Innocent Seduction

Scott 'Gord' Ryan [froop@myrealbox.com]

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Hikari exited her friend's car. "Thanks for the lift, Mayumi."

"Sure, No problem. Call me in the morning if you need a lift," Mayumi called out, as Hikari moved away from the car, up onto the kerb. Hikari waved her thanks before moving off towards home. As she moved up the path, she spotted Shinji, standing near the entrance. After a quick smile she unlocked the door and headed inside, speaking to Shinji.

"Thanks for coming over Shinji. Stupid thing wouldn't start this morning, and if it wasn't for Mayumi I would have been late for work. Anyway, it's out in the garage, just head on out and I'll grab us a drink." Shinji just smiled and nodded his head, before heading out to the garage to take a look at her car.

After taking a drink out to Shinji, Hikari settled herself on the couch with a glass of wine. She normally didn't drink all that much, especially during the week, but it had been a terrible day. First her car wouldn't start. Then her day at work had been horrible and tiring. She hoped that a little bit of wine might help to relieve some of the tension that had built up over the day, and then after Shinji left she could head up to bed and have an early night.

In a way she was lucky. After Third Impact, Shinji and Touji were both looking for a hobby, something they could fiddle with in their spare time, something to take their mind of things. They both found that in Cars. Between them, they bought and old car, with an engine that was old, tired and close to death. They rebuilt it themselves, learning as they went along, tinkering with this and that. They weren't professionals, but they were able to fix simple issues with cars.

Touji was out of town on business of some sort, and when Hikari had called him, he had called Shinji over to help her out. She had no real problem with this. She had been friends, albeit not close ones, with Shinji since school, and he was always considerate and polite. Unlike a certain someone; namely; her husband. She was just starting to get comfortable when Shinji exited the garage. "It looks pretty simple. Your alternator stopped working, which basically means your battery wasn't getting charged and it went flat. I'll go grab my battery charger from home and then run down to the wreckers and see if I can get my hands on a reasonable second-hand alternator, I won't be gone to long."

As he exited the front door Hikari couldn't stop herself from noticing how nice his butt looked in those pants. She let out a little gasp and flushed red. She couldn't believe she had just thought that. Maybe she had been drinking a little bit too much wine tonight, or maybe it was the lack of attention Touji had been paying her for the last few years. After they first got married, things were good, and he lavished her with attention. But after a year or so things started going downhill as Touji drove himself into work in an attempt to prove that, even with his artificial leg he was as good as anyone, if not better, at doing his job.

Her mind turned back to a conversation she had participated in with Asuka about Shinji. They had been talking about relationships, and, much to Hikari's embarrassment, the subject had turned to sex. She had always seen Shinji as a timid boy and didn't think he would be much good in bed, but when she had asked Asuka what he was like, Asuka's eyes had glazed over and at hint of a smile could be seen tugging at her lips.

"He was incredible. I know you're thinking 'timid little Shinji would be no good in bed' but you'd be wrong. Admittedly, he was timid at first but if you pushed his buttons the right way he changed. Not like he lost control, but more like a different person almost. So in control, so confident.... almost arrogant and yet so undeniably sexy. Once he switched over to this other Shinji he used to make me cum so many times, he was unbelievable. One other thing, excuse my language Hikari, but he had the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. It was gorgeous."

Asuka had taken a deep shuddery breath before continuing. "You know what Hikari... If he wanted to fuck me again, whether I was married or not, I wouldn't be able to say no." Hikari's cheeks had flared after Asuka's confession before they moved onto other topics.

Hikari was bought back to the present by the sound of the front door opening and closing and Shinji entering the room. "I got the stuff. I'll put the alternator in then charge the battery. Should be right to go in the morning." Hikari smiled at him and gave him her thanks, before asking if he would like a drink, which he politely declined.

Hikari poured herself another glass of wine before settling herself down into the couch again. She thought back on what Asuka had said and found it hard to believe. That was it. She had decided. She had to find out for herself. It may be tricky though, as Shinji had always been polite and never really shown any interest in her before. Well, she could always try and besides, it may be a bit of fun to tease Shinji and see if he would react, especially since Touji didn't anymore.

She glanced down at what she was wearing, which happened to be her work clothing, white blouse and black skirt that went about mid thigh. She unbuttoned the first few buttons on her blouse to show a tantalising amount of cleavage, but still leave enough covered so she wasn't exposing herself. 'Perfect' she thought to herself. She then headed out to the garage. Shinji had just finished fitting the new alternator to her car and was in the process of hooking up the battery charger to the battery.

She moved to the side of the car near the front guard, and leaned over innocently to 'get a better look' at what Shinji had done. All the while the neck line of her shirt was falling lower and exposing more cleavage, in an attempt to see if Shinji showed any interest.

As she glanced up she inwardly smirked as she saw a faint blush stain his cheeks, and an attempt to avert his eyes from where he had been looking. 'At least I know he likes to look' Hikari thought to herself, even though she had began to doubt what Asuka had said about him. He just seemed too timid and shy and he blushed so easily with just a bit of cleavage.

She straightened herself up and moved around to the front of the car before she spoke. "Shinji, would you mind showing and explaining to me what you fixed so I can impress Touji when he calls?"

Shinji nodded and moved behind her to start pointing out and explaining what he had done when Hikari ever so gently ground her ass into his crotch. Shinji instantly stiffened, in more than one way, before mumbling something about needing to leave and heading out of the garage towards the front door.

Hikari quickly followed. She knew she couldn't let him leave just yet, she had to stop him. She managed to catch him in the lounge room and grabbed him from behind. "Please don't leave yet Shinji." She spoke softly "I.... I just want to see it. Would... would you let me see it?" Before Shinji could ask her what she wanted to see, Hikari had trailed her hand down his stomach and was rubbing his crotch.

"Asuka... Asuka said it was beautiful. Would you let me see it just once? Please!" She could feel him getting hard under the delicate touch of her hands. Ever so slowly he turned around. She noticed the look in his eyes had changed and didn't know whether to be scared or excited. Hikari heard the sound of a zipper and looked down to see the most beautiful cock she had ever seen.

She reached out to touch it but hesitated. This would be the only other penis besides Touji's she would have ever touched. This thought gave her another pause, yet she thought it too beautiful not to touch. Slowly, she reached an unsteady hand out and began to stroke it again. She watched in awe as it finished filling with blood, finally settling at about eight inches long and one and a half inches thick.

Hikari sat Shinji on the couch and kneeled in front of him. She had only ever done this once for Touji, as she found it unladylike and degrading. Yet here she was, kneeling before her husband's best friend, about to suck his cock because it was so beautiful. Hikari felt wicked and she loved it.

Ever so slowly, she lowered her head down towards it and gave the tip a little kiss before engulfing the head into her warm mouth. The only thing she heard from Shinji was a long drawn out moan as she started to bob her head up and down, ever so gently flicking her tongue around his cock before taking it further in and increasing her tempo.

Shinji couldn't believe it. He had come over to help out his friend by fixing their car, and now he was sitting on their couch with the beautiful wife sucking his cock like it was the last penis on earth. Shinji didn't feel regret over getting it from his best friends wife, it was much too good to be feeling regret.

Hikari didn't know why but she had to make him cum, preferably in her mouth. She had no idea where this side of her had come from or even that it existed, but now she had Shinji's cock in her mouth she was determined to make him cum so she could drink it all down. She also couldn't believe how horny doing this made her. She was sure one little touch to her clit and she would be pushed over the edge.

Hikari whimpered when Shinji slowly lifted her head from his engorged penis and forced her to stand. She was about to protest when he reached up beneath her skirt and ever so slowly slid her panties down her legs and with her help completely off her. Shinji then proceeded to deftly unbutton her blouse, exposing her bra before slowly pushing the blouse from her shoulders, leaving her in just her bra and skirt.

Shinji pulled Hikari close, crushing her bra clad breasts into his chest. The desire to feel his skin was burning in her, so she swiftly unbuttoned his shirt and shoved it roughly from his shoulders. By this time, Shinji had managed to unclasp her bra and throw it to the floor before pulling her in close again and crushing her beautiful breasts into his chest, before giving her a hot, passionate kiss.

It was about this time when Hikari realised what was below her moistened petals. She wasted no time impaling herself on Shinji's gorgeous cock before shutting her eyes and screaming out in ecstasy. After recovering slightly from her orgasm, she looked up into Shinji's face to see an amused smirk gracing his lips. 'Of course he is smirking,' she thought to herself. 'He's fucking his best friend's wife and he didn't even have to do anything.' Had she known Shinji's father though, the smirk would have been eerily familiar.

As Hikari's breathing started to return to normal, Shinji grabbed her hips and started sliding her up and down his still rock hard penis. The feeling was indescribable, he filled her like she had never been filled before and she could already feel a second orgasm building. Two orgasms in one session had only ever occurred once on her wedding night, and if this kept going, it was going to be a lot more than two.

After awhile Shinji decided to pick up the pace and started to slam up into Hikari, while Hikari in an attempt to keep up, started using her knees to return the favour and slam back down onto Shinji. The pace picked up again almost becoming violent as Shinji was forcefully slid in and out of her. Hikari could feel herself getting wetter than before as the pace increased again. She couldn't believe she was this wet, it was starting to leak from her pussy and down Shinji's shaft.

Then it happened, Hikari's mouth dropped open, and a silent scream came forth as her body started to be wracked with spasms while her pussy started to contract around Shinji's cock. The contractions set Shinji of as well, as he erupted inside of Hikari, spraying her insides with his cum. There was so much that it started to dribble out of Hikari and mix with her own juices, oozing out onto Shinji's length.

In the after glow of the moment Hikari snuggled closer to Shinji resting her head on his chest listening to his slowly decreasing heartbeat. She then heard a chuckle from Shinji. "You're not done yet I hope," He said, in a deep seductive voice that sent shivers down her spine. Before she could reply Shinji had spun her around so she was facing his still hard erection while placing her pussy within tongue range.

"Suck it and I'll return the favour." Shinji ordered as he reached down and started tweaking Hikari's nipples. She let out a small moan before glancing at his cock again. It was covered in her juices and Shinji's cum. It was dirty to even think about sucking it, yet she new she would, she couldn't get enough. She lowered her head over the tip and started bobbing her head, giving it everything she had.

As Hikari started sucking him, Shinji felt she was ready for him to return the favour. He gently ran is tongue along her petals before parting them and moving it inside. He could feel her squirm a bit as he flicked his tongue around inside her. He then removed it and sucked on her clit before gently nibbling it. He slid two digits into her as he worked her clit and felt her tighten around his fingers. He knew she was close again.

Hikari couldn't believe it. She was so close to her third orgasm, in such a short period of time. She never thought she could cum so much but Shinji was proving many things she thought wrong. All previous trains of thought were derailed as her third orgasm hit her. Her back arched, Shinji's penis fell from her mouth and it felt like the whole world stopped and everything went black.

When she awoke, she felt slightly disoriented. Something cool was rubbing against her breasts causing her to whimper. When she finally got a grasp on where she was, she found she was bent over the kitchen table. Her skirt had had not been removed, instead bunched around her waist, and something hard gently tracing up and down her once again increasingly wet petals.

Hikari whimpered at the sensation. Shinji heard this but still didn't enter her. He leaned over her and placed his mouth near her ear gently tugging her ear with his teeth before whispering. "What is it you want? Tell me and I just might do it." All Hikari managed to get out as a reply was a strangled moan. "If you don't tell me I'll just leave." He whispered into her ear again.

Shinji leaned forward and heard a slight mumble. "Speak up. I can't hear you when you mumble." The reply was quiet, but exactly what he was looking for. "Fuck me Shinji. Fuck me till I'm sore. Fill me with your cum. Please, just fuck me!" A large purr rumbled out of Shinji's chest, just before he grabbed her hips and slammed himself fully inside her.

The pace was furious, as Shinji drove himself in and out of Hikari's slick passage. The only sounds from the kitchen, were the slaps of Shinji's groin on Hikari's ass as he drove into her, the slick squelching of their juices at the point of joining, and the moans and grunts coming from the two occupants. It was almost too much for Hikari. Touji had never been this rough with her or never made her feel this good.

Shinji leaned up close to her ear again while attempting to keep up his furious pace. "Don't cum until I say you can or I'll just get up and leave." To Hikari this was like torture. She was so close to her fourth orgasm she could almost feel it and Shinji wasn't making it any easier for her, with him filling her to the brim and pounding in an out of her at a furious rate. He started to speed up again, his balls swinging and slapping her, and his groaning becoming more constant as he got closer to his limit. Hikari managed to hold on until Shinji let out a groan and yelled "Cum for me you little slut!"

Hikari normally would have been offended by being called such a name but coming from Shinji at that moment it made her even hotter, and with the feeling of Shinji starting to release himself inside her again, it wiped all traces of that thought from her mind. The combination of him cumming and being called a slut sent her of into her fourth orgasm. She screamed and thrashed around as was sent off to places she had never been before.

As she returned back to earth she noticed three things. One, Shinji was still hard. Two, He was still inside her. Three, He was lifting her up with her back resting against his chest. He started to move towards the stairs, and she realised that he was heading towards her bedroom. She thought about screaming 'NO!' because it was Touji's bedroom too, yet this thought was fleeting. She realised if Touji got home now, she didn't think she would be able to stop. She would fuck Shinji right in front of him.

As Shinji entered the room still carrying Hikari he glanced around. He must have found what he was looking for, as he walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down, still buried to the hilt in Hikari's sopping wet pussy, facing the doors of the built in wardrobe. The doors of the wardrobe were mirrors, and Shinji grinned when he saw the look on Hikari's face when she noticed.

As they had entered the room Hikari had still been deep in thought. She only noticed they had arrived when Shinji had sat down on the edge of the bed, forcing himself a little deeper and making her moan. When she looked up she noticed they were facing the wardrobe with mirrored doors and a shocked look came over her face.

She couldn't believe how hot the reflection looked. There she was with just her skirt on, pushed up around her waist, breasts bouncing with each of her ragged breaths, juices leaking from her pussy down the hard shaft that was buried in her and hands creeping around to fondle her breasts. She moaned when the hands finished their journey and started to softly caress her breasts and tweak her nipples, almost worshipping them.

The hands left their place on her breasts and gently trailed their way down to her hips where they took a firm grip and lifted Hikari up before slowing lowering her back down again. It was much slower this time, yet no less hot as Hikari watched herself being used as a sheath for his cock as she was slowly fucked to her fifth orgasm.

"You love it don't you" Shinji whispered into Hikari's ear. "You love watching yourself get fucked. You love watch my cock slide in and out of you, watching your gorgeous tits bounce up and down as I sheath myself in you over and over again. I know I do, you look so gorgeous impaled on my cock." The only reply Hikari could form was a shuddering moan.

The pace slowly picked up, before Shinji suddenly slammed Hikari down hard onto his cock once more, before letting go of her hips and reaching around to play with her clit. It was too much for Hikari, as she came again screaming her release for Shinji to hear. Shinji just grinned as he watched her squirm around on his cock in the throws of her orgasm. The way her chest was heaving in the mirror though was quite distracting and caused him to caress her breasts while she was coming down from her orgasm.

When Hikari finally calmed down for the fifth time she realised that Shinji was still hard. "You didn't cum?" she asked him, to which he replied with a shake of his head. Hikari slowly raised herself off his still hard cock and knelt in front of him. "I've wanted to finish what I started earlier. I want you're cum in my mouth." Hikari couldn't believe what she was saying. Before all this, such words would never have left her mouth or even crossed her mind, and yet here she was, almost begging him to cum in her mouth.

Hikari wrapped her hand around the base of the shaft and started stroking up and down while slowly moving her tongue over the head before slipping it into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down. Hikari removed her lips from the head of his penis, slipping down to suck on Shinji's balls as her hand continued to pump him. Hikari grinned as Shinji moaned throatily at her technique, this was the first time since they had started that she was the one in control and not him.

Hikari moved her head back up, hovering her lips over the tip of Shinji's erect penis, before lowering her lips around it again. This time, however, she did not stop at just the head but continued to keep pushing it deeper into her mouth. She gagged once and took it out before lowering her mouth around it again. This time, she succeeded in getting the whole penis into her mouth and partially down her throat. Her lips resting against Shinji's groin and she tried to grin around his cock at her achievement.

"Oh my fucking god! You are fucking incredible Hikari! Such a good little cocksucker," Shinji moaned out. He couldn't believe it. Asuka had been pretty wild in bed and open to everything but even she had never managed to deep throat the entire length of his cock. Shinji had come to the conclusion that he was in heaven right now.

Hikari couldn't believe how sexy it sounded being called a cocksucker, Touji had never said anything like that before and it made her try that little bit harder to make Shinji cum in her mouth. She repeatedly removed his length from her throat then put it back in while tightening her throat muscles around it. The only warning she got was Shinji mumbling out 'Cumming!' before he let go. She did manage, however, to remove it from her throat in time and sit the head inside her lips, as she vacuum sealed the tip inside her mouth before the first blasts of cum start entering her mouth. She drank every single drop she could get, milking as much as possible with her hand. She couldn't get enough, it was so warm and tasty.

When Shinji finally finished cumming he looked down at Hikari's face, as she finished cleaning up his cum, and ran a hand softly through her hair before speaking. "Did you drink all that?" Hikari looked up and nodded shyly with a small smile on her face. Shinji lifted her up next to him, and placed a small kiss on her lips before lying down and bringing her in close beside him. Hikari herself snuggled in close, wrapped an arm over his chest and tangled their legs together as they both drifted of into a bliss filled sleep.

They both awoke a few hours later. Shinji got dressed and started to leave, before Hikari moved closer and spoke. "You know Touji can't find out about this right?" Shinji nodded his head and a small, almost sad smile formed on his lips. "But.... But if you ever want to do this again.... Just ask me and I won't say no," Hikari said with an impish grin. Shinji's frown turned into a small grin before leaning down to give her a kiss goodbye and heading out the door.

As Hikari watched him leave she couldn't help but think to herself. 'Asuka you were right. Even if I am married I can't say no and I don't think I would even want to.' Another impish grin lit her face. 'Who says I need to wait for him to ask for it'


Omake Theatre.

Shinji had Hikari bent over the arm of the couch, slamming his cock in and out of her at a furious pace. Her blouse was open and breasts hanging out, skirt hiked up and panties pulled to the side, as he drove his hardened erection in and out of her. Suddenly Shinji heard the door open and Touji walk in and he froze. Touji looked at Shinji then Hikari before speaking. "Hikari, honey, what are you doing?" Hikari looked at him like he was stupid for a few moments before replying. "What does it look like dear, I am getting Shinji to fuck me silly."

Shinji sat there alarmed as Touji seemed to think something over. "Oh. Don't mind me then. I just forgot some paperwork, I'll be out of your hair soon." Touji said before heading up the stairs.

Shinji looked blankly at where Touji had left a few moments before. He shrugged then resumed his furious pace.

Omake by Dorian Gray

A group of ladies sat in a ring around a large blackboard.

"Okay," said one. "I'd like to bring this meeting of the Shinji-holics Anonymous to order!" The other ladies went silent.

"Now," said the leader, "we have a new member to say hello to today." She jestured for said member to stand up.

A familiar freckled face stood up. "Um...Hi. My name's Hikari, and I'm a Shinji-holic."

"Hi Hikari," the other members chanted.

"Um, yeah... its been 100 days, since I last slept with Shinji," she admitted, to applause from the rest of the group.

"Okay," the leader said, "Now Asuka, how long has it been for you?"

"Six hours," the redhead declared proudly. The group drew back.

"Well, yes...that's good too..." the leader trailed off.

Shinji opens the door and peeks in. "Hey, are you girls finished yet...?"

The hormone-filled, yet not suicidal, man fled for his life/sanity as the entire Shinji-Holics Anonymous committee for that street, jumped for him.

Author Notes.

The main reason I wrote this was because there is quite a lack of Hikari lemons/hentai, so being the Good Samaritan I am, I wrote this piece of literature with Hikari getting quite a bit of cock.

Secondly I do not believe that Touji and Hikari would really ever get anywhere. Hikari is the only one that shows interest, Touji shows none therefore Hikari is up for grabs. The only reason she was married to Touji in this was because the idea of her cheating on Touji with Shinji is hotter than her and Shinji just getting it on, not by to much but enough.

Pre-read and Edited by the ever sexy DorianGray.