Legal stuffs: this story, it has teh sex!!  Don’t read it if you’re like, under 18 and stuff, cuz that’s bad.  Oh yeah, and I don’t own no Evangelion, I just write smut about it, so don’t sue me.  That cover everything?  Good… now on to the naughtiness!



Fifth Stage – Just a Couple Revelations


By Rx7


Shinji yawned expansively, trying to cover it as he shifted uncomfortably in the seat opposite Ritsuko.  “Tired?” the blonde murmured, entering a final comment on her computer terminal.


“Y-yeah,” Shinji admitted, “a little.”


“Not getting much sleep lately?”


Frowning, the Third shrugged.  “I’m fine.”




Ritsuko nodded to herself, closing down her connection with Melchior and leaning back in her seat to study the young man across from her.  Well, she thought pragmatically, guess I should get this started before I lose my nerve.  He DOES look a bit run down, but I’m sure it’s nothing major.  His sync scores are still fine.  If anything, I’m the one that should be worn out – I’ve been juggling three different lovers, and he’s only got two.


Of course, she had no way of knowing about Hikari, but that was neither here nor there.  She had an entirely different person in mind to broaden Shinji’s horizons with.


“It was your birthday a week and a half ago.”


Since it was not a question, Shinji simply nodded.


“Did you get what you wanted?”


Shinji thought back, frowning as he distinctly recalled Asuka and Misato taking turns sucking his cock and touching him all over before Hikari had stopped by to give him her gift – which consisted of nice pair of khakis and a blowjob (both given to him in his room rather quickly while the other women were cooking dinner).  All in all, it was a fine way to spend a birthday… unless the only thing you REALLY wanted for a present was a good afternoon nap.  Having three lovers was far more exhausting than he would have guessed.


“No,” he replied quietly, “I mean… I had a great birthday, but I didn’t get what I was hoping to get.”


Wow, he thought as the blonde digested this, I’m complaining because I got sucked off by three women in one day instead of getting a little rest.  I should see a shrink, or something.


“Shinji,” Ritsuko said carefully, “do you know the date today?”


“Ummm, the 24th?” Shinji asked hesitantly.


“And can you think of anything… particularly outstanding about today?”




Ritsuko nodded, taking a long drag off of her cigarette.  “Today is Maya Ibuki’s birthday,” she said coolly, “she’s turning 24.”


“Oh,” Shinji said brightly, “cool, I didn’t know it was so close to mine.”


Smiling faintly, Ritsuko said, “You like Miss Ibuki?”


Shinji nodded.  “Yeah,” he said honestly, “she’s always really nice to me.”


“Do you think she’s attractive?”


Silence fell – along with Shinji’s smile – as the question hung in the air, echoing Asuka’s interrogation on the subject of who Shinji would be willing to sleep with at school.  “Umm, sure,” he said finally, shifting in his seat, “hey, it’s kind of late, so umm I should g-”


“Maya is my lover.”


Shinji just gaped.


“She has been for some time,” Ritsuko went on, ignoring Shinji’s astonished stare.


“Oh,” the boy said after a few moments quiet, “well, er, she’s really nice…”


Growing weary of beating around the bush, Ritsuko whispered, “Listen, Shinji… Maya and I have been living out a lot of fantasies lately… but today is her birthday, and I wanted to help her fulfill one that she’s never quite had the courage to ask for.”


With an oddly tired feeling, Shinji intuitively guessed where this conversation was heading.  Being who he was, however, he pretended that he was ignorant and said, “Well, I hope it works out for you.  I’ve gotta get go-”


“Shinji,” Ritsuko interrupted, stubbing her cigarette out in the ashtray on her desk, “as a favor to me, and Maya, would you be willing to come over to my apartment later and join the two of us?”


Shinji paled, starting say that he was still a virgin, but Ritsuko raised her hand, cutting him off.


“I know you’ve been having sex with someone from your school,” she informed him flatly.


“How did you know??” Shinji gasped, his eyes wide.


“HOW I know is not as important as the fact THAT I know, Shinji,” Ritsuko said dismissively, “and you’d be smart to keep in mind that others know as well… and they are watching to see what comes of it.”


“Will it… affect my piloting?” Shinji asked uncertainly.


Ritsuko snorted.  “Don’t be absurd,” she said dismissively, sticking another cigarette into her mouth and lighting it before continuing.  “Your sync scores ARE a little down, but sexual activity has nothing to do with that.  It’s not like you have to be ‘pure’ to pilot, or something ludicrous like that.”  She joined her hands together and settled them on her stomach, leaning back in her chair and regarding him closely.  “Maya has never been with a man before,” she said softly, “and from… everything I can gather, you would be rather… gentle, when you make love to a woman.”  Her eyes gleamed in the low light.  “And I want Maya’s first experience with a man to be one she can remember as kind and pleasurable.  Will you join us, Shinji?”


Considering the offer, Shinji quietly murmured, “I doubt she would be interested in being with me, Doctor Ak-”




By now familiar with people insisting that he use their first name, Shinji simply continued, “…if she’s happy with you, I don’t think she would want me.  I’m… not very good at it, really.”


A thin smile lit Ritsuko’s face.  Bullshit, she thought immediately, I’ve slept with Misato three times so far, and twice she’s ALMOST said your name.  You don’t do that with a BAD lover, Shinji.


Out loud, she said, “You don’t have to be good at it – she wouldn’t know the difference anyway.  All you have to be is gentle.”


“I don’t know,” Shinji said softly, “I don’t think-”


“You don’t have to,” Ritsuko cut in calmly.  “I’ll do all the thinking for you on this – you just come with me back to my place and help me make Maya’s birthday special.  You… would like to see her happy, wouldn’t you?”


“Well… yes, but-”


“Are you exclusive with the girl you’re sleeping with?”


“No, but-”


“Do you like Maya?”


“Yes, I do, but I-”


“I don’t see a conflict here, Shinji,” Ritsuko cut in briskly.  “Maya likes you – she’s told me – and you like her.  You’re not hurting anyone by doing this, and if you don’t enjoy yourself tonight, you are under absolutely no obligation to be alone with either of us ever again.  Come on, Shinji, help me make her happy, just for one night… alright?”


Shinji opened his mouth to protest, but closed it again as he found every reasonable excuse completely, logically cut off.  He understood that he could just say ‘no, I don’t want to,’ and leave, but the image of Maya’s open smile made him hesitate.  Just once, he thought slowly, thankful that Ritsuko was silent as she allowed him time to make up his own mind.  And it really sounds like Miss Ib- Maya, I might as well think of her that way now.  It sounds like Maya would be really happy if she got to try it…




“Excellent.  Then let’s get going, she’s going to be at my house in an hour.”


“Th-that soon?” Shinji gasped, paling as Ritsuko rose from her desk and started for the door.


“Yes,” Ritsuko said bluntly, “I left this until the last minute because…” she sighed, giving him a sly smile.  “I had to work up the nerve, Shinji.  I know it’s not a casual question, so I really had to think about how to ask it without offending you.”


Well, you did a bang up job of it, Shinji nearly snorted, swallowing his words as he realized that he was neither offended, nor reluctant.


He was looking forward to it.


God, he thought guiltily, following the blonde towards the door, I better not EVER tell Asuka about this.  Yeah, she said if women asked me it was fine – but I’m not STUPID, I know she didn’t mean it.


Slowly, he drew a deep breath, reminding himself that with this step, none of the women in his life would know about ALL the others.  Hikari didn’t know about Misato, Misato didn’t know about Hikari, Ritsuko knew about ONE of the girls he was with, but not the other two… so really, Asuka was the last to be kept in the dark about one of the others, and she would be the least uneducated of all of them.


He just wished that this thought did not sound quite so much like a justification.




Maya sighed as she opened the door to Ritsuko’s apartment, mildly disappointed to find all the lights burning as she kicked her shoes off.  “Sempai?” she called cautiously, frowning as she spotted a second set of shoes on the mat.


Who could she have over? she thought, preparing the most plausible of their agreed-upon excuses for such a late night visit as she started down the hall.  I guess we won’t have a repeat of the other week… God that was hot!  I wish-


“S-Shinji!” the tech gasped, coming up short as she came into the living room and found the Third sitting on the couch.


He looks… nervous, she thought, biting her bottom lip as Ritsuko appeared at the door to the kitchen and gave her a small, friendly wave.  I wonder if he’s having trouble with his sync ratio or something.


Her own nervousness grew as the blonde crossed the room and put a hand on her shoulder, steering her into the room.  “I can… come back later,” Maya said uncertainly, tensing slightly as Ritsuko’s hand slid down from her shoulder to her tight, shapely ass.  “Sempai,” she hissed, keeping her voice too low for Shinji to hear.  “Your hand…”


“Happy birthday,” Ritsuko whispered, giving Maya’s ass a soft squeeze, “relax… Shinji’s here for your party.”


Confused, Maya glanced from the pilot to her superior, then back again.  “O… kay…” she said uneasily.


Her party, the blonde had promised her, was to be unforgettable, which – to Maya – meant that the two of them would be spending the evening engaging in some SERIOUS sheet rumpling, so the presence of the pilot was more than a little unexpected.  Clearing her throat, she turned to Ritsuko.


“I’m sure that Shinji’s probably got better things to do than hang around with a couple boring people like us,” she said, licking her lips as she glanced to the door, trying to catch Ritsuko’s eyes and get her to make the young man leave.  “We were just planning to hang around and pop some popcorn – you know, watch some chick flicks and-”


“And fuck.”


Maya’s mouth kept moving… but words no longer came out.  So shocked was she by Ritsuko’s casual statement that she even kept gesturing, her dazed brain still proceeding with its initial ‘clear the apartment’ order.


“Shinji’s here because I invited him,” Ritsuko said calmly, lightly rubbing Maya’s ass.  “He’s part of your present, Maya… why don’t you unwrap him?”


“WHAT?!” Maya backed up so suddenly that she hit the wall, knocking the wind out of herself.  Gasping for air, she rubbed her back.  “S-sempai, I don’t know what you mean, I-”


“It’s alright, Maya,” Ritsuko said soothingly, “this is your fantasy.”


“M-my fantasy…?”


The blonde nodded, gesturing for Shinji to stand.  “You’ve been telling me for six months how you’ve always wanted to do it with a man,” she said levelly, “and you said you liked Shinji, so I asked if he liked you enough to be with you.”


“You told him about… about us…?” Maya whispered, lowering her head and breaking eye contact.


“I had to,” Ritsuko said with a shrug, “this was your fantasy, and-”


“…I’ve never told anyone.”


“Maya, now don’t be unreason-”


“We promised,” Maya cut in, her shoulders shaking as she swiped at her eyes, “never to tell anyone about what we had… because it was ours.  You t-told me that we’d always have that one thing – that one thing no one could ever take away… and you just… just gave it?”


For the first time that Shinji could remember, Ritsuko was entirely at a loss for words.  The blonde simply stood, rooted to the spot, and stared at her lover, her generous, pouting lips opening and closing as her face revealed – with stunning clarity – the understanding of her current situation.


In a way that Shinji could never comprehend, Ritsuko had just betrayed Maya.


“I… I wanted to give you something spe-”


“How could you?” Maya cut in, her voice so soft that Shinji had to strain to hear it.  “How could you…?”


Before Ritsuko could reply, Maya pushed away from the wall she was leaning on and turned to Shinji, bowing formally.


“Please allow me to apologize for my Sempai’s rudeness,” she said, her voice shaking with shame and anger, “if you would please just forget that this happened, I’d… I’d appreciate it.”  Rising, but keeping her eyes deliberately away from Ritsuko’s face, she concluded, “It’s late, Shinji, let me drive you home… I’ve clearly got no other business here.”




Ritsuko cried out, finding her voice as the other woman strode across the room and seized Shinji’s hand, tugging him towards the door.


“Maya, come back – I did this for you!  Don’t-”


“My car’s a little messy,” Maya told Shinji, ignoring her lover entirely as she pulled the young man along behind her, “I’ll apologize in advance, but I just haven’t had time to clean it.”


“Maya!” Ritsuko’s voice had taken a desperate edge.  “Don’t do this!  I’m… I’m sorry, I didn’t-”


“Thank you for your hospitality, Doctor Akagi,” Maya said flatly, keeping her back turned to the woman as she marched Shinji out of the apartment.  “Goodnight.”




Without looking back, Maya slammed the apartment’s door, forcing Shinji to run to keep up with her as she dashed through the apartment building’s narrow hallway.


Stunned, Ritsuko could only stare at the closed door, unable to believe that what had just happened was reality.  This had to be a dream – it had to be!  Maya was so timid and quiet – there was no way that furious woman that had just stormed out of her house was the same as the one who had shyly asked if it was alright for her to sleep there sometimes.


Covering her face with one hand, Ritsuko lashed out, driving her fist through the thin drywall next to her front door as she thought that this time, she might have REALLY fucked up.


“Damn it…”




Shinji stared out at the sparkling lights of Tokyo-3, trying to calm his heart as it threatened to beat hard enough to jump out of his chest.  He and Maya had driven in silence for ten minutes before the woman had exploded in tears, pulling to the side of the road and sobbing an endless stream of apologies as Shinji had awkwardly patted her arm, assuring her that he understood.


When she had calmed down, Maya had asked him – with an odd mixture of shame and sullenness – if he wouldn’t mind stopping for some ice cream before she took him home.  It was her birthday, she’d explained, and it looked like her party had just been cancelled, so she planned to drown her sorrows in a double-thick protein-enriched strawberry coconut pineapple swirl smoothie blast.


Looking into her red-rimmed, still streaming eyes, how could Shinji say no?


“I’m… sorry,” Maya said, finally breaking the silence that had fallen since buying their drinks, “Semp- …Ritsuko doesn’t think things through, sometimes.  Kinda funny when you think about it.  I mean, she’s so smart!  Then she does stuff like this, and-”


“It’s really ok,” Shinji assured her quickly, seeing that her eyes were shining with new tears, “really!  I mean… I should have just said no, then you could have been with her right now.”


Maya shook her head, brushing at her eyes.  “No,” she sighed, “I’m umm… I’m flattered you know… I didn’t even know you’d ever looked twice at me.”


Nodding, Shinji put his hand over his heart.  “I have,” he said firmly, “but I never thought you’d want me, since I’m so much younger.”


“Oh that doesn’t matter to me,” Maya said, waving the hand not holding her drink, “you’re more mature than Hyouga, and he’s twice your age.”


Shinji returned his eyes to the city view, letting the conversation fade away.


“Kinda stupid, huh?” Maya reflected, thoughtfully swirling her smoothie for a moment.  “I’ve never even done it with a guy, and I turn down everyone that asks me out, since I’m with Ritsuko.”


“I don’t think that’s stupid,” Shinji said honestly, “even though you’ve… you’ve done it with her, you want your first time with a man to be something special, not someone you don’t have any interest in.”


Maya smiled.  “I AM interested in you,” she said gently, “but it’s just… because she set it all up it feels like it’s forced, you know?  Like if it wasn’t for her, you never would have asked me out – and that seems kinda wrong.”


Looking out over the city, Shinji shrugged.  “I might have, eventually,” he mused, “you’re really the kind of woman I like, but I probably wouldn’t have thought you would have gone for someone like me, since I’m so much younger… but if I didn’t have anyone else, and you weren’t seeing someone else, I-”


“You’re making it sound like I’m your last option,” Maya cut in dryly.


“S-sorry,” Shinji mumbled, “I’m… not that good at talking to people.  What I WANTED to say was that, if I thought I had a chance with someone LIKE you… I would have asked YOU, because I like you.”


Maya frowned, taking a sip of her drink before whispering, “You have a chance with someone like me.”


“Yeah,” Shinji nodded, “but you don’t want ME.”


Leaning against the rail, Maya averted her eyes.  “You’re starting to grow on me,” she murmured, glancing at him from the corner of her eye.  “I just… wow, how do I say this without sounding like a whore?  Umm… there is not a chance – in Hell – that I want Ritsuko with me for my first time.”  She lowered her voice to a whisper.  “I love her, Shinji, I really do… and I DO want to know what it’s like to be with a man – at least once – but I don’t think I could do it with her eyes on me.  It would feel…”


“Like cheating?” Shinji provided as she trailed off.


But Maya shook her head.  “No,” she said simply, “it would feel wrong, that’s all.  I think… being with a man is MY fantasy, does that make sense?  I have things that I want… and then I have things I want to do with HER, and they aren’t always compatible.”


God, she thought tiredly, I DO sound like a whore


Shinji pondered this for a moment, glancing out over the city before whispering, “She isn’t here now…”


Maya slowly turned to face him, staring at him in silence.  “No,” she said finally, her voice soft and considering as she pulled her eyes away and stared at the ground, “she isn’t, is she?”


Waiting only a heartbeat, Shinji put his hand under the tech’s chin, lifting it slightly as he leaned up and gave her a soft kiss.  “Happy birthday, Maya,” he said warmly, “I’m gonna… catch a train and get home.”


“Wait,” Maya said quickly, trying to organize her thoughts as Shinji waited patiently for her to speak again.  “Oh fuck it.”


Before she could think about it anymore, Maya wrapped her arms around the young man and pulled him to her, letting her mouth find his as she closed her eyes.  She kept her eyes and lips closed, simply kissing him and trying to decide if it felt right or wrong.  After a few moments, she broke away, opening her eyes and slowly bringing her lips back to his as she concluded that right and wrong meant exactly shit.  There was only the here and now, and damn it – she was going to live in it. 


It WAS her birthday, after all.


The second kiss lasted much longer, and while it was still closed-mouthed and mostly dry, it carried much more intensity than the first as Maya pushed more and more of her nervously clamoring fastidiousness down into the most secluded part of her heart, and locked it there, throwing away the key for at LEAST the night.


…and possibly much longer.


“We should… let’s go,” Maya said, her voice sounding altogether too choked as she broke away and took a quick step back from Shinji, her smoothie tumbling from her fingers and falling to the ground with a quiet splash.


Shinji nodded, but instead of turning towards the car, he stepped forward and put his hands on the tech’s hips, feeling uncharacteristically bold as he whispered, “Where are we going…?”


Maya’s breath quickened as she found herself leaning closer to him, and though she intended to say, ‘do you want to go home?’ what came out instead was, “My place…?”




Though the car was only twenty feet from them, it still took them several minutes to reach it – mostly because Shinji’s ‘yeah’ was the cue for Maya to start kissing him again, feeling the same, familiar rush of heat she had experienced several weeks ago in Ritsuko’s darkened hallway.  The butterflies in her stomach and the tremor in her shoulders was unmistakable… they were the telltale, personal indicators of sexual excitement she always got before a particularly satisfying round of intercourse.


“Mmm,” Maya hummed, putting a steadying hand on the hood of her car as Shinji leaned against the passenger side door and wrapped his arms tightly around her.  “K-keys… we can be there in fifteen min-”




The tech frowned, confused by the flat refusal.  “But I thought… oh…”


She swallowed as Shinji reached to the side, yanking the handle to open the car’s back door and pulling her mouth back to his.  Damn, she thought dizzily, I can’t believe we’re doing this… I can’t believe we’re doing this!


Still kissing her, Shinji pushed away from the car, steering her around the open door and guiding her carefully through the narrow space, making sure not to hit her head on the frame.  Situating her on the back seat, he broke away long enough to reach back and pull the door closed… then he fell on her, kissing her hungrily as she embraced him and moaned into his mouth.


Maya let herself go with the flow, rubbing her thigh against Shinji’s waist as he put one hand on the seat next to her head and used the other to tug her tee shirt free of her jeans, sliding it up until it was bunched up under her chin.  She shivered as he sucked greedily at her tongue, nipping the end with his teeth as his hand sought and found the clasp on her bra, fumbling with it for a moment before yanking it open and exposing her ripe, luscious little tits.  She shifted on the seat, allowing him to settle in between her legs, her breathing growing more and more erratic as he ground his cock against her, the fabric between them only heightening the sensations.


“Oh!” she gasped as Shinji suddenly leaned back, reaching down to pull her jeans – still buttoned – awkwardly down to her ankles, leaving it to her to kick them into a ball on the floor of the backseat as he nestled in against her once more, pressing tightly against her swiftly dampening panties and wrapping his fingers in her hair to gave her another intensely demanding kiss.


The temperature in the car rose quickly and dramatically as Shinji kissed her and ground into her but neither of them felt very much like pausing to open a window.  Soon both were sweating freely, rubbing up against each other as their tongues twirled and danced, the friction from his pants rubbing against her cotton-veiled pussy driving them to move faster and faster until they were writhing together in the cramped confines of the car’s passenger section.


Here it comes, Maya thought, draping her right arm across Shinji’s back as he reached down between them and drew his zipper down.  He’s going to fuck me.  God, I can’t believe I want this so bad!


Shinji had succeeded in getting his dick out of his pants, but deiced that taking Maya’s panties off would take too long… so he simply pulled them to the side, lining himself up with her pink pussy lips and immediately starting to slip himself in.


“Ahh!” Maya screamed, her left hand flying out and seizing the headrest on the front seat as Shinji tried to push into her.  “Slow,” she panted, shaking her head as he offered to pull back, “just… just take it slow… I want to remember how it feels…”


Shinji nodded, trying to relax as he felt soaking wet ecstasy waiting a mere thrust away.  He wanted very badly to just drive into her – to say hell with it and really FUCK the young technician, who gave a damn what she said?!  But he managed to keep his composure, taking a few calming breaths before starting to work his way into her snatch.


Maya gasped as Shinji sank in, offering no more protests as he dipped his throbbing cock into her.  She had used some ‘toys’ with Ritsuko before, so she was not a virgin in the most technical sense of the term, but she had to admit – dildos and strap-ons were one thing… but a stiff, pulsing prick being slowly worked into you was another.


And damned if she didn’t love the way it felt.


“Faster now…” she gasped, “put it all in me… oh god this is good!!”




Shinji was beside himself.  Maya’s pussy fit him like a glove… it was tight, hot, and slippery without being dripping, giving him the perfect amount of friction and heat as he plunged all the way into her, taking a moment to rest before he began to pump – and the more he stroked her, the better it got.  It was as if her pussy needed a few strokes to adjust to his cock, and once that was accomplished, it opened up to him like a book, giving him all of its secrets and fitting itself around him for maximum pleasure and comfort.


Despite her request to go slow, Shinji was soon dipping in and out of her as fast as he could, loving the way her hot, spongy walls gripped his cock, and the increasingly wet slurping sounds her body was making.


And her moans, he thought deliriously, were like music.


“Oh… oh yeah,” Maya whimpered, sounding almost childish as she linked her ankles behind his thrusting buttocks.  “Oh fuck… oh fuck me, Shinji!  Christ this is good…!!”


The young man wasted no time with words – instead he braced himself with his hands on either side of her head and began slamming in and out of her, mentally patting himself on the back for stroking off before leaving the ice cream shop’s bathroom and relieving the pent-up pressure he had felt since leaving home.  A deep, satisfied groan was his reward for this move, giving definite, verbal confirmation this was the right way to proceed.


Shinji’s cock pumped ruthlessly into Maya’s hole, blowing her mind with the sheer nastiness of it all.  She felt more mature, somehow – as if by having what she had always thought of ‘generic sex,’ with her pussy making wet, almost grunting sounds as a real, hard as rock DICK hammered her, had completed the journey begun back in tenth grade when her friend Azusa had ever so casually asked, ‘have you ever kissed a girl?’


She nearly cried with disappointment as Shinji suddenly pulled out.  “Wha…?”


I can’t even ask what he’s doing, she thought, confused as Shinji moved down her body, I can’t even think stra- oh YES!!


Unable to resist the temptation of knowing what she tasted like, Shinji latched onto her box and drove his tongue inside, lapping hungrily at her delicate coral-hued folds… and she was sweet – not honey-sweet as all the pornographic stories he had guiltily skimmed over said, but lightly sugary, as if the ice cream she had eaten had migrated through her body and tinged the heady flavor of her secretions with the faintest hint of saccharine. 


And though it made him feel even guiltier for thinking it, Shinji suddenly understood why Ritsuko kept Maya as her lover, even though they seemed very different… she was actually delicious in her own way, so much so that he had to blink his eyes and pull away from her pussy to ask her to repeat what she had said three times so far.


“F-fuck me more,” Maya groaned, “I want your cock back inside me…”


Reluctantly, Shinji moved back up and slipped easily back into her sopping passage, gasping once more as he felt her body welcome him back in with heat and moisture and tightness and immediately returning to the pace he had attained when the urge to eat her had struck him.  Then, remembering one of Hikari’s favorite positions, Shinji lifted Maya’s left leg up a bit higher, turning her slightly onto her side and exposing her ass.  Keeping up his punishing rhythm, he reached down and pulled her asscheeks apart, slipping his hand into her crack and lightly tickling her asshole.


“Holy shit!”


Maya bucked, her back coming up off the car’s bench seat as she felt Shinji’s fingertip probing her ass.  No one had ever touched her there before, and to her very great surprise, it felt incredible.  Ritsuko had tried to lick her there once, but Maya had not allowed it, blushing and pulling away with a murmured ‘don’t’… and now she regretted it.  The sensation was thrillingly, wickedly dirty – like carrying on a conversation with your boss at work while your secretary is under your desk giving you head.  It brought all of her senses to life, intensifying the feeling of his shaft burying itself repeatedly in her super-sensitive pussy.


And it was all she needed to come.




Shinji nearly stopped thrusting as Maya arched her back and screamed, throwing her head from side to side and clenching her eyes closed as she reached up and dug her nails into his back, scraping long, angry furrows in his skin as the climax exploding through her body overwhelmed her.


“Oh… oh… oh…” she continued panting in time with his thrusts, pulling him down and kissing him deliriously.  She tried to tell him again how incredible it was, but all that came out was the same litany of breathy gasps, coming in perfect synchronization with his deep, forceful thrusts.


She was brought back to her senses, however, as Shinji gasped, “Fuck, I’m gonna… come.”


“D-don’t… come in me…” Maya panted quickly, thrusting back at him with all of her remaining strength, “Not… on the p-pill…”


Shinji nodded, blinking a drop of sweat from his eyes.  “I underst-uhh!”


Before it was too late, he reluctantly pulled out of Maya’s gloriously tight pussy, yanking his cock up and letting his load shoot across her stomach and chest with a deep groan.  Over and over his cockhead spurted, sending droplets of white rain all over the tech’s trim belly, coating her in a light sheen of warm, sticky sperm.


Mesmerized by the sight, Maya simply stared at Shinji’s glistening cock, amazed that it would be THAT wet just from being inside of her.  She parted her lips in a soft sigh as he slowly moved closer, offering it to her, and without a second thought, she took his tool in her mouth, sucking lightly.


In the cramped back seat of her own car, with her stomach covered in gooey semen, Maya willingly gave Shinji head, sucking with more and more enthusiasm as he wrapped his fingers in her hair and forced her to take more of his shaft – already slick with her juices – into her mouth, pumping slowly deeper and deeper until it grazed the back of her throat  She doubted that he would come again so soon, and after only a few moments, she could feel him starting to soften… but she did not mind sucking him off, as she could now say she knew what it was like to have a man in her mouth as well as her pussy.


“Mmmm… sorry,” Shinji gasped, releasing her hair and slowly easing out of her mouth.  “I just… I’ve always loved the way your lips look.  I got a little carried away…”


“It’s… ok,” Maya panted, licking her lips almost absently as she wiped a bit of sweat from her brow, “I… it’s ok…”


Shinji nodded gratefully, finding himself caught in the awkward position of having to make conversation with a woman he had just made love to for the first time – an oddly familiar scenario, by this point.


“Umm… happy birthday,” he offered, giving her a weak smile as she laughed softly.


Maya closed her eyes, taking a long, deep breath and letting it out in a rush as she whispered, “Will I get the same present next year?”  Before Shinji could answer, she opened her eyes and added, “Never mind… there’s other holidays between now and then.”  She smiled gently as Shinji averted his eyes, clearly at a loss for words.  “This is a complicated situation,” she murmured thoughtfully, draping her arm around Shinji’s neck, “but I think I should tell you that what just happened was… unbelievable – and I want to know if I can have more.  I’m not asking you to be my lover, and I’m not offering to leave Ritsuko and be yours… I just want to know if you’d be willing to help me… explore a little bit more.”


Shinji considered the question, struck by how very similar it was to the question Hikari had posed after their first time.  Only with Maya there’s no real commitment, he reminded himself, I don’t have to be her master – just show her a little bit of what it’s like with a man.




Maya smiled, but it faded as she stared at his cock, slowly sitting up on the back seat and laying her hand on it.  “…can I?”


Shinji glanced around, checking to see if they were still alone.  When the streets outside proved to be dark and empty, he nodded, rising up on the seat a little to give her a better angle, and frowning slightly as Maya Ibuki, a woman he had only fantasized about once or twice before because she seemed so pure and unattainable… ignored the load of come oozing down her stomach and knelt on the floor of her own back seat to suck his cock, wanting nothing more than to know how it felt to have it in her mouth.






Hikari groaned with frustration at Asuka’s triumphant cry.  “How can you be done so much soon than me?!” she complained, “It’s not fair!”


“I’m just better at it than you,” the redhead crooned, “maybe with practice, you could-”


“Shh!” Hikari snapped, biting her bottom lip, “Let me concentrate!!”


Asuka grinned, rising to her feet and listening to the soft rustling sound Hikari was making for a moment before taunting, “Aren’t you done YET??  Do I need to help you?”


“I’m almost… there…” Hikari whispered, “just a little more.”


Asuka sighed, dropping into the kitchen chair next to Hikari and looking down at the page of homework the girl was working on.  Pursing her lips, she began idly played with one of the class rep’s pigtails.


“Need any help?”


“Nah,” the other girl replied easily, “I got it.  Thanks.”


Asuka nodded absently, stroking the side of Hikari’s head with her fingertips.  “No problem,” she murmured, letting the conversation die down so that the only sound in the kitchen was the light scratching of Hikari’s pencil as she made her notes.  After a moment, Asuka leaned forward, gently pulling the rubber bands out of Hikari’s hair, one at a time, and arranging it first over the class rep’s shoulders, then in a loose bun, before finally tucking it up over her ears.


Hikari offered no protest as the redhead played with her hair.  It was actually rather relaxing for her to have someone touching her – even if it was not her master – and she found her shoulders (tense from waiting for Shinji to come home) loosening up as Asuka moved from playing with her hair to massaging her scalp.


She hummed softly, though, with her pencil hesitating in mid-stroke as Asuka leaned closer to her and blew a gentle stream of warm air against her earlobe.  “What are you doing…?” she whispered, closing her eyes as the redhead repeated the action, sending a warm shiver along Hikari’s spine.


“Distracting you,” Asuka whispered simply.


This, Hikari decided, the other girl was definitely succeeding at.  “Ohh,” she groaned, “gimme a sec… I only have like, two more questions to go…”


“Finish them later.”




Willingly, Hikari allowed her head to be turned by the pilot, accepting a soft, moist kiss as Asuka’s right hand slipped up under her arm to fondle her right breast.  She let her pencil fall to the table, enjoying the attention the redhead was giving her and resisting the urge to try to escalate things.  Since the first time they had been together, there had been two more, mind-blowingly incredible evenings, but Hikari had quickly learned that unless Asuka wanted you to, you did NOT touch her – and you certainly did not suggest anything that hinted at one-on-one intimacy.


Even something as simple as asking her over for dinner.


“You wanna make out for a while?”


Hikari blushed as Asuka pulled back, but she nodded immediately, licking her lips in anticipation.




“Good… ‘cause I’ve been thinking about it all day.”


Closing her eyes as Asuka leaned forward, Hikari could not help but smile.  When she had awoken after their first three-way, Asuka was in the shower, allowing her time to apologize to her master for coming for the redhead.  Shinji had assured her that it was alright, as long as it was Asuka, and let her know that it would be ok for her to do things with Asuka when he was not around, if she was in the mood.


Hikari had tried to protest that she would never be in the mood without him there, but he had shushed her and murmured, ‘Never say never – it’s ok, if it’s Asuka…’


But no one else, Hikari thought, returning Asuka’s slow, unhurried kiss.  I’ll never have another man inside of me unless you force me, Master – and… and I don’t think I’d be able to enjoy it.


She knew, though, by the possessive look in Shinji’s eye, that he would never let her be with anyone else.  She was his plaything, his servant, his slave.  Even though he only occasionally said anything domineering, the way he looked at her when he whispered ‘if it’s Asuka,’ let her know, loud and clear, that he would not let anyone else have her.


Which was just fine by her.


Expertly, Asuka drew back, forcing Hikari to come with her and maintaining the deep, languid kiss they were sharing.  I still wish Master was here, Hikari thought, sinking to her knees as Asuka sucked lightly on her tongue, I love it when he looks at me.  When we’re fucking, when Asuka and me are fucking, God, I just love-


Hikari hissed as Asuka’s fingers tangled in her hair, pulling her head back and forcing her to meet the redhead’s icy blue eyes as she rose up over the class rep.  “Is it better when it hurts?” Asuka asked, bringing her mouth ALMOST to Hikari’s.  “That’s it, isn’t it?  You like the pain…”


“N-no,” Hikari gasped, shivering as Asuka nipped at her bottom lip, “it’s not the pain…”


“Tell me,” Asuka demanded, staring down into the other girl’s wide, barely blinking eyes.  “Tell me what you like, Hikari.”


“You… you know,” the other girl stammered, unable to look away, “Asuka, you-”


“I know!” the redhead snapped, “I know that I know – but I want to hear you SAY it!”


Breathlessly, Hikari whispered, “If someone else is in control… it’s not my fault – I don’t have to admit that I’m the one that wants it…”


Slowly, Asuka loosened her grip, giving Hikari a warm, deep kiss. 


“Sit on the chair and spread your legs open, Hikari.”


“Are… you going to eat me?” Hikari asked softly.  “You’ve never-”


“-done it without Shinji being here, I know,” Asuka cut in.  “Stop questioning me and do what you’re told…”


Lowering her eyes in a grateful half-bow, Hikari whispered, “Yes, ma’am.”


Asuka stayed on her knees as the other girl quickly got up, turning the chair until it was facing the redhead and sitting down with her knees spread wide apart, waiting for further instructions.


Slowly, the Second looked up into her eyes, putting a hand lightly on Hikari’s knee.  “You still wear white panties?”


Hikari blinked, unprepared for this question.  “Y-yeah,” she murmured.  “…shouldn’t I?”


Asuka shrugged, brushing her fingertips up and down Hikari’s thighs, stroking the girl through her panties without any hesitation – as if her pussy was just another part of her leg, worthy of no more attention than her calf or ankle.  “I only wear white to school,” the redhead said levelly, “but here… I like stuff a little more mmm… naughty.”


“I… I know,” Hikari said breathlessly, longing to thrust herself forward every time Asuka’s fingers brushed her sensitive, cloth covered sex.  “I’ve… seen them…”


“You should try to excite your master more,” Asuka admonished, continuing her slow, teasing strokes.  “Try some lace… or some satin – satin feels great.”


Hikari licked her lips.  “I only want… what he wants,” she said simply, “if he says satin… I’ll wear satin…”


Feeling moisture starting to bleed through the thin fabric of Hikari’s panties, Asuka whispered, “Unbutton your shirt – and even though he hasn’t ASKED for satin, you could always… suggest it…”


The class rep drew a sharp breath as Asuka punctuated her statement with a light press against her wet hole.  When did she… slip her fingers in…??


Almost casually – keeping Hikari’s soaking panties pulled to the side – Asuka ran her forefinger up and down the class rep’s soft nether lips, watching the other girl as she quickly unbuttoned her shirt.  “Don’t take it off,” she said quickly, “just unbutton it and pull it open in front.”


“Why…?” Hikari wondered, doing as she had been told.


She gasped as two of Asuka’s fingers slid easily into her tight passage.


“Because this is sexier.”




Hikari groaned as Asuka pulled back, slowly circling the class rep’s swollen clit with the tip of her finger.  She bit her lip as she realized that she was literally on the edge of her seat in anticipation of having the redhead’s tongue inside of her.  Normally, when they were with Shinji, she had some trouble concentrating on how it felt to be eaten by the Second because she was too busy thinking about whether or not he was enjoying himself.


Tonight, however, there was nothing else to distract her – and she had been told, explicitly, that enjoying herself with Asuka was allowed.


“Nnn… nnnnn…”


Asuka smiled to herself as Hikari moaned low in the back of her throat, clearly enjoying the feel of Asuka’s hands on her firm tits.  Carefully, Asuka massaged the tender mounds through Hikari’s plain white bra, rubbing the soft fabric against the class rep’s sensitive nipples and feeling them grow even harder.  Softly, she blew a stream of warm air against the front of Hikari’s wet panties, loving the shiver that ran through her.


If you’re a part of what we have, she thought, bringing her hands down and pushing Hikari’s skirt up around her hips, then I want to be able to see you pleased, too.  Shinji seems happy when he’s with you so I guess… I guess this is ok.


“Asuka…” Hikari sighed, putting a hand on the Second’s head, “that’s… that’s nice…”


Nice? Asuka nearly snorted, slipping her forefingers into the top of Hikari’s panties.  You’ll be feeling a lot more than ‘nice’ when we’re through…


As she began to pull, the front door rolled open.


“Hey,” Shinji’s voice called, “I’m home.”


“We’re in here,” Asuka called, dropping Hikari’s panties and feeling her juicy breasts once more.  “Kitchen.”


Shinji came into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes and yawning broadly.  “Hey,” he said through the yawn, “what are you guys… oh.”


Asuka grinned as Shinji pulled his hands away from his eyes and stared.  See? she thought triumphantly, noticing the quick shift from foot to foot as the Third surveyed the very hot and horny Hikari squirming in a kitchen chair with her shirt pulled open in the front and the Second Child kneeling between her legs with her hands on the class rep’s gorgeous tits.  Sexy!



“Come on,” Asuka said enthusiastically.  “Join us.  Hikari’s been waiting for you for hours, the least you could do is give her a proper fucking.”


“I’m… I can’t tonight,” Shinji replied, rubbing his forehead tiredly.  “I’m not up for it.  Sorry.”


Asuka shrugged, too worked up by what she was doing to be terribly upset by his refusal.  After all, she had sex with him right before he had left to go to his mysterious meeting with Doctor Akagi, so she was currently not too much in need of his cock.


She would not have MINDED a second round, certainly, but she could wait for tomorrow.


“Whatever,” she said bluntly, “but don’t think for one second that we’re not going to have fun without you.”




Hikari started to reach out to her master, taking a breath to beg him to stay, but before she could speak Asuka was moving between her knees… and a moment later, her breath was taken by the soft, supple tongue dipping easily into her wet pussy.




Keeping her hands on Hikari’s tits, Asuka ran her tongue all the way up the girl’s tender pink slit, relishing the gasps she wrung from the class rep.  I’ve only done this a few times, she thought giddily, and listen to her – you’d think I’m a pro at this!


Of course, with Hikari’s only experience being with Shinji and Asuka, the redhead WAS a pro… to the class rep, anyway.  Her master was more experienced, but Asuka was more demanding, roughly fondling Hikari’s breasts as she drove her tongue deep into the class rep’s hole.  Where Shinji was gentle and careful – which WAS sexy – Asuka was bold and aggressive, taking what she wanted without apology or question.


Exactly the way Hikari liked.


God, she thought dizzily, hissing with pleasure as Asuka slid her tongue in and out of the brunette’s tight pussy in a quick, almost frantic-paced tonguefuck, why can’t I have both??  Why can’t my Master own me the way she tries to?  Oh, that would be like Heaven…


“MmmmAHH!!” Hikari cried out as Asuka lapped at her clit, pinching her nipples at the same time and making her hips buck.  “That’s… oh… oh don’t stop…!”


Wasn’t gonna, Asuka thought with some satisfaction.  Man, it is SO easy to get you off!


Hikari threw her head back and moaned deeply as the redhead rolled her nipples between her fingertips and lashed her clit with the tip of her tongue.  “G-good…” she panted, rolling her hips in time with Asuka’s movements, “that’s so good!  I’m… I’m close – I’m already close!!”


Pulling back, Asuka stopped licking.


“N-no!” Hikari gasped.  “Please… please ma’am! I wanna… come…”


“I want to eat you from behind,” Asuka said quietly, “I read that that feels really good.  If you want to come, kneel down with your stomach on the chair and pull your skirt up.”


Quickly doing what she was told, Hikari arranged herself with her upper body draped over the seat of the chair, lifting her skirt to allow the redhead unblocked access and tucking her arms under herself for added support… and to show that she was entirely submissive. 


“Like thi- oh!  OH YES!!”


Asuka put her hands on Hikari’s hips, framing her firm little ass and immediately driving her tongue back into the class rep’s hot pussy, wriggling it around like a snake as the girl cried out in pleasure.  That’s better, the Second thought, I can get really deep this way – and she loves it!  Mmm, I have to have Shinji do this to me tomorrow… she’s going crazy!


Lost in the feeling of Asuka’s delicate tongue buried in her snatch, Hikari thrust back, seeking even more penetration as she unconsciously echoed the other girl’s thoughts almost word for word.


I have to tell Master about this… it feels so GOOD!


“Gonna… come…” Hikari panted, praying that Asuka would let her this time, “I’m gonna… OH!”


Shoving her face forward, Asuka drove her tongue as deep into Hikari’s box as she could, flicking it rapidly in and out in an unbridled fit of passion, aching to hear the other girl come for her – to submit to her.  She was not Hikari’s Master… but no matter how she denied ever wanting to own another person, she could not deny the excitement that dominating the class rep gave her.


It was so arousing to her that the last time they had been together with Shinji, he had not even gotten his cock all the way into her before she was coming on it, the taste of Hikari’s pussy strong and all-encompassing as the class rep shuddered on the bed next to her in the throes of a follow-up orgasm.


I’ll have to play with myself tonight, she thought dimly as Hikari screamed, her pussy clamping down convulsively around her tongue as the girl reached a cataclysmic orgasm, she tries… but she’s just so bad at it!


As Hikari shuddered and groaned, Asuka lamented the fact that she would never get this level of pleasure from the class rep.  Hikari was just… bad at female oral sex.  She could suck Shinji almost as well as Asuka – and with FAR more enthusiasm – but when it came to going down on a girl, she just had no clue.


And Shinji looked like he was about to collapse… yeah, I’m on my own tonight… oh well.


Finally pulling away, Asuka wiped Hikari’s juices off of her chin, rising to her feet (with a little help from the table) and offering the class rep a hand up, already deciding that she was going to be fantasizing about this same situation with her bent over the chair when she went to her room – because honestly, there was no way she was going to masturbate in front of Hikari.


Some things were too personal, after all.




“Master…?” Hikari called hesitantly, squinting into the darkened room and trying to pick out a path between the door and the bed.  “Master, are you ok?”  A tired mumble encouraged her that he was not dying, at any rate, but Hikari still stepped into the bedroom, closing the door behind her and making her way over to Shinji’s side.  “Master, are you feeling ok?  Do you want me to get you some water or rub your back for you?”


She sighed as Shinji mumbled again, clearly on the verge of sleep.  Oh well.


“Sleep well, Master,” she whispered, putting her hands on his back and leaning down to kiss him on the cheek.


As her weight settled on him, however, Shinji let out a sharp hiss of pain, trying to pull back from her hands as he was forced back into full consciousness.  “Wha…?”


“Master?!” Hikari gasped, quickly pulling her hands away.  “Are you hurt?  What’s wrong?”


“’kari?” Shinji murmured blearily.  “It’s… no, I’m fine…”


But it was too late – Hikari had her hands on the back of his shirt and was lifting it gently up to his shoulders, an eerie silence falling as she stared at the long, deep scratch marks – unmistakably made by a woman in the throws of passion.


Damn it, Shinji thought tiredly, now she’s gonna be mad.  I don’t care if you’re someone’s ‘slave,’ if you find out their sleeping with another woman TOO, it still hurts!  At least Maya said she and Ritsuko would be ok… I can’t even imagine a fight WORSE than that, but she said they’ve had them.  Unreal…


Hikari sighed, shaking her head sadly as she surveyed the damage.  “Poor Master,” she murmured, slowly kneeling at the side of his bed, “you have to tell Asuka not to be so rough with you, Master… this could get infected.”  Before Shinji could answer, Hikari lowered her lips to his torn flesh, gently kissing the scratches as she reached out and stroked his hair. “Poor Master…”


One by one, Hikari touched her mouth to Shinji’s wounds, pouring all of her affection for him into this simple, almost childishly romantic act.  It must have been good, she thought enviously, Asuka’s usually so… controlled. 


Over and over, she kissed her master’s injuries, feeling his body slowly relaxing on the bed as she carefully tended to him.  The taste of his blood was oddly satisfying, though not in a sexual way… it touched a place deeper inside that mere physicality, reminding her rather forcefully that she needed to be more attentive to his needs.


I should have come to see what was wrong the second he got home, she told herself bitterly, but I was too busy letting Asuka eat me.  God, I’m so selfish!


“Master,” she said softly, “is there alcohol in the bathroom…?”


Shinji sighed.  “You don’t have to-”


“Please, Master,” Hikari cut in, her voice trembling, “let me help, ok?  I’m… what good is a slave if she can’t serve, Master…?”


There was a moment of awkward silence, broken when Shinji softly murmured, “Third drawer down on the right, near the back, white bottle… there’s cotton balls in the medicine chest.”


Hikari was on her feet in a second.  “Yes, Master!” she cried, nearly running to the door.


Before she could open it, though, Shinji whispered, “Stop.”




“Come over here and kneel by the bed.”


Nodding her understanding, Hikari crossed the room once more, sliding to her knees and bowing submissively.  “What does my Master wish of me?” she breathed, warm all over as Shinji turned onto his side and stared at her in the dim light.


“I want a kiss, slave,” he said clearly, using the word he knew Hikari longed to hear, “but do it softly – your master is in pain.”


With her heart beating somewhere in the back of her throat, Hikari leaned forward to do what she was told, very nearly swooning as Shinji reached up and stroked her hair.  He called me slave, she thought, thrilling to the sound of his voice echoing in her mind, Oh, I love you, Master!


As she pulled back, Shinji added the finishing touch.


“You’re a good girl.”


Her face breaking into a radiant smile, Hikari scooted back from the bed and pressed herself down onto the floor, bringing herself as low as she could before whispering, thickly, “Thank you… Master…”


“Mmm,” Shinji hummed, grimacing in pain as his shirt rubbed one of his scratches.  “Go do what you’re told, slave,” he said quietly, wishing the girl would not look QUITE so ecstatic every time he said that.


“Yes, Master!!”


Hurrying to obey, her heart soaring somewhere near the stratosphere, Hikari scrambled to obey… completely missing the expression of profound sadness on Shinji’s face as he finally understood just how tightly she was now tied to him.


The End… for now




“He what!?” Armisael thundered, rounding on the angel making the evening ‘human report,’ “ANOTHER one?!?”


“Y-yes sir,” Arael replied, trying not to stammer too much as Armisael’s notoriously short temper snapped.  “This evening at eight PM, human-standard-Japan-relative time.”


“Son of a bitch!!”


Arael scanned the notes on the human paper and shook what passed for a head.  “No sir – human female.”


“It’s a human expression of annoyance, dumb-ass!” Armisael roared.


“S-sorry sir!”


The ‘residence,’ if you will, of the angels is a very hard place to describe… so let’s just not and pretend it looks like any old command post from a WWII movie and leave it at that.  While we’re at it, let’s cover the fact that Armisael and Arael, being angels, have no true sexual designation past behavior and attitude… but we’ll just say, for the sake of brevity, that Armisael behaves rather like your average hard-ass military guy and Arael acts a lot like a nervous, jittery woman.


Understandable, if you take into account Armisael’s aforementioned short temper.


“Is he trying to repopulate the planet single-handedly?” Armisael wondered, pacing back and forth on what passed for legs with the angels.


No, I’m not going to describe those either.


“Well sir,” Arael murmured, “I consulted with Tabris – the contact was discrete, all under human level of detection – and he suggested that the boy might be...”


“Might be what?” Armisael demanded.  “Spit it out!”


Arael shifted uncomfortably, scared to even say the words.  “…Tabris thinks the boy might be trying to achieve Complementation with every member of the female of the human species.”


Armusael made a sour face (or would have, if ‘he’ really had a face).  “At this rate, the little fucker might just succeed…”


“Should we step up our timetable, sir?” Arael asked nervously, “All operations have been on hold since, well, since the dual-coupling with his associates.”


“Yeah,” Armisael muttered disgustedly, “who would’ve seen that one coming, huh?  Sure caught me way the fuck off guard.  No, continue holding operations at observation level until the brat stops fucking everything in sight.  The plan was to wait until he was vulnerable before striking, or he’ll do that damn lance merging with Unit 01 shit and fuck us all over.”  Armisael rubbed his ‘eyes.’  “Christ, what a fucked up scenario.”


Arael bowed.  “Understood, sir.”


“Hey,” Armisael called as the lower-ranked angel turned to go, “all this worrying is making me tense.  How about a blowjob?”


Arael rolled what passed for – oh you fucking get it now, don’t you?? – and dropped to ‘her’ knees, sighing, “Yes sir…”


Fucking military, she thought disgustedly as her superior produced his angelic cock and prepared to anoint her mouth with it, should have gone to work for the post office – I could have been a fucking Cherubim by now!


Omake End


Author’s stupid babble: what? Angels need them some lovins too! God bless the chain of command! :P  Sorry if there was too much talky shit in this chapter, but I had to make it at least REMOTELY believable that Shinji would nail Maya in the backseat of her car.  I tried just having him follow her to her car and jump her for no reason, but it just didn’t seem to QUITE fit. Ya know? -_-


Avalon pre-read this chapter too.  What can I say?  He’s a glutton for punishment.


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