Kaji's Special Tea: First Sip
By psianogen

I don't own Eva, and if your under 18 you should probably not be reading this as sex is pretty much what its about. Not that I could stop you anyway.

"Your late Agent Ryoji." Supreme Commander Gendo Ikari said flatly.

"Sorry Commander." Kaji continued with a grin, "Asuka was being a little more insistent than normal."

"Hmm. You know that you are not to engage in any of your normal 'activities' with her."

"Of course not! She's just fourteen after all." Kaji continued a moment later, "Not that she is willing to accept that as an excuse though."

A slight snort came from Fuyutsuki who stood behind the Commander. "As long as you are able to keep your hormones in check you should have no problem avoiding her advances. It would be better if she was interested in someone her own age though." Fuyutsuki paused for a moment. "There are rumors going around about you and her. Ensure that they remain untrue."

'Well, guess her hanging off me in the halls was bound to start people talking. It's hard to pick up cute techs if they think you are into underage girls.' Kaji sighed for a moment, and then decided to get down to business. "Is there something I can do for you today Commander?"

"Yes, there is something I require of you." Gendo folded his hands in front of him looking like nothing so much as a praying mantis in a suit. "For the scenario to progress, the Third must become a man."

"Excuse me sir?" Inquired Kaji wondering what this had to do with him.

"I believe you are uniquely suited to assist him in losing his virginity." Gendo looked levelly at the gaping Kaji. "I want this handled by you as I trust you would be discrete in the matter."

"Ummm, sir." Kaji began while slowly backing away. "I'm not really into that sort of thing." 'There was that one time in college though...' Kaji thought. "We will need a lot of alcohol and even then he may turn me down. He may not the most manly person, but I really don't think hes gay."

Behind his glasses Geno's eyes widened slightly while Fuyutsuki's mouth dropped open as they realized how Kaji had taken Gendo's request. With his head beginning to throb slightly the Commander said, "That is not it at all agent Ryoji. You are to assist the Third in loosing his virginity. Preferably to a woman." Gendo leveled his eyes at the spy. "You are not to have sex with him." Gendo took an envelope out of his desk and slid it across to where Kaji was standing. 'Not that we don't know about that time in college...'

Kaji reached down and picked up the envelope. "Yes sir. I will get him laid as soon as possible."


With that Kaji turned and walked out of the office. As the door closed the Sub-Commander leaned forward and asked his superior, "Are you sure that this is a good idea? Given his reputation for sleeping with anything he might get the Third a hooker off the street. Dr. Akagi would not be happy to have to treat a pilot for a sexually transmitted disease. Would it not be easier to order her to handle the matter?"

"He is the ideal choice for this mission. He sees the Third as enough of a son that he would not just pick up a hooker, he will try to make it 'special' for the boy. As for Dr. Akagi, I doubt being strapped down while she does her 'Washu' impression would really do anything for his confidence." Gendo thought about it a moment and then continued, "She has been wanting to get a sperm sample from him though. Make a note to have her schedule an exam for him afterwords. He should be less reluctant then."

With visions of Shinji in a seedy motel room trying to fight off the advances of the cheap hooker Kaji had paid for in his head, Kozo sighed. "Yes sir."

"Fuyutsuki, are the preparations ready?"

"Yes sir. The apartment is now fully wired for video and sound, and Section 2 has a team standing by in case he takes the Third somewhere else for his first time."

"Excellent. The scenario is in motion, we only have to monitor it now." Gendo pronounced. Then he turned his eyes up to the Tree of Life on the ceiling and continued, "Yui, upon your return I will greet you with a record of our son becoming a man at last!"

"Freak." Fuyutsuki muttered as he returned to his position.

Outside the office Kaji had opened the envelope and was counting the money inside while he walked to his office. 'Eight, nine, ten thousand yen.' He sighed in defeat. 'Cheap bastard didn't even give me enough for a good hooker and a love hotel for an hour.'

He opened the door to his office and began contemplating his options as he sat down. 'Lets see, could get him a cheap hooker and take them back to Misato's apartment. Problems with that: Shinji would probably not want to do it with a hooker. Asuka might be there and decide that it was Shinji who got the hooker, that would make his life more difficult. She would probably tell Misato too. Misato's apartment is out and I really don't want a hooker in mine.' Kaji sighed in dejection. There just didn't seem to be anyway to carry out his instructions with the money he had been given and payday was a week away.

'Lets try to work out the problems of where to do it first. His apartment was out, and he couldn't afford a love hotel. His car was too small and it would really put a damper on things if he was nearby if he even got Shinji to agree to the hooker. A hooker wasn't very special either. Misato's apartment would be best but there was the problem of one of them coming home and interrupting things. He had seen how Misato had looked at Shinji in the past and that was a possibility, but he didn't want to share with the kid. Ritsuko would probably just scar the kid emotionally for life.' Kaji paused a moment in contemplation. 'Then again, Shinji might be into that sorta thing. He seems happy enough with women giving him orders.' He shook his head deciding that Ritsuko was just a bad choice for a first time. 'Something needed to be done about the two women in the apartment.' He began to smirk deviously. 'Misato could be taken care of with a trip to a bar, might get me some too. That leaves Asuka as the one most likely to interrupt things, so she will have to be brought into the plan. It has the added benefit of getting her involved with Shinji too.' He smirked deviously at the thought.

He paused for a moment and got a piece of paper out to write on. 'OK I have a place now, Misa-chans apartment. I have a way to distract Misato for tonight, a trip to a bar. Now that we can get the two alone I need a way to get her co-opted into the plan.'

As he thought about it his mind drifted back to college and the girl he had been with before Misato. She had come from America to study Oriental Medicine and had shared with him a few 'special' herbal preparations that could be very useful to his plan. A special tea in particular. 'Ooh, that could work!' When he and Misato had performance problems, that tea had always gotten them in the mood and ready for action. 'Will need to put in extra ginseng, Shinji will need all the stamina that he can get if Asuka reacts to it like Misato does.'

With a smile on his face and a spring in his step he headed home to get the recipe and start shopping. 'Might want to pick up some eel for their dinner tonight as well, Shinji will need all the help he can get!'

A few hours later he stood outside the Katsuragi apartment with several bags of groceries. Or as he was thinking of it in preparation for later on tonight, 'Shinji's Love Den.' With a smile at the wonders awaiting the two children within tonight, he reached out and pressed the doorbell.

"Coming!" Said a voice from inside the apartment.

Kaji smiled as the door opened. 'I bet you will be tonight, Shinji my boy!' "Hi Shinji."

"Hello Kaji-san. I'm afraid Misato isn't here right now. Shes still at work." Shinji said. "Asuka went to take Hikari her schoolwork as she has a cold."

"No problem, I'm actually here to see you." Kaji said while using his best roguish grin. "Mind if I come in?"

"Sure." With that Shinji stood aside and allowed the older man into the apartment. "Can I help you carry those?" He said pointing at the bags Kaji was carrying.

"Yea, thanks. Got some stuff in there for you." Kaji paused for a moment. "For you and Asuka anyway."

"For...us?" Shinji began. "Thank you."

"No problem, I have the ingredients for a special tea that should help a little with your piloting, and some unagi for dinner tonight. I'm planning on taking Misato out for the evening so you guys will have the house to yourselves." Kaji glanced at the boy next to him to see if he had caught the implication and was mildly disappointed to see that he had missed it.

"Is that alright, Kaji-san?" Shinji inquired. "Won't Dr. Akagi be upset if I start taking weird herbs?"

"Don't worry about it." Kaji said waving his hand as he began to explain. "Once she sees how much you have improved she will probably want to start giving it to Asuka and Rei too." 'Only if she wants Eva pilot orgies in the locker room that is. Knowing Ritsu though...' "In fact, once Asuka hears about it she will probably want some with dinner. She has had my medicinal teas before when she got sick, and they helped her a lot."

"If you are sure its alright, Kaji-san. Thank you."

"I'll get started mixing it up while you get started on the unagi." With that Kaji put the bags he was carrying on the table and started rooting through them.

"Umm, are you sure Asuka will like the eel?" Shinji said nervously as he took the package of eel from the older man along with the ingredients he had bought for it. "She doesn't seem to like Japanese food much, and eel is something most westerners really don't care for."

"She will make an exception for this. This recipe is my own personal one, and she loves it. Heh, all the ladies love the Kaji-mans eel." With that he handed a slip of paper to Shinji and turned around to start mixing his herbs. "She should be happy that you are going to make it for her. Its always a good idea to do something special for a girl every once in a while."

A few minutes later Kaji had finished his mixing, and Shinji had put the marinating eel into the fridge. "Well Shinji, I need to go if I'm going to pick up Misato when she gets off work. Good luck with Asuka."

"Umm, thanks." Shinji replied as he walked Kaji to the door. As the door closed he had the sneaking suspicion that Kaji was setting him up for something, but that couldn't possibly be true. Right?

As Kaji walked down the hall he was contemplating the plan he had just set into motion. 'Damn, I don't think the Commander could have started one so perfect. Get Asuka some, get Shinji some, with a little work get Misato some, and most important of all get Kaji some!' With a spring in his step and loving on his mind he walked out of the apartment building and got into his car. 'I feel kinda like I forgot something though. Eh, it will come to me.' As he pulled out of the parking lot he saw Asuka walking down the street to wards him. 'Right on schedule.'

Asuka saw Kaji pull out of the parking lot and drive away from her. She sighed in disappointment as he once again didn't seem to notice her at all, let alone as a woman that wanted him. 'Ah, well. Have to find out what he was doing here. The idiot had better not have been making a perverted fool of himself in front of Kaji.' As she walked up to the door of the elevator she contemplated a few things that she would have considered perverted if it was anyone but her and Kaji doing them.

She opened the apartment door with her card, and as always had to pause a moment to remember to take off her shoes. 'Stupid Japanese, the floor in here is carpet. Don't see why I can't walk on it with my shoes.' As she walked down the hall she called out to the noises she heard in the kitchen. "Hey baka, what did Kaji want?"

As she rounded the corner and came into the kitchen she saw her wimpy roommate contemplating a bottle of brownish powder. Deep in her mind, a small Asuka sat in a captains chair. The mini-Asuka leaned forward grinning as she gave her orders to the other Mini-Asukas in on the bridge. "Ms. Soryu, teasing factor five! Engage!"

With a rather predatory grin she snuck up on her oblivious roommate until her mouth was right beside his ear. She was having trouble keeping from laughing as whispered in his ear. "What would Misato say if she knew you were doing drugs in her kitchen?"

"Wahhhhghhhh!" Shinji answered as he leaped from the chair while clutching the bottle to his chest.

'Hehehe, that went even better than I planned!' Thought Asuka as she walked over towards him. Stepping deep into his personal space she leaned forward and said, "So, what is it?" She looked deep into his eyes and said gently, "Is it one of those weird Japanese spices you like to use so much? Or is it something more sinister?" She paused and favored him with one of her most predatory smiles. "Is it some kind of weird drug? Hmmm, I think you were going to put some in Misato's beer and have your way with her. Isn't that right Shinji?" She paused again and leaned even further forward. Her mouth now only inches from his as she continued in a gentle whisper, "Or, am I your target? Going to have your way with my silky body while I'm unable to do anything about it?" With this she ran her hands up her sides and shivered as she gave an exaggerated moan.

Senses overloaded by her proximity, the smell of her body, and the gentle caress her sweet breath was giving to his skin was making his body release large amounts of hormones. He began to babble almost incoherently as his brain shortcircuted.

Asuka stepped back and contemplated her work. It was so easy to push his buttons, easy and satisfying in a way she had no words for. With a satisfied sigh she listened to his excuses. As he finally wound to a close she said, "I know, I know. You would never even think something like that." With a small sigh and an almost imperceptible feeling of disappointment she continued, "What a boring little boy. So you calm enough now to tell me what it is and what Kaji was doing here?"

"Its tea that he gave me. He said it would help my piloting."

"Really?" Asuka inquired. "Its going to make you a better pilot?" Practically salivating at the thought of a tea that could raise her sync ratio.

"You believe me?" The "man" of the house asked.

"Of course." She said with a firm nod. "He gave me a tea he made when I got sick once, and I was better the next day. If he says it will make you a better pilot it will. He learned a lot about it from someone he knew in college." Asuka paused and fixed him with a pleading look. "You are going to share right?"

Unable to handle her cute pouty look for more than a few seconds even at the best of times, he immediately caved. "Sure, he even said that you could have some."

'Hehehe, its just like Misato said when she was drunk that time in Germany.' Remembering a few years back and a drunken Lieutenant that was assigned to watch her, "Itsh important for women to ushe their natural abilitiesh to enshure that the men around them alwaysh do the right thing.' While at the time she hadn't been sure about the advice, it had come in quite handy as she got older. She favored him with one of her winningist smiles and said, "Guess we will have it with dinner then. Speaking of that, whats for dinner tonight?"

With this question Shinji became nervous again. Eel wasn't high on a lot of peoples lists, even his own, and Asuka could be really picky. Not to mention she wasn't very fond of Japanese food to begin with. "Unagi."

Hearing this she made a scrunched up face. "Unagi, as in eel? Yuck! What makes you think I want to eat one of those slimy things?"

Feeling that he was right when he suspected Kaji of setting him up, Shinji sighed dejectedly . "Kaji-san suggested it. He even gave me his recipe for it, and said you loved his eel."

This was a new face on things. Kaji could make food that she would normally never think of eating and she would enjoy it. Shinji was a good cook, if you liked rice for every meal and limp noodles in flavorless broth that seemed to pass for standard fare. But Kaji... Mmmm, she would eat his eel any day. "Well, that puts a different face on things. I doubt even Misato could mess up his unagi. As long as she didn't think that it needed some curry powder." She looked at him gaping at her and started tapping her foot. "Well, what are you waiting for? I'm hungry, so get cooking!"

"Yes ma'am!" Shinji exclaimed as he ran to the fridge and started getting out everything he would need. As he arraigned the ingredients he noticed what seemed to be a common theme: Bamboo shoots, green onion, eel, and cucumber. What really made it apparent was the mushrooms that he would also be grilling had a distinct penile shape. 'Oh god no,' Shinji thought to himself. The feeling that he was being setup was back and worse than ever. If Asuka were to notice and think that it had been his idea, his life would be measured in pain-filled minutes.

Sitting at the table while her inner selves sung a happy little chorus about the merits of Kaji's eel, Asuka was unprepared for her conscience poking its head up and suggesting that she help out. Blinking at this strange thought she decided that she could use something to drink while he worked, and it would technically still be helping out. Satisfied with her logic she got up and walked over to the sink next to him. Looking bemused as he leapt out of her way she said, "I'll get the tea started, just hurry up on the food. I'm getting really hungry." With that she filled up a container of water and put it in the microwave. While she waited for the water to heat she put several teaspoons of the brown powder that Kaji had left into a tea pot. When the microwave began beeping she took the water out and poured most of it into the pot. While she was waiting for it to steep she got out two cups. After pouring the tea she set one cup next to where Shinji was working, and sat back at the table to enjoy her own. Taking a hesitant sip in case it was foul, she was surprised by the flavor. 'Mmm, kinda earthy with a little touch of pine.' It made her think of walks in the woods near the NERV Germany base. Deciding that she rather liked the flavor, she began to relax as Shinji got the rice going and started grilling the unagi and mushrooms.

Shinji paused to take a sip of his own tea. 'Kinda bitter and tastes a bit like dirt,' he thought. 'But, nothing that I can't live with.' He glanced at Asuka as she savored her cup and decided if she liked it then it probably wasn't all that bad.

After about half an hour it was ready. The soup was steaming, the eel was nicely brown, the salad looked crisp. Shinji took a moment to pat himself on the back about how well dinner had turned out. As Asuka helped herself to the food while smiling in anticipation, he considered what Kaji had said. 'He is right, it is nice to do something for a girl once in awhile.' With that he pushed further thoughts from his mind to concentrate on the meal.

Feeling nicely full he got up to put the dishes in the sink while his roommate finished her tea. He could now see why she liked Kaji's unagi recipe so much, it was really good. He was feeling pretty relaxed when Asuka interrupted his meditations.

"Hey baka, you feel anything from the tea?"

"Not really. A little warm, but I was using the stove in here. Kinda relaxed though."

"I would have thought that we would feel more of a change. Its supposed to affect our sync ratios right? Maybe we should have another cup."

"Yea, I was kinda wondering about that. Lets have some more." With that Shinji refilled Asuka's cup and then his own. They walked into the living room and sat down to watch TV. He noticed that his roommate was sitting closer than normal to him, and for once it didn't make him nervous. It actually seemed right for her to be there. As he leaned back into the couch he noticed a little extra warmth in the air and strange as it might sound, he was a little jittery while being very relaxed.

As he sat there watching TV while she tried to find something to decent to watch, his mind drifted back to the meal they had just shared. In particular Asuka eating one of the grilled mushrooms. She had picked it up with her chopsticks, and almost smiling at him she had brought it cap first to her lips. With a faint smile as she opened her mouth, she looked into his eyes and bit the cap off making him wince. In spite of the teasing that she had done, he was beginning to feel a familiar stirring in his pants. 'Damn, and just when things were going so well.'

Asuka was bored, 500 channels and as always nothing was on. Click some game show, click sports, click a cooking show, baka Shinji would probably like that. A few more tries and she settled on some drama. A few minutes into the show things were starting to heat up. 'Oh wow, it always amazes me what they put on TV in this weird part of the world.' As she tilted her head to follow the action on the screen she noticed her fellow pilot seemed more uncomfortable than normal. Her usual urge to tease him was just a tiny twinge as she noticed some rather unusual feelings coming from her own body. Odd tingles from parts that she normally ignored unless they were being annoying. It was with a sinking feeling that she recognized these feelings as arousal, and from the way her favorite chew toy was squirming it looked like he might be feeling the same way. Deciding to look casual about the whole thing, she leaned back and took another sip of her tea.

Shinji had been happy when she had settled on a program, it would give him something to distract himself with from the growing tent in his pants. His happiness had lasted right up until the the sex scene started. Lately just about anything would set him off, it had been a cereal commercial that had done it last week. Given the way she had been squirming a few moments ago he was pretty aroused. As much as he would have liked to retreat to his room or even the bathroom for a little relief, he would rather not attract his redhead roommates attention. Being teased about being unable to control his hormones was not very high on his to do list.

Next to him Asuka was in much the same position. She would have liked to go take a shower so she could scratch her itch in private. But, given the way that his pants were bulging and the occasional glances he sent her way he would know why she left the room. It looked like she was pretty much stuck. She was rather surprised by how much attention she was paying to her roommate and what was in his pants. It was almost like she had never really seen him before. Taking a deep breath that caused her chest to press against her shirt sending momentary bursts of pleasure through her, she decided on a course of action. What she would do was she would try to look casual, sip her tea, and expend large amounts of concentration in an attempt to not rub her thighs together. In unison a bead of sweat rolled down both their foreheads.

Giving up on the drama as too stimulating for the moment, she began changing the channels again. She was just about to the point where the TV would start showing the same channels she had already passed up when something different happened. 'Oh my,' she thought, 'looks like Misato forgot to lock the adult channels again.' By the shocked noise next to her she knew that it had attracted the attention of her roommate. On the screen in full color and surround sound was a redheaded woman dressed as a school teacher. She seemed to be helping two of her "students" with their biology studies. Anatomy and physiology by the looks of things. The man was your typical scrawny Japanese boy, the girl looked surprisingly like an adult Hikari. That is if her best-friend got breast implants, lost the pigtails, and cut her hair shorter. The version of the school uniform the woman was wearing would have made her friend pass out from embarrasment though. The action on the screen was turning up the heat in her lower belly. Asuka had long thought her best-friend was cute, and had recently caught herself ogling Hikari in the shower at school. 'Her breasts always look so nice and firm...' Asuka mentally slapped herself. 'No! Bad thought, bad thought! Don't think about Hikari that way. Even if she has hinted several times that her sister is into that sort of thing, and she is occasionally tempted to try it out.' By force of will she pulled her attention back to the screen and contemplated the other actors. The redhead playing the teacher wasn't too bad, but the scrawny guy wasn't really doing much for her. She liked men like Kaji, if she wanted a skinny boy she had a perfectly good one next to her that she could put to use.

'Hmmm,' she contemplated. 'Hes no Kaji, but he might make do in a pinch.' Glancing over at her partner in crime she noticed that his attention seemed to be glued to the TV. Given how big his eyes were and the shocked look on his face it probably wasn't due to any perverted thoughts in his mind at the moment. Actually, right now it looked like there weren't any thoughts in his head at all. Feeling deliciously naughty, she left the channel where it was and settled back to watch it. She noticed her roommate come out of his stupor and slowly turn his head towards her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him beginning preparations to bolt to his room. This was not in her plans for the evening, she had a use for him tonight and he had better damn well stick around and be useful. "Where are you going Shinji? Don't you want to watch TV with me?" He looked uncertain as she had said it in her cutest, pouty voice. 'He looks so cute when hes scared like that.' "Whats the matter Baka-Shinji?"

"B-bu-but...thats..." he trailed off while he pointed with a trembling hand at the action on the screen.

"I know what it is," Asuka began, " and I want to watch it right now." She turned her full attention to her fellow pilot. "It's not like we are going to get caught, we will hear Misato coming a mile away. As long as you don't try to do anything without my permission no one ever needs to find out about this. It will just be our little secret, right?" With that she locked eyes with him and shot out a hand and gently cupped his crotch. "Make no mistake though. If your perverted little friends find out we were watching porn, I'm going to take your little man-sack and turn it into a coin-purse. Got me?" With a final squeeze and caress of his engorged meat through his pants, she reluctantly let go of him. "Now, sit still and watch with me." With that she abandoned her attempts to hide her excitement and started rubbing her legs together. She immediatly noticed an increase in moisture and pleasure.

Nodding in agreement as it seemed the least likely thing to set her off, he settled back into the couch. As he tried to pay attention to the action on the screen, his mind kept drifting back to his redheaded roommate and the feel of her caressing hand. While his erection had temporarily been reduced by the scare she had given him, it had returned with a vengeance and was now approaching raging. He began casting as many looks at her as he did at the screen. He noticed a strange smell in the air, and it was doing absolutely nothing for his self control. Her rubbing her thighs against one another while starting to breathe harder didn't help much either. In an attempt to calm himself he took a big gulp of his tea, and noticed that he had drained the cup for the third time tonight.

Asuka was watching his distress as she sat next to him. He was beginning to look like he was almost in pain. After she had gotten a good feel of his arousal, her own had spiked and she was now having problems keeping up the illusion of cool. Deciding that she should do something before he damaged himself and was unable to please her, she took initiative. "Hey Shinji," she began in a husky voice, "what do you think of what they are doing?" She pointed at the screen and then continued. "Does it look like fun?"

Distracted from his growing discomfort for a moment by Asuka he looked at the screen. On it the woman dressed as the schoolteacher was teaching the one dressed as the schoolgirl how to jack her boyfriend off. "Umm," Shinji began as his penis gave a sudden throb and seemed to increase in size again. "Th-that l-loo-looks fun." He stuttered trying to see where this was going. His eyes bugged out again as he felt a slim hand begin running up his leg. His breath caught in his throat as the hand, which he was now certain was Asuka's, came to a stop and began to caress him through his pants. 'Ah, thats where it was going,' he thought in a daze. Her hand began rubbing harder on his shaft as she slid closer to him on the couch.

As she put her right arm around his shoulders, she began working at the fly of his pants with her left. She gently turned his face towards hers and looked into his ocean blue eyes. "Hey Shinji, wanna kiss?" At his startled look she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his. After a few shocked seconds he began returning her kiss. Within moments they were beginning to rub against each other. Shinji was starting to get comfortable with kissing when Asuka decided to raise the stakes. With a mild flare of nervousness that was quickly crushed by her rising passion, Asuka parted her lips and gently licked Shinji's mouth. She smiled as his surprised moan caused his mouth to open allowing her tongue access to his. She licked his paralized tongue in an attempt to get it to respond. After a few seconds she was rewarded for her efforts as he came out of his shock and licked her back. 'Mmmm nice,' she thought as she ran her pink tongue over the roof of his mouth and got a moan and shiver for her experiment. Then she got a taste of her own medicine as he tried it out on her.

As Asuka moaned into his mouth he couldn't help but grin at her. After a moment, she opened her eyes and looked into his own. Her grin answered his and for an instant they just looked at each other smiling. Then she started to rain light kisses down upon his lips. With a sudden burst of inspiration he caught her lower lip between his and sucked on it for a second, then he released it with a small pop. 'Wow, she liked that!' He realized as she frenched him with even more enthusiasm than before. He was so distracted by what was going on infront of his face that he didn't notice his beautiful red headed partner opening his pants.

'Score!' Yelled the Mini-Asuka cheering section in her head as her left hand succeeded in getting his pants open. She broke the kiss for a moment to see what her prize was. 'Oh, my....All that for me?' Was the only thing she could think as she pulled him from his pants. While Shinji fell within the average size range for a man, the combination of the tea and the stimulating environment had caused him to gain about another half inch in length and about the same around. A thread of worry ran through her at the sight of his cock. 'Umm, that doesn't look right,' she thought as her worry grew. It was a deep almost bruised looking purple all over and she could see it throbbing in time with his heartbeat. A drop of clear fluid oozed from the slit on the tip. Her concern was increased by the shocked look on his face as he saw just how engorged he was.

Deciding that it was important to get him calmed down and to get the size reduced before he burst she said, "Don't worry baka, Dr. Soryu will take care of the swelling for you. Just lay back and I'll make it all better." With that she took him in her small fist and started to gently jack him off. As she worked she remembered what one of her roommates at the university had said about her boyfriend. Deciding that it was a good time to try it out on Shinji, she began to kiss and lick his neck under his ear. Asuka started jerking harder as she grew more comfortable with the action. Gently running her right hand down his side, the excited unit 02 pilot took his balls in her hand and started to roll them around. She was rewarded by the increasing choked whimpers and moans that came from his mouth as she worked. Since Shinji had never been touched like that by anyone other than himself, he didn't last long at all. 'Oh wow,' Asuka thought as whitish fluid shot from the end of his dick and splattered on them. She was pulled from her contemplation as Shinji started making pained noises and trying to pull away from her. Feeling hurt at this turn of events, she turned towards him and gave him an inquisitive look.

"Sorry Asuka," he said when he saw the hurt look in her eyes. "But, its always really sore after...well..._That_." Shinji lapsed into embarrassed silence with that.

Relief flooded her as she realized that he hadn't been pulling away because he had gotten off and wasn't interested in her anymore, but because he was sore and needed a rest. "Its OK Baka. Lets just give that part of you a rest." With that she let go of him and noticed all the thick and sticky fluid coating her hand. As she gazed at it she realized that she really didn't know what to do with it. Her roommate had said that she usually swallowed it, as long as the guy hadn't been eating anything strange the taste wasn't too bad. Bolstered by the sight of the schoolteacher helping the brown haired girl clean her hand the same way, she brought her hand to her face and took a tentative sniff. It didn't smell like anything bad, so she went ahead and took a little lick. The flavor she encountered wasn't bad at all. The texture was a little weird and the warmth kinda odd, but the taste was something she could live with. She took a longer lick and gathered some more Shinji goo on her tongue, looking deep in his eyes she swallowed the load. With growing enthusiasm she began first licking her hand and then sucking on her fingers to get all of him off her. When she finished her snack she looked back at Shinji, and saw his expression was about one third shock and two arousal. 'Wow, she was right. That got him back in the mood!' "Mmmm, you taste good Shinji. But, now I have a little problem too. Do you think you could help me with it?" At his confused look she decided to just show him what she wanted done. She reached out and brought his hands to her waist then her mouth to his. 'Guess he still needs my help,' she thought, not terribly minding her still being in charge.

Shinji was enjoying the evening very much so far. He had been allowed to touch his beautiful roommate, and been touched, in new and interesting ways. The taste from the kiss wasn't all that great, but not something he was going to complain about after what she had just done for him. They had been kissing and rubbing against each other for a few minutes, and while his erection was no longer threatening to explode it was beginning to reassert its presence. He really wanted to try feeling Asuka's chest, but didn't want to push in case it set her off and ruined things. 'Or maybe she WOULD like me to do that,' thought the Unit One pilot as his roommate reached down and gently placed his right hand on her left breast. Intrigued by the interesting texture of what was filling his hand, he gently gave her a squeeze. With her pleased moan as all the proof he needed that she liked what he was doing he started fondleing her with more enthusiasm. He could feel something harden and press against his palm. After a few minutes of this Asuka pushed him away for a moment so she could start pulling off her shirt. First the hem of it pulled pulled up exposing her trim and toned belly, then as it rose higher the cups of her red bra. Finally just before her head popped out of the collar, her slim shoulders. 'Wow,' thought Shinji at the sight of all that silky soft girl-skin being displayed for him and only him. His hands began to twitch with the urge to caress her body.

Asuka glanced nervously at her partner, he was sitting there with some of the biggest eyes she had ever seen on him with his mouth hanging open. 'Guess I don't need to ask if he likes how I look.' Her body began to flush with excitement at the awed expression of rapture that he was giving her. "Unhook me Shinji," she said in a gentle tone. With that she turned her back to him and looked at him over her slim shoulder. She was pleased when he jumped to do as she said. Asuka thought to herself, 'Not bad, but hes going to need more practice doing this in the future.' Distracted by the way his fumbling fingers tickled her skin Asuka didn't realize that she had already decided that there would BE a next time, and if she got her way quite a few times after that. Feeling him finally win over the evil bra-catch she turned around and looked into his eyes as she lowered the straps over her shoulders. Pleased with the way that the cups dropping from her breasts caught his eyes she smiled at him. 'He may be a perv, but at least hes not a bad one.' Asuka sighed then continued thinking, 'If only Kaji would look at me like Shinji does.' She was beginning to think that the older man had absolutely no interest in her as a woman. 'Guess I could do a lot worse than the baka here.' With one hand she dropped her bra on the floor while pulling his hand to her breast with the other. "Mmmmmah," she moaned as his hand made contact with her sensitive mound. 'Wow, thats a lot better!'

Shinji while still unsure about what he was doing, was growing more comfortable with the shape events were taking. Asuka seemed to know what to do, and he had no problem following her lead. Deciding that it might be time to try something that he had overheard at school, he tentatively leaned forward and gave her left tit a gentle lick. This seemed to get the Asuka seal of approval by how she grabbed his head in her hands and pressed his face more firmly against her heaving chest. With confidence born of the pleased whimpers that she was uttering, he shelved his usual timidness for a moment and licked her pink and crinkled nipple. 'She seems to like that,' thought Shinji as her body stiffened for a moment then trembled gently as she gave voice to the loudest moan yet. He was more than willing to go along as she pulled his hand to the breast he wasn't licking and began to rub it with his hand. As he began paying equal attention to both of her needy peaks, her choked whimpers increased in frequency and volume. Sucking one of ner needy peaks into his mouth, he sucked on it for a moment while teasing the tip of it with his tongue. Releasing it from its warm and moist prison, he gently blew cool air across it making it harden even further.

As much as she was enjoying the attention to her full breasts, Asuka had a fire down further that she would really like Shinji to help her take care of. She knew what she wanted him to do, but was unsure of whether or not he would be willing. Deciding that it would be a good idea to go slowly for a moment she gently pushed him away. At his unsure look she smiled warmly at him while she stood up. Gathering her determination she began to remove her skirt. Reassured by the adoring look that her friend was giving her she continued. She turned around, hooked her thumbs into the sides of her crimson panties, and in one smooth motion pulled them down to her feet while bending over. She remained bent over, displaying her heart-shaped rear and the delights nestled within it to her partner. She took her courage in one hand as she looked over her shoulder at Shinji. She relaxed as she saw that her show hadn't put him off at all, if anything he seemed more aroused than earlier that night. She stood back up with a little wiggle and walked back over to the couch. As she settled in next to him, she tenderly took his chin in her hand. Bringing her lips to his own, she started to ravish his mouth. After a couple minutes of that, her need could no longer be denied. She reached up to one of his hands that were kneading her firm apples and gently drew it down along her body until his fingers encountered her neatly trimmed thatch of fiery curls. Hoping that he could take over from there she released his hand. After a moment she hissed in surprise, "E-easy! Th-thats sensitive there!" After he eased back on the pressure she sighed in contentment. "Yea, just like that....Mmmmmmm."

Shinji had started out by trying something he had heard about in the locker room, in other words he went right for her clit. That turned out to be a bad idea it seemed, given Asuka's yelp. But, Asuka looked happy about him rubbing the general area. Deciding to try one more thing he had heard about, but this time a lot more gently. He slowly ran his fingers through her sopping crevice in search of her opening. Finding the source of the flow he carefully ran his index finger around the opening getting a delighted moan from his friend. Given she seemed to like that idea enough, he slowly eased his finger into her warm and sloshy pussy. Rewarded by her panting moans he started to gently thrust his finger into her spasming box. He was beginning to work a second finger into her when she stopped him for a moment. He looked worriedly into her sapphire eyes as she nervously tried to gather the will to ask something.

Asuka swallowed past a suddenly large lump in her throat. While she knew that people did it all the time, it was still a pretty far out idea as far as she was concerned. Deciding that there was no time like the present she asked, "Shinji...would you...you know...go down on me?" Seeing the baffled look on his face and deciding that it was better than disgust she clarified, "Like they are doing in the movie now." As she pointed at the screen she continued, "Would you lick me...there?" At his shocked look she decided to try to convince him one last time before she just dropped the subject. "I really want to feel you do it. You don't have to if you don't want to, but if you do I'm willing to return the favor." She had already tasted him so she knew that the flavor wouldn't be a problem for her, but the act itself might be.

Shinji looked into her imploring blue eyes and was almost immediately lost. He had heard that girls tasted sweet there and had a monumental urge to do as she asked but, girls PEED from there! He remembered that she had cleaned him from her hand by licking his semen off, and decided that the least he could do was give her a taste and if he didn't like it he could say no. Trembling slightly, he brought his coated fingers to his nose and took a nervous sniff. She didn't smell bad, in fact the musky aroma of her arousal was making him get excited again. Facinated with the slick yet sticky texture, he spread his two fingers and saw her fluids link them by clear strands. Taking a tentative lick of his fingers he paused a moment to identify the taste. 'Mmmm,' he thought. 'Not as sweet as I was led to think and kinda tangy. Not bad at all.' With that realization he began to suck her juices from his fingers with gusto. He was so wrapped up in the new and enjoyable taste that he totally missed Asuka flushing across her entire body as she began to pant with excitement. He got down on his knees and eased his way between her legs. Taking a moment to look at the juncture of her legs he saw hidden between her full, pouting lips were a smaller set. From between those pink and glistening petals came a slight trickle of opaque fluid. He leaned forward and took a lingering sniff, the smell of her need was far stronger here than it had been on his fingers. He leaned forward and took a lick, then proceeded to bury his face in her crotch in search of more Sweet and Sour Asuka sauce. His efforts were rewarded by increasingly loud pleasure filled pants and moans coming from his beautiful teammate.

Asuka was in heaven, there were simply no other words to describe it. His work on her breasts had been good, his fingers in her had been great, but his tongue inside her was unbelievable. It was all she could do to hold on as he licked and sucked at her eager opening. She had given up trying to stifle her increasingly passion choked whimpers and was glad that she didn't have to worry about any neighbors getting upset at her cries of passion. The way his tongue kept dipping into her for more of her fluids and then working on the bundle of nerves at the top of her slit was incredible. The fire in her belly was being increased by the tender ministrations of her increasingly eager teammate. It had gone from a bonfire and was rapidly approaching a star for heat and size. Then Shinji worked his tongue into her deeper than ever before and accidentally rubbed her clit with his nose in his quest for more girl sauce. With a shuddering mewl she locked her thighs around his head and lifted her back entirely off the couch as the sun within her went nova. As her keening wails began to taper off she lowered herself back onto the couch and released her lover. At his inquiring look she had no words to describe how much she loved his attention, so she just pulled his face to hers and gave him the frenching of his life. She found her taste upon his lips to be quite arousing. 'Wow, I never knew I tasted so good.' Finally coming down from her high enough to remember the offer she made to Shinji she pushed him down onto the couch next to her and began stripping him.

Still dazed by his roommates exploration of his tonsils, he didn't notice for a moment that she was unbuttoning his shirt. At her urging he leaned forward and she pulled the shirt the rest of the way off. Asuka paused a while to enjoy her roommates chest. Running her fingers over his skin, feeling the lean muscle underneath. Taking one of his nipples in her mouth to see if he liked it as much as she had. Decideing that his giggle ment that it wasn't quite as good for him as it had been for her, she let go of it and continuted unwrapping her present. She got on the floor before him and began to work on his pants. With his fly already open from her earlier explorations it was just a matter of pulling them down his legs. Only one thing stood in the way of the eager Eva pilot now, Shinji's underwear. With enthusiastic little huffs of breath coming from her mouth, she reached out and hooked her fingers into the waistband of his boxers. 'Wow Shinji, guess your still glad to see me,' Asuka thought as his rigid member popped free. She was mesmerized by the slightly swaying length just inches from her face. 'Wow, that looks a lot better than it did earlier.' She sighed with relief at his more normal looking member. Deciding that she should get to work she leaned forward and gave his head a light lick. Pleased with his texture, she started licking with more and more enthusiasm. She looked up into his eyes as she tenderly kissed the head and then she took him between her lips. "Mmmm," she moaned around his stiffness as she enjoyed the feeling of him in her mouth.

Shinji gazed down at his usually volatile roommate as she gently sucked on his wand. Reaching down he tenderly ran his fingers through her long auburn tresses causing her to pull her head up slightly and rub it against his hand. She looked up at him again and began to flick her tongue over the head drawing out a very pleased moan from him. He leaned back into he couch cushions as his friend set to work with a passion.

Trying to figure out what do do next, Asuka remembered back to her shocked wonder at when her college roommate had showed her that her boyfriend really liked with a banana. Silently thanking her friend for her advice, she reached out with a finger and started to tickle Shinji's sack. Given how he reacted to that by whimpering in ecstasy, she moved on to the next step. Each time she pulled back so that just the head was trapped between her lips, she gave him a few quick licks before bobbing her head back down. Given the way he was moaning and writhing under her gentle attention she knew that he didn't have much longer to go. When his moans reached a peak she placed her tongue over the head of his penis and gave him a hard suck. His entire body shuddered as he thrust up and began spilling himself into her mouth. She franticly swallowed as she tried to keep up with Shinji's spurting in her mouth. As he finally tapered off all she could think was, 'Wow, he must have really liked that.' Feeling pleased with herself and strangely complete, she got off her knees and climbed back up on the couch. She cuddled up against her partner and gave his sweaty forehead a soothing kiss. "How did that feel Shinji?" She asked pretty sure that he had enjoyed it, but still wanting to know for certain.

"Wow," was all that he was able to offer in response. 'How do I tell her how much I enjoyed that?" He pondered. Deciding that the best way to show her was how she had thanked him for going down on her, he pulled her mouth to his and showed her just how he appreciated her attention. He was momentarily worried about tasting himself again, but the urge to show her what she meant to him overwhelmed any petty concerns. That and it wasn't like he hadn't already gotten a taste of himself after she cleaned her hand.

'Mmmm. Guess that answers that question,' thought Asuka as her roommate's tongue swirled around her own. Feeling pleased that he wanted to kiss her after she had swallowed his load, she began kissing back furiously. Asuka was still feeling frisky, and when she reached down and gave Shinji's meat a quick squeeze she found that he seemed to be good for another go. "Hey Shinji," Asuka asked breathlessly, "when is Misato supposed to be back? I'm still in the mood and her coming home while we are busy would suck."

Shinji thought about that for a moment then said, "Kaji said he was going to take her out drinking and she wouldn't be back 'til late."

Asuka smiled at news that would have normally have made her upset. Now it looked like a gift from above. "Nice, looks like we have the whole house to ourselves tonight." She paused a moment while she turned off the TV then continued, "The couch isn't really the best place for this. Lets go to your room."

Shinji started to nod, but then remembered an important detail. "Umm, Asuka. I don't have any protection."

'Well, shit.' She thought annoyed. 'That really puts a damper on things.' She was almost tempted to tell him that it didn't matter to her, and just go see Dr. Akagi for a morning after pill tomorrow. Then she remembered something that she had found while 'exploring' in the Katsuragi bathroom. Asuka Langley Soryu does not snoop, she merely wanted to know where everything was in case she ever needed something. What she found that night had forever branded Misato a sex-addict in her mind. After all, what other possible reason could there be for owning a 180 pack of condoms? That and the large assortment of gels, foams, and other assorted personal items. Now that she had actually had sex, the assortment didn't seem that odd. 'Still going to keep an eye on that sex-fiend in case she gets any funny ideas about my Shinji.' "I know something that we can use," she began. "You go raid Misato's condom stash, and I'll get our clothes picked up." At his blank look she clarified, "Its in the bathroom, second drawer down on the left side of the sink." With an eager nod he took off for the bathroom while she proceeded to pick up the scattered clothing. As she walked out of the living room she failed to notice that she hadn't picked up her sodden panties off the floor by the couch. When she stepped into Shinji's Lovely Suite, she found him to be staring in awe at the bulk package of condoms in his hand. As she walked over and pressed her naked body to his she said, "Yea, I thought the same thing when I found them."

Shinji let his beautiful red haired roommate guide him over to his bed, then gently ease him down. They started necking again and after a few minutes were in a tangle of sweaty, eager limbs. Asuka was on top and as she looked down at him he knew that she was just as ready as he was. He returned her flushed smile as she eased off him slightly so she could reach the box that he had dropped while they made out. His excitement grew as she opened the box and tore off one of the little foil wrapped packages. He saw a gleam of white teeth as she gently bit her lip when she took him into her hand. A surprised gasp was torn from his throat as she started rolling the condom down his length.

Asuka knew when she looked down at Shinji that they were as ready as they were going to get. When he returned her smile she was sure about how right it was for them to do this. When she took him in her hand she had to bite her lip to get some focus back. Just the knowledge that she had made him this way, so hard yet soft and smooth filled her with so much excitement it was all she could do to keep what little control she had. At the gasp he released when she began to wrap his member in the tight latex she almost creamed all over his legs she was so excited. When she was finished she eased forward and lined him up with her opening. She took a moment to savor the feelings that were running through her. Asuka wasn't terribly worried about her first time hurting. For months in preparation for when she finally got Kaji in bed, she had been gently stretching herself with a marker. She didn't want any pain to mar the feelings of her first time. Unable to wait a single second longer, she lowered herself onto his hardness. They both gasped as their bodies came together for the first time. Asuka gave a long low moan that was only interrupted by a sudden hitch as she slid him past her barrier. Her preparations had worked as she experienced just a flash of tearing pain, and then a pleasant fullness. As her hips came to rest on his all she could think was, 'Hes all the way in me!' Then she began to move and all thought ceased.

It was all Shinji could do to keep from passing out as Asuka slid down him. She was so tight and wet that it was like nothing he had ever felt in his life. He felt her hot pussy as she lowered herself down onto him squeezing and releasing as her body adjusted to the intruder. He felt himself bottom out in her and she paused for a moment and threw her head back letting out a loud satisfied groan. She braced her arms on his shoulders then started to move. The feeling of her clenching body moving up and down his length would have normally had him lasting only a few seconds, but with the two previous orgasms he had had gave him far more staying power than normal. Even with this, he was having trouble holding off orgasm.

Little grunts were coming from Asuka's mouth as she worked her roommate in and out of her. She could feel her climax building in her and started to ride him faster and faster. Finally with a shuddering wail that trailed off into desperate pants she came all over Shinji.

Under her Shinji was trying to hold off his own satisfaction by sheer will. Unfortunately for his self control, his beautiful partner chose that moment to speed up her bouncing on his lap. As her rode him faster and faster, he gave in and started thrusting up into her. Finally when she threw her head back and wailed like a banshee the feeling of her pussy clenching as she came all over him tossed him headfirst into his own orgasm. Panting and sweaty, they clung together as they waited for the trembling to stop.

Finally steady enough, Asuka pulled Shinji from her and slid into bed beside him. Cuddled up against his side she began to feel the hunger within her grow once again. She thought about it for a moment then said, 'Hey, Shinji? Do you think we can do that again in a little bit? After a little rest I mean."

Shivering slightly as his lovers breath cooled the sweat on his chest he said, "Yea. I think I'd like that." He could already feel his body starting to ready itself for another go.

Across the city and several miles below them, two people were watching them rest. "That was hot." The younger one commented

The older one sighed in annoyance as he had been summoned there to watch something he never would have wanted to watch. "Can we give them some privacy now Commander? I still can't believe that you made me stay here this late so you could watch your son have sex." 'Freaky pervert,' thought Fuyutsuki.

"I will admit that I had been worried about him." Gendo began. "Major Katsuragi isn't without her charms, and at best her advances seemed to just make him uncomfortable. At least after tonights events with Soryu's daughter I know he isn't gay." He paused a moment then continued, "Not that there is anything wrong with that."

"What are you going to do if they find out that we not only watched their first time, you insisted on recording it?"

Gendo coughed into his hand and replied, "It is a fathers duty to record his child's development. Yui will want to see how he has matured and what a wonderful young lady he has attracted." He paused a moment while he turned his eyes up to the ceiling again and continued, "Yui, are you watching with pride from heaven?"

Shaking his head in disgust Kozo was getting ready to leave when more moans began to drift up from the monitor on Gendo's desk. 'They are going at it again? What the hell did Ryoji put in that tea?' Sighing in defeat as it didn't seem like his superior was going to let him leave anytime soon Fuyutsuki settled in to wait through another session. An idea occurred to him that might distract the Commander long enough for him to escape. "What are you going to do if he gets her pregnant?"

"They will marry of course." Gendo smiled deviously behind his hands. "Just think of the children they will produce, with Asuka's drive and Shinji's natural ability as a pilot..."

"So, you really intend to disrupt SEELE's plans to that extent? They won't be pleased about having their scenarios pushed back a good fifteen years or more."

"There are many ways for the trials to end," Gendo began, "this is just one possibility among many. We have more options and flexibility than SEELE does. All I require is the return of my wife, the actions by the Second and Third Children tonight have bought us valuable time. Dr. Akagi thinks that she might succeed where her mother failed in retrieving Yui, but it will be years until the clones are mature enough to try."

Several hours later a very tired and satisfied Major drug herself into the apartment. Wanting to rest for a bit, she plopped her exhausted body onto the couch and turned the TV on for a moment. 'Oh shit! I forgot to lock the adult channels again.' Noticing that there was no beaten and bloody Shinji nearby, she decided that the kids must have not bothered to turn on the TV. 'Funny, thought I left it on the shopping channel.' Sighing with relief, she leaned back into the couch as the images on the screen brought back pleasant memories of the previous few hours. As she was watching the screen, the movie began to give her ideas for the next time with Kaji. Specifically the Japanese man on the screen was dressed in a tuxedo and had been tied up by a woman in a military uniform, from all the signs she was intent on interrogating him in a most interesting manner. Starting to get into the fantasy she stretched one hand forward and picked up a half cup of cold tea. Not paying any attention to what she was doing she took a sip and immediately spit it back in the cup as soon as she noticed the flavor. 'What the hell is Kaji's special make out tea doing in here?' Her fine analytical mind began to work and put the pieces together. Kaji seeming more happy with himself than normal, porn on the TV, his tea in a cup in her living room. 'Kaji knows not to get involved with a teenager. Even if I didn't kill him, the Commander would have him chemically castrated at the very least for sleeping with a pilot.'

Misato sat back and tried to figure out how all the pieces fit together again. It was about that time she noticed a second cup on the coffee table. Picking it up and taking a suspicious look inside she felt the bottom drop out of her stomach. 'Oh fuck me running, he went and gave that stupid tea to two horny teenagers.' Remembering how worked up the tea made her she decided that she had better go check on them. As Misato started to get up she thought to herself, 'If that stupid tea made Asuka fuck Shinji to death, the Commander will have to make do with punishing whats left of...' With a horrified expression Misato looked down to see what she had just stepped in. It appeared to be a pair of red panties and from the cold and sticky feeling on her bare foot, someone had been extremely wet the last time they were wearing them. Shuddering in horror she pulled her foot from the offending undies and tried her hardest to not wipe it off on the carpet as she walked to the kitchen for some paper towels.

Once in the kitchen and having finished cleaning the offending body fluids from her poor innocent foot, Misato sat at the table and tried to figure out what to do. It was about that time she noticed the tea pot still on the table from dinner. With a sinking feeling as she took in the size of the pot, she opened the lid and had a look inside. The pot normally held about eight cups of tea, by her estimation there were two cups left. With a sinking feeling she realized where the other six cups must have gone. Feeling like she was having to go ID a body she stumbled towards the kids rooms. She knew how just one cup affected her, and was fully expecting to find a dried up piece of gristle and bone that vaguely resembled Shinji with a very satisfied Asuka sleeping next to it. With a heavy heart she pulled open the door to his room and found... nothing. Except quite a few used condoms on the floor and a very strong smell of recent sex. "OK Misato he was still alive when they left his room. They must have gone into Asuka's room to sleep.' With that hope in mind she took a few steps down the hall to Asuka's room. She carefully opened the door a crack, wincing in anticipation of what she would find inside. She sighed in relief after seeing that both, while naked and tangled in the sheets, seemed to be fine. She then noticed that there were several used condoms in this room too. 'Guess it was a good thing that they were too exhausted to move on to my room.'

With that she left her kids to their hard earned rest and returned to the kitchen to decide what to do about recent events. First off Shinji and Asuka were going to be really hungry and thirsty when they finally got up. 'Guess I'll order breakfast so its ready when they get here.' She sighed in dejection before she continued thinking, 'Then I have to explain to them why they had the huge sex fest. Damn you Kaji, what the hell got into you?'

"God Gendo, can't we give them some privacy now? We've seen them have sex on the couch, his room, her room, and the bathroom. Don't you think you have enough footage now?"

Gendo's only reply sounded suspiciously like "Fap fap fap."

Looking disgustedly at the younger man Fuyutsuki said, "Oh, gross! If you are going to do that to your own son having sex can't you at least unlock the door so I can leave?"