Shinji and Rei: Illicit Liaisons - Chapter 03 - Rei's New Toy

Started: July 29, 2003

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A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfiction

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

* * *

Shinji's newly-discovered world of mindless pleasure came to a grinding halt as he swiveled his head to the right and saw the blue-haired, fuku-clad form of Ayanami Rei standing in the doorway of his room.


Twin forces warred within the half-exposed young man: terminal embarrassment and terminal arousal. His upper half was in the embarrassed camp, being remarkably red-faced. A notable part of his lower half, however, was undeterred by the presence of a pretty young girl. In fact, it seemed to thrive on it, standing tall and proud despite the loss of its owner's stroking hand.

Unstoppable by such flimsy forces as human embarrassment, Ayanami advanced into the room, making a bee-line for its sole occupant. With both face and penis throbbing with blood, Shinji was paralyzed with indecision: do nothing and have Ayanami come within touching range of his embarrassing erection, or call attention to it by attempting to stuff it back into his boxers?

In the end, he was simply too slow. The fuku-clad albino swiftly crossed the short distance between them and stood in front of him before he could contemplate either option for more than a moment.

“I have been ordered to keep you company for the evening, by Captain Katsuragi,” she breathed in her soft, emotionless, yet feminine voice. Shinji knew that some people found her voice and mannerisms creepy, but he felt exactly the opposite. He found her voice and presence very soothing.

Though right now he was finding her presence to be more of a pleasant torment. Shinji could hear Rei's soft breathing and he imagined that he could detect a hint of her scent as well: very neutral and mellow, yet mysterious and intriguing. His erection pulsed harder as improper thoughts about his fellow pilot flashed rapidly though his panic-stricken mind.

Rei's head tilted downwards, allowing her to gaze directly at Shinji's hard penis. She spoke again, with a hint of curiosity faintly audible, if you knew how to detect it. Both Shinji and his father had a knack for it.

“What were you doing, Ikari-san?”

Shinji stared at the wall and twitched once, miserably.

Rei's ruby eyes took in the black silk garments tangled about Shinji's right hand. The bra, with its sizeable cups, hung from his fingers.

“Those appear to be Captain Katsuragi's,” murmured the pale beauty.

Shinji's fist tightened on the fine silk, crumpling it.

It didn't take Rei long to realize what Shinji had been doing. She had been given a fairly thorough background in most things. Gendo figured that it was better to grant her knowledge and slant her interpretation of it to his liking, as opposed to forbidding access and encouraging the fatal sins of curiosity and rebellion.

`Ikari-kun was masturbating with Katsuragi-san's undergarments. How interesting.'

Gendo's son intrigued Rei, in several ways. He had displayed concern for her on several occasions, something no one but Gendo had done before. He was the only male she had shared meaningful events with, again other than Gendo. He was her age. And he didn't seem to be disturbed by her appearance or mannerisms either. All of these things together produced in Rei a strong desire to know more about the young Ikari.

“May I watch?”

As Shinji stared in disbelief, Rei hunkered down and sat cross-legged in front of him, looking calmly at his stiff penis as if waiting for a show to begin. The visual impact of her position, with her head at the same level as his aching penis, struck him at the same time as her warm breath caressed his shaft and sack. With a strangled groan of desire, Shinji gripped his penis with his silk-clad hand once more and begin to stroke.

The pleasure was as keen as before. Bliss filled Shinji's body. Rei's presence was the cherry on his ice-cream sundae of delight. Her image filled the space behind his closed eyelids as the excited young boy gave himself pleasure with the aid of his oversexed guardian's underwear.

`She's watching me, I can feel her…'

Pleasure was a hot sun in Shinji's belly, as each rub of silk against his stiff penis brought rapture.

`UnNhhHh…Rei, Misato, Rei…so good…'

As the burning congestion in his balls peaked and began to rise into the shaft, Shinji opened his eyes and found a visibly excited Ayanami staring at the meat being stroked before her, with wide eyes. It was enough to push him over the edge, causing Shinji to groan loudly in ecstasy as he experienced the most intense sensation of his short, unhappy life.

“UNNGHHH!!!” The sensation was shockingly intense and almost frightened the young Ikari, but once begun it could not be stopped. Shinji's mind reeled with confusion, thoughts of right and wrong, fear of soiling Misato's underwear, apprehension mixed with arousal about being watched by Rei, all spinning through his head as his belly and groin were wracked by powerful contractions.

He gasped in relief as he ejaculated for the first time, then groaned again as more jizz was pumped from inside his body by an irresistible inner pressure. The experience was heavenly in an entirely novel way to the inexperienced boy, and at the same time, very disorienting and confusing. Shinji felt completely out of control as his body seized control and forcefully ejected his life-creating sexual emission into the outside world.

Shinji was very aware that he was climaxing, orgasming, *cumming* in front of a girl, a girl he knew, a girl he thought was very attractive, in fact, beautiful and mysterious. This added an extra stomach-churning excitement to the whole event. It would have been pleasant and satisfying enough simply to enjoy jerking off with Misato's undies, but doing so with Rei watching with her head six inches from his groin was simply too exciting to properly define.

Midway though his discharge, Shinji began to discover the real payoff of masturbation, the whole reason it was so addictive. He had greatly enjoyed the initial sensations, the absolute concentration of awareness and suspension of thought produced by stroking his hard dick at the proper pace. Now he was experiencing the sweet reality of climax: an intense euphoria that filled his body and mind like fumes from the proverbial opium pipe. Not only was thought suspended, tension was completely eliminated and a heretofore unknown pleasure permeated every fiber of his being.

“Unnnhhh, oh, oh Kami, that's so nice…” Shinji ignored the messy feeling produced by the thick, warm goo covering his hand and lower parts as he finished shooting his load. The increasing waves of warm, soothing pleasure sedated him and he slumped back onto his bed, dimly remembering that Rei was still inches from his groin, but somehow not caring. He idly considered her presence, finding it pleasantly exciting, but somehow not anxiety-inducing as it would normally have been.

He realized that his right hand was covered in slowly cooling jizz and that it was resting on the bed, soiling the sheet, but he didn't care about that either. It occurred to him a moment later that he had sprayed cum all over Misato's intimate wear, but somehow the thought was far less alarming than it should have been. Shinji meditated on his situation, calmly, his mind resting quietly in his body for once, insulated by the warm bodily happiness filling him. It was an absolutely lovely sensation, and one he was completely unfamiliar with.

`I feel like a different person…”

As his thoughts roamed idly through his normally hostile psychic landscape, Shinji experimented with his usual thoughts.

`Hmmm…you're worthless! No one could every love you!”

This produces no more than a mild feeling of “whatever”, the mental equivalent of a shrug. It was a sad fact, but there was nothing he could do about it. The pleasure filling him made a fine substitute for this mysterious “love”, something he wasn't even sure he'd be able to identify if he somehow were to receive it.

`You're a pathetic failure!”

The young boy realized that as long as he had a hand, a penis and something soft or slippery to use to stroke it, he really didn't *care* if he was a failure.

`What does success give you anyway?' Shinji drowsily reasoned. `Father is a success I suppose, he does have enormous power. He doesn't seem very happy though. I wonder if his penis fell off?' The thought of Gendo's dick falling off made the younger Ikari giggle like a drunken schoolgirl.

`You have no friends! Everybody hates you!'

Shinji realized that not only was this old favorite of his actually incorrect, as he had several friends at school, as well as the fact that many members of NERV seemed to be fond of him, such as Maya Ibuki, but also that he now had a new best friend, one whose friends called him “Dick”.

Shinji giggled at his feeble joke. `I really should let my friends know that I appreciate them. I've been stupid, ignoring their kindness while I wallowed in self-pity.' Again, he felt a mild regret, but it was cushioned by the slowly fading euphoria.

He lay there contentedly, his mind empty of thoughts, good or bad, for another few moments, until he heard Rei call his name.

Shinji raised his head. “Hmm?”

* * *

[Rei's POV a minute or so ago]

* * *

Rei stared, her heart pounding, as a miniature geyser of creamy white fluid burst from the tip of her fellow pilot's swollen appendage, to the accompaniment of a heart-felt groan. He groaned raggedly, again and again, as jets of thick, glistening ejaculate shot out of his penis and coated his fist, groin and thighs. There was not really all that much fluid, but there was enough to completely soil Misato's panties and bra, and to render Shinji's lower body a goo-covered mess.

`What is this feeling?'

Rei's body was filled with an unfamiliar energy as she raptly observed the odd faces that her fellow pilot was making, alternating her attention between his grimaces, grunts and groans, as well as the strangely compelling sight of his discharging penis, until Shinji finally collapsed onto his back.

`I feel…strange.' Rei realized that her face felt warmer than normal, as well as her breasts and the area between her legs. Her heart was beating fast and her breathing was quickened as well. `Am I ill?' She didn't feel bad, though, in fact she felt…good. Very good.

Dismissing the singing of the blood in her veins for the moment, Rei resumed looking at Shinji's crotch. She peered at the rapidly shrinking male organ in front of her. Her dainty nose sniffed, detecting an acrid odor that was unfamiliar to her.

She contemplated Shinji's groin for long moments, while the boy himself lay supine, enjoying the afterglow.


Shinji responded without looking up from his comfortable slump. “Hmm?”

Poker-faced, Rei asked, “May I examine your genitals?”


Taking this for assent, Rei began by examining the fluid recently ejected from Shinji's penis. The boy stirred as she inadvertently caressed his thigh when she dipped her fingertips in the spent ejaculate.

Rei rubbed her fingers together. `Slippery.'

She tasted the substance, making a tiny, very cute grimace as the flavor reached her senses. `Salty.'

She sniffed her slippery fingers, cautiously. `Odd…I have never smelled the like.' It was a harsh, almost chemical smell, like bleach, but not.

There was something about the thick, slippery fluid that intrigued Rei, though she couldn't say what it was.

`It came from Shinji-kun, from inside him…'

She absent-mindedly sucked on her fingers as she continued her examination. The strong, unique taste of her fellow pilot's ejaculate filled her mouth and caused an intensification of the ever-growing heat in her face, breasts and between her legs. Shinji's semen didn't taste good to Rei, exactly, so much as it seemed to fill a need in her body.

Continuing with her examination, Rei shuffled forward on her knees, so that her body was directly between Shinji's legs, allowing her to look at Shinji's “equipment” at as close a range as she liked. She noted the small tube of his manhood, and the wrinkled sack below, both accompanied by coarse curly dark hair. Rei was becoming intensely excited as she sucked a deep breath of air through her nose, realizing that she could smell a combination of musky odors coming from the sweat and cum on the boy's genitalia.

`My heart, it beats so fast!' Rei struggled for self control as heretofore unknown emotions rampaged through her body. She was used to maintain a bland fašade to the outside world, but the ease of doing so was largely dependant on the fact that her strong emotions were few and far between. At the moment, she could not look away from Shinji's manhood, and her face was coming dangerously close to touching it.

Shinji, and his member, began to stir as Rei's warm breath blew directly onto his genitals. Rei ignored the quiet moan of pleasure from the boy as she peered intently at his deflated penis. Shinji gasped in pleased shock as the curious albino took his limp member into her small, warm hand. The young boy's penis was slippery with his cum, making it easy for Rei to slide her fingertips along its length, feeling its heat and softness. Rei found it strangely pleasant to hold.

`It's so small now…'

Shinji's cock began to grow, rapidly, responding to the inadvertent stimulation Rei's gentle stroking was providing. Rei noted the odd, interesting feeling of the penis enlarging in her hand, gaining considerable size, heat and hardness as it did so. She continued her slow, gentle touching to the background of Shinji's helpless moans, feeling pleasantly tranquil at the same time as her excitement continued to grow.

`And now it grows large. Is this due to me?'

She continued her exploratory caress, tracing the veins on the reproductive organ that were beginning to bulge out of its surface. Shinji moaned with pleasure as she grasped the now sizeable and stiff penis at the base and slid her hand up. Reaching the flared head, while maintaining her grip on the shaft, she slid her fingers across the tip, feeling fresh, hot fluid coat her hand as she did so. Shinji groaned loudly with pleasure as Rei's slim fingers rubbed the sensitive head of his cock.

“Please, Ayanami, do that again…”

“This?” Rei slid her left hand across the head while holding the shaft with her right. A loud groan of delight informed her of the correctness of her action. Feeling an alien warmth bloom in her heart as she gave Shinji pleasure, Rei began to experiment with techniques to stroke his penis.

She quickly discovered the head and the underside nearest the head were the most sensitive. However, the very act of pulling her fist along it seemed to make Shinji happy as well. Being a quick learner, she soon found the limit of how hard he enjoyed being squeezed and that she could achieve a greater affect by alternating firm strokes with the occasional gentle caress.

She also discovered, to her own amazement, that she enjoyed the action of “playing” with the manly organ. It was warm and soft, yet hard at the same time. She found that, when properly stimulated, its tip gave forth a natural lubricant, clear and incredibly slippery. Rei admired its self-sufficient design.

`Nature is most ingenious…'

Rei was also enjoying making Shinji happy. She had experienced flashes of these emotions, such as “happiness” and “contentment” before, previously in Gendo Ikari's presence, but more and more frequently, they occurred in the younger Ikari's presence instead. Now, as she vigorous pulled Shinji's cock to the accompaniment of his constant vocalizations of fervent approval, Rei found that she would rather be nowhere else but where she was, making her friend happy.

`Yes…I enjoy being in his presence, I enjoy making him happy, I enjoy touching him, I think I…I think I would enjoy him touching me…'

The thought was a strange one for Rei. She was not accustomed to wanting to do things. She was ordered to do things, and she did them, and that was that. Now all that had changed. It would take a serious emergency, such as an Angel attack, or a direct order from the Commander to pull her away from her current, highly enjoyable activity.

Rei's introspections were interrupted by Shinji giving a last-minute warning.

“R-Rei-chan, I'm going to…going to…unnnnnhhhhhhgh….”

Though a typical outside observer wouldn't have been able to tell, Rei was staring intensely at the hard penis she was stroking, as she felt it pulse rapidly in her hand. She used her other hand to fondle Shinji's balls, caressing the soft, warm scrotum with her fingertips and enjoying the heat of his flesh. She began to give the head of his penis a quick rub with her fingers at the end of her up-stroke, feeling how much of the nameless clear, slippery fluid was leaking out of the very tip.

“Oh gawd that's so nice Rei-chan! Unnhhhhh…”

As Rei gave his meat a final firm pull from root to head, Shinji gave a small bellow of release and blew his load for the second time that night.


Rei's heart pounded violently as Shinji's cock pulsed in her grip and thick, pearly white fluid began to once again jet from the tip. As Shinji ejaculated, coating her hand with fresh warm spunk, Rei's excitement-frazzled mind was very aware of the heat between her legs and at the tip of each breast reaching a new height. She found these new sensations confusing and very very pleasant at the same time.

`Too many new things at once…yet I cannot leave…I *will not* leave…'

With her heart hammering in her chest, Rei continued to pull Shinji's spurting penis, appreciating its renewed slipperiness as she did so. Shinji gasped out his fulfillment as succeeded in emptying his balls, this time with Rei's help. The intensity of this orgasm made the first pale in comparison.

`Oh Kami, that was sooooo nice. Ayanami's hand on my penis is…is…heavenly.'

Shinji gave a dazzling smile to Rei as intense euphoria filled him.

“Thank you so much, Ayanami. That was great, really really great.”

Rei's heart had calmed down, but it began to race when Shinji smiled at her.

`His smile, so unlike his normal expression…'

Unconsciously, Rei smiled back. It was a tiny smile, but visible for those with eyes to see. Shinji's smile intensified even further when he noticed it.

“You're even more beautiful when you smile, Ayanami.”

Rei cheeks reddened slightly, her equivalent of turning red as a tomato. She involuntarily looked down, away from Shinji's composure-destroying smile. This left her looking at his half-hard penis, held securely in her tiny fist, which wasn't much better, for different, more carnal reasons.

Rei's mind worked furiously. `I cannot control myself! A tactical retreat is in order.'

Looking away at the wall, she announced, “I must visit your sanitary facilities for a moment to wash my hands, pilot Ikari. Please excuse me.”

“O-Ok, Ayanami-san. The bathroom is over there, down the hall.”

Rei gave a measured nod and fled, while not appearing to flee, of course.

Moments later she stared at herself in the bathroom mirror. `I am I. Yet, I cannot control myself. My body acts on its own. Why is this?'

At that moment, Rei noticed her hands, thickly coated with Shinji's semen. The thought of washing her hands in the sink was swiftly discarded as she instinctively raised her hands to her mouth and began to lick.

`It does not taste like food, yet I feel compelled to eat it. Another mystery. Yet it is so satisfying…'

Even as her taste buds transmitted the potent flavor of the male seed to her lower brain, Rei's internal chemical balance began, ever so slowly, to shift towards the norm for a human female of her age and sexual development. For reasons of her own, Ritsuko had begun lowering Rei's dosage of emotion-inhibiters, very gradually, for some time now. Ingesting the bursting-with-hormones ejaculate of an adolescent male served to accelerate the process.

After giving her now licked-clean hands a quick wash for appearances sake, Rei returned to Shinji's bedroom. The owner of the bedroom was sitting on the edge of his bed, somewhat awkwardly, due to the fact that his lower half was still bare and messy with drying cum. When Rei entered the room, he quickly got up and shot past her.

“Gotta go to the bathroom too, Ayanami!”

Rei felt a little miffed as she noticed that he had fled with a spare pair of boxers and slacks.

`I wanted to play with his penis some more…'

Rei blushed as she realized what she was thinking, glad that her fellow pilot wasn't there to witness another of her losses of control. `I must get a hold of these feelings! Pleasant though they are, they must not interfere with my duties.' Though her affection for him was fading, Gendo Ikari's opinion was still important to Rei, and he would be severely disappointed in her if she were to lose control of herself in his presence, or in the presence of any who reported to him, and those were many and often hard to detect.

Resolving to hold onto these new emotions with more resolve, Rei settled down onto Shinji's bed to wait for his return. As she did so, she noticed that the sheets and blankets smelled pleasantly of him. With a small sigh, Rei lay full length on Shinji's bed, rubbing her face into his pillow and enjoying the lingering boyish scent.

`My vagina and breasts feel warm again. In fact they haven't stopped since I, since Shinji-kun ejaculated on my hand.'

Rei's heart picked up its pace once again, as she flipped onto her back, resting her head on Shinji's pillow and flipping up her skirt.

`Almost like an itch…'

Shinji reentered the bedroom clad in clean slacks (and presumably underwear), just in time to catch Rei tentatively rubbing her panty-clad sex. His breath hitched audibly, but the irresistible force of male desire propelled his legs forward. Rei noticed his presence, but failed to cease her exploratory rubs to her inflamed sexual mound. Shinji took a cross-legged seat on the end of his bed, feeling as if he was pulled there by invisible steel cables. His normal impulse upon entering an awkward situation was to run away, but somehow he couldn't run away from Ayanami. His only option was to go forward.

“Ayanami…” Shinji's voice trembled with excitement.

Rei began inching her panties down. “Yes, Shinji-kun.”

“Do you, ah, do you want me to leave?” He inwardly prayed she'd say no.

Rei's panties (plain white cotton) were half-way off. “Why, Shinji-kun? This is your room.”

Shinji gulped noisily, his eyes glued to the treasure being slowly revealed. “Ah, um, er, your, ah-“ He gestured to Rei's now three-quarters removed panties.

Rei quirked an eyebrow a half-millimeter as she pulled her panties down to her upper thighs, revealing her blue-furred pussy, and employed one of the few vernacular expressions she knew.

“I believe the operative expression would be, you showed me yours, now I have to show you mine, correct?”

Shinji just nodded, his head moving but his eyes staying locked on target. He made one last attempt to be gentlemanly. “You don't *have* to, Ayanami-“

Rei cut him off, gently, as she began to tentatively stroke her unclad mound. “I do not mind.”

A thought occurred to Shinji as he watched Rei feel out her private area. “Ayanami, have you ever, ah, touched yourself before?”

Rei shook her head, letting out a little sigh that Shinji found very sexy, as she began to get the hang of what she was going. “I never, (mmm) felt the urge before, (Mmm!) Shinji-kun.”

Rei noticed Shinji's head coming slightly closer to where she was beginning to feel a growing warmth and wetness. His neck muscles were bulging as if he was unsuccessfully resisting a powerful pull.

“You (mmmmMMM, ah!) can look as close as you like, Shinji (uh-h-hh…)kun.”

Shinji found himself unable to resist his (in his opinion) perverted inner desires. Upon hearing Rei give her permission he immediately flopped onto his belly and slid himself forward so that he could examine her womanhood at close range. Rei immediately found his warm, excited breath on her mound to be a distinct bonus.

“Ah! That's nice, Shinji-kun. Stay right there.”

Shinji was in heaven. He could feel the comfortable heat of Rei's body radiating against his face, hear the faint moist sound of her hand spreading around the increasing moisture coming from her inner reaches, and smell the musky scent of her excitement. He almost instantly had to reach inside his pants and adjust his rapidly swelling penis, lest he do it damage from lying on it. Adjustment completed, he settled in to carve these happy moments as deeply into his memory as humanly possible.

The two teens excitement grew in tandem, Shinji's panting breaths caressing Rei's mound as it became increasingly swollen. Shinji's innocent eyes gazed in fascination as Rei's sex blossomed like a flower, the outer “petals” filling with blood and peeling open, allowing him to see flashes of her pink inner core, as her stroking hand permitted.

The smell of her excitement was thick in the air, Shinji practically drowning in it as he took deep rapid breaths mere inches from her honey-pot. Rei's natural lubricant was flowing copiously from inside her, pouring down the crack of her cute little ass and making a wet spot on the bed. Shinji longed to taste that sweet nectar, but forcibly restrained himself.

For her part, Rei had given up control a while ago and had temporarily lost the urge to find it again.

`OH! It burns, it burns…'

Rei's hand and arm were not under her conscious control as they desperately rubbed her sex, seeking to achieve a satisfaction that, up to this point, she had never experienced or even dreamed possible.

Finally, Rei discovered the key to her relief: the bulge of nerves at the top of her slit known as the clitoris. Rubbing it furiously, Rei let out a series of squeaks and squeals that Shinji found extremely cute, even as her entire body arched in a trembling muscle spasm.


Much like Shinji had this same day, Rei now discovered the payoff to the torture she had just undergone. The initial rubbing been pleasant, at least until it reached a level of intensity that she had no idea how to come down from, but Rei could find no adequate words in her limited experience to describe the satisfaction that followed. Still, she made a valiant attempt as she lay limply on her back.

`This feeling…is this what my books call “bliss”?'

Rei's entire being was filled with an alien sense of fulfillment. In a way it was horrible, as it made her realize how incredibly empty her normal state of being was.

`This is like the happiness I feel sometimes with the Commander and more often with Shinji-kun, but it lasts and lasts…”

Rei lay there contemplatively for several minutes, enjoying the aftermath of her first orgasm as well as the pleasant sensation of Shinji's breath on her sensitive pubis, until the silence was broken by Shinji's voice.


Rei looked down the line of her body to were Shinji's face was, lying on the bed near her groin. “Yes, Shinji-kun?”

“Misato will be home soon I think, so we might want to, ah, clean-up or something…”

Rei nodded and sat up. “It would not do for the Captain to find me in your room in dishabille.”

Shinji blushed. “No, that wouldn't be a good idea. I'm not sure she would be mad, but I certainly would never hear the end of the teasing.”

Rei pulled on her panties, gesturing as she did with her chin to Shinji's “borrowed” pair of Misato's cum-stained underthings. “You may want to do something with those as well, Shinji-kun.”

Shinji's eyes popped wide open. “Holy crap! I can't believe I almost forgot!” He snatched up the black silk intimate wear and fiddled with it nervously. “Thanks, Ayanami.”

Rei nodded coolly, stepping near the exit as she prepared to leave. “It would be unfortunate if you were punished, as it might interfere with our getting together again like this.”

Shinji's eyes widened for the nth time that night. “Ag-gain?”

Rei smiled her tiny smile. “Mm. Would you like to participate in this kind of interaction again with me, Shinji-kun? I found it to be most pleasant.”

Shinji nodded so enthusiastically it looked like his neck was made of rubber. “I would like that very much Ayanami-san.”

Rei turned to go and then paused. “One more thing, Shinji-kun.”

“Y-yes, Rei - I am mean Ayanami-san.”

“You may call me Rei in private, Shinji-kun.”


Rei reached out and dropped something into Shinji's hands. “Here.”

Shinji looked down and saw that he had a palmful of warm white cotton panty, stained in the middle by Rei's excitement. His heart instantly began trying to escape from his chest, and he looked up shakily to see the flash of Rei's ruby eyes as she smiled and left.

Slowly, Shinji raised the panties to his nose and took a reverential whiff, the smell of Rei's musk instantly bringing the memories of the past few hours into sharp focus.

With a determined smile on his face, the young Ikari sat on his bed, undid his pants and prepared to get in one last pull at his pud before Misato came home. As he rubbed his already-stiff hard-on with the soft cotton, through the pleasure rapidly filling him, he had only one thought and only one imagine in his mind.


* * *

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