Part 26: Developments

Rit-chan, Shinji and Celsia were walking in the woods outside the black pyramid. Shortly after they entered the woods, Rit-chan and Shinji had begun holding hands, and both found that they liked the feeling. Celsia had noticed, but one look at Rit-chan's face had convinced her not to comment. So the three walked through the woods, idle chat and light banter the main conversational topic.

Celsia was enjoying the freedom. After so long in a cage, she was simply happy to be free again. Well, mostly free. She had been hauled into the lab of her arch-enemy Akagi two nights ago and given an examination that had left her sore and ill-humored. To make matters worse, while the doctor was getting her `sample', her sharp ears had picked up sounds from behind a glass mirror. It didn't take a genius to figure out that she was being watched, and within a few minutes, she had determined that it was the so-called `Commander' of this little piece of hell. From the sounds of it, he was getting off on her treatment; before the doctor had finished, Celsia had heard him reach his climax and leave.

With her mind preoccupied, she was startled to feel her feet catch on something and send her to the grassy ground. "Ouch!" she complained. Sitting up, she growled. "Just what the hell is there to trip over out here, anyway!?"

"Celsia, are you ok?" asked Rit-chan, slipping to her knees next to her companion.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Rit-chan." Grumbled the High Priestess, getting to her feet with the teen's assistance.

"Hey, Rit-chan." Said Shinji, looking at the ground. "Are those tank tracks?" Rit-chan shifted her attention to the ground and her eyes lit up.

"Yeah! And they're from a Type 74, too!" she exclaimed excitedly. "Mike! Mike, where are you, boy? Mike!" she yelled into the woods. Shinji watched her, a puzzled look on his face. Rit-chan glanced at the tracks again, then sprinted off along the tracks. Shinji blinked, then glanced at Celsia.

"Yeah, we better go before she looses us." Said the elf. Shinji and the tall blonde myth took off after their friend. Swiftly, Shinji settled into a comfortable, mile-eating pace. It felt pretty good to him to just run in the shady forest, seeing Rit-chan swiftly slip through trees, still calling out for her tank. Glancing to his side, he saw that Celsia was matching his pace. He wondered if she could go the distance he could.


Misato stretched and headed for the parking garage. With her last bit of work finished for the day, she was heading out to search for a new dress for that weekend. With two days to go, she was feeling a bit rushed, but, what the hey; this would be the last wedding she would be attending for quite a while. Reaching her car, she cranked up and moved to the linear rail lift and Tokyo 3. In her pocket, a wad of bills were waiting for their chance to flee.

An hour later, the stacked Operations Director of NERV was in a trendy shop, perusing the dresses for a suitable candidate. While several of the dresses looked like they would be fine, she just couldn't find one that said what she wanted it to say. There was also the added challenge of finding one that fit her correctly. Given that the woman had a slender overall build, but was generously gifted in the chest, dresses either were too tight on top, or too loose through the waist and hips. Right now, finding any dress that hugged her curves was the primary goal. Waving off the sales girl, she had been perusing the dresses for about ten minutes, and had decided that there were only three likely choices in this shop. Sighing, she took all three and moved to the changing rooms.

Slipping off her work clothes, Misato paused to study herself in the full-length mirror on the back of the changing room door, her bra and panties her only covering. I'm not that bad off. She decided. Ok, so my waist is a bit softer than it was in college, but I still have a lot of definition; well, enough definition, anyway. And my ass is still tight as a teenager's ass! Misato turned her body a bit, critically examining her ass and chest. Satisfied that she was still a babe, Misato winked at her reflection and tossed her hair behind her shoulders with a very Asuka-like head toss.

Reaching over to the first dress, she slipped it off the hanger and wiggled into it, making sure it was properly settled before once more giving herself a critical once-over in the mirror. Not bad, but kind of…boring. She decided, removing the dress, re-hanging it and setting it aside. The next dress was a strapless gown number, with a pseudo-bodice. Undoing her bra, Misato tossed it to the pile of work clothes and shimmied into the gown, settling the gown and zipping it up. She found the top to be very comfortable and highly flattering, if not overly supportive. Good thing I've got firm, resilient tits! She gloated silently. And it's not like I'm planning on doing any aerobics or break-dancing at the wedding, so it's not really an issue. Misato nodded to herself. This one is the leader, all right. One to go. Slipping off the gown, Misato paused when she caught herself in profile in the mirror. Thanks for the killer figure, mom. Wish you were here to see me. She thought, before forcibly pushing those thoughts aside.

The final dress was short, tight and slinky. It was also comfortable and more to her personal preferences than the gown, but as she studied herself in the mirror, she had doubts about wearing it to a wedding. Without question, it was flattering to her figure and made the most of her height and hair, but it seemed a little too much like a `come get some' dress for her to be comfortable wearing it to a wedding. A nightclub, on the other hand… mused the Major. Or a hot date! I wonder how Shinji would react to this dress? That thought planted the seeds of a very mischievous idea in her head. Running her hands down her sides and thighs, she turned this way and that, trying to see the dress from every angle. Dark, smooth material clung to her every curve, and with the hem only a third of the way down her thighs, it screamed `sexy' without flaunting it like some cheap tart. Thoughtfully, she slowly slipped the dress off and replaced it on the hanger. Motionless, she considered the two dresses, hanging side by side. How long she stood there, she wasn't certain, but she did give a little flinch when the salesgirl knocked on the door and asked how she was doing.

"Fine, thank you." She answered, the first sound since she had entered the changing room. "I've almost decided." She added, reaching for her work clothes. A moment of rummaging in her jacket pocket yielded her prize: the wad of cash. Swiftly, Misato counted it once more, estimating the cost the two dresses with tax, and finding that it was feasible to do as she had hoped. Budget for the rest of the month will be tight, but… she glanced at the short, sexy number one more time. Humming to herself a little, she swiftly redressed and grabbed the two dresses in her right hand, and the third in her left hand before exiting the dressing room.


Kaji tucked the cigarette into the corner of his mouth and fumbled for his lighter. Once more, he had been instructed to meet a representative of one of his employers. This time, it was Seele. And this time, it was supposed to be a live-contact. The spy was currently sitting in a small booth in a bar on the outskirts of Tokyo 2, a full two hours by rail from Tokyo 3 and NERV. Kaji found his lighter and fired the end of the cigarette. Exhaling a cloud of smoke, he glanced at his watch. Five minutes late, so far. He thought.

"Oh, hey, you got a spare smoke?" came a soft, feminine voice from just behind his shoulder. Kaji turned to see a woman with short, dark hair and large, innocent eyes standing by the end of the bench of his booth. She was dressed in a conservative business suit/dress that fit in nicely with the general attire of the people passing before the front window of the bar. Guessing that this was probably his contact, Kaji smiled.

"I might. You mind unfiltered?" he asked, watching her eyes carefully.

"I prefer filtered, but if all you have is unfiltered, then I can make do." She replied, sitting across from him.

"Then it's my pleasure." Returned the spy, fishing out his pack of smokes. Shaking one out of the pack, he offered it to her. She took it in her fingers and held it out so he could light it. Once it was lit, she took a careful drag, then blew a smoke ring. "Nice." Commented Kaji, toasting her with his drink.

"You're easily impressed." She said softly. "Can you do any tricks?"

"Sometimes." He said. "What would you like to see me do?"


Asuka came home about half past eight and found that Airi was the only one back. The actress was sitting on the couch, dressed in her usual shorts and silk top, watching some Pre-Second Impact movie on the classics channel. When Asuka came back from changing into her house clothes, Airi muted the television and asked her if she was hungry. Shrugging, the Second Child asked where the rest of the exhibits of the Zoo were. Airi gave a soft laugh and told her that Shinji and Rit-chan were at NERV with Celsia and Misato was god-knew-where looking for something to wear to a wedding. Asuka sighed.

Just then, the two heard the door open and Rit-chan all but sprinted into the living room and tackled Airi, laughing delightedly. Airi caught the teen, but found that the momentum of the girl had knocked her off the couch. "I take it you have good news, Rit-chan?" guessed the actress as Rit-chan untangled herself from her older comrade and helped her to her feet.

"I found my long-lost friend." Giggled Rit-chan. Airi immediately knew that she mean Mike the tank.

"Well, good for you." Smiled Airi warmly. Rit-chan hugged Airi, her cheek pressing to the other woman's cheek. Airi hugged Rit-chan back. A few moments went by before Rit-chan released her friend.

"Well, I'm gonna go get a bath." She said, almost dancing toward the room she and Asuka shared. "Be back in a bit!"

"Must be some friend." Muttered Asuka, shaking her head. Airi gave her a small shrug.

"What can I say? She loves her friends." Offered the older woman.

"Hey, where's Baka?" asked Asuka. "I'm hungry."


The next two days passed swiftly for the group. Friday afternoon was scheduled for a cross-compatibility test for the First and Third Children in Units 0 and 1. It hadn't gone as planned. Rei had been the first to try piloting Unit 1. Maya had noticed that the differences in the personal data for the two pilots was minimal at best, and Rei turned in nearly identical scores in Unit 1 as she did in Unit 0. When asked if she felt any different in Unit 1's plug, Rei had simply replied "It smells like Shinji." Akagi had simply acknowledged her comment and initialized the test. Twenty minutes later, she was done and entered the Pribnow Box to watch Shinji try out Unit 0.

Oddly enough, Shinji had responded to Misato's question of how it felt to be in another Eva with the comment that Unit 0 `smelled like Rei.' Asuka, undergoing another data integrity test in her Unit 2 had - of course - had a comment about that observation. When her first barbed comment failed to elicit a reply, she opened a vid-channel to Unit 0 and taunted him about it being like being back in the womb. Misato had not found her chatter entertaining, and had ordered her to shut up. Sulking, Asuka had complied, still muttering insults under her breath.

It had been going well until Shinji broke the magical thirty five percentile mark. With a sharp, pain-filled gasp, he had grabbed his head. Then, all hell broke loose. Unit 0, already having had the exact same thing happen months ago, went on a rampage, tearing out the restraints and attempting to shatter the heavy polymer-based glass of the Pribnow Box; and in point of fact, succeeded, sending heavy chunks flying into the room. Rei, who had been standing in front of the observation window, hadn't moved a muscle as the giant bio-mech unit reared back to crush her with it's fist. Before it could, the unit grabbed it's head, staggering around a bit before beginning to bang it's head against the concrete walls as it's energy hit zero and it collapsed motionless.

Shinji had woken up in the overly-familiar Cranial Ward of the hospital, with Rei sitting silently beside his bed, her hand on his. When he attempted to sort out what had happened, he found that he couldn't bring any memory to mind. Once more, his mind had seen things he couldn't handle and had walled the memories of his episode in Unit 0 away from him. Rei had leaned over and locked her mouth to his, her arms locking his body to hers as she assured herself that he was well. Her activities were cut short by the arrival of Misato and Asuka. By the time the door had opened and Misato and the Second had entered, Rei was once more sitting calmly in a chair by his bedside.

"Good news, Shinji." Burbled Misato, stopping at his opposite bedside. "Everything shows up clear, so Ritsu is releasing you."

"So stop playing the causality and go make me dinner, Baka!" snapped Asuka. Her angry tone hid her fear that he had been injured in the incident. Since she was in her Eva when Unit 0 went berserk, she had been about to smash into the cage where Unit 0 was rampaging and forcefully disable the prototype unit. Misato, however, had ordered her to wait for instructions, and the unit had shut down before she was ordered in to subdue the rouge Unit.

"Sure, I'm on it, Asuka." Sighed Shinji, tossing the covers back. He blinked when he realized that he wasn't in his plug suit. Nor was he in a hospital gown. For some reason, he was naked. He gasped, desperately clawing the covers back over his naked form. Turning to Misato, he saw her attention was on his manhood, and a smile was on her lips. Asuka was tapping her foot impatiently.

"Well?" she demanded impatiently. "What's the hold up?"

"Asuka, I'm naked." He said.

"Humph! You haven't got anything I haven't seen before, Baka, so get dressed and fix me dinner already!" roared the red-head, grabbing his covers and yanking them off him. Sighing, Shinji steeled himself and climbed out of bed, trying not to make eye contact with the three women in the room. If he had of tried, he would have found it difficult, because all three were looking at his package, which had hardened to half-mast in spite of his best efforts to force it to behave.


"Yo, Shin-man!" called Touji as Shinji and his group entered the outer yard of the school. His shout triggered an immediate glare from Asuka and a freezing-cold glance from Rei. Rit-chan ignored him, a bright smile on her face. "Hey! I got something to show you." Said Touji, motioning for Shinji to come over to him. Shinji sighed. Knowing Touji, he wouldn't stop until either Shinji came over or Asuka kicked his ass.

"Excuse me a moment, guys. I better go see what he wants or he'll keep in yelling." Said Shinji to the girls softly.

"Or I could just kick his stooge ass." Muttered Asuka irritably.

"What was that, Red? You want to kiss my ass?" taunted Touji. Asuka's eyes lit up like a furnace as her face went KillYouDead!tm red. She got one step toward him before Rit-chan's hand landed on her shoulder.

"Asuka! Rit-chan!" came Hikari's voice from the entrance to the school. "You guys better come see this!"

"Be right there!" called back Rit-chan, pulling a growling and snarling Asuka with her.

"You're a dead Stooge, pencil dick!" yelled Asuka. "I'm going to roll your ass up around your shoulders and punt you to the moon, fairy boy!"

"Hey, you coming with us, Rei?" interjected Rit-chan calmly, as if she weren't dragging a psychotic Eva Pilot into the school by the shoulder.

"I will accompany Shinji." Said the quiet First Child.

"Um, Rei-chan, maybe you should go with them." Suggested Shinji. "In case Asuka goes postal or something." I'm willing to bet that whatever Touji has to show me is better off not seen by females.

Rei studied him for a moment. "If that is your wish." She said softly, turning and following Asuka and Rit-chan. Asuka had managed to gain enough control over herself so that Rit-chan desisted her dragging, though her hand stayed on the German girl's shoulder. Shinji watched her go, finding her graceful walk mesmerizing. He was snapped out of it by Touji's hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, check this out." Tittered the jock, reaching under his jacket and pulling out a small disc. "Kensuke's latest masterpiece." Shinji knew in that instant that he had made the right choice in asking Rei to go with the other girls.


"Was diese shiest ist?" gaped Asuka upon seeing her shoe locker stuffed to overflowing with envelopes of various sizes and shapes. Looking to her right, she saw that Rit-chan's locker as well as Hikari's and Wondergirl's were similarly overflowing. Rit-chan snickered and grabbed a handful of the envelopes, casually drop-sorting them. After only a half dozen or so, she simply dropped the envelopes onto the floor.

"Diese sind Liebenbrief, frauline Sohryu." She replied in kind. Seeing Hikari blink at the German, she switched back to Japanese. "These are love notes, Asuka."

"I know that!" snapped Asuka, angrily rooting around her shoe locker for her indoor shoes, dumping a small mountain of letters onto the floor. "They've been stuffing my box since I got here, but this," she indicated the massive amount of paper accumulating on the ground, "is ridiculous!"

"And why are my and Rei's boxes also stuffed? This isn't normal." Added Hikari. True, I usually get one or two letters a month from some fetish freak or hopeless loser, but god damn!

"Holy shit, guys, what'd you do, sign up for a chain letter?" came Aki's voice from the other side of the shoebox row. Looking up, the other girls saw her face from the nose up over the top of the shoe locker row.

"We were just discussing that." Said Asuka, seeing Aki moving toward the end of the row to join them. Rei considered her locker for a moment, then silently dumped the letters to the floor as well before switching her shoes. Asuka tapped her toes to settle her indoor shoes as Rit-chan pulled her school shoes off. Aki stopped behind Rei and shook her head at the four heaps of letters on the floor.

"You know, from the volume of those letters, you guys must have gotten a letter from every boy here." She noted.

"As well as some of the female students." Noted Rei, looking at the handwriting on one of her letters. Hikari covered her mouth with her hand as she gasped softly.

"Are you sure, Rei-chan?" she asked quietly, peeking around to make sure no one had heard the girl's observation.

"Yes." Replied Rei softly, feeling Shinji approach from outside. Asuka's head turned to the door as Shinji came into view. Right beside the Third Child was Touji, who was leaning over to Shinji and was obviously whispering to him excitedly. Shinji had a blank look on his face, not unlike Rei customarily wore. The warning chimes sounded, which meant that it was five minutes until classes started. Shinji glanced at the girls, noting the letters on the floor as lengthened his stride to his shoe locker, which was between and a little below the two other Pilot's lockers. Touji and Asuka traded glares.

"Hey, I'll see you later, Shin-man." Said the jock, deliberately looking away from Asuka. "Can't stand to be too close to Red Devil here."

"Yeah, later." Said Shinji. Touji had managed to turn toward class before Shinji added an afterthought. "And don't call her that." Beside him, Asuka felt herself begin to blush.

"He is to blame for this, is he not?" interrupted Rei, her voice quiet, but sounding oddly…displeased. Shinji sighed.

"Well, sort of. Tell you about it at lunch, deal?"


Airi and Celsia were walking in the woods near NERV HQ. The elf had been in fairly good spirits lately, as the number of tests were steadily dropping. Right now, she and Airi were headed for Mike's little lair on the far edge of the woods. Since Rit-chan had found him a few days before, the group had been in much better spirits. Right now, Airi was getting an idea of what she needed to do to re-supply the tank for their planned exodus from this place. But on that note, she still had to get with Celsia about the jump circle, or casting ring as the elf called it. Right then, Celsia was telling her about Rit-chan reunion with her beloved tank.

"When she finally let go of Mike's main cannon, she grabbed Shinji and kissed him so hard he fell over when she released him." Laughed Celsia. "For a moment, I thought she'd jump him and fuck his brains out. I've never seen her like that. What's the deal with her and Shinji?"

Airi smiled. "I'm not exactly sure, and I doubt that even Rit-chan knows for sure. But she does have a thing for him." Celsia studied her human companion. Of all the group, Airi had been the most considerate of her situation. The actress had never made jokes about her Pouchi problems, or yelled at her, or even spoken unkindly to her. Rit-chan wasn't deliberately mean to her, but her youth and aggressive nature insured that she had no problem telling Celsia what she thought at any given time; and on more than a few occasions, those thoughts were not kind to the elf. Still, Celsia would rather deal with her and Airi than Junpei the Jerk. The closeness of Airi and Celsia had slowly given Celsia a small amount of insight to Airi's moods and thoughts. And right now, she heard something in Airi's tone she had never heard before: concealed interest.

"You know, you sound like you might have a thing for him too, Airi." She said, her tone casual, but her eyes and ears focused on Airi. Any little evasion would be detected, and Celsia was concentrating on Airi's entire presentation. So hard was she concentrating, that she nearly missed the obvious.



Shinji stretched and checked the clock at the front of the room. I can't believe that it's only been ten minutes since I last checked it. He thought disgustedly. This teacher is so boring he can even warp time with his lame lectures about pre-Second Impact life! His laptop chimed at him. Glancing at it, he saw that FireGoddess wanted a word with him. Touching his finger pad, he activated the window.

PilotUnit1: Hey Asuka. What's up?

FireGoddess: I need you to do me a favor, Shinji.

PilotUnit1: And that favor is…?

FireGoddess: Tell your stooge friends that you have Misato's panties in your bag.

PilotUnit1: Why would I…

FireGoddess: Because then they will go where you tell them to.

PilotUnit1: What is going on?

FireGoddess: Divine retribution. Tell them you'll sell the panties to them on the roof after class.

PilotUnit1: And I want to do this, because?

FireGoddess: Because I told you to, Baka!

PilotUnit1: Uh huh. Don't kill them, Asuka. Please.

FireGoddess: Kill them? Perish the thought! After all, I can only hurt them while they're more or less alive, right?

PilotUnit1: Please, Asuka-chan.

FireGoddess: You're no fun, Shinji. Fine! I promise I won't kill them.

PilotUnit1: Could be a problem though; I don't have any proof that I have Misato's panties, and besides, I've always told them no before. They'll be suspicious of my sudden interest in selling them Misato's panties.

FireGoddess: Get real. This is Touji and Kensuke we're talking about! They'll hear the word `Misato' and their brains will turn to drool. As for proof, look in your bag.

Shinji blinked and carefully slid his bag over to his lap, easing the flap open to see inside. Laying on top of his books and notebook was a small bit of lace and cotton masquerading as panties. His dick stirred at the thought. Whose are these? They're not Misato's, I'm sure of that. And Asuka doesn't have any like this; at least, I've never washed a pair like these. The young pilot surreptitiously spread the mystery garment out to get a better look at it. High hipped, lace trimmed with a thong back, the panties were smaller than the average handkerchief, and definitely not Mi-chan's. His laptop chirped quietly.

FireGoddess: Ok, ok, quite fondling them, perv.

PilotUnit1: Whose are they?

FireGoddess: Not telling.

PilotUnit1: Not Misato's, that's for sure. Not yours either; at least I have never seen these in the wash before. It doesn't look like something that Rei would wear, either.

FireGoddess: And how would you know what Wondergirl would or would not wear?!

PilotUnit1: No comment.

FireGoddess: Hentai.

PilotUnit1: Whose are these?

FireGoddess: Nope, not going to tell you. Now quit stalling and tell them to go to the roof after school! With that, Asuka was gone. Shinji considered the panties for a moment more before closing the bag and hanging it back by the side of his desk. A swirl of red hair caught his eye. Sitting in front of him, Rit-chan had tossed her head, causing her ponytail to dance in front of the male pilot.

A thought occurred to Shinji. Could they be Rit-chan's? She's about the right build for them, and I haven't washed enough of her things to know if she has a pair like that or not. Maybe they are hers. Quickly, he typed on his keyboard, and an instant later, he had an answer.

ElfHunter: Hey, stud.

PilotUnit1: Hi, Rit-chan. Um, do you know what Asuka is planning?

ElfHunter: Yep. Sounds fun.

PilotUnit1: Do you know about the…item in question?

ElfHunter: Heh! Yes, I do. Wanna know if they're mine, right?

PilotUnit1: The thought did occur to me.

ElfHunter: Sorry, Shin-kun. You'll have to wait to find out. After school, you'll get your answer. ElfHunter logged out. Shinji frowned. His chat program chimed again. A click and Rei was live on his laptop. Though not the way I wish she was live on my laptop! thought the part of his mind that was in charge of his ever-expanding sexual drive. He mentally kicked that part of him on principal.

IceGoddess: They are not mine, koibito. I am not wearing any today.

PilotUnit1: Why not? Shinji felt he knew the answer, but he enjoyed interacting with her at any level.

IceGoddess: It would interfere with my plans for later this afternoon. Also, such items can be inconvenient if an unexpected opportunity to be one appears.

PilotUnit1: How did they get there?

IceGoddess: At lunch, we placed them there while you were cleaning up the bentos.

PilotUnit1: We? Who is `we'?

IceGoddess: Your lovers.

Shinji's reply was cut short by Touji sending him an invitation to a chat room. IceGoddess closed her link without a word. Mentally resigning himself to his role in the imminent doom of his two friends, he accepted the chat invitation and brought up the panty issue. Five words later, Touji was gone, excitedly chatting with Kensuke in a private room, and Shinji was wondering how much Asuka would make them suffer. Glancing at the clock, he saw that there was still an hour and half before last bell. His sigh was followed by another instant message on his screen.

ClassRepGrrl: Shinji? Would you like to come over to my house for dinner next Saturday night?

PilotUnit1: Sure. Asuka's coming too, right?

ClassRepGrrl: Umm, I was actually thinking of just the two of us. My sisters will be out for most of the evening.

PilotUnit1: Are you sure you want to?

ClassRepGrrl: Y-E-S!!

PilotUnit1: Ok, then I'll be there unless something comes up.

ClassRepGrrl: Thanks! Oh, and Shin-kun?

PilotUnit1: Yes, Hi-chan?

ClassRepGrrl: I…want to…try some things. Is that…ok?

PilotUnit1: Yeah, I guess.

ClassRepGrrl: Good! I can't wait! ClassRepGrrl was gone, leaving behind a smiley face with a leer and a gleam in her eye. Shinji felt himself smile as he leaned back. With the prospects for the rest of the day and the next weekend in mind, he forgot about the trap he had steered his friends into.


Shinji found himself on planning assistance detail with Aki after school, while his two friends went to wait for him on the roof. The two classmates dutifully reported to the teacher's lounge to get their assignments, and found that there were some bulletins and tests to be copied and collated, then sorted and prepared for the next day. With the two stacks in hand, the two headed to the small office/workstation to make the copies, sort, collate, staple and stack the bulletins and tests for the next day. Aki was her normal cheerful self, and Shinji was feeling uncommonly good, thinking of what Rei might have meant by panties being in her way later that afternoon.

The office was small, little more than a copier, a network printer, a small sort table, and a stack of different types of paper and office supplies on a tall, narrow wire shelf at the back wall. Aki began the process of loading the bulletins into the copier as Shinji began to organize the tests. Before Aki pressed the start button, she glanced at the tray indicator and shook her head. "Hey, Shin, hand me a ream of paper, would you?" she asked, pulling the nearly empty paper tray out.

"Sure, Aki." Said Shinji, turning to study the paper. "Plain white, right?"

"Yeah. The stuff in the gray and white packets." Confirmed Aki. Shinji grabbed a ream and turned to hand it to Aki. Since he and Aki were on the same side of the copier, he bumped into her, finding himself pressed full-length to her back and side. "Sorry." He said softly, pulling back a bit.

"I'm not." Laughed Aki, taking the paper and tearing the outer packaging off. Fanning the paper once, she fed the entire 500 sheet pack into the tray before closing it and hitting the start button. As the machine began to churn out the bulletins, she stepped to Shinji's side and began to help him lay out the tests in the proper order to be copied. Bit by bit, she pressed against him until she was all but pinning him in the corner.

"Um, Aki?" asked Shinji.

"Yes, Shinji?" answered Aki, giving him a smile. "What are you doing in the corner?"

"Just…well, you kept leaning into me." He evaded.

"So, lean back." Giggled Aki.


"Hey, beautiful." Came a voice from behind Misato as she considered the choices of dishes in the cafeteria on the command level of NERV HQ. Misato grimaced.

"Don't you have work to be doing, Kaji?" she bit back, her appetite dying swiftly in his presence. I'll just have Shin make me up some extra tonight. Decided the Major, stepping past the food to the drink section, looking for something to tide her over. Spotting a heavy yogurt shake, she snagged it and a bottle of water before heading for the tables. From behind her, she heard the sound of Kaji's footsteps. Her grimace turned into a scowl.

Selecting a seat near the wall, she dropped into it, completely unsurprised to see Kaji land opposite her. Misato glowered at him as she tore the top off the yogurt shake and shoved the spoon into it, angrily scooping out the thick, sweet treat. Kaji watched her for a moment before speaking. "Something wrong, sunshine?" he asked.

"Yeah. There's this slimy sack of shit named Kaji following me around." Snarled Misato. "Don't tell me you ran out of skirts to chase and had to fall back on an EX-girlfriend."

"Ouch. I'm hurt." Quipped Kaji.

"I wish." Muttered the Major sardonically.

"But in answer to your question, no, I haven't run out of skirts to chase. It's just that no woman can match up to you, Mi-chan." He said, his tone sad and longing.

"Yeah, whatever. I noticed it doesn't stop you from trying out every woman you see." Retorted Misato, immune to his tricks. Her spoon stabbed angrily into her snack as she spoke.

"Why, Mi-chan, is that jealously I hear?" he teased back.

"More like disgust." Parried Misato. "Is there some reason you have inflicted yourself on me today?"

"You make it sound like I'm a disease or something." Noted Kaji. "And here I was going to ask you to accompany me to the wedding of our dear classmate this Sunday."

"And just where did you hear about that?" gritted Misato. "It's not like you know Achiko or anything."

"I do too know Achi-chan!" was Kaji's indignant reply. "She and I had a class together our senior year at University!"

"Oh? Which class?" challenged Misato.

"Physical Exercise." Grinned Kaji. "We were in the same semester volleyball course to complete our credits."

Misato was unimpressed. "I was in the class as well, but not for the credit. You never came to class, so how can you sit there and lie like that with a straight face?"

"Though it was never in class, I did cum." Leered Kaji. Misato's hand crushed her empty yogurt snack.

"Fucking pervert." She snarled.

"I don't know why you are so upset, Mi-chan. You walked out on me the week before she and I hooked up." Defended Kaji.

"Hooked up officially or unofficially?" attacked Misato. "She was in bed with you when I came home that night, jackass!"

"Well, we invited you to join us." Protested Kaji. Misato's face was turning Asukatm red as her temper got the better of her.

"Like that's supposed to make it ok?!?" roared Misato, jumping to her feet, her chair skittering backwards across the tile floor. "You think that inviting your girlfriend to join you in bed with another woman makes it ok to cheat on her?!? You conceited, egotistical, misogynistic, horny, perverted fuck-off!!"

"Well, you didn't have a problem with it before." Noted Kaji, easing back and settling his feet under him for a quick exit; Misato had her USP on her, after all. "And you and Ritsu seemed to enjoy it all those times."

"GET. OUT. OF. MY. SIGHT." Bit out Misato, her eyes dancing with flame and her face the perfect match for Unit 2's paint job.

Time to go, Kaji-my-boy. Warned Kaji's spy-voice; it was like having James Bond in your head all day, but it had saved his ass a time or ten. Give her some time to cool down. Kaji heeded the mental version of the British super-spy icon as he eased himself to his feet and moved slowly toward the door. "Well, I best be going, Mi-chan. I've got a ton of work waiting for me." He said. Glancing at Misato's pulsing veins and shaking fists, one of which had crushed her unopened bottle of water, Kaji realized that his escape speed was insufficient. He swiftly picked up the pace for the door. "I'll just pick you up at six, ok?"

"Eat shit and DIE, fucker!" screamed Misato, hurling her ruptured water bottle at his back. Only a swift dive out the door kept him from being hit by the torn plastic bottle half-full of water. Kaji poked his head back into the doorway.

"So, that's a no on the wedding date?" he asked innocently. Misato's hand tore her USP from it's holster as she spread her legs to gain a stable firing position, her support hand locking onto the grip as her firing shoulder locked into position, her trigger finger tightening on the trigger. Kaji demonstrated his speed in a very wisely-chosen high-speed retreat. Only after he had made it several corridors down and over did he stop sprinting. Huffing, he leaned against a wall to catch his breath. She would have shot me. He realized. Who would have believed that she would be this hard to get back together with? After several moments of resting, he pushed himself off the wall and resumed his trek to his hole-in-the-wall office.

In the cafeteria, Misato slowly lowered her gun, her body easing back into a relaxed posture as she holstered her gun. Exhaling, the Major shook her head as she headed for the door. Right now, she needed beer. And that meant that it was office time for her. As she departed, she missed the laughing of the cafeteria staff as they began to discuss this latest chapter of the Misato-Kaji soap opera.


"Hey! There you are." Came Rit-chan's voice from the door to the office area where Shinji and Aki were just finishing up the last of the assignments and were preparing to take them to the teacher's lounge. Shinji flinched at the unexpected voice, separating from Aki a bit. The tall girl had taken to standing behind him and working over his shoulder as the two sorted, stapled and collated the copies. Shinji had taken to leaning lightly back into her chest, enjoying the feel of her chest and hips. Aki sighed.

"Darn. Just when it was getting good, too." She smiled, taking the large stack of paper and heading for the door. "I've got this, stud. See you tomorrow." She gave him one more smile before moving off down the hall.

"I wasn't interrupting anything, was I?" giggled Rit-chan, stepping into the room and closing the door behind her. Stepping over to Shinji, she slipped her arms around his neck and sealed her lips to his for several seconds. Eventually the two broke their lip-lock. "Mm. You're getting better and better, Shin-kun." Said the elf hunter, her voice a bit thicker than normal. Her lips touched his again briefly. "I could get used to this." She noted as she slid her hands down to his waist, her hips pressing against his, noting his semi-erect member - the results of Aki's sustained proximity. Shinji felt himself smiling back at her. "Before I get sidetracked, I came here to answer your question." Said Rit-chan, her voice a bit lower than before.

For a moment, Shinji had no idea what she was talking about. Then it suddenly made sense. "So, are they your panties?" he asked her, feeling his dick twitch at the thought. A soft snicker was his answer.

"You'll have to find that out yourself." Breathed Rit-chan, leaning in to kiss his neck and tickle his earlobe with her tounge. Distracted by her mouth, he was momentarily lost again. Then, her words snapped into place.

"Ok. Is it all right if I do it now?" he asked her, smiling at her as his hands began to caress the crests of her hips. Wordlessly, Rit-chan nodded. Shinji eased his hands down to her skirt, going lower until he felt her smooth, soft skin under his fingers before slowly going up again, her skirt bunching up at his wrists as his arms rose along her thighs. Rit-chan eased her legs apart slightly and ground her hips against his as his hands topped her thighs, her movement causing his hands to slip toward her shapely ass. Rit-chan felt herself growing warm as she felt his penis grow hard against her belly.

Shinji found himself holding his breath as his hands inched higher and higher without finding any panties. Could they be her panties? He wondered, feeling his excitement grow. The thought of the sexy older teen running around naked under her skirt was very arousing to the boy. Suddenly, his fingers brushed against some lace-trimmed cotton. He didn't realize that he had gasped until her heard and felt Rit-chan laugh softly against him.

"Sorry, Shin-kun. They weren't mine." Said the girl, her lips back on his after she finished speaking. Mentally sighing, Shinji began to pull his hands off her warm, supple flesh. Rit-chan's hands slapped over his, pressing them to her athletic ass cheeks. "That doesn't mean you have to stop, Shinji." She panted. Especially since I've never been this horny in my life! She silently added. "Feel free to explore." She said aloud, slipping a hand to his bulging erection. "You know I will." She encouraged him.

Satisfied that she was willing to let him touch her, Shinji thankfully, eagerly, began to run his hands along her panty lines, tracing the contour of her ass, then going to follow the top waistband around to her belly before slipping down to her groin, dancing over the thin material covering her sensitive sex. Tentatively, he stoked her lower lips through her panties, making her moan quietly. Taking that for a sign that she was still ok with him touching her like that, he eased a finger under her panties at her leg opening and touched her lips directly, finding them already wet and hot like a furnace. His initiative was rewarded by another moan as she eagerly spread her legs wider.

Rit-chan had not been idle either as Shinji explored her. Her hands had sank to his rampant erection and, even as he had moved from her ass to her groin, had located his zipper, snatching it down and diving into his slacks, wiggling under his boxers to caress his manhood directly. Feeling his hand on her sex, she spread her legs wider as she moaned. Enough foreplay. Let's get this monster ready for action. Decreed the aroused girl. Thought and action were one with her as she began to work his meat free of his slacks. Her efforts served to arouse them both even more. By the time that she had him free to his balls, her hands were slick with pre-cum. Rit-chan felt her own arousal and knew that her panties were wet from her own juice. "Shinji?" she panted, moaning a bit when his fingers stopped moving in her tight sheath. "Let's move to the main event, ok?"

"You mean…here?" panted Shinji. For her answer, Rit-chan pulled back a step, smiling at him as his hand was forced to leave her groin. The hand still on his member felt it give a twitch as she silently nodded.

"I'm horny and we don't have all day; the others will be around before too long." She said.

"O…ok. Um, how do you…want to do…it?" he managed. Rit-chan smiled, taking her hand off his dick and pulling her skirt up to her waist, tucking the edges of the skirt into her jumper top to keep it from getting in the way. With that done, he could see her panties for the first time. A pale blue with white lace trim, they were cut a lot like a bikini and had the hip seams high on her hips, with a nearly-thong back. The fronts were narrow enough that he could see the hip crease on either side of the panties. He swallowed hard at the sight of the shiny, wet area at her lower lips. A soft giggle brought his eyes back to Rit-chan's eyes.

"I'm glad you like them, Shinji." Said the girl, hooking her thumbs in the waistband and pushing them down to her knees. "But I think you'll like this better." She hinted happily as she straightened, revealing her bare pussy. Shinji's eyes were once more on her sex. "As for how, well, all my girlfriends say that doggy style is best for this kind of situation. Have you ever done it like that?"

Shinji shook his head. "What does that mean?"

Rit-chan smiled a wicked smile. "It's just a slang term for you fucking me from behind. Yuki says that it feels really good and lets the man get deeper. Minato swears it's the only way to fuck standing up." She paused. "But then, none of her lovers have been as…gifted as you." She added mischievously.

"What do I need to do?" asked Shinji. Rit-chan turned to lean over the small sort desk. Once there, she spread her legs a bit and got settled.

"Ok, come stand behind me, lover." Directed Rit-chan. Shinji did as instructed, his turgid member poking her in the asscheeks a time or two as he got into position. Reaching under herself, she seized his member and got it in the right position. "Ok, push." She panted, feeling him press into her. As the wide tip finally popped into her entirely, she groaned.

"Rit-chan? Are you ok?" came Shinji's concerned voice. "Is this hurting you?"

Rit-chan shook her head. "No. Just the opposite. I just forgot how big you are. Keep going." She panted, feeling his member sink deeper, her body stretching to allow him deeper into her. Shinji resumed his gentle, steady pressure, pulling back every so often before resuming his march to her cervix. For several minutes, the only sound was soft moans and grunts as the two familiarized themselves with the new position. Gradually, the pace picked up.

Rit-chan was in heaven, feeling his length move in and out of her tight sheath in ever-increasingly speedy thrusts. In short order, his tip was pushing against her cervix. Reaching back under herself, she was surprised to feel that his dick wasn't going all the way to the hilt in her, even though he was at her cervix. Rit-chan also had to agree that it was incredible. Well, I guess I owe Minato and Yuki an apology for my skepticism about this position. Her smile grew. I can't wait to tell them about Shinji! They'll be so jealous! Thought was soon becoming more difficult as Shinji came up to speed. Rit-chan spread her legs a bit more and made a request of her lover. "Hey, Shin?" she said softly.

"Ye…yes, Rit-chan?" he managed.

"You can thrust harder, you know. I'm not going to break or anything." She giggled breathlessly, feeling her orgasm build.

"I…just don't want to hurt you." He panted.

"You won't." promised Rit-chan. "So don't hold back, ok?" Shinji answered with action, not word, his pace increasing dramatically, and his thrusts getting much stronger, driving his sensitive head deeper into her cervix. Rit-chan smothered a grunt when he made a particularly deep thrust. Can't have him thinking that this hurts. It does a little, but not enough to make me want to stop!

For his part, Shinji was having a little bit of trouble himself. As he began to increase his tempo and depth, he had found himself needing more leverage, and had been looking for it. So, his hands roamed various parts of his lover, looking for that idea position. Holding her hips in his hands seemed pretty good, but he was wanting a more sensual hold. Trying something he had seen in a movie Kensuke had shown him, he slid his hands up to Rit-chan's firm breasts and gently held them. He found he liked the sensation of her hard nipples pushing into his palms, and he could still get good, deep thrusts. His orgasm was rapidly building.

"He…hey, under!" panted Rit-chan. Shinji blinked. "Under my clothes!" added Rit-chan impatiently. Shinji understood. Releasing his prize, he slid his hands down her sides to where her shirt entered her skirt, tugging the shirt free and pushing his hands under her shirt and back to her breasts. Reaching his prizes, he caressed them through the bra for a moment, then carefully pushed the bra up and off her breasts, luxuriating in the feel of her bare breasts in his hands. Rit-chan hummed in pleasure, her head sinking to her crossed forearms as she felt herself reaching her orgasm.

Five minutes that felt like an eternity later, she felt herself explode into pure bliss. Her vagina seized Shinji's pumping member with remarkable strength as her orgasm ripped through her, triggering his own orgasm, wave after wave of semen flooding her uterus and vagina as Shinji collapsed across her back, panting heavily. After a few minutes, he reluctantly dragged himself upright, off of Rit-chan, his now-relaxed member slipping free from her slick, soaked groin. As his tool slid free, he saw a bit of semen mixed with her copious fluids seep out. Oddly enough, he felt himself becoming aroused again at the sight. Rit-chan must have felt the seepage too, because she tipsily stood and reached down, pulling her panties back up before un-tucking her skirt and unbuttoning her shirt so she could reposition her bra over her breasts. Shinji tucked his wet tool back into his shorts, hoping that he wouldn't stick to the boxers too badly. Rit-chan straightened herself out and smiled at him. "Thanks. I needed that." She said softly, kissing him. "You're incredible, you know that? Ready to go?"

Shinji nodded. Opening the door, the two stepped out, to see Rei standing silently next to the door. "Rei-chan." Gasped Shinji. Rei turned to him and nodded.

"Shinji-kun. Rit-chan." She acknowledged. "Asuka and the rest are waiting at the arcade." She said softly. "We should go there now."

"Ok." Said Rit-chan. Rei put her hand on Rit-chan's chest as the other girl started to move off down the hall. Rit-chan looked at Rei inquisitively.

"We should stop by the restroom before we go." Said the girl softly. "I will clean Shinji to prevent any discomfort later." Shinji's mind snapped to the incident after he and Asuka first became lovers.

"When you say `clean', do you…" began the boy.

"Yes." Said Rei softly.

"Does that mean…" began Rit-chan, feeling herself blush a bit.

"I am aware of what you were doing in there, Rit-chan." Said Rei calmly.

"Um, about that…" began Rit-chan.

"I am not bothered by it, Rit-chan, as I have told you. Do not feel uncomfortable about my knowledge. "I…wish only for Shinji to love and be loved by his lovers." Said the girl softly. A silence fell over them for a moment after this announcement. Rei finally broke it. "We should get going." She said softly, taking Shinji's hand in hers and moving off down the hall. Rit-chan shook herself out of her thoughts and swiftly caught up to the two pilots, taking Shinji's other hand. Trading a look, the two girls smiled at each other before turning a corner and dragging Shinji into the girl's restroom. With school over, there were no other girls there, thankfully.

Rit-chan stepped into one stall, while Rei pulled Shinji into another stall. Not that the pilot fought her about it. Once in the stall, Rei turned to her lover and silently, swiftly, unfastened his belt and pants, pulling them and his boxers to his ankles, revealing his still-wet member, which was showing signs of reviving. Kneeling in front of him, Rei engulfed his member in her mouth, her tounge caressing and stroking his length as she sucked lightly on his hardening length. Shinji closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations Rei was giving him. In short order, his semi-erect dick was clean and Rei reluctantly let it slip from her mouth. "The rest will have to wait for a little longer." Whispered the girl before beginning to re-dress him. When she was done fastening his belt, Shinji steeled himself and took her upper arms in his hands and pulled her to him, kissing her deeply. He tasted Rit-chan's flavor as well as an odd taste, which he figured had to be his, but if Rei could do what she did without problem, the least he could do was kiss her. Besides, he loved her soft kisses.

"Hey, sometime today, guys!" came Rit-chan's amused voice from the door to their shared stall. Shinji broke the kiss, shaking his head.

"She is correct, Shinji." Said Rei, favoring him with a smile. "We can pick up where we left off later." With that promise, the three swiftly moved off to join the others at the arcade.


The rest of the week passed in a blur. Sunday arrived and Misato shocked the entire Zoo populace by stepping out of her room in the new gown. Rit-chan and Airi had immediately complimented her on the outfit, and Asuka had told her it wasn't too bad; for an older woman. Misato had scowled at that and told her that she would have to wait a few years before she had enough curves to wear a gown like that. Asuka had called her several choice names in German. Glancing at her watch, she said she had to be going, everyone wished her a happy evening, and she was gone. Rit-chan and Airi had plans to go to the Geofront to visit Celsia, and Shinji offered to go as well, but Asuka informed him that he was spending the evening with her.

An hour after the two elf hunters had departed, Asuka and Shinji were locked in digital, virtual combat, with Asuka - predictably - cleaning the floor with Shinji. The girl was trash talking him like she always did, but there was a marked decline in actual venom in the girl. Shinji was just enjoying him time with her. As his character once more died a gruesome death, a knock came from the door. "Probably Wondergirl come to fondle you, Baka." Sniffed Asuka dismissively. Shinji set his controller down and stood up, moving for the door. On his way past the couch, he paused to retrieve his USP, habitually checking to make sure that the chamber was loaded. Hearing the soft click of the slide returning to battery, Asuka turned to see Shinji approach the door with the dark semi-auto handgun in the low ready position.

Her attention was broken by the ringing of her cell phone. Swiftly, she sprang to her feet and dashed to her room to see who was calling her. When she glanced at the screen, she saw Kaji's name. Hitting the button to connect the call, she gushed out "Kaji!"

"Hey, Asuka." Came the suave voice of her would-be Casanova.

"So, you called to ask me to be your date tonight?" asked Asuka, hoping he would say yes.

"Actually, I was wondering if Misato was still there. I called her cell phone, but no one answered." Said the spy. On the other end of the line, Asuka's smile dropped like a brick, a frown taking it's place. "She was supposed to be my escort for the wedding, but she never came by, and I'm on my way to the wedding now. Did something come up?" asked Kaji.

"No. She left almost two hours ago. I'd be happy to be your date, though!" offered the redhead. Please, please, please say yes!

"Maybe next time, Asuka." Said the spy smoothly. "Oh, are Airi and Inoue there?" he asked.

"No." said Asuka, her tone listless. "It's me and Baka."

"Oh. Well, have fun, kids!" said Kaji cheerfully, ending the call. Asuka considered the phone in her hand. A moment later, she placed it back in its cradle and slowly walked back into the living room. Flopping down on the couch, she stared blankly at the wall for a moment before looking down at her tee-shirt and shorts outfit.

"Hey, Baka." She called absently. "Who was it?"

"What's it to you, Red?" came a despised voice. Asuka growled and turned to see Touji standing next to Shinji in the small hall by the door. Shinji had his USP tucked behind his back, his left hand holding a sealed envelope.

"Not a damn thing." Sniffed the Second Child. "Just like you." She added, turning back to the TV and beginning to channel surf. Shinji sighed and turned back to Touji.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay for a bit?" he asked his friend. "Asuka's just being Asuka, you know." He added softly.

"Nah. Just came by to give you that letter for Inoue. I got plans for tonight, anyway." The jock grinned at his Pilot friend.

"Oh? You going over to your little asshole buddy's house to jerk off to pictures of girls in the showers?" taunted Asuka. "Or, in your cases, perhaps boys?" Touji snorted.

"As if, Red! Happens to be that I got a date tonight!" he yelled back.

"Ooohhh! I bet Kensuke'll look cute in a dress!" sniped Asuka. "Or are you wearing the dress?" Touji's hand balled into a fist. Before he could step toward her, Shinji stepped between them.

"Asuka." He said, his tone pleading. The temperamental German girl sighed.

"Fine, whatever, Baka." Her attention went back to the TV. Touji muttered some insults under his breath, and Asuka flipped him the bird without looking. Shinji shook his head.

"Maybe you better be going." He said diplomatically. "You'll probably have a nicer time on your date, anyway." He added.

Touji brightened a bit at that reminder. "Yeah! Can't keep her waiting, can I? Well, just be sure that Inoue gets that as soon as possible, ok Shin?"

Shinji nodded. "I'll hand it to her when I see her tonight."

Touji turned and opened the door, but paused before he stepped through. "Hey, Shin." He whispered, leaning closer to Shinji. "Be sure that only she gets it, Ok?" Shinji nodded. "Well, I'm off!" he said in his normal speaking voice. "Someday, I'll show you how to get a date, Shin." He laughed as he moved off down the hall toward the stairwell.

"See you later, Touji." Said Shinji as the door closed. Turning back into the apartment, he saw that Asuka was staring off into space. "Asuka? Everything ok?" he asked her.

"Hmm?" she questioned, looking at him. "Oh, I'm fine. So, let's see that letter the Stooge delivered." She said, holding out her hand.

"Sorry, Asuka. It's addressed to Rit-chan." Said Shinji.

"Baka! I didn't ask who it was addressed to, I said give it to me." She said impatiently.

"Can't. Sorry." Shrugged Shinji. Asuka glowered at him.

"Boring boy." She sniffed. Silence ruled for a bit. "So, even that loser Stooge can get a date." She muttered. Shinji's eyes narrowed thoughtfully. Eight seconds later, he had made his decision.

"Hey, Asuka?" he asked his roommate and lover, "are you…hungry?"

"Am I hungry?" wondered Asuka. "Well, I guess I am." She answered.

"Well, then we better get going before the rush." Smiled Shinji stepping in front of her and offering her his hand to help her off the couch. Asuka absently took the offered hand and pulled herself to her feet, her mind on other matters.

"Get going? Going where, Shinji?" she asked him.

"To dinner, of course." Answered Shinji innocently. "Do you like Italian?"

"I guess. Why ask?" replied Asuka. Shinji just smiled at her.

"Good. I know a nice little place not too far from here. What do you say we go get some supper? My treat." He smiled. Asuka smiled back.

"Well, since I have nothing better to do, I suppose I'll let you buy me dinner." She turned toward her room. "I'll be ready in a bit." She said.

"I'll be waiting." Nodded Shinji. Asuka was in her room and tying the shoulder straps of her sundress before she thought things through. She paused, looking at herself in the small mirror for a moment before resuming her activity. Once she had brushed her hair, straightened her dress and applied a little of the perfume to her throat and wrists, she grabbed her purse, clipped her cell phone to the strap ring and headed for the living room. Shinji was leaning against the wall of the kitchen, smiling as she came out of her room. He was dressed once more in slacks and button down shirt. Maybe I should take him shopping for a nice jacket. Asuka mused to herself. Shinji smiled at her and straightened himself, moving for the door.

Opening it, he stepped aside, smiling at her. "Ladies first." He said softly. Asuka stepped through the door and waited while Shinji made sure the door was locked behind them. As the two boarded the elevator and headed for the entrance lobby, Asuka felt she had to make one thing clear to her fellow pilot.

"Just so you know, Baka," she said crisply, "this is not a date. Understood?"

"Whatever you say, A-chan." Agreed the young man calmly. Asuka studied him a moment, then stepped a little closer to him and linked her arm through his. "Good. Now that we have that straight, take me to this so-called `nice little place'. But they better have good food!"


Rit-chan hummed to herself as she lugged a couple of cases of fifty caliber ammo through the forest around NERV. This was her third and final trip for the night. Conservatively, she estimated another five weeks to finish re-supplying Mike at the minimum, but it could be months to finish the re-arm, as `acquiring' the shells for the main gun would be difficult as it was the only tank ammo that NERV had in the armory, and it's disappearance couldn't be easily explained. A mere couple thousand rounds of thirty and fifty caliber ammo wouldn't even be missed for years unless something very bad happened to cause a run on NERV's cavernous ammo dumps. Still, Rit-chan had no trouble with having to hump her machine gun ammo out by the case to her waiting tank. Anything for my Mike! She thought happily.

"Rit-chan, there has to be a better way of doing this!" came the tired, petulant voice of Celsia. The elf had three cases of fifty cal strapped to her and was not as strong as the teenage human girl. Rit-chan had two cases slung over each shoulder and two more hooked to her back. "This isn't the kind of work a High Elf should be doing!" shrieked the priestess of common elves.

"It's this or tip our hand to the bastard king. Would you rather have him knowing that you can work magic when an Angel attackers or not? If he knew you could, then he would probably use you as a tool to fight the angels, and I don't think you would fare so well as the Evas. You're choice though." Shrugged Rit-chan.

"Oh, I'll show that fucking bastard my power, just you wait!" seethed Celsia. "Once we have everything ready, I'll power up the casting circle for the return jump, then cast a Maediusi Conflagration on his ass!" Celsia cackled with psychotic glee. "Oh, I can picture the look on his face when his whole Geofront turns into a volcano on his ass! Treat me like a lab animal, will he?! I am Celsia Marie Clarice! High Priestess of all Common Elves! I'll make him suffer like…"

"Yeah, yeah." Interrupted Rit-chan. "Look Celsia, Airi and I want him as bad as you do, but we have to keep out priorities straight." She said. "Escape first, revenge second. Are we agreed on this, Celsia?"

"Yes." Mumbled Celsia, her tone pouting.

"I can't hear you, Celsia." Said Rit-chan.

"Yes. We are agreed on this, Ritsuko Inoue." Said Celsia in a sing-song tone. But I will have my revenge before I cast the Serat again! She noticed that Rit-chan had that certain blank look on her face again. "What's on your mind, Rit-chan?" asked the elf. The two spotted Mike's comfy little lair ahead.

"Oh, nothing." Said the teen.

"I know that look on your face, Rit-chan. What's eating you?" pressed Celsia. Rit-chan stopped walking and turned to stare into Celsia's cat-slit eyes.

"Promise me this, Celsia:" said the teen, her tone intent and her eyes intense, "whatever you plan to do to the Commander, you make sure that the pilots aren't harmed by it. Swear it, Celsia." The elf was silent for a bit, just looking into the teen's uncharacteristically serious gray-green eyes.

"As long as they're not near him…" began the elf.

"Not good enough." Interrupted Rit-chan. "If your only chance for revenge comes while they are close enough to be harmed by whatever you cast, then you have to let it go. Swear, Celsia."

"I will not give up my chance for revenge just because they happen to be near him!" snapped Celsia. "He's…"

"I don't give a damn what he's done to you, Celsia!" roared Rit-chan, stepping forward aggressively so her nose was touching Celsia's nose. "I will not allow you to harm the pilots or Misato, even if it means letting him get off free!"

"Rit-chan, what is your fucking problem?!" screamed Celsia in reply. "Why do you care what happens to them anyway?!"

"Because I refuse to be like that rat bastard Commander, that's why!" yelled Rit-chan.


Shinji swiped his card through the door reader and the door opened. Bowing a bit, he motioned his companion through first. "After you, A-chan." He said. Asuka smiled at him and gracefully entered the apartment. Shinji followed, slipping off his shoes as he watched Asuka flip on the living room light.

"We're home!" she called out. Silence was her only answer. "Guess they're not back yet." She shrugged. Shinji stepped down the hall to Misato's door and lightly scratched on it. Hearing no answer, he slid it open a bit to reveal the empty room.

"Looks that way." He agreed. Suddenly, he felt Asuka's arms encircle his waist. The redheaded pilot hugged herself to his back. Her breath tickled his ear.

"I had fun tonight, Baka." She breathed softly. Her lips touched his neck briefly. "Thanks." She said. A moment later, she released him. "I'm getting a bath." She announced in her familiar cocky, self-assured tone. Shinji turned to watch her enter her room and grab her towel and bath basket. Setting her bath basket on top of her towel, she tugged the bows on her dress, causing the garment to fall to the floor, revealing her nearly-naked body to his view. Shinji just stared as she wiggled out of her panties and grabbed the towel and basket, walking back out of her room, leaving the door open as if she had no concern. With her towel over her arm and her basket in her right hand, she paused at the door to the bathroom. Turning to smile at Shinji, she winked at him before entering the bathroom and closing the door. A moment later, he heard the tub starting to fill. It was only then that he realized that his dick was so hard it ached.

"Damn, Asuka." He muttered trying to settle his pants and boxers so it was so painful. Deciding that getting his mind off his shapely fellow pilot would make him more comfortable, he went to the couch and flicked on the TV. Flipping channels, he didn't see anything very interesting, so he eventually landed on a nature channel. Emperor Penguins were chasing fish on screen as Shinji tried to take his mind off how horny he was. Little by little, his dick soften.

"Wark!" announced Pen Pen as he settled near Shinji's leg, popping the top of the beer he had carried with him from the refridge.

"You know, Misato will be pissed if she catches you doing that again, Pen Pen." Noted Shinji as he reached down to carefully stroke Pen Pen's head briefly.

"Wark! Wark!" said Pen Pen, swiping the remote from where it lay near Shinji's thigh. Translation: Do I look worried about the High Priestess, Food Provider? Give me the remote; there's some good porn on! Shinji just chuckled at the penguin.

"Sure. All yours, Pen Pen." He said, standing and heading for his room to change into his normal shorts and tee-shirt house clothes. Glancing at the clock, he noted that Misato was overdue for her return, as were Rit-chan and Airi. Just then, his cell phone rang. Answering it, he discovered that Misato was out drinking with Kaji and Ritsu, so he shouldn't wait up for her. He said that he and Asuka wouldn't bother to anyway, which just made her tease him about jumping Asuka's bones. Shinji tried not to think about that as he just blew her off and ended the call.

"Who was that, Shin?" came Asuka's voice from the bathroom door. Shinji turned to see her standing there, steam near her head from the warm bath she had been in, towel wrapped around her from breasts to just below her groin. His dick jumped at the sight.

"Misato. She said she was out drinking with Akagi and Kaji, so she'll be really late." He said.

"If she shows at all." Muttered Asuka, frowning. She turned toward her room. Over her shoulder, she added "I left the bath full for you, Shinji. Enjoy." Her door slid shut. With his dick once more uncomfortably hard, Shinji figured that he should take a bath as she suggested. Entering his room, he swiftly got undressed, grabbed his towel and bath supplies and entered the still-steam-filled bathroom. Inside of two minutes later, he was soaking in the tub Asuka had left him.


Misato and Kaji staggered out into the night air as the bar they had been in announced closing time. Misato had had more than she should have to drink, and Kaji wasn't much better off. Ritsu had called it a night two bars ago, and was probably asleep by now. Misato wanted to fall into bed, but knew that she had to make it back to her place or she would wake up in Kaji's bed. And while she had done that before, she didn't want to have that happen this time. All night she had been refusing his attempts to resurrect their old affair and if she let her alcohol-sodden guard down now, it would all be for nothing.

So, she paused in a small alley to lighten her load a bit. After that was done, she felt somewhat better, but couldn't seem to get her feet to cooperate. So, she ended up on Kaji's back as the less-than-steady man carried her toward her home. Kaji began to reminisce about their college days, and Misato finally told him the truth about why their relationship would never return to the way it had been. Strangest of all for Misato, she felt a lot better after she told him the real reason she had run from him years before. For his part, Kaji was finally made to see that his future and hers would never be able to be shared.

Too much time, too much change, old boy. Still, at the very least, you should try to salvage the friendship. He thought as he finally got her to her apartment. Ringing the bell, he paused before wondering if he should be looking for her key card to let them in. To his surprise, Shinji opened the door, his USP once more in his right hand and helped the spy get Misato inside. The Major was mostly unconscious by now. Once Shinji got her arm over his shoulder, Kaji asked him if he needed any more help getting her into bed. Shinji shook his head and Kaji made his good nights, noting that Asuka was standing near the door to her room, staring at the floor near Shinji's feet. He nodded his head to her, but she didn't react. Shrugging, he exited the apartment for his own residence.

In the Zoo, Asuka heard the door close and the sounds of Shinji working Misato toward her room. Blinking a time or two, she walked over to the Third Child and took Misato's other arm over her shoulder. With Asuka's help, it was simple enough to get Misato into her room. Shinji hesitated, looking to Asuka with a silent question in his eyes. "Better get this off her, Baka." She said quietly. "She'll ruin it if she sleeps in it." Shinji nodded.

"Um, how do you…" he began. Asuka shook her head.

"I've got it, Shinji. Just turn her bed back, ok?" Shinji nodded and did as he was told. With her bed ready for her, Shinji glanced at Asuka once more, then silently exited the room as Asuka peeled the gown off Misato and got her into bed. Once the Major was tucked in, she exited the room to find Shinji waiting for her next to Misato's door. "What?" she asked, her tone quiet and lacking it's normal liveliness.

"Are you…ok?" he asked her softly. She simply tossed her head. "Fine. Let's hit the sack, Shinji." Said Asuka. Shinji nodded and moved to his room. Tossing off his shirt, he turned to flip the lights off and found that Asuka had followed him into his room, silent as a ghost. He opened his mouth, then thought better of it and closed it, turning off the lights and slipping into bed, holding the sheets open for Asuka. A moment later, he felt her slid into bed with him, her shirt most likely on the floor next to his, and her shorts missing as well. His dick turned to steel once more, tenting his shorts painfully. As Asuka settled next to him, she brushed against his rod. Several moments passed as neither teen moved. Finally, Asuka spoke.

"You can take off your shorts, Baka. That can't be comfortable." She said softly. After a moment of hesitation, Shinji did as she suggested, his dick no longer aching from the constrictions of his shorts. As he settled next to her after tossing his shorts out of the bed, he inadvertently felt his dick brush her hip. Asuka sighed, turning toward him and hugging him, his penis pressed to her lower belly. "Will you…hold me first?" came a voice he wouldn't have recognized as hers if he hadn't known for a fact that it was the German in his bed. "Please? Just for a bit before…that." She begged, twitching her belly against his dick. Shinji swallowed hard, his erection swiftly melting as her tone destroyed his libido.

"I'll hold you as long as you want, A-chan." He said, stroking her bare back with his hands. "We don't even have to do…that, unless you want to." Silence. Then, something that could have been a sniffle.

"Th…thanks." Came a voice so low it couldn't be fairly called a whisper. Asuka snuggled a bit deeper into his embrace, and the two fell asleep a few minutes later.


The door slid open and Rit-chan and Airi silently entered the apartment. "I think they're all asleep, Airi." Whispered Rit-chan, hiding a yawn behind her hand. The two slipped off their shoes and made for the bedrooms. Peeking into the room she shared with the Major, Airi noticed her passed out roommate in the bed. Turning to Rit-chan, she nodded, then tilted her head toward the room the elf hunter shared with the Second Child. Rit-chan peeked into the room and frowned when she saw that the bed was empty. Stepping to Shinji's room, she silently slid the door back. After a moment getting used to the low light in his room, she picked out two forms clinging to each other in the bed. Smiling, she turned to Airi and pointed to the room, holding up two fingers.

Nodding, Airi slipped into her room and undressed before slipping into bed. Misato made a couple of indistinct sounds and a moment later was snuggling up to Airi. Having gotten used to the Major's tendency to do that, Airi simply ignored it and was soon asleep. Rit-chan stripped and climbed into Asuka's bed. As she tucked her USP under her pillow, she took a moment to plan out how and what to say to Asuka and Shinji the next day. With her plans in place, the older redhead took one final moment to relish the empty bed before slipping into a refreshing sleep.


Rei opened her door and entered her apartment, ignoring the junk mail jamming her mail slot, the scuff marks on the floor and the general sense of disrepair. Her home was nothing but a place to go when she was not at school, at NERV or with Shinji. Unconsciously, she smiled at the thought of Shinji. He is most likely with Asuka. Thought the girl. Absently, she shed her school uniform as she headed for her bed. Collapsing face down in her bed, Rei considered the evening.

It is regrettable that dining with Commander Ikari prevents me from being with Shinji, but he is still our commander, and I have always dined with him when asked. Rei slowly rolled over and stared at the dingy ceiling. Minutes passed. Rei didn't blink. An hour passed. Rei had another thought. I am…horny. As was her nature, the First Child considered the implications of that realization. I wish to be one with Shinji, yet he is most likely asleep by now. He requires more sleep than I, so I should not disturb him this late at night. Still, I am sexually aroused. This is odd. More time passed as Rei thoroughly analyzed the situation. Perhaps I should attempt manual stimulation on myself. The girls frequently speak of it, and seem to enjoy it; some more than others. Yes. That is the most expedient way to resolve this. With her decision made, Rei slid her hand to her groin and carefully emulated what Shinji had done to her numerous times before. In very short order, she was wet and tingling as her fingers danced over her sex. This is…enjoyable, though far less so than when I am one with Shinji. The thought of her lover greatly increased her sexual arousal, and shortly after, Rei had a respectable orgasm. As she slowly came down from her short trip to another place, she considered her recent experiment.

Self stimulation is pleasant, and, when lacking the opportunity or means to be one with Shinji, could be of some help in preventing sexual tension. It is also helpful to mentally picture his face and remember times when we have been one while engaging in manual self relief. Hmm. This has been a very successful experiment. Rei felt herself begin to fall asleep. Before she did, she had one final thought: I wish I was in Shinji's arms. Sleep came to Rei a short while later. Across town, a certain German girl currently resting securely in the boy's arm would kill to keep from giving up her position; especially to her arch-rival, Wondergirl.


The next morning, it was as if nothing had changed, with the morning rush and hustle to get to school on time making it impossible for anyone to even think about the night before. By lunch, no one really remembered what had happened, and by the end of the day, it was totally forgotten. The rest of the week slid by swiftly. Once more the pilots were in a synch test at NERV, and once more Rit-chan and her random assistant - Junpei this time - were schlepping ammo, provisions and material to Mike.

"Look at that." Smiled Misato, nodding to the complex displays of the synch ratio and point for each Child. "Shinji's actually ahead of Asuka."

"It was bound to happen." Noted Akagi dispassionately. "All their scores have been steadily rising, but Shinji has been climbing at a far higher rate then either of the girls. Asuka's still the most highly skilled pilot we have, though."

"Maybe, but Shinji and Rei are closing the gap awfully fast." Grinned Misato.

"Not really. Rei has only gained twelve percent and eight points from her synch score before Shinji arrived. And her only gain in the two years before that was negligible." Pointed out Ritsu. Shinji, on the other hand, has been climbing like a bat out of hell! "Ok, you can come out now." Directed Akagi, touching the stud to activate the comms links.

"It's about time!" groused Asuka as the simulation bodies were disconnected from the plugs. Shinji and Rei were silent as usual. Within ten minutes, the three pilots were standing in the Pribnow box, listening to Akagi report her findings.

"You've all done well." Said the head of Project E. "Especially you, Shinji. You're up twelve percent and eight points since last week. Congratulations, Shinji, you're number one."

"What?!" exploded Asuka, her face turning red. "What do you mean Baka's number one?!"

"He finally beat you, Asuka." Taunted Misato. "He's the lead now."

"I don't believe it! Give me that!" snapped Asuka, snatching the test results from Akagi's board. The doctor just watched her silently, a slight Gendo-like smirk on her lips as the German scanned the readouts. Asuka's hands curled into fists as she read the results. Growling, she wadded the pages up and threw them to the floor. "Enjoy it while you can, Baka Shinji." She hissed, glaring at Shinji, who just looked at his feet. "Next time, I'm going show you who's really number one around here!" Asuka angrily marched out of the room.

Well, that'll teach you something, bitch. Thought Akagi vindictively. "Dismissed." She said to the two remaining pilots. Shinji sighed and turned for the door. Rei mirrored him perfectly and walked so close to him that she was all but hanging onto him. Akagi blinked. That wasn't deliberate, was it? The Doll showing affection would be as disturbing as Unit 1 suddenly speaking. Dismissing it as mere coincident, Akagi began to review the deeper readouts. Once more, the three of them hit perfect harmonic balance. And this time, it was for almost two whole seconds and on three separate occasions. Not good.

Asuka was fuming as she scrubbed her herself clean of the LCL residue. Muttering under her breath and glaring at both her fellow pilots as she did so. Finished, she stormed out of the shower key and a few minutes later, the two remaining pilots heard the metal of her locker screech as she punched it before leaving, yelling back that she was going to Hikari's for the evening. Shinji shook his head. "Stupid." He muttered.

"Shinji." Came Rei's soft voice as her hands came to rest on his cheeks. Gently the First guided his head up to look into her red eyes. "It is not your fault, so do not blame yourself." Said the girl softly. "Asuka is very proud, and she perceives this as a dishonor to her abilities. She will calm down once she regains the lead in synch scores."

Shinji couldn't help but smile at his first lover. Reach over to Rei, he caressed her cheek with his hand. "I know. But thanks all the same, Rei-chan." Rei smiled in response to his smile. Stepping into the boy, she hugged herself to him full body and pressed her lips to his. Within seconds, his dick was hard. Breaking the kiss, Rei eased back a bit and reached down to stroke his rod. "R…Rei-chan, what about the cameras?" he managed, fighting his instinct to drag her to the floor and fuck her senseless.

"I have taken care of them, Shinji. May we be one now?" assured the strange girl. Shinji had no desire to fight her on this issue. As she leaned against the wall of the showers, Shinji had an idea.

"Um, want to try something new, Rei-chan?" he asked hopefully. He needn't have worried about her answer.


Silently, the priest slipped out of the bed he had been sharing with Keiko and dressed before exiting the small room in the basement of the church on the outskirts of Tokyo 3. As he ascended the stairs to the private study in the back of the sanctuary, he saw that the senior-most Paladin was waiting for him. The Paladin opened the door to the study for him, inclining his head and touching his right hand to his heart as the priest went by. Once he was settled into his chair, the priest spoke. "Where do we stand against the heretics, my son?"

"The necessary items have arrived from Rome, Father. We can begin the conditioning whenever you wish." Replied the man.

"The harlot Keiko is prepared for the conditioning at any time." Mused the priest, smiling at the thought. "What does Sister Margaret and Sister Joan report of the other heretic?"

"Father, he is malleable enough to be conditioned whenever it is necessary. Sister Margaret has told me that he is but a base hedonist, and his brains are in his pants. Sister Joan reported that he is exceptionally receptive to conditioning during sex." Reported the head Paladin.

The Priest smirked. "And did either of them have any comment on his proficiency in that matter?"

"Sister Joan said he was a `one trick' pony, while Sister Margaret has often stated that both his technical skills and imagination are `severely lacking', Father." The Paladin said, smiling in return.

"Hardly surprising, given their professions before their salvation by the Holy Church." Observed the Priest. The Paladin did not respond, as it was obvious that the man of the cloth was not expecting any answer. "Well, God's mission must be carried out." He said briskly, pushing the thoughts of two of the female paladins out of his head. "Are you familiar with the material sent by his Holy?" he asked the Paladin.

"Though it is a new formula, it's no different fundamentally from what I pushed before the Lord brought my soul from darkness to light." Said the man. "There was an encoded instruction disc as well, so I am confident that I can administer the conditioning agent successfully."

"Excellent, my son. You may begin on the harlot immediately. She is still downstairs. And send Sisters Margaret and Joan to me, if you please." Directed the priest.

"Yes, Father." Said the Paladin, making the sign of the cross. "May God and the Holy Church crush these minions of the damned."

"Amen, my son." The priest intoned, also making the sign of the cross. As he turned to go, the priest had one more thing to say. "Oh, and son?" The paladin stopped in the doorway. "You need not administer the conditioning agent immediately. The harlot has her uses, you know." The Paladin smiled as he descended the stairs to the room where Keiko was just beginning to wake. Reaching the room, he closed the door behind himself and began to undress as Keiko slowly came out of her drug-induced sleep. Seeing the Paladin, she blinked once as he finished undressing and crossed to where she was just sitting up. A grin spread over his face as he took in her naked flesh and the owlish, slightly-confused expression on her face. Been a while since I broke a ho. He thought as he pushed her back down on the bed, ignoring her feeble attempts to resist. Soon, the only sound in the room was Keiko's hoarse groans and pitiful requests to stop.


"Misato? Got a minute?" came a quiet voice from behind Misato. With a short shriek, the Operations Manager jumped back from the voice, twisting as she did. Too bad for her the attempted twist threw her off-balance, her legs buckling as she landed, half-turned and off balance. She would have hit the floor except for the hands that grabbed her arm and waist, pulling her back upright and balancing her.

"Rit-chan!" she gasped, seeing the elf hunting teen holding her. "Don't do that! You almost gave me a heart attack!" The purple-haired woman began to settle herself back down, straightening her clothes and running a hand through her hair.

"Sorry, Misato." Said the teen, shrugging helplessly. "I thought you heard me come in."

"I was…thinking about something. NERV stuff." Offered Misato weakly. "What did you need, Rit-chan?"

"I was wondering if you would join me for a cup of coffee." Said Rit-chan innocently. Misato considered her for moment. She looks serious. Thought Misato. And I didn't know she drank coffee.

"Tell you what, Rit-chan, I was about to stretch my legs for a bit. Would a walk be ok with you?" countered Misato.

"Sure. Can we go right now?" replied the teen. Misato nodded and the two left the briefing room where she had been going over some battle simulation results on the Children, supposedly to come up with new strategies to use on the Angels. Rit-chan had seen her in action enough to know that she only laid out strategies in a seat-of-the-pants manner, usually in the midst of battle. Silently, the two exited the black pyramid and began to walk toward the cool woods. Once they were a few dozen yards into the dark green forest, Misato stopped and faced Rit-chan.

"Ok, Rit-chan. What's this about?" asked Misato. Rit-chan leaned against a tree and took a deep breath.

"It's about the Pilots, and their safety." She began. Misato was instantly all business.

"Tell me everything." She said, her tone crisp and authoritarian.

"Sure you have the time for that, Misato?" asked Rit-chan. Misato nodded emphatically.

"I'll make the time."

"Ok. I think that a group of religious radicals has gotten to a couple of our classmates in order to gather intelligence on vulnerable points in the security net on the pilots. These two have an axe to grind with the Pilots - as well as myself and Hikari, apparently - and I think that they have become a risk to the safety of the pilots." Said Rit-chan without preamble.

"Go on."

"It's Keiko and Kodo; maybe Shodo as well, though he seems to have been scared off by the visit to the Commander after the challenge. Some things went down on the Okinawan trip and Keiko's been getting more and more hostile to them, most especially Asuka; same for Kodo, though he is pretty much simply obsessed with raping us girls or some other equally stupid juvenile stunt.

"The two have been changing their behavior patterns and stopped associating with their previous friends. Recently, the two were overheard talking about some `new friends' wanting to `help them with their problem'. I did some looking and listening, along with Airi. They have been going to different places and have been spending nights and sometimes days with the same group of people. These people don't seem to live anywhere or work, but they get around plenty. My guess is they're ex-military and criminal from their mannerisms and bearing, though that is just a theory based on scraps of information and a few sightings."

Misato was silent for a few moments. "If you were to assign this intel a grade, what would it be?" she asked at last.

"Probable. Likely but unconfirmed." Replied Rit-chan. "I can't get concrete data yet, but I've seen enough to make me worry."

"Let's get back to my office, Rit-chan." Said Misato, her mind busy. "We need to do some research." As the two headed back to the onyx pyramid, Misato had some comments for the teen girl. "You were worried about them, hmm? Could it be you were worried about Shinji? Does he make you hot?" she teased.

Rit-chan's mind vividly recalled her last session with Shinji. The very thought made her pussy flood. "Very hot." She murmured.

"What?" asked Misato.

"Nothing." Smiled Rit-chan as the two emerged from the woods. Misato considered the slightly-wicked smile on the girl's face.

If I didn't know better, I'd swear she was thinking of sleeping with him!