Part 7: First night jitters

As soon as Asuka had finished the dishes, Misato informed them that it was past their bedtime as they had school tomorrow. Asuka asked her what she was going to be doing, as she had two more beers fresh from the refridge. Misato had replied that it was none of her business and to get to bed. Ritsuko glanced at Airi, who slanted her a quick look that asked her not to make trouble. She reluctantly agreed. "Asuka, show Ritsuko where everything is and I'll get Airi settled. Shinji, you…Shinji? Rei?" Misato trailed off, looking around for the two pilots. "Where'd they go now?" she wondered.

"Shinji hentai probably dragged her to his room to play doctor. The Hero and the Doll, how touching." Snapped Asuka, her tone venomous.

"Give it a rest, Asuka. You and I both know that Shinji would never do that. If anything, Rei would be the one dragging him." Said Misato, taking a gulp of beer. Asuka's face went red and she stormed to Shinji's room and ripped the door open. In the room, Rei had been about to go to bed and had just finished getting undressed and was standing with one foot on the bed. She turned to look at Sohryu, her expression blank.

"Is there something wrong, Pilot Sohryu?" she asked.

"Where's Shinji?" asked Asuka suspiciously.

"He went to the bathroom to change for the night, as I am in his room. I would not have minded sharing, but he seemed uncomfortable with that. Are you as well? Your face is getting redder." Observed Rei.

"Grr." She gritted out. Then something occurred to her. "Where are your clothes, Wondergirl?!"

"I do not wear clothes to bed." Responded Rei. "That would not make sense."

"WHAT?!? You sleep naked, Wondergirl?!" gasped the redhead. The blue-haired girl remained impassive.

"I have already stated so, Pilot Sohryu. Was there anything else?" inquired Rei, slipping into Shinji's bed. Asuka's mind had frozen up when she realized that Rei slept naked, but now it partially thawed.

"I'm not done, Wondergirl." She started. Rei turned to stare at her with her red, dead eyes.

"If you wish to sleep with me, do so. If not, please leave. Captain Katsuragi has ordered us to go to bed, so I will go to sleep now." Rei's eyes closed. Asuka, deprived of her immediate target, numbly stepped out of the room, turned off the light and closed the door. One thought was in her mind: Rei is a natural blue after all.

Misato and Airi stepped past Asuka's stunned form on the way to Misato's room. "You'll excuse me if it isn't much, but it's home." Smiled Misato, sliding open her door. Airi took a look into the room she would be sharing with the Captain. From her reaction when she first saw it, Airi was expecting something more awe-inspiring than what she saw. The room was just that: a room. It happened to be cleaner than many places Airi had stayed while hunting elves, for which she was grateful. There was a full-size futon in the middle of the floor, a small desk against one wall, piled high with neat stacks of papers, a modest dresser with a somewhat organized assortment of makeup, perfume, jewelry and miscellaneous bits and pieces, a large amour for her hang-ups, posters and pics on the wall, and scarce else. Airi's sharp eye caught sight of a loaded magazine by the edge of the desk. Hmm. Seems to be for a USP. Looks like the Captain and Rit-chan share similar taste in weapons. Airi noticed that Misato was watching her, apparently waiting for a response.

"It's fine, Captain Katsuragi; very nice in fact."

"Call me Misato. You know, I haven't had a roomie since college. It'll be fun." Misato smiled easily.

"Maybe it was your housekeeping habits that drove them off." Came a voice from behind them. Misato started. Airi recognized Shinji's soft, somewhat unsure, voice. She glanced at Misato and saw a mischievous smile on her lips. Suddenly, the older woman had spun to face Shinji and glommed onto him, wrapping her arms around him and pulling his face into her generous chest.

"Oh, Shinji! My brave, dear Shinji. It's true, only you were able to save me, worthless slob that I am. What can I do to thank you, mighty Shinji? You have but to ask, and I shall do all I can to please you. Oh! I can't wait any longer, take me now, oh mighty Shinji!"

"Ah! Get off me, Misato! You're drunk! Hey, let go!" Shinji said, desperately trying to free himself. His cries reached a certain redheaded roommate, who snapped out of her revelry and turned on Misato.

"You hentai! Let go of baka Shinji! I swear, you have no shame, Misato!" Both were stunned when they heard Rei's voice from behind Shinji's door, still soft, but clearly audible.

"Captain Katsuragi, if you are going to sexually assault Pilot Ikari, please do so quietly, as the commotion is preventing me from sleeping as you ordered." Misato, Asuka and Shinji stared at the door to his room, behind which a girl lay on his bed, naked, and smiling a small smile. I hope that helped you, Shinji. If not, I will take physical action. Rei rested a few more minutes, when another thought occurred to her. Maybe Shinji spoke to her about his lack of sexual release, and she is merely taking care of his needs. I will speak with him about that in the morning. She decided. Hearing no more sounds, she drifted off to sleep.

Outside the door, the three principals were still stunned.

"That was…Ayanami, right?" asked Misato.

"Certainly sounded like her." Replied a baffled Asuka.

"But, she was…joking?" asked Shinji. Rei was not known for her sense of humor. "She was joking, right?" he asked Misato, a little worried that she wasn't in fact joking.

"I don't really know." Replied a thoughtful Misato, who had released Shinji from her hug/fondle. Her arm was still around his shoulder, though. Airi noticed this fact. She evaluated Misato's face and posture and came to a surprising conclusion.

She really and truly loves them both, like her own children, though there is more an older sister overlay at work here. This Misato Katsuragi could prove to be well worth getting to know.

"Well, this is our room." Announced Asuka, opening the door for Ritsuko to enter. Ritsuko looked around, noting the large amount of clothing, the desk with lots of half finished homework and the single, small picture next to the framed college degree. College degree? Wondered Ritsuko. She also noted the queen-sized bed that took up most of the room. "Toss your stuff somewhere out of the way. The bathroom is second door on the right. Be sure that you lock the door when you take a shower, or that pervert Shinji might peep on you." Said Asuka, crossing to a closet and fishing around inside for a moment, then pulling out a folded towel. She tucked it under an arm and reached back into the closet, apparently looking for something else. A moment later, she pulled out an oversized tee shirt with the strange symbol she had seen all over the base on the left breast, which she added to the towel. Asuka then crossed to the dresser and reached into the top right drawer and pulled out a pair of shorts. She looked over to Ritsuko, and studied her for a bit, then looked it the top left drawer, frowning at whatever she saw there. Closing the drawer, she took a small basket from the edge of her dresser and handed it, the shirt, the shorts and the towel to Ritsuko. "Here. You might want to shower before bed." Said the redhead to the strawberry blonde. Ritsuko agreed with her and took the items. "Just toss your clothes into the hamper, and we'll get them washed. We'll figure out about clothes for you tomorrow morning." Decided the pilot. Ritsuko was a little nervous about wearing the redheaded girl's clothes, but she had little choice in the matter, and she really wanted a shower; it had been a long day.

On the way to the bathroom, she paused by Misato's door. It was closed, but she could hear voices. Misato and Airi were talking, and she was tempted to listen, but she felt that a shower and bed would be a better choice than listening, as Airi would tell her if she learned anything interesting. She stepped into the bathroom and closed the door, but left it unlocked. She had doubts about the boy Shinji peeping on her. And even if he did, well, Junpei had done that and worse before. As she was tossing her clothes into the hamper, she noticed that the straps of her bra were nearly frayed completely in half, and the material of her panties was so thin that in spots, they were more like gossamer than cotton. I've had these about a year, and they have been my only underwear for months and months, and with the extra amount of washing, I'm surprised that they haven't fallen apart long ago. Guess I know what I'll be buying tomorrow. She thought. She retrieved her bra from the hamper and regretfully tossed it and the panties into the trash. She started the shower and set the basket of toiletries in easy reach.

After she had scrubbed herself clean, she shampooed her hair and was confused as she smelled apple blossoms and lilacs again. She sniffed the shampoo bottle. So it was her shampoo that we had in the bathroom in that room. Wonder what she was doing there? Still, she liked the scent and it was almost the only choice available to her. After she finished with her hair, she looked the basket over and noticed the razor and shaving gel. She debated, then decided that safe was better than sorry. Taking the gel, she carefully applied it and then took the razor, noting the new blade, and shaved. As she did so, she noted that her bikini line was in real need of attention. She made the choice to deal with it right then, and took several minutes to carefully trim it back to where she usually kept it, which was more than just a trim, but less than a total shave. It felt good to be fully washed and groomed, she decided. She got out of the shower and dried off, carefully putting the items back in the basket, then donned the shirt and the shorts, finding the shorts to be a near-perfect fit, and the shirt to be comfortable and coming to her mid thighs. She swiftly wrapped the towel around her hair and opened the door and walked back to Asuka's room, hearing Airi and Misato still talking.

When she opened the door to Asuka's room, she was surprised to see Asuka reviewing the homework with a frown on her face. "Everything OK, Asuka?" she asked.

"What? Oh, it's nothing. Well, let's hit the sack." Said the pilot, tossing the papers to her desk and pulling the covers and sheets back. Ritsuko put her towel over the back of the chair at the desk and set the basket on the edge of the dresser where she had seen Asuka pick it up. She glanced at Asuka, and saw her in the middle of changing into her nightwear. She had taken off the tee shirt she had worn, as well as her bra, and was pulling on a shirt that came to her knees. When the shirt settled over her shoulders, it left one bare because it was so oversized. She then reached under the shirt and skinned off her shorts and hopped into bed. Ritsuko made a mental note of the layout of the room, then turned off the light, slipped off her shorts and crossed to the bed. She carefully felt around and found that Asuka had scooted over to the far side, leaving her the side by the door. With extra caution, she slipped into bed next to the other girl and got the pillow into a comfortable position. She was about to drift off to sleep when Asuka spoke to her in a quiet voice. "Ritsuko, I know you don't know me and all, but I wanted to tell you that I haven't had anyone in my bed or room since I was 4. I'm telling you this because I occasionally have bad dreams and, well, just don't take it personally, OK?"

"No problem." Replied Ritsuko. I have a few of my own, girl.

"See you in the morning, Ritsu." Yawned the other teenager. They were both asleep moments later.

Airi stood under the spray of the shower and thought about what she had learned from Misato that evening. She had covered a wide range of topics, from some background on the Children, to her situation, to what was occurring in this world. She had also managed to get the Operations Director to promise to get some reference materials for her to look over. Misato isn't a bad person, really. Thought the actress. She's just in a bad position. Still, she saw this Second Impact thing first hand and it must have been hell. I can understand that she has a drinking problem; who wouldn't. Six billion dead in less than a year. And now, she's forced to use these kids to fight monsters called angels to save what's left of the world. Must be tough to have to order them to risk it all when you care for them as much as she does. I do agree with her that we should try to befriend Shinji, especially Rit-chan. If I had to do what he does with a father than sees me as nothing but an expendable tool, I'd be withdrawn and depressed too. Airi smiled to herself. Rit-chan is anything but shy, withdrawn or uncertain. She thought to herself. She relaxed and let the water flow over her body. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes and reached for the bottle of body wash and the shampoo.

When that was done, she considered the razor and gel, and made a similar decision to Ritsuko. Who knows when I might get another chance to do some grooming. She carefully shaved and then considered her pubic hair. It needs to be cut back. She noted. In it's current state, it was doubtful that she would be winning any bikini contests. That thought made her frown. To hell with this; it all comes off. It's been a while since I was bare anyway. With her mind made up, she went to work.

Airi had finished and dried off, pleased with her handiwork. Soft and smooth as a baby's butt, as they say. She smiled to herself. She set the towel aside and critically examined herself in the mirror, turning and striking poses as she examined each detail with a highly critical eye. You're a little heavy, Airi, but not too bad, all things considered. I better start doing something about that tomorrow morning. Can't let myself get too far out of shape or it won't be pretty when I get back to Hollywood. Airi signed. Working out was not her favorite thing to do. Still, one did what one must. I wonder what Misato does to keep her figure. All that beer and she's still got a killer body. Of course, she was very lucky in the attributes department. If I had breasts like hers, I would be unstoppable. That thought gave her pause. I wonder if they're natural. They seem to be almost too perfect. But she doesn't seem the type to get surgery for image. But then, I don't know her that well yet. Mused the actress. She shrugged to herself and reached for the shirt and shorts that Misato had handed her. The shirt was a little loose on her, and left most of her midriff bare, but the shorts were an excellent fit. She looked at herself once more in the mirror. And I need to ask where a good stylist is. She noted her less-than-neat mop. Turning away from the mirror, she exited the bathroom, turning out the light and entering Misato's room. Misato was writing something on a laptop computer and was also scribbling notes on a sheet of paper. After a moment, she finished whatever she was doing on the computer and shut it down, folded the paper and stuck it in a small organizer. She stood and stretched, yawning. As she did so, her tank top rode up a bit, and Airi caught sight of something she hadn't before. It was the silver-white of an old scar. And the scar seemed to be large and deep. Misato caught her attention, and pulled her shirt up to her collarbone. Airi studied the scar. It went from her upper abdomen, between her breasts and ended about an inch above her sternum. "This is from Second Impact. A piece of shrapnel got me. If I hadn't been recovered when I was, I would have bled to death. The injury cut clean through my ribs and sternum, and did some damage to the organs as well. A doctor once offered to reduce the scar to a hairline one, but I chose to keep it as it is as a reminder of why I fight the angels."

"I see." Said Airi. And she hasn't had work done on her breasts, either. It's just not her thing. "Has Shinji seen that scar?" she asked suddenly, catching Misato off guard with the sudden change in focus.

"No." she replied. Her eyes sparkled mischievously. "He's seen me naked before, but never this scar. Should I go show it to him?" she grinned. Then she turned serious. "I don't think he's ready to know about this. He's still trying to figure out why he fights, and he doesn't like pain. This would just cause him more unhappiness."

"You're probably right, Mi-chan. But I have this feeling that the time will soon come when he needs to know about it. And hear your story of how you survived the Impact. It might be the deciding factor in his choosing to fight for mankind or not."

"I hope your wrong, because Shinji doesn't need any more pain or pressure, but I think you're right." Agreed Misato. She pulled her shirt back down over her breasts and drained the last of her beer, then crossed to the futon and tossed back the sheets. I see that Shinji and Rei put clean sheets on my bed. I'll have to thank him. She noted. She looked to Airi. "Well, let's call it a night, Airi." She said cheerfully. The actress shut off the lights and stepped to the bed. Carefully kneeling next to the bed, she took the towel off her neck and tossed it toward the chair at Misato's desk and slipped into bed. She brushed up against Misato as she got settled and prepared to sleep. Misato interrupted her just before she could doze off. "Hey Airi, if you hear some noise in the night, don't worry. Asuka and Shinji sometimes have nightmares, Shinji more than Asuka. They usually go back to bed once they wake up, but if not, I'll handle it. `Kay?" asked the Captain.

"Sure. Just don't step on me." Replied Airi. Fourteen and they both have the kind of nightmares that wake one up screaming, but have dealt with them for so long that they can go back to sleep afterwards. What kind of world is this? She wondered as she drifted off to sleep.

Hours later, in Shinji's room, a pair of red eyes snapped open. He needs me. Thought Rei, rising swiftly and exiting the room silently. She stepped quickly down the hall and into the living room, where Shinji tossed and turned, obviously in the midst of a nightmare. Rei stepped to the couch and sat down on the edge, putting her hands on Shinji's cheek and shoulder. "I am here, nothing will be allowed to hurt you, Shinji." She spoke softly. Shinji calmed down, his nightmare seeming to dissipate with her touch. A moment later, he opened his eyes, and looked into her red ones. She leaned over him, staring intently into his blue eyes and asked. "Are you all right, Shinji?"

"Yeah, I'm…fine, Rei. Thanks." He said. Then he noticed something. She was still entirely naked. The cool, soft light from the half moon and stars lit her from the side, painting her in a silver tone. Her blue hair and red eyes were startling contrasts to her alabaster skin. Shinji felt himself harden as he noticed that her nipples were semi-erect. Rei leaned closer to him, making him grow even more excited. He couldn't forget the sample that Ritsuko had gotten earlier that day. His member went rock-hard. "Wha…What are you doing, R…Rei?" he managed to ask.

"You are having a hard time sleeping, are you not, Shinji? I will stay with you and help you relax until you fall asleep again. Unless you wish to sleep with me in your room." Replied Rei, now lying against him on the couch, her hands on his chest and neck. She carefully slipped under the blanket he had taken from his room earlier and pressed against him to keep from falling off the couch. Shinji's shorts felt way too tight, especially when Rei, attempting to find a more stable perch, slid halfway on top of him. She felt something hard poke her leg when she slid it over his hips, so she slid a hand down to find out what was poking her leg.

"R…Re…Rei, wha…what are you…" Rei pressed a finger to his lips.

"Do not awaken the others needlessly, Shinji." She admonished. Her hand found his shorts, and after feeling the hardness under them, she understood. "I see that Captain Katsuragi has not given you sufficient sexual release. That must be why you are having a hard time sleeping. I will take care of this, Shinji." She announced. He tried to speak, but she pressed her finger to his lips again. "Do not disturb the others." She reminded him. Her hand snaked into his shorts and sought his erection. When she found it, she carefully wrapped her fingers around it, somewhat surprised at its size. The instructor did not mention that they were this big. From her attitude, I had gathered that they were much smaller. The other girls seemed to think that they were smaller as well. This is supposed to fit inside a female? Well, that will have to wait for another time. For now, Shinji needs some relief. I believe that manual or oral stimulation would be best for this situation. The blue haired girl decided, slipping him out of his shorts, not without difficulty. When she had him freed at last, she moved so she was partially on top of him and began to slowly stroke his hard penis. This is much softer than I thought it would be. She mused. She felt him shiver and took that as a sign that she was doing this correctly. She increased her pace and felt Shinji's hands run over her back, a soft moan coming from him. She continued to stroke him. His hands reached her waist and he began to push her on top of him. He wishes more contact. Very well, I will let him take the lead. The girl decided, sliding on top of him. She realized nearly immediately that she couldn't stroke him very well in this position, but Shinji seemed to have other plans for her, as he sat up slightly and brought his lips to hers. Ah, he wishes to kiss as well. Very well, I will do so. Thought Rei. Neither of them were very good kissers, but then, the only way to get better is to practice. Rei felt his hard member touch her wet lips and suddenly, she felt a tingle race through her spine. What was that? Was it because his penis touched that spot? Wondered Rei. She released his member from her grip and shifted her hips around, pinning his penis between her wet lips and his belly. She was getting wetter and wetter, which was making it feel better and better for them both as his member slid between her vaginal lips. I have heard some of the senior girls refer to this as `sexless sex' and I can see now why they do. This feels…good. But where was that spot he touched earlier? It should be right about here. Rei shivered as she found the spot again. I see that the older girls were once more correct in this regard. It is very pleasurable to have my clitoris stimulated. She settled herself so Shinji was comfortably embraced by her nearly dripping wet lower lips and began to slid back and forth, quickly getting a steady rhythm going. The more I please Shinji, the more pleasure I receive. The blue-haired girl thought wonderingly.

Shinji was in heaven. This was even better than what Akagi had done with her hand. He felt himself begin to tremble as Rei slid herself up and down his length faster and faster. He started to moan, but she pressed her lips to his once more, smothering the sound. Suddenly, Shinji felt himself spasm and knew that he had just cum all over them both. Rei continued for another few strokes, then her whole body spasmed and trembled. Shinji was a little worried as this hadn't happened with Akagi. Then Rei gave a soft moan and opened her eyes. "Are you relaxed now, Shinji, or do I need to repeat the release?" she asked softly. Shinji thought she sounded…eager? And he could have sworn that she was blushing, but he must be imagining it as she never blushed.

"I'm…good, Rei. Tha…Thank you. It was…good." He managed. He was feeling very tired suddenly, and his eyes were already closing. In minutes, he was asleep. Rei watched him for several more minutes, waiting to see if the nightmares returned. Seeing no signs of them, she carefully slipped off him and felt some of their mixed fluids seeping down her legs. I need to clean him, so the sperm does not dry on him; the instructor said that semen sticks things together. And I must clean myself too. Thought Rei, silently stepping to the bathroom, where she cleaned herself off with a washcloth, then, after rinsing the cloth and adding a little soap, she went back to Shinji, who was still sleeping peacefully, and cleaned him as well. Once she was done, she put the washcloth in the laundry hamper and returned to Shinji, pulling his shorts back up and putting the cover back over him. She paused, then kissed his lips before returning to his bed. Rei slept peacefully until morning, and Shinji had no more nightmares that night.