Hurts So Good

Chapter 1

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Warning: this is an explicit fic and contains some material that might not be suitable for children under the age of 18.

Shinji couldn’t stop staring at the floor as he made his way through nervs corridors, on his way to Maya Ibukis office.

He had spent the last twenty four hours deciding who he should ask these questions to, trying to figure out who would understand why he needed to ask them without thinking he was a nut case.

Suddenly, he realized that he had reached his destination and found that he was shaking uncontrollably.

After three minutes, he decided he had come too far not to proceed, so he silently entered the room.

“Ibuki-san, I’m not interrupting you, am I?”

“Oh, hi, Shinji-san. No, I’m not too busy, and please, call me Maya.” she said while still looking at her computer monitor.

“H..Hai, Maya-san. Umm..if its not too much trouble, I wanted to as..ask you some questions, about eva.”

As this had peaked her curiosity, Maya turned off the monitor and swiveled her chair to look at the only male eva pilot.

“Please, take a seat, Shinji-san. I thought you’d have some kind of questions sooner or later, I just never thought that you would ask me.”

As he was sitting down, Shinji said “Well, be honest….they aren’t really related to eva. I guess they have more to do with f..f..f..feelings.”

Maya quirked an eyebrow as her heart rate increased and asked “Oh, what kind of feelings?”

“Umm, this is really embarrassing, but I was wondering why there is such a thin line between pleasure and pain?”

Shinji sighed in relief, glad he finally asked the question.

“Well, Shinji-san, before I answer that, I need to ask you a question. you mean the physical or emotional aspect, because sometimes people get the two confused.”

Maya wasn’t sure whether or not she really wanted to answer his questions anymore, because she was afraid that it might force her to reveal too much of her own ideals to the only man she had ever had feelings for, and she didn’t want to scare him away.

“I…I g..guess kinda both, but more physical. Like, why do some people enjoy hurting themselves. F..for example, I cut myself cooking dinner a couple days ago, and while it did hurt, it kind of felt good at the same time. I know this sounds like a stupid ques”

“Stop right there. Before we go any further you have to promise me never to think of your feelings as stupid ever again, OK?” Maya said in a soothing voice.

“Ha..Hai, Maya-san.” Shinji stuttered.

“Now, while this question is very complex, I think I know what it is you’re asking. Was this the first time you noticed this kind of feeling, or have there been other times? Now if you want me to be as helpful as possible with this, you might need to tell me some very personal things, and please, don’t let hesitation stop you.”

With this statement Maya decided to leave her own inhibitions by the wayside. After all, she really did want to help her favorite boy become a real man, even if it did mean uncovering her true feelings for him. She was more just relieved that she actually did know a substantial amount about what it was he was asking and might possibly be able to help him more than he knew.

“, Maya-san, there was a time when I was m..mas…….masturbating that I accidentally pinched, hard, and found that i..if I kept doing it, I would cu..climax VERY hard. P..p..p..please don’t tell anybody, I’m sure you already think I’m demented, and I don’t want anyone else to, I just think you’re the only person that I can trust, Maya-san.” Shinji was in tears after he finished this statement, so he didn’t even notice Maya had come around her desk until her arm was around his shoulders.

*Aww, fuck it.* Maya thought. *I might as well do this for all or none.*

“Shh shh shh, it’s OK Shin-chan, I went through the same thing when I was about your age. This is something nobody knows about me, but I think it will help you to understand.”

Shinji managed to stop crying and wipe his eyes after hearing this admission, enough to look Maya in the eyes and ask her “so, I’m not a f..freak?”

Maya had to smile as she realized just how confused he really was.

*Well, I can change that.*

“No, Shin-chan, you’re not a freak. In fact, it’s rather normal to feel these things, and I’m sure that I can help you to understand better why you do. You see, scientifically speaking, the reason you are feeling these things when you touch yourself like that is because of brain structure.”

“What do you mean, brain structure, Maya-cha…san?” Shinji hesitated.

“It’s OK to call me Maya-chan, Shin-chan. What I mean is that the parts of your brain that sense pain and pleasure are right next to one another, so sometimes when you are feeling both at the same time, your brain can’t distinguish between the two; and this produces an extremely powerful euphoric sensation.”

“I..I guess that makes sense, Maya-chan, but what did you mean when you said that nobody knows this about you? Do you feel some of these same things?” Shinji asked.

*Oh boy, here we go.* thought Maya. After breathing deeply and strengthening her resolve to make him understand himself better, she threw caution to the wind and continued.

“Shin-chan, before I answer that, I have to tell you something. If we decide to go further with this discussion, it might become necessary for me to….demonstrate some things, physically. Now, I didn’t want to dump this on you so suddenly, but I have some very strong feelings for you, and if you trust me enough, I would like to do a lot of things with you.” *Please please PLEASE say you understand.* Maya prayed.

With that, Shinji surprised Maya enormously by hugging her so tight she almost couldn’t breathe.

“Oh , thank you Maya-chan, I thought you would never say that. To tell the truth, I came to you because of my feelings for you too. And yes, I would love it if you would help me by ‘demonstrating’ some things.”

Maya felt like her heart would burst, but kept herself barely in check.

“OK Shin-chan, but first, I need to do something.”

She left her place by his side and went to the door, punched in her personal security code, and went to sit on the couch in her office, patting the spot next to her indicating that Shinji should come and sit by her.

After he was settled, she said “To answer your question best about my own feelings, I think that we are going to have to go to my apartment when I finish my work. For now, though, I think I can satiate your lust with a little…preview, shall we say?”

Maya got up and went into her desk and retrieved something, which she stuck in her pocket.

Once she got back to the couch, she very gently started to suck on Shinjis ear.

When he started to ask her what she was doing, she told him to just be quiet and let her do something for him.

He managed to relax and enjoy what she was doing long enough to go with the flow. Maya saw, or rather, felt him relax, and started working her oral caresses down his jawline until she reached his chin, and gave him a very passionate, but very mild, kiss.

“Maya-chan, th..that..that was my….” Shinji stammered.

“That was your first kiss? Well, just relax and maybe we can take care of some other firsts.”

After that, Maya wrapped her arms around Shinjis neck and smashed her lips into his. After a couple of seconds, she opened her mouth slightly and started to lick the length of his lips until he got the idea and started to entwine his tongue with hers in one of the most passion filled moments of his short life.

Shinji was so dazed while this was happening that he didn’t even notice Maya had unbuttoned his shirt until he felt one of her hands on his bare chest, as the other one grabbed his right hand and brought it up to her left breast.

Shinji moaned with pleasure as she started to lightly pinch his nipple, and kept on examining the first breast he had ever felt.

When they finally parted for air, Maya started to untuck his shirt and undid his belt.

As she got to her knees in front of Shinji, his eyes started to flit around her office in a nervous manner.

Maya noticed this and calmed him down.

“Shin-chan, it’s OK, I locked the door, so just relax, for me?”

With that said, she undid the top button on his slacks, and while her hands started to caress his thighs, she took the tab of the zipper in between her teeth and seductively started to slide it down.

Maya grabbed the sides of his pants and slowly worked them off of his legs while nipping at his semi-hard penis through the thin fabric of his boxers.

Shinji couldn’t believe his luck, because the object of his affection was doing things to him that he had only dreamed about, which caused him to become very hard, very quickly.

Noticing this, Maya decided that he was ready for her little ‘demo’, and took off his boxers in one smooth motion.

“Shin-chan, I’m gonna go down on you now, but it will be a little different than you might have expected. If this becomes too much, I need you to tell me so that I don’t hurt you, OK?”

“H…Hai, Maya-chan, arigato.”

After staring into Shinjis eyes for a minute, Maya lowered her head and took the swollen tip of his seven-inch cock into her mouth.

She bobbed her head up and down for a little bit, while working her tongue on the underside of his shaft, and, while she was doing this, reached into her pocket to grab two of the objects she had gotten from her desk.

Maya took one of the butterfly clips and carefully placed it at the base of Shinjis cock, making sure to clamp his urethra shut.

“Does that hurt too much, Shin-chan?” Maya asked in a velvety voice.

“No, but it DOES hurt, Maya-chan.” Shinji replied through clenched teeth.

“That’s good, because this will hurt too.” Maya said as she took the other clip in hand.

This one she clipped to one of the most sensitive parts of his dick, the skin on the bottom about an inch behind the head.

“AAAHHHHH!!” Shinji groaned, but quickly stopped as Maya again took the head of his dick into her mouth and started licking it like a lollipop.

“OOOHHHHH, Maya-chan….it……feels……… .....GOOOOOOD!” Shinji couldn’t stop himself from running his fingers through Mayas short black hair and massaging her scalp as he was starting to barely understand what she had meant by the euphoric state achieved when pleasure melds with pain into one overwhelming sensation.

Maya kept up this light licking and sucking for a minute while fondling Shinjis balls with her left hand.

After a couple minutes, though, she decided to up the ante as she sucked on the thumb and fore finger of her right hand to coat them with saliva, and started to glide them up and down his aching cock in between the two clips while sucking on the head.

“OH..MY…GOD..Maya-chan….where did you….le..learn to….DO that?” Shinji almost wailed.

However, this didn’t stop Maya from continuing, until she felt Shinjis dick start to throb from the stimulation.

When that happened, though, she quickly released the upper clip from his skin and took half of his length into her mouth, and deftly used her tongue to massage the spot of skin where the clip had been just moments before.

“HO..LY…FUUH..UCK!” Shinjis hips started to spasm uncontrollably at this mixture of excrutiating pleasure and pain.

Maya was lucky enough to notice just before this happened and moved her head in time with his hips so that her chin wouldn’t hit the second clip and REALLY hurt Shinji.

About twenty seconds later though, Maya felt his balls retreat into his body and his dick start to twitch in her mouth.

Just when Shinji thought his balls would explode from backed up cum, Maya swiftly took off the clip at the base of his cock and deep-throated him in one smooth, fluid motion, swallowing and pulsing her throat around his dick as it emptied his load deep into her stomach.

As soon as this happened, Shinji clenched his fists in Mayas hair and screamed out as loud as he could.


When he had finally stopped spurting, Maya slipped Shinjis dick out of her throat and resumed using her tongue to soothe the spots where the clips had so recently been.

“M..Maya..chan, that was…amazing.”Shinji blurted out.

Maya noisily took one last slurp at his dick and said “If you liked that, just wait here and take a nap until I finish this report, and I’ll take you back to my apartment and give you a more thorough answer.”

With that thought in his head, Shinji laid down on the couch, thoroughly exhausted and wondering what could possibly be better than what had just transpired, and promptly passed out.

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