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A story of Rei Ayanami and Shinji Ikari.
By: The Blue Turtle

Shinji Ikari rose from his awkward position on top of Rei Ayanami and turned towards her apartment's door to beat a hasty retreat.

"I…I'm sorry Rei! I just wanted to drop off your new security badge! I…I'll see you tomorrow!"

Rei rose from the floor and caught up to Shinji just as he placed a hand on the doorknob to let himself out. Nervous and unsure, she embraced him, then lay her head on his shoulder. "Shinji. Do you think I'm pretty?"

Shiji gulped and tensed up but did not move. He could feel the beating of Rei's heart as she pressed herself against his back, and the sensation did little to calm his own racing heart. "Su…sure Rei. Who wouldn't think you were pretty?"

Rei moved her hands farther up Shinji's chest until they lay on his shoulders. "Your father says I'm pretty, but I don't think he really means it." She closed her eyes, then gave a small smile as a little of the tension left Shinji's body. "The boys at school always avoid me because they think I'm cold. They might think I'm pretty, but none of them has ever said so. The only person who's ever really been nice to me and meant it is you."

Shinji let go of the doorknob and, careful to avoid touching her anyplace too forward, turned around to take Rei in his arms. "You don't have any real friends, do you Rei?"

Rei shuddered slightly as Shinji's hands moved across her back. She shook her head silently, then lay it on his chest as he pulled her close. Rei continued to lay in Shinji's friendly, selfless embrace for what seemed like hours before finally looking up into his warm, slightly flushed face. "Do you like me Shinji?"

Shinji nodded nervously. "Su..sure Rei."

Rei turned slightly away and dropped her voiced to an embarrassed whisper. "Then, plea… please kiss me Shinji." Shinji gasped in shock and backed away from Rei. "Ki…kiss you?!"

Rei put her hands to her face, turned away and began to cry softly. "I'm sorry Shinji! It's just that you're so nice, and I've always wanted my first kiss to come from someone like you. Please forgive me if you don't want to!"

Shinji watched Rei cry for a moment, then dropped his school bag and walked up behind her. He gently placed a hand on her shoulder, then dropped it down and put both arms around her thin waist when she turned to face him. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips slightly, and he leaned down to cover them with his own. The kiss was clumsy and awkward at first, but grew in strength and intensity as her arms drew down tightly around his neck, and his around her waist.

Rei eventually backed slightly away, then reached down to bring one of Shinji's hands up to her breast. "Ki..kitte Shinji. Kitte kudasai…"

Shinji gave a gulp. Every reaction of his body screamed at him to say yes, but his lack of knowledge held him back. "A… are you sure Rei? With me?"

Rei nodded while encouraging Shinji's hand to squeeze her breast. "With you Shinji, only with you would it be okay."

Shinji gulped again and nodded. Rei briefly covered his lips with her own, the turned to lead him by the hand over to her simple tube-framed bed.

Rei stopped next to her bed and, without a word, began to unbutton Shinji's simple cotton shirt.

Shinji turned bright red and covered himself when Rei pulled down his pants and shorts, but one of her all too rare smiles did much to relieve his embarrassment.

Rei's nervous smile became slightly mischievous as she and stood back up and Shinji stepped out of his pants. "You've seen mine Shinji, now show me yours." Shinji nodded and slowly uncovered himself.

Rei turned red enough to match Shinji, then directed his hand to her passion before reaching out to touch his hardness. "You… you're very hot Shinji…"

Shinji drew in a breath through clenched teeth as Rei took hold of his hardness. He stood still for a moment as she squeezed him experimentally, then began to gently rub her slightly damp passion through the soft, downy blue hair covering it. "So… so are you…"

Rei gasped and shuddered as Shinji's hand rubbed across a most sensitive place. "Oh… OH! Shi… Shinji! Please do that some more!"

Shinji wasn't sure what he'd done, so he continued to explore Rei's passion until she gave another gasp, then concentrated his efforts on that spot. "Ri… right there Rei?"

Rei nodded and clung desperately to Shinji as the sensations caused by his touch raced through her body. She cried out in surprise as her body reached its pinnacle of sensation, then relaxed and dropped down to rest on the edge of her bed.

Shinji worriedly reached and placed a hand on Rei's shoulder. She covered it with her own, then lay back on the bed, pulling him forward as she did.

Rei felt as scared as Shinji looked as he lay down on the bed next to her. He seem unsure about what to do next, so she rolled on her side and leaned over to begin a kiss.

Shinji responded to Rei's hesitant kiss by reaching up to place a hand on one of her breasts. She winced as he squeezed her, so he pulled the hand away.

Rei shook her head and pulled Shiji's hand back against her breast. "Please don't stop Shiji, just not so hard."

Shinji swallowed and tried again. This time Rei moaned in approval. Encouraged a little by her reaction, he moved down and began to lick the tiny, hard bud of her nipple.

Rei rolled back over and rose up on her shoulders and hips, then reached out to pull Shinji's head tight against her chest. He tried to pull away for just a second, then relaxed and began to suckle on the nipple dampened by his tongue. Shinji stayed where he was until Rei loosened her hold around his head. He propped himself up on his elbow and took a deep breath, then rolled over and up onto his knees between her open legs. "Wha… what should I do now Rei?"

Rei looked up at Shinji, then opened her arms to him. "Lay down over me Shinji. Then use one of your hands to help guide yourself inside."

Shinji nodded and leaned forward over Rei; supporting himself with one hand while the other tried to position his hardness at the entrance to her passion.

Rei realized Shinji needed help, so she reached down to spread herself until he was in place. "Now, push it in… AH! Ohhhh… slo… slowly!"

Shinji continued to slowly apply pressure until Rei's resistance suddenly ended and his hardness slipped deep into her passion. Rei suddenly cried out in obvious pain and he started to pull away, but she quickly put her arms across his back and prevented him from doing so. "Wha… what's wrong Rei? Did I hurt you somehow?"

Rei emphatically shook her head. She continued to wince until her body adjusted to the presence of Shinji's hardness, then relaxed and opened her eyes to behold the concerned look on his face. "I… in and out Shinji. Ge… gently! Tha… that's what you're supposed to do now."

Shinji nodded. Propping himself up on his elbows, he began to rise up and drop back down with his hips. Rei gasped and tensed up again, then relaxed and nodded with approval as he continued with his increasingly confident motions.

Rei moaned softly in response to the pain/pleasure coming from her passion, then placed her arms across Shinji's back and began lifting her hips of the mattress in time with his thrusts. "Shi…Shinji! Ple… please, not so fast…, I… it still hurts a little…"

Shinji suddenly stopped and looked at Rei with concern on his face. "Do you want me to stop Rei?"

Rei shook her head. "Please don't Shinji. Just be more gentle."

Shinji nodded and resumed thrusting using a gentler rhythm. Rei nodded in approval, then threw her head back and cried out in surprise as a pleasant jolt raced through her body.

Shinji became worried once more, but decided to continue unless Rei told him to stop. He started to lean down to kiss her, but a sudden welling up in his hardness, and the feeling of release deep inside Rei's passion caused his whole body to tense up.

Rei felt Shinji achieve his satisfaction, and her own feelings of worry began to surface as he failed to resume his thrusting. "Ple… please Shinji, don't stop now. Tha… that place, I… I'm so hot there, … ple… please don't stop! I… I'm so close!"

Shinji resumed once again, and was quickly rewarded for his efforts when Rei cried out and began to shake with the effects of her own physical release. He thrust forward weakly a few more times, then gently lay down on top of her.

Rei slowly brought her breathing back under control. She responded to Shinji as he kissed her, then gave an annoyed growl/huff and rolled out of the bed as her phone rang.

Shinji sat up in Rei's bed, then stood up to retrieve his clothes when she suddenly stiffened up while listening to the person on the phone. Knowing her reaction meant an Angel attack was imminent, he began to silently put his clothes on as she replaced the phone in its cradle. Rei held the phone down and sighed at having an Angel attack spoil one of her rare moments of happiness. She then took a deep breath and turned to dress herself.

Shinji finished dressing and waited politely for Rei to finish. When she did so, he went to the door and held it open for her, smiled as she did the same while walking out, then closed the door and followed her back into their lives as the First and Third child EVA pilots for the NERV organization.

An end.