Shinji and Rei: Illicit Liaisons - Chapter 06 - Advanced Training

Started: September 06, 2003

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A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfiction

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is a self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

Plot-free Chapter Warning! This chapter does not contain the USDA recommended serving of plot. It is chock-full of artery-hardening sex acts! Moderation in your lemon-consumption is encouraged for continued vascular health.

* * *

What is it about women once a guy gets a girlfriend?

Shinji Ikari hadn't heard of that particular cliché, but he was experiencing it, right now.

He was half-lying, half-sitting on a hard medical bed, the awkward thin type that go with doctor's offices, with his pants off. Shinji was a nervous young man, but what made him particularly nervous was how Doctor Akagi had smiled when she had informed him that this was a "purely medical procedure".

That, and the way she had snapped on her rubber gloves. With relish.

He hated the waver in his voice as he asked, "D-Doctor Akagi? Why did I have to take my pants off?"

The attractive blonde physician smiled warmly at him. She was clad in her usual wetsuit-underneath, lab coat over top combo. The clean white lab coat rustled as she moved closer to her patient.

Ritsuko leaned over the anxious teen and purred, "Why Shinji-kun…how else can I take a sperm sample?"

Shinji didn't stutter at this new tidbit. His eyes glazed over and he looked likely to faint, instead. 'Why are women so good at sounding like cats when they want something?'

Uncharacteristically humming a merry tune under her breath, Ritsuko took advantage of the Third Child's immobility and gently pulled off his boxers, revealing a semi-turgid male organ. It swelled a little further once it felt the touch of open air, showing that its putative controller was not insensible to Ritsuko's physical beauty.

Ritsuko felt pleased at this acknowledgement, as well as impressed at the organ's considerable (considering Shinji's age) size.


The Third Child's breathing sped up as Ritsuko carefully took his penis into one latex-gloved hand and began to stroke.

'Needs some lube…'

She dexterously plucked a fresh tube of clear lubricant from the medical tray nearby with her left, all the while gently sliding Shinji's rapidly growing member through the fingers of her right. The stiffening cock felt pleasantly warm and firm in the blonde scientist's grasp. Her heart sped up despite her intent to stay detached, as Shinji let out a little groan of enjoyment.

Ritsuko noted the flush coming to her face as she continued the procedure. Shinji let out another happy groan as she applied the lube, the clear gel making his cock nicely slippery, allowing her to take a firmer grip and jerk him off more vigorously.

Ritsuko licked her lips, eyeing the glistening drop of pre-cum at tip of Shinji's now steel-hard penis. 'Nothing wrong with enjoying my work...'

She reached over to the tray, and without looking, exchanged the tube of lubricant for a sterile plastic cup.

* * *

Odd as it may seem, this procedure *was*, in fact, in the cause of science, or at least in the cause of duty, as opposed to Dr. Akagi using her young patient for her own selfish sexual pleasure.

…not that there would be anything wrong with that.


In any case, the previous evening…

* * *

"I need you to get a sperm sample from the Third Child."

Ritsuko blinked distractedly at Gendo, slipping back into her discarded skirt.

'From behind, always from behind, why won't he ever make love to me face-to-face? Bend over the desk, bend over the table…how about a little romance…'

In her heart, she knew why, but who wants to listen to unpleasant truths?

"Pardon me?"

The senior Ikari finished his quick straightening of his own clothing, amounting to little more than rebuttoning his pants. He didn't bother stripping to fuck his blonde concubine. Why should he?

"I have a use for his reproductive cells. That is all you need to know."

Ritsuko inwardly winced at the coolness of his tone. There was no evidence there that this man had been, minutes ago, joined with her in the most intimate way people could be together.

A faint frown line appeared on her otherwise smooth brow. 'Couldn't he have picked a better time to talk about it? Christ!'

She glared as her lover settled behind his mammoth desk, sitting ramrod straight.

"What method do you suggest? A pile of hentai manga and some vaseline? Maybe I should bring in a few strippers and have them give him a lapdance?"

Gendo looked back at her, his dark glasses and folded hands rendering his expression impenetrable.

"Take care of it however seems appropriate."

His voice was flat, perhaps even a bit bored. "I would suggest you use your mouth, but I want no contamination with foreign DNA, so that method is not to be used."

Ritsuko felt her jaw drop open at Gendo's sheer disregard for both his son and for herself. 'Why doesn't he just tell me to act like a complete whore?'

She controlled her face a moment later. 'I guess he doesn't need to…I'm taking care of that myself already.'

"Is that *everything*, Commander? Your son's jizz in a plastic cup? Should I harvest one of Ayanami's eggs as well?"

Gendo didn't look up from his laptop. "You know that that has already been taken care of. The sperm sample is all that is needed for now."

Seeing that she wasn't going to get any satisfaction tonight (in more than one sense of the word), Ritsuko gave him a quick, jerky nod, spun on her heel and left.

If NERV's commander noticed her departure, he gave no sign.

* * *

But this was far from the sexy bottle-blonde savant's mind as she fellated the Commander's son.

Indeed, her mind had become unprofessionally blank once Shinji's member had attained its full growth, pulsing warm and hard in her hand. Dr. Akagi struggled to keep her mind focused on the goal of her current actions. Her heart was beating faster and her breathing heavier than she would have liked.

A little smile crossed her face at Shinji's continued noises of approval and pleasure. It struck her how long it had been since she had made a deliberate effort to make someone happy. The smile turned upside down as she reflected that she *did* try to make Gendo happy, but nothing seemed to reach him. At least Shinji was responding to her efforts.

Though not as fast as she would have estimated. She held the cup in line with the slit at the tip of the moaning boy's glistening cockhead. The effort of jerking him off, holding the cup in position and controlling her errant thoughts was making her sweat a little.

'I didn't think he'd last more than a few quick strokes…it's not like he has beautiful women touching his penis every day.'

* * *

Elsewhere in Tokyo-3…

Misato sneezed. So did Rei.

* * *

Ritsuko's eyes flashed in furious calculation. 'Dammit, I wish I could use two hands. If I could fondle Shinji-kun's balls I'm sure I could get him off.'

She was considering showing Shinji her breasts when a more subtle technique struck her. She couldn't use her mouth on him directly, but…

She lowered her voice to a sexy croon and purred, "Shinji-kun…"

Shinji, his face twisted into a pleased grimace, felt hot breath on his aching erection and opened his eyes to see Dr. Akagi's beautiful face in front of his penis, her pale-pink lipsticked mouth open to receive his seed.

Heat churned in his belly at the arousing sight. She gave him a heated look through half-closed eyelids, a look that he had received many times from both Misato and Rei. It was a look that let him know, unmistakably, that the female attending him wanted, or in Misato's case, *demanded* that he deposit his semen into her hungry oral receptacle.

With a loud grunt and ragged gasp, he obliged her.

With a magician's hand speed, Ritsuko snapped the cup into position and smiled as a powerful jet of pearly-white semen splashed against its sterile plastic interior. Her smile grew a bit impressed as several more lengthy spurts cascaded into the cup. It became more of a smirk as she listened to Shinji's groans when she used her fist to pull the last few drops from his penis.

'Damn, quite a load. Half-full. I should have used a bigger cup.'

She left the post-orgasmically dazed lad to rest while she put the sample in her medical refrigerator.

He was still lying there, smiling and seemingly dozing when she returned.

Ritsuko smiled. 'Ah yes. The male orgasm does wipe members of that gender out for quite a while.'

This hadn't been nearly as unpleasant as she had anticipated when leaving the "meeting" with Gendo last night in a controlled fury.

She had nothing against Shinji, Ritsuko mused as she snapped off her disposable gloves and dropped them into the medical waste bin. In fact, she found him to be cute, in a "mournful young poet" sort of way.

'Surprising that he doesn't get more attention at school. Then again, it's not like his class group is a normal one.'

Turning again to her young patient, Ritsuko moved to tuck him back into his underwear. Her heart jumped again as the half-inflated organ stirred in her hand. She automatically drew her bare hand slowly down its length, from the root to the tip, enjoying the warm silky feel of it. The large male member hardened swiftly, attaining its full, mature size in moments.

Ritsuko was feeling rather unprofessional as she gently but firmly stroked the sole male Eva pilot's pulsing erection. It was nice being in control of the situation, as opposed to being used from behind like a common trollop.

'Mmm…Shinji-kun has a nice big one…it would serve Gendo right if I blew his son, right here, right now. 'Using your mouth is forbidden' my ass.'

The logic wasn't quite there, but Ritsuko had been on a restricted sexual diet for a long time now, and combined with her anger with her current male "love-interest", she wasn't functioning with her normal cool efficiency.

That, and she was more like her friend Misato than she would care to admit. She wasn't as much of a cockhound as the purple-haired Major, but she had a thing for male members, especially large, well-shaped ones, such as the one that was now like a bar of warm iron in her stroking hand. In college she had been known for two things: in public, her keen intellect, and in private, her ability to "suck a golf ball through a garden hose" as the saying went.

'Oh, hell, its been too long since I've treated myself. And it's just Shinji-kun. Who's he going to tell? Not that he'd want to. I'm sure he'll enjoy this.'

Feeling deliciously wicked, Doctor Akagi knelt on the cool tiles of her examination room and slipped the slippery head of Shinji's penis between her lips. The familiar taste of semen stimulated her taste buds as the hard, warm flesh filled her mouth. In years past, the sexy scientist had sampled quite a variety of male seed, and she found Shinji's flavor very pleasant.

'Mmm…definitely too long…must be his diet…'

Taking long, leisurely mouthfuls of cock, Ritsuko bobbed her head rhythmically and shucked her outer garment with a little grunt, finding it too warm as her body heated up. Employing an expert hands-free blowjob technique for a moment, she unzipped her wetsuit to its limit, allowing a tuft of dye-free brown pubic hair to peek between the metal teeth at the base. She shivered in pleasure as the cool air of the room caressed her half-exposed breasts.

'Ahhhh, that's better…mmmm, Shinji-kun, you feel so good in my mouth…mmmm…'

The sound-reflective tile of the examination room would have allowed an observer to clearly hear a symphony of soft, moist noises and the little urgent sounds made by Ritsuko as she reveled in sucking the first hard cock she'd been able to enjoy in years. That it was the penis of her Commander's son, a penis that she had been forbidden to suck, made it all the sweeter.

* * *

Shinji awoke to a familiar pleasure radiating from his groin. He'd been having a dream about Doctor Akagi taking a sperm sample, and now he was waking in his bed with Misato providing her usual morning wake-up call.


The mouth paused in its activities. "…Misato-chan?"

Shinji's eyes popped open. "Akagi-san?!"

Ritsuko smiled at him, an incongruous sight due to the erect penis resting against her front teeth. After a second she slurped him back down. The wet heat of her mouth was extremely pleasant, and Shinji couldn't restrain a heart-felt groan of pleasure. "Ohhhhhh…Doctor Akagi…what are you doing?"

The sexually ravenous physician applied her superb technique for another half-dozen leisurely head-bobs, before releasing him momentarily and saying with dry wit, "I should think that would be perfectly obvious, Shinji-kun."

"Mmm…" As Shinji stared in astonishment, the sexy blonde resumed devouring his penis, giving every sign of sincere enjoyment. He felt the time to depositing his load in her mouth drop with every skillful oral caress, not to mention the fact that she was stripped to the waist. Shinji moaned helplessly and enjoyed the sight of her pert C-cup breasts gently jiggling as she blew him.

Shinji found the sight of a woman enthusiastically sucking cock to be a very erotic one. Since he'd begun receiving blowjobs on a regular basis, he'd begun to pay more attention to lips, female lips in particular.

Rei had a cute little mouth, the type sometimes called a "cupid's bow". Its small size made it look all the more erotic when it was stretched around the thick barrel of his penis.

Misato had full, plush lips, seemingly made to suck cock, a fact which he had no doubt she would be pleased by should he choose to mention it.

Ritsuko's lips were thinner than her friend's, but still had a feminine curve. He had to admit he liked the sight of them wrapped snugly around his member.

Not to mention her technique was even better than Misato's.

'This has *got* to be a dream.'

Shinji let out a shuddering groan as Ritsuko washed her tongue over the head of his penis.

'Oh god that's nice…there's no way Doctor Akagi could be this horny-'

She sped up her licking, using her other hand to expertly fondle his balls.

'-unnnnnnhhhhh….or this good with her mouth. Got to be a dream.'

Dream or not, it was about to become a wet one. Shinji's face twisted in a grimace as he felt the sperm boiling in his testicles, encouraged by the gentle touching of Ritsuko's soft hand. She had long, elegant fingers, he noted through the pre-orgasmic pleasure/distress. Just the kind of hands a surgeon or musician would have. 'Good for other things too…unnnhhh…'

"Gonna…come…Doctor Akagi!"

Ritsuko moved her head in short bobs, sucking and releasing, sucking and releasing, flicking her tongue on her patient's sensitive cockhead all the while. The two occupants of the lab locked gazes. Ritsuko's green eyes smoldered with passion as she crooned, "Gooood…come in my mouth Shinji-kun. I want you to paint my tonsils *white*."

"Mmm…*slurp*…Can you do that for me? *licklicklick*"

Shinji couldn't keep a tremble from his voice as the sex-crazed physician stared at him and dragged her warm, wet tongue slooowly across the exit of his urethra. "Un-h-huh."

Ritsuko smiled again and said, "Good boy," before returning to her hungry suckling.

Seconds later, Shinji let out a series of low, wheezing grunts and fired a large load into Ritsuko's mouth. The blonde woman felt her heart hammering as the thick, hot emission sprayed across her tongue and onto the back of her throat. She really loved having a man, or in this case a boy, ejaculate in her mouth. Something about the warm, potent male seed with its unique life-creating properties being given to her so intimately made her libido heat up to the point of explosion.

She reached up and squeezed one rock-hard nipple, moaning around Shinji's cock as it dripped a last few drops onto her tongue. The pleasure coming from her breast, the taste of his jizz and the pleasant, warm sensation of Shinji's penis in her mouth combined to make her feel better than she'd felt in a long time. She smiled inwardly at his happy, sleepy groans as she used her free hand to milk him for the last of the tasty sperm.

After making sure she'd gotten every last trace of his semen, Ritsuko got off her knees and contemplated the dozing boy. She reached towards his slowly softening member.

'Ok, this time put it away without attacking it, Ritsuko…I know you can do it…'

She quickly stuffed it back into his boxers, having to fight herself only a little as it began stirring in her hand. 'Shinji-kun has strong recuperative powers…'

Ritsuko licked her lips as the thought of Shinji's youthful endurance combined with the moist, fully-awake state of her pussy. She could all too easily see herself waking him back up and riding him until he deposited another hot load inside her body. Jerking her hand away from where it had stealthily crept to her groin, she glared at it and steeled her resolve. A one-time blowjob was one thing, but full intercourse was entirely another.

'With a bit of luck, he'll think it was a dream. …unlikely, but possible, I suppose.'

As she began returning herself to her normal state of professional attire, something Shinji had said nagged at her.

'When I was blowing him…' she smiled unconsciously at the memory, 'He said 'Misato-chan'.' She frowned. 'Was that just part of an adolescent daydream or…?'

As her hands automatically straightened her clothing, Ritsuko's imagination spun a vivid picture.

She saw a vision of Shinji, clad only in a loincloth, being used to cook, clean and sexually service his slovenly guardian. The frown deepened as she contemplated Misato monopolizing the handsome youth's prodigious developing sexual powers. She could all too easily see the oversexed purple-haired woman selfishly making her charge not only maintain the household, but also forcing him to keep her sexual furnace fully stoked.

Ritsuko combed her hands quickly through her tousled blonde bob, staring sightlessly at the lab's far wall. 'Not that Misato's "furnace" needs any extra stoking.'

Resolving to investigate further, she settled down with her laptop to wait for Shinji to wake up.

* * *


* * *

Rei knocked on the door to her boyfriend's apartment.

It was unusual for her to be visiting someone, even her boyfriend. In fact, this visit was even more unusual, because she wasn't looking for Shinji.

After a moment, the door was opened by the goal of Rei's mission: Major Katsuragi Misato.

Misato, beer in hand, did a double-take when she saw the slender albino waiting patiently on her doorstep. She quickly recovered and gestured for her unexpected visitor to enter.

"Ayanami! What a surprise. Come on in!"

On silent feet, Rei did so.

Misato flopped down on the couch and indicated a chair. "Have a seat, Ayanami-san."

The purple-haired NERV officer stared curiously as Rei settled into the apartment's one battered, yet comfortable armchair. Rei gave no sign that she found it pleasant to sit in, keeping her spine militarily erect. Misato found it difficult not to squirm under her visitor's unblinking crimson gaze.

Putting on her own "game face", used primarily in verbal matches against her friend Ritsuko, Misato said in a falsely jolly voice, "So…what brings you to the neighborhood, Ayanami-san?"

Blinking at last (to Misato's great relief) Rei replied, "I wish to thank you."

Misato quirked an eyebrow. "Oh?"

In her cool, precise way, Rei continued, "Yes…your sexual training has been most useful. Shinji-kun tells me that most males experience initial poor performance during sex with their girlfriends."

Misato interrupted, grinning. "And you haven't found this to be the case?"

Rei, surprisingly enough, gave a tiny smile in response. "Not at all." The smile widened, though only by an amount you'd have to measure with a caliper. "Though we have yet to progress to the act of penetration, his abilities have proven to be most…satisfactory."

Misato beamed. "My little Shinji-kun is quite the stud, isn't he? He can make a girl come *soooo* hard!"

Rei's smile vanished at Misato's use of the possessive pronoun. "My Shinji-chan is very adept at giving pleasure, Major, true." The emphasis on "my" was faint but detectable, even to a non-Ikari.

Misato's mind worked furiously behind her amiable grin. 'Oh ho! Ayanami is more of a normal girl than I would have ever thought. Note to self: cut down on the "my Shin-chans" while she's in the room.'

Rei gazed coolly at the purple-haired sexpot. "You may occasionally sample the pleasures of his body, but he is *my* boyfriend. This is non-negotiable." Her voice was as uninflected as always, but carried a hint of arctic cold nonetheless.

"I would never try to take Shinji-kun away from you, Rei-san." Misato smiled sadly. "I am too old for him, as a girlfriend or wife anyway." Her smile became more teasing. "If he were even 4 years older, though, I'd give you some competition."

Rei eyed Misato for a long moment. "I would win."

Misato's teasing smile intensified as she sensed that her barb had gone home. "Don't be so sure, Rei-san. I am very 'talented'," she hefted her breasts, "When it comes to dealing with men."

Rei was unimpressed (though it was hard to tell). "Shinji-kun's heart is not ruled by external factors. Your sizeable bosom would not win him over."

Misato nodded. "Shinji-kun's not as superficial as most guys, that's true."

Having reached a impasse, the conversation paused for a moment as the two jousters rested for the next round.

Satisfied with Misato's acknowledgement of her rightful position, Rei turned her mind to the original goal of this visit.

'I wish to thank her, but I have nothing to give…nothing but…'

Rei's mind flashed back to the dossier NERV kept on Misato. It was something she had always had access to, but since she had no need to, she hadn't bothered with every little scrap of information that it had contained. Until she had felt the need to repay the Major for her services to Rei's newly beloved boyfriend. Some would ascribe this to the albino's awakening humanity. A more cynical interpretation of Rei's impulse would be that it was good to keep your friends close and your enemies, or in this case rivals, closer.

According to that remarkably thorough mass of data, there was a strong suggestion that Misato was not indifferent to the charms of her own gender. If it was just typical college "experimentation", than it had been one hell of an experiment, bordering on postgraduate work, perhaps even a Master's thesis. She hadn't been directly monitored at that time, so there weren't any video or audio files, but NERV's intelligence gatherers were among the best, and Rei found the pattern they depicted convincing.

'…my body.'

Rei considered, running her eyes assessingly over the Major's face. She was not indifferent to beauty, though it was not something that she had sought in human beings prior to making her emotional connection with Shinji. She was more of an admirer of nature, the elegance of wild shapes, the efficiencies of natural processes.

Now, she examined the face of Shinji's guardian as she would the plumage of a bird, the whorls in the bark of a tree. The symmetry and vitality she saw there pleased her.

'She is a fine specimen of a woman.'

Rei tilted her head a bit to one side, sweeping her eyes down Misato's body and appreciating the pleasing flow of the generous curves on display, even as another thought occurred to her. The sexual literature she had gathered suggested that females typically underwent an "experimental" phase, either at her own current age bracket, or, like Misato, in college.

'Perhaps my time to experiment is now.'

As Rei began to remove her clothing, she smiled her subtle smile. It was a good thing that Misato couldn't see it due to the downward tilt of Rei's face, or she might have decided to run for it.

'Besides…I think Shinji-kun might enjoy watching…what was it?'

Her brow wrinkled minutely in thought, then cleared as the memory of the luridly illustrated glossy magazine was retrieved.

'Ah yes…'hot two-girl action'.'

* * *

Misato was beginning to get a little freaked out as Rei's ruby orbs swept over her from stem to stern. It was definitely an assessing look, but assessing what, exactly?

She gave a low sigh of relief as Rei finally broke off her stare, turned her face down and began…unbuttoning her shirt?!


The albino's blouse came off, falling to the floor with a quiet whisper of cloth.

Misato swallowed hard at the sight of the elegant white bra hugging Rei's shapely breasts.


Rei stepped gracefully out her skirt, allowing it to fall carelessly to the apartment's carpet.

"Yes, Major?"

Misato's eyes were glued to Rei's slender form, clad only in a lacy white bra and sheer white panties. She could see the lovely young girl's pink nipples through the semi-transparent lace top, and as her eyes swept downward, she could make out the shadow of Rei's pubic fur through the thin fabric of the delicate undergarment. Her mind babbled irrelevantly, 'Gee, what with her all-business attitude, I thought she'd wear plain cotton for sure!'

Rei noticed the question in her eyes and said softly, "I bought them because of Shinji."

She looked into Misato's eyes and asked, "Do you think he will appreciate them?"

The question was asked in a more vulnerable tone than Misato was used to hearing from the enigmatic blue-haired teen.

Switching modes, Misato smiled as warmly as she could, under the circumstances.

"They're very elegant. I think he'll like them. I think he'll like them a lot."

Rei stepped nearer, pulling the straps, and then the cups to the lacy top half-off.

She hefted her half-exposed breasts and breathed, "Do you think he'll find them sexy?"

Misato's eyes locked onto the albino's cute pink nipples. She babbled, "Oh yes, very sexy, verrrry sexy Rei." She attempted to loosen the neck of her t-shirt. 'Is it getting hot in here?'

Rei gave another of her tiny smiles. "Good."

Misato watched apprehensively as Rei shed the rest of her clothes, being extra careful with the delicate underthings.

"Major Katsuragi."

"Yes, Rei?"

Standing in Misato's living room, bare-ass naked, Rei said placidly, "I wish to undergo your training, Katsuragi-san."

Misato was feeling uncharacteristically off-balance. This was the way she was supposed to make other people feel, dammit! She ogled Rei's slim, beautiful body and said the first thing that came into her mind.


Rei nodded.


She took a seat on the couch and parted her knees. Misato's throat went dry. It became more like the Sahara as Rei began gently touching herself between her legs.

Rei spoke with her eyes closed, spreading her petals slightly with one hand and rubbing the exposed pink flesh with the other. "For instance <mmm> how to masturbate. My current technique is <aahhh…> adequate, but I believe it could <un-uhhh…> be improved."

Misato was now visibly sweating. She licked dry lips. "I-I can see that."

Rei's legs spread wider as her body grew more relaxed, causing her to slump further into the couch's embrace. She sank one slim finger into her pussy, than another, establishing a gentle in and out motion. "Unnnnhhh…I would appreciate your experienced guidance, Katsuragi-san."

Misato found the faint moist noises coming from Rei's activity absolutely maddening. It had been far too long since she had been able to enjoy the soft touch of another woman. She knew she wasn't good at resisting temptation in the first place, and Rei's shameless sexual show was placing an unendurable burden on her restraint.

Blank-eyed, she moved towards the softly moaning girl on the couch, her libido seizing control of her body while her mind rationalized away her upcoming acts.


'It's not like it would be wrong. Shinji and I have already "trained", so it would be the same thing if Rei and I did it, right?'


'And she's asking me to, so it's not like I'm seducing her or anything, right?'

Misato dropped gracefully to her knees in front of the couch, positioning herself between Rei's slim, pale legs.

'Besides, Rei should know how to please another woman, just in case Shinji ever wants a threesome.'

Misato knew this last excuse was *really* weak, but she was too far gone to care. She heard Rei let out a cute little moan and cry, signaling her climax, and felt her last scrap of resistance burn to ash.

She stroked her hands along Rei's legs and sighed her appreciation. The albino girl's flesh was silky-smooth, more so than the average woman. Plus, she either shaved her legs or was naturally hairless in that area.

Misato kissed her pupil's inner thigh, smiling as Rei let out a little cry of pleasure at the intimate contact. She looked up at the girl's face, appreciating the sexy landscape on the way.

'Nice flat tummy, and my!…such big boobs for such a young girl.'

She liked the way they jiggled as Rei breathed deeply in the aftermath of her climax.


"Scoot closer to me, Rei-chan."

Misato inhaled deeply of the scent of the blue-haired girl's arousal as she did as she was bidden. She smiled. Above her, Rei felt a bit spooked by the look on Misato's face.

'She looks…hungry.'

"Let me teach you about how to eat pussy…"

Rei let out a squeak as Misato plunged her face into her blue-furred groin and began to feast.

* * *

Shinji climbed the steps to his apartment, thinking over the events of the morning. The feeling of embarrassment over his stupid dream was taking a long time to fade.

'How could I think that Akagi-san would do something so unprofessional…please God, let the rest of this day be normal.'

Shinji opened the door to his home and stepped inside. A moaning Rei Ayanami on the living room couch was not the first thing he expected to see. From where he stood, all he could see was the back of her head, but he knew only one person with hair that color.

Besides, he was intimately familiar with the sound of her moans.


Misato's head popped into view. She licked the corner of her mouth and smiled. "Okerai-nasai!"

Shinji stared. 'Her face is shiny…'

Rei twisted her head to look at Shinji. "Welcome home, Shinji-kun."

'And her face is flushed…'

He automatically kicked off his shoes, donned house slippers and rounded the couch.

The dream-like feeling was overtaking him again. Rei was nude and lovely, looking good enough to eat, as always. Misato apparently thought the same, as there were few other reasons to be crouched between his girlfriend's pale thighs, sporting a shiny face.

Shinji didn't know what to think. He wondered if he should feel jealous, but…he'd already had sex with both girls, sometimes within the same 24-hour period, so it wouldn't be exactly fair. He was definitely surprised, that was understating it, really.

In shock. Yes, that was it. He'd had too many surprises today, and he was in shock. Shinji gave a firm nod, his eyes idly roaming Rei's body. His thoughts and feelings had had enough, and were taking a brief, therapeutic vacation.

Both girls looked up at him with big, innocent eyes. Rei spoke, her soft voice holding a trace of concern. "Shinji-kun? Are you well?"

He didn't respond, continuing to ogle Rei's exposed flesh. He smiled warmly when he made eye contact with his girlfriend, but did not speak. She smiled back, reassured.

Rei noticed the large bulge in Shinji's slacks. She pointed to it.


Misato smiled, and spoke in a professorial voice. "Shinji-kun finds your body to be very sexy, Rei-chan. Plus, many men find lesbianism to be a big turn on. Let's test him! Watch closely."

She turned and pressed her face to the junction of Rei's thighs, continuing her oral activities while making more noise than necessary.

"MMmmm… *slurpslobberlicklick*"

Rei noted the increase in the rate of Shinji's breathing as well as the visible flex of the material at the front of his slacks as the bulge beneath it grew. She let out a throaty moan, enjoying the work of Misato's skilled tongue, and saw that Shinji's face was turning slightly red.

Misato withdrew her glistening face and smiled, eyeing Shinji's groin. She turned her head and quirked an eyebrow at Rei, who coolly nodded and said, "Clearly, Shinji-kun is one of those men."

Misato smiled and nodded. "Clearly." Humming to herself, she stood and removed the remainder of her clothing. In a rather zombie-like fashion, Shinji turned his head and watched, smiling faintly as Misato's voluptuous form was revealed to the world. Rei noted the bulge flexing and said, "He finds your body attractive as well, Katsuragi-sensei."

At that same moment, Shinji proved it decisively, reaching out and grabbing two handfuls of succulent boob. Misato made appreciative noises as he gently kneaded the soft flesh.

Rei, concerned for her boyfriend's penile health, moved swiftly and silently to remove his slacks and boxers, freeing a huge and pulsing erection. It slapped into Rei's cheek when released from its confinement, making a loud "smack!" sound and startling a squeak out of her. Misato half-moaned, half-giggled, torn between amusement and Shinji's skillful handling of her assets.

Eyes closed, she moaned out, "Move him to the couch, Rei-chan. We should explain, and I have more things to show you."

Rei did as bidden, removing Shinji's shirt on the way. Smiling blankly, he allowed himself to be maneuvered, giving Misato's boobs a farewell squeeze before letting them go.

Both girls knelt before the seated male Eva pilot. Rei watched Misato, eager for more instruction. Misato began fondling her charge's erection, while explaining what the hell was going on.


Shinji looked at her attentively, seeming a bit more alert now.

She stroked his warm, hard tower affectionately and looked at him, a bit worried at his continued lack of speech. "Are you OK?"

Seeing her concern finally snapped him out his trance.

"I'm fine, Misato. I've just had a weird day."

Misato smiled understandingly and then dipped her head to give a friendly suck to the head of his penis. After releasing him, she said, "I hope it hasn't been all bad."

Shinji breathed hard, loving the warm, familiar touch of her velvety mouth. "N-No, Misato-chan."

She smiled again and gave him another soothing suck. "Mm."

"You see…Rei-chan requested sexual training. Like I gave you, but more girl-style, of course. You just happened to walk in on it, that's all."


Shinji didn't really understand (in fact he couldn't think very well at the moment), but having your penis in the mouth of an insatiable suck-slut like Misato has a way of making you agree with whatever is asked of you.

Misato smiled. "Gooood."

She took him into her mouth again and swallowed him down, indicating with her eyes that Rei should be paying attention.

The blue-haired girl was watching avidly, making mental notes as Misato's full lips wrapped around the base of Shinji's penis, the entire length of it having smoothly disappeared into her face. She noted the pulsing of Misato's throat, and Shinji's corresponding groan, making the logical connection about what has going on.

She resolved to practice until she could duplicate the feat. 'I have taken Shinji-kun's member deep into my mouth, but not so completely. He seems to enjoy began massaged by the muscles of Katsuragi-sensei's throat as well. I must master this.'

Misato disengaged from Shinji's penis with a gasp of indrawn breath, then slowly engulfed him again, allowing Rei to observe and learn. Both girls were pleased by Shinji's happy moans as his cock was bathed in Misato's warm saliva.

His moans became more desperate as Misato slowly, but powerfully massaged the head of his cock with her throat while using her tongue on the base of his shaft. She allowed him to slide out of her throat and mouth with equal leisure, her heart warmed by how much she was pleasing him.

The purple-haired sexpot rubbed Shinji's slippery, saliva-coated cock, noting how close he was to ejaculation and commenting to Rei, "Seeing a woman deep-throat can be a very erotic sight, Rei-chan, both for the man being serviced, and for any observers."

Seeing the hungry way she was eyeing Shinji's cock, Misato smiled and gestured for Rei to have a go, continuing to lecture as the horny albino lapped up pre-cum from the oozing head. Ignoring his tormented groans, she said, "The key to successful deep-throating is practice. And the key to practice is determination, which I know you have plenty of."

Rei nodded between licks, reveling in the taste of her lover's sexual fluids.

"That's enough, Rei-chan. I have a use for Shinji-kun's next load."

Rei reluctantly obeyed, giving Shinji's penis a farewell kiss. He panted in arousal and smiled at her as she withdrew, drawing an answering smile from the blue-haired girl.

Misato returned to her command position at Shinji's groin and began stroking him purposefully. "Watch and learn, Rei-chan."

The purple-haired woman lapped at the tip of her victim's member and crooned, "Cum for me, Shinji-kun."

Shinji groaned in agonized pleasure. It wasn't going to take much encouragement for him to cum, that was for sure.

Misato rubbed her face against his cock like a friendly cat and licked some more. "Cum on my face. I want it. Please, Shinji-kun."

Shinji's eyes widened. He could feel the sperm churning in his balls, about to erupt. Discharging on Misato's face seemed…disrespectful. But, at the same time, the thought had a mysterious appeal. He looked down at the beautiful woman shamelessly licking, sucking and rubbing her face against his cock.

She looked up at him, her eyes sparkling, and crooned, "Cum on my face, Shinji-kun, you know you want to…"

Shinji gazed into her sexy brown eyes and groaned in penultimate pleasure. The more Misato asked, the harder it was to resist. His hot seed, on her beautiful face. Somehow, the thought was making him intensely excited, especially the way she was begging him to do it.

"Cum on my face, that's it Honey, cum on your Misato-chan's face..." Misato's voice held a disturbing combination of maternal affection and carnal desire.

Unable to resist any longer, Shinji let out another desperate groan, took his weapon in hand and shot his load directly onto Misato's upturned face, just as she had requested. He opened his eyes midway and was electrified by the sight of the uninhibited woman enjoying her cum-bath. Her eyes were slitted against the streams of incoming semen and she was smiling broadly, her tongue poking out just a little.

"Hunnghgghh!" Semen splattered quietly on skin, causing Misato's cheek to drip with pearly fluid. Shinji couldn't look away. "Unnnhhh…" More creamy white goo landed on Misato's full lips. The satisfaction of emptying his sack combined pleasantly with the intense arousal created by watching the oversexed female in front of him hungrily lick up the man-cream being deposited on her face. He fired one more blast. "ARRRgghhh!" The jet of cum sprayed directly into Misato's half-open mouth, making her "mmmm" with enjoyment.

"Uh, huh, huh, hoooo…" Shinji panted with post-orgasm fatigue, relaxing on the couch and smiling faintly as the now familiar wash of euphoria filled his body.

Misato spoke again, her face glistening with Shinji's discharge. "You see, Rei-chan? Men find ejaculating on a woman's face to be very arousing."

"Shinji-kun seemed to enjoy it," admitted the lovely albino. "Why is that?"

Misato shrugged, thick white semen oozing slowly down her face and dripping from her chin. "Not sure. Some think it's a dominance thing, or maybe it's related to a male's urge to mark their territory… I think it's got to do with acceptance. You remember what I told you about eating cum?"

Rei nodded solemnly. "The act of eating your partner's emission signifies that you accept them in every way and thus are not disgusted by their bodily fluids."

Misato nodded back. "Right! So…the face is a very significant area, representing the person to the world. In a way, the face *is* the person. So, allowing a man to shoot his load onto your face either indicates that you are under his control, or…" She quirked an eyebrow at her student.

Rei pursed her lips in thought. Her ruby eyes flashed as she made the connection. "Or…you accept him totally and thus allow him to do something which would otherwise be degrading. It is an act of trust."

Misato smiled widely. "Correct! You show promise in the sexual arts, Miss Ayanami."

"Thank you, Katsuragi-sensei."

Misato idly licked a bit of Shinji's jizz from the corner of her mouth. "Now for the next lesson. Come closer to me, Rei-chan."

Rei soundlessly approached and knelt next to the NERV Major.

"Kiss me."

Without hesitation, Rei leaned in and kissed her superior officer's mouth softly, indifferent to the semen which smeared Misato's lips. Misato responded by gently deepening the kiss, allowing Rei to taste the residual ejaculate in her mouth. A small string of glistening saliva and semen hung momentarily between them as their mouths separated.

"Now, look at Shinji-kun, Rei."

Rei did so. Shinji was staring intently at the two females kneeling in front of him. His face was red and his breathing labored.

"He appears to be highly aroused," Rei stated clinically.

Misato murmured her agreement into Rei's ear. "Mm. Now, while keeping an eye on Shinji-kun, lick the cum from my face. Follow my lead."

Shifting slightly so that she could still see Shinji while doing as Misato had instructed, Rei leaned in and gently licked cum from the Major's cheek. Misato nuzzled her and they shared another soft, semen-filled kiss. Rei broke the kiss and efficiently lapped up the jizz dripping from Misato's chin. Over the next minute, Rei cleaned Misato's face of Shinji's sperm while exchanging kisses with her commanding officer, all the while watching for Shinji's reactions.

When Rei next spoke, her tone was *almost* audibly alarmed. "Shinji-kun appears to be on the verge of a coronary malfunction. Is there a problem?"

Misato chuckled quietly into her pupil's delicate ear, then spoke a bit louder so that she could be heard over Shinji's harsh panting.

"Consider what we just did. Remember, men find a woman's willingness to consume their seed a turn-on. Combined with lesbianism and the reminder that the man has just come on your face, you can arouse a man who has become sleepy or who needs help getting over mild impotence."

Rei eyed Shinji's erect penis. It was so pumped full of blood that every vein was clearly visible and throbbing angrily. "I do not believe that Shinji-kun suffers from either problem, Katsuragi-sensei."

Misato chuckled again. "No, no he doesn't. He's young and full of juice. Speaking of which, I think it's your duty as Shinji's girlfriend to relieve his sexual tension. Let's show you how to give a proper blowjob, Rei-chan. I showed you a bit of deep-throat technique before, now let's see how you usually do it, and I'll give you some pointers."

Rei nodded a bit too eagerly to maintain her usual stone-faced image. Not only did she take duty very seriously, the blue-haired girl thought that she was beginning to experience the "cock-hunger" that she had read about in one of her erotic educational magazines.

'I *do* seem to be experiencing a strong desire to have Shinji-kun's member in my mouth…'

Rei's brow wrinkled very slightly in thought. 'Other articles in the magazine seemed to indicate a unstoppable natural progression to becoming a "cock-slut", at which point I will be unable to go without masticating a penis for more than a short time.'

The slender blue-haired girl's mouth filled with saliva as she moved to swallow her boyfriend's overstimulated hard-on.

'There are worse fates…'

* * *

Next chapter: Rei and Shinji's first time! At last, our (un)dynamic duo go all the way. Be there, or be limp. :)

* * *


* * *

Shifting slightly, so that she could see Shinji while doing as Misato had said, Rei leaned in and gently licked cum from the Major's cheek. Misato nuzzled her and they shared another soft, semen-filled kiss. Over the next minute, Rei cleaned Misato's face of Shinji's sperm while exchanging kisses with her commanding officer, all the while watching for Shinji's reactions.

When Rei next spoke, her tone was *almost* audibly alarmed. "Shinji-kun appears to be on the verge of a coronary malfunction. Is there a problem?"

Shinji: *wheeze*


Misato: "Medic!"

* * *


* * *

Shinji's advanced training:

* * *

Shinji was reviewing a book Misato had gotten him, a "classic from the early part of the 21st century". It was entitled "I Am The Clit Commander", by an author with only one name, "Jay".

Shinji read with interest. The book began, "I am the master of the clit! Remember this fuckin' face. Wherever you see clit, you will see this fuckin' face! I make that shit *work*. It does whatever the *fuck* I tell it to do! No one rules the clit like me. Not this little fuck, none of you little fucks out there! I am the Clit Commander! Remember that, commander of all clit. When it comes down to business, s'what I do."

Shinji twisted his head this way and that, examining the drawings and reading the text, both of which quickly descended into complete gibberish.

He sighed.

'Sometimes I don't know what the hell she's thinking when she gives me something like this.'

* * *


* * *

Rei's advanced training:

* * *

Shinji opened the door to his home and stepped inside. Misato in a hooded black robe was not the first thing he expected to see. Due to the robe, all he could see of her was the shine of her hair inside the hood, but he knew only one person with hair that color.

Besides, he was intimately familiar with the shape of her boobs.

Misato, speaking in a sinister voice while looking at Rei: "Now, my young apprentice…"


Misato pulled the hood back and smiled in welcome. "Okerai-nasai!"

Shinji eyed the odd tan outfit that Rei is sporting, complete with utility belt and a cylindrical object attached at the hip.

"What's with the cosplay, Misato?"

She shrugged. "Eh, left over from my college days."

Rei, deadpan: "Continue about the Hentai side of the Force, Katsuragi-sensei. I found it most interesting."

Shinji raised an eyebrow.

Misato blushed. "Hee hee hee…just forget you ever saw this, OK Shinji-kun?"

* * *