Part 16: Sweet Victory, Bitter Defeat

Two hours later, Shinji sat at a table in a nice restaurant, along with a group of bathed, made-up and dressed-to-kill ladies. From the hospital, the group had gone home, where the girls had immediately began to cycle through the shower in preparation for the party that night. As expected, Asuka had taken the first shower, then Hikari, then Rit-chan, then Rei, and finally Shinji. While he scrubbed the dirt and sweat off him, the girls were busy getting ready. Completing his shower, he had stepped out to find Rei standing calmly before the mirror in the bathroom, adjusting her lightweight black sundress. How she had slipped in without him noticing was simply a phenomenon unique to her. Turning to face him, she had smiled her soft smile and asked if he liked her outfit. Needless to say, he liked her outfit very much, and his dick wasn't shy about showing his appreciation either. Rei's smile had gotten a touch wider as she started to move toward him, no doubt planning on `relieving' him on the spot. However, the door banged opened and Asuka stormed in, yelling at him to leave Rei alone and get dressed. Holding his towel firmly around his waist, he headed for his room, passing Rei as he exited the bathroom, who subtly leaned into him, causing him to rub against her mostly bare back. The silky feel of her skin made his penis spring erect instantly, tenting the towel. This was not lost on Asuka, who went red in the face and started to yell at him in German. As he slipped out the door, he heard a wolf whistle and clapping, immediately knowing it was Misato. Her yells for him to `take it off, studly!' and `give me the Monty!" chased him into his room. From behind his door, he heard Misato teasing Asuka about her red face, and he thought he heard a few comments from Rit-chan, but he wasn't sure. Shinji leaned his forehead against his door. "God, they're nuts." He muttered.

"Who's nuts, Shinji?" asked a voice from behind him. He gasped, spinning to face the unexpected voice, his towel slipping off as he did so. Standing behind him was the half-dressed Hikari Horaki. "Are you holding me hostage?" she giggled, blushing heavily. Shinji was confused until he looked down and realized that his penis was pointing right at the brown-haired girl.

A strangled gasp was heard as Shinji desperately tried to cover his rampant member, retrieve his towel and bolt from the room, all at once. The results were not impressive, as it ended up with him off-balance and falling toward Hikari, who made a small sound in her throat and grabbed at him, trying to keep him from falling onto the wood floor. As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished, and the result of her noble attempt to spare him some pain was that he knocked them both onto his futon, Hikari sprawled out beneath him, face to face with Shinji. Hikari had not finished dressing when Shinji had come into the room, and she was in a skirt and panties only, having been preparing to put on her bra and top when she was interrupted. Shinji was fashionable in wet hair, with a tasteful accessory boner for an accent; a boner that was currently imbedded in Hikari's upper thigh and lower belly. Since her skirt had been pushed up near her waist when they fell, the only thing between Shinji's dick and her pussy was a thin, sheer pair of cotton panties in light blue. Both were silent, Hikari waiting to see what he would do, and Shinji desperately trying not to think about how soft and smooth she felt to his achingly hard shaft. "So..sorry, Hi-chan." He managed, getting a little redder as he carefully moved off her, keeping his eyes off her bare chest and exposed underwear.

"It's…ok, Shinji. Really." Stammered Hikari. "After all, it's not like…we haven't…seen each other's…parts before, right?" Her blush spread to her chest as she said that.

"Yea…yeah. I'll just…let you get changed." He managed, carefully picking up his towel and reaching for the door.

"Don't, Shinji." Blurted Hikari. "I'll just toss on my top, and let you get dressed. Ok?" Hikari grabbed her top and pulled it on, quickly adjusting it as she stepped swiftly to the door and paused before opening it. "Shinji?" she whispered.

"Yes, Hi-chan?" he answered, eyes resolutely on the floor. Hikari reached out and touched his arm, causing him to look up. She gave him a slightly nervous smile.

"I…it's just…" giving up, she lunged over and pressed her lips to his for a moment. Before Shinji could respond, she had pulled back from her quick strike. "Thanks, Shinji. And excuse me."

"Excuse you?" he asked, still not back in mental gear yet. "For what?"

Hikari gave him a look he had seen on Misato's face often: a gleefully wicked smile. "For this." She answered, her hand shooting out and grabbing his towel, tossing it away before seizing his throbbing penis. Studying it for maybe a half dozen rapid heartbeats, she released it and slipped out the door, her blush still very evident. Shinji stood there blinking owlishly. Not even ten seconds later, Asuka snatched the door open and practically jumped into the room.

"What did you do to Hikari, Baka? She was as red as…" her angry accusation was cut short by the sight of him standing there naked, his erection harder than ever. The door made a faint click as it closed behind her. "You shouldn't be…I mean, why are you…like that? We have to get going soon, so you need to get that…down. Or something." She muttered, her eyes on his member. Almost of it's own will, her hand reached out and closed around his shaft.

"Um, Asuka? What are…" began Shinji, his brains sort of working now. A little. Maybe.

"Quiet, Baka." Said the German girl absently, slowly caressing him. Reaching behind her, she turned the latch on his door, locking it. Her other hand joined her first. Shinji, remembering her new morning routine, closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on her actions. For her part, Asuka stepped closer to him, but kept her eyes on his shaft. I've never seen it in full light. Thought the girl. It looks larger than it feels in the dark. I wonder if it will even fit in me? Maybe I shouldn't be doing this; after all, eventually he'll want to have sex with me, and that means… her thoughts were interrupted by a light scratch at his door.

"Shinji?" came Rei's soft voice. "We will be ready to depart as soon as Hikari is done in the bathroom. Do you require assistance?"

"Um…" began Shinji, but went silent as Asuka squeezed his dick, her eyes warning him to be careful with his next words. "I'll be out in a bit, Ok?" he said, seeing Asuka's eyes soften a bit.

"Very well. Rit-chan and I will wait with Misato in the living room. Call if you need…assistance." Said Rei quietly before departing.

So the Doll wants to know if he needs her `assistance'? Well, Wondergirl, you won't get him! I'm going to take him from you, Wondergirl, no matter what I have to do to do so! Snarled Asuka in her mind. Her indecision gone, she smiled at Shinji, who seemed a little apprehensive about her edged smile. As her hands resumed their activities, though, he relaxed. Stepping into him, she pushed him back toward his bed, her hands staying locked to his cock. When he reached the edge, she slipped to her knees, pressing him back as she did so, forcing him to fall on ass in the middle of his bed. The girl's smile was somewhat predatorial as she pressed her face up to his. "Shinji." She whispered so softly he barely heard it. He brought his hands to her shoulders, steadying himself a bit. Asuka's favorite yellow sundress provided him a good view of her breasts. His fingers twisted the bows that tied the dress on around his fingers. Turning her head to the side, she whispered in his ear. "Pull them." She said, her lips tickling his earlobe. Shinji did as asked without a single thought, pulling the bows loose. "Thank you. Here's your reward." She said, just as softly, before leaning back, her dress slipping off her shoulders to pool at her waist, revealing her bare chest, the pink nipples as hard as erasers. Her hands sped up a little. Shinji was staring at her chest, his eyes shining with desire. Asuka chose that moment to pull her hands away from his drooling rod, standing to let the dress slip to the floor. The Second Child, Asuka Langley San, stood there for a moment, clad only in a very small pair of panties, and watched the Third Child's eyes roam her beauty. Well, let's see if the gossip I heard in college is correct or not. Thought the beauty, taking the next step in her plan. "We have to go soon, so let's get this taken care of." She whispered, pointing to his member. Slowly, she slid her hands down over her hips, slipping off her panties, which she teasingly dangled in front of Shinji for a moment, before she knelt, straddling his legs, her breasts pressed to his chest, his member pressed to her soft lower belly. Settling down comfortably, she wrapped her legs behind him, trapping his penis against her belly. Slowly, she began to hump her hips against his, feeling his silken penis against her lower belly begin to throb. Asuka pressed her lips to his and ran her tongue across his lips, slipping into his mouth when he opened his lips in response to her kiss. Shinji was much more practiced than he had been, and Asuka found herself getting more and more into the kiss and the feel of his dick against her belly. Already she could feel herself getting wet with excitement. Her nipples were already hard and erect.

Shinji concentrated on the feel of her soft skin against his penis and the gentle pressure of her breasts as they pressed to his chest. Already, he was much near to cuming than he had thought he would be. The German pilot in his arms was getting more and more aggressive in her kissing, and he felt her whole body warming up. Let's see if I've learned anything yet. Thought the boy, twisting and bringing them down on his bed, the Second resting under his body, her lips still busy on his. With great care, Shinji repositioned them so the head of his member was at her wet lower head, her legs spread to either side of his hips, and slowly began to rub the tip of his member against her soft lips. The response from Asuka was a moan, her arms sliding down his back. Well, she seems to be OK with this. Thought Shinji, feeling his dick getting wetter and wetter from her juices. I wonder if she wants to go all the way? She seemed to be ready to last time, but then changed her mind. Maybe now, she's ready. The Third Child took a moment to make sure he was properly positioned, then ever so slowly pressed into his partner's slick sheath. Shinji was surprised at how much he could feel as he edged slowly into her. Her lips slowly spread around him, and he felt the wet, warm sensation of her inner passage on the very tip of his member. She's tighter than I had thought. Maybe I better not, if she's this tight. The guys always say that the girl has to be `ready', and I don' t think this is what `ready' feels like. Shinji paused as Asuka went dead still beneath him. Opening his eyes, he looked into her eyes.

Asuka had felt a thrill of excitement when Shinji had rolled them over so he was above her, and she grudgingly admitted that she really liked the feeling of his member rubbing her vaginal lips and clit. Shinji was going very slow and steady, and she had almost broke the kiss to ask him to get a move on three times already, but had chickened out each time. When she felt him position himself at her entrance and ease forward, she had smiled. A few moments later, she felt herself begin to stretch to allow him entrance. With that feeling, the gravity of the choice she was about to make came crashing down on her and she froze. Her eyes snapped open to see Shinji looking into her eyes, a concerned look on his face. For Asuka, there was a heated debate going on in her mind. Part of her wanted to keep going, loving the feel of him, another part was scared of the pain and of giving him something so irreplaceable as her virginity, yet another part of her insisted that Kaji was the only man for her, and yet another part of her was demanding that she go all the way to win over Wondergirl. With so many factions yelling to be heard in her mind, she was incapable of choosing her path just then. So, Shinji did it for her.

"Asuka, we don't have to do this now. I don't want to hurt you, and I don't think you're ready or willing to do…this tonight. Besides, we've got to get ready." He whispered softly, his fingertips touching her cheek softly. Asuka felt him slip off her, his hard, soft tip leaving her warm kiss as he carefully stood and retrieved her dress. Asuka was breathing hard, her voices still yelling incoherently in her mind. With some difficulty, she stood up, and felt Shinji slip her dress over her head, letting it fall into place as he tied the shoulder straps back into bows. Automatically, Asuka smoothed the sundress out and adjusted it for comfort. The girl knew that her cheeks were flaming, but for some reason, she didn't feel particularly embarrassed. She did feel horny, but knew that she wasn't ready yet.

And I won't be ready until I get my head straight. Thought the girl. She saw that Shinji's member had not gotten any softer. For some reason, the realization that he would have problems getting that down made her feel a little guilty. "I…sorry, I mean. About not…well, that." She managed pointing to his boner. Shinji glanced down, then shrugged.

"It's not your fault, Asuka. It'll go down sooner or later, so don't worry about it. But you could do me a favor and tell them I'm going to be a bit longer." He said. Asuka felt herself nod and wondered who had decided that she should nod; she certainly couldn't remember choosing to nod. Glancing at her hands, she saw a bit of cream-colored cloth, and realized that her panties were still clenched in her fist. And with that realization, an idea hit her.

"Um, Baka. Maybe this could help?" she asked, holding out her hand with the panties to him. Shinji looked at her, a frown on his face, then he spotted the panties. Asuka saw him color a bit.

"Thanks, but I…it's not the same as…you." He managed, trying to say what he was thinking without getting himself killed by her. Asuka considered that for a moment, her mind almost instantly finding a solution.

"I could help with it." She said. She saw a look of surprise on his face, and oddly enough, that made her want to do it more than anything else. Hah! Never expected that, did you Third Child? She thought gleefully. Her mind made up, she stepped over to him, her hands closing on his hard dick, and began to stroke him firmly with her hands and her panties. "Just think, Baka. This is one of my favorite pair of panties, and you can come on them. Can't you imagine them, pushed down around my ankles, soaked with my cum, as you pump your dick in and out of my pussy? Imagine that we're doing it at school, and after you come, I pull them back on and we go back to class. Think about how that would feel, knowing that I was sitting there with my panties soaked with our mixed cum. Doesn't that excite you, Shin-chan?" whispered Asuka, her voice getting a little more harsh as she quickened her pace, feeling him begin to twitch in her hands. "No one would know but us, Shin-chan. Don't you want to do that with me? Maybe in the locker room during class? Or on the roof at lunch? Seeing me riding you while everyone else thinks we're eating or playing? How would you like that, Shin-chan?" She felt a spasm and then her hands were soaked in his cum. She looked down and saw that he had shot a lot more than she had thought he would. Her hands and wrists were wet, and her panties were soaked, but nothing had gotten on her dress. Looking into his eyes, she smiled, leaned down and kissed him and then walked to the door. "I'm going to go get this cleaned up. Hurry up and get ready, Baka." She said, her smile still on her lips.

The party had progressed from dinner to a club Asuka had heard about from "somewhere" as she put it. Misato and Airi had enjoyed themselves making jokes at Shinji's expense when he had entered the club, with it's dimly lit tables, packed dance floor and bass-heavy music. Rit-chan and Asuka immediately made tracks for the dance floor, Hikari right behind them, her hand grasped firmly in Asuka's grip. Shinji found himself holding their things, with Asuka's voice floating back to him over the crowd. "Find us a spot, then get your ass over here, Baka!"

Rei Ayanami stood just a bit behind Shinji, her emotionless red eyes watching the three girls vanish into the writhing bodies. "I do not understand." She said, her voice as soft as it always was, making it nearly mute against the throbbing beat of the music. "Asuka, Rit-chan and Hikari seem to like it here, but the music and crowd make it…uncomfortable." She observed, noting the amount of people crowded onto the floor and sitting at tables.

"God, Rei!" exclaimed Misato, her hand landing on the First Child's shoulder. "Just enjoy yourself and don't think so much! Come on, there's a good booth!" directed the Captain, steering the two pilots toward a booth in the back, barely seen in the flashing, kaleidoscope light. It took them at least three minutes to make it to the booth. Arriving at their destination, Misato quickly scanned the booth, then the room, nodded once and tossed her things on the U-shaped bench surrounding the table. "I'll get the drinks, Airi!" she called out, slipping back in to the crowd and noise. Rei and Shinji exchanged looks, then set down the purses of Asuka, Rit-chan and Hikari before seating themselves at the table. With no fanfare, Rei nudged Shinji into the saddle of the bench, and planted herself next to him, her hand closing on his under the table. Shinji felt much better with her hand in his. Airi took a seat at the starboard end of the bench and studied the two pilots for a moment.

"Why so tense, you two? Don't like dance clubs?" she said, projecting her voice to be heard over the music. Hollywood to the rescue again! She thought, remembering all the lessons and practice and stage performances she had done before making her first mega-blockbuster movie. Five hundred million its first week wasn't too shabby for a movie that cost one hundred and fifteen million to film, promote and distribute. And I was a mere supporting actress in that one. Her reverie was interrupted by Shinji's answer.

"It's not that; I…dislike crowds." He replied.

"The music is too loud as well." Seconded Rei. Further discussion was cut short by the return of Misato. Her hands were occupied by two very large pitchers of beer. Her face was covered from ear to ear with a smile.

"Nickel beer night?" asked Airi, her tone a bit arch. Misato ignored her bait.

"Nah. All-you-can-drink night. I plan to put them out of business tonight!" she answered cheerfully.

"That's what we're afraid of, Misato." Muttered Shinji. Rei slipped him a hint of smile. The beer landed on the table with a thud. Sitting at the other end of the bench from Airi, Misato waved a hand, and a bartender appeared from the crowd, carrying a tray with several drinks on it. With practiced ease, he slipped through the crowd without even seeming to move, and set the drinks on the table. With a nod to Misato, he departed.

"Thank you!" called Misato after the departing man, her tone sweet and sexy. Turning to regard Rei and Shinji, still sitting there motionless, she pouted. "Well? Don't tell me I wasted my trip to the bar! Drink up!"

"We're a little too young to do shots with you, Misato." Replied Shinji drolly. "But we appreciate the thought, right Rei-chan?"

"Correct." Said Rei, her tone as serious as ever.

Misato disdainfully turned her nose up at their smart-assing. "Hey, I know how old you are!" she retorted. "And for the record, I don't agree with the drinking age laws. A little drink never hurt anyone. Besides, you're Eva pilots, and the rules don't apply to you anyway. But, back to the point, I got you some drinks without booze in them, just for you and the other three."

"How considerate." Said Shinji, his tone openly suspicious. "How many beers have you had so far, Misato?"

"Why? Want to see if you can keep up?" she giggled back.

"No, just curious. How many?" he repeated.

"Just a couple of mugs." She shrugged, filling a large mug from her twin pitchers and draining half of it in one shot.

"Ah. I see. Which ones are ours?" asked Shinji, studying the drinks on the table.

"Take your pick. The lighter colored ones are Pina Colada daiquiris, and the darker ones are Strawberry daiquiris." Both Rei and Shinji continued to stare at the drinks, frowning a bit. Misato shook her head. "Let me guess: you've never had daiquiris?" Both teens nodded. Misato sighed tragically. Turning to look at Airi, she said "Do you see what I'm up against? Here are two world-saving Pilots of the greatest weapons known to man, and they've never been to a club and don't even know what a daiquiri is!"

"Tragic." Commiserated Airi. Misato reached over to the drinks and grabbed one of each. Pushing the drinks in front of the two Pilots, she gave her orders.

"First and Third Children, you are to try these drinks. You will each start with the drink in front of you. Once you have finished no less than half of it, you will sample the other's drink. Understood?"

"Yes, Misato." Came Shinji's resigned reply.

"Hai." Was all Rei said, taking the straw and carefully drawing the cold drink up to her mouth. Shinji did the same with his. Satisfied that they were obeying, Misato smiled and continued.

"How you chose to sample the other's drink is strictly up to you two." She said in a sultry voice. Rei locked gazes with her for a moment, then her eyes shifted back to her drink. Shinji felt himself flush just a bit. Misato turned her attention to Airi. "I got a mug for you too, Ai-chan." She said, motioning to the frosty mug by the second pitcher of beer. Airi took the mug and poured herself half a mug.

"Tell me, do they have wine here?" she asked.

Perhaps a half hour had passed and Rei and Shinji were toying with their empty glasses, having finished Misato's ordered sampling. Asuka and Hikari had swung by about ten minutes before and knocked off a daiquiri each, then moved off to find Rit-chan. Airi had nursed her beer along, and when the half mug was done, she slipped off to the bar in search of wine, rather than beer. Misato had finished four mugs in the time it took Airi to go to the bar and obtain some Champaign. By now, Misato was in her familiar buzzed state; for anyone else, the beer would have made them pass out by now. When the actress reappeared with the Champaign, Misato had immediately insisted that the group have a celebratory toast. Shinji and Rei started to object, but Misato told them flat out that it was an order. Adding to her dictatorial ranting, she then ordered her two helpless victims to go find the others and report back to the table. Knowing that they wouldn't be able to escape, the two slid out of their comfortable position and moved off toward the pulsating mass on the dance floor. Rei maintained her close proximity to Shinji as they did so.

"Where should we start?" wondered Shinji.

"It does not matter; the likeliness of finding the others is marginal, at best." Replied Rei, her head so close to his that her breath tickled the hair on his neck. Shinji turned to look at her. In the erratic lighting, her skin seemed to glow oddly, and her crimson eyes seemed to dance with flames. Her azure blue hair formed a mirage halo over her head. The combined effect mesmerized Shinji.

God, she's beautiful. He thought. The young man stared at her in silence. Never one to fill silence with words, Rei calmly basked in his stare. It was about then that the two were interrupted. Two guys had noticed Rei standing at the edge of the dance floor and decided that she needed to be with them. Sauntering up to the two Pilots, the teenage boys smiled at Rei and pulled out their best lines.

"Hey, gorgeous. What do you have under that dress?" asked one as his buddy muscled in between Rei and Shinji. A feeling arose in Rei as the other boys forced Shinji away from her.

"My body." Replied Rei factually. I believe this feeling is what is called irritation. She decided. She moved toward Shinji. I do not wish to feel this feeling while I am with Shinji.

"Hey, what say we go somewhere quiet and we can get to know each other better, sexy." Said the alpha of the two, reaching out and grabbing Rei's upper arm as she sought to close with Shinji again. The boy's buddy was still blocking her path to Shinji.

I was mistaken. This feeling is not irritation; it is anger. Corrected Rei mentally. The boy holding her arm began to pull her toward the back of the club, talking as he did so.

"Come on, don't be such a tease! We've got some booze back at our table, and plenty of privacy. Me and my buddy have a bet if you're a natural blue or not." He laughed at his less-than-subtle hint. Rei planted her foot and stopped, forcing him to stop as well. "What's your problem, girl?" demanded the guy, turning to look at Rei. Rei was staring at him with one of her most devastating stares. It was dialed up to a testicle-imploding level of icy malevolence. The poor sod caught the stare right in the face like a kiss from an artillery shell.

"Remove your hand from my arm." Said Rei, her tone cold and lifeless. Numb fingers slipped off her arm. "Do not waste any more of my time. Understood?" she continued, her tone unchanged. Commander Ikari is correct: this manner of speech is very effective. Noted Rei absently as the crushed boy slinked away like a whipped cur, his friend following him with a baffled expression. The two were immediately erased from her attention, and Rei swiftly returned to Shinji, pressing up close to him to deliver a hug and brief kiss. "Let us continue our search for the others, Shinji-chan." She said softly. Shinji nodded. As the two moved into the mass of bodies on the dance floor, Rei's hand slipped into Shinji's and stayed there as they maneuvered through the crowd.

From their table, Airi and Misato had seen the exchange with the two boys. "Social skills aren't their strong suits, I see." Noted Airi.

"You think?" responded Misato sarcastically.

"Still, Rei's rejection technique - while harsh - is most effective." Continued Airi. "Not to mention obvious as a fist to the face."

"Yeah, but not as obvious as her feelings for my Shinji." Chuckled Misato, taking a swig of beer. "Did you see the way she moved right back to him and how close she got to him?"

"Yes. I was expecting a little more display than that, though." Acknowledged Airi.

Misato snorted. "For Rei, that closeness, hug and peck on the lips is the equivalent of dropping to her knees and swallowing for any other girl."

"Including Asuka?" countered Airi.

"Especially Asuka. Rei is never close with anyone but Shinji, and - to a degree - Commander Ikari. Shinji isn't that close with more than five people, and rarely by choice. The first time I hugged him, he was a stiff as a board." Said Misato, pouring herself a mug of beer. Airi couldn't resist.

"So did you?" she asked innocently. Misato blinked.

"Did I what, Ai-chan?"

"Drop to your knees and swallow?" replied Airi. Misato almost choked on her beer. After a brief coughing fit, Misato answered.

"Well, I was going to, but we were on a train platform and Shinji wanted to wait until we got home, so, no, not that time." She answered casually. One good turn, as they say…

Airi toasted her rejoiner with her glass of bubbly and the two were silent for a while. Then Airi spoke again.

"Do you swallow, Mi-chan?" her tone was a bit teasing, but Misato was almost sure the Actress was thinking about something other than the obvious face value.

"Depends on the guy. And you?" answered Misato. Wonder what's going on in her mind? Thought the OD of NERV.

"Usually not. Truthfully, Misato: if it were Shinji?"

"If it were Shinji? Of course I'd swallow. Not that he'd ever ask me to. How about you?" replied Misato, her tone serious.

"Hmm. Depends on the circumstances, but I suspect that I would as well." Replied the Actress. Silence fell as the two studied the dance floor blankly, considering their answers and wondering why they would chose to do as they has said they would. Rit-chan's arrival snapped them out of their introspection.

On the dance floor, Asuka was gleefully loosing herself in the dancing, moving from guy to guy, flaunting her body, teasing them with light caresses and allowing them to occasionally touch her back, but moving on to the next when the guys got too aggressive. She was also careful to keep Hikari in view. The class rep was dancing with different guys as well, but was nowhere as blatant as Asuka in her sex-appeal come-ons. Her outfit was not as flesh-rich as Asuka's sundress either. Having been forced by Asuka and Rit-chan into a skirt much shorter than she was used to and a top much smaller, tighter and sheerer than normal, the brown-haired girl was showing more skin than any other time except when she was wearing her personal swimsuit, but wasn't quite as viewer-friendly as Asuka.

Right then, the German girl was dancing with a boy maybe three years older than her, the two pressed closely together as the neo-technica dance cut music pounded around them. Asuka's yellow sundress swirled and jumped around her hips as the young girl energetically danced with the boy, who was decked out in chinos, an unbuttoned dress shirt and a gold chain. From the repeated times she had ground her rear against his hips, she knew that he was sporting a woody; and from the progressively eager touches he was giving her, he thought he might be using that woody soon. For her part, Asuka's nipples were stiff and erect, their state visible if one looked closely enough at the top of her sundress, and her groin was tingling a bit and feeling deliciously hot and damp. When she had gone to `clean up', she had slipped on a fresh pair of panties, and the Second Child was pretty certain that the low-riding cotton pair she had slipped on were going to be damp by the end of the night. Or sooner. She amended. Out of the corner of her blue eyes, she caught sight of Hikari, dancing face-to-face with her current guy, her short skirt hiking up each time she pumped her hips enough to show the first signs of her ass cheeks. Hi-chan has obviously forgotten that she's in that short skirt tonight. Thought the pilot. But the guy she's with hasn't missed it. Just then, she felt the boy she was currently dancing with press himself up against her, his arms closing over her as he pressed his hips hard against her hips. His hard pole pressed against her thinly covered mons. Before she could say anything, he began to hump himself into her, his cotton-covered member rubbing her mons through the thin cotton dress and even thinner cotton panties. The friction generated felt very good, and Asuka gasped as she felt her clit spring erect. Taking advantage of the gasp, the boy kissed her, slipping his tongue into her open mouth, his right hand slipping up to surreptitiously cup her left breast, feeling the hard nipple. Asuka's mind snapped into her too-familiar enraged mode. I didn't say you could touch me like this, asshole! The girl snarled to herself, breaking his kiss. I was going to let you off easy, but no more. Suffer! Her mind commanded. A fake smile on her face, Asuka began to hump him back, panting exaggeratedly, letting her sundress slip up so his chino-sheathed pole was rubbing against her groin with only her panties in the way. She felt him start to try to lead her toward the edge of the dance floor, but she kept herself planted and pushed harder against him, feeling him start to tremble. Almost got you, jerk! She gloated to herself, feeling the wetness from her own excitement. Less than a minute later, she felt his member jerk and knew he had shot his load in his pants. With one last soft gasp, she stepped back swiftly, her dress slipping down as she did so, leaving the trembling guy standing there with a large wet spot on his fly and a his mouth hanging open. Sliding away into the crowd, she could already hear the whispers and giggles from other girls and the snickers of the guys. Let's see you explain that, fucknuts!

"There is Asuka." Stated Rei, pointing out her fellow pilot with a tilt of her head.

"I see her. Is that Hikari with her?" asked Shinji, heading toward the two.

"Yes. It is." Confirmed Rei. Her hand tightened on his. Just as they broke through the crowd, Rei paused, taking a second look at a boy she had just passed. Shinji glanced over as well, and nearly immediately noticed that the boy looked like he had pissed his pants. "Shinji, do you suppose that urinating on one's self is common at clubs?" asked the blue-haired one.

"How would I know? This is the first time I've been to a club." Protested Shinji. Rei gave the boy a more thorough examination, and she sniffed the air as she did so. "What are you doing, Rei-chan?" asked Shinji, noting her attention.

"I believe that he did not urinate on himself. Rather, it is likely that he ejaculated on himself instead." She announced. "I have read that doing so is not uncommon in young men with sexual dysfunctions."

"Uh…if you say so. Come on, let's…go somewhere else." Said Shinji, cringing a little at the implications of Rei's analysis. Having no desire to be near the guy, he steered Rei away and back toward Asuka and Hikari, who were working their way free of the dance floor. Catching the two as they cleared the edge of the dance floor, Shinji hailed them. When the two saw him and Rei, they stopped and waited for them to catch up. As the two cleared the press of people at the edge of the dance floor, Rei let her hand slip from Shinji's.

"Rei, Shinji." Nodded Hikari. "What's up? Enjoying yourselves?"

"Misato told us to come find you; Airi found some Champaign and now Misato wants us to have a toast." Explained Shinji. "They're waiting at the table."

"Champaign? We're underage." Noted Hikari.

"Don't be so naïve, Hikari." Said Asuka dismissively. "There's more alcohol in cough syrup than in a glass of Champaign. Come on, let's hit the bathroom and then we'll go to the table. Tell Misato that we'll be there as soon as we're done."

"As you wish." Said Rei, but she was talking to Asuka's back as the hot-tempered girl and her brown-haired friend were already on their way to the ladies room. Looking over at Shinji, Rei noticed that he was watching the two walk away. Silently, Rei slipped her arm around his waist and leaned her head on his shoulder. Shinji jerked and looked away as if he had been caught doing something bad. "They are beautiful, are they not, Shinji-chan?" asked Rei, a small smile on her face. Shinji, blushing, nodded. "I have told you before, Shinji, that I wish only to share your love. I do not mind sharing your love with those you love."

"I…" began Shinji, but Rei pressed a fingertip to his lips.

"Grant those you love the same consideration you grant me, Shinji-chan. I want them to feel as I do when we share our love. Now, let us return to report to Misato." With her point made, Rei gently but firmly pulled him toward the booth where the others were waiting.

"But we haven't found Rit-chan yet, Rei-chan." Protested Shinji.

"We will continue the search after we report to Misato." Directed Rei. It turned out to be unnecessary to continue the search.

Sure enough, wet. Confirmed Asuka, standing in a stall in the bathroom, her panties in her hand. Choices, choices. She mused, studying the nearly-soaked cotton garment in her hand. Well, I was meaning to get rid of these soon anyway. She decided, carefully wadding the cotton into a ball of tissue, then stepping out of the stall and tossing the small wad into the trash can on her way to the sink. Hikari popped out of her stall a moment later. Stepping to the sink next to her friend, she began to wash her hands. "Boy, this is just what I need, Asuka!" chirped the girl. "What was with you and that guy?"

"Which guy?" asked Asuka innocently, turning off her faucet and reaching for the paper towels.

"Don't even try, Asuka." Admonished Hikari, shaking a reproachful finger at her red-haired friend. "The one you were all but having sex with on the dance floor."

"Oh! Him!" exclaimed Asuka with achingly false remembrance. "He wasn't anything but a hentai little loser."

"Then why were you so…friendly with him?" challenged Hikari.

"No friendlier than you were with that guy who was trying to pull your top off with his teeth." Countered Asuka.

"You're not changing the subject, Asuka." Said Hikari firmly. "I saw you humping him like there was no tomorrow. So, what's the deal?"

"Man, you make it sound like I was going to fuck him or something, Hikari." Grumbled Asuka. "He got a bit free with his hands, so I taught him a lesson."

"He must have hated having you pet him like a cat in heat." Commiserated Hikari skeptically.

"Hey, it was just a means to an end." Defended Asuka. "It didn't mean anything to me."

"So why do it?" repeated Hikari, drying her hands as well as Asuka checked herself in the wall-sized mirror.

"You don't know anything about guys, do you, Hikari?" sighed Asuka, shaking her head sadly.

"Hey, I know enough." Protested Hikari.

"If you knew enough, you wouldn't be asking why I did that." Denied Asuka. Hikari checked her hair in the mirror.

"So tell me." She said after a few moments of careful scrutiny of her appearance. Asuka gave her a wicked smile.

"I taught him a lesson he won't soon forget. You see, he shot his load in his pants." Hikari felt herself blush at her friend's somewhat trashy talk. Before she could speak, Asuka continued. "Not only does it look like he pissed on himself, he's going to have considerable trouble and not a bit of pain when he tries to take off his pants."

"Why would…" began Hikari.

"Were you listening in Health class, miss Class Rep?" demanded Asuka. "Semen is sticky, and it dries relatively fast. By the time he gets home, his dick will be as good as glued to his underwear; or his pants if he wasn't wearing underwear." Hikari gasped at the mental image.

"God, you are a demon, you know that?" she said breathlessly. Asuka laughed.

"Yeah, yeah. Flattery will get you anywhere, Hi-chan. Come on, we're expected at the table for a toast." Responded Asuka, taking Hikari's arm and leading her out the door of the ladies room and toward the table where the others waited.

"Well, finally." Said Misato as the two stopped in front of the table, seeing Misato and Airi at the two open ends, with Shinji bracketed by Rit-chan and Rei in the center of the U-shaped booth. Both of the women stood at the same time and motioned the two in. "Sit." Directed Misato. Instinctively, the two separated and slid into the booth, Asuka next to Rit-chan, and Hikari next to Rei. Returning to their seats, Misato and Airi passed the glasses out, then poured each person a glass of the Champaign. Once the glasses were full, Misato set the nearly empty bottle back on the table, and picked up her glass, the others doing the same. "Here's to a well-done job, guys. You excelled at the challenge and I couldn't be more proud of you five than I already am. Cheers!" Seven glassed touched, then each sipped the Champaign. For the three pilots, this was their first taste of Champaign, and the three weren't sure if they liked it or not. Rit-chan had tried wine and Champaign before, and Misato had had every kind of alcohol known to man - and some unknown - during her party-hearty college days. Airi was more a wine girl than a beer girl like Misato, and her taste ran to fine wine and Champaign, so the Champaign, while good, was nothing to get her excited. Each of them paused after their first sip.

"One more thing, guys." Said Misato, her tone serious. When everyone was watching her, she locked gazes with Shinji. "You did good today, Shin-chan. I wouldn't have expected you to handle the situation with Suzahara and his two friends as well as you did. I'm honored to be your and Asuka's guardian, and to direct you two and Rei in battle." Shinji was uncomfortable under her gaze, feeling unworthy of her praise. Misato held her glass up again. "Death to the Angels." She said. Asuka's glass was the first to touch Misato's glass.

"Death to the Angels." Said Asuka, her tone predatorial. Shinji and Rei shared a split-second glance, then their glasses touched Misato's and Asuka, nearly as one.

"Death to the Angels." They said in perfect synch. Rit-chan, Airi and Hikari followed the lead of the Pilots and the Operations Director. Each took another slug of the bubbly.

"I have one." Said Airi smoothly. The rest looked at her. "Don't get killed." She said, raising her glass. The entire table agreed with that one. After a few minutes of silence as each sipped their drinks, Misato picked up the conversation.

"So, how do you and Rei like clubbing so far, Shin-chan? Learn anything yet?" asked the dark purple-haired woman. Shinji debated what to say. Rei didn't find debate to be necessary.

"We have learned that males with premature ejaculation problems frequent clubs; that, or males with bladder control issues." She stated calmly. Misato and Airi, both having been sipping their drinks, nearly choked at Rei's analytical response. When the two could breath again, they started to laugh uproarishly. Rit-chan was snickering to herself, Asuka was smiling like a cat in a cream factory, and Hikari was beet red, her open mouth covered by her hand. "Also," continued Rei, "many males engaged in `clubbing' suffer from a compulsion to make every effort to brag of their penile size or virility to every female they see, rather or not she is interested in him or not. Overall, I do not believe that `clubbing' is in any way appealing to me or Shinji." Only Misato's death grip on the table kept her from falling to the floor, laughing so hard she was bent over. Airi had regained control, but Rit-chan knew the subtle signs that the actress was fighting hard not to be as affected as Misato. Ritsuko herself was leaning against Shinji, laughing herself silly. Hikari was making little sounds that were the precursor to laughs, and Asuka was giggling madly.

"Not bad, Wondergirl. There may be hope for you yet." Said the German.

"Are my conclusions in error, Asuka?" asked Rei, noting the mirth of the others.

"By and large, I'd say not." Replied Asuka, draining the last of her drink and leaning back against the booth. "But you shouldn't rush to judgment on the clubbing issue; after all, you haven't even danced yet."

"I do not know how to dance in this manner." Said Rei simply.

"Why am I not surprised?" asked Asuka rhetorically. "Let me guess; Baka can't dance either."

"You know I can't, Asuka." He said quietly.

"How would I know that? You've never said anything about it, and you never go to clubs, either!" fired back Asuka. "But anyway. Can you dance at all, Wondergirl?"

"I have learned to do some dancing. I was told it was called `ballroom' dancing." Responded Rei. "It is much calmer than the dancing here."

"No shit." Muttered Asuka. "Where did you pick that up at?"

"Two years ago, Commander Ikari informed me that I was to accompany him to a studio to learn to dance. I attended three lessons, then Commander Ikari informed me that I was done." Was the answer.

"Were you that bad?" asked Airi. "I don't see you being the ungraceful kind."

"No. I completed the lessons of the instructor, learning five different dance patterns. The instructor said that I was the fastest learner she had ever had." Rei sipped her drink.

"Why stop at five?" wondered Airi.

"Commander Ikari did not say." Silence. Then,

"Come on, Baka! I'm teaching you how to dance!" ordered Asuka, pushing Misato in a clear message that she was departing. "Give me a hand with this, Rit-chan." She asked.

"Sure. Why not?" agreed Rit-chan, sliding out and pulling Shinji with her. Rei started to move out as well, but Asuka pre-empted her.

"Not yet, Wondergirl. Just watch for now." She said. Rei considered this, then settled back into the booth. Yeah, you watch this all right, Wondergirl. Watch me steal him from you.

Forty minutes later, Shinji collapsed into the booth, hot and winded and very, very aroused. Asuka had been just as aggressive with him as she had been with the other guys, but had given - and received - far more personal touches. Shinji had felt himself harden within seconds of her `instruction', and her and Rit-chan taking turns wasn't helping him any, as the older teen was just as focused on getting as close to him as possible. Shinji could have sworn that both girls were deliberately grabbing his groin, but couldn't imagine why they would do so in the middle of a club. Still, he was eternally grateful that his trousers were loose enough to make it possible to conceal his raging hard-on to some extent. But then, he should have known that Rei had noticed; as soon as he sat down beside her, her hand slipped to his groin and her fingers softly examined his rampant boner. She slid her eyes to his and he knew that she had plans for that boner. For a split second, he wondered if she planned to fuck him right then and there, but she simply shifted to press herself to his side.

Asuka and Rit-chan slid into the booth as well, both very happy and highly animated. Asuka sent Rei a look and said "So, did you learn anything, Wondergirl?" Rei considered the last forty minutes and nodded.

"Yes. I did." She said simply. Asuka glowered at her.

"Sure you did, Wondergirl." She said sardonically. "Show me what you learned!"

"When Shinji is rested, I will." Replied Rei calmly.

"That's a cop out, Wondergirl! Just find some guy and sow me what you think you learned." Snapped Asuka.

"I do not desire to dance with any male but Shinji." Replied Rei. "And certainly not in the manner you and Rit-chan demonstrated."

"Sure, doll! Whatever." Scoffed Asuka. "You're just stalling."

"I am not stalling." Stated Rei, still calm and cool.

"Then get out there and dance!" commanded Asuka, planting her hands on the table and leaning over past Shinji to glare at Rei.

"Why don't both of you get out there and dance, Asuka?" came Misato's voice. Three sets of eyes snapped over to see that she was back from her ninth or ninetieth trip to the bar for more beer. Shinji saw the signs that Misato was comfortably bombed, but not so far gone as to allow a chance to tease one of her charges to slip by. Asuka harrumphed and turned her head away from Rei.

"She couldn't keep up with me, Misato." Said the redhead disdainfully. Misato gave her a wicked smile.

"You said that about her shooting as well, as I recall, Asuka." Noted the Captain.

Talk about putting out a fire with gasoline! Thought Airi. I wonder if Misato is aware of how bad this could get; well, for Shinji at least.

"Fine! Come on, Wondergirl!" yelled the Second Child, seizing the hand of Rei and unceremoniously yanking the First Child with her. Practically dragging the other girl over Shinji in her haste to get the other girl on the floor. Shinji did enjoy the sensations of Rei sliding across his lap, but he was somewhat worried that Asuka might hurt Rei.

"Um, Asuka…" began Shinji, but was cut off by Asuka.

"Not now, Baka! I'm busy!" The two disappeared into the crowd on the floor. Rit-chan stood and moved closer to the floor to watch, and Hikari and Shinji did so as well, Shinji more worried that Asuka might try to trip Rei or something. Hikari and Rit-chan came to stand on either side of Shinji, with Airi and Misato standing behind the three teens, watching as Asuka selected a section near the center of the floor and spun to face Rei, who watched her impassively. "Ok, Wondergirl." Began Asuka, staring into the other's red eyes, "Just pretend that I am Shinji and do your best not to trip over your own feet. Try not to embarrass yourself too badly." Smirked the teen. Taking a step closer to Rei, she began to dance. Rei fluidly moved into her own dance, counter pointing and matching Asuka as the two began to actively compete. It wasn't long before an empty space had appeared around the two young girl as the couples dancing on the floor became aware of the growing murmurs of awe from the dancers closest to the two, who fell silent and moved back, allowing the two more room and affording them a better view. Of course, the two were generating such a fierce aura of energy that several people in the front most ranks felt as if the air were being sucked out of the area around them to feed the nearly palpable contest of wills taking place. It could also have been that the two were very hot chicks and their dancing was - to put it mildly - very sensual; not that the short, light sundresses worn by both of them hurt any.

Asuka, hot and tired, moved off the floor with Rei a half step behind her. Both girls had been at it for a half hour steady, and were ready to call it even. The applause from the spectators was nigh deafening. Asuka gave the assembled dancers a half smile and a careless wave as she cleared the wood floor, Rei totally ignoring them. Several young men started to converge on them, their eyes glazed with lust. The German girl barely suppressed a groan. When she saw a few girls coming their way as well, she did groan.

"Are you ok, Asuka?" came Rei's soft voice from slightly behind her.

"Yeah, I'm fine. But we're about to have company." Muttered Asuka, making a motion toward the males and females converging on them. "I'm not really in the mood for this right now."

"Gaining attention was the purpose of the dance, was it not?" asked Rei.

"Yeah, I guess so. But I have standards, you know." Answered Asuka, frowning as the closest of the admirers opened his mouth to speak. I swear, if it's some lame pick-up line, I'll tear his nuts off and feed them to him! Raged Asuka mentally.

"Hey, you two are hot, know what mean?" he said, giving the two his best chick-magnet smile. Asuka growled and her fists balled up. Before the hotheaded girl could detonate, Rei spoke up.

"Physical exertion always increases one's body temperature. You're observation is redundant." The tone of the First was as detached and clinical as always, as if the boy were some sort of math problem. The smile slipped a bit.

"Wha…" began the boy. He was used to getting brushed off by girls, but this was insane!

"If that is the best example of your intelligence, I must insist that you cease wasting our time. Good evening." Finished Rei, moving past him as if he were some oil spot on the road of life. Asuka sailed past him as he stood there, a puzzled look on his face. Seeing this, several of the boys approaching them veered off sharply. The two made it to their table without further mishap. The rest of their group was waiting for them.

"Wow! If I didn't know better, I'd say you two were a couple!" Misato said, her tone languid. "Have you been keeping secretes, Asuka?" Asuka's face went red.

"How dare you…" she hissed, obviously trying to calm down enough to talk coherently. "I like guys, Misato!"

"Still not ready to admit it to anyone, huh? Well, that's ok. Shin-chan and I won't think any the worse of you for it, you know. In fact, most men are turned on by it." Noted Misato. Hikari was getting red in the face, her eyes opened wide at Misato's jabs. Rit-chan was just watching the two, a small smile on her face. Airi was watching without any expression at all, and Shinji was shaking his head.

"To what do you refer, Misato?" asked Rei, her tone a little curious.

"What?! You can't be that naïve, Wondergirl!" gaped Asuka.

"I'm talking about Asuka liking girls, of course, Rei-chan." Replied Misato calmly.

"I do not understand." Began Rei, but Asuka cut her off.

"Let's save this for another time, ok?" she commanded.

"You might not be able to, Asuka." Noted Misato, looking behind the red-faced pilot. "You've got some admirers." Asuka sighed and turned to tell the guy or guys off, but saw two girls there instead.

"Can I help you?" asked Asuka levelly.

"We saw you dancing out there. You two move really well together. Are you…together?" asked one of the girls. Asuka looked the two over as she considered her answer. The one doing the talking was maybe three years older than her, her figure a bit more developed than Asuka's, and was decked out in tight tee shirt in a medium green color and a mid-thigh length skirt complimented by understated sneakers. The second girl was dressed in a loose-fitting shirt tucked into short cut-off blue jean shorts, also shod in sneakers. Both girls had deep black hair and brown eyes, and from the look of their skin, spent more time in the sun than in the clubs.

"We're in the same group, but we're not a couple, if that's what you're asking. We go to school and work at the same place, that's all." Replied Asuka. Rei had taken a seat next to Shinji, and her hand was back on his dick, which was still mostly hard. The two girls considered the group for a moment.

"If you don't mind my asking, are you all…connected in some manner?" asked the strange girl, frowning a little. "Excuse me if that sounds odd, but you seem to…fit together in a strange way." The second girl poked the first in the side, then leaned over to whisper in her ear. The talkative one nodded, then shrugged. "I'm being told to mind my own business, so I'll just excuse myself. I apologize for interrupting you." With a small bow, the two headed off.

Asuka blinked. "Is it just me, or was that just plain freaky?" she asked the party at large.

A few hours later, a group of people maneuvered out the door of a closing karaoke club, and, after a few moments of getting their bearings, started toward the nearest train stop for the ride across town. A few other patrons waved at them in a vague farewell as the group moved off, one of the two adults helping one of the two redheads to carry a very drunk Captain to their apartment. With Airi and Rit-chan supporting Misato's more-or-less unconscious form between them, Asuka was left to lead the way back home as she helped a wobbly Hikari along. Behind the two elf hunters came Shinji and Rei, both more stable on their feet than Hikari, who was infinitely better off than Misato, who had been celebrating heavily all night. Shinji was feeling…well, good, if in a strangely silly way. Glancing over at Rei, he saw that she watching the others calmly, her face its normal impassive mask. Feeling him watching her, she glanced over and gave him a faint, but well-felt smile, reaching over to take his hand. Shinji intertwined his fingers with hers and smiled back at her. From the head of the procession came Asuka's voice, only intermittently slurred, as she kept singing odd snatches of songs and rambling on in German, Japanese and English. Hikari was talking to Asuka as the German girl rambled; or, at least, Shinji thought that Hikari was talking to her friend, as they would often be speaking at the same time.

"Did you enjoy this evening, Shinji?" came the soft voice of Rei, who was watching him from the corner of her eye.

Shinji considered the question. Eventually he answered. "Yes, I did, Rei-chan." He said.

"Do you desire to engage in this `clubbing' activity more often?" asked Rei, her attention on Shinji.

"No, not really. I…don't care for the crowds." He answered after a moment of reflection.

"Then why did you enjoy this night?" asked Rei, turning to look at him intently.

"Because I was with the ones I love." He answered, not having to think about it. "I would have had as much fun in the apartment."

"Perhaps more." Added Rei thoughtfully. Shinji gave her a questioning look. Rei sent him another smile, which made his dick jump. "There are plans, after all." She murmured so softly that he barely heard her.

It took the group another hour to get home, and Asuka and Hikari were both asleep or passed out by the time the were within sight of home. Rit-chan and Airi had their hands full with Misato, so it fell to Rei and Shinji to deal with their resting friends. Shinji took Asuka's arm and draped it over his shoulders, grabbing her arm with one hand and wrapping the other around her waist, allowing him to support and guide her as they moved toward the entrance to the building they lived in. Rei opted for a more expedient solution and simply picked Hikari up in her arms and kept walking as if the class rep didn't weigh more than a couple of pounds. Behind the two, Airi's sharp eyes noted the subtle display of strength, and her mind realized that she needed to know more about the First Child, as she was clearly not normal. Glancing to her companion, she noticed that Rit-chan was watching Rei carry Hikari as well. Feeling her friend's eyes on her, the teen glanced at the actress and the two knew that the other was thinking about the same thing.

In the apartment, the group managed to get the three to their rooms, which brought Shinji to another decision. With Hikari and Asuka both sound asleep, and Misato dead to the world, the choice was this: did they want to just dump their friends and go to sleep, or did they want to get their friends ready for bed before crashing themselves. Choosing the later option brought up another issue: who would be doing the helping? As Shinji thought this, Rei stepped past him and Asuka, setting Hikari down on Asuka's bed before turning to Shinji, who still had Asuka draped over his shoulders. "Place her on her bed, Shinji-chan." Said the girl softly. Shinji did so, glad to be free of Asuka's weight.

It's not that she's heavy, exactly; it's just that carrying her that way is tough on one's back and sides. Thought Shinji. He was interrupted by Rei, who had simply reached down and removed Hikari's shirt, leaving her chest naked, and moved on swiftly to the brown-haired girl's skirt, which was removed just as efficiently.

"Shinji, remove Asuka's clothes so we can get them into bed." Said Rei, slipping Hikari's panties off along with her socks, which landed on top of the girl's skirt and top by the foot of the bed. Shinji gazed at the naked form of Hikari Horaki, remembering the feel of her small, pert breasts and her soft, smooth pussy. His dick snapped to attention. Rei, noticing his attention was on Hikari, smiled at him. "Hikari is not currently able to relieve you, Shinji." Said the girl softly, touching his hard member. "And neither are Asuka or Misato. So, I suggest that we put Asuka and Hikari to bed and return to my home. Or your room; whichever you prefer." Shinji nodded, then managed to tear his gaze away from Hikari and to Asuka. With experience with her dress, the pilot gently pulled the bows loose and slipped the dress off her sleeping form, surprising himself (and to a minimal degree Rei) when he discovered that she had…mislaid her panties. With both girls naked, Rei turned the sheets back and maneuvered Hikari between them, Shinji doing the same with Asuka. When they were both situated, Rei and Shinji tucked them in before exiting the room to look for Airi and Rit-chan.

The light was on in the bathroom, so Shinji came to the conclusion that one of them was in the bathroom, and a search revealed that Airi was on the balcony, her cell phone to her ear, which meant that Rit-chan was in the bathroom. Just then, the door to the bathroom opened and Rit-chan stepped out, her hair free of its normal ponytail, resting against her back and rear, reaching to the tops of her thighs. Currently, Rit-chan was hiding a yawn behind an upraised hand, her eyes closed as she felt the day and night catching up to her. "Hey guys. Asuka-chan and Hi-chan tucked in?" she asked as soon as she had finished yawning.

"Yes." Answered Rei.

"Misato?" asked Shinji.

"She's on her bed, but I had to pee and Airi had a call to make, so no, she isn't tucked in. I'll do it if you want." Answered Ritsuko, yawning again.

"It is not necessary. We will ready her for bed. You should rest now, Rit-chan. Tomorrow is a school day." Declined Rei, heading for Misato's room, pushing Shinji in front of her.

"Ok, I'll see you in the morning, then." Waved Rit-chan, her eyes heavy. Stepping into Asuka's and her room, she slipped off her clothes, looking for her sleeping shirt. Not seeing it, she sighed. Fuck it. I'm crashing naked tonight. If they have a problem with me being naked, then I'll deal with Asuka and Hikari in the morning. Decided the elf-hunting schoolgirl. Carefully slipping into somewhat crowded bed, she was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

In Misato's room, Rei considered the sleeping - or rather, passed-out - Captain. "Shinji-chan, does Misato normally wear sleeping attire?" asked the pilot of her lover.

"Um, I'm not sure, Rei-chan. I've never seen how she sleeps." Answered Shinji truthfully.

"Very well." Replied Rei, squatting and beginning to remove Misato's clothes. "Shinji, please pull her sheets back." She requested.

"Sure, Rei-chan." Mumbled Shinji, turning his eyes away from his guardian's rapidly stripping body. By the time he had the sheets and cover pulled back so he could tuck Misato in, Rei had the Captain naked and was maneuvering her toward her side of the bed. Shinji reached over to help Rei, concentrating on not thinking about how soft and sexy his commanding officer felt naked. He also averted his eyes, the better to resist temptation. His eyes settled on Rei's beautiful face. One final roll and they pulled the sheets over her slumbering form and rose to exit the room. As they closed the door to her room, they heard Airi come in from the balcony.

"Ah, getting ready to turn in, you two?" asked the Actress of the pilots.

"Yes. The others are already asleep." Answered Shinji.

"I see. If I might suggest, you two should stay here tonight, as it's late and you have been drinking; not much, mind you, but enough. The risk and time lost going to her place is unnecessary." Observed Airi.

"Well, we could." Said Shinji. He was tired and it was a fairly long way to Rei's apartment.

"We will stay in Shinji's room, if it bothers you, Airi." Stated Rei. Airi gave the two a smile.

"It would make me feel better." She said. Noting Shinji's distressed look, she added another thought. "Don't worry; I won't say anything if you decide to sleep together. There isn't a need for anyone to know, right?"

"Correct." Said Rei. She moved toward Shinji's room, diligently herding Shinji with her. As the two entered his room and Airi slid her door open, she added one final thought.

"Just don't be too loud; My Rit-chan is a light sleeper and she tends to wake with her gun in her hand. Have a…pleasant night, you two." And with that, her door slid closed and Shinji mimicked her actions with his door. Turning to face his bed, he found that Rei was already naked and laying down on his bed, holding the sheets open for him, her naked body in full view.

"I wish to comply with Airi's suggestion, Shinji-chan." Said the blue-haired girl. "Will you join me in bed?"

Like she has to ask! Thought Shinji, rapidly undressing. When he was in his boxers, he started for the bed, only to see Rei looking a bit…disappointed. "What's wrong, Rei?" asked Shinji.

"You are not fully naked. I…wish to feel you. All of you. Would you…allow me to feel all of you tonight?" answered Rei. Shinji mentally shrugged and dropped his boxers, seeing Rei's lips twitch into a smile at his naked form. Flipping his light off, he stepped carefully to his bed and knelt before slipping into it, feeling Rei immediately press herself to him, full body. As the girl's silky skin slid along his, his dick sprang to attention. The erection was not lost on Rei, who gently seized it and began to caress it and tease. Shinji, much more sure of himself since the last time they did this, began to return her attention, finding her to be wet and ready already, but in no particular rush to turn loose his member from her hands. Satisfied that she was doing as she wanted to do, Shinji began to work on making her feel as good as she made him feel. Needless to say, the two were soon one, and before too much more time had passed, they were asleep in each other arms, Rei snuggled into Shinji's chest, a smile on her face, her legs locked around his hips, his penis still embedded in her soaked groin.