Legal stuffs: this story, it has teh sex!!  Don’t read it if you’re like, under 18 and stuff, cuz that’s bad.  Oh yeah, and I don’t own no Evangelion, I just write smut about it, so don’t sue me.  That cover everything?  Good… now on to the naughtiness!




Extra Stage – Hikari’s Wish

By Rx7


Hikari smiled at the banter going on at the table, glancing from Shinji to Asuka before returning her attention to the Children’s guardian, Misato.  For the last four days, she had found herself preoccupied with the woman, though she had done her best to keep this fixation from both of the pilots, as she was not sure how they would take it.


Nor was she sure, in all honesty, how she was taking it herself.  After all… the only woman she had ever had any real attraction to was gently rubbing her thigh under the table – and even if it had not been for her affair with Shinji, she probably never would have even given any woman more than a second look.


But her, she thought, staring at the purple-haired woman’s generous lips, she has that… way about her…


Keeping this personality quirk in mind, Hikari let her thigh muscles flex, imaging what it would be like to have the pretty, older woman lying on the bed between her legs.  It was not often that she fantasized about sex with someone other than Asuka or Shinji, but this particular fantasy was potent enough that Hikari had actually masturbated when thinking about it in the tub the night before – a pastime she had not partaken of since becoming Shinji’s slave.


Why practice when you were given an overabundance of the real thing, she figured.


“Get me another beer, can you?” Misato was saying, gesturing at Asuka with the nearly empty can in her hand, “there’s a couple in the fridge.”


“A couple,” the redhead snorted, her hand slipping dangerously high on Hikari’s thigh, “is that what you call it?  Kinda like you’re missing a COUPLE brain cells from drinking all that shit.”


“Just get me another one,” the older woman grumbled.  “Geez – you really need to learn to respect your elders.”


Before Asuka could snipe back, Hikari chimed in.  “I’ll get it, Miss Katsuragi.”


Misato grinned triumphantly as Asuka rolled her eyes.  “Thank you, Hikari,” the operations director said warmly, inclining her head as the girl rose to her feet.  “See, Asuka?  You should take a page from her book.”


“She’s not a very good writer,” Asuka muttered dryly, brushing the front of Hikari’s panties before pulling her hand away and letting her stand.  “…but she’s getting better.”


“Hmm?” Misato hummed, upending her beer.  “What was that?”


“Noth-ing,” Asuka replied in a sing-song voice.


Accepting the new beer from Hikari, Misato murmured a thanks and rose to her feet.  “Well, I’ve got some paperwork to get done,” she said with a yawn, “you kids have fun.  Thanks for dinner, Shinji.”


Hikari blinked as the older woman’s eyes lingered a bit longer than they should have on Shinji.  Nah, she thought dismissively, must be my imagination…


“I’m gonna put some laundry in,” Shinji announced suddenly, “I’ll be back in a second.”


Waiting until the young man had departed, Asuka turned to Hikari and whispered, “You little slut!”


“What?” Hikari gasped, “What do you mean?”


“I saw that,” Asuka chuckled, “you almost needed a drool-bib, you pervert!  And Misato?  …setting your sights pretty high, aren’t ya?”


Blushing, Hikari leaned across the table.  “I can’t help it,” she hissed, “just… for the last couple days I’ve had this fantasy that she’s my master.”


Asuka’s smile faded.  “You haven’t told Shinji that have you?” she asked seriously.  “He already thinks-”


“No, no!” Hikari cut in sharply.  “I’m not STUPID, you know, it’s just a fantasy… but every time I see her she’s so strong and commanding – I just can’t help imagining what it would be like to have her-”




Hikari straightened as Asuka hissed a warning, glancing over her shoulder – fully expecting to find Misato standing there… but instead finding, “M-master.”


“What are you guys talking about?” Shinji asked lightly, putting a hand on each of the girls’ shoulders.


“Just girl stuff,” Asuka said mildly, shooting Hikari a warning look.  “Nothing important.”


Shinji nodded, glancing from Asuka to Hikari, then back before humming, “Hmm, well, Misato said she’s gonna get going in a little while… so it’s probably ok to go to my room.”


“Yes, Master,” Hikari replied, thankful that she could refer to him properly now that his guardian was absent.


“Well, you guys have fun,” Asuka said coolly, “I’m gonna see what’s on TV.”


“You’re not coming?” Hikari asked, only half disappointed.  She loved being with Asuka and Shinji at the same time, but she had absolutely no complaints about being alone with her master.


Asuka’s nose wrinkled with distaste.  “I just started my period yesterday,” she said disgustedly.  “I don’t really like getting blood all over the place, and I know that just watching isn’t gonna be enough, so I’ll pass.”


Hikari nodded, blushing faintly.  Sex was getting easier to talk about – especially with these two – but discussing bodily functions always embarrassed her.  When she was on her cycle, she simply told Shinji ‘it’s not a good time,’ and satisfied him by going down on him.  It was the only time she could even imagine being reluctant to have him inside of her, and while she knew that some people did it regardless of their periods, she could not quite bring herself to just shrug it off.


The one time she had been foolish enough to watch Shinji and Asuka do it when she was on her period, Hikari had discovered that it was quite possibly the worst torture ever, particularly when you take into the account that when Asuka got REALLY excited, she tended to swear, scratch, and DEMAND to be fucked harder, often leaving Shinji struggling to catch up.


Quite the show, for a submissive just one degree too shy to say, ‘Fuck it, we can change the sheets later!’


Shaking her head to clear it of the uncomfortable thoughts, Hikari raised her voice and said, “Let’s go study in your room, Shinji.”


This was their – admittedly lame – cover whenever Hikari came over while Misato was home.  Shinji knew that his guardian must suspect that they were doing something, but thankfully she had never confronted him about it.  Also, to reinforce their cover, they would actually spend the first fifteen minutes or so looking at their textbooks, that way if Misato looked in on them, they would not technically be lying.


Asuka waved at them as they headed into his room, and as soon as the door was shut, Hikari found Shinji pointing at the ground at his feet, unzipping his pants and staring her straight in the eyes as he pulled himself out.


“Suck your master’s cock.”


Hikari was on her knees in a second, wrapping her lips around his warm shaft and bobbing her head slowly up and down – not too fast, at first… her master did not like it to start out fast. 


Slowly running her tongue from the base of his cock to the head, she wondered what was wrong.  He seems upset about something, she thought, easing his shaft all the way into her mouth, I wonder…


“Stop now,” Shinji ordered, pulling himself out of her mouth after only a moment.  “If you do what you’re told, you’ll get to suck it more later.”


“Yes, Master,” Hikari said, nodding her understanding as she waited for his permission to stand.


Shinji made her wait, staring down at her with an unreadable expression until she was almost tempted to ask what she had done wrong.  Finally, he pointed to the bed.  “Put your hands on the mattress and bend over.”


As quick as she could, Hikari did what she was told, remembering quite vividly that these were his exact instructions the day he had fucked her in her room.  Instead of pulling her panties down, however, Shinji flipped her skirt up and slapped her hard on the ass, drawing a sharp, surprised cry from her throat, but when she tried to look back over her shoulder to ask what she had done wrong, he slapped her again.


“You don’t have permission to look at me right now,” he said quietly, gently caressing her ass with the same hand he had slapped it with.  “You want to know what you’ve done, right…?  Well I’m not ready to tell you yet.”


“I understand, Master,” Hikari whispered – though in all reality, she did not.


He sounds really mad… was it because I was-


“Lie down on your back,” Shinji’s voice cut into her thoughts.  “In the middle of the bed… that’s right.”


Hikari stared straight up, remembering that she was not allowed to look at him just then.  She certainly did not want another smack – they had hurt!  He had slapped her a few times when they were having sex… and those were pretty hot, but these had been unmistakably punishing, and there was no way Hikari was going to make her master angrier than he already was.


Even if she did not understand WHY he was mad, she was not stupid enough to worsen her situation.  I just have to prove that I’m a good slave, she thought, growing uncomfortable with the silence, that way I can make up for whatever I did wrong.


“Put your hands up by the headboard and close your eyes,” Shinji said, stepping away from the bed.  Don’t peek… or I’ll send you home.”


Hikari’s hands shot up so fast that she cracked her knuckles painfully against the hardwood, and her eyes clamped down so tightly that stars flashed behind their lids.  Being turned away was the worst punishment she could imagine… and whatever Shinji had planned must be truly serious, because he had never even told her that it was getting late, let alone that she HAD to go.


Don’t look, she told herself, God, even if you hear him sharpening a knife, don’t lo-


Her eyes flew open, though, as she felt cold metal wrap around her wrists.  “Wha-?”


She cut herself off, her mouth going dry as she looked up to find bright circles of steel binding her to the headboard, a soft, ratcheting click sounding from each as Shinji pushed them closed and sat up to survey his work.


“Try to pull them off,” he said quietly, watching closely as Hikari gave the handcuffs a cautious tug.  When it was clear that she was held fast, Shinji brought his gaze to her eyes, looking into them for a long, long time before whispering, “You said you wanted me to own you, Hikari. Tell me – right now – if this is too much… because this is just the beginning.”


Slowly closing her gaping mouth, Hikari whispered, “For you, there’s no such thing as too much, Master… how can I make you see that?”


Unsmiling, Shinji replied, “This is a start.  To be honest, I never really… I dunno, LET myself believe that you were serious about being treated this way.”  Slowly, he leaned forward, covering her mouth with his own and giving her a soft, deep kiss.  “If it ever gets to be too much,” he murmured as he pulled back, “you’ll have to make sure to tell me.  One reason I’ve never done anything like this is because I’m afraid… afraid I won’t be able to stop.”


“You don’t have to,” Hikari said quietly.  “I belong to you, Master – anything you want is fine.”


Shinji nodded, reaching out and laying a hand on her cheek.  “Then… I’ll take it.”


Oh HELL yes! Hikari thought ecstatically, licking her lips in anticipation.  I’m ready, Master…


With a small sigh, Shinji put his hands on the bed and leaned back, staring up at the ceiling with an intensely thoughtful look on his face.  “Misato’s a pretty strong person, huh?” he said carefully, pursing his lips as Hikari stammered an affirmative.  “Stronger than me – lots stronger.”  He glanced at the girl from the corner of his eyes.  “Would you let her be your master if she asked…?”


Hikari shook her head emphatically, horrified at the very thought.  “No!!” she said firmly, “No, Master – I belong to you!”


“But you were fantasizing about her.”


“Well, that was… I was just… thinking about what it would be like – I don’t want to be anyone but y-”


“I’m not a very good master, am I…?”


Fumbling for words, Hikari started to deny this, but Shinji raised his hand, cutting her off.


“Don’t ever lie to me,” he said flatly.  “I know I’m not good at this, Hikari, I’m just too hung up…” he rose to his feet, keeping his back to her as he concluded, “but tonight I’m not going to think.  I’m going to do what I want and see how it feels – just once… just to see if I can without hating myself in the morning.”


Not knowing what else to say, Hikari simply whispered, “Yes, Master…”


“I like it when you say that,” Shinji admitted softly, “have I ever told you that?”


“No, Master… you haven’t.”


“Well I do.”


“Thank you, Master.”


“Mm… another thing – from now on, you may not speak,” Shinji said levelly, “if you do… you’ll be punished.  The only time I want you to speak is if I ask you a direct, yes or no question, do you understand?”


“Yes, Master, but-”


Hikari cried out as Shinji suddenly reached down and grabbed her right leg, lifting it straight up in the air to expose her sensitive ass and giving it a hard, open-handed swat.


“You may not speak,” Shinji repeated, his voice taking on a harsh edge Hikari had never heard before.  “If you do, you WILL be punished.  Now again, do you understand?”


“Yes, Master.”


“Good… now there is one more sentence you are allowed to say tonight,” Shinji whispered, slowly easing her leg back down to the bed and stroking the inside of her thigh.  “Can you guess what it is?”


“No, Master,” Hikari confessed, her heart tripping hard against her ribs, fueled by excitement so intense she almost asked what else she could say, earning her another slap on the rear.


“The only other words I want to hear passing your lips are… ‘I’m… coming.’  Do you understand?”


“Y-yes… Master…”


“Ok,” Shinji drew back crossing to his nightstand and pulling something out of it.  “I wasn’t really sure about this part,” he admitted softly, slowly bringing his right hand out from behind his back, “but the more you keep hinting that you want to be REALLY powerless… the more I want to make you that way.”


Hikari’s heart actually skipped a beat as she stared at the small, padded black blindfold Shinji held in his hands.  This is a dream, she thought dizzily, it has to be a dream!  God, I think I might just come right now!


There’s a couple other… things I picked up,” Shinji said slowly, turning the blindfold over and over in his hands.  “Nothing that would HURT you… I don’t care how strong you want me to be, Hikari, that’s something I’ll never do for you… but I did get a few other things that I thought might make you happy.”


No, Hikari almost screamed, don’t make me happy!  I want YOU to be happy!  That’s why I live now…


As if reading her mind, Shinji bowed his head.  “Don’t get me wrong,” he said guiltily, “I… I got these things so I could try them on you, not so you could try them, does that make sense?  This is for me, too…”


Hikari smiled, nodding to show that she understood.


…she did not necessarily BELIEVE him, but she understood what he was saying.


Shinji stepped up to the side of the bed.  “Lift your head up in back,” he said softly.  “Good… now hold still.”


Hikari held her head in place as soft, padded fabric blotted out her vision, leaving her in total darkness.


“Can you see anything?”


“No, Master…”


“Ok… here’s one of the other things I got.”


Listening to Shinji shuffling around in his desk, Hikari found herself seized with impatience.  What else could he have purchased?  A gag?  Lotion of some sort?  …a whip?  A thousand ideas, each one wilder than the last, cruised through Hikari’s mind.  A gag sounded the most feasible… but then why the order to stay quiet?  And hadn’t he just said that she would get to have his cock in her mouth again before the night was over?  No, on second thought a gag didn’t make sense… but what else-


“Found it,” Shinji announced.  “Now – do… not… lick…”


Hikari nodded, remembering her order not to speak, and waited breathlessly for what was to come.  She felt so alive, having no idea what was coming next… and she prayed that only words were forbidden, since she found herself moaning softly as she felt some warm, thick liquid slowly drizzling onto her bottom lip.  The temptation to lick was so basic and elemental that it was almost overpowering… but her master had said not to, so she would not.  She simply lay still, waiting patiently for his next instruction.


A soft sigh escaped her, though, as she felt Shinji lean forward and gently run his tongue over her bottom lip, slowly lapping up whatever was clinging to her with diligent, thorough attention, covering every millimeter before moving up and delving his tongue deep between her parted lips, giving her a taste of what was covering them.


Honey!  It’s honey!!


Unable to resist, this time – and having no specific instruction not to – Hikari sucked lightly on Shinji’s tongue, moaning softly as he slowly slid it in and out of her mouth, a slow-motion parody of what she prayed would be coming soon.  His tongue felt hot and soft, and the coating of honey sent a deliciously warm shiver down her spine as he continued the deep, sticky kiss.


At a guess, Hikari would have said it took about five minutes to get the honey from her lips, to his tongue, to her mouth – not that she was truly paying attention to the time, of course, or that she would have given even one second of that heavenly kiss for a million dollars… but for posterity, she decided that was a good time.


She cried out, though, as Shinji pulled back and reached down with both hands, Yanking her school shirt open.  “You can borrow one of Asuka’s,” he told her as her jaw hung wide open.


Again, she nodded, squirming as he unclasped the front of her bra.


Front closure bras, she had quickly learned, were VASTLY preferable to the kind that snapped in the back.  With a front close bra, Shinji could unfasten it and caress her without unbuttoning more than two buttons on her shirt… so any time he wanted, he could touch her body.


It made her more available.  Which made her a better servant.  Which made her happier each day Shinji allowed her to belong to him.


“Mmmm…” she hummed, biting her lip to keep from speaking as Shinji ran his forefingers around her areolas, making her nipples quickly stiffen as if requesting more contact.


After a moment of this attention, Shinji rose to his feet and stepped closer to the end of the bed, grasping her skirt and lifting it up until it was sitting at her waist, revealing her snow-white panties.  She kept her rear lifted for a moment to make it easier for him to take her them off, but Shinji put his hand on her stomach and gently pushed her back down on the bed, leaving her confused.


I… we’re not going to fuck yet? Hikari thought, dismayed as Shinji stepped away from her.


There was a moment of quiet, then Shinji hummed to himself and laid down on the bed next to her.  “I’m going to read for a while,” he said absently, “don’t move until I tell you to, or I’ll spank you so hard you won’t be able to sit down for three days.”


Behind the blindfold, Hikari’s eyes were wide with disbelief.  Just… just SIT HERE?? she thought incredulously, While you… READ?!  Master – how can you be so mean?!?


She stayed perfectly still, though, as Shinji lay beside her, calmly leafing through a magazine.  She was already very hot, but in the mood Shinji was in, she knew that even a peep or a twitch would result in heavy discipline.  Was he really that upset about her looking at his guardian??  She had not meant to make him mad… it was just a fantasy.  It’s not like she would ever do anything with the purple haired woman, though she had to admit that the way she snapped commands when she was in a foul mood was incredibly sexy.


Stop thinking about it, she told herself firmly, think about doing what you’re told.  Think about being a good slave for your master.  …God, I never thought he would actually CUFF me! I-


“Don’t move,” Shinji said quietly, slipping off the bed.


Listening intently, Hikari heard the door to his room slide open… but not closed.


Oh my god! she thought, her breathing picking up to almost double its normal rate.  She could look in any time!  Master… Master, please hurry back!!


For several agonizing minutes, the only sound was the continued chatter of the TV from the living room, the soft hum of the dryer, and Hikari’s panicked breathing.  What would Miss Katsuragi say if she happened to walk past Shinji’s room and found Hikari with her skirt hiked up to her waist and her shirt and bra hanging wide open – handcuffed to the bed, no less?!


Hikari could not even imagine.


She almost called out as she heard a footstep in the hallway, but she held her tongue, her heart beating wildly as Shinji’s door slid closed.


Oh thank God!! Hikari thought, nearly crying with relief, He’s ba-


Soft, warm lips pressed against hers as a curtain of hair brushed her face.  Someone was kissing her… and it was not Shinji.


Asuka?! Hikari thought hopefully, but… no, Asuka always pulls most of her hair back with that headband all the pilots have – even when we have sex!  It can’t be that… Shinji did you…??




Hikari gasped into the other woman’s mouth as Shinji’s lips brushed her earlobe.  “I hope you like what we’re going to do to you, Hikari,” he whispered softly, his left hand easing down to caress her right breast.  “Think of this as my first attempt to be a real master for you…”


Had her mouth been free, Hikari still would not have replied.  She had been given an order… and Shinji had not asked her a question.  It has to be Asuka, she told herself, cautiously caressing the other woman’s tongue with her own, HAS to be!  He wouldn’t… just bring HER in… would he??


Since the woman had yet to speak, Hikari had no way of knowing.


“Doesn’t she look gorgeous this way?” Shinji whispered, tweaking Hikari’s nipple and making her gasp.  “Go ahead and do whatever you want to her…”


It isn’t Asuka! Hikari thought wildly.  No way!  He… he brought his guardian in to have sex with me – with US!!  Oh my God, oh my God!  What do I do??  As the other woman’s mouth pulled away from hers, though, Hikari’s mind provided the obvious answer.  I’ll do whatever my master says.  I just… I never thought he would WANT anyone else with us!  I­-


She cut her uselessly circling thoughts off with an abrupt mental snap.


What good was it to question when you were guaranteed not to get a reply?


“Here,” she heard Shinji murmur, “try this.”


Hikari groaned as a moment later, she felt warm, thick liquid on her skin.  More honey – just two tiny dollops… gently drizzled onto her sensitive nipples.




Shinji’s chuckle was soft, but somehow reassuring in its familiarity.  Her master would never do anything that would hurt her.  No matter who was with them, Hikari knew she would be ok.  It was a little strange to have to wonder whose lips had been touching hers, but as long as Shinji was ok with it, she would have to be too.


She was just a slave, after all.


“I told you she’d like it.  Go ahead… see how it tastes.”


A soft hiss was drawn from Hikari’s chest as the woman’s tongue tentatively lapped at her right nipple.  After a moment, there was another soft lick… and then a wonderfully warm mouth closed around Hikari’s nipple, lightly sucking and licking the delicate tissue, drawing all the honey off of it with quickly growing enthusiasm.


As the woman moved over to Hikari’s other breast, Shinji whispered, “Open your mouth.”


Hikari did as she was told, and a moment later, she Shinji’s cock laid lengthwise against her lips.


“Don’t lick it.”


Groaning with disappointment, Hikari kept her tongue in check, feeling him slide his dick slowly against her mouth – knowing with maddening certainty exactly how it would taste if she could only suck it.  Surely just one taste would be ok… wouldn’t it?




Retribution was swift.  Seconds after the tip of Hikari’s tongue grazed his tool, Shinji was down near the foot of the bed, lifting her leg high in the air and slapping her ass with all of his strength.  Again and again, his hand rebounded off her tight bottom, until Hikari was on the verge of tears, her back arching off the bed in the most agonizing combination of pleasure and pain she had ever experienced… because the woman was still sucking her left nipple, and it was starting to feel REALLY good.


Breathlessly, she settled back onto the bed, whimpering as Shinji’s fingertips caressed her aching butt.


“It will only get worse,” he whispered, drawing another gasp from her as he leaned down and gently licked her burning skin.  “Better be obedient.”


“Y-” Hikari barely cut herself off as Shinji tensed, clearly intending to spank her again. She relaxed slightly as he gently laid her leg down on the bed.


He hummed thoughtfully.  “Your panties are wet,” he said softly. “Don’t worry… we’ll get them off you pretty soon.”


No, Hikari thought desperately, get them off now, Master!




“Yeah,” Shinji murmured, lightly rubbing his hand against the front of her panties, “pretty wet… should we take them off now, Hikari?”


“Yes, Master,” Hikari said quickly, lifting her ass off the bed again… and again feeling Shinji push it back down.


“No,” he said quietly, “I don’t think I’M ready yet.”


She wanted to beg… but even before she could remind herself of her master’s order, she felt something cool and damp press against her lips.  Carefully, she opened her mouth, feeling the item slip gently inside.


“Chew,” Shinji ordered.  “You told me you liked watermelon… right?”


Nodding, Hikari carefully chewed, trying to control her breathing as the woman moved between the valley of her breasts, pressing them together and inhaling deeply, drawing in the teen’s scent while caressing the sides of her breasts.  Not being able to see was taking the experience to a whole new level, and as a morsel of something else – peach, this time – Hikari realized that even if she could see, her eyes would be fixed on her master.


Shinji’s voice was soft as he whispered, “Yeah, go ahead… I think she’d like that.”


When did she speak?? Hikari thought, confused as the woman slipped out of bed for a moment, rustling the contents of Shinji’s desk for a moment before returning and laying down between Hikari’s thighs, pressing her stomach against Hikari’s wet panties.  What is she d-




Two bits of cool, stiff metal ran lightly around her damp nipples, making her breath catch in her throat.


Hearing her gasp, Shinji murmured, “If you concentrate, I’ll bet you can feel what they are… even though you’ve probably never seen them before.”


Nodding again, Hikari bit her bottom lip, focusing on the feel as one of the objects was tilted and drawn around her areola.  It’s… metal, she thought, immediately drawing a mental image of a steel rod.  What would you use one of those… oh…


Her mouth dried up as the rod was turned over, a softly rounded side revealing itself to her senses as the woman slid it down between her breasts, running it lightly around her sensitive bellybutton.  In her mind’s eye, Hikari could imagine the slender rod circling her clit, or slipping gently into her tight asshole.  It was too small to provide any real vaginal stimulation, she realized – it was definitely a toy designed for precision stimulation.


And in her opinion, it was doing its job admirably.


“Are you looking forward to being fucked tonight?” Shinji asked her, tucking a strand of hair up over Hikari’s right ear as the woman pulled back a bit, running one of the metal rods down the front of Hikari’s panties.


“Y-yes… Master…” Hikari whispered hoarsely, shuddering as the little rod pushed lightly against the thin fabric, sketching the outline of her labia as the woman set the other rod on the bed and rested her chin gently between Hikari’s breasts, her eye undoubtedly on the teen’s face.


Shinji gently slipped another piece of melon into her mouth before murmuring, “You’re going to be eaten out first… I want you soaking wet before I put my cock in your pussy.”


Nearly laughing out loud, Hikari though, I’m there already!!


Another piece of fruit was placed in her mouth as the other woman dropped the metal rod next to the other on the bed and buried her face between Hikari’s breasts, pressing them gently against her face and running her tongue lightly up and down against Hikari’s breastbone.  It was very arousing, Hikari thought… because every time the woman touched her chest, she seemed to lose control – just a little – as if just having the soft globes touching her skin was making her drunk.


As if to confirm this thought, the woman brought her mouth back to Hikari’s right breast with a quiet moan, licking languidly at the nipple as she gently squeezed her neglected breast in her palm, caressing it almost reverently as her soft, pebbly tongue teased at her throbbing nipple.


Hikari squirmed under the woman’s soft, almost delicate ministrations, trying not to pant as she grew more and more excited.  This is too good, she thought dizzily, my Master feeding me… Asuka or… or Miss Katsuragi licking my tits… bound… blindfolded… totally powerless… can it get better than this??


“Mmm…” she hummed deep in her throat as Shinji’s hands settled on her shoulders, gently rubbing her tension-tight muscles.


“Are you sore?” he asked, carefully working out some of the stiffness.


Hikari slowly shook her head.  “No, Master,” she whispered, longing to say more, but wisely holding her tongue.




With her senses heightened by her blindness, Hikari had no trouble picking out the soft sound of Shinji drawing his zipper down and slipping his pants off.  Instinctively, she wet her lips as she felt one of his hands rest against her cheek, turning her head to face the side of the bed he was standing on.


After only a moment of waiting, she found her mouth filled once more with her master’s hard cock, and she wasted no time sucking him, bobbing her head awkwardly in an attempt to please him.


“Don’t,” Shinji whispered softly, applying just the slightest amount of pressure to her head to make her stop.  “Just stay still.”


The immediate concern that he might simply hold himself in her mouth was unfounded as Shinji started gliding his prick in and out of Hikari’s soft lips, gently fucking her face with controlled, even strokes, whispering a soft warning to hold her breath before slipping the head into her tight throat.


“Take off her panties… if you think she’s wet enough.”


How could I not be wet enough?? Hikari thought, squirming on the bed as she tentatively licked the side of his prick.


The woman continued sucking Hikari’s nipples for another moment before sliding slowly down her chest and stomach, dropping little kisses as she went and drawing a surprised grunt from Hikari’s throat as her tongue trilled the teen’s bellybutton.


Shinji resumed stroking Hikari’s mouth as the woman reached her panties… and Hikari found herself on the verge of crying out as the woman unhesitatingly pressed her face down between her legs and drew in a long, sustained breath – as if she was trying to taste Hikari with only her sense of smell.


Maybe she’s blindfolded too, Hikari thought, finding her thoughts growing a little scattered as Shinji’s fingertips lightly caressed her face.  Maybe she doesn’t even know who I am… but it COULD still be Asuka, doing what Shinji wants her to – I just don’t know!!




Hikari could not keep herself from groaning as she lifted her ass off the bed for a third time, finally feeling the delicious sensation of her white cotton panties gliding down her slender legs.  Where they landed, she had no idea, but she felt the woman’s body tense, as if bracing to throw them.  Unbidden, the idea that she might not be able to find them occurred to Hikari, leading to the image of her riding the train all the way home with nothing under her skirt.


With a jagged hint of rebellious intent, she decided that even if she COULD find her panties, she would stuff them in her purse.


It was her turn to inhale sharply, however, as the woman put her hands on the backs of Hikari’s thighs and her legs them up in the air, exposing her slippery pussy to the night air and lowering herself down on the bed.


Here it comes, Hikari thought, tensing as Shinji pulled his cock out of her mouth, Here it…




“Is it good… slave…?”


“Yes… M-master…”


Good was a little bit of an understatement, Hikari thought dizzily.  Maybe it was the buildup, she thought, but when the woman’s tongue slowly ran from the bottom of Hikari’s pussy to the top, the teenager nearly came on the spot, her thighs flexing involuntarily with pleasure as a moment later, Shinji took the woman’s place between her breasts.


“Get comfortable,” he murmured, “this WILL take a long time…”


No it won’t! Hikari thought immediately her breathing already growing short as the woman pressed her face tightly against her pussy and began licking her with deep, slow moving strokes.  If she’d go a little faster… God, I’m so hot I could come right now!


It was not until five minutes later that Hikari realized that this was exactly what would NOT be happening.  The woman eating her out was never going to move any faster… Shinji was not going to suck any harder… and she was not going to be able to come – not with this pace.


After an additional five minutes (approximately, Hikari was not entirely sure) Shinji backed away from her breasts, contenting himself with stroking her from her stomach to her face with the tips of his fingers… a very satisfying, sensual feeling, but nothing that would help her get off.


Is this… a new kind of torture? Hikari thought, rolling her head from one side to the other and flexing her thighs to keep her muscles from growing stiff from disuse.  It all feels GREAT… but I can’t… God, I can’t come!  …how long is she going to eat me??  It has to be fifteen minutes already – and she hasn’t even touched my clit!


The woman must have felt the tremors of tiredness in Hikari’s legs, as she slowly lowered them onto her shoulders, putting her palms on Hikari’s hips and making small circles there as she continued to gently lick the young woman’s tender hole. She found herself licking her lips as the woman down between her legs hit a particularly sensitive spot inside of her pussy, lingering for several seconds before moving to another location.


Ooo, go back there, she thought distantly, finding Shinji’s hands resting possessively on either side of her head and forcing her to ‘look’ at him.


“If you’re getting close to coming,” he said flatly, “say ‘stop.’  I don’t want you to come until I fuck you.  Do you understand?”


“Yes, Master,” Hikari groaned, wishing she was able to tell him that she was now literally aching to come, her nipples and clit throbbing with the need as her stomach quivered, the desire to get that wonderful release almost overwhelming her senses and making her beg for it.


But there was no respite for her – the woman seemed tireless, licking her endlessly as her master lay at her side and gently caressed her body, touching her breasts, her stomach, her face, everywhere… everywhere except the sensitive places that could tip her over the gradually narrowing line between normal existence and the ultimate satisfaction.


Doesn’t she ever STOP!? Hikari thought almost frantically, very nearly writhing on the bed as the woman lapped and probed at her moist slit.


Slowly… painstakingly… nerves and synapses that had never seen more than a second or two of stimulation were teased into life, bringing all of Hikari’s senses to levels she had never experienced before.  She could hear and feel Shinji’s fingers rasping on her skin, smell the mingled sweat of three bodies (and the faintest hint of lavender?), and taste the lingering mixture of melon, peach, and her master’s cock all swirling together on her taste buds as she panted for breath, straining now to push her hips up and somehow brush her clit on the woman’s tongue or chin.


Only her eyes remained useless, showing her only velvety blackness as she tried to angle them down at a steep enough angle to peer under the blindfold and catch a glimpse of her master’s face.


I want to see you, she thought, finding cohesive thought more and more difficult, Master… Master this is incredible!  …but please let me come!  PLEASE!  I need it so bad!


Suddenly, with a soft, almost playful kiss on Hikari’s sopping pussy, the woman was gone, slipping up on the bed beside and resting her hand lightly on the teen’s stomach, making room for Shinji to take her place.




Hikari groaned deeply as – finally – Shinji sank his cock into her aching pussy, taking it slowly as if deliberately keeping her from coming too soon.  When he was fully buried inside of her tight hole, he held still, whispering, “Lick her.”




The woman’s mouth – that slow moving, incredibly hot mouth – eased back between Hikari’s legs, coming in from the top and gently lapping at the only exposed part of her pussy… her clit.


Oh, I’m gonna DIE!! Hikari thought deliriously, her hips instinctively trying to buck against the pleasure shooting through her… but no matter how her body strained, it was useless – Shinji was holding her hips tightly in place, and the other woman had situated herself halfway across Hikari’s stomach, helping to keep her pinned down.


Just a little harder…!


But as much as she wanted it, Hikari was denied.  Instead of applying more pressure, the other woman simply contented herself with light, short, teasing strokes on Hikari’s clit, barely grazing it with her nimble tongue.  She thought she might be able to come when Shinji started stroking her, but he was moving so slow that it was impossible.


Slowly… Hikari realized that instead of coming, the tension inside of her body was building again.  I’ve… oh wow… she thought faintly, it’ usually so fast and hard… I’ve never… this is new…


Instead of the quick orgasm she was used to, Hikari was being taken higher than the usual plateau, her body instinctively responding to the new pace by building up more of the sexual charge that prefaces a truly fantastic climax.  Had her hands been free, she would have touched herself, rubbing her clit or pinching her nipples until she could find that intense release she always got from coming hard.  She was so close… she could practically feel herself coming already – if she could just have a LITTLE more stimulation!  That’s all!


“Should we let her…?” Shinji whispered.


Please say yes!! Hikari’s mind entreated, still adhering to her directive to remain silent.


“No?” she heard Shinji chuckle.  “Ok… I guess we can keep it going a little longer.”


Hikari wanted to scream, ‘you bitch!!’ at the top of her lungs… but as much as she was aching to come, she was just as terrified that breaking one of her master’s commands would result in her immediate ejection of the small trio of bodies on the bed.  The way she figured it… there was another warm, clearly willing woman right there – Shinji could just fuck her if he wanted to. 


After all, what use did a master have for a slave that could not even follow a simple instruction?


“OhhHHHhhhhHHHOOOOooo…” Hikari let out a long, deep groan as the woman shifted positions, gently cradling her right breast in her palm as her mouth descended on the left, closing around the nipple… but not sucking or licking at all, just letting Hikari feel the warmth and moisture.


Alarmingly, Hikari realized that the world was losing focus – or rather, that some things (the sound of the dryer, and the chatter of the TV) were growing dimmer, while others (her own breathing, the soft, wet sound of Shinji penetrating her) were growing louder and louder, as if the sum of her entire being was contracting down to a single point, one single objective.




“Ok,” she heard Shinji whisper from a thousand miles away.  “We should give it to her… she looks exhausted.”




The voice that replied was so soft and out of focus that Hikari could not identify it.  All she knew was that it was familiar… and before she could even latch on to this simple observation, a supernova was exploding inside of her.


“…oh!  OH!!  OHHHHH!!!!”


All of the air burst from Hikari’s lungs, and for some reason, the signal to refill them was not quite getting through… perhaps because she was caught in the throes of an orgasm so massive that until she experienced it, she would not have believed it was possible.


The cataclysm was brought about by three simple actions – Shinji burying himself all the way inside of her soaking pussy… someone – she REALLY had no one which one of them it was – lightly caressing her clit… and the woman’s hot mouth sucking gently on her throbbing nipple.


These three movements, combined with all the buildup of the extended touching and licking session, literally shorted Hikari’s higher brain functions.  All she could do was gasp, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as powerful waves of pleasure unlike any she had ever experienced before drowned out everything from her ability to speak to her very concept of who she was.


Nothing mattered… nothing else in the entire world mattered besides the icy spike of ecstasy stabbing through her veins at the speed of light.  Her muscles fired randomly, receiving disjointed orders from the overloaded pleasure center in her brain to escape – it was too much to handle.  Over and over, her body contracted, lost to the feeling devastating her senses as her back arched and a soft, gasping moan was drawn from her already empty lungs.


How long it lasted, Hikari had absolutely no idea.  All that she knew was that when she came back to her senses, the other woman was gone and Shinji was lying at her side, cradling her in his arms and shushing her as tears streamed down her face, tremors of leftover pleasure shooting all through her body as she struggled to control her breathing.


“Ma… ster…” she sobbed, “p-please…”


“Shh,” Shinji whispered, brushing sweat from her face, “it’s ok… just rest now, we won’t do any more tonight.”


Obediently, Hikari closed her eyes, darkness immediately swirling up to meet her as a final thought burst and faded across her consciousness like a terrible shooting star.


…but I WANT more.




Hikari woke up glowing, every cell in her body feeling as if it was suffused with energy.  She could feel her arms resting at her sides, so she knew that the handcuffs had been removed, though if she was pleased or disappointed by this she could not quite tell.  Half of her had hoped to wake up still bound, with her master waiting only for her eyes to open before starting a second round.


Can’t have EVERYTHING, I guess, she thought guiltily, stretching her tired muscles long and hard before snuggling down further into Shinji’s covers.  God that was so GOOD… she thought, sliding her legs together under the blankets and relishing the sensation of total nudity.  She never slept without at least a shirt and panties on, and as she lay there, she figured that this was probably what had awakened her. She bit her lip as she realized that she had absolutely no recollection of having her clothes taken off of her.


“Man, I must have been OUT of it,” she thought, blushing as a pleasant tingle ran up and down her spine.


Several of her deepest fantasies had been played out in one sitting, she mused, tucking her fists under her head and staring at the closed door in the dim light seeping into the room from the half-open curtains.  Could she be satisfied by regular lovemaking after being so thoroughly OWNED, she wondered?  …had Shinji enjoyed it even half as much as she had?  And what of the woman that had joined them – was it really possible that Shinji had brought his guardian into the room with them, or was it Asuka, helping to fulfill Hikari’s wish?


She blinked as she realized that the chair normally sitting by Shinji’s desk had been pulled closer to the bed.  Raising her head, she could see that her clothes had been carefully folded – complete with one of Asuka’s spare school shirts – with a note laying on top, bearing her name in large, hard to miss letters.


Reaching up over her head, she turned on the small lamp by Shinji’s bed and picked up the note, quickly scanning it.  “Dress yourself and come into the kitchen,” she read aloud.  “I am making dinner.  If it is cold when you wake up, you can put it in the microwave, but unless I wake you, I will be waiting there for you.  -S.”


Clicking the light back off, Hikari set the note on the bed and got to her feet, searching through the pile of clothes until she found her panties, but pausing for a moment as she found them clean and dry.  Man, how long was I out?? she wondered, quickly pulling on her clothes.


It was not until she slid Shinji’s door open that she noticed that what she was wearing was entirely different than what she had come to the apartment in.  Instead of conservative light blue, the skirt she now wore was a deep shade of midnight, and while it came down past her knees, it was slit on one side all the way up to her lower thigh.  Also, what she had mistaken for one of Asuka’s school shirts was actually a pale, cream colored blouse, shot through with lighter threads of what could only be silk.


Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror down the hall, Hikari could only stare.  With her hair down, and her new outfit, the class representative was gone… in her place stood an elegant, sophisticated young woman, unafraid to display her blossoming young body for all to see.


Breaking into a pleased smile, she hurried into the kitchen, reminding herself that her master might not be alone and calling out, “Shinji, I was-”


She came up short as she found Shinji and Asuka sipping tea together and playing – A board game?  We just had killer sex, and they’re following it up with Monopoly??


“Hey Hikari,” Asuka said, picking the dice up off the board and rattling them in her hand.  “Have a nice nap?”


“Umm, yeah,” Hikari said slowly, glancing from one Child to the other in confusion.


It… wasn’t her…??


“You looked pretty worn out when I checked on you, so I didn’t want to – oh wow!” Asuka glanced up from the game, noticing Hikari’s clothes for the first time.  “Nice outfit!”


“T-thanks,” Hikari stammered.


She had assumed, naturally, that Asuka had picked out the clothes… but in looking at them, and based on the redhead’s surprise, Hikari realized that they WERE a bit more on the adult side, taste-wise.  Yes, the more she thought about it, the more she realized that this was exactly the kind of outfit a certain purple-haired woman would put together.


“…bad it’s so late,” Asuka was saying, now openly looking Hikari up and down, “if it wasn’t so close to your curfew, I’d drag you back into the bedroom and get those clothes right back off.  I’m serious!  You look hot!”


Hikari’s eyes darted to Shinji as she mumbled another thank-you, but he was looking down at the board, contemplating his next move.  Impulsively, she asked, “Is… Miss Katsuragi here?”


Glancing up from the board, Shinji shook his head.  “She left a while ago,” he said vaguely, appraising her with a critical eye for a moment before whispering, “You forgot something.”


Frowning, Hikari looked down, wondering if she’d missed a button.  “What?” she asked, noticing that Asuka’s smile was completely absent.


“You’re giving it to her then?” the redhead murmured, her voice tinged with approval… and maybe the slightest bit of jealousy.  When Shinji nodded, she sighed, gathering the pieces of the game as she said, “You’d better do it alone… go on, it’s ok.”


“Thanks,” Shinji said, sounding genuinely relieved.  Getting to his feet, he gestured for Hikari to follow him, leaving Asuka in the kitchen and heading back to his room.  As soon as Hikari was through the door, he slid it closed and moved to stand in front of her.  “Kneel for me,” he said quietly, pointing to the floor at his feet.  When Hikari did as she was told, her heart hammering in her chest at the boldness of his tone, Shinji lowered his voice and asked, “Do you belong to me, Hikari?”


“Yes, Master,” Hikari replied immediately, “only you.”


“Are you willing to prove that…?”


Swallowing uncertainly, Hikari slowly nodded.  “Of course, Master… what do I need to do?”


Stepping back, Shinji turned to the chair where Hikari’s clothes had been sitting, stooping down and picking something up off the floor.  “I… this was Asuka’s idea,” he said slowly, rising to his feet and coming back to stand in front of Hikari, a small length of black ribbon dangling from his right hand as he looked down into her eyes.  “She said you would like it.”


Hikari’s breath caught as he held up the ribbon, the light from his lamp playing off the simple silver clasp affixed to one end.  “That’s… Master, is that…”


Shinji nodded.  “Yes,” he said quietly, holding the ribbon up between his hands.  “Do you belong to me, Hikari…?”


Blinking hard, Hikari bowed her head, then lowered herself down on the floor, kissing the tops of Shinji’s feet as she breathed, “Only you – only ever you, Master.”  Forcing herself not to shake, she got back up to her knees, her chest hitching as she barely whispered, “May I… put it on, Master…?”


“Look at me.”


Hikari brought her head up, looking longingly into her master’s bottomless eyes.  “Yes, Master?”


Pulling the ribbon – the collar – taut, Shinji stepped forward and carefully wrapped it around her throat.  “It’s adjustable,” he said quietly, fastening the clasp at the nape of her neck and drawing the collar snugly in place.  “Is that too tight?”


“No, Master,” Hikari whispered unevenly, her face shining with pleasure.  Glancing up into his face, Hikari could not resist the temptation to ask, “Master?  Tonight… with us… was that-”


“Shh,” Shinji cut in, putting his hand on top of her head with a sly, playful smile.  “Wear this outfit for me on Saturday, Hikari… I think I’d like to take it off of you.”


“But… Master,” Hikari said pleadingly, “won’t you please tell me who-”


She cut herself off with a whimper as Shinji’s fingers twined in her hair, his smile vanishing as he yanked her head back and replied, “You don’t ever get to ask me any questions about the time you spend blindfolded, do you understand?  That time is for me to own you… and you to be owned – completely.  All that should matter to you is that you were with your master and someone else… nothing more.  Who I let enjoy you is my business – wouldn’t you agree, slave?”


Hikari blushed, a thousand different scenarios exploding in her mind as she imagined people she did not even know touching her when she could not see them, and with a start, she realized that she had never been more turned on in her entire life.  She had just lost another freedom, she thought dizzily.  How could Shinji even THINK that he was anything but a great master??


“Yes, Master,” she whispered finally, bowing her head to hide her dreamy smile as he let her go, “I understand.”


“Kiss me.”


Rising to her feet, Hikari gratefully embraced her master, leaning back against his door as he pulled her into his arms and gave her another deeply satisfying kiss.  He was right, she knew… it did not matter who it had been that night – or any other night, for that matter.  All that should matter to a slave was whether or not she had pleased her master, and considering the silky feel of the collar wrapped so snugly around her throat, Hikari had definitely pleased her master.


With that understanding firmly in mind, Hikari decided that things could only get better from here.


The End… for now.


Useless babbling: ok, why have a lemon side story to a story that’s already all lemon??  Well, couple reasons really.  First off, I have much of parts 6, 7, and 8 plotted out already, and if I get everything fit into them they’ll be pretty text-heavy, so I didn’t think I could fit this scene in anywhere and maintain the flow of the chapters as I’ve planned them.  Second – because I FUCKING wanted to!  :P  Actually, there is a third reason… it seems that the Hikari/Shinji/Asuka interactions tend to be more popular than the others, so I wanted to give the fans what they wanted…


…IF that was indeed Asuka. Heh… ahehehehehehehehehe


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