Shinji and Rei - Illicit Liasons - Chapter 01

Started: March 2, 2003

Latest Revision: June 22, 2003

A Story By Warpwizard

A Neon Genesis Evangelion Fanfiction

Big-time Lemon Warning! This is self-indulgent X-rated fantasy piece. Read at your own risk.

* * *

It was dim in Ayanami's apartment.

Shinji had removed his pants and underwear. The air was cool on his bare lower body.

“Lie back and relax, Shinji-kun,” said Rei in her soft, quiet voice.

Shinji lay back on the messy bed and leaned against the headboard.

Rei crouched between his legs and began licking and sucking his male equipment.

Shinji could feel her warm little tongue washing his balls, as her soft hand gently stroked his hardening penis. He relaxed involuntarily, feeling sedated by the pleasure.

Rei felt an unfamiliar sensation inside her soul as she lay on her stomach, her head between Shinji's legs. She felt…content. She desired to be no other place but here, inhaling Shinji's clean boyish smell. She made a tiny sniffing sound as she scented an intriguing musky scent coming from…the tip of Shinji's penis, where a drop of opalescent fluid hung, shimmering.

Shinji felt his bodily sedation increase dramatically, as he felt the angelic blue-haired girl between his legs gently take the head of his penis between her soft lips and swirl her warm, wet tongue across the achingly sensitive tip. He gasped in pleased shock.

Rei, finding Shinji's reaction satisfactory, alternated between gently sucking and caressing the head of his erect penis with her tongue and kissing and licking his balls while rhythmically stroking the steely shaft.

It should be noted that while Shinji's resistance to pain was, by this point in the war against the Angels, considerable, due to the many many incidents of extreme trauma he'd had to suffer and fight through, his resistance to pleasure, something he had almost no experience with, was virtually nil. Thus, Rei's pleasing attentions were capable of completely subduing him within seconds. Any shy protests he would have made were instantly blasted from his mind the second the First Child's warm mouth made contact with his reproductive organs.

Rei paid oral attention to Shinji at a leisurely pace. For once in her life, she felt something other than emptiness. She was content in where she was and in doing what she was doing.

If he could have expressed his feelings in a fashion other than the occasional groan of pleasure, Shinji would have stated that he was also content with the current situation.

However, all things must come to an end. Shinji grew slightly acclimated to the new feelings he was experiencing and gathered enough self-awareness to process the fact that what he was experiencing was real. Rei, the lovely Rei who he had some kind of warm feelings for, Rei who was so beautiful and distant, was actually giving him the kind of pleasure that hentai daydreams are made of. The reality of his situation was enough to tip Shinji's excitement to the critical level, a fact which he chivalrously attempted to make Rei aware of.

“Rei-c-chan, I'm going to c-cum,” he gasped out.

Rei was aware of the import of this statement, and reacted by wrapping her soft lips around the head of his penis and maintaining a tight seal, accompanied by tongue swirling action. In his extremity of sensation, Shinji's hips involuntarily jerked forward, thrusting a few more inches of his length into Ayanami's warm wet mouth. Rei accommodated this without apparent dismay and gently bobbed her head back and forth, tongue lashing gently.

Her alert gaze noticed his testicles pulling up towards his body and his shaft swelling slightly in her mouth. As the salty emission began pulsing into her mouth, she reached out and gently massaged his sack, as if to coax his full load from it's storage area. She swallowed the emission without signs of disgust or revulsion.

As Shinji ejaculated into Ayanami's receptive orifice, he felt an extraordinary lassitude and euphoria spread throughout his body like a warm tide, the likes of which he had never before felt. He felt an accompanying gratitude for the giver of this feeling warm his soul.

“Thank you Ayanami. Thank you very much,” he murmured, lying back and resting.

Rei pulled a blanket over Shinji, up to his hips, to keep him warm and crawled up to lay at his side.

“Call me Rei-chan, like you did before, Shinji-kun,” breathed Rei softly in his ear.

“Alright, Rei-chan,” replied Shinji, slipping an arm around Rei and pulling her gently to him. Rei allowed this and pressed her face to his chest in seeming contentment.

Both felt a peace that they had never before known.

* * *

At a later date…

* * *

Shinji guided his penis with one hand and pressed it into his blue-haired partner, resting the other hand on her warm hip.

Rei let out a soft grunt and puff of breath as half of the pilot's member sank into her body. Her usual smooth monotone was marred by a tremble of excitement. "Pilot Ikari, that is not the proper orifice."

Shinji had his eyes closed with enjoyment. It was warm and tight inside Rei's bum. He hadn't meant to go in there, but now that he was inside it, he was reluctant to leave. "I'm sorry, Ayanami, I'll take it -"

"No," she interrupted softly. "It feels...pleasant. Please continue."

A rare smile on his face, Shinji gently rocked his hips, forcing the full length of his immature six inches into Rei's pleasingly small anus. "Ohhhhh...that feels really good Ayanami."

Gasping at the unusual sensation, Rei said, "I-I am glad that my body can bring you pleasure, Ikari-kun."

"MMMmmm." Shinji rhythmically rocked his hips, thrusting his aching penis in and out of Rei's wonderful opening. As the warmth of the pleasure filled his body, it drove out the emptiness inside, just a little.

Rei, too, relished the fact that she could feel something, anything, other than pain, loneliness and fear, even if it was only for a short time.

For the next few minutes, Ayanami's barren apartment was filled with the sound of the irregular breathing of the two coupling teenagers. Their gentle sex-play itself made no noticeable noise.

The female clutched the sheets of the bed that she was bent over. If her face had been visible in such a position, one would be able to see pleasure, and wonder at that pleasure, clearly evident in her facial expressions.

The male gripped her hips lightly, caressing them with his fingertips while filling and emptying the warm, snug sheath of his lover's anus, over and over. He smiled a small, happy smile as he did so, unconsciously casting affectionate glances to his blue-haired sex partner as he gently sodomized her slender body.

"Ah! Ahhhhhh...." Shinji let out a long, drawn out gasp of satisfaction as he squirted thick, warm fluid into Rei's insides. She quivered with excitement as the person who was closest to her heart filled her bottom with his ejaculate. Not even knowing the proper name of the sensation that made her shiver, Rei Ayanami experienced the melting euphoria which came from climax as Shinji's satisfaction triggered her own. As much as she craved the rare and precious feeling, Rei was made happiest by the fact that she had once again used her body to take away Shinji's sadness.

Reluctantly, Shinji pulled his deflating member from the oh-so-pleasant crevasse it was lodged in. Rei straightened her body and the two cuddled together. Both luxuriated in the sense of contentment that filled them, even as they enjoyed the warmth and comfort of having the other's body in their arms. It was a shelter from the cruel world that came none too often and they were both reluctant for it to end.

But end it had to. The two pilots cleaned themselves of suspicious fluids and odors, donned their usual clothing and parted ways without another word.

* * *

Considerably later…

* * *

Rei rested comfortably in Shinji's lap as they watched a nature program on Rei's small TV. She had acquired the TV after observing that Shinji enjoyed watching nature, music and cooking shows on the large TV at the Katsuragi residence.

The two pilots resembled any two teens vegging in front of the tube while snuggling, with one important difference: they were both naked from the waist down. They sat at their ease, as close as two people could get, with Rei's bare bottom molded to Shinji's groin, his 9 inches of thick manhood imbedded inside her moist female receptacle. They fit together perfectly, Shinji's member giving her a pleasantly full sensation, making her feel complete. Her vagina was just barely big enough to swallow his entire length, with it's thick base stretching her so that the slightest movement reminded her instantly that her lover was buried inside her body.

Shinji sighed with pleasure, caressing his blue-haired object of affection's soft tummy with his fingers, even as he shifted in his seat, enjoying the wet heat of Rei's pussy around his stiff member. He watched with interest as the plummy voice of the British narrator described the life cycle of the rare and almost extinct Australian bush-pig. His interest instantly became embarrassment as the images on the screen switched without warning, as nature shows are wont to do, to a pair of bush-pigs vigorously mating.

Rei giggled quietly at his discomfort, finding interest of her own in the way the larger male pig mounted the female from behind and thrust his piggy member into her quivering hindquarters. 'Shinji-kun and I haven't done it that way yet. It looks like fun...'

It was true. Shinji had been inside her ass once before, but that was a mistake, though an enjoyable one for them both. Their couplings were typically face to face, for maximum intimacy, though they had tried many variations of that basic position. They also frequently enjoyed a variety of oral pleasures.

"Would you like to try that, Shinji-kun?" she said in her soft, quiet voice. A trace of affection was audible, even to the untrained ear. To Shinji's educated ears, his angel's voice was brimming with it.

"Try what, Rei-chan?" he said, still averting his eyes. He took an apprehensive glance at the screen, swiftly jerking his gaze away as the tireless porcine porn-stars continued to go at it. Rei giggled again, making him smile at the open happiness in her voice, so unthinkable only a few years ago.

"Rutting like those pigs, Koibito. Their position looks like it would allow for exceptionally deep penetration. I would enjoy having you so deep inside me..."

Shinji's erection twitched inside Rei's snugly gripping sheath, letting her know without words what her lover thought of that idea. She gave a naughty little smile and settled more heavily into Shinji's lap, all the while rapidly contracting and relaxing her inner muscles, milking Shinji's pulsing manhood to the brink of explosion.

"R-Rei-chan, aahhhhhh, that's nice, that so nice..." Shinji breathed heavily, struggling to maintain his composure while afflicted by his beloved's skillful teasing.

"Cum inside me," crooned Rei softly, pulling on his penis with the slippery yet muscular walls of her sheath, "Cum inside my body, Shinji-kun."

That was it for Shinji. "UNH! Unnhhhh, unh..." He linked his arms around her belly and hugged Rei against his chest as he uncontrollably ejected a large, thick load of hot semen inside her thirsty pussy. "Oh, god, oh, shit, Rei-chan, oh..." He slumped against her slim body, breathing hard, sedated by the intense pleasure radiating from his groin as he fired pulses of hot sperm into his lover's sex. Rei smiled her tiny smile as she felt copious amounts of hot seed coat her inner self, spurt after spurt filling her pussy and making a soothing warmth radiate from her lower belly.

Rei pulled herself off of Shinji depleted body, clenching her inner muscles to hold the warm, gooey mass of seed inside herself. Taking a few steps she climbed up onto the bed and got on all fours, her cute little butt facing Shinji.

She looked over her slim shoulder and said, sing-song, "Koibito..."

Shinji looked up wearily. "Hmm?"

Rei wiggled her bum at him. Sing-song again: "Shinji-kun..."

Shinji stared stupidly at the succulent female tush being wiggled at him, but made no move to do anything about it.

Rei looked over her shoulder again and blinked cutely at his stupefied expression. With a tiny shrug, she relaxed her inner muscles and placed a finger on either side of her outer labia. Watching her love with poker-faced intensity, Rei arched her back, putting her still-swollen vagina on view. As Shinji's eyes locked onto the shiny pink flesh, she spread it open with her fingers.

Shinji nearly had a heart attack as his body was jolted to life by the lewd sight of his love's well-used pussy leaking huge strings of thick, ropey white cum, the cum oozing messily from the wet pink of her spread-open orifice and soiling the sheets. He covered the scant distance to the bed in under a second, whacking his foot on one of it's metal legs and bruising it badly, not even feeling it in the rush of sexual frenzy.

Bounding onto the bed, he mounted Rei from behind, inserting the head of his re-awakened penis into her sloppy gash.

He came back to himself as he was about to drive his member into her to the hilt.

Shinji looked down at Rei's blue mop of hair. “Koibito?…”

A small, cute snorting noise came from her turned-away head. As Shinji looked on in puzzlement, Rei made extremely cute snorting and snuffling noises, as well as moving about in odd ways, wiggling her bottom and dipping and raising her head.

It was only once she twisted her head to face him and said, “Oink,” wrinkling her nose in an adorable fashion, that he finally clued in.

Shinji smiled in happy understanding and reached around to molest his love's perky tits, snorting in an exaggeratedly bass “male pig” voice. Fondling her silken flesh, as she squealed (literally) in excitement, he thrust with his hips and began to “rut” with his love in the manner that she desired.

“AHH, ahh…” Both lovers gasped in pleasure at the satisfyingly deep penetration achieved, and Shinji began to pump his hips with a will, driving his manhood deep inside her body. Rei grunted and squealed with enjoyment, bucking her hips back at him. “AHHH! Shinji-kun, you're so deep inside me, that's soooo good…unh, uhnnnhh…”

“I - unh - L-uh-oVE-unh FUCKING you like this, Rei-chan, Unh!” grunted Shinji furiously burying himself to the balls in her slippery sheath, only to pull out and thrust again. “Your bum feels so - unh - good against me!” Indeed, Shinji was loving the feel of her flesh as he crushed his groin to her soft buttocks, driving his aching member as deep into her as it could possibly go.

For the next 10 minutes, they in truth resembled two sleek animals enjoying the act of mating. Rei and Shinji fucked vigorously until Shinji's mate gave vent to a high-pitched, yet still soft, cry of satisfaction. Shinji didn't attempt to hold back his own release as his love's body quivered and her surprisingly powerful inner muscles spasmed, massaging his imbedded member and bringing him unbearable pleasure.

“UUUUUUNNNNHHHH…oh shit, oh damn, that's so good Rei-chan…oh…” Shinji's body slumped on top of Rei's, pressing her into the mattress as his penis spurted inside her warm crack, filling it with another large load of semen. Rei enjoyed his comforting weight on her back as the two rested from their exhausting yet exhilarating sexual encounter.

* * *

The End - for now.