Shinji and Rei: Illicit Liaisons - Chapter 05 - Interpilot Relationships

Started: September 06, 2003

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A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfiction

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

* * *

One week later…

* * *

The air was cool and the pavement moist.

It had rained last night and the water was still being soaked up by the sky and ground. The crisp atmosphere felt good on his face as Shinji Ikari, pilot of Evangelion Unit 01, strode the streets of the mighty fortress city of Tokyo 3.

Not that he would used the word "strode", of course. To his mind, he was using more of a rapid, nervous shuffle.

The reason for his nervousness was that most teenage of things, a summons from his girlfriend. Rei had informed that her schedule was clear and that she desired his company. Eagerly, but with more than a little trepidation, Shinji agreed to meet her at her apartment in one hour. He wasn't sure exactly why he was nervous. Perhaps it was the fact that he would have to explain about how he had spent the week being "tutored" by Misato, or perhaps it was his memory of the look in Rei's eyes when she'd left his company the last time they'd been together.

In his opinion, Rei seemed like a person with a lot of patience, but this was counterbalanced by her directness when she wanted something. The memory of her eyes made apprehension flutter in Shinji's stomach. The look in those crimson orbs had been an awful lot like the look he had been greeted with every morning of the past week. Misato would wake him an hour earlier than usual by the simple expedient of coming into his room, exposing his "morning wood" and using her skilled mouth on it until he awoke with a grunt of release, firing his seed down her hungry throat.

His first sight would be Misato's smiling face, her eyes filled with the same emotion as he thought he had seen in Rei. She would say affectionately, "Good morning, Shinji-kun," and then the morning's tutoring would begin…

* * *

"What are the three least known, but most effective female hot-spots?" *lick lick lick*

"Unnngghhh…the neck…"

"Good…" *lap lap* "Where else?"

*pant puff* "T-The ear-"

"Gooood, Shinji-kun!" *suck suck sluuurrp*

*tormented groan* "Please, let me cum Misato!"

*firm squeeze at the base, stroke stroke* She croons, "Not until you tell me the third spot, Shinji-kun…"

With a strange sort of effortlessness, Shinji felt the desperately needed fact shoot to the front of his mind, as his body reacted to Misato tickling the head of his penis with the very tip of her tongue.

"The inner thighs!" he gasped out, reeling from the pleasure/torment radiating from his groin.

"Excellent…" she purred, smoothly swallowing his erection and bringing it to where she longed for it to be, deep in her throat. Restraining herself from simply milking Shinji for as much cum as he could produce was, if anything, harder on her than it was on him. Releasing her hold on her desires, Misato pressed her nose into Shinji's lower belly and swallowed repeatedly around his hard meat, instantly triggering his ejaculation.

Unseen by Shinji, Misato's eyes sparkled with delight as she felt hot, sperm-laden fluid splash against the back of her throat. She expertly milked Shinji's reproductive organs of all the man-goo they contained, making Shinji groan in pleasure as for the 5th time that day he experienced the rapture that came from being in the mouth of a beautiful, uninhibited woman who absolutely adored sucking cock.

Not to mention swallowing. After seeing the eagerness with which Misato drank his ejaculate, Shinji could almost doubt what he'd heard about women disliking its taste. Misato seemed to hold it in almost as high regard as her daily ration of Yebisu. On the other hand, Misato had persuaded him to try a sip of beer once, and it had tasted truly foul. Shinji's eyes widened as the fact of her abysmal skill at cooking linked up with the other facts. `Maybe Misato is…taste-impaired or something?'

* * *

Misato's teaching technique, however unorthodox, worked amazingly well. Every scrap of information she had spoken to him or, in many cases, demonstrated, was burned indelibly upon Shinji's receptive young mind. He found that the slightest association would instantly bring said facts shooting forward into his consciousness. This had its disadvantages and had for some days been proving rather embarrassing.

Every time he saw a girl he experienced an effect he had come to think of as "Terminator Vision", after the classic sci-fi movie. As his eyes casually alighted upon a strolling female, facts would almost visibly pop into his mind as his gaze swept over her.

`Neck, kiss, suck, breasts, not too hard, not too soft, oral and manual, penile optional, waist, comment on trim nature of, pussy…'

When his eyes and uncontrolled mind drifted to a woman's most private zones, he would blush and wrench both back to a safer target, like his shoes.

Misato's repeated and passionate attentions to his penis had also increased his sexual endurance, "So you won't leave Rei in the lurch." She had stated this after-the-fact rationalization with a straight face that would have done Gendo Ikari proud.

The cycle of being taught, expertly blown and then tortured to remembrance, followed by more exquisite oral pleasure, had given Shinji a hardwired Coles Notes version of "The Kama Sutra According To Misato".

Armed with this keen weaponry, Shinji approached the door of Rei's run-down apartment

He opened the door, the dilapidated furnishing making a loud "creeeeeak" as it swung on unmaintained hinges. Shinji scowled, an unusual expression for his face, causing him to momentarily bear a distinct resemblance to his father. `Unlocked. I'd better talk to her about that…'

He peeped his head inside apprehensively. "Ayanami-san? Ayanami?"

Rei appeared in his right peripheral vision as silently as a phantom, startling him. He recoiled. "Whoa!"

She grabbed his hand and pulled him across the filthy, refuse-strewn floor, over to her bed. Shinji's heart beat fast, both from Rei's surprising appearance and from finally being back in the mysterious albino's presence. He was used to her quiet ways, how she usually didn't say or do much, at least in the sight of others, but now that they had shared a sexual experience and somehow become boyfriend and girlfriend, he realized that he had no real idea what she was likely to do or not do.

His heart beat a bit faster as he realized that Rei was only wearing a thin shirt that barely came to her waist and white cotton panties.


* * *

Rei's heart beat fast. She had intended to put some of the scenarios she had read about in her research material to use when she next had an opportunity to be with her boyfriend, yet, when the time came, she found that she somehow…lacked the nerve?

Yes, that was it. It was a new and unpleasant realization for the lovely albino. It hit home with her that her strength had been, up to this point, been following orders, not making decisions for herself. She had never realized how much less confusing life was when you simply did as others instructed.

Looking at Shinji's face, currently peering at her with a look of mild worry, she felt that still unfamiliar warmth bloom in the area of her chest, firming her revolve. `Yet, the compensations are worth the hardship…'

Feeling Shinji's bodily warmth so pleasantly near activated another new feeling: the desire for closeness. Over the past week she had found her mind repeatedly drifting back to that one short, exciting experience they had shared. The warmth of his breath on the sensitive flesh between her legs as she had tentatively explored herself…the heat of his own sensitive flesh growing and hardening in her hand…

Her breath coming quicker, and her breasts and pussy warming as well, Rei tentatively placed her small, delicate hands on her boyfriend's shoulders. She wanted, no, *needed* his warmth, the closeness of him. She noticed Shinji breathing faster and blushing a bit as the intimacy of their near embrace sank into his nervous mind.


"Lie down with me, Shinji-kun."

Blush intensifying, he nodded. Rei favored him with one of her rare, tiny smiles. She noted that her boyfriend's eyes seemed to go a bit blank and glassy as he returned her expression with an almost equally rare, but far wider smile of his own.

`A powerful effect for such a small thing…'

She realized that the effect was mutual as she drank in Shinji's happy expression and noticed the warmth in her cheeks and other parts increasing. Staring at each other unselfconsciously, the young couple squirmed further into the bed's terrain and toppled onto their sides, their arms sliding naturally around each other.

The bleak aura of Rei's apartment was momentarily brightened by a pair of soft, happy sighs.

Rei found that being in Shinji's arms created a kind of warm fuzzy blanket over her mind, a thought-free, content state that was a respite from the coldness of the outside world. Her chin seemed to fit naturally in the hollow of his shoulder and neck, the same way that her slight body rested snugly in his arms. She sighed again and intertwined her legs with his as well, wanting to be in contact with every inch of him, wanting to lose herself in his warmth.

For the first time in her life, without conscious intent, Rei prayed to any nameless outside forces that might be listening. `Please let this last. Please…'

* * *

Shinji was equally content, if not more so. While Rei had never known such warmth and comfort, deep in Shinji's mind, part of him remembered his early experiences with such and hungered for more. The increased closeness with Misato over the past week had been heavenly, and now, having his Rei-chan, as he had begun to think of her, in his arms was beyond great.

It was a different experience from cuddling with Misato. With his guardian, he was the one snuggling up to her larger body, clinging to it for comfort. Now, with Rei, she was the one who clung to his taller frame, pressing her face into the hollow of his neck and shoulder and sighing happily. Something about holding the smaller girl in his arms made him feel very protective, almost…manly.

It was a new and delightful emotion for the previously beaten-down young boy. He stroked Rei's back through her thin shirt, impulsively vowing to himself, `I'll never let anything hurt you, Rei-chan. Never.'

* * *

As a rather pants-shittingly scary expression passed over Shinji's face, in a dark office deep in the bowels of NERV Gendo Ikari felt an icy chill pass through him. In the midst of reviewing intelligence reports about SEELE, he shook the feeling off with his habitual scowl, disregarding it completely. He was not a man to pay attention to vague feelings and intuitions. Planning, and the Scenario, were his methods of achieving final victory. Feelings had no place in his cold machineries.

Even deeper in NERV, light flared in the eye of a huge biomechanical monstrosity for a moment, then disappeared as quickly as the radiance of a falling star.

* * *

Savoring Rei's warmth and softness as she squirmed gently against him, Shinji let the brief burst of negative feelings go. Most of his life was filled with them, and this precious interval of happiness was not the time for such dark musings. Smiling once more, he returned to enjoying the feeling of Rei's soft, warm body pressed against his own.

Shinji abruptly noticed that one part of him wasn't as relaxed as the rest of his body.

Rei noticed as well.


Her voice was as placidly toneless as ever, but somehow Shinji was learning to read the underlying warmth with which she stated his name.

In return, he lavished her name with as much affection as he could summon. "Yes, Rei-chan?"

She seemed to appreciate his outpouring of emotion, the warmth in her voice becoming almost palpable to Shinji.

"You are aroused, Shinji-kun. Let me ease your discomfort."

Shinji blushed as Rei reached down into the warm space between their bodies and unzipped his pants. As she dexterously unbuttoned him, one-handed, he reminded his easily-embarrassed self that Rei was his girlfriend, so this was OK, not to mention she had already stroked him to orgasm with her hand that one time. He sighed in pleasure and arousal as Rei's soft, warm little hand closed around his erect member.

"MMmmm, that's nice Rei-chan…"

Rei only "mm"ed in response, her eyes intent as enjoyed the silk-over-stone feel of her boyfriend's sizeable erection. She slid her hand up and down the thick wand of flesh, pulling the loose skin of its soft outer layer around the hard inner core, impressed anew by its pleasing texture, heat and size. Her tiny fist could barely close about the fat piece of man-meat.

She licked her lips unconsciously as she stroked it, recalling what she had read in the glossy, profusely illustrated magazines she had bought for research purposes. Shinji's soft groans of pleasure warmed her heart as she contemplated the manly organ's express purpose.

`This…Shinji-kun's member…it will go inside of me…but it's so *big*. Will I be able to accommodate it?'

The two lovers lay entwined on their sides, the harsh interior of the apartment forgotten for the moment, as the girl reached down and manually fellated her boyfriend. Both teens were breathing heavily and were blushing with their excitement. The door to the apartment was still partially ajar, though a curious onlooker would only have been able to see Shinji's clothed back, with his boxers and pants pulled halfway down his butt. At this point neither teen would have cared, at least until their current activity reached its natural conclusion.

Rei's cheeks were pink as she stroked a bit faster, rubbing her hand across the head of the penis to slick her palm with the slippery pre-cum oozing copiously from its tip. Shinji gave a harsh groan at the increased friction, making her smile at his pleasure. Her lubricated fist squeezed and pulled firmly and more and more rapidly, wrenching more moans and groans from Shinji.

"Oh, *god*, Rei-chan, so nice, so, ahhhh…."

Rei's excitement grew apace with her boyfriend's. She squeezed and rubbed her thighs together, feeling the sensitive flesh between her legs burn and "itch" with desire. The slippery substance her sex was producing made her thighs slide against each other with ease. The thin cotton of her shirt seemed to have become rough, abrading her sensitive nipples and making them swell and throb with blood.

Rei's mouth watered as she detected a subtle scent emanating from her boyfriend's cock.

`He is about to discharge…'

She licked her lips.

'I want to taste it…'

Rei slid down the bed, positioning her face in front of Shinji's ready-to-blow penis, reflecting on the meaning of her desire to ingest his sperm.

She took the head of Shinji's cock into her mouth, enjoying the silken feel of the cockhead against her lips.

`According to my literature, for wanting this, I am a `bad girl'.'

She took as much of the hard meat into her mouth as possible, appreciating the sounds of pleasure and fervent approval from Shinji as she did so. Wanting to please him as much as possible, she began using a technique from said literature, using her small warm tongue generously on his cock, as well as wrapping her lips tightly around it and bobbing her head, providing a marvelous warm pressure and gentle friction.

Shinji plunged his hands into her silky blue mop of hair, holding her head gently against his groin for a moment, before relaxing.

"Oh *yeah*…please keep doing that, Rei-chan!" he panted.

Rei did so, with a will. Snuffling air through her nose, her pale pink lips stretched obscenely around the thick barrel of Shinji's six-inch cock, she blew him with enthusiasm and talent, if not much skill and zero experience. She genuinely enjoyed the feeling of her boyfriend's hot, silky-skinned male organ rubbing against her lips, tongue and the inner parts of her mouth.

"MMnnnh, mmph…"

Rei gurgled happily around her mouthful of meat, bobbing her head and caressing the hard length of flesh with everything she had. Her crimson eyes were intent as she worked for the geyser of cum she knew was close. She had labored hard for her dose of the pungent emission, and she wanted her reward.

Not being able to handle much of this, despite Misato's "training", Shinji's groans shortly reached a new pitch of desperation, and he gave his lover the customary warning.

"Gonna - unh! - *cum* - Rei-chan!"

Employing another recently-learned technique, Rei responded by allowing most of Shinji's penis to slide wetly out of her mouth, until she could efficiently use her tongue on the sensitive head. As the magazine had described, she licked it as if it were something tasty, like an ice-cream cone. She had never had such a thing, but had managed to find a short video clip on the internet to supplement her impoverished experience.

Shinji's response to the warm, wet, slippery muscle relentlessly licking his aching cockhead was immediate.


Simultaneous with his pleased/agonized cry, Rei felt a jet of thick, warm goo pulse into her mouth. She immediately sealed her mouth around the head of Shinji's penis and continued gently licking it, causing Shinji to grunt with pleasure and continue ejaculating, directly into the warm cavern of his girlfriend's mouth. Rei's ruby eyes sparkled with pleasure as her mouth filled up with her boyfriend's cum. She breathed in through her nose and continued licking, savoring the unique taste.

`It is of him, therefore it is good.'

After a solid minute of this, Shinji rested on his side, temporarily wiped out. He rested his hands lightly on Rei's head as she continued to lightly suck on the head of his penis.

He winced, then caressed her scalp with his fingertips. "That's enough, Rei-chan."

Silently, Rei allowed the slick head of Shinji's penis to escape from between her soft lips and began squirming up the bed to rest her head in the crook of his neck once more.

Shinji explained sheepishly, "It's kinda sensitive right after I, ah, come."

His deflating penis twitched as he heard Rei swallow her mouthful of his sperm. He breathed a bit faster as he detected the genuine pleasure in the little sigh she let out afterward.

`God, she's just like Misato! She really likes swallowing it! I wonder what that means…'

Rei's thoughts were proceeding along similar, but amusingly different lines.

`I like sucking his penis. I like swallowing his ejaculate. I am definitely a bad girl.'

With a complete lack of irony, Rei reflected, `…I enjoy being bad.'

* * *

They lay there for a while, comfortable in their mutual embrace, both turning over their new feelings and experiences in their own way. Shinji was unmindful of the fact that his lower parts were unclothed, as Rei's warmth compensated nicely, not to mention the enjoyable post-climax haze his mind was lost in.

He wondered at how they had become so close, so quickly. He had known Rei for some months now, but not in a very personal way. Now, seemingly overnight, he was lying in her arms, in her bed, recovering from one of her affectionate blowjobs. It was like a strange, but pleasant dream.

In truth, though the two teens had been together sexually only once, they had been drifting slowly into one another's personal orbits since their first encounter. Their destinies had begun to intersect ever since Shinji had agreed to pilot Evangelion Unit 01, untrained, largely to keep the wounded Rei from having to fight.

Over the time that followed, they had gradually, imperceptibly, grown closer, until Rei had accidentally discovered Shinji relieving his sexual tension in a typically adolescent way. This unexpected event seemed to have acted like the keystone that, when pulled out, causes the avalanche. In this case, an avalanche of change.

* * *

Rei savored the aftertaste of her recent snack and contemplated the meanings of the feelings which rampaged through her previously tranquil system every time she came close to her boyfriend. She was tempted to seek satisfaction for the craving which had sprung up during her oral pleasuring of Shinji, but reluctantly put it off.

`I must seek information before indulging in the pleasures of the flesh. Shinji has been with Captain Katsuragi all week…I must interrogate him…'

During the long boyfriendless week, Rei had experienced flashes of a new feeling, one which seemed related to the uncertainty creeping into her life.

She kept seeing images of the attractive female Captain, the Captain who seemed to act as a magnet for the eyes of the male populace of NERV.

In her mind's eye, she saw the Captain with Shinji - her Shinji. The Shinji who she had so easily, foolishly, given permission to "train" with said attractive, female, sexually-knowledgeable Captain.

Now, having just experienced some of those bodily pleasures which Katsuragi was so supposedly familiar with, Rei felt an unfamiliar, unpleasant sensation in her stomach. A sensation she would hesitantly label, "Doubt", or perhaps, "Fear".

She clutched Shinji a bit tighter and thought, `She has had him, has been *having* him, all week, I am certain of it.'

She murmured in pleasure, thinking, as Shinji began to come out of his happily zoned-out state and caressed her shoulderblades. `Will she be willing to give him up?'

She returned Shinji's caress, face creasing in a frown against the warm skin of his neck. `I would not be.'


Rei was jarred out of her introspections by Shinji's inquiring, slightly worried voice. He placed his hands on either side of her head, inspecting her face. He was frowning slightly. "Are you OK?"

Rei gazed back at him, her small frown melting into an equally small smile. Her heart beat a little faster. `So concerned for my feelings…even though others said I had none…'

She reassured him, "I am fine, Shinji-kun," then half-lied smoothly, "These new feelings are…confusing."

He smiled back and gave a little chuckle, staring trustingly into her eyes. "Yeah, I know what you mean."

Finding it hard to gaze into those innocent orbs while she bent the truth even a little, Rei tucked her face back comfortably into his neck. Shinji relaxed as well, returning to his gentle embrace of her body.



"Tell me about your training. With Katsuragi-san."

Rei noted that Shinji's body tensed for a moment, then relaxed.

Shinji's voice held his best attempt at casualness. "Sure, Rei-chan…what do you want to know?"

Rei's response was immediate, and firm. Very firm.


One could almost imagine Rei's crimson eyes blazing with more-than-human luminosity in the dimness of her apartment as she spoke. Perhaps Shinji could as well, judging from the audible gulp he took before beginning his account.

"W-well, it started by Misato-ch-" Shinji's ribs creaked, as Rei's grip abruptly tightened. "-san, leading me into her bedroom…"

* * *

"…so she enjoyed you "fisting" her very much?"

Shinji nodded against Rei's slim shoulder.

"Yeah, she really did, though she seemed a bit embarrassed about it afterwards. She kinda changed the subject whenever it came up."

"I see."

Rei did, indeed, see. From the impression she had gathered from her research material, only the most "sex-crazed slut" would enjoy having a fist plunged inside her body.

`Katsuragi is as wanton as her reputation…'

Being privy to Section 2 security feeds, even ones that Section 2 didn't know about, Rei was well-aware of Misato's reputation, at least as bruited about by the more crude of NERV's private security force. The irrelevant data had been of no interest and had therefore been filed in the dustbin of her subconscious, until now.

Rei had few conventional morals, so the interpretation she took of this information was rather...unusual.

`Katsuragi is indeed well-suited to train my Shinji-kun in sexual matters. Now to determine the nature of their relationship…' Rei took no note of her possessive phrasing of Shinji's name.

"Shinji-kun, how do you feel about Katsuragi-san?"

Shinji blinked at his loving girlfriend. Who currently had an unbreakable grip on his torso. And was staring rather intensely into his eyes.

"What do you mean, Rei-chan?"

Rei upped the ante with characteristic bluntness. "Would you leave me for her? Would you forsake me, Shinji-kun?"

Shinji gaped. "Wh-what-"

"I know you enjoyed sex with Captain Katsuragi, very much. I know you are very…" Rei struggled with her limited familiarity of the language of affection, "…fond of her."

She stared into her boyfriend's eyes. Unbeknownst to each other, both of their hearts were hammering furiously, pounding out the rhythm of their owners' fear and trepidation.

Rei's voice was very quiet. "Could she replace me in your heart, Shinji-kun?"

Unspoken, hovering in the room like a silent echo, were the words, "*Has* she done so already?"

When Shinji didn't answer for a long moment, Rei felt a terrible freezing sensation grip her heart and begin to *squeeze*. Liquid ice seemed to be pumping through her veins as the silence stretched. The habitual mask that was her face began to quiver, threatening to crack from the horrible, empty feeling. `No, please no…'

"It's not like that."

Shinji's voice was quiet and thoughtful, giving no sign that he was aware of the torment his girlfriend was going through. He wasn't looking at her, instead staring off into space over her shoulder.

Rei began to slowly relax as the lack of rejection penetrated her terror-stricken awareness.

"I…love Misato-san." Shinji's voice was very quiet, almost a whisper, on the rare, special second word.

He turned his head to look into Rei's eyes, smiling the smile that melted her heart without her even knowing why. She involuntarily smiled back, the tiny smile that Shinji adored. Despite his admission of love for Misato, for some reason, the horrible cold inside her was leaving.

"But…the way I feel about her is…different from the way I feel about you, Rei-chan."

The warmth beaming from Shinji's blue eyes continued to pleasantly thaw Rei's insides.

"How *do* you feel, Shinji-kun?"

Rei's stomach fluttered as she awaited the answer.

Shinji stared into space, obviously thinking hard. "Misato…she's like a big sister to me. Or even…' he blushed, "a mother…even though we have, ah, sex…" He was bright red now.

"I know that's weird…"

Rei's impassive visage showed no indication that she thought Shinji was a deviant.

"Please continue, Shinji-kun."

Shinji struggled to express his confusing feelings. He'd been thinking about his two relationships constantly over the past week of "training", but it was still hard to put into words.


He let out a little huff of frustration. Rei gazed encouragingly at him. The intimate conversation was making her feel almost secure again. `His warmth is very pleasant…'

He tried again. "We're…close, but I don't think that either of us are…"

He turned his head, to look Rei in the eyes at close range. His gaze was intense, captivating Rei, as he spoke with a level of maturity above his usual capacity.

"Misato and I are too far apart…in age, in experience…she will always be in my heart, but I could never…marry her."

Rei's heart beat fast. She knew of the custom of marriage, considering it a formal recognition of the bond between two people. `He could never marry *her*…but I am different?'

Shinji blushed again, seeming a bit taken aback by his own forwardness. Nervously, he began to babble. "Not that we need to get married or anything…I mean, we're both young…and we have no money…I shouldn't even be bringing it up, it's too soon, maybe you don't want-`

His increasingly incoherent speech was cut off by Rei's hand on his lips.

She looked intently into his eyes. "Shinji-kun. I wish to be close to you. Do you wish to be close to me?" Shinji nodded solemnly, Rei's hand still gently restraining his speech.

Now it was Rei's turn to struggle with words. "You are…special to me. Am I special to you?" Her heart continued its accelerated beat, thumping against the inner wall of her chest. `Please say yes…'

Shinji nodded emphatically. Rei found herself smiling without conscious intent. The way her face lit up dazzled Shinji, rendering him silent even without the restraint of his girlfriend's hand.

"Then that is all I require. I…like being close to you Shinji-kun."

She stroked the sides of his face with her hands, looking fondly into his eyes. "I love…your warmth…the way you seem to care about my feelings…"

Shinji pulled Rei to his chest, wrapping her tightly in his arms. Rei allowed this, giving a little sigh of happiness as she was surrounded by warmth.

He spoke to her blue mop of hair. "I *do* care about your feelings, Rei-chan. I care about *you*. I want to protect you…I know that sounds stupid, I know I'm not much of a fighter, I'm a wimp-"

Rei whispered into his ear, "Now, you are being stupid. You are an skilled destroyer of Angels. This is fact, proven on the battlefield and recorded in NERV's datalogs. You should not doubt yourself so."

Shinji shrugged, as much as he could while hugging his girlfriend to his chest. "I suppose that's true. It could have been luck-"

Rei interrupted again, murmuring, "Luck is once. Luck is not twice, or three times."

Shinji couldn't argue with her logic and subsided. "Mm."

* * *

The two Pilots cuddled contentedly for a few minutes, mulling over the new clarification to their relationship, until it occurred to Shinji that he hadn't finished his recounting of Misato's teaching methods. He didn't want to conceal anything from his girlfriend, having an intuition that it could lead to trouble, so he gave a little cough to attract her attention.



"There's more to my story about Misato's training."

Rei turned her head to look at him from where she was resting it on his chest. "I would like to know. Please tell me, Shinji-kun."

Shinji blushed, slightly at first, but more and more heavily as his recounting continued.

"Well, every morning, she would wake me 2 hours early by, ah, s-sucking on my penis. Then, she'd teach me things while sucking on it, um, some more. Then, she wouldn't finish me off unless I could repeat the things she told me."

Rei's face expressed mild interest. "And how well did Katsuragi-san's method work?"

Shinji gave a little embarrassed laugh. "I got- well, pretty good at repeating what she'd said. After a while, it was like my body provided a "push" or something when I *needed* to, ah, cum..."

Rei found that her object of affection talking about sex in such a cutely shy manner was making her body heat up. With a touch of pink on her porcelain cheeks, she slid a slim hand into Shinji's boxers. The half-erect member she found therein told her that she wasn't alone in her arousal.

Shinji let out a little "ah!" of surprise, as a small warm hand encircled his cock and squeezed lightly. His breathing quickened as Rei slowly stroked him with a firm, yet gentle touch.

He detected a bit of carnal heat in his girlfriend's voice as she inquired, "Shinji-kun, you know a great deal more about love-making now?"

Shinji squeezed his eyes shut and wheezed out a reply, enjoying Rei's soft hand pulling at his now hard and throbbing tool. "Y-Yeah. Unh!" He grunted as Rei jerked his boxers completely down with her other hand and then used it to fondle his ballsack. "That's so nice, Rei-chan…I love it when you do that…"

"Mm," she replied, eyeing the stiff piece of meat hungrily. A shiny drop of precum oozed from the tip, allowing Rei to lubricate her stroking fist.

"AH!" Shinji continued his confession. "S-She made me practice things on her, unh! t-too." With his eyes still shut in pleasure, he smiled shyly, but with a hidden pride. "I got really good at eating her pussy."

A thought occurred to him a moment later. "Uh, that's using my mouth on her vagina, Rei-chan."

"I am familiar with the expression," she replied coolly, still staring at the now rock-hard penis she was fellating with acquired skill.

Shinji moaned happily at the sweet friction Rei was providing. "Unh…Rei-chan…I would like to eat your pussy…if you would like me to…"

A small shiver went through Rei at thought of getting some attention for her throbbing sex. `Shinji-kun's mouth…in such an intimate place…'

The pink in her cheeks spreading, she nodded her agreement. "I would like that. But…I don't want to leave you frustrated, Shinji-kun." She gently slid her other hand along her lover's hard length, illustrating her meaning.

"Ahhhhh…that's nice…we can do both at once, Rei-chan. Misato showed me how." Eyes closed, he gestured to the bed. "Lie on your back and I'll show you."

Nodding, Rei reluctantly let go of Shinji's member and rolled onto her back.

As Shinji got himself into position, his thoughts drifted back to what led up to his first experience with this exotic position…

* * *

Shinji had spent many hours over the last week with his head between Misato's legs. He had grown to be very comfortable there, in the musky warmth of that special space, his cheeks rubbing against the smooth skin of her inner thighs. He smiled as he recalled her loud, uninhibited cries of pleasure, somewhat muffled by how her legs would squeeze his head in her passion. He had gotten accustomed to, and eventually developed an appetite for, the strong, distinctive taste of the honey produced by her excited sex.

Its fleshy petals would unfold like a flower as he used his lips, teeth and tongue to give her pleasure, early in the week hesitantly, later with enthusiasm. At first he had gone slowly, listening intently to Misato's instructions on how and where to lick, suck, and nibble. Though it was hard for him to believe, she had expressed amazement as how quickly he picked up on how to make her feel good. For Shinji, that was the key point: Misato seemed to enjoy having him eat her pussy, and therefore he was willing to practice until his tongue was sore, which had in fact happened several times.

His dedication had paid off in spades. By the end of the week, at her slightest signal, he would bury his face in Misato's purple-furred groin and lap hungrily at it, smiling to himself as Misato clutched his head and moaned in a shaking voice. "Oh, Shinji-kun! Yes *yes* YES!"

"Mmmmmmmm." Shinji hummed in pleasure at her taste, incidentally sending a nerve-wracking vibration into Misato's clit. The pink-cheeked woman doubled over Shinji's head, eyes closed, face twisted in pleasure, breathing like a steam engine. "Oohhhhhhh, Shinji-kun…"

Shinji just kept licking, to the tune of Misato's squeals of pleasure. Sealing his mouth to her mound, he thrust his tongue into its hot, strong-tasting interior. He reached around and gripped Misato's warm buttocks, using the increased leverage to press his face hard into her groin. He moved his tongue around, caressing her inner folds with loving tenderness. The heavy breathing he could hear from above his head told him he was on track to making his guardian come.

He fondled her big bottom affectionately, squeezing and kneading the warm, smooth flesh, simultaneously appreciating the silken skin of her thighs as they convulsively contracted around his head with each of his passionate licks, sliding against his cheeks. He closed his eyes to better appreciate the warmth he was surrounded in, pushing his face blindly against the soft flesh of Misato's groin and stomach. `Warm, so warm…" He was swathed in female flesh and he was loving it.

Tenderly, Shinji began circling the pulsing nub at the top of Misato's sex with his tongue. He teased the fleshy button, having learned that Misato enjoyed it more when he built up to full contact. At least that's what he assumed from the way she screamed. She certainly didn't complain afterwards, seemingly content to lie on her back and breathe heavily, a huge grin on her face.

Slowly, every so slowly, he placed his tongue directly onto Misato's most sensitive spot, allowing her to appreciate the oral muscle's wet warmth. He could feel Misato's entire body tense in response. For several seconds, he didn't move. Shinji smiled inwardly as he heard her sultry voice moan, "Don't tease meeeeee…." She broke off into a gasp as he slowly dragged his tongue upward, caressing the hypersensitive bundle of nerves with its pebbly texture.

He paused for half a second to allow her to desensitize, then sloooowly dragged his tongue back down. Misato groaned, deep in her throat. Shinji felt her thighs quiver and give an involuntary squeeze to his head. His inner smile becoming a grin, he lovingly slid his tongue upwards once more, treating Misato's clit to more warmth and wetness. Her increasingly desperate moans were music to his ears.

Allowing his "feel" for her pleasure to guide him, he began to make unhurried love to her clitoris with his lips and tongue, leisurely sucking on it, then switching to slow, strong swipes of his tongue at a pace which she seemed to either enjoy or find unbearable, judging from the deafening yells coming from above.

He paused momentarily in his torture to lap up some of the musky fluid that was increasingly being generated by her swollen vagina, pressing his face against it and rubbing her clit with his nose as he did so. Misato whined brokenly in entreaty, so he unhurriedly returned his attention back to the pulsing bit of flesh and returned to his sucking.

Over the course of the week, he had come to know the quirks of Misato's "path of arousal". He had graduated from the mechanical act of hitting her memorized hot-spots, to the more advanced lovemaking technique of allowing his intuition to guide him. He measured his success by how long Misato acted drunk after they had made love.

Yesterday she had staggered disorientedly around the apartment for nearly 20 minutes before "sobering up" and demanding a Yebisu. Today he was determined to top his previous record. Judging from the way his head was being shaken by the uncontrolled quivering of her thighs, he seemed to be off to a good start.

Misato had repeatedly stated that each woman was different, and after learning how to push *her* buttons, his challenge would be to keep an open mind and learn how to push Rei's with equal precision. For the first time in his life, he looked forward to dealing with an oncoming difficulty.

Returning his attention to the here and now, he began his finishing moves. Applying what he had learned from their first encounter, he slowly circled the tender rim of her anus with a gentle finger, all the while continuing his loving attention to her swollen, and most likely supersensitive, clitoris. Shinji's eyes were intent as he worked Misato over, pleased by her increasingly deep, wanton moans. He began to nibble oh-so-lightly on her button, simultaneously increasing the gentle pressure he was placing on the entrance to her bottom. He knew he'd struck paydirt when she began to babble, and then shamelessly beg.

"Oh god, oh hell, oh FUCK, oh shit, *please* don't stop! Please Shinji-kun, pleeeeeease!"

She gulped air and continued, "I'll do anything, I'll suck your cock, anything you like, *anything*, just don't stopppppppp…"

The Shinji in Shinji's mind smirked, almost evilly. `Perfect. My scenario is working flawlessly…'

He continued his work for a moment longer, amazed and amused as the things Misato offered to do in return for his continued services grew increasingly depraved, and then struck. He enveloped her clit with his mouth, sucking powerfully, giving her a taste of his mouth's wet heat, and then sloooowly pulled his head back, releasing the pulsing bit of flesh while dragging his teeth gently along it all the way. He also stepped up the gentle pressure on the rim of her anus, teasing the sensitive hole and coming close to allowing his finger to push inside of it.

His hearing abruptly dampened as Misato's thighs gripped his head like a padded vise. Smoothly, ignoring the muffled screams from above, he recaptured her tormented button with his mouth and sucked hard, simultaneously pushing his bundled index and middle fingers into her bumhole. The pressure of her quivering thighs on his head doubled, making him glad that Misato didn't work out regularly.

`If she was any stronger she'd be cracking my head open like a coconut!'

He waited until the pressure, shaking and faintly audible shrieks had reached their peak and then slowly pulled his fingers out of her bottom. He released her clit as well, and brought her down from her high with affectionate licks to her entire pussy.

Misato slumped back onto the bed, panting and letting out cute little after-shock moans of pleasure and happiness. Shinji crawled up the length of her body, wincing at the painful pleasure of dragging his pre-cum oozing cockhead against her silky flesh. Eating Misato's pussy always gave him a raging hard-on. He didn't mind, as he thought it was a enough small sacrifice to make her happy.

Misato dazedly accepted her beloved boy into her arms, "mmm"ing in pleasure as snuggled his face into her mountainous bosom. True to Shinji's prediction, the voluptuous woman floated aimlessly in a post-orgasm trance of enjoyment for a very long time, enjoying both the afterglow and the warm feeling of her loved one in her arms. When she came out of it, she realized that the hard thing pushing into her belly was Shinji's unsatisfied erection.

She blinked, and then gave a little frown, realizing what eating her pussy had done to him.

`Oh, *god*. I'm such a selfish bitch…he eats me so good and I just lie here like a drunk in her own puke, enjoying the afterglow.'

A determined (and perverted) glint appeared in her soft brown eyes. `All right Misato, time for some payback!'

She crooned softly to Shinji, who was currently resting his face comfortably between her boobs. "Shinji-kun…"


"Let me teach you about something called `69'…"

* * *

Shinji came out of his pleasant memory, stirred by an even more pleasant event: his stiff penis being accepted into Rei's warm mouth. He groaned in pleasure, squatting above her delicate face and lowering his hips, allowing his penis to be devoured by the lovely albino. She took the thick piece of meat into her mouth with a little "mm" of enjoyment, immediately beginning a gentle suction. Shinji groaned again as her tongue unhurriedly caressed the underside of his cock. Pulling his mind away from the delightful sensation, he supported himself on his hands, starting to lower his body to Rei's until he could apply his face to her panty-clad sex.

As he approached his target, he felt Rei's slim arms circle his hips and tug downwards. Responding to her generous offer, Shinji lowered his pelvis some more, increasing the weight he was placing on Rei's face. His cock slid deeper into her mouth without difficulty. Shinji groaned in mounting lust as he realized he could feel his scrotum resting on Rei's delicate chin. Added to his ever-increasing arousal, he could faintly hear little "mm, mm…" noises as his sexually uninhibited girlfriend vocally enjoyed swallowing his member.

Shinji smiled as he felt Rei's soft hands caress his hips and butt affectionately. Wallowing in the pleasant sensations, he gently lowered himself onto Rei's body, loving her attentions and determined to return the favor. As Shinji's face approached the big wet spot on Rei's white cotton panties, his hot breath on her pussy made Rei squirm and gurgle happily around his shaft. She responded by bobbing her head enthusiastically, making it nearly impossible for Shinji to resist his body's urge to thrust into her mouth.

He gritted his teeth, resisting desperately, but unable to avoid a single hip-motion. Rei didn't seem to mind, humming happily and indiscriminately using her mouth, tongue and throat to massage his cock. A cry of helpless lust burst from Shinji as he felt two soft little hands lovingly fondle his testicles where they rested on his girlfriend's chin. Her bobbing head combined with his rigid, desperately-restrained hip motion amounted to him essentially fucking Rei's face. The sheer pervertedness of the sexual position, combined with Rei's loving and remarkably skillful stimulation of him stretched his self-control to the breaking point.

"Oh *FUCK* - Rei-chan - UNHH…" Shinji gave up the fight and began rhythmic, shallow thrusts with his hips, sliding his prick deeply in and out of his girlfriend's mouth. He wasn't aware that he had cursed, a habit picked up from Misato, who swore like a drunken llama-herder when in the throes of orgasm.

Unseen by Shinji, Rei's eyes sparkled with happiness as she endured the slight physical discomfort caused by Shinji's thick member pushing into her throat on the down-stroke.

`He is pleased by this act…and this pleases me more…' Tenderly, she caressed Shinji's bouncing ballsack, enjoying the way he praised her actions in doing so.

Shinji sweated and groaned. The world was a distant thing. All that existed was the hot pleasure of fucking his beautiful, wonderful girlfriend's face. "So good…Rei-chan…thank you…"

Rei sucked furiously, sensing the impending eruption of sperm about to boil out of Shinji's swollen testes. "MMmph, mmmmhhh…"

`Cum in my mouth Shinji-kun. Cum for your Rei-chan, koibito...' She caressed his nuts very gently, if to coax the pungent man-goo from its biological container and down her hungry throat.

With an emphatic grunt and harsh, pleased groan, Shinji fulfilled his biological duty, firing large wads of thick, hot ejaculate into his girlfriend's eager craw. "AAhHhhhHhh…."

The first burst went straight down Rei's throat and into her stomach. She inwardly scowled at the waste and quickly pulled her head back, wrapping her petal-soft lips around the discharging crown of Shinji's cock.

The uninhibited girl hummed happily as the rest of her boyfriend's salty sperm sprayed directly onto her tongue. `Better…'

Shinji shuddered at the intensity of the pleasure, intensified almost to the point of pain by Rei's tongue softly licking the tip of his penis as she held it in a warm, wet oral embrace. "Oh god…unnnhhhh…" He flexed his inner muscles, trained by a week spent in Misato's insatiable mouth, and grimaced at the sensation as he squeezed out a last few squirts of jizm. "That's so nice…"

Rei silently agreed. Remembering what Shinji had said about his penis' post-orgasm sensitivity, she allowed it slip from between her lips, turning her attention to savoring his semen.

`Unique…created from pleasure I gave him…it is good.' She swallowed little gulps of it, slowly, relishing its connection with her current state of not-aloneness. A state that was new, and precious to her in ways that she could not articulate.

Rei finished her meal and gazed fondly at her boyfriend, though most would not have been able to differentiate it from her usual poker face. Shinji had rolled onto his back and looked to be drowsing. He wore a contented smile, an expression many who knew him would have found incongruous to see on his normally somber face.

`Shinji-kun…you are special to me…I wish I could express it to you more clearly, but I am not skilled at communication…'

She crawled over to him and draped herself onto his body, snuggling her head into that comfortable hollow of shoulder and neck. Shinji sleepily hugged her to him and twin sighs of contentment once again resounded in the barren apartment. Temporarily wiped out, the two dozed.

* * *

Next chapter: Rei stops by to thank Misato and our favorite couple of Pilots do some "Advanced Training".