Legal stuffs: this story, it has teh sex!!  Don’t read it if you’re like, under 18 and stuff, cuz that’s bad.  Oh yeah, and I don’t own no Evangelion, I just write smut about it, so don’t sue me.  That cover everything?  Good… now on to the naughtiness!


Stage Eight – Every Time/I Close My Eyes

By Rx7

Shinji yawned as he came into the kitchen, casting around for Asuka as he shook himself to get more awake.  Where IS she? he thought, frowning as he poured himself a bowel of cereal.  We should get going soon…

When he was still alone after breakfast, Shinji began growing a bit edgy. He was not worried that anything had happened to the redhead, as she had been sleeping in his arms not an hour before, but he was starting to get curious, and maybe a little concerned.  Maybe she had fought with Misato over something and was sulking in her room – it had happened before – or perhaps she was on the veranda, looking out at the city… something Shinji secretly enjoyed joining her in doing.

“No way to know without checking,” he muttered, setting his bowl in the sink and heading towards Asuka’s room.


He came up short as he passed through the living room.  “Oh, Misato,” he said, blinking as he spotted the woman sitting on the couch and watching him curiously.  “I didn’t wake you, did I?”

Misato laughed.  “I was here when you walked through the first time,” she chuckled, shaking her head ruefully.  “Do you not see me if I have clothes on, or what?”

Shinji blushed.  “I just… I wasn’t watching,” he muttered, “sorry.”

“I’m just teasing, Shinji,” Misato said easily, “don’t be so jumpy.”


Sighing, Misato murmured, “If you’re looking for Asuka, she had a homework assignment due, so she left early.  She said to tell you she probably won’t see you until after school.”

“Oh,” Shinji said, nodding his understanding.  “Yeah, I remember she said she had some studying to do…”

“And when you guys are together, you don’t study,” Misato pointed out dryly, arching an eyebrow for emphasis.

“Er… right.”

Silence fell as Shinji studied the tops of his feet for a moment.

“Hasn’t been just the two of us for a while, has it?” Misato whispered, idly wrapping a strand of hair around her finger as she stared up at him.  “In the apartment, I mean.”

Shinji shook his head, slowly raising his head to meet her intense gaze.  “No,” he agreed quietly, “not for a few weeks at least… not for this long.”

Biting her bottom lip for a moment, Misato said, “I’ve missed being alone with you.”

“Really?” Shinji asked before he could stop himself.  “I mean, er… I’ve missed that too…”

Misato smiled.  “Since we’re alone,” she said casually, “why don’t we… make the most of it?  Are you feeling up to it, Shinji?  I’ll understand if you don’t have time before school, but it kind of seems like it would be a waste to miss this opportunity, you know?”  She tilted her head to the side, smiling faintly as she whispered, “I’m feeling greedy right now, Shinji – I don’t want to share you with anyone.”

Blushing at the hungry edge in the woman’s voice, Shinji replied, “I think I can… manage that.”

Of course, he thought immediately, I DID just wake up… so don’t look for full power or maximum performance.

As if in reply to this thought, Misato murmured, “You won’t have to work too hard – I want to be on top.  I love watching your face, Shinji… have I ever told you that?”

“Umm, n-no,” Shinji stammered, his eyes wide as Misato rose to her feet and advanced on him, looking every inch the seductive older woman.  Her words, though, reminded him of something he had said to Asuka a week or two prior.  Things were undeniably complicated, he realized with sudden force.  Six different women, six different likes and dislikes… and somehow, he was managing to please all of them.

Though he had to admit, it WAS weighing on him.

Wrapping her arms around him, Misato brought his attention around to her own particular likes.  “Mmm,” she hummed, kissing him languidly for a moment before pulling back and draping her arms over his shoulders.  “Sorry I haven’t been around much lately… I’ve had a lot of things going on at NERV… so let me make it up for you, ok?  No, really – I want to.  Come on… let’s go to my room.”

Shinji nodded, following Misato as she led the way into her bedroom.  Should have noticed her cleaning last night, he mused glancing around the normally messy space with clear approval, she only cleans when she wants to do it in here…

Closing the door, Misato turned to face him, giving him a slow, deep kiss.  “Hard already?” she whispered as they parted, brushing her fingers lightly along the front of his bulge, “You’re not making this much of a challenge, Shinji.”

“Didn’t know I was supposed to,” Shinji hissed, swallowing hard as Misato unzipped his pants and slipped her hand inside, grasping his hard shaft through his underwear and leaning forward to nip playfully at his earlobe.

“You know me,” she breathed, “I’m all about conquest and power…”

Deftly, she unbuttoned Shinji’s pants, letting them fall to the floor before quickly slipping his underpants down as well.  Without another word, Misato slid to her knees, grasping his hips and wrapping her lips around his cock.


Shinji hissed as the purple-haired woman proceeded to give him the fastest, hottest blowjob he had ever had.  She held him tightly, ensuring that she stayed in full control as she bobbed quickly up and down on his aching prick.  Misato had never been a slouch in the oral sex department, but that morning, she was absolutely animalistic, slurping and moaning and working his dick in and out of her mouth so fast her hair seemed to be fluttering in the breeze created by her movements.

Unlike the first time Ritsuko gave him head – an exquisite, almost artistic experience – this was fast and hard, like something out of a porno movie, taking Shinji’s breath away and leaving him groaning with disappointment as Misato suddenly stopped with the head of his cock buried firmly in the back of her tight throat.  Slowly – running her tongue along the underside the entire time – she pulled back, sucking all the while so that when he finally popped out of her mouth, it was with an audible sound.

“Mmm enough of that,” Misato panted, reaching down and yanking her nightshirt off, “get on the bed, Shinji… I don’t want to wait to have you in me anymore.”

Still dazed from the pleasure of her volcanic blowjob, Shinji nearly collapsed onto the bed.

Misato was on top of him in an instant, pinning his hands over his head and lowering her pussy down onto his cock with a deep, throaty moan.  “Don’t close your eyes,” she said hoarsely, “don’t look away from me, Shinji – I want to see your eyes…”

Shinji was about to nod… but before he could, Misato went to work.

“Oh God…”

“Mmm yeah,” Misato hissed, pumping herself up and down on Shinji’s stiff rod, “that’s fucking awesome… it’s been too long since it was just you and me, Shinji – I’ve missed just having you with me…”

Being pinned down, Shinji could only nod, barely managing to gasp, “Y-yeah,” as Misato rode him for all she was worth.

Coherent thought was difficult, but Shinji’s overworked brain did manage to come up with, She’s NEVER been like this before… something’s… changed.

Misato grinned down at him, licking her lips as she savored each thrust of his stiff prick.  “I’m sweating,” she whispered, “God, I don’t think I can keep this up much longer, but it’s so good I don’t want to stop…”

Shinji nodded.  “Roll over.”

“Do it hard,” Misato directed, driving herself down onto him a few more times before quickly climbing off of him and turning around so she was on all fours with her ass facing Shinji.  “Come on… put it back in…”

Shaking his head to clear some of the passion-generated fog, Shinji grasped Misato’s slim waist and drove himself back into her tight hole, letting himself get caught up in her rhythm and pumping her with long, deep, hard strokes.

“G-good,” Misato stammered, “that’s good…!  Mmm… pull my hair, Shinji, not hard… you know how I like- OH YEAH!!”

Doing as he was instructed, Shinji tangled his hands in Misato’s long hair, pulling her head gently, but insistently back, forcing her spine to curve slightly and letting his cock get even deeper into her lava-hot pussy.  Can’t… go much longer, he thought, it’s too good… I can’t go much longer…!

He licked his lips, noticing for the first time how the sweat seemed to glisten on Miasto’s back, sparkling in tiny droplets as he thrust into her again and again.  She was such a sexual creature, he thought wonderingly… so much so that he was starting to forget what it was like NOT to have sex with her.

“Sh-Shinji,” Misato moaned suddenly, “I’m almost there… come with me, Shinji – can you come with me?  I want to feel you coming too…”

Shinji nodded, though he knew Misato could not see him, and began pounding her as hard as he could, relishing the rhythmic slap, slap, slapping sound of his hips colliding with her tight ass.

I’m coming!!” Misato shrieked, burying her face in her pillow and screaming out loud as Shinji relentlessly punished her tender hole.

The sound of the purple-haired woman’s scream – inexcusably sexual and wild with abandon – never failed to set Shinji off, and that morning was no exception.  Tightening his hold on her waist and hair, he thrust all the way into her, grunting with the effort of burying himself so deeply inside of her as he unloaded wave after wave of hot semen into her welcoming snatch.

“Oh… oh God…” Misato panted as he pulled out, “God… that was… so fucking good…

Shinji had to swallow before he could reply, “Uh… uh huh…”

Good did not really begin to describe it, he thought with a mix of pride and concern – this round of sex had been nothing short of fantastic, certainly the best he had ever shared with Misato… and therein lay the concern.  Misato had always seemed to hold back a bit when she had sex with him, as if she was afraid she might be going a bit too far.

Today, she had gone at it with everything she had, fucking him almost unmercifully… as if trying to make up for some bad news she had yet to deliver.

“Mmmm lie down,” she hummed, rolling onto her back and holding her arms out for Shinji to join her.

Shaking a bit from the exertion, Shinji willingly fell into her embrace, brushing a few drops of sweat off of her face and giving her a small, breathless kiss.  Something was definitely on her mind, he realized… Misato was not terribly keen on cuddling.  Not that she did not like it, it was more that there never seemed to be time for it in their busy lives.

The fact that she was going so far out of her way to be tender raised further red flags in Shinji’s mind.


Here it comes, Shinji thought, bracing himself mentally.

“You know what I miss?” Misato asked, slowly stroking the inside of Shinji’s forearm as she stared up at the ceiling.

“What’s that?” Shinji wondered absently, realizing with a sinking sensation exactly where this conversation was headed.

“I… kind of miss the way things used to be around here,” Misato murmured, rolling onto her stomach and plucking listlessly at her pillowcase.  “Before… all of this got started, you know?  I like the way we lived back then – just you and me.”

Shinji considered this for a moment.  “We did have some fun then, didn’t we?” he mused, studying the woman’s averted face.  “Did… was this a mista-”

“No,” Misato cut in quickly, “never – I’ll never think that being with you was a mistake, and I’ll never regret a single one of the times we made love…”

Closing his eyes, Shinji concluded, “But you think we shouldn’t do it anymore.”

Misato looked pained.  “Not, like, never,” she clarified hastily, “I just… maybe we should lighten things up – between you and me, I mean.”  She rolled over again, snuggling into Shinji’s side as she thoughtfully added, “I was thinking of maybe once a week or every other week or something.”

Shinji decided not to mention that they had been approaching this threshold for some time, choosing instead to let Misato speak her peace.

“Are you mad at me…?”

“No, Shinji,” Misato said patiently, “I just… I want what we used to have, that’s all.”  Leaning over him, she gave him a firm, intense kiss, lingering for several moments before pulling back and resting her head against his shoulder.  “You should get to school,” she said simply, “we can talk about this later, if you still want to, but I think… I think we both agree, right?”

Shinji nodded, feeling surprisingly calm.  “I’ll see you later, I guess,” he said after a moment’s thought, “and yeah… I think you’re right.”


Slowly, Shinji slipped out of the bed, pausing to give Misato’s shoulder a parting kiss and lingering for several long moments to savor the feeling…

…as he understood that in spite of all that had been said, there would probably be very few – if any – future encounters between himself as his gorgeous guardian.


A large percentage of the day passed quickly, leaving Shinji ample opportunity to ponder the events of the morning.  He saw Hikari over lunch, agreeing to come to her house for a little while after his sync tests, as she had something she wanted to talk to him about, but he did not see Asuka for nearly the entire day, and when he did, it was barely a wave or a quick hi, or (once) a quickly-sneaked kiss in the stairs before she was dashing off to work on another project.

I never knew she was so far behind, Shinji thought guiltily, gathering up his books as Asuka slipped out of the classroom.  Guess I’ll see her at NERV or some-


“Oh, hi Ayanami.”

Turning, Shinji found Rei waiting patiently by the side of his desk.  This, in and of itself, drew attention, as she hardly ever left her own desk, but the fact that she was talking without someone else starting the conversation was drawing a few stares.  Fortunately, since they were both pilots, it was quickly dismissed.

More so when Rei whispered, “Do you have time to escort me to my apartment before our synchronization tests?  I have some papers I need to gather beforehand.”

“Sure,” Shinji said amiably.  “Should we just go now?”


“Er, ok then.”

Shinji looked around, suddenly sure that Hikari was watching him, but she was collecting her notebooks and seemed completely oblivious.  I don’t know why I’m worried, he thought guiltily, she knows I sleep with Asuka… and I think she’s guessed I sleep with other women too – I don’t know why I should be worried about her seeing me with someone else, especially Rei.

Following Rei out of the classroom, he tried his best to hold onto his mental lie.  No matter how many times Hikari professed to be his slave, or Asuka told him she didn’t care if he slept with other women, or Misato… well, Misato was not such a concern anymore, but when they had been together, she had made it clear that she was fine with him fucking anyone he wanted, as long as he was safe.

In spite of all these assurances, Shinji’s sense of chivalry dictated that he not flaunt his exploits – to anyone.  Sex was private (excepting when a certain redhead was lurking in the closet) and should not be discussed with anyone save the person you were doing it with.

I haven’t done it much with Rei, though, he thought as they made their way to the train station, which is kind of a mixed bag.  It’s GOOD… it’s always good, but she’s so intense with her!  Asuka and Hikari are the same, but in different ways – and I’ve never felt anything like what I feel with them with Maya, Ritsuko and Misato…

He pushed the thoughts aside, watching the other riders of the train as they, in turn, watched Rei.  He had not noticed it before they had started sleeping together, but Rei actually drew quite a few stares, from jealous to hungry; the First Child was undeniably the focal point of several conversations and observations.

It actually made Shinji sit a little taller.  If he was being seen with someone as gorgeous as Rei, didn’t that, by extension, make him worth looking at?

Hello ego, he thought wryly, long time no see…

It was interesting to him just how many people snuck glances at Rei – and that she was completely oblivious to what was happening.  Men of all ages – and a couple women, Shinji noticed – took long, appreciative looks at the First, some of them unconsciously biting their lips as if trying to decide if they should approach her.

One glance at her chilly red eyes always cooled their desires, though, making them quickly turn their heads and look away as if embarrassed for even thinking of talking to the young woman.

Keeping in mind that he was lucky to be with such beauty, Shinji spent the rest of the ride to Rei’s apartment in pleased silence, pondering the traits of the women he was currently spending time with.  Without exception, he mused, they were all gorgeous.

Maybe I should stop complaining… he thought.

In spite of this notion, he still had trepidations about being spread too thin.  He felt really good that day, but there were times, he admitted only to himself, that he would just as happily said, ‘No, I’m not in the mood.’

Perhaps he would try that someday soon.

“I will only be a moment,” Rei said as she pushed her door open, “please sit.”

Shinji nodded, taking a seat on the bed and watching as Rei gathered up a few loose papers.  “That’s all you needed?” he wondered.  “Just those reports?”

“Yes,” Rei said simply.

“Oh,” Shinji shrugged, “ok.”

“…but before we go in to NERV.”

Shinji easily picked up on her hesitance.  “What is it?” he asked curiously.

Somehow, he suspected all along that there was an ulterior motive to inviting him over.  Is it so hard to believe that someone might want to just hang out with me? he thought as Rei carefully set the papers in a neat stack on her small refrigerator.  I’m not that bad, am I?  She said she wanted to just hang out sometimes, but that hasn’t happened yet.  Who knows – maybe she just wants to ask me something?

Slowly, Rei raised her head.

“I would like to perform orally for you, Shinji.”

Or not.

Shinji cleared his throat.  “You don’t have to,” he said awkwardly.

Tilting her head to the side, Rei said, “I would like to.  It is, as you know, something I have not experienced before, and if we are to be spending time together, should we not experience everything together?”

Oh, I’ve experienced it before, Shinji thought ironically, earlier today, as a matter of fact.

“It is not… fair, that you are allowed to please me, but I cannot please you in return,” Rei said levelly, looking Shinji directly in the eyes as she concluded, “I would like a more even basis in this relationship, Shinji… I would like to be proper lovers.”

Softly, Shinji replied, “It means that much to you…?”

“Yes,” Rei said simply, “it does.  I feel that I have been… asleep, somehow, for a long, long time.  Being with you makes me feel…” she searched for the proper word for a moment, finally deciding on, “you make me FEEL, Shinji.  I enjoy your company very much.”

“Er… thanks.”

Seeing his lapse into silence as acceptance, Rei leaned over and grasped Shinji’s zipper, pulling it down without a word and helping him pull his pants down to his ankles.  She stared at his cock for a long moment, tilting her head from side to side in a considering manner – as if trying to decide how best to approach it.  Finally, she glanced up at his eyes, waiting for him to nod his approval, and slowly dropped her lips around the head.

Shinji rested his hand gently on the back of Rei’s head as she carefully began bobbing up and down on his stiff cock.  Her mouth is hot, he thought, lightly caressing the back of her neck, and she wants to be ‘proper lovers’? What does that mean??

It was quickly apparent that Rei was exceptionally unskilled at what she was doing.  Unused to taking physical OR auditory cues, the blue-haired girl simply moved up and down, having no idea that she could make things more pleasurable by licking at Shinji’s cock, or caressing his testicles.  It was not BAD, Shinji thought as she clumsily gave him head, but it would not be something he would go out of his way for.

After several minutes, Rei slowly pulled back, her eyes staying fixed on Shinji’s throbbing tool as she quietly whispered, “You are not enjoying this…”

“I… I am,” Shinji stammered, blushing brightly as he lied to the girl, “it’s just… no, I like it… really…”

Rei shook her head.  “You do not have to be dishonest,” she whispered, leaning back down until she was nearly touching his shaft.  “If you could… guide me,” she said quietly, “with your hands… please…”


Shinji returned his hand to the back of her head, leading her back to his waiting cock and slowly easing her lips over it.  “Suck on it a little,” he instructed, guiding her slowly up and down.  “A little harder – it’s ok, I’ll tell you if it’s too much.”

He tried to like it – he really did… but Rei’s novice status, as well as the awkwardness of the position, conspired to cancel out any enjoyment he might have felt from her pleasantly warm and wet mouth.  Every time she would find a rhythm that worked, and Shinji would start to get into it, she would shift positions, or pull back to glance up for further guidance.

Finally, she pulled back, frowning faintly as she murmured, “How can I make this better, Shinji…?”

“Maybe… maybe if you knelt,” Shinji offered awkwardly.  “That might help.”

Rei nodded, rising to her feet and kneeling in front of Shinji without a word.  She doesn’t like to talk, he realized suddenly, once we’ve ‘started’ she never says anything unless she absolutely cannot communicate otherwise.

Shinji stood, offering the best angle (that he had found anyway) and taking Rei’s head carefully in his hands.  He had to admit… this was his favorite for oral.  It was a control issue, he knew – perhaps instituted by Hikari’s desire to be owned, he was not sure – but it definitely made him harder to look down into a woman’s eyes and watch her lips wrapping tightly around his cock.

Rei was no exception.

“Mm… that’s good,” he whispered encouragingly, “use your tongue a little – yeah, like that…”

Stepping things up a bit, he began to thrust with his hips, moving his right hand to the top of her head and lightly stroking her cheek with the other.  Rei looked up into his eyes… and things started clicking.  Shinji moaned, moving a bit faster as he stared into the First’s questioning eyes.

“Suck it harder,” he breathed, “this feels great, Rei… really, really great…”

Smiling suddenly, Shinji realized that he was not lying.  Maybe it was the eye contact that did it, or perhaps it was that she had managed to figure out just how hard to suck and just how much to use her tongue, but Shinji was definitely getting into it – very into it.

Shouldn’t… take too long, he thought, mouthing ‘great’ to Rei as he stroked smoothly between her soft, Cupid’s bow lips.  I can’t believe she wanted to do this so bad.  We’ll definitely have to do it this way until she gets better, but as long as I can see her eyes, and show her how to suck, I can… I…

“I’m… gonna come, Rei,” Shinji gasped, looking down into Rei’s eyes as a strong shiver ran down his back, “just… just swallow…”

He could tell, by the flash of confusion in her eyes, that Rei did not really know what to expect… but he was so close that his sense of chivalry seemed to be a little on the fritz, so pulling back never really crossed his mind, and when it did later, he rationalized his decision by telling himself that he could not stand the thought of Rei’s face coated with his semen.

As it was, his orgasm came rushing up on him, and he tightened his hold on Rei’s head, thrusting his cock all the way into her mouth and launching a jet of thick, ropy come directly into the back of her throat.  Rei’s brow furrowed slightly, but other than that, she made no complaint, swallowing delicately each time his prick spurted more of his seed into her mouth, until finally, he pulled back, gently stroking her head by way of apology.

“S-see?” he gasped, “I… I liked it…”

Rei nodded, looking – Shinji thought – a little relieved.

It was always so hard to tell with her.


Shinji paused in the act of pulling his pants up.  “Hmm?”

Rei was standing with her fingers pressed thoughtfully to the sides of her face.  “My jaw is… tired,” she said slowly.

“Yeah,” Shinji sighed, “that happens sometimes… come here.”

Zipping his pants, he sat on the edge of the bed, gesturing for Rei to sit on his lap with her back facing him.  Secretly relishing the feel of her fabulous ass rubbing against his recently spent cock, Shinji reached around and began lightly massaging the corners of Rei’s jaw, trying to alleviate a little of her discomfort.

“Is that any better?” he asked after a few moments.

“It is very nice,” Rei replied quietly, leaning a bit further back into his embrace, “your touch is always soothing to me, Shinji.”


After another few moments, Rei rose to her feet and turned around to face him.  “I would like to spend more time making love to you,” she said abruptly, “but we are already late.  Please forgive me.”

“No, no!” Shinji said quickly, “you don’t have to apologize – not after what you just did!  And besides, we’ll er, be close again soon…”

“I would like that.”

Standing, Shinji shifted from one foot to the other.

“Is something the matter?” Rei asked, still rubbing absently at her jaw as she regarded Shinji’s face.

“Well, I was… kind of wondering…”


“Did you like that?” Shinji asked softly.  “Did you like it at all?”

He knew that both Hikari and Asuka, and Misato if she was in the right mood, got aroused by sucking him off.  It was a psychological reaction, of course, based around control (for Asuka) and lack of it (for Hikari… he had never gotten the nerve to ask which Misato enjoyed it for) so he was not sure what the First would think of it.

“No I did not,” Rei said honestly, shaking her head slowly, “it was difficult, and your sperm is very… flavorful.”  Ignoring the young man’s apology, Rei added, “But I am certain that licking me offers you no gratification… yet you do it for me because you know it pleases me.  This is the same.  Lovemaking is a union – a joining of our two bodies – and provides pleasure for both of us… but this allows me to please you alone, the way having you lick me pleases me.”  Shrugging minutely, she concluded, “Sometimes… I would like to do this for you and receive nothing in return.”

“W-why?” Shinji blurted before he could stop himself.  “You just said you don’t like it at all.”

Rei met his eyes levelly as she replied, “Because it is a way to show you that I am serious about wanting your companionship, and that I enjoy pleasing you.  I am aware that I may simply tell you this, but this… feels more honest, Shinji – it seems a more binding declaration than words alone.”

“You don’t need to ‘bind’ yourself to me,” Shinji said awkwardly, an oddly arousing image of Hikari’s collar encircling Rei’s neck popping into his mind before he could stop it, “if… if you want to see other people besides me, that’s ok too, you know – and if you don’t like doing this kind of thing, that’s ok.”

The expression on Rei’s face was almost comically confused.  “Why would I wish to see anyone besides the one most important to me?” she asked.  “You are the only one I want to be with, now and always.”

Shinji fumbled for words for a moment, not quite sure how to take this open declaration of affection.

As he was unable to speak for a moment, Rei quietly added, “I… recognize that you are intimate with others, but I do not have issues with that so long as there is room for me in your schedule.”

So as long as I fuck you too, you don’t care who else I’m fucking, Shinji thought ironically.  No, that’s not fair… she said before that the sex wasn’t what mattered to her.

Slowly, he closed his eyes.

“Like I said before,” he murmured, “I’ll always find time to be with you, Rei…”

“Then… I am happy.”

Shinji opened his eyes as Rei embraced him, still careful and ungainly from inexperience, but undeniably tender and caring.  When she pulled back and smiled, however, Shinji found that he was unable to speak… his throat was too tightly clenched to let him do more than breathe.

Silently, he returned her hug, gently stroking the back of her head as he mentally sought out places in his schedule he could set aside for her.


Unit 01’s plug felt strangely unfamiliar as Shinji slowly breathed in and out.  How long since the last sync test, he wondered?  How long since the last angel?  It had been a while, he knew that – not so long that he forgot how to fight, or forgot what his purpose was, but definitely enough to relax a little.

They’ll be back though, he thought calmly, and I’ll do what I have to do.  How funny, he mused, shaking his head from side to side and stirring up minute bubbles of LCL, I thought I was only good at piloting, but it turns out I’m not too bad at screwing anything that moves…

“Wow,” he said to himself, “when did I get so bitter?  Fucking six gorgeous women and… well, five, now, I guess, I just-”

“Shinji,” Maya’s voice cut into his musings, “you’re slipping a bit.  Concentrate… we’re almost done.”


The light marked, ‘isolated communication’ came up on his HUD, and Maya went on, sounding a bit warmer.  “It’s ok,” she said, hesitating for a moment before asking, “hey, can you come to my office after the tests?”

Shinji nodded.  “Sure,” he murmured, “something on your mind?”

“A couple things,” Maya said lightly, “nothing major, really.”

Couldn’t be too major, Shinji reasoned, or she wouldn’t ask about it where other people could hear.

Refocusing on the test, the Third drew in another deep lungful of LCL.  Things were smoother from that point, allowing him to finish the sync test on time.  He spotted Asuka on his way to the locker rooms, but she barely had time to give him a quick, ‘Hey,’ and a closed-mouthed, LCL-tinged kiss before she was hurrying off to change.

Guess she’s still got stuff to do, he thought astutely.

Rei, it seemed, had something else going, and did not even emerge from the Pribnow box until Shinji was on his way to Maya’s office.  As Ritsuko was at the First’s side, she barely inclined her head in greeting, though she did brush Shinji’s hand with her own as they passed in hall.

Overall, very favorable conditions for a clandestine meeting, Shinji decided.

“Jumping to conclusions again,” he chided himself, pushing the door to Maya’s office open and sitting down in her chair.  “Then again, Rei did want to-”

He cut himself off as Maya opened the door, smiling warmly as she shut it behind her… and casually turned the lock.

Well there you go…

Keeping himself from rubbing his eyes, Shinji said, “Is there something on your mind, Maya?”

“Well,” the technician said carefully, “it’s just that Ritsuko’s been doing a ton of work lately, and the only time we’ve had to be… close is when we’re both on shift.”

“That sucks,” Shinji commiserated.

Maya nodded.  “Yeah, it does,” she said, biting her lip pensively before blurting, “it’d… be nice if we could all… be close.  I checked her schedule – she’s got about an hour free…”

Shinji glanced around Maya’s cramped, but cozy office.  Could be fun in here, he thought analytically.  I don’t know if I can manage a three-way right now, though, even with that little couch over there.  He frowned slightly as another thought occurred to him.  I’ll bet she’d die of shock if I said no.

Cautiously he stated, “I’m not… really in the mood.”

Sure enough, Maya looked surprised – almost taken aback.  “Oh,” she said after a moment, “I see, umm…” awkwardly, she stepped closer, putting a hand on his lower back. “Then can I get you in the mood, Shinji?  It’d… mean a lot to me if you joined Ritsuko and me today.”

“Why is it so important?” Shinji wondered.  “We were together week before last for almost four hours.”

Maya bit her bottom lip.  “I’m not good with words,” she said slowly, “that’s always been Ritsuko’s forte.”

Shinji nodded his understanding.  “Just tell me straight, then,” he said simply, “that’s one thing I’ve always liked about you – you don’t try to manipulate me.  Just say what you mean, and maybe I’ll… well, you know…”

He blushed, realizing suddenly how much of a jerk he sounded like.  Why does it seem like I’m pompous?? he thought.  I can say no if I want to – and I’ve had sex twice today already, so why do I feel guilty?

“I want to make her feel special,” Maya said quietly, “that’s all.  I love her, and I can’t get enough of her body… but I don’t – man, this is harder to say than I thought it would be, umm, I don’t feel like I can… stimulate her enough to g-get her off quickly.”  Maya blushed deeply at the frank conversation, but hurried on, tentatively slipping her right hand down to cup the front of his pants.  “When we’re alone, and there’s a lot of time, we have spectacular sex… but if there isn’t much time, it’s just so-so, and…”

“And you figured that if I was here, you could give her something to remember without taking so much time,” Shinji concluded, shifting a bit as his dick replied to her gentle caress.  “Right?”


With great care, she began rubbing his slowly-hardening prick.

“Please?” she said evenly, keeping enough diginity about her to avoid outright begging, “it would mean a lot to me if you-”

She was cut off as the sound of a key being pushed into a lock sounded behind them.  Both turned their heads just in time to see the head of Project-E pushing the door open and dropping a set of keys into her labcoat’s pocket.

In a flash, Shinji realized that Maya must have already planned for Ritsuko to be there.  She assumed I’d say yes, he thought with the faintest touch of anger, I guess she should, considering I’ve never actually said no before.  Huh… I wonder if that’s good, or bad…?

Sensing that someone else was already in the room, Ritsuko glanced up, blinking twice as she noticed Maya’s hand on Shinji’s crotch.  “Sorry,” she said dismissively, “didn’t mean to interrupt… I just need to grab those acquisition reports off your desk.”

Shinji watched in amazement as the blonde calmly walked over, picked up a handful of papers from Maya’s desk, and tapped them into a neat stack, moving unhurriedly to show that she was not the least bit embarrassed by walking in on him and Maya.

She’s chilly, he thought, amused in spite of himself, I don’t think Maya anticipated this.

“Well that’s ok,” Maya said casually, clearly trying her best to keep up with the situation, “and actually, we were thinking that, since you have some time… you might like to join us for a while.”

“Oh,” Ritsuko said absently, paging through her papers as she turned for the door, “no thanks… I’m not really in the mood.  You two have fun, though.”

How about that, Shinji thought wonderingly, a woman with her priorities straight…

One look at Maya, though, and his smugness evaporated.

He’d never felt sorrier for anyone before in his life.  She looks like Ritsuko just kicked her, he thought sadly, God, she really IS doing this out of love.

Impulsively, he decided that he would try to help.  “Ritsuko,” he said quickly, “you’ve got an hour before your next meeting, right?”

“Right,” Ritsuko said distractedly, “so there’s just enough time for a quick catnap.”

Shinji glanced at Maya.  “Well,” he said matter-of-factly, “if you’re not interested in joining us, maybe you’d like to watch for a while…?”

Slowly, Ritsuko lowered her papers.  “Go on.”

“You have an hour,” Shinji pointed out, “you could… mmm… relax on the couch over there while we umm, make out or something.  If the feeling strikes, you can join in, and if you really get bored, you can just nap right there – it’s more comfortable than putting your head on a desk, right?”

“Sounds voyeuristic,” Ritsuko pointed out, “I never knew you had these… tendencies, Shinji.”

Shinji coughed awkwardly.  “I don’t mind being watched,” he said quietly, “if it’s what the person watching needs to get excited.”

Ritsuko’s emerald eyes bore into his.  “I don’t need anything to get excited,” she informed the Third coolly, “and I’ve never sat by and watched people have sex before, so I don’t know if it’ll even do anything for me… but I will admit that the idea is intriguing.” Nodding to herself, she sat down on the couch.  “Alright,” she said levelly, “I’m game… just don’t expect me to jump right in, I’m pretty tired.”

“Fair enough.”

Turning to Maya, Shinji gave her a small, reassuring nod.

‘Thanks,’ the technician mouthed, leaning forward and giving Shinji a soft kiss as her fingers sought out the buttons on his school shirt. 

No real time for subtlety, Shinji thought ironically, returning the favor and reaching out to tug the zipper on Maya’s dress pants down, Ritsuko DOES seem interested… but not all that much.  Hope you have something good planned, Maya, because I don’t see her sticking around at this rate – or rather, staying awake.

Maya somehow sensed the urgency in the air, picking up her pace a bit and quickly getting Shinji stripped from the waist up.  “Do mine later,” she whispered, shrugging out of her shirt and letting it fall to the floor to leave her in her unzipped pants and conservative, light pink bra, “can we start with sucking, Shinji?  You know I like that…”

Ritsuko shook her head.  Amazing, she thought wonderingly, one of the most debasing acts a woman can perform, and Maya actually ASKS if she can do it for him…

Rubbing her eyes, Ritsuko leaned back on the couch, fully prepared to witness an amateur, clumsy attempt at oral sex.  Maya, after all, had only been giving head for a few weeks – to men, at any rate – so Ritsuko was sure the younger woman would not be very skilled.

She was to be very surprised.

Well, she thought, nodding her approval as Maya gently drew Shinji’s cock out of his pants and cradled it in her palm, kissing the shaft from the base to the head before slowly engulfing it.  Seems I was mistaken…

Maya had garnered all of her experience from one man, so she would not have been able to know the intimate details of anyone besides Shinji.  Speed, tempo, sensitive spots – all varied, Ritsuko knew, from man to man, and it took quite a bit of experience to be able to gauge what felt best and develop a rhythm for a specific person.

Of course… the person Maya had gathered all of her experience was the one she was going down on – and in this setting, she shined.

“Ohh, that’s good,” Shinji groaned after several minutes of Maya’s warm, wet mouth working on him.  “Fantastic, Maya… fantastic…”

Ritsuko shifted on the couch, licking her lips unconsciously as she watched the brown-haired technician lick and suck at Shinji’s stiff prick.  She vividly remembered sucking Shinji’s dick on several occasions, but she had never given herself entirely over to the act, and while skill counted for a lot, there was also the enthusiasm factor – which Maya had in spades.

Feeling an unmistakable tingling starting to build between her legs, Ritsuko thought, Damn… she’s going to suck the skin off of it…!

Maya, meanwhile, was lost in her own world.  Ritsuko was watching her… her mouth was full of warm, pulsing meat… and Shinji’s fingertips – so wonderfully gentle and helpful in guiding – were running lightly through her hair and occasionally slowing or increasing her pace.  It was a magical combination that made the young woman feel both important and sexy.

Wouldn’t mind doing THIS more often…

“How do you feel about it now?” Shinji whispered, putting one hand almost possessively on Maya’s head.

“Not bad,” Ritsuko said coolly, “but I’m not really in the mood so far… sorry.”

Shinji nodded.  “Maya.”


“Take off your pants.”

Slowly pulling away from Shinji’s tool, Maya said, “Umm, ok…”

Rising a bit unsteadily to her feet (she had just been getting into the blowjob) the technician slipped her pants down, then, after a nod of confirmation, her panties, leaving her in nothing but a bra.  “Just get naked, Maya,” Ritsuko said impatiently, “clearly Shinji has something in mind… stop stalling.”

“Er… right.”

As the bra hit the floor, Shinji also drew off his pants.  “Now,” he said firmly, “put your left foot up on the arm of the couch – no, don’t turn away.”

“Oh,” Maya nodded, her eyes widening suddenly as she realized his intent, “Oh! Right!”

Quickly doing as she was told, Maya glanced at Ritsuko’s face, pleased to find the older woman watching her intently.  Her attention was drawn back to Shinji, though, as the young man sank to his knees and put one hand each of her thighs.  Here it comes, she thought, anticipating what was to come with baited breath, here it…


Here, Ritsuko thought objectively, was another point of comparison.  Shinji, she knew, was having sex with at least two other women, and possibly more, if the latest Section Two reports were to be interpreted correctly.  Misato’s a fool, she mused as Shinji gently began going down on Maya, Section Two never sleeps… she just doesn’t get the full report set.  She’d probably shit a brick if she knew that Shinji was also sleeping with his class representative, me, Maya, AND possibly Rei, too… though that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Studying the way Shinji went down, Ritsuko could clearly see the experience… and it occurred to her suddenly that the young man was probably having more sex at this point than many professionals.

So why not enjoy him while I’ve got him here…?

Maya’s thoughts were far more subjective.  She was not thinking anything close to ‘how many times has Shinji gone down on someone else?’  …her thoughts revolved a little more around questions like, ‘How can he get his tongue in that deep?’ and ‘Why does he always seem to know when I’m getting close and back off just enough to make me crazy?’

Further questions were postponed when she heard Ritsuko softly murmur, “Someone help me with the clasp on my bra… it’s stuck…”

Maya opened her eyes, wondering absently when she had closed them, and glanced down at the where the blonde was shrugging out of her blouse.  “You’re… gonna join us…?” she asked hopefully.

“Would I be undressing otherwise?” Ritsuko muttered, rising to her feet and tugging her tight skirt down to the floor.  “Hey,” she said with some irritation, “didn’t I just say I needed a hand?”

Maya was on her feet and at the blonde’s side so fast it made Shinji’s head spin.  Chuckling softly, he rose to his feet, joining her at Ritsuko’s side and waiting for an opportunity to get involved with the two women.

Guess I’m pretty well in the mood now, he thought ironically, slipping his hand between Ritsuko and Maya as they kissed and lightly caressing Ritsuko’s right breast as Maya succeeded in getting the blonde’s bra off of her.

Between the two of them, Ritsuko’s panties were practically torn from her body.  The blonde thought, briefly, about joking that there was plenty of her to go around… but then Maya was kneeling between her legs, and Shinji was fondling her breasts, and it didn’t seem so funny.

Maya closed her eyes as she pressed her face into Ritsuko’s familiar pussy, easily falling into her regular pattern of licking and probing at the soft folds and taking enormous satisfaction from the deep moan Ritsuko uttered moments later.  God, she thought after several minutes, that noise – I love that noise!  I-

“Shinji,” Ritsuko’s voice cut rudely into Maya’s thoughts, “If you don’t get your dick in me right now, I am going to scream…!”

All too soon, Maya found Ritsuko’s pussy being taken away from her, leaving her licking her lips to claim the last lingering traces of her flavor.  Don’t panic, she told herself quickly, this is about satisfying HER.  So she wants a man every now and then, so what… I’m the one…

She shook off her dark thoughts, biting her lip as Shinji carefully eased Ritsuko down onto the thin carpeting in the office and settled in between her legs.


“Oh yeah.”


Maya swallowed as Ritsuko let out a long, satisfied groan, clenching her teeth together as Shinji’s hard cock slipped easily between her well-lubricated pussy lips, reaching maximum penetration in a single thrust.  Mesmerized, Maya watched the young man stroking her lover, warring feelings of envy and lust knocking her heart from left to right until she decided that she should stop thinking and try to find a place to join in.

I want this to be our memory, she reminded herself sternly, and for that to happen… Shinji needs to be here.  Tonight, anyway.

“I want to put my legs on your shoulders,” Ritsuko murmured suddenly, “help me.”

Nodding, Shinji grasped the woman’s sleek calves, lifting them carefully and resting them against his chest while staying buried inside her tight passage.

“Mmm better,” the blonde sighed, “now do it slow, Shinij… slow and deep – yeeaaahhh like that… mmmm…”

If there was one thing Shinji enjoyed most about Ritsuko it was the fact that she never hesitated to ask for what she wanted.  Even Misato and Asuka had times when they would expect him to know, intuitively, how best to please them, and while he did know them well enough to have figured it out by now, there were a few times when they would growl with frustration or roll their eyes.

Ritsuko definitely did not have that problem.

“Push it deeper,” the blonde hissed, “come on, Shinji… as deep as you can – I love the way that feels!”

Shinji did as he was asked, using the leverage of his position to force his cock a bit further into her.  God, he thought wonderingly, the way she squeezes me with her pussy is unreal…!  It’s like she’s giving my cock a massage…

He bit his lip as Maya wrapped her arms around him from behind, pressing her firm tits into his back as she whispered, “Isn’t she gorgeous, Shinji?  Look at that face… look at those eyes… look at that body!  I can’t understand how you can keep from just shoving her down and fucking the shit out of her every time you pass her in the hall.”

Shinji shivered, taken off guard by the raw desire in the technician’s voice.

“I want to suck your tits,” Maya said in a slightly louder voice, “I want to get you off, Sempai…”

Ritsuko, who was thoroughly enjoying the deeply penetrating thrusts Shinji was giving her, put her hands up over her head.  “Don’t let me stop you, Maya…just don’t be too hard – I want this to last for a while.”

Maya smiled, thrilled that her lover was completely in the moment.  That’s right, she thought, moving to Ritsuko’s side and slowly leaning forward to lick the woman’s right nipple, forget that meeting for a while, Ritsuko… forget the MAGI, and the angels, and everything else… just be with m- with us for a while…

For a time, no one said anything.  Shinji pumped himself into the doctor with long, slow, penetrating strokes while Maya moved from one breast to the other, licking and sucking and nibbling – gently, as she’d been asked – as she used her hands to squeeze and caress whichever one her mouth was not occupied, until eventually, Ritsuko was moaning and shaking her head slowly from side to side, entirely caught up in the pleasures attainable only when two people give you their complete, undivided attention.

“Ooo, Shinji,” she gasped, reaching up with one hand and grasping the young man’s shoulder, “right there… keep your dick right there – that’s feels great... mmm… I think you’re rubbing my g-spot…”

Shinji froze for a moment, closing his eyes as he realized how close he had been to coming.  Couldn’t help it, he thought almost apologetically, watching Maya suck on her is so damn hot…!

Gradually, his impending orgasm faded away, leaving him warm, but no longer on the edge.  As soon as he felt he could move without coating the inside of the blonde’s pussy with his sperm, he inched his cock back, then dipped forward, drawing a sharp gasp from her as he stimulated that elusive pleasure point few can ever find.

“Good,” Ritsuko groaned, “oh that’s good…!  Maya… I’m ready to come now…”

Maya, who had been doing her best to restrain herself, began licking and sucking wildly at Ritsuko’s breasts, nipping and nibbling at the blonde’s sensitive, bud-like nipples as she hummed her satisfaction in the back of her throat.

Ritsuko began to shake.  “R-rub my clit,” she gasped, “mm… one of you – I don’t care who… I’m so close… come on, give it to m- YES!!”

The blonde’s back arched as Maya’s hand stole down to rub her clit, pushing her past the final barrier and into a powerful orgasm.  Her body trembled as she moaned out loud, putting one hand on Maya’s wrist and the other on Shinji’s shoulder, squeezing and caressing them both as her tough, take-no-prisoners façade was momentarily striped away to reveal the woman underneath.

“Mmmm that was good,” she sighed as she finally came back down, “now, Shinji… I don’t think it would be fair to Maya if you didn’t give her a little of what you just gave me, do you?”

Maya looked at Shinji, her eyes bright with lust as she gave him a small nod.  “Do it from behind, though,” she whispered as he pulled out of Ritsuko, “you know that’s my favorite position…”

With this, the technician leaned forward, first kissing Shinji on the lips, then lowering her mouth over his stiff tool to painstakingly lick her lover’s juices off of it.

“Sorry,” she grinned as she finally pulled back, “I just wanted one more taste.”

Ritsuko, meanwhile, climbed up onto the couch, turning on her side and propping her head up on one hand to get a better view.  “I want to watch you again,” she said quietly.  “Turn her to the side so I can see you going into her, Shinji… watching is sexier than I thought.”

Shinji thought Maya might actually swoon at these words, and before he could so much as lay a finger on her, she was arranging herself on her hands and knees in plain view of the couch.  “Like this?” she asked hopefully, glancing at her lover with undisguised adoration.


Ritsuko whistled appreciatively as Shinji knelt behind the technician, grasping her hips lightly and lining up with her soaking hole.  “Wait a sec,” the blonde said suddenly.

“What is it?”

“Maya,” Ritsuko said quickly, “put your hands up here – no, up on the couch… one on the back, one on the arm… yeah… NOW it’s perfect.  Shinji, go ahead.”

Maya moaned softly, leaning further down to give Ritsuko easier access to her pert little breasts.  “Oh God…” she gasped, licking her lips as Shinji slowly began pushing his way into her tight pussy.


Shinji sighed as he plunged into Maya’s formfitting box.  Fucking her was always a treat – not as much as eating her out, but close – so he savored it, thrusting slowly and angling to watch Ritsuko attack the younger woman’s breasts.

God she feels so good, he thought wonderingly, caressing her slim waist as he picked up the pace a bit, reveling in the moans the combination of his thrusts and Ritsuko’s sucking drew from the woman.  This is the best position for being with her too, he thought, gently peeling her ass cheeks apart and drawing a nervous whimper from the woman’s throat.

Shinji knew better than to try fucking her there again.  Regardless of what Ritsuko said about relaxation and how it could be better than regular sex, Shinji simply knew that it was never going to be Maya’s cup of tea.  Then again, he also knew that her ass was one of the most sensitive places on the young tech’s body, so – keeping her cheeks spread wide – he eased his thumb down into that shadow valley and lightly caressed her asshole.

It was definitely the right decision.

“Oh fuck!”

Ritsuko wrapped one arm around Maya’s chest as the younger woman shuddered, guessing that Shinji was rubbing her clit or ass while he fucked her, and added to the tech’s pleasure by sucking rhythmically on her left nipple while her free hand squeezed and pinched at the right.

Oh fuck  meee!!”

Shinji stroked all the way into Maya’s tight box as the young woman let out a rough shriek, quivering violently under the pleasurable assault of his fingers and Ritsuko’s mouth.  Keeping himself buried inside of her, Shinji continued to finger her ass, knowing from past experience that if he could just provide enough stimulation, without going too far, he could get the brown-haired woman into multiple-orgasm territory.

And with a little help from Ritsuko, he was able to achieve his goal.


Maya shook uncontrollably as her body was rocked with wave after wave of orgasmic delight, her pussy clamping so tight around Shinji’s cock that she doubted if he could get it out.  She stared down at Ritsuko’s face, loving the sight of the blonde’s mouth wrapped gently around her nipple, the look of concentration sending Maya into the stratosphere and letting her linger there for several heavenly minutes before beginning her reluctant fall back to Earth.

“My, my,” Ritsuko mused as she finally pulled away from Maya’s aching breast, “that really WAS rather satisfying.  Good thing our offices are soundproofed, huh?”

Halfway through pulling out of Maya’s pussy, Shinji froze.

“Did anyone ever relock the door?”

All eyes flew to the door… and the clearly unturned bolt.

The trio exchanged glances, and abruptly, Ritsuko burst out laughing.  “What’s so funny?” Maya asked, blushing furiously as she imagined Operations Director Katsuragi – or worse, the Commander himself – casually pushing the door open and finding her getting fucked from behind while her superior sucked and bit at her breasts.

“N-nothing,” Ritsuko laughed, wiping a drop of sweat from her brow as she reclined on the couch, “I was just thinking that I’ve always wanted to have sex in a public place – and I just did it without even noticing.”  Giving Maya a conspiratorial wink, she added, “I don’t need to ask if it was good for you, though, do I?”

Shaking his head in bemusement, Shinji withdrew the rest of the way from Maya and began casting around for his pants.

Finding them tucked halfway under the couch, Shinji began dressing, but he was interrupted as Ritsuko whispered, “You didn’t come at all, did you?”

“Not this time,” Shinji admitted with a shrug, “I came kind of close early on, but then I backed off, and now I’m not even close.”


Ritsuko nodded her understanding, knowing that with some men, if you miss your window of opportunity, it can take some time for it to come back around.  Hardly seems fair, though, she mused.  He got us both off – Maya several times… and he goes away empty handed.  She shrugged, though, as she realized that Shinji, A: did not seem bothered by it, and B: had probably had sex earlier in the day, or would have it later in the evening.

Despite her reports, she would never know exactly how much he really did it.

“I’m gonna take that nap now,” Ritsuko yawned, grabbing the thin blanket Maya kept on the back of the couch and throwing it over her sumptuous body.  “I can get… damn, twenty minutes??  …next time, I need to remember how long it takes with you two.  Maya – make sure I’m up on time, ok?”

“Of course, Sempai,” Maya said gently, shrugging into her shirt and quickly buttoning it as she stepped away from the couch.  “Here’s your shirt, Shinji.”

As quietly as they could, Maya and Shinji pull their clothes on and tiptoed to the door.

“Thanks for doing this,” Maya said honestly, “I really appreciate it.”

“Yeah,” Shinji said jokingly, “being with two gorgeous women was tough… I don’t know how I got through it.”  He licked his lips as Maya chuckled halfheartedly, fidgeting with the door handle.  “Something else on your mind?” he prompted quietly.

“Well there… there was another reason I wanted you to join us tonight,” Maya confessed awkwardly.

“What is it?”

Maya shifted from one foot to the other.  “Well,” she said nervously, “the fact of the matter is that… I’m going to be doing a lot of work on the MAGI soon, and I didn’t think I’d have time to… you know, BE with you for a while…”

Shinji closed his eyes, sensing intuitively what the tech was trying to get at.  “I’m… guessing that – since it’s the MAGI system… that Ritsuko will be pretty busy too, right?”

The brown-haired women seemed to melt with relief.  “P-probably,” she stammered, looking embarrassed at her clumsy deception, “I mean, I can’t speak for her of course, but I’m sure…”

“…she’ll be with you most of the time – when you’re working, I mean.”

Maya’s face reddened further.


You understand, right? she thought, licking her lips as she carefully studied his face.  You know what it’s like, don’t you?  To want to be with that certain someone – just the two of you…?  I just… I want her to myself for a while.

She closed her eyes as Shinji leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss.

“Make the most of it,” he advised as he pulled back.  “She… doesn’t seem like the kind to stay satisfied with what she has for long.”

Maya nodded.  “I know,” she said sadly, “I figured that out a long time ago… but if I can have her focus on just me for a while, maybe I can at least get a LITTLE more of her attention.”

With a small grin, Shinji gently turned her around, giving her a little smack on the behind.  “Get started,” he said lightly, “seize the day, right?”

“Thank you, Shinji.”

Shinji gave her a small wave.  “I’ll just… close the door behind me,” he said quietly.  “Good luck, Maya.”

Making his way towards the exit, Shinji could not help but shake his head.  That’s loyalty, he thought admiringly.  Ritsuko’s a lucky woman…


Some time later, Shinji woke with a snort, blinking in confusion as an automated voice announced a street name.  “Wha…”

“Hi, Master.”

Oh that’s right, Shinji thought rubbing his eyes to clear the sleep from them, I promised Hikari I’d come over and spend some time with her, since I haven’t been with her for a few days.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” he yawned, glancing around and seeing that they were coming close to Hikari’s stop.

Hikari’s voice was soft as she replied, “And miss the chance to watch you sleeping?”

From anyone else, that would sound corny, Shinji thought, but I know she means it… she’s so dedicated.  I don’t understand…

“Did you dream?”


“While you were napping,” Hikari clarified, “did you have any dreams while you were asleep?”

Shinji shook his head.  “I don’t remember any.”

“I dreamed about you last night.”

“Really?” Shinji murmured, “What were we doing?”

Hikari smiled faintly.  “Talking, mostly,” she shrugged, “though there WAS some of THAT kind of stuff going on.”

Curious, Shinji said, “What were we talking about?”

“I’ll tell you when we get to my house,” Hikari said, hoisting herself to her feet, “this is our stop.”

Shinji followed the class rep off of the train, wondering what deep and philosophical conversations ‘he’ might have had with others last night.  Everyone seems to be in a mood today, he mused as they made their way up Hikari’s front walkway.  No one said anything about dreams, though.

“Here we are,” Hikari sighed, slipping her key into the lock and pushing the door open, “Home at LAST!”

As soon as the door was shut, Hikari dropped to her knees.

“Don’t,” Shinji said quickly, “your sisters-”

“Aren’t home,” Hikari said neatly.  “My dad took them out to go bowling.  We’re alone.”

Which explains why you wanted me to come over right after school…

Shaking off this cynical thought, Shinji said, “Do you want to go to your room, then?”

Hikari smiled, rising to her feet as Shinji gestured for her to lead the way.  “If you want to, Master,” she said softly, “but… if you want to do something, can I have a couple minutes to talk to you first?”

“Sure,” Shinji said easily, mentally adding, Hell, I wouldn’t mind JUST talking sometimes… He followed the class rep into her room, noticing that nothing had changed since the last time he had set foot inside.  It still reeked of adolescent school girl sensibilities – all pink-hued innocence and placid dreams of the future.  Innocence, he thought sadly, she says she’s happier than she’s ever been… but since that first time, she can’t really call herself innocent anymore…

Guiding him to sit on the bed, Hikari slowly knelt at his feet, sighing contentedly as she rested her head on his knee.  “In my dream,” she said without preamble, “you were… different.  You still LOOKED like you, but you were, umm, mean.”

“How mean?” Shinji whispered awkwardly, unable to meet her adoring eyes.

Hikari laughed softly.  “You’re so wonderful,” she gushed, “even though it was a dream, you still feel bad.”  Closing her eyes, she said, “You gave me a collar… only this time, it had a leash.  You kept telling me how worthless I was, and how dirty… and you made me go down on you, and came all over my face.”

Softly patting her head, Shinji tried to think of something to say – something to show that he would never, ever be that cruel… but Hikari was not finished.

“In my dream, you shared me with everyone you could think of – but you never let me come.  If it looked like I was getting close, you would pull out, or tell whoever was with me to stop, so that I never got to get off.  You kept saying, ‘You’re a filthy whore, Hikari… you don’t deserve to be happy, because all you REALLY think about is yourself.  You’re nothing.  You’re a worthless slut.  You’re a bad girl.’  Over and over, you told me how useless I was… until I woke up crying.”

“You’re not a bad girl,” Shinji said awkwardly, horrified by the idea of saying anything even half as cruel as that, “you’re good.”

Hikari smiled gently.  “But with you, I don’t have to be,” she whispered, “that’s what my dream reminded me.  With you… with you I get to be as weak as I want.  I don’t have to be the good little class rep… I can be a slut, I can be a whore, I can be a slave, I can suck your cock, and let you fuck me, and eat Asuka out – and know that when I leave, you’ll still kiss me goodbye and tell me when we can be together again.”

Considering this, Shinji opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, Hikari leaned up and brushed her lips across his, whispering one last comment before bowing her head once more.

“That’s why I love you, Master…”

Shinji did not know what to say… he simply stared at her, open mouthed.  No one’s… ever told me that, he thought dimly, Rei came close, earlier tonight, but no one’s…

His thought trailed off as Hikari continued.  “When I’m with you,” she said seriously, “I feel whole – not like in a romance book, but deep down, in here.”  She touched her chest with her forefinger, averting her eyes as she confessed, “When I’m away from you… it’s the loneliest feeling I’ve ever felt – like someone pulled something out of me.  But… but every minute – every SECOND – we’re apart is exciting, too, because it makes our time together that much better.  And besides,” she smiled gently, “every time I’m away from you, it gives me the chance to make myself better… for you.”

“I like you the way you are,” Shinji said awkwardly.

Hikari beamed.  “Thank you, Master,” she said honestly, “and… well, this is the first time I’ve been able to admit this out loud, but… I like myself too – when I’m with you.  I used to want you to degrade me, and treat me like dirt because it made me feel sexy and rebellious… but my dream made me realize that I was being selfish – it shouldn’t be about what I want you to do to me, or make me feel… it should be about what YOU want, about making YOU happy… and for wasting time on myself when I should have been thinking of you, I’m truly sorry.  It won’t happen again.”

A lump rose in Shinji’s throat as Hikari slowly unclasped her collar and offered it to him.  “You… don’t want it anymore…?” he asked unevenly.

“Master,” Hikari said earnestly, her eyes glittering in the soft light from her window, “you don’t understand – I want it now more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life… but I want to show you that I’ve learned something.  If you… choose, to accept me as your slave – for real this time – I only EVER want to think about you when we’re together, so by putting the collar back on me… you’re telling me it’s ok to be truly powerless for you.  Will you… will you own me, Master?”

Shinji stared at the collar, his hands resting immobile at his sides as he pondered the heavy reality of her request.  There will never be a better time to tell her no, he thought astutely.  If I refuse to make her my slave, I think – right now – she’ll be able to get past it… but if I say yes, and push her away later, she’ll lose her mind.  He nearly laughed out loud as he mentally concluded, It’s LITERALLY now or never…

Slowly, he took the black ribbon, and made his choice.

As the collar slipped back into place, Hikari bowed her head, drawing a deep breath and letting it out slowly before raising her eyes and whispering, “How can I serve you, Master?”

Shinji’s fingertips lingered on the collar.  “Strip naked,” he said impulsively, “leave your socks on.”

It was a pointless request – Hikari would have done it any time after their first night together – but Shinji was at a loss for what to say.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Hikari slipped her skirt down, letting it fall to the floor and starting to unbutton her shirt, but Shinji’s call of, “Wait,” stilled her hands instantly.

“Yes, Master?”

Shinji leaned forward on the bed, staring at the bottom of the girl’s shirt with a confused expression.  “Lift that up,” he instructed softly.  “What are you… wearing?”

Holding her shirt up to her bellybutton, Hikari smiled.  “They’re satin,” she said, running a finger lightly along the elastic of her panties.  “Do you like them?  I got the matching bra too… Asuka thought you might like them on me.  Do you, Master?”

Shinji frowned uncertainly.  He was so used to thinking of Hikari as a white cotton kind of person that it took him completely off guard.  “Come closer,” he said softly, “show me the bra.”

“Yes Master.”

As she resumed unbuttoning the shirt, Shinji slowly reached out and ran his fingers over the front of her panties, almost making her pause.  They’re like Asuka’s, he thought objectively, but…

Her thoughts trailed off as Shinji eased his hands over her breasts, caressing them gently through the slippery fabric of her new bra.  With a look of intense concentration, he began squeezing and fondling her firm tits, truly savoring the felling of warm skin under satin for the first time.  Asuka was generally very quick to get her bra off (“Can’t suck through satin,” she’d told him once) so he had never really taken the time to appreciate the feel.

It was, he decided quickly, something he would have to spend more time on.

“Kneel on the bed,” he directed her, “put one leg on either side of me.”

“Yes, Master.”

Hikari did as she was told, resting her hands on his shoulders for added support and closeness, and resisting the urge to grind herself against his stiffness.  I wasn’t told to do that, she reminded herself, and Master… I’m going to be the best slave for you – I promise.

She sighed contentedly as Shinji pulled her forward, pressing his face between her gorgeous tits and licking gently at her breastbone, his hands still fondling her through the bra as he breathed, “How long do we have?”

“About an hour,” Hikari whispered gently, “my family went out for dinner, but I pretended I was sick so I could see you.”  She leaned forward and kissed the top of his head, her voice so low he could barely hear it as she added, “But that doesn’t matter, Master… just do what you want with me, the consequences… are something I’ll worry about.”

Saying nothing, Shinji continued licking and kissing at the tops of her breasts, his fingertips lightly stroking her smooth back as he buried himself in satin and skin.  “Unzip me,” he murmured after several moments, “pull your panties to the side.”

“Yes, Master…” Hikari breathed, doing as she was instructed.

So hard, she thought, lifting her hips a bit as Shinji reached between them and positioned himself against her damp pussy.  God, I can’t wait for you, Master… please don’t make me.

“There,” Shinji breathed, “now.”  Grasping her narrow waist, he began pulling her down, tightening his hold as she started to push herself against him.  “Slow,” he warned, “slow… I want to FEEL you…”

Hikari whimpered at the hunger in his voice, forcing herself to turn control completely over to her master for the first time.  My master, she thought happily, my owner, my lover… my everything…

In the confines of her room, with Shinji’s cock buried all the way inside of her, Hikari discovered the true joy of submission – for Shinji did not actually fucked her at first… he simply held himself inside of her slippery hole, stroking her back, kissing her breasts and lips, and whispering soothing words of comfort as he quietly assured her that he would be the best master he could.

“…do you still want to have me take pictures of you?”

Trembling, Hikari replied, “If it’s what makes you happy, Master – that’s all that matters to me.”

Shinji reached up, slipping his fingers into her hair and bringing her face down until it was inches from his own.  “I don’t need them,” he said quietly, “I own you.  I can see you naked any time I want – I can FUCK you anytime I want… right?”

Hikari shivered violently, unable to look away from her master’s face as she nodded and breathed a simple, “Yes.”

This is what she wanted… this was who she was – a total submissive.  The sex, she had come to understand finally, was nothing without the master/slave dynamic to back it.  She had tried (oh so guiltily) to masturbate one day, even going so far as to think of Touji, the guy she had always dreamed of.

Not only had she failed to get off, she had barely gotten wet.

If you never fuck me again, Master, I’ll be ok with it… just own me like you are now and any service – any humiliation – will be nothing compared to the happiness you give me by letting me belong to you.

Slowly, Hikari wrapped her hands around Shinji’s head, encouraging him to bury his face in her chest and moaning softly as he reached between their bodies and lightly stroked her clit with the ball of his thumb. 

“You really love me…?”

It was such a pathetically hopeful question – so weak and afraid – that Hikari nearly jammed her fingers into her ears to blot it out.  This was not the way she wanted her master to sound.  She wanted him to be strong and controlling… but she reminded herself that her needs meant nothing.  Only his mattered.

“Yes, Master,” she assured him, kissing him gently on the side of the head.  “I love you… and I’ll do anything for you – no matter what happens to me.  Just let me belong to you, Master…”

Slowly pulling away from her breasts, Shinji looked into her eyes.  “I want to make you happy,” he said simply.

“Then command me,” Hikari moaned, shifting her hips a bit as he rubbed her slightly harder, “command me and own me and- oh!”

She cut herself off as Shinji suddenly began rubbing her clit quickly back and forth, putting his free hand on the small of her back to hold her in place as she squirmed on his cock.

“Come for me,” he whispered, “that’s my command for now, Hikari – come for me… I want to feel it.”

“Yes… Master…” Hikari managed to gasp, shuddering from head to toe as she looked into his warm blue eyes.  “Yes Master… anything for… for… oh GOD!

Hikari shrieked as her master brought her off, stroking her clit with his thumb and staring into her eyes as if nothing else in the world mattered but her climax.  This first orgasm was followed by a second, then a third as Shinji continued to rub her throbbing, aching clit, seeming to forget everything but the feel of her pussy squeezing his rock hard prick.

“M-mas… ter…” Hikari sobbed, throwing her arms around his shoulders for support, “MASTER!!”

Forcing her to come one last time, Shinji finally relented, breathing almost as hard as her as the girl collapsed against him, drawing in deep, ragged lungfuls of air.

Yes, he thought, cradling her shivering body against his, he wanted to make her happy – her and…

He pushed the thought aside.

He would deal with that part later.

“I don’t… really know how to love someone,” Shinji whispered reluctantly, “I-”

“Shh, Master,” Hikari murmured, “don’t… please.  I’m not asking you to love me – I do want you to, but I know I kinda… sprung this on you, so you don’t have to say it, especially if you don’t mean it.  I’m happy just because I belong to you.  If you do love me – great!  …if you don’t, I’ll still be your slave.”  She sighed, resting her head on his shoulder as she mused, “Funny, isn’t it?  I want you to love me… but if you don’t I’ll still be yours.  How strange.”

Not knowing what to say, Shinji closed his eyes, staring to say, ‘I’m sorry,’ but finding his lips covered by Hikari’s.

“Really,” she said gently as she pulled away, “you don’t have to say anything you don’t feel.”

Nodding, Shinji wrapped his arms around her and decided then and there that he would be the best master he possibly could – and if he could actually figure out what love was… he would give that to Hikari too.

Because more than anyone save the others he was thinking of, she deserved it.


Asuka blinked blearily as the sheet on Shinji’s bed was pulled back, and the Third Child carefully slid in behind her.  She had been waiting up for him – almost like a newlywed, she realized – to see how his day had been, but she had grown too tired to keep her eyes open, and had slowly started to drift off.

Since she could not see the clock, she had no idea how long it had been since she had slipped into Shinji’s room, but from the heaviness of her eyelids, she guessed it had been at least an hour.  An hour of silently anticipating the return of a boy she had only recently come to think of as anything but weak and obedient.

How strange, she mused as Shinji pulled the covers up over them and wrapped his arms around her waist – she could not even imagine him being weak anymore, not with the way he treated her now.  His eyes were so intense when he was slipping his dick into her, and his hands occasionally left bruises on her body when he was REALLY worked up.

Weak?  No… no that did not fit.  Awkward, perhaps, a little shy – but even those did not apply to the bedroom.

There… he was an entirely different person.  And, she thought suddenly, a different person that was currently sporting a tremendous hard-on.

Asuka hummed, nestling back into Shinji until her firm ass was cradled against his hips, the hardness of his cock pressing gently between her cheeks in a tantalizing way.  Had she not been so close to sleep when he’d come in, she may have rolled over and gone down on him, hoping to end the evening in glorious, screaming ecstasy.  As it was, she contented herself with being held.

There was something… almost intimidating about the position they were in, she decided suddenly.  Everywhere her body touched his, fabric rubbed on skin.  The only place he was actually touching her skin to skin was where his hands had come up to gently cradle her soft breasts.  He was still fully clothed – fully armored against the harsh world outside… and she was entirely defenseless, wearing not so much as her neural connectors as she lay in his embrace.   She pressed back against him, covering his hands with her own to encourage him to hold her tighter, letting him know that – for right now, at least – she belonged to him.

She closed her eyes and sighed as Shinji’s fingers gently drew together, lightly squeezing her as he kissed the back of her neck.  As much as she liked having sex with him, she could almost feel how tired he was, and thought, maybe, she could make it through one evening without having him inside of her.  So, allowing herself the luxury of being completely helpless, Asuka relaxed in Shinji’s arms and drifted off to sleep without a word.

The room was pitch-black when she awoke, so there was no telling the exact time.  Shinji was still behind her, and still fully dressed by the feel of it, but instead of simply cupping her breasts, he was caressing and rubbing them, exciting her nipples to full hardness in seconds before gently tugging at them and sending pleasant waves through the redhead’s body.

Asuka moaned softly, letting him know that she enjoyed what he was doing.  Her reward for this was a gentle kiss on the nape of her neck.  Slowly, he ran his mouth across that delicate place where her neck and shoulder met, sucking lightly on her skin – just strong enough to make her shiver, not quite hard enough to leave a mark.  A soft gasp burst from her lungs as he suddenly wrapped his arms all the way around her and pulled her against him so tightly that it was almost painful.

For a brief moment, Asuka’s pride flared, nearly urging her to complain… but she managed to contain herself, giving herself over to his embrace and gently sliding her tight ass against the front of his pants, his rock-hard erection parting her cheeks and brushing lightly against her sensitive anus.

How exciting, she thought, biting her bottom lip as one of Shinji’s hands slid slowly down her flat stomach.  She had no idea what to expect next.  Almost always (always??) she, Misato, or Hikari had initiated any kind of sexual contact deeper than kissing, and it was rare that Shinji did something that hadn’t been suggested or begged for.

Willingly, she spread her legs, offering him unopposed access to her already damp pussy and humming softly as he rubbed it with light, careful strokes, his fingers brushing gently over her lips in an almost upsettingly light caress.  His fingers wandered almost aimlessly through her soft pubic hair for a moment before moving back to her pussy, carefully easing her labia apart as his middle finger delved into her hole.

She moaned softly as he fingered her, moving in and out with greater and greater ease as she grew more and more wet.  This was going to be good, she thought, licking her lips as he pulled his finger out for a moment to tease at her clit – this was going to be damn good.

When Shinji urged her onto her back, Asuka immediately spread her legs further apart, inviting him to do what he wanted without saying a word.  Shinji, however, was more interested in her breasts, moving up until he was nestled between her legs and slowly bringing his mouth down on her right nipple.  Normally, Shinji licked and played with Asuka’s nipples briefly – usually because she encouraged him to go elsewhere – but tonight, instead of nibbling… he feasted on her, licking them all over, teasing gently at the nipples, caressing them with his hands, and dropping little kisses all over them until Asuka was short of breath and starting to think that maybe she could get off just from this glorious worship of her body.

Because he was, she realized, worshipping.  His fingers, lips, tongue, and palms led a complicated orchestra of pleasure, with her firm breasts as the instruments of choice.  Finally, when her breasts were warm and tingling and covered in glistening saliva, Shinji pulled away, reaching down to unzip his pants even as he leaned forward to give her a gentle kiss.

This was what she had been looking forward to all day.  She had been so far behind in her homework that she had been forced to spend the entire day playing catch up… but she had not really wanted Shinji to know how bad things really were, because she knew it would worry him.

And when it really came down to it – she actually cared.

Now, her work was caught up… and she was a few layers of clothes away from the glorious sex she had been thinking of all day.  It troubled her sometimes to think about just how much she enjoyed having Shinji inside of her, and how frequently she sought it, tried to get it, or contemplated what she might try with the next session.  She was like an addict, she thought, though lately – as evidenced by the fact that she had been able to catch up on her homework at all – she had been more in control.

Her desire was not cooling, she thought as Shinji gently eased his tongue into her mouth, but her ability to contain it was definitely growing. She licked her lips as she felt Shinji shimmying out of his pants while his warm palms pushed her thighs further apart.  Any minute, she thought as he arranged himself between her legs, any minute now and-

Asuka took in a deep, appreciative breath as his hardness filled her, parting the soft folds of her tight sex with practiced effortlessness until he had sunk his full length inside.

Slow – that was the first word to enter Asuka’s mind as Shinji began to stroke.  They had done it so many ways, and so many places, that Asuka was sure they had tried at least sixty percent of the normally accepted positions out there, and probably twenty percent of the ones that were considered unusual.  But lately – for a month, at least, maybe two – it was always fast, hard, and just a little bit on the rough side, as if they were trying to fuck all of their fears and misgivings away in the most brutal fashion possible.

But slow, Asuka thought, pushing up with her hips as Shinji gave her another deep stroke, was pretty fucking good.  With this pace, she could feel every inch of his hardness as it plunged into her, solid and real and – for the moment – entirely hers.  How many times had she cursed herself for throwing the gauntlet at Misato, or for not waiting until they were alone before telling Shinji what she wanted?

He could have been all hers, she realized… not Misato’s, not Hikari’s, not anyone else he was sleeping with – and she knew there were others, she could smell them on him sometimes, just faint traces of perfume or perspiration, but unmistakably foreign.

What could she say, though?  She had built their relationship around indifference and convenience – as if the only reason she was willing to be with him was because he lived with her… as if she had not been approached by dozens of guys, before and after their first time, and shut them all down, his face always flashing in her mind before her sharp tongue cut the would be suitor to the quick.

No… exclusivity was not an option right now.  Perhaps someday, but not now.

Putting her hands on his chest, she leaned up and kissed him, whispering his name as she drew back and closing her eyes to block out everything but him.  Her reward was a deeper kiss, followed by several long, satisfying strokes, and a moment of gentle fondling.

Asuka knew, without a doubt, that she had it bad for Shinji.  What, exactly, she had, she could never voice – even to herself… so she went along as best she could, worshipping as he worshipped her, trying everything she could with him, and changing (though she would never admit it) to make herself more desirable to him.

Moaning as he thrust in and out of her, Asuka wrapped her legs around Shinji’s buttocks, urging him deeper – physically and otherwise – and already planning how to seduce him in the morning.

Hey, just because he had initiated things this time, that didn’t mean she was going to just sit and wait for it to happen again!

She gasped as Shinji began to pump in and out of her soaking pussy with fast, hard strokes, driving her over the edge and into a long overdue climax.  His own orgasm was not long in following – her crying his name always seemed to set him off – and in a matter of moments, his hot semen was coating her inner walls.

Panting for breath, Shinji slipped out of her, easing himself onto the bed and pulling her into his embrace.

Spent… warm… content… happy… Asuka wrapped her arms around Shinji’s chest, buried her face against the side of his neck, and whispered the only words her fragile heart could muster to show him the depths of her feelings for him.

“…I want to sleep in here from now on.”

The End – for real this time

Final notes: in case anyone was unclear – this was ALWAYS supposed to be a ‘Shinji-gets-them-all’ fic.  It was also supposed to emphasize Asuka. Rei, and Hikari, above the other women.  Unfortunately, Rei’s entrance came a little later than I’d planned, but more than Maya, Ritsuko, and Misato, the younger girls were the focus.  I tried to make it pretty clear at the end (by having Shinji initiate things for the first time, and by having Asuka’s feelings clarified) that if there was ONE that he would choose over all the others… it was Asuka, with Hikari a close second, and Rei right behind.  It started with Asuka, it ended with Asuka – Alpha and Omega… Complementation through sex.  Unsubtle?  Perhaps… but it was the best I could do, and at nearly 103,000 words of material comprising around 255 pages, 98% of which is ‘published,’ it is the longest sex-based story I have read, and the longest story of any kind I’ve ever produced.

Is that too nutty, or what?  :P

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