ibuki. I haven't seen you in some time. What brings you here from Matsushiro? Doctor Akagi want to run another sync test?" he grinned at her.

She smiled up at him, and pulled him into a hug. He'd grown quite a bit since last she'd seen him. If she had to guess, she'd say he was easily 5 foot 8 or more. He'd filled out as well. Misato said that he was working out, and playing soccer daily, to keep in shape.

As she hugged him, she noticed that the four girls behind him were all glaring at her with undisguised malice.

"So, what brings you to Tokyo-4?" he asked, stepping back from the embrace.

"Well Ritsuko is making me take some time off. I have a week to kill, so I though I'd come back here. I haven't been back since they started to rebuild the city."

"A lot has changed," he said, nodding and continuing to hold her hands. The girls behind were now looking even more upset.

"But it seems I've interrupted something. I don't mean to intrude," she said, nodding towards the girls.

"Oh, no, we were just going back to my place so I could pick up some papers that I'm grading for one of my professors. The wonderful life of a post-graduate, you know how it is, but if you're in town, I'd love to catch up."

"Well, I kind of remember that far back, but if you're busy," she said, noticing the disappointed looks on the faces of the girls.

"No problem Miss Ibuki, I don't have anything important planned for today. Nothing I can't drop in favor of an old friend anyway."

Evidently the girls behind him realized that they were what was going to be dropped, and to a woman, they all pouted. Shinji turned and looked at them, flashing his smile, and she saw the girls all melt.

"Sorry girls, Miss Ibuki here is an old friend from back at NERV. I haven't seen her in years. You don't' mind do you, we can reschedule?" he asked.

The disappointment on their faces faded at his kind words, and the promise of a later rendezvous. They all nodded, and stepped up to Shinji. Each one of them kissed him lightly on the cheek, and said goodbye. Except the last girl, who grabbed him on either side of the face, and locked lips with him in a passionate embrace. After a few moments, Shinji broke the kiss, gently pushing the girl away.

He laughed, "Goodbye Kimiko, I'll call you later," he said, removing her hands from him.

The girls grabbed their friend and dragged her away, and Maya could swear she heard the other three commenting to their friend about it "not being fair," and "cleaning his tonsils."

Shinji turned back to face her, and Maya could see a hint of the old Shinji in his blush.

"Heh, sorry about that," he said. "My apartments just over here," he motioned.

"I've been there already. In fact, I'd love to see it. Misato said you were keeping some of Pen-Pen's chicks until you could find new homes for them. I thought I might see if I could get one from you."

"Well, we'll have to see. They're pretty particular about who they'll go with. Let's go introduce you to them and see what they think."

"Lead the way," she said, turning to let him walk by.

He surprised her by linking her arm with his, and started walking towards his apartment. They chatted for a while about minor things on the short walk back to the complex, finally arriving back at his flat, and he swiped his ID card through the reader. The door beeped and slid open.

Immediately two black and white shapes with red crests "Wark"ed a welcome, and rushed him.

"Hey guys, miss me?" he said, kneeling to take them in his arms.

Maya noticed that their nameplates read "Kenny" and "Toji."

"Why are those names familiar?" Maya asked.

"Kenny, Kensuke, was my best friend in school. Toji, Toji was the 4th Child, Toji Suzuhara. He was a friend too," Shinji said, lowering his eyes as he talked about Toji.

Maya nodded then, remembering the injuries that the 4th child had received at the hands of Unit-01. He'd lost a leg and an arm to the incident, and never been the same again.

"Do you still talk to them?" she asked.

"Kenny's in the JSSDF, and Toji's going to school here. Believe it or not, he says he wants to teach. After the... the incident... he wasn't able to play sports like he used to, so his girlfriend Hikari got him interested in reading. He's a Lit major now."

"That's great. Its good to see he's getting on with his life," she smiled.

"Yeah, he even plays basketball now, with a local group of guys in wheelchairs. He's their star center."

"This is really incredible," she said, pleasantly surprised.

"Anyhow, these are the guys. Guys, this is Miss Ibuki, and she's an old friend of mine. Be nice to her, while I get you something," he said, and walked to the fridge.

"Wark?(think she's got fish?)" Kenny asked.

"Wark Wark!(nope, don't smell like it!)" Toji answered.

"Wark Wark!(Kinda cute though!)" Kenny said.

"WARK!(PERVERT!)" Toji said, flapping his wings.

"Wow, Shinji, they're sure talkative," Maya observed.

"They're usually like that after I get home, Miss Ibuki, they'll quite down after they've been fed."



"If you call me Miss Ibuki again, I'm going to feel the need to hurt you. My name is Maya."

"Well, I didn't know if I should call you by your given name, after all, you were sort of my superior at NERV."

"Hardly. You pilots were the most precious thing that NERV had, next to the EVA's. We were all considered expendable, compared to you."

"Still, Miss... er Maya, you were, um, older than me, and deserved the respect that that implies."

"By nine years Shinji, not all that much. Heck I just turned 30 two months ago," she said exasperated.

"Happy birthday," he said, handing a fish to each of the penguins.

"Wark!(Thanks Shinji!)" Kenny said.

"WARK!(About time!)" Toji said.

The two penguins gratefully ate their fish, and waddled back into the other room.

"Beer?" Shinji asked, opening his fridge.

"Um no, thank you, I've already had enough today," she said, looking ill.

"Misato," he said, nodding.

She nodded back. "I had lunch with her," she said quickly.

"Oh, I see," he said, and opened the drawer next to him, pulled out a small box and offered Maya one of the chalky pink tabs inside. "Antacid?"

"Yes please," she said, taking two, and chewing them up before swallowing.

Shinji handed her a glass of ice cold water to wash down the remains.

"Didn't anyone warn you?" he laughed.

She nodded, no mean feat when you're drinking, and set down the glass. "But I thought you guys were all kidding."

"There are some things I never kid about. Misato's cooking is one of them," he said, motioning her into the other room.

She walked into the room, and found the two penguins sitting in front of a modest plasma screen TV that was hung low on the wall, changing channels every so often. There was a large futon here, as well as two doors, one on either side of the TV.

"Let me give you the 20 yen tour. This is the main room. On the right is the bathroom; on the left is my walk in closet. Both are almost bigger than the rest of the place," he laughed.

Maya smiled, "I've lived in worse," she said. "My parents had this tiny little place on the outskirts of Tokyo-2 that had four of us crammed into it. It was horrible."

"Well, student housing isn't that great, but it's cheap."

"Hmm... I seem to recall that Fuyutsuki set up a pretty nice Trust Fund for you."

Shinji shrugged, "Yeah, but I put most of the money I receive from it in savings. I don't want to touch it, unless I really need it. I only use a little of it to pay for this place, my food, and the few supplies I need for school."

"And how is school," she said, sitting on the Futon, and pulling Kenny into her lap.

"WARK?! Wark Wark Wark!(WHAT THE?! Oh, Sure you can hold me!)" the penguin squawked, and then settled back to watch the show.

"Schools great. I spend most of my time these days teaching undergrad classes for my Professors, and preparing my Thesis. With any luck, I'll have my Doctorate by next June. What about you?"

"Well as you know, I work with Doctor Akagi up in Matsushiro. We're working on some new inventions and medical procedures to help accident victims and people with birth defects, actually."

"That sounds exciting. Need a research assistant? I'm going to be looking for a job in a few months."

Maya laughed, "You're already looking for a job?" she asked.

"Heck yeah. You have any idea how hard it is to get a good internship after college. They tell us to start now, and keep plugging away until we find something," he nodded.

"Well, I'll talk to Ritsuko, and see what she says. We might have an opening by June of next year," she said.

"Thanks Mi... Maya," he said, catching himself.

"Now if I'm going to relay your job inquiry to Ritsuko, I'm going to need to know what we'll be getting," she said.

Shinji kind of looked at her for a moment and then nodded, "You mean my Majors? Well I've got Masters in Genetics and Physics. My PhD will be in Genetics though, unless I change my mind, or flunk out."

"As if that were possible," Maya laughed.

The kept talking for several hours, and time passed, and the penguins changed TV shows every so often. Finally Maya was thinking about leaving when her stomach growled loudly.

Shinji laughed. "I know that sound," he said, standing up. "Did you have any dinner plans?"

"Well, no not really, I don't even have a place to stay yet. I should really go get a hotel room," she said, taking his extended hand, and standing up.

"Well, after you get a room, how about I take you out to dinner. I can guide you through the culinary wonders of Tokyo-4."

"Sounds great. Do you have a telephone directory?"

"Yeah, here," he said, handing it to her.

She flipped through the book before finding the page indicating Hotels in the area. She settled her fingers on one add, and started to dial, but Shinji stopped her.

"That one's full of foreign businessmen, and they overcharge for everything," he said.

'Oh, well do you see one you could recommend?" she asked.

He considered a minute, then flipped a few pages before stopping and pointing at a small add.

"The Shinto?" she asked, starting to dial.

"It's made up like an old shrine. Very quaint. Excellent service; but not very well known. They even have a great restaurant too."

"Okay. Hello, yes, I'd like to make a reservation for one please. Seven days. Miss Maya Ibuki. I should be there within the next 45 minutes. Thank you. Goodbye," she said, and ended the call.

"It's only 15 minutes from here," he said.

"That will give me time to get my car," she said.

"So, dinner, what time should I pick you up?" he said.

"You're not. I'm checking in, and then going to dinner as soon as I drop off my bags, and you're coming with me," she said.

"Alright then, I'll need to shower and change, then."

"Be fast" she said.

Shinji nodded, and walked to his closet, and grabbed a towel and some cloths. He went into the bathroom, and a moment later, she heard the shower running. True to her direction, he was out of the shower a few minutes later, drying his hair, and pulling his underwear on. Socks and pants were next, but then he realized, he'd forgotten his shirt.

"Damn," he said. He walked out into the living room, and into the closet. He grabbed a shirt, a tie, and his best dinner jacket. Putting them all on with practiced ease.

'Was that Shinji?' Maya wondered silently at the muscular, and fit young man who'd just walked from the bathroom to the closet. 'Dang, he looks a hell of a lot better than I remember from his "naked" sync tests,' she thought, a wicked smile on her lips.

"Just about ready," he said, as he walked back into the bathroom to attempt to tame his hair.

"No problem," she said, sweetly.

'Stop thinking that Maya, he's almost ten years younger than you,' her inner voice said.

'So. He's an adult, and very definitely male. How long has it been since you've had any form of male attention?' a second voice chimed.

'We're going out to dinner with him. That's more than enough attention,' voice one stated.

Voice two grumbled but remained silent; possibly plotting it's next battle.

"Ready," he said, walking back out of the bathroom. Misato was obviously a master of understatement, she realized. Shinji was VERY handsome, especially when he dressed up. She understood now why he had such a following among the young women at the college

'And Asuka gave this up?' voice one asked.

'Who's thinking naughty now?' voice two wanted to know.

'I'm just trying to figure out what went wrong?' voice one lied.

'Uh huh,' voice two was unconvinced.

"Okay, lets go," she said. "What about them?" she motioned to the penguins.

"They'll be fine. They stay in and watch TV most of the time. Later guys. And no Pay-per-view. I saw last months bill," he admonished.

"Wark!(Killjoy!)" Kenny said.

"Wark! Wark Wark!(Hey! Three of those movies were yours!)" Toji complained.

Shinji shut the door behind him, and follow Maya's directions to her car. Following his instructions, they soon arrived at the building, which really did look like an old fashioned shrine, and she registered, and got her key-card.

"Shinji, will you wait for me in the bar?" she asked.

"Sure," he agreed.

Now it was her turn. She grabbed her bags and went to her room, throwing the bags inside, and going in quickly to take a fast shower and change. She washed herself to remove the minor sweat and grime she'd accumulated from her drive from Matsushiro, and jumped out of the shower, and into her cloths. She chose a simple dress, and blouse from her bags. She spritzed herself with a light dusting of her Lavender perfume, and grabbed her high-heeled shoes from the bag, slipping into them as she walked out the door.

It was barely fifteen minutes after she'd left him there, when she returned to the bar. He was sitting there with a glass of white wine, watching the television that was tucked up behind the bartender. She checked her hair and makeup in the mirror just inside the door, and decided it look alright. This wasn't actually a date, anyway, just a friendly dinner between friends.

'Exactly,' voice one chimed.

'Yeah right,' voice two said.

"Shinji?" she said, coming up to him.

"Maya, there you WOW!" he said, looking down at her, stunned by her transformation.

"You like?" she asked, turning around, so he could admire the view.

"You look great," he said.

She smiled up and him, enjoying the compliment.

"Hungry?" Shinji asked.

"Very," she nodded.

Shinji turned and took his glass of wine, motioning to the bartender, and led Maya toward the hostess. She led them to a small booth, where several lit candles provided the only illumination. Shinji allowed Maya to sit down, and then took his seat opposite her. The bartender brought them another glass, and the bottle of white whine, and the waitress arrived and told them the specials for the night. Shinji ordered for them, looking for Maya's approval before doing so.

As they waited for their meals, Maya sipped at her wine, while she chatted with Shinji. She discovered that he wasn't really dating anyone, at least not seriously, and that the girls she'd seen him with were more or less "groupies" who hung out with him because they thought he was cool. They'd eventually grow tired of him, and leave, he explained. It had happened before. It would happen again.

They spent the next twenty minutes drinking and chatting, mostly about what each was up to recently. When their dinner arrived, they continued to eat while they talked. A second bottle wine was offered, but it was declined, as both decided on a more traditional Sake to accompany dinner.

By the time dinner was over, they had decided to retire to the bar, where they could continue there talk. Several hours later the Bartender announced that he was closing, and they would have to depart soon.

"Wow, I didn't realize it was so late," Shinji said, standing up.

"Yeah, I guess time really does move faster when you're having a good time," Maya said, getting to her feet as well. She was none too steady though, and swayed as she tried to walk towards the exit.

"Here, lean on me, I'll steady you," Shinji said, taking one of Maya's arms.

"Thanks," she said, as he supported her, "Damn high heals."

'He's touching us. Lets hear it for high heals,' voice two said.

Maya couldn't identify where that voice was coming from, and shook her head in minor irritation. A mistake as it made her head swoon, and she lost her balance.

"Whoops," she said, as she tripped and started falling towards the ground.

"Hang on there," Shinji said, and caught her before she could fall far. He swung her up in both his arms, carrying her light body before him.

"You're in no condition to walk," he said, looking down at her.

She smiled as she gazed up at him. He really was very handsome.

"Thanks Shinji," she said, leaning her head against his chest, as she draped her arms around his neck.

Shinji got her back to her room, but she fumbled with the key-card for a few minutes, before finally getting it out of her pocket, and sliding it into the door. Almost immediately they tumbled into the hotel room, and Shinji, overbalanced, his own center of gravity none to stable, tripped. Trying to keep from hurting her, he spun himself, so that his body would protect hers from any impact. He landed on her bed, with her now splayed out across his chest and left thigh. She still had her arms wrapped about him, and her head was resting on his collarbone.

"Heh. Whoops. I guess, I'm not all that stable now either," he said, trying to shift her carefully off of him.

Instead of sliding off gently, Maya tightened her grip around his neck and pulled herself up until she was fully straddling him. Her thigh could feel a slight bulge in the front of his pants, and she was breathing faster.

'He's got those gorgeous dark blue eyes. What did Misato call them that time? Storm Cloud Blue. That's it. As if all the thoughts churning deep within him are expressed in those eyes. And he is so damn sexy,' voice one was saying.

'I tried to tell you,' voice two sang.

'But he's nine years younger than we are,' voice one tried to protest.

'Referring to yourself in the third person is a sure sign of insanity. Did you know that? Besides, it's probably BEEN nine years since we had a man last,' voice two said.

'Well not that long,' voice one denied.

'Okay. Eight and a half then. Same difference. Look at him and tell me you don't want him,' voice two challenged.

'I can't,' the first voice said.

'Good. Then shut up and let me handle this,' voice two said, and voice one quietly faded away.

"Sorry Maya, I should have been more careful. I should probably get up to call a cab. There's no way I trust myself enough to..." Shinji's remaining words were drowned out by the feel of soft lips pressing against his, and an insistent tongue attempting to gain entry.

He parted his lips and they kissed softly for a few moments before Maya shifted a little more, and brought her face up.

"Maya, I..." but her index finger was pressed against his lips.

"Shhh. I know Shinji. This isn't what you planned. Hell, it's not what I planned either, but I know it's what I want."

"Maya, we're drunk, I couldn't," he got out.

"Somehow I doubt that," she said, rubbing one hand against the growing bulge in his trousers.

"That's not what I mean. You're a friend. If we do this, it will probably ruin our friendship."

"Only if we let it. I want this Shinji, but I don't want, or need a relationship right now. So. I want to do this, but I don't want there to be any strings attached. Alright?" she asked.

"Well. I think so. No strings?" he asked her.

"No strings," she nodded. "Just two people who know each other enjoying each others company completely."

"By fucking," he stated bluntly.

"Yes," she said, nodding and looking down at him.

'He's not going to go for it,' voice one piped up.

'He's a guy. He'd have to be dead not to,' voice two said.

'Or Shinji Ikari. This young man is made of sterner stuff than most. He killed Angels and saved the world for god's sake,' voice one said.

"Alright," Shinji nodded, and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her down to him.

'Ha ha, I win,' voice two said.

Shinji deepened the kiss, and began to let his hands wonder all over Maya's back, one reaching down to cup her buttocks.

'We both win, now shut up and enjoy this,' voice one said, and, taking her own advice, shut up.

Shinji's tense body was relaxing then, the pace of his kisses slowing. Maya, growing more excited, began trying to urge him on, her need burning within her. She sat up, anxious to be free of her blouse and bra. She quickly undid the blouse, and with a single expert flick, her bra was sliding down her arms. Her breasts, no long confined within the soft fabric, felt wonderful, and she couldn't resist a playful brush across her nipples. Feeling the heat rise in her body at her own soft caress, she looked down at Shinji.

"Shinji," she whispered huskily.


"Mmm, Shinji," she smiled. He really was good looking. She softly massaged her breasts, allowing him to look at her. At least, he could if he'd open his eyes.


"Shinji?" she called softly.


Maya could hardly believe what she suspected. She leaned over him, placing her face right before his, her short hair wrapping around the sides of her face.


'He fell asleep?' voice two pouted.

'Noooooooooo,' voice one wailed.

Maya Ibuki collapsed onto Shinji Ikari's chest, sobbing in frustration. She soon entered the realm of dreams herself, and slept fitfully until morning.


Soft morning light was filtering in through the hotel windows when Maya Ibuki awoke. She felt very warm and very comfortable, and attempted to snuggle into the bed, hoping to enjoy the feeling for a few more minutes.

The bed snuggled back.

Maya's eyes snapped open, and the face of a sleeping Shinji Ikari greeted her.

'How did...' she began, but then she started to remember the events of the night before. The wine, the Sake, and all the pleasant conversation. Coming back to her room, falling into the bed, and the kiss.

The kiss.

That was some kiss.

They'd both decided that they wanted to sleep together, no strings attached, just sex. She remembered taking her top and bra off, then nothing.

'Then nothing?' she wondered groggily to herself.

She looked down. They were snuggled together under the blanket, evidently they'd shifted on the bed at some time in the night, and they were now lying side by side under the light blanket.

She looked at herself.

Yes, her top was gone, she noticed, but her skirt was still on, and a brief exploration with her hand told her that her panties were still in place.

'Well that's something,' voice one thought groggily.

She looked at Shinji.

He had taken his shirt off, and, she noticed, when she lifted the covers to peek, his pants as well. He was simply wearing his boxers.

'And that's something else as well,' voice two said, coming fully awake, 'something we need.'

'No. Nothing happened last night. Leave it be, it's for the best anyway,' voice one said.

'For the best? We were going to get laid, and you think it's best that he passes out?' voice two was exasperated.

She would have continued her mental debate, but Shinji gave a languid stretch, and, feeling a warm body next to him, gathered her into his arms and pulled her in close. He kissed her lips softly, snuggling into her, and drawing her body up against his.

"Good morning Shinji," Maya said softly, and Shinji's eyes snapped open, a startled look on his face.

"Miss Ibuki... Maya... um?" he seemed at a loss for words.

"Relax Shinji, it's okay. Nothing happened last night. You fell asleep," she explained.

"I did? That's a relief. I mean, I kind of remember being in bed with you, but then it all gets hazy and goes away," he said.

"So it's a relief that we didn't have sex?" she asked, growing mildly upset.

"What? No... No Maya, nothing like that. I mean, it's... a relief that I didn't forget making love to you," Shinji said, a slight smirk growing on his lips.

"Oh?" she said, a bit surprised by that remark, and trying to cover it.

"Because I'd want to remember something like that," he said, looking into her eyes.

'Oh damn you Shinji Ikari, and damn me too I guess,' she thought, and both voices agreed.

He pulled her to him, then, and kissed her softly but passionately. He broke the kiss, and looked down at her.

"That is, if you still want to," he whispered.

"As long as it's still just as we discussed last night. Just friends," she said.

"Just friends," he nodded and pulled her to him.

As Shinji began to kiss her softly, Maya was experiencing some doubts despite her assurances to the contrary. It had been more than eight years since she'd last been with anyone. Her college sweetheart was the last man she'd made love to, but then she'd accepted the position with NERV, and they'd broken up.

Since then she'd been totally concerned with her work, and hadn't had time or made time for anyone. Under any other circumstances she wouldn't have considered doing something like this with Shinji, but somehow, she just couldn't resist. Shinji's hand moving up her side tickled, and she stopped thinking, and began to enjoy his ministrations.

Shinji ran his hands up Maya's sides, until he was cupping her face between them, and he deepened the kiss. As she responded, he traced one hand down her cheek, a casual finger brushing the sensitive part of her neck behind the ear. He then drug the finger down, and softly stroked the next sensitive spot below her neck, at the top of her chest, his fingers finding the natural depression there.

Maya moaned into his mouth softly as he continued to tease the small areas of her body, and yet managed to miss all of the usual areas that were considered to be erogenous zones.

Shinji changed his tactic then, and brought a hand down to rest lightly on her soft belly, stroking it lightly.

Maya, growing mildly frustrated, reached for his hand, and pulled it up until it covered her right breast. She could feel Shinji smile through the kiss, as he gently cupped and kneaded the soft flesh, brushing his thumb over the hardening nipple. The electric jolt flashed from her nipple to her back, and she shivered lightly at the touch. Shinji squeezed softly, and massaged the nipple again, and the same sensation flashed through her. He lifted himself off of her, and began to follow his fingers path with his lips.

She giggled when he reached the center of her chest, and his large dark blue eyes looked up at her. He smiled, and brought his kisses to her left breast, where he kissed her, flicking his tongue out with each kiss. He circled the breast, until he reached the nipple and took it into his mouth, suckling gently.

Maya gasped at the sensation. It was sending little shockwaves of pleasure through her more intense than what he was doing to the other breast. But that wasn't what was concerning her. The touches were making her womanhood ache, longing to be touched, to be filled.

Shinji didn't appear to be in a hurry, but Maya decided she'd give him a little hint. Letting go of his hand and the back of his head, she lifted her hips and slipped her dress and her panties down, carefully. She leaned into him, and brought her legs up under her slightly so she could take them all the way off. She tossed them over the side of the bed, and relaxed back into it.

Shinji lifted his head, and gazed longingly at her. Then he smiled again. The smile. She felt her heart skip a beat, and tried to relax, as he returned to his kisses. Down, past her belly button, where he shifted from her side to laying between her outstretched legs. She pulled her feet towards her bottom, making her knees raise up on either side of Shinji trapping him between her thighs.

Shinji reached the top of her pubic mound, and found the light and sparse pubic hair. He stopped and looked up at her, still smiling.

"You don't have to," Maya said, remembering that her boyfriend had hated to do that.

"I know. I want to. I need to taste you Maya," he said, planting little kisses across her flesh.

He continued down, and just when he should have reached her clit, he kissed the flesh next to it instead. She let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding, as he moved off, instead of diving straight for her womanhood, he kissed his way down her thigh, towards her knee. He only made it part of the way before he shifted sides, and worked his way from the middle of the opposite thigh back towards her center of pleasure.

He reached the place where he'd avoided last time, and raised his head. Then he ran a hand softly over her mound, parting the upper part of her lower lips carefully, and pressed his lips back down, gently kissing her clit. Electricity flashed from the hard nub of flesh, into her womanhood, and up her spine to her brain, forcing her to let out a small delighted moan.

Shinji smiled from where he was, and flicked his tongue out, paying careful attention to the nub, and occasionally running his tongue down farther, and dipping into her womanhood. She felt the pulsing within her building with each tender lick, and reached up to help it along. Stroking both of her breasts, and massaging the nipples in the way she found so effective.

Down below, Shinji shifted slightly, and brought the middle finger of his hand to Maya's moist entrance. He softly parted the outer lips, and made ready to penetrate her inner petals. He could feel the heat and moistness there, and knew she was more than ready for this. He gently pushed his finger into her.

Maya had kept in good shape over the years, and, despite being 30 years old, every muscle on her body was tight. Especially these muscles. She would exercise them daily, tightening and releasing, but she hadn't had anything other than a toy or two, and her own fingers, in here in quite some time.

Shinji was having a furiously delightful time penetrating her with his finger. He worked it in and out slowly, and soon had it fully within her body, the fingertip pressing up against the front wall of her womanhood. Between his finger and his tongue, Maya was fast approaching a peak.

Shinji was very intent on his ministrations, but heard the catch in her voice, as she moaned his name softly, and bucked her hips. He felt a spasmodic tightening around his finger, and continued what he was doing until she began to moan rather loudly. He stopped the actions with his tongue, but kept the finger motions up, allowing her to come down slowly.

She tried to stretch, but with Shinji positioned between her legs it was difficult, still she did stretch her upper arms and purred like a cat.

"Nice?" Shinji whispered.

"Mmm, better," she said, her eyes closed.

"Would you like me to keep going, or do you want to do something else?" he asked, continuing to stroke with his finger.

'No one has ever asked THAT before,' voice 1 stated.

'See, I told you this would be worth it,' voice 2 affirmed.

"Maya?" Shinji said, noticing that there was a somewhat shocked look on her face.

"Oh, sorry. This is nice, but I'd really like you in me now. If that's okay?" she said softly.

"As the lady wishes," he said, sliding off the foot of the bed.

She glanced down at him, and watched as he removed his boxers. His arms were in the way, and she missed getting a good view of his manhood. Then he turned away from her, and she was puzzled. Was he embarrassed? With what he'd just done to her, he shouldn't be. Then she saw what he was doing. He'd bent over to retrieve his Jacket, and was going through the pockets. He pulled out a small container, and retrieved a small wrapper from it.

'Condom,' voice 2 said.

'Damn, that's lucky, cause we don't have any, and haven't used birth control pills in years,' voice 1 said.

Shinji opened the package, and rolled the condom down his member, placing the package on the dresser, before crawling back into bed with Maya. She watched his member, mesmerized by it, as he approached her. She, of course, could hardly remember it, but Shinji's seemed much larger than her boyfriends. Longer and thicker.

Now he was back between her legs, and moving up her body, planting little kisses here and there as he approached, finally ending at her lips. He captured her lips in his and kissed her passionately, then raised up. She could feel the tip of his manhood brushing against the outer lips of her womanhood, occasionally brushing her clitoris, and sending electric jolts up her spine.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"Make love to me Shinji," she whispered, catching his lower lip with her teeth and dragging him back into a kiss. He covered her mouth with his, and shifted his hips. There was a moist heat coming from her entrance, and Shinji instinctively aligned himself, and began to ease into her.

Maya had been afraid that, like her ex, she would have to lend Shinji a hand, and guide him in, but as he nudged against her entrance, she could only gasp, and clutch at him. As the head of his manhood penetrated her long unused womanhood, she broke the kiss, moaning, clawing at his back, and then biting into his shoulder.

Shinji hadn't been in anyone this tight in months. Not since... Asuka. He froze at the thought, but Maya's moans and slight twitches of her hips snapped him out of it, and he continued to ease into her. He only made about two inches before he stopped and withdrew, leaving only the head within, and then began to penetrate her again. Again Maya moaned, as he pushed deeper into her virginally tight womanhood.

Shinji gained two more inches, before withdrawing again, and this time, with a long smooth thrust, he penetrated her to his full length, resting his pelvis against hers. Maya felt fuller than she'd been in years, and then a small flash hit her as his hips pressed against her clit, and she had a small orgasm. This time however her womanhood had something large and firm filling it, not the small finger that had been there before. The micro surges of pleasure caused its' walls to contract mightily, and Maya felt as if she and Shinji had suddenly been melded into one being.

Shinji Ikari, breathing raggedly in Mayas ear, clutched his arms behind her head, holding her head to his chest, and tried desperately not to release his own pent up desire. Her contractions subsided, and he could at last trust himself to move again, and he began to slowly move back and forth within her, only a little at a time. Her womanhood was maddeningly tight, and he worried about moving too much, and achieving orgasm without being as fully within her as he wished.

Maya rocked her hips, and clutched at his back, moaning softly into his chest. Little gasps and oh's of pleasure escaping from her. Shinji himself was being more vocal than he'd been in some time, and was starting to shudder, as he stroked into her. Feeling the slickness within her increase, he pulled out, and slid back in, not quite coming all the way out of her, but loving the sensation of her tight passage as he slipped back into her. Maya let out a low deep guttural moan as he did this, and he repeated the move.

She moaned louder this time, her fingernails digging into his back, and tried to wrap her legs around his waist. Unable to get entirely comfortable, she settled for resting her heals on his bottom, as he continued to thrust way.

"Yes, Shinji, Yes," she moaned. "Gods, that's it, oh god, a little harder. Oh. Yeah, just like that, oooooooh," she moaned again, feeling her pressure about to burst again.

"Maya," he panted, "Oh gods, Maya, you feel so good. I'm close."

"Let go, Shinji," she pleaded, "Please. Cum. Oh God." This last was uttered as the dam within her burst, and her orgasm overwhelmed her. This was better than anything she'd felt in years. Definitely better than anything she'd ever done to herself. She felt her inner walls contract, and suddenly Shinji stopped moving, and she felt him pulse deep within her.

Shinji had been trying to build up the final few strokes he needed before he could cum, but Maya's contracting womanhood had grabbed him like a vice. As her muscles pulsed around his organ, he slipped the final few inches into her, and, between her maddeningly tight grip, and the added pressure caused by the pulsing contractions, he finally could hold on no more, and released himself.

They both let out a low moan as they reached their peak together, and the sensations lasted for what seemed minutes. Maya's contracting womanhood bringing jolts of pleasure to Shinji, even after he'd spent himself within her.

They remained there in each other grip for a while, neither wanting to move much for long minutes. Finally, Shinji decided that he needed to move, not wanting to apply too much weight to her. He shifted, and rolled, pulling her atop him, in a smooth motion. Maya lay her hands upon his chest, and began kissing his lightly haired pectorals, eventually stopping at his nipples, where she suckled softly.

"Hang on. I'm gonna need a minute if you're thinking about going again," he said.

Maya looked up at him. She hadn't actually been thinking about another session, she was merely enjoying the post coitus feeling that was washing over her. The benefits of having a young lover were flashing through her mind, and she got a wicked grin.

"Could we?" she asked.

Shinji laughed, at the innocent yet lust filled expression on her face.

"Yes, but I'll need to change the condom, and rest for a minute," he said.

"Okay," she said, and eased herself off of him. The friction of his withdrawal threatening to push her over the edge again.

"Mmm. Now would be a good time to brush my teeth," she said, licking her lips. She breathed into her hand and sniffed.

"Oh gross, you kissed me when I had sake breath," she said, covering her mouth, and hopping out of bed to run to the bathroom.

"Well, I have it too," he called after her.

Shinji looked down at his manhood, still stiff as it had been almost five minutes ago. That rarely happened to him, and he wondered if it was simply because of Maya's tightness, or something else. Either way, he was going to need another condom. He rose, retrieved the pack from the dresser, took the one he was wearing off carefully, and placed it in the trash. He lay the package containing the rest on the small table next to the mattresses headboard.

He turned toward the bathroom, where he heard the sound of Maya spitting, after frantically brushing her teeth. She opened the door, and smiled at him, as she scooted by him to the bed. Shinji walked into the bathroom, and found a fresh clean toothbrush in a plastic wrapper in the holder. He broke it open, and put the toothpaste on it, and brushed his own teeth quickly. When he finished, he placed the toothbrush down, and walked back into the bedroom.

Maya giggled as he came around the corner, and when he looked at her for an explanation she merely covered her mouth and pointed to his member. It had flagged a little bit, and was now poking out perpendicular to his body, but as he walked it was jiggling up and down.

"Some men would be offended by their lover laughing at their penis," he remarked.

"I'm sorry, Shinji, but it looked so funny," she said, still from behind her hand.

He shook his head and her, placing his hands on his hips, and causing his member to wiggle again. This brought new, mildly suppressed laughter from Maya, who finally shook her head, and removed one hand to pat the bed. Shinji understood what she was asking him to do, and moved over, laying down on the bed next to her. She turned, and brought a hand up his thigh, and Shinji's member throbbed in response.

Maya noted its movement, and brought her hand up to it, gripping it in her soft hand with a light caress. Shinji tilted his head back and moaned as she stroked him.

"Do you like that Shinji?" she purred.

"You know I do," he murmured.

"Do you have more condoms?" she asked.

"Mmm... hmm..." he mumbled, motioning to the bedside table. Maya leaned over him to retrieve one, and removed it from its package. Orienting it properly, she gently slipped it down, using both hands to unroll the material until it was fully applied; Shinji giving little gasps and groans as she did so.

He started to sit up, but she placed one small hand on his chest, gently pushing him back down.

"My turn," she said, as she threw a leg over him. She bent over to kiss him, her breasts brushing against his chest, teasing her nipples.

"Oh, okay," he murmured, returning her kiss, and raising his hands to cup and fondle her small breasts. She moaned as he made contact, and leaned back, enjoying the sensation. She felt his organ throb against her sex, then not yet within her but maddeningly close. She smiled down at him, and shifted one of her legs slightly, reaching between them to take a firm hold of his member.

She guided him to her entrance, and, as she began to feel it trying to nudge its' way into her folds, sat back onto him, taking him completely within her in one downward thrust. Shinji and Maya both gasped in ecstasy, as he came to a rest deep within her. She leaned over and began kissing him fiercely, and he returned the kiss, grabbing her hips with his hands as he guided her movements.

She lifted herself up, until she was barely holding him within her, and slammed back down onto him, her tight folds gripping him maddeningly. She would rock back and forth a few times then, keeping him within her, and the lift up again, repeating the procedure.

As his organ penetrated her tight womanhood again and again, Shinji felt like he was going to explode.

"Maya," he gasped, clutching the bed sheets, and arching his back, "I'm sorry, but you're so tight. I'm going to cum."

"Please, Shinji, cum for me," she whispered, her voice full of passion.

Suddenly his whole body convulsed, and his head snapped back, a moan, that was more growl, issuing from his lips.

His orgasms exploded into her, and Maya could feel his organ throb, as it tried to release itself within her. The full feeling within her expanded, and another orgasm burst over her.

For a moment her cries rose as his faded, and then she quieted and the room went silent, except for their breathing.


After they showered and dressed, Shinji and Maya left the apartment, and Shinji led Maya on a tour through the University grounds. He showed her the classes where he taught for several of his Professors, and the research lab that was reserved for his use. They had lunch at a Ramen cart, and returned to Shinji's place to feed the chicks.

As they were coming up the walk, Maya thought she noticed a brunette woman paying the two of them very close attention. She slowed, thinking there was something familiar about the woman, but Shinji reached out and grabbed her hand, dragging her along.

Shinji pulled out his key card, and opened the door to let them in. They were greeted by two frantically squawking penguins.

" Sorry guys. I got kind of distracted," he said glancing at Maya. "Would you like something to eat?"

"WARK! WARK!(ITS ABOUT TIME!)" they said in unison, and snatched up the fish he got out for them.
"Wow Shinji they sure are hungry!" Maya said.

"Yeah, I try to feed them at least twice today. Obviously, I'm running a little late. This should tide them over for a while, though. So, what would you like to do with the rest of the afternoon? We could go for a walk in the park, or go sightseeing."

"Actually, I'm starting to get little hungry," Maya said.

"Okay, then I have an idea. There is a dinner cruise that leaves the harbor in about an hour, would you like to go? It's very romantic," he smiled.

"Alright. Am I my dressed alright?"

"You look great Maya."

Maya blushed, not used to such complements.

Shinji saw her blush and smiled even more.

"I just need to change," he said, and walked around the corner to his closet. He disappeared inside for a couple moments and returned with a fresh change of clothing.

"I'll be right out, okay," he said, taking the cloths into his bathroom.

Maya sat down on the futon, and watched the program that the to penguins had been watching. It appeared to be some sort of documentary about the United Nations.

"Can you guys change the channel? This is horrible," she said.

Kenny nodded his beak, and used the remote to change to a channel showing anime.

"That's better," she said.

True to his word, Shinji came back out very quickly, and was ready to go. He was clean-shaven, his hair was combed, and he smelled wonderful.

He turned his charming smile upon her.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Let's go then," she said.

Shinji led her out the door admonishing the penguins to not watch television all night, and try to get some exercise.

"WARK! (As if!)" Kenny said.

Shinji in my out walked back to her car, and my a college Shinji's directions to the harbor. They found a place to park, and bought their tickets for the dinner cruise. They went aboard the ship, and were quickly seated near the port side window. Shinji and Maya chose to forgo wine this evening, instead, opting for a nice tea. When the tea arrived Shinji poured a cup for himself and Maya, holding his cup with both his hands and blowing on it gently to cool it.

Shinji and Maya enjoyed a romantic evening on the cruise as it traveled around the lake. In the middle of the dinner , the restaurant photographer came around and asked if they would like to have their picture taken.

"Oh Shinji could we?" Maya asked.

"I don't see why not," Shinji said.

The photographer asked them to please get together, and, when they were ready, took the photo. He told him he would be back shortly with a print for them. The dessert tray was making its way towards them by the time he returned. He had a large glossy photo and two small wallet size prints. Shinji paid him with a ¥5,000 note, and the photographer left, telling them that he thought they made a great couple.

"A couple?" Shinji teased.

"A couple of friends," she said.

The two smiled, sharing their secret, and then ordered their deserts off the tray. The eight and enjoy the remainder of the cruise finally pulling back into the dock, two hours after they'd left. As they descended the ramp to the dock, Maya again saw someone she thought she should recognize, but, before she could call out to the woman, she had disappeared into the crowd.

My and Shinji returned to her car and drove around the city for a couple of hours before ending up at the look out again.

"This is my favorite spot in the whole city," Shinji said.

"Mine too," Maya whispered.

The to stayed there watching the winking lights of the city as full dark came upon them. Finally Shinji spoke.

"Well , we better be going," he said, getting her shoulders as squeeze.

"Okay," she said. She moved back to the drivers seat , and started the car. As they traveled back down the hill to Tokyo-4, Maya began to wonder what she was going to do.

"Shinji," she asked, "do you any plans tomorrow?"

"Nothing firm," he said.

Maya bit her lower lip, and asked, "would... would you like to stay the night again?"

Shinji smiled, "only if you want me to."

"I think I want you to," she said softly.

Shinji reached across the center console, and clasped her left hand in his, smiling.


The next morning after breakfast Maya asked Shinji if he was up for another day of sightseeing.

"I just have to take care of something first hang on," he said.

"Professor Korogi. Hello, sir. Shinji Ikari. Fine, sir. I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to teach the class this week. Sorry sir, but it has to do with my former profession. That's right sir. One of the technicians from the project needs me. I can't tell you precisely what for sir, as it's classified. Yes sir. Thank you for understanding, sir. I'll see you next Tuesday. Thank you sir. Goodbye," he said, and hung up.

"See. Simple."

"You don't do that often do you?" Maya asked.

"Do what?" he asked innocently.

"Use your position as a pilot to get out of things."

"No. Well, at least not often. I've only done it once or twice in the past. For a few days."

Maya smiled at him. "Why don't I believe you? Well, just in case someone bothers to ask, can you tell me when you've used that excuse? I might be able to alibi you."

"Well if I remember right, the first time was back in my second year here. I skipped three days of class to study for my finals, and one professor was going to fail me for not attending. I told him about my 'important classified mission,' and he backed off. I passed the class at 97%"

"And the next time?" she teased.

Shinji's demeanor shifted, and she immediately became concerned. This looked more like the Shinji Ikari of her memories, than the Shinji Ikari she'd spent the last couple days with.

"The week after I kicked Asuka out," he finally said.

"I'm sorry Shinji, I didn't mean to pry."

"No, it's okay. We're still friends right?" he asked, looking up at her face.

She nodded, "Of course we are. Do you want to talk about it?"

He shook his head, and then stopped, his head bowed, and nodded briefly.

"Whenever you're ready," she said, taking his hands in hers, and placing them on her folded legs.

"It was a little over seven months ago. Asuka and I had been together since, well, since I recovered from, you know, my hospital stay. Anyway, it seemed that we were always arguing about something. Everything from my grades, to my taste in cloths. Nothing ever seemed to be good enough for her."

"We argued about all kinds of things, really. We'd get into some pretty severe shouting matches, but we always made up for it. Misato had told us 'Never go to bed man,' and there were some nights we'd both stay awake for hours, until one or the other apologized for some of the things we'd said."

"Then, this one night, the last night, we'd really gotten into it. I even remember what set it off. I made a spicy pepper dish, and forgot to remove the peppers from her plate before I served it. She can't stand the really hot ones. Anyway, she took a bite, and burned her lips on it, and had to drink most of a gallon of milk to make it stop hurting. I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t stop. She started yelling at me. She was playful at first, so I didn't mind, calling me her 'Anata Baka' and things like that, but then she started to get into it. The more she ranted, the more upset she became, until finally she had a full head of steam worked up."

"I knew from experience that this was going to be one of those fights that, even though I didn't start, I was going to have to finish. So, I had my apology all worked out, and was just sitting there at the table while she ranted and raged. I didn't realize I had my hands steepled in front of me, or that I had a sort of smirk on my face, until Asuka turned to look at me."

"She screamed at me then, telling me I looked just like my father did, so smug and superior. I'd probably end up a heartless bastard just like he did, and abandon my son as soon as I could."

Maya gripped his hands tighter trying to lend support.

"Well, I stood up. The chair fell over I think because that finally caught her attention, and I grabbed her arm. Not that hard, but enough that she couldn't hit me with it. I kind of lost it then. I called her a bitch, and told her she'd better not ever mention my father again. She shouted something and hit me. Doubled up her fist and punched me. My eye immediately swelled shut."

He went silent, and she could see that Shinji was crying softly.

"What did you do then?" Maya asked.

"I threw her out. Told her we were through, and never to come back. I think I meant it to. She's tried to call a couple times, but I've hung up, deleted the messages, or just plain ignored her. I can't take it any more. I want to live Maya, to be happy. I don't need someone constantly throwing up every mistake I've made since I was 14 every time I turn around. Is that so wrong?"

"No Shinji, it's not. You deserve to be happy, after all you children went through."

"Then can you please tell me something?" he sobbed.

"I'll try. What do you want to know?" she asked.

"Why do I still love her," he cried, and Maya closed the distance between them and held his head to her breasts, comforting him, and stroking his hair as one would a child. He sobbed now, finding the release that he'd been unable to find with anyone since Asuka had left. He clutched her to him as he cried.

She continued to run her fingers through his hair, calming him, listening to his cries fade. He finally sniffed, and looked up at her, her eyes sparkling with unshed tears as her lover cried his love for another woman into her bosom. He smiled up at her, and she down at him.

He reached for her, still sniffling a little, and pulled her to him, crushing her lips to him in a strong demanding kiss. She surrendered herself to him, letting him be in control, as he so desperately needed to be. He pulled her shirt and pants off, her bra and panties following quickly. His own clothing was just as quickly discarded, and he pressed her back onto the bed.

Maya gasped as he resumed his passionate kiss, and her breath caught as his manhood pressed against her entrance. Despite not having been engaged in prolonged foreplay, her body was ready to receive him, as he penetrated her. She wasn't as wet as she'd been before, but his need drove them both on. The added friction made her gasp, and Shinji was shuddering with each thrust. She wasn't sure how close he was, but she knew that at his frantic pace, he couldn't be far. And then he was there, his body shuddering, his seed spilling into her womb. The feel of his hot seed being ejected so deep within her triggered Maya's orgasm, and she lost herself in the throes of passion, calling out his name as she clutched at him.


By the following weekend Maya was regretting that she had to return to work. These last seven days with Shinji had been some of the most wonderful of her entire life. The young man had confided in her about his lingering feelings for Asuka, even going so far as to show her the engagement ring he’d bought for her in the weeks before their breakup. He’d never found the time to ask her, and the ring was still in the case he’d brought it home in.

Maya found herself wishing that she hadn’t made Shinji promise that this was just a special friendship. She could do worse for a boyfriend, she thought, and she wasn’t likely to find better.

She often found herself wondering if Asuka knew what she’d lost. He was a willing, capable, and passionate lover; certainly the most exciting she’d ever known. He was also the most polite and attentive man she’d ever met.

She was facing a decision tonight, however. Her vacation time had run out, and Monday she would have to return to Matsushiro, so tonight was their last night together. She was thinking about going against her word, and asking Shinji to come to Matsushiro when he finished school. Not to work for Ritsuko, but to be with her.

‘I don’t know if he’d be willing to date me, but I think I have to ask,’ she thought. ‘This last week has been too special to forget.’

“Ready?” he asked her, as she came out of the bathroom, putting in her last earring.

“Just about,” she said, putting her perfume on, and grabbing her bag. She checked her make-up in the mirror one last time, and reached out to him. He stood up, and, taking her hand, led her into the restaurant. Their table wasn’t ready yet, so they sat down at the bar to wait, and have a couple drinks. The waitress had just come up to tell them that their table was ready when she noticed someone come through the main doors, glance in their direction, and turn down the hall.

“Go ahead and get our seat. I need to go powder my nose,” she said, giving Shinji a quick peck on the cheek, and squeezed his hand as she headed towards the same hall.

She walked down the short hallway, and opened the door leading to the women’s restroom. She peeked under the doors, until she came to the last stall, and could see a pair of legs under them.

“Are you going to hide in there all night, or are you going to come out here and explain what you’re doing. This could be considered stalking you know,” she said, straightening herself, and leaning against the counter opposite the stalls.

There was a sigh, and the stall door opened, revealing an attractive brunette, dressed very casually, and not the type to draw any real attention.

“Take off the wig,” Maya said.

The other woman nodded, and reached up to pull at her brown hair, revealing a mass of beautiful red gold underneath.

“Hello Asuka,” Maya said.

“Hello Miss Ibuki,” the younger woman replied.

“Can I ask why you’ve been following me?”

“Well, not you, exactly. Shinji. He’s pretty predictable actually. He has dinner on Saturday nights at one of three places. This is his favorite.”

“And that’s why I’ve been seeing you at almost every place we’ve gone for the last week?” she asked Asuka.

Asuka looked shocked.

“It took me two days, but I finally realized what you were doing. It was pretty hard to tell, really, but your real hair slipped out of your wig just a bit on Tuesday afternoon, at the water park.”

Asuka looked embarrassed, now, and refused to meet her eyes.

“I’ll just go now,” she mumbled.

“I didn’t tell you you could go Miss Soryu,” Maya said.

Asuka stopped, and looked shock for a moment.

“What kind of game are you playing?” Maya asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t give me that, you know what I mean. Now what’s going on?”

Asuka was quiet for a while.

“He won’t talk to me Maya. I’ve tried to call, to leave messages, have Misato or our friends talk to him, but nothing works. He won’t listen to them. I’ve even tried to see him a few times, but he sees me coming and turns the other way.”

“And so you dress up in a disguise so he won’t recognize you so you can spy on him?”

Asuka looked ashamed, but nodded.

Maya looked at the girl, saw the expression on her face, and read the deeper meaning there.

“Answer me one question Miss Soryu,” Maya said.

Asuka shrugged and nodded, “Alright.”

“Do you still love him?” she said, praying she wouldn’t get the answer she knew in her heart she would.

Asuka raised her eyes, looked at Maya, and tears began to spill down her face. She sobbed softly and nodded, hiding her face from the older woman.

“Say it,” Maya demanded.

“I love him, alright?” Asuka shouted, turning on her.

“Did you ever tell him. I mean REALLY tell him, not just whisper it during some passionate moment, but when you were calm, at peace?”

Asuka sobbed for a few moments, and shook her head. “Never,” she said.

Maya Ibuki sighed. She knew what she was about to do. It was the right thing, but it still was going to break her heart, because, despite what she had made Shinji agree to, she’d fallen in love with him herself. She grabbed Asuka.

“What are you doing?” Asuka asked, as Maya started to drag her out of the bathroom.

“We’re going to finish this. Right now,” she said, tightening her grip on the young woman.


Shinji Ikari was waiting at the table, trying to decide what they should have that evening when he smelled Maya’s soft perfume. A smile lit his face as he looked up, but then it vanished, as he shut himself off from the emotions ravaging his heart.

“Hello Asuka,” he said, his voice glacial, as Maya pushed the girl into the booth.

Asuka looked like she was trying to say something, started several times, but stopped, and then looked away from him, staring at the seat cushions beside her.

“Shinji, I believe you and Asuka have something that you need to talk about. And she has several things she needs to tell you. You should listen. I’m going to go back to my room. If you still want to have dinner with me when you’re done, you can come get me, and we’ll finish our meal”

“I don’t think that I…” he began.

“Shut up and listen to her Shinji. Do it for me,” she asked, hating herself for this.

She turned and walked away.

‘It should be us sitting there, talking to him,’ voice 1 said.

‘We should run back there, and tell him we love him, and make him choose,’ voice 2 said.

“No,” she said to herself, “I can’t make him choose. If he knew how I felt he’d keep that wall of anger between them in place, and he’d live the rest of his life wondering ‘what if?’”

‘Besides he might still refuse her. He might still choose us,’ voice one said.

The other part of her personality remained unconvinced.

She sat in her room, listening to the water splashing in the pool outside, and waited for a knock. Her head was bowed, and she was fidgeting with her nails when it came, nearly startling her. She approached the door hesitantly, and finally opened the door.

Shinji stood there, his head down. When the door opened, he looked up at her, and smiled.

“Well, I talked to her like you wanted me to,” he said.

“And?” Maya asked softly.

“I think we’re going to give it another chance. Nothing definite though, but there’s a chance. That’s all she asked for. She’s been going to see a councilor for the last three months to try and deal with some of her issues. She tells me it’s helping some. I don’t know, though. She asked me if I’d be willing to see a relationship councilor with her. I told her that I thought I’d be willing too, but I wanted a couple days to think it over.”

“Do it,” Maya said flatly.

“I will, I just didn’t want to agree to anything too fast. I know how I feel, and if I say ‘yes’ too fast, I’ll end up back where I started. I can’t do that anymore. It hurts to much.”

Maya nodded.

“Still up for dinner?” he asked.

“Asuka go home?” Maya asked.

“Yes. We both decided that that would be best for her.”

“Did you kiss her goodnight?” Maya asked.

Shinji blushed, and looked away.

‘He did. Well that’s a good sign. The first step on the road to forgiveness,’ she thought

“Do you still want dinner?” he asked.

She nodded.

“Good, because I’m starving. I already ordered for us, it should just about be ready. Do you want to go back?”

Maya linked her arm in his, and let him lead her back into the restaurant.

“Lets make my last night in Tokyo-4 a night to remember,” she said, gazing up at him, as her heart broke, shattered into a million pieces by the young man who could never be hers.


Maya was very drunk as she wheeled back into her room, a none to stable Shinji Ikari, supporting her. He helped her over to her bed, and then fell backwards, collapsing into one of the chairs set around a small table. She turned around and looked at him, desiring to make him hers, to give him something that he’d never forget, something she’d never given any man.

She stood up, and stripped out of her cloths, and walked over to him.

“Shinji,” she called, massaging one of her breasts casually as she approached.

“Yes?” he said, looking up, and seeing her naked body moving towards him. The look on his face shifted, and he shook his head.

“I’m sorry Maya I…” he started.

“Shhh. Quiet Shinji. Tomorrow I’ll be gone, and you’ll be hers again, but tonight, and just for tonight, be mine one last time,” she said, dropping to her knees in front of him.

He might have refused had he been a little more sober, a little more aware, but instead he didn’t resist as she freed him of his pants. His manhood was already hard, swaying before her face like some kind of serpent dancing to the tune of it’s master.

She’d made sure he’d be ready when she was, touching him and caressing him for the last few hours, increasingly demanding, as the night wore on. Now she knew he was ready.

She leaned forward, ripping his shirt open, sending buttons flying across the room, and running her hands over his stomach and chest as she captured his member with her lips. She inhaled greedily, and her cheeks sucked in, as she took his member as deep as she could. She felt it bump against the back of her throat, and suppressed the gag reflex, that tried to bring her dinner up.

Shinji groaned, as he felt her warm soft mouth envelope him, and softly ran a hand playfully through her hair. She looked up at him, as she raised up, grasping his manhood with one hand, and beginning to stroke it furiously. Her small mouth bobbed up and down upon it, capturing and releasing it over and over as she squeezed and fondled him.

He was beginning to moan, and she could feel him begin to contract in her hand as he moaned out that he was going to cum. She let go with her hand, and sucked him fully into her mouth, bobbing up and down furiously, trying to bring him past the point of no return. Suddenly his hips bucked, and she buried her face in his groin, feeling his member twitch powerfully, within her lips. She swallowed the warm salty liquid that splashed against the back of her throat, using her throat muscles to massage the end of his manhood as she did so. Finally the fluid and the bucking hips slowed, and stopped.

“Gods Maya, that was great,” he panted, as she raised her head up.

“Thank you Shinji. Do you want to get in the bed now?”

“Yeah I think so,” he said, and stood up weakly, trying to bring her with him, as he fumbled for the bed.

“I have to go brush my teeth, I’ll be out in a second,” she said, and disappeared into the bathroom.

She turned on the light and looked at herself in the mirror. She was a wreck. She was drunk, yes, that was obvious, but he hadn’t been able to see the tears she was crying while she had been performing for him. She was glad of that. If she had her way, she’d be gone before he awoke the next morning. She reached into her overnight bag, grabbed her toothbrush, and cleaned her teeth like she said, closing the door as she did so. Once she’d finished this task she let the water run for a few minutes while she took care of another mater, with the help of a small tube of jelly she’d purchased a few days before.

Shinji was large enough that just normal sex with him could be painful, so this lubricant had been vital in a couple of their lovemaking sessions. She decided that she was going to use the last of it now. Squeezing some out onto her hand, she began to massage her never before used, but extremely sensitive opening. She’d never trusted a man enough to let him penetrate her like this before, but she knew she trusted Shinji. Carefully, and slowly, she worked first one, then two, and finally three well lubricated fingers into the velvelty open of her anus.

Shinji was laying on the bed, wondering what was taking so long. After the blowjob, he’d lain down on the bed, thinking that Maya would be out here very soon, but she hadn’t appeared, and his erection was starting to wane.

“Shinji,” she called, stepping around the corner from the bathroom, one hand trailing down her body, barely visible in the soft light provided by the pool lights outside.

His manhood immediately throbbed back to life, seeing her standing there like that, softly stroking herself.

“Are you ready for me?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said, watching her approach.

She climbed onto the bed, like a tiger stalking it’s prey, walking up his body, until she was capturing his lips in her own, in a kiss that took his breath away. One of his hands gripped her breast, while the other went lower, in an attempt to massage her hard little nub of pleasure. He wasn’t expecting to encounter her own hand, already there and hard at work.

He quirked and eyebrow at her, as she sat up, slightly, looking down at him. She smiled mischievously, and continued to stroke her clitoris with one hand, using the other to guide his free hand to her other breast.

He was quickly distracted from any thoughts that he might have had for this new behavior when she began to moan softly at his touch. She straddled him, one foot on either side of his hips, in a squatting position, and looked at him, as if trying to memorize every detail about him. Her hips were softly grinding, and the outer lips of her womanhood were parted, stroking his member as she rubbed against him, not allowing him to enter. Finally she stopped and looked down at him, an odd look in her eyes.

“Are you ready Shinji? She asked.

“Gods, Maya, I’m so ready. I want you so bad,” he crooned.

“Then here you go Shinji. Here’s everything I have. One last time,” she said, lifting her hips up and grabbing his member with her soft hands. He gasped as she brought it up, positioning it outside her soft swollen petals of womanhood, but then, suddenly she shifted. He felt himself bump a little farther back that he was a minute ago, and opened his eyes, which he’d closed in anticipation, to look at her. She had a look of intense concentration on her face, as she maneuvered his manhood, back, away from her own throbbing sheath, until he was exactly where she wanted it.

He was about to ask her what she was doing when she slowly, maddeningly, eased herself down onto him. His penis slipping slowly, yet irresistibly into Maya’s Anus, the tightest opening that her body possessed.

“Oh god,” they both cried out, at almost the same instant, but Shinji took a deep breath, and Maya bucked her hips, sending a further three inches of his manhood into her unexplored backside.

“Maya, I, wow, that’s really tight,” he said.

“Shhh, lover. Tonight this is for you, and only for you. This is the last of me I can give you. So please, just enjoy yourself. This is all for you,” she said, leaning back, and working the last few inches into herself.

They both let out a satisfied groan as she bottomed out. He was now fully within her, and she felt incredibly full. There were little shockwaves of pleasure jolting through her from their slightest movement, and she felt that the smallest push would drive her over the edge into madness.

Slowly, adjusting to his size, she allowed herself to be stretched, finally, feeling truly comfortable, she began to move. Slowly at first, but picking up speed as time passed.

Shinji, meanwhile didn’t know what to think. He’d never experienced anything like this before in his entire life, and doubted he ever would again. Maya was moving now, slowly picking up speed, and he could feel waves of pleasure crashing over him as her tight, yet velvety soft anus slipped up and down his manhood. The pressure was maddening. It was as if someone had grabbed his member between a well lubricated thumb and forefinger, and was squeezing and stroking him for all he was worth.

She bucked her hips then, driving him deeper into her anus, and the sensation increased. He knew she was tight before, but that was nothing compared to this. He didn’t think he’d last very much longer.

Then he felt a soft brush at the top of his pubic mound, and looked down. Maya’s hands had strayed to her own groin, and she had a finger inserted into her womanhood, as her other hand worked furiously on her clitoris. Shinji knew his seconds were numbered. He was already so close he knew it would happen in just a few more strokes, but he was unprepared for the force of her orgasm when it hit.

With a final squeal, May drove herself onto him, her hips convulsing as she jerked back and forth in the throes of passion. All the muscles in her pelvic region clenched and throbbed as the orgasm overwhelmed her.

Shinji felt the first stuttering clutches as her orgasm hit, and then she ground onto him, driving him as deep as he could go, and her anus began to rapidly contract around the base of his member. The right passageway, and the throbbing, pulsing ring stroking the base of his member was too much, and he exploded, driving his seed deep within her nether region.

Maya squealed with pleasure again, as she felt him contract within her, and she arched her back, as a second orgasm crashed over her. She sat there astride him, hips convulsively rocking back and forth for several minutes, as the two of them calmed down. Finally she looked down at him, seeing the shock and wonder in his face. She leaned forward, and he slowly eased out of her, member spent and flagging at last.

“Maya. I don’t know what to say. That was the most incredible thing that’s ever happened to me,” he said.

“I’m glad you liked it Shinji. It was my first time too,” she said, snuggling into his neck.

She sat up, and looked down at him after a few minutes, and slid out of bed.

“Where are you going?” he asked, softly.

“To get a washcloth so I can clean us up. I want you to make love to me again, so I thought I’d bathe us both,” she said.

Shinji nodded and stretched, watching her walk into the bathroom to clean herself before returning to wash him. Once he was thoroughly cleaned, Maya slid into bed next to him, and he shifted to bring her beneath him, and began kissing her lovingly.

Four hours later, Shinji was still sleeping soundly in the bed, when Maya gathered the last of her bags, and loaded them into her car. She returned to look at his sleeping form, sitting on the edge of the bed, and leaned over to kiss him goodbye.

She decided she’d say it, just to try it on.

“I love you Shinji,” she whispered to him.

“Mmm, I love you too Asuka,” he mumbled.

Maya stood up, smiling down at him, and left the room. The tears were still falling as she drove past the lookout where she had watched the sun rise over Tokyo-4 eight days before.