Shinji and Rei: Illicit Liaisons - Chapter 02 - The First Encounter, Part One

Started: July 20, 2003

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A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfiction

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

* * *

Shinji was feeling guilty.

Not an unusual feeling for the Third Child. The cause of his troubled feelings this evening, however, was rather unusual: a black silk panty and bra set held in his adolescent fist. Misato Katsuragi's panty and bra to be exact.

Shinji rubbed the fine material between his fingers, enjoying its feel. He could almost imagine that the sexy underwear was still warm from its close contact with Misato's body. Slowly, Shinji's head dipped towards the purloined undergarments, his neck straining as if resisting a powerful magnetic pull. Almost against his will, he took a deep sniff of the silk, feeling a rush of intoxicating arousal as he detected a faint scent that was deeply female and uniquely Misato, a blend of warm female skin, over-sexed female pheromones and…beer.

Shinji's body and mind were confused as he sat on his bed, recovering from the powerful feelings the act of sniffing, touching and fondling the female unmentionables aroused in him. He had been left alone for the evening. Misato had taken off for a Friday evening's bar-hopping, trusting him to mind the apartment alone for a few hours. The thought of *her* trusting *him* to not get into trouble alone in their apartment had amused him greatly, at least as much as the melancholy youth could be amused.

`If Misato was anything like she is now at my age, and she was left alone in her guardian's apartment on a Friday evening, there would be - um, there would be - ah darn it, there would be trouble of some sort, that's for sure!'

In truth, Shinji's inexperience in the ways of the world made it difficult for him to think of what a young Misato would get up to, but he had a distinct feeling it would involve alcohol and members of the opposite sex, at the very least.

For his part, Shinji was taking this opportunity to get into the most “trouble” that his limited social knowledge allowed him. Namely taking a pair of Misato's carelessly discarded underthings from a pile of clothing on the floor of her room and retreating to his own room with them. What he intended to *do* with them he wasn't sure.

Lately he'd begun feeling…different. He'd gotten taller seemingly overnight, he was sprouting more hair in various crevasses of his body, and he felt unsettled far more often. Unsettled in a way he wasn't sure about. He was starting to want to pay attention to girls at school, but he didn't know what he wanted to pay attention to them *for*. He was also finding Misato's habitual state of near undress to be more and more distracting, in a way that he didn't understand.

Not to mention the worst, or at least most embarrassing aspect of the changes. He woke up every morning with a fierce erection, a fact that Misato took delight in teasing him about once she found out about it. He'd learned from the guys at school, who were bragging about it, that this was referred to as “morning wood”. This had reassured him that at least the phenomena was well-known and normal. Perhaps the other changes were normal as well?

Shinji's confusion about such a routine life-change would have seemed pathetic to an unsympathetic observer, until one considered that he had literally *no one* to clue him in on such things. Devoid of parental support, lacking in outside friends and relatives, with not even a friendly professional such as a family doctor to confide in, he was completely on his own.

The last few months of living at Misato's apartment and having a few friends at school were the closest thing to a normal existence he'd had since his mother had died when he was four, ten years ago. He both loved it and was frightened by it. He'd gotten used to his dim, grey life, broken only by his practice of cooking and the cello. To have it enlivened by his lovely, slovenly yet commanding-when-necessary female guardian and the companionship of his friends and schoolmates was delightful and confusing at the same time.

Not to mention his fellow pilot, the mysterious Ayanami Rei. Obeying his newly-awakened urges, in the privacy of his own room, Shinji slowly removed his slacks and cast them aside while meditating on the face and body of the beautiful albino girl. He moved yet slower and more reluctantly to pull down his boxers as he replayed the incident where he had accidentally fallen atop her nude form and touched her soft, warm skin.

His hand twitched as he relived the feel of her breast in his palm. It had been a genuine accident, but at the same time, it was the most arousing thing that had ever occurred to him, and something that had haunted his increasingly frequent, and increasingly erotic, day- and night-dreams.

Shinji breathed more deeply as his arousal increased. He clutched the soft silk panties and bra in his right hand and used his left to free his rapidly-stiffening erection from its confinement. The feisty length of hard flesh seemed to want to be free, forcing its way out of the boxers with only minimal aid, the head of the aroused male organ bouncing off Shinji's belly before straightening to its full length in the warm air of the bedroom.

Shinji looked down at the mindless yet influential piece of flesh protruding from his groin with a mood of mild melancholy despair. It wasn't enough that most everyone in his life wanted to control him, now even his own body was determined to go its own way and force strange urges upon him! Even as he lamented the lack of control over his own life, Shinji instinctively surrounded his aching penis with his silk-draped right hand.


Shinji gasped aloud, quietly, yet with great intensity. The smooth silk felt great on his hard-on. Sucking in deep breaths of air, the adolescent pilot of Evangelion Unit One began to inexperiencedly jerk himself off.

“Oh Kami, yeah…”

The world fell away around him, leaving only the sensations radiating from where his stroking hand was massaging his pulsing erection, a combination of feelings both pleasant, and other feelings which were more uncomfortable, but very intense and somehow necessary.

Shinji found that his penis was almost painfully hard, but that it somehow felt good at the same time. There was also a congested feeling of building pressure inside his balls and groin. Even the uncomfortable sensations somehow added to the pleasure. The closest thing the boy could compare it to was the satisfaction of scratching a particularly nagging itch, a feeling both pleasant and irritating at the same time.

This was like scratching the most intense itch possible, yielding a pure bodily satisfaction that blocked out all thought, leaving Shinji in a thoughtless Nirvana, a place where his endless, tormenting negative thoughts and feelings couldn't bother him. As long as he stroked himself at a pace that satisfied the “itch”, he was rewarded by being suspended in this wonderful mindless bliss. He was instantly addicted.

Growing used to the marvelous feelings running though him, Shinji stroked himself more slowly with Misato's underwear. Thoughts of the voluptuous, wanton, purple-haired older woman wearing the bra and panty shot through his head with lightning rapidity as he breathed deeply and rubbed the fine silk against the most sensitive parts of his throbbing penis.

He felt warm feelings for Misato, feelings he didn't have a proper name for. She gave him a place to stay, seemed to care about him, mercilessly teased him and had even hugged him a few times. She was the only person that seemed to care about him since his mother, who he could barely remember, had died.

While he was strongly attached to the purple-haired woman, he didn't have exactly son-like feelings towards her. How could he, when he didn't even know how that would feel, not to mention her mixture of commanding, teasing, comforting behaviors towards him.

The only thing Shinji knew was that on some level he loved Misato. He didn't know if he had the right to do so, or what the nature of that love was, but he knew that he would do anything he could to make her happy. And now here he was, using her stolen underwear to masturbate with! These confused feelings only added to the young boy's extreme arousal.

Shinji groaned aloud as he switched to rapidly pushing the head of his cock against the maddening slick softness of Misato's undies, feeling the pressure in his balls building to a peak. He instinctively knew that when the pressure peaked, his fun would be over, so, wanting to continue enjoying himself, he slowed his strokes down once again.

`Oh Kami, I hope this never ends! Feels so good…'

Shinji was finding his masturbational groove. He alternated in lightly stroking his more sensitive areas with squeezing harder and firmly stroking his less sensitive ones, while enjoying the heat in his belly that came from feverishly replaying all the times that Misato had teased him with flashes of her ripe body.

Normally, he did his best to ignore this and to bury the memories deep down, but now he was finding a far, far better use for them. He groaned aloud once more, as he told himself over and over that the voluptuous NERV Captain had had the very same scraps of silk that he was currently rubbing his cock against recently pressed against the marvelous curves and crevices of her of-so-desirable womanly flesh.

Shinji's stroking hand had become a blur and he was gasping shallowly, about to experience a novel, incredibly intense sensation that he could feel was ready to erupt from deep inside his groin, when his self-pleasuring was interrupted by a soft, toneless female voice.


There was a long, actually, an *endless* pause.

`Take me now, Kami-sama. Just kill me now and get it over with.'

* * *

END - Shinji and Rei: Illicit Liaisons - Chapter 02 - The First Encounter, Part One