Part 25: Abort, Retry, Ignore? Ctrl, Alt, Del

Shinji trailed his tongue along the length of tongue currently caressing his own, his lips locked to his partner's. His hands roamed the girl's back and sides, stroking her shirt-clad form even as her hands and arms did the same on his body. A soft moan came from her throat as his hands briefly caressed her breasts, feeling her diamond-hard nipples slid across his palms. His dick was getting painfully erect as the kiss deepened, straining to escape his trousers and join with the warm, soft flesh of the girl in his arms. Slowly, his partner broke the kiss, leaning back a bit from him. "Sorry, but if we keep this up, we'll be late for the next class." Said the girl apologetically.

"You're right." He agreed, feeling very unhappy about it, but knowing that she was right. She giggled softly at the sigh that escaped his lips.

"Tell you what, let's pick this up after school, ok?" she proposed.

"Sure, if you really want to." Said Shinji. The girl kissed him again.

"More than you know." She panted.

"Um, what about the others?" asked Shinji.

The girl giggled wickedly. "All taken care of, Shinji. Just meet me by the back gate after last bell."

"Ok." He said.

"Promise me." Pressed the girl.

"Only an Angle attack could keep me away." He smiled.

"I'll settle for that." Smiled the girl. "We better get back." Shinji nodded. Stepping to the door, the girl listened for a moment, then eased it open, peeking around the corner to make sure no one was around before swiftly walking down the hall. A moment later, Shinji stepped out, closing the door behind him and moving off in the opposite direction.


"Rise. Bow. Be seated." Directed Hikari as their sensei settled himself in his chair and opened the roll book, preparing to take roll. As the students returned to their seats, the quiet sounds of keystrokes could be heard as chat programs, web browsers and office applications were booted. Hikari checked her reports one more time before sending them to the teacher's computer, with copies to the principal and teacher's database. Class rep can be a sorry excuse for a job sometimes. Reflected the girl before opening the file that had the chores list on it. Smiling a bit, she began to log in the assignments, which would be automatically sent to the laptops of the students assigned those tasks. Still, there are some advantages to the newer procedures. `Dama would have loved this little toy! She thought, moving down the list. I'd like to assign Asuka to the planning assistance detail today, but she would be very suspicious if she got it two weeks in a row. Inoue would make short work of it, and besides, she said that she wanted to go check out the new arrivals in that shop where Asuka and I found those skirts. Hey, that's an idea! The brown-haired girl's hands danced over the keys, finishing the assignments and hitting the `send' button.

As the notices were automatically going out to the students, she grabbed her chat program and fired off a message to one of her classmates. Across the room, Rei glanced at her laptop as it gave off a muted chirp, signaling a message from a fellow student. Is it my lover? Wondered the girl, feeling her heart rate surge at the thought. Her crimson eyes noted the sender. It is not my Shinji-sama. Thought the girl, feeling a bit disappointed. Since the challenge, a few of the students - boys, naturally - had tried to send her instant messages, but she had no interest in any messages from anyone but her love, or her increasingly-important friends. To avoid wasting precious time with their unwanted interruptions, she had locked out her computer to all but the five people in her contact book: Shinji, Asuka, Rit-chan, Hikari and Aki. Everyone else could go to hell for all she cared. Rei's pale hand touched the keyboard, and the dialog box popped open.

ClassRepGrrl: Rei, can you do me a favor?

IceGoddess: Possibly.

ClassRepGrrl: I need you to suggest to Asuka that you and she go with Rit-chan when she goes to the mall this after noon.

IceGoddess: What for?

ClassRepGrrl: P-L-E-A-S-E?

IceGoddess: What for?

ClassRepGrrl: I need to make sure that Asuka is busy this afternoon.

IceGoddess: Why?

There was no answer from the class rep. Rei swiftly evaluated the situation. After a few moments of contemplation, she was reasonably sure that she knew why.

IceGoddess: This involves the Third, does it not?

ClassRepGrrl: It might.

Rei chose to make no reply until Hikari gave her more data. Patiently, she waited, doing nothing. After a little more than ten minutes, Hikari broke down.

ClassRepGrrl: It's about that subject we talked about that time. Was the careful explanation.

IceGoddess: I see. Very well.

ClassRepGrrl: Thanks for the help, Rei-chan! I owe you one.

IceGoddess: No, you do not. It was Asuka's intention to accompany Rit-chan in any event. I will simply request to accompany Rit-chan as well.

Hikari sent her friend a winking smiley face before closing the dialog window. She discreetly covered her mouth with her hand to keep from smiling like a maniac. Let's see you get out of this one, Asuka! She mentally giggled. Thoughts of her plans made her blush. The blush was interrupted by a soft chime from her laptop. Glancing down, she saw it was a message from Asuka. A touch of the keyboard opened the chat room.

FireGoddess: Hey, you're coming with us to the mall, right?

ClassRepGrrl: Sorry, Asuka. I have to go to a meeting with the Guidance Councilor for Nozumi this afternoon. Kodama can't make it, and Dad's at work, so I have to go to the meeting as her "parent" representative. Next time, I promise!

FireGoddess: You can't reschedule it?

ClassRepGrrl: No. Sorry.

FireGoddess: Well, if you have to, then you have to. I'll call you later tonight.

Hikari sent her a sunglasses-wearing smiley before the connection was terminated. Glancing at the clock, she sighed. Is it me, or is that thing going backwards today?!


"Sis! Over here!" came Nozumi's cheerful voice. Hikari smiled and waved at her younger sister. Glancing back, she made sure that Shinji was still with her. The male pilot was still a step behind her as they entered the school where her sister was attending.

"Sorry for the detour, Shinji." Apologized Hikari to the Pilot. Shinji shook his head.

"It's no problem." He assured her. Hikari giggled.

"I'll make it up to you." She whispered before they got into hearing range of her sister.

"Hi, mister Ikari!" giggled Nozumi.

"Nozumi-chan! I told you not to call him that!" chided Hikari, knowing that the boy hated to be called that because of the likeness to his father.

"Yes, Oneechan." Chorused the youngest Horaki girl. She smiled up at Shinji impishly. "Hello, Shinji-sama. I thank you for coming here with big sister."

"Shinji-sama?" blinked Shinji. Hikari's cheeks grew warm. Nozumi, blissfully unaware of the embarrassment she was causing her sister, happily explained.

"Oneechan calls you that in her sleep." Giggled Nozumi. Shinji turned to see Hikari's face as red as Asuka's Eva. Opening his mouth to ask her about it, she was saved by the PA, calling for Horaki Nozumi and parents to come to the Guidance Councilor's room.

"Well, we better go." Said Hikari crisply; and not a bit desperately. Nozumi turned and led her sister into the school, telling her that she knew where the room was. Hikari fixed her gaze on her kid sister - whom she could gladly throttle right then, resolutely keeping her eyes off Shinji's face. Shinji walked just behind the two, a bemused smile on his face.

Shinji-sama, is it? That's kind of…cute. He thought to himself as Nozumi paused to knock on a door. Hearing an answer from inside, the girl slid the door open and pulled her sister inside, who was followed by Shinji, sliding the door shut behind him. Behind a desk at the far end of the room sat a middle-aged woman and a somewhat younger man. In front of the desk was three chairs.

"Ah, there you are, Nozumi." Smiled the woman, seeing her student enter the room. "Please, take a seat." She instructed before looking at the two behind Nozumi. Seeing Hikari and Shinji, she blinked. "I'm sorry, I was expecting Mister Horaki or miss Kodama. You are…?"

"I am Hikari Horaki, Nozumi's older sister. Dad's at work and can't get free, and Kodama had an emergency come up. I apologize for not letting you know this sooner, but this was a last-minute occurrence." Said Hikari smoothly.

"Yeah!" chirped Nozumi. "And he's Shinji Ikari, Oneechan's boyfriend!"

"Nozumi! He's not my…" began Hikari, blushing again.

"Ikari? Your name is Ikari?" interrupted the man. Shinji blinked at him.

"Yes." Answered Shinji, sounding a bit puzzled. Why does it matter what my name is? Unless…

"You're the one that pilots that robot, right?" pressed the man. Shinji considered him for a moment before answering.

"Yes. I pilot." He said quietly.

"I see. So, you're Shinji." Said the man, staring off into space. Shinji surreptitiously touched his bag, making sure that the USP and two back-up magazines were firmly tucked in place. Nozumi and Hikari weren't paying too much attention.

"Nozumi, he's not my boyfriend! Why would you think that?" demanded Hikari of her sister. Nozumi tilted her head a bit, her gaze suspicious.

"He's not?" she challenged.

"No!" hissed Hikari.

"That's not what big sister Kodama says." Rebutted Nozumi. Hikari clenched her fist. Kodama, when I get my hands on you…!

"Let's return to the matter at hand, shall we?" said the woman. She frowned at Shinji. "This is a meeting between the parents of the student, the student and the school, mister Ikari. I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait outside."

"I see." Said Shinji, his face neutral. It struck Hikari that his face had a scary resemblance to Rei's face just then.

"Now, Miss Utinu, I'm sure that we can make an exception this time, as it is a career guidance meeting and not a discipline meeting." Said the man smoothly.

"Principal Choguki!" protested the woman.

"It is my wish that he be here, miss Utinu." Said the man firmly. The woman sighed and nodded.

"As you wish." She said. Looking at the three, she motioned to the chairs. "Please, be seated." She said. Hikari and Shinji took seats at each end, putting Nozumi in the center. The meeting lasted about a half hour.


Rei considered the skirt, a barely-perceptible frown on her face. "Are you certain?" she asked Rit-chan, who stood beside her, smiling. Rei and Rit-chan were standing in front of a rack of skirts in a somewhat trendy shop in Tokyo 3's shopping district. Asuka was at the next rack, studying the newly-arrived blouses and tops.

"Don't question the experts, Wondergirl." Said Asuka imperiously. Rei didn't bother to reply, as Asuka clearly did not expect any sort of reply from her. Rit-chan rested her hand on Rei's shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm certain, Rei-chan." She said confidently. If Shinji doesn't get instant wood when he sees you in that skirt, I'll shave my head and join a nunnery!

"Very well." Said Rei simply. I had no idea that dressing for visual appeal was so involved. Thought the First Child idly. For most of her life, she had not had to even consider such things, as her clothes were dictated by her location: school uniform for school, plug suit for NERV, and bare skin for downloads and at home. Nothing else existed for her, but since she had decided that Shinji was worthy of her love, she found herself facing so many new situations and alien thoughts that she was simply relieved that Rit-chan, Hikari and even Asuka was there to help her with it. And it is undoubtedly true that Asuka and Rit-chan are intensely capable in matters pertaining to these new matters. Rei, while all but mute around other people, heard and saw everything around her. As the saying went, the less one spoke, the more one learned, and Rei had learned that both the red-heads had powerful effects on the males at school and work. Her attention was diverted from her thoughts by Rit-chan gently pulling her to the rack Asuka was at.

"Now, let's find the right top for that skirt." Giggled Rit-chan, her tone mischievous. "I'm thinking mid-riff gauze or sleeveless vest." She announced to Asuka. The German girl tossed her head.

"Why not just give her a can of latex paint?"


Nozumi walked in front of Hikari and Shinji, happily humming to herself. Shinji and Hikari were headed for the Horaki's house. The meeting with the Guidance Councilor had been interesting for Shinji, who had spent the last ten years with a tutor, having very little interaction with school life. Hikari was smiling at her sister. "So, they want to put her in the engineering program." Smiled the Inchou.

"Is Nozumi going to be ok with that?" asked Shinji. "She seems to be more interested in sports."

"Well, she won't have to choose before she graduates from junior high, so she has some time. Why ask? Something wrong?"

"No, not really. It's just that it seems kind of wrong to just say `you're good at math, so you'll be an engineer' to a ten year old." Shrugged Shinji. "She should choose for herself what she wants to be."

"I want to be an EVA pilot!" came Nozumi's excited voice from just in front of the two. "They're so cool!" Shinji frowned, remembering all he had experienced in Unit 1.

"I don't know if you really want to do that." He muttered. Evas are pain, kid.

"Why not?" asked Nozumi, turning to walk backward so she could watch Shinji as they talked. "Piloting giant robots must be cool! Always dealing with dire emergencies, fighting rebellious space colonies and getting paid bonuses for each kill!" The girl's eyes were nearly shining with enthusiasm. Shinji blinked.

"Nozumi! You watch too much Pre-Second Impact anime!" laughed Hikari, unable to suppress the image of Shinji dressed in the out-of-date uniforms of the classic anime her sister watched each Sunday morning, bangs hanging in his eyes, atypically picking fights with his fellow pilots and `doing it his way'. She giggled at the mental image of Asuka's facial expression if Shinji were to saunter into the Eva cages with a scarf around his neck, walk over to her, slap her ass and growl out `just don't get in my way out there, cutie!' That, of course, would be immediately followed by Shinji being wheeled to the emergency room with Asuka's fist in his spleen.

"We don't get paid." Frowned Shinji.


Gendo Ikari watched silently as the information scrolled across his screen. With the recent recovery of his secret weapon in Antarctica, he had been too busy to review the activities of his underlings for the last week or so. It had taken a lot of work to secretly bring the Lance into NERV HQ without being seen by any of his rival group's agents, but he had managed to get it from the deck of the aircraft carrier to a seldom-used access route by the edge of the bay. Rei had been waiting at the mouth of the access path in Unit 0 and had taken the Lance and done has he had ordered her, moving down to Heaven's Door to pin the white monster to the cross with the massive twin-pronged artifact like a bug. The thrust had driven the Lance through the back of the cross to which the white angel was nailed. Rei had paused for only a moment, watching the spear's shaft vibrate from the impact before returning to the Cages so she could shower and return to her Shinji.

Seeing a note in the reports, Gendo frowned. He tapped in a command and read the entire report. There was no significant change in his expression, but he was not happy with what he was seeing. Damn it. You can't buy good help these days. He thought, considering the information's impact on his master plan. After a few minutes, he concluded that overall, this was but a minor matter, unworthy of his time. It did, however, present him with a useful bit of leverage for both parties involved.


Kaji stared at the clicking level indicator in the elevator as it descended. To the security cameras, it simply seemed that he - like so many others - was staring at the only thing that might help pass the time during the long descent to the lower levels of NERV. In reality, he was counting seconds in his head, to check against the logs for this elevator that awaited him in his hole-in-the-wall office. It had been three minutes, thirty-one seconds so far. Kaji kept counting.

Eventually, he reached the stop he needed, getting off the elevator and heading for his office. As was his custom, he glanced at the hair he kept on his door, seeing it was broken. His hand slipped inside his jacket to rest on the grip of his PPK, resting today in a thin, soft suede shoulder scabbard. On his hip was the NERV-issue USP, but he preferred the PPK for these kind of situations, as it was threaded for a silencer, which was already in place. In the magazine rested six 95-grain semi-jacketed hollowpoints, with another in the chamber. His silencer had been custom made for him, being a hybrid swipe/resonance type, which allowed the gun shoot full-charge ammo with the audio signature of a soft cough. In point of fact, the loudest sound was the hammer falling.

Opening the door with a swipe of his card, Kaji smoothly and swiftly slipped inside his small office, scanning for anything out of the ordinary. Seeing no one in the small space, he cautiously crossed to the laptop and booted it up. A swift check showed that no one had dislodged the tiny bit of paper he had left balanced on the power switch. If someone had turned the laptop on, the paper would have been pinched into the switch recess, leaving it creased. To keep someone from simply replacing the paper with a new one, he had painstakingly torn the tiny scrap of paper in a specific pattern along three sides. The paper bore all the marks of his original. Though it wasn't fool-proof, it was effective. Kaji made sure that the door to his office was locked before he began to review his data, which was scattered through many files and tucked into odd places on several reports. To the security cameras and MAGI's log, it would appear that he was simply reading reports, doing some memos to various departments and filling in some generic activity log entries.

Ten minutes later, Kaji hid a sigh. Damn. Not that one, either! It had been a frustrating week for the spy, as he had slowly learned that what he and his many employers wanted to see and know about was accessible only by a special elevator or in an Eva unit. Needless to say, using an Eva unit was completely impossible. Even if he could get into one, there was no way that he could synch with the bio-mech monsters. And the mission was way to important to risk involving any of the Children in. It would also be unwise to risk approaching them about this as one word to Misato, or - worse - Gendo, would result in his quiet death. Which left the elevator. He had done his improvised test on all the accessible elevators, and all of them showed absolutely no ability to reach the depths that his information placed the goal at. Ok, smart ass, answer me this riddle: if all the elevators don't go where you need them to go, then what do you do? What, no idea, mister wanna-be James Bond? Well, here's a tip for you, chap: you simply must find the one you missed the first time.


"What's this?" asked Misato, frowning at the envelope being handed to her by Ritsu.

"It's an envelope, Misato." Replied Akagi absently.

"I can see that, Ritsu." Snapped Misato, snatching the envelope from her old college buddy. "What's in it?"

"It's customary to open the envelope to determine that, Misa." Was her irritating answer. Misato muttered nasty things about her co-worker as she ripped the end off the envelope and extracted a richly-textured, fancy-written invitation with her name on it. "So, are you going?" asked Ritsu.

"Kamatu's taking the plunge? Well, I suppose I should." Sighed Misato, mentally reviewing her bank balance. Her gloomy thoughts were interrupted by her friend.

"You know, that just leaves you and me from our graduating class single." Pointed out the fake blonde.

"Really? What about that one girl? The one that sat behind me in Military History?" asked Misato.

"Married her girlfriend last year. You went to her wedding, as I recall." Came the dry answer.

"I did?"

"Yes. You came back drunk as a lord, with several hickies and some lipstick on your neck." Said Akagi.

"Are you sure? And how would you know that, anyway?" asked Misato, suspicious of her friend.

"I'm sure and I know because you showed up at my door instead of your own. You passed out on my sofa after a couple of advances." Akagi's eyes slid over to Misato's briefly. The Operations Director was frowning and staring off into space.

"I do seem to recall waking up in your bed, but are you sure that…?"

"Yes. I am sure." Said Akagi firmly.

"Um. Should I apologize?" asked Katsuragi of her old roomie.

"Are you sorry?" asked Akagi.

"I might be." Allowed Misato after a moment of contemplation.

"I see. Well, no point in apologizing if you don't mean it. Want to get some dinner?"


Shinji managed to grab a breath of air before Hikari sealed her lips to his again. Not that he minded. Nozumi had left to sleep over at her friend's house, and Kodama wasn't due back from her University registeration until much later that night. So, true to her word, Hikari had picked up where she had left off at school. As a matter of fact, the door had barely closed behind her kid sister before she had locked her lips to Shinji's. Now, maybe five minutes later, the two were nearly in her room, Hikari doing most of the guidance between kissed. Shinji's member wanted to rip through his pants, and Hikari's nipples were as hard as rocks.

Once they crossed into her room, Hikari slid the door closed with her foot and reached behind her with her hand to fumble for the lock. Shinji took the opportunity to move his lips to her neck and began to nibble on it. Hikari's breath grew ragged, and she moaned cutely. After a few moments of kissing and teasing her neck, Shinji straightened back up and looked into Hikari's eyes. The warm brown eyes of the Class Rep were clouded with lust. All that week, she had had to masturbate nearly every day due to her ever-more erotic dreams of Shinji and his penis. Kodama had caught her once, but only smirked and nodded her approval as she complimented Hikari on her improved skill. "Hikari, are you…?" began Shinji.

"Yes." Hissed Hikari, her voice filled with need as she grabbed his hands and pulled them to her small breasts. "Yes." She repeated as he began to massage them. Her hand slid down to his groin to stroke his erection. Shinji flinched, then felt himself harden a bit more. Deciding that he should honor her request, he moved his hands from her breasts to the neck of her uniform, where he began to unfasten her blouse. Hikari reciprocated and began to hurriedly unbutton his shirt. Once he had her blouse mostly unfastened, he pushed the shoulder straps off her shoulders and let it and her shirt crumple to her waist. He took a moment to run his hands all over her shoulders, chest, sides and belly, marveling at her silky-smooth skin and soft, supple frame. A small, thin lace bra covered her modest chest, and Shinji spotted the fastener between her breasts. Reaching out, he managed to get it undone with only a bit of trouble.

As her bra fell free, she pushed his shirt off and began to pull on his undershirt. Shinji stroked her breasts for a moment before sliding his hands down to her waist and attacking her skirt's button and zipper. A moment later, her jumper, blouse and bra hit he floor, leaving her in nothing but a pair of pale blue and tan cotton panties that closely resembled a bikini bottom. The Third Child felt his heartbeat jump at the sight. Hikari raised his arms long enough to pull off his shirt, tossing it to the floor of her room before reaching for the belt at his waist. Shinji's fingers danced along her hips and lower belly, staying just above her panty's waistline. With a final tug, his belt was loose and Hikari's fingers eagerly attacked his slacks. Moments later, his pants slid to the floor, leaving his tented boxers as his sole garment. A pause allowed Hikari to visually examine the boy's shorts. She liked what she saw.

During this pause, Shinji mentally braced himself and hooked his thumbs into her panties and slid them off her in one motion. Hikari shivered, but not from cold, her hand coming to rest on his boxers for just a fraction of a second before slipping inside them to grasp his warm, silky erection as her other hand began to ease his boxers off him. Naked, both teens froze for an instant. Hikari broke the stillness by throwing herself against him, her lips seeking his as her warm, soft body pressed into his. Surprised, Shinji staggered back, ending up falling onto her bed with her on top of him. His member pressed into her lower belly, but Hikari was too busy trying to reach his tonsils to notice. Shinji found his hands on her firm ass before he knew it. Asserting control over his raging hormones, he worked his hands around to her sides, then rolled them over and leaned back a bit.

The middle daughter was panting and her cheeks were red with blush, but her eyes told him that she was planning to go so much farther than they had so far gone. Deciding that he better try some of the diversionary tactics he had tried on Asuka with great success, he smiled and situated them on her bed before easing his hand down to her groin. As his fingertips slid over her belly button, she eased her legs open for him. Touching her sex, he found it already wet. Still, he remembered something he had heard from Misato during her version of `the talk' with him in which she had told him that a woman could never be too ready and a man could hardly ever spend too much time on foreplay. With that in mind, he began to practice his newly-developing skills on her sex, feeling her get wetter and wetter. Not even five minutes later, she was making a large wet spot on her sheets as he used three fingers to caress her lips, clit and to gently ease in and out of her vagina as his other hand rolled her left nipple as his tongue worked on her right nipple. Hikari felt herself climax in a middle-of-the-road climax, but could already feel herself building toward a larger one.

Shinji had never known how good it felt to see, hear and feel a woman in sexual pleasure until Rei-chan had decided to be his lover. He was still mesmerized by the entire process. Still, he wanted more, and he wanted Hikari to have more. There was also the memory of the last time he had been in her bed, and her clenched jaw, closed fists and obvious fear of the pain of her first time. Just in case she's not ready, I better make sure she cums hard before anything else. Decided Shinji. Easing off his attacks on her sex and breasts, he waited for her to open her eyes and look at him before he smiled at her. "Is it…ok if I try something?" he asked. "I'm pretty sure you'll like it." He added.

Hikari could only nod, still riding the last of her first orgasm, and feeling the next one building. Shinji moved down so he was face to pussy with her wet groin. With one more glance at her, he eased forward and touched her erect clit with his tounge. Hikari spasmed as his warm, wet, textured muscle came into contact with her sensitive bud. Oh God! The girls always said that guys never did this good, but if this is bad, then what does good feel like?! Shinji began to work on her in earnest, trying to replicate the methods he used on Asuka and Rei that had all but made the two pass out. Ten minutes later, Hikari wouldn't have noticed - or cared - if her dad had come through the door. Another ten minutes and she was panting like she had run a marathon with an anvil on her back, was blissfully unaware of where she was, what she was doing or who she might be. Her mind was all but melted down to nothing by the series of ever-more powerful orgasms that rolled through her.

For his part, Shinji's dick ached for relief, and his balls were beginning to hurt, but he was determined not to take advantage of Hikari's dazed form. Sitting up, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and looked at the slim form sprawled out beneath him. Gradually, Hikari was coming back to earth, and her body wasn't breathing as hard. During this time, Shinji had leaned over her so he could kiss her neck and occasionally run his oral member across her nipples. The only down side to being crouched over her was that his hard member kept inadvertently touching her soaked thighs and groin, making him more and more desperate for relief. Slowly, he had begun to slip his dick along her belly, the generous amount of lubrication caused by her multiple orgasm making it feel as slick and welcoming as a pussy. Still, each time he made a stoke, his member wanted to slip down so the tip pressed into her vaginal lips instead of staying on her cum-slick belly. Several time, he had had to resituate himself so his member was back on her belly.

Shinji groaned as his member once more easily slipped off her belly and nestled into her wet folds. As he started to lift his hips, he felt Hikari's legs move, wrapping around his hips. "Don't." she whispered, eyes closed. "It's ok." The male pilot desperately wanted relief, and she was offering him some. Hesitantly, he eased forward, pressing his tip into her, his body trembling with the effort necessary to keep from slamming into her like a battering ram. Soft gasps, sighs and groans issued from the brown-haired girl as his member, well lubricated by their combined juices, steadily sank into her tight passage. Hikari marveled at the odd sensation of her body stretching to accommodate him. With firm but gentle thrust, Shinji felt himself sinking deeper and deeper into her velvety embrace. Before he knew it, he felt his sensitive tip pressing against her maiden head. Opening his mouth to ask her once more, he found himself kissing her instead. He accepted her wordless encouragement, and eased back before thrusting forward in a short, fast shove, the barrier popping like a soap bubble. Hikari flinched, and Shinji froze in place, waiting for her to signal her wishes. Very slowly, she began to hump her hips against him, his penis moving in her sheath. Shinji could have cried in relief as he began to slowly pump into her again, soon reaching her cervix.

Oh. My. GGOODDD! Babbled Hikari incoherently inside her skull as Shinji's member pressed firmly into her cervix. Any more intelligent thinking was beyond her at the moment as the sensations made any kind of mental acuity impossible. Approaching his own climax, Shinji was pumping her more and more swiftly, and each stroke was going deeper and deeper, as he hadn't quite gotten all of dick into her. Hikari's body was acting like it was having a seizure, bucking, trembling, spasming and twitching as she screamed, moaned, panted and groaned. Her tight glove was driving her lover crazy with pleasure and was rapidly driving him to the point of no return. Moments that felt like hour passed as each of the participants lost more and more control and were divinely happy to do so. Then, the end: Hikari dimly registered the throbbing, spasming of her lover's tool, followed by the exquisite sensation of his sperm flooding her tight passage as his erection mated itself to her cervix, pushing the majority of his cum into her womb. That sensation caused her to experience the biggest, most intense orgasm she had ever imagined having.

Shinji grunted as he came, freezing in place as his balls emptied into the girl trembling under him. Spurt after spurt erupted from his penis, which was pressed tightly to her cervix, pushing the majority of his sperm into her pristine uterus. Of course, that didn't bother either of them, as the LCL side-effects rendered the possibility of pregnancy an impossibility. A half-dozen shots later, Shinji's shaking arms began to fail, and he struggled to keep from falling on Hikari. Damn, that was as good as my times with Rei-chan, Rit-chan or Asuka! He thought, dazed by the power of his orgasm. "H…Hi-chan?" he panted, managing to look over at Hikari's body. Her eyes were closed and she could have passed for a corpse except for the heaving of her chest as she panted like a marathon runner. "Hikari?" asked Shinji, a bit concerned. He carefully felt her neck, and was relieved when he felt her heart going like a trip-hammer, her skin warm and sweaty. She was making some small sounds, so Shinji decided to wait a bit and see if she returned to normal before panicking. He closed his eyes for a moment to catch his breath.


"Baka!" yelled Asuka as she and her two friends entered the apartment. "We're back!" she added. Her hands were busy with two bags and a small box, as were Rit-chan's and Rei's hands. Frowning, Asuka moved deeper into the apartment. "Hey! Where's dinner?" she yelled. No response. Growling a bit, Asuka moved to her room, tossing her purchases to her bed before marching to Shinji's room and throwing the door open.

"It appears that he is not here at the moment." Said Rei softly.

"No shit, Wondergirl." Said Asuka nastily. Her hand plucked her cell phone from her waist and punched in an auto-dial number without looking. Rit-chan hid a smile. Asuka held the phone to her ear as it rang. After several moments, the other party picked up and was promptly yelled at by Asuka. The conversation was short, naturally, and ended with Asuka ordering him to come home immediately if not sooner. Ending the call, she growled once, then tossed her cell phone onto her bed as she announced that she was going to change into something more comfortable. Rei glanced at Rit-chan, who stretched and headed for Asuka's room as well. Rei silently sat on the couch to await Shinji's return. A few minutes later, Rit-chan reappeared in shorts and a tee-shirt and ambled into the kitchen, where she began to retrieve materials from the cupboard and refridge. As she put pans on the stove and cranked up the microwave, Asuka emerged, wearing her loose red shorts and a white tee-shirt. Flopping down in front of the TV, she began to search for something to watch.


Hikari mumbled and lazily waved her arm as she felt someone shaking her shoulder. "Go `way." She tried to say, but it was muffled by her face being buried in one of her pillows. The shaking increased in strength. Hikari managed to open her eyes and turn her head to see who was interrupting her sleep. Blinking once, she saw Kodama sitting on the side of her bed, a robe around her form. "'Dama?" wondered Hikari, totally lost as to what her sister was doing there. "Where's Shin…eep!" Though her brain was still mostly simmering in the after-effects of the massive orgasm she had experienced, it was together enough to know that some things were better off not said. Kodama smirked at her younger sister as she saw Hikari's eyes open wide, her brain doing an emergency boot to full-on awake. "B…back so soon?" asked Hikari, her tone a bit weak.

"Soon? It's almost eleven, Hi-chan." Replied Kodama, quirking an eyebrow at her younger sister.

"What? Oh, sorry; I must have fallen asleep after Nozumi went to her friend's house. I'll get something fixed up for supper right away." Offered Hikari, starting to shift out of her bed. She froze when she felt her sheets adhering to her skin a bit, and the sensation of fluid leaking from her sore groin. Shit! Thought Hikari, instinctively reaching for her top sheet and cover, only to realize that she and her lover had tossed them back and had fallen asleep before doing anything, leaving Hikari laying bare-ass naked on her bed with the mixed cum of her recent encounter seeping from her pussy. This can't be good. She thought, a bit resignedly. Taking a breath, she looked up at her sister. The oldest Horaki girl was all but leering at her.

"I already had some supper, Hi-chan." Said the oldest sister. "And unless I'm hallucinating, you're no longer a virgin, correct?" Hikari lowered her gaze, but for some reason couldn't get her mouth to stop smiling. This was not lost on Kodama. "I see. He was that good?"

A short burst of laughter came from Hikari. "Um, you could say that." She managed, feeling her cheeks heat up, the heat moving down her neck and toward her chest. She cringed a bit as she moved away from the wet spot and sat up. An unexpected touch made her whole body flinch as her sister settled an arm over her shoulders.

"There is one thing, though." Said Kodama, her tone serious. Hikari didn't take her eyes off the far wall. Kodama went on after a moment. "Hi-chan, you didn't use a condom." She said, her tone even and steady. "And I can see that he came inside, too. We talked about this, didn't we?" A minuscule nod was all she got from her brown-haired sibling. "We'll need to get you a pregnancy test, then." Said Kodama. Hikari turned to look at her sister.

"Actually, we won't." she said simply. "It's not…an issue."

"Like hell it isn't." shot back Kodama. "You're not safe this week, Hi-chan, and he came inside you. Are you wanting to be a mother at 14?"

"No, I mean he's…sterile. Right now."

"Yeah, sure. If I had a yen for every time a guy said he was sterile and not to worry, I'd be a billionaire by now." Came the cynical retort. "I told you that a guy will say anything to come inside."

"Have you been that busy, Dama-chan, that you'd be a billionaire by now, a yen at a time?" asked Hikari, giggling a bit. She was still basking in the warm, relaxed state of mind common to post-coital activities.

"Stop trying to change the topic, Hikari." Admonished Kodama, tapping her younger sister on the nose with a forefinger.

"Well, there is no point in continuing with that line of discussion, Kodama." Said the girl. "We can trust him. And besides, it wasn't him that said he was…sterile." Kodama watched her sister with an even gaze.


Hikari nodded. "It was…a girl I know I can trust that told me."

"And you know you can trust her, how?" prompted Kodama.

"Because she wouldn't be bothered to waste her time lying about it." Shrugged Hikari, feeling a fresh wave of fluid seep from her nether lips. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I really need a bath." She said grimacing a bit as she moved to stand. Kodama simply took her arm and helped her to her feet.

"Well, I'm not going to let it go at that, and I need a bath too, so we'll just pick this up in the bath, ok with you, Hi-chan?" It wasn't really a request. Hikari just flicked a shoulder.

"Suit yourself, Kodama."

"Besides, I'm betting you would like to know some tips for cleaning up after sex, right?" smiled her sister. Hikari felt herself blush a bit. "Never thought it'd be so messy in your fantasies, did you?" Mutely, Hikari shook her head. Kodama giggled and opened the bathroom door for her sister. "After you, mi'lady." She said mockingly, bowing theatrically.

"Fuck you, `Dama-chan." Replied Hikari sweetly.

"Already thinking of trying for the other team, Hi-chan?" shot back her sister, her tone just as sweet. "He couldn't have been that bad."

Try as she might, Hikari felt her lips pulling back into an expression that she had seen all too often on other people's faces: a leering, urchin, grin. "Oh, he was anything but bad." Purred Hikari, heading for the toilet as Kodama started the tub filling. I can't wait to do it with him again. The girls all said the first time or two isn't any fun, but if that was true, then I don't know if I can survive having sex with Shin-kun again! Her smile grew a bit larger. But I won't know until I try!


Shinji stepped though the door to his home to be greeted by an odd sight: Rei, Asuka and Rit-chan were sitting at the table eating supper. He blinked. Did they order take-out? He wondered. Asuka spotted him first. "Well! It's about time, Baka! Get over here before we eat it all!" she commanded, giving his chair a kick for emphasis.

"Hello, Shinji." Came the soft voice of Rei, her crimson eyes resting on his, her gaze warm and comforting as a security blanket.

"Did you have fun, Shinji-kun?" asked Rit-chan from beside Rei. Shinji nodded and took a seat by Asuka, sitting opposite Rei. "Dish up and dig in, then. You must be hungry." Added the elf hunter. Shinji surveyed the table, which had stir-fried vegetables, sweet and sour pan braised chicken and beef tips, rice and bread rolls.

"Who…?" began Shinji. It was a well-known fact that he was the only one that cooked edible food in the Zoo, as Misato's cooking was limited to microwave instant cup-o-death and Asuka had told him repeatedly that the best Eva pilot ever couldn't be bothered with so menial a task as cooking. Rei-chan had told him not too long ago that she had never cooked in her life. Which left only one.

"Hey, you're not the only one who can do some cooking." Laughed Rit-chan, seeing his eyes on her. "Who do you think kept us fed on our little quest? The only thing that asshole Junpei can cook is rice curry, Celsia's cooking is best left un-described, and Airi's not very experienced at cooking over an open fire."

"This looks like more than `some cooking'." Noted Shinji, loading up his plate. Rit-chan shrugged. Taking a bite, he smiled. "I think you're a better cook than me, Rit-chan." He said, savoring the taste.

"Not really. This is one of the few fancy dishes I can make reliably. The rest are more basic." Demurred Rit-chan.

"And she even made sure to keep the meat out of the vegetables for Wondergirl." Tossed in Asuka, finishing off the last of the food on her plate. "What's for dessert, Rit-chan?"


Hikari finished changing the sheets on her bed and yawned. Damn, sex can wear you out. I feel beat. She thought as she tossed her pillows to the head of her bed and stretched briefly before grabbing her soiled sheets and heading for the laundry room. Half way down the stairs, she heard the phone ring. Wonder if that's Shin-kun? She wondered, feeling her heart flutter at the thought. Kodama's voice came floating down the stairs from her room. "I got it, Hi-chan!" Hikari proceeded to the laundry room and began to put her sheets into the washing machine. Can't risk `Zumi-chan finding these and asking about the stains. Hikari shuddered as she imagined trying to explain it to her younger sister. That would not be a fun conversation.

"Hi-chan, it's for you!" called out Kodama. Hikari finished dumping the sheets into the machine and jogged to the downstairs phone. Picking it up, she took a moment to calm herself.

"Thanks, Kodama! I got it!" she called back to her sister, bringing the phone to her ear. "Hikari speaking."


Misato yawned as she slid her card through the reader by her door, the lock opening and the door sliding open. It had been a long day, and she still had to decide what to do about the wedding invitation. Maybe that orange dress will still fit OK. She hoped. Stepping inside the apartment, she kicked off her shoes and absently noted that there were four pairs of shoes on the edge of the entry mat. Hmm. Let's see. Those are Shinji's sneakers, Asuka's school shoes, and that pair of sneakers must be Rit-chan's from the size and style. Another pair of school shoes? Hikari maybe? Frowning a bit, the tired Operations Director detoured to her kitchen for a beer before heading toward the bedrooms. Pausing by Shinji's door, she slid it back a bit and peeked in. The faint illumination provided by the alarm clock and the window showed her the dark-haired head of her Shinji, sleeping on his side, face away from the door. Misato slid the door back closed and moved to Asuka's room. Easing the door back, she peeked inside and spotted two red-headed girls sleeping back-to-back in the center of the room. A closer look showed her that Rit-chan was facing her, hand under her pillow. No doubt resting on her USP from what Airi told me. Guess Asuka must have left an extra pair of school shoes out. Yawning, she slid the door shut quietly, stepping back to her room as she cracked the beer open and took her first chug. Sighing happily, she began to discard her work clothes, her jacket, shirt, bra, skirt, panties and hose hitting the floor in very quick order. She instinctively kicked the clothes into a sort-of pile near the door, knowing from experience that Shinji would collect them the next day on wash day.

Draining the last of her beer, she tossed the can into her wastebasket and opened her wardrobe. As she perused the clothing within, she found herself unhappy with what she was seeing. Pulling out what she hoped was the winning dress, she modeled it to herself as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Almost cringing, she slipped the dress on and got it situated. She sighed disgustedly. "Guess I'll have to buy a new one." She said to herself. "This one seems to have shrunk in the wash." Satisfied with her excuse, she carefully removed the too-tight dress and put it back in her wardrobe before closing the doors and rummaging around on her cluttered desk for her bank register. Finding it, she flipped it open, scanning the entries. "For the love of…!" she muttered, tossing the register back to the desktop. Serves me right for not updating my records regularly. I'll just have to cash my next paycheck and hope for the best. Dejectedly, Misato flopped down on her bed and put her arm over her eyes for a minute. Yawning again, she slipped under the sheets, deciding that the next day was soon enough to deal with the dress issue.


In Shinji's room, Rei was tucked firmly into Shinji's chest, her naked body pressed tightly to his. When Misato had looked in on Shinji, she had simply remained still, and had been hidden from her sight by the low light and the angle of his body. Once Misato was gone, Rei had moved again, situating herself so she was face-to-face with her lover, one leg hooked over his hips so he was pressed to her warm body. Shinji was asleep, but he still instinctively managed to get his arms around her. Rei smiled in the dark as she felt his dick stir against her leg. Snaking a hand down to where their hips met, she gently positioned his soft penis against her damp vaginal lips.

It was apparent to her that he had engaged in sex recently. Even though he had taken the time to give himself a cursory cleaning, she could smell the unique scent of sexual activity on him, and had felt a spot or two of slightly sticky skin when she had repositioned his member to it's current location. It was most likely Hikari, as he left with her. I will as her tomorrow. Decided Rei. She was unconcerned about his activities, as the concept of loving only one was illogical to her. Besides, Hikari had proven to be a friend. Rei closed her eyes, deciding to rest and await Shinji's renewed sexual drive before asking him to enter her again.


"So, you're going to be going tomorrow evening?" asked Ritsuko Akagi as she and Misato stood in the Pribnow Box awaiting the arrival of the Children for the next series of tests. The head of Project E stood a bit stiffly, but concealed it well. Gendo had felt the need to assert himself over her that morning, and with little concern for her comfort had taken her in the private elevator that went from his command position to his office. Just when she was getting wet enough to appreciate his relentless pounding, he had chosen to pull out of her pussy and sink himself to the balls in her back door. The next five minutes had been uncomfortable for her, as Gendo had been concerned with his pleasure and not hers. After he had busted his nut in her ass, he had pulled out, wiping his dick on her panties before tucking his flaccid member back into his pants and exiting the elevator, leaving her with her skirt pushed up to her waist, her panties at mid-thigh and smeared with his cum, while her top was on the floor of the elevator. Good thing I started preparing for these little forays in anal sex a while ago, or I would have had more than cum stains on my panties. Thought Akagi. Her musing was cut short by Misato's voice.

"Yeah. I suppose I should."

"You don't sound too enthusiastic, Misato." Noted Akagi of her old friend.

"All these weddings are going to bankrupt me." Groused Misato irritably. "Still, this is the last one - hopefully."

"So, no wedding bells in your future?" sniped Akagi.

"As if!" scoffed Misato. "You'll get married before me, Ritsu."

"So, are you going to wear that orange dress?" asked Ritsu, changing the subject.

"The orange one? Um, well no, I'm not." Hedged Misato.

"Too tight for you now?" asked Ritsu as innocently as a fox in a hen house.

"You're too kind." Gritted out Misato. "I'll just buy a new one." She sighed.

"Well, at least I'm not the only one." Murmured Ritsu.

"Hmm? What was that?" asked Misato.

"Who are you taking? Kaji?" deflected Ritsu.

"That loser asshole?! Not even." Snarled Misato. "What about you?"

"Looks like I'm stag for the event." Said Akagi off-handedly. Maya interrupted the conversation.

"The test is good to go, ma'am, but the Children are…well, here." Said the tech, tapping in a control on her console. The angry voice of a certain Second Child erupted from the speakers like a volcano.

"…kind of half-assed test is this!? Are we saving the world or doing a porno shoot?!"

"Is there a problem, Asuka?" asked Ritsu crisply.

"Hell yes, there's a problem!" fired back Asuka. "Where are our plug suits?!"

"This test is to measure the interference generated by the plug suits. NERV will be making a new generation of plug suits based on this and a few other tests. Proceed to the access lift for level 5 simulation bodies."


With much grousing and bitching from Asuka, the Pilots had finally been loaded into the simulation bodies and the test begun. It was now fifteen minutes into the test. Maya and Ritsu were busy logging data from the tests and issuing instructions to the pilots, leaving Misato with little to do other than watch and try not to stare at her Shinji's manhood. She had thought a couple of times that Asuka and Rei were sneaking peeks at the video feed from Unit 1's plug, but she had never been able to confirm that. For his part, Shinji had kept his eyes locked on the control yokes and refused to meet her gaze. Ok, I'm bored. Time to tease my Shinji. Thought Misato. Slipping a glance at where Ritsu and Maya were huddled together, reviewing data, she eased her jacket back a bit and surreptitiously unfastened two buttons on her blouse, leaving the tops of her breasts in view. Smiling to herself, she crossed to the control mike, making sure that the camera for the video linkage would get a nice shot of her nearly-open top before keying the link to Shinji's plug. Before she could speak, Rei gasped. In the same instant, the Angel alarms went off.


In the woods near the edge of the lake, Rit-chan, Celsia, Airi and Junpei quietly plotted their moves and discussed information. Having discussed the matter between themselves, Rit-chan and Airi had chosen not to tell their two fellow hunters all that they knew. Junpei couldn't make any use of the data they were gathering, and Celsia had such a thing for causing Akagi grief by any means that she couldn't be trusted not to compromise the secretes the two had learned. The quiet war council was broken by the wail of alarms. Instinctively, Rit-chan had dove for cover, coming up in a crouch behind a tree, USP in a two-handed grip as she searched for enemies. Junpei was in his fighting crouch, eyes also scanning. Celsia was covering her long ears. Airi calmly stood.

"Do you think…?" asked Rit-chan in a clipped tone.

"Yes. Angel attack." Nodded Airi.

"Where, though?" asked Rit-chan in reply, slowly stepping out from behind the tree.

"Hopefully somewhere far enough away that the Pilots can sortie the Evas to intercept it." Murmured Airi.

"They had a test, so they should be launching shortly." Agreed Rit-chan, lowering her pistol, but not sheathing it. Moments went by, then the foursome hear the sound of rocket motors, followed by three familiar shapes rocketing out of a fenced off area not too far from the massive pyramid. "Is that…?"

"Entry plugs. All three." Confirmed Airi, not needing to hear what Rit-chan was going to say. The parachutes deployed and the three large plugs settled into the lake, where they bobbed a bit.

"So, it that good or bad?" asked Celsia.


In an elevator in Central Dogma, Kaji pulled himself through the emergency hatch and watched as armored partitions closed all through Central Dogma. Briefly, he caught sight of the glowing form of the newest angel as the partitions closed. Over the PA, commands and reports went back and forth. Standing on top of the stopped car, Kaji fished a cigarette out of his pocket and fumbled for his lighter. With the cigarette lit, he exhaled a smoke ring. "Well, looks like it's time to take a break." He muttered, studying the staggered access portals off of the massive central shaft. As he studied the access ports, he realized something. With one last drag from his coffin nail, he flicked the butt over the edge of the elevator car, carefully judged the distance to a portal, then took a running leap off the car.


It has been two hours. I do not believe that anyone is coming for us yet. Thought Rei. Very well. I will join Shinji. Decision made, she stood and triggered the emergency release for the hatch, which unlocked and opened, letting some of the LCL in her plug flow into the lake. Scanning the surrounding area, she swiftly determined that she was in the middle of the lake, several hundred yards from shore, with the two plugs of her fellow pilots a few dozen yards away from her own. Rei considered her options. I can still feel the angel, so this is not yet over. However, the alarms have stopped, and there seems to be no activity from the recovery teams. It would seem likely that Major Katsuragi wishes us to remain together here outside the Geofront proper. A few minutes passed before she came to her next decision. With deceptive ease, she pulled her naked form out of her plug's LCL-filled interior, standing on the slick super-alloy sheath for a moment before diving into the lake in a clean, deep dive. Slowly, her plug rocked in reaction to her departure.

Asuka sat in her plug, fuming. Where the hell is the rescue team? She thought angrily. But more importantly, how am I supposed to get out of here NAKED?!? Her concerns were forgotten as she heard something knocking on her entry plug's alloy shell. After a few moments, she heard the hatch being unlocked from outside. Asuka instinctively covered her naked breasts with her arms, pressing her legs together as tightly as possible. If it's some recovery team jerk, I'm gonna knock his head off! She silently raged. The hatch opened, letting some of her LCL flood out. Instead of a rescue worker in protective gear, a very familiar form slipped into the flooded interior of her plug. "Oh. It's you." Said Asuka, letting her hands drop. "What do you want, Wondergirl?"

"I wanted to know if you would like to join me in Shinji's plug." Said the First softly.

Asuka considered it. "Shouldn't we try to get back to the Eva cages?" she asked half-heartedly.

"We are in the middle of the lake, Asuka. Shinji can not swim to shore, and the water is very cold. I suggest that we remain together until the recovery team arrives."

"But, we're naked!" whined the German girl. Rei didn't even bother to dignify that protest with an answer. "I mean, what would people say if they found us all in his plug, naked?" she elaborated.

"They could not say anything that is not true, Asuka." Noted Rei, drifting up to the hatch and grasping the edges. "I am going to his plug now." And the girl shot out of the plug, a faint splash telling Asuka that she was in the lake once more. Barely two seconds had passed before Asuka growled in anger and lunged up to grab the sides of the hatch as well, jerking her arms hard to propel her out of the LCL and into the lake. I'll be damned if I let you have him to yourself, Wondergirl! She thought angrily. An instant later, another thought occurred to her. God Damned this water is FRIGID!!

Shinji was sitting in his control chair, drumming his fingers on the control yokes as he passed the time. His doldrums were forgotten as he heard the sounds of movement on the skin of his plug, followed by the plug bobbing a bit. Rescue team? He wondered as he heard the hatch unlock and open. Even before the LCL could bubble up and out, a slender form slipped into the LCL and wrapped her arms around him. "Rei-chan?" he gaped.

"What am I, chopped liver?" came the voice of a certain red-head, who had dropped into the LCL. Shinji felt Rei ease back a bit from him. Instinctively, he found himself visually roving over their naked forms. Immediately, he noticed that the two girl's nipples were rock hard. As he noticed this, he found that Asuka had floated to him and hugged herself to him. "Mmm. You're warm." She murmured happily.

"How did you two…?" he began.

"We are in the lake, Shinji. We swam to your plug." Replied Rei calmly, her hand finding his and squeezing it.

"That water's fucking cold, too!" interjected Asuka, still pressing herself to his chest. Shinji heard a clank and saw that the hatch was closing. Glancing at Rei, he saw that she had pressed a button near the yokes.

"The LCL will keep us warm while we await rescue." She said simply. Shinji pushed himself and Asuka off the control chair with his feet, letting them drift in the LCL. Before he had stopped, he felt Rei's body pressing herself to his back, her arms wrapping around him and Asuka both. "Asuka is correct;" she noted calmly, "you are very warm."


In Shinji's entry plug, the three pilots were dozing, still clinging to each other. Hours had passed and as the adrenalin faded, the three teens had gotten tired. So, snuggled into the warm, oxygenated LCL, they had fell into a light sleep, floating serenely in the cockpit of the plug.

The sound of an approaching boat slowly brought them back to consciousness. As the droning got closer, the three reluctantly separated from each other and prepared for the inevitable necessity of emerging naked from the entry plugs under the watchful eyes of the assembled rescue teams. Asuka was getting herself worked up to a royal rage about the whole thing, while Shinji and Rei were silent, simply floating there, holding hands. Shortly, the Children heard the sound of lines being secured to the plug, and the boat shifting to neutral along the side of the pod. "It must be Misato." Muttered Asuka.

"Why do you say that, Asuka?" wondered Shinji.

"Baka! Your plug is the first one they came to! Misato must be there or they would have gone to my plug first! Everyone knows Misato has a thing for you!"

"It is possible that the rescue team came to this plug first because it is the only plug with a closed hatch." Pointed out Rei calmly. Asuka frowned, considering the First's words.

"Maybe." She grudgingly acknowledged. "But I still think that Misato will be the first one through the hatch!" On that thought, they heard the outside hatch release being engaged. With the hatch open, the Pilots waited to see what would happen next. A few moments passed, then they heard a familiar voice from outside the plug.

"Hey! You guys in there?"


"Here." Said Misato, handing her friend a cup of coffee. Ritsu took the offered cup and sipped, then grimaced.

"For once I'm grateful for this paint thinner you call coffee." She said, sipping again. Misato bit back the reply that sprang to her lips.

"Still, you kept your promise, Ritsu." Said the Major instead. "You did good."

"So, you still want to destroy the MAGI?" needled Ritsu.

"I only…" began Misato, a bit angry about the tone of Ritsu's barb. The fake blonde waved her free hand.

"You just did your job as you saw it, I know." The doctor dismissed. And you were obsessed with Shinji's and the girl's safety, too. She mentally added. "I never really liked her, you know." She mused.

"Who?" asked Misato.

"My mother." Said Ritsu.


"Warm shower, here I come!" exclaimed Asuka. She tossed the LCL-soaked towel onto the bench without missing a stride on her way to the showers. Right behind her, Rei simply let her own soaked towel drop to the floor as she followed her fellow female pilot to the showers in their locker room. Shaking his head, Shinji grabbed both the discarded towels, added his own, and put all three in the hamper for the plug suits.

It had been an interesting recovery, to say the least. How Airi managed to talk herself and the others onto that gunboat, I'll never know. He thought. But I'm glad she did. And even gladder that she thought to bring towels with her. I really didn't want to have to climb out of there naked with the recovery teams all watching. Smiling, Shinji moved to the showers, seeing that the First and Second had taken two showers one away from each other, leaving a shower nozzle between them. He stepped into the wet room and turned on the water for the nozzle between the two. And if I didn't want to, Asuka-chan would rather have died than be seen naked by the recovery teams. But I get the feeling that Rei-chan really didn't care one way or the other. Unbidden, the memory of the girls pressing against him as they maneuvered to get the towels wrapped around themselves made his penis begin to swell with blood. Down, boy! We're at NERV! Shinji mentally willed. Glancing at Rei, he saw that she was shampooing her hair, and didn't seem to have noticed his awakening dick. A glance the other way showed him that Asuka was using a body sponge to scrub her skin free of the LCL with body shampoo.

"Like what you see?" asked the German girl calmly. Shinji flinched, his eyes darting to the wall in front of him. Asuka snickered. "Of course you do! I'm the most popular girl around!"

Unsure of how to answer that, Shinji opted for the silent approach. Suddenly, he felt himself seized from behind by a pair of strong, soft arms. Asuka had apparently wanted an answer from him. "Asuka!" he managed, feeling his dick begin to harden again as he felt her slick, wet skin pressing against his.

"You should be grateful that you can be near me, Baka." She growled, though there was no real heat behind her words. Her hands slid down his chest playfully before she lightly shoved him away from her. "Now stop ogling me and get cleaned up!" she ordered.

"Yes, Asuka-chan." He said softly, casting one more furtive glance at her. Warm water sprayed over her naked form, seemingly dancing around her fiery mane as the girl began to work her shampoo into her hair. "Beautiful." He murmured softly.

"Yes. She is." Came the quiet voice of Rei from his other side. Shinji turned to look at her. The First Child was watching him watch Asuka with a trace smile on her lips. As usual, her shower was colder than the other two pilots. Shinji's eyes rested on her warm crimson eyes for a moment, before falling to her breasts, then her hips, where they lingered briefly before returning to her eyes.

"You both are." He said to her quietly. Rei graced him with a larger smile.

"So I see." She said, her tone vaguely amused as she inclined her head to his groin. Glancing down, he saw that his `other' brain was nearly fully erect. Shinji began to cover himself, but felt Rei's hand on his wrists. "May I use that?" she asked, her voice lower than a whisper. Before Shinji could answer her, the three pilots were startled by the PA, announcing a debriefing in fifteen minutes in the command center briefing room. Sighing, Rei stepped back under her shower as Shinji began to rapidly scrub himself clean of the LCL residue. Neither of them heard Asuka sigh in relief as well.


Hikari was humming as she prepared lunches for herself and Nozumi. A glance at her watch told her that she was five minutes ahead of schedule. A quiet giggle escaped her lips. Damn, I've never felt this energetic before! She thought. Swiftly, she put the last touches on her and her sister's lunches, tucked them into their respective school bags and took a moment to toss the remaining lunch ingredients into storage containers, which ended up in the refridge. Wiping her hands on a dishcloth, she checked breakfast as she heard her sisters stirring and moving around. Being the first one to rise had it's advantages; she had found a note from her father telling her that the workload in his section had been tripled without warning, and he was going to be staying at the office for the next while. Hikari had checked his room. The bed hadn't been slept in, and from the half-open drawers on the dresser, he had only been home long enough to grab some clothes, pen the note and leave again.

Since the accident with their mother, the Horaki daughters had seen less and less of their father as the years went on. With seemingly no transition period, Kodama had taken over the finances, discipline, planning and support for her younger sisters, even as Hikari had taken on the cooking, cleaning, housework and shopping for the family. Nozumi didn't take on any additional assignments, but could be counted on to help her two big sisters when needed. Now, years later, it seemed that it had always been that way. Hikari found herself wondering what her mom would have thought of the situation with her and Shinji.

Those thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of her younger sister, who announced her presence at breakfast by running into the kitchen and throwing her arms around Hikari's waist. "Onee-chan! What's for breakfast?" came the enthusiastic question.

"Tacks, shoe soles and stump water." Replied Hikari, hugging her sister in return.

"What, no man meat?" came Kodama's voice from the doorway to the kitchen.

"Kodama!" hissed Hikari.

"What's big sister Kodama talking about?" asked Nozumi, blinking up at Hikari. Hikari was silent, feeling her face begin to color. "Why are you getting red in the face, huh, Hi-chan?" wondered the youngest of the girls.

"No reason, Nozu-chan. Sit down, ok?" said Hikari, turning for the stove. Nozumi released her and skipped over to where Kodama was lounging against the door frame. Hugging her oldest sister, Nozumi then proceeded to her usual seat.

"Aren't you going to sit, too?" asked Nozumi of Kodama. Hikari interrupted her answer.

"No, Kodama has to go play in traffic right now." Said the middle sister.

"Playing in traffic is dangerous." Noted Nozumi. "Why would `Dama-chan want to do that?"

"Why indeed?" seconded Kodama, stepping around the table to drop a hand on Hikari's shoulder. As she had expected, Hikari turned toward her, and when she did, Kodama simply wrapped her up in a hug. With her lips next to Hikari's ear, Kodama whispered "Don't be so touchy, Hi-chan. You know I still love you, right?"

"Yeah, I know. Just don't do that." Whispered back Hikari before Kodama released her. With morning pleasantries out of the way, Kodama dropped into her seat. Hikari set a plate in front of Nozumi and dished one up for Kodama. With Kodama's plate in front of the oldest of the three, Hikari dished up one final plate for herself before taking her seat on the third side of the small table. Breakfast was somewhat silent as the three ate. Nozumi finished first, as she usually did. Rising, she grabbed her plate and deposited it in the sink before heading for her room to change for school.

"Hi-chan!" yelled Nozumi from upstairs.

"Yes, Zumi?" called out Hikari.

"Where are my blue panties? I saw them in the wash, but they're not here!"

"I had to discard them, Nozu-chan." Answered Hikari as she rose and headed upstairs.

"Why? They were my favorite pair!" complained Nozumi. Stepping into her sister's room, Hikari saw Nozumi pawing through her underwear drawer, pouting. For some odd reason, the mental image of Asuka's pouting face doing the same thing made her chuckle a bit.

"They were just about worn out, Nozumi." Answered Hikari. "I was going to get you some new panties, anyway. I'll pick them up when I go shopping next time. Deal?" Nozumi picked a pair of white panties and stepped into them. Once they were settled on her hips, she answered Hikari's question.

"Can't I go with you when you get them?"

"I…guess. But why do you want to?" replied Hikari.

"Because you and Kodama have so much fun shopping for clothes, that's why." Explained Nozumi.

"Well, that's because…" began the middle sister.

"Besides, they're going to be my panties, right?" pressed Nozumi. Hikari just shrugged, letting it go.

"Sure. We'll go get you some new things soon, ok?"

"Thanks, Oneechan!" squealed Nozumi, wiggling into her school skirt and top. Hikari glanced at her watch and noted that she needed to finish getting ready herself.

"No problem, Zumi-chan." Smiled Hikari as she stepped over to her door.


"Rise. Bow. Be seated." Directed Hikari as the wrinkly old teacher got comfortable in his chair. Silently, the students obeyed. However, as soon as they were seated again, the sounds of quiet keystrokes filled the room. Using her inchou super user status, Hikari monitored the chat programs and emails and internet usage of the class. Fairly typically, most of the students were using the chat program, a few were sending and receiving emails and a couple were using the net interface. Doubtlessly, Kensuke is hacking into forbidden sites in spite of the school firewalls and restricted-access lists. Thought the brown-haired girl. Idly, she checked her address lists to see if any of `The Five' were in chat rooms.

Seeing that FireGoddess was logged on with seven chat windows, she smiled. Business as usual for Asuka, I see. IceGoddess was logged on, but had no open windows as she had set her filter to restricted, as was her practice of late. PilotUnit1 was signed on, and had two open chat windows. Curious as to who was chatting with him, she right clicked on the two links, and saw it was Touji in one, and Kensuke in the other. Figures.

Just then, her laptop chimed softly. Glancing at her program lists, she noticed that her chat program was flashing. Touching her point pad, she pointed her cursor to the blinking program and opened it. IceGoddess wants to talk to me in a secure room? What's that about? Wondered the inchou as she accepted the request. For a moment, her screen flickered, then all her other chat programs closed, leaving the secure chat room the only active messaging program on her laptop. Huh? Blinked Hikari. Is this Rei or Kensuke?


Kensuke was busy uploading a small, short teaser clip from his Beach Babes at Okinawa Special to a small members-only amateur video site he belonged to when he noticed that the chat program for the classroom had suddenly bogged down, then returned to normal. Curious about the glitch, he punched up one of his custom programs and analyzed the usage. Nothing showed up as different. Frowning, he looked around the room. Most of the class was typing away. His eyes slid over to Ayanami's desk.

Rei's typing? He blinked in surprise. Indeed, the Pilot was typing away in short bursts that would have made a dot matrix printer jealous of her speed. Kensuke realized the importance of this a moment later. Hell, yes! Ayanami, your chat is mine now! He thought, launching his special chat window spy ware program. A moment later, his program reported that no user named IceGoddess existed. Oh, so you think that changing your Screen Name will stop me? I don't think so, Ayanami! He sniffed disdainfully, resetting the parameters of his hack program. I'll just slide into your IP channel. Beat that! A moment later, his program once more reported that there was no network address for Rei's station. Kensuke gaped at the program. Rei continued to chat away. Fine! I'll just do it the hard way! The hacker thought angrily, closing his first program and sliding into the master directory of the school, beginning to back track the IP ports to his victim's laptop. Fifteen minutes later, he was ready to smash his computer. What the fuck is the problem?! If she doesn't have an address, how is she chatting?! After a few minutes of calming down, he focused on the problem again.


Rei had noted the attempts of the local hacker to access her chat room with Hikari, but had been unconcerned. With her ability to disappear in a room of people, she had come to be a master-level programmer just from listening and watching the way that Akagi, Ibuki and the bridge crew handled the MAGI and subsystems. I wonder if Aida is aware that the MAGI is the controlling system for the entire info-infrastructure of Tokyo 3? Unlikely, as he still doesn't know that NERV has been watching his terminal all this time. The blue-haired girl had swiftly altered the core files of the chat program to allow her to have a truly private chat room with whoever she chose. The MAGI were still there, but they were back channeled so that they though the chat room was simply a data submission line from a billboard. Billboards were given no live monitoring by NERV and the MAGI ignored them except to post Angel attack warnings.

Adding to that that the MAGI had a proprietary programming code, and there was no hope that Aida could ever crack into her chat room. With the infrequency of her chat usage, no one had ever thought that she knew anything about the school programs other than how to use them like anyone else in the school. Had anyone asked, she would have told them that she had sufficient skill to use the systems. If Shinji had asked her, she would have told him that she was at least a match for Akagi and Ibuki in that area.


Kensuke was gritting his teeth hard enough to make his jaw ache, and his arm was shaking. What. The. FUCK!? He mentally raged. There's no way she's not there! Having lost his battle to find Ayanami's IP address or chat port, he had decided to try another tact, and had gone back to the usage main, where he had begun to match up all the active screens to their users. Within minutes, he had found himself stuffed into the wall again. All screens had been accounted for, none of them going to or from Ayanami. And even though all was accounted for, the usage of bandwidth proved that there were more chat windows open in the node for class 2-A. When he called the computer's attention to the discrepancy, it had simply told him he was in error. God damned smart-assed piece of shit! Fumed Aida, angrily snapping his laptop closed.


Rei, having closed her chat with Hikari, saw Aida slam his laptop closed. Turning to look out the window, she felt her lips twitch into a fractional smile.


Shinji stretched as he stood after last bell. Another day down. He thought to himself. Glancing over at the girls, he noticed that Asuka and Hikari were talking together, apparently planning to do some shopping. Turning to look at Rei, he saw that she was standing by his desk already. Looking forward, he saw Rit-chan pick up her bag and turn to smile at him. Reaching down, he grabbed his own bag, rolling his arm so it rested over his shoulder, the bag against his back.

"Baka," called Asuka, "Hikari and I have some errands to run. I'll see you when I get home, ok?"

"Sure. Be careful." Replied Shinji. Since when does the mighty Asuka Langley Sohryu deign to clear her schedule with little old me? He wondered. "Well, looks like it's us for now." He said to Rit-chan and Rei.

"I am required at NERV for some tests. Will you accompany me there?" asked Rei softly. Another download to the collective.

"Sure. When you're done with the tests, can you come over for dinner?" asked Shinji.

"I will if it is not too late in the evening." Replied Rei, a soft smile on her face. Shinji glanced at Rit-chan.

"Coming with us?" he asked her hopefully. "We could go see Celsia while Rei-chan is doing her tests."

"I've got nothing else scheduled for this afternoon." Grinned Rit-chan.

"Hey, Shinji!" came Kensuke's voice. "Can I come too?" he asked.

"To NERV? Are you insane?" objected Touji.

"Touji is right, Kensuke. We have passes and work there, but you don't. And with your…earlier visit to NERV, they won't let you in unless you're being hauled in by Section 2." Said Shinji.

"I can request that you be detained, if you wish." Offered Rei innocently. Rit-chan snickered at that. Kensuke paled at her words.

"Ah, no thanks." He said quickly. "Come to think of it, I have an appointment I just remembered. See you later, guys!" he finished weakly and bolted from the room. Touji shook his head.

"Why not come hang with us for a bit, Shinji?" he suggested. "You still haven't seen the footage from the trip, you know."

"Maybe this weekend, Touji." Said Shinji. "Besides, you'll just try to get me to sell you Misato's panties again." Touji flushed a bit, and he glanced around guiltily.

"Hey! Not so loud, Shin." He hissed. From the doorway, Tomo looked over at him.

"Hey, your girlfriend is looking for you, stud." Noted Rit-chan, her smile a bit sharp.

"We need to depart soon." Added Rei, touching Shinji's hand discreetly.

"Ok. See you later, Touji." Said Shinji, heading for the door with the two drop-dead beauties on either side of him.