Kaji's Special Tea: The Pause That Refreshes
By psianogen

I still don't own Eva, and if your under 18 you should probably not be reading this as sex is pretty much what its about. Not that I could stop you anyway.

The pause that refreshes, or at least causes mental problems

Misato was woken from her light doze by the sounds coming from Asuka's room. 'Damn kids are going at it again. Damn you Kaji, what the hell were you thinking?' This was the third time she had been woken by them having sex since she had gotten home. 'How am I ever going to get any sleep since you turned them into a couple of sex maniacs?' Even with the huge dose they had taken, they should have come down hours ago. Or at least passed out for a few days.

Not that she was looking forward to telling them why they had all that sex all of the sudden. 'Gee guys, you know that nice older man you both like and respect? Well, for some odd reason he thought it might be fun to drug you two so you would have sex. I hope you're not too upset.' She sighed knowing how well that would go over. Asuka wouldn't want to believe it at first, once she realized that it was the truth it would shatter her faith in the man that had been her guardian and her first love. As much as she would prefer that the girl wasn't infatuated with such a pig, she didn't want her to get burned like that. As if Shinji didn't have enough trouble how things were, finding out that someone he respected and thought of as more of a father than the rat bastard that was his father had drugged him so he would sleep with a girl would probably shatter him. Her ruminations were disturbed by Asuka's high pitched cries reaching a peak and then subsiding. A few minutes later she heard the bedroom door open and knew that she couldn't put off what she had to do any longer.

Shinji had been sent to the kitchen to get some juice as both he and Asuka were feeling a bit parched after the most recent sex fest. He didn't know how much more he could take, it felt like he had pulled muscles that he never knew he had. He hobbled into the kitchen and immediately came to a halt when he saw his guardian sitting at the table regarding him with an unreadable look.

'Well, might as well try to put as good a face on this as I can,' Misato thought, 'Damage control had never been my specialty, causing damage was.' Grinning like a shark seeing a fat and tasty fish she said, "So Shinji, did Asuka wear you out last night?"

Looking at his guardians wide grin he knew that she knew exactly what had been going on all night. Still, he had to try. "Umm, no Misato. I just pulled something during track yesterday."

"Shinji, I've been here for several hours and if anything was getting pulled, it was by Asuka." Her grin turned even more predatory before continuing, "I checked your rooms when I got home, and since then I've heard you two go at it three times." She paused a moment to savor his unease, "So, how was it?"

Shinji squirmed in embarrassment, while it had been really good, this was something he really didn't want to discuss with his guardian. "Umm, it was alright I guess."

Misato quirked an eyebrow at this. "Alright doesn't make you scream like you did about an hour ago." Leaning forward she speared him with her eyes, which would have been a lot more effective if he hadn't been looking at the floor and shuffling his feet right then. Sighing in disappointment she continued, "Alright doesn't litter two bedrooms with used condoms in a single night. What would Asuka say if she heard you refer to an evening with her as just 'Alright?'" She continued in her most commanding voice, "Now. How. Was. It?"

"It was good. Really, really good." Shinji said in a small embarrassed voice while flushing bright red.

"That's what I wanted to hear." Misato said smiling as she leaned back into her chair. "Now why don't you get what Asuka sent you out here for and tell her that I want to talk to you both in a bit." She smiled mischievously as Shinji walked past her to the fridge and pulled out two cans of juice, she then said gleefully, "You two should get cleaned up first. You might want to try taking a shower together." Misato watched appreciatively as his back stiffened at her suggestion while thinking to herself, 'He is such a tasty little tidbit of man, I wonder if I could convince Asuka to let me borrow him sometime?'

Asuka lay stretched out in her bed, totally content for the moment. She was starting to feel a little hungry, but she wanted to get in some more cuddle time with Shinji before she had him cook her breakfast. She smiled as the object of her affections opened the door to her room, she pulled the covers back so he could join her with one hand while the other reached out for a can while saying, "Gimme." She took the can, but gave him an odd look as he didn't join her back in bed. Asuka hoped that he wasn't feeling bad about what they had done again. "What's wrong Baka?" She asked as she took a drink.

"Misato's here and she knows what we've been doing."

Asuka gagged on her sip of juice and started coughing. "SHE'S WHAT?"

"She didn't seem upset or anything." Shinji said as he sat on the bed next to her, and started patting her on the back. "She wants to talk to us after we get cleaned up. She said..." he broke off unable to continue as he suffered one of the worst blushes in his life.

Bracing herself for the worst Asuka asked worriedly, "What did she say? Come on, spit it out!"

"She suggested we should..." Shinji paused a moment before continuing in a timid voice, "take a shower together."

'Hmm,' Asuka contemplated. 'Not what I was expecting, and not a bad idea either. He said that she didn't seem upset, but we should still enjoy ourselves while we can.' She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his trembling shoulders and whispered into his ear, "Hey Shinji, want to wash my back?" She smiled as he first stiffened in her arms then shuddered as she punctuated her question with a quick lick of his ear.

Shinji sighed in defeat as his roommate gently wrapped him back around her finger. She had always been able to get him to do what ever she wanted, and last night's activities seemed to have lowered his resistance to her wiles even more. 'And, it's not like I don't want to,' he thought as the last vestiges of reluctance faded away, 'It's just that Misato is here now.' With a sudden smirk he continued thinking, 'Well, she did suggest it after all.'

Misato braced herself for what she had to do as she heard Asuka's door open, and two sets of feet walk down the hall. She blinked in surprise as she heard the bathroom door first slide open then shut with the click of the lock, her mouth dropped open a moment later as the shower started up. 'I was just kidding about the shower,' she thought numbly as Asuka's loud giggle came from behind the locked door. She walked in a daze over to the phone, and started ordering breakfast to be delivered.

"Hey Shinji,' Asuka said as he turned on the shower for them. "I don't think I can do it again, how about you?"

"Me either." Shinji sighed in exhaustion. "I feel like I've run a marathon."

"Mmmm, sex is supposed to be great exercise." She turned her head and looked smiling into his eyes. "Just think of the body you're going to have if we keep doing it."

"Do you really mean that Asuka?" Shinji asked with some trepidation. "It wasn't just a... a one night thing?"

'Looks like I'm going to need to reassure him again,' the Unit 02 pilot thought. "Look Shinji, I did not just have all that sex with you last night to just turn around and dump you for some other guy." She walked over to him and put both her hands on his shoulders making sure he would have to look her in the eyes. "I don't care what your stupid friends think, I'm not that kind of girl." She took his chin into her hand and brought their lips together for a quick kiss. "You're the best guy around here, so I'm not just going to toss you away for a quick fling that probably wouldn't be even remotely as good." She sealed her promise with another kiss and said, "What do you say we give Misato a heavy teasing for her suggestion?"

Shinji was all in favor of that, and pulled the shower curtain open with more enthusiasm than she had ever seen him display at one time. As he pulled her giggling form into the shower and positioned her under the hot spray he thought, 'I could really get used to this.'

Asuka watched with pleasure as her boy toy picked up the body shampoo and bath sponge, then started to work up a lather. She turned around and gave him an inviting look over one shoulder as he lathered his hands. The lush redhead moaned with pleasure as he started to work the tension out of her sore shoulder muscles with his soapy fingers. 'Oh yea, I will have to thank Misato for suggesting this.' She shivered in delight that was half his hands working on her back and half the thought of the shape Shinji was going to be in if they kept up all the sex. 'Not that he's bad looking as is, but a more trim and toned baka-Shinji...' Her thoughts trailed off as he finished washing her back and started on her front. The Mini-Asukas in her head were in heaven as well. They were enjoying a spa treatment while being attended to by numerous, very fit, bath boy Shinjis. The captain Asuka was being massaged by four Mini-Shinjis in nothing but loin-cloths, while a fifth fed her strawberries in cream. 'Ah, yea. Life is so good, why did I ever wait for this?' She thought totally contented as he knelt behind her so he could start to soap up her long, trim legs. She felt herself becoming aroused again at his touch. She turned around leaving him at eye level with her soaked red pubic moss and fixed him with a pleading look. "I know your pretty tired after last night, but do you think you could?" She trailed off as he immediately buried his face into her fiery curls and began to lick. 'Why did I ever have a problem with a housebroken male?'

Misato started to bang her head against the kitchen table as the pleasure filled moans she couldn't help but hear over the shower, turned once again into choked cries of pleasure. 'Stupid! Stupid! Stupid Misato!' She berated herself, the chief Mini-Misato beating one of the other Mini-Misatos over the head with a folded fan. 'Don't give horny teenagers suggestions about new sex things to try!' She wondered briefly how much it would cost to get the three bedrooms soundproofed. She certainly didn't like how wet the noises were getting her. The Mini-Misato in charge of libido poked its head up at that point and suggested that if she was going to have to listen to them, she might as well join them. A flying kick to the head silenced that opinion.

Back in the shower, Asuka was running her fingers through Shinji's soaked hair. With increasingly loud wails, she pressed his mouth more firmly against her needy crevice as she humped his face. With a final grunt and spasm that almost caused her to lose her balance, she gave his face a fresh coating of Asuka's Secret Sauce. Shinji stood up facing her as he licked her fluids from his face with a smeared smile. Before Asuka could even think about what she was doing, her tongue shot out and started to lap up some of her essence that was running down his chin. 'Mmmm, yummy!' Asuka thought as she savored her taste on his skin. 'I wonder if other girls taste as good as I do.' She paused a moment and thought about what it would be like to share her Shinji with another girl. As she shared a tongue full of her tangy sauce with Shinji she thought, 'Wonder if he would like to play with Hikari sometime? I know she said she would like to try another girl sometime, and she finds Shinji cute...' With a mental shake of her head she pulled her thoughts away from this tempting possibility and back to the current problem. Namely, one Major waiting for them in the kitchen.

Shinji let Asuka turn him around as she grabbed the body shampoo and sponge from where he had left them. As her slim fingers worked the kinks out of his back, he closed his eyes in bliss. 'I can see why Asuka liked this so much now.' He let out a little moan as she worked a particularly tense spot on her way down his body. Seemingly satisfied with how soapy his back was, she reached around him to work on his front. As she ran her hands over his chest and belly, she began to rub her full tits into his soapy back. Pressing her pelvis into his from behind she added a little grind as she ran her right hand down to his crotch. Giving his length a few firm strokes she was disappointed to see that he was unable to respond to her at the moment. Hooking her chin over his shoulder she kissed him on the neck and said, "Guess I wore you out a little too much." With a final squeeze to his sleeping meat, she turned to pull the shower head from its holder and started to rinse them both.

Shinji stepped out of the shower and grabbed for the nearest towel. With loving devotion he wiped the water from his lover's skin. Once he was done, she returned the favor. He luxuriated in the feeling as she ran the soft towel over his body, taking care to ensure that ever square inch was seen to.

Misato had finally stopped banging her head against the table awhile ago. She really couldn't get on to the kids for having sex in the shower, especially since she had been the one to suggest it. She couldn't even get onto them for all the sex they had last night, the possibility had always been there for the pilots to pair off. There were scenarios to be followed in such an event, for the most part as long as it had been consensual they were nothing too bad. Mostly just exams and tests at NERV to make sure that it didn't interfere with their piloting. Not that they would be broken up as long as there was another option, unhappy and resentful pilots were something that was to be avoided at all costs. There was someone that she could work out her annoyance on, and she was perfectly justified to do so. Ritsuko would probably be very happy to loan her some equipment after she found out who was responsible for the increase in workload she was about to get. 'Oh, yes Kaji.' Misato thought with a very nasty smile, 'Going to have to punish you for what you did. All in the name of finding out why in the hell you did it of course.' Misato was pulled from her gleefully vindictive fantasies by the bathroom door opening and the sound of reluctant feet going down the hall to bedrooms. 'Guess I can't blame them for trying to put off talking to me about it as long as possible, they probably think I'm going to break them up.'

Shinji and Asuka trudged down the hall to their rooms. The shower had helped some, but they were still pretty tired and sore. Asuka peeked over Shinji's shoulder as he opened his door. She vaguely remembered that they decided to go sleep in her room after a pretty heavy amount of sex, but not exactly why. 'Oh, shit,' she thought. 'Damn, thats a lot of used condoms.' Asuka wrapped her arms around Shinji and whispered in his ear, "You stud you. I'd always thought that the whole 'fuck until the girl couldn't walk' thing was just stupid bragging." She gave him a final squeeze to a buttock and left him looking in horror at the state of his bed.

Asuka walked down the hall and looked into her own room at the mess they had made last night. She sighed in defeat while thinking, 'I just know Misato is going to make me buy her a new 180 pack of condoms for this. Have to get Dr. Akagi to hook me up with more permanent birth control, the whole condom thing was a major drag.' She smiled naughtily, 'and, it would be fun to get it on with him at school and not have to worry about any kids.'

Misato waited at the table as the pilots limped into the kitchen, both were visibly nervous so she decided to get the biggest concern out of the way first. Then she could get some nice teasing in. She pointed at the chairs across the table from her and mentally winced in sympathy as Asuka carefully sat down. "First off, neither of you are in trouble for what you did last night." She watched both of them visibly relax as she continued, "You will need to go into NERV today for tests to make sure it didn't affect your piloting though. So, no school today, but after Dr. Akagi gets done you will probably wish you had gone."

Across town and several miles below them, a certain bleach blond doctor stopped her reviewing of the data that the Commander had sent her regarding last nights activities to sneeze. Blinking in surprise she pulled her right hand out of her panties and grabbed for the box of tissues. It was pretty hot data after all, and no one had ever told her that she couldn't enjoy her work. Deciding that she needed a second opinion on her conclusions, she paged for her assistant to come join her. With luck Maya would be more than willing to help her with the tests later on.

Back in the Katsuragi apartment, Misato was faced with two relieved teens. "Now, do the two of you know why you suddenly had all that sex?" Being met by blank looks Misato reached out and tapped the teapot with a finger. "This is why. What did Kaji tell you that the tea was for?"

Asuka glanced at Shinji out of the corner of her eye as he opened his mouth to say, "He told me it would help our piloting."

Misato looked annoyed at this, but continued probing. "Did he say how much of it to use?"

"No, Misato. He just mixed it up while I made the unagi."

"OK," Misato sighed as she readied herself to explain just what it was really for. "He said that the tea would help your piloting, thats not exactly true. It is possible that the sex you had while on it might raise your sync ratios, but we will need to run a lot of tests to see if it did." She took a moment to look them both in the eyes and continued, "What the tea actually is, would be an aphrodisiac." She paused a moment to gather her courage, then said, "Kaji for some unknown reason, drugged you both so that you would have sex." Misato had her eyes on the table so she wouldn't have to see the looks of betrayal in their eyes. After several seconds without shocked outbursts she glanced up at them to see that they were just nodding thoughtfully.

Asuka noticed their guardian looking at them with surprise first. "We figured that out hours ago Misato."

At their superior's shocked look Shinji clarified, "It was kind of obvious when we finally stopped to think about it. I mean, what did we do yesterday that was different from all the other days that we had known each other? It wasn't hard to figure it out from there."

Asuka smiled proudly as she put her arm around her lover. "You're forgetting that I already graduated college again. And, baka-Shinji here isn't nearly as stupid as he likes to act. You just confirmed what we already suspected."

"Aren't you mad? He drugged both of you!" Misato shouted, shocked at their lack of distress at what had been done to them.

"We were at first, Misato." Asuka started, "But, after we thought about it we decided that it was probably for the best. I might never have found out that Shinji is really good in the sack." She narrowed her eyes before continuing, "He had still better have a damn good excuse though." Shinji nodded at that.

The kids didn't seem too upset, so it looked like it was teasing time. "So Asuka," Misato began with her best 'I'm going to tease the hell out of you' smile. "I noticed that you were walking a little funny this morning, Shinji wear you out?" She smirked as the redheads eyes bugged out and she started sputtering. Turning to Shinji she said, "Wow Shinji, your such a stud! I would have never thought you had that kind of stamina!" She turned from the flushed and shocked Unit 01 pilot, and back to the annoyed Unit 02 pilot. Giving the young girl an innocent smile she said, "You know Asuka, Kaji was never able to do me so well that I had problems walking the next day. I'm so jealous." She flicked an appraising look at Shinji, then leaned in close to Asuka. "Do you think I could borrow him for a night sometime?" She said in a low voice, but not low enough that Shinji couldn't hear. As the man of the house flushed so red it looked as if blood was about to start seeping through his pores, Asuka started to screech in rapid fire German. 'Lets see,' Misato thought as she tried to translate the tirade. One of the only things she caught was a reference to a, "Beer pickled sex-fiend." 'Guess I really hit a nerve with that last comment.' She was watching as Asuka finally started to run out of steam when the doorbell rang. "Food's here kids, try not to have sex on the table while I pay for it."

As she left the kitchen Asuka shot her an ugly look. While she was glaring at the older woman's back, she noticed a bottle of brown powder that had gone unnoticed so far. She stood up and grabbed the bottle and a plastic bag. She poured some of the powder into the bag, shook it around, and then poured it back into the jar. The bag went into the trash, and the bottle into the back of the cabinet for safekeeping until she could retrieve it later on. At Shinji's questioning look she said, "Misato would just throw it away if she knew that there was any left. This stuff is too useful to just go in the trash." As Shinji nodded his agreement, she went to the fridge and pulled out a beer and some canned juice for them. She sat down as Misato came back in with several bags marked with the logo of one of the few western restaurants in Tokyo 3 that both served breakfast and delivered. It was also one of her favorites. Her mouth watering, all thought of the teasing that had been inflicted on her by the Major was driven out of her mind.

As she pulled the packages out of the bags, Misato remembered something. Turning to the kids she asked, "Was there any of the tea left? Ritsuko is going to want a sample of it to run tests on."

Asuka spoke up, "No, there was just a few teaspoons worth in a plastic bag. I mixed up all that there was last night."

"Thats another thing I wanted to talk to you two about. Kaji didn't give you any idea about the size of the dose and you guys had about three cups each right?" Seeing their nods Misato continued, "You both took about three times the dose I took when I nearly put Kaji in the hospital with dehydration." Seeing their shocked looks she added, "You both should be really glad that you seem to have a high tolerance for what ever is in it. I fully expected to have to run you both to the hospital at best." Deciding that she should distract them from could have beens, she passed the containers of food around and then said, "One more thing that we need to discuss is where and when you two have sex. I'm not here enough to keep you from doing it, and given your position with NERV you're legally adults. But, I would prefer not to walk in on it, or step in it Asuka."

Asuka paused in stuffing her face to give Misato a bewildered look and ask, "What do you mean stepping in it?"

Misato deciding that this would make wonderful teasing material, favored the young woman with a innocent smile and said, "After you two finished your porn party on the couch, you left your wet panties on the floor." Savoring the wide eyed look her roommates were giving her, she continued, "I found your panties by stepping in them Asuka. They were unpleasantly cold, wet, and sticky on my bare foot." 'Wow I think thats the most embarrassed I've ever seen her.' Thought Misato with satisfaction. "Where all did you two slake your lusts? Just so I know to be careful about where I walk."

"Couch," said a very flustered Asuka.

"My room," supplied a flushed and mumbling Shinji.

"The bathroom," confessed Asuka.

"Asuka's room," Shinji noted.

"Bathroom again," Asuka finished.

Misato just gaped at them, "Damn, guess I'm lucky that you were too exhausted to move onto my room." She watched with relish as they tried to sink through their chairs and into the floor. 'That should keep them from doing it where ever they please.'

Several hours later, the two pilots were washing the coating of LCL off their bodies in the shower after a battery of sync tests. Asuka was very pleased, she had gained six whole points and Shinji was up five. 'Even without how good sex is, that would be enough reason to continue.' As she glanced appreciatively at a wet and glistening Shinji out of the corner of her eye, she thought of something fun that they could do. She held out her bottle of shampoo and said, "Hey Shinji? Would you wash my hair for me?" She smiled as he eagerly took the container, and stepped close to work the liquid into her hair. 'Oh, yea.' She thought as his fingers tenderly massaged her scalp. Asuka gave him a tender kiss after he rinsed her off, then worked her soapy fingers into his hair. She was just starting to feel frisky again and about to see if he would be willing to have a quickie, when the pilot locker room loudspeaker came on and reminded them that they had to go see Dr. Akagi for physicals. Sighing in disappointment she said, "Come on Baka, lets go get poked and prodded."

Asuka stepped into the examining room and waited for the doctor to arrive. On the way to the lab they had decided that Asuka would go first while Shinji amused himself in the waiting area, then she would wait for him. She noticed the bed in the room came with a lot of strange extras this time. A large ring on tracks stood at it head, there was a covered tray next to a monitor beside it. What worried her most of all was that the bed came with several sinister looking straps. She was eyeing the rather large amount of restraints on the exam bed in a very distrustful manner when someone spoke up behind her, "Don't worry, none of those are for you."

Asuka jumped and spun around, and saw that Dr. Akagi and Lieutenant Ibuki had come in. "What are they for then?" She demanded, still distrustful of the large amount of straps and buckles on something she was going to be sitting on naked very soon.

Ritsuko said with a reassuring smile, "We have to do a physical on a man that can't keep his hands to himself around women later on today. It's more pleasant to just strap him down, than to keep slapping his grabby hands."

Asuka was willing to accept that, for the moment anyway. She was still ready to start screaming bloody murder if either of them moved towards her with anything that buckled. She finally noticed what Maya was wearing, it was about as far from her normal uniform at NERV and still be a uniform. Pointing at the young officer she asked, "What's Ibuki doing here?"

Dr. Akagi and Maya just smiled at her again in an attempt to put her at ease. "NERV regulations require an observer for all medical exams." 'Stupid Gendo, playing hard to get.'

"I know that part. I mean why is she dressed like that?"

"Because she is also assisting me as a nurse today. Isn't she just the cutest dressed as an angel in white?" Maya just blushed and smiled at the praise.

Deciding to just chalk it up to the doctor once again being a freak, Asuka picked up the paper gown and the sample cup from the exam table and went into the small attached bathroom to strip. After she came out Maya first took the sample and then handed her a pill in a small plastic cup and a larger cup filled with a yellowish liquid. Looking at the two older women suspiciously again, she had heard the rumors after all. "What's this?"

"It's a morning after pill," Ritsuko explained. "Misato said that it looked like you and Shinji had been careful last night, but it still doesn't hurt to make sure. The other one is vitamins, minerals, and a fair amount of protein. To help replace all that you burned up last night, you should feel better after drinking it."

Accepting that reason, she quickly swallowed the pill and drained the lemon flavored health drink. When she handed the empty cups back, Maya gave her a small inhaler. Anticipating her question, Ritsuko said, "It's tagged glucose, for the scanner." While pointing at the large ring that was attached to the top of the examining table. Not feeling anything strange after snorting it, she let nurse Ibuki lead her over to the table and lay down on it. Her body fit pretty well into the soft plastic contours of the bed. The ring ran slowly along the table, and an image of her body in three dimensions built up on the screen that she could see Ritsuko watching out of the corner of her eye.

Ritsuko loved her new exam bed, it had so many nice extras. Right now it was taking the Unit 02 pilot's heart rate, skin conductivity, and about twenty other tests that would have required about ten separate machines just five years before. 'And, all that while it's doing an internal scan.' She sighed with pleasure, 'If only men came with so many useful options.' Deciding that was all the tests she could run using the table's sensors, it was time to get personal.

Asuka nearly jumped out of her skin as the top part of the exam table started to tilt up, placing her into a reclining position. Finally deciding that it wasn't anything that she should really be worried about she relaxed again. That is, until she saw the large needle and vials that Ritsuko had just picked up off the tray.

Noticing the visible increase in the pilots tension, Maya rested a hand on Asuka's shoulder. "Now Asuka, you know we need all the samples we can get to make sure that there aren't going to be any side effects." She felt the girl's body finally relax a little, she still didn't look too happy though.

Grimacing, Asuka held out her right arm to Ritsuko and made a point to look at the wall. Pressing the ball of cotton that Maya gave her to the puncture, she waited to see what was going to happen next. What happened was Dr. Akagi pressed a control on the bed, and the bottom split and started to elevate her legs into the air. She was more prepared for it this time, and didn't jump nearly as bad. As the bed hummed itself into position, she could feel her lips parting as her legs finished spreading. She didn't care much for how her legs were now splayed out, leaving nothing of her to the imagination.

Ritsuko had noticed the way that the girl had been walking all day, and intended to make sure that she was as gentle as she could possibly be. She had, after all, been on the receiving end of things when the Commander had gotten particularly enthusiastic. It was good to see that the legendary Rokobungi stamina had been passed on to his son. In her opinion, it would have been a crime against future generations if Shinji hadn't inherited that.

Asuka's face twisted with displeasure as she felt the doctor begin her poking and prodding of her most tender bits. Locking her eyes firmly on the ceiling, she did her best to tune out the sensations coming from her crotch. A final click signaled the end of her least favorite part of being a woman. With a fading whir, the bed settled back so she could cover herself with the flimsy paper garment.

"Every thing looks normal down there Asuka, but you will probably still be sore for a few days. I'd go easy on the sex for a while." Ritsuko looked at the redhead appraisingly. "I assume you're going to keep having sex with Shinji right?" At the girls embarrassed nod she continued, "Have you given any thought to a more dependable form of birth control?"

Flushing uncharacteristically Asuka mumbled, "I was thinking about getting an implant."

Ritsuko nodded, it was what she personally used. After all, a frisky Commander didn't have much patience for anything time consuming to use. "Good choice Asuka, but after we get it inserted we should still go over how other methods work."

Half an hour later, Asuka was feeling pretty weirded out. The strangest part had been the doctor's very odd version of Sex Ed. Dr. Akagi and Maya had demonstrated several sexual techniques and the use of several different methods of birth control. On each other. Adding to that there was the almost indecent nurse's uniform that the young tech was wearing, and they both kept looking at her as if they wanted her to join them. They even asked a few times if she would like to come over to get a closer look. Asuka shook her head, 'Looks like the rumors about them being lesbians is true. At least I won't have to worry about them trying anything with my Shinji then.' She took a moment while getting dressed to rub the numb spot on her left arm, feeling the implanted contraceptive under the bandage. 'No more stupid rubber socks!'

She had just finished pulling her shirt on, when Dr. Akagi said from the other side of the door, "Asuka? There's one last thing that we need to talk about. I wanted to make sure that you know that we will need to get a sperm sample from Shinji."

Asuka stepped out of the small room scowling, "What do you need that for?"

Ritsuko raised her hands in a placating gesture and said, "We just need to make sure that the tea didn't damage anything down there. I wanted to make sure that you knew what we were going to do, since you two are a couple now."

"Yea, sure. If you have to." Asuka grumbled, not terribly pleased, but there wasn't much she could do about it.

Ritsuko smiled, it wasn't like she really needed to get the girl's permission, but it would help. It was too bad that she hadn't wanted to play with her and Maya, her help would have made getting the sample easier. But, then again, she and Maya probably wouldn't have been able to play with Shinji if his girlfriend was there. 'Ah well, as long as the girl didn't wear him out too badly. Hopefully the MAGI will finish their analysis of the tea soon, I really want to see what could improve on their stamina like that. Good thing that there is plenty left for the project later on tonight...'

Shinji stepped hesitantly through the door, only jumping slightly as it locked itself behind him. He was faced with two grinning women who were flanking a very sinister looking exam table. "Umm, Doctor Akagi..." he trailed off uncertainly as he looked at the rather odd extras waiting for him.

"Don't worry about those Shinji. We need to do an internal scan today and can't have you wiggling around during it." She gave him such a reassuring smile that if he were more alert would have set off warning bells in his head. "Miss Ibuki will be assisting me today as a nurse to keep her certification. Doesn't she look just adorable in her nurses uniform?"

'What little there is of it,' Shinji thought while nodding in agreement. It looked like it was several sizes too small even for her petite frame. He could see a lot more cleavage and leg than was normal for a NERV employee. If he wasn't mistaken, Dr. Akagi's outfit was also tighter than normal. Deciding that this was proof that Asuka was right when she accused him of being a pervert, he pushed thoughts of tight outfits and what they hinted at from his mind. He took the specimen cup from Maya and walked into the bathroom. About a minute later he poked his head out and said, "Umm, Dr. Akagi? There isn't a gown in here for the exam."

The two women just smiled at him. "Don't worry about that Shinji," Maya said. "It's important to the scanner for you to be naked." 'And, it's pretty important to us too,' she thought while licking her lips.

"Yes, and we're medical professionals. You don't need to worry about modesty in front of us." After Shinji pulled his head back and closed the door, the two women grinned at each other and did their best to not giggle like a couple of schoolgirls. Both tried to not let their disappointment show as he came out of the bathroom still wearing his boxers.

Deciding that it was probably best to take things slowly, Maya just smiled at him and held out her hand for the cup.

He let Nurse Ibuki lead him over to the table and lay down on it. He jumped slightly as she started to strap him down.

"Now Shinji," Maya reprimanded him while tightening a strap. "We can't have you fidgeting during the scan. You wouldn't want us to have to do it over again would you?" She smiled as he shook his head.

On the inside, Ritsuko was practically dancing with joy. Gendo never wanted to play these sort of games with her, so she was delighted that the Unit 01 pilot was being so cooperative. 'Whee! Its been so long since I last got to play Naughty Doctor and Timid Patient. Maya tries, but she just enjoys it too much to put up much resistance.' Deciding that it would be a crime if she and Maya didn't give the poor boy some sexual instruction today, she plotted out the rest of the exam in her head as the built in monitors took their measurements.

Shinji had always wondered why doctors had to snap those rubber gloves when they put them on. It was a really scary sound after all, and in stereo was even worse. Then he was distracted by something far scarier than some rubber gloves, namely the large syringe and vials that Dr. Akagi had just picked up.

When Shinji looked like he was going to faint while her Sempai drew blood, Maya took his face in her hands and made him look at her. Giving him a tender look while she leaned forward she was pleased to see that the view down the front of her top was distracting him. 'Hope you like the fact that I'm not wearing a bra today!'

He was distracted from the creamy valley that was just a few inches in front of his eyes by a clatter from his other side as the doctor put down her toys. "There is just one more sample we need to get today Shinji." Ritsuko said with a warm and knowing smile. Maya also gave him a reassuring smile while her Sempai said, "We need to get a sperm sample. Just to make sure that the tea didn't damage anything."

"Umm, could you unstrap me so I can go get the sample in the bathroom?" Asked Shinji nervously

"Oh, no, no, no, Shinji." Said Dr. Akagi with a naughty smile. "Nurse Ibuki and I have to make sure that the sample is taken properly." Maya gave him a eager smile as Ritsuko continued, "You do get your choice in how we take the sample though."

"Umm, what do you mean Dr. Akagi?"

Grinning broadly, Ritsuko lifted Maya's hand and started making jacking motions with it. "Would you like the sample taken manually?"

Blushing furiously he murmured, "No, Dr. Akagi."

Maya reached around Ritsuko's back, grabbing and hefting her superior's firm assets, "Breasts?"

With a very shocked look Shinji said, "Umm, no thanks Nurse Ibuki."

Ritsuko positioned Maya in front of Shinji and asked, "How about oral then?"

Eyes bugging out as he saw Maya eagerly licking her lips while eyeing his boxers like a hungry cat that had just spotted a fat and lame mouse. He stuttered, "N-no thanks. Can't I please just take the little cup into the bathroom?"

Ritsuko looked disappointed for a moment. Glancing over at Maya she said in a very depressed voice, "Well, there's only one thing left that we can do now." Maya looked downcast as well at the turn of events. That is, until Ritsuko grinned manically and pointed up at the ceiling while exclaiming, "Nurse Ibuki! Prep the patient for immediate full intercourse!"

"Yes Dr. Sempai!" Maya exclaimed enthusiastically as she grabbed an unlubricated condom from the tray and started to root around in Shinji's boxers. She knew that her Sempai would find a way to get them a heaping helping of hot Shinji loving, and it was always good to see her faith was justified.

"NOOOOO!" Shinji opined as his eyes bugged out.

"Quiet you!" Dr. Akagi exclaimed while shaking her finger at the boy strapped to the examining table. "This is for your own good as well as my own nee...I mean, the needs of science."

"Dr. Akagi, Lieutenant Ibuki, what are you doing with Ikari-kun?" Inquired Rei in her usual flat tone.

"Rei!" Shouted the good doctor in surprise as Maya guiltily snatched her latex gloved hand from Shinji's underwear. "How did you get in here?"

Rei just blinked her crimson eyes at Dr. Akagi's question, how she got in should be obvious. Yet it was still a question from a superior, so she replied, "I used my access card."

Dr. Akagi nodded, in hindsight that was just the answer that she should have expected. 'What was Gendo thinking when he gave her total access to the entire base?' Since then she had developed the disturbing habit of just turning up anywhere and time that she felt like it. It was really freaky to turn around after having hot and sweaty sex with her assistant to find Rei had been standing there waiting to give her a stack of reports the whole time. If she didn't know better she would think the girl did it on purpose. Ritsuko was distracted from her thoughts as first one of the monitors then the rest of them started to signal an increase in the Third Child's biometrics. 'Hmm, a new variable can be a useful thing.' The deliciously naughty doctor thought as she smiled at the new arrival. "Rei, Maya and I were just giving Shinji an exam. Would you like to help?"

"I am not trained to assist in an exam." Rei stated as she observed Shinji begin to struggle more vigorously against his bonds.

"That's alright Rei," Ritsuko started, "all you need to do is follow the directions that Nurse Ibuki or I give you. You do want to ensure that Ikari-kun is in good health and able to pilot right?" Years of experience with the taciturn pilot had taught her how to get the girl to do what she wanted. Most of the time anyway.

Rei considered this. It did go along with her orders to protect him. "What do you want me to do?" Rei asked as she walked over to the table looked down at Shinji.

"Agent Ryoji drugged Shinji and Asuka so they would have sex." Ritsuko explained. "We need to obtain a sperm sample, and at the same time relieve any pressure that there may be in his testicles. To ensure that there is no damage of course." She crossed her fingers behind her back hoping that the girl would buy the story.

"I have been informed of Agent Ryoji's actions." Said Rei, her tone becoming positively glacial. The Commander had forbidden her proposal that Kaji be removed, preferably by her, for what he had done when she was informed of the previous night's events. She placed her left hand on Shinji's chest as he struggled more vigorously against the straps. "Calm yourself Ikari-kun," she stated flatly as she looked into his scared blue eyes. "Dr. Akagi and Nurse Ibuki are going to ensure that no damage was done last night. You should stop resisting and let them do their job."

Several levels above them, two men were watching the exam. Actually, only one was really paying attention to the monitor. The other was trying to develop a scenario to get his perverted superior declared unfit for duty and take over command of NERV. He had just decided that the way to get Dr. Akagi to support his bid for control was to offer her a very nice budget increase, then fire her in favor of a less crazy head for the science division. He was distracted from his thoughts of how to redecorate this office by finally noticing a certain blue haired girl was now assisting with the exam. "Oh, shit. Rei."

"Now Kozo, you know that Rei would eventually have noticed boys and become curious about sex. Her presence should also keep the doctor from introducing him to some of her more...odd fetishes." Gendo paused a moment to make sure that the MAGI were recording the exam. "It is preferable that she should show an interest in the Third than in some random boy from school. Their interaction should also produce some interesting data."

Fuyutsuki sighed in annoyance as he noticed his superior starting to drool slightly.

After a few minutes of work Ritsuko asked, "How is it now?"

Maya just shook her head, "Still limp as a wet noodle." She sighed dejectedly, "I hope Asuka didn't break him."

"Ikari-kun is a healthy young male." Rei added. "He just requires proper motivation." She leaned forward until her face was inches away from his own, and locked eyes with him. She then said in a gentle monotone, "Ikari-kun, why do you continue to resist? Is the environment not stimulating to you? Do you not find us attractive?" She finished with a hint of a pout in her voice.

Dr. Akagi started at what Rei had said. 'Hmm, wonder if the whole medical thing put him off. I thought he would like a couple of nurses helping him.' She reached into the pocket of her lab coat and pulled out a short white rod with a twirl she held the object over her head and said, "I have just the thing to get him in the mood!"

"Umm, Sempai," Maya said quietly while blushing, "I don't think he's going to enjoy your vibrator in the same way we do."

"He will when he sees what we like to do with it." Ritsuko said as she smiled invitingly to her assistant. "OK, new plan. Maya and I will provide visual stimulation while you provide the manual stimulation."

Rei just looked at her blankly causing Ritsuko to sigh and then clarify, "You jack him off while Maya and I make-out in an effort to get him off." Maya visibly perked up at this suggestion. While it would have been a lot of fun to play with Shinji, her Sempai the one she actually loved.

Ritsuko took a few sensual steps towards her subordinate, making sure to imbue her walk with as much sex appeal as she possibly could. Stopping in front of the visibly flushing lieutenant, the naughty doctor gave her a smoky smile before she brought their lips together. Making sure that Shinji would have a very good view of them, she brought her tongue into play, gently licking Maya's lips to coax them open. Grinning as Maya moaned into her mouth, she ran her right hand up the younger woman's leg, pushing the hem of the uniform up to display the tops of her stockings. As she pulled her mouth away, the girl whined slightly as she leaned forward, trying to keep her tongue in Ritsuko's mouth. "Mmmm Shinji, you can join us if you want to," she said while turning her face towards the boy strapped to the table. She was just in time to see his big blue eyes roll into the back of his head, and witness the muffled thump his head made as it impacted the plastic headrest.

"Ikari-kun appears to have lost consciousness." Rei observed while running her rubber gloved hands over the large bulge in his underwear.

'Shit,' thought two thirds of the women in the room.

'And, just when it was going so well by the looks of things.' Dr. Akagi squared her shoulders in resolution, 'I'm going to get some today if it kills somebody.' "All right, Maya and I will keep things going on this end, you try to keep him calm once he wakes back up. Once we get him in the mood, we will extract the sample." Answered by the nods of the other women in the room, she pulled Maya back into her arms and started licking her neck.

Left to her own devices for the moment, Rei returned to her new favorite pastime. Namely, the fondling of an Ikari. With an almost imperceptible smile and a faint twinkle in her red eyes, she reached into his boxers to see what he had for her.

Shinji slowly swam his way back up to consciousness. For some odd reason every woman he ran into today had wanted into his pants. Hoping that the exam had just been an hallucination induced by getting another beating from an Angel, he slowly opened his eyes and tried to sit up. 'Nope, still strapped down while Dr. Akagi and Maya have sex and Rei is jacking me off.' He blinked in surprise as he tried to wrap his mind around what had started since he fainted. His eyes had other ideas and kept drifting to the two women rolling around on the floor in a tangle of cast off clothes. How ever fascinating watching his two superiors writhing on the floor was, little Shinji had something that he really wanted brought to the attention of big Shinji. Namely a certain hand that was playing with his balls. Looking down into his lap he saw that his boxers had been pulled pretty far down his hips. Two slender white hands, shrouded in rubber gloves, were busy working his meat. Given the way the hands were sliding over his shaft, the owner had apparently helped herself to the tube of lubricant on the tray. Turning his head to the left he was able to see Rei's faintly flushed face.

"Ikari-kun." Said the slightly panting girl as she continued her hand job.

"Umm, what are you doing?"

"Providing the manual stimulation as instructed. Please watch Dr. Akagi and Nurse Ibuki as they consummate their relationship for your pleasure." Rei gave him a small smile to ensure that he knew that she was enjoying herself. She was fascinated by the way that the Unit 01 pilot was responding to her stimulation. Rei had been quite surprised during her exploration of his body that his testicles could move on their own. 'This requires further research.' Deep in her mind, a lab full of mini-Rei's all rubbed their hands together as they thought of the directions that the research could take.

"OK," answered a slightly weirded out Shinji as he noticed the rather odd smile on his teammate's lips. 'Ah well, might as well enjoy things. This isn't too bad now that Dr. Akagi and Nurse Ibuki aren't looming over me cackling about a sample.' Deciding that things could be a lot worse than they were, Shinji settled back to enjoy the attention. 'They look like they are having a lot of fun together. Asuka said earlier that she thought that she was bi, I wonder if she and Rei...' Shinji's hormone fogged brain slammed back into gear. 'Oh, shit! Asuka! She's going to flip out when she finds out about this!' While the redhead had asked if he would have any interest in having another girl join them sometime, it had been implied that Asuka would both be there, and would pick the girl. "Umm Ayanami-san, I think we should stop. Asuka will be pretty mad when she finds out that you guys did this"

"Doctor Akagi obtained Pilot Soryu's permission for them to extract a sperm sample at the end of her exam." Rei, of course, failed to mention that it had never been specified how the sample was to be taken. The Commander had taught her early on about the importance of selective truth telling. She also decided that he didn't need to know that her security clearance was high enough that she had tapped into the Commander's video feed, which was how she knew about the sample.
Shinji was better able to relax and enjoy things now that he knew that Asuka had said that it was alright for them to take the sample. But, he was also sure that he had better never go into details about how they got it. Unless he was tired of living, that is. 'These straps are pretty uncomfortable.' He looked down at the two women that were supposed to be doing his exam. Ritsuko currently had her head buried between her assistant's legs and it seemed it was going to be awhile before she came up for air, let alone to untie him. 'And, they both refused already.' Looking over at Rei's intent face, he had an idea. "Rei? Do you think you could untie me?"

Rei considered his request. While he did look pretty good all tied up like that, there didn't seem to be much need as he had stopped struggling several minutes before. Glancing at her superiors, who seemed to still be busy, she decided that it was time for independent action. "You do realize if you attempt to leave before the sample is taken I will have to restrain you again?" Rei filed away the burst of excitement at the thought of strapping him back down for later consideration.

'That feels so much better,' thought Shinji as Rei released all the straps holding him to the table and then returned it to the level position. He would have probably been more responsive to the women if they didn't seem so set on scaring him out of a much needed year of growth with their game. He scooted over slightly on the padded table making enough room for another person, provided that person was feeling very friendly. Giving the other pilot hopeful look he said, "Do you want to sit down Ayanami-san?"

The Unit 00 pilot gave him a faint smile as she sat down next to him. "You may call me Rei," she said as she slid over against him. Rei was pleased by the way that she was the center of her teammate's attention. It seemed that the other two women had scared him so badly that even them having sex together, something that she had heard was a major turn on for men, didn't interest him right now.

' I should send them a 'Thank You' card for ensuring that, by comparison, I seem relatively unthreatening.' As much as Rei liked that idea, previous experience had taught her that taunting an Akagi could be very bad for her health. She would just extract the sample, allow Shinji to leave, and wait for the two women to notice. The look on their faces when they realized that by following orders she had ruined their plans to molest the Unit 01 pilot, should be priceless. 'I will need to remember to get a copy of the recording from the MAGI tonight.' Smirking nastily on the inside as she contemplated her scenario, she reached out and started to stroke Shinji again. She was pleased by the way that he hardened at her touch. She discretely rubbed her thighs together as she felt the sticky spot in her panties grow.

Shinji let out a gasp as Rei took him back into her hands. She was giving him the most intent look that he had ever seen from her. Her face was flushed, pupils dilated, and she was faintly panting with desire. He had become acquainted with the signs of female arousal the previous night with Asuka, and now Rei was looking very hot and bothered. Well, as hot and bothered as was possible for her to look.

"You may touch me if you wish Shinji." Rei purred in a low sultry voice. She then arched her back slightly so that her breasts jutted out proudly for his enjoyment. Her crimson eyes widened in surprise as the feeling of her partner's hand cupping her breast registered. She was familiar with the pleasures of her body, but having someone touch her was far better. A small gasp was torn from her throat as his delicate artist's hands brushed her stiff nipple through her shirt.

'She's almost as responsive as Asuka,' thought the Unit 01 pilot wonderingly as he felt her hands pause in their work. His friends had said that if he got her in bed she would probably just lay there, but that was quite far from the truth. While nowhere near as vocal as Asuka, she did give a little moan and shiver as he squeezed the mound in his hand. Deciding that she wouldn't tell him that he could touch her and then object to him doing so, Shinji started to open the buttons on her shirt. While he had seen the pale girl naked several times, it had always felt horribly wrong to ogle her. This time, it wasn't him falling on her naked by accident or taking guilty peeks at her while they changed. This time, she was anything but indifferent to being naked in front of him. Trying to swallow past a dry throat, he slowly opened her shirt. She was wearing her usual white cotton bra, just like every other time he had seen her taking her shirt off. Only this time it was far, far more arousing. As he looked into her eyes while he pushed the shirt and jumper top off her shoulders, Shinji saw the tip of her pink tongue flick out to moisten her lips. Unable, and for that matter totally unwilling, to resist temptation he leaned forward and gently kissed Rei.

Her eyes had widened in surprise for a moment as Shinji moved in. Once his lips had touched hers, they fluttered closed. She had seen couples kiss before, and had witnessed the other two women in the room doing it on many occasions. But, much like someone touching her, she had been unprepared for how it felt. Then she felt Shinji's tongue probing at her lips, and was totally lost.

Smiling as he felt the young girl melt into his arms, he silently thanked Asuka for all she had taught him the night before. In the back of his mind, one of the mini-Shinjis made a note to try to try to smooth things over between her and Asuka. Not just so he could have a threesome with them, of course. He chuckled deep in his throat as Rei finally responded to his caresses by tentatively licking him back.

Rei pursued Shinji's wet muscle back into his mouth, then gasped in pleasure as he wrapped his lips around her tongue and gave it a little suck. She could feel his hands working to remove her top, so she shrugged her way out of it freeing him to start work on her bra clasp. After a moment of feeling him fumble, she took pity on him and reached back to unhook it herself. She was again pleased with how her body drew his eyes as he pulled her bra down.

Shinji was unable to prevent himself from pulling back out of the kiss to watch Rei's silky skin being revealed as he pulled her bra down. He unconsciously licked his lips, tasting her faintly on them, as her two snow white mounds were revealed. Her nipples were far more noticeable this time instead of the two faint pink disks that he remembered from guilty glances. Poking prominently out, he covered the right one with his hand as he cupped Rei's breast and gave it a slight squeeze. Shinji watched her eyes drift closed as she gave a cute little moan while arching her back to press her needy mound more firmly into his hand. He obliged her unspoken request by taking her other breast into his free hand and squeezing both firmly.

Rei's eyes rolled as she felt him fondling her firm tits. Arcs of electric pleasure seemed to be jumping from her chest to her clit, and back to her brain. If she had known that sex was this good, she would have jumped Shinji that time in her apartment. "Mmmm," she sighed. 'This is very acceptable. I should attempt to see if pilot Soryu would be willing to share him.' The redheaded Eva pilot wasn't without her charms, and given her access to the other pilot's psych reports it should be fairly easy to convince her to share.

Rei had responded very well to everything he had tried sofar, so Shinji decided to take things one step further. As he pulled his right hand from her breast, he leaned forward and gave her nipple a tentative lick. Sucking the pink nubbin into his mouth, he gently placed his hand on her knee and started to rub it. This clearly met with the Ayanami seal of approval, given how she tangled her fingers into his hair while trying to press more of her tit into his mouth. Emboldened by his successes sofar with his usually cold and distant teammate, Shinji started to run his hand up the inside of her smooth thigh. Fingers stroking the smooth, soft skin between her legs, he slowly, agonizingly pushed the hem of her skirt up her legs. He felt Rei stiffen in his arms when questing fingers encountered soaked cotton. When the moment he took to see if she was going to object to his touch passed in silence, Shinji started to rub her gently through her panties.

As much as Rei was enjoying things sofar, she was rapidly becoming desperate to feel him inside of her. She had never been more aroused in her life, and didn't think it would be possible to be more turned on than she was right now. Silencing his protest with a look, she pulled his hand from her crotch with one hand, while the other one picked up one of the condoms from the tray.

Deciding to use one of the most intimate methods to apply the device that the doctor had shown her during her own session of very odd, and possibly illegal Sex Ed., Rei took the piece of rubber between her lips. Positioning her mouth over his pulsing hard on, she used her tongue and lips to roll it down over him. Not quite happy with how much of him was shrouded in rubber, she suppressed her gag reflex and started to push her head down. Taking a deep breath, she started to slide him into her mouth, not stopping until her forward motion was stopped by his stomach. Dr. Akagi had never said what she was suppost to do after the man was in her throat, so she never did anything else during her practice sessions with the vibrator she kept for when her bodies' urges became unbearable.

Shinji watched Rei cough cutely as she pulled her head back. Asuka hadn't been able to take him that far, and when she tried last night she ended up coughing and gagging.

Rei ran a critical eye over her work. Satisfied, she straddled her teammate and pulled the crotch of her panties to one side as she took him in her hand. Rei looked into Shinji's blue eyes as she rubbed him against her cleft, coating his head with her lubrication. Satisfied that they were ready, she put her hands on his shoulders and started to work him into her body. Hips flexing as she settled down onto him, her eyes fluttered shut as she took all of him. Rei sat there a moment, just savoring the pleasant feeling of fullness as he stretched her.

Shinji just lay there as the angelic beauty gave his meat a quick squeeze with her muscles. They groaned together as she raised her hips slowly up until just the head of his dick was in her, then pushed back down. Shinji started to caress her tits as she worked into a rhythm, her soft, almost yelping pleasure filled cries becoming louder until they drowned out the deeper moans and groans of the other two women. Shinji was starting to get close when Rei suddenly pitched forward onto him, fingers gripping him with almost bruising force. Rei gave a strangled cry in his ear as she came. He could feel her drooling pussy milking his cock as her body shuddered in ecstacy. His mouth dropped open in disbelief as his partner lifted her body off of his, his penis making a wet slapping sound as it hit his belly. 'She wouldn't just use me to get herself off and leave me would she?' Thought Shinji in shock as Rei pulled her panties back to cover her crotch, then pulled the condom from his length.

Rei just had to smile at his indignant look. "Calm yourself Shinji, I still need to get the sample and squeezing it out of a condom is not the best way to get it." With that she picked up the specimen cup and lay back down next to him. When Rei had jacked him off earlier, she used teasing feathery touches to get him in the mood. Now she worked his erection with firm strokes, trying her hardest to bring him off. She was sucking on one of his nipples when his hips started to buck. In a feat of coordination, she positioned the cup at the end of his twitching dick with one hand, while the other squeezed him and she sucked hard at the pink disk in her mouth.

Shinji could only lay there bonelessly panting as he recovered from his body wracking orgasm. When he was finally back to himself enough to take an interest in his surroundings, he noticed twinkling crimson eyes framed with a halo of blue hair.

Rei darted in, and brushed her pale lips against Shinji's in a quick, affectionate kiss. "Did you enjoy that as much as I did Shinji?" She smiled at his eager nod then continued, "I would like to do this again some time if you think pilot Soryu wouldn't mind." She flicked a look to the naked writhing women on the floor. "You should get dressed and go meet pilot Soryu, unless you wish to satisfy both Dr. Akagi and Lieutenant Ibuki." Rei watched appreciatively as Shinji pulled his boxers back up, and skittered to the bathroom where the rest of his clothes were.

After he left, Rei settled back to wait for the two women to finish on the floor. They seemed to be winding to a close finally, so it shouldn't be too much longer. Her eyes kept wandering back to the covered cup of whitish fluid sitting on the table next to her. As much as she wanted to see what Shinji's seed tasted like, she knew that she shouldn't risk contaminating the sample. Unfortunately for her, as for many women, curiosity became too strong and she was soon pulling the lid off the container. Pausing only to take a quick sniff, she was soon dipping her finger into the slimy fluid. Popping her coated digit into her mouth, she whispered, "Tasty." She was just dipping back into the cup when a cough attracted her attention to two annoyed looking women standing in front of her. 'Busted,' said a little voice in the back of her head. When Dr. Akagi held her hand out for the container, Rei passed it to her bashfully. Her crimson eyes bugged out a moment later as the doctor dipped her own finger into the spooge, then popped it into her mouth. Then Maya grabbed the cup for her own taste test. With that, the sample was the center of a three woman feeding frenzy.

After things settled down, Ritsuko found herself holding a partially crushed specimen container, with just a smear of semen in the bottom. With a disheartened sigh, she said, "You two know what this means right?" At the somber nods from the other two women, she continued, "We're going to need to take another sample."

Kaji walked next to Misato, wondering why they were walking in the medical section. He was watching a familiar head of blue hair walking out of one of the exam rooms, and missed Misato reaching into the pocket of her jacket. He also missed the small crunch as a small bottle broke in her pocket. The last thing he noticed for awhile was his old lover's hand covering his mouth and nose with a strong smelling cloth. 'Chloroform?" Was his last thought.

Kaji swam back to consciousness an indeterminate time later. He was strapped naked to an exam table, had an IV drip in his arm, and was surrounded by women. Well Misato, Ritsuko, and Maya anyway. All three were dressed in very tight nurse's outfits, and grinning at him in a very disturbing way. "Hey, what's going on ladies? If you just wanted some of the Kaji-man all you had to do was ask."

"Well, there is something we want to ask you about," Misato held up a bottle of brown liquid. "We want to know why you thought it would be a good idea to feed this tea to Shinji and Asuka."

"Well, I thought the kids could use a bit of help in getting together, you know?" Kaji said, trying to figure out a way to escape. Gendo had made it very clear what would happen to him if anyone found out the real reason why he gave them the tea. He would just have to sit here and endure what ever they did to him. 'I can do this, I've had training to resist torture. Oh, shit.' Misato was pouring the tea into three cups and passing them around. "Umm, ladies? What are you doing with that?"

Ritsuko smiled at him nastily, "Maya and I want a man, Misato wants to find out why you drugged her kids. We talked it over and decided to mix business with pleasure."

Kaji could only try to swallow past a very dry throat. He knew very well how insatiable that size of a dose would make Misato, and with Ritsuko and Maya taking the same amount there was a pretty good chance the three of them were going to fuck him to death. He had a sinking feeling why there was an IV in his arm now. "I'd normally be more than happy to satisfy all of you, but, I'm having a little trouble down there today."

Ritsuko just gave him a smile full of sweetness and light, while filling a syringe with a blue glowing fluid. She then said in a very bad German accent, "Vee hav vays of making man hard."

Shinji and Asuka were walking back home when the redhead finally turned to him and asked, "So, who was she?"

Not having any idea about what she was talking about he asked, "Who was she?"

"Who did they have you fuck? You reek of sex but don't smell like cigarettes or 'Hello Kitty' perfume, so who was it?"

'Oh, fuck. I'm so screwed.' Shinji looked at his clearly unhappy roommate who was tapping her foot impatiently. "R-Rei," he squeaked. There was no way in hell that an apology would save him, in fact it would probably just drive her into a Shinji killing frenzy.

"So after just one day, you jump into Wondergirl's bed." Asuka watched him closely to see what he was going to do. If he tried to run or apologize, she was so going to kick his ass. "So, they had you fuck Wondergirl to get their precious sample?"

Shinji nodded in panicked agreement, as his best chance to survive was to shift blame to a certain doctor and her assistant.

"Did you make her come, Third?"

Shinji winced at her neutral tone, not able to decide if she was pissed or not.

"I'm waiting for an answer Third, did you get the doll off or not?"

"Yes," he whispered.

"Would you do her again?" Asuka asked in a meditative tone. "If she asked?"

"She said she would like to." Shinji decided that it might be a very good idea to apologize. "I'm sorr..." Was as far as he got before her hand shot out and put a firm finger over his mouth.

"Don't even finish that Shinji. I need to think, then maybe I'll be interested in how your going to make fucking Wondergirl up to me." With that Asuka started walking to their apartment, leaving Shinji to just stand there and wonder if he had just ruined everything.

&n bsp; Wow, what a place for me to end things! Rei, Maya, and Ritsuko plotting to have sex with Shinji. Kaji at the mercy of three horny women. Shinji possibly having made one of the biggest mistakes of his life. I'm such an asshole given I'm probably going to make you all wait for a few months to see how this is going to turn out. Thanks as always go to my prereaders bsmart and Warpwizard for their valuable input.

Now, after all that serious shit, here's some nice bits that ended up being cut.

Omake 1:

Several levels above them, two men were watching the exam. Actually, only one was really paying attention to the monitor. The other was trying to develop a scenario to get his perverted superior declared unfit for duty and take over command of NERV. He had just decided that the way to get Dr. Akagi to support his bid for control was to offer her a very nice budget increase, then fire her in favor of a less crazy head for the science division. He was distracted from his thoughts of how to redecorate this office by finally noticing a certain blue haired girl was now assisting with the exam. "Oh, shit. Lilith."

"We can't keep her bottled up forever. Rei will eventually notice boys as more than a distraction then there will be no sealing her up again."

"She is a dangerous pervert."

"You're still upset that when Rei was twelve, Lilith convinced her that it would be funny to try to seduce you."

Omake 2:

Dr. Akagi started at what Rei had said. 'Hmm, wonder if the whole medical thing put him off. I thought he would like a couple of nurses helping him.' She reached into the pocket of her lab coat and pulled out a short white rod. With a twirl she held the object over her head and said, "I have just the thing to get him in the mood!"

"Umm, Sempai," Maya said quietly while blushing, "I don't think he's going to enjoy your vibrator in the same way we do."

"Oops, wrong pocket." Ritsuko squeaked while blushing furiously. "We will keep that in reserve in case he still needs visual stimulation after this." Digging around in the other pocket of her lab coat she pulled out a silver rod. Grinning insanely she raised it over her head and yelled, "NERV scientific transformation!" She floated into mid air and surrounded by pastel bubbles and flashing lights all her clothes disappeared. Spinning around a few more times what looked like a mad scientist's version of a schoolgirl uniform appeared on her. Striking a pose and pointing at Shinji she exclaimed, "I am Sailor NERV, and in the name of scientific progress I will experiment on you!"

Silence reigned in the examining room. Maya looked at her superior with clear adoration. Rei had the most shocked look on her face that anyone had ever seen. Lilith had joined Rei in total shock. Shinji, unnoticed by all, had fainted at the display. "Wow Sempai! Where did you get that!"

"Eh," the transformed doctor shrugged. "I beat up a blond ditz in high school and took it from her. I'd just finished reverse engineering it and doing away with a lot of the stupid extras in it when her friends showed up to get it back. " Dr. Akagi smiled at the memory. "I got so many wonderful things to take apart and figure out that day."

"You must have been so tough in high school!" Maya enthused.

"Eh," she demurred. "It wasn't hard to pick them off while they were making silly speeches. Loonies thought I'd actually wait for them to finish, and then just stand there and wait to be hit by their attacks." She turned her attention back to her current project. "So Shinji, did that get you in the mood?"

"Ikari-kun seems to be unconscious now."

'Shit,' thought three fourths of the women in the room. Dr. Akagi squared her shoulders in resolution. She was going to get some today if it killed somebody. "OK, new plan. When he wakes back up, Maya and I will provide visual stimulation while you provide the manual stimulation."

Rei just looked at her blankly causing Ritsuko to sigh and then clarify, "You jack him off while Maya and I make-out in an effort to get him off." Maya perked up at this suggestion. While it would have been a lot of fun to have Shinji to play with, her Sempai the one she loved.

First good idea that old maid has probably ever had. Lilith supplied. Which was pretty funny coming from someone older than the entire human race.

"Hai," said Rei as she pulled on rubber gloves like the other two women were wearing and then reached into his boxers.

"Wait a moment Rei." She watched the girl stop in her fondling of an Ikari and look at her with a small frown that almost made it look like she resented being interrupted. 'I think she's actually starting to get into this. What fun!' "We should change outfits." Dr. Akagi continued to explain, "I think you may have been right about the nurse thing putting him off." She handed the silver wand to Maya and asked, "Do you remember how I worked it?"

Shinji slowly swam his way back up to consciousness. For some odd reason every woman he ran into today had wanted into his pants. Hoping that the exam had just been an hallucination induced by getting another beating from an Angel he slowly opened his eyes and tried to sit up. 'Nope, still strapped down while Dr. Akagi and Maya have sex and Rei is jacking me off.' He blinked in surprise as he tried to wrap his mind around what had started since he fainted. Maya was now dressed like Ritsuko was, except the colors of her fuku were tan with orange highlights. 'Damn, there goes the hope it was just a psychotic break.' However fascinating watching his two superiors writhing on the floor was, little Shinji had something that he really wanted brought to the attention of big Shinji. Namely a certain hand that was playing with his balls. With his eyes he traced from two hands covered in black plastic that were buried in his underwear, up slim arms also in skin tight plastic, and finally to a familiar blue head topped with cat ears.

"Ikari-kun." Said the girl while continuing her hand job.

"Umm, what are you doing?"

"Providing the manual stimulation as instructed." Rei could practically feel Lilith banging her head against a wall at that answer.

No Rei, you smile at him like we practiced then you say something sexy. How do you expect to get our turn with him if you keep acting like... Rei just tuned the nagging voice of the Mother of All Mankind out, she had quite a bit of practice doing it.

'Ah well, might as well enjoy things. This isn't too bad now that Dr. Akagi and Nurse Ibuki aren't looming over me cackling about a sample.' Shinji noticed something odd that was twitching from behind Rei's back. "Umm, Ayanami-san? When did you get the tail?"

"It came with the suit," she replied. At Lilith's urging she turned around so he could see where it sprouted between her firm little butt cheeks. She concentrated a moment and it snaked out and proceeded to tease the skin of his bare chest. Pleased with how responsive the new appendage was, she returned to cupping his testicles with her left hand while stroking him with her right.

Deciding that things could be a lot worse than they were, Shinji settled back to enjoy the attention. 'Rei looks really nice in that, I wonder how Asuka would look in something like that?' He was drifting off into a nice fantasy about enjoying the attentions of two frisky catgirls when a thought caused his eyes to bug out. 'Oh, shit! Asuka! She's going to flip out when she finds out about this.' While the redhead had asked if he would have any interest in having another girl join them sometime, it had been implied that Asuka would both be there, and would pick the girl. "Umm Ayanami-san, I think we should stop. Asuka will be pretty mad when she finds out that you guys did this"

"Doctor Akagi obtained Pilot Soryu's permission for them to extract a sperm sample at the end of her exam." Rei, of course, failed to mention that it had never been specified how the sample was to be taken. The Commander had taught her early on about the importance of selective truth telling. She also decided that he didn't need to know that her security clearance was high enough that she had tapped into the Commanders video feed, which was how she knew about the sample.

Pilot Soryu isn't without her charms is she Rei-chan? Lilith snickered causing a faint dusting of pink to tint the albino's skin. Rei could feel the waves of amusement coming from the ancient being as she reminded her of her favorite pastime. What would people think if they knew that the cold First Child likes to watch, and then goes somewhere private to touch... With an almost imperceptible frown, Rei stuffed the laughing Second Angel down as far as she could. 'This is to ensure Ikari-kun's welfare.' She tried to convince herself, but only heard distant mocking laughter for her attempt.

Omake 3:

Shinji let out a gasp as Rei took him back into her hands. Whatever the suit was made out of was extremely warm and slick. It was also so skin-tight that it made a plug suit seem baggy by comparison. It literally looked as if she had been dipped into liquid plastic. His breath roughened as he noticed that he could see the crinkled texture of one of her nipples as it poked through the suit. Other than last nights tea fueled sex fest, he had never been more turned on in his entire life.

"You may touch me if you wish Shinji." Rei purred in a low sultry voice. She then arched her back slightly so that her breasts jutted out proudly for his enjoyment.

The young hag certainly knows how to design fetish gear that really draws attention, doesn't she? Lilith still would have had sex with Dr. Akagi if she was free, rather than just destroy the woman. But, by the end of it, she would have had Ritsuko licking her toes and calling her Mistress. That was a thought that had amused the Second Angel through many a dull moment, Gendo and his bitch wearing nothing but collars and ball gags chained to her throne. After all, she could only kill them once, while she could humiliate them for years.

Rei sighed, it looked like she was on her own while Lilith was off in one of her revenge fantasies again. Her crimson eyes widened in surprise as the feeling of her partner's hand cupping her breast registered. She was familiar with the pleasures of her body, but having someone touch her was far better. A small gasp was torn from her throat as his delicate artist's hands brushed her nipple. Then again, there was something to be said for exploring things oneself.