Legal stuffs: this story, it has teh sex!!  Don’t read it if you’re like, under 18 and stuff, cuz that’s bad.  Oh yeah, and I don’t own no Evangelion, I just write smut about it, so don’t sue me.  That cover everything?  Good… now on to the naughtiness!


Sixth Stage – Fraying at the Edges

By Rx7

Maya’s apartment was quiet save for the soft slurp, slurp, slurping sound coming from her small living room.  All the lights were darkened except for the lamp in the bedroom, which cast a dim, fitful light into the living room, barely illuminating what was happening there and leaving much of the scene to the imagination.  All that any casual observer could REALLY see was Shinji’s back as he stared through the large window dominating one wall of the small apartment and facing out into the inky darkness outside.

One would have to be standing right next to him to see Maya kneeling at his feet and looking up into his face as she slowly sucked his cock, her head bobbing up and down as a thin trail of saliva ran down her chin and pooled at the base of his shaft.

“Perfect,” Shinji whispered, finally pulling his eyes from the pretty skyline to look down at the prettier sight of Maya with her lips wrapped tightly around his dick.  “That’s perfect.”

Maya sighed, her eyes closing halfway as Shinji put his hand on her head and stroked her short brown hair.  She let them close all the way as she recalled that this little tryst had been her idea.  For some reason, though it had been a week and a half since the experience in the back of her car, she had been hit with a sudden, unshakable urge to taste his dick again.  She had tried to think about other things – work, Ritsuko, her favorite TV show, anything – but had found that no matter how she pushed, she could not stop fantasizing about sucking him off, so she had called him, horribly embarrassed at first but finding herself looking forward to the evening with such anticipation that she could not focus for the rest of her shift and had hurried out as quickly as she could.

And now, feeling warm and incredibly sexy, she found that the buildup was definitely worth the payoff.

I feel so guilty though, she thought, shifting her position slightly as Shinji gently guided her head, I mean… Ritsuko knows what happened, and she said she was all for me meeting him if I ever had other fantasies that involved men – but I still…

Maya let the thought trail off, concentrating on the smooth feel of his warm, pulsing tool.  There was no use in thinking about it too much, she decided.  After all, it was a LITTLE too late to back off now… and there was a second part to the fantasy that she was still hoping to have fulfilled – one that she had not mentioned to Shinji on the phone, but hoped he would be up for at least trying.

I just hope he doesn’t think it’s disgusting…

“Now take it out and lick around the head… mmm yeah, like that…”

As for himself, Shinji found Maya’s request to be somewhat of a relief – not because he was disappointed that it might only be a one-time event, but because in this particular situation, he was the most knowledgeable person in the room.  Even Hikari and Asuka, who had just the same amount of experience with sex, knew exactly what they wanted, and how to get him to give it to them.

It was amusing, he mused darkly, that Hikari was supposed to be his slave, yet somehow managed to get exactly what she wanted out of their relationship. But Maya’s practically clueless, he thought, whispering for her to take it deeper into his mouth, when it comes to guys, anyway.

He could only imagine what it would be like to watch a real lesbian couple like Maya and Ritsuko making love.  Asuka and Hikari were both amateurs when it came to going down on other women, and Misato, though she was fairly adept at driving Asuka crazy with her mouth, openly declared her love of fucking, and said she only went down on Asuka… though Shinji was starting to suspect that this was not entirely true, as she never met his eyes when she said it.

I’ll bet it’s different with Maya and Ritsuko, he thought, his cock jumping a bit in Maya’s mouth as he contemplated it, it’s what they do most often, and for Maya – she’s only been with me… so almost every time she’s had sex, it’s been with another woman.  He smiled as Maya pulled back to ask if she was doing ok.  I’ll bet it’s sexy…

“I… bought some condoms,” Maya told him, blushing faintly at the admission – though her right hand awkwardly stroking Shinji’s dick did not seem to faze her in the slightest.  “You won’t have to pull out this time…”

“I didn’t mind last time,” Shinji said honestly.

Maya laughed nervously, still uncertain when it came to dealing with members of the opposite sex.  “Well, I was all sticky,” she said softly, “and a little trickled down almost to my… my vagina – I think it would be safer if we used condoms.”

Nodding, Shinji said, “I wasn’t complaining, Maya.”

“Oh, right…”

“Though to be honest…”


“…I’ve only used them twice.”

Maya’s hand stopped moving.  “Really??” she asked incredulously.  “Well… you have a girlfriend though, right?” though she had never asked before, she assumed that he must have SOME experience, what with the way he had screwed her senseless the last time.  “Don’t you use condoms with her…?”

Shinji shook his head.  “She’s on the pill,” he said, gently putting his hand on hers and helping her to continue her gentle stroking.  “But before that, we used VCFs.”

“I never even thought of that,” Maya confessed, feeling a little foolish.  “I mean, I can’t go on the pill… I’m allergic to some of the stuff they put in them, but I didn’t even think of using VCFs.”  She bit her lip, looking up at him as she whispered, “If I buy some… will you come over and use them with me…?”

With a small nod, Shinji whispered, “Sure…”

As long as no one else EVER knows, he thought, sighing softly as Maya’s warm lips wrapped around his shaft once more.  Four women… God, there’s four women that want to be with me.  He screwed his eyes shut as Maya carefully pushed her mouth all the way down on his cock, holding her breath as the head brushed the back of her throat.  …God I’m tired.

Exhausted would be a better term, he thought glumly.  He could not remember the last time he had gotten a decent night’s sleep – not just from Asuka, Misato, or Hikari slipping into his room and waking him up with a warm mouth or hand, but from the dreams he had been having lately.  Something in his subconscious had decided that he was only going to have dark, troubled nightmares about the women he cared for dying horrible, grisly deaths – often at his hands.

Not what anyone would call a pleasant side-effect to having nearly a handful of lovers.

“That’s good,” Shinji said, shaking off his dark thoughts and opening his eyes, “now lick around the head aga-”

“I’m not intruding, am I?”

Maya froze, her eyes wide with horror as a soft voice spoke from somewhere near the front door.

“D-doctor Akagi,” Shinji stammered, completely unsure of what to do.  If he pulled out of Maya’s mouth, he would have to cover himself, and while he was still fully dressed (at Maya’s suggestion) he would have to try to stuff his rock-hard cock back into his pants – always a tricky proposition.

Of course, it was not as if he could wave off what they were doing.  What would he say?  ‘Oh, one of Maya’s contacts fell out, and while she was looking for it – naked, of course – she slipped and fell down, and when I rushed to help her, my dick popped out and somehow wound up in her mouth.’

Does she even wear contacts? Shinji thought deliriously as the blonde newcomer leaned up against the doorframe and met his eyes.

Maya regained her senses first, slipping Shinji’s cock out of her mouth and rising to her feet in front of him – giving him the opportunity to put himself back in his pants.  “Ritsuko,” she said nervously, “umm… what are you doing here?”

“Tsk,” Ritsuko clucked, “that’s not a very warm greeting for your lover.”


Slowly, the older woman shrugged off the light jacket she was wearing, tossing it over Maya’s couch with the familiarity of someone that frequents a location often.  Without a word, she walked up to the nervously shifting pair and slipped one hand around to the small of Maya’s back, pulling her into a tight embrace and giving the younger woman a gentle kiss hello.

“Mm,” Ritsuko hummed, letting her hand slide down to cup Maya’s tight ass, “tastes like cock, alright.”

“Ritsuko,” Maya said desperately, “I can explain – I was just-”

“Sucking Shinji’s dick,” Ritsuko interrupted, keeping her eyes on Shinji’s face.  “Don’t even TRY to lie when I saw you doing it, Maya… show me a little respect.”

“Yes ma’am…”

Suddenly, Shinji was taken with Maya’s stance when standing by her sempai.  Almost like Hikari, he thought shrewdly, I don’t think she calls her Mistress, but Ritsuko is definitely the alpha in this relationship.

Clearing his throat, Shinji murmured, “I’ll, umm… get going.”

As he stepped past them, Ritsuko caught his hand.  “I’d like you to stay and finish what you started,” she said coolly.


Ritsuko ignored Maya’s gasp of shock, glancing at Shinji out of the corner of her eye as she said, “You started something with my kouhei… you’re not the kind of guy who leaves things unfinished, are you Shinji?”

Sounding remarkably more grownup than he felt, Shinji quietly replied, “No, but I am the kind of guy who knows when he’s put his hands on someone else’s possession.”

“Mm, that’s a pretty advanced concept for someone your age,” Ritsuko observed, “but as much as you know… you’re still horribly inexperienced when it comes to understanding what an open relationship is.”

“I don’t… I don’t understand,” Shinji confessed.

“I know,” Ritsuko said flatly, “so I’ll spell it out.  Maya is my lover… but I’ve never once asked her to stop seeing other people, or dedicate herself to me in any way.”  She glanced at Maya, lightly caressing the small of her back as the younger woman averted her gaze.  “She has chosen that of her own free will, but I do not expect her to hold to it.  Furthermore, I know that she’s been fascinated with having sex with you lately, and I knew you would be here tonight, so I came by to ask…”

“Yes?” Shinji prompted as the woman trailed off, unable to contain his curiosity.

“To ask if you would mind if I joined in,” Ritsuko said levelly.  “I’m… curious to see for myself what you have to offer that I don’t.”

“Sempai,” Maya groaned miserably, “it’s… please, I-”

Ritsuko raised a hand.  “Quiet Maya,” she whispered, keeping her eyes on Shinji, “I’m not mad at you, I’m just… jealous, I guess.  I thought this was just a one-time thing for you Maya.  I thought it was just a little fantasy – I never knew that you REALLY wanted more.  If I did… I would have arranged something like this for you – for US – much sooner.”  She looked down at the woman, her tone entirely serious as she concluded, “I like seeing you happy, Maya.  I’d do anything to make that happen.”

Maya averted her eyes, biting her bottom lip for a moment before whispering, “You’ve… never said anything that nice to me before…”

The blonde nodded.  “I know,” she said flatly, “it’s not something I’m good at.”  She raised her eyes, looking to Shinji with a carefully assessing glance.  “Do you have any problems with this, Shinji?” she asked calmly.  “On Maya’s birthday, I know that you said you would be willing to be with her, and clearly, you have no problem being with her again… but you and I have never had any real interaction in this capacity, so I don’t know if you’re interested in ME – and I’m sorry to put you on the spot, but this is kind of important, if we’re going to spend the night together.”

Shinji shuffled his feet, shrugging awkwardly as both women stared at him.  “Umm,” he hummed, his eyes flashing involuntarily to the older woman’s low cut blouse before pulling quickly away.  “I would… really like that,” he mumbled, his head spinning as he realized that after tonight there was only one woman in his life that he was not intimate with.

And the way she’s been looking at me lately, I don’t know how long that will last… he thought, feeling a pleasant shiver run through him as he contemplated what the First might be like.

Shaking off a sudden, vivid image of Rei’s naked body underneath him, Shinji said, “So, ummm… what now?”

Ritsuko began unbuttoning her blouse.  “I don’t know,” she said, arching an eyebrow wryly, “I’m not in the habit of sharing Maya with someone else.  I think we’ll just have to play it by ear.”

Not that YOU don’t know what to do, she added, shrugging out of her blouse and tossing it over the back of Maya’s couch.  You’re good at hiding it, Shinji, but you didn’t even bat an eyelash when I asked to join you.  Things must be pretty advanced at home… She smiled thinly as Shinji’s eyes locked briefly on her large, round breasts, shooting guiltily away as Maya cleared her throat, obviously torn between continuing what she had been doing and greeting her sempai in a more proper fashion.

“Can I… talk to you a second?” she asked finally, her eyes flicking to the kitchen as Ritsuko added her skirt to the small pile of clothes on the couch.

“Of course,” Ritsuko said smoothly.  “Shinji, would you excuse us?”

Nodding, the young man stepped aside, allowing the two women to head for the kitchen.

As she passed him, Ritsuko whispered, “Maybe you should undress all the way while we’re gone, huh?”


Ritsuko led the younger woman into the kitchen, folding her arms over her lace-covered breasts before murmuring, “Tell me right now… do you have a problem with me being here?”

Averting her eyes, Maya replied, “No, sempai, I-”



“You know I hate it when you call me sempai while we’re alone,” Ritsuko said levelly, “now honestly… do you have a problem with me joining you – tell me if you do, I won’t be offended.”

Doubting this, Maya still answered honestly.

“Well,” she said slowly, “I don’t have a problem with it, I guess…”


Biting her lip, Maya said, “But I was… going to have him t-try something new with me…”


Ritsuko nodded.  “Alright,” she said evenly, “what did you have in mind?  I DO want to be a part of this, Maya… but if it’s something that only two can enjoy, I certainly wouldn’t mind watching.  I do enjoy watching you pleased, you know.”

“Umm,” Maya said reluctantly, shifting from one foot to the other, “I thought I might… ask him… to fuck my ass…”

Ritsuko looked surprised.  “Oh really?” she said, clearly taken aback as she looked around the kitchen.  “Where’s your lubricant?” she asked, looking for all the world as if she expected the younger woman to pull some out of a cabinet or drawer.

“I… I don’t have any,” Maya admitted, frowning slightly.

“You were going to do THAT without lubricant?” the blonde said incredulously.

Maya looked indignant.  “Well, I was gonna… have him f-fuck me first,” she stammered, “to get it… wet.”

With a long-suffering sigh, Ritsuko whispered, “Maya, you don’t get wet enough for that to work – he could have hurt you.  I’m not trying to make you feel stupid or anything here, I’m serious.  Without enough lubricant, you could have torn back there, gotten an infection, all kinds of things.”

Blushing, Maya averted her eyes.  “…oh.”

Ritsuko scrubbed a hand through her silky hair, glancing at where Shinji was sitting patiently on the couch, his clothes, Ritsuko noticed approvingly, sitting in neat pile next to hers. 

“You really want to try that…?” she asked softly, bringing her eyes back to her lover.

“Y-yeah,” Maya blurted, “I want… I want to try as much as I can, ma’am, that’s all… I still… I still love you.”

With a faint smile, Ritsuko said, “I know you do, Maya, but this kind of thing… it can be very painful.”

“Shinji will be gentle.”

Ritsuko nodded.  “He will,” she confirmed, “but just doing it at all hurts – especially the first time.  It’s really an acquired ‘taste’ if you will.  And why the sudden interest, anyway??  Did you read it in a magazine or something?”

Maya blushed.  “Actually,” she said reluctantly, “when we did it in the back seat of my car… he put his finger in my ass.”  Her cheeks blazed a brighter red.  “I’ve never come so hard in my life, Sempai… I’m sorry.”

“I’m not offended,” Ritsuko said calmly, “but that explains a little bit more about why you keep seeing him.”

“No,” Maya protested, “Ritsuko, I don’t like him better or-”

Raising a hand, Ritsuko cut her off.  “It’s alright,” she said quietly, “I’m not afraid of losing you, Maya… I think we’ve gone through a little too much together to let it fall apart over a little fucking.  But you really want to try this…?”

Slowly, Maya nodded.

“Alright, then let’s do it right…”

“What do you mean?”

Ritsuko took Maya’s hand.  “Follow me – actually… no, let me talk to him about it alone, first, ok?”

Confused, Maya nodded.  “Er, ok…”

She watched as her sempai walked into the living room, sitting next to Shinji on the couch and leaning close to him, talking far too quietly to be heard all the way in the kitchen.  I wonder what she’s telling him, Maya thought pensively, God, I’m glad she’s here… I don’t even know if I would have been able to ask him when it came right down to it.

After another moment of quiet conversation, Shinji jerked back from Ritsuko, his eyes shooting briefly to Maya’s as he blurted, “Really??”

Guiltily, he looked away, returning his attention to Ritsuko as she said something else too quiet for Maya to hear.

Slowly, Shinji began to nod, pursing his lips as he listen to whatever the blonde had to say.  Finally, Ritsuko rose to her feet and gestured Maya into the room.  “Come on, Kouhei,” she said crisply, “we can’t just jump into this… it’s best to get warmed up first.”

Relief flooded Maya as she realized, “It’s ok…?  Really?”

“Really,” Ritsuko said levelly, “but sit down… we want to get you ready.”

Perplexed, Maya did as she was told, sitting between the two on the couch.  “Get me ready?” she asked uncertainly, glancing from one to the other.  “How are we… oh…”

She leaned back, humming through her teeth as Ritsuko and Shinji leaned forward in perfect synchronization, each touching their lips to one of her shoulders and lightly kissing her smooth skin.  Maya sighed softly as they slowly began kissing their way down, reaching her pert breasts in a matter of moments and gently lapping and sucking at her nipples.

Yeah, she thought a little dizzily, that’ll get me ready…

Shifting on the couch, she let out a soft moan, trying desperately to focus as the two began caressing her thighs – and continued sucking lightly on her taut little nipples.  After only a few moments of this treatment, and Ritsuko bringing her hand higher to lightly stroke her pussy, Maya decided that she was pretty damn close to Heaven.

“Uhhhhh… that’s… mmm…” words, she realized quickly, were pretty much a waste of time.

How could she describe to them how delicious she felt?  Or how bright and warm it made her to be the focus of so much attention?  Trying to express herself seemed somewhat pointless, and as Ritsuko brushed her pussy with the ridge of her hand a second time, Maya responded in a more physical manner, easing further down on the couch and spreading her legs apart to give either of her partners easier access.

“Huh… uuhhh…”

I could stay here forever, Maya thought, hissing softly as she felt Shinji dip his forefinger between her soft pussy lips just long enough to gather up some of her juices before lightly teasing her clit.  And we’re just getting started…!

Her attention was drawn down to her chest as Ritsuko began kissing her way closer to the center.  Following her lead, though he really did not know what to expect, Shinji did the same… and when they met in the middle, Maya found that she could not contain a strong shiver of excitement as they engaged in a soft, sensual kiss.  It seemed as if she could not break her eyes away from where their lips were carefully exploring one another, almost playfully seeking dominance as the owners of the mouths in question continued lightly stroking Maya’s thighs.

“Maya,” Ritsuko murmured as she broke away, “help me with my bra…?”


“And Shinji… take off my panties?”  The blonde grinned suddenly as Shinji hesitantly nodded.  “Sorry,” she whispered, “I just wanted to be the center of attention for a second… it won’t take long.”

I don’t mean to steal your moment, she thought with some amusement as the younger woman hurried to help her out of her bra, don’t worry, Maya… you’ll be the focus until you get off.

Lifting her firm ass off the couch to allow Shinji to pull her panties off, Ritsuko whispered, “There… now we can get down to business.  Maya… get on your hands and knees on the floor – no, just right next to the couch will be fine… that’s perfect.”

Nodding to herself at the arrangement, the blonde eased herself down on the floor, sliding up until she was positioned under Maya’s face.  Taking a moment to savor the spot, she reached up and put a possessive hand around the back of the tech’s head, pulling her down and taking a long, intensely demanding kiss.

You ARE mine, she thought, projecting the thought up at Maya as their kiss broke, fuck him all you like until you get it out of your system – just remember who you promised to stand beside, Maya.

As if hearing her thoughts, Maya gave a minute nod, smiling warmly as Ritsuko moved a bit further down her body, arranging herself within easy reach of the younger woman’s gorgeous tits.  “Shinji,” Ritsuko said softly, “I think you know where Maya wants you…”


Shinji reached over to the coffee table next to the couch, pulling the drawer open and pulling out two small items, the first, he set to the side for later use, the second he unwrapped with obviously inexperienced movements, finally succeeding in pulling the latex object from its foil wrapper.

Glad Ritsuko’s running things, he thought honestly, carefully unrolling the condom on his stiff prick.  It’s always easier when someone else takes charge…

With his protection in place, Shinji surveyed the situation, moving forward on Maya’s thankfully thick carpeting and running his dick against her hot pussy.  He knew (from experience) that Maya was tight, hot, and just wet enough to be perfect… but this whole anal sex thing had him pensive, and while he was looking forward to pleasing Maya – and potentially Ritsuko – he was unsure of whether or not he would be able to actually fight himself in.  When he had put his finger in Maya’s ass, it had felt awfully tight… could he really fit his whole dick inside??

His stalling tactic only lasted for a few moments, though, as one of the others involved in the tryst made her opinion known.

“Ohh put it in,” Maya moaned, licking her lips in anticipation as Shinji slowly brushed the tip of his cock up and down over her wet folds.  Had she been able to see Ritsuko’s face at that moment, she may have questioned the brief flash of irritation that passed over the blonde’s features.

Then again, as excited as she was, she may have misinterpreted the annoyance for concern.  She was, after all, a woman in love.

“Mmm… that’s so good…!”

Shinji entered her slowly, remembering her request on their first time to enjoy the feeling of it.  It was only her second time, he knew – unless she was lying to him about holding out for him to sleep with her again… which seemed unlikely, as it had only been ten days since her birthday.

She does seem to like it, though, he mused as the technician gave another deep, throaty moan.  Hope she likes the rest…

Reaching full penetration, he paused for a moment, allowing her to get used to the feeling of having him inside before he began to pump.  She was as tight as he’d remembered… her slick walls clutching his dick almost spastically as he wrapped his flingers around her shapely hips for better leverage and greater control.

What Ritsuko thought of this situation, he had no idea, as the blonde’s face was entirely hidden from view.  It sounds like she’s into it, he thought, by this point in his life very familiar with the sound of a raspy tongue running over smooth skin.  No idea WHERE she’s licking, but she’s definitely licking something…

As for herself, Ritsuko was definitely enjoying the goings on… for the most part.  Does she have to make such a goddamn big deal out of it? she thought, gently licking the valley between Maya’s breasts with long, even strokes – one of her favorite pastimes, for sheer not-quite-stimulating-enough-to-get-you-off value, if nothing else.  It’s just a cock… you’d think she’s discovered fucking cold fusion.

Pushing the admittedly jealous thoughts aside, Ritsuko listened to Maya’s body, waiting for the signs that the woman was starting to get close to climaxing.  She had arranged things with Shinji quiet elaborately, considering the amount of time she had been given to prepare.  If it was anal sex Maya wanted to try, it was anal sex Maya would get… and Ritsuko would make sure she never forgot it.

“Oo,” Maya murmured, “that feels nice, Ritsuko… please… a little harder…?”

It’s time… Ritsuko thought, Maya always asks for more force when she’s getting close – even she doesn’t know that about herself.

Slowly, Ritsuko slid all the way under the other woman, wrapping her hands around the backs of Maya’s thighs and bringing her mouth to the woman’s succulent pussy.

Maya, who had been starting to get pleasantly hazy, brought the world back into focus as she felt something warm and slick trickling between her asscheeks.  “Wha-”

“Shh,” Ritsuko hushed her.  “It’s just a little something to make things easier… go with it, Maya… trust me…”

Biting her lip as she felt Shinji gently beginning to work the lubricant into her ass with his fingertips, Maya managed to gasp, “Y-yeah…”

Christ that feels incredible, she thought, screwing her eyes shut as Shinji’s finger slipped inside of her, if his cock feels ANYTHING like this, I’m gonna pass out!

She moaned softly as Shinji continued to massage the stuff into her, switching from his finger to his thumb and gently pressing it in and out of her ultra-tight anus, getting her used to the feeling of having something inside.  She did not even notice that he had stopped fucking her, or that Ritsuko was barely licking around the rim of her snatch.

All she could feel was that single digit, slowly easing in and out of her.

“Are you ready?”

Maya blinked her eyes back open, trying not to vocalize her disappointment at Shinji’s soft question.  She had been so focused on what she was feeling that she had been on the verge of a pleasant orgasm.

“Yeah,” she said softly, “let’s try it.”

Though she could not see him, Shinji nodded, pulling his cock out of her incredible pussy and pressing it carefully between her firm asscheeks.  Here goes, he thought, remembering Ritsuko’s words as clearly as if she had just whispered them to her, just… push…

“O-ow!” Maya gasped, frowning slightly as the latex-covered head of Shinji’s prick pressed insistently against her ass.  “Not so hard…”

Shinji nodded again, pulling back a little and rubbing her ass with his thumb for a moment.  “Sorry.”

He tried again, getting another grunt of pain for his efforts as Maya’s back tensed.  Fuck, he thought, shocked at the frustration he was feeling, this isn’t going to be easy…


“It’s… not going to work,” Maya said after a third attempt.  “It’s too tight.”

Ritsuko tapped Shinji’s thigh with her flinger tip, signaling the next step as she licked more intently at the technician’s tender slit.  Shinji nodded his understanding, wrapping his hands lightly around Maya’s hips and continuing to press his cockhead against her puckered anus.

Here we go, he thought, bracing himself for the blonde’s signal.

As she continued to eat the younger woman, Ritsuko wrapped her hands around Maya’s asscheeks, pulling them apart and whispering, “Do it now,” before latching onto the tech’s clit.

Before Maya could protest, Shinji hunched forward, thrusting his cock hard against her tight asshole.  “Yahhh!!” Maya screamed as her anus tried valiantly to keep Shinji’s dick out… but ultimately gave in, allowing the young man’s prick to slip all the way into her.  “Hurts…” she pouted, panting as Ritsuko continued to work her clit.

Using his thumbs to keep her cheeks wide open, Shinji slowly began to pump Maya’s ass, picking up the pace as Ritsuko hissed, “You’ll have to go faster or her body will push you back out – don’t stop.”

“N-no,” Maya panted, “it’s… too big – take it out, please, it hurts!”

“Don’t, Shinji,” Ritsuko said sharply, “she’ll like this, I know she will… she just needs to relax and get used to it.”

Damn it, the blonde thought, she’s always whiny like this… never gives anything a chance… always waits for me to take the lead… God, it makes me sick sometimes…  Another, far more bitter thought flashed through her mind so fast that it barely registered in her consciousness.  Dick doesn’t feel so good when it’s stuffed in your ass, does it?

As Shinji reluctantly slid in and out of Maya’s tight rear, Ritsuko heaved a weary sigh. “Guess I’ll have to make sure she likes it,” she murmured to herself.

“Oh… OH!!”

Maya gasped, squirming ineffectually as Ritsuko suddenly buried her face in the young tech’s pussy, licking her with quick, aggressive strokes before jabbing her tongue deep inside the wet folds.  Using her hands, the blonde parted Maya’s lips, probing with her tongue for that elusive g-spot and teasing it unmercifully as Maya writhed and bucked.

“Too big,” the tech groaned, “Sempai… ohh that feels good, but… but his cock – please make him take it out, Ritsuko, please??”

Ignoring her whining, Ritsuko dipped three of her fingers into Maya’s quivering hole, pumping them quickly in and out as she moved back down to the younger woman’s clit.  Just relax for god’s sake, she thought disgustedly, I told you it would hurt – just ride it out…

Maya, though, was oblivious to her sempai’s mental advice.  “It’s too big,” she sobbed, her stomach muscles contracting as a new sensation overtook her.  “It’s… oh god… OH GOD!  Ritsuko right there – you’re gonna make me… make… OH GOOOD!!!”

Instinctively, Shinji held still as Maya’s entire body trembled, feeling her anus clamp down brutally on his invading cock as a low, shuddering groan of pain-spiked pleasure ripped its way free of the young tech’s throat.  “I’m comminnnng!” she nearly sobbed, collapsing against Ritsuko’s body as the blonde continued to work her magic on the young woman’s hole.


Maya grunted as if the wind was knocked out of her, fresh sweat popping out all over her body as the orgasm echoed in her slender body.  Then, slowly, she relaxed, all of her muscles loosening as she slumped still lower on the floor.

“Maya?” Ritsuko murmured, “Maya are you alri-”

“P-please,” Maya gasped suddenly, “it’s too big, Shinji… please take it out now…”

Slowly, Shinji pulled his cock out of her ass, feeling awkward and dirty as the brown-haired woman shuddered and whimpered.  “Maya…?” he whispered.

“I’m f-fine,” Maya stammered, rising to unsteady feet and leaning gratefully on Shinji as her sempai followed her up off the floor.  “But I’m gonna… I need to… I ummm…”

“Shh,” Ritsuko said, putting a hand on Maya’s slender waist and giving her a kiss so gentle that Shinji felt awkward and intruding just watching it.  “It’s ok, Maya.  Go ahead… and when you’re done, turn the tub on to warm and soak for a while.  Trust me, you’ll feel MUCH better.”

“But, but Shinji-”

“Don’t worry about it,” Ritsuko cut in, “just go.”

“Yes ma’am.”

With a sketch of a bow, Maya hurried into the bathroom, her cheeks blushed bright red as she slid the door shut.

Ritsuko glanced at Shinji, her eyes drawn to his stiff prick as she murmured, “You didn’t get to come.”

Shaking his head, Shinji replied, “N-no… it – I couldn’t get into it.”

“Because she was in pain?”

“I guess,” Shinji shrugged, “I don’t know.”

Ritsuko nodded.  “Well, let’s get you cleaned up,” she said, gesturing to the kitchen.


Shinji followed her into the kitchen, watching as the blonde quickly found a kitchen towel and ran it under the faucet, soaking it in warm water.  “Here,” she said briskly, handing Shinji a paper towel, “wrap the condom in that and stuff it in the garbage – we’ll take it out before we leave tonight.”

Doing as he was told, Shinji found himself entirely naked with a raging hard-on in the middle of Maya’s kitchen.  Guess this is what I get for thinking I get too much, he thought ironically, reaching out his hand for the kitchen towel, of course… I’m sure when I get home Asuka will want to-

His train of thought was interrupted as Ritsuko knelt at his feet and gently draped the damp towel over his hard prick, carefully washing the small bit of lubricant that had collected at the base of his shaft off  with slow, careful strokes.  She worked diligently, cleaning every inch of his tool before letting the towel drop to the floor and replacing it with her hand, stroking him lightly as she looked up into his eyes and whispered a simple question.

“Do you want to fuck me, Shinji?”

Shinji swallowed.  “Wh-what about Maya?” he stammered uncertainly.

“She got hers,” Ritsuko said calmly.  “Eating her out always gets me hot, and I’m really curious what it would be like to be with you… so what do you think?  Are you up for it?”  Before Shinji could reply, Ritsuko rose a little higher on her knees.  “Here, I’ll give you a second to think about it.”

“Ritsssss…” as Shinji tried to say her name, the blonde dropped her sumptuous lips around the head of his cock, watching him closely with her glittering green eyes as she expertly gave him head.

And expertly was the correct term, Shinji realized immediately.  Maya was learning, so he didn’t expect her to be that good at it. Asuka was enthusiastic and passionate, so that made up for her inexperience.  Hikari was attentive and willing to do anything to please him, and Misato was very, very talented… but Ritsuko… Ritsuko was a professional.


Ritsuko bobbed further down on his shaft, taking his physical cues and pulling her tongue tighter to the bottom of her mouth to avoid over-stimulating him.  Where the other women in his life looked to him for guidance through touch, Ritsuko focused on the way he moved, learning what rhythm worked best by subtle jerks of his hips and soft, surprised gasps, barely audible even in the quiet of the kitchen.

There, she thought with some satisfaction, right there…

Confident that she could make him come any time she wanted, Ritsuko slowed her pace, cupping his testes in her right hand and giving them a gentle squeeze as she pulled back, leaving the head of his cock barely between her lips and circling it lightly with the tip of her tongue.  Then she dropped her mouth all the way to the base of his shaft, deep-throating him effortlessly and humming softly to stimulate the head of his cock.

Shinji was entirely at a loss for words.  God, she is hot, he thought, mesmerized by the way the blonde’s luscious tits stood proudly away from her chest – bowing to the will of gravity… but impressively little, considering their size.

Noticing his line of sight, Ritsuko pulled back for a moment, looking up into his eyes as she stroked him with her right hand.  “You like my breasts, Shinji?” she whispered.

“Y-yeah,” Shinji replied awkwardly, unsure of how to respond to such a straightforward question.

“Would you like to fuck them?”

Shinji frowned.  “I don’t… understand,” he admitted.

“Hmm,” Ritsuko smiled, rising higher on her knees, “as experienced as you seem, you’ve never tried fucking a woman’s breasts?  And here I thought that’s one of the first things guys go for.”

Slowly, she brought her chest closer to his cock, watching his curious expression as she positioned his shaft between her tits and carefully squeezed them together.

“Now… stroke…”

Uncertainly, Shinji pulled back a bit, then pushed forward, shivering slightly as the entire length of his dick drifted through soft flesh.  Unlike a mouth, or a pussy, Ritsuko’s tits were not wet and dripping with moisture… instead they were simply soft, and full, and incredibly warm.

In it’s own way, Shinji thought, it was more intimate than sex.  Ritsuko was cradling him to her bosom and enfolding him in it so gently that it was almost tender… but as he gave a few more experimental strokes, something occurred to Shinji.

“Do you… like this?”

Ritsuko blinked.  “Umm… it’s not BAD, if that’s what you mean,” she said carefully, “but I don’t really get any physical pleasure out of it, no.”

Stopping for a minute, Shinji asked, “Then why do it?”

Slowly, Ritsuko continued moving, doing the work for Shinji as she explained, “Because I can tell that you like it.  I think of sex this way, Shinji – it’s all or nothing.  If there’s something my partner likes… I’ll do it.”  She smiled slyly.  “And I expect the same in return – not this of course, but I expect that if we’re pleasing each other, there might be some situations where one partner might not get any tangible reward out of what they’re doing.  But hey… that’s sex, I guess.”

Deciding that this DID make a lot of sense, Shinji continued stroking his cock between the soft valley of Ritsuko’s tits, gradually getting more into the way it felt to have her entirely surrounding him.  After a moment’s hesitation, he reached down and tentatively put his hands on the outsides of her breasts, pushing them a little tighter together and increasing the sensation of warmth and intimacy.

If this bothered Ritsuko, she made no sign – and actually, she seemed pleased that he was taking a more active role.  Breaking eye contact, she bowed her head, waiting until Shinji pushed all the way up between her breasts… and gently licking the end of his dick with the tip of her tongue.


Shinji’s back arched at the unexpected stimulation.  God, she’s good! he thought, releasing her breasts for a moment to bring himself back to her talented mouth.

Willingly, Ritsuko accepted his dick, sucking it lightly for a moment until he pulled it back out and stepped back.  “So,” she said quietly, “have you made up your mind yet?”

Nodding, Shinji helped her to her feet.  “Should we, umm… use the bed?” he asked, completely unsure of what the blonde’s tastes may be.

“Why?” Ritsuko asked calmly.  “That’s so… pedestrian.”

Glancing around, the woman’s eyes lighted on the kitchen table.  Reaching out, she put her hand on the hardwood surface and pushed down on it.  When it hardly rocked, she nodded to herself and leaned back against it.

“Pull that chair closer.”

Shinji did as he was told, dragging one of Maya’s kitchen chairs to within Ritsuko’s reach and watching with fascination as she carefully positioned it near the table and lifted her left leg, planting her foot firmly on the seat of the chair, effectively spreading her legs apart and exposing her neatly trimmed pussy.

“That should do it,” Ritsuko said firmly, looking him up and down, “you’re short enough that you should be able to get some good leverage.”  Suddenly, she gave him a sardonic smile.  “Yes,” she said dryly, “I know – I analyze everything.  Now come on… it’s been a week and a half since I’ve had a good fuck.”

This is just like that time me and Asuka tried to do it standing up, Shinji thought suddenly, stepping between Ritsuko’s legs and positioning himself hesitantly at her moist opening.  Well, not JUST like it… this time it might actually work.

“Mmm…” Ritsuko hummed her appreciation as Shinji finally resolved himself and began easing himself into her waiting hole.  “Take it slow… yeah, like that…”

She put one hand on Shinji’s shoulder, planting the other one on the table for more stability as the young man pushed slowly up inside of her.  Bigger than I thought, she thought analytically, of course… I was expecting him to be tiny, so I really shouldn’t be THAT surprised.  Now let’s see how he performs.

Slowly, Shinji began to move, pleased to find that the blonde was right – he did have some pretty good leverage at that angle.

Here goes…

Ritsuko closed her eyes, luxuriating in the smooth, hard feel of the young man’s cock pressing easily into her wet snatch.  She could practically guarantee that she was not as tight as Maya, or Asuka… or anyone else the Third Child may or may not be screwing, but she also knew that the Kegels she did on a daily basis were definitely effective, giving her a superior level of control over her muscles.


Let’s see Maya do that, the blonde thought, grinning faintly as she concentrated on contracting her vaginal walls around Shinji’s throbbing shaft.  This angle sucks, though… need to switch in a couple minutes – but not right away.  Heh, he’s certainly getting into it.

Shinji, who had easily established a nicely paced, deeply probing rhythm, was definitely enjoying himself.  Damn, he thought, hesitantly stroking the woman’s thigh with the tips of his fingers, how does she do that?  That… grabbing thing??  Incredible…

After several minutes of savoring the smooth, rhythmic penetration, Ritsuko decided it was time for a switch.  “Pull out for a second,” she murmured, pushing on Shinji’s shoulder for emphasis.  “I want to change positions… this is killing my legs…”

Nodding, the Third Child pulled out of the Blonde’s sweet hole, stepping back to give her room as she stretched to her full height and let out a groan.

“Ok,” she said easily, turning around and putting her hands on the table, “I’m ready.”

Shinji wrapped his hands around her waist, noticing absently that she hand placed one knee on the chair for greater support.  She’s so much taller than me… he thought as he slid himself back into her waiting channel.  She’s more like Misato…

Beginning to stroke once more, he found himself noticing other, subtle differences.  Unlike Asuka and Hikari – who both had fantastic bodies for their age – Ritsuko, like Misato… was fully matured.  He could tell from the graceful curves of her body that she worked out, and judging from the tightness of the muscles in her thighs as she pushed back against him, it was a vigorous regimen.

But there was more.  Her waist, while not wasp-like, was narrow and graceful, leading to generous, flaring hips.  With her bent over the table, it also became abundantly clear that the blonde’s ass – again, not as small or firm as Asuka or Hikari’s – was shapely to the point of being sculpted, and her legs (bent, he noticed belatedly, to give him a better angle) were long and tapered, leading the eye almost magnetically back to her incredible ass.

The only word he could think of to describe what he was seeing was Voluptuous… and in his mind, he capitalized the V.

God, he thought, his fingers tightening unconsciously around her sumptuous waist, she’s… just built for sex!  Everything about her – when she’s not hiding under that lab coat – just screams ‘fuck me!’  …and I am.  Never would have even GUESSED that I’d ever do this with HER, but I’m actually fucking Ritsuko Akagi…

“Mmm,” Ritsuko hummed, biting her bottom lip, “do it harder…”

Complying with her request, Shinji found that he could not take his eyes off of her smooth, curvaceous ass… and on impulse, his hand came up, descending almost unconsciously on that smooth, creamy surface with a tiny smack.

“Oo!” Ritsuko gasped, grinning as she pushed back against him.  “I like that…mm… do it again…”

Obligingly, Shinji gave her ass another soft swat, praying that he was not being too rough.  She said to be forceful, he reminded himself, and she DID just say she liked it… but still, it feels kinda weird to do this stuff with her.  I mean – I was just fucking her lesbian lover in the ass ten minutes ago!

Pushing the dark, and slightly mean-spirited, thought from his mind, Shinji concentrated on what he was doing, increasing his tempo slightly and drawing a pleased moan from Ritsuko’s throat for his efforts.  More comfortable with the new position, and keeping in mind that she had asked for it this way, Shinji worked up a moderately fast pace, stroking Ritsuko’s juicy pussy with deep, even strokes.

But not matter how he strove, thrusting over and over into the blonde’s silky hole, he never managed to drive more than a soft gasp or light moan from her.  God, he thought uneasily after several long minutes had passed, is she even enjoying this at all??

Ritsuko, as it happened, WAS enjoying herself… but as Shinji correctly assumed, as not anywhere near climaxing.

Well, at least Maya didn’t ask me why I had anal lube on me, she thought pragmatically, doing her best to stay focused on what she was doing.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t come up later…

“Let’s change again…”

Shinji nodded, trying not to show how winded he was as he replied, “Alright…”

Poor guy, Ritsuko thought, waiting until he pulled out and stretching again, we’ve been going at it for at least fifteen minutes – and that’s after fucking Maya… in the ass, no less!  He’s got some stamina; I’ll give him that…

“Here,” she said softly, pulling the chair close to them again, “let’s try this…”

Sitting on the edge of the chair, she propped one foot up on the table, gesturing for Shinji to step between her legs and resume what he was doing.  Shinji looked doubtful, wondering how he would ever maintain his balance… but as he crouched down and arranged himself against her wet pussy, he found that – while not very dignified – this new position offered a lot of stability.

Now maybe I can get her off, he thought doggedly, pumping back into her once more… but getting only the same, soft moans and gasps – just the same as when he’d first eased his dick into her.

“Mmm…” Ritsuko sighed after several more minutes of strong, deep fucking, “stop holding back… come on, Shinji… just let it go… it’s ok, I’m on the pill…”

“But… but you didn’t come yet,” Shinji protested, wiping more sweat from his brow with the back of his hand and nearly losing his balance for his troubles.

Ritsuko smiled.  “Shinji,” she said softly, “have you ever heard the expression, ‘it’s not the destination that makes the trip worthwhile, it’s the journey itself’?”  She waited for him to nod, then leaned up to kiss him, whispering, “I just wanted to travel with you for a while…”

Sticking with the analogy, Shinji replied, “But you never got anywhere.”

“But it was a nice ride,” the blonde retorted wryly.  “Come on,” she said teasingly, “the women you’re with don’t come just from fucking EVERY time, do they?”

Shinji frowned, thinking back.  “Actually,” he said almost apologetically, “they do…”

Dumbfounded, Ritsuko muttered, “Boy did I pick the wrong guy.”  Shaking her head, she said, “Well, it takes me a pretty long time, Shinji… and I’m not all that close.  Maybe next time we can – oh!  OHH!”

She grasped the young man’s shoulders as he suddenly began thrusting into her with all his strength, pounding her willing hole with almost brutal force in a last ditch effort to bring her off… but after only a moment, it was clearly a losing proposition – for while she seemed to be enjoying this latest endeavor, he was far too close to the edge to keep it up for long.

Guess there’s nothing else for it then, he thought grimly.

“What are… ohh yes!”

Ritsuko groaned as Shinji pulled out of her, dropping to his knees with what must have been painful force and immediately slipping his tongue into her slick pussy.  “Mmmm…” she hummed, spreading her legs further apart to give him better access, “yeahhh… right there… uhh…”

She leaned back further in the seat, biting her bottom lip and running her fingers through Shinji’s hair as he probed deep between her slick lips.  Fuck, she thought, allowing her eyes to slip closed, how long since I got any good head?  Maya’s ok, but she’s so unimaginative – I have to tell her what to do… it’s nice to… mmm… have someone that doesn’t need to be pointed to the right places.

Oral sex was something Ritsuko’s other lover ‘didn’t do,’ often leaving her frustrated after leaving his house and forcing her to either call Maya late at night or satisfy her own needs with one of the two videotapes she kept on hand for… emergencies.  If it wasn’t for her deep and abiding love for the man, the lack of cunnilingus alone would have been enough to break up with him.

“Mmm…” she sighed, smiling broadly with pleasure as Shinji slipped his hands under her ass, holding her in place with gentle force as she started unconsciously rolling her hips.  “You can go harder if you want,” she told him softly, carefully brushing a few errant drops of sweat off of the young man’s forehead, “I don’t break easy, Shinji…so don’t hold ba- yeeaaahhh!!  Ohh that’s good!”

God, I’m gonna come…

In spite of herself, Ritsuko found that she was mildly impressed.  She really had not expected Shinji to be very good at lovemaking – let alone oral sex.  Certainly, she knew that he was getting it regularly from Asuka and Misato… or thought he was anyway, as the two of them had been in particularly high spirits lately, and Misato had managed to surprise her a few times with some new tricks since they had become lovers, but she had not anticipated that Shinji would be so dedicated to getting her off.

Not that she was complaining, really, just surprised.

“F-Fuck,” she gasped, “lick my clit, Shinji – lick it, I’m… I’m gonna… YES!”

Ritsuko threw her head back, letting out a soft, surprisingly contained moan as her thighs – still spread wide for him to eat her better – shook, showing the depths of her pleasure far more eloquently than any vocalization could.  Unlike Maya, Ritsuko’s orgasm was controlled and short-lived, leaving her winded, but by no means debilitated as she gently pushed him back from her pulsating slit.

“Your turn.”

Joining him on the floor, Ritsuko dropped her lips around his throbbing prick, very nearly swallowing it as she effortlessly relaxed the muscles in the back of her throat.  Putting her hands on his hips – more to stop him from thrusting up into her face than anything else – Ritsuko began bobbing up and down on his cock, taking it all the way into her mouth and gazing up into his passion-contorted face.

“R-Ritsuko…!” Shinji gasped, trying to put a hand on her head, but finding it quickly pushed aside. 

Before he could say anything more, the blonde picked up the pace, cupping his testes with one hand and taking his dick all the way into her mouth, caressing the underside with her tongue as she gave his nuts a gentle squeeze.


Ritsuko closed her eyes as the young man erupted, spewing hot sperm into the back of her throat.  Though it was not normally her practice, she swallowed, draining every last drop of the sticky fluid as Shinji’s back arched with pleasure.  Just a little protein, she told herself wryly. Think of it as a ‘thank you’ for being dedicated enough to actually put in the effort to get me to come.

Her task complete, the Project-E director rose to her feet, offering Shinji a hand up as calmly as if he had merely stumbled and fallen down.  Giving him a brief smile as she released his hand, she picked her purse up and began rummaging in it, quickly finding a half-empty package of cigarettes.  Silently, she shook one out, hesitating for a moment before offering one to Shinji.  Don’t know if Misato’s got you hooked on THAT ritual, she thought, smiling as Shinji stared blankly at the pack, but if you can eat me like that, you can sure as hell have a smoke afterwards…

Shrugging as Shinji politely declined the offer, she reached for her lighter, pondering the question that had been bothering her since she had first approached the young man about sleeping with Maya.



“Do you love any of the women you’re sleeping with?”

Shinji considered the question for a moment, staring up at the ceiling as Ritsuko took a long drag off of her cigarette and blew the smoke up into the air. “I d… I don’t know…”

“Mm,” Ritsuko hummed thoughtfully, rubbing her eye with the heel of her right hand.  “So in all fairness… you’re just fucking them – not making love to them.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, Shinji, fucking is all well and good…” she grinned, tapping her ashes into a glass on Maya’s table, “I certainly enjoyed fucking you, and I hope we get to do it again some time – honestly… but I don’t love you.  I don’t know you well enough to love you, so for now… fucking is all we’ll ever have.”

Swallowing, Shinji stared down at his feet, wriggling his toes uncomfortably and trying to think of something more eloquent than, “Oh,” to retort with.

When he failed, Ritsuko continued.  “I don’t know about the other women that you’re with right now, Shinji, but – and this is just my advice, take it or leave it – you might want to keep in mind that THEY might be falling in love with YOU, and if they are… you should break it off with them if you don’t feel the same.” 

The blonde stared at the ember at the end of her cigarette for a long moment before concluding, “One-sided love is a painful thing to endure… and no matter how much any woman claims to be ok with it, they aren’t – not really.  Love needs to be mutual and… oh who am I to lecture you?  Just… just think about it, Shinji, ok?  If you love someone you should tell them… that’s how I feel, anyway.  If they’re fine with just fucking, then whatever, but if they love you… things could get messy…”


The conversation died away, and after a moment, Shinji slipped back into the living room, returning several moments later with his socks in one hand, tucking his shirt into his pants with the other.

“It’s late,” he said softly, unable to meet the blonde’s eyes as she stubbed out her cigarette.  “I’m… gonna get home.”

“I understand,” Ritsuko said, “would you like a ride? I have my car here.”

Shinji shook his head.  “No,” he said simply, “I actually… kinda like riding the train.  Gives me a chance to think.”

Ritsuko nodded.  “I’m the same way when I drive,” she said, “I don’t even listen to the radio – but it looked like it was going to rain when I was on my way here… are you sure I can’t at least take you to the train station?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Alright… I’m certainly not going to push you.”  Rising to her full height, Ritsuko stepped closer to Shinji, draping her hands over his shoulders and leaning in to give him a deep, lingering kiss.  “Thank you for a… memorable evening,” she said honestly, “we should do this again… maybe just the two of us sometime.”

Shinji smiled weakly, biting his tongue before the words, ‘I’ll see if I can pencil you into my busy schedule’ could slip out.

God I’m tired, he thought suddenly, bowing to Ritsuko as he made his way to the front door.

He sighed gustily as he stepped out of Maya’s apartment building and into a light, misting rain.  “Guess she was right,” he muttered, considering going back in and asking for a ride, but discarding the idea as he realized that he really needed some time to think.

Five women, he thought, starting towards the train station and stuffing his hands deep into his pockets, how in the HELL is it that I’m sleeping with five women??  And DO I love any of them? am I supposed to know?  I like all of them – even Ritsuko, who I don’t know all that well – but love?  Asuka… Hikari… Misato… I definitely… I’d be sad if any of them pushed me away, but Maya? I just…

“Gahh!” he growled suddenly, blushing as he glanced around to see if anyone had heard his outburst.  Finding the streets mostly devoid of life, he heaved a sigh of relief, yawning expansively and feeling a slight shiver work through him as he picked up his pace.

It’s cold out here…

By the time he had reached home, cold had turned into hot, and without more than a mumbled, ‘I’m home,’ he brushed past a surprised looking Misato and Asuka, making his way into his room and barely remembering to kick off his sodden shoes before collapsing into his bed – immediately passing into a deep, troubled sleep.

And as he slept… he dreamt…

The End… for now

Pointless chatter: let us remember now the advice of a close lady friend of mine – “Man, buttsex looks fun in pornos, but it hurts like a sonofabitch!” Heed her words!  :P  And man, Ritsuko’s kind of a vindictive bitch, isn’t she??  Gotta remember to tone her down… BUT, as another female friend of mine (and no these aren’t lame fuckers with a screen names like LittleKiTten or SexyBitch POSING as women… I DO know some in real life, you know) pointed out – “Dude, out of all the EVA girls… Ritsuko’s the best proportioned – really.  Nice ass, good tits, legs, hips, waist – all perfect. …shit, I’D fuck her!”  …hell, I would too, if she wasn’t a fucking cartoon character.  *cough* but yeah, Ritsuko IS pretty dope.  Guess that’s why Gendou had to hit it in spite of the fact that she’s a psycho bitch ^_^

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