Part 22: Issues of Conductivity

Aki opened her eyes to the smell of breakfast; that, and a splitting headache. Groaning, she worked her way out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom, noting as she reached the toilet that she was naked. Her vision was a bit blurry, but was improving by the moment. I knew I shouldn't have had that much last night. Thought the teen. I hope I didn't do anything too bad. The tall girl swiftly ran a check on herself. No hickeys, scratches, bruises or signs of semen. I'm not sore in any sensitive area. I guess Rit-chan and Hi-chan kept an eye on me. Finished, the girl stood, eyeing the shower. Speaking of my guardians, where are they? The shower was still wet, so at least one of them had been in and out already. The smell of miso and meat pulled her to the kitchen instead. Peeking around the corner, she saw Hikari setting out some freshly-delivered food. The sharp-eyed inchou spotted the head of her friend.

"Good morning, Aki-chan." She said brightly, smiling at the other girl's expression. "Breakfast is served. Come eat!"

"Mind if I put something on first?" asked Aki dryly.

"Can if you want, but you don't have to." Shrugged Hikari. "I've already seen everything you have, you know."

"Pervert." Snorted Aki, reaching for her sleeping shirt. In the process, she discovered that her balance was still not too good, as she nearly fell over before catching herself. Putting the shirt on proved a minor adventure, and she decided that it would be unwise to risk trying to put on panties until she was more awake; balancing on one foot would be a painful way to find out if her balance was as bad as she suspected it was right then. The tall girl made it into the kitchen area without any noteworthy mishaps, settling on a stool beside Hikari, who poured her a steaming cup of coffee and handed her three pills. "What's this all about?" she asked motioning to the pills.

"Two extra-strength aspirins, one B-complex. Swallow the aspirins, leave the B-complex under the tongue to dissolve. Trust me, it damn near cures a hangover." Explained the class rep. "Oh, yeah. Drink more water than normal, too." She added.

"Need I wonder how you know that?" asked Aki, downing the two aspirins with a sip of coffee. "Closet drunk are you?"

"No, it's something that Shinji learned from Misato. And if there's one thing that woman knows, it's how to deal with hangovers." Laughed Hikari.

Aki hummed a response, tucking the pill under her tongue before sipping her coffee again. "Ok, I had best get this over with." She said, setting her cup down and facing Hikari. "What did you two do to me while I was passed out?"

"We sold your favors to the male students and teachers, of course." Replied Hikari innocently as she sipped some juice. "Most of them came back for seconds and thirds, especially our homeroom sensei." Aki's stomach tried to come up her throat at the sudden mental picture of the near-mummified teacher getting it on with her nubile, young body.

"Eew! Hi-chan, don't even tease like that!" cried Aki, holding her hand over her mouth. Recovered a bit, she took another sip of the coffee. "Seriously, though." She repeated.

"Nothing, other than hauling you up here and getting you into bed. You need to thank Rit-chan, by the way; she's the one that carried you up here. I was nearly asleep myself. She helped me while carrying you." Replied the short-haired class rep. "I think I fell asleep before I could get all my clothes off, so she must have undressed me, too."

"You woke up naked too?" asked Aki, beginning to feel hungry.

"Yeah. I seem to be doing that a lot lately." She grinned. "I could get used to sleeping that way; it's comfortable."

"And was Rit-chan naked?" asked Aki, beginning to dish up some food. Hikari snagged some toast before answering.

"Don't have a clue; she was gone when I got up. She left us a note to order some breakfast, though." Said the girl, nibbling on her toast.

"Gone where?" asked Aki, feeling a little guilty. Hikari shrugged.

"Didn't say. Her cell phone, gun, NERV card and room keycard are gone too, so she's armed where ever she is. She's a big girl; she'll be fine!" assured the inchou.

"So, that was you that showered this morning?" surmised Aki.

"What? Oh, yeah. The shower was dry when I got to it, too, so she hasn't taken one this morning." Noted the girl. Looking around, she finally found what she was looking for and grabbed the remote for the entertainment system, switching on the TV and selecting a news station. As they watched the news, the two ate. Aki was lingering over her third cup of coffee when the door opened and Rit-chan stepped in, shoes in hand, lightly covered in sweat.

"Good morning, guys!" she called out, dropping her shoes and taking a towel from the back of the couch, draping it around her shoulders and wiping her face with it. She was dressed in a halter-top bikini with shorts over her swimsuit bottoms, her USP covered by the thin beach shirt tied around her waist. Her cell phone was once more wrapped to her upper bicep, and her NERV card and room keycard were barely visible, tucked into her top's chest band.

"Where have you been, Rit-chan?" asked Aki.

"Went for a jog on the beach." Said Rit-chan. "And hey, I found a good spot to do a little sunbathing later." The elf hunting teen moved out of the kitchen area, shedding her clothes as she entered the bedroom on the way to the bathroom. "I gotta shower; be out in a bit." She called back over her shoulder. Aki drained her cup of java and stood.

"Sounds like a plan to me. Be right back, Hi-chan." Said the teen, following Ritsuko and hearing the shower cut on.

"Take your time and enjoy it; I know mine felt good!" called out Hikari, settling on the couch to watch the TV and await her friend's return.


Asuka awoke to a feeling of warmth and security. Slowly opening her eyes, she found that she was snuggled into Shinji, who was pretty much tangled in together with Rei. Her brilliant blue eyes opened a bit wider when she realized that she and Shinji were both naked, and his so-called morning wood was pressing against her belly. Still, it felt good there, and Asuka couldn't help but feel a shiver of excitement go through her as she remembered her new morning routine, and the skills Shinji had exhibited. Frowning a bit, she considered Rei's naked form, intertwined with Shinji's. She felt she should be angry at the little doll, but she just couldn't get her mojo going right then, feeling as warm and safe as she currently felt. Besides, it's not like I love Baka or anything. He's just a learning toy. She reminded herself as she yawned. Closing her eyes, she laid her cheek against Shinji's throat and drifted off to sleep again. As the Second Child dozed, a pair of red eyes opened, gazing at the resting pilot with a contemplative look in them.


"What's on the agenda today, Hi-chan?" asked Rit-chan as she stepped out of the bedroom, a towel around her head and dressed in her bikini from the day before, having washed it along with Aki's and Hikari's suits. Aki came out shortly after the red-head, settling the straps on her bikini. Hikari turned off the television and stood up, mentally reviewing the plans the teaching staff had prepared for the class reps before the trip.

"Let's see. We're supposed to have a morning lecture, then a trip to a local shrine and a farm. Lunch is to be had at the farm's location, then we take a hike up to a historic bluff for the afternoon lecture. Following the lecture, we return here to write a 1200 word essay on what we learned, followed by classroom dissertation of those essays. Supper will be about sunset, and we're free until ten o'clock." Recited the brown-haired girl.

"Essentially a history and economics day, then." Nut shelled Ritsuko. "Can't they come up with something better?" she groaned.

"Well, we already had the biology and physical exercise sections, so why not move on with the school theme?" replied the inchou.

"Because it's boring and pointless." Opinioned Aki. Hikari opened her mouth to reply, but the suite phone rang. Rit-chan scooped it up and picked up the call.

"Inoue." She said, her tone all business. She listened for a moment, then closed her eyes. A few moments passed, then she opened her eyes and spoke. "Very well. Send them up." She said, ending the call. Setting the phone down, Rit-chan walked over to the refridge and snagged a bottle of water. Cracking it open, she took a long pull. "We have company on the way, ladies." She warned her friends.

"Company? Who?" asked Hi-chan.

"Suzahara, Aida, Satusami, Tsunoki and the principal." Replied Rit-chan. Seeing the look of panic on Hikari's face and worry on Aki's, she smiled at her friends reassuringly. "Don't sweat it; I'll deal with them, if you like." She offered. "Tell you what," she continued, "why don't you two go sit poolside while I take care of this little matter?"

"We can't just leave you to face them alone." Began Hikari.

"That wasn't really a suggestion, Hi-chan." Noted Aki, seeing the look in Rit-chan's eyes. "Come on, let's go take a morning dip in the hot tub." She said, pulling the smaller girl out the patio doors by the arm. Barely before the sliding glass door to the patio area had closed, the door to the suite was knocked on. Setting her water bottle aside, Ritsuko leisurely walked over to the door, absently touching her USP in it's holster. Remember, Ritsuko: at least hear them out before tossing them off the roof. She reminded herself before opening the door a crack, her body wedging behind it in case someone tried to shove their way into the room.

"Ah, so good of you to come see me this morning." She said civilly as she eyed the group, her tone making it sound as if she had summoned them here to kiss her feet. "You're a bit late for breakfast, though. Won't you come have a seat?" she continued, her tone distant and cool. Stepping aside, she carefully watched the group enter. The principal was first, looking irritable. Then came the four students, looking frightened. Hmm. Wonder what this is about? Thought the teen to herself. Closing the door behind the group, she slipped a glance out the door to see that both Hikari and Aki were sitting in the hot tub, backs to the suite. Good thinking, Aki. Congratulated Rit-chan silently. Turning her attention back to the principal and his small group, she saw that the chief instructor had chosen to lean against the bar. Rit-chan's eyes narrowed a bit. Not fucking likely, boy. The elf hunter deliberately strode over to the older man. Stopping in front of him, she stared him in the eye. "You are in my way." She said flatly. The man tried to maintain her stare, but found himself too nervous to do so. After a moment, he stepped aside, allowing Rit-chan to pick up her bottle of water. Turning to the group, she smiled as she sipped her water.

"Don't be bashful; make yourselves comfortable." She urged them, her tone warm, but distant. "Now then, was there something you needed my help with?" she asked the principal after the five guests were seated.

"Miss Inoue, we had a situation come up this morning that greatly concerns you." Began the principal. Rit-chan quirked an eyebrow at him.

"Oh?" she asked, her tone artfully disinterested. From the corner of her eye, she saw the four students begin to sweat. Hmm. So, this is about them, then?

"Yes. Since you disregarded school policy and set yourself up here in the penthouse, the students have begun to ignore their assigned rooms, choosing to stay in whomever's room they choose. This morning, the inchou from class A-3 found these four in a room together. Co-ed sleeping arrangements are unacceptable, Miss Inoue. The two girls, when asked why they had boys in their room, said that if you could choose where to stay, then they should be allowed to as well. Integrity is the key to education, Miss Inoue. And to protect the integrity of the student-teacher relationship, it has been decided that you will move into your assigned room, along with miss Wakirihara and Miss Horaki, and be confined to your rooms when not involved in school activities. I have already informed the front desk of this decision. A porter should be along soon to move your stuff." Said the principal, his tone serious and very stern.

"I do hope they didn't laugh in your face." Said Rit-chan, draining her water bottle and tossing it into the trash can. "This is my room, not yours, and your orders mean nothing to the staff here." She said flatly. "Furthermore, what decisions are made by your students are their business, not mine. I have no intention of getting involved with their business, and I suggest that you do likewise, as you have no reason to intrude into their personal lives."

"You will not speak to me in that tone, Inoue!" barked the principal. Ritsuko ignored him, stepping over to the counter next to the refridge and grabbing a bag of gummy rings. Opening the bag, she carefully selected a ring and began to suck on it. "Answer me, young lady!" demanded the Principal. Ritsuko studied him casually.

"You should not make aspirations of others like that." She noted calmly. Glancing over to the four students, she spoke again. "Do me a favor and go ask if Aki or Hi-chan wants something to drink." She ordered. Hesitantly, Kensuke began to stand. "All of you go." Said Rit-chan.

"Sit down, Aida!" snapped the principal. Turning to glare at Rit-chan, he began his rant. "You forget your place, Inoue! You may be associated with NERV, but you are still a student at my school, and you will follow my directions! You will move into your assigned room, and you will tell me where you and the other two went yesterday! Now, Inoue!" he yelled. Rit-chan's eyes went cold at his tone. Casually, the long-haired hunter of elves stepped around the corner of the kitchen island and walked toward the principal. Her stride was implacable, and she seemed to swell as she approached him. She stopped when she was no more than a foot from him.

"You four," she ordered, locking gazes with the principal, "out. Now." She said levelly. The four swiftly rose and bolted for the glass door. Once they were gone, Rit-chan continued. "You do not give me orders, asshole." She said, her tone as friendly as a rabid wolverine. "I am outside your little world, boy, and if you insist on trying to interfere in my business, you will regret it. What I do and with whom I do it is my business, and mine alone. Yesterday does not exist for you. You were given all the information you needed. And while I'm on that subject, let me remind you that notifying you was strictly a courtesy, nothing more. If you want to know more, you need to take it up with Captain Katsuragi. Understood?" she snarled, never breaking her stare.

"How dare you speak to me like that!" he sputtered.

"Raise your voice to me one more time, and I'll throw your sorry ass off this fucking roof, numb nuts." Snapped Rit-chan. The principal considered her cold glare, and couldn't shake the feeling that she meant it literally. "If you want to know what I am doing, you will have to contact Captain Katsuragi."

"You did not provide her contact number." Said the man, gritting his teeth.

"Not my problem, guy." Shot back Rit-chan. "If you were authorized to contact her, you would have been provided her number." The principal's glare was hot enough to set fire to a stone; pity that Rit-chan was much tougher than a stone. "Let's cut the shit, shall we?" said Rit-chan. "What's your fucking problem?" she said in a reasonable voice.

"My problem is that thanks to you, none of the students are obeying the rules, miss Inoue." Said the man angrily - though in a normal speaking voice.

"I see. You feel that you are not being given the respect due you, then. Well, here's what we're going to do." Said Rit-chan, her tone calm. "First, you're going to sit down in that chair." She directed. The man did so. Turning away from him, the teen stepped back into the kitchen area and selected a bottle of bourbon and a shot glass. Setting the shot glass and bottle down, she poured the man a drink. "Next, you're going to calm down." She directed, handing him the shot. Brief hesitation gave way to acceptance as the man downed the shot. Rit-chan poured him another. "Then, we're going to come to an understanding between us." She explained. "And finally, we're going to work out a way for you to save face without inconvience me. Agreed?" she ordered. The principal downed his third shot.

"Do I have a choice?" he asked sarcastically.

"No." was his answer.


"I hope Rit-chan's all right." Worried Aki, hearing the yelling from the hot tub. She and Hikari were sitting neck-deep in it, and the four newcomers were sitting on the edge, their legs in the water. The yelling swiftly stopped. "Hi-chan, maybe we should…" began the tall girl.

"Not a good idea, Wakirihara." Interjected Touji, being able to see what was happening. "Inoue's in his face, and I bet she'll shoot the bastard if we disturb her concentration." A few minutes passed. "Well, that's odd." Noted the athlete.

"What? What's going on?" asked Tomo.

"Inoue is pouring him shots of liquor." Was the puzzled reply. "What the hell is she doing?"

"Maybe she's getting him drunk to blackmail him?" suggested Kensuke.

"Not her style, `suke." Disagreed Touji. "She's more like the Red Devil; tends to kill first and ask questions later."

"Stop talking about Asuka that way!" exclaimed Hikari angrily. "She's not a devil!"

"Yeah, sure, Horaki." Said Tomo disdainfully.

"So, anyway, what brings you four up here so early; and with the principal at that?" interrupted Aki.

"Nothing! We were just passing by and the Principal told us to come with him!" answered Kensuke, a little too swiftly.

"Rit-chan'll tell us, you know." Pointed out Hikari. "Why not just tell us?"

"It's not your business, that's why." Answered Touji truculently.

"It became our business when you dragged us into it." Countered Hikari. "Spill it, Touji Suzahara!"

Touji snorted and looked away.

"If you don't tell us, we'll tell Asuka that you were jerking off to her picture." Threatened Aki. The boy's head snapped around to face her.

"I was not!" he denied.

"Doesn't matter if you were or weren't." explained Aki calmly, grinning ferally. "It's what Asuka'll believe that matters."

Touji muttered under his breath about certain members of the opposite sex.

"What was that, Stooge?" prompted Aki, smiling.

"Fine! I said we were in the girl's room. Happy?!" he snapped at her.

"Who found you there?" asked Hikari, her expression thoughtful.

"That stupid inchou from class 3-A, Higano. Pervert probably wanted to catch us changing or something!" interjected Shiori.

"Hmm." Mused Hikari. "If Rit-chan gets the Principal off the case, then it won't matter." She determined.

"What?" asked four voices.

"Class 3-A is Higano's responsibility, not 2-A. He had no business in there anyway. So, unless the principal decides to push the matter, it will be quietly forgotten." Explained the inchou for class 2-A. The others blinked.

"Come on, Inoue! Don't fail us now!" prayed the four fervently.


Asuka sighed and opened her eyes for the second time that morning as she felt an insistent pressure on her bladder. Looking over at Shinji and Rei, she decided that they were asleep and slipped out of Shinji's embrace. Oddly enough, she found that she was reluctant to do so. It's just because the Baka's so comfortable to sleep on; nothing more - just comfort. She assured herself, slipping into the bathroom. Sitting to relieve her bladder, she considered her next move. I usually go to him in the mornings, and we pet each other. But Wondergirl's right there next to him! I can't do THAT with her there…or can I? Bet the frigid bitch would be shocked to speaking if she saw us doing that! And it would show her that she's going to lose Shinji to me. But, can I really…? No! No more hesitation, Asuka! We're going back in there and we're going to make him come! Right? Right! Let's go, Asuka!

With her mental cheering done, she rose and tended to her necessities, took a deep breath and forcibly exhaled. Nodding to her reflection in the mirror, she turned to face the door, tossed it open and all but pranced back to the bed. Slipping into it, she snaked a hand down to his semi-erect member and began to stroke it. Shinji began to stir. Smiling, Asuka glanced down to where Rei's head rested against Shinji's shoulder. No signs of wakefulness were evident. Grinning, Asuka pressed herself to Shinji and locked her lips to his. Shinji came fully awake as Asuka's tongue wrestled with his. Slipping a hand up to her head, he carefully held her against him, his tongue pursuing hers as her hand noted the rapidly increasing size and hardness of his penis. Breaking the kiss, the girl smiled at him. "Good morning, Baka." She said, her tone sultry.


The six people at the hot tub turned to look at the door to the suite as they heard the door slide open. Rit-chan motioned them into the apartment. The six trailed in. There was no sign of the principal, though the shot glass was still on the counter by the bourbon. "Have a seat, guys." Said the elf hunter, pulling another gummy ring out of her bag of sweets. As the rest of her guests got situated, Rit-chan fished out a bottle of Pepsi and cracked the top, taking a pull. "Ah!" she said happily.

"Well? What happened?" asked Kensuke, almost bouncing up and down in his seat next to Shiori.

"Aki-chan? Hi-chan?" asked Rit-chan, motioning to the bottle of soda. Both nodded. Taking two more from the refridge, she handed them to her friends before sitting down next to Hikari.

"What did you about the principal?" exclaimed Tomo, her tone worried.

"I dealt with him, what else?" replied Rit-chan. Yet another gummy ring met its end. "By the way, you all owe me; big time." She said seriously. She took a breath, exhaling forcefully. "I really didn't want to have to deal with this situation this morning, you know." She noted, looking out at the morning light. Her attention turned back to the four guests. "Why did you drag me into this matter, guys?" she asked them evenly. "I want to hear your reasons before I do something violent."

"It's just, well…" began Kensuke.

"We didn't plan for this, you know." Piped in Shiori.

"Damn right you didn't." interrupted Rit-chan, her voice a bit warm. "You didn't plan at all, in fact." She continued. "Did you use protection? Did you even ask if one or more of you had any sexual diseases? Have any of you even been tested?" Rit-chan's tone was now openly peeved. "And whose bright idea was it to fall asleep in bed with your partners? Sounds like Aida's speed, if you ask me." She finished, savagely biting into another ring. Hikari and Aki were staring at her. "Enough of that; for now anyway." Said the girl, changing topics. "No more sex in your rooms, guys. For the rest of this trip, you are not to be alone in any room, got it?"

"S…sure." Managed Kensuke, sensing that any other answer might turn Ritsuko into Asuka on her period.

"As of right fucking now, you're all model students, understood? No goofing off, no ditching class, no back talking the teachers. You will not foment dissent, disorder or discord for the rest of this goddamn jaunt, do you get me?!" roared the gun-toting terror of class 2-A. Her eyes blazed with anger, and the four who were the focus of her anger almost wished that the principal were there to protect them from her.

"Sir! Yes! Sir!" screamed Kensuke, "We get you, Sir!"

"Secure that chatter, numb nuts!" barked Rit-chan. "The principal is concerned that the way that you are behaving will be the start of a trend in the students. I had to concede that he might have a point. And I hate to concede anything to anyone, got it?! So, we came to an arrangement. The matter of you fucking each other's brains out doesn't come up again as long as you set an example for the other students. Congratulations, guys, you're now honorary inchous!" The smile on Rit-chan's face was scary, even for her two friends.

"WHAT?!" cried the four.

"Shut up!" roared Rit-chan, standing. "Starting this morning, you four will be helping out the teachers with the lessons, as well as helping your fellow students with their assignments. You need to report to the history teacher for class 2-C right after breakfast. He'll be your boss today. We have three more days of this, and there will be no fuck ups, understood?" her tone had gone velvet smooth at the last.

"Yea…yeah." Managed the four. Rit-chan closed her eyes for a long moment. Without opening them, she spoke to the group.

"I'm having some problems with my temper lately, so excuse my less-than-delicate manners this morning. Tomo, Shiori, Kensuke, Touji, listen to me good: I got the principal off your asses this time, but I don't know if I can repeat this save, so you're going to need to follow my directions, ok? During school events, you are going to be miraculously turned into models students, and afterwards, you are mine. Let's just get through the next three days without killing anyone, and we'll have won. Now that that is settled, we have another topic to discuss." Her eyes opened and locked onto the group.

"We need to discuss some basic facts about your sexual status. Aki, Hikari, would you two please excuse us?" said the girl, sitting down on the couch again, sipping at her drink.

"Um, it's ok if they stay." Muttered Tomo. "I mean, they're already in this, right?"

"Fine with me, but if either of you want to miss this conversation, take off now. Pool's nice, and the other students are probably beginning to chow down on breakfast downstairs. Ladies' choice." Both girls stayed where they were. "No point playing coy. Were any of you virgins before this incident?" she asked the four. Seeing some eye shifting and feet shuffling, Rit-chan growled. "Look! This is no time for boasting or bashfulness!" she snapped angrily. "Now quit it with the coyness and answer the fucking question." Unwillingly, Touji snickered at her unintentional pun. Rit-chan's hand closed into a fist, her eyes beginning to glow.

"S…sorry." He managed.

"I…was." Admitted an embarrassed Kensuke.

"No one else? I see. Suzahara, have you or are you currently fucking anyone from our school besides Tomo and Shiori? Maybe Reika and Keiko, perhaps?" continued Rit-chan, her tone professional. Seeing his nervous eye darts, she nodded to herself. "All of them, then. You must be in heaven, stud. Did you fuck anyone not attending our school without protection prior to this event?"

"Uh, I don't think…" began the teen.

"Naoko and Tsu." Murmured Tomo from beside him. He flushed.

"I see. Complete containment is impossible, then. New tact." Announced Rit-chan, standing and walking over to the kitchen. Taking the notepad and pencil, she returned to the living room area. Handing the paper and pencil to Tomo, she took her seat again. "You're up first, Tomo. I need to know who you had sex with between now and your last period. Same for Shiori. Aida, have you had sex with anyone other than the four already named?"

"N…no." he answered.

"Well, that's good. Get the hell out of here, and not a word of this to anyone."

"But I…" began the boy, hesitating. Ritsuko's glare was enough to make him bolt for the door. Tomo finished the list and handed the paper to Rit-chan, who tore the sheet off and handed the pencil and paper to Shiori.

"Suzahara, there's no more reason for you to be here either. Follow your stooge friend. And for god's sake, keep him quiet about this!" she ordered as Shiori wrote. Silently, the boy stood and departed. Shiori soon finished up. Without comment, Ritsuko took her sheet too.

"What's this for, Inoue?" asked Shiori, her tone tense and distrusting. "Planning to get even with us?"

"If I wanted to get even with you all, you would be expelled from school and flying home in disgrace right now." Pointed out Ritsuko, comparing the lists. "I've already told one of you this once, but I don't care about any of that. Right now, I'm just cleaning up a mess, that's all." She dropped the lists to the table and leaned back, considering the two. "Oddly enough, I want to help you if I can. I can't even make sense of it myself, so don't bother asking me why. And before you ask, no, I'm not normally this nice." She pre-empted Shiori's retort.

"Next order of business. Do you or any of your group even have any condoms?" she asked the two. Both shook their heads. "Figures." Muttered Rit-chan. "Aki, go get my bag, please." She asked the tall girl. Wordlessly, the girl rose and stepped into the bedroom, returning with Rit-chan's backpack. Taking her pack, the red-haired teen dug though it for a moment, then withdrew a small container. Opening the container, the others saw that it was an odd medical kit. A few seconds of fishing brought out a small stack of foil packs. Tossing them to the two, Rit-chan closed the case and returned it to her pack. Tomo examined the pack and found it to be a short strip of condoms. "We'll make more suitable arrangements later today. For now, make sure that you all carry one of those, and for crying out loud, USE THEM." Said the teen, sliding her pack to the floor next to her legs.

"Um, aren't you upset about us having sex?" asked Shiori hesitantly, her tone a bit confused.

"No. Why would I be? I'm not your mother, or some sort of moral policewoman. Sex is fun, but you have to be responsible. What happened this morning is not an example of responsible sex." Corrected Rit-chan.

"So, you're not a frigid bitch. How many boys have you slept with, Inoue?" asked Shiori.

"This isn't about me, Tsunoki. When was your last physical?" she asked, killing the question. The questions went on for about ten minutes. Finally, Rit-chan was done. "Go on, get out of here. I've got some work to do. Don't forget to report to the history teacher after breakfast." Reminded Rit-chan as the two left. Once the door was closed, Rit-chan put her hands over her eyes and leaned over to lay on the couch. Hikari scooted over enough to put Rit-chan's head on her lap.

"Are you ok, Rit-chan?" asked the inchou, concern evident in her voice.

"As ok as I get lately, I guess." Muffed Rit-chan. Aki curiously picked up the two lists. "Don't, Aki." Said Rit-chan quietly, her face still covered.

"Too late, Rit-chan." Shrugged Aki, sitting beside Hikari and showing her the lists. Both girls knew all the names on the list. "Busy little hussies, aren't they?" said Aki. "What are you planning, Rit-chan?" asked the girl, curious.

"I have to get them tested for pregnancy and venereal diseases, make sure they have the means to practice safe sex and figure out a way to keep it under wraps. Most important, I have to find a way to keep this away from the Pilots." Said Rit-chan.

"Why keep it away from the pilots? It's not like they're sleeping with any of them." Wondered Hikari. Though I want to be sleeping with Shin-chan!

"Because Suzahara and Aida are Shin-chan's friends. The pilots have a difficult enough time with their own problems without having those two dump on Shinji." Sighed Rit-chan. Sitting up, she plucked her cell phone from it's resting place at her hip. "Speaking of that." She muttered, hitting a series of buttons.


Asuka moaned happily as Shinji's fingers delicately stroked her soaked groin, massaging her lower lips just the way she liked it. As the Third Child brought her steadily toward her orgasm, Asuka's fingers were busy as well, stroking his rampant erection as she tried to strangle him with her tongue. God, he's gotten even better at this! Thought the Second Child to herself. Still, I want, no, need more! At his steel-hard member, she felt her hand getting warm and slick as his pre-cum began to leak from the tip of his dick. The increased lubrication made Shinji moan himself. Asuka's hand tightened a bit as she began to stroke faster. Breaking off his exploration of her mouth, Shinji bent his head down to her bare chest and inhaled a nipple, his tongue busily assaulting the stiff, hard nub of hyper-sensitive flesh. MEIN GOTT IN HIMMEL!!! Was all the thought Asuka had time for before she fell over the edge, her entire body trembling as a powerful orgasm surged through her frame, rebounding as Shinji eased his finger a bit deeper into her dripping pussy, his thumb steadily rubbing her erect clit, causing a few minor orgasms on it's own as her original orgasm ricocheted around her body from head to toe. Her hand dropped limply from his erection as she lost herself to her pleasure.

Beyond Shinji's shoulder, a pair of red eyes covertly watched the two. She enjoys his touch, and seeks out his closeness, but can not bring herself to accept that she loves him; or that he loves her in return. I must seek to help them both. Resolved Rei as she analyzed the situation unfolding before her. How that help would unfold was unclear, even to Rei herself. With no real plan presenting itself, she continued to monitor the situation, to see if any hints or opportunities might present themselves. I will wait to see if Asuka wishes to have sex with him before I ask him to have intercourse with me again. She decided, seeing Asuka begin to regain her senses. Shinji continued to slowly stroke her wet pussy. Panting a bit, Asuka turned to see Shinji watching her closely. Beyond Shinji, she could see part of Rei's face, eyes closed.

Still asleep, Wondergirl? Thought Asuka to herself. Turning her eyes to Shinji, she smiled at the attentive look in them. "That was good, Shin-chan." She said softly. Sliding her hand down to where he was still slowly stroking her, she took his wrist in her hand and pulled it away from her tingling sex. Noting a very brief flash of disappointment, Asuka hid a grin. Oh, we're not done yet, my Baka! Let's see Wondergirl sleep through this! Bringing her captive hand to her mouth, Asuka slowly licked Shinji's slick fingers free of her cum. As she did so, she could see him tremble. "Enough of this, though." Said the German girl, letting his hand drop free. She settled back onto her back, and sighed. She caught a soft sigh from Shinji. Heh! Got you, my Baka Shinji! She gloated mentally. "I need…more." She said, not looking at him. Her hand snaked over to his hips, seizing his member firmly. "I want this." She said decisively. She began to tug him toward her by his dick.

So, she wishes to have him deflower her? Very well. Rei thought to herself, slipping free of Shinji as the pilot of Unit 1 was forced to follow Asuka's tugging. I hope she does not fail this time. Thought Rei, watching through barely-cracked eyelids. Shinji was led by the dick on top of Asuka, her legs spreading as he settled on top of her. Releasing his shaft, Asuka closed both hands around his head and pulled him to her for a deep kiss. With his arms busy supporting his weight and her hands locked onto his head, sealing his mouth to hers, Shinji found he had a problem: his dick wasn't lined up properly, and he didn't have the leverage to get properly settled. He suspected that if he simply pushed forward, his member would find her channel, but it would hurt her a lot. And hurting her was something he refused to do. Desperately trying to think of a solution, he was momentarily shocked to feel a soft, confident touch on his member, gently aligning him with Asuka's soaked entrance.

"Yes…" hissed Asuka, feeling his tip settle into her opening. "Now, Shinji-chan." She managed before locking her mouth back onto his. Obeying her wishes - and his own instincts - Shinji began to press forward, easing back a bit before pressing forward again. Asuka's virgin passage split open, accepting his tip, then stretching to allow his entire head into her tight passage. Pausing only for a couple of rapid heartbeats, Shinji began to work his dick deeper into his new lover. Bit by bit disappeared into her soaked hole, until he felt an obstruction blocking his path. Knowing that it was her maidenhead, Shinji carefully broke the kiss.

"Um, it's…" he began to say, but was interrupted by Asuka.

"Now…" she pleased, feeling a monstrous orgasm building as his member sank into her. "Now…" she repeated. Still, Shinji wanted to be sure this is what she wanted.

"It'll hurt." He warned her, fighting his instinct to just slam forward and sink himself to the hilt in her tight, slick passage. "Are you sure you…ah!" he gasped as Asuka, impatient to have her promised orgasm, threw her legs around his hips and used them to shove him forward, deeper into her. Her hymen never stood a chance against his Asuka-driven shove.

Is that all there was to it? Thought Asuka to herself, feeling a single, sharp pain in her passage, which faded into a vague sense of tenderness within a pair of heartbeats. It wasn't even as bad as pricking my finger on a staple! Of course, I think I'll like this prick a lot more! She would have giggled at her hentai pun, but the sensation of Shinji slowly beginning to move in her newly-made womanhood destroyed all coherent thought in her mind. The sensations of her passage stretching almost painfully, combined with the pressure and friction of his penis in her vagina was enough to make her see spots, her already-building orgasm turning from a fifteen-foot wave of bliss into an Eva-sized Tsunami of Heaven, poised to crash over her, nearer with each shallow thrust Shinji made.

God! She's so tight! I can't hold back! Thought Shinji, a bit panicked. Please, whoever's up there: let her come first! He begged, feeling himself began to lose what little control he had available. When his next thrust pressed the tip of his dick into her cervix, he knew it was too late. "C…coming!" he managed, mostly muffled by Asuka's mouth. He felt himself firing the first shot and pressed himself into her as deeply as he could, feeling her cervix seal to his tip as he bottomed out in her pussy.

No thoughts were possible as Asuka felt her lover press into her cervix, the pressure, sensation and heat knocking her off the edge as the biggest orgasm of her life erased all thought from her mind. Her body shook and she made inarticulate sounds as she rode the wave as best she could. Shinji held her like his life depended on it as he fired jet after jet of cum into her, eventually finishing off. Both lay there like the dead. Beside the two, Rei smiled a smile large enough to reveal a sliver of teeth. Finally. She thought to herself happily.


Rit-chan and her two friends sat in the conference room, listening intently to the lecture by the History teacher; or rather, they seemed to be listening intently. In point of fact, they were bored to death. Rit-chan's mind was busy with other matters, Hikari was wondering what was going on with Rit-chan and Aki was considering the possible problems the three would encounter as a result of the morning's visit from the principal. On the way down to the lobby for the lecture, Rit-chan had been uncharacteristically silent, her face blank. She told her two friends to get good seats and then headed for the receptionist desk. Hikari and Aki had reluctantly gone to find good seats. Rit-chan joined them perhaps five minutes later. It was now into the second hour of lecture, and the teacher was going into greater detail of the history of the island's induction into the Empire of Japan. So far, it was no different from the history Rit-chan had been taught.

A piece of paper landed on her notebook. Blinking once, Ritsuko silently opened it. Inoue, we need to talk to you about tonight. Come see us at lunch. See you then, Ootani. Rit-chan emotionlessly tore the note to shreds and dumped them into her pocket. From behind her and to the left, she heard a quiet moan. "Fool." She muttered softly to herself.

"What?" came a whisper from her left. Hikari.

"Who's a fool?" came another whisper from her right. Aki.

"Nothing. Be quiet." Murmured Rit-chan. Her two friends turned to look at her. She stared straight ahead, her expression closed. Both girls flanking her unwillingly followed her directions. Twenty minutes passed without a word or motion from the girl. Another note landed on her notebook. Rit-chan silently opened it. Hey babe, forget the little kiddies. Your dream has come true. I'll come see you tonight after supper. Be wearing something easy to get out of. Be ready, Higano. Rit-chan's eyes narrowed. Silently, she tapped her foot against Hikari's, tilting the note so the inchou could read it. Hikari's eyes opened a bit more than normal as she read. Tilting the note the other way, she tapped her other foot against Aki's foot. The tall girl read the note, shaking her head a bit as she rolled her eyes. Scribbling on her paper, the would-be model turned the notebook so Rit-chan could read it.

What an asshole. How are you going to kill him? The tall girl smiled at her as Rit-chan gave a soft chuckle at her friend's note.

Rit-chan's pencil skittered across her own paper. I was thinking of just having the principal deal with this under the conditions of our `arrangement', but then another idea occurred to me. I think I'll slip it to Hashimi at lunch and ask if she wants to `borrow' my room for the night. What do you think? First or second choice?

Her friend's smile turned a bit Asuka-like. Second, I think. Ask Hi-chan. Wrote back Aki. Rit-chan tilted her paper the other way so her friend could read the lines. A single eyebrow arched, asking for her other friend's input. Hikari put pencil to paper.

Did you know that Hashimi is rumored to have a crush on that bug? Second, definitely! Was her opinion.

Rit-chan's pencil skritched once more on her paper. Crush, huh? Well, I could give him a demonstration of the dictionary definition of `crush' he'd never forget! Soft laughing came from both flanks. The three girls were silent and attentive when the teacher turned to look at the students, the quiet sound of talking dieing off as he did so.

"Well, since you know this material so well, take out a fresh sheet of paper, close you notebooks and clear your desks." He announced. Groans could be heard from the class at large. "Come now, no need to be so pessimistic!" chided the teacher jovially. "Number your sheet one to fifteen." He paused. "Done? Good! First question: when was Okinawa first settled, and by who?" The three girls swiftly wrote in the answers. The rest of the quiz went fast, the questions being designed to pick up details of the lecture. Fortunately for the three girls, they knew the material front and back already. The teacher gave the last question and waited for the students to stop writing.

"That was faster than expected." Noted the teacher. "As a reward, we'll play a little game. Think of it like those trivia game shows so common before Second Impact. We'll start off with a general question. First person to get the answer right keeps on answering until they get one wrong. When that happens, the person to their right gets to answer. If the answer is right, then they can choose rather or not to try the next question. The person with the most correct answers gets an automatic 100 on the pop quiz. If you're sure you already have a perfect score, then you needn't feel the need to compete. If not, then I suggest you try your best. Now, let's start with an easy question: what year did Christianity come to Okinawa and who brought it - both nation of origin and name of the person credited with it." No hands were raised, as several students looked at each other blankly.

"No volunteers? Pity. Very well, we'll do this the military way. Hmm. Inoue. Answer the question." Directed the teacher, picking out the red-head easily. Ritsuko stood smoothly.

"Yes, sir. The first recorded Christian missionary was put ashore by a French warship in 1844, but the British followed it two years later with a missionary called Bettelheim. The French missionary seems to have disappeared during that two year lag, so the credit went to Britain." She answered confidently.

"Correct. Who was the last king of the islands and when was the kingdom abolished?" asked the teacher.

"In 1866, Sho Tai ascended to the throne, the last of the kings. In 1872, the Meiji turn it from a kingdom into a feudal clan, sir." Recited the teen. She had a feeling that she would be the `volunteer' for the rest of the morning unless she took a dive.


Asuka hummed to herself as she lathered her luscious skin up with her body shampoo. Having passed out from her orgasm, she had awoken an hour later, Shinji still inside her, and felt the need for a shower. Carefully untangling herself, she had shivered at the sensation of Shinji's partially erect member slipping out of her, followed by a small flood of semen and her juices. The boy had stirred a little, but hadn't woke up or moved, since Wondergirl had somehow reattached herself to his side. As she had walked to the bathroom, she had discovered that her entire groin throbbed, though not unpleasantly. And she was sore down there too, like she had worked out a bit too hard. A good, hot shower should take care of that. She thought, running the shower to get it warm as she sat to once more relieve her bladder. As steam rolled from the shower, she smiled. "Oh, we are definitely going to do that more, Shin-chan." She said aloud. Finished at the toilet, she stepped into the shower.

Outside the bathroom, Shinji's eyes opened as he heard the shower. He also felt an incredible pressure in his groin. As he started to move, he felt Rei hold him to her. "Good morning, Shinji-chan." Said the blue-haired pilot of Unit 0. Turning to her, he found her mouth against his. Morning piss or not, he would never pass up a kiss from Rei. For several seconds, he and his fellow pilot tongue wrestled. When he finally broke free, he once more started to move. Rei once more stopped him.

"Rei-chan, I need to pee." He pleaded with her. He noticed that she was looking at his dick, which had gotten a lot harder than `semi erect' while he kissed Rei. He also noted the semi-dried cum on it. "And clean up a bit." He added.

"You can not urinate with an erection, Shinji." Noted the teen beside him. Shinji found himself pressed back into the pillows. "I will take care of your arousal, as Asuka is in the shower." Said the teen calmly, her head dropping to his groin as she engulfed his now-fully erect penis. Her head began to bob up and down on his shaft, wet slurping sounds coming from her.

"Rei-chan! I haven't cleaned up yet!" he yelped. "I've still got some of Asuka-chan's…stuff on me!" Rei didn't even bother answering him. Her head sped up a bit, her tongue dancing over his tip and shaft. A moment later, she utilized her new talent and buried him to the hilt in her throat. Giving up on telling her anything, he surrendered to the sensations of her oral skills. Six minutes later, he blew another batch of goo into her hungry mouth. Once she had swallowed all his cum, she raised her head from his lap, her cheeks a bit colored.

"I am sorry, Shinji, but I needed to have you." She said, kissing his cheek. Shinji blinked at her.

"You didn't mind that…well, Asuka and I…" he said.

"I told you before, I wish you to be with the ones you love. And you love Asuka. As there is nothing more intimate than sexual intercourse, I wish for you to do with your other loved ones as you do with me." She colored a bit more. "And I know that I enjoy sex with you more than anything else in my life. I feel…complete when you are joined with me." Not knowing how to respond to her statement, Shinji rephrased his earlier thought.

"I mean, you didn't mind that Asuka's…cum was on my dick?" he asked.

"Your sperm was there as well." Noted Rei. "The mix did not taste…unpleasant. It was simply different." She glanced to where his mast was currently at half-mast. "You should be able to urinate now, my love." She said, releasing him. Reminded of the pressure on his bladder, he scrambled out of bed and into the bathroom to relieve the pressure. Rei sat in the bed for a moment longer. A glance at the sheets showed her a small spot of fluid where Asuka had lay. It was a dark pink color. Her hymen was intact before this, then. Thought Rei as she carefully slipped out of the bed and stepped into the bathroom. She is now a woman, as am I by the talk I hear in the bathroom at school and the locker room. Strange, I feel no different than I did before Shinji penetrated me. Perhaps Asuka feels differently. I will ask her. Entering the bathroom, she saw Shinji finishing up his piss break. In the shower, Asuka glanced over at her and smiled.

"Morning, Wondergirl!" she called brightly. "Did I wake you?"

"No, Asuka. I was awake before you." Answered Rei, stepping past Shinji and into the shower. "Tell me, do you feel different now that you are considered a woman?" she asked the red-head. This was not what Asuka had expected at all. She blinked.



"Finally!" groaned Aki as she settled onto the couch in Rit-chan's suite. "This has been a long-assed day." She complained, massaging her calves. From the doorway, she heard Hikari answer.

"It just seems that way because we didn't get much sleep the night before." Said the class rep, dropping off her shoes. "Oh, I'm sore from that climb to the temple."

"You two need to take a long soak in the hot tub." Directed Rit-chan, stripping off her outer clothes, leaving her in her bikini. "Get in; I'll bring some snacks and drinks." She said. Aki and Hikari followed her suggestion and stripped off their outer clothes, leaving their bathing suits. As the two grabbed towels and exited the main room, Rit-chan grabbed the suite phone and dialed the front desk. After leaving some instructions for the person at the desk, she ended the call, setting the suite phone near a small tray from the kitchen area. Swiftly, the girl piled some snacks and drinks on the tray, added her cell phone and the suite phone, tucked her USP under her arm and headed out to the hot tub. Setting the tray down, she stepped into the bubbling water. "Oh, this is nice." She sighed happily as she submerged to her neck in the water. Aki and Hikari hummed their agreement. To their left, the sun was just touching the horizon.

"Hey, Rit-chan." Said Hikari. "Are we doing anything tonight?" asked the girl.

"Maybe. I won't have a firm answer until later, though. It depends on several variables." Answered the teen.

"You mean on the Stooges' problem, right?" pressed Aki.

"Partially. Also, I want to see if I can burn Higano. Hashimi should be coming by during supper. I need you two to help me doll her up before this knuckle-dragger arrives." Said Ritsuko.

"What do you mean, `doll her up'?" asked an incredulous Aki. "You could use every milliliter of makeup in this hotel and every outfit in every girl's suitcase, and she still wouldn't look like a doll."

"Aki, you shouldn't say things like that!" chided Hikari. "Even if it's true, she can't help the fact that she looks like a missing link in the evolution of humanity."

"Hey, I like her just fine!" protested Aki, raising her hands defensively. "She's a pretty good poet, and she does good in music class, unlike me. But still, she's ugly, ok? Her heads too large for her frame, her teeth are…impressive; especially with that radar antenna on her head. Her glasses can see through steel armor and she has blemishes like the moon has craters!"

"Her hair style is all kinds of wrong for her physical build, too." Mused Hikari. "Braids on the side of her head with no bangs? Mmm. Not good."

"Says the fashion plate." Snickered Aki.

"I have to look responsible because I'm an inchou!" protested Hikari.

"If you two are done with the fashion critique, let's get back to the point." Interrupted Rit-chan. "I need you to help me make her as attractive as possible. And we need to work on her sex appeal." Added the girl.

"How are we supposed to do that?" asked Aki. "She's not built like…that."

"Then we do the best we can. Remember, the mission is two-fold. First, we need to burn that asswipe who got all this started, and secondly, if we can do that while giving this girl her chance at her crush, then what the fuck? Let's do it." Reiterated Rit-chan.

"I guess you have a point." Conceded the two girls with her. A few minutes went by. "Maybe if we unbraided her hair and gave it a little volume, it would make her head look smaller." Mused Hikari.

"And she doesn't wear her radar mast in gym class, so let's lose it before the jerk arrives." Added Aki.

"We could probably use some makeup to hide the blemishes. Do you know if she's near-sighted or far sighted?" Hikari mused. Before long, the three had a plan.


Misato stretched her back as she exited the planning room. Earlier, the Commander had ordered her to report for a briefing on the situation, and she had told him all she had learned, which, when taken with what Sections 2 and 5 had learned, had given them a somewhat accurate overview of the group that had tried to kill her pilots. When she had been dismissed, she had gone with the Section 2 chief and Kaji to the planning room, where the three had worked out a plan to locate the remnants of the cell. Kaji had been unanimously picked to be their point man, seeing as how he fancied himself as James Bond. Misato had flatly stated that she would be staying within pistol range of her pilots until the group was terminated. Kaji had teased her about her use of the word `her' to describe the Pilots. Misato had ignored him. Once the three had worked out some logistical issues, Kaji had moved off to start the hunt, and the chief of Section 2 had gone to mobilize a few dozen men for back up and clean up. Now, for the first time in nearly 36 hours, Misato had nothing more to do than wait. So, she headed for her Pilot's rooms to see what they were doing.

The pilots were in Shinji's room, having spent the better part of the day all over NERV HQ in search of something to entertain them. The trio had visited the Evas, bothered the bridge bunnies, gone to the shooting range, destroyed an experiment in Ritsu's lab, wrecked a maintenance shuttle, caused a near-riot in the cafeteria on level 7, and then disappeared for the rest of the day. What's gotten into those three? They're not usually this destructive. Mused Misato as she ran a hand through her dark purple hair. It was a little oily and heavy. Better shower. She noted to herself. Entering his room, she saw Asuka and Shinji playing some fighting game as Rei watched silently. As usual, Shinji was getting clobbered by the aggressive German girl. Misato got a nod from the boy and a single grunt from the Second as she greeted them. Rei politely greeted her.

"Hey, Shinji!" she called out to the boy. "I'm gonna grab a shower real quick. No peeking!" she teased him.

"Sure, whatever, Misato." He answered, not really paying any attention to his guardian, as he was trying his best to avoid decapitation by Asuka's axe-wielding character.

"Run, Baka, Run!" howled Asuka. "You can't escape your fate!"

"You'll forgive me if I try." He muttered, managing to avoid a nasty swing. His counter attack was blocked by her axe-haft. Frowning a bit at his lack of attention, Misato went a bit further.

"Shin-chan, is it all right if I sleep in your bed tonight?" she asked casually. She could have sworn that Rei's eyes flickered towards her, but if they did, they went back to the TV too swiftly for Misato to be sure.

"Yeah, whatever, Mi…No fair, Asuka!" he yelled, his character falling to the ground as Asuka's axe-wielder slung his head over her shoulder and walked off. "You can't do that!"

"Can and did, Baka." Crowed Asuka. "You lost your head. Again." For some reason, Misato got the feeling that Asuka wasn't just talking about the game.

"Fine. Rei-chan, you're up." Said Shinji, rolling to the side and standing as Rei silently took his place. Asuka hummed to herself as she selected her axe-wielding character again. Rei selected her character and the fight began again. This time, Asuka wasn't having an easy go of it. Shinji sprawled out on the bed, watching as the two girls went to work on each other in the game. After two minutes, both were still very much alive. Asuka had started cursing in German under her breath shortly after the first minute or so. Rei, as always, was silent. Eventually, Rei managed to kill Asuka's character. The Second fumed while the next match loaded. Misato shook her head. Asuka's so aggressive that she sometimes overlooks the basic fact that winning is all that matters. It's like she can't say no to a fight. Hopefully, she'll learn better before she gets killed. The older woman stepped into the bathroom in Shinji's room, closing the door behind her. On an impulse, she left it cracked open the slightest bit as she stripped and stepped into the shower. Maybe he'll peek at me. She thought, grinning to herself.


After an hour or so in the hot tub, interspersed with dips in the pool to cool off, the three ringleaders were sitting in the living room, watching TV and finishing off their room-service delivered meal. For some odd reason, all three had chosen to have steaks. Fed and relaxed, they awaited the next development. It wasn't long in arriving. The front desk called to tell her that Hashimi was on the way up. Rit-chan thanked him, telling him to keep anyone else wanting to see her waiting for her permission. Barely a second passed between her setting the phone down and a knock on the suite door. Answering it, she found Hashimi standing there, a small bag in her hand.

"Evening, Hashimi. Come on in." smiled Rit-chan, standing back from the door to allow the timid girl into her opulent suite.

"Thank you for allowing me to see you, miss Inoue." Bowed the girl.

"Ritsuko's fine." Assured the elf hunter. "You know Aki and Hikari, right?" she introduced the other two.

"Hai. I know them. Miss Horaki. Miss Wakirihara." She bowed to each of them in turn. The suite phone rang. Picking it up, Aki smiled as she said

"Miss Inoue's office." Rit-chan flipped her the bird. Aki smiled, listening to the party calling the suite. "One moment, sir, while I ask Miss Inoue." She said crisply, holding her hand over the mouthpiece of the phone.

"Who is it?" asked Rit-chan.

"Stooges plus two wanting to see you. They claim it's urgent." Said Aki, shrugging. Rit-chan considered.

"Better safe than sorry. Send them up. We'll stash them out by the pool." She decided. Aki uncovered the mouthpiece.

"Yes, send those four up please. No, no one else unless it's the party we already mentioned. Thank you, sir." She ended the call. "Inbound." She said simply, reaching for another Pocky stick. A few moments later, a knock was heard on the suite door.

"Come in." called Rit-chan, her hand falling casually to her USP. The door opened and Touji cautiously looked inside the suite.

"Um, we were released for the day by the teacher, and the principal told us…" began the boy.

"I know what he told you. Get in here and close the door." Said Rit-chan. The four entered. Spotting Hashimi, Shiori started to open her mouth. Tomo shot her a look and shook her head minutely. The homely girl bowed to them. "Step into my outer office, guys." Directed Rit-chan, sliding the door to the pool area open. As the last of them filed past her, she slid the door closed and motioned to the group to walk to the hot tub.

"What is Hashimi doing here?" asked Shiori, her tone curious.

"She's here to fulfill her dream of going on a date with her crush." Said Rit-chan levelly.

"Her crush? You mean…" began Tomo.

"Yes. Him. Now, I wasn't really expecting you here this soon. But, I can make some adjustments, so it's no problem. You four stay out here until Hashimi is gone unless we call you, ok?" she directed. She studied Tomoko. "Stay handy, Tomo. I might need some of your expertise." She said, turning back to the suite. Once inside the suite, the girl closed the blinds, blocking their view of the proceedings. Touji looked around at the pool area.

"Hey! Who wants to take a swim?" he asked, stepping to the pool and dipping his toes into the cool water.

"I didn't wear my bathing suit." Said Tomo, sighing at the bubbling hot tub.

"Neither did I." Smiled Touji, tossing his shirt off and pushing his shorts off. Naked, he jumped into the pool.

"Touji! Are you insane?!" cried Kensuke. "Inoue carries her gun with her at all times! She'll come out here, see you naked, and blow your nuts off!"

"Could be fun to have her blow me." Said the boy, though his voice was a bit strained.

"Not if she uses her gun, it won't." warned the other boy. A moment later, there was another splash. Shiori came up beside Touji, also naked.

"If she wanted to kill us, she would have this morning, right, Tomo-chan?" said the other girl. Kensuke turned to see Tomo dropping her top before hooking her thumbs into her short's waistband. A single tug sent them and her thong panties to the cement floor. Now naked, Tomo stepped into the hot tub.

"She has a point." Agreed Tomo, sitting back. "And stop staring at me, pervert." She ordered Kensuke. The bespectacled boy sighed.

"In for a penny, in for a pound, I guess." He said, stripping off his clothes before jumping into the pool.


Inside the suite, Rit-chan and her friends heard the splashes. Glancing at each other, they all had one thought: skinny dipping. The three turned back to the matter at hand. And that matter was making Hashimi into something that would make their mark at least think about taking her out. First, there was the clothing issue to deal with. Hashimi was dressed as she normally was in a skirt that came to her knees, a thick blouse with sleeves that came to her wrists, and a thin jacket over that. Her ensemble was completed by socks that came to her knees, and heavy, thick shoes. Exhaling, Rit-chan got to work.

First, the girl had Hashimi set her bag down and she and her two cohorts went through the clothing to find out what they had to work with. The results weren't encouraging. "This would be good; if you were a librarian." Muttered Aki, seeing more of the same that the girl was wearing. She caught Hikari's eyes. Both girls doubted that they could work with Hashimi. Rit-chan had some doubts as well, but she refused to admit defeat just yet.

"Ok, let's see what we can do here. Hashimi, get undressed." Ordered the elf hunter, already planning her next campaign.

"You mean, here?!" squeaked the girl.

"Yes, here. Come on, off with it." Replied the older teen. "It's no different from gym class." She added. Hashimi blushed, but obeyed. She removed her jacket and carefully folded it before setting in on the back of the couch. Next, she unbuttoned the blouse and removed it, neatly folding it as well before setting it on top of the jacket. She next unzipped her skirt, which was also folded nearly before being added to the stack of clothes. She stopped, looking at Rit-chan. "All of it, Hashimi. We have to know what we're working with." Said Rit-chan absently. The girl blushed, but reached back and unfastened her bra, sliding it off, one hand covering her breasts as the other single-handedly folded the bra and set it aside. Rit-chan noted that Hashimi was larger in the chest than Hikari, but it wasn't easy to tell because the girl hunched her shoulders, and her breasts weren't firm and cone-shaped like Hikari's, but rather heavy and soft, already sagging even though they weren't that big yet. Still, something to work with there. Noted the teen. Awkwardly, the girl began to pull her panties off. Rit-chan glanced at Aki and Hikari, who mirrored her frown. Granny panties. Figures. Thought the tall girl. Hashimi's panties came up to her belly button and down a full two inches from her groin. It concealed more than her school-issued swimsuit. Once more, the article of clothing was carefully folded and set aside. The girl removed her final piece of clothing, her socks.

Now naked, she stood there, one hand covering her chest, the other covering her pussy. "Wh…what now, miss Inoue?" she asked, her tone sounding meek and embarrassed.

"Now, we get you dressed right for your date with Higano." Said Rit-chan. "Let's see if this works better." Mused the teen, pulling the braids in Hashimi's hair loose and experimentally putting it on top of her head. "No, that's a bit too much. Maybe…hmm. No, it's going to work better like this." She announced, arranging the girl's hair loosely around her face and neck.

"That is better." Agreed Hikari. "Hashimi, leave off the ra…braces for your date, ok? You don't need to wear them all the time, right?"

"But I'm supposed to wear them whenever I can, miss Horaki." Protested the project girl.

"Trust me, you don't need them on a date." Assured Hikari. "Oh, yeah, are you nearsighted or farsighted?" she asked.

"Nearsighted. I can't see more than about five meters without my glasses, Inchou." Replied the girl softly.

"Can you read without them?" asked Aki, mentally measuring the distance to different objects in the room.

"Only if the print is large enough, miss Wakirihara." Was her reply.

"Take them off and tell me if you can follow my movements." Directed the tall girl, coming to stand in front of Hashimi. The girl did so and set her glasses next to her headgear, looking back at Aki, who stood about a foot from the girl. "Now, when you can't follow my movements any more, tell me. Ok?" directed Aki, walking off. Several seconds passed. Then Hashimi spoke.

"I can only see a faint blur when you move, miss Wakirihara." She said. Aki was standing in the door to the bedroom.

"Well, that should be sufficient as long as you two don't start playing hide-and-seek." Mused the tall girl, heading back. "Keep you glasses in your pocket, and only wear them if there is an emergency, alright?" directed the prospective model.

"Yes, miss Wakirihara." Agreed the meek girl. Rit-chan finished her hair experiment, and stepped back.

"Ok, let's move to the next stage. Hashimi, put your arm down." She directed. As the girl let her arm drop from across her chest, Rit-chan studied the situation. "Hashimi, stop hunching your shoulders." She ordered.

"Excuse me, miss Inoue?" asked Hashimi.

"Straighten your back and shoulders." Clarified Rit-chan. Hashimi straightened a bit, but her shoulders were still hunched. Rit-chan sighed. "Ok, let's try something different. Hold your shoulders the way I position them, understand?" said the girl, grabbing Hashimi's shoulders and straightening them as she adjusted the other girl's posture. As I thought; when she uses proper posture, her chest is much more noticeable. Thought Ritsuko triumphantly.

"Hi-chan, do you have that pale green tee-shirt handy?" she asked her brown-haired friend.

"Um, yes. Good choice, Rit-chan." Said Hikari, stepping into the bedroom and returning with a thin, light tee-shirt. "Hey, should we use a skirt or shorts with the shirt?" she asked the other two preppers.

"We're not going to have a lot of choice in the matter." Noted Aki. "We don't have any shorts that would fit her right, but there is that wrap skirt that Rit-chan has. And it's even a good color for the shirt, too."

"Grab that, will you?" directed Ritsuko of the tall girl. Aki nodded and moved off.

"Oh, Rit-chan, what are we going to do about shoes?" asked Hikari.

"Sandals should do. I think there is a pair in my bag. Look on the bottom, held in place with some tape." Decided the elf hunter. Hi-chan blinked.

"Why would you have sandals taped to the bottom of your bag?" she asked, moving toward the bedroom.

"Because that is my emergency bag, and footwear breaks at the worst time." Replied Ritsuko. Aki passed Hikari outbound with the skirt. Setting the wrap skirt by the tee-shirt, she glanced at Hashimi.

"Coming along nicely." She noted. "But we have one more hurdle to pass."

"Not really." Disagreed Rit-chan. "Hi-chan, bring a pair of your panties when you come; preferably white cotton if you have a pair like that."

"Ok!" called Hikari.

"But, I have underwear, miss Inoue." Protested Hashimi.

"Not the right kind, you don't." muttered Aki, shivering at the granny panties. Rit-chan sent her a look and she shut up.

"She's right, though, Hashimi. Your panties are too large to be worn with the skirt, so we'll get you set up with a whole outfit." Said Rit-chan, seeing Hikari returning with a pair of small, folded panties in one hand, and a pair of rubber-soled, fabric topped sandals in the other.

"Where did you get these sandals, Rit-chan?" asked Hikari. "They're not like any sandal I've ever seen."

"They're a type of hand-made sandal, sometimes called Ho Chi Min sandals. The sole is cut from a tire, and the original design called for laces of rope. Mine were made from tires and an old pair of shoes that got damaged by an ice dragon…never mind." She said, waving her hand in front of her face as she saw the expression on her two cohort's faces. "Anyway, they're comfortable and will work with the outfit we have for Hashimi."

"May I get dressed now, miss Inoue?" asked the girl. Ritsuko studied her.

"Um, she should take care of that little issue first." Noted Aki, pointing to the surprisingly well-developed patch of pubic hair. "It needs to be trimmed or it'll stick out from under her new panties."

"True. And she might as well do a bit of touch up elsewhere." Muttered Rit-chan. "Ok, Hashimi. You need to duck into the bathroom and trim up a bit. I'll find you the right tools, so go ahead and head on in."

"I…I've never…tended to…that, before, miss Inoue." Stammered Hashimi.

"It's easy, Hashimi. Just follow the crease of your thigh where it joins the hip, and shave off any hairs lower than that. You've seen the way that other girls trim theirs in the shower, right?" reassured Rit-chan.

"I…I…don't know if I can do that." Said Hashimi, her shoulders slumping again.

"Keep you back straight and your shoulders back, like I showed you." Ordered Rit-chan firmly. "And you can and will tend to your hygiene. Now, go to the bathroom and get your legs and hips wet."

"Y…yes, miss Inoue." Said the girl, moving off.

"Not a lot of self-confidence, eh?" mused Aki.

"I get the feeling that her education in regards to these matters was lacking." Agreed Rit-chan.

"Hey, guys?" interrupted Hikari.

"Yeah, what, Hikari?" responded Aki.

"Don't you think that one of us should be there to make sure she doesn't cut her leg off or something even more important?" asked the Inchou. "I don't think she's even handled a razor, let alone shaved a bikini line."

"Volunteering, Hi-chan?" teased Aki.

"You've seen me naked, Aki." Replied Hikari, her tone serious. "Do you think I need to shave my bikini line? I wish I needed to, but I don't have anything down there to shave."

Aki blinked. "I thought you shaved yourself bare, Hi-chan. You mean you don't shave at all?"

"That's what I said, isn't it?" shot back Hikari. "I'm what's usually called a `late bloomer'."

"So, it looks like I'm up again." Shrugged Aki. "No problem, guys. I'll keep an eye on her to make sure we don't have to go look for any bandages." The tall model walked off toward the bathroom. Rit-chan stepped over to Hikari.

"Don't worry about it, Hi-chan. Having a bush is over-rated." She smiled. "Most girls want one so bad they'd sell their soul for one, but then when they get one, they curse about having to maintain it."

"Like a period, right?" giggled Hikari.

"A lot like that." Agreed Rit-chan. She paused. "You get your period, right?" she asked.

"For the last nine months." Replied Hikari.

"Then your other problem will go away pretty soon." Dismissed Rit-chan.


Misato came out of the shower, her skin dripping wet and steaming, a smile on her face. "Ah!" she sighed happily. "That's more like it." Picking up a towel, she began to dry herself off. Once she was reasonably dry, she wrapped the towel around her head and reached for her discarded clothes. Before she touched them, she paused. It had been more than a day and half since she had fresh clothes, and she was unenthusiastic about putting her dirty clothes back on. Looking around, she didn't see another towel. "Hey, Shinji!" she called.

"Yes, Misato?" came the reply. She could hear the fighting game going on full blast.

"Bring me another towel, ok?" she called.

"Just a minute." He said. She heard the sound of movement from the bed. A few moments passed, then an arm holding a towel pushed itself into the bathroom. Misato grinned to herself.

Taking the towel, she wrapped it around herself, her grin growing a bit wider as she saw how little it covered. "Thank you, Shin-chan." She cooed at him, seeing his arm disappear and the door close.

"You're welcome, Misato." He replied. She heard the video game announce that player two had won the tournament.

"Shiest!" came a too-familiar voice. "I swear, Wondergirl, you have got to be the luckiest fighter around! Argh!" She heard no reply from Rei. "Come on, Baka! I need a snack and a drink!" she ordered her hapless roommate.

"Ok, Asuka. Where do you want to get them?" asked Shinji, the bed making some small sounds as he moved.

"The cafeteria should have some ice cream, and the vending machine on the bridge level is loaded with some apple soda I've been wanting to try. Come on, let's go!" directed the German teen. Misato heard the door to the room open.

"I will come as well." Said Rei softly.

"Move it, Baka! I'm not getting any less thirsty waiting for you, you know!" she heard Asuka's voice from outside the room.

"I'm coming already, Asuka!" she heard her Shinji answer. "Misato, we'll be right back." He said. The door closed to the room as Misato came out of the bathroom. Yawning, she saw the bed.

"I'll just lay down for a bit." She said, slipping under the covers. Wiggling around a bit, she pulled her body towel off and tossed it toward the foot of the bed. In the center of the bed, she could feel the warm spot from where Shinji had laid. "Mmm. This feels good." She hummed. Within a minute, Misato was out cold.


Aki and Hashimi reappeared from the bathroom and the girl got dressed in the outfit the three had selected for her. When she was handed the shirt, she had asked for her bra. Hikari had told her that she didn't need on with the outfit, and she had taken the class rep at her word. When she put on the panties Hikari had donated to the cause, she had worried that they didn't cover enough of her. Aki told her that they covered more than enough of her. Once more, she meekly accepted the statement from the tall girl. The skirt came to mid-thigh, and worked well with the light green tee-shirt. Putting on the sandals, she stood facing the girls.

"Much better." Proclaimed Hikari, nodding.

"Final stage: makeup." Noted Aki.

"I don't wear make up, miss Wakirihara." Said the meek girl.

"Tonight you do, dear." Said Aki absently, setting out some bottles and getting to work. "Hold still."

Fifteen minutes later, she stepped back. "Well, that's as good as I can do, guys." She announced. "What do you think?"

"Better than Higano deserves." Noted Hikari.

"Indeed. Let's give her the acid test." Said Rit-chan. Stepping to the doors to the patio area and the four frolicking teens, she opened the blinds and slid the door aside. "Tomo, Shiori, Touji and Kensuke, front and center." She called out. There was some panicked splashing, and some scrambling. "Too late for that, guys. Get over here and tell me what you think of our little project."

"Uh, we're coming, Inoue." Called Touji, hopping as he put on his shorts. Kensuke desperately pulled on his underwear as Shiori and Tomo put on their shirts and skirts. They quickly made their way to where Rit-chan stood. Glancing at the two guys, she noted their semi-aroused state.

"Tell me what you think of Hashimi's new look." She said, motioning behind her to where Hashimi stood with Aki and Hikari.

"That's Hashimi?" gaped Kensuke. "She doesn't look like a…mph!" he was cut off by Touji's hand over his mouth.

"G…good job. She looks…ok." Said the athlete, knowing that Inoue would not be too kind if Kensuke were to finish that thought aloud.

"I suppose she'll do, considering." Said Tomo softly.

"It's not like Higano is some great catch himself." Added Shiori, her tone as quiet as Tomo's. She considered Hashimi again. "Where did she get the tits from?" she added.

"Had them the entire time. Hunched her back and shoulders, that's all." Explained Rit-chan. "If there is anything that we missed, speak up now." She directed.

"Without a lot more makeup and plenty of time, there isn't a lot you missed." Shrugged Tomo. "I say let it rock."

"Same here." Agreed Shiori. Rit-chan nodded. The suite phone rang. The elf hunter glanced at the clock. "Show time. Get scarce, guys."


Shinji unlocked his door and trudged inside, bone tired. After the snacks had been located, Asuka had decided that she wanted to go explore the level just below Commander Ikari's office, a fairly noteworthy task, given the size of the level. Shinji had been ordered to accompany her, and that meant that Rei was going too. For nearly an hour, the three had explored the area, finding nothing worth anything to them. On their way back, they ran into Airi, on her way to look for them. When asked what she wanted them for, she smiled and held up a pack of cards.

"I want to teach Celsia how to play cards." She smiled. Asuka's face had lit up, and she had immediately volunteered their services.

Of course, no one asked if I knew how to play. Thought Shinji wryly two hours later, his supply of markers spent. Rei sat silently, her cards in hand, and damn near every marker in front of her. Airi had the second largest pile - which was barely a third the size of Rei's pile - with Asuka hot on her heels. Celsia had the rest of the markers, a modest pile. Still, he was wiped out easily. It turned out that Rei had learned how to play several card games by reading and watching others. With her emotionless mask, she was a nightmare to play against. Asuka had more than a few tricks, but Airi's abilities as an actress gave her sufficient control to thwart Asuka more often than not. Celsia, though new to the game like Shinji, had an uncanny ability to `feel' the mood of the hand, and the result was that she rarely made a bad stand. Still, she tended to err on the side of caution; hence, the fourth place finish.

As the group of women cut the deck for another hand, Rei's phone had chimed once, the tone for a text message. Silently, Rei took her phone out of her pocket and glanced at the screen. Having read the message, she put her phone away and stood, pushing her markers to the center of the table. "I have been ordered to report to Doctor Akagi for a synch test on Unit 0. Please excuse me." She said softly, her eyes locking with Shinji's as she turned to leave.

"At this time of night?!" cried a disbelieving Asuka. "Doesn't that witch ever sleep?!"

"Doctor Akagi averages three hours of sleep per day." Replied Rei as she opened the door.

"Hey! What about your chips?!" yelled Asuka.

"Do with them as you please, Asuka." Said Rei, her tone unconcerned. The door closed behind her, breaking her eye contact with Shinji. Shinji felt a lot less happy now that Rei was gone, but he wasn't able to get depressed, because Asuka, Airi and Celsia were there. The German was currently dividing the huge pile of markers into four equal shares.

"Get you ass over here, Baka. You're back in the game." Called Asuka, motioning to Rei's empty seat. Shinji stepped to the chair and settled into it, feeling the lingering warmth of Rei in the vinyl seat. Relaxing into her warmth, he saw Asuka grab the deck of cards and began to shuffle them like a Vegas dealer. "Ok, now that Wondergirl has been sent back to the lab to get her bolts tightened, we'll have a much more even game. Everyone here know how to play Blackjack?"

Shinji had managed to keep a hold of his markers for nearly two hours before he had been wiped out. Airi was holding on to a narrow lead, with Asuka hot to take over the lead. Celsia had excelled at both blackjack and five-card stud. Now, as the three finished off their main battle, the play was taking a turn for the more technical side, as Asuka and Airi began to exchange tricks and tips. Celsia soaked it all up, cackling about teaching Junpei a lesson the next time the humans played cards. After nearly an hour of tricks that would have made a dealer blush, Shinji stood quietly announced he was turning in for the night. Airi had wished him a good night's sleep, Asuka had given him an off-hand comment about bedtimes and Celsia had waved him off, her attention on Asuka's explanation of how one could determine rather or not to increase one's bet based on the number of cards in the discard pile, the contents of the player's hand and the number of cards the other players were holding. The math was a bit outside his area of expertise, being abstract percentage figures.

Yawning, he didn't bother with the main light, simply pulling off his clothes until he was in his boxers, then carefully feeling his way to his bed. Slipping into bed, he settled down and was soon resting easily. With his conscious brain on vacation, his subconscious brain sought comfort. In the search for comfort, his body found a warm, soft, comfortable object, and proceeded to cuddle up to the object. The subconscious brain didn't mind at all when the comfortable object cuddled up to him as well. Soon after getting comfortable, the last bits of Shinji's mind called it a day. Sleeping soundly, he and Misato took comfort in each other's warmth and closeness, their arms and legs locking each other to themselves.


"Jeez, what's the big deal with these things?" complained Junpei, deep in NERV's bowels. In his hands were a haphazard stack of small, hockey puck-sized disks, each with an adhesive backing on one side. Seeing another of the number sets he had been told to look for, he dutifully applied one of the small disks directly under the stenciled number group. "Kaji owes me for this." He muttered, continuing his walk into the dark passage. A few dozen yards later, he had another thought. "Rit-chan would probably be all shrieky and scared down here; just like with those stupid mini-elves it that old manor." Of course, she did almost ventilate that Celsia bitch! He thought merrily. Absently, he began to whistle to himself as he followed the turn in the corridor. The tune was, of course, '99 bottles of beer on the wall'.


Rit-chan sat staring at the pool, her two friends busily gossiping with each other as her four `guests' frolicked in the penthouse pool. The elf hunter's face was blank, and her hand absently caressed her gun, nestled into her hip as it always was. Abruptly, she stood and headed for the door.

"Hey! Wait up, Rit-chan!" called out Aki, spotting her as she moved rapidly for the door to the elevator.

"What's the rush, Rit-chan?" added Hikari.

"I'm going for a walk." Said the teen, her tone distant.

"Not alone, you aren't." said Aki, grabbing her shoes and following the red-headed girl.

"I just need some air, guys." Protested Rit-chan, seeing her two friends standing expectantly in front of her. "You two are worse than dogs, you know that?" she said, her tone a bit testy.

"Sometimes." Agreed Hikari with a shrug.

"Woof!" mocked Aki.

"Look, we can't leave the four fuck buddies alone here while we go for a walk. I need you two to keep them honest." Tried Rit-chan again.

"Remember what I told you, Rit-chan." Said Aki softly. "So, we tell them it's past their bedtime and send them to their rooms. Big deal."

"You and I both know that they'll end up playing Nero In Rome within a few minutes of that time." Countered Rit-chan.

"Better there than in our pool." Retorted Hikari. Rit-chan had to crack a smile at that retort.

"Hobo choice, then." She smiled. Stepping back to the patio door, she slid it open. "Ok, guys, last bell has rung. We're off for a stroll in the cool night air, so you need to put your clothes back on and either come with us, go down to the main pool or call it a night and hit the sack; your own sacks, mind you." She added.

"Aw, but it feels so good swimming without anything on." Whined Shiori.

"So don't get dressed." Countered Rit-chan reasonably. "But you're going to be going somewhere else in any event. So get moving." Said the older girl. Her gaze was unbending as she studied the four in her pool. With some muttered comments, the four swam to the edge and pulled themselves out of the pool. Noting that Rit-chan was still watching them, Touji grinned.

"Sure you don't just want to scope me out naked, Inoue?" he said suggestively, flexing a bit. Rit-chan gave him an undecipherable look.

"Asuka was right; you are smaller." She said, looking him in the eye. Touji gaped as Hikari and Aki began to giggle.

"Smaller? Smaller than who, Inoue?" he sputtered. Rit-chan just smiled innocently and turned away.

"Doesn't matter. You're stuck with what you have, I suppose." She said, making a careless motion as she closed the door. Outside, Tomo and Shiori were gazing at the boy, their eyes speculative. Touji managed to shut his mouth and began to reach for his boxers. Half way to putting them on, he sneaked a peek at Kensuke. No, I'm bigger than the `suke. He decided, relieved at the prospect. But Inoue said that Asuka had told her that he was smaller. Well, who had Asuka seen naked to make that determination? That Kaji guy, maybe? Must be someone at NERV, anyway; no guy she saw naked at school would keep that a secrete. Once more, he peeked over at Kensuke as the boy sorted out his clothes. Yeah, I'm definitely bigger than Kensuke.


In the lobby, Rit-chan had excused herself to speak with the desk attendant, and while her two friends waited, Touji and Kensuke had dashed off to see what was happening at the central pool. Standing near Hikari and Aki, Tomo had seen Reika and Keiko pass by, dressed in bathing suits and holding towels, headed for the pool. Waving them over, the four had spoken quietly for a few seconds. After their little conference, Keiko and Reika had looked over to where Rit-chan was talking with the staff, shrugged and moved off toward the pool once more. Kensuke and Touji had crossed their paths, and both boys showed their attention for the two as they spoke briefly. Waving at the two boys, the girls moved on, Kensuke and Touji returning to Tomo and Shiori.

"Hey, you two wanna stay and play in the pool or what? There's a good game of chicken fighting going on, and word is that the teachers are all holed up in the hotel bar, doing shots. Could be fun." Said Kensuke, grinning at Shiori.

"Yeah, and Keiko and Reika said they got some beer, too." Added Touji, glancing around to make sure that no adult was nearby.

"Sounds like a party to me." Smiled Shiori. She turned to her friend. "What do you say, Tomo? Pool time, then a few drinks?"

"I don't know; we've been burned once, and if we're caught again…" she began.

"Now, you're showing some intelligence." Came Rit-chan's voice from behind Hikari. Looking over the shorter class rep's head, the gun slinging girl considered the group. "Still, you're only young and dumb once. No one is forcing you to do one thing or another, guys. I have no doubt as to how this will end, but as I already said, I don't care about that. I need some fresh air, so I'm going for a walk. Hi-chan and Aki-chan seem hell bent on following me, but that doesn't mean you need to." She paused, her eyes hooded.

"Intel indicates that the teachers are all accounted for in the bar, and most of them are well on their way to drunk; principal included. Inchous for the classes are mostly concentrated in the conference room where we have our lectures, or are out on the beach. Arrangements have been made for the continued flow of alcohol to the teachers, as well as use of the hotel's karaoke rooms. Choose well." She said, moving for the door. "Me, I'm out of here." She added quietly. Hikari and Aki were immediately after her. Touji and Kensuke headed for the pool, Shiori between them. Tomo hesitated.

"Coming, Tomo?" asked Touji.

"In a minute. I have to ask Inoue something first." She said, jogging toward the spot the group had just left. Touji shrugged and headed off after Shiori and Kensuke.

Tomo caught the three easily enough, as they were standing at the head of the beach, deciding which way to go. Slowing to a stop, Tomo saw the three look at her.

"Yes, Tomo?" asked Rit-chan.

"About what you said before, when we talked at the table." Blurted Tomo. Hikari and Aki blinked in confusion.

"What about it?" asked Rit-chan.

"I…think I was wrong about you." Said Tomo. Rit-chan studied the girl for a moment.

"You're friends are waiting, Tomo." She said quietly, stepping into the sand and moving off down the beach. Tomo stood for a moment longer, watching the three move off. Turning back to the hotel entrance, she nodded once to herself.

"Yeah, I think I was wrong." She muttered.


Moaning softly, Misato opened her eyes to see a dimly illuminated room of unfamiliar appearance. I didn't go drinking last night, so why would I be in a strange room unless… the captain's brain kicked into gear, her memory reminding her that she was in NERV HQ while the organization dealt with some two-bit terrorists. Stuck here with my Children. Hmm. Could be worse, I suppose. She thought. Remembering her peeks at Shinji naked, she grinned to herself lazily. "Could be much worse. At least I'm here with my Shin-chan." She giggled. Abruptly, she froze as she heard an indistinct sound and felt movement against her side. Turning to face the side she felt movement on, she froze when her eyes - adjusted to the limited light in the room - spotted Shinji, tucked firmly into her partial embrace, his head resting just below her breasts, arms clasped around her warm body. Tell me I didn't… began Misato, blanching a bit.

Shinji made some indistinct sounds, moving just a bit. Misato could have sworn that he mumbled mother, but it was too garbled to be sure. Seeing him sleeping peacefully for the first time in a long time, Misato arrested her previous thoughts. And what if I did? He's legal - barely - and so am I! I told Ai-chan than he could use some affection from a pretty girl, but honestly, I thought he would go for Rei, Asuka, Hikari or even Maya before me. Once more, she paused. A mental picture of his generously-equipped manhood swam in her mind. Ah, to hell with it! I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, after all! Looking down at him, she carefully slid her hand along his side, slowly drawing him even closer to her. At his hips, she felt his boxers. For a moment, she found herself irrationally mad that he wasn't naked like her. Well, ok, we might not have crossed this line yet. She admitted to herself. But, I'm not going to make him think that I wouldn't. she decided. She carefully worked his boxers off him, hooking them with a toe as they were pushed beyond her arm's reach and tugging them off. After all, I'm still an attractive young woman! She mentally gloated as she settled back and considered her next step. After only a moment of thought, she decided on her next step. Settling back on her back in the bed, she slowly eased him on top of her, settling him between her legs, his torso resting comfortably against her chest, her breasts making an excellent pillow as his cheek rested against her collarbone and lower throat. Inhaling she noted the faint coppery scent of blood from him. Must be the LCL residue that soaks into the pilots. Strange, I've heard Ritsu talk about the effects of LCL on the pilots, and heard Asuka bitch about that `LCL stench', but I never realized that it was a physical issue. I always thought it was a psychological deal. Misato frowned, her arms closing over Shinji's back, hugging him closer carefully. Once more, there is another thing that I didn't even catch, my Shin-chan. Forgive me for not noticing because my attention was elsewhere. Is this why he isn't comfortable with close contact with people? Because they might smell this scent of blood and shun him? Misato heard him mumble a bit more. One word was clear to her though.

"Misa-chan." The purple-haired captain stared at her assigned charge. Slowly, she became aware of his heartbeat against her chest. Shortly after she became aware of his heartbeat, she realized that her heartbeats matched his. Misato abandoned thought, laying there with her precious Shinji in her arms, feeling their matched heartbeats keep time with each other. Lost in the feeling, she drifted off to sleep again, Shinji still securely resting on top of her, her arms and legs securing him.


Rit-chan stood in the surf line, the waves washing up and over her shins as she watched the clear skies. Behind her, Aki and Hikari sat on the sand just above the tide line, watching their new friend stare at the stars. "What do you think is going through her head right now?" whispered Hikari, watching the silent teen. Aki considered the question.

"She's probably cursing herself for being here." Answered the teen after a moment.

"What? Why?" asked Hikari.

"I don't know the exacts, but she is - for intents and purposes - alone here, surrounded by strangers. All the people she knows are back in Tokyo 3, and she's feeling defensive and on edge." Explained the teen. "She told me once that she was finding it hard to sleep because she was used to miss Komiyama being next to her as she did so, as well as someone called Celsia, Junpei and Mike." The hopeful model paused, then went on. "Think about it, Hikari. Let's say that right now, you disappear from this beach, and reappear in a military camp in the middle of some country you've never been to, with none of your friends near, surrounded by strangers, and forced to make decisions that you have no way of knowing the importance of. I bet that she feels pretty much like you would if that happened."

"But we aren't strangers, Aki!" whispered the inchou indignantly. "We've known her for weeks now, and there was that whole `challenge' fiasco that Asuka got us into."

"True, but you said it yourself: weeks. That's how long she's known us. She's known Miss Komiyama for a lot longer; maybe even a lifetime. And I get the feeling that this isn't the first time she's been kicked in the ass by fate."

"How so?" asked an intrigued Hikari. The middle Horaki girl was good at reading most people, but there were a few she had trouble reading; Rei was at the head of the list and Rit-chan was rapidly climbing toward that lofty position. Each time she thought she had a handle on the girl, she seemed to mutate into a new person. So, any insight the tall girl could give her would help. Hikari Horaki did not like not being `in the loop' as Aida might say.

"Hi-chan, have you ever listened to what she doesn't say?" asked Aki, turning her attention to her shorter friend, her gaze intent.

"Well, not really. I can't hear what she doesn't say, Aki-chan. That's the nature of things unsaid, after all." Quipped Hikari. Aki sighed.

"Sometimes, what someone doesn't say is more important than what she does say. It's that way with Rit-chan." Explained the girl. "She never talks about her past, her future or what happened to bring her here. Every time she speaks, her tone is guarded, and it's pretty obvious that she's mentally censoring herself."

"Like the Pilots and Misato." Mused the class rep thoughtfully. "They never talk about their pasts either, and they leave a lot unsaid. Even Asuka." A lengthy pause followed that. "And like the pilots, she seems to be pessimistic about her future, too." Added the inchou.

"Not much future in dying, Hi-chan." Muttered Aki. "Or something like that."

"What are you talking about, A-chan?" frowned Hikari. Aki shook her head.

"That's it; when we get back, I'm kidnapping you and making you watch some foreign films. In particular some American Westerns. You know, classics! The ones with John Wayne and Clint Eastwood!" smiled Aki mischievously.

"Who?" asked Hikari. Aki groaned.

"You have got to expand your experiences, Hikari Horaki! Even Rei recognized a quote from an old American movie! And you know she doesn't do the whole `pop culture' deal. Hell, until a few weeks ago, I'd have sworn that she had never even seen a movie, from the way she acted." Added the tall girl.

"These movies," began Hikari, her tone level, "are they in Japanese?"

"Well, I suppose that I could find some in Japanese, but what's the point of that? I've got some of the best of them on SDVD in bi-lingual format. You know, English with subtitles or Japanese dub? But honestly, Hi-chan, you took English in school for the last two years, and you speak it well enough to get by, so why not get the full range of the movies by just running it in it's original form? A lot of the character comes through in the original actor's tone and speech pattern. Especially with Eastwood." Pouted Aki.

"God, you sound like Asuka when you talk that way." Pointed out Hikari. "What's wrong with the dub? It's easier than reading subtitles."

"You're just lazy, Hikari." Grinned the tall girl. "And as for what's wrong with the dub, well, let's just say that the voice actors and actresses that did the dubbing for my favorite movies didn't quite grasp the correct tone and inflection of the originals." Aki made a face. "And then there is the whole other issue of the language gap. It's just not the same when Eastwood stares a bad guy down, hand on his small cigar, sweat dripping down his face, music playing in the background, and just when he's about to make his play, the dub actor says `are we to fight?' instead of Eastwood's raspy `you gonna use that iron or stand there?'. It kind of ruins the whole effect." She sighed.

"Are you a movie critic or a model?" sniped Hikari.

"Neither right now." Shot back Aki. Both giggled a bit at that. Soon, however, their attention turned back to Rit-chan, still standing in the surf line, waves breaking over her knees, eyes on the stars. Several minutes passed, then Aki rose, dusting the sand off her rear as she did. "But, I think it's time we acted like we were here for her, don't you?" she smiled at Hikari. Her smile was a tribute to Asuka's `I'm gonna do something crazy now' own.

"What are you going to do?" asked Hikari, a little apprehensive. Aki was known to be a bit more reckless at times than even Asuka. And Hikari had learned that she had a wild streak in her personality a mile wide, as they say. Aki leaned over and patted the short girl's cheek in a condescending manner.

"Just you watch, Hi-chan." She said confidently. "Aki will make it all better."

"Oh really?" asked Hikari sardonically. "This should be good." Aki bowed her head briefly in acknowledgement of Hikari's challenge. Confidently, the tall girl walked down to where Rit-chan stood in the surf. When she reached the slightly shorter elf hunter, she paused, studying her for a moment, then called the girl's name. She repeated the call once more before Rit-chan turned to face her. Smiling at Rit-chan, the tall girl suddenly lunged forward and wrapped the elf hunter up in a full body hug. Even as the girl was being wrapped up in Aki's arms, her hand flashed down to grab her USP, pulling the gun halfway out of the holster before she froze, then slowly pushed the gun back into the leather. Slowly, her arms closed around Aki's sides and back. Leaning her head around Rit-chan's, Aki smiled at Hikari.

Of course! If she's stressed out about being away from those she's close to, then the best thing to do is to show her that she isn't as far from those that care as she thinks she is! Realized the inchou, swiftly rising and dusting off her own ass before jogging down to the two teens and adding herself to the group, her arms encircling both Rit-chan and Aki. Rit-chan had her eyes closed, her face resting against Aki's neck.

"It's like I told you, Rit-chan." Said the tall girl. "You're not off on your own here. While we may not be Airi and Celsia, we're here, and if you need us, we'll be there for you. Now, what do you say we go find a place to grab a drink and maybe do some talking? Hmm?"

Rit-chan pulled back from Aki's embrace a bit and nodded. Hikari eased her grip a bit, smiling at the elf hunter too.

"But nothing with alcohol in it." Said the inchou.

"Spoilsport." Muttered Aki. Hikari shrugged.

"I need to find a drug store anyway, guys." Said Rit-chan, a very slight tremor in her voice. Both girls looked at her. Seeing their look, she gave a burst of laughter. "Not like that!" she said, her tone sounding more like they were used to. "Well, ok, it's that, but not for me!"

"Tell you what, Rit-chan." Smiled Hikari. "We passed a drug store on the way to that club the other night, and it looked like a 24 hour store, so how about we go see if they're still open, get what we need and go back for a pool-side talk at your place?"

"It's not my place, guys." Smiled Rit-chan. "It's our place."


Rei walked swiftly down the corridors of NERV HQ. Finally done with the memory download into her other selves, she was eager to return to Shinji's bed. Assuming of course, that Misato had not taken up residence there as she had stated she would. Rei felt an unfamiliar sense of irritation that Misato had greater access to her Shinji than she currently had, but brushed it aside as unimportant. If Shinji was happy, then she was happy. It was no more complicated than that to the Ice Goddess. Stopping at his door, she noted that it was locked. Retrieving her NERV Card, she swiped the card through the reader, and the door clicked unlocked. Access is important, as Commander Ikari said it was. She thought idly as she silently replaced her card and opened the door, peering into the darkened room. Her crimson eyes swiftly adjusted, and she saw her lover sleeping peacefully on top of Misato. Misato herself had a faint smile on her face, her arms closed protectively over Shinji's form. They do not seem to be engaging in sexual intercourse, but I will not risk disturbing them in any case. In the morning, I will see if Shinji will have sex with me, as promised. She decided, closing the door and locking it. She smiled a faint smile as she felt the increasingly-familiar tingle of excitement race from her groin to her brain via her spinal cord at the mere thought of again having Shinji inside her. The smile still on her lips, she turned and headed over to her and Asuka's room.

Not finding her temperamental fellow Shinji lover in her bed, the blue-haired girl stepped over to Airi and Celsia's door, softly knocking on it. Getting no response, she slid her card through the reader and the door clicked open. Stepping inside, she saw Celsia sprawled out on one bed, fast asleep. The other bed was occupied by a sleeping Asuka. At the card table, Airi was sleeping in a chair, a glass of wine by her hand. The cards were sloppily stacked in the center of the table, and there were a few loose wrappers that indicated that the group had gone for snacks at some point. Rei deliberated for a moment, then acted. Stepping over to Asuka, the pseudo-albino girl eased her arms under the other girl's back and legs, lifting her easily and carrying her to the room the two pilots were to share. In the room, she turned the cover and sheets back on one bed, and swiftly undressed Asuka, tucking the naked Second Child in before returning to the room shared by the elf and her friend. In the room, she first turned the bed that Asuka had been sleeping on back, then stepped to Airi and lifted the woman, a feat a bit more strenuous than lifting her lighter fellow pilot, but no real challenge for Rei, given her…unique genetic background. Easing the older woman into bed, Rei swiftly undressed her as well, leaving her naked and warm in her bed. Turning her crimson eyes to Celsia's form, the girl considered rather or not to risk waking the elf.

Judging that the risk was acceptable, the pilot stepped to the second bed and studied the gown the elf wore. Swiftly determining the easiest way to remove it, she did so, noting that the elf wore nothing under the loose, flowing gown, save for a thin, delicate looking gold chain encircling her waist, and a cloth band high on her right thigh, into which were tucked a few small items. Studying the items, she noted that they could not be for hygiene or for fighting, so that left her with the conclusion that they were for utilizing magic, as the elf was reported to be able to do. Rei's crimson eyes traveled over the elf from her toes to her head, noting the faint marks from her shackles, as well as her restored jewelry and items. On her ankles were two thin, fine chains, one of silver or platinum, the other of gold. Upward on her long, smooth legs were the cloth band on her right thigh, a thin patch of pubic hair the same bright blonde color as her shoulder-length hair into which was braided a small item that Rei concluded was some sort of religious icon or charm. Then, there was the gold chain encircling her waist, just above her bellybutton, followed by her bracelets on her wrists and a single band of some indigo-colored substance on her left bicep. Her breasts were firm and shapely, with dark pink nipples. Around her throat, the elf wore a choker of what appeared to be gold, with a gem set into it. Touching it, Rei felt a tingle, like she was touching a low-volt current. This is not what it appears to be, then. Noted the pilot, carefully looking for a latch, catch or seam to indicate how the elf got the thing on or off. There was none that she could detect. It appears that wearing that is comfortable for her. Thought the pilot to herself. As the other items on her seem to be sufficiently loose to allow proper circulation, I will leave them as well. Decided the girl, working the still-sleeping elf under the sheets and tucking her in. Once more, Rei paused, eyeing the elf's long, pointed ears. She started to reach for them, then stopped, withdrawing her hand and exiting the room after she killed the lights.

On the other bed, Airi's eyes opened, and she considered the odd treatment she had just gotten from the enigma that was the First Child, Rei Ayanami, Pilot of Unit 0. As she had been searching for information on Yui Ikari, the woman behind this whole nightmare, she had also carefully sought out information on Rei Ayanami, as she had seen too many things to dismiss her as simply another pilot. Every indication she had gotten was that Rei didn't exist. No records of her in the areas of the MAGI that she could access, no school records, no medical records that she could find - though she suspected that that bitch Akagi had at least some sort of record of her, as she was charged with keeping all the pilots medically fit for duty. It's as if the girl just appeared, fully-grown from thin air and ready to pilot. No one knows anything about her before she appeared to pilot Unit 0. And no one knows a hell of a lot more than that after she arrived, either. Well, tomorrow, I'm going to breach the subject with Misato. Maybe, since Rei is one of her pilots, she'll have at least a bit of information on her. The actress thought. Another thing she had discovered rankled in her mind. Everyone that knows her says she's emotionless and cold, yet her behavior doesn't bear that out; at least, with us. Is it that she's changing, or is it that her distancing of people from her made her seem cold and hard? The gentle touch of her when she was putting me to bed isn't what I expected from her. From what I heard, I expected her to either leave me where I was, or to simply drop me in bed and leave. She did neither, taking the time to undress me in a way that would be least likely to wake me, tucked me in and did the same for Celsia. Something isn't adding up here. The actress began to construct her plans for the next day, drifting back to sleep before she had more than four back-up plans worked out.


The small pharmacy was indeed open, being an odd mix of pharmacy, convenience store and souvenir shop. It's location - less than two blocks from the hotel - made it a bit of a necessity for the limited tourist trade. Aki, Hikari and Rit-chan stepped through the automatic doors, scanning the store as they did so. Behind the counter, a sleepy older woman sat on a short stool, leaning back against a display case of cigarettes and tobacco products. Glancing at the three young girls, she gave a sort-of bow to them, then went back to her nap. Rit-chan's eyes caught movement in the back section, and soon spotted a boy about their age stocking the shelves from a small assortment of boxes, bags and strings. Apparently, they were the only two workers there. Rit-chan found it improbable that there were only two, but reserved judgment for later. For now, she had a mission.

"This way." She said softly, heading for the pharmacy side of the shop. Aki and Hikari followed her. Rit-chan swiftly found the first item on her list, selecting some light, mid-range and hi-protection sun screen. Aki produced a small hand basket, and Rit-chan tossed them in. Moving a bit farther down, she grabbed some lip balm and added that to the basket. Casting about with her eyes, she moved to another aisle. Half-way down the row, she grabbed some small packets of aspirin, a small bottle of multi-vitamins and a packet of throat drops. Once more, she looked for the section her next items would be in. As the tri rounded the corner, Aki and Hikari were surprised to found themselves on the feminine care row. Rit-chan swiftly moved down the row, finding what she sought about halfway down. Her gaze slid over the small boxed until she found what she was looking for. Four home pregnancy kits hit the basket. "You two ok, or do we need to get some, just in case?" asked the older teen, motioning to the tampons and pads a little farther down the row.

"Finished mine two days before we left." Dismissed Aki. "And I'm steady, so I'm good. Hi-chan?" she asked the shorter girl.

"I shouldn't start until a day or two after we get back." She said, her cheeks a bit warm.

"Should?" asked Rit-chan. "I presume that you're irregular?"

"A little." Said Hikari softly. "It varies from month to month, but not by more than a week."

"Ouch." Sympathized Aki, touching her shoulder. "Tough luck."

"Kodama's like that too, so I'm kind of use to it." Said the Horaki girl.

"With that much play, we better not take chances." Decided Rit-chan. "Which do you use?" she asked, stepping down to the pads and tampons. Hikari silently picked up a small box of pads. Rit-chan took the box and tossed it into the basket with the tests and sunscreen.

"That's gonna cause some talk." Observed Aki, seeing the way the basket was shaping up.

"Like I care?" retorted Ritsuko. "We need to go to the next aisle." She said, turning the corner. Hikari felt her cheeks grow a bit warm when Rit-chan stopped in front of the condoms.

"Did you ever notice that they put these in the men's health aisle, but men never want to buy them?" asked Aki idly.

"It's an excuse for them not to wear them." Shrugged Rit-chan. "And what's even more idiotic is the notion that men are responsible enough to plan ahead enough to get them before hand. They really should put these in the women's aisle."

"Don't all men carry one in their wallets these days?" asked Hikari.

"Usually, but it's a status symbol; not intended for use." Answered Rit-chan.

"Gee, Rit-chan, you hold men in such high regard." Mocked Aki, her expression wide-eyed and innocent.

"Boys are idiots at best, and assholes at default." Said the elf hunter, considering the myriad choices of condoms.

"So why not go for girls, then?" asked Hikari, her tone teasing.

"Can't." Rit-chan deadpanned. "Women are insane."

"So, does that make Shinji an idiot or an asshole?" pressed Hikari, seeing an opportunity to get one on Rit-chan.

"No, it makes Shinji a gentleman." Replied Rit-chan, squatting to study the bottom row of boxes.

"And a fine hunk of maleness as well." Chimed in Aki.

"What's your obsession with Shin-chan, Aki?" asked Hikari, smiling. "You keep on returning to the theme of how hot Shinji is, after all."

"So, he makes me wet. Big deal." Said Aki defiantly. "He's got Asuka, Rei, Misato, Rit-chan and you on him 24/7, so the chances of me getting to enjoy that famous package of his is slim to none. So, I settle for cheering you guys on." Rit-chan snickered at that last bit.

"'Famous package'?" she questioned. "Should I get him a Sharpie marker so he can sign your tits, Aki?"

"Forget the Sharpie, I want him to sign them with something more…intimate." Leered Aki.

"I can imagine, you dirty little hentai." Said Hikari.

"You're just mad you didn't think of it first." Replied Aki haughtily.

"Ok, comedy hours over for now, girls. Any suggestions?" interrupted Ritsuko. Aki surveyed the assortment, then reached out and grabbed a black and purple box.

"These feel pretty good." She said. Rit-chan scanned the name and description, then searched down where the larger packs were kept. Finding one, she grabbed it, putting Aki's 12 pack back on the shelf in favor of the 36 pack. She started to turn away, but then reached down and grabbed another box of the large quantity condoms. Aki raised an eyebrow at her.

"Better safe than sorry, right?" shrugged Ritsuko.

"Are they even going to get out of bed for the next three days?" asked Hikari sarcastically.

"They better. But remember, even with two packs, that only gives them nine condoms per boy per girl. And that's assuming that we give them both packs." Replied Rit-chan seriously.

"Oh! Planning a little fling of your own?" asked Aki eagerly.

"No, I was thinking that I better have some for when you get drunk." Replied Rit-chan innocently.

"Humph! I can't do that with you two on my ass all the time." She pouted.

"Trips not over yet, Aki-chan." Murmured Rit-chan as the three approached the counter, Aki setting the basket down. As the older woman began to ring it up, she kept glancing at the three girls. When she got to the four home test kits, she sighed.

"If you need these, then it's too late for those." She said, indicating the two boxes of condoms. "You girls look mighty young for these, but then, I guess I'm just old." Aki started to roll her eyes and opened her mouth to tell the woman that they were legal age and to catch up to the times, but Rit-chan beat her to it.

"Oh, those aren't for us, miss. We're the Morality and Temperance Committee from our school, and these are for our campaign to reduce the number of immoral girls at our school. We plan to hand these out at assembly to the girls who have been having unmarried sex, and hopefully this will shame them into waiting for their wedding night before doing such things. If not, at least we win a Temperance victory as they will at least have the means to practice safe immoral sex." She said, her eyes shining with sincerity. Aki nearly choked on her tongue. Hikari was staring at Rit-chan with a blank look of shock on her face.

"Well!" cheered the old woman. "It's nice to know there are still moral young women these days, concerned with their proper behavior and willing to make a stand for tradition! Why just today, a group of your fellow students came through here, all dressed up like whores and acting like little hooligans instead of proper young women! Tell you what, I'll give you this box as my contribution to your struggle to return your generation to respectability." Said the woman, putting the second box into the bag with the other items. Rit-chan handed her a wad of bills and bowed to her.

"I am most grateful for your generosity, miss. I thank you." Said the teen. Aki and Hikari woodenly followed her lead. Taking the bag, she exited the store. Once they were half a block down, Aki couldn't take it any longer.

"What in the fucking hell was that shit about, Rit-chan?!" the girl exploded. "Morality and fucking Temperance Committee?!"

"Relax, Aki-chan." Laughed Rit-chan. "No one would ever accuse you of being moral or temperate, so relax, already."

"Damn straight no…hey! That was uncalled for!" pouted the taller girl. Ritsuko giggled.

"Take it easy, guys. That was just an exercise to keep my skills up." Said Rit-chan.

"Skills? You're a con artist as well as a mercenary?" asked Hikari.

"Sometimes, you have to be. But, I'm no where as good as Airi is. She could have walked into that store, spent five minutes talking to that woman and ended up owning the store." Said the huntress.

"Airi's that good?" asked Aki, awed.

"She's that good." Affirmed Rit-chan. "She can sell anything to anyone. She's truly an amazing actress. When we get back, I'm going to get her movies. I seem to have become quite the fan of her talent over the last year or so."

"Get back where? And if she's that talented, then why haven't we heard of her before?" asked Hikari. Rit-chan's smile turned a bit sad.

"Don't pursue that, Hi-chan. Trust me, it's better that you don't." said the teen, touching Hikari's arm.

"You've been saying that a lot, Rit-chan." Observed Aki. "I think we're big enough girls to decide for ourselves what we want to get involved in or not."

"You said that you and Hikari would be here for me, right?" said Rit-chan, her voice quiet.

"And we will." Confirmed Hikari.

"You won't be if you get involved with my problems." Said Rit-chan, turning to face the two, looking them each in the eye. Her gaze said more than her words ever could. Aki sighed.

"They're that big?" she asked, her tone serious.

"Let's just say that it goes all the way to the top right now." Answered the teen.

"You're talking about the top of NERV, aren't you?" guessed Hikari. "And that means that Commander Ikari is involved." Ritsuko nodded silently.

"Can't Shin…oh. I see." Said Hikari, her thought process finally catching up with Rit-chan's subtle hints.

"Well, I'm glad someone sees something here." Came Aki's irritated voice. Taking Hikari and Ritsuko by the upper arms, she marched them toward the hotel. "Now, you two can help me see whatever the fuck it is you see."


Shinji awoke to the feeling of warmth and a minor bit of morning wood. As he opened his eyes, he found himself in a totally inexplicable situation. Below him, Misato Katsuragi slept on, her arms and legs holding him to her, even in sleep. His mind began to pull itself together, and as it did, there were more disturbing discoveries. Misato was completely naked. He was also completely naked. He was between Misato's thighs, her legs wrapped over his. His rapidly hardening penis was pressing into her soft, warm nest. Shinji was feeling very horny, but also very uncomfortable. How the fuck did this happen?!?! Wonder the teen, dazed. Misato showed no signs of releasing him. As his brain desperately tried to make sense of what Misato was doing in his bed with him, his alternate brain was pulling more and more blood to itself, thoroughly delighted by the situation.

Even as his nearly-fully aroused manhood sank deeper and deeper into her inviting pussy, Shinji managed to wrest control of himself from his instinct, restoring the supremacy of his mind over his dick. Misato is asleep, and even if she weren't, it wouldn't be right to fuck her brains out. She's my guardian, boss and twice my age! Besides, she'd never be able to look at me like she does right now if I abused her trust that way. Another part of his mind had other ideas. Come on, Shinji! You'll probably never get a better chance to score with her! Imagine what Touji and Kensuke would say when you told them! You'd be a god to them! For the second time in his life, Shinji threw his other self a severe ass-whooping. Listen up, dipshit! He mentally yelled at his baser instincts. Misato means too much to me to do that! She's the first one since mother who showed me she cared! And I won't fuck that up for a few minutes of pleasure! And another thing! Guys who go around bragging about their sexual exploits are assholes! It cheapens the women they've had sex with, and it cheapens them to being nothing more than immature male whores! Touji and Kensuke will never know that Rei-chan and Asuka-chan are my lovers. Ever. Agreed? Having finally asserted his dominance over his hormone-driven need to stick his dick in every pussy he knew, Shinji determinedly began to come up with a way out of his current predicament. Eventually, his familiarity with Misato's waking condition gave him a way out. Moving slowly, he slid down and off her, his dick twitching angrily at being deprived of the wet warmth of her lower lips, then stepping out of the bed and covering Misato back up with the sheets and spread.

That done, he stepped into the bathroom and forced himself to relax enough to piss. With that done, he hit the shower briefly and then grabbed a fresh pair of boxers, pants and shirts - courtesy of Airi's quick thinking. Dressed, he paused to watch Misato sleep for a bit. His other self, while put in its place for now, was not gone. And it made an insidious suggestion to him. You could always kiss her, Shinji, without crossing that line you hold so damned dear to you. He realized. Shinji wavered, then gave in, leaning over Misato and pressing his lips to hers briefly. Misato instinctively returned the kiss, and sough to deepen it, but Shinji pulled back before he could risk losing control over himself. Misato settled back into her normal sleeping rhythm. Shinji remembered what he had been about to do before the kiss, and headed for the door, pausing in the doorway long enough to softly whisper to his guardian "Sleep tight, Misa-chan." Before the door shut.


Rei sensed Shinji nearby and slipped out of bed, opening the door in time to see her lover close his. "Shinji." She said softly, stepping out of her room and flying into his embrace. Shinji gasped when he realized that she was naked.

"Rei-chan! You're standing out here naked!" he whispered urgently to her. Rei pulled back from her hug, her hands staying locked to his. Without a word, she pulled him to her room and inside before locking her lips to his, her tongue slipping into his mouth. Shinji's hands were very busy with Rei as he tried to remember what his name was. Fortunately, Rei was helpful in that matter.

"Shin-chan." Said the blue-haired pilot. "I wish to have sex with you. Now." She begged. "Please." She added, her tone oddly urgent. Her hands had swiftly dropped his pants to his ankles, then his boxers, and were currently stroking his member to restored life. Slipping to her knees, she swallowed his dick, rapidly making him as hard as steel. With no reservation with regards to Rei like he had with Misato, Shinji swiftly guided her to her bed, where she lay back and waited impatiently as he shed his shirts, socks and shoes before joining her on her bed. Immediately, she was back to kissing and stroking him. For his part, he slid a hand down to her sex, only to find that she was rapidly approaching ready, her lips already wet, and getting wetter by the second. Gently stroking her, he glanced over at the other bed. Asuka was still sound asleep; or at least he thought she was. His attention was diverted by Rei as she once more demanded his full attention by urging him on top of her. With no reason to resist, Shinji slipped between her legs, feeling her wet opening at the tip of his manhood. Rei had one of her hands on his dick, the other spreading her lower lips, her mouth locked to his as he slipped his arms under her back and pushed forward with his hips. God, she's even tighter than I remember! He thought, feeling the tip of his dick slowly force its way into her passage. Rei moaned into his mouth, clearly happy with his entrance into her. Easing back a bit, he pressed forward again, feeling her juices coat his member with lubricant, easing his entrance into his lover.

As he worked his member into her, her legs came up and crossed over his hips, urging him deeper and deeper into him. In short order, he felt her cervix at the tip of his dick. Rei pressed him further into her with her legs, wanting every last bit of his length in her. Shinji gasped at the sensation of pressing into her cervix. Each stroke brought him closer and closer to being fully inside her; each stroke also firmly stretched her sex bit by bit. It felt like an instantaneous eternity went by before he felt his pubic bone meet her pubic bone, his balls resting against her ass. Rei smiled around her kiss.

He is finally fully inside me. She thought, almost delirious with joy. I wish him to be inside me forever. In her very full vagina, Shinji began to thrust with short, quick motions. Rei felt herself soar toward orgasm as she felt him steadily lengthen his thrusts. Within a couple of minutes, Rei had left this world, and was somewhere else, riding on wings of pure ecstasy, orgasms of multiple strengths washing over her like a shower. I will be one with Shinji - forever. Vowed Rei, feeling him spasm in her over-stuffed passage. Knowing that he was about to give her his seed, Rei locked her legs over his hips, squeezing him into her as tightly as possible as she felt his first spurt flood into her. Several more followed, being forced into her uterus by the hydraulic effect of her holding him so deeply in her and the tight fit of their joined sexes. The First Child could feel a warm, delicious feeling spreading from her lower belly all through her being. Shinji lowered his face to her shoulder as he finally stopped shooting, panting a bit.

"Rei-chan." He whispered. Rei listened patiently, languidly feeling his member slowly soften inside her sheath.

"Yes, Shin-chan?" said the blue haired Ice Goddess softly, her hands slowly stroking his back and sides.

"I…thanks. It was incredible." He said, feeling a smile spread across his face. Rei felt him turn his head toward her and kiss her neck. For some reason, that sent a shiver of excitement through her.

"Yes, it was." She answered him. Both were silent for a moment. Then Rei spoke again. "I wish to be with you always, Shinji. Will you accept me?" she asked, her tone oddly intent.

"Of..of course! I love you." He said, his voice sounding a bit frightened at the second part.

"And I you, my Shinji." Smiled Rei, feeling an odd sense of relief. Silence fell for nearly ten minutes. Shinji, having recovered to a large extent, eased his relaxed member out of his first lover, and lay beside her, his hand settling on her breasts. A thought occurred to him.

"Does this mean that…" he began. Rei slid him an oddly knowing look.

"No, my love. We will all be one." She interrupted his thoughts. "I would never deprive you of their love, or them of your love."

Completely unsure of what to say to that - or how - Shinji said the only thing he could. "Oh." It's as if she could read my mind. And what exactly did she mean by that `we will all be one' stuff? He wondered. Even with that mystery, he couldn't help but feel, well, euphoric. I guess that, in the end, I trust Rei-chan too much to worry about her strange comments or evasive half-answers. Thought the boy, feeling Rei shift beside him. His other self had a different point of view however. Sure, whatever, studly! That part of him mocked. You're just glad you don't have to stop banging Asuka and Hikari! As much as he wanted to tell that part of him it was way off base, he couldn't lie to himself that obviously. Both sides were shut up when Rei's warm, wet tongue tickled the tip of his resting penis. A moment later, Rei had him in her mouth, her tongue and lips busy. Both sides of Shinji agreed that it was in their best interest to simply enjoy the attentions of the girl busy at their groin. Sighing contentedly, Shinji lay back as Rei continued her activities.


Some half hour later, Rei and Shinji were showered and dressed and on their way out the door when Asuka sat up and stretched. While the Second Child stretched and yawned, Rei touched Shinji's hand and slipped silently out the door. With her sheets at her hips, the pilot of Unit 2 sat naked in bed, blinking at Shinji, who was reaching for the door. "Oh, good morning, Baka!" said Asuka, sounding cheerful and almost happy.

"Um, good morning, Asuka." He said, keeping his eyes off her naked breasts. Asuka noted this, and felt herself instinctively getting angry. But suddenly, the memory of their first time came crashing back to her, and her anger was crushed under falling emotions. After a few moments of turmoil as the mess began to sort itself out, she smiled.

"Leaving before you say `hello'?" she pouted. Shinji risked a glance at her face. Her eyes sparkled mischievously, and her smile was wicked. Slipping her legs over the edge of the bed, she stood and stalked toward him, revealing her entire body to him. "That's not a very nice thing to do to the girl whose virginity you stole." She said, snaking her arms around him. Shinji began to stammer an apology, but Asuka pressed a finger to his lips. "None of that, Baka." She warned. "You weren't too bad, so I'll let it go for now. And speaking of now, how about you say a proper good morning to that girl?" she said, her eyes still sparkling and her smile going from wicked to teasing.

"O…ok." Said Shinji, feeling very defensive just then. Proper good morning, proper good morning…what is she after? Maybe…yeah. Let's see if that's it. Thought the boy. Putting his arms around her chest, he pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips, his tongue slipping out and teasing her lips.

Asuka's eyes opened in shock. Is this really Baka Shinji?! She wondered. Feeling his tongue at her lips, she opened her mouth and felt his limber member invade her. Not one to sit by while she was attacked, Asuka's tongue immediately engaged his in a fierce duel. I kind of…like this version of my Baka. Thought the German pilot, leaning into him. It was nearly a minute before the two teens broke their duel, Asuka having decided that she had `won' the little contest. Stepping back from him, she turned and walked toward the bathroom. "Now that you've said good morning," she said over her shoulder, "go get me some breakfast, Baka!" The bathroom door shut behind her, interrupting Shinji's view of her shapely ass.

"Ok, Asuka." He said, smiling as he opened the door to the room and stepped outside. Rei was standing patiently by the door. As Shinji started down the hall, she fell into step with him, her hand sneaking into his, giving it a warm squeeze. He smiled at her.

"Where are we going, Shinji?" asked the girl of her fellow pilot.

"Well, I need to find some beer for Misato, or this will be a rough day. And Asuka demanded breakfast, so I guess we should see about borrowing the cafeteria again." He said, considering where he might find beer for his guardian.

"I believe I can help you find the alcohol Misato wishes, Shinji." Said Rei, once more seeming to know his thoughts. "Follow me, please." She added, changing directions at the next intersection.

"Gladly." Quipped Shinji, seeing a soft smile on Rei's face as he said it, her hand giving his another squeeze. The pair stopped in front of a bank of elevators, and Rei swiped her card through the reader slot. Stepping into the elevator, Rei selected the admin level just below the bridge. Silence reigned, interrupted only by the clicking of the car's wheel lock safety. When the chime sounded, Rei gave Shinji's hand one more squeeze, then reluctantly let go as the door opened and Shinji saw some of the NERV staff walking past. No matter how hard he tried, a strangled sigh of disappointment escaped his lips at the loss of Rei's hand. A pair of red eyes met his dark blue ones, letting him know that she was no happier than he about the necessary loss of contact.

Stepping into the passageway, the two pilots walked toward the offices of the higher-ranked NERV officers. "Isn't this the way to Misato's office?" he wondered aloud.

"Yes. I believe we can locate some beer at that location." Said Rei, her voice soft and sure.

"Not surprising. She probably has stashes everywhere around here." Smirked Shinji. He felt a certain fondness for his guardian, and in spite of her more slovenly habits, he wasn't on a crusade to change her. Well, except for her massive consumption of beer. He amended silently. Stopping at Misato's office door - unmarked except for a simple designation number, Rei produced her NERV card and swiped it through the reader, the door clicking open. Shinji blinked. Before he could say anything, Rei had stepped inside and reached back, pulling him inside with her. The door closed behind the two, locking with a soft click. The lights clicked on a second later, Rei having unerringly reached over and hit the switch.

"How…" began Shinji.

"My card opens many doors." Said Rei simply. "It is necessary that it be so." She added.

Again, she seems to read my mind. Wondered Shinji. "Oh." He said, looking around Misato's office. Great conversationalist, aren't you, Shinji? He thought. "Where…"

"Most likely here." Said the soft-spoken girl, crossing to Misato's desk and pointing to the bottom drawer of the right hand side. Shinji walked over to stand next to the slender girl, then reached down and pulled on the drawer.

"It's locked." He noted.

"Yes." Agreed Rei. Silently, she moved the chair away from Misato's desk, revealing a shallow center drawer. Rei gave that drawer an experimental pull. It too was locked. Crimson eyes scanned the desk surface, haphazardly buried under miscellaneous papers and food containers, eventually finding what she sought. Being the kind of person she was, Misato didn't have a normal letter opener. No, the capricious Captain used an old military sheath knife. Shinji watched as Rei retrieved the knife, disturbing not so much as a single sheet of paper as she did so. Shaking his head, he smiled at Rei.

"Just like her, isn't it?" he asked her.

"It is in keeping with her personality." Agreed Rei, returning his smile. Glancing at the blade, she made another observation to her soon-to-be partner in felony. "This blade has not been maintained well. It is dull and has not been oiled in some time."

"Like you said, Rei-chan: just like her." Shrugged Shinji. Rei frowned at the knife.

"She should maintain her equipment better." Said the girl. Shinji felt the need to defend his guardian.

"Well, she cleans her gun, and this is only used to open letters and files." He protested mildly. "It looks kind of familiar. What kind is it?" he asked his lover, more to get her off the critique of their commanding officer than any real interest.

"It is an old American design, widely used by several militaries over the last eighty plus years, but best known as the knife of the Marine Corp. It's common designation was `Ka-bar'. Seven inch carbon steel blade, leather handle and sheath. This knife appears to have seen hard use, as well as repeated expose to salt water and harsh elements." Answered Rei. Judging the matter closed, the First Child casually shoved the blade in between the top of the center drawer and the underside of the desk, slowly twisting the knife as she pressed down. Her other hand pulled on the drawer. Shinji began to worry as the wood-and-steel drawer creaked and groaned. A sudden `pop' and a scrape, and the drawer was open. Rei calmly tucked the knife back in it's original position and began to study the messy drawer's contents. A couple of seconds later, she reached down into the mess of perfume bottles, pens, pencils, loose 9 mm ammo, staple removers, markers, individually poly-bagged pairs of panty hose, lipstick, an odd brush and who-knew what else to pull out a single key. After a moment of consideration, the girl stuck the key in the lock on the front of the drawer and turned it. The locking arm, which had still be sticking up, rotated to the side. Rei pushed the drawer closed, then leaned over and felt around near the top of the side drawers. In short order, she had felt the second lock, turned the key, and opened the drawer she suspected held Misato's work stash of beer. Files hung from a bracket, going from the front of the drawer to the rear.

"I guess we were wrong." Said Shinji, feeling a little disappointed that Rei hadn't been correct.

"We were not mistaken." Assured Rei, removing the first four or five hanging files. Shinji curiously watched as Rei then slid files back, one by one. About two thirds of the way to the rear, she paused. "Observe." She said, stepping back a bit. Looking into the back of the drawer, he saw that the last several hanging files had been cut in half, the bottoms taped together to form a hidden area. In that area was carefully stacked five beer cans. Shinji shook his head.

"You're something else, Rei-chan." He chuckled. "You and Misato both, I suppose."
"Thank you." Murmured Rei, her cheeks coloring a bit. I have never used those words with anyone before now. She realized.

It was the work of a few moments to pull three cans out, replace the files, find a suitable concealing method and exit the office, having re-locked the desk and shoved the key back into the top drawer through the gap between the drawer and the desktop. With their booty firmly secured in an innocuous printer paper box top covered with a simple folder filled with blank paper, the two pirates of Misato's office descended back to their hideout. Once the elevator doors closed, Rei stepped behind Shinji - who held their concealed prize - and wrapped her arms around him from behind. She stayed hugged to his back until a moment before the door opened on their level. When that happened, she silently stepped to his side, her hand discreetly resting on his elbow as the two headed for the cafeteria for an attempt at breakfast for Asuka and the others.


Aki opened her eyes to see the ceiling of the Presidential Suite's master bedroom. Oooh, that's not good. She thought to herself, feeling her head pound. Still, it's not like I drank a lot. Just a couple of shots of vodka. The tall girl got out of bed, finding that her balance was better than the last time she had woke up with a hangover. Entering the bathroom, she saw that the shower was wet and Rit-chan's one-piece was gone from where the three had washed and hung their suits near the tub. Jogging again? Or maybe out walking her perimeter? Wondered the tall girl. Finishing up, she stepped out of her panties and took her school suit down, swiftly pulling it on. As she picked up her panties, she frowned. Come to think of it, I've only worn my pajamas once since I got here. Mentally shrugging, she put the panties with her other dirty clothes in a small plastic bag to take back with her when they left. Silk sheets feel too nice not to sleep naked. Glancing at the huge bed, she saw that Hikari was still sleeping, the sheets at her waist, revealing her to be at least topless, if not naked. Aki grinned at that and moved into the kitchen/living room area.

As she entered the living room area, she heard a muffled thwack sound from the patio area. Walking over to the glass doors, she saw her host at the tee green, a golf club in hand and a small number of golf balls at her feet, steadily separating them out and driving them into the netting one by one. Aki watched her for a moment, noting the short shorts over her bathing suit, her USP and back up magazines securely tucked into the leather holster and carrier. Her normal over-shirt was nowhere to be seen, so Aki assumed she wasn't planning to go out any time soon. Rit-chan watched as she easily positioned a ball with her club, took her stance and swung, the ball zipping into the net about a quarter of the way from the top. As the ball rolled back to the front of the green, Rit-chan positioned another round and fired.

Sliding the door open, Aki walked over to her friend, noting that Rit-chan had given her a glance as she opened the door. Stopping just behind the elf hunter, Aki waited silently for the girl to send another ball off before she spoke. "Good morning, Rit-chan." Said the tall girl.

"Good morning, Aki. Sleep good?" asked the teen, setting the club down on the green and turning to look at her friend.

"Yeah. But I'm more interested in how you slept, Rit-chan." Said Aki. The talk the three of them had had was enlightening, and a bit frightening.

"I got enough to get by. Besides, the sunrises are awesome here." Replied the girl. Aki considered that.

"We're still worried about you, Rit-chan. You need to be getting more sleep." Said the taller of the two.

"Aki, you aren't my mother." Said Rit-chan without anger. "And I've gone a lot longer than this on reduced sleep. So just concentrate on having a good time, ok?"

"Hard to do when your friend is having a hard time doing the same." Mused Aki.

"Aki." Said Rit-chan, her tone conveying her message. The aspiring model knew the other girl well enough to know that she wouldn't discuss this further. Her eyes fell to the golf gear.

"Where did you get that stuff?" asked the younger girl. Rit-chan accepted the topic change gratefully.

"The front desk told me that they kept a pair of fully-equipped bags for visiting VIPs. I borrowed one. Didn't feel like dealing with anyone this morning on the beach." She answered. "Give it a try." She said, stepping off the green.

"I've never played golf before." Declined Aki.

"Neither have I. It's fundamentally no different from baseball, and I know you can do that." Grinned Rit-chan. "Keep your eye on the ball and swing."

"I don't know." Began Aki.

"The grass feels great, too." Offered Rit-chan, motioning to the real grass on the green. Silently, she handed the other girl a driver. "Here. Hold it like this." She said, beginning her explanation. Five minutes later, Aki was hitting balls pretty good. Of course, there were the odd miss or slice that flew out past the netting and down to the grounds below. Once, the two heard a pained cry from near the pool. Both girls froze, then laughed.

"What's so funny, guys?" asked a sleepy Hikari from the door to the suite. She was in her one-piece suit as well. Aki and Rit-chan turned to her as one and grinned.

"Hi-chan!" they both smiled. Hikari had a strange feeling that she was about to be double-teamed.


"Hey! Inoue!" called out a voice. Rit-chan glanced over to see Touji waving at her from a table in the dining room where the students were lingering over breakfast. Rit-chan and her two headed for the table. Sitting beside Touji was Kensuke, and opposite them were Tomo, Shiori, Reika and Keiko.

"Morning. I trust you had an enjoyable time last night after we left?" said Rit-chan graciously.

"Did we!" began Kensuke. "You should have…mmph!" he was muzzled by Touji, who shoved a roll into his mouth. The four girls rolled their eyes as Kensuke blinked and tried to remove the roll. Rit-chan casually dropped a hand onto the otaku's shoulder, her fingers digging in.

"You do remember my instructions, right Aida?" she said softly as her fingertips began to sink under his collarbone. The boy winced and nodded furious. "Good." Said Rit-chan, her voice still soft. Taking a seat next to Touji, she looked the group over. "You did do as I recommended, didn't you?" she asked, her eyes on Tomo. The girl nodded. Rit-chan nodded back.

"You see something interesting over here, Karasui?" called Aki, noticing a group of boys watching them. The other boys swiftly turned their attention back to their own discussion. Aki sat next to Rit-chan. Hikari spotted the other inchous and moved off to speak with them. "So, what did you want us for?" asked Aki of Touji.

"Did you all hear? Sensei Uchigahiri got hit by a golf ball this morning and is getting checked out at the hospital." Said Kensuke, his roll successfully chewed and swallowed.

"No way!" exclaimed Aki, her eyes artfully wide in supposed surprise. "How did that happen?!"

"I wonder." Whispered Rit-chan drolly. Under the table, she felt Aki lightly pinch her thigh.

"The faculty are meeting to discuss what to do right now. They think it was a student prank that went wrong. They are talking about canceling the field trips and just having lectures for the last three days." Said Tomo.

"And that's not all." Smiled Shiori. "It seems that someone tipped off the faculty that Higano was outside the hotel after curfew, and they went to check on him. He wasn't in his room, so they're going to take disciplinary action on him this morning."

"Any one else caught out after curfew?" asked Rit-chan.

"If you mean your little project, then no. She was accounted for." Said Tomo. "I got to say, you're some piece of work, Ritsuko."

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Tomo." Said Rit-chan, her voice serious. "I'm not even in his class, so what could I have do with his stupidity?"

"I see. You're right; what would you have to do with it?" giggled Tomo.

"Speaking of that, did you…you know, about your little bout of match maker?" asked Shiori.

"Does it matter?" asked Rit-chan, looking the girl in the eye.

"Well, no, but I am curious if it worked or not." Sulked Shiori.

"It worked." Was all Rit-chan said. She suppressed a giggle as she remembered when she had checked on the two about three am. Having found out that they were in Touji and Kensuke's (empty) room, she jimmied the lock and checked on them. Hashimi was sitting on the edge of the bed - naked - with Higano crouched at her feet -also naked, licking her toes. The girl had her panties over his nose and head, and was calling him `slave'. Higano responded by calling her `mistress'. The class rep had numerous bruises on him, some of which could only have come from being whipped. It's always the shy, quiet ones that turn out to be blood-curdling savage dominatrix. Thought the elf hunter. Still, the shampoo bottle up his ass was funny. Her thoughts were interrupted by Tomo.

"Is Hashimi…ok? Higano is an asshole." She said quietly.

"Oh, I don't think we need to worry about Hashimi." Smirked Rit-chan. "Maybe Higano, but not Hashimi."

"You know something you aren't saying, Inoue." Said Reiko, her eyes shrewd.

"Yes, I do." Said Rit-chan. "But it isn't your concern, so forget about it."

"Speaking of Hashimi," said Aki quietly. "Head's up, Rit-chan." The elf hunter glanced up, scanning the room and swiftly spotting Hashimi walking toward them, her bearing back to what it had been before, except for her corrected posture.

"When did she get tits?" wondered Keiko, frowning at the approaching girl.

"Last night. Now be quiet." Admonished Tomo. The girl approached the table and stopped by Rit-chan, bowing to her.

"Miss Inoue, I wish to thank you for your help last night." Said the girl meekly. Rit-chan marveled that a girl who seemed so meek could be so savage.

"It was nothing, Hashimi." Smiled Rit-chan. "I trust you enjoyed your date with Higano?" The quiet girl's cheeks colored.

"Y…yes, Miss Inoue." She stammered.

"Good. It was my pleasure to help you. Are you going to have another date with him?" asked the elf hunter, slipping the girl a wink where the others couldn't see it. The blush spread.

"Yes. I…asked him to meet me tonight. We will…pick up where we left off." She said, her voice almost inaudible with embarrassment.

"That is good to hear, Hashimi. See me before your second date, ok?" grinned Rit-chan. "I have something you will find…useful." Hashimi's eyes brightened at that.

"Anything for you, Miss Inoue!" she practically squealed.

"It's nothing at all. I'll see you later, then." Nodded Rit-chan. Hashimi bowed to her deeply and moved off.

"What was that all about?" asked Aki. Rit-chan's answering smile was an exact duplicate of Asuka's most evil leer.

"Opportunity, my dear Aki, opportunity."

"Um, you're scaring me with that look." Pointed out Aki. Rit-chan just gave her a nasty little laugh.

"Our revenge was well-chosen, my friend." Purred the elf hunter. She turned to the group. "Ok, slight change of plans, guys. Touji, you and Aida are going to be bunking elsewhere tonight. Something's come up that requires your current room assignment. Don't bother moving your stuff, but don't go back there after supper. Got it?" she directed, her voice sounding like an officer ordering her men around.

"Why…" began Kensuke, his voice an odd mix of a whine and curious.

"Not your business, Aida." Rit-chan cut him off. "And before I forget, you need to get with me before you get together as a group again. I have some things you need." She glanced over to the inchou group, and saw Hikari waving at her. "Look, I have to go. Be sure to report to the teacher of today's classes. Later." She swiftly stood and moved off, Aki a step behind her. Hikari met her half way, the three huddled for a moment, then moved off.

"Wonder what she's cooking up in that twisted mind of hers?" wondered Kensuke aloud.

"I don't know, but I bet it's going to be good, whatever it is." Said Tomo.

"What are you talking about, Tomo? Inoue's a bitch, remember? And what does she have that we need?" disagreed Keiko.

"Just come with us when we get done today and you'll see." Said Tomo. "And remember, if you and Reiko hadn't of gone for more ice and booze and forgot to lock the door, we wouldn't have been busted by Higano and had to mess with the principal."

"Hey, we were drunk, ok? Besides, you talked your way out of it, right?" protested Keiko.

Tomo sighed. "Look, you'll find out tonight, so just trust me on this, ok?" Seeing the teachers enter the room, the students fell silent for the verdict of their deliberations.


Breakfast had gone well, the beer had been delivered and the group had gone about their business for the day. Shinji, Asuka and Rei were making themselves scarce since there was a rumor that Akagi had free time, and when the Doctor had free time, it usually meant that there were some sort of tests about to befall the Children. Misato hadn't said anything about the incident that morning, so Shinji was just pretending that nothing had happened as well. Still, he felt that Misato was…disappointed about something. He shrugged it off as just his imagination. Eventually, the three ended up in the massive pool where they had been before the volcano incident.

Rei was in her normal simple white bathing suit, and Asuka had begrudgingly accepted one of Rei's spares, the two girls now lazily swimming in the pool as Shinji watched them. Rei's suit was a bit tight on Asuka, with her bigger build and correspondingly larger hips and chest. Not that that is a bad thing, per se. thought Shinji as he watched the two slowly swim around. The suit Asuka had on was more revealing on her, and her tits and her ass were very high-profile.

"Hey! Come on in, Baka!" called the Fire Goddess from the deep end, treading water as she yelled at him.

"You know I can't swim, Asuka." Said Shinji from his poolside chair. "Besides, I don't have a swimsuit."

"You could always borrow on of Rei's." teased Asuka. "You looked pretty good in my plug suit, after all."

"Um, no thanks." Said Shinji, blushing a bit as he remembered having to wear Asuka's plug suit back to NERV because the tanker transporting Unit 2 had sunk with his and Asuka's clothes on it.

"You need not swim to join us in the pool, Shinji." Came Rei's soft voice. The Ice Goddess was at the edge of the pool by Shinji, standing in the water. "You can enjoy the shallower water."

"But I don't have a swimsuit, Rei." He protested.

"Swimsuits are not necessary for the enjoyment of water, Shinji." Countered Rei.

"Never heard of skinny dipping, Third Child?" taunted Asuka, still treading water.

"But someone could come in here…" he began. "You two have suits, but I would be…"

"We are unlikely to be disturbed, Shinji." Disagreed Rei. "And if you would be more comfortable, I will remove my suit as well. I prefer to swim unclothed in any regard." She added, taking the top of her suit in hand, preparing to remove it.

"Mien Gott, Wondergirl! If you're going to swim naked, then I will too! But only if Baka gets in here too!" she said.

"Agreed." Said Rei simply, watching Shinji. "Please?" she whispered to Shinji.

"I shouldn't…" he began. Rei calmly slipped the straps off her shoulders and tugged her suit down, revealing her breasts. Her eyes locked to his, pleading. Admit it, you want to join them. Taunted that other part of him. You and I both know that, so quit acting like you won't. Sighing, Shinji stood and removed his clothes, Asuka wolf whistling and urging him on as he did so. Rei set her wet suit on the side of the pool and Asuka tossed her water-soaked borrowed suit toward Shinji from her vantage point in the deep end. Shinji stepped to the side of the pool in front of Rei, who stepped back, and gingerly hopped into the water. He found himself all but nose-to-nose with his first lover.

"Relax, and I will instruct you in how to swim." Said Rei softly, a small smile on her lips.

"No, you don't Wondergirl!" came Asuka's contentious voice, the German surfacing beside them. "We'll teach Baka Shinji to swim." Shinji had a feeling that he was in for a long day.


Airi walked the passageways of NERV with a particular destination in mind. She had learned the day before that there was an almost-forgotten sub-node down near the far Eva cages that still had direct links to the MAGI core. Once upon a time, it had been an emergency control bridge, back before any of the Evas were functional. Now, it was simply gathering dust, as it had been abandoned when the current bridge was activated with much greater bandwidth available to the MAGI. Still, this often-overlooked sub-node was still active, and it wasn't logged; or at least, that was what Maya had inadvertently let slip to the crafty actress. Airi had made it a point to befriend the female bridge bunny, and it was paying massive dividends.

In her pocket, the actress had a single hand-written sheet of notes. Part of those notes were the access and log on codes for various people around NERV, from the overly-devoted Chief of Maintenance to Lieutenant Hyuga, from the working log-on used by the Section 2 G2s to the Vice Commander's access code. During her second visit with the old man, over coffee in his office, she had caught a glimpse of a penciled reminder next to his terminal. Like many people did with passwords and log in codes, he had written a reminder, and it was kept handy in case of a `senior moment'. Airi had only gotten a glimpse, but as an actress, her memory was impeccable. Her photographic memory wasn't a handicap, either.

Of course, she had to be very careful about who's log on she used, as she was certain that logging on as the Vice Commander would raise the attention of the MAGI monitoring sub-routines, especially if Fuyutsuki were already logged on in another location. So, she had decided that she would start low and work high, only trying two at a time, staggered over several days. As she walked down the catwalk past the cages, she paused to survey the three Evas - all currently in cryostasis lockdown. Three monsters, three Children. She thought to herself. Looking to her left, she saw more and more of the massive bays, sitting empty. And room for so many more monsters and their Pilots. Not for the first time, she felt a shiver in her spine at the way this place was set up. So much pain and suffering. So much darkness in their world. Her eyes fell to Unit 1, facing her from its bay across from her current location. It almost seemed to be looking directly at her. Slowly, she moved down the catwalk another dozen meters, pausing to look back at Unit 1's face. It still seemed to be watching her. She could almost feel the beast's gaze on her skin. There is something different about that unit. I know it's not like the others. Thought the actress. Resolutely turning her back on the legendary Unit 1, she moved toward her goal, and, hopefully, her answers.


The students were released after lunch to find their own entertainment, with the understanding that they were answerable to the teachers for their behavior. A mass of the students had immediately hit the beach and pool, swiftly becoming engaged in beach volleyball, swimming, sun tanning and gossiping. Another mass had hit the local shops in search of souvenirs and mementos. Hikari had promised to bring her Pilot friends back some nice presents, so her group had chosen to do a little shopping. Rit-chan had handed out some of her stack of bills to each of her friends, telling them to get good stuff instead of junk, and the two had happily agreed. As she was exploring a small shop, Rit-chan had discovered a small display of pre-Second Impact sunglasses, and had bought five pairs of a type of sunglasses that the other two had never heard of. When asked, the elf hunter had just shrugged and told them that she preferred the best equipment, and Gargoyles were her preferred sunglasses.

Aki had come across some stuff she wanted in a local craftsman shop, and Hikari had selected some small charms for Asuka and Rei, prompting questions from her two companions on why she hadn't gotten one for Shinji. Hikari had told them that these charms were for girls, not guys, and she had already decided on his gift. Both Aki and Rit-chan had knowingly winked at her. Hikari had sighed, knowing that she would be in for a steady diet of sly innuendo and teasing about her `gift' for the male pilot.

"Hey, Rit-chan, why are we going in here?" asked Aki, noting the entrance to a small pet shop. "Are we going to be buying you a pet?"

"No. Just a little gift for our project girl." Laughed Rit-chan. Moving past the cages and tanks, she stopped at the leashes and dog collars. A few moments of perusing the items, and she selected a thick, heavy leather collar with nickel studs on it, and a long, braided leather leash, the kind usually used for big-breed dogs of the attack variety. Both Hikari and Aki were looking very curious about to her purchases. They got more curious as she added a riding crop to her selections. Smiling, she dodged all their questions, and side-stepped the shop owner's questions as well.

As the three stopped at a small shop for shaved ice snacks, they decided that they had enough for now, and that they would spend the next few hours at Rit-chan's so-called perfect sun tanning location. When they finished the treats, the three returned to the hotel, dropped off their purchases, changed into their bikinis, grabbed some sunscreen, large towels and drinks, then hit the beach. When the other two saw her location, they had to agree that it was indeed perfect. Of course, it was a five mile hike down the beach, prompting Aki to ask how far Ritsuko had jogged the morning she found it. Rit-chan shrugged. "I jogged until I finished my thoughts." She said.

Ritsuko's spot was a semi-obstructed cove, with a narrow black sand beach and a few boulders sticking up here and there, with a rocky approach to the widest part of the beach, which faced into a submerged grotto of rock. The position of the rocks provided privacy, and the sun had clear access and lots of reflection from the water and sand. There was a spot about the size of the Presidential Suite's patio area that was above the tide line and in the center of a soft of convection oven of sunlight. It was here that the three spread their towels. Kicking off their shorts and over shirts, they folded them into pillows and began to apply tanning lotion to their bodies. Once they were properly covered in the low-protection oil, the three lay back and rested. Rit-chan had made sure that they all brought sunglasses, and she kept her USP under her folded clothing pillow. An hour passed, and the three rolled over. As they did so, Aki took her top off and made her bikini bottoms into a virtual thong, citing suntan lines. She dared the other two to do so as well. Rit-chan had no concern either way, so she simply untied her top and rested face down, her loose strings at her sides. Hikari took a bit more work, but soon, she too was resting topless. Another hour passed, and the girls rolled over, applying a fresh coat of suntan lotion to their naked breasts and fronts. With little sunlight to go, the three decided to remain on their backs until the sun disappeared behind the overhanging rocks. Hikari and Aki dozed easily, but Rit-chan remained awake, her hand resting easily next to her USP.


Shinji and his two `instructors' pulled themselves out of the pool after an hour and a half of his near drowning experience. Still, he had managed to learn not to panic in the water, and to float relatively well. Asuka had declared her intention to make him at least learn to paddle around, and Rei had stated that she would be with him in the water to insure his safety. Asuka had simply given her fellow pilot a disgruntled sniff before moving off to shower off the chlorine. Rei had enquired if he desired to shower with her or not. Shinji was no fool; he accepted her offer, collecting their clothing as he did so.

After a most excruciating shower - made so by his dick wanting to stay steel hard because of the presence of the two naked females he was with, the three had gone in search of food. Cafeteria food was not acceptable to Asuka, and so the three had ended up on the bridge, where the Pilots had managed to get the malleable Hyuga to order them some take-out Chinese, and to volunteer to go get it. It was Asuka's observation that Misato couldn't help but look favorably on him if he were to demonstrate his responsible nature to her in regards to seeing to the well-being of the Pilots under her command. Poor bastard. Thought Shinji, as the man ordered the food and made arrangements to have it picked up and brought to the bridge. He never stood a chance against her. It would take about an hour for the food to arrive, leaving the three with free time.

Free time was a dangerous thing for the three to have.


Rit-chan and her two companions were vegging in front of the massive TV, munching on snacks when the front desk rang the suite to inform her that there was a party of people requesting to see her. Glancing at the clock, she noted that it was barely an hour past supper. "Shit, they're in a rush, aren't they?" muttered the older girl, giving the front desk her approval to send them up.

"Who is it?" asked Aki, flipping the channel to a fresh show. The old one was grating on her nerves, being some insipient fool who couldn't seem to understand the rules of the game. The new channel was some sort of insane physical challenge show. Still, the guys were cute enough, with ripped bodies and chiseled physiques.

"Tomo and her band of merry fuckers." Said Rit-chan, setting the suite phone back down. The elf hunter and her two friends had showered and changed into loose shirts and panties, feeling that not-quite-burned feeling of having spent the perfect amount of time in the sun. It was agreed that they would veg tonight, and go clubbing tomorrow night. Aki was sitting in the center of the couch, with her two friends on either side of her. The coffee table in front of the three teens was all but buried in snacks and drinks.

In short order, a knock at the door indicated that the group had arrived, and Rit-chan rose to let them in. When she opened the door, USP in hand, she saw that Tomo had brought her other two friends with her. "Come on in." she said, tossing her head toward the apartment, where her two friends were watching the group over the back of the couch. The six people did as instructed.

"Holy shit! Look at all that booze!" exclaimed Keiko. "There's more here than at the local wine shop!" The teen began to examine the labels. Reiko joined her, `oohing' and `aahing' over the variety of alcohol. Tomo gave them a glance, then turned to Ritsuko.

"What did you need to see us about?" she asked her new ally.

Rit-chan tossed her head toward her two friends, who had picked up a bottle of 180 proof bourbon. "Do they know about what happened?" she asked quietly.

"Not the details, but they know we got burned. If they hadn't been lucky, they'd have been burned, too. Besides, you seem to want to have a word with all of us." Said Tomo. Turning to her two friends when she heard the sound of glass-on-glass, she said "Hey! Ask first!"

Reiko and Keiko downed their respective shots of bourbon, then looked to Rit-chan. "May we have some, please?" they asked in unison, their tones mocking. Rit-chan's eyes narrowed a bit.

"If I say no, are you going to vomit it back up?" she asked them. The two blinked. "Don't get drunk in my room, you two. Other than that, who cares?" she said, turning back to Tomo.

"I have something for all four of you, and I suggest that you use them as soon as possible." Turning toward the bedroom, she caught Kensuke and Touji jerking their heads back up straight. "Look, assholes." She snapped at them, "If I even think you're trying to look at my panties, I'll toss your sorry asses off my goddamn roof, got it?"

"Same for me." Chimed in Hikari.

"May as well go with the flow." Smiled Aki.

"Prissy little ice queens." Muttered Reiko. Tomo turned to her friend, fire in her eyes. Before she could speak, Rit-chan began to laugh.

"Ice queens? Us? You got the wrong address, girl." She laughed. Aki was snickering as well, while Hikari was frowning at the two girls doing shots at the bar. "Step this way, Tomo." She chuckled, shaking her head. As the younger girl followed her into the bedroom, Rit-chan shut the door behind them. Crossing to her bag from the other night, she withdrew the test kits. Tomo's eyes widened.

"You're kidding, right?" she asked, blushing a bit.

"Not even a little. You and your three friends have been having unprotected sex with multiple partners, so the probability of you or them being pregnant is very high. Unless you have medical conditions preventing such an occurrence?" replied the teen levelly. Tomo shook her head.

"No, but I don't usually have sex unless it's on my safe days." She said.

"Remember that `safe' days is just a guideline, and not an absolute condition. Also, you drink when you party, and I doubt that Shodo cares if you're safe or not when he wants to fuck you. Correct?" surmised Rit-chan. Wordlessly, Tomo nodded. "Thought so. Now, one at a time, or all together?" she asked, indicating the four kits.

Tomo blinked. "You mean now?" she asked, her tone nervous.

"No time like the present. You're due for your period soon anyway, right?" replied Rit-chan, handing her a kit. "Bathroom's that way." She said, pointing to the master bath. Tomo stood still.

"Five minutes, and you'll know for sure. Unless you want company?" pressed Rit-chan. Tomo shook her head, heading for the bathroom. Rit-chan sat at the foot of the bed and checked her watch. Five minutes later, Tomo exited the bathroom, a relieved look on her face. Holding up the test stick, she revealed a bar, not a stripe. Having read the instructions before hand, Rit-chan knew that that meant negative results. "Go get one of your friends and send them in." said Rit-chan, smiling at the younger girl. Tomo nodded, tossed the stick and exited the room. A few moments later, Shiori entered, looking confused.

"Tomo said you had something for me?" she blinked.

"Correct. And here it is." Said Rit-chan, tossing her the second kit.

"But I…" began the girl. Rit-chan repeated her comments to Shiori, then ordered her into the bathroom. Seven minutes later, Rit-chan sighed, having a feeling that she knew why Shiori wasn't out yet. Opening the door, she saw Shiori sitting on the toilet, holding the stick and trying to keep from crying. A single glance showed Rit-chan the problem: a stripe ran down the test area.

"First of all, don't get bent out of shape. We'll get you another test kit the day before we leave, and double check the results. Second of all, begin to assemble a list of who you've been with since you last period and keep it handy; we might need it. Third, you need to decide before we return if you can trust your family doctor with this information. If not, well, there are ways around this problem. Finally, do not do anything rash. I mean that. For all we know, this is the one test out of a thousand that is in error. Got it?" Shiori nodded dumbly. "Good. Now splash your face with cold water and send me the next girl in your group." Rit-chan watched as Shiori got organized and departed, her test stick in the trash next to Tomo's. It was four minutes before Reiko stuck her head in the door.

"Hey, what'd you do to Shiori?" she asked.

"I didn't do anything to her; this did." Said Rit-chan, tossing the girl the third kit. It took six minutes and some threats to get Reiko into the bathroom. Rit-chan heard Reiko making noises at the four minute mark and shook her head. Entering the bathroom, she saw Reiko doing a victory dance. "Congratulations, now send me the last one." Deadpanned Rit-chan, glancing at the stick as it sailed into the trash. Bar, not stripe.

Keiko breezed into the room a short while later, holding out her hand. Wordlessly, Ritsuko handed her the kit and the cocky girl disappeared into the bathroom. Ten minutes later, Rit-chan checked on her. The girl was holding the stick in her shaking hands, a wide stripe running the length of the stick. Rit-chan repeated her warnings to the girl, who seemed to be lost in her own world of trouble. Grabbing the girl's shoulders, Rit-chan administered a hard shake, gaining her attention. As she repeated herself once more, the other girl nodded obediently. Once she was satisfied that the girl had heard her, she sent her to get Tomo for her. When the ringleader of the four appeared, she looked a bit tense. Rit-chan wiggled her finger at the other girl, bidding her to come sit on the bed with her.

"Who?" was all Tomo had to say.

"Shiori and Keiko." Said Rit-chan without preamble. "We're going to retest them both the day after tomorrow, and depending on what we find, they're going to have to make some choices." Said the older girl.

"You must be happy; seeing Keiko getting knocked on her ass like this." Said Tomo, her tone a bit bitter.

"Actually not, Tomo." Contradicted Rit-chan. "I told you before, I oddly enough want to help you all."

"You did know that Keiko and I had come up with the idea of Kodo and Shodo getting you all pregnant if you lost the challenge, right?" said Tomo, her tone thick with emotion. "Ironic that Keiko got burned instead."

"There was never a chance you all could have won that challenge, Tomo." Said Rit-chan seriously. "And even if there were, I'm not the kind to gloat over a misfortune like this happening to a 14 year old girl." Tomo was silent. After a few minutes, Rit-chan spoke again. "Any idea of who the father might be? In either case?"

"Shiori, well, it's really between two guys, as she doesn't do a lot of guys at one time. One is a businessman in Tokyo 3, who pays her to be his `date', and another is a senior at school, who makes sure she always gets good grades." Said Tomo. "Keiko really only has one real possibility, and that's Kodo. She had a visit from her grandmother that kept her on her best behavior for the last two weeks, and before that, the only one she slept with after her last period was Kodo, when we all had a party at his place."

"How well do you know them, Tomo?" asked Rit-chan levelly.

"What do you mean?" asked the leader.

"Are they going to be able to make rational choices about this situation, or are things going to get messy?" asked Rit-chan levelly.

"Shiori should be ok. She's the nominal voice of reason in our group. Keiko is a bit more high-strung. And I think she'll blame Asuka for this entire episode, as she was the one that proposed the challenge." Answered the younger girl.

"Is she a threat to the safety of the Pilots?" asked the older teen immediately. Tomo was a while in answering.

"She…might be." She said at last.

"You do realize what that means, right?" said Ritsuko, her tone measured. Tomo stared at her.

"Please let me deal with this, Inoue. I think I can get her under control." Said the younger girl uneasily.

Rit-chan considered it. "Tell you what," she decided at last. "I'll let you do what you can until we return. If she's still angry at Asuka, then I'll have to consider telling Captain Katsuragi about the possible danger she presents to the Pilots. Good enough?" she said.

"But if you tell NERV, then she'll be…" began Tomo.

"Look, Tomo. There is more at stake here than one spoiled girl's inability to handle the consequences of her own actions. If the Pilots are hurt or incapacitated and an Angel defeats them, then we all die. Is that clear enough for you? I'm sorry if it's harsh, but that's the final equation, Tomo." Interrupted Rit-chan. Silently, Tomo nodded reluctantly.

"Ok, then. Here's the other thing I got you all." Said Rit-chan, handing her the bag with the two boxes of condoms in them. Earlier, Rit-chan had removed about six condoms from one box for her project girl's use. "You are welcome to stay here for a bit, or go back to your room, which ever." Said Rit-chan, standing and helping Tomo up. Together, they exited the room. In the living room, they found Aki and Hikari watching TV, with Touji, Kensuke, Shiori and Reiko watching as well. Apparently, there was some kind of betting going on, as there was a small stack of bills on the table.

"Come on! Move your gay ass!" yelled Touji, apparently rooting for one of the guys madly scrambling up a steep hill of loose rock. Behind him, three more guys were feverously working their way up the hill.

"Forget it, Touji-chan." Taunted Reiko. "That fairy will never make it."

"You're telling me!" gloated Kensuke. "My man 23 is gonna win!"

"Not if he keeps falling like that." Sniffed Shiori as the man in the number 23 jersey slid down the hill.

"Aww, man!" groaned Kensuke, slapping a hand to his head. "What a fucking pussy." He moaned.

"It doesn't matter who you pick, Aida." Laughed Aki. "They're all going to fail."

"I don't know, Aki-chan." Disagreed Hikari. "Number 7 is nearly there."

"Stop fucking off and move your ass, number 7!" yelled Reiko. "Come on! Move it! You're almost there!"

The buzzer sounded with number 7 still a few feet short of the top. Aki giggled and grabbed the money. "Thank you!" she said, her voice dripping sugar. She began to count the bills.

"Alright, Wakirihara! Double or nothing on the next challenge!" said Reiko, slapping down another stack of bills. "And this time, I'm picking number 33 as the overall winner!"

"Well now, I'll cover that bet." Smiled Aki, counting out a stack of bills and slapping it down next to Reiko's stack. "Bets are now open. Any takers?" she smiled at the others. A few moments passed as the stats of each player scrolled over the screen between matches.

"I'm in for 1500 on number 16 for first." Said Shiori, tossing some notes to the table. Giggling, Aki counted out another batch of bills, placing it beside the bills from Shiori.

"New bets, anyone?" she smiled. "Tomo?" she asked pleasantly.

"No thanks you." Said Tomo. "I learned a long time ago not to bet blind."

"Suzahara? Aida?" she asked urbanely.

"Uh, give me 1500 on 23." Said Touji, dropping a few notes on the table.

"Wimp." Sneered Kensuke. "The most probable winner is 7."

"I don't see your money on the table, `suke. How about putting your money where your mouth is?" taunted Touji. "Or are you just shooting off your mouth again?"

"Oh, yeah?" retorted Kensuke. "How about this, then?" he said, pulling out a wad of money and tossing it all onto the table. "Hey, Wakirihara, give me triple or nothing on 7." He said pugnaciously.

"Sure." Chirped Aki, tossing her handful of money onto the table next to his. Seeing the contestants line up, she started to announce the close of betting, but Rit-chan interrupted her.

"Give me and Tomo 2500 on number 7 to finish third." Said the elf hunter, tossing a couple of bills to the table. "And give us another 2500 on number 33 to finish second." She added, tossing another couple of bills.

"I can't cover that on the front, Rit-chan." Warned Aki.

"No problem. You'll have all the money on the table but ours to pay us with." Smiled Rit-chan.

"You're not betting on first place?" asked Hikari, considering her friend.

"No. There are too many chances for things to go wrong with that position." Replied Rit-chan cryptically.

"What's that supposed to mean, Inoue?" asked Touji.

"Shut up and watch." Commanded Aki. The final challenge was an obstacle course, and early on, it looked like a win for number 7, with 16 in second and 33 in third.

"Looks like you're off today, Rit-chan." Commented Aki, seeing the men finish the course.

"We'll go with the official standings, Aki." Said Rit-chan confidently. As the last man crossed the line, the judges announced their decisions. Everyone but Rit-chan gasped when the course judges announced that number 7 had missed a goal on the course, and was being given a 10 second penalty, pushing him to third place. Ritsuko's evil laughter was heard over her friend's shocked silence.

"Well, it looks like Shiori, Tomo and I are the big winners." She said, patting Tomo on the shoulder and smiling at Shiori.

"You cheated!" accused Kensuke, his tone upset.

"How could I have cheated, brain donor?" asked Rit-chan sweetly. "This is a live broadcast, numb nuts."

"I…I don't know, but there's no way you got both bets right!" pouted the boy.

"You do know that gambling is a game of chance, right?" said Tomo, picking up her money.

"When you gamble, you have to go with your instincts." Agreed Shiori.

"But…that was all the money I have for the trip." Said Kensuke, crushed.

"Don't bet what you can't afford to lose, Aida." Said Rit-chan.

"Don't worry, Kensuke." Smiled Touji. "You could always sell your body for money."

"Not to any girls here, Touji." Said Aki.

"I was thinking of some of the guys." Said Touji.

"WHAT?!" screamed Kensuke. "You asshole! Why would I sell myself to a bunch of fags?!"

"For money, what else?" blinked Shiori as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Yeah, a lot of them go for that nerdy loser look, too." Added Aki. "You know, like straight guys go for the schoolgirl thing."

"In other words, Kensuke could trade on his schoolboy looks?" asked Shiori, smiling a bit.

"I suppose that he might be able to find some customers that way." Agreed Aki. "After all, if guys will fuck livestock, then there should be a few who would do Kensuke." The four-eyed weapons otaku was nearing explosion level, his face beet red.

"Hey, Suzahara." Commanded Rit-chan. "Better go toss Aida into the pool; he's about to burst a vein in my living room." Touji looked at Kensuke and nodded.

"Good idea." He said, grabbing Kensuke and dragging him out the door to the pool, where he promptly tossed the smaller boy into the deep end. Kensuke came up sputtering and yelling at Touji, who just stood there laughing at him. Before long, the two were wrestling around the pool, the girls watching them from inside the living room.

"This is better than pro wrestling." Commented Hikari, giggling as Kensuke managed to break Touji's balance and send them both into the pool.

"The fighting is more believable, anyway." Agreed Aki. Just then, the suite phone rang. Picking it up, Rit-chan listened, then gave an affirmative answer before hanging up the phone. "Hashimi is on her way up." She said quietly to the girls. "Do me a favor and step outside for a moment, Tomo, Reiko, Shiori." Both nodded, and Rit-chan stepped into the bedroom and gathered the second bag up. When Hashimi knocked on the door to the suite, Rit-chan answered it, allowing the girl to step into the suite before handing her the bag. Hashimi looked inside the bag and began to smile like a girl who had just won the miss universe pageant. With a deep bow, she began to thank Rit-chan profusely. Rit-chan demurred the praise, telling her to have a good time. With another deep bow, Hashimi turned to go. As she stepped out into the short hall leading to the elevator, she turned back and whispered in Rit-chan's ear, blushing like a red rose as she did so. Rit-chan once more demurred, wishing her a good night and closing the door.

Outside, things had gotten calmer, with Touji and Kensuke just horse playing around the pool. Seeing Rit-chan bid her other visitor good night, Tomo, Reiko and Shiori stepped back into the suite. "Everything ok with the other project?" asked Tomo.

"Yes, it's turning out better than expected." Mused Rit-chan. "Are you going to stay or go?" she asked Tomo.

"We better go find Keiko." Said Tomo softly. Rit-chan nodded.

"Good choice." She said. Crossing to the bar, she took down a bottle of vodka and a bottle of schnapps, handing them to Tomo silently. Nodding, the girl slipped them into the bag with the condoms. "Use wisely." She said softly to Tomo. "Do you have a deck of cards?" she asked. Tomo shook her head.

"Hey, Aki-chan." She called to her tall friend.

"Yo." Replied Aki, glancing back over the couch at her older friend.

"We have a deck of cards, right?" she said.

"Yeah. A couple, as a matter of fact. Why?" asked the tall girl, leaning forward and rummaging around the table.

"Toss me a pack." Said Rit-chan. Aki did so, and Rit-chan added it to the bag. "I suggest you and the others play some cards, relax and try to put the situation into perspective. The principal won't be looking for you, so keep your door locked, and you should be fine."

"Thanks, Inoue." Said Tomo softly. Rit-chan waved it off.

"Get your two boy toys out of my place without soaking the carpet and we'll call it even. See you in the morning." Smiled Rit-chan, settling on the couch again. Tomo went outside and told the two to get out of the pool and wring the water out of their clothes because they were going to play some cards. Within ten minutes, the group was alone again, watching television and talking quietly. Thirty minutes later, Ritsuko Inoue was asleep, her head on Aki's lap and Hikari cuddled in her arms like a body pillow.


Misato yawned as she approached the room Shinji was assigned, feeling the effects of a very long 18-hour day. As she opened the door, she didn't hear the sounds of the fighting game the Children had been playing earlier, so she hoped that it meant that they were asleep. Slipping into the room, she closed the door and waited for her eyes to adjust to the light in the room. When they did, she noted a single lump in the bed. Misato felt herself smile. My Shin-chan is asleep already. Thought the Captain. Silently, she eased herself out of her clothes, her skirt, shirt and jacket dropping carelessly to the floor. As she rolled off her hose and tugged her panties off, she carefully set her USP within easy reach. Man, I'm beat. She mused as she reached behind herself and unfastened her bra, dropping it to the floor as she padded to the bed and slipped in with her Shinji. Hopefully, I'll get another good night's sleep. Last night was the best sleep I've gotten in years! Slowly, she pressed herself to her pilot, her arms creeping around his chest and drawing him closer to her. Almost of its own will, one of her hands dropped to his groin, teasingly caressing his manhood. Maybe tomorrow morning he'll feel a bit more adventurous. I had thought he'd at least feel me up or maybe even pet me a bit, but he just slipped out of bed, and kissed me before he left. Thought the Captain, yawning again. Maybe…maybe he just thinks of me as a dirty old woman, who just can't keep her hands off him. What if he starts to avoid me because he thinks I'm going to molest him? God, I couldn't stand it if he stopped being kind to me! Maybe this was a mistake after all… Her long day took its toll and Misato fell asleep on that depressing thought.


Goddamn, I can't believe how good Baka is at making me cum! Thought Asuka as she exited the bathroom. Her legs were trembling and she was weak from the effects of her little `exercise' with Shinji. Once she had managed to get Wondergirl gone, she had all but dragged Shinji to her room and began to kiss him, which led to petting, which led to her current state. In a little over an hour and a half, she had came close to passing out from her powerful orgasms twice, and her entire body now felt like lead. Getting into bed was a challenge, but she made it, falling unconscious in less than a half minute.

She has taken great pleasure in his companionship. Noted Rei, silently entering the room after she heard Asuka fall into bed. She herself had just come from a visit with her Shinji, a visit that had included sex, but consisted mostly of prolonged physical contact. Though Rei desired as much intercourse with her Shinji as she could arrange, she was satisfied with being in close contact with him, preferably while they were both naked. A situation that often leads to sexual intercourse; it is an agreeable situation. Smiled the mysterious girl. After a brief pit stop in the bathroom, she too eased into her bed, hearing Asuka's steady breathing. Laying back on her pillow, her hand instinctively came to rest gently on her lower belly, where she once more held a small part of her lover deep in her womb. A small smile on her lips, the First Child surrendered to sleep.


Airi sat by a door leading out of the pyramid-shaped HQ of NERV, considering the trees growing underground in the Geofront. She had learned a lot this day, and it only served to teach her two things: first, she had been correct in assuming that the more she learned, the less she would like it; and secondly, that the more answers she found, the more questions came up.

"Been here long?" asked a man's voice from behind her. Airi glanced over to see Kaji standing near the door, hands in his pockets and wearing a cocky smile.

"Mister Kaji, aren't you supposed to be out rooting out the last of these terrorists?" said Airi, her tone distant.

"I've come to report to Commander Ikari. Good news, Airi: by tomorrow night, you should be back at Misa-chan's place." Said the spy, giving the actress a lady-killer smile.

"Mmm." Was her reply. God, he's so much like an older Junpei, I think I'm going to be sick.

"What do you say to a drink after I report? I know a good place that serves the best wine in all Japan." He offered.

"I'm very busy, mister Kaji." Demurred Airi. She felt him lean down to her ear.

"The conversation would prove very…enlightening, as well." He whispered. Airi turned and studied his eyes for a moment.

"I doubt that you have anything worth hearing, seeing as you work for NERV's commander." She said softly, her eyes intent on his.

"Possibly true." He allowed. "But there is only one way to be sure, is there not?" he smiled, turning for the door. "I'll look for you at the main garage by the Express Car Train when I'm done with the Commander. If you're not there, then I'll just have to assume you aren't interested in sharing a glass of wine with me." The door shut behind him, leaving Airi to think. Eventually, she stood and stretched before ambling back inside.


"Damn it." Was the first thing Hikari said when she opened her eyes and found herself beside Aki, the two of them the only ones in the bed. "Not again." Scanning the room, she slid out of the silk sheet's embrace and headed for the bathroom. Does that girl ever sleep the night through? Wondered the class rep irritably as she relieved herself. She and Aki had been sure that they finally had her, seeing as how she fell asleep with them on the couch. But nnooo, not her! Carped Hikari silently. We wake up and she's gone. Again. I swear to god, if she doesn't stay put the entire night, I'll tie her to me and Aki! Standing, she stretched and padded into the shower. As the warm water sprayed over her, she sighed. Still, I'm going to have to see if Kodama can find a way to swing the money free for silk sheets; they're the best!

The three of them had fallen asleep in front of the television, cuddled up like stuffed animals. About a half past one, they had awoken again long enough to go to bed, the three of them mostly sleep-walking. Shedding their shirts and panties, the three had climbed into bed and been asleep again practically before they hit the pillows. Now, several hours later, Hikari and Aki woke up alone, Rit-chan already gone. Hikari rinsed the shampoo from her hair, ducked under the spray to make sure no traces would get in her eyes and then looked to where the three kept their swimsuits. She saw three one-piece suits, Aki's two bikinis, her two bikinis, and one of Rit-chan's. So, she's in her bikini today, then. Thought the brown-haired girl, lathering up her body sponge with soap. Fifteen minutes later, Aki walked into the bathroom, rubbing her eyes and hiding a yawn. Hikari was about done, but was just enjoying the warm water pouring over her shoulders.

"Morning, Hi-chan." Said the tall girl, stepping into the shower. Hikari handed her the shampoo without comment. "Thanks. Seen our insomniac yet?" she asked, pouring out some shampoo into her hand.

"No. But she's in her bikini, so she's probably out running again." Noted Hikari.

"Shit. We were supposed to go with her. Better hurry this up." Muttered Aki, increasing the pace of her morning hygiene.

"We don't even know which way she went, Aki-chan." Said Hikari, stepping out of the shower and reaching for her own bikini. It was one Shinji had given her high marks in, and she felt herself blush a bit at the memory of his involuntary dick-twitch at the sight of her in the minimal bikini. Too bad you aren't here to enjoy it, Shinji! Thought the girl. Still, I've got a special present for you when I get back! Stopping her hentai thoughts for the moment, she stepped into the bottoms and settled them comfortably on her hips. Reaching for the top, she wrapped it around her breasts and tied it off, making a few small adjustments to the fit. Behind her, the shower stopped and a moment later, Aki's dripping hand reached over her shoulder to take her bikini down from the drying hooks. Hikari watched silently as Aki swiftly donned her suit, cursing a bit as she had a moment of trouble getting her chest comfortable in her suit top. Once she was settled, she gave herself the once-over in the mirror.

"Ok, then. Let's go find our Rit-chan." She said to Hikari.

It turned out that finding Rit-chan wasn't as difficult as they expected. In fact, as the two exited the hotel lobby, they saw a very familiar form standing silently by pillar, looking out over the rising sun and Pacific Ocean. The two exchanged looks, altering their course slightly to bring them to her side. As they approached, they heard her voice, soft and low. Looking closer, they saw that she had her cell phone to her ear, apparently listening to whoever was calling. The two slowed and made sure their approach was silent as they struggled to hear whatever she was saying. They had limited success as they heard her parting words before she lowered the phone and ended the connection: "Yeah, I miss you too. See you soon."

"Secret boyfriend?" asked Aki, smiling innocently as Rit-chan turned to go into the hotel, putting her face to face with her friend. She didn't so much as blink.

"No." was all she said, stepping around her taller friend and moving back into the lobby. Her two friends turned to follow her.

"Um, sorry we missed the exercise this morning." Offered Hikari.

"Don't sweat it." Smiled Rit-chan, giving them a brief smile. "I ended up just jogging to the point and back, so you didn't miss much."

"What? You only jogged two miles this morning?" asked Aki, faking shocked outrage.

"Do you two want a quiet breakfast or would you prefer to eat with the savages?" asked Rit-chan, ignoring the bait. Hikari and Aki exchanged looks.

"Quiet breakfast. It'll give us a chance to talk." Said Hikari. The three entered the elevator to the penthouse. Breakfast that morning was cereal and sweet rolls, with a coffee chaser for Aki, soda for Hikari and a frozen fruit smoothie for Rit-chan. Aki set her coffee cup down and considered Rit-chan for a moment before she spoke.

"If you want to be alone, Rit-chan, just tell us and we'll give you space." She said levelly.

"You're fine." Was all Rit-chan said, slowly sipping at her frozen drink.

"If we're fine, why don't you sleep the night through with us?" asked Hikari.

Rit-chan was silent for several heartbeats. "Because I have a lot on my mind, and sleep doesn't seem to be easy for me right now." She said at last.

"You do know that solving the problems of Tomo and her group is not a required activity, right?" pointed out Aki. "If you're spread that thin helping them, then maybe it's time to let them clean their own house, hmm?"

"Believe it or not, working on their problem allows me to relax a bit." Grimaced Rit-chan. After all, their problems are so…pedestrian.

"When's the last time you got laid, Rit-chan?" asked Aki calmly. Hikari choked on her soda, but Rit-chan didn't even bat an eyelid.

"Immaterial." She said simply, leaning over to slap Hikari on the back a time or three.

"Not from where I'm sitting, dear Ritsuko." Cooed Aki. Her face turned serious. "You're wound tight as a catapult, Rit-chan. If you don't blow off some steam, you're going to explode."

"I doubt that sex would help me any at this juncture." Muttered Rit-chan. Unbidden, a mental picture of Shinji popped into her mind. Or maybe it would…her thoughts were interrupted by the suite phone ringing. Reaching out, she picked it up and picked up the call. A few moments later, she thanked the person calling and set the phone back down.

"Well?" asked the two girls facing her as Rit-chan went back to her frozen treat.

"Well what?" asked Rit-chan blankly.

"What was the call about?" prompted Hikari, sensing that Rit-chan was being deliberately difficult.

"The front desk called to tell me that the teaching staff has cancelled the morning lecture." She said simply. "We're free to do as we will for the morning."


Misato yawned and held out her cup for a refill of coffee as she sat in the briefing room, surrounded by perhaps a dozen of Section 2's best goons. Kaji was making lewd comments to her, which was making her feel a bit queasy, as she was still way short on sleep. And beer, for that matter. Still, this was an important task. Kaji had managed to get a fix on the terrorist that had tried to take her Pilot's lives, especially her Shinji's life. Sitting between her feet was a duffle bag stuffed with body armor, comm. gear, goggles, balaclava, gloves, protective breathing gear and weapons. For this mission, her USP would be in a strictly supportive role, as she was packing a NERV-issue suppressed, collapsing stock MP-5/10A3 submachine gun chambered in the far more potent 10mm Auto cartridge. She had eight, thirty-round magazines packed with 155 grain +P+ hollow point candy grams to give to the sons of bitches that had taken a shot at her Children.

The thought of Shinji made her grimace a bit more. She had been sleeping soundly in their shared bed when her cell phone had awakened her. Mumbling curses, she had managed to locate the thing and answered it, hoping that Shinji wouldn't awaken. The call had been brief, telling her a pre-mission briefing was going to be called thirty minutes from then and that her presence was necessary. Ending the call, she had taken a moment to pull herself together. Checking Shinji had shown her that he had been partially awakened by her cell phone, but wasn't even out of his dream world. Making some unintelligible sounds, he had sought to regain the comfort he had lost when Misato had shifted to answer the call. A smile crossed Misato's lips even now as she remembered the Third Child's sleeping actions. Still more asleep than awake, he had moved over to where she lay at the edge of the bed and snuggled into her ample chest. For more than ten minutes, Misato had simply lay there, stoking his hair and watching him sleeping peacefully.

But, she eventually had to get up; there was work to do. And she wanted to be done before he was awake, so he wouldn't have to know she had killed the ones that the girls had missed. He just doesn't need to know about them. She rationalized to herself. He needs to concentrate on his piloting and killing the angels rather than on my hunting down the bastards who shot at him and the girls. Just then, the lead agent for the early-morning raid entered and called the briefing to order. It only took about fifteen minutes to go over the intel and plan out the positions and responsibilities of the raid. After all, unlike police operations, this was a strictly search-and-destroy mission. And unlike counter-terrorist military operations, Commander Ikari had ordered this to be a black mission. No record of any type would ever be made of its existence. With the briefing done, Misato mentally reviewed her assigned tasks as she donned her armor and gear. Clothed for work, she pulled the submachine gun up and seated a magazine in the well, smacking it to make sure it was locked into the weapon, then brought the gun to her shoulder and checked the sighting system. Everything was green, so she followed the rest of the strike team out the door and toward the plain delivery vans that would take them to their target.

Time to punch the clock, Misato. Thought the Captain. There's work to be done.


Airi awoke about noon, having slept in later than normal. Celsia was up and about already; or rather, she was standing in the shower, with hot water pouring over her naked form. In spite of her repeated exposure to modern conveniences, the elf still had a fascination with the whole warm-water-on-demand concept of the shower. Stepping into the bathroom, Airi paused to consider the blonde elf standing under the warm spray.

"Enjoying yourself, Celsia?" she asked.

"Oh! Good morning, Airi!" exclaimed the High Priestess, opening her eyes and seeing Airi considering her. "This is truly a marvel! I must find out how this works so I can have this installed in my and Annette's residences in the temple!"

"I'm not sure how successful that would be." Murmured Airi, thinking of all the technologies that went into the plumbing and heating and controlling of the flow of the water; technologies that she had not seen in the elf world in her year of questing there. Celsia was not listening to her, instead the long-eared woman was busily lathering up her skin with the lilac and apple-blossom body shampoo that Asuka had left there when she and Shinji had been synch training in the room.

"I can understand what you and Rit-chan were talking about now, Airi." Said the elf as she finished lathing up her legs and stepped back under the showerhead. "I would miss this level of comfort as well."

"Bathing in cold streams and wooden tubs isn't as nice when you're accustomed to something more intricate." Agreed Airi. Not to mention the lack of flushing toilets. Thank god that Rit-chan isn't like most schoolgirls; I doubt that any schoolgirl but her could cope so well with the sudden loss of all things technological. My Rit-chan just treated it like a camping trip and moved on with the task at hand. Airi felt herself smile at another memory. Junpei is such a pussy; the way he bitched and sniveled about having to take a dump in the woods, while Rit-chan didn't even mention that she was on her period. The actress found that she was proud of her partner's tough and optimistic nature. I know that she's been my inspiration on more than one occasion.

"I wish Annette could try this out. It's amazing!" continued Celsia. Airi shook off her introspective moment and smiled at the elf.

"Would you willing give Akagi another elf to experiment on? If there were two of you, she'd probably dissect one of you." She pointed out to the blonde. The elf froze.

"You're right. That bitch would give anything to cut me into steaks." Growled the elf. Her moment of introspection faded away as she glanced at Airi, standing just outside the shower. "Hey, come on in, Airi. Plenty of room for two." She offered. Airi had been forced into close proximity with Celsia and Rit-chan far more often than she cared to remember in the last year and was no longer sensitive to being close with them. She stepped into the shower and ducked her head under the spray, sighing a bit as she felt her head clear a bit. Leaning her head forward, she rested her forehead against the tiled wall, letting the shower water fall over her shoulders and run down her back. Feeling a touch on her back, she flinched. "Sorry. Are you sore or something?" came Celsia's voice from behind her, where she was running the body sponge over Airi's back.

"No, I just wasn't expecting it." Said the actress. "Still, it feels good." She added, feeling her waking muscles relax and warm up. Celsia reached forward, her hand holding the sponge working up to Airi's neck and beginning to scrub back along her sides. Airi felt the elf's curiously smooth skin press into her rear and thighs as the elf worked her way back to the actress's hips. I wonder if she realizes that this would be considered flirting or foreplay here? Wondered the actress, having learned that the elf world had different social customs.

"I meant to ask you where you were earlier, Airi." Came the elf's voice.

"What?" frowned Airi, raising her head and turning to face the elf. Celsia began to lather up Airi's chest.

"You came in real early this morning. I wanted to ask what you were up to." Said the elf. "I'm pretty sure that we fell asleep playing that game you called `cards'."

"Oh, that. I just had a little walk to clear my mind." Smiled Airi. Seeing Celsia about to say something, Airi lunged forward and grabbed Celsia, putting her lips next to Celsia's ear. "They're watching and listening." She hissed to her elf comrade, her voice almost sub vocal. Celsia stilled. Airi eased back from Celsia, feeling her nipples slide along the elf's breasts. Shit. I didn't know I was that horny. She thought as she felt her nipples harden at the silky contact. Maybe I should take a brief break and get laid soon. Her thoughts were interrupted by Celsia returning to her washing of Airi's chest, seemingly concentrating on her breasts. Feeling herself grow excited and wet, she amended her thought. I definitely need to get laid before too long if this is turning me on.


Misato stepped off the van, tired but very satisfied. Behind her, she heard the thump of one of the two survivors of the terrorist cell being booted out onto the concrete floor of the NERV garage floor. Section 2 would be questioning him, and they would have a report ready soon. For now, she wanted sleep; and her Shinji for a pillow if she could manage to arrange it. Unlikely, given the time of day. she mentally groused. Still, this was a good morning's work.

The two vans had driven silently to a small building on the outskirts of Tokyo 3. When they got there, the team had unloaded quietly and gone to their pre-assigned positions. Misato had been paired with Kaji, which irritated her, but was also reassuring as she knew him well and knew that he would be cool and competent in a fight. Three other two-man teams had stalked off to their positions, providing outer security and site containment. The remaining eight Section 2 G2s had stacked at the primary entrance and waited for the signal that perimeter security had been set and things were ready to rock and roll. On station at her station, Misato had tapped her lip-mike twice, remaining silent as she brought her submachine gun up to the `low ready' position and flicking the fire selector over to full auto as she knelt behind a light pole, the bulb shattered from some incident or another. Just behind her and above her head, Kaji clicked his weapon's fire selector over to 3-round burst mode.

Unlike his would-be lover, he wasn't packing a submachine gun, but rather a carbine version of an assault rife. Like her, however, he too was decked out in combat gear, and the two of them presented very little visual signature as they were crouched in the shadow of a light pole. Kaji was responsible for outward security, while Misato was responsible for site security. In short, Kaji would shoot anyone attempting to enter the perimeter, and Misato would shoot anyone who attempted to exit the kill zone. In the event that one or the other needed fire support, they would concentrate firepower to deal with the situation. Fifteen seconds later, the two heard the final pair tap their mikes, telling the team at the door that they were up.

Thirty seconds later, the team hit the door, the lead gunman detonating the pre-placed patch charges, taking the door off the hinges and lock plate, giving the team at the door full, unobstructed access. Pouring through the breach, the teams weapons were nearly instantly in use. With an even mix of entry shotguns, submachine guns and belt-fed machineguns, the noise was intense. Misato kept her eyes on her assigned area, idly thinking that if she were on the hit team, she would probably have gone for one of the entry shotguns or her suppressed 10mm sub gun. Nothing says `don't fuck with my Children' like a load of buckshot from a 12-gauge shotgun or a long burst of hot-loaded 10mm love. The shotguns were pump-action Remingtons with 14-inch barrels and short stocks. There was a particularly long burst from one of the two belt-fed SAWs, and a moment later, her radio came alive in her ear. "Two loose north side."

"Acknowledged." She said softly, bringing her gun up, her generation 8 ACOG optics group making the darkened alley as clear as day. Through the scope, she saw two bodies fall through a ground-floor window, pick themselves up and begin to run across the alley. One of them was limping badly, holding a hand to his (her?) side as they did so. Misato's finger caressed her trigger, a 5-round burst catching the lead figure in the chest and climbing to his (her?) head. The illuminated scope allowed her to see some brain matter spray from her target. Swiftly, she shifted to the second target and settled the reticule on that person's knees. Once more she caressed the trigger, giving the terrorist a 3-round bust that all but tore his (her?) legs off at the knees.

"Nice work, Misa." Murmured Kaji appreciatively. Misato grimaced.

"Quiet." She snapped. Kaji did as he was bid. Less than a minute later, the assault team reported the location was secure, the terrorist were dead and they were initiating sterilization. Misato rose and moved toward her two targets, keeping the reticule on the wounded one, who was holding their knees tightly and screaming in pain. Reaching the…man, she realized, she swiftly hit him in the back of the head with the butt of her sub gun, knocking him out. Kaji had grabbed the terminated target and was dragging…her, noted the Captain, back to the house, where he manhandled the body through the window. Jogging back to Misato, he helped her tend to their prisoner. Swiftly, the two applied tourniquets to the ruined legs, taped the man's hands behind his back with duct tape and then boosted him onto Kaji's shoulders. With their trophy in hand, the two jogged to where the van was waiting, Misato providing fire support incase they had missed one in the sweep.

Loaded into the vans, the assault group moved off with the prisoner. Before they had gone a block, the building they had hit burst into flames. Thermite plasma charges would turn the entire building into ash within ten minutes; and even if the fire department got there right then, nothing the firemen had could put out the `cleaner' charges the team had used. Misato had been silent all the way back, hearing a little cross talk from the entry team as she did so. From that cross talk, she had learned that her prisoner was one of two. The entry team had stunned one of the bastards when they hit the door charges, and they had simply taped him up and taken him in for a little Q & A. NERV style, that is.


Rit-chan and her two friends sat poolside at her suite, soaking up the sun as they relaxed. Aki was once more going topless, while Hikari and Rit-chan were a little less casual, Hikari unfastening the shoulder straps from her top, but leaving the narrow chest band and small cups in place. Rit-chan had a tube-style top, though it had a lot less coverage than most tube tops. The top third of her breasts were exposed, and the bottoms followed the contour of her chest rather closely. Rit-chan and Aki had thong bottoms, while Hikari had a more conservative bottom, though it was not far from a thong. Periodically, the three teens would rise for a cooling dip in the pool. The day was nearly perfect for sunbathing, with a clear blue sky and a gentle, steady breeze from offshore. Faintly, they could hear their fellow students in the hotel pool several floors below them.

When the suite phone rang, Rit-chan answered it. The conversation was short, and when she hung up, Rit-chan stretched and stood, heading for the suite. Aki and Hikari started to rise as well. Motioning them back, Rit-chan said "No, don't bother. It's just Hashimi. She wants to talk to me about something in the lobby. I'll be right back."

"Sure you don't want us to come along?" asked Hikari as Rit-chan stepped into a pair of shorts, settling her USP and back-up magazines before pulling on her unbuttoned denim over-shirt and reaching for her cell phone and cards.

"Nah. I got it." Dismissed Rit-chan. "I'll be back before too long, guys." And the elf hunter was out the door.

In the lobby, she saw Hashimi standing meekly by the desk. Seeing Rit-chan walking toward her, she bowed to the clerk behind the counter and headed toward the taller red-head. "Miss Inoue." Said the girl quietly, bowing to her.

"Hashimi." Nodded Rit-chan. "What did you want to talk about?"

"Would you please follow me?" asked Hashimi, her cheeks coloring a bit. "I…am too embarrassed to talk about it here." She said in a whisper. Rit-chan shrugged.

"Lead on, Hashimi." She said simply. Hashimi walked to the regular bank of elevators and the two rode up to the fourth floor. Following Hashimi down to a room, she watched Hashimi swipe her room keycard through the lock, opening the door. With a short bow, Hashimi held the door open for Rit-chan. The older girl stepped through, her senses alert.

"Thank you for coming with me, Miss Inoue." Said Hashimi softly, closing the door. The curtains were open, but the blinds were closed, the sunlight bathing the room in dim light. Two beds were visible, both unmade. There was a small suitcase sitting open in the seat of the chair in the room, and some clothing scattered about. "I hope the messy state of my room is not offensive to you."

"It's fine." Said Rit-chan easily. Much better than Junpei's usual standard, anyway. "This your room?"

"Yes, miss Inoue. My roommate is staying in another girl's room, and since there is an even number of students in our class, we were the only two in this room."

"Oh. I see. What did you want to talk about?" asked Rit-chan, settling on the foot of the closest bed. Hashimi knelt in front of the older girl.

"I…want to know about…sex." Whispered Hashimi. Rit-chan blinked.

"I thought you had a pretty good idea of it from you last date with Higano." She frowned.

"I…I just did whatever came to my mind, Miss Inoue. I…have never had a boyfriend, or even seen a boy naked before." The younger girl was blushing from her hair to her navel.

"Then how did you know so much about S&M then?" wondered Rit-chan. "Is your mother a queen or something?"

"Queen?" asked Hashimi blankly. Rit-chan sighed.

"Never mind. So, you have no idea what sex is, yet you instinctively knew how to be a dominatrix. Interesting. So, what exactly did you want to know about sex?" asked Rit-chan, her mind plotting out a lot of very interesting possible answers for what she had just heard.

"I need to know…everything." Whispered Hashimi. "Like how to…handle boys'…things, and when to…put them…there." She said significantly, glancing at her groin. "And how to…you know, enjoy it."

"You did take health class, right, Hashimi?" asked Rit-chan, a bit skeptical about how the girl could not know the basics. Hashimi just stared at the ground.

"I…I put cotton in my ears and kept my eyes on the desk." Admitted Hashimi. Rit-chan blinked in surprise.

"Why?" she asked, completely puzzled by this odd behavior. True, there were several girls that got all flustered in health class, and those that acted so tough and smart, but this was a first.

"All the other girls always said that someone as ugly as me would never need to know that kind of stuff, and mother always said it was…dirty." Whispered Hashimi. Rit-chan sighed.

This is what you get when you can't or won't explain things clearly. She thought to herself. Her mother had given her a very clear and clinical explanation of her period, sexual issues and health issues as they came to each of them in turn. Though the answers were sometimes embarrassing or slightly disgusting, she had quickly come to understand that her mother would always tell her the truth, as well as any other information that she thought her daughter might need. It was because of that knowledge that her first period was a non-event, and that she had a level - if somewhat more mature - view of sex that most of her friends. It had also formed a powerful bond between her and her mother. Rit-chan smiled as she remembered her father pouting about being left out of parent-child bonding, and her mother's reply that since they had a daughter, he couldn't very well explain things to her like a period, now could he? He had sulked a bit and threatened to have a son, so he could do the bonding too. Rit-chan's mother had just smiled and said she was game for that. Rit-chan shook herself out of her memories. "Well, we might as well get started." She said to the girl kneeling in front of her. "We'll need a few props, though." She noted.

"I…have taken that into consideration, Miss Inoue." Said Hashimi meekly. "I have the…necessary examples ready."

"Oh?" asked Rit-chan, raising an eyebrow. Hashimi bowed to her.

"I…hope you are not offended, Miss Inoue. I thought it best to have a real example." Said the homely teen. Turning her head, she called out "Slave. Come here." Rit-chan glanced at the bathroom door, which opened to reveal Higano, stripped to his tighty-whiteys, dog collar around his neck, a pair of used panties over his nose and mouth. Shuffling over to where Hashimi knelt in front of Rit-chan, he made a few muffled sounds. "Be silent in Mistress Inoue's presence, slave." Snapped Hashimi. "And kneel in her presence." Said the teen, knocking his legs out from under him, sending him into the floor. Hashimi turned to Rit-chan, who was sitting there with a hand over her mouth. "Have I…displeased you?" she asked, her tone anxious.

"N…no!" managed Rit-chan, between laughs. "I…just never…expected…this!" Giving up, she fell back onto the bed, laughing madly. Hashimi waited patiently for her to recover. When Ritsuko had recovered sufficiently, she sat back up, wiping her eyes. "Oh, this is priceless, Hashimi." She smiled. Hashimi gave her a relieved smile in return. "Oh, if my friends could see this!" she chuckled.

"I could bring him to them, to show them, if you want." Offered Hashimi eagerly. Rit-chan considered the possibilities for a bit.

"We'll come back to that thought, Hashimi. First, we have some teaching to do." Said the teen. Swiftly, she organized her thoughts. "We'll start with the basics, beginning with your breasts." The next hour was a condensed health class for Hashimi, covering both male and female sexual organs, their use and some basic and intermediate vocabulary and technical instruction. Once she was satisfied that Hashimi had the basics covered, she had her student put her `training aid' back into the bathroom and covered some advanced material, like some guidelines for S&M, various means of non-standard sex, and some precautionary instruction. To make sure that the instruction took, she game Hashimi a pop quiz on the material covered. Satisfied that she had completed her instruction phase with flying colors, Rit-chan congratulated her on graduating from Ritsuko's School of Remedial Sex Ed, wished her well with Higano, and departed.


"Misato! What are you doing sleeping?" Asuka's voice penetrated Misato's sleep, dragging the unwilling Captain back to consciousness. Sitting up in Shinji's bed, she groggily opened her eyes.

"Wha…?" she began. Asuka harrumphed and put her fists on her hips.

"Some guardian you are, Misato." She said irritably. "How you can get drunk at HQ is a mystery to me."

"Asuka, what the fuck are you bitching about now?" snapped the older woman, rubbing her eyes. Feels like it was only a minute ago I laid down here.

"Oh, nothing much, you lush." Said the German girl. "Just that you were called to Vice Commander Fuyutsuki's office over an hour ago!"

Misato's eyes snapped fully open. "WHAT?!?" she yelled, vaulting out of bed and dashing for the bathroom. Asuka noted that she was only dressed in her panties. From inside the bathroom, she heard cursing as Misato hurriedly prepared for a visit to the Vice Commander's office.

"Oh, relax, Misato!" barked Asuka, her tone peeved. "We already took care of it for you." How dare that lush sleep in my Shinji's bed in nothing but her panties!

"You what, Asuka?" asked Misato, her head popping out of the bathroom, a confused look on her face.

"I said that we already took care of the meeting for you, Misato. Geez, get with the program already!" said the girl.

"We? Who is `we'?" demanded Misato, stepping out of the bathroom, still naked save for her panties.

"Me, Shinji and Wondergirl, of course! Who else would cover for you?" smirked the pilot.

"How could you…" began Misato.

"Surprisingly easily, oddly enough." Interrupted Asuka. "We told him you were indisposed and had asked us to take care of whatever problem he wanted to talk to you about." A cocky smile was on Asuka lips.

"Asuka, that was a stupid thing to do. There are some things that are above your clearance level…" began Misato, falling into lecture mode.

"If that were the case, then the old man would have told us he had to see you. Relax, Misato. It wasn't anything of any real importance, anyway." Insisted Asuka.

"What if the Commander had been there?" challenged Misato. If that bastard gets within sight of my Shinji, he falls into a despondent bout of depression. If I can keep Shin-chan away from him, it's worth having to deal with the fucker.

"Why do you think we had Wondergirl with us, Misato?" asked Asuka, her tone patient. Not like I could have gotten her off my Shinji anyway.

Misato sighed. What was done was done, so she moved on. "What did he want, anyway?" asked the purple haired guardian of her second charge.

"He just told us that we could return to our home, that's all." Said Asuka.

"So we got the remnants, then." Mused Misato, yawning.

"Whatever. Get dressed and let's blow this Popsicle stand." Huffed Asuka, turning to exit the room.