Legal stuffs: this story, it has teh sex!!  Don’t read it if you’re like, under 18 and stuff, cuz that’s bad.  Oh yeah, and I don’t own no Evangelion, I just write smut about it, so don’t sue me.  That cover everything?  Good… now on to the naughtiness!


Extra Stage (shard 5) – Home/Room

By Rx7

Shinji hummed to himself as he carefully slid his spatula under the edge of the pancake currently taking up the majority of the skillet, barely repressing a happy smile as he found the underside an unblemished, golden brown.  With a practiced combination of movements, he drove the spatula all the way under the pancake and flipped it up, catching it neatly on the plate balanced on his other hand.


This time, he did smile, setting the plate aside and turning the burner off as he pulled out a loaf of bread and pulled open the cupboard to get the toaster down.  It had been a remarkably good morning so far, he thought cheerfully.  He had woken up early, made his and Asuka’s bentos ahead of time to avoid having to rush, and had even managed to wake Misato from her usual dead sleep in time to see her off to work – after a quick, thoroughly satisfying kiss, of course.

Breakfast is cooked, lunch is ready to go, he thought, mentally ticking off his morning routine as the faint sounds of conversation drifted down the hall.  Just need to get Asuka off the phone so we can eat, and we’ll be ready to go.

He put two pieces of bread into the toaster slots, pushing the handle down as Asuka’s voice rose a bit higher, allowing him to hear a bit of her conversation.  “…sn’t the point!” he heard the redhead growl, “He’s not…”

Whatever ‘he’ was not, Shinji did not get to find out, as Asuka’s voice lowered back to its normal pitch.  I wonder if they’re talking about me? he thought curiously, giving a little wave as Asuka finally made her way into the kitchen.  She’s been on with Hikari for like, forty minutes… and she just said ‘he,’ so I guess-

His thoughts were rather rudely interrupted as Asuka reached his side, lowering her voice to an angry hiss as she pushed the toaster’s handle back up and grabbed one of the barely-toasted pieces of bread.  “I know YOU like it,” she was saying, “but it’s boring for me!  That’s right, I-”

Abruptly, Asuka shot Shinji a suspicious glance.

“Hasn’t anyone told you it’s rude to eavesdrop, Third Child?” she muttered, not bothering to wait for a reply as she turned on her heel and stomped out of the room, continuing her tirade outside of Shinji’s hearing range.

Frowning deeply, Shinji replayed the fragment of conversation he’d picked up… and the picture it painted was not pretty.

“Boring…?” he whispered, absently unplugging the toaster and folding his arms.

There was only one thing – one single, solitary thing – Shinji could think of that Hikari and Asuka held as a mutual point of interest.  They did not play the same video games (Hikari was into dating sims, Asuka liked fighting games), their tastes in music were vastly different, and even the books they read were as diverse as could be, with Hikari favoring tearjearker romances while Asuka liked angst or drama.

With their stereotypical tastes aside, the one ‘hobby,’ if you will, that both enjoyed… was him.  And now Asuka’s bored? he thought, untying the apron he favored while working in the kitchen and draping it over the back of one of the chairs.  She hasn’t said anything to me about it… but now that I think about it, wasn’t she just a little distracted last time we did it?  Maybe it’s my imagination…?  But if it’s not – if she really is getting tired of… of being with me, I have to do something.  What, though??

Biting his lip, he called out, “Breakfast’s ready!” and sat down at the table, trying to think of how he could rekindle Asuka’s interest in him.  Sure, he had four other women available to him… but as he had said several weeks prior, and as he had felt from the first time he had even considered touching her, Asuka was the one he wanted above all the others.  He did not have the nerve to tell her this, of course, mostly because it would bring up the question of ‘how many OTHERS are there?’ but partially because it treaded deeper waters than mere physicality.

And that, he knew all too well, was not a topic he was ready to broach.

“Ok,” Asuka said as she came into the kitchen, “I’ll see you at school… yeah, I know, I’ll talk to you about it later.  Bye.”

Shinji forced a smile as the girl sat down across from him and scooped up her fork, digging into her pancakes with a murmured, ‘thanks.’  “So,” he said lightly, “is Hikari still dreading the field trip?”

Asuka shrugged.  “I dunno,” she said evasively, “we didn’t talk about it.”


What DID you talk about? Shinji thought, focusing on his own breakfast to avoid seeing the way Asuka was avoiding his eyes.  It WAS me, wasn’t it…?  Why didn’t you tell me something was wrong??  How can I make it right if I don’t know there’s a problem?

“Are umm, are you looking forward to it?”

“The field trip?” Asuka asked around a mouthful of pancake.  “Who cares?  Twenty minutes outside studying cicadas – big deal.  So what if they’re here all year now instead of just the summertime?  It’s just an excuse for that old geezer to get out of the classroom and stop babbling about the same topics he’s been babbling about since we started the semester.  Practical observation my ass…”

Shinji nodded absently, trying frantically to think of a way to spark Asuka’s interest once more.  Abruptly, an idea popped into his head.  It was risky, he thought skeptically, but desperate times called for desperate measures, didn’t they? 

Sure they did…

“You ready?” he asked after several minutes of quiet.

“Yeah, sure,” Asuka said distractedly, “lemme grab my backpack.”


Shinji gathered their bentos, slipping them both into his backpack as his mind whirled.  Could work, he thought considering all the complications of what he was planning, just need to arrange the right situation…

“Hey,” he said lightly as they stepped out of the apartment and headed towards the elevator, “let’s take the train today.”

Asuka groaned.  “Do we have to?” she sighed.  “It’s always so crowded…”

Tightening his hold on his backpack’s straps, Shinji pressed, “Just today?  I’m… kinda tired.”

“Fine, whatever,” Asuka said after a moment of silence.

It IS kind of my fault, she thought without a trace of regret.  But if he didn’t want his cock sucked, he should have pushed me away…

They walked to the train stop in companionable silence, keeping their complicated thoughts to themselves as they waited for the train to arrive.  When it finally got there, Shinji immediately made for the spot he had envisioned, thankful that it was clear.

“Let’s sit over here,” he suggested, moving quickly to the spot closest to the partition by the door and dropping his backpack into the seat closest to the wall.

“Whatever,” Asuka muttered, her mind going back to the conversation she had been having with Hikari.

She really is dedicated; the redhead thought dismally, why can’t she see how old it’s getting?  I mean-

“No,” Shinji said suddenly, “why don’t you stand over here…”

Barely even registering his suggestion, Asuka simply followed his directions, setting her backpack on top of his.  It was not until the rest of the train had already filled in and they had gone several stops that she noticed how he had situated her. 

“Why are we standing?” she asked, frowning faintly as Shinji took a careful step sideways, clearly planning something out of the ordinary.  “What are you doing??”

Instead of replying, Shinji nodded to himself.  I guess this will have to do, he thought, taking a final look around before making his move.  I’ve put it off as long as I can.


Asuka’s skirt rustled faintly as Shinji suddenly took a step forward and put his hand up against it, slipping it between her legs and boldly stroking at her heavily-covered pussy with the palm of his hand, sending pleasant waves up and down the redhead’s spine.

“What are you doing?” Asuka demanded, trying to push his hand away.  “Shinji, stop that – everyone will see…!”

Shinji glanced around.  “No,” he said softly, “where we’re standing, the only one that can see you is me.”

Asuka frowned, prepared to argue until she noticed that he was right.  With that little partition on the left, and the wall behind me… I’m blocked on two sides, so with Shinji standing right in front of me, and our backpacks on the seat next to us – no one CAN see.  Wow… pretty sneaky.

Easing her legs slightly further apart, the redhead put a hand on the small partition and glanced deliberately away from Shinji so as to avoid focusing on him and arousing suspicion.  “A little to the left,” she murmured, pushing her hips forward subtly, “I can’t believe you’re doing this, you little freak… mm… that’s nice…”

“Don’t be too loud,” Shinji warned, “no one can see… but everyone can hear.”

Asuka bit her bottom lip as he continued to massage her.  “I know, idiot,” she breathed, “I’m trying… but it’s hard!  I mean, you try to… ooo… that’s a good spot… what was I saying…?”  Shaking her head in a vain attempt to clear it, she whispered, “Should I take my panties off?  It feels good this way, but-”

“No,” Shinji cut in quickly, “there’s no way to get them off without someone noticing… just let me rub you like this for a while…”

“A-alright,” the Second stammered, forgetting her undergarments for a moment as she started to feel the effects of Shinji’s awkward fingering.

The panties in question, she remembered with a sudden grin, were covered with little strawberries.  They were a bit childish, she admitted, but sometimes she liked that kind of thing.  They should be cherries, she thought, imagining that Shinji’s finger was pressing one of the small, printed fruits lightly between her pussy lips, then later, I can say something stupid like, ‘hey Shinji, wanna take my cherry?’

Of course, she thought immediately, it was far, far too late to make this offer with a straight face, though it would probably get a laugh from the young man.

…and like it or not, she DID enjoy the sound of his laughter.

“Ooo, right there,” she hissed softly, closing her eyes and pitching her voice for his ears alone, “right there, Shinji – you’re rubbing my clit…!”

Shinji nodded, thankful for the heads-up.  Through the thick fabric of her jumper… he could not even be sure he was actually rubbing her pussy, let alone her clit.  Running out of time, he thought nervously, pressing a bit harder and hoping the soft his of skin against fabric wasn’t carrying past his ears.  We’re almost there…

This thought, ironically, had several applications in this situation – for Asuka, anyway.  “Harder,” she breathed, “God, this is fucking awesome… mm I want to fuck you so bad right now…!”  Her mind spun with heretofore unthought-of possibilities.  The janitorial closet, the gym, the locker room, hell, behind a bush – just about anywhere would do at this point, as long as she got to have him inside.

I love this, she thought dizzily, is there anything better than getting touched by someone you know worships you?  I don’t fucking think so.  Oh, wait, there IS something better – getting FUCKED by someone you know worships you!  It’s so good I want to write a book about it… of course, maybe, worship is the wrong word.  With Shinji, it’s more like-

“This is our stop.”

Asuka’s eyes snapped open.  “N-no way,” she hissed.  “Don’t stop… I’m getting close – come on, Shinji, don’t leave me like this!”

“People will see,” Shinji said reluctantly, pulling his hand discretely away from her body.  “I’ll make it up to later, I promise.”

“Damn you!!”

Pushing the young man away from her, Asuka snatched up her backpack and stomped over to the train’s door, fuming as she waited for it to slide open.  Now I’m all hot, she thought angrily, shifting uncomfortably as the memory of Shinji’s talented fingers echoed in her pussy, and I don’t have time to do anything about it before class… damn it, Shinji – you’re such an asshole!

The walk from the train to the school was as silent as the trip to the station by the apartment, though much colder, the heat of the impromptu feeling session quickly bleeding away and leaving Asuka feeling unsatisfied and grumpy.  She brushed off several greetings, barely grunting to the people that had called out to her – except Hikari, of course… she managed to keep herself civil with Hikari.

“Don’t want to talk about it,” she said tersely as the class rep asked what the problem was. 

Wisely, Hikari backed off, giving Shinji a vibrant smile when she was sure no one could see, and mouthing, ‘Hi, Master.’

Shinji waved absently, his attention still fixed on Asuka as he tried to figure out how he was going to make things right.  As Hikari called for everyone to rise, bow, and be seated, an idea occurred to him.  He waited until the teacher began the lesson, and then pulled up the school’s network messenger program.

An insistent blinking caught Asuka’s eye.  Begging for forgiveness already? she thought angrily, pulling up the text window on her computer terminal and quickly scanning the brief line.

IS – Sorry about the train.  I thought we would have more time.

Asuka was not placated, and as she typed, her nostrils flared with anger, her fingers hitting the keys almost vindictively.

SA – I can’t believe you did that to me, you jerk!  At least in the elevator you finished what you started, but this time I didn’t even get to come!!

The reply came back mere moments later… but when the message popped up, Asuka’s fingers froze over her keyboard, her mouth hanging wide open as she stared at the small screen.

IS – Then why not play with yourself?

Asuka could not believe what she was reading.  Is this… really SHINJI?? she thought, trying to formulate an answer to the succinct question.  Before she could begin typing, however, a second message appeared.

IS – If you lean forward in your seat, your desk will block everyone else from seeing, plus it will look like you’re really paying attention.  Then, you can just slip your hand down the front of your panties and touch yourself.

SA – What are you thinking?  I’ll get caught!

IS – Might, I guess, but if you’re quiet, you should be able to come without anyone noticing.  I can help you, if you want, you know – write some messages while you’re doing it.

In her mind’s eye, Asuka could actually HEAR Shinji stammering this last offer.  She stole a glance around the room, but the Third was staring straight ahead, his hands resting lightly in front of his keyboard – so casually positioned that only someone looking for suspicious activity would notice that he was ready to type at a second’s notice.

Can’t believe I’m actually thinking of doing this, Asuka thought, surreptitiously leaning forward in her seat, as Shinji had suggested.  …this is so fucking hot!

SA – Alright, you little perv, but make it good!

IS – I’ll try.

Discretely, Asuka slid her right hand underneath her desk, her eyes darting around the room to see if anyone was staring at her, ready to jump up and shout, ‘Aha!  Teacher, TEACHER!  Souryu’s masturbating – see? SEE?!’

But all eyes were facing forward, the entire class oblivious as her first two fingers lightly brushed the front of her panties.  Still a little damp, she thought, this could be pretty good.

She focused on the screen as the first message popped up.

IS – I was thinking of maybe going somewhere like a park or a field or something.  Just a quiet little place where we could be alone, maybe have a picnic, you know?  We could talk, and kiss, and then, you know.  Does that sound good?

Asuka gritted her teeth, typing quickly but awkwardly with one hand as she let him know exactly what she thought of this line of thought.

SA – This is all I get?  You get me hot as hell, and then read me corny romance novel trash??  Come on, make it spicy!  Make it real!  Make it a little dirty, Shinji, I’m in the mood for that.

The next reply was a little longer in coming… but when it finally popped up, Asuka nearly gasped out loud as she read the text on the small screen.

IS – Do you know how long I had to work up the courage to touch you in the elevator? I used to sit in my room and think about having you there with me, sucking my dick.  I don’t know how much Kleenex I wasted pretending that your mouth was on my cock.

AS – Now that’s more like it!  Don’t stop now, this is getting good!

Asuka stole a look at Shinji as she began rubbing herself a bit harder.  Look at him, she thought, he’s as red as a tomato!

But red or not, what Shinji was typing was definitely hitting home.

IS – When we were driving home that first day, I smelled my hand.  It smelled like you, and I really just wanted to do it right then, but Misato, well, you know – she just took over.  But all the way home, I just kept sneaking little sniffs, telling myself, ‘This is Asuka’s pussy.’  I even licked it once, to see what it would taste like.

“God,” Asuka breathed, barely keeping her movements small and unobtrusive as she continued to touch herself, feeling her own color beginning to rise as she scanned and rescanned the words on her screen.

IS – Fucking you that day was incredible, and I know this is kind of ‘corny romance trash,’ but lately it’s been even better.  Sometimes when I dream that we’re fucking I wake up and my dick is hard, did you know that?

Asuka shook her head, biting her bottom lip as the first tremors of an approaching orgasm started to seize her.  She thought, momentarily, that there was no way this could REALLY be the way he felt.  If it was, he could have just come into her room and woken her up, if he wanted to fuck that bad – she sure wouldn’t have objected!  But she was always the one that started things… unless Misato beat her too it.

Shaking off the too-serious thoughts, Asuka refocused on the newest line of text, her eyes flying over the screen as her fingertips pressed roughly against her swollen clit.

IS – I hope you like it as much as I do, I really do.  I love seeing you come for me – that’s why I like doing it ‘the normal way.’  Fucking you from the back FEELS the best, but when I can see your face, and I know I’m the one making you feel that way, I­-

“Are you alright, Miss Souryu?” the teacher asked, dousing the barely glowing embers of Asuka’s climax and turning it from an earthquake into a barely noticeable tremor.  “You look a little flushed.”

“I am… a little hot,” Asuka said, shooting Shinji a desperate look as she eased her hand back up onto the desk, “but I’m ok.”

The teacher frowned, remembering his implicit directions regarding the Children.  Having one of them collapse on a field trip would be a disaster, he thought grimly.  It’s only a short one, but why risk it?

“Maybe it would be best if you stayed behind on the field trip,” he said slowly, expecting the redhead to put up some protest.  She was confrontational at the best of times, but if she was actually getting sick, he was sure her temper would be as short as the help wanted section of the paper.

To his surprise, however, she simply nodded.  “Can someone stay with me?” she said lightly, “I’m a little dizzy.”

“Of course,” the teacher said, “Miss Hor-”

“Shinji,” Asuka said suddenly, “you’ve got our lunches in your locker, right?  Maybe you should stay.”

Well that worked out, the teacher thought with some relief as the dark-haired boy shrugged.

“Alright then, we’ll be back in about twenty minutes – please send Mister Ikari to the infirmary to fetch the nurse, if you start feeling worse.”

“Yes sir,” Asuka said quietly.

She must be sick, the teacher thought, maybe she’ll go home early, thank God, and let me actually teach.  Those NERV goons – making me watch those kids every damn minute!  I’m a teacher, not a babysitter… it’s getting bad enough that I’m starting to go over the same material in class!  How many times can I talk about Second Impact, for god’s sake!?

As the class trooped out, Hikari glanced over her shoulder, catching Asuka’s eye and mouthing, ‘What’s up?’ but receiving only an enigmatic wink in reply.

“Now,” Asuka said quietly, waiting until the chatter of their class had faded down the hall, “get over here, Third Child – it’s time to make it up to me.”

Shinji glanced nervously at the door.  “They’re… not gonna be gone that long,” he said hesitantly, “I was thinking when we get home we-”

“Fuck that,” Asuka whispered, turning on her seat and pulling her skirt up to her hips.  “Look at this,” she demanded, lightly brushing the front of her panties, “I’m like, dripping… and it’s your fault!  I couldn’t get off, Shinji – you HAVE to fuck me or I’m gonna scream.”

Slowly, Shinji rose to his feet, his hands clenching and unclenching at his sides as he stared at the door.  “We’ll get caught,” he said finally, “we should really-”

“Not if you HURRY,” Asuka growled, lifting her ass off the seat and shimmying out of her panties, “now come on and get over here before I just tackle you!  If we do it over here on this desk by the wall, no one will see… but I’m so hot right now I’m about to just throw you on the ground and fuck you right there.”  She shrugged, grinning wolfishly as she concluded, “Your dick, your call, Third Child… but one way or the other, you WILL put it in me…”

Blushing brightly, Shinji hurried over to where the redhead was waiting, too worried by the situation to even wonder whose desk it was they were about to christen.

“Good boy,” Asuka breathed, rising to her feet and draping her arms over his shoulders, “now… let’s do this…”

Yanking him closer to her, Asuka planted a long, fiery kiss on his surprised lips, slipping her tongue into his mouth and dropping her hands down to squeeze his ass.  Oh fuck yeah, she thought, thrusting her right breast against the back of his hand as he fumbled for her buttons.

“No time for that,” she panted, brushing his fingers away from the front of her jumper, “just stick it in.”

With that, she sat on the edge of the borrowed desk, putting one foot on the floor and one up on the back of her seat.  Shinji regarded her for a moment, quickly thinking of all the positions they had done it in, and which pleased her the fastest.  This’ll take too long, he thought nervously, stealing another look at the door, she’s pretty hot already, but this way takes awhile… we need to change up a little.

Asuka frowned.  “Well?” she demanded, “What are you – oh!!”

Shinji stepped forward suddenly, grasping her by one arm and turning her around.  “Don’t make so much noise,” he urged, pushing gently on her upper back with one hand while he raised her skirt with the other, bending her over the desk and positioning himself behind her.  “Ok… here I come.”

“Uhhh God!” Asuka hissed, relishing the feel of his hard cock suddenly piercing her tender pussy.  “Yeah… oh fuck me – you’ve been driving me crazy since you started touching me on the train… you OWE me a good fuck, Shinji…”  She frowned, though, as she felt him holding her waist, keeping himself perfectly still instead of starting to thrust.  “What are you d-”

“You want it…?”

Asuka growled, trying to push back against him and force him deeper inside, but he tightened his hold, preventing her from moving.  “There’s no time for this shit,” she hissed, “come on – they’ll be back soon…”

Shinji gave her a short, shallow thrust, still holding her narrow waist in his hands.  “You want it?”

He’s been spending too much time fucking Hikari, Asuka thought angrily, trying once more to thrust back into him.  God… I shouldn’t like this – I’m the one who’s supposed to be in control when we do it, damn it!!

Weighing her options, Asuka decided that it would be in her best interest to surrender control this time.  If she argued too long, the entire class would walk in on them in mid-fuck – not that she gave a shit what they thought of her, but it could conceivably cause trouble.  Misato had specifically told them not to let anyone at NERV know about what they were doing, and a quickie in the classroom, in broad daylight, would PROBABLY raise a few eyebrows when it showed up on Commander Ikari or Fuyutsuki’s desk.

Plus… she was really, really craving a good fuck.  Being fingered on the train had gotten her volcanically hot, and the pathetic orgasm she had managed by masturbating had done very little to take the edge off.  So, promising that she would DEFINITELY make Shinji pay for forcing her to submit like this, Asuka gave her reply.

“Yes, I want it,” she breathed, closing her eyes in anticipation of what her admission would earn her.  “I want it hard, Shinji… I want you to fuck me until I can’t see straight – I want you to make me scream with your cock, you bastard, are you happy now?  Is that what you wanted to hear??”


“Oh GOD!!

No sooner had Shinji spoken than he pulled halfway out and drove quickly back into her, grinding her hips painfully into the edge of the desk.  The pain was a surprisingly pleasant counter point to the driving hardness inside of her, making Asuka moan uninhibitedly.

Can they hear us in the room next to us? she thought dizzily, moaning again as Shinji began giving her long, hard strokes, working her tight hole feverishly as his hands moved up to her shoulders, pulling her whole body back and making her tight ass collide brutally whit his thrusting hips.  God, what was I thinking?!  Anyone could walk in on us any time…

This last thought… was ALMOST as exciting as the first time she had watched Shinji fucking Hikari.  The danger – the unshakable knowledge that they could be caught at any time – lent strength and speed to the already frantic pace, until after only a few moments, they were both grunting and sweating and pumping as hard as they possibly could.

Have to… make it fast, they thought, their minds nearly perfectly synchronized in this realization.

As if to confirm this thought, Asuka glanced up, her eyes shooting up to the corner of the small window in the classroom’s door that was somehow still visible.  Is that…?

Though the angle was extreme, Asuka was sure that she had seen someone watching them, eyes wide as she stared at what she and Shinji were doing on the desk.  Kirishima, Asuka thought, that was the girl’s name… if she had actually seen her, that was.  She could not be one hundred percent certain she had seen the brown-haired transfer student – the view was too awkward, and in all honesty, she could not say that it was not her imagination that had brought the girl’s face to mind.

It would serve her right for peeping, Asuka told herself, already starting to feel the familiar tingling of an upcoming orgasm.  Little slut… she was all over him last week – as if everyone doesn’t know that Shinji’s MINE.

Though they had never said it aloud… Asuka made sure that everyone knew Shinji was her possession.  She always ate with him, she brushed her hand across his whenever she was sure someone – preferably with a big mouth – could see it, and whenever anyone asked if they were dating, she simply replied, ‘Oh us, no… we’re just… friends,’ which, based on her tone, anyone with half a brain cell could tell was a lie.

It would be fitting, she decided, if it HAD been Kirishima that had seen them.  She was still a newcomer, so she was unlikely to go blabbing it all over the place, and if she did… well, Asuka would just lightly deny it, further cementing the fact that this was HER lover.

Not that it’s… more than sex, she told herself, licking her lips as Shinji finally stopped holding back, fucking her mercilessly.  We’re just fucking… Hikari can…

Her eyes flew open as she neared the edge of her orgasm, a violent shudder running through her as she stared down at the desk.  Of course, she would think later, of course it was this desk.  She had not even consciously chosen it, but there it was – innocuously carved initials on the corner of the desk’s otherwise immaculate surface.

A T had once been there, but had been methodically scratched out, an awkward S taking its place on the left side of the H and the plus sign.  Already soaring on a wave of pleasure, Asuka could only gasp, the breath leaving her body as certainty hit her like a ton of bricks.

This is Hikari’s desk…!


Shinji grunted with effort as Asuka suddenly thrust back against him, crying out stridently as her pussy began contracting all around his hard cock.  What had changed, he would never know, but whatever had taken hold of Asuka, it clearly would not allow her to simply stand still and be screwed.

“Mm! Mm! Mm!”

A litany of tiny grunts resonated in her throat as the redhead wrapped her fingers around the leading edge of the desk, fucking herself violently back on the stiff prick inside of her.

“Fuck me!” she demanded, shaking all over as she came with nearly tidal force.  “Fuck me! FUCK me!  FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMEEEE!!!”

Hearing this simple phrase from the redhead never failed to set Shinji off, and as she bit her lip to keep from uttering a full-throated scream, Shinji rammed all the way into her, gasping her name as he dropped his load of sticky come into her super-heated pussy.  Barely ten seconds after her orgasm was over, Asuka rose to an upright position, turning around and forcing Shinji to pull out as she grabbed him by the sides of the head and yanked him closer to her.


Asuka’s tongue punched into his mouth, making it impossible to ask him what she was doing – and rather redundant.  She kissed him greedily, wrapping one arm around the small of his back and tugging him up against her, leaning her still-bare ass up against the warm wood of Hikari’s desk and attacking his lips and tongue until he was as caught up in the kiss as she was.

Finally, after about thirty years or so, she calmed, slowing the pace of the kiss and loosening her brutally tight hold on him until he was able to pull back.  “W-wow…”

Laughing softly, Asuka brushed a strand of sweaty hair off of her brow.  “Yeah,” she panted, “wow works… mmm… that was so fucking hot!”  She slid off the desk, letting her skirt fall back down as she glanced around at the clock on the far wall.  “Shit,” she muttered, “We gotta get cleaned up – they’ll be back in like, five minutes.”

Shinji gasped.  “Has it been that long??” he gasped, glancing across the room with naked disbelief.

“Come on,” Asuka said with a reluctant sigh, “I’m starting to drip.”

By the time the rest of the class filed in, Shinji and Asuka were back at their desks, their faces – now clear of sweat – composed into perfect masks of boredom.  Only Hikari gave them a second glance, actually going so far as to stop at Shinji’s desk, hesitating on the verge of asking him something before going over to her desk and sitting down.

- - - - -

The afternoon train was even more crowded than the morning one had been, but Shinji’s hands remained at his sides, his eyes fixed on a spot across the narrow train car as Asuka stood silently at his side.  His thoughts since bending Asuka over Hikari’s desk had been remarkably calm and collected, displaying not so much a hint of panic as he thought about how easy it would have been to have someone walk in on them.

It’s not something I want to make a habit of, he thought reasonably, but it was pretty damn hot – especially that kiss.  Hikari knows something happened, I think.  The way she looked at me, I-


Glancing around, he found Asuka staring intently into his face.  “W-what?” he stammered, “What is it?”

Asuka stepped closer to him, slipping her right hand into his and bringing her mouth right next to his ear before whispering, “I wasn’t saying I was bored with you, Shinji.  That’s why you did all of this, isn’t it?  Because you heard me and Hikari this morning?”

Shiniji nodded reluctantly.  “Yeah,” he sighed, “I just-”

“Shh,” Asuka cut in, squeezing his hand lightly to make sure he was listening.  “We were talking about something else, Shinji – we weren’t talking about you.”  She leaned up against him, resting her cheek against his shoulder as she said, “Believe me, Shinji… I am NOT… bored of this…”

Tentatively, Shinji slipped his free arm around the redhead, relishing the rare moment of tenderness before it evaporated.  “…I’m glad.”  After a moment of quiet thought he murmured, “What WERE you guys-”

“Uh!” Asuka grunted, whipping her head around and biting him playfully on the shoulder.  “It’s a secret, idiot!  Why do you think I left the room, hmm?  God, you have NO tact!  It wasn’t about you, and I didn’t tell you what it WAS about, so don’t you think that maybe I don’t want you to know??  GOD!!”

At a loss for words, Shinji simply nodded, wondering what – in the world – could still be worth keeping as a secret.  Certainly, he did not know everything there was to know about his lover – any of them, when you came right down to it… but things with Asuka had grown quite comfortable lately, and as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek and stepped away from him, Shinji realized that there wasn’t anything he could think of offhand that he would not feel comfortable asking her, if she asked him flat out.  Of course, he was not likely to volunteer the fact that he was now fucking Ritsuko and Maya, but if she asked…

Asuka, for her part, felt the same… though if the topic came around to parents and childhood, she would always find a way to redirect it elsewhere.  Not yet, she thought, stealing a glance at Shinji’s profile as he looked out the window on the train.  Maybe not ever… but definitely not now.  I’m just… not ready.  She smiled ironically.  Though I have to admit… it might be easier to talk about that than to admit that Hikari and I were talking about our favorite soap – I’d never live it down!

Deciding that this secret must never be revealed, Asuka leaned against Shinji and let out a soft, content sigh.  Normally, she would have pulled her hand from his after only a few moments – God forbid she should seem weak, even to him… but today, just for a while, she figured it would be ok.

They were still holding hands when they reached the apartment…

The End… for now

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