Legal stuffs: this story, it has teh sex!!  Don’t read it if you’re like, under 18 and stuff, cuz that’s bad.  Oh yeah, and I don’t own no Evangelion, I just write smut about it, so don’t sue me.  That cover everything?  Good… now on to the naughtiness!


Stage Seven – Fever Dream

By Rx7

“Is he ok?”

Shinji tried to open his eyes, but found it far too difficult, groaning weakly as a cool hand was laid against his brow.

“It’s just a fever,” a quiet, familiar voice (drawing images of sweat-soaked hair and breasts shining with sweat) reported, “he’ll be fine if he gets some sleep.”

“Should I stay home from school?” another familiar voice (images of blue and red and gorgeous lips parted in heavenly moans) asked hesitantly.  “We were supposed to have a test today, but I could-”

“No,” the first voice cut in quietly, “he’ll be fine – it’s not like he’s gonna pick up and leave while we’re gone, right?  Let’s just let him sleep.  I’ll leave him a note and a couple bucks to order some takeout.”


There was a pause, then soft, moist lips were pressed lightly to Shinji’s burning forehead.

“Rest up, Third Child,” the second voice murmured – sounding absurdly tender, “I’m looking forward to… well, you know.  I’ve been thinking about it all day, so be better when I get home, ok?”

“Slut,” the first voice whispered teasingly.

“Whore,” the second voice countered, moving away in a dreamy hazy as Shinji drifted back to sleep.

Time in dreams was always a topic that fascinated Shinji.  It simply amazed him that a person’s subconscious could bring them from a place like an apartment to down in the city streets without any logical explanation of how you got there.  He thought he remembered slipping his shoes on, but even that was hazy. 

It was a fuzzy, surreal sort of dream, the kind that’s blurry and vague one second, and so hyper realistic the next that you can actually imagine whole conversations between yourself and other people.

“Your pass is about to expire, you know.”

“Yeah, I know… I’ll get a new one at work on Monday.”

“Heh… work, that’s funny.  You NERV brats are all the same.”

“Uh huh.”

“Hey, you ok, kid?  You look kinda…”

Shinji blinked, and found himself stepping off the train, the rest of the conversation lost to him as he glanced up and down the vaguely familiar street.  Hope I didn’t say anything TOO stupid, he thought ironically, feeling particularly lucid as he crossed the street and made a left.  Hey, I know where I am…huh.

Finding nothing unusual about being in this neighborhood – especially based on his thought patterns when he had slept with Doctor Akagi – Shinji made his way towards the huge apartment building across from him, amazed that the heat from his fever was making itself known even know, in his sleep.

Fever dream, he thought sagely, that’s what they call it, right?  Everything seems so real.

Everything did, indeed, seem very realistic.  Shinji imagined that he could actually FEEL the thrumming of the construction equipment that was always hammering away in this area like a thumping in his chest.  Ducking into the apartment building, he made his way to the fourth floor, pushing the door to unit 402 open and stepping casually inside.

“Weird,” he muttered to himself, putting a hand on his forehead and making his way into the kitchen, “you’d think if I was going to dream about her, she’d actually be home.  God, I can’t even do THAT right…”

He laughed weakly, taking in his surroundings.  It was still a sty. Instant food wrappers (all of them vegetarian, he noticed) were tossed haphazardly into the garbage.  Dust was on every unused surface.  Bandages – hadn’t he cleaned those up LAST time he was over?? – were piled in one corner.  The only things that were even remotely clean were the bed and the kitchen counter.

Should really cover that butter, though, he mused, feeling a faint throbbing behind his eyes as he licked his lips absently, it’ll go bad…

A soft noise drew his attention to the door… and there she was – soft blue hair perfectly framing her porcelain face, from which her placid red eyes gazed unblinkingly at him, a small bag of groceries dangling forgotten from one hand as she coolly regarded him.

The girl said nothing, showing no surprise that the Third was in her apartment.  Shinji stared at her, the pulsing in his temples seeming to grow exponentially the longer his eyes lingered on her smooth, flawless skin.  Suddenly, though he could not tell precisely how, he was across the room, his fingers digging almost cruelly into her upper arms as he pulled her lips to his and kissed her, offering her no alternative but to give in.  After a moment, the girl parted her lips, allowing his thrusting tongue to invade her delicate mouth, the bag of groceries slipping from her fingers as her arms hung loosely at her sides.

Shinji felt like laughing as the girl’s flimsy school shirt disintegrated, immediately surrendering its structural integrity to his roughly grasping hands with a loud, satisfying tearing sound, and a soft gasp filled the air as his mouth descended onto her right breast, his right hand darting up between her legs as he took absolute control of the situation.  It was like being with Hikari, in a way… only knowing that the girl had not been intimate with him in any way before – not even so much as using his first name – made it that much more exciting.  It was conquest, pure and simple.  He was going to take what he wanted from her, and she was going to surrender to his every whim.

Overall, he thought as he fingered her pussy through her thin panties, not a bad dream at all.

The girl gave another small grunt as he grabbed her by the shoulders and hustled her to the floor, leaving the shreds of her shirt hanging loosely on her slender body.  He attacked her firm tits with gusto, sucking and licking at them one at a time, unable to get enough of her succulent, taut nipples – so round and hard that he was sure they must have been aching.

“Spread your legs,” he hissed, leaning back to pull his pants down to his knees as she stared up at him.  “Do it!”

Silently, the girl obeyed.

White cotton peeked out from between smooth-as-cream thighs, enticing him – enraging him – and in a breath; this final barrier had been torn free.  Still, the girl made not a sound, her beautiful red eyes slightly wide with surprise, but otherwise holding no fear.  He hoisted her legs high into the air, pressing himself against her – iron on silk – and sought to claim her, but no matter how he strove, he could not force himself in.  He knew there was moisture there – could feel it on the tip of his cock -- but it simply was not enough to allow him to get into her pussy.

Casting around the kitchen, Shinji smiled.  “Perfect.”

Leaving the girl on the floor for a moment, he grabbed a stick of half-melted butter off the counter, smearing it all over his raging prick before kneeling between her thighs once more.  He pressed himself against her, and with the added slickness of the makeshift lubricant, he felt her pussy lips finally relent and part for him, allowing him to work himself in with painstaking slowness.  As soon as the head was in, Shinji knew that he was home free… and with a triumphant shout, he fed the rest of his cock into the girl’s slippery hole in one hard thrust.

The girl uttered a short cry as Shinji’s cock lanced through her maidenhood, but since this was merely fantasy, he felt no need to hold back, driving hard and fast into her tight pussy and taking great pleasure in the soft whimpers of satisfaction that this drew from the girl’s throat with ever-increasing frequency.  She was so lovely – and so much smaller than he’d thought.  Her legs, her waist, her breasts, her lips, every part of her seemed suddenly fragile and delicate, waiting only for a simple miscalculation or deliberate act to inflict terrible damage on her petite frame.

Her petal-like lips were parted slightly, and the quiet cries he was pulling from her chest were growing more and more frantic as he continued to fuck her, pumping her tight hole relentlessly in search of his own climax.  She was close… Shinji could feel it – and when the moment arrived, it was so unlike anything that he had experienced before that it took his breath away.

The girl’s already pale skin seemed to go dead white, losing all color save for two brilliant spots of rose on her on her cheeks, and her arms, still until then, came up, allowing her to wrap her slender fingers around the back of his head.  Her body shuddering with ecstasy, the girl drew Shinji’s lips down to her own; sharing her erratic, rapid-fire breathing with him as she awkwardly gave him what he knew must have been only her second kiss.

Their tongues carefully intertwined, a surprisingly tender counterpoint to the almost-brutal dicking he was giving her.  The girl whimpered into his mouth as she continued to rise, her slim body hopelessly lost to the age-old dance of passion.  He leaned back to admire the way her firm tits shuddered with every thrust, the rock-hard nipples swaying with the force of each impact.

I hope she’s liking this, he thought suddenly, even if it is a dream… it’s always better when Asuka and Hikari like it…

Reluctantly, his eyes traveled up to hers, starting into their red depths as she stared right back.  The expression on the girl’s face was unmistakably ecstatic.  Her lips were slightly parted, allowing her breath to puff free with each thrust of his rock-hard prick, and her small hands, idle at first, slowly fluttered to his shoulders, settling there as the girl crooned with pleasure.

Their eyes locked, and the girl’s lips and tongue slowly formed his name.

“Shin… ji…”

With a cry, he buried his shaft all the way in her ultra-tight pussy, sending spurt after spurt of his seed deep inside of her as she whimpered her approval.  Over and over he erupted, filling her to overflowing before pulling his shaking, tired tool out of her.

His strength spent, Shinji collapsed next to the girl, his arm resting across her stomach as his eyes rolled closed in exhaustion.  He could feel her breath coming in deep, winded gasps as a soft, slightly disappointed hum filled his ears.  It was this combination of sensations that accompanied him to sleep.


Shinji awoke from his intense dream feeling well-rested and calm, if a bit sore.  Must have fallen off the bed, he thought, shifting around on the hard floor as he contemplated the fantasy he had just experienced.  Man… that was… wow…

He swallowed, hearing a dry click in the back of his throat as a faint frown creased his brow.

Was my floor always this hard? he thought, squirming slightly as he realized that there was something on his stomach.  Asuka?

With a feeling of unreality, Shinji opened his eyes.

“Oh… no…”

In most romance/comedy genre movies wherein a dream sequence takes place and the hero wakes to find it reality, there is a brief, blissful moment of confusion or doubt, wherein he or she is allowed to believe – if only for that short time – that maybe it really WAS all a dream.

Shinji was not allowed this luxury as he opened his eyes, finding himself flat on his back, staring at Rei’s ceiling.  The weight on his stomach, of course, was Rei’s arm, and as he followed it up to her face, he found her studying him closely, clearly waiting for him to awaken before confronting him.

“Are you going to take me again…?” she whispered, staring unblinkingly into his eyes.

“Ayanami, I-”

“I was not aware that it was so… tiring,” Rei said softly.  “I am also very sore.”  She laid her head on his chest, lightly stroking his stomach with her fingertips as she observed, “You were very rough with me, Ikari.”

“Why didn’t you… stop me?” Shinji whispered, his face entirely crimson as the full weight of what he had done began to settle on him.

Rei considered this carefully, staring up at her wall as her fingers continued to idly stroke his stomach.  “Because I wanted to experience it,” she said finally, offering a small shrug.  “The idea of lovemaking has always fascinated me… but I have not ever had the time or the inclination to pursue a relationship.”  She glanced up at him as he stammered another apology, damning himself for raping her.  “I would not have allowed this to happen with another, Shinji,” she informed him quietly, “it was only because it was you that I surrendered without a fight…”

Shinji honestly had no reply for this simple statement, so he kept his silence, shivering slightly as the First finally pulled away from him and rose to her feet.

“May we do it again…?”

Unable to believe his ears, Shinji stammered, “You… you want me to fuck you again?”

Rei blinked, cocking her head to the side.  “That is the term you like?” she asked, sounding hesitant.  “Yes, Ikari, I would like you to… to fuck me again…”

Shinji scrambled to his feet, trying to cover his erection.  God, he thought wildly, why does it sound so wrong when she says it??

“But I… I raped you…” he blurted.

“No,” Rei said calmly, “rape implies lack of consent.  I was willing, and I would have stopped you or cried out for help had I been unable to stop you myself.”  As Shinji chewed on this, Rei added, “I… believe I would have preferred it if you had asked me, so I was more prepared… but I enjoyed myself very much., and I would like to experience it again, if you are willing.  I cleaned myself while you were resting.  That is proper, correct?”

“I, umm…”  Shinji bit his bottom lip.  “You’re sure you want to do it again?”

Rei frowned slightly.  “I would not ask otherwise, Ikari,” she said simply.

Brushing a strand of sweat-laden hair off of his forehead, Shinji fought back the urge to utter a mad laugh.  Sure, he thought crazily, take a number, Ayanami – oh, too late, I already fucked you!

“Please?” Rei asked softly.  “I… enjoyed it very much.”

Shinji sighed.  How does this keep happening to me?

“Sit on the bed.”

Rei nodded, walking to her bed and sitting on the edge of it with her hands resting lightly in her lap.  She waited patiently for her next instruction, pleased that the other pilot would consent to be intimate with someone as lackluster and dull as she.

Crossing the room to stand in front of her, Shinji looked down into her deep red eyes.  “I want to do something that’s just for you, first,” he said quietly, “would that be ok?”

“Yes,” Rei said slowly, a small note of uncertainty creeping into her voice as she considered what this mysterious something might be.  “But I wish to please you as well.”

Shinji knelt in front of her, putting his hands on her knees and nodding his understanding.  “Alright, but for now… just put your hands next to you on the bed and close your eyes, ok?”


Rei did as she was told, closing her eyes as she put her hands on the bed.  This is very… comfortable, she thought languidly, willingly parting her legs as Shinji applied gentle pressure to the insides of her knees.  Strange.  I had hoped to experience this type of intimacy sometime in my life, but honestly I had not expected to – not with my duties – and I certainly did not expect it to be with Shinji.  I wonder what he is…


The lingering taste of butter was heavy on Shinji’s tongue as he gently licked at Rei’s dewy pussy, taking great care not to brush her sensitive clit just yet.  He blushed faintly as he recalled the reason why this flavor was mingled with Rei’s juices, but he had to admit that it added a certain exoticism to the experience.  Her own natural taste was faint and understated – a light autumn rain compared to the heavy, earth-tinged musk Asuka gave off.

How strange, he thought as he diligently ate her out, he had five other women to compare to what he was currently doing… and each of them was different.  Maya – without question – was his favorite for going down.  She simply tasted delicious, and the other women were not UNPLESANT, but if given the choice, Shinji would lick the young technician’s box for hours, any day of the week… with Rei as a close runner-up.

“Mmm…” Rei sighed quietly, unconsciously slipping an inch closer to the edge of the bed to allow Shinji better access to her wet hole.  “Mmmmmmm…”

Greatly encouraged, Shinji carefully grasped the girl’s slim ankles, lifting them until her legs made a broad V in the air before sliding his palms down to the backs of her thighs and leaning his face in to give her an earnest and thorough licking.

Rei wet her lips.  “Ooo…” she breathed, letting her head roll back on her shoulders as the young man delved deep into her sensitive hole.  “uh… uhhhhh…”

Every sound the girl made was like music to Shinji’s ears.  Her pussy – succulent and tender as a summer peach – soon had his face coated with a thin layer of its delicate juices, the scent clinging to him as she had clung to him at the moment of her climax and making him crave more.  Closing his eyes and concentrating on the feel and taste of her, Shinji dipped his tongue past her swollen labia, longing to explore her as he had the other women he had been with.

“Ooo!” Rei breathed, opening her eyes and looking down into his face with a wholly understated combination of newly born affection, desire, and curiosity for what he would make her feel next.  Shifting her balance to her left hand, she brought her right around from behind her and ran it slowly through Shinji’s hair, fascinated by the feel of the heavily saturated strands as she brushed them away from his familiar face.

No, she realized, no one else would do for her.

Shinji’s eyes opened at her light touch, and he pulled back, gazing up at her watchful expression for a moment before hesitantly asking, “Do you… is this ok…?  Do you like this?”

Rei nodded, once, and moved her hand behind her for better support, deciding that her elbows would make the position less strenuous, since it seemed as though Shinji was not planning to stop anytime soon.  “MmMM…” she hummed deeply as Shinji brought his mouth back to her pussy, this time licking it from the bottom to the top and giving her clit a gentle swipe with the tip of his tongue before repeating the procedure.

Closing his eyes once more, Shinji continued to eat the First with long, almost casual strokes of his tongue, luxuriating in the taste and smell of her seeping slit.  Her skin is kinda… cold, he thought distantly, trying not to get too worked up too fast, I dunno, not cold I guess, just… really smooth – like glass or marble or something…

After several minutes of lapping at her tender slit, Shinji felt Rei’s hands brushing his hair once more.  “Now…?” he said hesitantly, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as she nodded and held her arms out for him to join her on the bed.

Well, he thought, settling in on top of her and grasping his throbbing dick by the base of the shaft for better control, here goes…

Though Rei was wet from climaxing twice, and still had lingering traces of butter and his own saliva all over her, Shinji still had trouble working his cock into her pussy.  She was so tight it was almost uncomfortable, and it took more than a minute and a half to fit himself all the way inside, holding his position and feeling her smooth walls pulsing in time with her heartbeat around his aching prick.


Rei gasped as he pulled halfway out and slowly stroked back into her.  At this slower pace, she could feel every minute detail of his organ as it plunged into her, and she concentrated on the sensation, trying to commit each ridge and vein to memory.

“Uhh!  Uhh!  Uhh!”

Each stroke yielded a corresponding gasp, driving Shinji crazy as he tried his best not to just pound her willing hole.  And her eyes – her eyes were so intense… watching him closely as he worked at pleasing her for a third time.  She’s so quiet, he thought suddenly, realizing that the only reason he could hear her breathy cries was that he was on top of her, I’ll bet if I was standing on the other side of the room I wouldn’t hear a thing.


Carefully, Rei wrapped her legs around Shinji’s back, applying gentle pressure to get him to stop with his shaft buried all the way inside of her.  For a moment, she simply held him within her, relishing the rhythmic thumping of his heart as she ran her fingertips across his sweaty chest, marveling at the way his taut muscles shivered under her touch.

Bringing her eyes up to his face, Rei parted her moist lips, drawing a deep breath before slowly settling back on her bed and spreading her legs wide open, giving him full access to her luscious body.  She put her arms up over her head, and pushed up with her hips, showing that she was ready for him to continue.

Shinji, taking the hint, began to stroke her again, watching as her eyes rolled closed and her lips parted in a soft hiss, her pearl-white teeth touching lightly together as she wrapped her fingers tightly around her headboard.


It was good… damn good.  More than just the tightness of her silky smooth pussy, Shinji found himself entering into Rei in a very different way.  His eyes, he discovered, simply would not pull away from hers, locking with her crimson orbs and penetrating her on an emotional level, taking his cues from the tightening around her eyes and the shape her mouth took when he hit certain spots, Shinji began to pump Rei’s superheated box with long, deep, commanding strokes, ignoring everything but the look in her eyes as he bonded himself to her on a psycho-emotional level.

There was, he decided after several minutes, an undeniable thrill in taking a woman for the first time.  So far in his life, he had slept with six women… and of those six, four of them had been virgins.  Well, he thought, trying not to be too drawn in by the soft whimpers of ecstasy coming from Rei’s slender throat, Maya wasn’t TECHNICALLY a virgin…

But it was not so much the knowledge that he had been the first for these women – it the electric uncertainty of asking himself ‘what will SHE do when I touch her this way?’ or ‘will this turn her on the way it turns Asuka on?’  With a sudden burst of insight, Shinji found that he could easily understand how some people grew addicted to sex.  If you let yourself forget another person’s feelings, or drowned out everything but the physicality of the act itself… you could easily reduce the importance of what was happening and render it insignificant and meaningless.

And if there was one thing he prayed would never happen, it was that…

Especially not with Rei… or Asuka… or Hikari.  For some reason, (and the inclusion of Rei caught even HIM off guard) these three were somehow more to him than the others.

I included Rei because she’s so fragile, he told himself, leaning down to claim a small, gentle kiss before continuing to move inside her. Asuka can take care of herself… Hikari, well, when she’s on her own, and not busy being my slave, she does ok for herself.  But Rei… I don’t know, she just-

“Shin… ji…”

Shaking his head to clear it, Shinji refocused his attention on Rei’s eyes.

His name… that was all she had spoken since they had begun.  She had barely managed weak, breathy moans the entire time, and now she was calling him by name, her eyes growing hazy as she looked up at him.

It’s because she’s about to come, he realized with a jolt.

As if his thought was the trigger, Rei’s back arched, her slender, delicate hands coming up under Shinji’s arms and caressing his shoulder blades as she climaxed.  Her pussy, already on the edge of impossibly tight, grew unbearable – clamping down around his slow-moving cock and clenching it so hard that he was forced to hold still for fear that further movement might hurt her.

Allowing her to pull him down, Shinji gave the red-eyed girl a soft, intimate kiss as she shuddered and gasped against him, slick sweat plastering her azure hair to her forehead and making her seem even frailer somehow.  When he had been seized by the fever dream, he had come deep inside of her, barely even conscious of who he was, let alone what the consequences of his actions may be.

Now, however, he knew that he could not let himself go.  With a grunt of effort – and a pang of regret – Shinji pulled out of Rei’s magnificent hole, groaning softly as he lay on the bed next to her.  It was not often that he did not get to come during sex, but he did not mind it.

After all, he had gotten to the top fairly effortlessly when he’d fucked her on the kitchen floor.

God, I’m such a scumbag, he thought miserably, averting his eyes as Rei wiped sweat from her brow, panting for breath as the aftershocks of her orgasm sent minute muscle spasms all through her body.  This is the second woman I’ve taken by force… and it’s going to be the last.  If – IF, damn it – I have sex with any women besides the ones I’ve already slept with… I will never force it again, no matter how much they say they want it.  It’s just too hard…

“Is this…” Rei panted, barely starting to regain her breath, “a time… that I should be smiling…?”

Shinji felt a sudden spike of intense pity shock through the pit of his stomach.  “I don’t know,” he said softly, staring up at her ceiling to avoid meeting her questioning gaze.  “Do you feel happy?”

Rei’s reply was immediate and decisive.  “Yes.  Happy… and very, very tired…”

Laughing softly, Shinji said, “Yeah, that can happen sometimes…”

Slowly, Rei’s breathing returned to normal, leaving them in relative silence for a moment.  “Will you fuck me again soon?” she asked finally, staring at her ceiling with a faintly thoughtful expression.  “I would not mind experiencing it with you again.”

Shinji closed his eyes.  “Can you… call it something else?” he asked, Ritsuko’s words echoing cruelly in his ears as she glanced at him from the corner of her eye.  “It… that word doesn’t sound right… from you…”

Rei nodded.  “What term would you prefer?” she asked quietly.

“I don’t know,” Shinji admitted, “but that one seems… wrong…”


Slowly, Rei rolled onto her side, resting her head on both hands and gently brushing her thigh against Shinji’s.

“Will you take me again soon?” she asked, speaking as if the conversation of the last few seconds had never taken place.  “You are welcome to any time you would like.  Truly, Shinji…”

Biting his lip, Shinji nodded.  “Er, alright,” he said awkwardly, trying not to be surprised that the First would be so calm after being screwed to the point that she was bathed in sweat – or that she would be so polite when letting him know that he was free to come have sex with her any time the mood hit him.

Though he had invitations like that from Maya and Hikari (and Asuka, if there was ever a time SHE wasn’t in the mood) it still hit Shinji harder coming from Rei.  Don’t know why, he thought as Rei stretched her back, pressing her firm tits insistently against his side, she’s decisive about everything else, why not sex too?

Shinji’s contemplation was interrupted as Rei abruptly turned away from him, pushing herself first to a sitting position, then to her feet, and starting towards the apartment’s small bathroom.  He almost asked where she was going, but a single glance at her sweat-streaked, gorgeously shaped ass was enough to tell him that she was going in search of a shower.

She could at least say something, he thought dryly, swinging his feet out of bed and casting around for his clothes.  The silent treatment kind of makes you feel guilty – even if you know she’s like that with everyone.

By the time the water in the bathroom turned off, Shinji was fully clothed.  A small wad of paper towels was barely visible in the small garbage can in Rei’s kitchen.  Shinji had tried to shove them down inside of the can after hastily cleaning himself with them, but the receptacle was already full to overflowing, leaving him no option but to push it as deep as he could.

So what now? he asked himself, blushing faintly as he spotted a small dollop of butter he had somehow missed in his less-than-perfect once-over cleaning of the kitchen floor.  It’s not like she’s a fan of small talk.

“You are leaving, then?”

Shinji jumped – nearly literally – as he felt Rei’s hand land on his shoulder.  He turned around, unable to keep himself from staring at her perfectly proportioned body, droplets of water sparkling from every surface as she waited expectantly for his reply.  She looked magnificent, he decided – like a goddess poised to grant his every wish, should he be willing to undertake the quest she had planned for him.  Somehow, her nudity seemed to wrap itself around her like a suit of armor, giving the impression of complete comfort and showing that she was as unafraid to bare herself to him as the first time he had visited her in this place.

Finally finding his voice, he stammered, “Y-yeah, I guess… unless there’s umm… something you wanted to do…”

Oh THAT doesn’t sound like I want to go another round, he thought with a mental groan.  Nope, twice wasn’t enough for me, Ayanami, why don’t you bend over that little dresser of yours and give me another taste?  Or maybe we could do it on the veranda – you know, give everyone a show.  God, everything’s about sex with me these days…

Rei slowly placed her hand on Shinji’s chest, staring at the backs of her fingers for a moment before whispering, “I do not know.  Lovemaking is not something I have experience with, so I do not know what is normal for afterwards.”  She stared unblinkingly into his eyes.  “Do you have any recommendations?”

“Well, er,” Shinji scratched the back of his neck awkwardly and tried to pretend that the girl did not sound like a doctor asking him to turn his head and cough.  “People usually… cuddle afterwards, I guess, or talk… or, I don’t know, lots of things, I guess…”

“I see,” Rei murmured thoughtfully, “very well, then.”

Shinji blinked as she turned around, positioning herself with her tight ass facing him before slowly easing herself backwards, ending up with her damp body pressed against his chest.  They stood that way for several moments before Rei reached behind herself, taking Shinji by the wrists and bringing his arms around her narrow waist.

Her voice was low and questioning as she whispered, “Is this a good way to cuddle…?”

“Y-yeah, sure,” Shinji stammered, nearly wincing as that sharp blast of pity hit him again.  “There isn’t like, a RIGHT way to do it, I guess… as long as you’re close…”

Like I’m such an authority, he told himself bitterly.  Yup – just screw a few women, force one to the floor and butter her up, literally, before you nail HER, and when she asks you how to cuddle when it’s all over, you just act like you know it all. God I hate myself.

He pushed the cruel thoughts away as Rei tilted her head back, resting the back of her neck against his right shoulder and giving him a perfect view of her gorgeously firm tits.  “This is… very nice,” she said, choosing her words carefully as she closed her eyes and rolled her head to the side, until the side of her head was against Shinji’s cheek.  “If you are not willing to take me again… may I ask that you spend time holding me like this…?  They are both satisfying, and I would very much like to have both happen, but I would enjoy at least this much.”

Barely keeping his voice even, Shinji whispered, “I’ll find time for you, Rei… for both.”

“Mmm…” Rei sighed contentedly.  “Thank you, Shinji.”


He held her for another fifteen minutes, finally unwrapping his arms from her body and telling her – reluctantly – that he had to get back soon, before Misato started worrying. Rei nodded, walking to her small dresser and pulling out a clean pair of underwear and an intact pair of panties, slipping both on as Shinji guiltily observed, unable to avoid noticing how sleek and flawless her body was.

Yeah, I’ll be back, he thought miserably, I don’t think I could keep myself away, knowing that you want me that bad.

With Hikari, it had started as an ownership issue… with Asuka… well, with Asuka it was a different kind of ownership issue – but with Rei it had started with mindless force, and somehow, like the other two girls before her, things with Rei had suddenly become far more serious than Shinji ever could have anticipated.

Bidding her goodbye, Shinji spent the entire time between her apartment and the train thinking about how far gone he must have been to have the line between fantasy and reality blur that far.  What if he had shown up at Mayumi’s house?  Or Mana’s?  Or – worse still – one of the girls in class he REALLY didn’t know very well?  At least the other two had spoken to him before (though Mana had been avoiding him lately), but he could not imagine what would have happened if he had turned up at Yomiko or Haruka’s house and started fondling them.

Probably be in jail right now, he thought disgustedly.  This can never – EVER happen again.  I need to make sure that I’m never left alone when I’m tired, it’s too dangerous.

With a sigh, he heaved himself up out of his seat and exited the train, unable to keep his mind from skipping back to the sweet, bewitching sound of Rei gasping his name. Yes, he thought guiltily, he would definitely be making time for her.


“Here, Master.”

Shinji sighed, taking the mug from Hikari with a weak smile.  “Thanks.”

The apartment’s kitchen was quiet, in spite of the numerous pots and pans cooking busily on the stove.  I… am such a prick, he thought tiredly, taking a sip of the perfectly cooled tea.  Why would you WANT me as a master??

Hikari… had been sitting outside the apartment when Shinji got home, staring at her shoes and sniffling as she clutched her cell phone in one hand, clearly on the verge of calling someone to come and help her.  She had been there for a half hour, it seemed, knocking and calling through the door for Shinji to let her in.  Asuka had told her of Shinji’s fever during lunch, and she had hurried over right after school to check on him.

“I’m so glad you’re ok,” she said now, kneeling at Shinji’s side and resting her head in his lap to gaze up at him with open adoration.  “Where did you go, Master?  You shouldn’t be moving around when you’re sick…”

Will Rei tell anyone? Shinji thought suddenly, taking another sip of his tea to stall for time.  She never said she would keep it a secret… and I never asked her to.

Clearing his throat, he finally replied, “I needed some fresh air… it was kind of stuffy in here, you know?  I’m sorry I worried you.”

“It’s ok, Master,” Hikari said, beaming as he rested a hand on her head.  “As long as you’re ok, that’s all that matters to me.  Now sit tight while I finish dinner – I made enough for Asuka and Miss Katsuragi, but they said they wouldn’t be home until like, ten or something like that.  Oh, and Miss Katsuragi said to tell you that since you missed the, er… what did she call it?”  Hikari closed her eyes in thought for a moment before nodding to herself.  “That’s right – the ambient synchronization cross-indexing… since you missed that, you’ll have to participate tomorrow, if your fever’s gone.”

Ambient who what? Shinji thought.  That’s a new one… Ritsuko must be pressed for something to do lately, since the angels haven’t been popping up for a while.  And I guess you can only screw so much before you need something to take your mind off of the fact that you have nothing else to do.

“Well,” he said aloud, “my fever’s gone, so I guess I’ll have to do it.”

Hikari lightly stroked his leg.  “Master…”


“Are you ok?”  Seeing his frown, Hikari hurried on.  “I mean… you’ve been really tired lately, and this fever… is there something wrong, Master?  Are we… asking for too much?”

Good lord, yes, Shinji thought, taking a deep drink to avoid the question as long as possible.  I’m only one man, you know.  Between you, and Asuka, and Misato, and Ritsuko, and Maya, and – God – now Rei, too??  Yeah… I’m a little tired – but you know something? I think I’m starting to get it all figured out…

Certain aspects of his life, Shinji realized, WERE becoming clearer.  If he could just have a couple more weeks to figure it all out!

Seeing his hesitance on the subject, Hikari quickly chose a new topic.  “Everything’s coming along pretty nicely,” she said lightly, gazing up at her master with her bottom lip trapped firmly between her teeth.  “We’ve probably got at least twenty minutes or… or a half hour before it’s ready to eat…”

Shinji nodded, averting his eyes as he realized that it had been quite a few days since he had paid Hikari any real attention.  We haven’t really done much since that one night, he thought, absently stroking the girl’s long hair, It was so intense I think I’ve been scared of what she must think, but that’s stupid… she hasn’t changed at all.

“Well,” he said levelly, glancing down at her with an encouraging smile, “what do you think we should do?”

Swallowing hard, Hikari breathed, “What do you want me to do, Master?”

God, you deserve so much better than me, Shinji thought, I’m so unimaginative when it comes to this.  Guess you’re stuck with me for right now, though…

“Stand up and take off your shirt,” he said quietly, preparing himself to slip into his ‘master’ role.  “I don’t like it.”

It did take some concentration, he thought as Hikari rose and began unbuttoning her school shirt.  After all, he was not used to telling others what to do… though he had to admit that it was becoming a little too easy to get in the mindset of an owner.

With Hikari, anyway.

“Do you want me to wear something else to school?” Hikari asked.  “The dress code is… a little flexible, so I could substi-”

“No,” Shinji cut in smoothly, “it’s fine for there… but if you’re alone with me, I’d like to see you in something else, sometimes.”

Oh yeah, he thought disgustedly, it’s SO hard to be a master.  Why don’t you admit it, pervert – you LOVE owning her…

Hikari shrugged her shirt off, unconsciously straightening her back and thrusting her plain, white cotton bra out further than it normally would.  “I love it when you look at me, Master,” she whispered, waiting for her next instruction.

“Come over here,” Shinji directed, pointing to the floor next to him, “kneel down.  No, face the other way.”

“Away from you, Master?” Hikari said, turning obediently so that her back was to her owner.

Shinji felt that this needed no confirmation, and remained silent, hooking his fingers into her bra strap and unfastening the catch with the ease of practice before letting the garment slip off and fall into Hikari’s lap.  “Put your hands behind your neck and lean back against me,” he told her, “stick out your chest… yeah, like that.  Now close your eyes.”

Staring over her shoulder at her firm, proudly upraised tits, Shinji found himself comparing.  She’s bigger than Rei, he thought, leaning forward in his chair to get a better view, not much, but a little… God, I like the way this looks.  It’s like I can see everything from up here, or something.  It’s just… I dunno, a nice view…

“Ohh Master,” Hikari moaned, licking her lips as Shinji slid his hands up under her armpits and cupped her soft breasts.  “That feels so good… mm…”  As he began massaging her, Hikari suddenly blurted, “Will you… take pictures of me sometime, Master?”

Shinji froze.  “Huh?”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Hikari said quickly, keeping her eyes closed in spite of her desire to see the expression on his face.  “I just… it feels so sexy when you’re looking at me, and I was thinking, if you liked it too… I want you to be able to look at me even if I’m not here, does that make sense?  God, I’m being selfish again – but if you want to, Master, I’d love it if you had pictures of me…”

Slowly, Shinji resumed his gentle caress.  “What if someone else found them?” he said quietly.  “It seems kind of dangerous to me.”

Hikari nodded.  “I know,” she said levelly, “but I trust you, Master… I know you wouldn’t deliberately let anyone else see them – except Asuka, of course – and if you like my body as much as I like yours, well, I want you to be able to see it anytime you want.”

Oddly, this made sense to Shinji.  “Not today,” he said calmly, “maybe some time, but not today.”

Feeling herself getting wet at the mere prospect of having her master photographing her in the nude, Hikari breathed, “Anytime, Master, I – ohh do that again!”

Shinji, who had been musing that it would probably be incredibly hot to take pictures of the girl, had accidentally squeezed both of her breasts rather hard, nearly flattening them against her chest.  “Are you sure?” he asked, “Doesn’t that… hurt?”

“A little,” Hikari admitted, “but it felt really good, too!”



Hikari groaned as Shinji roughly squeezed and fondled her breasts, his palms inadvertently rubbing at her tender nipples.  That’s right, she thought, treat me like a slave, Master – I want it this way.  I belong to you… don’t ever be afraid to hurt me if it makes you feel good.

After several minutes of this treatment, Shinji eased up, lightly pinching Hikari’s nipples and kissing her softly on the side of the neck, his lips grazing the soft fabric of her unobtrusive collar and making her even wetter than his hands on her firm tits.  Here, she was a toy – a slave… and it was so easy not to think.

“M-master,” she stammered, itching to take her hands away from her neck and pull her skirt up for him, “I want you in me…”

Like you were in Asuka that day in our classroom, she thought hazily, barely aware of Shinji’s murmur of assent.  She keeps denying it, but it’s all over her face.  I cant’ believe you guys did it THERE… and I can’t believe I missed it!  Oh that would have been so hot – just like in a mov-

“Put your hands in front of you,” Shinji’s voice cut into her thoughts, bringing her back to the present and making her aware of the fact that he was easing her forward onto all fours.

“Yes, Master,” Hikari whispered, trying not to beg for more as he flipped her skirt up onto her back and gently fingered her through her soaking panties.

Her breath caught as she realized that she could see herself.  It was a small, slightly warped reflection, but there she was, peering back at herself from the shiny surface of the chrome garbage can – naked from the waist up, her skirt up over her hips… and her master kneeling behind her with his dick inches from her pussy.

Oh G-

Hikari’s mind short-circuited as Shinji plunged into her, the reflection on the garbage can opening its mouth in undisguised ecstasy as a hand reached out to run through her tousled hair.  Shinji knew how she liked to be taken, and obligingly gave her what she wanted, tangling his fingers in her hair and pumping her with long, authoritative strokes as he pulled her head back and dug his fingers cruelly into her hip.

“Yessss…!” she hissed, trying to keep her eyes on their reflection as he pumped in and out of her.  “Like that, Master – like that!  Ohh!”

I look like a slut, she thought dizzily, feeling herself already starting to climb as she watched herself getting nailed. Look at that, I’m all sweaty and red – and I’m getting fucked doggy style… on the kitchen FLOOR!!  God, I’m gonna COME!


Shinji blinked as Hikari suddenly cried out, her back arching as she climaxed.  She’s… damn, she’s never come THAT fast before! he thought, amazed as Hikari shook her head from side to side and pushed herself desperately back against him.  I wonder what-

“Again!” Hikari gasped.  “Harder – PLEASE!  Master, I’m gonna come AGAIN!!”

In the whirlwind of multiple orgasms raging through her body, Hikari found a brief, almost surreally peaceful place.  In that place, she could clearly see herself stretched out on Shinji’s bed, posing in slutty lingerie as Shinji calmly snapped off picture after picture, telling her quietly that she was gorgeous, and sexy, and finally – that he couldn’t keep his hands to himself, throwing her back on the bed and taking her as she screamed in ecstasy.

…much as she was screaming at that very moment.


On her third (or was it fourth? She had somehow lost track) consecutive orgasm, Hikari felt Shinji’s cock, buried deep within her, erupt, coating her insides with thick, sticky semen.  The world – foggy and distant since she had started coming – swam back into view, showing her dazzled eyes a stunning image.

In the shiny garbage can, Hikari could see herself panting for breath, her face streaked with sweat as Shinji’s hands ran gently over her back and ass, easing her back down to earth as her thoughts collided and spun through her mind.  So… good to me… oh Master… I don’t deserve you – I can’t live without you.  God, don’t ever leave me…

Slowly, Shinji pulled out of her, helping her to her feet and leading her into the bathroom to get cleaned up as her knees kept threatening to buckle out from under her.  As he helped her wash, Hikari could not take her eyes off of her reflection.  Nipples erect… face flushed… eyes shining… body glistening with sweat.  This was how she wanted to be seen.  Not by everyone, just by those who mattered… namely Shinji and Asuka.

Running a hand through her hair, Hikari decided on the spot that she would definitely find a way to have Shinji take pictures of her… because if she could actually find herself attractive this way, surely he must too.

…mustn’t he?

The End… for now

Author’s notes: ok, ok, so I took the idea of Hikari watching herself getting sexed up from Gord’s Innocent Seduction, but it’s ok – I told Gord I was gonna use it!  …oh wait, did I ask or did I just think it?  ^_^  So there you have it – Rei’s appearance!  Hopefully it was worth the wait, and if not – oh well, it’s not like I’m gonna rewrite 6 chapters and 3 side stories to make one character get humped faster :P

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