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Extra Stage (shard 2) – Friendly Advice

By Rx7

When Hikari awoke from the light doze she had fallen into, it was still light outside.  Thank goodness, she thought, snuggling against Shinji’s chest for a moment with a giddy feeling of relief.  Too bad it’s Saturday, though… I have to get home for dinner.

Saturday dinner was a Horaki family ‘event,’ meaning that if you wanted to eat for the rest of the week… you showed up and made nice.  No matter what fights the sisters were having with each other or their father, Saturday dinner was always a quiet, pleasant event – mostly for fear of what might happen if it was otherwise.

Their father was not a very forgiving man… and the punishment for missing Saturday Dinner was rather stiff – not as stiff as the punishment would be if he found out she had just spent an hour and a half getting screwed by one of her classmates, of course, but stiff all the same.

And speaking of stiff…

“Night, Master,” Hikari whispered, reluctantly slipping out of her master’s warm embrace and lightly rubbing his semi-erect cock.  “Sweet dreams.”

Tiptoeing to the door, she slid it open, brushing absently at her sweat-matted hair in a futile effort to bring it under control.  No time for a shower, she thought, glancing back at Shinji with a fond smile, guess I’ll just have one when I get home.  I-


Hikari gasped, whipping her head around as she found herself face to face with Shinji’s guardian.


“Oh, Major Katsuragi!” she blurted, nervously slipping the door closed behind her.  “We were just… just studying for a test, and-”

Misato slowly raised one hand, cutting her off as efficiently as if she had screamed.  “Don’t lie to my face, Hikari,” she said flatly, “at least show me a LITTLE fucking consideration.  Sneaking around behind my back is one thing, but don’t try to pretend when you got caught in the act.  It’s tacky.”

Paling, Hikari murmured, “Y-you knew, didn’t you?  You’ve always known.”

“Duh,” Misato snorted.  “They don’t put you in a position like mine for being a dimwit, you know – though I guess I shouldn’t talk to you about positions, now, should I?”

Hikari flinched.  “Don’t tell my dad,” she said immediately, her sense of preservation taking priority as she was faced with a member of the most feared and mistrusted group in the world.


Arching an eyebrow, Misato replied, “Shouldn’t you be a little more worried about what I have to say than your parents?  You ARE in my house right now, you know.”

“No, ma’am,” Hikari said immediately, averting her eyes in shame.  “Y-you… with all due respect ma’am, you’re not the one that can stop me from seeing him.”

“So what I have to say doesn’t matter?” Misato asked dangerously.

Hikari shook her head emphatically.  “That’s not what I mean,” she squeaked, “I just mean that… that…”

Damn it…

Bowing her head in defeat, Hikari waited for the inevitable repercussions of being caught red-handed.

Carefully, Misato studied her fingernails.  “Hikari,” she murmured, “if I’ve known what you’re doing for this long… why would I wait to tell your parents until now?”

Blinking, Hikari lifted her head.  “Umm… I d-don’t know…” she admitted.  “But-”

“Don’t talk.”

“Yes, ma’am…”

Misato sighed.  “I’m honestly at a loss for what to do with you,” she said seriously.  “I can’t just ignore what you two were just doing – I’m supposed to be his guardian… but at the same time, it really isn’t my business, sooooo…”

Fidgeting as she waited for judgment to be handed down, Hikari nearly laughed out loud.  How ironic, she thought glumly, I was so happy to be with my master that I didn’t even try to stay quiet, or check the hall before I came out of his room.  God, I must look like a slut – hair’s all tangled… panties in my hand… shirt’s not even buttoned all the way up.  Yeah, we were just studying…

She redirected her attention as the purple-haired woman nodded to herself.

“I heard you scream, ‘master,’” Misato said softly.

Hikari blushed.  “That’s right,” she murmured, knowing it would be useless to deny it.  “I belong to him.”

Folding her arms over her breasts, Misato hummed.  “Really now… hmm…”  She looked the younger woman up and down.  “Does he hurt you, Hikari?”

“No,” Hikari replied immediately, “never… but if he wanted to, I-”

“Yeah, I get it,” Misato cut in, waving one had dismissively, “I know how it works.  You submit, he dominates, you both get what you want.  I understand the concept, Hikari.”


Of course SHE would, Hikari thought, look at those tits – and that body!  God, I’ll bet she’s been fucked in ways I can’t even DREAM… of course she knows what it means to be submissive.  Not that I think she’s ever BEEN one, of course…

One look at the older woman’s sharp, attentive eyes confirmed this idea.  No, Hikari realized, shifting uncomfortably as she remembered her fantasy of the week before, if there was any role Misato would play, it was the dominant.

“Come with me.”

Hikari’s mouth went dry as the purple-haired woman started towards her room.  “I, umm-”

She cut herself off as Misato glanced back over her shoulder.  “Come with me,” she said coolly, “right now.”

Her throat tight with fear and uncertainty, Hikari whispered, “Yes… ma’am…”

Misato lead the girl into her room, sliding the door closed and walking over to drop down on the edge of her bed, regarding Hikari closely as the class rep fidgeted.  “Relax,” she said lightly, “I won’t hurt you, Hikari…”

Nodding, Hikari replied, “I know that, ma’am, but I… I shouldn’t be here…”

“In this house, or in this room?” Misato asked bluntly.  “Are you regretting being Shinji’s little love slave… or are you afraid of what I might do to you?”

Hikari averted her eyes.  “The… the second one… ma’am…” she said, her voice barely audible.

Misato nodded.  “Good,” she said flatly, making Hikari flinch, “you should be scared – I can do anything I want to you… and I know you won’t tell anyone, because if you do, what you’ve been doing with Shinji will come out.”

Horrified, Hikari clasped her hands in front of her to keep them from shaking.  “Please ma’am,” she said quickly, “d-don’t-”

“Don’t tell?” Misato cut in, arching an eyebrow, “Don’t rape you?  If you had to choose one, which would it be?  Tell me.”

With a tear slipping from each eye, Hikari barely croaked, “Don’t… tell…”

Misato put her elbows on her knees and rested her chin in her palms, staring at the girl in thoughtful silence for a moment before asking, “So you’d rather have sex with me than lose your place as Shinji’s slave.”

It wasn’t really a question, but Hikari answered it all the same.  “Th-that’s right, ma’am,” she hiccupped, trying to keep her voice from shaking so bad. “I’d do anything to stay with him.”

“You,” Misato said succinctly, “have issues, Miss Horaki – but you really can relax… I’m not in the habit of raping schoolgirls.”  She pursed her lips.  “You may, however… need to do a few things of your own free will before I let you leave here.  Do you understand?”

“What kind of things, ma’am?” Hikari whispered, wringing her hands together as a faint flutter of hope tickled her stomach.

Maybe she just wants me to clean her room, she thought wildly, or do the dishes, or-

“Take off your clothes.”

Hikari swooned.

“You’re welcome to say no,” she heard Misato say, her voice coming as if from a great distance.  “Like I said, Hikari, anything you do in here is of your own free will… just think very carefully about the position you’re in.”

That’s blackmail!! Hikari nearly screamed, You can’t do this!!

But in spite of her mental cries… she found her fingers rising to the buttons on her shirt, fumbling them open one by one.

She’s going to do it with me, she thought, slipping her shirt off and letting it fall to the floor.  She’ll make it so I have to ask her for it or something, but she’s going to fuck me… oh God, please let it be just once – I’m sorry, Master, but I don’t see any way out of this.  I’ve already started undressing… if I scream, it’ll just look like I had second thoughts.  If I run, how far would I get?  She’s so strong.  Nearly laughing at the irony of this last thought, Hikari mused, Of course – that’s why I was fantasizing about this exact situation not so long ago, isn’t it?

“No panties?”

Freezing with her skirt halfway down, Hikari flushed a brilliant crimson.  “I d-dropped them in the hall,” she confessed, her voice barely audible, “I was carrying them when I left Shinji’s room.”

“Mm… finish up.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Slipping the skirt down, Hikari straightened, covering her public hair – still damp from her time in her master’s room – with both hands and trying not to shake as she waited for the purple-haired woman to make her move.

Only once, she told herself nearly hysterically, only once, this will only be once – just to… to make sure she doesn’t tell.  God, if she was someone from school, I could just say she was lying, but she’s a grownup!  Everyone would believe her, and-

Hikari’s thoughts cut of abruptly as Misato rose to her feet, looking her carefully up and down.  “Wh-what are you doing?” she stammered, unnerved as the woman began slowly circling her – like a shark, preparing to make a kill.

Misato frowned, gently lifting the girl’s left arm.  “Looking for bruises or cuts,” she replied absently.

Blushing, the class rep whispered, “I said he doesn’t hurt me, ma’am…”

Lowering the girl’s arm, Misato said, “Are you a good slave?”


“Are you… a good slave…?”

Hikari nodded immediately.  “Yes, ma’am,” she said firmly.

“You’d do anything for your master?” Misato pressed quietly.  “Skip class for him?  Go down on him in a movie theater?”

“Yes, of course – if he-”

“Lie for him…?”

Hikari averted her eyes as the REAL question hit home.

Misato nodded, putting her hands on the girl’s shoulders.  “If I thought, for one second, that he was actually hurting you… I wouldn’t let you come back to my house, Hikari.  I know that you’re devoted enough to him to find a way to belong to him no matter what I do, but if there was pain involved, I would do everything in my power to stop it.”  She moved one hand up to the girl’s cheek, lowering her voice so that it almost disappeared.  “Love and sex are not about pain, Hikari… I’ve seen too many of my friends lose themselves to the point that they couldn’t tell the difference anymore.  I won’t see it happen again – not when I can step in and stop it.”

“Shinji’s not like that,” Hikari said earnestly, almost WILLING the older woman to believe her, “he’s… he’s really sweet and gentle with me – he’d never hurt me.”

Smiling softly, Misato replied, “I never really thought he would, Hikari… but I had to be sure.  Shinji’s a… complicated person.  There’s a lot of rage inside of him, and if it got out, I think it would be pretty easy for him to hurt people, especially if the invitation was already there.  I’m not saying he WILL hurt you… he’s actually a lot stronger willed than he looks.”

Hikari felt herself nearly melting with gratitude.  “Yes,” she said weakly, “he is…”

“I’d… like to help you,” Misato said hesitantly.  “I’m sorry I had to get your attention this way, but if you can forgive me for that, I’d like to help you with Shinji.”

“Why would you do that?” Hikari blurted.  “I mean… I know you know more about this kind of thing, but why help me?”

Because lately, Shinji and I haven’t been connecting, Misato thought, keeping her face neutral and calm as she let the girl wonder for a few moments.  Because when we first started this little affair, I got as much attention as Asuka – and call it jealousy if you want to, but that hurt me… you, though, you’ve still got his attention, so if I can’t make him happy directly, I’ll do it through you.

“‘Why’ shouldn’t matter,” she said finally.  “If you want to be a good slave, you’ll take any advice you can get, won’t you?”

Hikari bit her lip, glancing back over her shoulder at where the door loomed invitingly.  She COULD teach me a lot, she thought reluctantly, turning her attention back to the patiently waiting woman.  And she said we don’t have to… to do anything, so…

Slowly, she stepped closer to Misato.  “What do you want me to do?”

“Get comfortable,” Misato said quietly, patting her knee, “you’ll need to be closer than that – I’ll need to see how you do things.”

Confused, Hikari said, “How I do what?”

Misato smiled, raising her right hand and sticking the first two fingers out, pointing them at Hikari.  “I want to see how you perform for him,” she said simply, “then, if you’d like… I’ll show you how I’d do it.”

As unsure as she was about this entire situation, Hikari found the idea of pointers from a woman that oozed sexuality like Misato VERY tempting.  Taking another step, she nodded – more to herself than Misato – and leaned forward.

“You’ll have to sit down,” Misato said calmly.  “Your neck will get awfully cramped if you try it this way.”


Trying to pretend that it was Shinji, Hikari slipped between Misato’s legs and slowly sat down on the woman’s thigh.  She’s… warm, the class rep thought with a pang of guilt.  Ohh, I’m sorry, Shinji – but if she can teach me something new, maybe I can be a better slave…

She averted her eyes as Misato whispered, “That’s a nice collar, Hikari… have you taken it off?”

“Only to shower,” Hikari said evenly.  “It… shrank a little when I tried to shower with it on – I didn’t want to ruin it.”

“Mmm, maybe a different fabric?” Misato mused, her voice taking on a lightly teasing quality.  “No, I know… he gave it to you, so it’s special, right?  Never mind that for now – let me see how you please him, Hikari.”


Still a bit unsure about whether or not it was a good idea, Hikari grasped Misato’s wrist and started to lean forward, but the older woman whispered, “Stop.”

“Ma’am?” Hikari murmured, drawing back in confusion.

Misato stared into the class rep’s eyes.  “Is that how you handle your master?” she asked flatly, “Like a butter knife you’re about to use to spread jelly on your toast?  If you’re not serious about learning something here, then maybe you should get your clothes on and go home – I told you to treat this,” she held up her fingers, “the way you would treat your master.  Now… try again.”

Nodding her understanding, Hikari reached out once more, lightly caressing the underside of Misato’s pinky finger, roughly where Shinji’s testicles would be had Misato’s fingers been Shinji’s cock.

“Better,” Misato said approvingly, “much better… you’re hand is soft.  He must like that a lot.”

Hikari felt a slight thrill of excitement at the compliment, but tried her best to push it away.  This woman has no authority in my life, she told herself, licking her lips as she brought them nearer Misato’s fingertips, her praise should mean nothing…

In spite of this mental declaration, Hikari still pricked her ears for any commentary Misato might have as she wrapped her lips around the older woman’s slender fingers.

Misato nodded.  “That’s good,” she said softly, “not too fast at first… hmm… you’re pretty good.  Keep going.”

Hikari squirmed slightly, feeling the faintest hint of moisture between her legs as she began slowly bobbing up and down, letting her imagination run wild as she gave the older woman a mock-blowjob.  He’d pat my head right about now, Hikari thought, letting her eyes slip closed as she automatically suppressed her gag reflex, dipping forward and feeling Misato’s fingers brush the back of her throat.  He’d sigh… and tell me how good it feels… then he’d push forward with his hips – just a little – and put his hands on the sides of my head so I move the right way… mmm… then a little bit of his… his stuff would leak out, and I’d lick it…

Misato smiled as she felt the girl’s tongue brush the tip of her finger.  That’s right, she thought, intuitively patting the class rep on the head, as any self-respecting master would, show me how you please him, Hikari… and I’ll show you how I do it, and maybe between us we can actually manage to help him forget life for a while.  He’s always so serious, even when we’re-

Misato shoved the darker thoughts out of her head and focused on what was happening, refusing to let them ruin her little lesson.

Getting more into the experience, Hikari unconsciously shifted positions, straddling Misato’s leg as her brow furrowed and a soft moan rumbled in the back of her throat.  She drew in her cheeks, suckling at the woman’s fingers as she began to slowly grind against her, the smooth, creamy texture of the older woman’s skin brushing like silk across Hikari’s quickly warming pussy.

The slight movement was not lost on Misato.  “Not bad,” she said coolly, slowly pulling her fingers from the class rep’s, “pretty basic, though… show me what else you do.”

Hikari frowned, belatedly stopping her slow-motion grinding and blushing as she offered up a quick mental prayer that the older woman had not noticed.  “What else…?” she said hesitantly.  “I don’t understand…”

Pursing her lips, Misato clarified, “What else you do while you’re going down on him.  You know, changing speed, licking around the tip, playing with his balls… just… just.  Oh,” her eyes widened, “you don’t… do anything else, do you, Hikari? You just… suck.”

Shifting uncomfortably, Hikari nodded. “I… I’ve thought about trying some of those things, but I don’t want to do it WRONG…”

“Give me your fingers,” Misato said evenly, “and pay attention.”

Thrilled both by the older woman’s authoritative tone – and the idea of learning more – Hikari offered up her right hand, sticking her first two fingers out as Misato had and waiting to see what she would do.

Cupping Hikari’s hand in her own, Misato whispered, “Fingertips have almost as many nerve endings as the end of the penis… of course, they’re not quite as directly linked the pleasure centers, but they DO give a pretty good idea of what might feel good for a man.”  She pressed her lips gently against the ends of Hikari’s fingers, sending a shiver down the younger woman’s spine.  “To me,” Misato explained, lightly squeezing Hikari’s hand, “oral sex is more personal than regular sex.  If you’re making love, you can always pretend it’s someone else, or close your eyes… but if you’re going down on someone – and doing it right – they’ll always know it’s YOU making them feel good…”

To illustrate her point, the purple-haired woman opened her mouth, sliding her lips around Hikari’s fingers… but not quite TOUCHING them, her eyes locking with the younger woman’s as she simply breathed against her sensitive skin.  After a moment of this treatment, she closed her mouth, sucking on Hikari’s fingers with years of practice the younger woman could not hope to match.

“O-oh…” Hikari gasped, trying to focus on what the woman had said, rather than what she was doing.

It was a losing proposition, of course, as Misato showed her how, exactly, head should be given.  She started out slowly, running her tongue the entire length of Hikari’s fingers before taking them out of her mouth and kissing the tips again.  She still tastes like Shinji’s dick, Misato thought, licking Hikari’s fingers again, God, it’s been too long since I sucked him off… definitely need to change that.

Hikari’s breath was short as the older woman licked and sucked at her fingers for what felt like forever, her talented, nimble tongue swirling and stroking at Hikari’s skin as her own fingertips lightly stroked the class rep’s sides.  In and out, her fingers disappeared over and over into Misato’s hot mouth, the rhythm unmistakably mirroring Hikari’s own movements as she unintentionally ground her drooling pussy into Misato’s thigh.

She’s so good…! Hikari thought, moaning slightly as Misato nipped at her fingertips, barely scraping at the pads of her fingers with the very tips of her teeth.  Master says I’m good, but she does it so much faster, and wetter, and hotter – he would love it if I did it like this!  I know it!  Oh, I want to go right now – maybe I’ll wake him up by putting it in my mouth, and I can… I can… oh… god…!

Misato frowned as the girl suddenly bucked on her leg, shaking her head and trying to pull back as her own thighs began to quiver.  She’s freaking out, the purple-haired woman thought, I doubt she’s ever come for another woman… I better help her along before she loses it entirely.


Moving quickly, Misato put her right hand on the small of Hikari’s back, holding her tight against her thigh even as she lifted her knee up off the ground, grinding Hikari’s sopping pussy against her with unquestionably satisfying results.


Helpless against the older woman’s strength, Hikari let out a sobbing moan, loosing a fresh batch of slippery fluids all over Misato’s already drenched leg and coming to a most unexpected climax, pleasure arching like electricity through her body as her swollen clit lightly brushed the older woman’s silky skin.  Shivering from head to toe, she collapsed against Shinji’s guardian, whimpering ineffectually as she felt more and more of her juices saturating the woman’s thigh.

“Shh,” Misato murmured, lightly caressing the girl’s sensitive ass and keeping the class rep gently grinding against her in an attempt to lower her slowly from the heights of her orgasm.

No one likes to be dropped, she thought reasonably, wrapping her other arm around Hikari’s shoulders as the class rep’s moans grew softer and less frantic.  I know it sounds cocky to even think this, but I wish more people were like me.  You don’t just get someone off and then leave them hanging… gotta be there for the afterplay, too – not that I MEANT to get her off, but still…

Hikari trembled as Misato embraced her, holding her tightly.  M-master, she thought shakily, I did it again, Master… God, I’m so weak…

“It’s ok,” Misato whispered.  “Hikari, it’s ok… there’s nothing to be ashamed of.  It’s… alright to get off, you know, there’s nothing wrong with it, and it’s not like I went down on your or anything, it was just… intense.”

Sniffling, Hikari gasped, “It’s… not that it was with you…”

“Oh?” Misato murmured, frowning as the girl huddled closer to her.  “Then what is it?”

“I don’t want to come for anyone but my master,” Hikari explained, her tone conveying shame and embarrassment.  “It’s nothing against you, ma’am – this was… incredible, but I promised myself I’d never ‘get there’ for anyone but him…”

“I understand,” Misato said lightly, “and I’m sorry – if I had been thinking, I would have realized that that’s why you were trying to pull away.”

Hikari smiled weakly.  “It’s ok,” she said, allowing herself a moment to enjoy the warmth of the older woman’s embrace.  “You had no way of knowing – I didn’t even say stop…”

I probably wouldn’t have anyway, Misato thought, I’m not into rape… but I do enjoy a little reluctance.  God, I’m such a slut these days…!

They sat in silence for a long moment, Hikari contemplating what she had just learned, Misato contemplating why she was so turned on by what she had just done.  Wasn’t it enough that she was sleeping with Shinji, Asuka, AND Ritsuko – now she was seriously contemplating easing the girl in her arms down on the bed and eating her until she called HER master?  She could feel the wetness from the girl’s sex dripping down her leg… and it was remarkably tempting to help herself to a taste – preferably from the source.

Better send her on her way, she told herself, it’s getting dark, and I’m sure she has to get home.  Besides – I’m sure she’ll be right back here tomorrow to try out what she’s learned… she could use a little rest, because even I haven’t tried some of the things I showed her on Shinji yet, and if she doesn’t end up getting screwed, there’s no hope for her because those were HOT!

“Thank you…”

Misato blinked, glancing down as Hikari pulled back and gave her a tentative smile.  “I didn’t do it for you, you know,” she said carefully, wanting to make absolutely sure that her intentions were not mistaken.

“I know,” Hikari said, nodding for emphasis, “but still… thank you.”

Finding that there was nothing much more for them to say, Hikari gathered up her clothes, murmuring an apology for making such a mess on Misato’s leg and thanking her again for helping her understand that there were other ways she could be pleasing her master.

I wish I had time to go wake him back up, Hikari lamented as she made her to the bathroom to splash a little water on her face and straighten her hair in the mirror.  Master… I can’t wait for next time.  You’re going to love it!  Staring at her reflection, she bit her lower lip… wondering if she should confess her little encounter with the purple-haired woman to Shinji.

“No,” she told the mirror firmly.  “It might hurt their relationship…”

Having no idea that Misato was masturbating in her bedroom – too aroused to wait until she was entirely alone, and herself contemplating waking Shinji up with a blowjob – Hikari made her way out of the apartment and into the warm evening air, already running through her Sunday schedule in her mind and smiling as she realized she had a good three hours in the later afternoon where she could definitely squeeze in some time with her master.

Yes, she decided, tomorrow was definitely going to be a good day.

The End… for now

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