Shinji and Rei: Illicit Liaisons - Chapter 04 - Adult Education

Started: August 05, 2003
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A Story By Warpwizard (

A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfiction

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

Thanks to Hall & Oates for the chapter title. :)

* * *

Misato pulled herself out of bed on a peaceful Saturday morning. Rubbing her empty belly thoughtfully, she decided to stagger into Shinji's room and get him up so that he could make her some breakfast.

'Of course, he's probably already "up"...' she thought with a hentai grin. Such had been the case of late, making Misato's waking-up-Shinji chore even more entertaining than usual.

Slipping into Shinji's bedroom, the purple-haired woman made an appetizing discovery: Shinji had evidently had an uneasy night and had kicked his sheets and blankets completely off of himself. Better yet, he'd obviously felt "restrained", as he'd gone to sleep "commando".

Misato's mouth watered as she spied Shinji's sizable (for a 14-year old, anyway) member standing proudly upright.

It was getting harder and harder to resist her urge to do something naughty when she found him this way.

Ignoring the stiff organ with an effort, Misato sat on the edge of the bed and crooned softly to her beloved boy.


Shinji mumbled something indistinct in return.

What's that, Shinji-kun?" inquired Misato softly, coming closer and breathing softly on his face.


"Oh ho!" Misato murmured to herself, "Fantasizing about little Ayanami-san, are we Shinji-kun!"

She didn't even notice when her hand dropped onto Shinji's exposed thigh and began caressing it.

'At least he's thinking about someone. Ayanami is very quiet, just like my Shinji-kun. Maybe they would make a good couple...'

Misato was jarred out of her musings by Shinji's soft moan, and the realization that she had something long and hard in her right hand.

She slowly turned her head, knowing what it was and guiltily enjoying its familiar feel. Sure enough, her traitorous right hand, evidently tired of the thankless duty of fingering its owner to a joyless orgasm night after night, had gone rogue and was expertly caressing her young charge's firm erection.

Misato fought to make the free-willed appendage release the pleasantly warm and soft-skinned, yet firm rod from her grip, but couldn't make herself do it. It was like trying to make yourself forfeit that double scoop of chocolate ice-cream before bedtime. When most of you really doesn't want to listen to the small, nagging voice of conscience, it's pretty much a lost cause.

'Let it go!' yelled that inner voice. 'He's asleep, and probably thinks he's having a wet dream. Don't be a nasty old woman and quit molesting the boy!'

Misato gazed down at her automatically stroking hand, enjoying the unique combination of hard and soft that makes up the feel of an erect penis. Shinji let out little pleased bubbling grunts in his sleep as his stiff cock was oh-so-enjoyably pulled by Misato's warm hand.

Misato frowned, a pleading look coming into her eyes as she argued with herself. 'Oh *please* let me touch him just a little longer...' Her hand never stopped its unhurried motion. 'It feels so nice to touch Shinji-kun, and I know he'll like it...'

She managed to stuff the nagging voice down deep, her own loneliness and need for human contact giving her ample strength to silence her morals and commit her current sin. 'It's been so long, and maybe I can make Shinji-kun happy...' It seemed she was succeeding , as the boy's face was creased with a broader smile than it had ever sported in his waking life, at least as far as his guardian knew.

Hard as it may be to believe, Misato had been celibate for the past two years. She had spent nearly a decade after Kaji, trying to find a replacement for his place in her heart and bed, and had been unsuccessful. Empty one-night stands had finally palled to the point where she had temporarily renounced men. And yet, she was a naturally hot-blooded woman, and those bottled up urges had just found an opening and were coming out to play.

A murmur came to Misato's ears, along with a soft sigh of pleasure. "Ahhhhh....that's so nice, Rei-chan..."

Misato's eyebrows shot skyward. 'It seems Ayanami-san is even bolder than I thought...'

'I'll just make him cum once and then stop there...' Misato told herself, smiling warmly at Shinji's happy face. Her suppressed conscience protested muffledly at the unlikelihood of this limit being adhered to. With her short-term goal decided, she allowed her left hand, itself eager to get in on the action, to fill its palm with Shinji's soft, warm scrotal sack. Shinji's moaning renewed itself as the warm grasp and soft friction on his member was supplemented by the fondling of his ballsack by a gentle hand.

The purple-haired sexpot hummed contentedly to herself as she tenderly rubbed her young charge's penis to the point of explosion and beyond. Her trance-like enjoyment of the warm member and scrotum in her hands was interrupted as she felt Shinji's balls shift inside the sack and pull in to his body. Misato fixed her eyes on the tip of her Shinji-kun's penis and watched with fascination as his member pulsed and fired forth pearly-white semen.

Shinji's strangled groan of release was counterpointed by a low sensual moan from his guardian. Misato didn't notice her cry of desire, occupied as she was with observing Shinji as he blew his load all over her hand. Nor did she notice that her face had grown increasingly flushed, or how she breathed deeply through her nose, sucking the smell of the fresh ejaculate deep into her lungs, licking her lips repeatedly and unconsciously as she did so.

She hesitated, eyeing the cooling droplets of cum dotting her boy's lower body. 'I should get a washcloth and clean him up...' Another short, wordless battle was fought inside Misato's heart, with a clear victor rapidly emerging.

With a brief feeling of despair for her own lack of morals, she gave in to her natural urges. Her eyes ablaze with a mixture of love and desire, Misato opened her mouth and began to lick.

Over the next minute, Misato voraciously lapped at her young ward's genitals, slurping up every trace of sperm she could find. It was a miracle he didn't wake up. In fact, Shinji was embroiled in an extremely erotic dream where Rei Ayanami had decided that she need to change her diet and was enthusiastically displaying that she didn't mind eating one piece of meat in particular.

"MMMmmm..." Lost in her desires, Misato licked and sucked at the soft, wrinkly skin of Shinji's ballsack. "MM-mm-mm!" Breathing through her nose, she sucked one nut, then the other into the hot cavern of her mouth, gently caressing them with her tongue as she did so. Then, releasing the testicles from her oral grip, she affectionately rubbed her face against Shinji's penis like an friendly cat would rub against its owner's leg. Smiling at his sleepy exclamations of pleasure, Misato gave Shinji's now sparkling clean equipment a loving kiss.

Most of her current actions were inspired by her own loneliness and her desire to bring some happiness into Shinji's life. However, Misato also had less pure motives as well.

To be blunt, Misato loved cock. She loved the way it felt, in her hand, in her mouth, thrusting inside her body. She loved the way it tasted and smelled, she even loved the way it looked. The sad truth was, the only way she knew to give and receive affection was via sex, and maybe a bit through teasing.

Still smiling, she gave the tip of his once again fiercely erect penis another little kiss. 'Oh, what the hell, I can't leave him with a hard-on like this! It'd be bad for his health.' Her beaten and buried conscience gave forth another muffled squeak at this atrocity to logic, to no avail.

Hungrily, Misato bent her neck to lick at the head of Shinji's penis and purred with pleasure at the taste of his pre-cum. The slumbering Shinji let out a happy moan, which warmed Misato's heart. She was very very fond of Shinji Ikari. In her most private soul she would even admit to herself that she loved him in some screwed-up way. He did so much for her and she did so little for him. She couldn't cook, she was a drunkard, lazy and a slob.

Misato interrupted her introspection to give another wet lick to her boy's sweet cockhead. Shinji moaned again. "Ahhhh...."

Smiling at the pleasure audible in his voice, Misato slipped the head of Shinji's penis between her lips and sucked on it meditatively while continuing her inner monologue.

'I have to pretend to be a cold-hearted bitch and order him out there to fight or die. I don't think he hates me for it, thank God. I don't think I could live with myself if he did...'

Releasing the warm, spongy cockhead and allowing it to slide pleasantly between her plush lips, Misato flicked her tongue rapidly over the very tip of Shinji's penis, knowing from experience that this would produce a pleasurable torment in his body. Sure enough, his cries took on a new urgency. "Unh! UNH! Ohhh..."

Misato was determined that this time none of that sweet boyish sperm would be wasted, and shortly she got her wish.

'Come in my mouth baby, that's right, come in your Misato-chan's mouth...'

Bobbing her head rapidly, the sexually experienced older woman created a vacuum-like suction on Shinji's pulsing hard-on, all the while washing his length and especially the head of his penis with her hot, wet tongue. The skilled technique paid off as Shinji grunted repeatedly in relief and her mouth was filled with his salty emission. Misato grinned evilly as she pulled her mouth off of the young boy's cock with a wet slurp. 'My favorite. Cream of sum-yung-gi..."



Hastil y swallowing the warm, gooey mass of purloined semen, Misato's battle-trained mind groped for an explanation, a distraction, anything!

'Mmmmm, cum...'


"Dammit, no time for that now, *think* woman! ...'

'... Ah-ha! When in doubt, attack!'

Misato looked down at her Shinji-kun fondly, while continuing to idly fondle his rapidly reawakening shaft with one hand.

"Dreaming about cute little Rei-chan, eh Shinji-kun?"

Shinji's mouth dropped open in shock and embarrassment.

Misato grinned wickedly and pulled his erection a little more vigorously, slicking the pre-cum oozing from the head down the shaft to provide a more slippery experience.

"Have you and her been doing...things, Shinji-kun?"

Shinji's response was delayed by a moan, as the pleasure of Misato's stroking hand began to sink into his sleep-fogged brain.

"Misato-chan, I- Ahhhh....!"

Now it was Misato's turn to blush, at being called "chan" for the first time in a long while.


Red-cheeked and breathing hard from the pleasure radiating from his groin, Shinji sat up and managed to ask, "Mi-Misato-san...what are you doing?"

'In for a penny, in for a pound...'

Misato bent over and sucked on the head of Shinji's penis. 'MMmmm...'

"Ahhhhhh..." Shinji slumped back onto his bed, sedated by the pleasure of being enveloped by Misato's warm mouth.

"NERV interrogation technique #654," she said crisply.

"Now, I want to know if you and Rei have been...experimenting..." She raised an inquisitive eyebrow at the last part and gave Shinji her most insinuating stare, as well as an amused smile.

With his head back and his eyes closed, Shinji moaned out, "Hai...."

Misato smiled at her success in rephrasing the reality of the situation. 'Damn, this *is* a good interrogation technique. Note to self: update NERV field manual.'

She gave Shinji's penis another hungry suck, enjoying her captive's pleased moan. 'Plus, it has benefits.'

"Have you touched her?"


'Hmm,'s usually the boy that does the initial touching...' Misato sucked on Shinji's cock some more, rapidly curling and uncurling her agile tongue around the flared head, to the counterpoint of his noises of pleasure.

"Has she touched you?"


She flicked her tongue rapidly across the penis' sensitive tip, wrenching a cry from its owner.


She squeezed at the base of his cock, preventing a premature ejaculation. "Now now Shinji-kun, we don't want to end the fun- I mean interrogation, so soon..."

"Hai..." replied a dazed Shinji.

Misato began rubbing his balls soothingly with one hand, while continuing to gently squeeze and pull his now saliva-slickened penis with the other.

"Why don't you tell me all about what you did with Rei-chan, Shinji-kun..." she crooned.

"Ohhhh... H-Hai Misato-san..."

* * *

Over the next few minutes, the full story of the young couple's first time together was slowly pulled out of Shinji, frequently interrupted by his soft cries of pleasure as Misato applied her "interrogation technique".

"-And, and then, then she le-H-ft! UNNNNHHHH!!! Please let me cum Misato-san!"

Misato had been preventing Shinji from ejaculating by expertly squeezing the base of his cock when she thought he was about to blow. Ruthlessly, she did it one more time and then licked the head of his penis as if it were an ice-cream cone.

"You're *lap* a naughty *lap* boy *lap lap lap* Shinji-kun. *slurrrrp*"

Shinji let out a series of convulsive gasps as the superb blowjob he was receiving reached a slobberingly wet peak.

"Using my undies to get yourself off like that..." Misato purred as she momentarily released his cockhead, glistening strands of saliva connecting her lush mouth to her victim's organ. She then deepthroated the boy's six-inch member without difficulty. Misato bumped the sensitive head against the back of her throat several times, wrenching more desperate cries from her young ward, then finished him off by pulling her lips slowly from the root to the tip, applying considerable pressure and swirling her tongue around the shaft the entire time.

Shinji let out another pre-climactic groan, and this time she had mercy and let the poor boy discharge into her warm, wet mouth.


Misato hummed with pleasure as her Shinji-kun's creamy spunk spurted onto her tongue and filled her mouth with its potent male flavor. The load of semen was exceptionally large, due to her cruel refusal to let Shinji ejaculate during the 10-minute-long blowjob.

She listened to his slowing pants of breath, enjoying her last few moments of oral contact with his member. She felt very close to him as she finished expressing her affection in the only way she knew how. She had made her beloved boy cum very hard and she knew that he would be happy now, if only for a short while. As Misato released Shinji's penis from between her lips and straightened up, she realized that she herself felt happier than she had been in a long time.

She felt very warm inside as she considered the tranquil expression on Shinji's face as he lay in a boneless heap on his bed. He breathed deeply and slowly through his mouth as he recovered from his recent, tremendous expenditure of vital energy.

* * *

Shinji rested in the comfortable haze of bodily nirvana which follows orgasm. His mind whirled as he lay there, replaying bits and pieces of the last few minutes. The soft brush of Misato's long hair across his thighs as she licked and sucked at his shaft and sack...the excruciatingly pleasurable feeling of her warm wet tongue caressing his aching erection...peaking with the desperately needed relief of finally being allowed to empty himself into her mouth. The naïve young boy mused to himself that NERV interrogation technique #654 was terribly, terribly effective. He wondered if it were banned by the Geneva convention. He decided that even if it were, NERV would probably use it anyway.

Even if he had wanted to hide something from his guardian, all she would have to do would be to threaten to use the dreadful technique and he would be spilling his guts moments later. Or would he hold out, forcing her to use it on him? The second option seemed more attractive for some reason...

Shinji was pulled from his musings by a rumble from his stomach, echoed a second later by a sympathetic rumble from Misato's. They shared a chuckle over it, followed by an awkward silence.

Finally, Misato turned to leave, saying with a smile, "I'll be waiting for you at the breakfast table, Shinji-kun."

Shinji swallowed. Was it just him or did Misato's voice seem more alluring, more...seductive, today than usual?

It was probably just him, he decided, pulling on some clothes quickly and deciding to forgo a shower for the moment. An attractive woman like Misato would never be interested in a pathetic 14 year-old wimp like himself. He stopped and drew a deep breath, realizing that during Misato's extensive touching of himself she had left a considerable trace of her distinctive lavender perfume. An unconscious smile crossed his face as he went to make them breakfast, smelling slightly of the woman who had just been hungrily gobbling his meat.

* * *

The apartment was very quiet as the two members of the makeshift family ate. Breakfast was a simple, traditional meal of rice, vegetables and miso soup. Misato had beer as well, of course.

Shinji couldn't look at her without blushing, so he kept his eyes on his food. When he managed to force his mind off of the sexy woman sitting opposite him, his mind invariably moved to thinking about the lovely dream had been having prior to waking up with Misato's hand on his penis. Rei had been telling him things that made him feel warm inside, things he couldn't remember, and then sloooowly peeling off her clothing until...the end of the dream blurred with the exciting events immediately following it. It confused Shinji greatly. Could Rei have been interrogating him in the dream as well? If so, for what purpose?

'Ah, dreams don't make any sense most of the time.' He raised his head and spied Misato gazing at him fondly. He blushed and returned to his meal. 'Misato-chan...'

Misato was content to smile at him and dreamily pick at her meal. As they nibbled their last few bites, the purple-haired woman couldn't resist her urge to tease any longer.

She gave a little attention-getting cough and when Shinji looked up, she shook her finger at him in mock warning.

"Remember that all NERV interrogation techniques are classified, Shinji-kun." Misato smiled warmly.

"Hai, Misato-san." Shinji blushed and thought ruefully that he would die of embarrassment if he tried to tell anyone about being "interrogated".

A soft croon came to his ear. "Shinji-kun...."

Shinji started in surprise. Misato had somehow silently crossed the distance between them and was now perched on an adjacent chair, uncomfortably close to him. He could feel her envelope of bodily warmth and smell the soothing scent of lavender.

Shinji involuntarily relaxed as Misato's soft hand caressed his cheek. He was suddenly aware of the faint sound of rain outside. The harsh reality of his life seemed a dream, something far away.

Misato's sweet voice was a melancholy whisper. "I'm happy for you and Rei, Shinji-kun. I- I'm almost jealous of her, to tell you the truth."

Shinji looked wonderingly at her, confused by her statement.

Misato continued her gentle caress of his face, seeming to enjoy the contact. "Don't look so surprised Shinji-kun. You're such a sweet boy. Rei-chan is just the first girl to be lucky enough to get close to you. I'm sure if you looked around your class at school you'd find many more who would have liked the chance."

Shinji's speechless face indicated that he doubted this very much. The sound of the rain was hypnotic. His eyelids drooped fractionally.

Misato smiled a little sadly. "It doesn't matter now. Once Rei has her hooks into you, she won't let you go. Any woman would do the same."

Shinji blinked. His eyelids drooped a little more.

Misato smiled her more familiar mischievous smile. "You'll understand someday, Shinji-kun. Women are predatory creatures. Once they find their mate and stake their claim, they become as territorial as men, if not more so." Her caressing hand slid down his neck and gently stroked his shoulder and upper arm.

Shinji blinked again, slowly. The confusing talk, the warmth of Misato's body and the soothing patter of the rain were putting him to sleep.

Misato looked into his half-closed eyes. "I'm sorry Shinji-kun. I'm rambling. I'm a little nervous, I guess." She took a deep breath, seeming to gather her strength. "The thing is, now that you and Rei are beginning to become intimate, I thought I'd help you both by teaching you about...what to do with a woman. Sex isn't all instinct, and I'd hate for you to have to fumble around and possibly hurt Rei-chan when you want to...go further than what you two have already done. "

Shinji's eyes blinked rapidly as he became more alert. Something about what she'd said alarmed him. He became fully awake as his brain put two and two together. Show him what to do...WITH A WOMAN?!

His visual cortex kicked in and began bombarding him with suppressed, but still carefully stored, images of Misato. Leaning over, with her bounteous chest threatening to fall out of her too-small tank top. Bending down and allowing her short-shorts to ride up, almost completely exposing her two smooth, full bottom cheeks. Coming out of the bathroom after a shower, smiling her teasing smile and coyly using an inadequate strip of towel to (barely) block the sight of her voluptuous nude body. Twin threads of blood trickled from his nostrils.

Then the rest of her statement hit his libido like a glass of ice water.


Misato looked down at him and nodded seriously. "A woman's anatomy is delicate, and most men tend to be too rough. Even if the man means well, he doesn't know how much stimulation feels good for a woman and how much can hurt her. It's why so many men are such poor lovers."

Shinji looked down in thought and chewed over this information with a sober face. Misato's heart fluttered as she realized how seriously Shinji took his self-imposed responsibility to protect Rei. 'You're getting a keeper, Rei-chan. Treat him well or someone else will be happy to...'

Shinji pondered. 'Misato-san is right. I think Rei-chan is going to want to go...'all the way', sooner rather than later. If Misato can show me what to avoid hurting Rei...I'd do anything.' Decision made, he was nonetheless still *really* nervous.

Shinji looked up at her, and said, "Please teach me, Misato-san. I want to be a good l-lover," he blushed and stuttered, "for Rei-chan."

Inwardly, Misato grinned. 'Jackpot!'

The selfish thought was immediately followed by a powerful jolt of guilt. 'If you're going to use him for your own pleasure, at least follow up on your supposed purpose!'

'I will, I will. Piss *off* conscience!'

Misato stared into her young pupil's cerulean blue eyes and purred, "Don't worry Shin-chan, I'll be gentle."

Shinji stared back and shivered at Misato's warm, beer-scented breath on his face. Her big brown eyes were threatening to swallow him whole. He realized with a start that there was a vigorous erection tenting his slacks. He could feel his pulse hammering in his temples, and hear the hiss of the rain outside. The feeling of being in a dream was back, but it had shifted from a lulling dream to a *stimulating* one.

Shinji swallowed past a dry throat and said the first thing that popped into his mind.

"I have to call Rei-chan."

Misato blinked in surprise. "Oh? Why?"

Shinji was already moving towards the phone with the hope of possible reprieve in his heart. He tried not to sound too cheerful as he replied.

"I can't...ah...*train* with you like that without telling her. It wouldn't be right."

Misato pouted at Shinji's back as he put the handset to his ear and frantically punched buttons. 'Spoilsport.'

She sulkily drank beer and eyed Shinji's firm young bottom as he muttered quietly into the phone.

* * *

*ring ring*

Shinji tapped his foot anxiously. 'Come on, come on...'

*ring ring*


Shinji listened to silence at the other end. "Ayanami-san?"

"Shinji-kun." There was a welcoming tone in Rei's voice, though 99.999999999% of the people on earth would not have been able to tell. Shinji heard it, though.

Awkward silence for a few beats. "Ah, Ayanami-san, I have a request to make..."


"Um, regarding our recent," here Shinji blushed, "ah, activities together...Misato-san knows and wishes to give me training..."


"Katsuragi-san wishes to train you in sexual matters?"

"H-Hai, Rei-san. Since I thought that after our...experience together...and you said that you wanted to do it again...I didn't feel it would be proper to proceed without asking you first."

Rei's reply had a nearly invisible note of curiosity. "Why?"

Shinji blushed and stammered some more. "Well, you see, if we were to engage in, u-uum s-sex," Shinji was very red now, "on a regular basis, then most people would consider us boyfriend and girlfriend, and you don't do anything sexual with someone outside that relationship without special permission from the other person."


When Rei responded, she sounded unusually warm. "I am your girlfriend, Shinji-kun?"

Shinji felt a corresponding warmth in his heart as he replied softly, "If you want to be, Rei-chan."

Rei's response was immediate. "Hai, Shinji-kun. I would like that very much."

Shinji murmured his response into the phone, "Then, Rei-chan, you are my girlfriend and I am your boyfriend."

Shinji wondered that anyone could sound so happy about being considered *his* girlfriend. He was sure that most girls would considered it a downgrade in status. Still, if it made Rei happy, he was willing to accept the accolade of "Rei's boyfriend". The thought made him oddly giddy.

* * *

Misato looked into her beer can suspiciously. Where the hell were all the sunbeams and rainbows around Shinji-kun coming from? She glared at her feathered housemate, currently coming out of his fridge to grab a drink for the larger cooling unit. 'If you've spiked my beer again, Pen-Pen...'

The too-intelligent-for-his-own-good fowl returned her glare with an innocent look of his own devising, before hopping back into his comfortably chilly domicile and closing the door. 'You're on your own with this one, Purple. Something's up with the kid, but it ain't nothin' ta do with me.'

* * *

Savoring the unfamiliar feeling of inner warmth, Shinji returned to the business at hand.

"So, about Misato-san's idea..."

Rei's voice was businesslike. "Katsuragi-san is trustworthy. Training is an asset to a person's efficient functioning. You may proceed, Shinji-kun."

Shinji blinked, several times, a bit dismayed at her lack of reaction. "O-Ok Rei-chan. I'll see you later, then."

"Hai, Shinji-kun. I will contact you when another opportunity for us to be together arises."


Shinji slowly put down the handset and turned to regard Misato.

He gave her a sickly smile.

Misato arched an eyebrow and tried not to sound too eager. "So...what did Rei-san have to say?"

Shinji swallowed, hard. "She, she,'s OK."

Misato smiled. "What was that, Shinji-kun? I didn't quite catch that last part."

In a very very quiet voice Shinji replied, "Rei gave her permission for you to teach me about, s-s-sex, Misato-san."

Misato smiled broadly. "Oh, she did? How nice..." Her voice dropped to a seductive purr on the last part of her statement. She noticed that while Shinji may have been blushing, there was a pronounced bulge in the front of his slacks at the same time.

Misato took Shinji's hand and gently pulled him toward her bedroom. "No time like the present, Shinji-kun. Lucky for you, I just happen to be in a teaching kind of mood..."

Shinji felt his blood-pressure skyrocket as Misato's soft hand closed about his own. The increase in vascular pressure was especially noticeable in a certain, currently very prominent, body-part.

He had been in Misato's room a few times, but now it seemed unfamiliar, part of the territory of dreams. The floating feeling of unreality was back, giving everything fuzzy edges. He followed Misato's lead meekly and took a seat next to her on the edge of her messy bed. Mounds of discarded clothing and more than a few beer cans, as well as some hard liquor bottles, formed a halo around Misato's place of rest. Shinji idly scanned the many colorful labels for a moment, until a husky whisper caught his attention.


Shinji turned his head to see a shirtless, though bra-clad, Misato. He only got a glimpse of the pleasant sight before the voluptuous woman twisted to present her back to him and murmured, "Unclip me, Shinji-kun."

Shinji swallowed hard and scooted reluctantly nearer, once again experiencing the soothing warmth that came from being in the envelope of another person's bodily heat. He breathed deeply of Misato's personal mixture of scents as his fingers slid on the smooth skin of her back, searching for the bra's release catch. As he fumbled with it, he reflected that she smelled of beer, lavender and something that could only be described as "woman". The combination of warmth and scent was mesmerizing, and he found himself caressing her back longer than was necessary.

Misato didn't seem to mind, and after a few more moments, he found the trick of unhooking it. Misato let out an "ahh!" of relief and swung around, presenting the astonished young boy with a faceful of bosom.

"Unhooking a bra is a trick that every young man should know," Misato began to lecture, only to find her pupil unresponsive. "Shinji-kun? Shinji? ..."

The young man in question had his eyes locked on the gently heaving mountains of delight that were less than an inch from his nose. He could feel their heat on his face. Instinctively, he pressed his face forward, smothering it in the warmth and softness of Misato's breasts. Finding her twin peaks of paradise to be warm as hot-water bottles and soft as clouds, he let out of soft cry of delight and rubbed his face slowly back and forth.

"MMMmmm, Shinji-kun..." Misato enjoyed the gentle rubbing of her pupil's face on her sensitive breasts, almost as much as he did. She enjoyed it even more when he brought up his hands to caress their sides, and then gingerly explore. "Yes, go ahead, touch them however you like, Shinji-kun....mmmm..." An uninvolved part of Shinji's brain noted that he had been given permission and released all locks on his inhibitions. Reluctantly pulling his face away from their comforting embrace, he began fondling them, slowly and thoroughly.

Misato's breasts were large, and made to look even larger by her slim frame. They overflowed Shinji's hands when he attempted to heft them. Both Shinji and Misato shivered in pleasure as her abundant tit-flesh was squeezed between his fingers. Shinji was loving this. 'Oh god, they're so soft and warm...' He was surprised by how heavy they were. Misato murmured in pleasure as he gingerly touched the prominent nipples with the tips of his fingers.

"Ahhhh...the nipples are very sensitive, in most women at least, Shinji-kun. Go lightly with them until you know how hard a touch will feel good."

Misato gasped in delight as it occurred to her beloved boy to put his mouth into play. "YEEESSS! AH, that's *good* Shinji-kun, suck on them, more please, moooooorrrre....."

Shinji's eyes closed in pleasure as he found a strange delight in suckling at Misato's breast. Her excited breathing rippled the ripe tit against his face, a sensation which pleased him, even his mouth instinctively applied a powerful suction to her warm, hard nipple. He let out a little grunt of pleasure, sucked in more air though his nose and then resumed sucking. The nipple grew longer, hotter and more swollen as he did so. He heard Misato moan with pleasure as he investigated this phenomenon with his tongue.

He sucked contentedly for what felt like a long time, randomly using his tongue when he felt the urge, until it occurred to him that the other breast might be lonely. He pulled his face away, staying attached to the nipple as long as possible, causing Misato's boob to stretch, and then finally letting it go, timing the release to the tune of Misato's sounds of pleasure.

Immediately feeling bereft, he plunged his face back into her bosom and blindly found the other nipple. He began sucking at it, hard, as well as giving it a friendly tickle with his tongue. It seemed that he was doing it right, as he heard a moan from above his head. "Yes...oh yessss...that's so nice Shinji-kun, please keep doing that!" Smiling inwardly, he kept the other breast from loneliness by filling his palm with it. Pressing his face against the warm softness, he sucked mindlessly while focusing his spare attention on his hand, twiddling, stroking and rubbing the nipple to determine what stimulation Misato liked best.

Happy as Shinji was, Misato was finding equal enjoyment at 'nursing' him. 'Ooohh, god, if this is what he's like untrained, when I'm done with him Rei's going to have a permanent home staked out in the 7th heaven...' Misato had very sensitive breasts and nipples. In fact, she was capable of reaching climax from just having them touched in the right way. Currently, both of Misato's nipples were fully engorged with blood and achingly sensitive.

She groaned deep in her throat as Shinji combined his hard, relentless suction on one nipple with tugging firmly on the other. "Pull on them, yeah...nibble on it, Shinji-kun..." She let out a yelp as Shinji did as requested. "N-Not so hard, oh, oh!, OH! That's just right! OH GOD, OH PLEASE Shinji-kun keep doing that!!!"

She was well aware of the perverted connotations of having a lonely, motherless young boy sucking at her bosom. However, it didn't disturb her all that much. In her opinion, all men were seeking motherly comfort when they went after a woman's breasts. In Shinji's case, she figured it would just lead to a more intense than usual fixation. She thought it likely that he would turn into a "breast-man", a male whose favored female body-part was the girl's jugs. Such an outcome was better than leaving him with no comfort at all, Misato was firmly certain about that.

Thought was swept from her head as Misato was the one who enjoyed "comforting". She tried to tell Shinji that he was doing well, but found that she could only moan. She slipped a hand into her shorts and a single quick rub on her pulsing clit was all she needed to get off. With a sustained womanly moan of satisfaction, Misato slumped onto her back on the bed, pulling the still gently sucking Shinji with her so that he lay on top of her. The two lay there for a while, Misato enjoying the afterglow and Shinji as content as a baby at his mother's tit.

Finally, Shinji detached himself and looked at Misato while resting his face in her cleavage. "Did you like that Misato-san?"

Misato ran her fingers through his hair and murmured, "Mm-hm. That was great, Shinji-kun."

Seeming to remember where he was all of a sudden, Shinji blushed, but still rubbed his face against her soft front, murmuring, "I liked it too."

Looking down at the smiling boy's face resting amongst her boobage, Misato felt a strong desire to kiss him on the mouth, but resisted. Instead she rose to a sitting position and kissed him on the cheek. When Shinji moved to kiss her back, she pulled her head away. Seeing his rapidly darkening expression, Misato hastened to explain.

"I'd love to teach you about kissing, Shinji-kun, but I'd feel terrible if I stole your first kiss from Rei. Do you understand?"

Shinji's confused expression told her that he didn't.

"A girl's first kiss is very important to her, and I thought that it would be nice if you gave your first kisses to each other." It occurred to Misato that Rei probably didn't even know that her first kiss was supposed to be important, and she resolved to talk to the girl as soon as possible.

Misato was pulled out of her ruminations by Shinji running a wondering hand over the large white scar on her torso. Her stomach churned with sudden agitation. 'Oh no, I can't believe I forgot about that!'

He looked up at her, concern written all over his face. "Misato-chan...are you OK?"

Misato correctly interpreted what Shinji meant, as obviously the wound was long healed. She smiled a melancholy smile at him, warmed by his concern for her well-being.

"I'm fine with it, Shinji-kun. It's my souvenir of being the only living witness to Second Impact."

He looked solemnly at her, listening intently and stroking the hard, dry keloid tissue as if to comfort her.

Misato looked into his deep blue eyes and continued, "It's also the reason I don't have to worry about birth control. It...hurt me inside, so that I can't bear children."

She was instantly upset with herself. 'Why did I tell him that?'

Shinji's eyes were abrim with sympathy. "I'm sorry, Misato-san." He moved to give her a gentle hug, and she wordlessly folded him into her arms.

Misato found that she had tears in her eyes. She murmured to Shinji and to herself, over and over, "I'm OK, Shinji-kun, I'm OK."

After a long, comforting few minutes, Misato reluctantly pulled away from the comforting warmth of the hug and said, trying to be lighthearted again, "Well, that certainly broke the mood, now didn't it?"

Shinji just looked at her, not sure what to say or do after the seriousness of what they had been discussing.

Misato was determined that her stupid scar wasn't going to ruin the fun they had been having. 'When in doubt, tease.'

She shimmied her shoulders, making her big boobs do an erotic little dance. This immediately captured Shinji's attention. To ensure the effect, and because she wanted to, she did another little shimmy while simultaneously sliding a hand into Shinji's pants.

He gasped as Misato's warm hand found his male equipment and began to fondle.

Misato poured on the sensuality, slowly shifting her shoulders, keeping Shinji's eyes riveted to her jiggling boobflesh and cooing, "I'm still all hot and bothered, Shinji-kun. You wouldn't leave a lady in the lurch, would you?"

Her young lover closed his eyes and moaned an incoherently reply as Misato's hand expertly stroked his erection back to life.

Misato smirked, enjoying the feel of Shinji's hard manhood in her grasp. 'I've still got it.'

Mood reestablished, she reluctantly released the gently pulsing organ and moved to other matters. "You must be hot in all those stifling clothes, Shinji-kun," she purred. "Help me take them off."

Shinji swallowed hard, again, but complied, his nervousness combining with his arousal to make the removal of his slacks a remarkably complicated business. Misato had his shirt off in a trice, and her soft hands caressing his now bare sides felt good, but didn't help him calm down any. He eventually managed to remove the restricting item, leaving him clad only in his boxers. He gasped as Misato gently rubbed the noticeable bulge in the front of them.


Misato licked her lips in sensual hunger, but reluctantly restrained herself from proceeding further. 'More education first...damn conscience!'

Shinji yelped as Misato pulled down his boxers, exposing his boner to her hungry gaze. "M-Misato-san!"

Misato carelessly tossed the underclothing aside and hooked her thumbs into her short-shorts. "Observe, Shinji-kun," she purred.

Shinji couldn't help but stare as Misato slid the too-small lower garment down the endless length of her legs, revealing a pair of lavender-colored silk panties. Discarding her garment to the messy floor of her room with the same careless toss, the oversexed woman spread her legs slightly and indicated a damp patch in the lower front of her underwear. "See you aroused you're making me, Shinji-kun?" She rubbed at the spot for a moment, letting out a throaty moan of pleasure that made Shinji's heart skip a beat.

"You see, Shinji-kun, women get wet between the legs when they become aroused." Misato began pulling off her panties as she lectured. "Their sexual organs produce lubricant which facilitates the act of mating." Her panties were down around her knees, revealing her closely-trimmed purple-hued pussy fur.

"Are you listening to me, Shinji-kun?" Wordlessly, Shinji nodded, his eyes not moving from their object of interest. "Good," purred Misato, removing her panties completely and tossing them to him. Having a bit of experience with panties, he caught them and inhaled the fragrance of excited woman. 'She smells different from Rei...' The pungent scent may have been somewhat different, but it had the same effect. Misato's alert eyes saw how his penis pulsed and emitted a few drops of glistening, clear pre-cum from the head.

Misato felt the last of her inhibitions fall away as she heard her pupil's excited moan, her pretense of teaching him shuddering under the impact of their mutual arousal. She breathed heavily, feeling every inch of her exposed skin hungering to be in contact with his. ''


Shinji's mouth filled with saliva as Misato leaned back against the pillows and headboard and spread her legs, wide. His erection was becoming painful as he drank in the sight of Misato's swollen mound. The puffy outer folds glistened with moisture. It looked very inviting. He could distinctly feel Misato's warmth and smell her arousal as she indicated her genitalia with her hands. "This is my vagina, Shinji-kun. A nice thing to call it is a pussy. There are other things to call it which aren't so nice."

Misato felt very naughty, spreading her legs in front of Shinji like this. She'd always been a bit of an exhibitionist, and exposing herself in such a blatant way was making her very *very* moist. Her voice was a low, sensual purr as she said, "Come closer, Shinji-kun. I want you to touch me."

Shinji's heart was beating very fast as he shuffled closer on his knees. The closer he came to the nude Misato's warmth and arousing scent the more painful his erection became. As he came close enough to feel her breath and smell her skin, he swallowed hard and pleaded, "Misato-chan, I-I need to cum, please, it hurts-"

"Poor baby," she cooed, reaching down and giving the slick head of his penis a gentle rub, while holding the shaft with her other hand. That was all it took. Misato held his pulsing prick in her hand as Shinji grunted in profound relief and fired his load into the air. She directed the shots of jizz onto her torso, enjoying the feel of the warm cream as it landed on her skin. When Shinji was finished, she took the cum that had dripped from the head and collected in her palm and rubbed it into the skin of her breasts. She hummed with pleasure as she did so, attracting Shinji's attention.

The sight of Misato kneading her own great melons while rubbing them with glistening ejaculate was enough to began reinflating Shinji's penis. "Cum is the best skin cream in the world, Shinji-kun," she purred, smiling teasingly as she massaged her wobbling mounds of jelly. As Misato's skin appeared to be completely flawless as far as he could tell, Shinji saw no reason to doubt her. Misato continued to smile her alluring smile as she rubbed the cum on her belly into the skin.

Shinji took the opportunity to take inventory of the sumptuous feast of woman lying before him. Long, perfect legs, effortlessly spread wide, so that they dangled off of either side of the double bed. He traced the limbs with his eyes until they became Misato's shapely thighs, with her alluring purple forest at their junction. Slightly rounded belly, womanly but without flab, remarkable considering her beer consumption, with a cute innie belly button. This led to-

Misato's soft voice interrupted his visual survey. "You can touch me, Shinji-kun. Touch me all over. I'd like you to do that. Please?" Shinji's eyes were drawn to her face as she spoke. She pouted sensually as she made her plea, as if he was denying her something she wanted very much. "Don't you want to touch me, Shinji-kun?" she cooed, hefting her breasts and then letting the soft masses of flesh slide from her fingers, making them jiggle enticingly. He nodded without needing to think, penis hardening once more and his mouth filling with hungry saliva.

Shinji sighed happily as he shuffled forward into her envelope of body heat, crossing the last bit of space separating them. His penis pressed against the soft skin of Misato's belly, making him grunt softly with delight. Momentarily resisting the urge to rub his prick against her body, he reached up and sank his fingers into the soft mass of tit-flesh dangling temptingly before him. "Mmmmmm...." The sound of pleasure was made by both partners. Experimentally, Shinji began to knead Misato's big boobs as if they were fresh bread dough and he were a baker.

Misato threw her head back, arching her neck, and moaned out her pleasure. "Ahhhhhh...that's nice, Shinji-kun, do it a bit softer...s-see how the tips swell?" Shinji had indeed noticed the entire peak of the breasts, including the nipples and the circles of flesh around them, growing hotter and stiffer, as he gently, yet firmly massaged the great orbs with his hands. He continued to massage them as they swelled, noticing how Misato's moaning intensified as their heat and swollen state increased.

"Go more gently as they get more swollen, Shinji-kun," moaned Misato, eyes closed. He obeyed, increasing his attention the breast's hot, hard peaks at the same time as he decreased the force of his touch. Having an idea, he began licking, sucking and nibbling at the aroused flesh, enjoying the little shrieks Misato let out when he used his teeth.

"OH OH OH FU-H-ckkkk, that's good, that's so good, don't stop, please don't stop Shinji-kun!" Misato babbled, her right hand fumbling for her clit. She began a constant chant of "don't stop, that's so good" as she rubbed her pleasure button, feeling a big orgasm building like a lightning storm in the space below her belly. Shinji was in his own trance of pleasure, rocking his hips slightly to rub his slick, pre-cum oozing cockhead against Misato's soft belly as he used his hands, lips, teeth and tongue to give her pleasure. He couldn't get over how soft and pleasant to the touch her skin was. He wasn't sure he would have been able to stop tormenting her breasts even if she asked him to. He found caressing them to be both enjoyable and addictive.

With Shinji giving a final gentle squeeze and pull to her swollen nipples, Misato gave a high-pitched shriek and came. Shinji released her breasts and hugged her against him, feeling her body shudder in his arms as she experienced total satisfaction. Her breasts rubbed arousingly against his chest, and his penis rubbed equally arousingly against her stomach as she panted in the aftermath. The total skin-to-skin contact was overwhelmingly pleasant. He felt safe and loved. He wanted to stay like that forever.

Misato became aware of a huge grin stretching her face as she came down from nirvana. 'God, I haven't come like that in ages! Shinji-kun is a marvel.' She realized that she was holding her boy in her arms and his arms were tightly wrapped around her as well. Her heart melted as Shinji made a sleepy sound of absolute contentment, pushing his face into her breasts and nuzzling. She cooed to him, running her hands through his short clean hair, enjoying the warmth and friendly contact with another person almost as much as he.

They cuddled for a while, both feeling happier than they had in a long time, until Shinji had another notion. Loving the closeness he was experiencing, and wanting to take it further, he murmured, "I want to be inside you, Misato-chan."

"Hmmm?" Misato hummed. Shinji raised his head to look at her face and, feeling daring, darted in to give her a kiss on her jawline. "I want to put myself inside you, Misato-chan. I want to be closer to you." Shinji rocked his hips, groaning a little as he rubbed his still fiercely erect penis against Misato's soft skin.

He dropped his hips a bit lower and began rubbing his hard organ against the entrance to Misato's vagina. Both lovers gasped in pleasure as the warm, firm rod rubbed slickly against Misato's pussy lips and engorged clit, both organs lubricated by their mutual excitement. The slick, warm folds Shinji rubbed against promised him untold pleasures that he longed to experience. For Misato, the sweet friction against her most sensitive nub was almost enough to snap her resistance right there.

With a great effort of will, Misato forced herself to say what she felt she had to. "Oh darling, I'd love for you to do that, but it wouldn't be fair to Rei," she said sadly. Her next statement slipped out before she could check it. "I'm just a perverted old woman...I don't deserve to take your virginity."

Shinji scowled. "Don't say that! You're not a perverted old woman!" Misato was shocked and a little scared at his intensity. He looked deep into her eyes, with no sign of his usual shy persona in evidence. Misato found that she couldn't look away. He visibly struggled for something to say to counter her hurtful remark.

"You're - you're my Misato-chan, and I love you."

Tears sprang to Misato's eyes as she absorbed the heartfelt statement. She saw that Shinji had tears in his eyes as well, as he stared forlornly at her, and her heart broke.

"Oh, Shinji-kun!" Misato let out a sob and hugged him tightly. Shinji heard an almost inaudible whisper of "I love you too." The two lonely people hugged for a long time, lost in the emotional and physical pleasure of contact.

Shinji came back to himself, still wrapped in the pleasant heat of Misato's soft body. He stirred, realizing that his penis was still uncomfortably swollen and there was an odd ache in his testicles. He murmured into Misato's cleavage, "Misato-chan?" He felt the vibration of her voice against his cheek as she replied. "Mmm?"

Shinji felt rather awkward talking about such a thing after the intimate moment the two had shared. " balls kind of feels you know what that is?" he said sheepishly.

Misato clucked her tongue sympathetically. "Oh my poor Shinji-kun! That's what people call 'blue balls'."

They looked into each other's eyes. Misato smiled her teasing smile and murmured in a sultry voice, "You've been touching my sexy body for so long without cumming, your body stayed aroused and built up a lot of cum that you need to release." She flexed her stomach, causing it to rub against Shinji's cockhead. He groaned into her boobs as the contact, pleasant as it was, intensified the ache in his balls.

Misato cooed sympathetically. "Poor baby...Misato-chan will make it all better..." She squirmed around in his arms, drawing more groaning from Shinji as her soft skin rubbed against the aching, oozing head of his penis. He raggedly humped it against her as she moved, finding that while he felt as if he could cum any second, all this did was increase the feeling that his balls were about to explode. When he managed to calm down, he realized that Misato had twisted around so that she was lying face-down with him on top of her back.

Shinji sighed and tried to relax, thinking to himself that if he wasn't experiencing his current discomfort this would be a very pleasant position. He squirmed a bit, getting comfortable and adjusting the curves and hollows of the other side of Misato's body. He found that his chest fitted nicely into the curve of her back, and that her plush bottom made a pleasant cushion for his groin. He reached around and gently stroked the sides of her breasts as they lay squashed beneath her.

During all this, Misato lay quietly, allowing him to adjust to the new position and enjoying the feeling of Shinji's warm body pressing her into the mattress. She murmured in pleasure as her boy gently touched her boobs. "Mmm, that's nice, Shinji-kun, but you've done enough for me. You feel how your cock fits into the crease of my bum?"

Still gently touching the soft sides of Misato's boobs with his fingertips, Shinji rocked his hips experimentally and let out a soft groan as he found that his hard rod slid comfortably between Misato's full asscheeks. "Unnnnhhh...that's nice Misato..."

Misato smiled at the pleasure in his voice. "Go ahead, Shinji-kun. Rub yourself off with my bum. The French call this 'frottage'."

Shinji complied, grunting and groaning with pleasure as he thrust his aching cock between Misato's buns. The tender skin in the crease was warm and as soft as silk, making him want to adjust his position to run his cockhead down as much of the full length of it as possible. His thrusts grew more frenzied as the ache in his balls grew, until the inevitable happened.

Grunting happily and pumping his rod in the by-now pre-cum lubricated valley, Shinji's angle of attack became a little too deep and he drove his slippery cockhead into Misato's anus.

To Shinji, it felt really good, as he speared unexpectedly into a hot, tight crevice.


Misato's squeak of protest was drowned out by Shinji's loud grunt. Automatically, he pulled back and thrust again, the copious lubrication leaking from his abused penis facilitating his penetration. His second thrust sank half of his 6 inch length into Misato's quivering ass, wrenching a louder cry from its owner.


Shinji had learned to identify the sound of pleasure in Misato's voice and that's what he heard here. Satisfied that she was enjoying it, and with the ache in his balls demanding he continue, he pulled out and then thrust his hips forward, grimacing in enjoyment and using his full bodyweight to drive his aching penis deeper into the tightly gripping orifice. It loosened up somewhat as he thrust again and again, but remained extremely snug, providing ample friction. To his frustration, he found that the change in sensation from rubbing lightly against Misato's bum to driving his member deep inside it had reset his arousal, preventing the desperately needed relief of ejaculation.

This desperation made him less concerned with being gentle with her than usual, as he mercilessly used her nether orifice to attempt to gain that relief. As Misato cried out in increasing pleasure, the frenzied young boy began ramming the full length of his mature-sized six-inch penis in and out of her bumhole at ever increasing speed. Shinji grunted harshly in mixed pleasure and pain as his pelvis slapped against Misato's big ass. The mound of soft bumflesh felt great against his belly, groin and thighs, and he began to piston himself against it with tremendous force.

Misato wailed as intense pleasure radiated from her violated ass. All she needed was a good rub against her clit and she would be having a mammoth orgasm. She let out cute little cries of frustration as due to her face-down posture, Shinji riding her bottom and her spastically twitching-with-pleasure limbs, she couldn't quite achieve the sustained friction against her joy-button that she needed. All she could do was cling to her sanity and moan in pleasure and frustration as Shinji's grunts of pleasure increased in depth and volume, indicating his long-desired approach to climax was coming to an end.

Shinji was in heaven as he enjoyed his first unrestricted copulation with a woman. The primal act of pumping his hips against her body, driving his hard manliness into her soft womanliness, was unbelievably pleasurable. He could tell from Misato's frantic moans and groans that she was enjoying it too. He concentrated on the pleasant springy softness of her buttocks as they cushioned the impacts of his furiously thrusting pelvis.

"UNNNNHH! Misato-chan! So GOOD! UnnnnhhHH..."

Just when Misato was approaching her snapping point, Shinji let out a shuddering groan and ejaculated, filling her ass with hot semen and immediately collapsing onto her back afterwards. Misato whimpered as she involuntarily savored the feeling of her Shinji's hard meat pulsing inside her backdoor. She felt a hot pleasure in the pit of her stomach at the kinky nature of the sex act. She whimpered even more piteously at the deliciously perverted sensation of her bottom being filled with hot cum. She gave a little sob of frustration as the pleasure pushed her *almost* to the point of satisfaction but not quite over. If there was such as thing as "blue clit" she was sure that she was suffering from it.

Shinji's mind was blasted clean of thought as he experienced a seemingly endless ejaculation, pressing himself hard against Misato's sleek back and attempting to force his cock as deep as possible into her warm, clutching bowels. The groan that came from his mouth sounded like that of a dying man, as his testicles pumped a huge quantity of backed-up cum into Misato's butt.

The combination of an urgent, driving sensation, that of having his stiff, aching penis jammed into Misato's tight bottom and a soft, relaxing sensation, that of having her big, cushiony buttocks pressing comfortably against his groin, was beyond heavenly. He clutched at her soft shoulders and shuddered as he spurted inside her, hoping he wouldn't have a heart attack and die, as he wanted to experience this pleasure again before he left the earth.

He grunted softly into Misato's ear as he clenched his inner muscles and squeezed out the last few drops of semen into her butt. Having completely emptied his balls into her body, he let out a happy little sigh and rested, floating on an intense tide of euphoria. He found lying on top of her body, penis still imbedded in her bottom, to be very pleasant and relaxing.

Shinji wiggled his hips, enjoying the warm and soft hill of smooth, perfect butt that his groin was molded to. It was not as intimate as lying in her arms, but was still a very friendly place to be. He idly moved his legs as well, feeling how they overlapped Misato's and enjoying the sensation of skin-on-skin. He then caressed her back and arms, noting that her skin was incredibly soft and smooth to the touch, everywhere on her body, much more so than his.

'Girls must have softer skin, I guess.'

He looked forward to finding out if Rei was as pleasant to the touch, distracted enough to not even blush at the thought.

All of a sudden, it penetrated to his mind that Misato was making tiny, distressed whimpering noises. His blood instantly froze.

'Oh God - did I hurt her?!'

Shinji's swiftly draining euphoria cushioned his panic enough for him to realize that the whimpers were not of pain, but more of frustration. Swallowing apprehensively, he whispered into her ear.

"Misato-chan...are you OK?"

He gave her a little kiss on the side of her face. "Misato-chan?"

Misato stopped whimpering and murmured in a strained, but still sweet voice, "Let me roll over, Shinji-kun."

Shinji obligingly pulled his still half-hard penis from Misato's tight bottom sheath, causing her to whimper loudly in pleasure and frustration at the same time that Shinji hissed out his own enjoyment of the sensation. He then clambered off of her and sat on the side of the bed, allowing Misato to roll over onto her back. His mouth dropped open as he intuited the cause of her frustrations.

There was a huge wet spot on the area on the bed where Misato's pelvis had been lying. Not only that, but when she rolled over, Shinji could see that her entire lower body was a mess. Her pussy was blatantly swollen with arousal, the outer lips thick, red and oozing moisture. Her closely trimmed pussy hair was soaked, each black-purple fiber glittering with liquid. Her thighs and even her lower belly were coated with girl-cum, literally dripping with the stuff. Sweeping his gaze upwards, he could see that her breasts were distended with blood, the nipples hard and straining. He realized to his shock that he could see her pulse beating in the swollen fleshy tips.

Misato actually blushed at her beyond-normally-horny state. 'He probably thinks I'm such a slut...reacting this way to being fucked in the ass...' She couldn't remember the last time she'd blushed. She could feel the pleasant ache coming from her recently-stretched asshole combining with the fiery craving making her loins itch, the mingled sensations making her entire lower body feel like one giant need to be filled. At that moment the thing she wanted most in the world was to climb aboard her Shinji and ride him until she was satisfied, saving his virginity for Rei be damned.

Shinji stared. "Are you OK, Misato-chan?"

Misato licked her lips as she lay there, pussy throbbing and screaming at her. Her boobs bounced with the slow, deep breathing of her extreme arousal, as she tried to think of what to say, other than, "Fuck me! FUCK ME NOW!"

She attempted a sensual tone, but it came out as more of a croak of desperate need. " see my pussy?"

Shinji nodded, wide-eyed. His eyes were glued to Misato's flower as she used her fingers to pull her outer lips apart, revealed the bright pink interior.

Misato licked her lips again. "I want to save your virginity for Rei, Shinji-kun, but I need something inside me or I'm going to go crazy. Put your fingers inside me, Shinji-kun."

Shinji moved closer to Misato's supine body, all of a sudden noticing the absolute *funk* of female arousal in the air. He breathed in the musky scent of Misato's desire, the liquid desire that coated her lower body in such profusion. Manhood hardening, he crouched between Misato's splayed legs and gingerly reached forward to touch her inner self.

"Thaaaat's the way, Shinji-kun," crooned Misato. He slid one finger, then two into the soft wet pink, Misato letting out a little gasp of pleasure as the contact promised her nerves that the burning inside her would soon be satisfied. She babbled as Shinji curiously twisted and slid his fingers inside the pleasantly warm and velvety crevice. "I *ah!* really *mmm* liked *uuuuunnhhhh* it when you *oh!* were inside my bum, Shinji-kun."

Shinji looked at her attentively, gently thrusting inside her body with three bundled fingers.

Misato sighed in happiness. Her body had finally caught on to the fact that it wasn't going to be starved of penetration anymore, and the burning desire had been replaced with a rising wave of pleasure.

" see, Shinji-kun, girls have a harder time reaching climax then men. Most girls need their clitoris rubbed to reach satisfaction. I was really enjoying you riding my bottom, but I couldn't give myself that little push to go over the edge."

Seeing his inquisitive expression, Misato indicated her clit by stroking it with one elegant finger. Her face twisted in ecstasy as the currently hypersensitive bundle of nerves sent a crippling pulse of heaven into her body.

"O-Oh-hhhh, G-Goh-d!!!"

Shinji smiled. Even with her face twisted in rapture, he found the sight of his Misato-chan's pleasure to be very heart-warming. He hummed happily as he rhythmically thrust his bundled digits into her warm, wet opening. The delicate flesh inside Misato's pussy was hot and slick. He could only imagine how wonderful it would feel rubbing against his cock. He gritted his teeth as his renewed erection gave a little jump at the thought, a twinge passing through it as the head oozed another drop of pre-cum.

Misato's eyes remained closed as her finger, no longer until her voluntary control, ceaselessly stroked the girl-cum coated little bump. " see, clit is as sensitive as the head of your cock, maybe even a bit more..."

She groaned and rubbed herself a bit quicker. "Ooooohhhhh-yeaaaaahhhhh....mmmmm....faster...please...Shinji-kun!&quo t;

Shinji complied, adding a fourth finger and thrusting just a bit more rapidly, using a twisting motion. His hand was wet to the wrist with Misato's juices.

Misato threw her head back and cried out, "MMMMMM...God yes! P-Put your whole hand inside me! Please Shinji-kun, I'm begging you!"

His heart pounding as Misato's excitement amplified his own, Shinji apprehensively used all of his fingers, including the thumb, to form a cone and pressed it into the hot flesh. The clinging walls of her sex resisted him tenaciously, making him have to use a bit of muscle as he twisted his hand inside Misato's body. He was aided by the copious lubrication she was producing and shortly, his entire hand was wrist-deep inside her vagina. He found the wet heat of being inside his guardian's body to be very pleasant, almost soothing, even as the extreme nature of the act made his manhood ache with excitement.

Misato panted shallowly through her nose, groaning with pleasure at having Shinji's hand stretching her pussy. She had her eyes shut, previously due to pleasure, now because she was afraid to look at Shinji's face.

'Slut, slut, slut...God, I'm practically asking him to fist me...'

She groaned again as Shinji began to twist and pull his hand half-way out- and then back in- out and in- out and in-


Misato rubbed furiously at her distended clitoris as Shinji grunted softly with effort and powered his hand in and out of her sheath. The way he twisted it as he did so caused his knuckles to rub marvelously against the sensitive inner tissue, in a way that was driving Misato mad with pleasure. After a few excruciating minutes of this, she distantly heard her voice say, "M-Make a fist Shinji-kun, use your fist on me, I need it..."

Shinji sweated with effort as he plunged his hand inside Misato's body. Her deafening shrieks of pleasure told him that she was enjoying it greatly, so he was content to continue. When he heard her brokenly ask for him to make his hand into a fist, he immediately complied. It was actually easier to penetrate her this way, as he could simply concentrate on clenching his hand shut and ramming it in and out of her muscular tunnel.

He hummed in pleasure as he did so, enjoying the unique sensation of her pussy clutching at his hand. It was incredibly hot inside Misato. Shinji could feel her inner walls throbbing with blood as he corkscrewed his fist through the buttery resistance they provided. When he had his fist all the way inside her, both the inner and outer lips sealed themselves tenaciously around the thickness of his wrist, only to bulge open as he distended them by pulling his fist part-way out. It felt pleasant when the lips, greased with Misato's natural lubrication, slid along the smooth skin of his forearm as he sank his fist deep into her body.

Misato was reduced to whimpering, the pleasure draining her strength too much to allow her to yell.

"Oh god...oh fuck...that feels so good Shinji-kun...never stop...please...please don't stop..."

Shinji's hand, while a rather large object to have inserted inside a woman's vagina, was both small, as hands go, and rather soft-skinned and delicate. In short, it was the ideal hand to be fisted with, if such an act was desired. To Misato, it was like having the biggest, hardest penis imaginable penetrating her in a profoundly satisfying way. Plus, now that Shinji had clenched his hand into a fist, it had even more bumpy surfaces that rubbed on sensitive inner portions of her vagina that had never before been touched in her entire sexual life.

Shinji was becoming a bit concerned as he really got into the rhythm of fisting Misato senseless. She was lying flat on her back, arms and legs spread wide and hanging limply. She had stopped whimpering a minute ago and was now making a faint gurgling noise with her mouth hanging slackly open. What really worried him was that when he had taken a quick glance at her eyes, he couldn't be sure in the uneven lighting, but it had looked like her pupils were two different sizes, one huge and one tiny. He was no medical doctor, but he didn't think was normal.

Grunting with exertion as he twisted and pumped his wet fist in and out of her body, he noticed that the hand she had been using to rub her clitoris was lying limp on her belly, inches from it's target. It twitched regularly, as if trying desperately to obey its owner's command to rub the pulsing nub, but tragically failing. Recalling what Misato had said about the nub's necessity to provide final satisfaction, and inspired by her own oral pleasuring of his member, he managed to find a position to allowed him to lick the pulsing little bit of flesh while maintaining his vigorous penetration of her body with his hand. Plopping his head, right cheek down, onto Misato's warm belly, he began to lick and suck at Misato's joy button.

Instantly, a sound came from Misato's mouth, starting quietly and steadily building to a deafening noise.

Shinji felt the vibration start as he lay with his head on her warm stomach. He caressed Misato's clit tenderly with his tongue, lapping at the spongy little protrusion ceaselessly, licking his lips with enjoyment at the unique flavor of her juices.

Misato moaned. "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnhhhhhhh..."

Shinji pumped his fist deep into her body and licked her clit.


Shinji felt her inner walls fluttering around his busily thrusting hand. 'Cool...' He increased the muscle he was using to keep it moving and sucked lovingly on her button.

She shrieked at the top of her lungs. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Shinji refused to let up as Misato's sex began violently contracting around his grinding fist. The strength of her inner muscles was remarkable, but he had too much momentum and she was too well lubricated to stop him. He continued to remorselessly fist her and nibbled gently on her hypersensitive nubbin.

Misato bellowed.


If Misato's blood-curdling cry hadn't drowned it out, Shinji would have heard a low creaking noise as every tendon in her body tightened in sympathy with her flexing muscles. Through the ear that was pressed to her stomach, he *did* hear an odd wave of crackling noises as all of her vertebra popped in sequence, as her body convulsively bowed into an arch.

Her legs came together with a thump and the small of her back rose a foot off of the bed, with her entire body weight, as well as Shinji's, supported only by her head and feet. He could feel stomach muscles that neither of them had known she had, writhing like steel cables under his cheek. Out of the corner of his eye he could see her arm sticking out straight at her side, with the hand fluttering eerily, as if she were being electrocuted.

Still Shinji pumped and rotated his small fist in and out of Misato's pussy, all the while suckling hungrily at her clit. After 30 deafening seconds, she ran out of breath to scream and was silent, her entire body vibrating as her muscles shuddered with the effort of holding it arched above the bed. Shinji had to fight to move his fist inside her, as Misato's sheath continued to rapidly clench and release around his invading limb with astonishing strength.

At this point, Shinji decided that perhaps she'd had enough. Slowly, ever so slowly, he decreased the pace of his fisting, at the same time licking at her clit with more lighter, more leisurely strokes. Equally slowly, Misato's body relaxed, muscle by muscle, finally unbowing and letting them both flop to the bed, Shinji's head bouncing on her soft stomach as they landed.

Shinji pulled his hand from Misato's vagina with a wet slurp and rested his juice-drenched hand and forearm on her thigh. He gave her clit a last few affectionate licks and sucks and let it be as well. He rested his head, cheek-down, comfortably on the warm, soft skin of Misato's gently heaving belly and observed as her ravaged pussy, the swollen lips gaping wide open, slowly resealed itself.

'I love being close to her like this...' Shinji thought to himself, listening to Misato's breathing gradually ease. 'I love making her happy...'

He smiled as he felt Misato's hand run though his hair and then tenderly caress the side of his face. 'She loves me too, she said it...' He struggled not to get overwrought and cry, not wanting to ruin the mood. 'I can cry later, in my own room.' He won the struggle for the moment and instead, turned his head and gave Misato's stomach a big teasing kiss with a loud "Mwah!" and straightened up to see how she was doing.

* * *

After she finally unbowed and lay flat on her bed, Misato tried to think on her recent experience, as she floated on the soul-deep warmth of the afterglow of the most cataclysmic multiple orgasm she had ever experienced.

'My god...' Her thoughts went this way for a while. 'My god...'

She didn't really want (and wasn't really able, at this point) to think. It was pleasant simply to rest in her internal nirvana and enjoy the soothing weight and warmth of her beloved boy resting his face on her stomach.

Finally, her nervous system finished its thorough self-diagnostic and released some useful capacity, allowing Misato to obey her first impulse and reach up to run her fingers affectionately through her boy's short, soft hair. She smiled at his happy murmur as she caressed the side of his face and grinned as he gave her a big smooch on the belly.

'He seems in good spirits...I'm glad I didn't freak him out with my screaming.'

She shivered as her scrambled short-term memory released a few snippets of her recent minutes-long climax.

Misato remembered struggling to express with her voice how good it had felt when he had so forcefully, yet carefully used his entire hand to fill her pussy, all the while using his mouth to stimulate her clit, but only being able to scream.

The sensation had been so intense it was on the edge of her not knowing if it felt good or bad. She struggled to find a metaphor that could describe her experience.

The best she could come up with was, that it was is if her entire lower body, vagina, anus and all, had been filled with something unimaginably hot, like say, molten lava, but instead of pain, it had brought pleasure, a pleasure that went on and on in way she had never before experienced.

'God, and then he nibbled on my clit, just-hard-*enough*...' Misato's memory cut out again at his point, but she was certain that she would be willing to kill, or at least maim, to reexperience whatever she had felt after that point.

'That's a little scary, considering that I can't even remember exactly what I *did* experience...'

She remember coming down from it, though. Ecstasy filling every cell of her body as her Shinji-kun gradually reduced the speed of his lovemaking, with her wanting to sob and cry out in pleasure and happiness, but not having the strength. This had gone on for what felt like years, until she had felt his small hand slide out of her pussy, the sensation making her want to gasp, and then his final affectionate kiss and lick to her button. And now, lying flat on her back, totally relaxed, snuggled in the pleasant warmth of an orgasmic afterglow that didn't seem to want to fade.

She felt Shinji's eyes on her face and decided that she wanted him in her arms again, for as long as possible.

'You never know when you'll never get another chance...'

* * *

She was smiling at him, eyes shining. He figured this was good. Examining her face minutely for signs of distress, he saw none. Instead, Shinji saw satisfaction. Misato looked relaxed, but tired. The warm emotions being beamed from her big brown eyes made his stomach flip-flop.

She held her arms out, smiling welcomingly. "Come to me, Shinji-kun."

Willingly, Shinji slid into her embrace, sighing happily at the resumption of full-body skin-to-skin contact. He snuggled his head into the hollow of Misato's shoulder, luxuriating in the warmth and softness of the full length of her curvy body pressing against his own. Shinji was in heaven. He lay there, mesmerized by the slow rise and fall of Misato's bosom against his chest. His thoughts - stopped. All was warmth and comfort.

Thoughtlessly, he murmured, "Did you like that Misato-chan?"

He felt her body quiver, her stomach jumping against him and making him giggle. 'Ah! That tickles!!'

Little beknowenst to Shinji, Misato was fighting desperately not to start laughing at the colossal understatement represented by his innocent question. She was resisting the impulse because she knew if she started laughing, she would go into hysterics and probably frighten the wits out of the poor boy. Fortunately, Shinji's giggling as her fluttering stomach tickled him was the thing that allowed her to gain back some control.

Misato felt her heart melt into a pool of pure mush as his happy giggling sounded in her ear. 'Oh, my poor sound so carefree...oh God, please let him stay happy for at least a little while...'

Misato whispered into his ear. "I loved it, Shinji-kun. You can't do that to every girl, though."

Shinji murmured back without thinking, eyes closed, loving her body heat, just enjoying talking with Misato so intimately. "Oh?"

Misato continued to talk quietly into his ear, rubbing her hands idly on his back as she did. It felt very nice to have the warm body of someone she loved resting on top of her again. Misato didn't even notice that she had used the "L-word" without even thinking about it.

"I'm a bit bigger than you Shinji-kun, so your hand is small to me. Also, I've had sex many times before, so I'm...looser down there. Try seeing how many fingers you can comfortably fit into Rei-chan, first. She might enjoy having your whole hand inside her someday, but for now she's a delicately built girl, not a full-grown woman like me."

Shinji mumbled his agreement, automatically noting what she said without thinking about it. "Mm."

Running out of things she cared to say, instead, Misato hummed softly to herself, running her hands through Shinji's hair and listening to his breathing as it slowed to that of semi-consciousness. The rain outside came down steadily, providing a soothing background noise.

For a long while, they lay there, happy just to cuddle. Shinji drifted, refusing to allow himself to fall asleep. He wanted to enjoy being aware of his current state for as long as he could. Vague images of showing Rei what he had learned flitted pleasantly through his mind.

For her part, Misato's last thought before slipping into a doze was, 'I wonder if Rei will let me borrow him on weekends...'

* * *

Next chapter: Rei stops by to thank Misato and our favorite couple of pilots do some "Advanced Training".